How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil on online & mobile

The Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014 starts this week and everyone excited to watch match of their favourite team. In this post we will discuss the list of some mobile app that you can install on device and watch the matches. All you need to do is to install these apps on your device and you are ready to go.

How to Watch the FIFA World Cup on Mobile

1. WatchESPN App for Web and Mobile

This app works on most of the device like, Kindle Fire, Amazon Fire TV, iPhone, Android, Chromecast, Windows 8, Xbox One, Roku,. All you need to do is to install this app and use your own login id to watch the matches online.

The other way to watch live match on Iphone or Android Phone. It provides you sports coverage in Spanish with real-time stats and results with the most comprehensive photos, videos and news. Even is u don’t understand enjoy the match and cheer up for your favourite team.

3. Online webites to Watch FIFA Football World Cup 2014
If you do not want to download apps then you can watch World Cup online on live steaming channels like BBC,CBC, ITV, SBS, RTE, and watch the matches.

Unfortunately, if you are in the United States, you do not have access to these networks.