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6 Ways to Gain Quality One Way Backlink in 2017 for Your Blog

The greatest problem for a blogger is to get one way backlinks. You should focus on quality of backlinks, like 4-5 PR4 backlinks are better than 1000 PR1 Backlinks. So today we will discuss about How to get one way backlink for blog or website. You may even think of buying backlinks.

How to Build Quality backlinks for your blog ?

Commenting using Top Commentator Plugin :

This is the easiest way to build backlinks for your blog. If you come top in the list of Top Commentators list then you will easily get one backlink from each page of blog. SO it give you lot of backlinks. You can also use recent commentator widget. Here are 300+ High PR Dofollow Blog Comment Sites list 2017 for Backlinks.

Contests on Blog :

You can easily start contest and spread your name and build backlinks easily. You can ask participants to blog about your contest to be eligible or subscribe your feed or approach product makers and ask them to sponsor contest. Prize can be free themes or some cash.

Informatic Amazing Posts :

Writing informatic and quality articles help you gain more traffic to your blog and also other link to your article which give you good backlinks. Promote your articles on social media.

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Submit Articles to Web Directories :

Find free web directories and submit your blog to them. This is a quite fast way to gain backlinks. You can also submit to paid web directories.

Also see : Exclusive List of Directories

Guest Posting :

Guest posting is a Great way to get popular yourself and your brand and also get backlinks. start guest posting campaign and start writing for blogs, that are popular. This way you get quality backlinks.

Webmaster Forums :

Participate in webmaster forums. Regularly take part in discussions. Put a link to your blog in signature to get more traffic and links. But remember never spam forums as they will get ban you.

Not just focus on building backlinks but also focus on analyzing backlinks nature and quality.

Do share your own Link Bulding tips. Which is fast and reliable method according to you ?
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50 DoFollow CommentLuv Enabled Blogs

I have already talked about what is backlink and It`s importance. Whenever I say backlink many newbie bloggers do mistake of getting tons for backlink from low quality sites as it`s easy. But it is not good. I always recommend you to get only backlink from high quality sites with High PR and Domain Authority.

50 DoFollow CommentLuv Enabled Blogs : eAskme
50 DoFollow CommentLuv Enabled Blogs : eAskme
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Commentluv is a commenting system which was first created for WordPress, but because of its popularity now it is available for Blogger platform also. Whenever you make comment on commentluv enabled blog, it automatically add a link of your latest post to that comment. But remember never spam other sites or blog with spammy comments.
CommentLuv enabled blogs has turned blog commenting into an important way to promote blogs by commenting on commentluv enabled blogs. It allow visitors to get high quality dofollow backlinks. This will help boost ranking in search engines and drive referral traffic to your blog.You can easily find commentluv enabled blogs. Here to make it more easy for you, I am sharing a DoFollow CommentLuv Enabled Blogs list.

DoFollow CommentLuv Enabled Blogs List

Commenting on commentluv enabled blog is a win win situation for both the blog owner and reader. This will increase user engagement.

List Of CommentLuv Enabled Blogs

So this is the list of top 50 dofollow commentluv enabled blogs. If you find it helpful, do share on your social profiles and bookmark to use it whenever you want.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask me.

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Best Websites to Buy High Quality Backlinks for Your Site : Guide

Do you want to rank higher in search engines? Do you want to boost your organic and social media presence? If yes then you should write link-worthy pillar and evergreen content all the time to attract more shares and gain more backlinks.

BUt do you know that even if you do all the hard work of writing awesome unique content, still there is no guarantee that you will attract high quality backlinks from authority websites or blogs. So there are less chances that your blog or website can get high quality backlinks just by working hard and promotions. Usually you may see that the link you attract are not that much healthy as much you need to rank higher in search engines results.

Best Websites to Buy Backlinks for Your Site {High Quality} : eAskme
Best Websites to Buy Backlinks for Your Site {High Quality} : eAskme

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It is very common that everyone wants to link to a popular website and noone cares about the low brand or less popular websites or blogs.

So the question is that how you can get high quality backlinks? Don`t worry here I am going t answer it today.

Best Websites to Buy Backlinks

Yes, you read it right. I am going to talk about how you can gain high quality backlinks by buying them. So it is the bargain time and here is the cheat-sheet to buy high quality backlinks in no time. I have already shared about what is backlink and importance of backlinks.

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The Importance of Backlinks

In you are a newbie blogger who wants to take his/her blogging to a new or next level then you may think that why you need backlinks from authority websites. Let`s answer this WHY?

Autopilot Referral/Organic Traffic

If somehow you can get the backlink from high authority website which receive millions of traffic everyday, then you can easily grab a good part of that traffic. This will help you turn that traffic into readers, followers or leads. This also helps to make more sales and make good money. But always focus on High authority backlinksBoost Search Ranking

As I have already said many times, backlinks improves your search engine ranking. The more high quality backlinks ensure the more search visibility of your content. This shows the value for a reader and this makes a search engine to rank your content higher in search results.

Trust factor also plays an important role here. Backlinks also pass link juice from its source sites. This is the reason why pro bloggers recommend you to disavow low quality backlinks to stop bad effect of low quality link juice.

Faster Indexing

More backlinks and higher Domain Authority ensures the faster indexing in search engines like Google.

Build a Brand

Don`t you love brands? We all love brands. Branding is not only for bigger businesses but it is also important for blogs. I have already shared the detailed guide on Building brand for your blog.

Backlinks also plays an important role to make your blog look trustworthy and help you to grow the revenue.

Make More Money

Backlinks are also helpful for you to generate more money in passive ways. It make your site popular and high ranking in search results.

This will result into grabbing more traffic and you can easily convert that traffic into subscribers, leads or sales. That means you have good chance to make more money.So these are few of the benefits of High quality Backlinks.

Things to Remember before you Buy Backlinks

After reading above things you may have already made your mind to buy high quality backlinks. But it is not as easy as you think it is.

There are certain things which you should keep in mind  while buying high quality backlinks. Now let`s see the important things you should look before you buy backlinks

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Do you want to buy high quality backlinks now? That means you need to set some budget for this purpose. Your budget can be as huge as your project is. remember you do not want to invest $1000 for a website which have earning potential of $100 only.

So the very first thing is to critically analyzing the earning potential of your blog. If you are a newbie blogger then i will advise you to invest between $20 to $25 in the beginning. If you get good results than you should spend more.

Quality over Quantity

Remember search engines give value to those blogs or websites which have quality backlinks. You may have seen that there are few blogs which rank higher with just 100 backlinks at the same time there are other blogs which do not rank that good even if they have 1000+ backlinks. This is where you learn about quality of backlinks.

There is no doubt that .edu and .gov backlinks add much more value than any other backlinks. So your first target should be to buy backlinks from .gov or .edu sites.

NO to Identical Sources

Do not get backlinks from the same source. Search engines hate this. You cannot hide links from Google. Always diversify the links.

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Purchase Links to Inner Pages

Never build all the backlinks to your homepage only as google will easily catch this and penalize your blog. Always try that the backlinks will point to the inner pages of your blogs.

Relevant Links ONLY

Always look for niche relevant backlinks for your professional website or blog.

Buy Links for Long Period

If you are running a professional blog for long term then you should buy backlinks for long term only. Short terms are good only for event blogs. Links for short period can harm SEO of your blog.

I believe that now you know the points which you need to consider before buying backlins from sites. So it is the time to look for the sites from where you can buy quality backlinks.

Buy High-Quality Backlinks using These Sites

So you are interested to buy backlinks for your blog or website. Let`s see the list of these best websites to buy high quality backlinks.

Links Management

Linksmanagement is a tool which do not require any introduction in the SEO world. Link Management is always the first choice to buy links online. They offer huge list of high PR sites to buy links online. I also recommend and prefer links management.

Linksmanagement is a complete online link portal with a tons of features. The best thing whcih i like about Link management is that they have glance tool which allows you to preview sites before you order backlinks.

They filter option allows you to sort backlinks according to the PR, price etc.

Linksmanagement also offers you a dedicated SEO manager to help you in SEO backlinks. Your SEO manager will buy HQ links for you. But i highly recommend that you do it yourself as it cost you money.

They also helps you to buy .edu backlinks after a deep research.


    You can easily buy high PR backlinks.
    The preview feature allows you to check preview.
    Buy cheap backlinks.
    Choice to buy permanent or temporary links.


    The payment system is little complicated. First add funds into linksmanagement account and than pay from there to buy backlinks.
    Charge $15 to keep link contracts alive.

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Blackhat World

If you are in blogging world then you may have heard about Blackhat World already. It is a forum which teaches you the best blackhat strategies online. They also helps you to buy backlinks.

You can easily learn working backlink strategies from forum members. Even you will get offers to buy backlinks. They offers high PR cheap backlinks. This is not a dedicated site to buy backlinks, so it may take some time before you find some offers online to buy backlinks. Always remember that you should go for only high quality backlinks


    Really cheap but high quality backlinks.
    Interact with the sellers.
    Communicate on your own platform.


    Trouble in your way if you do nto do any research.
    Beware of low quality backlinks.


Don`t you know what is the meaning of Blackhatlinks? Word blackhat spread fears among webmasters.

Do you know that no matter how you build backlinks it always knwn as balckhat in one or other way. As Google has never asked you to build backlinks. So you need not to worry just because of site name.

Blackhatlinks is the best place to buy cheap backlinks. They are not providing contextual backlinks or site wide backlinks. But what they offer will make you buy from them.

    Bookmarks Links
    Blog Comments
    Social signals
    Wiki Links
    Web 2.0 Backlinks


    Very cheap backlinks.
    Get links within 24 hours.
    Backlinks from sites with minimum number of outbound links


    Fullu automated.
    No gaurantee of high quality links.
    Only  bulk link building service.


Search engines like backlinks from high authority sites online. If you are looking for the backlinks form the both web 2.0 and high quality sites, then Postlinks is for you.

You just need to sign up for a membership plans to buy web 2.0 and high quality backlinks from this site. It works on a online credit system. Their system calculates the link price of the backlink according to the Domain Authority.


    Both web 2.0 and high authority backlinks.
    Only HQ backlinks with good Domain authority.


    Buy membership plan.
    The basic plan costs you $49.

Backlinks is the best place to buy high quality backlinks. is one of the most prominenet site which can help you boost your blogging journey.

They even replace bad links with good one backlinks. For example if you paid and get bad backlink then they will fix the issue and replace bad link with the good one. You can search their directory to find the sites from where you want to get backlink.

You can even make money buy selling backlinks on this site. You can also join affiliate program of and make good money.


    You can use automation facility.
    Replacement for bad backlinks.
    Even you can sell backlinks.


    There is no permanent backlink feature.


If you are looking for one of the best place to buy an excellent SEO service than SEOclerks is for you, no matter you are looking for on page optimization, backlinks or social signals. SEOclerks is the one-stop place for anyone looking to buy an SEO service, be it backlinks, social signals or on-page optimization.

There are good chances that you can find high quality backlinks on the homepage even without signing up. It has an awesome filter system to classify popular gigs. their filter allows you to sortaccording to the price also.

Even you can make money by selling your own SEO service.


    Backlink services for everyone.
    Seller ratings with reviews.


    Searching process can be time consuming.


Are you sleeping even now? if you think You never heard about Fiverr.

Fiverr is one of the most popular freelancing platform which help freelancers to make good money by offering their services. You can sell gigs at $5. It is also a good place to find quality backlinks

But before you make any choice do your research.


    Tons of quality link builders.
    Efficient filter to find gigs.


    Filthy backlinks can come in your way.

Final Words:

I believe this guide to buy backlinks is going to help you in good way. This is the list of 7 high quality best websites to buy backlink for your blog or website..

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Secret List of Best 2.0 Sites to Create Free Blog for Backlinks

Haven`t I said it so many times that backlinks are of of the major factor when it comes to rank your website in search engines? Even after many changes in Google algorithms still backlinks are crucial factor to create a website rank better in search engines If you know SEO then you may already know that there are so many ways to optimize a website either offpage or onpage. SEOs have been trying multiple ways to optimize websites by doing on page and off page techniques.

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Secret List of Best 2.0 Sites to Create Free Blog for Backlinks : eAskme
Secret List of Best 2.0 Sites to Create Free Blog for Backlinks : eAskme
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On page SEO factors includes Meta tags, Keyword Research, URL optimizationImage optimization, content optimization, Robots.txt etc. Off page optimization means that you need to do optimization offside the website and it includes link building or you can say Backlinks. Directory submission, Article submission, Press release submission are few of the very common ways. But now a days there are so many things that you need to check before start building backlinks. For now only quality and relevant links are known as good links.

The restrictions on ways to create backlinks and latest Google algorithms cause the need of blogs which are created in really good way rather than directory submission. If you get a link back from a website with high domain authority in a really natural way then it gonna boost your website SEO.

Remember : Google is targeting Private Blog Networks. So make sure what you do, you do in a natural way.

How to make your backlinks look natural:

The easiest way to make your backlinks look natural is the link diversification. Link diversification is really necessary in order to make your backlinks look really natural. It is always recommended by various pro bloggers that you should get links from different resources.

Today I am going to share my Secret List of best web 2.0 websites to create free blogs easily. Then you can use these blogs to gain link backs to your actual website. It also saves money which you can pay to create blogs. let`s see the list on best web 2.0 sites to create free backlinks from high authority websites.

Sites                            PR    DA                             6      75                            5       72                        9       96               2       61                       5       79     4       67                                  5       71                                 5       59                 9      100                                5       71                        8        98                              8        92                            7       89                     6       59                    9      100

Do share what is your strategy to gain backlinks from web 2.0 sites? If you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments. Don`t forget to like us on Facebook and subscribe eAskme newsletter to stay tuned with us.
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7 Ingenious Ways to Build Links Through Relationships

Nowadays building quality links is not really link building, it is more like relationship building. Today you should focus on creating long-term and loyal relationships with SEO experts in your niche. Each new relationship is equal to a new backlink. Moreover, you will get not only one link, you can get a bunch of quality backlinks as the proof of longstanding relationships.

Link building has got a bad reputation because most of people are doing a bad outreach. Today it doesn’t work to reach out bloggers out of the blue and promote content, as people are satiated with these types of requests. If you want to get a standout success with bloggers, you should be personal and unique with this resource. Try showing them that you would like to provide something valuable and interesting for target audience.

Why is it important to create relationships?

1.    It is a cost-effective and beneficial way for you and your client.
2.    It has a long-term cooperation.
3.    Relationship building means creating quality links.
4.    You can avoid Google penalties and keep abreast of shifting market dynamics.

How to build up quality relationships:

        Be open-minded and honest with bloggers and journalists.
        Visit offline and online events as it can give you much of a priority to meet someone truly valuable.
        Don’t imitate others and create something different and unique that can stand out of the pack.
        Build up long-standing relationships that can go further, not just for one link.

Now let’s examine seven useful tactics that can lead the relationship building to quality backlinks, sales, leads, likes and more. Relationships always make your life easier and forever in comparison with outreach that is just for tomorrow.

1.      Take a participation in events and surveys

Events and surveys are great ways to face link prospects. Introducing yourself in the SEO world is welcomed for building relationships. Try researching any events in your industry and seeing if there will be any experts you should try to connect with. Make sure that most of people who visit these events have the first touch via the network, primarily.

Try not to be concerned with the aim to build links instead of make good impressions and have useful connections. When you present your business, try to take into consideration personal interests of people and their work like getting contact info, business card or their website.
7 Ingenious Ways to Build Links Through Relationships : eAskme
7 Ingenious Ways to Build Links Through Relationships : eAskme
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There are a lot of different opportunities to reach out people for a response. You should know that Twitter search is a goldmine of relationship building possibilities. You don’t need to be famous to make this way work as anyone can do it on Twitter.

You can also do an inside job. Look into your Facebook friends, Twitter followers and LinkedIn contacts in search of useful names and companies to be introduced to. Possibly some name and organizations can share the same ideas and they can ask for the brief information about you. Make sure that you have all motives in having a business deal, an interview or other way you can make their day.

2. Create industry-specific interviews

Probably, you have seen a bunch of field interviews where many famous experts share their ideas about some topics. Each of them has their blogs, contact information and social media accounts that you can use to engage with them.

As you know, bloggers are really busy and selective about interviews, and if you want to catch their attention, you should do everything right. What you need to do is to present your interview as unique:
        Show them that you have an audience that experts can be interested in;
        Ask them about something that is new and useful for them;
        Try to explain a controversial stand on a topic that they know really well.

To find people that are worth interviewing in your niche, you should do that manually via the search. There are no good tools that can do that job as human.  You can use this search string: industry “interview with”, “interview”+ “your keyword”, “interview” + “your niche” or similar ones.
7 Ingenious Ways to Build Links Through Relationships : eAskme

The best way to contact experts is to do that socially. As I’ve already mentioned, they are really busy and don’t have enough time to read emails crammed with texts. But if you decide to write a nice email, try to follow these recommendations:
        Write a personalized email. Start the email using an expert’s name like “Hi, Mike!” or “Hello, Miranda!”;
        Be concise and create the subject and the primary message clear and easy to understand;
        Try to mention your site in short, just some stats to lay emphasis on your success;
        To make a good impression on experts, you can include links to some examples in order to help them get a general idea of what you are going to do.

If your content is really good, you will get high chances to attract more quality traffic and high quality links from influencers. And you shouldn’t worry about sharing the content in social networks manually, as happy readers will watch out for it.

3. Use Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest

Social media is one more awesome place to meet industry-specific influencers. It is easier to connect people and build meaningful relationships that will help you get a win in the long run. Make sure that the purpose of this game is where you are going to be, but not where you are now. This is how you should build links and make sales.

I love social media for the point that influencers always like engaging with their target audience and have a real-time conversation. I am using FollowerWonk to monitor content and find top influencers in your field.  Twitter lists can be another good place to meet experts and bloggers that you can start engaging with.
7 Ingenious Ways to Build Links Through Relationships : eAskme

Google Plus is also a good place to get in touch with industry shifts and dynamics. It is less packed than Twitter, but you have a good chance to show up. You just need to find an expert you want to connect, add him to your circles and leave a comment.

7 Ingenious Ways to Build Links Through Relationships : eAskme

4. Search for mentions

I always hear from SEO professionals that monitoring competitors links is the best way to find new link prospects and build links. Searching for mentions of your brand, company or product can be the next step to get quality links.

You can use a Google search and find out any mentions that can be a straightforward process to contact whoever you want to create a relationship and ask whether it is possible to change the mention to a link. If you have no time to manually search for site mentions, you can just use Mention for brand tracking and finding influencers.

5. Write guest posts on authority websites and blogs

You must agree with me that a high quality guest post is one of the most effective ways to get a link and build a strong relationship. It is a win-win situation. You get a link and the blogger gets quality content. 

There are lots of guest blogging communities you can visit. MyBlogGuest is a good place to face new bloggers and experts, find guest posting possibilities and learn useful things from others in your field. Instead of sending posts on low quality websites, try finding authority websites in your industry, choose a few ones and build long-term relationships by publishing posts on a regular basis. It will help you boost your visibility as a credible guest author, get free exposure and clients,  and get SEO value for your site.

Before sending guest requests, read carefully guest post guidelines on websites. If you don’t know whether the site owner accepts guest articles, you can view all articles in the past using the search queries: “guest post”, “post written by”, “guest author”.
7 Ingenious Ways to Build Links Through Relationships : eAskme

As soon as your guest post gets live, share the content via social networks and react to all comments and feedbacks to your content in real-time mode that will have a good impact on good relationships with your readers and editors.

6. Build relationships from emailing

Regarding my experience, you can build many relationships from emailing and make a direct connection with influencers and bloggers. The goal of emailing is to get to learn who this guy is. And I think there is no better way to do that, then sending the email. You just send the blogger an email in order to let them know that you really like this work.
People are always amazed and flattered when someone appreciates their work. Using this strategy you can boost the response rate from emailing prospects. I guess you have already seen the example of the email template from Brian Dean how to promote your blog post.

Hi [Webmaster],
I’m Irina Weber, a content marketer here in London, UK.  I just want to give you a heads up of my recent post on my blog – “10 Drastic Ways to Convert Blog Traffic Into Sales”
It’s a compilation of the 10 principles of conversion optimization and I also listed down several actionable ways for webmasters.
It received good feedbacks including a share from Moz’s Google+ Page.
If you want to check that out, you can visit this link – http:/
I hope that you are enjoying your weekend, [Webmaster]
Kindest regards,
When you present your prospects as a friend, not like a competitor, you can meet the potential link building partners and provide the value first.

7. Get the most out of previous relationships

If you get any relationships in the past and for some reasons they are broken up, it will be high time to explore them before starting a new relationship. This should happen naturally! Just make up the list of all previous relationships and try to review the overall website history. If you fully get your website, you can lead your link building campaign to more creative links.
With the tools like SE Ranking and  Ahrefs, you can detect the backlinks and where they are getting from. Notice that these tools are not free, but they are essential for your effective link building campaign. As soon as you find the links leading to your site, check out whether they are pointing to optimal pages. Make sure that links don’t have 404 errors, out of date pages, don’t lead to wrong pages and old products. This sort of cleanup activities can have a huge impact on your links and build strong relationships.


If you start a new blog site or manage a link building campaign, strong relationships with bloggers and SEO experts are one of the most effective ways to get quality links, more social media engagement and improve website visibility in general.

If you know some other ways how to create good relationships with influencers, please, share your ideas in the comment below.
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What is Anchor Text and Why Anchor Text is Important for SEO

SEO is changing every year with new updates and algorithms. Anchor Text is knows as one of the most important factor of SEO. Now you must have this question that What is Anchor text and what is the use of Anchor text.

Anchor text is that text which shows when you hover on a link.

Anchor Text

If you are  a regular visitor of EASKME, you must have seen that we link back to our old post using anchor text.
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How Anchor text helps in SEO:

Noe let`s discuss about the important advantages and disadvantages of Anchor text, in terms of SEO. I believe you already know that when we talk about writing a post then Keyword research and Onpage optimization is important part of that. Your blog must have 2 or 3 such keywords on which you can link your mainpage. Usually bloggers do mistake of linking back to old posts by using words like “more information here”, “read here” which has no value for search engines. When you use Anchor text, I recommend that you use targeted keywords to link back to your old post.

Not only for internal links but also from guest posts when you link back to your articles, make sure to use targeted keywords in Anchor text. But never do over optimization as than can penalize you. Always keep Goo ratio between text and anchor text.
For example, if my blog Keyword is "learn Blogging Online" and “Make money Online” and my brand name is “EASKME”, You will get suggestion to link back using "make money online" keyword. But I prefer using mix keywords like "learn blogging", "learn Blogging online", or “Make money online” “Make money from blog” “EASKME” “E ASK ME” “Gaurav Kumar” to get link back to my blog. I always make sure that links will be of high quality with targeted keywords. This will create a good mix of brand and backlinks.

Direct and Indirect benefits of Linking with Anchor Text Technique:

Readers :

The best benefit of this is that it allow readers to visit more internal links which will help to decrease bounce rate of your site.  It also improve blog page views and average time on site. When you linking articles then link according to relevancy of articles.

SEO Benefits:

Now you know that Anchor text play great role. I have personally seen increase in search engine position of one post, with just one Always set your targeted keywords of your anchor keyword in good proportion 50-20-20-10. Link back to internal pages also, not only to homepage.

Co-relation between similar content:

If you are using Google Aanalyticson your blog then you can easily check which page are ranking for which keyword. Always use that keyword as anchor text.

I have seen that mostly blogger don`t use  Anchor link technique for their popular pages. If you are on WordPress platform then you can use SEO Smart link Premium Plugin and WordPress Insights plugin for this purpose.

Final Words:

Anchor text now only hep you but also help search engine bots to better understand the content. What you think, let me know. What is your strategyto use anchor text? If you like this article do share on twiter and Google plus. Do subscribe eAskme feed to get updates. Happy Blogging!
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Yandex Starts Valuing Links Again in its Search Results Algorithm

Last year we have seen a controversial change when the Russian search engine Yandex made decision to stop valuing inbound links for sites in its algo that ranks search results.
Yandex Starts Valuing Links Again in its Search Results Algorithm : eAskme
Yandex Starts Valuing Links Again in its Search Results Algorithm : eAskme
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Webmasters and Internet-marketers were not favor in this change and it seems that Yandex has felt the same and now it is reversing their previous decision but also introducing penalties for paid links.

Reason behind earlier decision was the abundance of paid links to Russian sites. This was the big reason why Yandex made decision to stop valuing links in the first place. Yandex believed that this would end link selling but link selling only dropped by 16%.

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In May, Yandex rolling out an update that brings value back to naturally links and also penalizes sites that have abundance of paid links.

This will surely affect a large number of sites, as this new update will cover all types of search queries worldwide.

Right now Yandex haven`t said if previous decision has changed the overall quality of search results. It is good to know if removing link will help the quality of search results.

If you are a regular Yandex user, do share your views via comments.

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