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5 Invaluable Ways To Promote Your Small Business on Social Media

Do you want to start to start an online or any offline business and you are worrying about how to plan an excellent online marketing strategy on social media?

There is no doubt that you have so many options to start online marketing on social media.

A popular survey says that to promote various services or products only 53% small businesses use social media, 45% use SEO and 25% use online advertising.

Rest of the businesses lack the strategies to generate leads from social media platforms.

There is a common dilemma among mot of the businesses that if they start promoting themselves on social media than they have to be active on social platforms, but the truth is you can choose the platform according to your target.

It can be time consuming if you ignore marketing strategies for your business.

In reality it is not a hard job to promote small businesses on social media platforms.

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5 Ways To Promote Your Small Business on Social Media

5 Ways To Promote Your Small Business on Social Media : eAskme
5 Ways To Promote Your Small Business on Social Media : eAskme

1. Credible Presence

5 Ways To Promote Your Small Business on Social Media : eAskme

Create a reputation on various social media platforms may seems a tough job but it is not that tough. Let`s see why it is nto tough.

I recommend you that you should focus on connecting with the right type of audience.

It is really necessary that you create brand awareness.

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It also includes cover images of your social media platforms and designing logo of your site. make sure that everything matches your business.

You can either hire a professional to create design to match your brand or you can do it yourself if you have excellent designing skills.(create free logo).

2. Connect with Business Professionals

5 Ways To Promote Your Small Business on Social Media : eAskme

Social relationships are really helpful to build professional relationships.

Either you want to build professional network on LinkedIn or comments on Facebook, it is really necessary that you should connect with professionals and experienced.

You may have following question:
How to spend time on social media when you have lot to do?

How to Start With Social Media Presence

I recommend you to create one type of content every week.

This will help you to respond to the questions you receive on social media platforms. This will help you to stay connected.

3) Money and Time:

Time is money.

It mostly happens that people lost focus when working on Facebook. But to be a real professional you need to stay focused. You should also use the budget friendly Facebook Ads which are really beneficial for small businesses.

4) Engage with Potential Clients:

5 Ways To Promote Your Small Business on Social Media : eAskme

On social media you will get thousands of people to engage with but very small number of professionals to get engage or find potential clients.

You can even geo tag your Facebook business page.

Geo tagging help local businesses to promote. It also a good source of free advertising. On an average user of Facebook get connected with 100 potential clients.

5) Right Tools:

5 Ways To Promote Your Small Business on Social Media : eAskme

Social media tools are really helpful. These tools help you to boost social media presence and connect with more professionals.

These tools also saves your time, money and effort.

Check the list of best social media tools:


Social Media Promotion for Small Businesses

Every single step of your social media campaign can bring huge impact on business.

Also it is not necessary that every business should be presented on every single social media platform. Only focus on that social media platform where you can get best result of your efforts.

You can also analyze the working of big brands or social media platforms. You can also copy their models. This will help you to learn their marketing strategies.

Do share how to promote small business on social media platform? Do share your tips in comments.

Don`t forget to share what you like.

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How to Brand a Blog : Expert Advice

Are you a brand addict?


Do you just love to buy branded products?

Why people love to be customer of big brand even if they have to pay huge money?

Because we trust them. We believe that big brands not only for show off, but also shows the user friendliness and trust able customer service.

Branding is the key to be the best. There are various factors which effects a brand, such as quality, popularity, customer service, uniqueness etc.

Today I am going to share about you can turn your own blog into a brand and how it will help you to gain more followers, generate more leads and bring more business.

Also I like to share the expert advice of popular bloggers, let`s see what they do when they have to brand a blog in 2016.

How to Brand a Blog : Expert Advice : eAskme
How to Brand a Blog : Expert Advice : eAskme
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How to brand a blog? (Jitendra Vaswani)

Jitendra vaswani How to Brand a Blog : Expert Advice easkme

Branding is very important for your business if you do in a right way. When I started blogging I was not aware of  branding but as I became more curious about blogging, I started following digital marketing experts like Neil Patel, Pat Flynn, Chris Ducker, Lewis Howes & Gary Vaynerchuk. 

I used to follow their posts & updates on social media. To build your blog a brand be highly active on social media, through social media you can easily build your brand. Share useful content & motivational stuffs to build your authority. 

Add relevant people to your social profiles & engage with them. Build relationship with them by starting meaningful conversation. Instead of wasting your time doing Hi hello, do useful chats & see your social reach start increasing. 

I build my brand by making portfolio very strong like, you can see what kind of call to action buttons I have used there & how my portfolio defines my skillsets. If you have great blog  with powerful call to action buttons trust me you are going to get huge business.

I build my brand & soon I am starting my own training institute for digital marketing in Jaipur

How to brand a blog? (Ryan Biddulph)

How to Brand a Blog : Expert Advice : eAskmeBranding your blog is about getting clear on your topic and building everything on your blog around that topic.

Align your blog top-down around your brand. Everything you see on your blog, from the domain name, to title, to tag line, to posts, to pages, to ads, to widgets, to courses, to eBooks to headers to footers to anything, all must align 100% with the blogging brand you are building.

Patiently prune any content or blog elements not aligned with your brand. Trash the excess or trim the fat to create a one of a kind experience.

Your blog should make people FEEL something. This is good branding. Solve problems, serve your readers, help them with their problems, and add a strong emotional component to your images, words and overall presentation to build a renowned blogging brand.

How to brand a blog? (Anil Aggarwal)
How to Brand a Blog : Expert Advice : eAskmeBranding your blog is extremely important especially if you want to make more sales from your sites.

You should always remember one fact: "people don't buy from those they don't know you. They buy from the people whom they like and trust". Here's where branding comes into play.

If you are simply writing and promoting your contents without actually building your brand, you will hate yourself later. You need to spend quality time on improving your personal brand online to boost your reputation and sales.

That being said, I highly recommend you to focus on developing your own writing style and use your images everywhere on the net (while creating posts, making videos, social media profiles etc). Also connect with the influencers and try to get their attention by writing guest posts, offering them help and tweeting their stuff. Sooner or later, you will start noticing that your personal brand building up online.
How to brand a blog? (Lorraine Reguly)

There are many ways you can brand both your business and blog. Here are just a few examples of things you SHOULD be doing RIGHT NOW:
1. Use the same headshot image on all of your social media platforms so that you are easily recognizable.
2. Use the same name across these same platforms. (For example, I am Lorraine Reguly on Facebook AND Google Plus, @lorrainereguly on Twitter, and Lorraine Reguly on Skype.)
3. Use the same logo everywhere.
4. Use the same colors everywhere.
5. Be consistent in your overall message and voice.
6. Do something to stand out from the crowd. Share something memorable. Do something others won't forget. (Even if it's revealing something super-personal about yourself... like I did when I told the word I was raped, did drugs, and got involved with prostitution.)

Note that when you are branding a successful business, you need to have these four ingredients: 
1. an understanding of your customers/readers
2. friendliness towards your customers/readers
3. honesty in how your company/blog presents itself
4. depth beyond color and typography.

Branding involves being crystal clear in your message, and being clear across all platforms of social media.

There is a lot to learn about branding, I know. It's not always easy, but it's definitely worth your time.
You'll become more successful by being memorable and unique!

How to brand a blog? (Manidipa Bhaumik)

How to Brand a Blog : Expert Advice : eAskmeMany people think that branding is purely for large businesses as this might include some huge cost. But if you understand the true meaning, it’s not about spending big amount of money on PR companies, rather, building the image of trust & efficiency in the mind of your users. If done correctly, tiny measures can also do wonders for any small start-up.

To make your distinct mark in the internet world, you need to create a strong brand identity. Whether you want the abandoned users to be your subscribers or make them buy any product you might be endorsing, you need to build the trust factor first. And that largely comes from the brand image of your blog.

There are certain elements one must take care of:
  • Have a unique design for your blog & maintain that throughout. Stunning looks are fine, however, keeping it simple & elegant can increase the click through and the average time spent on a blog.
  • Make your blog logo and tagline unique which goes along with your theme design & content. It’s the first thing any use sees in your site. So it must give them the clear message about what they can expect to read throughout the blog.
  • Also, your writing style makes your blog unique. The same type of information may be available throughout the web. What makes it unique is the way you present it. So try to present any content in your own words & style. 

How to brand a blog? (Donna Merrill)

How to Brand a Blog : Expert Advice : eAskme
    Branding your blog requires that you stand out in the crowd.

    You see, most bloggers are very good at delivering information.

    But readers aren't really looking for information.

    Face it.

    One of the problems your readers face is probably that they have far too much information already.

    What they don't have, is real, actionable solutions to their problems.

    They want direct, simple solutions so they don't have to buy another course or search Google through dozens more entries.

    If you can be the blogger in your niche that shows clear, demonstrable, working solutions... you'll get branded as blogger worthy of bookmarking.

    The branding magic starts here.

    Identify the biggest problems that your readers have.

    Show them that you can help them solve those problems.

    Then demonstrate a few examples.

    Take one small problem as the subject for your blog post.

    Give a clear and actionable solution.

    Do this repeatedly and consistently.

    Engage freely and immediately with everyone who takes the time to leave you a comment.

    This will quickly brand your blog as a dependable, valuable "go-to" resource in your niche.


    "Every day you make progress.  You know you will never get to the end of the journey.  But this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb.  -Winston Churchill

How to brand a blog? (Santanu Debnath)

 Branding a blog is something like building the reputation of a blog. In simple words, I would say how people will recognize or remember the blog or the person behind the blog so that they can seek assistance in future whenever they need.

Branding a blog may be difficult in case you don't know what the blog is all about. So the very first thing one needs to check is whether the blog is having any focus niche or not. E.g. we all know about Brian Dean of Backlinko. He is running a blog on SEO tricks and similar topic and that's why he is known for in this market. So, Brian Dean himself has branded his name as an SEO specialist.

As a newbie, I think one can take some necessary actions to brand a blog.
  1. Choose a domain name which represents the niche of the blog and definitely that should be short and memorable.
  2. Have a clean and professional design with a catchy Logo.
  3. Your content should speak up about the main keyword or niche of the blog with authoritative & detailed articles.
  4. Keep your publishing routine fix and respond to your readers' comments regularly. If possible you may include a forum or question answer platform for your readers.
  5. Also, spread about your blog and your expertise in social media, answer people's queries in other forums and help people to get their issues resolved.
This way, one can build a strong authority in that niche and gradually brand their blog and the person behind that.

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As you see that every popular blogger knows how to brand a blog. As they have shared their branding tips with you, so now you can also work according to these tips to brand a blog. 

Also check : Brand unawareness infographic

How to brand a blog? (Ali Raza)
Thanks Gaurav for inviting me on such a great roundup. I feel roundups are the perfect ways to discuss multiple people opinion and how do they address a particular subject.

Moving back to the topic, there can be different ways to brand a blog.

First of all you need to work in a particular niche, time has gone when you can be a master of all, but now blogs in a particular niche works much better, not only it helps you in branding but eventually your blog becomes an authority in that niche.

You can also use Social media. It's true that Social media has changed over the time and has made connecting with each other, much more easier. So I believe the best way to brand a blog is using the power of Social media.

I also believe that in branding, consistency and motivation plays an important role, if you are consistent, eventually people will start noticing your blog and then some day they will read it, but if you, yourself lacks motivation, chances are that you will have a hard time in branding your blog.

Lastly I believe roundups, such as what you are doing with this point, also helps in branding. It's a great way to get more traffic as well branding.

Good luck!
If you still have any question about how to brand a blog, feel free to ask me. Don`t forget to share what you like on your social networks.

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Secret List of Best 2.0 Sites to Create Free Blog for Backlinks

Haven`t I said it so many times that backlinks are of of the major factor when it comes to rank your website in search engines? Even after many changes in Google algorithms still backlinks are crucial factor to create a website rank better in search engines If you know SEO then you may already know that there are so many ways to optimize a website either offpage or onpage. SEOs have been trying multiple ways to optimize websites by doing on page and off page techniques.

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Secret List of Best 2.0 Sites to Create Free Blog for Backlinks : eAskme
Secret List of Best 2.0 Sites to Create Free Blog for Backlinks : eAskme
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On page SEO factors includes Meta tags, Keyword Research, URL optimizationImage optimization, content optimization, Robots.txt etc. Off page optimization means that you need to do optimization offside the website and it includes link building or you can say Backlinks. Directory submission, Article submission, Press release submission are few of the very common ways. But now a days there are so many things that you need to check before start building backlinks. For now only quality and relevant links are known as good links.

The restrictions on ways to create backlinks and latest Google algorithms cause the need of blogs which are created in really good way rather than directory submission. If you get a link back from a website with high domain authority in a really natural way then it gonna boost your website SEO.

Remember : Google is targeting Private Blog Networks. So make sure what you do, you do in a natural way.

How to make your backlinks look natural:

The easiest way to make your backlinks look natural is the link diversification. Link diversification is really necessary in order to make your backlinks look really natural. It is always recommended by various pro bloggers that you should get links from different resources.

Today I am going to share my Secret List of best web 2.0 websites to create free blogs easily. Then you can use these blogs to gain link backs to your actual website. It also saves money which you can pay to create blogs. let`s see the list on best web 2.0 sites to create free backlinks from high authority websites.

Sites                            PR    DA                             6      75                            5       72                        9       96               2       61                       5       79     4       67                                  5       71                                 5       59                 9      100                                5       71                        8        98                              8        92                            7       89                     6       59                    9      100

Do share what is your strategy to gain backlinks from web 2.0 sites? If you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments. Don`t forget to like us on Facebook and subscribe eAskme newsletter to stay tuned with us.
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How to Win the Competition with Psychology

How to Win the Competition with Psychology
Do you know how to read a human mind? Well most of the people try to guess but still they don`t know the actual way to read human mind, how others think and what they actually do. The crucial thing about human psychology is that it changes person to person.

How to Win the Competition with Psychology : eAskme
How to Win the Competition with Psychology : eAskme
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As a blogger I always give importance to offer readers what they love to read and I analyze results to know what your readers want from my blog. Blogging is a competitive world and to be on top you need to understand how you can beat your competitors in good way.

See : eAskme Quiz : Win $200 Every Month

To win competition with Psychology you need to understand two things, one what your readers want from your blog and second what your competitors are doing. Both things have their own benefits. Where knowing psychology of your readers help you serve best content, psychology of yoru competitors help you to beat them in competition.

How to win the competition with Psychology

Now everyone want to stand on first position, but we know that not everyone can stand teh same time at same position. When you enter into world of blogging and want to win competition, the best thing is to understand psychology. Today I am going to share how you can win competition with psychology.

Understand your readership:

I always say that your focus should be on your readers rather than just search engine bots. Readers are the most valuable asset of any website, blog or online business. To understand what your readers want from your blog you can follow these steps.

1) Install Google Analytics and analyze behavior of users on your website or blog. You will understand how much time they spend on your site, which pages or articles they like to visit most and where they get engage. Now as you know these things start writing posts that make your readers more interested.

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2) Analyze Comments:

There are various commenting systems. You can choose according to your need. Comments help readers to get engage with your blog and also help you to analyze which type of article get more engagement, so you can write more on such topics and offer what your readers already want.

Read More : Effects of Blog comments on Blog Traffic

3) More Visualization:

Add infographics and videos to your blog posts as this will attract more visitors and also generate more social shares for your website or blog. People love to share what they love to see rather than just read. So give them something to remember. The more your users get engage the more you will understand their psychology. You will know what they like to share and what they love to talk about.

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Understand your Competitors:

To win the competition with psychology you also need to understand the psychology of your competitors. You can use tools like SEMRush or Google Keyword planner to analyze keywords to rank better in search results and also analyze which keywords are helping your competitors to rank.

You should write detailed pillar articles on keywords which you see bring more traffic easily, means keywords with good monthly search and low competition.

These are the few tips that I believe help you to understand and win the competition with Psychology. You can read my helpful posts to get more help. If you have any question feel free to ask me via comments.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me. Don`t forget to share what you like to read.
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Absolutely Free Websites to Download Stock Images

There is no doubt that quality content is must for a professional blog, but the same time Apart from quality content it is important that you should take care of the quality of presentation of your blog posts also. The very easy way to boost article presentation is by adding images that are relevant to your blog posts.

You may have seen me using images on each of my blog post. This helps to create a blog post attractive. You should know that you can only use images on your blogs or websites which are allowed by the owner or you can have you own pics that you have clicked and right to distribute.

Today I am going to show you absolutely free websites to download stock images. I am not going to talk about licensing terms here. The list of websites which offer absolutely free images are here.

Absolutely Free Websites to Download Stock Images

Best Websites to Download Free Stock Photos: Creative commons licensed


Absolutely Free Websites to Download Stock Images : eAskme
Absolutely Free Websites to Download Stock Images : eAskme
It is a good website that I have found in Google search. I like this website because of its unique collection. This site allows you to download HD images and use it freely for both personal or business purposes without giving credits to anyone else.


10 Websites Download Free Stock Images : eAskme

If you are a designers or a person who look for free images than Pixabay is a good place for you to find quality images absolutely free. You can easily find images with more emotions and colors.


10 Websites Download Free Stock Images : eAskme

Pexels offers images under Creative Commons zero license, which means that you can use images without giving credit to anyone, even when you use these images for commercial purposes.


10 Websites Download Free Stock Images

This is also a good website to find free stock images. You can even download HD images for free. All images are under Creative Commons Zero License.


Absolutely Free Websites to Download Stock Images

Flickr is one of the most popular website to search for images. You can download both free and premium images from here. IT has one of the biggest database of images.

To find a free image you need to visit Creative Commons category and search for images tat suits your need. Here you can find more

More about Flickr

    How to drive huge traffic from Flickr


Absolutely Free Websites to Download Stock Images

Morgue File is also one of the most popular website for free Stock images. Here you can easily search images via category.


10 Websites Download Free Stock Images

Freerangestock is also a website which helps you to easily find and download stock images. It also allows photographers to upload their images and earn money under their adsense revenue sharing program.


10 Websites Download Free Stock Images

FreeDigitalPhotos not only allows you to download royalty images but also offer projects of various kinds for both professional and personal use. You can even download free greeting cards.


10 Websites Download Free Stock Images

Photogen also a popular website to download images for both commercial and personal use.

Stock Photos for free:

10 Websites Download Free Stock Images

Stock photos for free is an absolutely free website to download images for professional or personal use from the huge database. You just need a free account and you can start downloading images.

Read More:

    Where to find images online

You you prefer royalty images or free images, feel free to share with us. Don`t forget to like us on facebook and subscribe our newsletter to stay tuned with us.
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How to Get Interviewed by Professional Bloggers

Blogger interviews are the best way to gain popularity and build strong blogging relationships. But  how to get interviewed by professional  bloggers? Here today I am going to share what pro bloggers think and suggest when it comes to get interviewed by Professional Bloggers.

How to Get Interviewed by Professional Bloggers : eAskme
How to Get Interviewed by Professional Bloggers : eAskme
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How to get interviewed by bloggers (Jonny Pean)


The best way is to be in touch with these bloggers. Show them that you are an active member of their wide readership. You are not going to make it as someone getting interviewed by professional bloggers unless and until you prove yourself as a successful brand. However, the question is how exactly do you "brand" yourself? I strongly feel that you can no longer assert your digital authority just by being the omnipotent influencer out there. You also need to be the one who is willingly and positively influenced by others. This will take you back to the first line of my answer. If you want to brave the next phase of social loyalty then you got to be on both sides of this phenomenon- both as the one who has loyal followers and a loyalist yourself..

My approach ( David Leonhardt)

Generally, a professional blogger will take the same approach as a journalists would.  He or she will seek to interview people who have done something notable.  What have you done that is notable in your field?  If nothing, then you know what your first step is.

Meanwhile, it doesn't hurt to start commenting on the pro blogger's blog and interacting with him or her on social media.  That way you will be a known quantity, not just some stranger, by the time you are ready to pitch.

Finally, when you are ready, make the pitch.  Explain to the pro blogger what you have done, how successful it has been (or has not been p that can be important, too) and the lessons you have learned.  Explain how this will be useful to the bloggers' readers.

BIG CAVEAT: Make sure to find out first if the blogger in question actually does interviews.  If not, whether the blogger at least covers case studies or reports on interesting experiments or news from people in your field.

Or, you could do it the easy way...just sign up for an account on MyBlogU.

In my epic post on the health risks for writers and bloggers I referenced several people.  Some of these got in because I knew of them and their situations.  Others were found through MyBlogU.  In this case, there was no pitch, because I was looking for stories to include in my post.  And that is the benefit of being a known quantity to a pro blogger, even if you have nothing to pitch.

Get on the interviewers' radar (Doyan)

Hi Erica,Its the best and the only way to get interviewed.I am currently working on a similar project. I have signed up to Boost Blog Traffic Email subscription. I follow Jon Morrow and his editor Glen Long on Twitter. Note: I did make a mistake though I tried to go for the big guy himself. Not Glen Long. However one day I opened my Twitter account to find a notification that Glen Long is following me!Some more strategies that I use to get on the super duper hero’s' radar:Sign up with Blogging aggregator services and last but not least, our MBU. I'm eternally thankful to Ann and the team at MBU. Because, I started getting noticed after I joined MBU.You are cool, intelligent and smart.

Mr Nice Guy (Philip Turner)

Be helpful and never ask for anything in return. Most people will want to repay the favor and if you have to ask then it's never going to get returned anyway.

I wrote an article on that! (Ann Smarty)

Hope these tips will be helpful!

Do share you tips and if you also run blogging interviews, do let me know.

Don`t forget to like us on facebook or subscribe eAskme newsletter to stay tuned with us.
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ViralTag Review : Social Media Posting Tool for Visual Content

I have already talked about social media tools to automate the social sharing process. Today I will talk about social media tool call ViralTag. I am using this tool now and its a great tool to use to share on social networks. Social media tool help you automate the social sharing process and save time.

If you like visual content then you know that others also like visual content of your site and Viraltag allow you to share visual content of your site with social networks.

ViralTag Review : Social Media Posting Tool for Visual Content : eAskme
ViralTag Review : Social Media Posting Tool for Visual Content : eAskme

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ViralTag is offer free service for 3 social-media profile twitter, Facebook and tumblr. You can schedule up to 200 posts/month. So today you will see how ViralTag works and review of ViralTag.

Sign up for free ViralTag account

ViralTag review and features:

You can start using viraltag free plan. You can add 3 social networks. Viraltag help you share on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook Profile and Page, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

The best thing about this tool is that it allow you to add images and share them on social profiles. I personally like the feature to upload multiple images from web or computer and easily schedule them.

Also See : How to Improve Your Website’s Loading Speed
  • Enter email id and password to create a free account. 
ViralTag Review
  • Now you will see accounts, click on "connect to connect it with your social account. 

Upload and queue:

You can easily upload so many images with just one click and schedule them. You can add unique description to images or can use same description. It help you put your social media profiles on autopilot.

You can also see various categories that show visual content and you can use it to find ideas.

Also See : Best Free Blog Title Generator To Write Catchy Post Headlines

Viraltag also allow you to set time to share images, which is good if you want to share images on some particular time.

You can use gif images as on twitter gif images attract more retweets and get you more followers. GIFboom help you to create .gif images.

Overall experience and Conclusion:

ViralTag is a great addon into list of social-media tools. “Visual content” makes it unique and valuable. you can also use their extension for Safari and Chrome to add new post from anywhere in the web.

Using Viraltag is a good experience for me. You can schedule bulk images and it is good for pinterest and gif images is good for twitter.

Create Free ViralTag account

Do share if you are already using ViralTag. Also share any social media tool to share visual content? If you enjoyed this post, do share on Facebook, twitter and Google plus.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me. Don`t forget to like us on facebook and subscribe eAskme newsletter to get free updates.
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How to Check Value of Your Blog or Website

Sooner or Later there always a time comes when you may want to check your website`s rank or value of your website. There are many things that push you to check website rank and its value on regular basis. Website rank and its value tells us how much a website or blog is popular. It also shows the trust score of a website.
How to Check Value of Your Blog or Website : eAskme
How to Check Value of Your Blog or Website : eAskme
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Now the question is how you are gonna check the value of a website or blog. Answer is really simple. There are a big number of online tools and website available that help you to check the value of your website or blog including social presence, like social shares, likes, submissions etc.

Today I am going to share a list of website to check value of your blog or website, without running here and there.

How to Check Value of Your Blog or Website

How to Check Value of Your Blog or Website

webvaluecheck is one of the top ranking site that helps you to check your website or blog ranking. It also shows teh top ranking sites. All you need to do is Enter url of your blog or website, neter captcha and then click on search icon. It is one of the popular Website Worth Calculator with Traffic & SEO Stats Checker.

How to Check Value of Your Blog or Website

Checkwebsiteprice is a Website Value Calculator that help you to check your website Price. You can not only check website price but it also shows, Alexa rank, Google pagerank, traffic estimate and price estimate.

How to Check Value of Your Blog or Website

Siteprice call itself Worth Of Web Academy, a best Website Value Calculator.It now only shows rank and value of your website but also allows you to bring your website in website selling marketplace where you can sell your website.


How to Check Value of Your Blog or Website

Yourwebsitevalue is a good website to check website worth or website valuation.


How to Check Value of Your Blog or Website

Webuka is another website value calculator. You can check your website value and it improve your site accordingly.


How to Check Value of Your Blog or Website

freesiteworth is another website that allows you to check website value. 

How to Check Value of Your Blog or Website

SiteValueFox helps you to check website value or multiple services. You can check Alexa rank, value, pagespeed score, bounce rate etc.

There are many other services which provide data about value of your blog or website. There are chances that the value you see on various websites may differ as they use their own scripts or algorithms to analyze website value.

If you want to check user behavior on your blog or website then I suggest you to install Google Analytics on your blog or website and check data as Google Analytics is the most trusted toold when it comes to analyze user behavior of your site or blog.

I will be updating this list to add more services which help you to check value of yoru website. If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask me. Don`t forget to like us on fb or subscribe our newsletter to stay tuned with us.
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Twitter’s Organic Search Traffic up 20% Since Being Reindexed in Google

Since the last 6 months Twitter's organic search went up 20% after Google reindexed tweets into real time searches. This was according to SimilarWeb.
Twitter’s Organic Search Traffic up 20% Since Being Reindexed in Google : eAskme
Twitter’s Organic Search Traffic up 20% Since Being Reindexed in Google : eAskme
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Twitter’s Organic Search Traffic up 20% Since Being Reindexed in Google

The summer that past Google only indexed about 3% of tweets that went public. But it seemed to have been enough to make a big difference in traffic from searches.

Between June and July was the largest increases that grew says SimilarWeb. Within this time the increase with desktop searches was 14%, meaning it was about 25 million visits.

Now according to new results seen people tend to stay longer on Twitter from Google searches. Says a study, desktop users that went on Twitter resulted in a bounce rate that decreased 6.5% within the last 4 months.

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Now thats isn't really surprising. As it seems that the searches was names of people or brand named. Using searches like that would typically create a stream of searches in Google.

But even with all this you probably wont see tweets thats about ideas like "best way to create traffic" unless for some strange reason it would be the hot topic of the day.

So what does all this mean to us? 

On paper numbers looks good, but the difference should be about the amount of traffic. So with this in mind it means that your tweets may be seen by more people. When someone is using your name or your brand name in doing searches.

So when you have a stronger presence on Twitter you can see advantages like

  • Traffic increasing on your website
  • Sales improve
  • You may get more followers 
  • And very important you should see more shares and retweets on your Twitter id.

But you have to remember your Twitter id should be indexed into Google searches for the advantages to be seen. If you don't see it, you should consider being more active on your Twitter id.

But with all that is said. One thing is a fact, with all things thats going on Twitter still doesn't see more joining. As Twitter's users that is active only went up to 3 million in the third quarter

Even though Twitter didn't see any improvement with the deal made with Google, we have to admit that it does create more traffic, that can be a huge advantage to Twitter users.

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We think that its interesting to see what happens over the next for months to business on Twitter, to see how traffic referred from Google search may help businesses

You have any thoughts you want to share? Feel free to comment or contact us.
We love to know what our readers think about this interesting news. One thing is for sure. With Google indexing tweets into searches. It can be a very beneficial thing for anyone who has a website to get referral traffic.
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3 Ways to Promote Online Business Offline

As a blogger and internet marketer, you can`t ignore the importance of blog promotion both in terms of online and offline. Promoting onlines business offline need  various advertising and conventional marketing strategies. Today I am going to show you the list of most effective ways to promote your online business offline. As a Blogger or webmaster you will love to follow some cheap tactics that will cost you nothing and help you create long lasting impression offline.

3 Ways to Promote Online Business Offline : eAskme
3 Ways to Promote Online Business Offline : eAskme
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Promote Your Online Business Offline

Now you may ask when you already have your business online then why you need to promote it offline? How it can help your online business? But every successful Internet marketer  knows that
offline blog promotion is one of the most powerful tool to gain attention and generate leads. When I say offline it includes newspapers, press and media. As a passion blogger you should be ready to take advantage of every single chance that can help you promote your blog and this is one of the keys which open the door of success for you.

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Why you should promote online business offline?

So now you may need to know how you should promote your online business offline. You may be doing good already on social media and may have so many followers then why you still need offline promotion. When it comes to exposure of an online business, I never let any single option go away without utilizing. Exposure in your local area and your work group is an easy to do thing. I have already shared that even now many people don`t know what is a blogging and how to do blogging? So how can you expect them to know what you doing if you don`t show them.

How to Promote Affiliate Products On Your Blog

The best thing about getting featured on Local media or newspaper is that it will bring some good business opprtunities from your local area and sometimes from aroudn the world also.

3 Cheap and Effective Offline Blog promotion tips:

Business Cards

Blogging is a business, so if you have a blog that means you are doing business. You should respect what we do, same in case of blogging. Like every other business you should also have business cards, stating about your blogging business. Business cards are really great way to promote your business offline. Everytime when I share 100 cards I get around 150 to 200 visitors who are loyal. One good thing about Business cards is that they are not expensive.

Press: TV channels, Magazine, and Newspapers

One of my journalist friend once told me that he need more news for his publication. It is really not easy to fill magazine and newspaper with news. If you can provide them shocking news, which is free they will definitely publish it.

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It is very easy to get local newspapers to feature you. There are people who are making $5k every month by writing for newspapers. If you may have seen Go-daddy and Bigrock commercials then you will know how much buzz they have created.

Gift T-Shirts : Show Me More

Everyone like gifts, and Tshirts are one of the best gift that will help you in promotion of your blog offline. You can buy tshirts on wholesale and get them printed with your brand name.

5 Dynamic Ways To Promote Your Blog for Free

Do share your tips which can help you to promote your online business offline? if you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask me.
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9 Popular IFTTT Recipes To Automate Social Media Marketing

Are you struggling to stay on top of your social media replies and updates?

"YES", Don`t worry, you are not alone. Because of hundreds of social media networks available for marketers, it is really hard to keep track of all of them without any help.

9 Popular IFTTT Recipes To Automate Social Media Marketing : eAskme
9 Popular IFTTT Recipes To Automate Social Media Marketing : eAskme
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IFTTT (If This Then That) is a free and powerful automation tool which helps you save countless hours. IFTTT uses recipes feature to help you easily automate the process not just for social media, but for many more.

You may want to share articles across social networks or save posts and link for reading and you can even add reminders to Google Calendar,  IFTTT is there to help you. Rather than spending hours everyday on social networks or rather than hiring someone to do the job, it is better to use IFTTT for such process.

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Now let’s see how you are gonna automate your social media accounts on Facebook, twiiter, Google plus etc using IFTTT recipes.

9 Social Media IFTTT Recipes To Simplify your workflow

Save Links to Pocket

Do you want to save a tweet which you like on twitter? O yes, IFTTT offers you Save Links to Pocket recipe to save link from every tweet you favorite on Twitter to your Pocket account. You can even change the service where the link is saved.

Save Tweets to Google Spreadsheet

Yu will so so many variations of this recipe. All of them allos you to save your tweets into Google Spreadsheet. This helps you create searchable archive for tweets.

Favorite Tweet to Add to Buffer

This is one of the fastest and super easiest way to keep Buffer queue topped up always. You just need to favourite a tweet and it will be added

Update Google+ Page Using Facebook Posts (via Buffer)

Buffer allows you to easily share posts on social media accounts. You just need to link your buffer account with Google Plus page and you need to turn on the recipe to automatically add Facebook updates to Google Plus.

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Curate Content in Spreadsheets

If you want to curate content than IFTTT can help you managing your content in Google Spreadsheets. This allows you to save content to Google spreadsheet.

Share New Blog Post on Facebook or Twitter

As a blogger, you must be aware of 80.:20 rule. 20% time for writing and 80% time for promoting. IFTTT give you feature to automatically share content on popular social networks such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin etc.

Add Fiverr Orders to Google Calendar

If you are a freelancer who work on Fiverr then you will love this recipe. This allows you to add Fiverr orders to Google Calendar.

Tweet When You Get a Positive Fiverr Review

If you want to advertise the positive review to the world, then IFTTT is there to help you.

Post Instagrams to Pinterest

It takes time to Manually upload images to Pinterest but with IFTTT make it easiest for you. This recipe pushes Instagram photos to Pinterest account.

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Do share how you automate teh process of social media marketing. If you have any question, feel free to ask via comments.
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