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Tips to Improve Blog Writing to Win Readers in 2017

There are no fixed rules for writing. Writing comes in different sizes and shapes. But here we talk about Bloggers, how to improve writing to attract more visitors. Writing a blog is totally different then writing a book or story. Blog writing is about how well you convey your message in easiest and shortest way.
How to Improve Blog Writing to Win Readers : eAskme
Tips to Improve Blog Writing to Win Readers : eAskme
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Tips to Improve Blog Writing to Win Readers :

Today we talk about fundamental ways to improve blog writing in a short span of time with little effort and persistence. I have been dabbled between different forms of writing and now I can assure you that blog writing is fun.


It is always recommend that you read more and more. The more you read the more good you can write. It is a great way to get inspiration from the written works by bloggers and authors. Don`t be afraid that you may rip-off someone else work, keep reading and write in your own words with your own thoughts in best possible way.


Readers don`t like typing errors and grammatical mistakes. These mistakes hows lack of basic knowledge of English Grammar. This will seriously hit your writing career and hinder your visitors.  So brush up your basic grammar before start blogging. But it dosen`t mean that you spend a lot on joining a English coaching center but it is better if you do some research and find some good resources to get through this problem.

You do not want that your writing say something else when you want to convey some other message.

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If you have ever joined a creative writing course then you know the importance of creating outlines while writing. In Blogging it is always good to use outlines. You should start writing article with outline is great way to know where you will end up at the finis of the article. When you write something without even planning, outline be your best friend at that moment. Create few titles and sub-titles and you know what are you going to write. It help you get organized and control your writing.

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When it comes to blog writing you should write in attractive way that it can say the message in word sentence that you can say in three. Because readers do not have patience. They want to know eagerly what they are looking on your blog. So it is better to write in clean and concise manner. If you write many paragraphs then break them in short pieces.

Break a long article into parts, keep the suspense. Remember here rule is "less is more".

Active language:

Never try to write in passive language. Passive writing take out the interest of readers. Active oice is always better.  No matter you write a long or short story, you should write in active language. Passive writing is also difficult for an average reader also it hinders your visitors. There are sites like PayPerPost which helps you to make money.


Editing is more important than writing. Good writing allow you to write a good article, editing allow you to make your article perfect. Be ruthless when you edit. kill unnecessary words. When you write you write almost everything that come in your mind. But when you editing you take out unnecessary phrases and make your article meaningful, clear and concise. Never publish without proofreading.


Follow your instincts, if you want to improve your blog writing. Write what come in your mind, express your feelings, experiences and follow your instinct.

"One thing mostly people don't understand is that writing isn`t race, writing is a high art."

Accept everything and fill yourself. Writing is the best way to express and share your thoughts and ideas with the world. You can make money writing online.

Do share what help you improve writing skills? 
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8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017

Blogging is one of the most fun ways to connect with people from all parts of the world and make a living off your writing skills. True, it’s not easy becoming a successful blogger, but it can be done through perseverance, hard work and a pinch of talent paired with some good luck. The truth is that running a blog requires a lot of hard work, no matter what most people think and bloggers worth their salt will all agree that you should always be able to learn and adapt quickly to obtain and keep an audience. Since 2017 is here, we’ll talk about eight proven ways to make your blog more attractive to your readers this year.

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8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017 : eAskme
8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017 : eAskme
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8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017

1.    Representation Is Everything

Design of your blog is one of the first things you should mull over before you even start anything. We’re visual creatures and we’re prone to turning to things that look prettier to us, so think of unique ways to appeal to your targeted audience. Depending on what your topic is, find inspiration what could make it stand out in the sea of other blogs. Use high-quality pictures, colors that are easy on the eye and maybe most importantly choose how your text will look like. Pick a font that’s easy to read, always make it at least 14 pixels and when it comes to colors of the text and its background, go for the opposites, though experience suggests that black on white is always the winner combination.

2.    Do Blog Carnivals

8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017 : eAskme

If you’re new to the vast blogging community, then you’ve got a lot to learn, but here’s a tip that can help you get into the more prominent bloggers’ circle. Blog carnivals are one of the easiest ways to get more readers to learn about your blog, plus you get to learn a lot about other fellow bloggers in your niche. All you need to do is write a relevant blog post, that you then send to the carnival host, after which your text becomes a part of the carnival. It’s preferable to choose hosts who’ve done this in the past and have proven to be successful, that way you know that both promotion and your odds of getting new readers is good.

3.    Your Topic Is Very Important

Writing is a fickle lover and can sometimes send you meandering around the topic you’ve chosen for your blog, which can easily become a problem. If you want to have the attention of your targeted audience, you should stick to one topic and then as the time goes by and your readership becomes bigger, you can think about fanning out. Psychology behind this is simple – if people regularly return to your blog to find new information about a certain subject, you want to be the one that satisfies their needs. Besides, this is good for honing your writing skills, as focusing on one topic will allow you to train your creativity.

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4.    Have a Logo

8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017 : eAskme

Your blog basically sells your words, which means you need to do all you can to make every aspect of your “product” as memorable as possible. Having a logo that becomes sort of a trademark of your writing, which will make you recognizable and your readers will always be able to see you in the crowd of other bloggers. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and money to design your own logo, it doesn’t even have to be a slogan or a sentence, and what’s more, many people simply use their initials. The visual effect of your logo is much more important, so be sure to make it fitting for your blog’s main topic.

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5.    Stay in Touch with Fellow Bloggers

If you’ve just decided to give blogging a go, then connecting with bloggers that have more influence than you is definitely a good strategy. Follow the people that are in your niche, actively engage in commenting on their posts, but don’t just dump the link to your blog in the comments because that’s just rude and won’t take you anywhere. Do your research to find out what blogs are most sought for and then begin making relationships with bloggers by genuinely participating and giving your opinion on certain subjects. Just make sure you’ve taken appropriate online security measures, so that you get more objective search results and avoid blogs infected by malware.

6.    Keep Communication Channels Open

8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017 : eAskme

You want everyone that wants to get in touch with you do so easily, which means you should put in some effort to have your contact details in sight as much as possible. You should definitely have a separate page with all the info anyone could need to get in touch with you, but you should also take advantage of your footer and place your contact there as well. Of course, social media share buttons are also most welcome, so that your readers can reach you on the networks, plus you will make it much easier on them to share your interesting content.

7.    Write Guest Posts

With getting to know more bloggers come the possibilities of writing guest posts for their blogs and them doing the same for you. This is a very beneficial situation for both sides and you can actually get a lot of readers in a very short period of time. Not just that, but your connections with bloggers will become stronger, which opens a path to future endeavors you could work on together. Extra points because you get a small boost in your SEO game for doing well with your link building strategy. Speaking of SEO…

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8.    Keep Your SEO Game on Track

8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017 : eAskme

Last but not least tip for keeping your blog successful in 2017 is paying attention to search engine optimization. You should do some research to find what keywords are relevant for your topic, learn about some basic SEO strategies and find ways to implement them into your writing, as well as your blog’s optimization. Having links from your blog shared on some high-ranking websites will momentarily improve your ranking in the search results as well, so don’t tiptoe around SEO, it’s an inseparable part of running a blog.

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If you believe that you’ve got what it takes to run a greatly successful blog in 2017, then go for it and give it all you’ve got. Just bear in mind that blogging done well requires much more than just writing the content – there are numerous other aspects that add to its value and you should work on them too. – By Thomas Milva

Tom has been in the business of information security for four years, and strongly believes that he picked the best timing for his profession, which he often underlines in his articulate articles for Most of the time, he works from home, and whenever he’s free, he organizes hikes for his dog, his girlfriend and himself. Tom’s home, for the time being is Baton Rouge.
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Best Webinar Software for 2017

Webinars are one of the awesome way to promote some courses and Internet marketing. I have decided to share few most valuable webinar services, platforms and softwares with you, which will help you to attend or create your own webinars.

This is a Best Webinar Software Comparison infographic which will help you to find out which webinar is best for you.

But before I go forward you should understand that Why Use Webinar Services and what you should look in a webinar services.

Why Use Webinar Services?

Mostaly people take webinar word as a seminar broadcast over the internet. Webniars are much more than just a seminar. Today many business are offering their products, services and sotwares. This help them to train customer on their product and this also enhance their customer support. Best webinar services offer social media integrations, lead generation and monetization tools to help you use webinars.

Webinars help you to connect with people who are already interested in your service or product and this also benefit them to know benefits of the service or product. Check below Webinar Software Comparison list .

Best Webinar Software Comparison

Best Webinar Software : EPB
Best Webinar Software Comparison : EPB

So this is the list of Best Webinar Software 2017 for you. You can choose according to your need. 

If you do have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask me. Don`t forget to like us on Facebook and subscribe our newsletter to get free updates.
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Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : Complete Guide

Oh so you do have a blog. or Do you want to start a blog in 2017?

Success in blogging comes to those who know how to learn, improve and excel their blogging career. A bloggers success in blogging totally depends upon how passionate you are. It also counts how much time and efforts you put into your blogging house.

Did I say blogging house? Oh Yes.

Didn`t you get it? I mean your blog, lol.

2016 is going out of the window as 2017 is driving its way to know at your door. Improving your blog is the real thing which you going to work in 2017. There is no doubt that in 2017 every blogger will be facing more challenges, competition and many improvements also. As a professional blogger you should be ready for all.

Today I am going to count all the best ways to improve your blog in 2017.

Before you go ahead, do you know the very first thing you need to be a successful blogger is? You should have a professional blog.

best ways to improve your blog in 2017 : eAskme
best ways to improve your blog in 2017 : eAskme
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Let`s see how you going to improve your blog in 2017?

Best Ways o improve your blog in 2017:

1) Improve your blog theme in 2017:

Best ways to Improve Your blog in 2017 : Improve your blog theme in 2017 : eAskme

Do you what a visitor notice on your blog in very first look?

It is the design or you can say theme of your blog.

Every year you see new trends in blog or web designing. In 2017 you will see more user friendly deigns as it is the need of the time. You should improve colors, navigation, fonts, sidebars and ads should be relevant according to the color combination of your blog or blogging niche.

In Short, you should install a good theme on your blog.

For example: if you running a health blog, you should use green color in theme and if running technology blog, blue is the color that you should choose.

2) Quality Quality Quality:

Quality Quality Quality  Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme

You be bored reading and hearing about quality content and again quality content.

So what you should do which don`t make you bore?

Not just write content like a machine but add images, videos, infographic to improve your blog in real good ways.

Also make your blog user friendly by improving site speed, as the sites which load faster give better experience to the user. 


3) Clean your blog:

Clean your blog : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme
It is common that with the time you will find many spammy links associated with your site or blog. You should get rid of those links before Google algorithms going to beat your blog. You can also ask Google to help you fixing spammy links.

Also analyze the ad networks and affiliate ads you use on your blog. With time some may go down and you may need to change those links with the active ones.

Also keep an eye on changing rules and policies of Google to know the best ways which can help to improve your blog according to search engine and boost it`s ranking.

When you find any spammy link, you should tell the resource to remove the link instantly. 

4) Blog Accessibility:

Blog Accessibility : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme

I know you want to increase traffic and followers of your blog. But how can you do that?

Simple improve the chances for readers to access your blog in 2017.

These days you cannot rely on only one method such as webpage only.

You should target readers which are regular users of netbooks, laptops, notebooks, phablets, tablets, balckerry and symbian users also.

There are chances that you may not know which reader is coming on your blog from which device. It is also not easy to find the exact number of readers visiting your blog and the number of readers which are not able to see your blog just because your blog is not compatible with all browsers and operating systems.

So keep all the doors open for readers to come and come again.

You can even use whatsapp, wechat etc to improve the reach of your blog content.


5) Understand your readers:

Understand your readers : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme

This is one of the huge improvements in 2017 for your blog, if you understand why readers are coming on your blog, what they want from your blog and how can you give them something extra every time they visit on your blog.

If you can answer these questions in best ways that means you understand your readers in real time.

Focus on from where and how your blog is getting traffic? How long readers are staying on your blog? What is attracting the most of the readers on your blog?

Make readers engagement easy by adding social share buttons, social media profiles and a best commenting system


6) Dates are good in 2017:

Dates are good in 2017 : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme

If you are running a blog, then why don`t you show the post publishing dates?

Showing publishing dates help readers to know if the content is new, updated or something which still have some value in 2017. You may have seen many blogs which are not showing dates.

Why not? If you think you can fool the readers by not showing dates that content is new then you are wrong. Not only search engines but readers also very intelligent. They know what they are looking for and what is outdated.

Posts without date are a big lack of improvement for your blog in 2017. These type of posts do not perform good in Google SearchAnalytics.

Even if I visit a blog and do not see a date or time of the post, I usually assume that the blog is not updated from long time and quit visiting that blog again.

Same happens in every case.

Publish dates and make your blog look fresh and exciting.

7) Use High quality images:

Use High quality images : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme

Not just the attractive tiles but high quality images play a great role to make the user stick with your blog post and visit more posts.

Usually when you download or edit and image it changes the pixels of that image.

You can use the help of some best photo editors to edit your photos without actually pixelating your images. There are plugins available for WordPress which helps you to keep the images resolution at it`s best.

In 2017, you should focus more on improving image quality and give your readers a more entertaining experience.


8) Improve your blog with latest technologies:

Improve your blog with latest technologies : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme

It is really simple to start a blog. This makes more people start their own blogs every day. That means competition is also increasing.

There are various tools  analyze keyword density chekers, Improve English Grammar,  Favicon generators etc to help you in blogging.
So it is your job as a blogger to make your blog look unique.

Not just the WordPress scripts but you can also use the Gif`s, vlogging etc.

You should also ready to invest to make your blog look exciting in real time. Work with latest technologies and use best tools forblogging.


9) Improve your blog security:

Improve your blog security : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme
Improve your blog security : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme
When it comes to blogging, it is a high trend that bloggers usually ignore security of their blogs and many times falls in the hands of hackers.

You should understand that even if a hacker can take down your blog for few minutes or hours, it will bring an excessive damage to your blog. Your readers may turn off from your blog as they see security threats.

You should keep checking your blog and take backup regularly.

Tips And Case Studies On How To Fix Hacked Sites

10) Dominate social media:

Dominate social media : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme

When it comes to work on social media most of the bloggers waste time just chatting on Facebook and forget the real motto why they have a social media profile. No matter you are a tech blogger or fashion blogger or science blogger, Social media is for all.

Social media is the biggest crowd which can bring you not just the traffic but you can generate leads and make sales to boost your earning. There are so many social media networks available online.

Only Facebook is covering over 20 million small online business worldwide. You should also use Twitter, interest etc to create strongsocial media presence.

Make the year 2017 the best year of your blogging career:

To improve your blog in 2017 you may even need to redesign your blog theme or add more pub gins and get rid of unwanted plugging from your blog. Follow these tips and improve your blog in 2017.

Don`t forget to share what you like here!

Do share your own strategy to improve your blog in 2017.
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How to Blog like a Pro Blogger

Do you want to make money blogging ? and Do you want to be a renowned blogger? In the beginning of my blogging career, I was an amateur blogger. I was blogging for fun and to see how to do it. I believe you also one of those people who want to try luck in the Blogging to earn money. No matter want reason you have, important is that how well you are doing. If you are spending hours and not getting good result then it’s time to rethink your blogging strategy.

How to Blog like a Pro Blogger : eAskme
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Blog Like a Pro

Blogging is about keep learning, implementing and sharing with others. Today I will show some practical insight and motivation, which will help you to blog like a pro-blogger. So let’s see what to do to make you blog like a professional Blog.

Why blog like a professional blogger?

Everyone want to to make most of the things they are doing. If you are just a beginner or already a blogger, it’s time to take action and move few steps ahead. Today I am sharing tips which I have learned during my blogging journey and if you follow them, you will definitely become a better blogger.

Confidence is perfection

Never ask advice from someone who is not confident. You should be confident when you write a post and sharing. You can always build the credibility by not losing it. Everyone get attract to those people who have confidence and the good thing in Blogging is that you need not to show yourself, but you just need to put all the confidence in your words. Now you may have this question that how to become a confident blogger?

How to become a confident blogger?

  •     Article and writing style:  In blogging writing is makes all the difference. You should develop an attractive writing style. I always prefer to write in a conversational way, where I am talking to someone about the topic of my post. If you see you find that I use YOU word many times in my articles, because articles are for you only. At one time it is only you who is reading this, so it is you who is reading this article. I also prefer I instead of WE. We word keep people away from taking responsibility. Blog is your one man show, then why you using “We”?
  •    Design: You may have noticed many times that impression of other person is created by what that person is wearing. Same way design of your blog is important. Your blog design is that thing which give good or bad impression. You should have a good neat and professional looking design. Your design should reflects personality of your blog.  Remember, design is the first impression and first impression lasts forever.
  •     Give face to your blog: Do you know any popular blogger? If yes then think how you know them and why? They are famous because they don`t hide their face. Their blogs are famous with their face and name. It is always easier to connect to a person rather than a brand. Always show who is the person behind this blog. Add an author box and few details about you in about page, add your profile in blog. 
  •     Be Honest: We have read this many times “Honesty is the best policy". But everyone lie at least few times a day. Sometimes people lie to make other’s to be happy. This is bad. Never lie to please people. Be complete honest. Be honest in your online and offline life, and tell me how this changed you. This challenge will improve your life a lot. It also teach you how to say “No” and you gain more confidence. 

Become an Authority blogger:

No matter how good you write, noone gonna bother what you say, until you are don`t have an authority for blog and yourself. Now you ask, how to become an authoritative blogger? It`s actually funny as you already know the answer. When you make above changes, it will make you stand as authority blogger.

Leverage the power of social-media to establish yourself as an authoritative person. First fix social-media presence. Start updating social-media profile details. Make your social-media profile look like resume and reflects personality. Use same profile image everywhere.

Share opinion about the hot topics in your niche. Never doubt yourself and always share your opinion.

Give credit:

Have you ever met a successful person? If you do then you will know that a successful person is always give credits to people for his work. But shallow person never talk about others. Start giving credit of your work and you will start building great relationships. Share your liking with others.

Get into inner circle:

Networking is the key to success. It is very important to build a strong network. This is very important for both online and offline life. When you talk or meet a famous person, then don`t just be a facebook friend, get into his inner circle.

Smart work:

Smart work always good for you. It is good to work hard but working smart is more important. If your write posts but don`t share it, then you always stand the same place where you are today.

You have seen people who started blogging and now making millions of dollars, this all become possible because of their ideas and smart-work. Pick the right set of blogging tools and value your time. Work on time-management. Maintain a perfection. Be happy person.

Time is money and have a team

When you have a team working then your most ideas turn into reality. If you live in remote place then you can build a virtual team.

More helpful guides :
Create Free Business Email with ZohoMail in 5 minutes
Best Free Blog Title Generator To Write Catchy Headlines


Work like an entrepreneur and you can achieve anything online.

These are the important important points I have shared which will help you to achieve your targets and grow big. Do let me know which tips you will be working on and how are you planning to start?

If you need any help, feel free to ask me via comment. If you like this article, do share on facebook, twitter and Google plus. Don`t forget to like us on facebook and subscribe eAskme newsletter to get free updates.
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10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Domain

Do you want to start a blog?


You want to run a business or fun website?

The very first you thing you need, when you want to start a blog or website is Domain name. Domain name is not just the name of the website or blog but it actually explains a lot about the online business or the type of blogs or websites.

Let me give you an idea what I am talking about.

If you visit Facebook, that means you are opening, here Facebook is domain and .com is top level domain extension.

10 Reasons Why you should buy a domain : eAskme
10 Reasons Why you should buy a domain : eAskme
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You may ask that why you should buy a domain when there are websites which are providing free domain names.

There is no doubt that there are various sites like Blogspot, Weebly, etc. which offers free domain names but there are limitations of those domains as they actually work as subdomain of the free domain service provider.

I will answer two things together first why you should buy a domain and second why you should not use a free domain.

10 Reasons Why you should buy a domain and not to use free domain:

1) Reputation:

Blog with top level domain extensions always have better reputation than free or subdomain. For example you will like to type but may not like to type

Being in .com club will help you to easily gain recognition in blogospehere and gain attention of probloggers also. this will help to boost bloggers outreach and will help your blog to rank easily. So it is always good to buy a custom domain.

2) Personal Branding:

Sites love to connect with other sites that have custom domains. There are sites like which help you to boost your personal branding by adding sites with custom domains. You can easily establish a connection on various placeholder sites with custom domain only.

3) Backlinks:

If you have seen the backlinks of various blogs than you will find that .Com blogs have way more backlinks than free domain blogs.

Why, because professional sites or bloggers love to connect with custom domain blogs only. Not just the content but the quality of a purchased domain also matters to gain backlinks.

4) Brand email:

Have you ever thought why popular websites do not use free gmail email or free yahoo email service?

You can spread your brand value easily when using a domain with custom domain. Professional emails have more impact on the receivers mind than email from a free email service provider.

For example : People are more tend to read emails sent by, than

A branded email id shows that you are serious about your profession or blog and also makes other to look what you are offering.

5) Advertisers love:

When it comes to make money online or make money blogging, you will see a huge difference between the earning of free domains and the domain you have purchased.

The popular advertiser platforms like buysellads only allow you to be on their platform if you have a custom domain and fulfill their other requirements.

6) Sharing and Bookmarking:

A free domain always bring not so good impression and that is why not able to grab a good number of social shares or likes and even submission on social bookmarking sites, where custom domains always give the impression of branding and professionalism and that is why get more likes and social shares.

People love to visit those sites again and again.

7) Custom Domain brings more subscribers and followers:

People are likely to join those blogs which have .Com extension than a free domain blog. Using a custom domain make people feel like they are on an authority sites.

People are more likely to subscribe a site with custom domain and this helps to gain more traffic on regular basis. So it is a good reason why you should buy a domain.

8) Domain Authority:

Free domains do not get any kind of domain authority, where custom domains have their own rank of domain authority. This shows that your blog or site is really professional and you are a serious blogger.

Domain authority is the metric that buyers or advertisers consider when giving you opportunities to make money blogging.

9) Domain Transfer:

If you buy a domain name than you will get the ability to transfer your domain to other service provider after some time. But if you are working with a free domain, you will never be able to transfer your free domain to anywhere else. You can only delete your domain.

10) Cost:

There is no doubt that free domain names are absolutely free and there is no charge on them even for renewal. But for custom domains you have to pay some amount. You can buy a domain name below $10 easily.

As the custom domain offer various helpful features that you will not find with any free domain.

So I recommend always to buy a custom domain name.

So these are the reasons why you should buy a domain. You want to star a blog or business site, your focus should be always to deliver idea or things in a really professional manner using custom domain name.

If you still have any question regarding buying a domain name, feel free to check these guides, or ask me via comments.
Don`t forget to share what you like.

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11 Best Free Article Rewriter tool or Spinner Tools 2017

Article rewriter or article spinners are the easiest tool to use when it comes to create content frequently.

Before I start telling you about best article spinner tools or article rewriting tool, let me tell you in clear words that in any case you should not use article spinner tools on professional websites. These are just to create the post frequently but do not give better quality. If you want to write quality article than you should not use article spinner or article rewriter tools.

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11 Best Free Article Rewriter tool or Spinner Tools 2017 : eAskme
11 Best Free Article Rewriter tool or Spinner Tools 2017 : eAskme
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Now let’s stick to the topic and I will share the best free article rewriter tools or article spinner tools.

Best Free article rewriter tools / article spinner tools:

Article Rewriter tool of SEO Tools Centre

SEO Tools Centre offer various SEO tools for free like small seo tools to optimize your content. They even allow you to use their article rewriting tool to recreate articles easily and quickly. You can easily check the quality of spinnes articles using other SEO tools of this site.

Ant Spinner

Ant Spinner is the really simple article spinner tool. It helps you to create article rewrite with quality and uniqueness. If you want to easily spin articles or rewrite article than these tools is for you. Uniqueness is really important when you use a article spinner on a site or blog and you will get it in this tool.

Article Rewriter Tool

This is one of the really simple tools for article rewriting. It creates unique sentences and paragraphs with its rephrasing method. It is a good tool which brings you results really faster.

Content Professor

This tool has both paid and free version. It is known as one of the smart tool to create new uniquely written content easily and effectively.

Ez rewriter tool

Ez rewriter is also a great article spinner tool to rewrite articles in really easy way. It just replaces the words with their synonyms and create a new article for you.

Free Article Spinner

Well I need not to tell you that this one is also free Article Spinner tool. Still it works similar to a premium article rewriter tool. It also offers the paid version which gives you really awesome quality of article spinning and rewriting

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Green Hat Spinner: Article Rewriter 

Green Hat Spinner is also one of the really easy tool to rewrite article. All you need to do is paste the content in box, solve image captcha and click on spin button go get the spinned article.

Paraphrasing Tool for Article Rewriting

Paraphrasing Tool is also a really simple and easy to use tool to re write articles in real quick way. This tool makes you fall in love with it. Just paste the text, solve mathematical captcha and your unique rewrite article is ready for you in no time.


It is one of the most popular tools which are free for creating article spin and rewriting content with synonyms. It not only rewrite article but also focus on the quality of the content.

Spin Bot

Spin bot is one of the best tools for those who want to spin or rewrite articles easily and accurately. It is one of the most popular and most recommended tools which ensure high quality when article spinning and article rewriting.

SmallSEOTools Article Rewriter Tool

If you are doing blogging from some time than you may already know about SmallSEOToolz Article. When it comes to article rewriting, SmallSEOToolz is really good Article rewriter tool.

The very first thing it does is to analyze the content of your article and search for the words (synonyms) to replace the words. SmallSEOToolz Article has a huge number of synonyms which makes it the best tool to present and old article in really new way.

If you give a close look to these tools you will find that the very common thing in all of these tools is that they all are useful to rewrite articles and article spinning. Lets see what are the common steps to follow when you require an article

Common steps to follow when you rewrite an article

  • First of all paste the text in the box.
  • You may need to solve captcha
  • Click on the button to rewrite.
  • Your result is here.
So you see this is really easy to spin an article or rewrite article.

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So, these are the 11 Best Free Article Rewriter tool or Spinner Tools. Here you should remember that any tool cannot be bigger than the imagination of your own mind. So when it comes to quality you should write quality articles from by using your own brain.

Do share what you think about these article rewriter tools or spinners online? Have you ever used any of them?

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eAskme | How to : Ask Anything & get Answer of Everything
eAskme | How to : What is eAskme
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eAskme | How to

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Content of eAskme 

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37 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging

Are you not blogging? Really.You should be.

Why you should start a blog? Are you thinking it is a waste of time? really, think again.

If you have above questions or thoughts then you should be reading this article. Today I am going to show you various reasons why you should be blogging.

There is no doubt that blogging is one of the best and mostrecommended way to make money online.

But still majority of people are not aware how to blog or why they should blog?

Resons Why You Should Be Blogging : eAskme
37 Resons Why You Should Be Blogging : eAskme

Let`s understand What is a blog?

Blog is a site where a blogger regularly update posts such as news articles, technology article, updates, magazine style articles, essays actually anything that a blogger love to. You may have seen that on blogs you do not have to register to see it`s content.

A blog is an online platform of latest and trendy content to share latest updates with readers worldwide.

Not only bloggers but also businesses have their own blogs focused on static pages.

You may have already seen many blogs but till now you did not had any idea what type of site was that.

Blog is something that you can`t expect to be rocking from day one untill you invest your time and some money in process.

So let`s focus to the topic and let me show you various ways why you should eb blogging.

Why you should be blogging?

1) It`s easy to start a blog:

It is really easy to start a blog, that is why anyone who want to be part of blogosphere can start his own blog in just few clicks. You just need to get a domain, web hosting and a good theme to start your blog. Bluehost is one of the best platform to star WordPress bog with their one-click installation feature.

You can even start blog on free platforms like Blogger or Tumblr, but if you want to make money as professional blogger, than you should at least buy a custom domain which can cost to max $12 a year and use a custom theme.

It is really easy to start a blog. Check blogging Guide.

2) Make 6 figure Earning within a year:

It is said and proved by various professional bloggers that within a year of professional blogging you can easily reach 6 figure income.

There is no doubt that it takes more efforts to make money than starting a blog. You need to publish posts, attract readers and promote your content on various social platforms and even offline. It is also the duty of a blogger to make his blog a brand.

It took me around 6 months to learn everything about blogging and start my very first professional blog. If you follow everything to start a blog, than you will definitely be a professional blogger.

3) No technical skills needed:

The best thing about bogging is that even a technical illiterate can start a blog. All you need ot do is follow the step by step guide to start a blog.

Without any technical knowledge of coding or websites you can very easily start your very own blog.

4) Start a Blog in Just 5 Minutes:

With the help of BlueHost hosting you can start a selfhosted Wordpress blog in just 5 minutes. Isn`t that easy. All you need to buy a web hosting and you will get a free domain name and then you can start the process.

You can install Wordpress on your hosting and start creating Posts and pages.

5) You can do blogging from anywhere:

The best thing which makes me love blogging is that i can do blogging from anywhere. Whether you are traveling or sitting at home or staying at hotel or sitting in a coffee shop or even in abroad, you can work on your blog from anywhere, all you need is a system (Laptop/Computer) and internet connection.

6) Platform to share thoughts and ideas:

It`s not about money always. Many bloggers write on blogs just to create awareness about some social cause or spread their views with the people or followers worldwide. 

If you do not want to make money than you can start a blog on Blogger to Tumblr these are free platforms. But if after some time you want to make money blogging then you can move your blog from free platform to WordPress.

Always recommended that you start a blog on custom domain with custom theme.

7) Shouldn`t starts a blog for free:

There are various free platforms available where you can start a blog such as BlogSpot, Tumblr, or

But if your focus is to make money blogging, then you need a custom domain and Web hosting and a responsive template. But if you just want to share thought than you can go for free blogging platforms.

You can easily start a blog on Bluehost with their one click Wordpress installation.

8) Improve Writing Skills:

Blogging not only help you to get an online platform but also helps you to become a better writer. The more you write the better writer you become. There are so many bloggers who never had any idea about how to write in the beginning but with time they spend blogging they becomeprofessional writer.

It`s just like practice makes a man perfect.

9) Share Knowledge:

You can start a niche blog or write on a specific subject to share your experience and expertise with people around the world.

A profitable blog is a blog which actually help others with its content. 

For example: PCMAG blog is about least technologies.

10) Gain knowledge, increase credibility

Blogging is a process of gaining more and more knowledge. The more knowledge you gain the more credible you become. It helps you become expert in your niche.

It also helps you to become an authority blogger. Sharing your experience is always the best way to establish yourself as a professional blogger.

11) An Extra Add-on to Your Blog:

Do you know that you can even add a blog in your resume and give it a professional look. But for this purpose you should have a blog with appropriate content and look professional.

Must read : Get interviewed by Professional Bloggers

As more and more businesses are hiring professional from social networks such as LinkedIn, adding a blog in your social profile help you to attract more offers.

It also shows that you have a good knowledge about what you write and you are passionate about learning new things.

12) Every Business should be Blogging:

Every business should be blogging .Businesses have many reasons to add a blog on their site. Blogging also help them to create awareness about their products or services. It also helps to build your blog as a brand. 

A business blog not only takes about its products but also transfer knowledge to its employees, share about events and help to generate new ideas. It also gives customers a good platform to learn about the business and its services.

13) Blog increase sales:

It has been observed that businesses are getting more sales after adding blog on their websites. It gives a boost to their brand and builds trust among customers. The stronger a brand become the leads it can generate.

Brands can even link their blogs with their social profiles and share what they want to promote easily via their blogs on various social networks. This also helps to boost more sales.

14) Press Release tool for a Business:

Blog is one of the best tools which work as PR for abusiness. Businesses post their new launch announcements on their blogs. These announcements help to attract more readers.

15) Rise of a Professional Writer:

There are various blogger who have become brand by writing as the top most professional in their niche. For example is the creation of Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr, but now he is also known as Perez Hilton just because his blog become so famous among celebrity and the world.

16) N number of opportunities:

Blogging is for everyone. No matter you are a journalist, a writer, an author or just a schoolboy, You can learn and promote what you want to share with the world with the help of blogging.
You can make money from blogging or even sell your blog.

17) Become a researcher:

It is the hobby of a professional blogger to write about latest and trendy topics. This habit makes him a researcher. He needs to research about latest trends and understand them before writing about them on his blog. 

The more information your blog has the more readers your blog attracts.

18) it`s a network:

Blogging brings the network opportunities. Bloggers always have so much knowledge that they have to offer many things. When your blog becomes a brand, you become a brand. For this you need to establish a bigger blogger outreach to expand your knowledge and connections.

19) Discipline:

Discipline is the feature of a blogger. if you are not disciplines about your work you cannot be successful in blogging. You should regularize your blogging work and this will help you gain expertise.

20) Unleash your creativity:

Blogging bring creativity. It makes you a good blogger and also makes you a writer who knows how to express himself in really creative manner.

When you are writing on a blog, you do not write as a student in examination-you write as professional who knows his strengths and limits.

21) Fun on your way:

The beauty of blogging is that it brings fun on your way. You can work whenever you want and from wherever you want. You will be your own boss and can write about anything you want.

it is a great fun when you turn your blog into a successful blog. Your first job is to create quality content writing pillar articles and second is to understand your readers and write for them.

22) Boost Confidence:

Being a professional blogger is really good for confidence. It makes you a more disciplined person. You not a man of publish button but you are a man of your own will and love of your readers.

The more content you write the more money you make but only if your readers love your blog.

23) Organized:

Blogging makes you an organized person. You can organize from day one but you develop this habit when you start writing regularly. The more you write the more organized your become.

When blogging you are not only writing but also optimizing and promoting your content to grab more business or make more money.

24) Become inspiration:

If you are really a dedicated blogger who wants to deliver a message to your valuable readers, than you have the ability to inspire others. No matter you are writing reviews or sharing latest news, there is always a good chance of inspiration.

If you are able to convey your passion into others, you are an inspirational blogger.

25) Public Scrutiny: Hell No

Blogging boost confidence in a blogger. So when you become a blogger, you have not fear to reveal your thoughts. Blog more fear less.

26) Feeling of Awesomeness:

After writing a blog post, which you believe going to attract readers and make them engage with your content, hit the Publish button, you feel great. 

Why because it took a good amount of effort to write a post such as keyword research, finding resources, taking main points, writing to the point, storytelling and proofreading.

When you hit the publish button you make your work available for the entire world.

27) Spirit Walker:

Everything your write on blog have the potential to be seen even after thousands of years. Maybe your greatest grandsons want to see how life was back in your time.

28) Blogging for Everyone:

Do you have the passion to be amazing? If yes, then believe me blogging is for you. Not only for you but for everyone who wants to bring something more in his life and wants to become more and do more. 

Everyday millions of new blogs are rising. SO you see lots of people are blogging, not just for money but for everything.

29) Your own Blogging Community:

Blogging helps you to build your own blogging community of likeminded people. It is the human nature that people of similar interest always gather at same place.

If you are posting what your readers love, they will come back again and again. Not only readers but professional bloggers also like to connect with you.

30) Free for you only:

There are the high chances for a blogger to get free stufffrom businesses so that they can test and review the products and services of various bloggers on their blogs.

31) Worthy Cause of Blogging:

Do you want to establish yourself as a professional blogger? If yes always work for an important cause. You can create awareness aboutsomething. This will also help you to make money by getting trust of your readers.

32) More Traffic with Blogging:

Blog is one of the best supporting tools for an online business. If you have website to sell products than you should focus on getting more leads by getting more traffic.

If you want to rank your product, product listing page not work well, you need to have in-depth content to support your product to rank higher in Google search.

33) Talk to Your Audience through Blogging:

If a blog publish quality content on regular basis then your blog will easily turn into a community. Comment section of your blog also plays an important role to answer the questions of your potential buyers. 

This will make buyers believe that their voice can be heard.

34) Blogging Makes You an Expert:

When you spend a good amount of time blogging about some specific topic, you will certainly gain more knowledge than many other people. This helps you boost your expertise and you be able to try new things and test new ideas as an expert.

People come to look for your expert advice when they find you have better knowledge about something what they lack.

35) Blogging makes you enter into school of your interest:

These days schools are willing to choose those students who have something extra than other students. 

Blogging brings you a platform to show what more you have inside to the world. Your blog shows your knowledge and confidence. This will help you to shine when you enter in a school.

36) Blogging Brings More Work opportunities:

Blogging brings you more opportunities to work than anything else. You can work in a company or work as a freelancer. Blogging brings you a lot of work as a blogger, as a writer and as a marketer.

37) Popularity:

Blogging also brings your popularity. The more popular your blog becomes the more popular you become. The more people know your blog they also know about you. With the time you also become the center of talk when someone talks about your blog. This is really amazing thing.

So these are the 37 reasons why you should be blogging. I believe you will find your reasons among them.

What is the best Time to start a blog?

People always ask me that what the best time to start a blog is. I recommend the best time to start a blog is now. The sooner you start the sooner you can get successful. Time is the money.

If you still have any question feels free to ask me via comments.

If you like this guide why you should be blogging? Feel free to share with your friends and family or on social platforms.
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