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5 Best Gifts for Bloggers in Love

Are you a blogger? Or you have friends who are into blogging? If the answer of any of these questions is yes, that means you at least know what the blogging is.?

It is always the best idea to gift something which helps a person in his daily routine. When it comes to gives the gift to a blogger friend, you do not need to scratch your brain too much as there are so many options available as gifts for professional bloggers.

5 Best Gifts for Bloggers in Love : eAskme
5 Best Gifts for Bloggers in Love : eAskme
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To make things easy for you, I am going to share the best tech gifts, which not only surprise your blogging friends and also be really useful for them.

1) Laptop Backpack:

The best thing about blogging is that a blogger can work remotely. He can work from anywhere and anytime. This makes him moving most of the time carrying the laptop. A good quality laptop backpack which is also waterproof is definitely a good gift for any professional blogger.

2) Smart Watch

There is no doubt that people are habitual of watching time on smartphones. But watching time on the smartwatch is actually time-saving as you need not to go to your pocket again and again to watch time. In the life of professional bloggers time matters a lot. So a smartwatch is really helpful. It also helps to easily manage apps, stay connected with smartphones, easily track activity and also use as fitness band.

3) Gaming Laptop

A Gaming laptop is the best tech gift for a game blogger. A game blogger has to test new games to write helpful gaming laptop reviews and stay updated with latest updates in new and upcoming games. Gaming laptop gift not just surprise them but also make them fall in love with your gift.

4) Smart Phone:

Who does not want a smartphone? If you are going to gift a smartphone, chances are that you already know what type of smartphone your blogger friend is using and which smartphone can offer him more advanced features.

These days’ blog app, game apps, and latest news apps are really helpful for bloggers to understand what is going on in the industry and make their blog updated with current trends.

5) Professional Digital Camera

Every blogger knows the importance of high-quality images. Bloggers can click photos with their smartphone also but nothing can beat the features of a professional digital camera. Gift of a professional digital camera will be really helpful for your blogger friend to capture high-quality pictures and use them on his/her own blog or social networks.

These are the best gifts for bloggers which will surely make them fall in love you or the gift. Next time you need to send the gift to a professional blogger, consider one from the list.
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Tips to Improve Blog Writing to Win Readers in 2017

There are no fixed rules for writing. Writing comes in different sizes and shapes. But here we talk about Bloggers, how to improve writing to attract more visitors. Writing a blog is totally different then writing a book or story. Blog writing is about how well you convey your message in easiest and shortest way.
How to Improve Blog Writing to Win Readers : eAskme
Tips to Improve Blog Writing to Win Readers : eAskme
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Tips to Improve Blog Writing to Win Readers :

Today we talk about fundamental ways to improve blog writing in a short span of time with little effort and persistence. I have been dabbled between different forms of writing and now I can assure you that blog writing is fun.


It is always recommend that you read more and more. The more you read the more good you can write. It is a great way to get inspiration from the written works by bloggers and authors. Don`t be afraid that you may rip-off someone else work, keep reading and write in your own words with your own thoughts in best possible way.


Readers don`t like typing errors and grammatical mistakes. These mistakes hows lack of basic knowledge of English Grammar. This will seriously hit your writing career and hinder your visitors.  So brush up your basic grammar before start blogging. But it dosen`t mean that you spend a lot on joining a English coaching center but it is better if you do some research and find some good resources to get through this problem.

You do not want that your writing say something else when you want to convey some other message.

See this : Invaluable Blog Writing Tips


If you have ever joined a creative writing course then you know the importance of creating outlines while writing. In Blogging it is always good to use outlines. You should start writing article with outline is great way to know where you will end up at the finis of the article. When you write something without even planning, outline be your best friend at that moment. Create few titles and sub-titles and you know what are you going to write. It help you get organized and control your writing.

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When it comes to blog writing you should write in attractive way that it can say the message in word sentence that you can say in three. Because readers do not have patience. They want to know eagerly what they are looking on your blog. So it is better to write in clean and concise manner. If you write many paragraphs then break them in short pieces.

Break a long article into parts, keep the suspense. Remember here rule is "less is more".

Active language:

Never try to write in passive language. Passive writing take out the interest of readers. Active oice is always better.  No matter you write a long or short story, you should write in active language. Passive writing is also difficult for an average reader also it hinders your visitors. There are sites like PayPerPost which helps you to make money.


Editing is more important than writing. Good writing allow you to write a good article, editing allow you to make your article perfect. Be ruthless when you edit. kill unnecessary words. When you write you write almost everything that come in your mind. But when you editing you take out unnecessary phrases and make your article meaningful, clear and concise. Never publish without proofreading.


Follow your instincts, if you want to improve your blog writing. Write what come in your mind, express your feelings, experiences and follow your instinct.

"One thing mostly people don't understand is that writing isn`t race, writing is a high art."

Accept everything and fill yourself. Writing is the best way to express and share your thoughts and ideas with the world. You can make money writing online.

Do share what help you improve writing skills? 
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8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017

Blogging is one of the most fun ways to connect with people from all parts of the world and make a living off your writing skills. True, it’s not easy becoming a successful blogger, but it can be done through perseverance, hard work and a pinch of talent paired with some good luck. The truth is that running a blog requires a lot of hard work, no matter what most people think and bloggers worth their salt will all agree that you should always be able to learn and adapt quickly to obtain and keep an audience. Since 2017 is here, we’ll talk about eight proven ways to make your blog more attractive to your readers this year.

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8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017 : eAskme
8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017 : eAskme
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8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017

1.    Representation Is Everything

Design of your blog is one of the first things you should mull over before you even start anything. We’re visual creatures and we’re prone to turning to things that look prettier to us, so think of unique ways to appeal to your targeted audience. Depending on what your topic is, find inspiration what could make it stand out in the sea of other blogs. Use high-quality pictures, colors that are easy on the eye and maybe most importantly choose how your text will look like. Pick a font that’s easy to read, always make it at least 14 pixels and when it comes to colors of the text and its background, go for the opposites, though experience suggests that black on white is always the winner combination.

2.    Do Blog Carnivals

8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017 : eAskme

If you’re new to the vast blogging community, then you’ve got a lot to learn, but here’s a tip that can help you get into the more prominent bloggers’ circle. Blog carnivals are one of the easiest ways to get more readers to learn about your blog, plus you get to learn a lot about other fellow bloggers in your niche. All you need to do is write a relevant blog post, that you then send to the carnival host, after which your text becomes a part of the carnival. It’s preferable to choose hosts who’ve done this in the past and have proven to be successful, that way you know that both promotion and your odds of getting new readers is good.

3.    Your Topic Is Very Important

Writing is a fickle lover and can sometimes send you meandering around the topic you’ve chosen for your blog, which can easily become a problem. If you want to have the attention of your targeted audience, you should stick to one topic and then as the time goes by and your readership becomes bigger, you can think about fanning out. Psychology behind this is simple – if people regularly return to your blog to find new information about a certain subject, you want to be the one that satisfies their needs. Besides, this is good for honing your writing skills, as focusing on one topic will allow you to train your creativity.

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4.    Have a Logo

8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017 : eAskme

Your blog basically sells your words, which means you need to do all you can to make every aspect of your “product” as memorable as possible. Having a logo that becomes sort of a trademark of your writing, which will make you recognizable and your readers will always be able to see you in the crowd of other bloggers. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and money to design your own logo, it doesn’t even have to be a slogan or a sentence, and what’s more, many people simply use their initials. The visual effect of your logo is much more important, so be sure to make it fitting for your blog’s main topic.

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5.    Stay in Touch with Fellow Bloggers

If you’ve just decided to give blogging a go, then connecting with bloggers that have more influence than you is definitely a good strategy. Follow the people that are in your niche, actively engage in commenting on their posts, but don’t just dump the link to your blog in the comments because that’s just rude and won’t take you anywhere. Do your research to find out what blogs are most sought for and then begin making relationships with bloggers by genuinely participating and giving your opinion on certain subjects. Just make sure you’ve taken appropriate online security measures, so that you get more objective search results and avoid blogs infected by malware.

6.    Keep Communication Channels Open

8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017 : eAskme

You want everyone that wants to get in touch with you do so easily, which means you should put in some effort to have your contact details in sight as much as possible. You should definitely have a separate page with all the info anyone could need to get in touch with you, but you should also take advantage of your footer and place your contact there as well. Of course, social media share buttons are also most welcome, so that your readers can reach you on the networks, plus you will make it much easier on them to share your interesting content.

7.    Write Guest Posts

With getting to know more bloggers come the possibilities of writing guest posts for their blogs and them doing the same for you. This is a very beneficial situation for both sides and you can actually get a lot of readers in a very short period of time. Not just that, but your connections with bloggers will become stronger, which opens a path to future endeavors you could work on together. Extra points because you get a small boost in your SEO game for doing well with your link building strategy. Speaking of SEO…

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8.    Keep Your SEO Game on Track

8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017 : eAskme

Last but not least tip for keeping your blog successful in 2017 is paying attention to search engine optimization. You should do some research to find what keywords are relevant for your topic, learn about some basic SEO strategies and find ways to implement them into your writing, as well as your blog’s optimization. Having links from your blog shared on some high-ranking websites will momentarily improve your ranking in the search results as well, so don’t tiptoe around SEO, it’s an inseparable part of running a blog.

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If you believe that you’ve got what it takes to run a greatly successful blog in 2017, then go for it and give it all you’ve got. Just bear in mind that blogging done well requires much more than just writing the content – there are numerous other aspects that add to its value and you should work on them too. – By Thomas Milva

Tom has been in the business of information security for four years, and strongly believes that he picked the best timing for his profession, which he often underlines in his articulate articles for Most of the time, he works from home, and whenever he’s free, he organizes hikes for his dog, his girlfriend and himself. Tom’s home, for the time being is Baton Rouge.
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Email Marketing in 2017: How to Stay Ahead

Despite the rise of social media, mobile devices, and live streaming video, email marketing is still as relevant as ever. It continues to top all other forms of marketing with an average ROI of 3,800%. Yes, you read that right, thirty-eight dollars back for every dollar you spend. As we move into 2017, it’s important to look closely at your email marketing. 

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Today we’ll look at some of the big trends coming in 2017 and how they alter the rules and approaches for email marketing. 
Email Marketing in 2017: How to Stay Ahead : eAskme
Email Marketing in 2017: How to Stay Ahead : eAskme
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3 Email Marketing Trends to Stay Ahead of in 2017

The key to staying ahead in any kind of marketing, is to understand and adapt to trends before they fully arrive. The hints are all there, but we need to look deeper to find out where email marketing is going, and how we can adapt now.

There are countless blogwebsites out there hosting blogs that predict the future. Today, I’m going to show you the three email marketing trends I’ve gathered to help you stay ahead of the curve in 2017.

1. Mobile Optimization in Emails

A study done by Litmus found that 56% of users prefer to read their emails on mobile devices. Furthermore, a whopping 42% of them will delete an email if it doesn’t display correctly. This means that your emails must consider mobile users more than ever before.

A mobile responsive template, such as a single column design, is a great option. Beyond the design, you should also consider the needs of mobile users. Your email’s subject line and body need to be straight to the point and easily digestible on-the-go.

2. Enhanced Personalization

What started as something simple, like using the customer’s first name, has expanded into highly personalized emails. As we move in 2017, the focus will be on utilize algorithms that can understand user behavior.

Let’s say you’re helping people find options for credit repair. Something like this requires a hyper-personalized touch, otherwise it comes across as disingenuous. Data like demographics, income, location, and other factors can help you understand someone’s situation and offer them solutions that work for their needs. By altering your message and tailoring it to the specific needs of your customer, your emails become far more enticing.

This also leverages the ability for emails to be seen. This kind of personalization simply cannot be accomplished on traditional channels like search or social media. After all, no one wants to be signaled out in front of everyone. Email offers a more personal approach to all types of marketing.

This also allows you to segment your list based on the needs of customers, or where they are in their relationship with your brand. For example, if you know someone has bought from you before, you can send them additional options. If they haven’t purchased yet, you can send them more information or links to your blog posts.

3. Merging Email and Social

Too often, marketing channels are treated like separate entities. This will no longer be the case in the coming years. Now, there are countless ways for them to interact with one another. Case and point: social media and email are a match made in heaven.

In this sense, one hand can wash the other if you put it together correctly. It all starts with adding social media buttons in your emails. It’s a simple, but crucial task. Giving people this option will encourage them to share your emails on social and increase your followers.

Complete the cycle by promoting your email newsletter on social media and direct people to sign up. You can offer incentives like a discount or exclusive content in exchange for their email. This creates a cycle of benefits where the two channels are feeding into each other.

Not only that, but research has shown that adding social sharing buttons to your emails can increase click-through rates by as much as 150%, which is incredible for something so simple.

Final Thoughts

Email is more important than ever before. It remains accessible and widely used on mobile devices, which makes it something you should be focusing on. By understanding these trends, you can make decisions today that will benefit your future.

How do you prepare for upcoming changes in email marketing? Let us know in the comments! 

Contributed By:
Sarah Watson is a social media marketer with over a decade of experience in the online world. She has learned what elements make the perfect posts and wants to share this knowledge with fellow marketers everywhere.
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Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : Complete Guide

Oh so you do have a blog. or Do you want to start a blog in 2017?

Success in blogging comes to those who know how to learn, improve and excel their blogging career. A bloggers success in blogging totally depends upon how passionate you are. It also counts how much time and efforts you put into your blogging house.

Did I say blogging house? Oh Yes.

Didn`t you get it? I mean your blog, lol.

2016 is going out of the window as 2017 is driving its way to know at your door. Improving your blog is the real thing which you going to work in 2017. There is no doubt that in 2017 every blogger will be facing more challenges, competition and many improvements also. As a professional blogger you should be ready for all.

Today I am going to count all the best ways to improve your blog in 2017.

Before you go ahead, do you know the very first thing you need to be a successful blogger is? You should have a professional blog.

best ways to improve your blog in 2017 : eAskme
best ways to improve your blog in 2017 : eAskme
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Let`s see how you going to improve your blog in 2017?

Best Ways o improve your blog in 2017:

1) Improve your blog theme in 2017:

Best ways to Improve Your blog in 2017 : Improve your blog theme in 2017 : eAskme

Do you what a visitor notice on your blog in very first look?

It is the design or you can say theme of your blog.

Every year you see new trends in blog or web designing. In 2017 you will see more user friendly deigns as it is the need of the time. You should improve colors, navigation, fonts, sidebars and ads should be relevant according to the color combination of your blog or blogging niche.

In Short, you should install a good theme on your blog.

For example: if you running a health blog, you should use green color in theme and if running technology blog, blue is the color that you should choose.

2) Quality Quality Quality:

Quality Quality Quality  Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme

You be bored reading and hearing about quality content and again quality content.

So what you should do which don`t make you bore?

Not just write content like a machine but add images, videos, infographic to improve your blog in real good ways.

Also make your blog user friendly by improving site speed, as the sites which load faster give better experience to the user. 


3) Clean your blog:

Clean your blog : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme
It is common that with the time you will find many spammy links associated with your site or blog. You should get rid of those links before Google algorithms going to beat your blog. You can also ask Google to help you fixing spammy links.

Also analyze the ad networks and affiliate ads you use on your blog. With time some may go down and you may need to change those links with the active ones.

Also keep an eye on changing rules and policies of Google to know the best ways which can help to improve your blog according to search engine and boost it`s ranking.

When you find any spammy link, you should tell the resource to remove the link instantly. 

4) Blog Accessibility:

Blog Accessibility : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme

I know you want to increase traffic and followers of your blog. But how can you do that?

Simple improve the chances for readers to access your blog in 2017.

These days you cannot rely on only one method such as webpage only.

You should target readers which are regular users of netbooks, laptops, notebooks, phablets, tablets, balckerry and symbian users also.

There are chances that you may not know which reader is coming on your blog from which device. It is also not easy to find the exact number of readers visiting your blog and the number of readers which are not able to see your blog just because your blog is not compatible with all browsers and operating systems.

So keep all the doors open for readers to come and come again.

You can even use whatsapp, wechat etc to improve the reach of your blog content.


5) Understand your readers:

Understand your readers : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme

This is one of the huge improvements in 2017 for your blog, if you understand why readers are coming on your blog, what they want from your blog and how can you give them something extra every time they visit on your blog.

If you can answer these questions in best ways that means you understand your readers in real time.

Focus on from where and how your blog is getting traffic? How long readers are staying on your blog? What is attracting the most of the readers on your blog?

Make readers engagement easy by adding social share buttons, social media profiles and a best commenting system


6) Dates are good in 2017:

Dates are good in 2017 : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme

If you are running a blog, then why don`t you show the post publishing dates?

Showing publishing dates help readers to know if the content is new, updated or something which still have some value in 2017. You may have seen many blogs which are not showing dates.

Why not? If you think you can fool the readers by not showing dates that content is new then you are wrong. Not only search engines but readers also very intelligent. They know what they are looking for and what is outdated.

Posts without date are a big lack of improvement for your blog in 2017. These type of posts do not perform good in Google SearchAnalytics.

Even if I visit a blog and do not see a date or time of the post, I usually assume that the blog is not updated from long time and quit visiting that blog again.

Same happens in every case.

Publish dates and make your blog look fresh and exciting.

7) Use High quality images:

Use High quality images : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme

Not just the attractive tiles but high quality images play a great role to make the user stick with your blog post and visit more posts.

Usually when you download or edit and image it changes the pixels of that image.

You can use the help of some best photo editors to edit your photos without actually pixelating your images. There are plugins available for WordPress which helps you to keep the images resolution at it`s best.

In 2017, you should focus more on improving image quality and give your readers a more entertaining experience.


8) Improve your blog with latest technologies:

Improve your blog with latest technologies : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme

It is really simple to start a blog. This makes more people start their own blogs every day. That means competition is also increasing.

There are various tools  analyze keyword density chekers, Improve English Grammar,  Favicon generators etc to help you in blogging.
So it is your job as a blogger to make your blog look unique.

Not just the WordPress scripts but you can also use the Gif`s, vlogging etc.

You should also ready to invest to make your blog look exciting in real time. Work with latest technologies and use best tools forblogging.


9) Improve your blog security:

Improve your blog security : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme
Improve your blog security : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme
When it comes to blogging, it is a high trend that bloggers usually ignore security of their blogs and many times falls in the hands of hackers.

You should understand that even if a hacker can take down your blog for few minutes or hours, it will bring an excessive damage to your blog. Your readers may turn off from your blog as they see security threats.

You should keep checking your blog and take backup regularly.

Tips And Case Studies On How To Fix Hacked Sites

10) Dominate social media:

Dominate social media : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme

When it comes to work on social media most of the bloggers waste time just chatting on Facebook and forget the real motto why they have a social media profile. No matter you are a tech blogger or fashion blogger or science blogger, Social media is for all.

Social media is the biggest crowd which can bring you not just the traffic but you can generate leads and make sales to boost your earning. There are so many social media networks available online.

Only Facebook is covering over 20 million small online business worldwide. You should also use Twitter, interest etc to create strongsocial media presence.

Make the year 2017 the best year of your blogging career:

To improve your blog in 2017 you may even need to redesign your blog theme or add more pub gins and get rid of unwanted plugging from your blog. Follow these tips and improve your blog in 2017.

Don`t forget to share what you like here!

Do share your own strategy to improve your blog in 2017.
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Complete Domain Name Guide : How to Choose a Domain (5600 Words)

A decision which you will have to live with for really long time is the decision of choosing a best domain name for your blog or website. There are so many questions which will eat your mind when you will even think about registering a new domain.

The first thing, when you are about to start an online business website or blog, choosing a domain is the step which can make you eat out your own head. Choosing a domain name is one of the really crucial and important steps in the success of a blog or any online business.

Domain name Guide : How to choose a domain : eAskme
Domain name Guide : How to choose a domain : eAskme
Domain name is not just an address of a blog or website but plays an important role in the success of any online business. It is the online identity. Domain is what makes your brand recognizable and help it to become a brand online. Some popular examples of domain names are,,,, etc.

Domain Name Keyword grab more than 14,10,00,000 results in Google search.

This shows that Domain name is not just an important factor for the success of an online business but also there are so many businesses which are providing domain name service.

There are various questions which come in your mind or mind of some on else who is thinking about a great domain name.

Today I am going to A complete Domain Guide to share each and everything about domain names which will help you not just to understand how to choose a domain name but also helps you to know why domain is important and how it will help your blog to become a brand or your online business to become a brand.

Let`s start with basics of domain name.

What is a Domain Name?

What is a Domain Name : Domain name guide : eAskme
What is a Domain Name : Domain name guide : eAskme
Domain name is not just the name of the website; it shows the type of website and represents how your blog or website will be known online.

Domain name is an online unique address of your site. You can keep it as long as you are paying annual fee of the domain to domain name registrar.

Domain is the Url for users as they type it in web address and hit enter to reach your website.

Search engines also use your domain to crawl and index your blog and it`s content.

Importance of Choosing a Domain name:

Choosing a domain name is really important. It make the users find out what is your site all about and it`s your domain which becomes a brand online. It is important that you choose a domain name about your online business carefully.

You may spend weeks eating your brain and burning your eyes to look for a perfect, unique and easy to remember domain name for your blog or website.

Why Domain Name is really important for a website or blog?

Why Domain Name is really important for a website or blog : eAskme

When going online, domain name is the very first thing which grabs the eyes of a visitor online. Where a good domain name brings trust and confidence, a bad domain name can destroy the reputation and bring more harm. So now in this domain name guide we will see why it is important?

Domain Tip :
For branding, it is must that your domain name and business name should be same.

Not only domain names, but domain name extensions also plays an important role when it comes to rank higher in Google search or Bing search or any other search engine.

Now let`s understand structure of a domain name.

Domain Name Structure:

Domain Name Structure : Domain name guide : easkme

It is realy necessary that you should understand the domain name structure in this domain name guide. In above domain name structure you see that there are various things which complete it. Let`s understand these.


For a domain prefix shows that internet protocol of your domain name. HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. This shows how data is transmitted and formatted. It also shows the talk between browsers and web servers.

There are two types of HTTP available these days
1) HTTP : These are standard
2) HTTPS : These are secured


Sub-domain is a subdivision of a domain. It shows at the place of WWW. It always works with primary domain.

For example: in, whatisthis is a sub-domain.

Domain Name:
It includes two things.

1) Domain

This is the name that you register online. When you buy a domain name you will find one domain in two versions.

1) WWW : is a domain name with www.
2) Non WWW : is a Non www domain

Important Tip:
It is always recommended that you verify both domain names in Google Analytics to make search engine understand that you are the owner of both versions and use Canonical tag to show that the content is not copied it is just the same domain with both versions.

 <link rel="canonical" href="" />

2) Domain Extension

Choosing a domain name extension is as important as choosing a domain name. Always choose a Top Level Domain extension (TLD) for your blog or website. It is located after the . of domain name. There are various TLD`s available online.

Choosing a Domain Name Extension:

Choosing a Domain Name Extension : eAskme

As I have already mentioned, Choosing a domain name extension is as important as choosing a domain name. It is always recommended to choose a Top Level Domain Extension (TLD).

There are 1500+ top level domain extensions available for you to choose.

I categories Top Level Domains extensions in 3 categories:

1) Original Top Level Domains extensions:

Did is said original?

Yes, But why?

Because they are not the oldest extension, but the most popular domain name extensions also. For example .Com, .net, .org etc.

2) Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs):

There are times when you might not be able to find the domain name you are looking with Original Top level Domains extensions, at that time you can even go for the second type of TLD`s. These are country code top level domains.

Example of Country Code Top Level Domain extensions:
.us (USA), .uk (United kingdom), .in (India), .au (Australia), .jp (Japan), .cn (China), .ca (Canada), .ph (Philippines) etc.

3) Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs):

You can even choose a generic top level domain for your business site. Generic domain shows the type of business as they represent the name of the business.

Examples of generic top level domains are .agency, .accountants, .business, .digital, .city, .social, . photography etc.

List of 1526 Top Level Domain Extensions.

Click here to check the list of top level domain name extensions:

You can choose the LTD from this is the biggest list of Top Level Domain Extensions.  You can even download the list of top level domain extensions from ICANN

New premium Domain name Extensions

New premium Top Level Domain name Extensions : eAskme
  1. .bargains
  2. .bid
  3. .bike
  4. .blackfriday
  5. .boutique
  6. .camera
  7. .cards
  8. .cheap
  9. .christmas
  10. .clothing
  11. .coffee
  12. .computer
  13. .diamonds
  14. .equipment
  15. .expert
  16. .fish
  17. .florist
  18. .gift
  19. .glass
  20. .guitars
  21. .house
  22. .kitchen
  23. .lighting
  24. .plumbing
  25. .repair
  26. .rocks
  27. .sexy
  28. .shoes
  29. .supplies
  30. .supply
  31. .tattoo
  32. .technology
  33. .tools
  34. .toys
  35. .trade
  36. .training
  37. .watch

Why you should not go for free subdomains?

I have seen many times that people send me their blogs with free sub-domains such as or Free is not always the best option.

Why choosing a sub-domain is not a good decision?

When you are choosing a free sub domain from blogging services, you actually giving the full control of your content to those websites, which are proving free sub domains to you.

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It is also not good for branding as no matter how much you promote it, it only help the main domain to become a brand.

What to do instead of choosing a free domain name?

You should always choose a custom domain name. As this give you full control over the domain name. You can even add your own subdomains.

It is also not costly as you can choose it on very low price for a year or 2 years or five years or 10 years.

Objectives and Goals of a Domain name:

Complete Domain Name Guide : How to Choose a Domain (5600 Words)

When choosing a domain name it is also necessary that you should think about
  • Why you want a domain?
  • What is the main purpose?
  • Who is the target Audience?
  • What is the topic of the blog?
  • What do you want to achieve
  • What style and tone your site or blog carry?

Till now you have learned the following answers in Domain guide:

  1. What is a domain name?
  2. What is domain name structure?
  3. What is domain name extension?
  4. What are the top level domain name extensions (TLDs)?
  5. Why you should not go for free sub domains?
Now it is the time to understand what factors to consider when choosing a domain name?

Remarkable tips to choose a domain name:

Complete Domain Name Guide : How to Choose a Domain (5600 Words)

1) Always choose a unique domain name:

When you want to buy a domain name the very first thing is that you should consider choosing a unique domain name.

Choosing a unique domain name is really necessary ot make your blog a brand. If you want to market yourself like John Chow then you can choose a domain name mix of your first name and last name such as

It is not that bad to choose a domain name with your own name but if you are trying to build a blog or run an online business then choosing a domain name with your own name is not a good idea.

The very first step is that you should try to buy a domain name similar to your business name. You can do a domain research on Google or on domain registrar service to find out if the domain your are looking for available or already registered.

2) Brainstorming:

All one word domains have already been registered. So you might not be able to find one word domain name for your blog. In such a case you should use a mix of two or three words to find the best possible solution for your domain name.

3) Memorable : easy to type, easy to remember

The most common mistake which mostly people do when choosing a domain name is buying domain names with fancy and wrong words.

You should always think that if a common person can`t remember the words of a domain how can he/she type that domain.

Let me make it clear for you:

For example : If you want to buy, but you see that domain name is not available for purchase or domain is already registered, than you buy a domain name such as

Now you see and both sound similar, but when you tell someone that you have a blog or site name, they will always remember and open

So unintentionally your mistake will lead the other site get more traffic.

Instead of that is you buy, this is really easy to type and easy to remember.

I am sure you do not want to do that mistake.

So it is always good that you try various combinations and buy a domain name which is easy to remember and easy to type.

4) Use Keywords 

It is always recommended that you should use the target keyword in domain also. If you want to start a blog or a micro niche blog than using keyword in domain is really helpful to rank higher as compare to those who are not using keywords in domain name.

5) First choice Always .Com

Have you thought for a second that when someone tells you that he has xyz site, you automatically put .com in the end of it to open it.

Now you know that .Com is the extension which is widely living in the minds of every common person.

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When you say a website the first thing which hit the mind is .Com.

Over 75% sites worldwide using .Com extension. It is always the most recommended Top level domain extension.

It makes the domain easy to remember.

But what is .Com is not available for your domain. In such case you should go for other TLDs or ccTLDs or gTLDs.

6) Brandable:

Domain name is your brand online. A brandable domain name is a domain which speaks for itself. It tells what the site is all about.

For example: Domain shows that it is related to iOS and its updates. It is also an easy to brand domain name.

You can even look at the top 100 brandable domain names shared by DailtTekk.

7) Short is better:

A short name is always easy to remember. But it is not easy to find short names, if that you case you can go for a mix of two or three words domain.

For example if you are looking for a domain name AskMe, but Askme is not available. So you can choose

Never use acronym as for a common person it is not easy to remember acronyms.

8) Avoid trademark issues:

The biggest fatal error is trademark issues because of domain name conflicts. When choosing a domain name it is always recommended that you should check trademark terms here to avoid any trademark issues.

Do you know that trademark issue can kill your website or blog and take down your online business?

For example: If you use Facebook in domain name, it is direct violation of Facebook and company can sue you.

9) Avoid hyphens or numbers

If you are using hyphens or numbers in your domain name that means you are clearly ignoring the 3rd factor which we have discussed in third domain guide. Which is Easy to remember, Easy to

It is not easy for a common person to remember the use of hyphen and numbers.

For example if you tell a person that you have a domain name People always type abcxyz and forget hyphen.

In case if you say that if you have a domain name abc2xyz, people will always type abctoxyz. So it is not easy to them what you want to say.

It always confuse users and misguide them to visit some other sites.

10) Trendy misconception:

I have seen many newbie bloggers and businesses fall for the latest trend domains, but they forget the fact that trends always change. So when the trend changes their domain becomes unattractive.

IWiring evergreen content is important but choosing an evergreen domain name is mush more important than that.

11) Your Domain is you Best Friend or Worst Enemy

Do not make any mistake while choosing a domain name. Many peopel choose a domain without thinking professionally or without doing any research and after sometime they find that domain is  not that attractive or informational or a best representative of their business.

You cannot rename a domain, the only thing is to replace it and if you replace the domain all your efforts, time and money you spent on domain earlier will be lost.

12) What Social Network Tells?

In this domain name guide I also like to mention that when choosing a domain name you should also check it`s social influence of people. Always go fr the domain name which is easy to brand and can easily make it place on social networks. You can also use Knowem tool to check the brandability of a domain name on social networks.

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Now you have learned the following answers in Domain guide:

  1. What is a domain name?
  2. What is domain name structure?
  3. What is domain name extension?
  4. What are the top level domain name extensions (TLDs)?
  5. Why you should not go for free sub domains?
  6. What factors you should consider when buying a domain name?

How to Check the domain availability:

As now you understood what prechecks or factors you should take care of when you are about to choose a domain name.

How to Check the domain availability : eAskme

You can easily check the availability of domain name by searching them on domain name registrar sites. If the domain is available then you can purchase it and if it is not available in any extension that you want then you can try using mix of keywords that you want to target.

You can even use the domain name suggestion tools or domain name generation tools to choose the best suitable domain name for your blog or website.

Top domain name suggestion tools or domain name generation tools

Top domain name suggestion tools or domain name generation tools

Finding a domain name that you want can be really hard if the domain you are looking for is not available. In that case domain name generation tools help you. Here I am sharing the list of most popular domain name suggestion tools for you.
  1. Bustaname 
  2. Domainr
  3. Domainhole 
  4. Dot-o-mator
  5. Impossibility! 
  6. Lean Domain Search
  7. NameStation 
  8. Name Mesh
  9. Wordoid   
After finding the best domain name for your site or blog, the next thing is actually buying a domain name.

How to Buy a Domain Name for your blog or website?

How to Buy a Domain Name for your blog or website : eAskme

Now you have a domain name which you want to buy, so let`s do it. There are various popular domain registrar`s which help you to easily buy a domain name from ($10-$15 and sometimes under special discount). There are popular web hosting services which also help you to get a free domain name with web hosting.

You can even buy a domain name from one registrar and buy web hosting from other registrar and update nameservers to connect them. Some domain registrar also offer your business emails which is good.

There are numerous domain name registrars available, But I recommend you to buy from the relabile registrar`only.

You can even start your own domain and Web Hosting company.

I must say that when you want to buy a domain name, the domain name registrar must be accredited by ICANN.

ICANN is a non-profit organization which helps you to understand the functions of domain names. You should also check the proce and top level domain extension.

The top 11 Domain Name registrars to buy a domain name:

Best Domain Name Registrars Company Name
  1. iPage
  2. NameCheap
  3. GoDaddy
  4. BlueHost
  5. 1and1
  6. HostGator    
  7. Bigrock
  8. InMotion Hosting
  11. DreamHost
  12. Google Domain registration service

Domain Buying Tip:

When you buy a domain name and hosting from two different registrars then it can cause you to do some extra steps to connect your domain name with web hosting. Connecting domain name with hosting using DNS records is easy and anyone can do it.

Common Steps to buy a domain name:

  • Go to Domain registrar site
  • Enter the name you want to buy in domain name box.
  • Search for the available domain and add to cart or click to buy.
  • Enter your personal or business information and payment details
  • You will successfully register a Domain name and get domain name confirmation in your email.
These are the common steps that may very from one domain registrara to another.

Till now you this Domain name guide helped you to understand:

  1. What is a domain name?
  2. What is domain name structure?
  3. What is domain name extension?
  4. What are the top level domain name extensions (TLDs)?
  5. Why you should not go for free sub domains?
  6. What factors you should consider when buying a domain name?
  7. How to choose a domain name?
  8. How to buy a domain name?
Now let`s talk about Premium Domains.

Buying Premium Domain Name:

Buying Premium Domain Name guide : eAskme

Premium domain name is usually known as the domain name with very high value. Premium domain names are already owned by domain registrar or some other companies because of high values of thes type of domains.

Companies and registrars sell Premium Domains on very high rate from thousands of dollars to millions.

There are the domains such as,,,, etc. has been sold for millions of dollars because of their easy to brand nature and higher values.

How to buy a premium domain name?

As I have said premium domain names are under the ownership of registrars or companies which sell these domains on very high rates.

Buy domain using Domain Auction services:

Complete Domain Name Guide : How to Choose a Domain (5600 Words) : eAskme

The very first thing you can do to buy a premium domain name is to search on domain registrar to find out if the domain is available with the domain registrar or not. If it says that domain is available then you can buy it.

Otherwise, you can check the domain name by entering it in web browser and it will displays a page from the seller of that domain. You can contact them to buy that domain or to know the price.

You can even look the premium domain names in the domain auction services like Sedo, Namejet and Godaddy Auction.

You can go there, make the deal and buy domain.

Buy domain using Whois search:

Complete Domain Name Guide : How to Choose a Domain (5600 Words) : eAskme

What if the premium domain you are looking for not on sale but only reserved by the owner? How can you buy domain in that case?

In this case you can check the contact details of the owner running Whois search. In many cases you will find the information such as phone number, email id and address. You can contact them to find out if the domain is available for sale and make your offer.

Buy Domain using domain broker service:

Buy Domain using domain broker service : eAskme

You can even use the service of a domain broker to find the best premium domain on best possible rates for you.

Premium Check before you buy a domain:

I call it premium check because it shows that how good a domain is for you. You can check the domain seller history, his social profiles and how trustable that person is. These things will help you to negotiate and make your deal.

Also check what content hs been published on the domain if the domain was used earlier. Make sure that there is no adult history of that domain name. You can take help of or use cognitive SEO site explorer 

You should also check the availability of social profiles using It is not good to buy a domain name if social profiles of that domain are already taken.

How to close the deal an buy premium domain:

How to close the deal an buy premium domain : eAskme

Buying a premium domain is not an overnight process. It takes time as seller and buyer never reach on the common price in one go. There can be a long negotiation talk. Also you have to do all history check to make sure you are not doing any mistake.

Get the written agreement to legally bind the terms. You can use Escrow to complete the deal.

Domain name Guide : Conclusion

In this domain name guide I have clearly mentioned it that how important is it for you to choose a domain name and what steps you should take when buying a domain name.

It is a really crucial steps and this domain guide will help you to choose domain carefully and a domain which is easy to brand.

Never do hurry, when buying a domain. Always consider above given domain factors and follow the rules to buy a domain which help your business or blog to be successful.

After reading this domain name guide, If you have still any question about how to choose a domain? or how to find best suitable domain name? or where to buy the domain name you are looking for?

Feel free to ask me via comments. I really like to answer your questions.

It took me over 5 hours working on this domain guide to help you to understand what you should do when buying a domain?

Sharing is caring and I really appreciate if you like to share this domain name guide with your friends on your social networks.

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