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How to Build Strong Brand Image For Blog in 2017

If you think that branding is part of large corporations only then you are wrong. We all need a good “Branding strategy” to win the Internet market and readers.

So today we will discuss steps to build a strong brand image. Remember that building a strong brand image is not just simple. It is a long time process. So lets with the process to build a strong brand image for your blog.

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Build Strong Brand Image For Blog : eAskme
Build Strong Brand Image For Blog : eAskme

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How to build a Strong Brand Image:

Niche Focused Domain

First of all, you have to choose a niche focused domain name. This is a common blogging mistake which bloggers do, when they are using personal name for non personal domain.To make your blog recognized, it is necessary that blog domain should be niche based. You should have a domain name which is easy to remember.

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Unique Design

Unique design is very important factor for building the strong brand image of a blog. Do not get confused in multiple designs. Use a simple and clean design with user-friendly navigation. Unique design makes visitors spend time on your blog and attract more visitors.

Unique logo

You should have a unique logo. We already have seen lots of websites and products which are famous with their logos. When you see a logo you know which company or product it belongs to.

Catchy Header

Blog header is something, which gets very first eyes of visitors. Make your blog header memorable and also which represents your blog niche. You can also take the help of catchy title generator to generate attractive titles easily.

Strong About Page

In the beginning, I never knew that about page can be that important. But my “About us” page is the most visited page on my blog, which means I should keep it updated. About page represents what`s your blog all about including your own introduction.

About us page is very important to build a brand image.

Writing Style

You should have your own writing style such as write long posts, write controversial contents, write straight to the bone, to write step by step. It is always good to write high-quality pillar articles.

Suitable Posting Style

Now next main thing is posting style. Decide post frequency. Your readers should know when they can see your new creations. You can also use push notifications and email lists to tell the readers when you publish or update posts.

Interaction style

Create your own interaction style with readers. You have to build a strong bond with your readers.

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Final words:

These are few of the most recommended steps to build a strong brand image for your blog. Do share your own suggestion on how you can build brand image for a blog or website? do share with us. Don`t forget to subscribe eAskme newsletter to get updates.
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The Process of Personal Branding

SEO experts and consultant helps entrepreneurs and freelancers from all over the world. If you are struggling to sharpen your skills and use then to launch your personal brand, then you should focus on personal branding. Here are just a few of the tips and hints for you.

The Process of Personal Branding : eAskme
The Process of Personal Branding : eAskme
The Details of Design

Branding is about what your target demographic sees and reads. Why not start with the easier part first - the visuals? Creating a gorgeous website is much simpler these days, thanks to comprehensive websites that lay out the groundwork for you. These days, it is not a necessity to hire a web or graphic designer, because you can do it all yourself! Of course, if you aren’t very technologically or artistically gifted, then you may want to hire a more knowledgeable and experienced person. The main idea with the design is to have it reflect your personality and the mission of your business. Think about the colors and tones, the patterns and layout, the font size and style.

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Creating Content That Sells

It is crucial to create a website that is user-friendly and easy to navigate, otherwise you will have lost your audience before you even had them! On top of that, you want the written content on your website to be legible and informative, as well as entertaining. No one likes boring walls of text, so spice it up with images and links. Many reputable businesses and entrepreneurs (including Charles Floate) have a blog on their website, which is filled with articles written by themselves and partners on a wide variety of topics. This keeps your audience on your website, while still providing them with ample information. This is how you really win over a loyal fanbase and readership!

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Speaking of which, teaming up with other professionals can help you both get farther. Guests writers and bloggers on your site can help you win over their fans and readers as well, and you can be a guest writer on their website too. Do not be afraid to team up with others out of fear that you will have to put your dreams on the sidelines. This is not the case; rather, teamwork can really propel your mission and get your brand in more places, especially sites and networks that you don’t normally frequent.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.
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How to Brand a Blog : Expert Advice

Are you a brand addict?


Do you just love to buy branded products?

Why people love to be customer of big brand even if they have to pay huge money?

Because we trust them. We believe that big brands not only for show off, but also shows the user friendliness and trust able customer service.

Branding is the key to be the best. There are various factors which effects a brand, such as quality, popularity, customer service, uniqueness etc.

Today I am going to share about you can turn your own blog into a brand and how it will help you to gain more followers, generate more leads and bring more business.

Also I like to share the expert advice of popular bloggers, let`s see what they do when they have to brand a blog in 2016.

How to Brand a Blog : Expert Advice : eAskme
How to Brand a Blog : Expert Advice : eAskme
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How to brand a blog? (Jitendra Vaswani)

Jitendra vaswani How to Brand a Blog : Expert Advice easkme

Branding is very important for your business if you do in a right way. When I started blogging I was not aware of  branding but as I became more curious about blogging, I started following digital marketing experts like Neil Patel, Pat Flynn, Chris Ducker, Lewis Howes & Gary Vaynerchuk. 

I used to follow their posts & updates on social media. To build your blog a brand be highly active on social media, through social media you can easily build your brand. Share useful content & motivational stuffs to build your authority. 

Add relevant people to your social profiles & engage with them. Build relationship with them by starting meaningful conversation. Instead of wasting your time doing Hi hello, do useful chats & see your social reach start increasing. 

I build my brand by making portfolio very strong like, you can see what kind of call to action buttons I have used there & how my portfolio defines my skillsets. If you have great blog  with powerful call to action buttons trust me you are going to get huge business.

I build my brand & soon I am starting my own training institute for digital marketing in Jaipur

How to brand a blog? (Ryan Biddulph)

How to Brand a Blog : Expert Advice : eAskmeBranding your blog is about getting clear on your topic and building everything on your blog around that topic.

Align your blog top-down around your brand. Everything you see on your blog, from the domain name, to title, to tag line, to posts, to pages, to ads, to widgets, to courses, to eBooks to headers to footers to anything, all must align 100% with the blogging brand you are building.

Patiently prune any content or blog elements not aligned with your brand. Trash the excess or trim the fat to create a one of a kind experience.

Your blog should make people FEEL something. This is good branding. Solve problems, serve your readers, help them with their problems, and add a strong emotional component to your images, words and overall presentation to build a renowned blogging brand.

How to brand a blog? (Anil Aggarwal)
How to Brand a Blog : Expert Advice : eAskmeBranding your blog is extremely important especially if you want to make more sales from your sites.

You should always remember one fact: "people don't buy from those they don't know you. They buy from the people whom they like and trust". Here's where branding comes into play.

If you are simply writing and promoting your contents without actually building your brand, you will hate yourself later. You need to spend quality time on improving your personal brand online to boost your reputation and sales.

That being said, I highly recommend you to focus on developing your own writing style and use your images everywhere on the net (while creating posts, making videos, social media profiles etc). Also connect with the influencers and try to get their attention by writing guest posts, offering them help and tweeting their stuff. Sooner or later, you will start noticing that your personal brand building up online.
How to brand a blog? (Lorraine Reguly)

There are many ways you can brand both your business and blog. Here are just a few examples of things you SHOULD be doing RIGHT NOW:
1. Use the same headshot image on all of your social media platforms so that you are easily recognizable.
2. Use the same name across these same platforms. (For example, I am Lorraine Reguly on Facebook AND Google Plus, @lorrainereguly on Twitter, and Lorraine Reguly on Skype.)
3. Use the same logo everywhere.
4. Use the same colors everywhere.
5. Be consistent in your overall message and voice.
6. Do something to stand out from the crowd. Share something memorable. Do something others won't forget. (Even if it's revealing something super-personal about yourself... like I did when I told the word I was raped, did drugs, and got involved with prostitution.)

Note that when you are branding a successful business, you need to have these four ingredients: 
1. an understanding of your customers/readers
2. friendliness towards your customers/readers
3. honesty in how your company/blog presents itself
4. depth beyond color and typography.

Branding involves being crystal clear in your message, and being clear across all platforms of social media.

There is a lot to learn about branding, I know. It's not always easy, but it's definitely worth your time.
You'll become more successful by being memorable and unique!

How to brand a blog? (Manidipa Bhaumik)

How to Brand a Blog : Expert Advice : eAskmeMany people think that branding is purely for large businesses as this might include some huge cost. But if you understand the true meaning, it’s not about spending big amount of money on PR companies, rather, building the image of trust & efficiency in the mind of your users. If done correctly, tiny measures can also do wonders for any small start-up.

To make your distinct mark in the internet world, you need to create a strong brand identity. Whether you want the abandoned users to be your subscribers or make them buy any product you might be endorsing, you need to build the trust factor first. And that largely comes from the brand image of your blog.

There are certain elements one must take care of:
  • Have a unique design for your blog & maintain that throughout. Stunning looks are fine, however, keeping it simple & elegant can increase the click through and the average time spent on a blog.
  • Make your blog logo and tagline unique which goes along with your theme design & content. It’s the first thing any use sees in your site. So it must give them the clear message about what they can expect to read throughout the blog.
  • Also, your writing style makes your blog unique. The same type of information may be available throughout the web. What makes it unique is the way you present it. So try to present any content in your own words & style. 

How to brand a blog? (Donna Merrill)

How to Brand a Blog : Expert Advice : eAskme
    Branding your blog requires that you stand out in the crowd.

    You see, most bloggers are very good at delivering information.

    But readers aren't really looking for information.

    Face it.

    One of the problems your readers face is probably that they have far too much information already.

    What they don't have, is real, actionable solutions to their problems.

    They want direct, simple solutions so they don't have to buy another course or search Google through dozens more entries.

    If you can be the blogger in your niche that shows clear, demonstrable, working solutions... you'll get branded as blogger worthy of bookmarking.

    The branding magic starts here.

    Identify the biggest problems that your readers have.

    Show them that you can help them solve those problems.

    Then demonstrate a few examples.

    Take one small problem as the subject for your blog post.

    Give a clear and actionable solution.

    Do this repeatedly and consistently.

    Engage freely and immediately with everyone who takes the time to leave you a comment.

    This will quickly brand your blog as a dependable, valuable "go-to" resource in your niche.


    "Every day you make progress.  You know you will never get to the end of the journey.  But this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb.  -Winston Churchill

How to brand a blog? (Santanu Debnath)

 Branding a blog is something like building the reputation of a blog. In simple words, I would say how people will recognize or remember the blog or the person behind the blog so that they can seek assistance in future whenever they need.

Branding a blog may be difficult in case you don't know what the blog is all about. So the very first thing one needs to check is whether the blog is having any focus niche or not. E.g. we all know about Brian Dean of Backlinko. He is running a blog on SEO tricks and similar topic and that's why he is known for in this market. So, Brian Dean himself has branded his name as an SEO specialist.

As a newbie, I think one can take some necessary actions to brand a blog.
  1. Choose a domain name which represents the niche of the blog and definitely that should be short and memorable.
  2. Have a clean and professional design with a catchy Logo.
  3. Your content should speak up about the main keyword or niche of the blog with authoritative & detailed articles.
  4. Keep your publishing routine fix and respond to your readers' comments regularly. If possible you may include a forum or question answer platform for your readers.
  5. Also, spread about your blog and your expertise in social media, answer people's queries in other forums and help people to get their issues resolved.
This way, one can build a strong authority in that niche and gradually brand their blog and the person behind that.

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As you see that every popular blogger knows how to brand a blog. As they have shared their branding tips with you, so now you can also work according to these tips to brand a blog. 

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How to brand a blog? (Ali Raza)
Thanks Gaurav for inviting me on such a great roundup. I feel roundups are the perfect ways to discuss multiple people opinion and how do they address a particular subject.

Moving back to the topic, there can be different ways to brand a blog.

First of all you need to work in a particular niche, time has gone when you can be a master of all, but now blogs in a particular niche works much better, not only it helps you in branding but eventually your blog becomes an authority in that niche.

You can also use Social media. It's true that Social media has changed over the time and has made connecting with each other, much more easier. So I believe the best way to brand a blog is using the power of Social media.

I also believe that in branding, consistency and motivation plays an important role, if you are consistent, eventually people will start noticing your blog and then some day they will read it, but if you, yourself lacks motivation, chances are that you will have a hard time in branding your blog.

Lastly I believe roundups, such as what you are doing with this point, also helps in branding. It's a great way to get more traffic as well branding.

Good luck!
If you still have any question about how to brand a blog, feel free to ask me. Don`t forget to share what you like on your social networks.

Connect with us on facebook or subscribe eAskme newsletter for more expert advice and tips to help you in daily life. 
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Brand Unawareness : Infographic

Branding is something which is really necessary when it comes to make something popular. When a blog becomes brand then everyone starts following it and it gain more and more followers and expand it`s reach.

Brand Unawareness :  Infographic : eAskme
Brand Unawareness :  Infographic : eAskme
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But there are times when brands even falls in the category of Brand Unawareness. let`s see Worst social media goofs with this brand awareness infographic.

Brand Unawareness :  Infographic

Source: Brand Unawareness (Infographic)

If your brand also falls into the category of brand unawareness, then it is the time to fix the issues and start creating brand awareness.

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How to recover like a pro from brand unawareness: 

Own Your Hashtag:

It is really necessary that you create your own hashtag in order to brand it on social media for example #easkme is for

Acknowledge human error:

If you make a blunder or hit the heart of your followers on social media then it is the right time to acknowledge human error and apologize for it. Definitely you will see a positive result. 

No More Explanatory Apology

When you apologize do not give explanation as mostly people take it as an excuse and no one will care about your apology. 

Final Words: 
Creating brand awareness is the real thing, which you need to boost your social media engagement. The more awareness people have about your brand the more successful you brand will be.

What you think about creating brand awareness? Do you have any question or suggestion, feel free to share via comments. Don`t forget to like us on Facebook or subscribe eAskme newsletter to stay tuned with us.
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NamePerfection - Brandable Domain Names for Startups

If you are one of those who want to make money and want to do it online then you may already know that Blogging is one of the best way make money online. In recent years there is a lot written and talked about blogging. Blogging has turned its face from hobby to full time profession. There are hundreds of blogs that take birth everyday, but blogging is not an easy road to walk around. With the there there is a lot more competition than earlier days. Now the Question is that how a startup blogger can make money or be successful when there is a lot of competition.
NamePerfection - Brandable Domain Names for Startups : eAskme
NamePerfection - Brandable Domain Names for Startups
The answer of any successful online business is Branding. I have already shared about how to make your blog a brand in 2016. When a blog, products or service becomes a brand then everyone get attract to it, people want to have it and this boost sales, traffic, leads and ultimately make the blogger rich.

No matter you are a blogger or you want to setup an online business the very first thing that you need is a domain name. Domain name represents the name of your brand. Now the secret is that if you have a domain name that is quite catchy and brandable then you will grab more attention and get popular in no-time with less efforts.

You may have seen brandable domain names with the price tag of Thousands of dollars.

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But don`t worry, now is here to help you to find brandable domain names at very cheap price. This not only help you to boost your branding but also help you to make your domain easy rememberable.

NamePerfection : Brandable Domain Names for Startup

What is NamePerction:

Nameperfection sells a hand curated collection of domain names for startups. This enables prospective startups to save time in negotiating for and selecting a domain names. It is one of the most popular and fastest growing blog, which talks about being your own boss and living a free life with the help of blogging.

Name Perfection helps you to choose a brandable domain name from a huge list. You can sort the list of brandable domain names according to the Popularity, Newness, price low-to-high or high-to-low.
 NamePerfection - Brandable Domain Names for Startups : eAskme

You need a domain name for an online business or product or service or even for your own portfolio, brandable domain from name perfection can do wonders.

Click here to visit

Benefits of brandable Domain Names:

  • Short and concise
  • Easy to remember
  • Unique and brandable
  • Make branding easy and rank easily in search engines.
  • Grab attention and make more money.
The best thing what I like about the brandable domains from is that they offer unique domains at very cheap rate. This is good for every startup who wants to start his/her online business with a brandable domain name.

Do share me what do you think about brandable domain names? Do you want to buy a brandable domain name or want to settle down for a less value domain name? Choice is yours.
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World`s Best Cheapest Smartphone Freedom 251 at just Rs 251 or $4-$5

Are you looking for the world`s most exclusive and fully featured smartphone at the most cheapest rates, then you need not to wait anymore. As Freedom 251 is the world`s cheapest  best smartphone with android lolipop and quad core processor. So what are you waiting for there are already millions of users are registering themselves to buy new Ringing Bells Freedom 251 smartphone.

World`s Best Cheapest Smartphone Freedom 251 @ just Rs 251 or $4-$5

World`s Best Cheapest Ringing Bells Smartphone Freedom 251 : eAskme
World`s Best Cheapest Ringing Bells Smartphone Freedom 251 : eAskme
Now lets see the features of world`s best cheapest smartphone by Ringning Bells, which is a Noida based Company.


World`s Best Cheapest Smartphone Freedom 251 : eAskme
    - 1GB RAM With 8GB ROM
    - 1.3 GHz Quad Core Processor
    - Dual SIM
    - 4 Inch IPS Display
    - 0.3 MP Front Camera
    - 3.2MP Camera With LED Flash
    - Bluetooth
    - 3G/WiFi/GPS
    - 1450mAh Battery
    - FM Radio

Technology / Frequency Bands     GSM : 850/900/1800/1900 MHz HSDPA : 900/2100 MHz

World`s Best Cheapest Smartphone Freedom 251 : eAskme

Capacity          1450 mAh
Type                 Li - Ion
Talktime     -
Standby      -

Weight        -
Dimensions      0 mm
Colors              White
Form Factor     bar

Type               color : TFT
Size                 960x540 pixels
Secondary Display     no
Colors            16000000 colors

Camera / Imaging / Video
World`s Best Cheapest Smartphone Freedom 251 : eAskme
Resolution     2048x1536 pixels
Camera         Yes 3.0 Megapixel
Flash              yes
Zoom             yes
Secondary Camera     yes
Secondary Camera
Flash             no
Irda               No
Bluetooth     Yes
USB              yes
Wlan/Wi-fi     Yes
GPS              yes
EDGE                        Yes
GPRS                         Yes
Internet Browsing     Yes , Android Webkit
3G                              Yes

World`s Best Cheapest Smartphone Freedom 251 : eAskme
Video Playback     Yes
Audio Playback     Yes
FM Radio             Yes
Ringtones              64 polyphonic MP3/MIDI/WAV/AMR
3.5mm Headphone Jack     yes
Memory Slot     Yes microSD/TransFlash
Inbuilt     8 GB
MMS     Yes
SMS     Yes
Email     Yes

World`s Best Cheapest Smartphone Freedom 251 : eAskme

Operating System     Android 5.1

It is a challenge that you can never find any Android phone cheaper than this which will offer you these much features.

Don`t forget to tell me what do you think about World`s Best Cheapest Smartphone Freedom 251, from Ringing Bells.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to share via comments.
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Build brand for your blog in 2016

Build brand for a blog is one of the most important thing for a successful blogger. Brand make your blog stand different from millions of other blogs. People can find same information of many other sites, but the reason they always choose one site is because that is a brand.

Jeremy, Darren Rowse or John Chow are few names of those thousands bloggers who are hitting million dollar blogging club. This all happen because their blog is a brand. So you should also focus on building a brand.

Build band for your blog : eAskme
Build band for your blog : eAskme
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A brand for your blog distinguish you with others and your blog gain loyal readers.

How to build a brand for your blog?

Building a brand is is a long process and it take hard work and patience.

Quality posts

This is the very first and important thing that everyone need on your blog. Articles are the product that you offer. Like other products your article also need to be of high quality. You will get appreciation for your quality posts. Write pillar articles with quality content, keeping focus on readers. This is the most important investment.


Today`s world is growing rapidly in terms of technology. So does the information. The information you share on your blog with your readers, should be updated always. Updated information attract visitors again and again. A successful professional blogger always write a lot and also keep updating old posts. Updating old posts also gonna help you to attract more readers and also increase your followers.


Stick to the niche. When a reader find useful information on your blog, then its sure that he will visit again, but for this your blog focus on one niche like make money online. As it will help them to remember you site and blog. Write information what readers are looking for and be consistent to the topic.

Never copy content

This is where newbie blogger make mistake. never copy content of anyone. Copy content make readers bored and they will skip your blog faster. So write in your own style. Read more and more to gain information. Copy content is also bad in eyes of search engines and they will demotivate your blog.

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    Sins ever new blogger must avoid

Trust and Honesty:

lways write information which you have tested and updated. If readers find to a blog wit outdated or wrong information, they will surely never come back on your blog again. Always write well researched articles, take part in discussion to gain information.


Everyone need support. Visitors who come to your blog are tend to ask for support or answer of their questions. You should consistently support your readers and also answer their question faster. the support and enthusiasm will build trust among your readers.

Brand your Image associated with your blog

An image can say thousand words. Images should be relevant which help your readers to understand the topic. Create special images for your articles.

Use favicon, logo and banner to show your brand image.


The very first thing anyone notice on your blog is its design. A blog should be designed in nice way that it attracts visitors and also provide easy navigation to all parts of blog.

Final Words:

So these are the few ways to create a brand for your blog. If you do have any question or suggestion feel free to ask me. Do share your own tips to create a brand. Don`t forget to subscribe our newsletter to get updates in your inbox.
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How to Make a Brand for a Blog in 2015

Brand is a complex word and a used word, both in offline and online world. There are already lots of book that are explaining the meanings of the word “brand”. so explaining it in few words can not be easy.

A brand, is a belief that built with time. Brand is something that has become the symbol of same thing which provide quality, trust or efficiency and become symbol of trust for that product or service among people. A brand is something which makes a buyer choose a service provided by the company even if it is expensive.

Brand in blogging world is being an authority to a particular niche. There are blog that has got so much authority that they represent themselves as a brand. They have thousands or millions of readers. It is a great idea to create a brand for a blog. So the question is how to make a brand for a blog?

Make a Brand for a Blog : eAskme
Make a Brand for a Blog : eAskme
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Remember making blog a brand is never ending process, so you should have patience.

How to Make your Blog “A Brand”

Establish a clear path to follow

To gain real authority, a blog should have a patent of posting and a clear field. If you mix irrelevant subjects then it look totally unprofessional.

Always keep good variety of subject. For example if  you making a blog on web designing, then you can mix topics like blogging, freelancing, making money online, but you should not mix topics like science, politics which are totally irrelevant to the main topic. There should be a good frequency of posts on your blog, so readers have good and updated content. Most of the successful bloggers believe that daily posting is a good ratio to get success. It help your readers to get something new everyday and stick to your blog.

High quality and interesting posts

I always putting weight in keeping readers up-to-date with frequency of posting. The more quality article your readers get, the more time they will spend on your blog. The main ingredient of a successful post is quality. You don`t have time to waste, so why you waste time wiring low quality posts. Engage your readers with interesting subjects and organize giveaways. This way when some surfer visit your site and find it quite interesting then he stick to it and keep visiting everyday.

Become an authority in your Niche

Our all efforts should be focused on promoting our brand to gain authority. Authority is recognized by people who active in brand to recognize the brand globally. Turn your blog into authority that is the natural ingredient to gain authority.

Communicate with people

A good communication is the base of success. No matter how much social media has grown but still worth of moth has its value. We should always remember that it is the common people who build a brand;. If people aren`t interested in your blog. then your blog can never be a brand..

Be original

Be distinctive –is the requirement for the survival of your blog. For example we can easily find lots of shoes buy why people go for shoes of brands like Nike and Reebok. Little logo of that brand provide guarantee of quality.

The same thing apply on blogs. People should recognize you with logo of your blog.

(Optional) Hire a specialist

It today depends on the need and the budget. A respectable blog has a huge numbers of readers and so many posts. To handle all these things sometimes we need specialists. A specialist can also help you to create a brand of your blog.

So you know that make a brand of your blog isn’t an easy task but with patience and hard working you can achieve it. If you have any question, fee free to ask me. If you like this article, do share on twitter and Google Plus. Don`t forget to subscribe us to get updates. Be Positive, Be Happy!
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How to Make Your Website a Brand

Today`s world is the world of Brand and advertisement. Branding means making a product or website that much popular, that everyone knows or heard about it. Branding include many things. To make a brand take lots of efforts, expenses and dedication. Quality service or product quality also add value to make your product or website a brand.

Today we will discuss about how to make your own brand, that it get so popular so people can go directly to your site rather than searching for the information or product anywhere else. We all know that website gives the first impression of any product of service. So website branding is very important to make your product or service go popular. You site shows who your are, what you offer, what are your goal and what is the basic approach. people usually ask me how to make yourself a brand, my answer is make your blog or website a brand and it will make you a brand.

How to Make your Website a Brand : eAskme
How to Make your Website a Brand : eAskme

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How to Make your Website a Brand

Analyze :

This is the first and most important step to make your website a brand. Analyze your target audience, industry, competitors and even yourself. When you analyze your target audience check few factors like, who are they, what are their needs, what they want from your site and what type of appeal is best for your site. Also analyze your competitors and find out what they do and what make them good and where they lack. Also check the niche of your site, make sure that niche you choose is profitable. Now analyze yourself and ask yourself a question why you want to do this. Are you really interested in making a site and branding or you are pushing yourself.


After analyzing all these things, you will have a good idea about what you need to do. So now you need to narrow your focus to your own niche. Like if you want to write about science, rather than writing everything you choose a specific niche.


When we talk about making a website, we always need a good strategy. First we need to focus on Niche and content. Then we also need to make site navigation user friendly and also its appearance will be good looking that don`t hurt eyes.


As you start a website or blog the next important thing is to optimize your site and its content. Your content should be of high quality and unique. Use eye catching title, images and put valuable and compelling information that make visitors to stick to your site. Do on Page and Off-Page optimization so it can show in search results. Use proper keywords and check keyword density. Work on SEO and optimize your site in good way.


We recognize popular brands like, Pepe, BMW, Reebok, etc with their logo. Logo is the face of your site. It represent your brand. Your logo should be strong as it is very important part of branding a website. After making logo post it on prominent position in your site and also use it as favicon.

Fonts, Colors and images:

Make sure that the font, colors and images you choose will not hurt eyes as they represent your brand as they pay important role in making a website a brand. They should be work as complement to your website brand. Use images that are related to the content and niche of your site and blog.

Widgets and Apps:

There and endless widgets, plugins and apps available online that will improve your site or blog in terms of quality, optimization and looks. Choose only those plugins for your site that add value to make your site a brand. You can find apps online, or install plugins on your site.

These are few of the best and basic techniques to make your website a brand. Branding is necessary to make your site grow. It will lead you to enormous traffic to your site which in turns unlimited earning from your website or blog.

If you have any question or suggestion regarding branding of a website or blog, feel free to ask me in comments. If you like this article do share it on Twitter and Google Plus.
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