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7 Tips for Improving Your E-Commerce Strategy : Boost ROI

As an e-commerce business, you have a lot of competition. With big-name retailers taking over the digital world, it’s harder than ever to establish yourself as a presence online. Customers are leaving in-person stores behind and e-commerce businesses are ready to meet them.

From groceries to exotic vacations, just about anything you can think of can be purchased online nowadays! In the online age, it’s not enough anymore to have a website for your business. You need to have the right presence to stay ahead of big-name brands and industry leaders.

7 Tips for Improving Your E-Commerce Strategy: eAskme
7 Tips for Improving Your E-Commerce Strategy: eAskme

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If you want to be competitive online, you need the right strategy. Here are 7 tips for improving your e-commerce strategy.

Why Focus on E-Commerce Strategy?

Why is your ecommerce strategy important as a  business? Ten years ago there weren't nearly as many e-commerce businesses as there are now. In those days all you had to do was set up a website for your business and customers would come!

Now, that’s not the case. E-commerce businesses are fighting for customer attention across all platforms. While there are more and more customers shopping online, there are also more e-commerce businesses than ever before.

No matter your industry, you’ll have fierce competition. You’re competing not only with businesses your own size, but also big-name brands that have a lot of money to invest in their own strategy. The good news is you can use your size to your advantage.

As a smaller e-commerce business, you have the time and energy to devote more strategy to the customer experience. You can really push the boundaries of e-commerce to capture users’ attention and reach new customers.

Well-known selling platform Shopify analyzes the big trends in e-commerce for 2018, saying social media and mobile phones are leading to big changes in the industry. Are you ready to meet these new challenges with your own e-commerce business? Then keep reading for top tips!

1. Merchant Accounts

According to Tesco Solutions, e-commerce sales are expected to be over $491 billion in 2018 alone. That’s a number you can’t ignore, and it’s no wonder so many businesses are competing to make a profit off these online shoppers.

New e-commerce business owners will quickly learn it’s not as simple as setting up a website and purchasing some ads.

It starts with the right merchant account. While in-person businesses worry about card machine costs & fees, e-commerce businesses need the right merchant account and platform to ensure a smooth checkout process.

2. Video and Photography

Video is changing the way people interact with content on the internet. Video does well both on e-commerce websites and on social media. Showcase your best products in an eye-catching fashion on social media with striking videos.

Let customers see a product through video on the website before they purchase. Kissmetrics notes one of the main things customers look for in an online shopping experience is an ability to clearly see products, and video helps fill in these gaps.

Along with video, photography is becoming a bigger component of online selling. Nothing will kill a brand faster than bad stock photos or mediocre photography. In the age of Instagram and Facebook, anyone can be a photographer.

That means the standards for online video and photography are rising rapidly. As a business, high-quality visuals need to be a priority. Think beyond traditional photography and include things like 360 degree images, gifs, or even virtual reality.

Changes in technology make it easier to capture quality photos and videos on a budget. You can even use your smartphone if you use the right technique!

3. Email Marketing

There are a lot of marketers who will try to tell you that email marketing is dead. Luckily, this isn’t the case. E-commerce websites need to be willing to adapt their email marketing strategy to work in this new digital age.

The spammy, sales-based emails of yesterday are no longer effective. If you want users to actually read your emails, make sure your message is worth opening! According to Digital Marketer, you only have 4 seconds to capture users’ attention in a single email.

How will you make those 4 seconds really count? The best way to capture attention (and keep it!) is through a catchy, interesting headline. Your customers get a lot of emails on a daily basis. How can you get them to actually pay attention to yours?

When writing emails, the focus should be all on value. This isn’t a time to deliver your greatest sales pitch. People know when they’re being sold to, and they’ll quickly click away to something else. Instead, think of your emails as a way to get to know your audience.

You want to build a relationship with your email list. Once your audience trusts you, you can start talking about your products or sales.

Until them, lead with value! Like with most aspects of marketing, you’ll need to do a lot of testing to understand what aspects of email marketing work best with your audience. As long as your sending quality-driven emails regularly, you’ll see growth in your conversion rate!

4. Mobile Optimization

More shoppers are choosing to make purchases over their phone than ever before. As smartphones and tablets become more commonplace and complex, they’re starting to change the way people shop. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re losing customers.

Luckily, most designs and platforms for e-commerce websites are optimized for mobile nowadays, but that doesn't mean things can’t still go wrong.

Test your website with different screen sizes to ensure everything works perfectly no matter what device your customers are using!

5. Loyalty Program reports people are more likely to shop at stores with loyalty programs!  Reward your best customers with a loyalty program! You don’t want your customers to buy something from you once and never again.

The goal for e-commerce websites is repeat business, and loyalty programs breed just that. If your customers are having a positive shopping experience with your e-commerce website, don’t give them any reason to shop elsewhere.

Not sure where to begin with your e-commerce loyalty program? Start simple. You can go basic with your program by offering a money-off system.

For instance, your customers can earn $10 off for every 50$ they spend! Another simple option is an email rewards program, where members of an email list can receive access to unique sales or discounts! Both of these options are simple and keep customers coming back again and again.

6. Diversify Platforms

Don’t put all your marketing eggs in one basket. There’s a world of opportunity available for you to market your business effectively. If you’ve had success with Google Ads, try Facebook Ads. One of the reasons so many new businesses fail to see online growth is because they never expand their marketing strategy.

You have to be present online in the right places! Really get to know your audience.
  • Where do they spend time online? 
  • What type of content do they like to interact with?
These are the questions that should lead your platform search. If your target audience isn’t interested in Snapchat, don’t spend valuable marketing strategy time building your Snapchat account. If you don’t find success with one platform, move on to the next until you hit that sweet spot!

7. Social Media

Social media is changing the way people interact with businesses. Be more than just a store by interacting with customers on social media. Customers don’t want to feel like they’re buying from a computer or a robot.

Even though the shopping experience is transitioning from in-person to online, people still crave human interaction! Give them this interaction by creating genuine connections on social media. Interact with your audience with engaging, unique content that really stands out from other businesses.

Highlight your best products and sales while actually creating high-quality content for potential customers. This will build vital trust that will convert more followers into buyers!

The Future of E-Commerce Strategy

As an e-commerce business, you need to be willing to adapt quickly to stay ahead of the competition. Things change quickly in the digital space. E-commerce might be taking over the sales industry, but it’s still very much a wild, wild west of strategy.

There are no hard and fast rules. The big brands didn’t get to the top by following trends! Be a rule breaker with your e-commerce business if you want to be noticed.

There is a lot to look out for in the coming years of e-commerce. Right now, your strategy should be on creating high-quality, engaging content and finding new ways to interact with your customers. In the future, the focus is likely to shift to things like community involvement, machine learning, and even cryptocurrency!

Be proactive with your strategy. Be on the cutting edge of change if you want to see real results. 

Most importantly, remember to keep the focus on the customers. In this constantly changing digital landscape it’s easy to forget about your customers and think about your business. As long as you’re working for the customer, you’ll see your numbers grow no matter what!
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How to Turn an E-Commerce Site into a Profitable Business

A certain degree of courage is required to build an online business from scratch. For those wishing to take the plunge, the first step is to think about the field.

Next, create a site for your business. Market your site by having a list of e-mails. It is also good marketing to have people write reviews about your business.

How to Turn an E-Commerce Site into a Profitable Business: eAskme
How to Turn an E-Commerce Site into a Profitable Business: eAskme
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Both are good ways to get more people talking about your business. Keep in mind, however, that time must pass before your business becomes popular or even generates some actual profit. In order to get a head start, it’s easier to just buy an online business.

What you should keep in mind before buying an online business

When buying an online business, be aware that it’s not just the site you are purchasing, but the whole business. This means all the products and customers will be included.

Your next objective will be to make sales. In order to do so, make sure that you are utilizing social media to advertise. Social media can be a useful tool to determine what customers think of your product. Also make sure you take care of your employees.

Remember, as the boss, you’ll be in full control of the business. As the new head of the business, it will be your choice to keep it as before or try to change it in order to make more profit. Look for minor issues.

Do something different. Search the sales records and see what can be improved. Check its previous financial situation. Collect all the facts so you can make informed decisions.

If you are looking to buy an online business, use Exchange by Shopify to purchase e-commerce stores from verified buyers. Exchange also offers financial metrics that have been approved by a third party.

Where should you look for it

If you look really closely on the internet, you’ll find out that there’s plenty of e-commerce stores for sale. And because of all the options, you’ll have to be more careful with them. Just because they’re on a list from a popular website does not necessarily mean that they’re totally legitimate.

Do your homework

When looking for an e-commerce site to buy, you’ll find that there are many to choose from. Pick your favorites and then message their owners. Ask them what they like about their businesses and products.

Find out what are their plans for marketing. You should even ask where they get their products from.

Their answers are important, because if they want to sell their businesses, this information will help you take over. Forbes points out that if an e-commerce store is for sale, then chances are the store has weaknesses that need to be fixed.

Let an auction site help you

Visiting auction sites makes the process much easier. You’ll find lists there with e-commerce sites which are for sale. Keep in mind that, with auction sites, a conversation with the owner is not going to happen. You’re just bidding on the site.  This means that you’ll enter a sum of money you’re willing to pay for the site.

Remember that it’s a bidding, so others may come with higher prices. It’s very possible you’ll have to raise your price as the auction continues. This will only run for a limited period of time and the one who bids the highest wins.

A lot of money can be made managing an e-commerce store. While you can very well create your own, remember that there are plenty of existing ones for sale. Purchasing an e-commerce store can be a shortcut to making profit.
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The Complete Guide To Starting An E-Commerce Site

No need to pull your veins out of body, if you want to start an online store.

Within just 30 days I have been asked more than 150 times about setting up and promoting an online store or eCommerce website. If you are also one of those who want to know about how to start an eCommerce store, then you are on the right place.

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Staring and online store is not hard if you know how to start with and where to start. Today I am sharing this complete guide to help you start an eCommerce site.

Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
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There is no doubt that it takes times and patience setting up an e-commerce shop, but all your efforts worth it.

When you offer a product online, it broadens the reach of the product to anyone on internet. Not only more people will discover about your product but also can talk and share about your products with their friends and family. This can happen from social media or Google search also.

No matter you are selling digital goods (such as online courses or ebooks) or physical goods (such as clothes, shoes) en eCommerce site is always helpful to find you more customers.

After the end of this guide you may wants to say thanks to me, but right now you can say Thanks to WordPress. Why? WordPress has made it so easy for you to build an e-commerce site. If you know which tools to use then within few days or hours you will be building an e-commerce store for yourself. Let`s see how WordPress gonna ease your way to create an shops online.

WordPress offers two major e-commerce platforms for creating shopping websites:
Not just these two but there are so many more plugins are available to boost the functionality of these shopping platforms.

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If you think that starting an e-commerce website is a headache, then you should start from the basics. First create a basic online store and later on add extra features and plugins to boost the functionality of your online shop.

The Best E-Commerce WordPress platforms:

In this guide to starting an eCommerce site, I am going to discuss about all the necessary platforms for shopping websites. When I say platform that means a tool, plugin or application which you need to run an online shop. You may find hundreds of e-commerce platforms but only few are worthy in long run.

It is always clear that every business owner has some different needs, so it is always important that you understand the need of your business before choosing an e-commerce platform.


Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskmeWooCommerce is the most user-friendly and most popular WordPress platform for eCommerce sites. It not only has awesome plugins and add-ons but it is one of the most easy to use plugin for both digital and physical goods.

In 2015, over 78.4% e-commerce sites were on WordPress using WooCommerce.

Woocommerce comes with user friendly interface, excellent features and constantly improving product environment. You should download the newest version of WooCommerce.

    WP eCommerce:

Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
Now you may ask that when WooCommerce is doing the job well then why people use WP eCommerce platform. Answer is simple.

WP eCommerce offer some advance features like table rate shipping and advanced checkout for free, but in WooCommerce you have to purchase an extra addon to use such features.

You may find that WP eCommerce is more beneficial for selling process of your website.

Easy Digital Downloads:

Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme

Above platforms focus on both digital and physical goods. But what if you need something for Digital Goods only. Then you need Easy Digital Downloads.

It is best for entrepreneurs, authors and artists who sell non-physical products such as music, digital art, ebooks etc.

Easy Digital Downloads makes the process of Downloading online products easy and secure. It even supports repeat and multiple downloads. It also supports payment gateways like Amazon, Stripe and Paypal.


Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
Shopify is the quickest and easiest way to build an online store.

It offers you simple steps to selling in minutes with free hosting. You just need to buy a domain for your online shop and Shopify will place it on internet.

You can use this service on a monthly subscription of $13/month. You just need a basic account to upload unlimited products with unlimited storage and 24/7 awesome customer support.

E-Commerce Payment Gateways

Payment Gateway is the necessary part of e-commerce sites. This makes payments happen. You can do it via Credit card, PayPal or payment services like Braintree or Stripe.

You should look for the features on a payment gateway when selecting a platform. You should know that some platforms needs extra add-ons for some specific payment gateway services, such as If you want to add Google Wallet to your WooCommerce than you need to pay $79 extra.


Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme

The biggest and most used payment gateway for e-commerce site is PayPal.

It`s free and anyone can get it. Usually e-commerce platforms have PayPal payment gateway. You can even use PayPal buttons on non e-commerce platforms. On Wordpress you can use many variations of PayPal buttons.

Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
If you are looking for a payment gateway for credit card payments without PayPal then is for you.

It allows user to make payment with electronic check or credit card. Amount will be transferred to the bank account of seller.

It supports all major credit cards such as JCB, Diner’s Club, Visa, American Express and MasterCard. It even supports Visa Checkout, Apple Pay and PayPal. offers the fraud prevention technology and automated billing for monthly subscriptions.
Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme

After looking at above image you may find it a costly payment gateway. is only for established businesses.


Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
Now if you are looking for a free alternative of than Stripe is here. Stripe allows credit card payments at the flat charge per transaction of 2.9%+30 cents.

Stripe is a free extension so you do not need to go for any subscription.

Remember: To secure credit card information of your customers your site must have an SSL certificate. I would suggest, get an EV SSL Certificate from an authorized reseller like SSL2BUY. This certificate even shows the company name in a green bar which helps to gain customers' trust. The major downside of stripe is that it is available for few countries only. You can check the list here.


Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
With a subscription of $10/month Gumroad is ready to manage sale of both digital and physical products online. It accepts Paypal and all major credit cards.

It even provides a product page so the buyers can see all the products.

In case you have a separate website you can install Gumroad widget to integrate payment gateway.

e-commerce Shop Customization:

WordPress offers hundreds of plugins to look your shop attractive. There are the following things that you should consider to make your shop look awesome.
  • Is it organized?
  • Is it easy to find products?
  • Is everything presented in the best way?
WordPress offer various tools to help you.


There are thousands of themes available for Wordpress e-commerce sites.

Even WooCommerce offers premium and free themes. You can even go to WordPress theme directory to look for the best theme according to your brand image.

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Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme

You can even use free WooCommerce’s Storefront Theme.

Product interaction:

Products are the real thing that matter for a user on an online store.

You can use plugins such as WooCommerce Image Hover and WooCommerce Image Zoom to offer a closer look of your products. You can even use WooCommerce quick view to show a larger view of your products. You can even use WooCommerce Product Slider to show more products on single page.
Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
You can even use the Customize WooCommerce Shop plugin to overall change the design of your theme including shopping cart pages, shop, checkout option products etc.

How to do advanced customization and use extended functionality

If you want to add some advanced customization and extended functionality then you can add more plugins to your site.

For example you can add customized shipping rate calculator or download button instead of add to cart button or country wise time etc.
Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme

You can use WooEnhancer and Booster for WooCommerce plugins.

Creating an E-Commerce Website

When you setup an online store for the first time, it seems a tedious and long process, but it is an awesome learning experience.

You should understand how various platforms are different from one another. This helps you to create online shop that you really want. The store you create should be easy to navigate and informative at the same time.

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Learning about the as many tools as you can help you to decide which tools are beneficial for your online store. Your end goal should be creating a happy customer experience so that customers can come to you again and again.

Are you an online shopper or an e-commerce entrepreneur? What suggestion would you like to add to this guide? share via comments.

Don`t forget to share what you like.

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