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How to Make Money Online Faster than Ever

NO matter you are a complete newbie or some one who is established professional in his niche, every single person wants to make more money. There are thousands of ideas which always floating in your mind that you can utilize to make more money in real time. May be you want to win lottery or thinking to be rich overnight. Remember that being rich online is not an overnight thing. It takes time and efforts which results you to go viral on internet and make huge money. You may be knowing many ways to make money online but being popular is one of the best way to make money online.

How to Make Money Online faster than Ever : eAskme
How to Make Money Online faster than Ever : eAskme
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How to Make Money Online faster than Ever


How many times do I need to say that blogging is one of the best way to make money online? Well I and many other bloggers have proved it that blogging is one of the best way to make money online.

The success in blogging always depends upon your passion. If you are passionate about blogging, no one can stop you from being successful. But it takes time. You not only make good money but also gain popularity and get treatment like a celebrity in your niche. The first thing when starting a blog is to find out what is your passion and how you are going to monetize that with the help of blogging.

You can also take help of blogging guide for money or join learn blogging online course to learn how to make money blogging.

Web-designing & development:

As mow and more businesses are going online these days, demand of websites is also increasing. That is why there are numerous opportunities for web designers and developers to make money online by creating websites and managing them for their clients. You can create websites on WordPress or any other platform which you are comfortable with. Till now WordPress is the most popular platform for designers and developers to create websites and make money. You can even make money by promoting sites as SEO.


If you want to make money staying away from 9-5 shifts, than you can start freelance writing. You not only work for yourself but also gain more opportunities as freelance writers. If you are good in writing unique and quality content, than you will definitely attract more clients everyday. You can even establish your own company of content writers. Even when you work a a freelancer the money you make as freelance writer is pretty awesome. You can join writing groups and forums for more opportunities. It is known as the fastest way to make money online.

Sell e-Books:

Writing an e-book definitely a time consuming thing, but it also helps to make good money as everyone like to read e-book than holding a paper book. You can write about novels, stories, tips etc. The best thing is that people can even read your ebook on their smartphone also. You should work on a manuscript so that it should be approved and ready for sale. When a e-book gets popular\, it also helps you to become popular and get more opportunities to write more ebooks. You can publish you ebook on kindly or sell via Amazon.

If you do not know who to start with an e-book, take the help of e-book writing guide.

B2B marketing:

These days B2B marketing is the latest trend. In this you make money by dealing with the competitors. It is the fastest growing area where you can make money online. It also bring popularity and traffic. Here you work for the peers and make good money.


I need not to tell you that people are more willing to shop online than visiting retailer shops or malls. It not just time saving but also cheaper than buying from the local shops or malls. This encourages people to shop online. There are online stores which are making millions every month and more online stores are coming.

You can also start an eCommerce shop online to sell your own stuff or stuff of others to make money online.

Sell your own stuff:

If you are creative or you have your own stuff that you want to sell then you can also make money faster. You can sell your old stuff on Amazon or olx etc. Selling second hand things is really fast way to make money online.

you can even make money by creating things and selling them online such as handmade stuff etc. Many online shops like eBay helps you to easily connect with buyers and sell your products worldwide.

So you see these are few of the ways which helps you to make fast money over internet. if you know some unique ways to make money online, feel free to share via comments.

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The Beginners Guide To Growing Your Business From Scratch Online

Launching a new business takes some guts. Anyone who has the passion, drive and determination to take an idea and put it to the market as a business in a bid to earn money needs to be applauded. They also have a lot on their plate. More than half of new businesses don’t make it past the first five years, so mere survival is an achievement in the beginning.

The Basic Guide To Growing Your Business From Scratch Online : eAskme
The Beginners Guide To Growing Your Business From Scratch Online : eAskme
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It’s crucial, therefore, that you get everything just right when you start out. Your web presence is crucial to this. Your footprint on the world wide web is the way you can let people know who you are and what you do. It is, in one package, a showcasing tool, a signposting device and a vital marketing resource.

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The positive for your business is that starting from scratch allows you to do everything properly – too many people rush in and make mistakes that they then must spend time reversing. You can hit the ground running if you consider the following:

What do you want your site to do?

Here’s a question that not enough people ask at the very start. Do you want your site to be a basic page showing customers what you do and telling them how to contact you? Or, do you need an element of e-commerce so that you can accept orders? Decide on this before you start so that you can select and build the right site with this in mind.

Read More : Importance of About Page

Choose a domain

Your domain name is important. This is the name that forms your web address and you need it to be as easy as possible for your customers to access. This needs to be registered.

Build your site

This bit might sound daunting, especially if you’re not a tech expert. However, you have two options that can save you some hassle here. Either head to a provider that offers templates that you can lift ‘off the peg’ and play with (someone such as WordPress, for example). This is where your early decision making coming in handy. You need to select a site that addresses all of your needs. If you’re not happy with the sort of site you can get here, you can enlist a freelance expert to build it to your demands. This will be more money, but could be worth it if you have a specific set of demands.

Choose a host

Your website needs to be hosted. Business need to consider the right website hosting package that will ensure their website is able to handle the traffic that it attracts. Hosting takes your site and puts in a place that makes it accessible to web users. Your site builder might be able to do this for you or you can opt form someone different. You need to check the bandwidth and server space you are getting. A start-up is unlikely to attract great volumes straight away, but allow yourself scope for growth. It would be a shame for this to keep your progress in check.

Get : Bluehost WordPress Hosting Discount : Save 56% on Annual Hosting

Get some content on there

Once you’ve got a site and it has a place on the net, it’s time to populate it with content. You need to explain what you do, who you are and what you sell. This will not only catch the eye of buyers – and help them to make their purchases – but it should also catch the eye of Google so that you crop up on searches. Entrepreneur offers a handy nine-point checklist that is helpful when considering how you should go about writing sales copy. You might also want to speak to an SEO expert to ensure that the copy you write will help you to get noticed on Google.

Update and maintain

Once you’ve done all of that, you’re up and running. You can then use social media and email and text marketing campaigns to bring people on to your site so that you can start earning money. You need to make sure you update and maintain the information you have on the site too.

As a startup it’s important to know what you need and not be afraid to get expert support – especially in building and hosting your page. Get this right and you’ll have a vital part of your business established.

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What is eAskme All About

eAskme | How to : Ask Anything & get Answer of Everything
eAskme | How to : What is eAskme
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What is eAskme ?

eAskme | How to

eAskme is a Blog dedicates to the solutions of all worldwide issues on How To. Readers can ask anything by making comments or filling "Ask Your question form" that is available at the top of the eAskme blog. It also give details about how everything happen in virtual world.

Content of eAskme 

eAskme answer everything regarding technology, blogging, domain registration, Google tips, Analytics, Adsense, Alexa, Ranking, Traffic, Earning money, Health, Facebook, Apps, Android, Dating, Relationship, Widgets, How to, Wordpress, Youtube and much more. To get answers of anything you just need to search on eAskme or you can ask by filling "Ask Your Question" form, that is available at the top of the
Learn Blogging with eAskme 

You can easily learn Blogging, and how to monetize their blogs and get traffic by reading posts under Blogger tab of It tells everything about making blog getting traffic, monetization and being popular.

Subscribe eAskme feed to get all updates in your email.

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How I Make $800 Day by Working Less than 4 Hours

It is the dream of every single person living on this earth to make more and more money.

Some wants to be billionaire!!

Some wants to be trillionaire!!!!

If you ask me what I want to be, my answer is Famous and Rich and there is no limit on both of that.

The more money you earn the more money you need. So it`s a circle that never ends where your earning increases and your expenses also increases.

After seeing my earning reports many people asked me how I am making good money?

How I make $800 day By Working less than 4 Hours : eAskme
How I make $800 day By Working less than 4 Hours : eAskme
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Today I am going to share about how I make $800 everyday by working less than 4 hours.

How I make $800/day By Working less than 4 Hours

You already know that I am a professional blogger and I make money blogging, affiliate marketing and by coaching.

But there are more ways that help a blogger to make money.

The way which helps me to make approx $800/day is sponsored post or reviewing products on my blog.

How to make money $800 by writing sponsored posts or reviewing:

It is the benefit of being a popular blog that many companies, services and SEO`s contact you to write reviews about their products or publish sponsored posts to promote their products and services.

let`s see how the process work:

1) Contact Brands:

It works in two ways; many times companies and business write to or contact through the contact form. They ask for the cost of the sponsored posts and offer various other benefits such as using their service or products for free to test them.

Second way is writing emails to the popular businesses and brand and telling them how my sponsored posts are going to be beneficial for them to grab more business.

Both ways helps to grab more opportunities to review services and publish sponsored posts.

2) Review topic:

Before talking about the price it is really important that I should review the topic and see how it is going to be beneficial for my readers.

This is really crucial part as sometime client want you to write about the topic which is not good for your blog. I always choose the topic which I believe add some value and boost the engagement of my readers on my blog.

3) Price:

This is an important factor as this helps me to make money. My reviews cost depend on various factors such as topic, popularity of brand, review length and followership.

I charge between $400-$800 according to these factors.

For example: Acer paid me $800 for writing Acer`s Feature Smartphone Liquid Z630s and Micromax even gave me Micromax canvas spark and $760 to write about it.

4) Create artilce, publish and promote it:

Next 4 hours I work on research and development of an article which help readers to get engaged and also gain some knowledge. I also promote the article to boost social media presence.

So you see big brands pay well when they see that they get the best deal. Means you must have something better to offer to earn good money. Not just a backlink but also a good amount of traffic which can convert into successful sales.
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Start Your Own eCommerce Website with WordPress Using WP E-Commerce Plugin

If you may ask me which is the most popular CMS widely recommended for blogging? My answer is WordPress.

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS which is not only popular among bloggers but also among web designers. It is one of the most extensive platform. WordPress is even popular among e-commerce website designers.

If you are also one of those who believes that starting an eCommerce site is very difficult and require huge investment to setup a shopping website and online shopping cart, than you are wrong. If

you are one of those who do not need to invest too much and still want to create an online eCommerce site than WordPress is for you. WordPress even allows you to give your eCommerce website rocking style and boost it with awesome plugins.

WP E-Commerce – Start Your Own eCommerce Business with WordPress : eAskme
Start eCommerce website WordPress eCommerce Plugin : eAskme
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Now you may ask that which is the best and most popular plugin to start eCommerce website on WordPress, my answer is Wp e-Commerce plugin.

Wp e-Commerce plugin is a free yet very powerful plugin which offers community support for all.

Today I am sharing a guide to start an eCommerce business with WordPress using Wp e-Commerce plugin. You will learn how to start WordPress eCommerce site.

Before You Start

To start an eCommerce site, you need to buy web hosting and domain to start a WordPress website. I do not recommend you to go to free WordPress hosting providers.

After creating a website on WordPress platform, it is the time to do some serious job. Now you need WP eCommerce plugin to treat all posts as item page. Now first you should delete all pages and posts. Also setup some categories such as "Mobiles or LED TVs".

read more : How to manually install Wordpress

Tweaking your WordPress Settings

    Go to Settings
    Click on General
    Check "Anyone can register"
    Now go to Settings
   Click on Permalink
   change the permalink structure to Custom
   Enter /%postname%/ in text box.
   Now again go to Settings
   Go to Discussions
   Uncheck remaining boxes
   Save Settings.
   Follow essential starting WordPress setup steps.

How to setup and install WP E-Commerce Plugin:

Now let`s start Wp e-Commerce plugin installation. You can read here easily install a WordPress plugin.
Now go to Plugins
Click on Add New
Search for WP e-commerce plugin
Click install button.
Now activate the plugin.

There is product menu in dashboard and store option in settings of your WordPress dashboard. You can add new items using product menu.
  • Go to Product menu
  • Add new items
  • Go to Settings
  • Make settings

More Tweaking

Go to Settings
Click on Reading
Select Static page under Front page.
Choose the Products Page as front page.

Now customers will see a default page.

Customize Settings for WP e-Commerce Plugin

    General Settings

         Choose Base Country/Region.
         Choose markets.
         Set the amount of time.
         Choose Currency Type & Currency Sign

    Presentation Settings

        Choose Add to Cart Button Type.
        Buy now restrictions.
        Alert Notice given on page.
        Enable or disable options related to presentation.
        Set "Display Per Item Shipping" option.
        Go to Shopping Cart Settings
        Select Widget as Cart Location.
        Enable “+Postage & Tax”
        Go to Grid view
        Select Display Description
        Display “Add to Cart” Button
        Display “More Details” Button options.
        Now set the product image.

    Admin Settings

         Go to Purchase Log Email & Purchase Receipt
         Enter your email address in Reply Address.
         In Reply Name enter name of the company.
         Enter Terms & Conditions.
         Edit the Purchase Receipt & Admin Report formats.

    Taxes Settings

        Define TAX rules here.

    Shipping Settings

        Enable or disable Shipping option
        You can even enable Free Shipping Discount.

    Payments Settings

        Define Payment Gateways. You can use PayPal Payments Standard 2.0.

    Marketing Settings

        Use them to make your eCommerce site popular on social networking sites.

    Checkout Settings

        Enable Must register before checkout option
        Enable shipping same as Billing address
        Enable SSL
        Define Customer’s checkout form
        Now update

That`s it.

Now your eCommerce site is ready. Now install an attractive WordPress theme and start populating your site with products. Now, you can sell product using WordPress powered e-Commerce website. Always choose a theme which is attractive and also easy to navigate.

If you still have any question about how to start your own eCommerce business with WordPress using Wp e-Commerce plugin or any other question, feel free to ask via comments. Don`t forget to share what you like.

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10 Rocking Ways To Make Money Online

Due to the rapid growth in technology and businesses it has now been possible to make money online cleverly and conveniently. Here are few rocking means to make money online.

10 Rocking Ways To Make Money Online : eAskme
10 Rocking Ways To Make Money Online : eAskme
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10 Rocking Ways To Make Money Online

1. By Email Marketing:

Making an e-mail list can make you lot money, help you form a solid brand and obviously help readers come back to your site, periodically. Past are the days of discovering it hard to get masses to contribute to your website.

E-mail marketing can be visualized to make you money in some different ways, such as direct e-mail marketing, to transport free reports that are monetized and to carry traffic back to your site where you make money from further approaches.

It has number of profits like it is a quite straight way to market; one e-mail can get you thousands of money, anybody can operate it, etc.

2. Sell through Advertising:

The most prevalent form of making money from a website is by placing advertisements on it. You could make money in varied ways, like paid for each click, paid for each thousand views or paid for each specific time frame, etc.

For this you have two choosing:
1. Learn and work with advertisers by hand.
2. Work with a middle person who takes a cut for taking you advertisers.
It is all relied upon you.

3. Selling the Services:

Selling services is a very famous method people use to make money from a website and is frequently the reason for them forming a blog in the first position. They have necessity to get many clients, to do that they need to receive traffic and blogs are best for that.

The simplest way to start trading your services on your blog is to make a new page inside word press and name it services. Here you can place in the data about what you deliver; endorsements and a button like purchase now.

4. Review the Products as an Affiliate:

There are many people who can review produces on their blogs, it generates great content and if the product you are reviewing has an affiliate platform, can make you a great of money. You can review everything varying from software, cars, motorbikes, guesthouses, foodstuff, trips anything you might think of for review.

5. Sell the Funded Directory Listings:

People see it as a clever way to sell advertising, you see as an alternative of placing adverts on your sidebar, you have a directory category on your blog where you connect to diverse businesses and websites in your industry and levy a premium for the listing. If you charged a monthly based charges, so for instance, if you had thousand people registered in the directory and cost dollar 7 per month, you will gross dollar 7000 per month in steadiness.

6. Write some tutorials and Promote for something:

Content is what everybody is looking after, so generate content which includes them ordering something so that when they do purchase, they buy via an affiliate type of link, and you make money directly.

7. Deliver the Live Training and Workshops:

You do not just make money from the worth of the ticket but you can also make money from delivering follow up workshops and brains. If you deliver in presenters, then you too accumulate 50 per cent of the whole lot they make if they sell from stage at the finish.

8. Retail your Website:

Retailing your website can turn you very rich, or it could be simply a nice retirement reserve. Whatsoever it is, it can be a best way to get a big lump amount of cash. Usually, websites sell for 12 to 24 months income, nevertheless if your site is long-standing, has something sole about it or is the accurate in your industry then you can suppose any amount you dearth. For this work professionally and it will pay well.

9. Participate in surveys:

Just give answer to online surveys or product assessments and make money from your convenience. You can simply gross an additional dollar hundred per month.

You can look at some paid kind survey websites. At all of these websites you not just earn some additional cash, but also get compensated by gift coupons, free products, prizes, etc.

10. Watch to YouTube and similar videos:

If you have passion of watching videos in your leisure time then you can easily get rewarded for watching such videos on you tube.

Websites like swag buck appeal you to watch certain advertisements and like them. In return, they will provide you swag buck (means the points that can be transformed for payment by gift cards or pay pal).

About the Author

Sridivya Koganti is a passionate writer, traveler and creative in nature. She loves exploring new things, and writing articles on them. She is a day dreamer and loves music, travel. She works as a Digital Marketing Trainee at
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How Onlines Games Has Changed the World

Since the early ages of human race, games been the essential part of the life of every single person. Games are not only entertain you but sometimes they are even educational and people learn many things from games.

There was a time when there was a thinking that only kids has the right to play games and for elders games are waste of time. But as everything improves with time, games has also improved. Now a days games are educational also. In this internet era, games are also available online to play.

Today I am going to talk about how online games has changed the world in different ways.

Onlines Games Has Changed the World : eAskme
Onlines Games Has Changed the World : eAskme
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How Onlines Games Has Changed the World?

1) Outdoor to Indoor:

Earlier games were most of the games were under the category of outdoor games such as rugby, soccer etc. But as now online games are available, people are tend to play games while sitting inside their house ans we know that the number of online games has surpassed the number of outdoor games long ago. This has given the boost to indoor games.

2) Anytime, Anywhere:

As now online games are available on smartphones, you can play them anytime and anywhere. You need to find a bed to sit or a playground to play it. Just need ot run the game in your smartphone and you can play it even while walking or talking to others.

3) Live Local, Play International:

Earlier it was the only luck which was the cause to make someone play games in international arena such as international tournaments. But online games has changed this thing also.

Now every single person can play games in international tournaments even while sitting at their homes. Just connect it with the server or the platform and you are ready to compete with other online players.

4) Make Money playing online games:

Even my father and grandfather had this thinking that games are just waste of time. Games were not known as the earning source until you were playing international match representing national team.

But now there are online games available which helps you to make money online just by playing them such as online casino, slot games etc. You can play variety casino games at Netbet.

I myself loves to play many games such as Need for Speed, Burnout, Candy Crush, Temple Run, etc. on my smartphone.

Tell me which is your favorite online game? If you have any question, or suggestion, feel free to share via comments.

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Maximum Allowed Adsense Ad Units in a single page

If you are an eAskme readers from long time, then you may already knew that till now Google was allowing only 3 Adsense ad units in a single web page. But as time changes, things changes. With the recent changes, Google has cleared that now you can ad more than 3 ad units per page.

Now let`s see how you can do it.

Maximum Allowed Adsense Ad Units in a single page : eAskme
Maximum Allowed Adsense Ad Units in a single page : eAskme
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I do not remind you again that Google Adsense is the kind of highly paying ad networks.

Adsense is always very strict to their ad serving policies and if they find any violation of TOS then they will permanently disable your adsense account.

So it is really important for you to follow Google Adsense TOS to avoid Adsense ban.

Whenever a blogger decides to apply Adsense on his blog, the very common question which every single blogger ask is:

What is the maximum number of Allowed Adsense ad units per web page?

If you are a blogger then you probably already knows that Google Adsense offers various type of ads in 3 formats:
  1. Google Adsense Content Ad Unit
  2. Google Adsense Link Unit
  3. Google Adsense for Search
Note : Adsense video ad units is not available.

Now let`s see the maximum adsense ad units you can use for a webpage.

Adsense Content Ad Unit

Earlier only premium Adsense partners were able to use more than 3 ad units per web page. But now Google Adsense has made it clear that every adsense user can use more than 3 ad units per webpage.

Now Google Adsense Allows you to place unlimited number of adsense ads on a web page

Remember : Ads should not exceed the content at any cost. Always maintain the quality of your blog.

List of available Adsense Content Units:

  •     728*90
  •     468*60
  •     234*60
  •     125*125
  •     120*600
  •     160*600
  •     180*150
  •     120*240
  •     200*200
  •     250*250
  •     300*250
  •     336*280
I recommend 720*90, 336*280, 160*600 and 300*600 as most effective ad units. You can even use these ads on multiple publisher ids.

Adsense ad units helps you make more when places above the fold and blended with the theme of your blog.

You can even use them in navbar.

Not only content ads but even you can use unlimited link ad units on a page,but make sure it never exceeds the content.

Check the various Adsense ad units.

Adsense Link Ad Units:

If you want to make good money with adsense link ad units then you need to blend them with the theme of your blog and you can even place them above the fold.

You can use unlimited link units but never exceed the content.

Check different sizes of Adsense link units here.

AdSense For Search

If you have a big website like where people need to search to find answers then Adsense for search can be helpful to generate good revenue.
How many AdSense ads can you put on a page?

Now you know that Google has lifted the AD limit restrictions. But it should never exceed the content.

AdSense has already said:

    “We may limit or disable ad serving on pages with little to no value and/or excessive advertising until changes are made.” 

I always recommend to keep the ads number below 6.

Always consider the following things when increasing number of ads:

  1.     less ads can perform better.
  2.     Above the fold ads are always best.
  3.     image + text ads always perform better.
Do share how many Adsense ad units you are using on your blog? Which ad unit perform better for you?

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.
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How I Made $12,000 Without Google Adsense : eAskme Income Report

There is no doubt that when a person becomes a blogger, his/her very first goal is to get Adsense approval so that he can make money from blogging. But Adsense is not the only way a person can monetize his/her blogs.

I have many blogs on which Adsense is working great.

But today I am going to share how I made $12,000 this month even without Adsense.

If you have any doubt than check this also : is it possible to make money without Adsense?

Like previous months, this is the time, when I share my blog traffic and earning report. Publishing monthly income & traffic report not only help to motivate but also shows transparency.
How I Made $12,000 Without Google Adsense : eAskme Income Report
How I Made $12,000 Without Google Adsense : eAskme Income Report
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From last few months I was so busy in everything that I was not able to share monthly income reports. But now I am sharing my eAskme income report of August 2016, but in this report I am not including the earning of Adsense.

How I Made $12,000 Without Google Adsense : eAskme Income Report August 2016:

August was a good month in terms of money and followers. as I got various sponsored posts which helped me make over $2300. Also my blog consultancy service and Ultimate Premium Lifestyle course has helped me to earn a lot from new blogs and websites.

    eAskme Domain service: $750
    Affiliate marketing: $4680
    Clickbank: $900
    Sponsored Posts: $2300 Affiliate Program: $50
    FameThemes: $65
    Dreamhost Affiliate Program: $100
    Hostgator Affiliate program: $100
    WordPress Theme development & Customization: $600
    WordPress SEO Service: $200
    Siteground Hosting Affiliate: $150
    Socialoomph Affiliate Program: $50
    ManageFlitter Twitter tool: $160
    Blog Consultancy: $1000
    MyThemeShop WordPress Theme: $40
    ShareAsale: $300
   Ultimate Premium Lifestyle course : $800

Total Earning = $12,245 ( 7,83,680 INR)

I also like to share a good news with all my readers that I am building a new house which is actually gonna cost me $50,000 USD.

In September, I am more excited to make more money blogging, as you know building a house octs good money. It is always necessary for a blogger to keep learning and keep implementing new things. eAskme team is working on new eAskme.

You can subscribe to eAskme Email newsletter or like us on facebook to stay tuned with updates and offers.

Do share your learning and achievements. If you find this article helpful, don`t forget to share on Facebook, twitter or Google Plus.
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Best Unique Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2017 : Expert Blogger Roundup

Are you still making money in old fashioned ways?

Do you still think blogging is a joke? Or you think that we are fools who are making thousands of dollar every month working online. No matter what you think, blogging is always the best way to make money online even in 2017.

I have already shared a lot about how to make money online and best ways to make money blogging

A successful blogger knows how to discover and monetize every single opportunity available online. How to write, promote, engage and make blog a brand in 2017 also.

Best Unique Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2017 : Expert Blogger Roundup : eAskme
Best Unique Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2017 : Expert Blogger Roundup : eAskme
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There are so many successful blogger who knows how to make money in blogging better than many others. So today I am going to share the expert blogger roundup to explore the best unique ways to make money blogging in 2017.

Let`s see what these bloggers do to make money blogging and find out how you are going to do the same. 

Best Unique Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2017

The best way to make money online is to follow your fun. Or, whatever you have fun talking about all day long, blog about it. That's your niche. Your profits sit where your passions lay.

As for actual income streams I reckon writing and self-publishing eBooks on Amazon Kindle is a fun, freeing way to make money blogging in 2017, or any year where Amazon exists. Because we're writing anyway, so why not write a 6,000 to 15,000 word, short read for our audiences to digest and consume with relish. Amazon gives you a worldwide platform to work with. It is the Google of eBooks. Churn out a handful of eBooks, give each out for free for a few days and add income to streams.

Note: all blogging income streams are useless/worthless unless you really, genuinely, passionately enjoy what you do on the blogging side of things. Your passion/fun is the true money maker, the same passion which bleeds into your blog and eBook content. If you focus on anything in 2017 focus on your energy. That's where all the fun and fulfillment is.

Best Unique Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2017

Besides developing income streams through my own blog, I also coach clients to make money with their blogs.

Here are 3 of the more unique ways I believe can put you ahead of the crowd when it comes to making money on your blog in 2017.

1. Sponsored Posts

There's nothing new about writing sponsored posts, but I think it's something that doesn't get used effectively by most bloggers.

Sponsored posts generally refer to articles you publish on your blog to promote a product for a third party.

A lot of people don't like sponsored posts because they feel that they hurt the reputation of their blog.

They can be used very effectively, however, when they are done infrequently, and focus on informational posts instead of sales promotions.

I have worked with some clients, for instance, who tap into advertising agencies and pubic relations firms.

Agencies focus on promotions that are building brand awareness for their clients, and don't typically do any direct selling or link building.

This allows for articles that are information based, and will satisfy your readers while developing the brand awareness for your advertising source.

If you can work with them to do reviews and interviews then it can actually help you bolster your own authority, while driving a lot more traffic back to your blog and into your sales funnel.

2. Free Membership Sites

Create a  free membership site and promote it on your blog.

Your readers will love joining something of value, especially when it is free.

A free membership site is a great place to bring people that are interested in your niche.

This is sort of a take-off on the idea of a lead magnet.

But instead of asking people to subscribe to your email list in order to get a specific freebie, you can ask them to join your free membership site.

This will not only get them on your email list, but will keep them far more engaged as they keep their eye out for new free trainings that you post on your membership site.

Each time you release a new lesson or video inside of your free site, notify people on your email list.

Each new lesson you post will draw people into your sales funnel.

That's because each new training or value lesson will natively point to specific affiliate offers or even your own products and services that are related to the training.

Write occasional blog posts that summarize some of your "membership" training in order to maintain the interest in it, and to always add new members.

3. Make Money For Other People

Undoubtedly, the most effective way to make money on your blog is to focus on ways you can make money for other people.

Find influencers in your niche, particularly mid-level influencers that have products and service to sell.

Promote their offers within your blog posts, and advise them when you do.

When you give them a shout out and a flash promo without asking for anything in return, you'll be surprised how many of them will reciprocate.

It may be that they feel obligated to return the favor, or maybe they are just sincerely grateful.

It may also be that they want to encourage you to continue to promote for them.

A mutually beneficial arrangement can evolve over time, of course, into a promotional swap.

But it can also be be repeated purely spontaneously and informally on a regular basis.

Just start reaching out to influencers and give them lots of promo love.

Then count all the ways it comes back to you in 2017.

Best Unique Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2017 

Best Unique Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2017 - Minuca Elena : eAskmeMinuca Elena

I don't think bloggers should try to find new or unique ways of making money online. No point in inventing the wheel again. Unless you are an influencer, is very difficult to start a trend. So, in my opinion, it is best to stick to ways of making money that have been tested and confirmed many times before. 

Focus on increasing your email list. Offer a gift to your readers to make them subscribe to your newsletter. Then send them good content and offers for your products or services. You can sell e-books, courses, coaching, video courses, live webinars etc.

If you are just starting, affiliate marketing is a good way of earning a decent income. It takes time until you can create your own products and have a powerful brand that will make people buy from you. Some bloggers build niche sites and monetize them as affiliates to Amazon. 

Many lifestyle and beauty bloggers write sponsorship posts and they receive free stuff and money. In exchange, they have to test the products and write a review about them.  

If you have technical skills, web design is an excellent way of earning an income online. You can charge a much higher price if you sell your services to companies rather than to new bloggers that need a mentor. 

Another great way of making money is to sell physical products through an eCommerce site. You can see here what are the best eCommerce software.

There are numerous ways of making money online. Remember that you need focus, perseverance, and hard work. Stop chasing shiny objects.

Best Unique Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2017

There might be hundreds of ways to make money online with blogging. The monetization techniques are same such as Affiliate marketing, Adsense, Sponsored Reviews, CPM ads, Banner ads, etc.

The main thing is how you use these monetization techniques to make money quickly and consistently. A few things I would like to suggest:

-  No matter which monetization technique you are focusing, always focus more on organic traffic because that converts the most.

- Don't rely only on one blog. Do work on some micro niche sites as well which can earn you quite well if you are able to rank them. Amazon niche sites are what in the trend, and you must go try your luck in it.

- Work consistently and seriously. Don't work like hobby blogging because if you do this way, money won't come easily.

To make money from your blog, you can implement the above ideas. Moreover, the most common thing in all is you have to do a lot of keyword research to find the best and profitable niches, and then you can write articles based on those keywords which you can publish on any of your regular blog or on micro niche blog if you have on similar topic.

Keyword Research is the first key to success because until you find the best keywords, you won't be able to rank your articles and sites easily. Then comes link building which you cannot ignore too.

If you can do better keyword research and link building, you can make more money using various techniques.

Best Unique Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2017

Allan Pollett
Those who believe that simply adding Google Adsense to their blog will make them rich are in for disappointment. Adsense can help but if you truly want to make money from your blog you need to offer a product or service. Realize this product doesn't have to be your own but it needs to be very closely related to the blog content. My blog offers information on SEO and social media marketing where I give insights into how to do better with both of these types of marketing. My blog showcases my knowledge and adds credibility to my services. Each article is written to target questions or problems people have regarding marketing. I give the method to solve their problems but also offer additional help if people want to contact me direct. As a result, this filters out those who will try to do things on their own, who are not seen as good potential clients, and those who will contact me for further assistance that make ideal clients. As the blog grows and more articles get added, the opportunities to target new keywords increases and it generates more and more income. This approach works regardless if you are offering your own product or someone else's. The point is to write in such a way that you help people decide to make the purchase with you. If you need help setting this up, please feel free to contact me for more information. See how that works.

Best Unique Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2017

By : Lilach Bullock
Blogging offers quite a few different monetisation opportunities. First of all, there are all of the usual’s: banner advertising, sponsored posts and affiliate networks, among others. But there is a multitude of other, more unique and profitable ways of making money from blogging.

For example, one of my new favorite ways of making money from your blog is by creating an online course. It’s a huge industry and there is very big demand, as people want to learn more from the comfort of their own homes and for much less than they would’ve had to pay just a few years ago. As you grow as a blogger, you also grow a bigger audience, one who trusts your opinion and knowledge – which means you already have a decent potential audience for your first online course. It’s also easier than ever to create courses by yourself, as there are quite a few tools that you can use, even without any experience. It’s also something that can grow over time if you’re successful and people enjoy your online courses.

Another similar way of making money from blogging is to create a webinar. There are two ways to make money from that: either charge for people to attend the webinar, or sell products on the back of the webinar.

You can also create other digital products that you can sell, such as e-books. It’s definitely a pretty big time investment though, but if you have a strong, interested audience, it can help you both with making more money and with boosting your influence in your niche.

If you manage to create a very successful blog, you can even sell it for a big profit – and start on creating your next successful blog.

Best Unique Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2017

Lorraine Reguly

There are many ways you can earn money, especially online. I'm not sure how "unique" they are, however.

For example, you can sell your services. (I sell several of my services on Wording Well, including writing and editing services. I also help others become authors.)

You can sell someone else's product and earn affiliate income by promoting it to your audience.

You can create something of your own to sell, whether it's a book (or an e-book), an email course, a video course, or some other type of digital product.

You can earn through AdSense.

You can earn through charging others for link placements (if you have a high authority site or posts that rank well in Google Search).

I actually earn money through ALL of these ways.

If you are really smart, you can develop an app that people will pay to use. 

You can also create a membership site and earn income from monthly subscribers.

Really, with the way technology is nowadays, the sky is the limit when it comes to earning online.

Offline, some of the best jobs still include those that are OFFLINE, where you can make tax-free tips, such as waitressing (or being a waiter).

There are no BEST ways to earn money, in my opinion. It depends on your interests, your skills, and your financial situation.

I've earned fast and easy money through prostitution. In fact, I even quit teaching high school to return to this field because it offered more flexible hours, less stress, and more money. (I shared my true story about how I got into this after I was raped.)

So, really, it is up to each individual what he or she wants to do, or what he or she is WILLING to do to earn money.

Best Unique Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2017

Best Unique Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2017  - Janice Wald : eAskmeJanice Wald
The content marketing funnel is a great idea. The content marketing funnel is a four-step action plan for making money online.

First, create quality content. It should be content that solves a problem, called a "pain point" for your readers. You can vary the format of the content, but the posts that get the most traffic and the most social shares solve problems for readers.

Then, promote the content on social media. I recommend Facebook, but you can promote on any social media site. Go where you think readers are. For example, if I want to promote a marketing post, I'd go to a site that marketers use like BizSugar, Inbound, or Kingged.

Third, build an email list by offering your visitors an incentive for subscribing when they arrive. Anything visitors would pay for make good incentives. Many bloggers offer ebooks and cheat sheets.
Last, attempt to market to them a product or service. I was advised to try to market the most expensive item first. Then, if they can't afford it, you can offer the lesser priced item.

Best Unique ways to make money blogging in 2017

Best Unique Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2017 : eAskme
Shiwangi Shrivastava
If I have to portray about the unique way of making money in 2017 in blogosphere then that would be plenty. About few years ago, Blogging was very unpopular word but for now it is social media sensation and it is omnipresent. With the jet speed it is grabbing the market’s major space and keeping the other profession behind. You may consider the fact that Bloggers are addicted to their freedom and love to be their own Boss rather being a part of office which runs through skeleton staff. In Blogging you need to be super-creative in your prioritizing and planning when it comes to make money. 

The New Year has come and the approach of the making money in Blogging should be trendy in the market. Adsense is monotonous way of generating income via Blogging but I have total admiration these days is Affiliate Marketing and as an Influencer. Direct connection with the Brands is the next best thing so there is no cut and matter of commission. You will get 100 % of what you do. Your blog is your publishing house and if it has earned goodwill in the market then Brands will choose you to publish their matter on your publication. It feels great honor when Brands approach you to sponsor to cover them. This takes you to that long term dream accomplishment. So the Brands Sponsorship and my Blog Endorsement is my favorite way of generating income via my Blogs.

Best Unique Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2017 

Best Unique Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2017 : eAskme

Evgeniy Garkaviy

1.    Adsense. I’m sure a lot of bloggers have Adsense code placed on their site. Of course you can use other CPC or CPM ads and for some niches you can earn much more than with Google Adsense.
Personal for me, I prefer Google Adsense because it is very easy in use and to implement. You do not need to be in direct contact with advertisers. The platform is doing everything for you. Also very important for me is withdraw process because I’m from Ukraine and PayPal is not working in our country. So not all payment methods really work for me.

2.    Affiliate links. It works in the following way:
a.    One person has a product he wants to sell. In SEO world it could be paid subscriptions on different tools like Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, SemRush, Aweber etc.
b.    They have very good affiliate program. On their sites you can find how to get a unique tracking URL.
c.    Then you write a good post where include an affiliate link. And once a reader clicks on your unique URL and buys the product, you earn your part or money.

3.    Sell video/PDF tutorials. Very popular nowadays. I can see many bloggers online started doing such thing. For example Brian Dean from Backlinko. They create a very detail case-study with quality pictures, graphics and examples. And at the end of the post they can add something like “Get 3 additional proven tricks to increase your traffic in 2 weeks.” and sell membership. So you can get that information not free of charge.
But to do this your blog needs to be the highest quality since people trust to real gurus.   

Best Unique Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2017

Best Unique Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2017 : eAskmeErik Emanuelli
I make money online writing sponsored posts and selling ads.
Affiliate marketing works really well too, specially on my niche sites.
Then, I earn with my services (freelance writing and social media marketing).
In 2017, I plan to create my product (an eBook and an online course).

Best Unique Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2017

As more and more bloggers see the value in seeking help from someone who has been there and done, that I think coaching and consulting will continue to thrive in 2017, and I think email coaching will become more and more popular.

The majority of bloggers I talk to claim that lack of time is one of the biggest things holding them back, and being able to have access to a coach through email lessons and back and forth emails for a set time period, without having to spend hours on the phone, will prove to be valuable for many people.

From this roundup you may have discovered the various ways which you are not aware about. I highly recommend you to monetize every single opportunity to find out which is best for you.

Let`s make money blogging and grow blogs in 2017 also.

I thank all of the bloggers for their valuable input. Do comment If you also want to participate in this or similar expert roundups.

Do share what you think about this roundup and how you monetize your blog or make money blogging? If you still have any question, feel free to ask via comments.

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