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Online Business: What You Call Hell, I Call Home

Online Business or Blogging is the hell, But I call it home. You should quit blogging and join an office. Whole online business is the hell. Online businesses are full of fraud. You cannot make money as a blogger. You cannot rely full time on an online business.

You may be thinking that why I am saying this.

I am a professional blogger. I am earning not just money but name and fame as well.

Whatever I shared at the beginning of this post, are not my words.

Online Business Blogging: What you call Hell, I call home: eAskme
Online Business Blogging: What you call Hell, I call home: eAskme

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These are few sentences that I hear every day.


The answer is simple, most of the population in this world afraid of running an online business.

Why is that?

The human mind is filled with tons of doubts when it comes to start an online business or invest money in anything.

People love to spend whole life working in shifts under a boss rather than taking the bold step to run an online business or become an entrepreneur.

That is why 99% people in this world are employees.

Why blogging or any online business is hell?

The main reason why people think online business is a shady business is that they had the unfortunate experience.

Type of people who believe that online business is hell?

I believe that there are three types of people who say that online the business is hell.
  1. who had the bad experience
  2. who believe in rumors
  3. who make excuses
1)    Tons of fake websites promise to make you productive or help you earn piles of money in one day. But in reality, you gain nothing.

I remember the days when people were running after survey websites.

Few people complained that there are websites which are not paying when they met the threshold earning limit. Some of the sites have even blocked the earners. This hurts the reputation of the online business.

2)    The second type of people is those who have never tried any online business but follow the rumors or word of mouth advice.

Word of mouth works multiple times faster to spread negativity.

I meet these types of people daily who say that they want to make money, but when I tell them, they can make money online. They put a lock in their ears.

3)    The easiest way to escape from the efforts is by making an excuse.

Have you seen the kids in school, who do not prepare for the test and the final day they try to escape by being sick or pretending to be sick?

Same happens with mature people. 90% of the people who say that online business is a shady business make excuses.

Real life experience:

I like to share my real life experience with you.

Blogging: What you call Hell, I call home

3 Years ago, A student came to me saying that he wants to learn to blog and want to make money online. I told him that I could help him, but it will cost $300 because I have to invest my time.
And, you know what happened.

The guy said he is poor; he cannot afford even $100.

Do you think the guy was inferior?


Do you think he came by local transport or by foot?


He came in SUV which costs almost $14000. His friend told me that his pocket money was $500.
This incident made me realize that people want to spend money on everything except where they can learn something.

Now that guy is looking for a job.

Now I like to share one more experience.

Blogging: What you call Hell, I call home

These were one other guy who came to me to start a blog. He just paid me to launch a blog and went back. After one month he called me saying that he got approval from Adsense and his earnings reached $10.

In next month, his earnings reached $70, but he called me that he is moving to the USA and want to quit blogging.

I was surprised. I told the guy that he could continue his blogging business even in the USA. But he said that he is getting a job at the hotel as a waiter. He does not want to write anymore.
So you see this guy quit blogging just to become a waiter.

Do you want to make money online or with blogging?

I am sharing these experiences to help you understand what type of guy you are?

Who’s fault?

According to me, the fault is of those who fall for fake promises and even of those who never tried anything.


Do you know that more than 70% newbies quit blogging or any other online business within the first six months?


Because they are impatient. People want instant results, and that is the reason why they fail in online business.

The big reason why people fall in hand of fraud sites is that fake sites promise you that you will earn $10 by sending the email or make $100 in one day doing nothing or autopilot systems where they need not work.

In reality, no system can make money for you without any effort.

Why is online blogging business home for me?

Why is online blogging business home for me

From my first day as a newbie blogger, I understood the fact that it takes time to build a business.
Online business takes time, but people are impatient.

Do you know that more than 70% newbie bloggers quit blogging within the first six months?


Because they are impatient. People want instant results, and that is the reason why they fail in online business.

The big reason why people fall in hand of fraud sites is that fake sites promise you that you will earn $10 by sending the email or make $100 in one day doing nothing or autopilot systems where they need not work.

In reality, no system can make money for you without any effort.

Blogging has not just saved me from working under a boss but also helped me to build my community of professional friends.

Blogging has rewarded me with;

No, this same happens with all of the professional bloggers.

Those who understand blogging respect us.

Those who don’t understand blogging, think me like an alien who is making money online when there are working days and nights in offices.

Biggest fear:

I know the biggest concern that people have in their mind is the investment. This episode tells that you can start an online business with less than what you spend as pocket money.

I also like to be blunt here.

Do you think I make money without investing in my blogs? LOL!
Do you think Ryan travel the world with blogging, without spending a dime? Or
Do you think that John Chow, Patt Flynn, Donna Merrill, Janice Wald, Cori Ramos, Sue Dunlevie and many others are making money without making any efforts?


What you should learn from what you call hell, I call home?

This episode of eAskme, help you find out that if you are meant to become a professional blogger, or you die working in an office for others.

If you still think that you are not brave enough to take your own decision, then you can never change your life for good.

Remember: Your life depends upon your actions.
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Blogging is my life, Adsense was my Girlfriend, Affiliate Marketing is my Wife

Do you want to know the secret ingredient of my life? Here is the answer, Blogging is my life, Adsense was my girlfriend, and Affiliate marketing is my life. Now you may ask what, why and how?

I will explain this to you in this post.

But first you need to understand;
Blogging is my life, Adsense was my Girlfriend, Affiliate Marketing is my wife: eAskme
Blogging is my life, Adsense was my Girlfriend, Affiliate Marketing is my wife: eAskme
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This word has changed how humans are utilizing internet these days.

In the beginning, people were using blogs as an online journal or personal diary. They write everything that has happened in the current day and what they have to do in next day.

But with the time, Blogging has grown, and marketers found great potential in it. These days not just internet marketers but personal bloggers also taking birth as mushrooms. Blogging is a necessary part of digital marketing.

Blogging is my life, Why and How?

There was a time when I was working as millions of other people these days. Blogging has entitled me to so many benefits that I was not able to gain in any job, such as;
  1. Boss free life
  2. My own business
  3. Time freedom
  4. Location Freedom
  5. Financial freedom
There was a time when my life was running from home to office and office to the house. I was working for long hours and still have to listen to many things. Even when I was a top performer in office, it never helped me gain much. Blogging has helped me not only to be my boss and live a boss-free life.

For an ordinary person, it is not easy to start a business. Usually, the company needs a lot of investment and knowledge.

But blogging has helped me to establish my own blogging business. With just little investment of around 100 dollars, a person can start blogging.

Complete freedom:

If you work in an office or even in a business, you can never feel complete freedom as you have to work every day to earn. But in blogging, you can make money while sleeping.

Blogging has helped to overcome the worries of money. It has made me earn the freedom to work from anywhere I want and whenever I want.

Now I make money blogging, even when I work 30 minutes.

Blogging has changed my identity. It has turned me from an employee to an entrepreneur. I have discovered the way to earn not just money but name and fame also.

Now you know me as a professional blogger.

I start my day with blogging and sleep after checking my blog status.

Adsense was my life, why and how?

We all work for money.

When a newbie thinks of monetizing his blog the very first thing he dreams about is getting Adsense approval.


Adsense is the best and high paying contextual ad network. It is the network that pays a blogger more than any system if utilized correctly.

Adsense has helped blogger who is making millions of dollars every month.

But, you can only make good money with Adsense when you have a tremendous amount of traffic with the people who click on your ads.

At the beginning of my blogging journey, I was genuinely in love with Google Adsense.

Google Adsense was the network that paid me the very first check of $553.

I have made almost 100k in 4 months with Adsense. I have made that much because the 90% of my site traffic was from the USA. But Adsense started paying less in Asian countries.

Every year bloggers are facing a decrease in Adsense earning even when the traffic is same.

Adsense was my most favorite girlfriend, but soon I realized that it is not enough for me.

In 2015, I broke up with Adsense on my main site.

I am still using Adsense on my other blogs, but definitely, I do not love it and cannot consider it my girlfriend.

Affiliate Marketing is my wife, How and Why?

At the beginning of 2014, I started discovering other ways to monetize my blogs.

I have checked many Adsense alternatives and even used Bing Ads.

One day I learned word affiliate marketing and started digging for more.

Soon I understood that Affiliate marketing is the only solution to my broken heart.

I have chased affiliate marketing on many sites and learned many things.

It was the time when I realized that I should approach Affiliate Marketing.

I joined Shareasale, Clickbank, and CJ.

Joined some affiliate programs and within three months my Affiliate earning has crossed my earning from Adsense.

I finally committed myself to Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is like the right wife that stays with me even in the hard times. It works for me and cares about me even when I am sleeping.

It was affiliate marketing that makes me achieve financial freedom with the help of blogging.

Now I am a man of my own life.

I live as I want, work as much as I want, whenever I want and from wherever I want.

I am earning money, but now I am not chasing it because my life (Blogging) and my wife (affiliate marketing) bringing cash to me.

And not just the money but I have made some 100’s of quality friends such as Ryan Biddulph, Donna Merrill, Janice Wald, Cori Ramos and more.

What I am doing these days:

Now I am living my blogging life happily with my wife affiliate marketing in a way that most people just dream.

I now just teach people how to make their life better with the help or internet and how to make money online but also counting all the blessings that I am getting from my readers, fans, and followers.

I always loved the idea to become a mentor and blogging has helped me to become one. I am more than satisfied when I see that my efforts are assisting the millions to make their way in the online world and boost their career.

Thanks to all of you. Thanks to all who stand beside me. I also thank all those who have criticized me because you have helped me to understand what you needed from me.

This is for all:

Stay with me till the end of my life, because I count your blessing. I appreciate the time and words you share with me or my blogs.

If you connect with me, I will connect with you.

Do share about your life! Are you happy with what you are doing? What is your love or goal in life?

Do share your story with me, via comments.

Do you want to stay tuned with eAskme:

Don't forget to subscribe eAskme newsletter or like us on Facebook
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Gaurav Kumar : My Blogging Journey So Far (spent $71,339)

Today is another good day in my blogging journey got paid $250 to ride just 250KMS on my own bike.

Thanks to all my readers.

After completing 4 years as a professional Blogger. I have decided to write my own blogging journey to help others to start blogging as a very serious career choice. This can be boring or a bit lengthy, as this is about me and my journey as a professional blogger till now.

People are asking me that how much I am earning, here I am sharing what I have spend, to help you find the answer.

What I have earned other than money in 3 years:

My monthly expenses are around $1100. I must tell you that I do not include my investments in this. Other than that I have earned.
  1. Acer ultraslim Laptop worth $530 (2015)

  2. Tvs Motorcycle worth $1000 (2015)

  3. Acer Laptop worth $500 (2016)

  4. House Renovation cost $12528 (2016)

  5. Kawasaki z250 worth $5481 (2017)

  6. Tvs Jupiter worth $800 (2017)

  7. Tata Tigor Car worth $10,900 (2017)
Now you know that I have spend almost 2026756 Rupees ($31739) on regular expenses in 3 years and 2026756 Rupees ($39600) to buy above things.

That means I have spent almost $71339 in 3 years.
So if you are one of those passionate people who love blogging then you should read it, otherwise, you can check out the other topics of AskMe. This post is all about how I started professional blogging and how I have created a network of blogs and one after another successful blog.

A Little About Me:

I have already written a lot about me on “about me” page. For new readers, I am Gaurav Kumar, Founder of eAskme. By education, I am an art student and by profession, I am a professional blogger. Today I will explain my story and you will know the important time of my blogging journey as a professional blogger. Getting back to my educational background, I had completed my graduation in ARTS stream in (2010).

Gaurav Kumar : My Blogging Journey So Far : eAskme
Gaurav Kumar : My Blogging Journey So Far : eAskme
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My Blogging Journey : From Start

First three months of blogging:

I started blogging just to try new things to make money online. In September of 2013, I started my first blog on the BlogSpot platform which was related to news. I was sharing worldwide news, events and author views. I got a lot of appreciation on my blog from people around the globe. I purchased a domain and hosting from Hostgator and migrated my blogspot blog to WordPress

Selecting a domain name + Hosting

By the first four months, I understood the importance of branding in the online world. I bought a domain and hosting from Hostgator because of their best service. Here is the complete domain name guide for you to help to choose the domain name.

How my niche changed?

In the beginning on eAskme, I was writing about only tech stuff that you may have seen on other blogs also, but later I started writing about my own experiences, Blogging, Wordpress, money making tips and designing tips.

As I started writing everything that I have learned from my own experience, people started liking my blog.

My First Income:

As I mentioned, I started blogging just to try new things. I had no idea how to make money with Adsense ow what is SEO. I was just a hobby blogger. After some time I have learned about AdSense one of the most popular contextual ad network.

I read a lot of blogs about SEO and experimenting everything. I still remember how I earned my first $20 from Chitika. That was the very first online income I had received; after that, I started using Adsense and it turned me to make $500 in the very first month.

See : Make $100 Per day with Adsense

Hobby blogger to Professional blogging:

Back in June of 2013, I quit full time job and started working as a professional blogger. It was not an easy decision for me as the hardest thing was to convince my family. But I made my decision and started working for what I liked to do. I started making good money to fulfill my daily needs and to make some good investment. I have created my very own blogging business plan and I decided to take eAskme to the next level.

I have just purchased Kawasaki Z250 Super Naked Street fighter worth $5,481.

Partnership with another Blogger:

Around January of 2014, I partnered with a Mohali-based blogger to take our blogging journey to next level, but things didn’t come up in a good way so I moved back to my own blogging goals. So I always suggest you avoid partnership as it hardly lasts.

My Venture:

Till now my vision and dream and vision are to make blogging a full-time career choice and most popular online business in India. I have big dreams about my blogs and I will surely touch them with my dedication and love of my readers.

Current Blog Network:

I am currently managing many blogs on my network. It is not an easy task to work on multiple blogs and maintain a strong social media presence these days. You need to establish a team of professionals who can work on all blogs with complete dedication. What I look in a person before hiring is that he should do blogging for passion not just for money.

I divide work in my team and set the target for them to achieve. I usually work on promoting 3-4 blogs at a time. This includes writing social media presence, commenting, guest posts etc.
At this moment we have following blogs in our network:

eAskme, iOS Crunch, WikiHealthBlog,are few of my latest examples.

Future Plans:
It is the dream of every company to grow as big as it can be and cover maximum market share. But the biggest problem is to find the best team. Your team determines the future of your online company or business. Currently, I am setting up the plan for my online business.
Earning from Blogging:

"Earning" this word is the most interesting part of the life of a professional blogger. If I never quit my job then maybe earning only $5000-$10,000 per year. But with blogging and with my other online activities, I am making more than $50K every year, which is a good reason to quit my job.

The very best thing I like about blogging is that I am my own boss now. I work whenever I want and work on what I love to do. I am sharing my story so you should take blogging seriously and make your decision.

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What’s Next for eAskme?

We will keep evolving as blogs to teach technology, learn to blog, SEO, WordPress, Hosting and how you can make money from home. I am offering personal blog consultancy program now to provide my services to those who want to learn blogging or want to make money blogging.

Subscribe eAskme newsletter to get latest updates from me.

You can join me on Facebook or  Twitter.

I have written this post because many people were asking a little background about me, and about eAskme. I will be sharing more posts on how my team works, and how you can grow along with eAskme. Meanwhile, do share if you have any feedback for eAskme or for me?
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How I Made $1000 from a Single Post: You can also do it

We all want to make money and blogging is the asset that becomes a money making the machine in the right hands. There are thousands of bloggers who are making more than $1000 every day, still, there are many who are not even able to make one single dollar in the whole day.

When blogging is a perfect way to make money online, then why there is a huge difference between the earning of different bloggers?

The answer is, it totally depends on the mindset, skills, passion, and utilization.

 I have been asked by so many people that How I make huge money even when Adsense pays less in India and other Asian countries.

I have stopped publishing earning reports still if you check my old earning report you will see that I am not only earning with Adsense but making more money with Affiliate marketing.

How I Made $1000 from a Single Post : You can also do : eAskme
How I Made $1000 from a Single Post : You can also do : eAskme
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Now let`s stick to the topic. I know you also want to learn that how I have made $1000 from a single post.

Let me tell you everything from the beginning.

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you already know that I write for various businesses also. I review their product and share those review with my readers. This helps me to make good money other than Adsense, Yahoo and Affiliate programs.

How I Made $1000 from a Single Post : You can also do

Now let me tell you all the steps that helped me to make $1000 by publishing a single post on my blog.

1) Email of a Client:

How I Made $1000 from a Single Post : You can also do: eAskme

What is more happening than checking email inbox and find the emails of various clients. Every day I get so many emails from clients and other bloggers. Some offer ads or other monetizing options and some ask for work.

In this screenshot, you will see that I have been approached by a client. The client has also emailed me the product to download and test before writing a review.

To keep the identity and details of project confidential I hide the names of business and product.

2) Installed Product:
I have installed the product on my laptop and used every single option to find out how useful it is. I have also checked the popularity of the brand and since how long they are in business.

I liked the product and decided to talk about the price before start writing about the product.

3) Price Discussion:
I have sent the email to the client telling that I find product really helpful for my readers and Ready to publish the review article on my blog.

I told them that I have researched about the business and its online reputation. I have also mentioned that I know that the price the business will pay me according to the value of the brand.

4) Finalized the price:
The next day, I received an email from the client saying that the business can pay me $1000 for publishing and feature the article on my homepage for at least a week.

The offer was quite compelling. I accepted the offer and published the article.

5) Publish and Get Paid:

It took me 5 hours to write, analyze, publish and share it on my networks with my readers.

Do you know the best quality of a client, you need not to remind that client to pay you. The business has paid me within an hour. 

How I Made $1000 from a Single Post : You can also do : eAskme

So you see that I Made $1000 from a Single Post. This is what you can do also.

Not just that but the client has also shared my post on his network and it helped me gain more traffic.

But do you know that I actually made more than $1000 that day? I earned from affiliate sales and contextual ads also.

The total earning of the day was $1473.

So what you have learned from my experience about making $1000 in just one day with blogging:

1) How to make more money blogging

2) How to analyze the client reputation and ask for the price

3) Quick response to the client and quick result helps in quick payment

4) Build reputation among clients

5) You not just get money but traffic also.

Do you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments?

Don`t forget to share what you liked here on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more.

How do you make money online? What do you do to make more money every day? 
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Happy Birthday Gaurav Kumar, The Man Behind The Internet Power House

Happy Birthday Gaurav Kumar, The Man Behind The Internet Power House

You may have seen eAskme team wishing Happy Birthday to the celebrities, But that dosen`t mean that we do not celebrate the birthday of our fans and our team members.

Happy Birthday Gaurav Kumar, The Man Behind eAskme : The Internet Power House
Happy Birthday Gaurav Kumar, The Man Behind eAskme : The Internet Power House
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Today I Sona Mathews and all our eAskme team wishing Gaurav Kumar, the man behind this Internet power house eAskme, a Very happy Birthday.

"Gaurav Kumar", Very Happy Birthday To you....

It is an honor to be part of your team and we all wish both you and eAskme a prosperous year ahead. Thank you for helping us to stand in life and appreciate what we do.

"Happy Birthday to Gaurav Kumar, Man behind eAskme"

If you are a fan, follower and reader who get inspiration from eAskme, then feel free to wish Happy Birthday to Gaurav Kumar via comments.
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Just Purchased Kawasaki Z250 Super Naked: Street fighter on Road

People Ask me how much I earn from blogging? I purchased the Kawasaki Z250 Super Naked worth Rs. 3,35,000 ($5,196) with the earning of just 2 months.

I am Gaurav Kumar, Founder of eAskme and I am here to share my joy with you. When someone ask me how much money I make from blogging, my answer is check what I have. It`s been 3 years since I have started and my blogging money has helped me to earn average 50k every month.

I have purchased so many things household things such as refrigerator, LED, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, power backup for my office.

Other than these I have also started renovating my old house at Hoshiarpur.

Today I am going to share my joy with all my readers, friends and followers that I have just purchased the street fighter “Kawasaki Z250”.

Remember: This is not the review, This is my experience and joy that I want to share with you all.

Just purchased Kawasaki z250 Super Naked: Street fighter on road : eAskme
Just purchased Kawasaki z250 Super Naked: Street fighter on road : eAskme

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From last couple of months I was planning to buy Kawasaki Z250.

With the earning of just two months, I was able to buy Kawasaki Z250.

The Price of Kawasaki Z250 is Rs. 3,35,000 ($5,196) ex showroom Price in India.

It is Z shaped and with green & black color.

The Ninja Z250 is the half faring naked motorcycle launched by Kawasaki India. Match the looks of it`s other siblings Z1000 and the Z800.

Key specs
•    249 cc
•    28 kmpl
•    31.50 bhp
•    168 kgs

It is a twin cylinder bike with 31.50 bhp @ 11,000 rpm. You cannot find that much BHP power in any other bike in 250CC segment in India.

It is with 6 speed gearbox.

I love it`s digital speedometer, digital fuel Guage, Tachometer, Tripmeter and sift light.

I likes it`s electric start button. You will never find any kick start option in it.

Reason Why I choose Kawasaki Z250:

Just Purchased Kawasaki Z250 Super Naked: Street fighter on road : eAskme


People asking me why I have spent so much to buy Kawasaki Z250 when other bikes are there.

It is the only bike in 250CC segment which shows 31.5BHP power. Not even a single bike in this segment that can compete at this level.

Comfort and handling is awesome.

Before buying this bike I even visited Yamaha and checked Yamaha R1, at KTM checked KTM 390 and even visited TNT banelli, but Kawasaki has impressed me more than anything.

I always say live for the passion not just the money. So I decided to spend Rs. 3,35,000 ($5,196) to enjoy 31.5 BHP power.

From Where I have purchased this street fighter:

I have purchased it from ASCO Motors, Industrial area, Ph1, Chandigarh. The team of ASCO motors has helped me in every possible way to own this bike.

I am really thankful to all the team including Ravi and Rishi.

After riding this bike I feel extremely comfortable, and really enjoy when people turn their heads to see, what is going on the road.

Soon will ride for a long distance to test this bike in top speed, which is 165.

In 250CC segment, nothing can beat the quality, comfort and performance of  Kawasaki Z250 super naked.

Right now just let me enjoy the ride more, will be back soon :)

DO share which bike, sports bike or super bike you have? Which bike you want to buy? What is the best bike according to you.
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How I Make $800 Day by Working Less than 4 Hours

It is the dream of every single person living on this earth to make more and more money.

Some wants to be billionaire!!

Some wants to be trillionaire!!!!

If you ask me what I want to be, my answer is Famous and Rich and there is no limit on both of that.

The more money you earn the more money you need. So it`s a circle that never ends where your earning increases and your expenses also increases.

After seeing my earning reports many people asked me how I am making good money?

How I make $800 day By Working less than 4 Hours : eAskme
How I make $800 day By Working less than 4 Hours : eAskme
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Today I am going to share about how I make $800 everyday by working less than 4 hours.

How I make $800/day By Working less than 4 Hours

You already know that I am a professional blogger and I make money blogging, affiliate marketing and by coaching.

But there are more ways that help a blogger to make money.

The way which helps me to make approx $800/day is sponsored post or reviewing products on my blog.

How to make money $800 by writing sponsored posts or reviewing:

It is the benefit of being a popular blog that many companies, services and SEO`s contact you to write reviews about their products or publish sponsored posts to promote their products and services.

let`s see how the process work:

1) Contact Brands:

It works in two ways; many times companies and business write to or contact through the contact form. They ask for the cost of the sponsored posts and offer various other benefits such as using their service or products for free to test them.

Second way is writing emails to the popular businesses and brand and telling them how my sponsored posts are going to be beneficial for them to grab more business.

Both ways helps to grab more opportunities to review services and publish sponsored posts.

2) Review topic:

Before talking about the price it is really important that I should review the topic and see how it is going to be beneficial for my readers.

This is really crucial part as sometime client want you to write about the topic which is not good for your blog. I always choose the topic which I believe add some value and boost the engagement of my readers on my blog.

3) Price:

This is an important factor as this helps me to make money. My reviews cost depend on various factors such as topic, popularity of brand, review length and followership.

I charge between $400-$800 according to these factors.

For example: Acer paid me $800 for writing Acer`s Feature Smartphone Liquid Z630s and Micromax even gave me Micromax canvas spark and $760 to write about it.

4) Create artilce, publish and promote it:

Next 4 hours I work on research and development of an article which help readers to get engaged and also gain some knowledge. I also promote the article to boost social media presence.

So you see big brands pay well when they see that they get the best deal. Means you must have something better to offer to earn good money. Not just a backlink but also a good amount of traffic which can convert into successful sales.
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Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging

Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskmeBeing a professional blogger and affiliate marketer is not only my work but it is fun for me. It not only give me money but also give me everything that money can buy. When it comes to make money online, there are millions of people who are still not aware about how to do that. Being a blogger I know that it is more fun when you make $50-$100 everyday just by working for few hours. So I have more time to enjoy with my family and friends.

It is the dream of every newbie blogger to make few hundred dollars every month. But it is not easy in the beginning, as you have to establish your blog and make it popular to gain authority. Today I am going to share about How I make $50 to $100 everyday just by working few hours. Let`s see how I do it.

Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging:

Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskme
Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskme

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Blogging has changed my life in a completely new way. I not only enjoy the boss free life but also enjoy the money. I also teach others how they can make money online and make money like me.

1) Sponsored Post/Reviews:

Sponsored Post : Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskme has gained an authority and that is why I am getting tons of requests from businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs to write/publish sponsored posts and Sponsored reviews on Depending on the category and content I charge them $50--$100 for each article they post on

Making money with sponsored posts take time. To get sponsored posts on your blog, the first thing you need is to make your blog popular and the second thing is gain huge traffic and a good number of followers. Then you will start getting sponsored review invitation and this way you can make $50 to $100 everyday.

So you see this one way makes me good money.

2) Affiliate Sales:

Affiliate Sales Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskme

I have already shared about what is affiliate marketing and what is the importance of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing helps me to generate good money which can be anything between $10-$200 per sale. I promote various products on my blog which I believe help my readers. 

Guide : CPA Vs. Affiliate Marketing: A Beginners Guide

Making money from affiliate sales depend upon how good you are to promote affiliate products, which products you choose to promote and what is the interest of your readers. if you promote the products which are helpful for your readers then you it will be really easy for you to make $100 everyday from blogging.

3) Domain & Hosting:

Domain & Hosting Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging: eAskme

I also sale domain and web hosting space. It helps me to make good money. I can easily make $10 to $100 when I sale domain or web hosting space. If you also want to buy a domain then Ask me.

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I have already shared about how you can start your domain and web hosting business.

4) Web-Designing:

Web-Designing Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskme

I am also a professional web designer and I offer my services to create or edit websites. Creating websites or editing them is really a fun work. I create websites and even sell mockups. It help me make $200-$1000 per month.

Helpbooks : 
How to design a successful logo
How to Start a Web Design Project
Design effective logo in 2016

If you know how to design websites then you can make money by working as a freelancer or even work in a company.

5) Blog Consultancy and Blog Coaching:

Blog Consultancy and Blog Coaching Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskme

I am running Blog Consultancy and Blog coaching services. People learn blogging online from me and pay me. I have created various courses of Blogging, which I have categorized in Basic, Advanced and Platinum level.

It helps me make $200-$1000 every month.

6) Adsense : 

Adsense Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskme
Adsense is definitely the first love in the life of every blogger. But due to their own reasons they pay very less to blogs in India as compared to blogs in USA or Europe. But still people can make good money if they have good traffic from other countries. There are people who make $100 to $5,00,000 from Adsense. There is no doubt that Adsense can also make you $100 everyday.

7) Ebooks:

Ebooks Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskme
Writing an e-book can be time consuming but it offer great rewards. No matter you write a long ebook or a short one, if the book you write is valuable for your readers and tell them how they can get the things done in their lives than you can easily sale website. I have also created Adsense guide eBook which is selling on good rate.

8) Selling websites/ Blogs

Selling websites/ Blogs Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskme

Selling websites and blogs is a good way to make money online. I create blogs for others and sell them on a good rate. I have recently sold a blog for $1000 which is a good way to make money.

but you should remember that before selling a blog you have to work on it and make it gain a good ranking.

9) Ghostwriting, Article Writing/Guest Posts:

Ghostwriting, Article Writing/Guest Posts Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskme
There are opportunities like article writing and guest posts which helps me to make money blogging. I usually get invites to write paid guest posts and write articles for other blogs as ghostwriter. Ghostwriting pays me good money, as when I give my article to a person I will give him full authority to publish that article on his name and in return he pays me $70 to $1000 per article.

10) eAskme Affiliate program:

eAskme affiliate program Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskme
eAskme affiliate program also help me and those who work as an affiliate for me to make good money. In easkme affiliate program, affiliate marketer needs to promote products and services of and in return get a commission between 20%-50%. This way I have so many affiliate who work for me when a sale happen we all make money.

There are many more ways that helps me to make money and I make $50-$100 everyday blogging. The one thing that you should know here is that blogging is not a work for me, It is my hobby and passion. When you make your passion your work then noone can stop you from being successful and earn good money. So these is a part of my secret about How I make $50-$100 everyday.

Do share how you make money and what you want to do to make more money. If you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Gaurav Kumar

In the long journey or professionalism you will find thousands of names of those who have did something special or made something creative. Those names carry the badge to do something awesome or good to make professional word more valuable and added human touch to their professional behavior.
Gaurav Kumar : eAskme
Gaurav Kumar : eAskme
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Today we are honoring the name behind the birth of eAskme, Mr. Gaurav Kumar, the professional blogger, creative writer and founder of eAskme. He is a professional blogger who had started his life just as any other common boy. He worked in various companies to understand what his life wants him to do. But his life actually wanted him to to what he always love to do. He became an online relationship consultant and also started hobby blogging.

With the time his hobby blogging turned into professional blogging. He spends his most of time surfing on Internet and he never thought that one day his hobby will make him earn lot more than many people can only imagine and also bring him so many followers. In 2014 when Gaurav has started eAskme, his goal was to learn and share about the most advanced techniques and tips that actually work when it comes to your daily life, Internet and technology.

Life of Gaurav Kumar:
Gaurav Kumar, 29 year old professional blogger from India, born on 21st November,1985, in a small village of District Hoshiarpur of State Punjab. After that his family moved to City beautiful, Chandigarh and presently he is living there. When Gaurav was just 5 years old, his father passed away. He started living with his joint family in Chandigarh but his mother and younger brother moved to village. Gaurav Kumar was a bright student and he earned a lot of fame during his study time. He has also broken the record in VIIIth standard examination and his name got printed on the board. After his schooling, he started working and saving money for his graduation.

Gaurav Kumar has completed graduation in 2010 and till the time he has worked in various companies on very different position looking for the right pattern and career choice of his life. In 2013 he finally decided to quit working in BPO and started learning blogging. Within few months he was ready to start with his first blog.

Relationship of Gaurav Kumar:
Gaurav Kumar worked as relationship advisor as he has learn a lot from his own experience. He spent 2 years dedicatedly loving a women, who cheated on him and kicked him out of her life. That was the hardest time when he was out of money and he learn the hard truth that if a person don`t have money then that person can`t have relationship.

This heart breaking idea took him to the brink of crushed life, his friends moved away, he was out of job and he has spent 3 more years to bear the pain of the relationship where he invested everything and got cheated as he lost everything, in the hands of the same person who claimed to love him.

But this make him forget about love and such emotions and work practically. This has changed the course of his life and Gaurav Kumar turned from most emotional man to most practical person. He has crushed feelings of love in working day and night to stand as the most rich person.

In his own words "Money make you buy anything, even you can buy relationship".

I am not saying it is absolutely true, but for a broken heart we can understand the situation.

Gaurav Kumar as a relationship consultant:
In the beginning of his online career Gaurav Kumar has started as relationship consultant who usually solve relationship related queries either online or if possible then by meeting. He served as online relationship consultant around 3 years and still he love to help those who have issues in their lives. He believe that if you want to make healthy money then you must have healthy mind and healthy mind needs a healthy relationship that motivates you.

His own relationship experience made him so much practical that he got the ability to solve relationship issues practically without being emotional or getting attached to anyone.

Gaurav Kumar, a Professional Blogger:
Gaurav has started professional blogging in December 2013.  He started learning the basics of blogging and monetization options. He has found that blogging is one of the best way to make money online as he started monetizing blogs with Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing. This was just the beginning. He started spreading word about blogging where others are hiding their blogging career.

Gaurav Kumar has taught many people what is a blog and what is blogging. Even today he meet many people who have never heard the name blogging and don`t know what it is all about.

Gaurav Kumar has also started blog consultancy service for those who want to learn blogging and want to make money online. His blog consultancy service help you to understand the basic and need of blogs and how to make money blogging. He also share various tips to make money online.

Gaurav has also attended many seminars at schools to make students aware about blogging and shared the benefits of blogging. He is a passionate blogger, who blog passionately about the topics that help people monetize their extra time and also help them to start their online business.

Gaurav Kumar, founder of eAskme
In April 2014, Gaurav Kumar has founded eAskme. This is the site that he has introduced to solve the daily issues of people around the world related to money making, business, relationship, health , in short everything where you can ask any suggestion or consultation to help yourself. He has founded WikiHealthblog to separately focus on health niche.

Popular Guides Written By Gaurav Kumar
Gaurav Kumar, a motivation:
Gaurav has seen a lot of ups and downs in his life, he has seen the time when his most loved ones left him, at that time he stood for himself and now he is one of the most popular professional blogger and relationship consultant. His life is a motivation t those who think they have lost everything and can`t stand again.

I am really thankful that Gaurav Kumar has allowed me to share his life story. If you have any question or suggestion feel free to ask me or Gaurav Kumar.

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