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Advantages of Hiring a Google Certified Social Media Partner

Have you ever noticed or come across the Google partner stamp on the web portal of any digital marketing organization? Well, the odds that you have since, certifying to be a Google partner is what each and every digital marketing agency is aiming for today.

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Subsequently, are there any perks of a Google partner status? How does operating with Google partner make a difference to you, as a customer and to your business? But what does it exactly mean to be stamped, as a Google certified social media partner and why it is always better to work with a Google certified social media partner?

How can social media marketing certification from Market Motive help you?

Advantages of Hiring a Google Certified Social Media Partner: eAskme
Advantages of Hiring a Google Certified Social Media Partner: eAskme
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So, if you are looking out for a social media marketing certification then Market Motive is the best place for you. The Advanced Social Media marketing certification course will assist you to develop your skills in order to draw traffic to your website and thus would help to build up your brand awareness.  Market Motive provides you with the most sophisticated and latest social media techniques that are a major part of this course. 

In this section, the candidates will be able to comprehend how social media and E-commerce interconnect each other. This Social Media marketing certification tackles the misinterpretations that encircle social media marketing and will educate and train students to adjust to their social media marketing strategy to the company goals.

This particular course in social media marketing from Market Motive, will train you to excel in the art of story telling to promote products through social media and you will in turn be able to achieve a Google Partner Stamp easily!

Why does a Premier Partner Stamp matter?

Recently, Google has made the Premier Google Partner Stamp available to the advertisers who have passed and cleared the precedents to become a Google Partner and who have additionally met the higher spending and performance requisites.

What is the Google Partner Program?

The Google Partner program is for digital marketing agencies who qualify as having a sound knowledge of Google products, a sizeable client base and a consistent track record of success. Advertising agencies and digital marketing professionals can also be a part of this program.

Earning the status of a Google partner is quite a difficult task. The agency is required to go through a series of difficult test in order to acquire this certification as well as go through severe inspection at regular intervals of time in order to meet up with the definite spend requirement across managed client accounts over a period of 90 days; as an evidence for a definite amount of activity as well as adopt the best practices in client accounts as suggested by the search engine giant.

Ways To Promote Your Small Business on Social Media

And for this purpose, Market Motive is the best place for you, as you can choose from a variety of social media marketing certifications which will help you to become one of the best social media marketing superstars and your organization can take the industry by storm!

Here are 6 advantages of hiring a Google certified social media partner:

1. Work with qualified analyst and account managers

Google partner agencies have a workforce who are specialized in Google AdWords and Google analytics, which means that these people are legitimate experts in their individual fields.  Additionally, Google ensures that these certifications are the latest and that ensures that the organization or agency meets up with Google’s principles for account management best practices.

2. Have admission to masters of AdWords features

It is very much essential that Google Partners are familiar with all the features of AdWords and make use of them, in a way that is profitable to their client. It is compulsory for the analysts to expertise in the use of negative keywords, ad extensions; sitelinks inside of ads, phrase matching keywords, broad match customized keywords, ad scheduling, split testing with AdWords and many more.

3. Get an edge up on the competition with beta features

Those organizations and companies that have acquired a Google partner stamp, have a right to use Google’s beta features.  This means, that after Google has perfected a new function or feature, its partners can experiment and make use of this feature up to one year or more, before it is made available to its general users. Just think about the advantages that one can achieve, by making use of Google’s marketing feature even before your competitors have access to it!

4. Avert waiting in a line

Those Google partners who have a huge ad spend have their individual Google agency team, which they can contact anytime, without waiting in a line when a client has a problem. For instance, if your site has a crisis with malware and your AdWord campaigns are shut down. You will continue to lose your money until and unless those campaigns are not fixed and reactivated. At times, it can easily take a few days to resolve this matter but only if you or your organization has an access to a Google agency team, this crisis can be addressed instantly.

5. Keep up with the best PPC practices

If you want to maintain your Google partner status, then the team members of the agency ought to take certificate examinations in AdWords Fundamentals, Display, Video, Search, Shopping and Mobile Advertising. Similarly, partners can also attend free training sessions in order to keep up with the latest PPC practices. Hence, you will know that your organization is keeping up with the latest PPC trends.

6. Innovation and Testing

Google Adwords partners are obligated to illustrate that they are employing the best practices. This could consists of conducting split testing on ads in order to magnetize the maximum number of customers to a clients website and assuring that there are several ads per campaign group with special messaging. Google also buoys up ongoing experimentation by focusing on a range of demographics that falls into a clients target market.

An organization that does not uphold to Google’s standards, for a partners status can have their stamp removed. This assures that a high standard of service is maintained by the partners no matter the date that the partner status was achieved.

So, no matter what it is always best that you go ahead with a certified Google partner for your business requirements.
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Google No Longer Supports the Meta News Keywords Tag

If you are a blogger then you already know the importance of keywords. You may have used meta tags such as keywords or news keywords. If you are one of those who are using meta news keyword tag till now for your news site, then this is for you.

Google No Longer Supports the Meta News Keywords Tag: eAskme
Google No Longer Supports the Meta News Keywords Tag: eAskme
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Google is no longer supporting meta news keyword tag. Actually, they have stopped supporting keyword tag and meta keyword tags months back.

Google has clearly stated that they have stopped supporting meta news keyword tag for months. I have noticed it just now.

Why did Google stop supporting meta news keyword tag?

It is a news for all the bloggers or news publishers who are still using news keyword tag.

I can't confirm the reason as till now Google has not said why they have stopped supporting meta news keyword.  tag.

Even if you are using this tag, it will not do any harm. Google simply ignore it.

I recommend that you should not use this tag as no one likes unnecessary code in his design.

Still, have any questions, feel free to ask me.
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Google AdWords Has Stricter Rules for Ticket Resellers

Do you make money selling tickets? Have you ever used Google Adwords to promote your ticket selling business?

From now, Google Adwords has changed some rules and implementing new stricter rules on the advertisers who are reselling the event tickets.

Google AdWords Has Stricter Rules for Ticket Resellers: eAskme
Google AdWords Has Stricter Rules for Ticket Resellers: eAskme
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Why new Google Adwords rules for ticket resellers?

The reason why Google is implementing sticker rules for ticket resellers is that ticket resellers try to blind the user about the cost and fees. Reseller also sometimes try to confuse the user so that a common user will not know if he is buying from the direct seller or any third party.

Google wants to make it clear that you should explain if you are associated with an official seller or not.

The 25 Most Expensive Adwords Keywords of 2018

Google wants to increase transparency in ticket reselling business. Google want that you should inform the visitor about the price of the ticket and total cost.

How to be certified ticket seller by Google Adwords?

  • If you are the official ticket seller.
  • Indicate that you are a secondary party of the reseller.
  • Indicate that you are selling tickets for more than the actual value.
  • Disclose the original value of the ticket.
  • Show the breakdown of cost.
Google AdWords Introduces Dynamic Structured Snippets

How good is this new policy?

This is actually a good policy. It makes sure that no one can play any filthy game in the name of ticket selling business. Things will be more clear to a user. This will make sure that a user will know every detail about the ticket and reseller. This will be a good thing for Adwords only.
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New Google Search Console Now Available to All Sites

Do you know what Google is? What a silly question!

Google is the biggest search engine, giant. It is not just improving the user experience but also helping webmasters to make their site effective.

Keeping that in mind, Google has made the new Google search console available for all the websites. You need to know that it is a beta version.

New Google Search Console Now Available to All Sites: eAskme
New Google Search Console Now Available to All Sites: eAskme
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Last month Google has launched the new search console. The best feature that you may find helpful in this new search console is the detail of 16 months data. Earlier it was 3 months.

Why Google made Google Search Console available for all sites?

Google says that the changes made to Google search console are according to the feedback given by Google search console users. They have also included the feedback they received from Submit feedback button and feedback from Google help forums.

Issue with Google Search Console for Indexed pages

New Google Search Console is Beta version:

Google has said that it will keep on testing new search console design to improve the user experience. It is a beta version so it is sure that there will be many changes coming to your way to use Search console.

Migrating Data:

Google is working on migrating all the relevant data to the new Google search console. Right now it is not showing all the data of classic version. Google has cleared that the remaining data will be migrated soon or it will be there as another report.

Google still allows you to use classic search console. You can also send your feedback to Google so they can improve search console in next version.

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10 Ways to Use Google Trends for Better SEO

Since the childhood, we are in a race to come first. The person who comes early get maximum attraction and no one cares who comes the second.

The same thing applies to your business when it comes to rank in search engine results. To go first or make your content rank first for some keywordsor queries you need to do a lot of things that I call SEO.

10 Ways to Use Google Trends for Better SEO: eAskme
10 Ways to Use Google Trends for Better SEO: eAskme
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SEO may not be an easy task for the blogger who is new to this term or who are not using the available SEO tools to their full potential.

I always teach people that how they can make money with blogging by optimizing content with the help of SEO tools. I still recommend that you should use only premium SEO tools and free SEO tools come with a lot of limitations and errors.

Few of the most popular premium SEO tools are;

There is no doubt that paid SEO tools always work better as compared to any free SEO tool.
But there is an SEO tool which is free yet offer top quality results, and that is “Google Trends.”
Google Trends is the most powerful to do Keyword research and find favorite topics, yet it is the most underutilized SEO tool.

Google Trends is the best place to trim your SEO efforts and give them the proper shape.
Remember: To get the maximum out of Google Trends, you need to understand how to use it and discover viral trends for your business.

Now let's see what should you must understand about Google Trends before you start using it.

1) Start to filter:

There was a time when Google trend had a lot of things that may confuse you but not it is simpler than ever. Now you can easily explore trends even before you start narrowing your search.

10 Ways to Use Google Trends for Better SEO: eAskme

  • Go to Google Trends
  • Enter the targeted keyword/main keyword
  • Hit Enter
  • Now Google trends will show you the options to filter.
10 Ways to Use Google Trends for Better SEO: eAskme

You can use the Worldwide option to target the specific geographical market.

Time selection option is there for you to find short-term trends and long-term trends by choosing different time selections.

The category helps you filter the unnecessary trends that you are not interested in.

Search type is also helpful to find what you are looking.

Google trends cover more than 10 billion monthly searches in the USA alone. So you start on a significant level and begin filtering the information to find the most relevant trends.

2) Context:

Looking for realistic trends then Google trends is the best place for you. It shows the results based on the keyword you have entered. It analyzes the popularity of trends and shows the exact results.

For example; I searched “Star Wars,” viral movie series and here what I see the result of past one months.

This shows the popularity of the trends.

now if I change the date to "2004-present", it shows.

This heartbeat pattern looks more stable. You should never ignore the context.

Recover from the blind spots, and you will have the deep insight of searched trend.

How you can improve context;
  • Use +Compare for new keywords
  • Filter by category or country
  • Web searches

3) Use Specific Search options to get advanced results

You have filtered the trends with some basic options. Now it is the time to try some specific search options to get advanced results.

Following are the five options you should use;
  1. Web Search
  2. Image Search
  3. News Search
  4. Google Shopping
  5. YouTube Search
Each option will display results according to the market and segment.

More options will help you sort queries.

Each option will display results according to the market and segment.

More options will help you sort queries.

You will see trends and how they are rising.
  • Click on “Rising” to find top keywords.
  • Click on “Rising” to find hot trends.
Google trends provide you constructive suggestions. You should use this idea to optimize your content with new trends.

Always look for hot trends before they reach the breakout point. It will help you get the top position with latest articles.

4) Target Location:

You can take advantage of Google trends to focus on targeted keyword. You should also aim the location to find the best results. You may discover zero in some specific location, but you should not worry about such outcome.

The result of “Star Wars” trends shows that people living in Utah are more interested.

For you : Strengthen Your Keyword Research With Geo-Targeting

Now when you click on Utah, you will see the regions with the highest interest. This research will help you to plan your PPC campaign for local search.

5) Trend predictions

Do you know that you are not the only one researching Google Trends? There are search engine marketers who are fetching the same data like you and optimizing that data to rank high in search results.

Now the question is what more you should do to outrank your competitors?

The answer is simple, start predicting trends by analyzing the behavior on Google trends.

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Google Trends helps you to quickly predict what can be the hot trend in coming days.

How you can do this:
  • Filter by countries and categories to get relevant data to identify and predict trends.
  • Compare two keywords in a single trend.

6) Inspire Content with Long Tail keywords:

You may not find it easy to rank higher in SERP for “Star Wars.” But you can still get the top position on SERP by using the long tail phrase of this keyword.

For you:  
Look for the most relevant query in Google Trends to get a more in-depth insight of what you are looking. Cross-reference such questions to get a proper idea.

7) Get Additional Insight by using top charts:

Browse "Top Charts."

The top chart works as the chart of top 100 queries. You can easily find high trending items according to various categories.

Sort most searched and Trending insights.

8) Use Video Optimization Data:

For example; you have posted a video about "History of start wars."

  • Enter "search terms."
  • Search in "YouTube Search."
  • Check out "Related Topics" and "Related Queries"
  • Sort by Rising or Top.
From this search you will find out that people are searching "star wars trailer last jedi" This will help you write better title and description.

9) Brand Positing with Cyclical Trends:

For example; If you are searching for "Wedding Boutique" then you will see the result like this.

For example; If you are searching for "Wedding Boutique" then you will see the result like this.

This shows that wedding is not affected by holidays.

You can plan future posts on keywords to handle cyclical trends. You will be writing next posts even before your competitor can think about it.

10) Read Trends carefully and find out blind spots:

Now, let's look at the current trend such as "Oscar Awards." You will see a keen interest in this topic.

But if you give a close look then you will quickly identify that as the topic goes off the air, the trend will hit bottom. This is where you can define blind spots.

Final Words:

There is no doubt that Google trends have changed and updated a lot in past few years. Still, it follows some basic rules. If you are willing to drive yourself to the search beyond just a snapshot, then you will be amazed by the more in-depth insight and results.

Remember: Stick with your keyword or queries, until you find the best insight.
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Google Page Layout Algorithm Update: Everything You Need to Know

Do you want to save your ass from the dirty hands of Google algorithm?

Well everyone wants to save their precious blogs and content from Google algorithm updates.
In 2012 Google rolled out an algorithm update called, “Google Page Layout update.” Even after many years, people are not aware of it and how it has affected the web search.

Google Page Layout Update: Everything You Need to Know: eAskme
Google Page Layout Update: Everything You Need to Know: eAskme

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I have been asked by many people even today about Google page layout algorithm update.

So I have decided to share everything that you need to know about Google page layout update.

Google Page Layout Algorithm:

The primary focus of Google is always on improving the user experience and improving the on-page SEO strategies.

In 2012, Google rolled out the page algorithm update to target website with hell lot of ads, especially above the fold. Too many ads are not suitable for user experience as the visitor has to scroll down a lot to reach the main content.

This Google algorithm has hurt the 1% of the total website in Google search database and forced the webmasters to rebuild their sites for an excellent user experience.

Remember: This update has nothing to do with overlay ads or popups.

Above the fold/Page layout Google algorithm update timeline:

Now let's see how this algorithm has made its way to hurt the sites with the poor user experience.

1) Page Layout Algorithm Launched on 19th January 2012:

For the very first time on January 19, 2012, Google has introduced very first-page layout algorithm update. That time it was called, “Above the fold algorithm update” or “Top Heavy algorithm update.” It has made a severe hit on the sites with too many ads above the fold.

2) The new version of Page Layout Algorithm Update launched on 9th October 2012:

On 9th October 2012, Matt cuts have announced on his Twitter about the launch of new version of Google Page layout algorithm update. It has affected 0.7% English queries. 

This update has given a chance to the websites to recover that has hit the previous version of Google page layout update.

3) Google Page Layout Algorithm Refresh on 6th Feb 2014:

This time page layout algorithm was launched to refresh the algorithm and update the Google index.

4) Automated Algorithm:

On November 1, 2016, Google has made it clear that now the algorithm is the automatic part of Google search. It will hurt your site if anytime you will cause poor user experience or have too many ads above the fold.

Google has also cleared that now they have not to wait for a manual update as Google will automatically detect the changes in the webpage.

What happened to the sites Impacted by Google Page Layout Algorithm:

With these four updates, Google has made it clear that it will not tolerate too many ads above the fold. It has affected less than 1% sites.

The good thing is that these updates have forced the webmasters to focus on user experience rather than just populating the site with ads.

Webmasters have changed the site according to the Google policies, and it has benefitted not just the visitor but also the webmaster.

How to recover from page Layout Algorithm update:

When it comes to Google algorithm updates, what hurt the most is that it throws your tested and true strategies out of the window.

There is no doubt that only 1% sites were affected by this update but what if it was your site?

Here I am telling you that how a webmaster can recover from Google Page Layout Update penalty:

Check your blog or website in various device screen resolution to find out what you will see above the fold at different resolutions.

Now just wait for the Google to re-crawl your site.

What was the Impact of Page Layout Algorithm:

With this updates, Google has again clearly stated that the primary focus of search engine giant is to deliver the best quality and user-friendly results at the top.

Officail Google webmaster blog has also talked about this algorithm.

It is the job of a webmaster to look at the above the fold content and manage it according to the various device resolutions. For the mobile design of your blog, you have to work more as on mobile a user has to do more scrolling than a pc or laptop.

Final Words:

There is a thin line between keeping readers engaged with your blog and making it profitable. The Google Page Layout Algorithm has taught us that Google always keeps an eye on what we are doing with the content and above the fold ads. If you also have too many ads above the fold, then it is the time that you should fix it before Google hurt your blog.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask via comments.

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The 25 Most Expensive Adwords Keywords of 2018 (Why they are so $$$ Expensive?)

Do you know, How Google makes the maximum money?

Well, it`s Google Adwords.

You may find it hard to believe because on Google Adwords client`s are spending micro payments every time a potential user clicks on the ad.

Then how Google is making maximum money from Google Adwords?

The answer is very simple. Google is not a small thing. There are millions of businesses or companies that are spending money to make the potential customer land on their page. When a user clicks on the Google ads google earns money from the client.
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It is the number of clients that Google Adwords has to help the Google to make millions every day.
You may already know that average CPC of all industries is hardly over $2 USD.

There are hundreds of thousands of searches that happen on Google every day and as well as the clicks. These help to add billions to Google`s account.

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 If you give a close look at CPC of various industries then you will easily find out that there are industries which cannot enjoy such lower CPC and they have to bid at a high rate to place ads with Google Adwords.

The 25 Most Expensive Adwords Keywords of 2018 (Why they are so $$$ Expensive?): eAskme
The 25 Most Expensive Adwords Keywords of 2018 (Why they are so $$$ Expensive?): eAskme
There are keywords that actually cost $50 or sometimes even $100/click. Long tail keywords can cost twice of that amount.

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But there is nothing sad about it as it is only for those businesses that can easily afford such high ad cost because of the long term value to potential buyers.

For example, the services and products with a very high price tag, usually go for most expensive keywords in Google Adwords.

Now as you know the system, let me share the top 25 most expensive keywords in Google Adwords. This infographic is produced by WordStream.

Now you see the most expensive keywords are:
The 25 Most Expensive Adwords Keywords of 2017 ( Why they are so $$$ Expensive?): eAskme

  1. Google AdWords: Rate $30.06/Click
  2. Hair Transplant: Rate $31.37/Click
  3. Banking: Rate $31.43/Click
  4. Online Gambling: Rate $32.84/Click
  5. Mortgages: Rate $36.76/Click
  6. Pest Control: Rate $38.84/Click
  7. Termites: Rate $38.88/Click
  8. Plumber: Rate $39.19/Click
  9. Loans: Rate $40.69/Click
  10. Medical Needs: Rate $40.73/Click
  11. Business Software: Rate $41.12/Click
  12. HVAC: Rate $41.24/Click
  13. Timeshare: Rate $42.13/Click
  14. Psychic: Rate $43.78/Click
  15. Rehab: Rate $46.14/Click
  16. Medical Coding Services: Rate $46.84/Click
  17. Degree: Rate $47.36/Click
  18. Cleanup & Restoration Services: Rate $47.61/Click
  19. Cash Services & Payday Loans: Rate $48.18/Click
  20. Insurance: Rate $48.41/Click
  21. Asset Management: Rate $49.86/Click
  22. Lawyer: Rate $54.86/Click
  23. Casino: Rate $55.48/Click
  24. Bail Bonds: Rate $58.48/Click
  25. Business Services: Rate $58.64/Click
So you see these are the 25 Most Expensive Google Keywords of 2018.

Now let`s see the reason why are these keywords so expensive?

1) Lifetime value of Customer or High New customer value

You will find the high CPC rate because of the lifetime value of the potential customer or the high new customer value.

There are niches where the ROI is high and so does the cost of product and service.

Insurance and Business services are the categories where you will see high CPC and high conversion rates.

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Big businesses can easily invest on highly expensive keywords.

But what if you are running a small business?

Small business owners always focus on optimizing keywords with low CPC to get maximum profit.

Their strategy includes:
  • Geotargeting
  • Call tracking
  • Landing pages and Emotional ads
  • Media campaigns

2) Urgent issues that need fast resolution:

You will also find the super expensive keywords for the categories where people are desperate to buy services or products.

For example termites, rehab, bail bonds etc are the issues where buyers need fast resolution and can even pay the big amount.

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So not you know about the most expensive Google Adwords keywords of 2018.

Do share how you plan to optimize your keywords? What is the best keyword strategy you use? How do you find the most profitable keywords?

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Mistakes That Invite Google to Punish Your Blog or Site

If you are a blogger then you probably understand the importance of ranking high in Google search. Google is the giant search engine and you do not want to lose your Google search ranking or do something that will invite Google to punish your blogs.

No matter you are a newbie or established blogger, when it comes to be professional there are things that every single blogger should take care of.

When working on a blog, it is really necessary to work according to the search engine rules or I can say work according to Google policies.

You may have heard about Google updates that Google runs every year to analyze the quality of blogs to make the high quality content rank higher and low quality content fall in doom.

Mistakes That Invite Google to Punish Your Blog or Site: eAskme
Mistakes That Invite Google to Punish Your Blog or Site: eAskme
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Do you want to lose your Google search ranking?


That means you should read this article carefully to understand what are the mistakes that invite Google to punish your blog?

Google can remove your content from Google search results or in worse cases ban your site from Google search.

Mistakes That Invite Google to Punish Your Blog or Site

Mistakes That Invite Google to Punish Your Blog or Site: eAskme

Let`s see what are the mistakes that you are making which can cause a Google penalty on your blog.

1) Duplicate content:

If you are a newbie then you may not aware about that duplicate content can not only cause you DMCA penalty but also make the Google hit your site really hard. Duplicate content is an invitation to Google to punish your blog content.

 If you are running a blog on Blogger, then Google may completely remove your blog from their platform and you can do nothing about it or it can simply downgrade your search ranking.

If you have blog on self hosted platform such as WordPress, then you may not lose the blog, but you still get penalized on your Google search ranking.

Remember: No content is much better than duplicate content.

If you do not know that your blog has duplicate content or not, then you can check it on copy content checker tools.

2) Keyword Stuffing:

Are you thinking that by adding the main keyword multiple times will help you rank higher in Google search?

If yes, then I must say “OMG”.

Keywords are important.

But, keyword stuffing is the big reason why most of the sites get penalized by Google algorithms. There is no doubt that keyword helps you to attract target reader.

But, when you overdo it, you are just inviting Google bots to find out about your evil skills and beat your blog down to the end of the list.

Tip: If you want to use the keyword multiple times in your blog, then first increase the word count and also use LSI keywords to make things natural.

You can use keyword density checker tools to analyze the keyword density on your article.

3) Poor or spammy backlink profile:

Now you may ask what is the poor or spammy backlink profile?

In simple words, if you are getting tons of backlinks from poor quality or think resources then you are making a big mistake which will lead your blog to a Google penalty.

Are you doing following things just for the sake of backlinks:
  1.  Blog commenting
  2.  Forum posting
  3.  Directory submissions
If you are doing such things that mean, you are showing the true color of your backlink strategy to Google. Once Google will find out, it will make you cry for your mistakes.

I am not saying that you should not comment on blog.

Actually you should, but spam commenting tells your story.

Remember: When commenting on a blog always think about adding value, not just about backlinks.
Also manage the dofollow and nofollow ratio of your backlinks.

There are people who think that only paid links invite penalty.

Let me tell you that any kind of link which is spammy or of no value is enough to invite Google to punish your blog or website.

Here I have: Free Best Online Backlink Checker Tools for you to check your backlink profile.
  • How to improve backlink profile:

  • Use Google disavow tool for spammy backlinks.

  • Ask the webmaster to remove your link

  • Focus on getting links from high quality sites.

  • Only buy backlinks from high quality sites with permanent nature.

4) Hacked or malicious code:

If your blog or site is hacked or you have some kind of malicious code on your blog then you will easily fall in the hands of Google algorithm updates.

It is your job to keep your website secure.

If you are not sure that your site has some malicious code or not, then you can check it on Sucuri SiteCheck. It is a Free Website Malware Scanner.

5) Misusing the anchor text:

Do you think that using the same anchor text everywhere will help to improve your search engine ranking?

If yes then I say “NO”.

If you are doing so, that means you are telling Google that you are in black hat SEO and it should punish you.

For God`s sake stop doing it.

Be genuine and only used the anchor tag which is necessary. You can use LSI keywords in anchor tags to link the same article multiple times.

6) Too Many Ads:

I know you want to make money blogging, but do you think that adding too many ads make the user click on them.

Hell no.

If you are using too many ads, that means you are actually forcing the ads on the reader.

Stop doing it right now.

Only show relevant ads or use Google Adsense Heatmap to plan where you should show ads.

Though Google has removed the limit of showing ads per page, still the best practice is to show 3 ads on a page.

You can also use affiliate marketing to boost your earning.

7) High Bounce Rate:

How do you find out that your readers are interested in what you are writing or not?

The easiest way is to look at your bounce rate.

High bounce rate means that readers close your blog too early as they do not find the content relevant or they are fed up watching the same thing everywhere.

High bounce rate tells that you need to work hard to please your readers.

If you cannot make your readers happy then how can you make Google happy?

Google is all about quality and value.

If you are not delivering it that means Google don`t want you to be on first place.

I always say that focus more on your readers than SEO.

Bring quality and uniqueness to your content.

8) Blog/Site optimization:

If I visit your site or blog and see that I can’t navigate easily or the website is too slow, do you think I will ever visit your site again.

90% times I will not.


Because I don`t have time to waste looking at highly unmanaged site. That means you are giving me bad user experience.

When I say bad user experience that means at any point of time Google is going to knock the door down and hit your blog harder.

Save your blog from disaster.

Optimized your site not just for SEO, but also optimize design, make it responsive and improve site speed.

Here I have something for you that will help you to optimize your blog:
Now you know, what are the 8 mistakes that invite Google to punish your blog?

Also remember: Don’t be afraid of Google algorithms. Google is your friend. Just don`t cheat him and add value to user.

Do you have any question; feel free to ask me via comments.

What do you know about Google algorithms? Has your site ever penalized by Google? How you have fixed that?

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How to Get Your Local Business on Google

Online visibility is very important if you want to maintain growth for your local business both online and offline. In order to be seen by your target audience online, you should make your website optimized for search engines, particularly Google. Now more than ever, your priority should be to get your local business on Google to maximize your online presence. Here are some steps on how to get started.

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How to Get Your Local Business on Google : eAskme
How to Get Your Local Business on Google : eAskme
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Create a Google My Business Page

You should start by creating Google My Businesspage to get your business listed on Google. Even if you are already advertising on Google, you must claim a Google My Business page and maintain it with up to date information. This page will provide searchers with an easy way to find your business information on Search, Google+ and Maps. Google My Business is free and easily manageable. It also gives you the power to present your local business as positively as you want.

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Build High Quality, NAP Consistent Local Citations

Citations on niche directories and business directories such as the Yellow Pages and Yelpcan make a significant difference in terms of search engine rankings and business visibility. A business citation is any mention of its name, address and phone number on other web pages. Citations are credible information sources about your business, which increase the confidence that search engines will have on your business. The more citations from quality sources that Google sees on the web, the higher they will rank your Google My Business listing in the local search results pages.

The typical format of a citation is Name, Address and Phone, thus the acronym, NAP. Most NAPs have backlinks to your website. Having NAP consistent citations is crucial because your business can shift locations or change the website URL at any time. It can also shut down a specific store or modify its NAP. Your online visibility, therefore, can suffer if you forget to correct existing listings, such as managing duplicates, updating out of date information, and so on.

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The number of citations will be useless in increasing visibility if they are of a poor-quality standard. It is important that you build quality citations which are authoritative, accurate and NAP consistent.

NAP consistent citations can be particularly helpful if your local business does not have a website. Google can crawl the internet to find your business using NAP. If your business deals in a less popular niche, therefore, the popular ones will not be allowed to overrun it.

Ensure the Accuracy of Your Location Targeting

You should ensure that your target area is neither too small nor too big. A brick and mortar business specifically needs a happy medium to entice customers to travel to buy your products, regardless of distance. You can do so with the Advanced Search feature in AdWords, which will help you target a specific radius. You should ensure that your business is consistently and accurately recognized and represented across signage, online platforms and stationery by making sure your local business address is precise and accurate.

Make Contact Information Prevalent with Location and Call Extensions

You can extend the presence of ads using relevant advertisement extensions in AdWords. The extensions can also help you to motivate your leads to visit because of the easy accessibility of your location and phone number. You can also utilize other ad extensions, such as Callout and Site link to draw attention to discounts and special offers. Adding location extensions is possible by linking Google My Business and AdWords accounts. A prompt typically appears on AdWords to enable you carry out the link.

Create Call-Only Campaigns

There is a huge potential in using AdWords in the online advertising strategy of your local business. However, Call-only Campaigns is one of the latest features by Google and is more suitable for a local business, and it capitalizes on AdWords. Potential customers can use phone calls to make reservations or make enquiries about a product. Call-only Campaigns are targeted for mobile devices, in which online visitors search and call, without having to go through a landing page barrier. Calls produce more business leads than website clicks.

You can use the tips above to get your local business prominently visible on Google. Creating local citations can be a tedious and boring task, however it’s essential that you don’t overlook them if you want to see real results. If you don’t have the time to create local citations, rather than putting it off, I would highly recommend outsourcing this task to a high-quality local citation building service like that offered by Linkredible. You can also capitalize on their team of experts to find the most appropriate citation sources for your business too. A quality local citation building service can help to clean your citations to ensure NAP consistency and compliance with Google’s quality guidelines, which will guarantee high visibility.

Local businesses are facing great physical and online competition. Therefore, they must remain competitive by taking advantage of all the available resources at their disposal. Your business can benefit from getting your local business on Google. You can outsource this task to a professional service to ensure you maximize this potential.

About Brian Morrison

Brian Morrison is the founder and chief editor of SEMinds, a search engine optimization blog run by smart SEO and SEM experts.
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Effortless Searching on Smartphones with Google’s Very Own ‘Shortcuts’

Google is once again hitting the news headlines thanks to its path breaking feature that was launched this Tuesday. With the objective of making the search for your recommendations and answers on smartphones much easier, Google has come up with its new feature called the ‘shortcuts’. Now you no longer need to think about the questions to ask Google’s search engine. Google’s novel feature called ‘shortcuts’ would be appearing as just a single row of icons just below Google’s search box.

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Effortless Searching on Smartphones with Google’s Very Own ‘Shortcuts’ : eAskme
Effortless Searching on Smartphones with Google’s Very Own ‘Shortcuts’ : eAskme
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Now you would no longer be required to think and then speak out or type any request. The new feature ‘shortcuts’ would be letting you tap specific icons for getting the weather updates, latest sports scores, movie show times, restaurant recommendations etc. The ‘shortcuts’ appeared as Google app updates on Tuesday, 22nd March 2017 for Android Phones, iPhone and even its mobile website.

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The Android app includes different tools like a language translator, currency converter and even an ATM locator that could also be summoned with a simple tap. The special Android tools are expected to make it eventually to the iPhone but Google is still not sure about the exact date when. This novel feature called ‘shortcuts’ is supposed to be Google’s giant leap forward in its quest for transforming its search engine into the secondary brain which would be intuitively anticipating people’s desires and needs.

Google wanted to make it really simpler for you to get recommendations and answers on smartphones without even thinking about what all to ask Google’s search engine. Google’s search engine garners these insights simply by an analysis of all your past requests and when allowed by you, Google tracks your location to get the insights. To know more visit our site Sand Crest

The Knowledge Amassed

Based on the accurate knowledge that has been gathered by Google already, its new feature could effectively recommend nearby restaurants that serve the food that you have a fascination for and even list your favorite football team. ‘Shortcuts’ would also be demonstrating the smart way Google’s search engine is known to have adapted to its audience. As over 50% of Google’s search engine requests come from the smartphones, this California-based organization has actually adapted all its services primarily to the relatively smaller screens, apps, and touch keyboards, instead of websites.

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Earlier, Google had tweaked its own search engine for answering several requests with accurate factual summaries that were displayed right on top of the SERP. This was a welcome departure from displaying only the usual list of links leading to other websites. Moreover, voice-recognition technology would be allowing you to tell your request directly into a phone rather than typing it.

The transition has actually gone well and if statistics were to be believed, Google’s revenue got boosted by about 20 % last year and reached US$89 billion driven by digital advertisements on Gmail, YouTube and Google’s own search engine. Even though ‘shortcuts’ are not designed to display advertisements once you tap them; typically, Google is in the habit of selling marketing space every time any of its feature or service gains popularity.
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50+ Best Google Queries for Finding Guest Posting and Content Syndication Opportunities in 2018

Don`t you want to grow your blog?

You should understand that the more your blog grow the more money you can make but how you can do it.

You can`t grow your blog in 2018 without connecting with professional sites and without social media presence.

Guest posting and content syndication are the best ways to grab more eyeballs on your blog and get extra benefits such as blogger outreach, more sharing, more leads, more sales and make more money.

50+ Best Google Queries for Finding Guest Posting and Content Syndication Opportunities in 2018: eAskme
50+ Best Google Queries for Finding Guest Posting and Content Syndication Opportunities in 2018: eAskme

If you are a regular reader of eAskme, then you know that I have already shared a list of some popular blogs accepting guest posts and also the list of best content syndication tools.

Ohh, Are you new to Guest Posting and Content Syndication?

Don`t worry let me tell you what I am talking about:

What is Guest Posting 

Guest posting is all about being guest for other blogs. There are huge benefits of guest posting. In this you create and publish content on blogs or another person. This is a really good way to expand bloggers outreach and good for brand awareness also.

What is Content Syndication?

Content syndication is not about creating something unique, it is just the process of pushing your very own blog posts or I can say text, audio and video content to some other third party websites as a snippet, link or thumbnail and sometimes even as full article.

So now you understand what Guest Posting and Content syndication is, let`s move forward.

As I said that You and me we all need to grow more, so that means we need to build more and more connection and also expand the reach of our content.

Keeping those things in mind, I am sharing 50+ best Google Queries for you to Find Guest posting and content syndication opportunities.

If you are new to content syndication check this guide:

50+ Best Google Queries for Finding Guest Posting and Content Syndication Opportunities 

1.       “Add Articles”

2.       “Add Content”

3.       “Submit Article”

4.       “Submit Post”

5.       “Add Guest Post”

6.       “Bloggers Wanted”

7.       “Guest Bloggers Wanted”

8.       “Guest Post”

9.       “Guest Posts Roundup”

10.   “Guest Blogging Spot”

11.   “Write for Us”

12.   “Submit a Guest Post”

13.   “Submit Guest Post”

14.   “Become a Guest Blogger”

15.   “Submit a Guest Article”

16.   “Guest Post Guidelines”

17.   “Guest Bloggers Wanted”

18.   “Submit an Article”

19.   “Group Writing Project”

20.   “Want to Write for”

21.   “Blogs that Accept Guest Posts”

22.   “Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging”

23.   “Blogs that Accept Guest Bloggers”

24.   “Blogs Accepting Guest Posts”

25.   “Become a Contributor”

26.   “Contribute”

27.   “Submit Design News”

28.   “Submit News”

29.   “Community News”

30.   “Submit Tutorial”

31.   “Submit Blog Post”

32.   “Suggest a Post”

33.   “Suggest a Guest Post”

34.   “Become an Author”

35.   “Contribute to our Site”

36.   “Become a Contributor”

37.   “Become a Guest Writer”

38.   “Places I Guest Posted”

39.   “My Guest Posts"

40.   “Publish Your News”

41.   “Submission Guidelines”

42.   “Guest post by”

43.   “This guest post was written”

44.   “Guest Contributor”

45.   “This guest post is from”

46.   “This is a guest article”

47.   “Now Accepting Guest Posts"

48.   inurl:guest-posts

49.   “The following guest post”

50.   inurl:write-for-us

51.   inurl:guest-post-guidelines

52.   inurl:profiles/blog/new

So you see in this list of best Google queries for guest posting and content syndication opportunities you will find contribute article, submit article, guest posting etc.

Why use best Google Queries to find Guest Posting and Content Syndication Opportunities?

You may ask that why you should do search when there are list available on various blogs.

Answer is simple. Every day new and new blogs are lunching, you never know which blog is ranking high in search and also gives you opportunity to share the content and get published.
Using these queries will help you to easily find the high ranking blogs and sites which are also offering content syndication and guest posting opportunities.

So now you have these Google Queries and I believe you will use them wisely and improve your blog exposure to gain more traffic and also to generate more leads.

If you stil have any question feel free to ask me. Don`t forget to share what you like here.

Do share which queries you use? How you find guest posting and content syndication opportunities?
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Official Google AdSense App for iOS

These are the days of smartphones and smart apps. Every online business and compaies want to get more and more reach to your android phones using their apps. Apps make it easy to access. Adsense if one of the popular product of Google and Google want you to access from your smartphone using iOS app. There was no official app for Adsense till now. But Google has released it very own official Adsense ioS app.
Official Google AdSense App for iOS : eAskme
Official Google AdSense App for iOS : eAskme
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AdSense app for iOS is compatible with iPhones 3G, iPhone 4s, iPod touch (4th generation), iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPhone 5, iPod touch (5th generation) etc. TO get this app from IOS store you need to have iOS6+.  If you are also one of those who love to check their online income everyday then this app is really good for you.

This apps come with most interesting features such as:

  •     Top Ad units
  •     Top channels
  •     Top sites
  •     Top URL Channels
Still this app do not have any option to configure Adsense settings. You can even use this app to switch between multiple adsense accounts.

This app is good to check last payment and payment hold options. Even if you do not have iPhone you can still check your adsense earning via If you don’t have official chrome AdSense extension. For Android users there is already an Adsense app for android that you can download it from here..

Adsense for iOS app is definitely a great addition from Google team. If you are using infolinks ads then you can also download Infolinks official iOS app.

    Get These :
    Apps that Enhance your Instagram Experience
    10 Most Popular iOS Apps You Can’t Get on Android

Are you already using official AdSense iOS app? do share what you think or like about it?

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Google Using Points To Boost User Reviews, Beef Up Maps Content

Google Using Points To Boost User Reviews, Beef Up Maps ContentIt was a few years back when Google has introduced City Experts. It was intended to make the acquisition process faster of local business reviews with high quality. Google has changed the name of this program to Local Guides this year.
Google Using Points To Boost User Reviews, Beef Up Maps Content : eAskme
Google Using Points To Boost User Reviews, Beef Up Maps Content : eAskme
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Originally this program offer rewards to those who submit reviews. After every 50 reviews members get invitation from Google+ community to latest local events. But there were quality guidelines that reviews must meet before getting accepted.

With the removal of Google+ mandate and the renaming of this award program, Google has also renewed its incentive program. Now Google is more focused on broading the participation of reviewers and also the type of content they are collecting.

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Lets see the Latest levels and point system of Google to boost user reviews:

Google Using Points To Boost User Reviews, Beef Up Maps Content : eAskme

Local guides point totals

Now you see that this program helps you earn points by various methods. You not only earn points by just contributing more reviews. Google also declared that they allow you to can earn points and level up by not only writing reviews but also by answering simple questions, uploading photos, fixing outdated information and adding new places. Every single contribution will help you gain more points.

Google not only expanding Local Guides to only to provide reviews, trips or photos but also to fix and flag any inaccurate or incomplete information to fix.

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AdSense Matched Content Guide : Everything that You Need to Know

AdSense Matched Content Guide : Everything that You Need to KnowIf you are reading blogs or visited sites then you may have seen the recommended articles after every post on a blog. But have you ever thought of monetizing recommended articles section?

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AdSense Matched Content Guide : eAskme
AdSense Matched Content Guide : eAskme
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This is a new and easy way to monetize your blog.  Native ad networks like Outbrain is growing because Publishers and advertisers both like it.   So today I am sharing a complete guide about Adsense matched content ad feature.

What is AdSense Matched Content and How to make make money from it?

AdSense matched content is same as related posts. It a recommendation tool that is absolutely free and it will also help you add related posts.

But here is another "BUT", Matched content is not available for everyone. Currently it is only available for selected AdSense publishers. See what Google say about Matched Content feature:

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Now lets see how you can check if your website is eligible for matched content ad type or not.

The reason I am calling it ad unit is because soon adsense will let you show ads in You might be wondering why I’m calling it as an ad type when it’s just a free content recommendation tool. A reason being is, this started as a recommendation tool, but soon AdSense will let you show ads in matched content.

Lets see the official metrics:
AdSense Matched Content – Complete Guide

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I personally believe that soon new matched content ad type will outperform other banner ads. This is a free tool, see if you are eligible and try it.

Example of recommended article would appear:
AdSense Matched Content – Complete Guide

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Things you should know about AdSense Matched Content ad recommendation tool:
  •     Your site need to be eligible.
  •     Free from existing ad limit
  •     Supports web, tablet and mobile.

How to Check if your website is eligible for AdSense Matched Content type or not?

  •     Login to AdSense account.
  •     Click on Gear icon
  •     Select settings.
  •     Click on Site management.
  •     You will see list of your sites and you might see “Matched content” column like this below
AdSense Matched Content – Complete Guide

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Click on "Matched Content" to check if your site status is approved or not.

If you one of those lucky publishers who have matched content approved for your site, the next thing is to create new ad.
  •     Select “Matched content” in the ad type. 
  •     Place the ads below blog post.
  •     Use atleast one image in every blog post.

Final words:

It will take some time before matched content ad type will be available for everyone. AdSense is experimenting it for the first time and this will definitely add a new revenue stream.

Usually viral sites make huge money using this type of ads. The best thing with AdSense is quality measures. So now you understand what is the matched content ad type and how to use it. 

For now, do share you are eligible for Matched content AdSense ads or not? do share your initial experience.

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Adsense Guide : How to Use Adsense
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Increase Your AdSense Income From Existing Traffic

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