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How to Launch a Product the Fast Way

The modern market works very fast and newcomers who don’t pay attention to important trends tend to get swept away by the currents before they’ve even had a chance to realize what was going on.

Launching a product of any kind can be a challenging experience if you’re not adequately prepared for it, and even those who’ve already done it multiple times tend to get nervous the closer they move to the big day.

Launching a Product the Fast Way: eAskme
Launching a Product the Fast Way: eAskme

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The truth is, you can never guarantee that a product will end up successful – but there’s still a lot you can do to maximize your chances.

Market Studies Should Be Finished Before Product Development Even Starts

Working on a product should be done with some clear expectations for how it’s going to perform once it’s released. You should leave nothing to chance, and never invest effort and resources into a project just based on a “hunch” that it’s going to be successful.

Considering how many tools you have available to study the market in depth and make an informed decision nowadays, you have absolutely no excuse for launching a product that doesn’t fill a specific, necessary niche.

It’s okay to experiment with crazy ideas when you don’t invest too much in them, but your big launches should always be the result of meticulous market studies.

Machine learning and AI can be incredibly helpful in guiding you to the right decision here too, so don’t disregard the opportunities that lie in this area.

Even better, if you can integrate this technology into your regular workflow, this can be a complete game-changer.

Press Release and Promotional Materials

Make sure that you have everything that will be sought out by the press and customers ready and prepared well in advance.

From press release texts, to the product’s website, you must not only prepare all assets well in advance, but also double check them to ensure that everything is in a perfect condition before hitting the big button.

This can be challenging when you’re working with a design that keeps changing all the time before its release, but as long as you’ve teamed up with a professional studio, this should not be so problematic in the long run.

Some design agencies will specialize in a range of services, so you may be able to get their assistance with a number of your materials.

An example of this can be seen through Pelling Design who are a web and graphic design agency in Farnham, Surrey. Their services include web design, graphic design, digital print, branding and more. If you choose an agency such as this one, you can ensure your branding stays consistent and inline with your image.

Just make sure you communicate your ideas and intentions clearly, and if you notice any issues with the way the design is headed, communicate them early on instead of leaving them for the next meeting (or however your relationship is structured).

 It can end up very costly to change a major part of the design so late into its production.

Ongoing Promotion

The initial launch is one thing, but you’ll also want to make sure that you can keep your product in the spotlight after it’s been on the market for a while.

Social media campaigns are a great way to get a nice boost to your market performance with a relatively small investment, but if you want to push really hard, you should develop a more precisely targeted campaign that spans over several weeks or even months and covers multiple fronts.

The Internet makes it very easy to promote a product these days, and ensure that it’s exposed to as many people as possible that might potentially show some interest in it, but it can take some trial and error to use those tools properly and ensure that you’re not wasting your money.

As long as you have a good partner here though, it shouldn’t be a problematic part of your product’s development. In fact, for some people, this is actually one of the best times, as it allows them to put various modern technologies to good use.


Think about how you’re going to care for your customers in the long run as well. This might seem like a straightforward ordeal, but you’d be surprised how many companies make their major launches with very little consideration for their long-term support.

This can make or break a product in the eyes of savvy consumers, and for a good reason – nobody wants to buy something that will become useless once it breaks down or suffers a minor malfunction.

Investing in a proper support center can make a huge difference, although it can also be quite costly depending on the specific type of product you’re working with. But having at least some basic level of support is pretty much mandatory.

There are numerous details that you’ll have to cover before launching a product, but these are the most important points to consider if you want to get something out the door as fast as possible.

Once you’ve mastered these steps, iterating over your designs and bringing them to perfection should become quite easy, and you should eventually develop some skills in all those fields yourself, allowing you to handle those tasks at least partially.
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Five Ways to Improve User Identity Security

As the 21st century progresses, cybersecurity and identity verification are becoming ever more important industries, with companies investing millions of dollars each year in order to ensure they and their data are adequately protected from attacks over the internet.

Five Ways to Improve User Identity Security: eAskme
Five Ways to Improve User Identity Security: eAskme
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However the pace of development in cybersecurity rapidly proceeds, and alongside it cyber warfare, it’s very easy to be left vulnerable to attack by relying on half-effective or obsolete methods.

Good cybersecurity requires good practice in data management, and a robust set of security measures that can ensure that even if one safeguard fails you still have others to fall back on, or at least so that the damage of any breach can be contained.

Google Will No Longer “Trust” China’s Official Web Registrar

We’ve listed five simple methods you can use to help enhance your cybersecurity, thus protecting your company and its data.

Five Ways to Improve User Identity Security

Write Up a Clear, Defined Data Policy

Before you get started in beefing up cybersecurity, make sure you have a clear understanding of what needs to be done and why. Once this has been worked out, write it down on paper – or at least a Word document – and have it ready to be passed out to your workforce.

This allows you a clear and easily understood protocol regarding your systems and how you expect them to be used, which not only gives a clear framework for how to operate with your company’s data but also keeps your employees informed about it as well.

With a clear data policy, if you ever come under attack you already have a plan of action that can be followed, providing a quick and effective response.

Rigorous Password Protocols

Most companies will always look at passwords as being their first line of defense against any attack made upon their systems, as it is likely these measures that hackers will run against first.

However many employees are often lax in approaching their selection or protection of passwords. Expect highly unreliable passwords such as “password”, “guest”, or “12345”.

To better protect your systems enforce a strict policy with your employees’ passwords. Ensure they are required to change them around regularly – say one every two or three months – and that you take an active role in ensuring they’re of adequate strength.

Insist on minimum character numbers and character diversity. This can be a little tedious to do, but it results in much stronger security for your systems and greater peace of mind.

Be Restrictive in Who Can Access Data

It’s an old but effective policy. Data is on a strict need to know basis, and some members of your staff just do not need to know. As such, do not be afraid to be very choosy about who can and cannot access certain systems, and place appropriate blocks as necessary.

Ensure that employees are given differing data access of varying levels, with low-ranking employees given only as much as they need to complete day to day tasks.

If they require access to data they’re not usually privy to, then make sure there’s a clear authorization procedure.

This is essential to ensure you know who is accessing data and when. You can never be certain why your employees are accessing potentially sensitive systems and information, and for this reason it needs to be tightly controlled.

Further, if employees are illicitly accessing data they should not be, you have a clear digital paper trail to follow.

Back Up Your Data

The importance of backing up your data cannot be understated. No system is perfect, and any number of unforeseen events could result in your company’s data being in some way lost or compromised.
Depending on what’s effective, the ramifications on your company could be crippling.

Make sure you make regular backups of all company data, or at least the most critical segments if for whatever reason you have limited backup capability.

And that shouldn’t be a problem, as there are many sites that offer to back up data for free. Then make backups of these backups. And for good measure, make backups of them as well.
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Email Marketing in 2018: How to Stay Ahead

Despite the rise of social media, mobile devices, and live streaming video, email marketing is still as relevant as ever. It continues to top all other forms of marketing with an average ROI of 3,800%. Yes, you read that right, thirty-eight dollars back for every dollar you spend. As we move into 2018, it’s important to look closely at your email marketing

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Today we’ll look at some of the big trends coming in 2018 and how they alter the rules and approaches for email marketing. 
Email Marketing in 2017: How to Stay Ahead : eAskme
Email Marketing in 2018: How to Stay Ahead : eAskme
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3 Email Marketing Trends to Stay Ahead of in 2018

The key to staying ahead in any kind of marketing, is to understand and adapt to trends before they fully arrive. The hints are all there, but we need to look deeper to find out where email marketing is going, and how we can adapt now.

There are countless blogs and websites out there hosting blogs that predict the future. Today, I’m going to show you the three email marketing trends I’ve gathered to help you stay ahead of the curve in 2018.

1. Mobile Optimization in Emails

A study done by Litmus found that 56% of users prefer to read their emails on mobile devices. Furthermore, a whopping 42% of them will delete an email if it doesn’t display correctly. This means that your emails must consider mobile users more than ever before.

A mobile responsive template, such as a single column design, is a great option. Beyond the design, you should also consider the needs of mobile users. Your email’s subject line and body need to be straight to the point and easily digestible on-the-go.

2. Enhanced Personalization

What started as something simple, like using the customer’s first name, has expanded into highly personalized emails. As we move in 2018, the focus will be on utilize algorithms that can understand user behavior.

Let’s say you’re helping people find options for credit repair. Something like this requires a hyper-personalized touch, otherwise it comes across as disingenuous. Data like demographics, income, location, and other factors can help you understand someone’s situation and offer them solutions that work for their needs. By altering your message and tailoring it to the specific needs of your customer, your emails become far more enticing.

This also leverages the ability for emails to be seen. This kind of personalization simply cannot be accomplished on traditional channels like search or social media. After all, no one wants to be signaled out in front of everyone. Email offers a more personal approach to all types of marketing.

This also allows you to segment your list based on the needs of customers, or where they are in their relationship with your brand. For example, if you know someone has bought from you before, you can send them additional options. If they haven’t purchased yet, you can send them more information or links to your blog posts.

3. Merging Email and Social

Too often, marketing channels are treated like separate entities. This will no longer be the case in the coming years. Now, there are countless ways for them to interact with one another. Case and point: social media and email are a match made in heaven.

In this sense, one hand can wash the other if you put it together correctly. It all starts with adding social media buttons in your emails. It’s a simple, but crucial task. Giving people this option will encourage them to share your emails on social and increase your followers.

Complete the cycle by promoting your email newsletter on social media and direct people to sign up. You can offer incentives like a discount or exclusive content in exchange for their email. This creates a cycle of benefits where the two channels are feeding into each other.

Not only that, but research has shown that adding social sharing buttons to your emails can increase click-through rates by as much as 150%, which is incredible for something so simple.

Final Thoughts

Email is more important than ever before. It remains accessible and widely used on mobile devices, which makes it something you should be focusing on. By understanding these trends, you can make decisions today that will benefit your future.

How do you prepare for upcoming changes in email marketing? Let us know in the comments! 

Contributed By:
Sarah Watson is a social media marketer with over a decade of experience in the online world. She has learned what elements make the perfect posts and wants to share this knowledge with fellow marketers everywhere.
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How to Use the Internet and Your Car to Make More Money

With the holiday season upon us, the sounds and sights of the festive season leave everyone with a sense of joy in their hearts. That’s unless you are broke and don’t have any spare cash to enjoy yourself this silly season. 

If you don’t have any extra money, how will you buy presents for friends and family? How will you go out for a night on the town with your partner?

How to Use the Internet and Your Car to Make More Money: eAskme
How to Use the Internet and Your Car to Make More Money: eAskme

Being broke and down on your luck during this time of year can lead to severe bouts of depression, anxiety, and fear. None of these emotions describe the idea of the holiday season, and compounded by a feeling of financial desperation.

It’s time to take charge of your earning ability and use your spare time to increase your earnings. There are many different ways to earn a side-income. However, if you have a full-time occupation and very little time to spare during the working day, how can you find the time to take on a second job?

Driving for Uber is the financial solution that you have been looking for to help you earn more. Here is a quick guide on how driving for this ride-sharing app over the holiday season can earn you extra money that you can use to enjoy your festive season.

The Top 3 Benefits of Driving for Uber

#1 Total Control and Independence

Are you tired of taking verbal abuse from your boss? Does your current work environment do little to stimulate you? Take control of your income and your life by driving for Uber. Get out of the cubicle and behind the wheel of your car. You decide what hours you want to work and if you feel like taking a day off, there will be no-one to reprimand you.

For you: Time freedom

Driving for Uber gives you a level of flexibility that you cannot find with any other occupation. If you can only work after hours due to your day job, no problem. Uber drivers choose when and where they want to work, be your boss and create the lifestyle you deserve by driving for Uber.

#2 Earn Extra Income

We all want that extra income for the holiday season and Uber is the perfect opportunity to allow you to earn more this silly season. The festive season is a high-traffic time of year; Uber charges premium pricing on their ride-service during peak periods such as holidays, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing day, and over the new year’s festivities.

For you: Money Freedom

You can take advantage of this premium pricing surge and earn more than you expect by driving when others don’t want to.

#3 Meet New People and Create New Opportunities

You never know who will step into your car for an Uber lift. There are millions of people using the ride-sharing app every day. There is a chance that you may pick up someone that is impressed with your service and offers you a new job. Stay focused and friendly with all of your passengers, and you may be blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime.

Top 3 Tips for Driving for Uber

#1 Add Value to Your Service

As an Uber driver, you need to do something to separate yourself from the rest of the drivers. The best way to do this is by increasing your Uber service rating. Every client you collect will leave you a rating based on their experience. This rating will determine the success of your Uber business as people are inclined to choose lifts with drivers that have a high score.

Add value to your Uber service by keeping a power-bank in your car. Offer it to your client so that they can charge their device when they enter the vehicle. Keep a cooler in your car with cold bottles of water for your clients. Your passenger will be shocked when you offer them added benefits to their trip.

#2 Presentation is Everything

Dress to impress; your client will conclude their impression of you within three seconds of spotting you. If you are dressed well and smell fresh, then you can expect your client to view you as a professional and treat you like one.

#3 Don’t Accept Tips

Do you tip Uber drivers? This is a common question asked by passengers. Never accept a tip from a passenger. Doing so will violate Ubers terms of service and will possibly get your account suspended. Instead of asking for a gratuity, ask for a five-star review. Most passengers will gladly comply with your request, but you have to remember to ask!

In Closing

Driving for Uber this holiday season just makes good sense if you want to boost the numbers in your bank account. Call your local Uber office today and get started, you could be behind the wheel and earn your first fare before the end of the day!

Other unique ways to make money online;
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Getting the Message Across: Tips for Better Internet Communications

The success of your internet marketing campaigns relies on sending the right messages using the correct methods. Whether you’re utilizing social media or content marketing to reach the right target audience, the messages you send are just as important as the instruments you use to send them.

Getting the Message Across: Tips for Better Internet Communications: eAskme
Getting the Message Across: Tips for Better Internet Communications: eAskme

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Royalty Free Photo

By tweaking the messages you choose to publish online, the social media posts you use to promote those contents, and even the way you deliver the messages, you can communicate better with the audience. To help you get started, here are some of the best tips you can use right away.

Understand the Audience

Making the effort to understand the audience should always be a part of your internet marketing campaign. By understanding the audience, you can better understand how they communicate, the words they use when searching for information, and many other essential details that can be used for tweaking your key messages.

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If you are targeting a younger audience segment, for instance, you will find certain keywords and phrases to be more effective than generic words. Teens and younger internet users have their own language and unique words. Incorporate these words into your main messages, and your content will be even more relatable.

The approach also works in other situations. When targeting users in a particular area using local SEO, using keywords that the locals use often (i.e. auto insurance instead of car insurance) will boost the effectiveness of the entire campaign greatly.

The Right Delivery

The right message can be made even more effective with the help of the correct delivery method. Today’s internet users have shorter attention spans, giving your content just 8 seconds to capture the viewers’ attention before they move on to other posts or content. Effective delivery means taking advantage of that short attention span to grab the viewers’ attention.

 “Audio-visual communications work better online,” according to Daniel Jarret, Head of Visuals at Spiel Creative. “Visual elements, animations, and sound have better stopping power and will attract more of the audience’s attention.”

Jarrett attributes the rise of video marketing to the simple fact that the viewers enjoy video content more too. Instead of a long tutorial article, users are more interested in – and will consume more of – an attractive how-to video. Find better ways to deliver the same message and you’ll be able to grab more viewers too.

Consistency Over Quantity

A lot of internet marketers and business owners still make the mistake of pouring lots of resources into producing a lot of content. While quantity is great for traffic and growth, consistency is far more important.

Producing high quality content that users actually love and maintaining that level of quality throughout the campaign is the way to go. On top of that, viewers appreciate consistency of content delivery more and more these days. Knowing that a new YouTube video is posted every Thursday, for example, is considered more valuable in the eyes of the audience.

All of these tips are easy to implement, but they are very effective in helping you communicate better online. The better you can get the messages across, the sooner you will have a relationship with the audience; the rest is easy from there.
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Support Digital India : Gaurav Kumar and Mark Zukerberg

Mark Zuckerberg and Gaurav Kumar changes his profile picture to support 'Digital India'
Support Digital India : Gaurav Kumar and Mark Zukerberg : eAskme
Support Digital India : Gaurav Kumar and Mark Zukerberg : eAskme
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and eAskme CEO Gaurav Kumar has changed their Facebook profile photos ahead of FB founder townhall interaction with Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi.

Showing their support for the Indian Prime Minister's initiative "Digital India", Zuckerberg wrote in a post on FB: "I changed my profile picture to support Digital India, the Indian government's effort to connect rural communities to the Internet and give people access to more services online. Looking forward to discussing this with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Facebook today."

Gaurav kumar wrote in a post on Facebook "I changed my profile picture to support Digital India and the efforts of the Indian government to connect rural communities to the Internet world and give every single person access to many more services online. Looking forward to see the discussion with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Facebook today."

PM Narendra Modi has also changed his own profile picture on the Facebook to show his initiative to support Digital India.

If you also support Digital India., then you should also show your support by changing your DP.

How to Support Digital India and Change your DP to Support Digital India:

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Clink on this link
  • It will show you your own DP in transparent tricolor
  • Click on "Use as Profile Picture"
Support Digital India : Gaurav Kumar and Mark Zukerberg : eAskme

  • Your DP will change to support Digital India.

Indian prime Minister is going to visit Silicon Valley in California with meetings with top CEOs including Facebook`s Marck Zuckerberg, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Apple's Chief Tim Cook.

If you ahve any question or suggestion for Digital India, feel free to say via comments. Don`t forget to like us on FB and subscribe eAskme newsletter to stay tuned with us.
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Mobile-Only Internet Users Surpass Desktop-Only Users For First Time Ever

Recent reports from ComScore reveals that it is the first time when the total amount of users who use the Internet on mobile devices has exceeded the total amount of users who use desktop devices.

Mobile-Only Internet Users Surpass Desktop-Only Users For First Time Ever : eAskme
Mobile-Only Internet Users Surpass Desktop-Only Users For First Time Ever : eAskme
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But this dosen`t mean that mobile users access Internet frequently, but this reports shows users who exclusively use one type of device. This report shows that there is a crossover from people who use both devices.

This is a big and significant milestone. It represents how mobile market is growing and also paints a picture about how mobile users will continue to grow in the future.
Mobile-Only Internet Users Surpass Desktop-Only Users For First Time Ever : eAskme

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This report shows the decline in popularity of desktop devices and rise of mobile phone users.

In 2014, the total amount of desktop-only users was 19.1%, and this year it is 10.6% this year. In 2014, total amount of mobile-only users was 10.8%, this year it is 11.3% this year. It is clear that desktop-only number of users is declining faster than the rise of mobile-only users.

It shows how mobile devices are becoming more and more popular among world population.

Still it does not underscore the importance of desktop computing:
Mobile-Only Internet Users Surpass Desktop-Only Users For First Time Ever
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there is no doubt that desktop computers are not going anywhere, and for Internet people are relying more on desktops as primary Internet-connected device.
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Top Tech Trends of Google for 2018

We always look for top tech trends, as people love to read about the. Google has introduced a list of top tech trends for 2018. These are based on information gathered by analyzing search data of users. So let`s see what Google say about these top tech trends for 2018.

Top Tech Trends of Google for 2017 : eAskme
Top Tech Trends of Google for 2018 : eAskme
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Top Tech Trends of Google for 2018 :

“Connected Life Platforms” :

Google has created this phrase "Connected life platforms" for devices which represent “Internet of things”, and these devices connect to each other.
  •     Internet of Things searches grew 2.5 times.
  •     Wearable tech searches grew 3 times.
  •     Smart light-bulbs searches are up 36%.
  •     Prediction is that 4.9 billions "connected things" will be in use worldwide in 2018.

What is here for marketers:

Connected devices will create more data, which is better for user experience, according to Google. You can also use data-driven insights.

Mobile Is everything

Smartphones are growing every second and they become the hub for all connected devices. Smarphones use data about you and create more personalized experiences.

Google has a good word for this “The Internet of Me”:
  •     1.3B smartphones have shipped worldwide
  •     An average usage of smartphone is 151 minutes per day
  •     1 in 5 searches are related to location
  •     “Nearby” searches have grown 5x since 2011
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What is here for marketers:

With this Google has made it clear that to give better user experience brands should focus on their presence on smartphones. Add location do local SEO.

Increased Access To Information

With Internet everyone has easy access to information, services and entertainment whenever they want.

Google shows following data:
  •     Drones are becoming popular.
  •     Drones searches grew up 2.6 times
  •     “Same day delivery” searches grew up 2 times.
  •     Google app getting 30 times more queries by voice.

What is here for marketers:

Everyone want to get what they want whenever they want it. Improve your service with 24/7 customer support or any other services.

So these are the top tech trends for 2018 according to Google. Not only marketers but bloggers should also focus on these things. This will help you to grow your business in 2018.

If you do have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask in comments. Don`t forget to like us on Facebook and subscribe eAskme newsletter to get updates.
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An Interview with Jeffrey Romano from

Today we are going to publish second interview on It was great experience to get to know about Jeffrey Romano from

An Interview with Jeffrey Romano : eAskme
An Interview with Jeffrey Romano : eAskme
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Who are you?

My name is Jeffrey Romano and I blog at WP Lighthouse, which helps bloggers and online entrepreneurs protect and grow their website online. I also work as a marketing manager with an online accounting software startup, as well as a consultant for a few personal clients.

Online Marketing has been my passion for the last five years, though whereas I used to work mostly on other people’s projects, lately I have started focusing more on WP Lighthouse, which I plan to grow into a substantial business.

When and How you have started first blog? 

Although I have been doing corporate blogging and ghost writing on and off for the past five years, I consider WP Lighthouse as the first blog that is truly mine.

Originally I started the blog in late July, but my blogging was haphazard. I have now settled into a weekly routine. As a result, my traffic is increasing, as are my email subscribers.

Why you choose blogging as career? 

One of the best things about blogging is that it allows you to express your creativity. I love writing and I love helping others with their online marketing. So combining these two really created a dream job for me.

Another fantastic thing about blogging is that your success is entirely dependent on yourself. The roadmap to creating a successful blog is there for everyone to see, and so it’s just a matter of actually doing the work. If you succeed, it can be quite rewarding in many ways too.

Share your Blogging Journey? 

My blogging journey is still in its infancy. However, I can say that I plan to increase my blogging activity with weekly posts and I want to do more guest posts. I've already started guest blogging. One of my posts has been published on WP Mayor, which gets 100,000 visitors per month. I have also had a post be featured by Search Engine Land.

One other thing that I’m planning to do is be active in more Internet Marketing forums. I think this is very important if one wants to succeed in this competitive niche. The relationships you build will strongly affect your success as a blogger.

In the future, I'll also have to focus on ways of how to monetize my blog, though I'm not really worried about that for the moment. My primary priority is building up myself as a blogger who offers real value to his readers and subscribers. When I'm more established I can monetize through many ways, such as building my own products, offering training, offering consulting (which I already do), do affiliate marketing, or I could just focus on advertising on my website.

I'm sure there will be many challenges along the way but I'm living my dream and I'm determined to make this work.

What is the best way to make money blogging? 

I don’t think there is one best way to make money blogging. There are many ways to make money from a blog. One can do affiliate marketing, earn money from banner ads, carry out native advertising, sell one’s own products, and more.

I think it is important that the blogger enjoys his/her business and not everyone is cut out for every type of work. For example, some bloggers don’t enjoy product creation and so it’s perfectly fine for them to focus on affiliate marketing instead.

What is your message for other bloggers? 

My message to other bloggers is to commit yourselves, create a detailed yet flexible plan, and then follow through on it. Taking action is very important.

In the beginning, things won’t be perfect and that is why you must have an attitude of improving with every blog post published. When you’d have published a good number of posts and you’re attracting several thousand visitors each month, then you know that you are unto something good.

It was a great experience to publish interview with Jefferey Romano. Don`t forget to like our Facebook page and subscribe our newsletter to get updates.
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WeChat : Best WhatsApp Alternative

Now a days using free apps  for sms is becoming a trend like Viber, BBM, iMessage, Whatsapp for connecting with friends. This also help you lowering down bills and also help making interactions more meaningful and interactive. Whatsapp is the most popular app of these all apps. But now WeChat is catching up attention.
WeChat : Best WhatsApp Alternative : eAskme
WeChat : Best WhatsApp Alternative : eAskme
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Now we discuss about features of Wechat  and what making it popular whatsapp alternative. Whatsapp was introduced in 2009 and has been favorite of millions of people. But after some time every good thing come to change, as it is not free after a year. WeChat is start raising its heap  when Whatsapp has established itself.

Whtasapp has been criticized a lot for privacy issues and lack of features compared to We Chat.

We Chat Web client:

WeChat support most of the android devices. We Chat also allow you to chat with friends on desktop browser also. Where Whatsapp client is available for selected android devices. Whatsapp lacking a web app.

All we need to do is open WeChat in web client and scan QR code when you open and you are good. So we see whatsapp is falling in short in device support.

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Whatsapp Vs. WeChat app: Privacy issues

According to Heise Security, a leader in online security has given a statement on the privacy on Whatsapp as follows:

    “In tests, Heise Security found that, with the help of WhatsAPI, the PHP-based WhatsApp API, it was possible to take over both Android and iOS WhatsApp user accounts. And doing so was shockingly easy. All attackers have to do is to enter the phone number and MAC address or IMEI into a script and they are then able to send whatever messages they like from the compromised account. The sender is reported as the compromised user’s phone number.

    The script also offers a conversation mode which allowed heise Security to both send and receive messages. Sent messages are not visible on the account owner’s phone and, as long as the script is running, neither are the responses received.”

It is also reported by The Wired that Whatsapp has breached privacy rules and store user details.

As Facebook has acquired Whatsapp in a $19 Billion deal, so privacy on Whatsapp is have more questioning than ever.

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We Chat – Full on features

You can easily activate and deactivate any feature with just one click. You can also disable social add-ons easily.

By using social addons, users who are not in your contact list will nto see your number. If you want to chat and don`t show your number you can use WeChat ID.

Best WhatsApp Alternative:

Group messaging:

On Whatspp your group restricted to just 30 numbers but on WeChat you can add 40 members in group chat. You can start group chat with QR codes and email 40 friends to join. It also have emotions and stickers.

Video chat:

Wechat also support videos calls where Whatsapp do not support video calls. It also support live chat like Google Hangout.

Speak your heart out:

You can also get rid of typing messages by pressing "Hold to Talk" button and record your message and sent it.  Don`t confuse it as voice search. Your message goes voice message.


We all love talking with emoticons. We all like it. Virtual expression say many words easily and express feelings. We also like Whatsapp emoticons but here you can take image and use it as your emoticons.

Social network integration:

WeChat is just not another IM, it is much more then that. It is an awesome social tool. It allow you to integrate social network and you can link your Facebook profiles.

Share with the world:

We share videos and images easily with whatsapp but WeChat it two steps better than it. It allow you not only to share with friends but you can share with anyone in the world.  They have special feature we call "Moments" that allow you to share with world.

Look around:

We Chat have a special feature "Look Around" feature allow you to find new people around you and make friends easily. It do not restrict you to friends only. You can look all active users in your area and easily connect with them.

The drift bottle:

This is an awesome feature. It allow you to throw a bottle into sea with text or voice message. once this feature is activated someone from around the world can pick your bottle you can also pick bottles of others.


This is actually a fun feature. You just need to activate this fatre and then you can share your phone. When you shake phone if same time anyone else shaking the phone then his name popup on yoru screen.

Walkie Talkie!:

Walkie Talkie! features has been added for live chat. It give you feel like walking on walkie talkie. You just need to enter Hit "+" in group mode and choose live chat. A message wil be sent to other members of group.

On walkie talkie only one person can talk at a time. If light is red that means someone is talking and when its green then you can talk.


We chat offer you one click backup and restore chat history. Go to setting, go to Chat backup history, Click on Backup, Choose friends whose chat you want to backup then click on OK.

Favorite messages:

We Chat also allow you to save any message as your favorite message to use later. You just need to select message and click on Favorite.

Broadcast messages:

WeChat also allow you to broadcast messages to multiple contacts. Just go to Settings and Select Broadcast Messages. You can enter message and then select friends to broadcast your message.

Friend Radar:

You can add people to contact list easily by telling them to click Friend radar in Add Contacts.

Desktop Client:

You can also use We Chat web client on your PC. You just need to login to your PC and continue conversation. You can also send files to your phone, using Web Grab plugin you can send webages from your PC to your Phone.

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So These are the reason we believe that WeChat is best Whatsapp Alternative we see that WeChat is not only best Whatsapp alternative but it add much more fun in chatting and friends activity. This is one of the fastest growing community of worldwide users.

Do try this app and share what you think about it. What you prefer more WhatsApp or WeChat ? Do share in comments.

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How to Create South Park Character Avatars

There are lots of tools available online to create your cool online avatar. The one cool service is Sp Studio. It allow you to create South Park avatars for all characters and customize them.

Create South Park Character Avatars SP Studio : eAskme
Create South Park Character Avatars SP Studio : eAskme
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Sp Studio : Create South Park Character Avatars Free : Community for South Park Lovers:

If you are a fan of South Park, then you will love to browse and customize south park avatars. You can also share them. You can also submit your avatars for voting and contests.

It has lots of tools to customize religion, weapon, skin color, background and much more. It is very easy to do customization and add your style.  When you done customizing avatar and download it and also you can share it with your friends. You will love to create your own Southpark cartoon character site.

Click Here for South Park 

See this is what I have created on South Park Studio.

Try this and do share your experience. If you like this article do share on facebook and twitter.
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Torrent Handler : Convert Torrent Download Into HTTP Download

Torrent Handler is a web based torrent client. They work simply downloading torrent in their server and then the download is available for you to download. Today we see its benefits.

Torrent Handler : Convert Torrent Download Into HTTP Download : eAskme
Torrent Handler : Convert Torrent Download Into HTTP Download : eAskme
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You can access torrents via torrent handler even they banned in your office.
It download torrents faster. They say that their Average Download Speed: 1056 Kb/s
No need of any torrent client.

This is useful for those people who don`t get speed while downloading through torrent clients and they prefer downloading HTTP files over torrent.

How to use Torrent Handler to convert Torrent link into direct download link:

Torrent Handler  is very easy to use. You just need to Sign Up and then click on Add torrent in navigation bar and it will show you options to add torrent file there. You can add downloaded .torrent file or directly paste the torrent link or directly search torrent.

Select the option "notify me via Email when download is completed" and click on add torrent. Now you will see registration page and here you can check status of your download. Quality of service is good but they are not free.

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Once you refill your account, Torrent handler will download file in their server and will offer you high speed download via HTTP link.  I like this site but they do not have any free option. Torrent handler is good option to convert torrent file into HTTP.

So this is one of the best way to convert torrent file into HTTP and download. If you like this article do share on Twitter and facebook.
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Sites Like IMDB Movie Reviews

If you want to look for the reviews of any movie the best place is surely IMDB. This is most popular site with all information about starcast, directors, producers etc. But this is not the only one, there are more sites like IMDB that have special features. Today we discuss about 5 such sites like IMDB.

Sites Like IMDB Movie Reviews : eAskme
Sites Like IMDB Movie Reviews : eAskme

List of Sites like IMDB

We all know that IMDB is most popular site but we also know that many times we see bogus or fake reviews. But they have iOS app that make it easy t check reviews on iPhone.


Allmovies  is like IMDB. It has all features that a movie review site have. They have review of almost all the movies till date, so you an easily get all information from there. This site also provide movies on rent.


Rotten Tomatos  have reviews of almost all the sites and they also shows comments of critics. It also provide reviews of latest games launched.

See this : How to find UPC code to get Movies from Amazon  Show you reviews of almost all the movies and trailers of movies that are yet to release. Their reviews are authentic and flexible. It also show the weekly collections of box office. You can also sign up for their newsletter.


MovieWeb  keep you updated with recent release, trailers and previews. You can even see you favorite TV show here. They also have interviews of TV and Movie stars.

MRQE: Movie Review Query Engine:

MRQE: Movie Review Query Engine  show you almost all the movie reviews. The reviews posted worldwide about the movie you want to see. It also show information fo stars.

These are 5 best sites that are good alternative to IMDB. Check them out and do share which one you like. If you like this article then don`t forget to share this post.
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Google Public DNS : How to Use in Windows

Usually people get tired of their slow Internet connection or page not loading errors. For such issues it is always good to switch to best possible DNS available. A good DNS remove page not loading errors, download faster and speed up you Internet.

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Google DNS and Open DNS are some of popular DNS. Today we talk about Google DNS and how to implement Google DNS in Windows. We also talk about what is DNS, what is Google DNS, advantages and how to use Google DNS in Windows.

What is DNS :

First you need to know is What is DNS (Domain Name System). DNS is a naming system for services, computer and other resource which connected to either private network or Internet.

It is like Internet phonebook which translate hostname into IP address to locate computers or other devices worldwide.

Each domain has its own IP address. For example or has their own Ip Address, and server uses these IP addresses to locate website.

Google Public DNS : How to Speed up Internet

Google has started a public DNS service that is Google DNS. This is an alternative of other current DNS that you have. This is a free DNS which make Internet faster.

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How to use Google DNS on Windows

To use Google DNS you should know few things. Here we show you all steps so you can use this DNS on your Windows.

Go to Control Panel

  • Click on "Network and Internet".
  • Click on "Network and Sharing Center".
  • Select Adapter Settings for windows7, if you use XP then go to "Control Panel" then click on  "network and Internet Connections" and you will see Network Adaptors.
  • Now you need to select connection to configure Google Public DNS
  • In Networking tab change Version 6(TCP/IP) or Internet Protocol Version4(TCP/TPv4) or both of them.

Changes for TCP/IPv4

  • Click on TCP/IPv4 and click on "Properties".
  • Choose‘Use the following DNS server address’ and choose ‘Advanced’
  • Go to "DNS" tab Select DNS servers and remove them all.
  • Enter IP for Preferred DNS Server" and for "Alternate DNS Server" Then click Ok.

For TCP/IPv6:

  • Select For TCP/IPv6 and click on "Properties"
  • Tick on "Use the following DNS server Address and then click on "Advanced".
  • Remove all if there any DNS servers defined already.
  • Enter 2001:4860:4860::8888 for Preferred DNS Server" and 2001:4860:4860::8844 for Alternate DNS Server" and click "OK".
  • Now you can use your faster Internet.

If you use Google Public DNS then you should know that Google keep you IP address in records for 24 hours and keep your ISP and location information always.

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Benefits of Using Google DNS :

    Faster Internet
    Security benefits
    Spam filtering
    No page loading issues due to DNS
    Enhanced performance of Internet browsing

It also improve your Internet security. I prefer use Google DNS and Open DNS both at same time. You should use DNS benchmark tools  to find which DNS working best for you.
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