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How Do I Become an Enrolled Agent?

Have you always had a flair for numbers? Do you enjoy the consistency and structured concept of the tax system? A career as an Enrolled Agent might be right for you. These tax professionals are certified by the U.S Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers in all capacities, whether that be through tax preparation or tax resolution. If you’re looking for a career that offers stable employment, great wages, and prestige, consider becoming an Enrolled Agent.

How Do I Become an Enrolled Agent? : eAskme
How Do I Become an Enrolled Agent? : eAskme

What Exactly Does an EA Do?

Enrolled Agents are tax practitioners that are authorized by the federal government. EAs are bona fide experts in the field of taxation, and they’re permitted to represent taxpayers before all the administrative levels of the IRS. They can advise, represent, and prepare tax returns for a variety of clients, including individual taxpayers, small businesses, corporations, trusts, estates, and any other entity that is required to report their taxes. 

Two Main Paths to Becoming an Enrolled Agent

There are two main paths an individual can take to pursue a career as an EA; one sees an individual with a bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting-related disciplines. However, a bachelor’s degree isn’t required for all candidates; those who have worked for the IRS for five years or more, in a position that requires them to consistently interpret tax code, are also eligible to become an Enrolled Agent.

Regardless of which path you choose, you’ll be required to follow some basic steps in pursuit of your EA licensure. First, you’ll need to obtain your Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). This is accomplished through an application that requires your SSN, personal or business information, your previous year’s tax return, explanations about any lingering tax obligations or felony convictions, and any other certification you may have in the field of accounting or finance. You must then apply to take the Special Enrollment Examination, known as SEE. Note: Those who have worked for the IRS are often exempt from this exam, so be sure to do your research if you’re in this faction.

Taking the SEE

The EA Exam (known as SEE)is a lengthy test an individual must pass in order to become an Enrolled Agent. It’s composed of three parts, and you must pass all three in order to secure your distinction. The EA Exam can be difficult to pass, and some find they must take it over and over again; that’s why it’s important to learn best practices on how to pass the EA Exam before sitting for it the first time. In 2015, the pass rate for the first part of the exam was 77 percent, the second came in at around 60 percent, and the third part at 87 percent. The first part of the test deals with individuals, the second with businesses, and the third with Representation, Practice and Procedures. Each portion of the test contains about 100 questions, and there are some questions included that are experimental. These are not scored, and are used merely in preparation for the next round of testing. In order to pass the SEE Exam on the first round, many find they must take review courses that include mock exams and study guides.

After the Exam

After achieving passing scores on all three sections of the exam, you must then apply for enrollment through the IRS. You’ll be required to pay an enrollment fee, which can be electronically or through the mail. After mailing the completed form, you’ll then be subject to a tax compliance check that will ensure you’ve filled all necessary returns and do not have an outstanding tax debt.

Keep in mind that passing the SEE doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods when it comes to education and requirements. To remain licensed as an EA, you’re required to complete 72 hours of continuing education every three years. So long as you retain this status, you are permitted to represent taxpayers before the IRS. There are numerous EA job opportunities, so get on the path to success today by following these steps.
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How to Become Asia's Sexiest DJ

In the series of "Jobs and Careers", people have asked me many times how to become a DJ? or is it profitable to become DJ in India?

There was a time when people only dream a man as a DJ. But now women are dominating this profession. So there is no objection for a woman to become a DJ.

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Do you also wants to become a DJ? Do you know that being a DJ is a very sexy and lucrative job? DO you also know the name of the Asia's sexiest DJ, Angie Vu Ha. She is that much popular that she earns much more than the thinking of a common DJ.

Become Asia's sexiest DJ : eAskme
Become Asia's sexiest DJ : eAskme
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How to Become Asia's sexiest DJ

The very first thing which I am going to tell you is to become a DJ music should be your passion. If you understand the mixing and sound perfectly only than you can be a professional DJ.

To become a professional DJ either you can join a DJ group or join a studio which offers DJ course.

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Work Opportunities as a DJ

There are many opportunities for a DJ. It is not a seasonal work anymore. 

You can work as:
  • DJ for events
  • DJ for radio
  • DJ for clubs
  • DJ for discos
  • DJ for private parties
  • DJ for colleges
To become a DJ you also need to look good and have positive attitude to handle the demand of the people. 

You can start training yourself by mixing two songs where you think that the music will support the ending and starting.

You can get more details to become a DJ here

I always want you to choose a career which you love to. Passion is the key which helps you to be successful no matter you are a professional blogger or Doctor or Nurse or lawyer or model etc.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments. Don`t forget to share what you like here on your social networks. 

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Top 10 Cities for Women Entrepreneurs

Do you want to know what are the places where women get more success than any other place in this world or you want to know where should a women start her business and become entrepreneur than this list is for you.

Top 10 Cities for Women Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Cities for Women Entrepreneurs : eAskme

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Become Model for eAskme

Modelling is a glamorous career choice for a person who wants to live in limelight and enjoy the flavor of attraction. When a person say "I want to become a Model", It means that person want to enjoy the glamour world. Believe me it is not easy to become a Model in real world.

Everyday, thousands of new girls are entering in modelling industry. So this makes competition very tough. To become a model a person needs to beat the competition.
Become Model for eAskme : eAskme
Become Model for eAskme : eAskme
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The best thing here is that EASKME offering you a chance to shine your blank portfolio by becoming Model for eAskme.

Remember : Opportunity for freshers/newcomers only

Now if you are excited to become model for eAskme. here are the details:

Requirements  to Become Model for eAskme

1) Female only
2) Age between 18-25 (in extreme attractive case 18-30)
3) No restriction of country/color/continent

How to Become Model for eAskme

To Become a Model for eAskme you need to fulfill above requirements and also do the below steps:

1) Send us your photo with the message like this
Become Model for eAskme : eAskme
or you can change message with "I Love"

2) Image should be really attractive in anyway.

3) Send your hottest or most attractive photo on

4) We take online interview of Models

Benefits of Becoming Model for eAskme

1) You will get the very first chance to promote yourself as a model

2) If you clear all rounds and fulfill all terms, We will offer you a modelling contract with eAskme for whole year.

3) You will make good money and also gain exposure the same time.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me or email me at

Don`t forget to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter or subscribe eAskme newsletter to stay tuned with us
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SarkariJobMilegi Review : Best place to find Sarkari Jobs

Are you also one of those who is more interested in a Sarkari Job or Government Job. If you are in India, most of the people say, "YES". Everyone wants to be placed in a Sarkari Job. Being on a government job has its own benefits that cannot be beaten by any private job.

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SarkariJobMilegi Review : Best place to find Sarkari Jobs : eAskme

How to Find Sarkari Job:

Sarkari job is one of the best thing a man can get for his life and his family. But it is not easy to find or get a government job. You may already know that for every single post, there are thousands of applicants. So it is touch to get a government job.

How to be a Nurse

But Still there is a website that can help you to get a Sarkari job and apply for a Sarkari job faster than anything else.

Read : How to become a Model

The very first thing that a person need is to find the best information to get a sarkari job. You can easily get information about all type of government jobs from As the name says, you can get the government job.

Type of Sarkari Jobs on offers detailed information about the various type of Govt jobs such as Bank Jobs, Railway Jobs, Defence Jobs, Police ITI Jobs, 10th-12th Pass jobs, Post Office Jobs and UPSC Jobs. So you see that you can get almost all type of government job information from this site.

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All you need to do is:
  • Visit
  • Click on the tab/category of Job
  • Open the job you want to know about from the given list.
  • Get the information and apply respectively.
So what are you waiting for, go ahead and look for the best and latest govt jobs according to your own interest. It`s simple, reliable and always updated website with all type of govt job information. is a dedicated site which promise to provide all helpful information to boost your potential to get a government job right on time.  Android APP.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

Rating : 3.0
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Jobs and Interviews : We Are Hiring

eAskme is hiring people from around the world for various online positions. Check below for the job positions and requirements:

We are Hiring : Jobs and Interviews : eAskme

Position : Sales Executive : 20 (in each country)

Earning : 10%-20% commission of the profit. Payments will be made by Western Union, PayPal, Direct Bank Deposit.

Job Includes:

Sales of various products such as online courses, ebooks, gadgets, Clothes etc.


We strictly require people who are dedicated and committed to work and know how to make sales.
You must have Internet so we can connect to you anytime.

How to Apply:

We are Hiring : Jobs and Interviews : eAskme
We are Hiring : Jobs and Interviews : eAskme

  • Enter your email id and code you see.
  • then click ok
  • check your email for verification link.
  • click on verification link and you will be part of easkme.

Interview schedule emails will be sent to you very soon with the date and timings.

 If you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments or on Facebook.
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6 Websites to Start Your Freelance Writing Career

Freelancing is easy to start but still not consistent till you have enough work in hand. Sometimes you cannot get any job and sometimes you have toms of articles to write. So you should have more options in freelancing world. Today I am sharing a list of Freelance writing websites that will help to keep you busy.
6 Websites to Start Your Freelance Writing Career : eAskme
6 Websites to Start Your Freelance Writing Career
You should always be ready to welcome new work. Here are six websites to begin your freelance writing career online.

These freelance writing websites are mix of marketplaces and websites where others are ready to buy your work. Take a look and choose which you think is best for you.

List of Freelance Writing Websites :

You should also use Google search to look for writing jobs. This will help you reach people who are looking for copywriters or blog writers and you can generate enough money.

Freelancer: is a freelance job board that give options of 100 different jobs for freelancers. Design, Programming, It, Writing and so many more. is a great place for writers to get massive jobs.


oDesk is also a freelance job board. Like oDesk also offers a variety of jobs that can easily be accomplished. But payment not always that good.


Elance is one of the best freelance job board for outsourcing work. You just need to register to see details of jobs and bid.


Craiglist is still oen of the easiest way to find freelancing writing jobs. It is mainly to network people in local area but still you can look and get more out of it. Thousands of individuals and companies post writing jobs there.

Squidoo :

Squidoo allow anyone who want to find writing jobs even if they do not have any blog or website. Its interface allow you to create lenses about the subject you want to write.

Constant-Content :

Constant-Content is a premiere marketplace for major freelancers. Writer can get top dollars for their articles. They have larger marketplace but strict editorial process.

Final Words and Suggestion :

Here we have presented six most famous freelance writing websites. Now its on your own choice which you want to use to earn passive or fulltime income.

You just need to complete your profile and add portfolio on these sites, this will make you look expert and professional.

Do share your own views about freelance writing and freelance websites. Which freelance website you use?
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6 important Questions to Ask Yourself about Inbound Call Center Software Solutions

Its been a long time that we haven't talked about any career opportunity, don`t worry we are here back again with Inbound Call Center Software Solutions.
Six important Questions to Ask Yourself about Inbound Call Center Software Solutions : eAskme
6 important Questions to Ask Yourself about Inbound Call Center Software Solutions : eAskme
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6 important Questions to Ask Yourself about Inbound Call Center Software Solutions
Do you run an inbound call center? And has the thought crossed your mind that the call center software solutions might not be keeping pace with the changing needs of your customers. And are you sure if it’s the right time to leverage a more robust call center software solutions with the functionality of getting the job done in the right manner.

Given here are 10 important questions you need to ask yourself about your inbound call center software solutions helping to evaluate whether its adequately meeting the needs and requirements of your team or not.

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Is your call center offering relevant caller information to the agents in real time?

In order to effectively continue interacting with the callers, call centers agents must be armed with contextual information about the caller. They should not have to dig through pages of notes or multiple applications to do so. Progressive call center solutions would here needs to provide a comprehensive caller data in the browser of your call center agent as they have routed the call. This allows them to optimize their approach of interacting with the callers with little to no time preparation.

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Does your call center software integrate with the business tools we use the most?
Accessing the real time information is one of the most important thing when it comes to inbound marketing, and imagine how effective would your agents be if they have been given an access to the entire information of the callers history, the phone interactions they have had, support tickets of the issues faced, emails they have sent, chats, orders etc. from one interface. The call centers software with your business tools integrations would provide a 360 degree view of caller in one interface. This would allow the agents to develop a solid understanding of why the customers have been calling so they can more effectively and efficiently meet their needs and requirements.

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Is your team able to access the call center from anytime anywhere?
If your team is not able to gain an access to your call center while they are at home then it’s the right time you make a move. Progressive call centers software solutions are browse based, thus all the teams would need to use them having a computer and Internet connection.  This helps them afford the team with flexibility they need to stay connected no matter where they are located.

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Is our call center software solution making training simple?
Learning how to deal with your call center software solutions does not play a large role in the training process. So if your agents can’t learn how to use the software in about 10 minutes demonstrating the proficiency within the first day then it’s high time that you upgrade.

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Is the call center software facilitating collaboration among the team members?
Agents who are generally working in a call center do not do so in isolation. Do make sure that your call center software solutions would provide them with the tools they need collaborating with their colleagues at a great ease. They should be given the access to the functionalities like warm transfers, call conferencing, agent to agent calling, voice mail assignment so that they could work together and provide an optimal use of experiences.

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Do the agents have an access to the reporting functionality in order to make data driven decisions?
Empowering the agents with the real time data and encouraging them to make an informed decision could positively have an impact on the KPO that is imperative enough in running an inbound call center. If your call center software solution does not provide you with data about the service level, the waiting time, the abandonment time and calls in queue then it might be missing the mark.

To conclude if your current call center software solution does not seem to keep the pace with you and your organization, then it’s the right time you switch to another. Ask yourself these 6 above questions and if the answers to these questions would lead you to make a switch then it’s the right time you start today.

Author Bio:
Abhishek Jain has over 10 years of experience within the BPO Industry and Finance and Accounting outsourcing services. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services India delivers and manages various offshore/onsite projects in various technologies and domains
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Best Sites Where You Can Buy and Sell Articles

Are you a writer? or Owner of a blog or business? Do you want to sell your writings or do you want to buy articles for your business? If answer of any of these is yes, then I have answer for you.

You can make money by by selling your own articles which are not copied and never published n any platform. If you want articles for your business then you can also use following services to buy quality content for your websites or blogs.

Best Sites Where You Can Buy and Sell Articles : eAskme
Best Sites Where You Can Buy and Sell Articles : eAskme

Best sites to buy and sell articles

iWriteris a most popular site. Anyone can register for free and start making money quickly. As a writer, you can earn upto 15 $ per article.  You can also get services from more than 1000 active freelance writers who are registered in iwriter.

Textmaster is one of the most popular proofreading, translation and copywriting content service. It is famous for providing high-quality content solution for an affordable rate. It has over 50000 registered authors and editors.


If you are looking for high search giving articles and SEO friendly content then Constant-content is for you. Price can be between #10 to $250. You can add the articles you want and get it soon as possible. Constant-content also has more than 50000 authors. provide you quality articles at starting price of $1.5. The price can go between $1.5 – $20. If you are a premium writer then you can easily get $30 per hour.

I also work as a freelance writer and these sites are good to make extra money. Do share any other service offering the same benefits?

If you find this article helpful, do share on twitter and Google Plus. Don`t forget to like us on facebook and subscribe eAskme newsletter to get free updates.
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How to be Model

How to become a Model
Be a Model

Become a Model is dream of 90% of girls. Not only girls buy guys also try to be model. But mostly girls try their luck in Modeling career. Model is not only do modeling about clothes or goods they do much more things than just being a model, like charity work, events etc.

How to become a Model : eAskme
eAskme Model
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It is not easy to be a model. There are so many challenges and competition is high. To become a successful model, it depend upon how good you can handle clients and how good you can project your own image.

You have to groom urself. You need self confidence, you have to be open. You need to be an explorer and be ready to monetize any opportunity. You should be willing to travel, and also ready for challenges and have good spirit for competition.  If you want to know how to get into modeling then you should follow these basic steps.

How to be Model : eAskme
How to be Model : eAskme

How to be famous 

How to Become a Model :

  • First of all Groom yourself. look beautiful, stay neat and clean, wear clothes that can project your modeling image. Improve your walking and wearing style.
  • Improve your communication skills. When we talk about communication skills, many people think of improving or leaning English. Improving communication skills dosen`t means that you need to improve your English, It means that whichever language you use like Hindi, English, French, Punjabi, Spanish, you should have good command in that language and also confidence to talk.
  • Make an online profile. You should have an online profile, as it shows your professionalism. In online profile you should mention your Biodata, your experience or you are fresher, any contract if you had, your own skills, Some of your pics and videos that project you as a Model in front of employer or interviewer.
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  • Have followers. Followers also play big role sometimes to make you a model. If you have facebook profile and you have few thousand followers on that, that show your popularity and it also help you to get some good points in interview. You should tell your interviewer about that.
  • Health and fitness. These are one of the most important part of modeling career. You should be fit to be model. Tone your body. Stay away from junk food, hard drinks and smoking. join a gym to be fit and have good stamina.
  • Be open and intelligent. You should be open and play intelligent in interview or when you meet some clients. Everyone know that clients are backbone of modeling. The more clients you have the more stable your career be as a model.
  • Hire an agent or join an agency. You should hire an agent who can get your name in list for interviews in other companies, but remember that hiring agent can be much costly. You can join a Modeling agency that train people to be model, and these agencies usually charge lesser than individual modeling agent.

To Join Modeling Course Click here email me

How much do models make ?

This question comes in the mind of everyone who want to make career in this field that how much do models make, how much a model can earn. Answer is simple you can earn as much as you can, there is no limit on earning. It all depends upon how good modeling contracts you have. SO make your career and stay committed.

These are the basic steps to be a model. We will keep it updating with more tips and tricks.
Don`t forget to like us on facebook and subscribe eAskme newsletter to get free updates.
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How to Make Money with Amway

Amway was launched in 1959 with a business model which is based on the power of relationships.In the beginning the main products was Liquid Organic Cleaner (L.O.C.). It was the best and first environmentally friendly, concentrated and bio-degradable cleaning product. Since that day Amway has expanded from home products to a global leader in many other categories. Amway products are chemical free, certified and have all natural ingredients. Today we see How to Make Money with Amway.

How to Make Money with Amway : eAskme
How to Make Money with Amway : eAskme
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India’S No 1 Direct Selling Company

Amway India is the top most direct selling FMCG-company. It manufactures and sells world-class consumer products. Amway cover all products under 100 per cent Money Back Guarantee. If you do not get satisfy with any product you can get 100% refund for it.

How to Make Money With Amway

To start making money with Amway you have to join Amway Business for FREE. Any adult can be Amway distributor, without paying anything.

How to Join Amway Business:

Joining Amway Business is totally FREE. You need not to pay anything.
Just call +91-9815334751 (Gaurav Kumar)
You will get form, fill the joining form.
Give one photocopy of Address proof
Give one photocopy of ID proof
Give one photocopy of Bank Account Passbook, in which you want to recieve money.

To join Amway Business for FREE and for any help call +91-9815334751 (Gaurav Kumar) 
Ideas to Make Money Online

Make Money With Amway

To make money you just need to use and recommend Amway products. On each product you will get upto 20% discount and when you recommend other to join Amway group, they all will be your team and when they use Amway products, you get royalty commission. So it is just that easy.

If you still don`t know how to make money or how to establish Amway Business Amway team is here to help you.

If you need any help and want to make money from home call +91-9815334751 (Gaurav Kumar) 
40+ Ways to Make Money Quickly 

Why to Join Amway Business:

Ask yourself. Do you want to get financial freedom? Do you want to have unlimited Income? Do you want to enjoy worldwide trips for free?

If yes then Amway is here as Amway business provide you all this, just by using and recommending others.

Presence in India:

 Amway India has 152 offices and 64 city warehouses and four regional mother warehouses. Its network cover more than 4000 cities and towns and 11000 pincodes.


Amway India offers more than 140 products in five different categories including Personal care, Home Care, Nutrition & Wellness, Cosmetics and Great Value Products.

Nutition and Health: Nutrilite 
Skin care : Artistry 
Beauty products : Attitude 
Male grooming : Dynamite 
Styling : Satinique 
Laundry : SA8 
Great Value Products 

There are many more products available.


  • The World Blind Union presented an award and citation to Amway India for its work for the blind child.

  • Aaj Tak, and Living Media (India Today) Group presented the Aaj Tak Care Award to Amway India in 2012. 

  • CMO Asia conferred the Asia’s Best Practices CSR Award to Amway India in 2012.

  • The Asian Confederation of Businesses awarded the Asian CSR Leadership Award to Amway India in 2012.

  • World CSR Congress has awarded the Global CSR Excellence & Leadership Awards to Amway in 2013.
So I believe now you know How to Make Money with Amway. So what are you waiting for. Join Amway today and start using it`s natural products.

If you do have any question, feel free to Ask via comments or If you need any help call +91-9815334751 Gaurav Kumar. Don`t forget to like us on facebook and subscribe eAskme newsletter to get free updates.
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Ideas to Make Money Online

Era of Internet brings you the opportunity to make limitless money with so many opportunities. Making money online is easy and effective. All you need to know is that what should you to and from where you start earning money.

Online Money Making can be your part-time or full-time career and money making opportunity. The earning you make is depends upon your own efforts and the time you invest. We have already talked about Ways to make money online and secret to earn $100 daily.

Ideas to Make Money Online : eAskme
Ideas to Make Money Online : eAskme

Ideas To Make Money online :

Blogging : 

We already know that Blogging is the best money making online business . If you are a passionate writer and want to publish your writings, you can make each single word you write to help you make money by blog. Blog doesn't require any technical skills, just you need to make sure that you have expertise in the field you are writing on and you will attract limitless visitors to your site. Your followers will help you to earn by advertisements, paid reviews or affiliate commissions.

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How to Make Money Blogging 
How A Micro-Niche Site Help Me Earning $200/Month

Paid Writing

If you do not want to maintain your blog but still want to make money writing then you can write articles for other sites or blogs such as PayPerPost, Weblogs or Helium. eBook Writing can also be a good choice. There is no investment on writing ebooks. If you have strong communication skills and strong grammar then Webmasters will hire you to read articles and correct grammatical errors etc.

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Tutors are always in high demand and their demand still growing. e-teaching could be great way to make money for you. Choose the subject in which you are expert and work few hours per week. SmartThinking,, TutorVista and e-tutor are some of the sites for e-teaching. If you get popular then you could even conduct seminars or Webinars-lectures.


if you are good in selling then becoming an affiliate/reseller is one of the best way to make money online. As an affiliate you get commission for selling products that you promote, either on Website or blog. You need not to own any product for affiliate selling. Just sign up for any affiliate program and start selling products under your referral link. ClickBank, Commission Junction  are few examples of affiliate networks.

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Buying and Selling domains

Buying and selling domain names is a good way to make money from home. It requires very little investment. You can easily buy domains. You can also do research on sites like,, etc to know estimate value of a domain.

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Freelancing is for professionals. If you are expert in any trade trades then you should join various freelancing sites. freelancing sites allow companies to hire freelancers for their projects. You need to bid and submit your proposal and then buyers can decide if they want your service or not. Elance, oDesk, Freelancer are few examples of freelancing sites.

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You can also make money by selling ad space on your site or blog. The placing and sorting of ads is free. The profit depends on the traffic of the Website or blog and, most importantly, on the CTR and CPC. We already know why Google AdSense is one of the most popular contextual ad network, while others are BidVertiser, infolinks and Blogads.

GPT Programmer

Get-paid-to sites are getting popular day by day. You will be paid for playing games, signing up for Websites, newsletters and online surveys. This is good even for those who don`t  have skill but still wan to make money online. Taking online surveys is very easy and quick. There are lots of topics. This will help you earn good pocket money.

Online Marketing

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a great way to make money online. An SEO/SEM expert is responsible for marketing and promoting a Website. This include writing submitting your site to directories, search engines, social bookmarking forum posting, press releases, article marketing, blog posting etc.

Making themes

As online presence and websites are growing everyday, themes making and templates designing is a hot career choice. The demand for templates and WordPress (Blog) themes is increasing very fast. You can earn a lot from designing templates. You can sell you templates on famous sites like ThemeForest and TemplateMonster.

Selling photos

If you have skills of photography  then you could be earning huge revenue. You can find thousands of people online who will be interested in your images. It is easy to take photos to the public. Many stock photo agencies, such as Shutterstock, Fotolia and Dreamstime offer incentives for people.

Support & service

You can also earn money by providing coding or fixing other issues. You need knowledge of essential coding and scripts. You can also offer CMS support. You can help people to set their sites, CMS and configure them.

Stock/forex trading

You can start small in forex or stock trading and continue researching till you gain experience. Once you learn everything the it will be easy to earn from exchanging foreign currencies and stocks.The aim of any trader is to spot which currency/stock is about to rise or fall in value against another.

Selling your own brand

You can sell your designs to make money online. There are sites like CafePress where you can upload your designs and if somebody orders these designs then company will print and distribute the products. Designs can be for greeting cards, posters, calendars, T-shirts, bags, hats,  books etc. You will get commission for each sale.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant are needed to perform any administrative task, such as pay bills, handle expense reimbursements or make travel reservations. You can do it from home.

Inbound call center

You can set up an inbound call center at home to handle jobs of the companies who outsource their process. Research on different companies. You can easily work for more than one company. You can also work part-time or full-time.

You Tube

If you are video junky then upload yourself on YouTube. You can be a comedian, filmmaker, or musician who needs a wider audience. You will earn money from the ads that will display on your video.

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Researching for others

Even if you can`t design, write or be video junky, don`t worry. There are many ways to make money online. If you like hard-work then you can take up simple research jobs for others  who don't have the time. You can find organizations online who provide funding for research .

Create Applications

As smartphone industry is booming, demand for their applications, or apps  are also increasing. There are millions of apps already available and hundreds are coming everyday. Develop and sell your own smartphone app is an awesome way to make money on the Internet.

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Medical transcription work involves making written copies of oral material dictated by doctors. You need to dictated material transcribed swiftly and accurately. To become a medical transcription, you must have a good knowledge of medical terminology.

This are fews of the best ideas to make money online. Still there are lot more ways to make money online. I personally prefer Blogging, Article writing, SEO, YouTube, Paid writing, affiliates and domain selling.

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How to be a Nurse

Nursing industry always have shortage of nurses, so opportunities to be a Nurse are widely open in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, home health care and doctor`s offices. To become a Nurse, you should know the way to enter into health-care profession.

How to be a Nurse : eAskme
How to be a Nurse : eAskme
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How to Become a Nurse ?

Becoming nurse is the way that open lot of opportunities and options in your career, it also open a good opportunity to make money. To know how to become a nurse you should read this article:

Get GED or high school diploma:

To be a nurse no matter you want to be Rn or LPN or any other type, first you need to complete your high school. Get decent grades to enter into good college. You should have interest in math, English and science. These three are the main subject of nursing programs worldwide, no matter for which license you apply.

Get beginner level job in health-care industry:

This step is not much important but if you follow this thsi can give benefit to you in your career. This is a great step if you want to be a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). It shows that you are serious about your career and also you get experience. Even if you do work at clinics or do admin work at local hospital will make your resume look great and also you will get used to the environment of healthcare industry. The more experience you have the better job you get.

Decide which type is better for you RN or LVN/LPN:

LPNs, RNs and CNAs you can see usually in hospitals. LPN is Licensed Vocational Practical (vocational) nurse. LVN is Licensed Vocational Nurse or LPN is Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). LPN/LVN work under supervision of Registered Nurse. Ask your school about their BSN or ADN program. LVN/LPNs take NCLEX-PN exam, as opposed to NCLEX-RN exam.

Search your path to become a Registered Nurse (RN):

  • Get an Associate`s Degree in Nursing (ADN). This usually take two to three years and allow you to be in NCLEX exam after graduation.
  • Get a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). This usually take four years and allow you to be in NCLEX exam after graduation.
  • Obtain diploma from an Approved Nursing Program. These program have decreased a lot in number in past years.
  • Get though military. You can get training through ROTC nursing program at university or collage and it take two to four years.
  • Difference is that if you get BSN it allow you to pursue teaching , leadership position.

Select a Nursing School:

  • Now you know about these terms and course now we look for schools. 
  • After deciding your career goal, search for hospitals and schools. decide on how much money you want to spend? Do you want to do full time or part time course. Do you want to stay in campus?
  • Some schools even have long wait lists because of so many people are jumping in this career and course. So esquire about this first.

Get accepted in school:

  • Many schools ask for transcripts, ACT/SAT scores, letters and essay of recommendation and on job experience.
  • They see if you have letter of recommendation from those who are already associated and working in health-care industry. On job experience is great for essay.
  • On essay just write what you believe. You can write about doing something that matter, helping people, changing world these topics are easy to write for essay.

How long does it take to become a nurse?

As you see it can take 2 to four years depending on the course and institute you choose. You when you choose a course or institute than choose wisely.

Study and get license

Be the best student :

You will be studying Nutrition, chemistry, physiology, microbiology, anatomy and other behavioral sciences. Give importance to your subjects. Motivate yourself.

Clinicals : As doctors have internship training, nurses have clinicals training. It is the part of education. But it is practical. Most of the clinical focus on some specialization, like surgical, psychiatric, maternity or pediatrics. You can have stress as you work with real patients and you are newbie. But remember everyone goes through this so motivate yourself.

Preparation for Boards:

This will test your knowledge in variety of different health-care domains. You will have 5 hours to complete this test. Number of questions can change person to person. This test will go on till you get 95% accuracy.

Pass exam to get license:

Study, study, and sleep is the best formula to get pass. You should know that 83% candidates pass in their very first attempt so you should not stress yourself. Average time test takes is 2.5 hours and average number for question around 118.

Find employment in desired department:

  • NO after getting license, you should think about in which health-care domain you want to work. Do you want to be exciting ? all-encompassing? Full of babies?
  • Baby boomers are much taking over.To ensure job stability you should have 55+ demographic. You can choose pediatrics but you face lot of unfair images. If you want to work in scheduled hours than be surgical nurse.

Advance your career :

After spending number of hours in your health-care department you will be able to get some certification, that can be surgical, geriatrics or psych. You hospital also offer you some training, seminars and classes. This will increase your pay. take it as a badge of honor for the hours you spending on floor.

Be mentally ready:

These is a lot that nurses face everyday. That can be nasty infections, excrement and vomits. You should be mentally fit for all this. Sometimes you can feel guilty for something happed to someone, but that is not in your control. Your schedule can be intense. You could be working continuous two days and nights. Or you can be called even on your off days.

Always Know your options:

You can have many options to work not only hospitals but also you can work in private homes, doctor`s offices, nursing homes and in clinics. You can be traveling nurse also. You should choose wisely.

Get Job:

  • If you get job in hospital its good , if not than apply everywhere or anywhere. Need of nurses are booming and many places still prefer freshers. If your employer`s turnover rate is 
  • % or higher than its good for you to get out when you can. Ask guidance and training. Some give you training about machines. 

Maintain your Credibility and Licenceure:

Your employer usually let you have seminars, certification classes and workshops so you be up-to-date and maintain your licensure. Some times the licence you get in one state may not be valid in other state in U.S.A. but this situation is changing as states are entering in The Nurse Licensure Compact Agreement. Reatek your exams. Always keep an eye on laws to keep your license active.

Get more education and improvement:

No matter you have LPN or BSN or ADN there is always plenty of more education to learn. You can get Master of Science in Nursing within 1 or 2 years. this will allow you to become Clinical nurse specialist, Nurse-midwife, Nurse practitioner or nurse anesthetist. After that you can go anywhere and do anything.

How much do nurses make a year ?

This question come in mind of everyone who want or dreams of to be a nurse. Nursing is career that have vast opportunities and also full of knowledge. So the earning in this field totally depends upon your own knowledge and credibility. You should try to get certifications to improve your own skills and you can earn thousands of USD per month by being a Nurse. So now you know how much do nurses make a year that can be around millions of USD.

We feel glad to answer this question of Miranda (U.S.A). If you also have any question please do let us know. We will be glad to answer more questions.

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How to Be Famous

"Famous", this word has changes the life of so many people, and millions or billions of people still dream of being famous. We all pray and dream to be famous. Being famous give us attentions of everyone and also make us feel great and is a food of our ego.
How to become famous : eAskme
How to be famous : eAskme
To be famous people do many things. They do good or bad things. But only good fame is that sustain for life and also after life. There are lots of ways that can make you famous some take lots of hardwork and some take lost of smart work.

How to be famous ?

It takes time. There are few ways I am mentioning that can lead you to be famous. Some are weird and some are awesome ways.

Make your own tape :

Create a video of your own doing something that attract other and also what you think surprise us, sometimes doing stunts, doing weird dance can do the good.

Have a kid at 15:

This is also known as being famous trick as few times the people who were minor had their own baby and it create controversies and they grab attention of everyone.

Marry an old but Rich man:

This also bring fame of sometime. Where media persons are looking for controversial marriages. if someone marry really old person for money that grab attention of news and people for sometime.

Become Singer or Dancer:

Now a days so any talent shows are going on. if you have talent then apply there and give performance your performance on TV will bring you many followers and you also get attention of others.

Be a Model :

This is a great way to be famous. But here success rate of girls are more than guys. Girls can be model easily and get money and fame both together. Starting of being model is struggle but once you get first offer and you get success in that than it will bring you long time success and fame. To be a Model Visit here :

Have famous blog or website:

You can create or have a blog or website and make it famous. This is an easy way to get attentions of thousands of people. You should have good content and it will bring you millions of followers worldwide. The more famous your blog will be the more famous you also be.

Invent something:

If you are in science or technology, and you feel you are next Einstein. than start investing something. But it is very hard and take lot of hard work and still no guarantee of success. its all depend upon your luck , knowledge and what you are trying t invent.

All the ways I have mentioned here shows that there are many ways that can make you famous. But it is truth of the time that Woman get famous easily where guys have to do lot of hardwork to be famous.

Always trust your instincts and try best to be famous and you will get what you want.

Do share your own views on how to be famous or how you want to be famous. 
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How to Become a Dentist

Dentists are those who diagnose and treat dental issues and most of them are general practitioners, but some become orthodontists or have other specialty. Usually dentists work as sole proprietor. 

How to Become a Dentist : eAskme
How to Become a Dentist : eAskme

You should follow these steps to become a Dentist

If You Have General features to Be a Dentist :

You should have high interest for science, have good communication skills and outstanding manual dexterity. You also need family support and time. You should take undergraduate courses that can take 3 to 4 years followed by 4 years in dental school. If you want to run your own practice than you should have good sense of business and employee management skills.

Complete Educational Requirements :

To be a dentist in USA, you need to have to attend school and college before to apply to dental school. You should take courses like math, chemistry, health, biology, physics. This will help you to be prepare for your college coursework. You will attend prerequisite dental courses at a college or university.

Enroll In Bachelor Degree :

Generally dental schools want that you have a bachelor degree before taking admission. Some even allow students who already completed 2 or 3 years as undergraduate and allow them to get bachelor degree.

Take Dental Admission Test:

Taking a Dental Admission Test requires you to pay fee and schedule date to take test at Prometric Test Center.  You can see American Dental Association website for more information. It required to get a minimum score to get entrance to dental school.

How long does it take to become a dentist

Get Dental Degree :

This question come in mind of everyone who want to become a dentist athat how many years to become a dentist ? Generally you get results of Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) or Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) in four years. Some states in USA require degree from approved program to get state licence. In first two years of dental school focus is on laboratory and classroom studies. In last two years they focus on clinical practices.

So we know how long does it take to be a dentist it can easily take 4 or more years depending on how good you do and which specialization you choose.

Get licensure :

All dentists in USA requires state licensure for dental practice. They also need passage of The National Board Dental Examination. This exam is in two parts that covers clinical procedures, dental sciences and ethics.

Specialization :

You can choose specialization like Post-DMD or Post-DDS. These options allow dentists to practice in various specialties. ADA Council on Dental Education and Licensure has recognized 9 specialties like Pediatric, dental public healtth, dentofacial orthopedics, maxillofacial pathology, orthodontics, Pathology.

So now we know how to become a dentist in USA. You just need to keep your focus on your target and studies. Clear all tests get experience and start your own practice.

Other Career Choices :
Do let us know your career choices and questions, we will glad to answer.

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