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How to Play Casino Games online

Want to make money online? Do you know how online money making works? I have already written about tons of ways to make money online. Still, there are more to share with you. When it comes to making money online the fun ways is to make money playing games.

How to Play Casino Games online: eAskme
How to Play Casino Games online: eAskme
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You can make money playing android games and even online casino games. Playing online games is not that easy at first you have to understand how to play the game and once you are comfortable only then you can make money playing any game.

How to make money playing online table games?

You may have seen James Bond playing casino table games and winning every time. To play and win table games you need a reliable online casino site. Casino tables games are very popular.

Key Points to Know Before You Play Rummy Games Online

These days’ online casinos are very popular. People are spending millions to play games like blackjack or other table games. The more you put the more chances’ you have to earn from these games.

What is the best place to play casino games?

Spinit is a popular site to play online table game for casino lovers. As they say, “Spinit: Dare to win it”. You can play all the popular games such as a jackpot, live casino, online roulette, online blackjack, online slots and table games.

Asian casino players can play Baccarat and Mini Baccarat. European players can play French Roulette and European Roulette. Blackjack is more popular in USA and Canada.

Casino table games with lowest house edge:

Do you know what house edge is? House edge is the way to measure how favorable a game is. The bigger number shows a less favorable game to the game player. Here are the casino games with the lowest edge for you.

What is the best strategy to play casino table games?

How to make money playing table games?

You may have seen James bond playing casino table games and winning every time. To play and win table games you need a reliable online casino site.

These days’ online casinos are very popular. People are spending millions to play games like blackjack or other table games. The more you put the more chances’ you have to earn from these games.
  •     Blackjack
  •     Pai Gow Poker
  •     French Roulette and European Roulette
  •     Backgammon
  •     Caribbean stud poker
  •     Three Card Poker Games
  •     Baccarat and Mini Baccarat
  •     Craps
  •     Video Poker games

Is it possible to play online casino table games?

Live casino table games have made it possible for everyone to play online casino table games. You can not only play the game but also get the feeling as you are playing casino in Las Vegas.

Is it safe to play online table games?

Casinos always use most secure transaction methods to avoid fraud and make sure that your transaction details stay safe. It is always safe to spend money playing online casino games.

How much money can I make playing casino table games?

There is absolutely no limit on how much money you can win. The more you play the more experience you gain. The better experience and skills always help you to win more.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask via comments.
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What is eAskme All About : Infographic

eAskme | How to : Ask Anything & get Answer of Everything
eAskme | How to : What is eAskme
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What is eAskme ?

eAskme | How to

eAskme is a Blog dedicates to the solutions of all worldwide issues on How To. Readers can ask anything by making comments or filling "Ask Your question form" that is available at the top of the eAskme blog. It also give details about how everything happen in virtual world.

Content of eAskme 

eAskme answer everything regarding technology, blogging, domain registration, Google tips, Analytics, Adsense, Alexa, Ranking, Traffic, Earning money, Health, Facebook, Apps, Android, Dating, Relationship, Widgets, How to, Wordpress, Youtube and much more. To get answers of anything you just need to search on eAskme or you can ask by filling "Ask Your Question" form, that is available at the top of the
Learn Blogging with eAskme 

You can easily learn Blogging, and how to monetize their blogs and get traffic by reading posts under Blogger tab of It tells everything about making blog getting traffic, monetization and being popular.

Use this infographic for free
<iframe frameborder="0" height="3782" scrolling="no" src="" style="overflow-y: hidden;" width="800"></iframe>

Subscribe eAskme feed to get all updates in your email.

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Why Choose a Career in Digital Marketing

Technological advances and digital devices have had a huge impact on a variety of careers and industries. One industry where that is extremely obvious is marketing.

The entire field has been forced to evolve and find new practices and techniques to keep up with today’s digital trends and technology.

For you: Know Before Getting a Certification in Digital Marketing

Why Choose a Career in Digital Marketing?: eAskme
Why Choose a Career in Digital Marketing?: eAskme
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This has also brought about new positions in digital marketing. While it still uses many of those same marketing foundations and principals of the past, it has also taken a unique approach to marketing by taking into consideration people’s reliance on digital devices.

If you’ve been considering a career in digital marketing but aren’t exactly sure if it’s right for you and what it entails, then you’ll want to read on.

A Growing Field

One of the first things worth noting about digital marketing is that marketing as a field is one that is currently enjoying a healthy amount of growth here in the United States.

According to statistics from the United States Bureau of Labor, advertising, promotions, and marketing managers are growing at an above-average rate in terms of positions, and the median pay is $127,560.

If you’re basing your future career on how many jobs are available, then clearly marketing is an industry worth taking note of.

Is Known for Providing a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Another big pro in choosing a career in digital marketing is that statistics show it’s one of few careers out there that actually encourage and allows for a healthy work-life balance. Having a great career that is fulfilling and interesting is important, but just as important is having a fulfilling life outside of work.

Many of these digital marketing positions also make it possible for the person to work from home and even have flex-hours, which again, encourages a healthy work-life balance.

It Offers a Lot of Variety

If you're the type that gets bored easily, then digital marketing could be exactly what you need. This is a field that combines social media, paid advertising, emails, building brands, and creating shareable content. It's fresh and new all the time, making for a dynamic and engaging career.

It’s not just the job responsibilities that offer variety, there’s also variety in terms of employers. You can choose to start your own company, work for a marketing company, or as part of a company’s in-house marketing team.

Enrolling in Digital Marketing Courses is Easy

Of course, in order to excel in a career, you'll need the proper educational training. You'll find digital marketing courses are easy to find and enroll in, which means you can get that dream job that much faster. General Assembly is a great example where you can find campuses located all around the world.

A Promising and Exciting Future

Digital marketing is a career that offers plenty of promise, versatility, variety, and opportunities making for a great option for a wide range of people.

 Look for this industry to continue to evolve and expand as technology drives it forward.
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How to Start a Blog with GoDaddy

People love blogs. So, if want to make money online, start a blog. Luckily, you don’t need any programming skills, any design software, or any previous experience in running a blog to start one.

How to Start a Blog with GoDaddy: eAskme
How to Start a Blog with GoDaddy: eAskme
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How to Start a Blog

1. Choose a blog name

Choose a blog name that is easy to remember and memorable. While at it, resist the urge to use hyphens and numbers.

2. Decide on a blog builder

There are plenty of blog builders out there, but WordPress stands out in a big way for a reason – it is effective, well-supported by many hosts, and welcoming to beginners. Other options include Blogger and Type Pad.

3. Pick the right web host

When starting a blog, use a host that has a history of providing quality webhosting services. For instance, GoDaddy offers great WordPress blog hosting.

4. Link the domain name to the blog

The webhost should show you how to link your blog to your domain name. This process should be fast and painless when using a good webhost.

5. Design the blog

Make your blog to look as you always fantasized about. You can play around with the themes, and plugins, and to get the blog you wanted all along.

6. Publish your blog content

Start publishing the content that will define your blog’s niche.

7. Promote and post more content

Now promote your blog through social media and see your subscriber numbers, and income, grow.

Determining Your Hosting Needs

It is important to understand what your blog’s hosting needs are. For instance, some blogs will require lots of server space because they will include lots of images and videos. Other blogs might end up with lots of traffic. In such scenarios, ample space and bandwidth would be a necessity.

Additionally, you can determine what your responsibilities are as far as managing the blog goes. For instance, if you want someone else to handle the backups and maintenance, consider paying someone for it.

Other issues to consider when starting a blog include whether you need multiple domain names, technical support, hosting costs, and the like. One of the most popular hosts for bloggers is GoDaddy. Below we will see how to start a blog with GoDaddy.

How to Start a GoDaddy Managed WordPress Blog

1. Visit GoDaddy managed WordPress page

On the page, you will asked to create an account if you don’t already have one.

2. Select a plan

Then you should choose your plan, going with the basic plan, unless your blog has lots of images and videos then jump over the add-ons option and hit Continue. You can find the latest GoDaddy coupon codes online on Wiki Gains and save money on your plan.

The basic plan costs $3.99, while the Deluxe plan goes for $4.99. The Ultimate plan is worth $7.99 a month, while the Developer plan goes for $13.99.

3. Create/add a domain

Add a domain by choosing “No Thanks”. Otherwise, you can search for a new domain.

4. Choose plan length

Plan length is the amount of time you wish your webhosting plan to last for. It is a good idea to select  a web hosting plan for at least 12 months.

5. Adjust privacy settings

For GoDaddy’s free domain offer, select the option to keep your contact information private before checking out.

6. Visit Help for information on how to set up your new blog

You can use the “Quick Start Wizard”, which makes the process of setting up a blog faster and easier.

GoDaddy Coupons

The following GoDaddy Coupons are available at the moment.
  • WOWJS35OFF – 35% off your orders
  • afw50host – 50% off webhosting plans
  • 50HOST1 – 50% off new hosting plans plus a free domain
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How to make money with Whatsapp Status

If you are using a smartphone then Whatsapp is the app that you must be aware of. This is one of the most common app that you can find in every single smartphone. WhatsApp has started a trend of free messaging and calls all over the world. WhatsApp even allows you to make video calls now.

Download and Install WhatsApp on Your PC

We all know the usage of WhatsApp, but today I am going to share one more thing which definitely grab your interest. This is that now you can even make money with best whatsapp status.

How to make money with Whatsapp Status:

How to make money with Whatsapp Status : eAskme
How to make money with Whatsapp Status : eAskme
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Join is a global WhatsApp status community. It allows you t share and create whatsapp status in different categories.

Whatsstatus has 50+ categories of whatsapp status.
  • Go to
  • Click on "Submit Status" in top right navigation to open signup page.
  • enter name, Email, Phone Number, password, Date of birth
  • Select Country
  • Click on "I Agree" checkbox
  • click on "Sign me Up!"
  • Click on the verification link to complete your signup process.
At you can add hundreds of New WhatsApp Status daily. They have pool of writers who write unique and new status. They have the largest collection of new WhatsApp Status on Internet and are adding hundreds of new status daily.

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Features of

1) At we add new status daily.
2) All our status are unique and new.
3) We have hundreds of writers associated with us who write and submit new status
4) We have more then 60 Status Categories like (Love, Sad, Funny, Breakup etc)

How helps you to make money writing WhatsApp Status:

If you are a writer or you wants to make money writing whatsapp status, then is for you.

They pay Rs 1/approved status for first 200 status. After that they pay Rs 2/Approved Status. There are people who have more than 700 approved status. SO that means you can earn good money by writing whatsapp status.

Read more : The Best WhatsApp Alternative

Do share if you like this new concept of making money online by writing whatsapp status. If you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

Handpicked Article for you:
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How I Made $12,000 Without Google Adsense : eAskme Income Report

There is no doubt that when a person becomes a blogger, his/her very first goal is to get Adsense approval so that he can make money from blogging. But Adsense is not the only way a person can monetize his/her blogs.

I have many blogs on which Adsense is working great.

But today I am going to share how I made $12,000 this month even without Adsense.

If you have any doubt than check this also : is it possible to make money without Adsense?

Like previous months, this is the time, when I share my blog traffic and earning report. Publishing monthly income & traffic report not only help to motivate but also shows transparency.

How I Made $12,000 Without Google Adsense : eAskme Income Report
How I Made $12,000 Without Google Adsense : eAskme Income Report
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From last few months I was so busy in everything that I was not able to share monthly income reports. But now I am sharing my eAskme income report of August 2016, but in this report I am not including the earning of Adsense.

How I Made $12,000 Without Google Adsense : eAskme Income Report August 2016:

August was a good month in terms of money and followers. as I got various sponsored posts which helped me make over $2300. Also my blog consultancy service and Ultimate Premium Lifestyle course has helped me to earn a lot from new blogs and websites.

    eAskme Domain service: $750
    Affiliate marketing: $4680
    Clickbank: $900
    Sponsored Posts: $2300 Affiliate Program: $50
    FameThemes: $65
    Dreamhost Affiliate Program: $100
    Hostgator Affiliate program: $100
    WordPress Theme development & Customization: $600
    WordPress SEO Service: $200
    Siteground Hosting Affiliate: $150
    Socialoomph Affiliate Program: $50
    ManageFlitter Twitter tool: $160
    Blog Consultancy: $1000
    MyThemeShop WordPress Theme: $40
    ShareAsale: $300
   Ultimate Premium Lifestyle course : $800

Total Earning = $12,245 ( 7,83,680 INR)

I also like to share a good news with all my readers that I am building a new house which is actually gonna cost me $50,000 USD.

In September, I am more excited to make more money blogging, as you know building a house octs good money. It is always necessary for a blogger to keep learning and keep implementing new things. eAskme team is working on new eAskme.

You can subscribe to eAskme Email newsletter or like us on facebook to stay tuned with updates and offers.

Do share your learning and achievements. If you find this article helpful, don`t forget to share on Facebook, twitter or Google Plus.
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Secret to Earn $100/Click From Google Adsense

How to Earn $90/Click From Google Adsense
There are two types of people in this world: One who do hard-work and other who do smart-work. But success comes to those who maintain the balance between handwork and smart work. Blogger spends their days and nights in creating quality content, driving traffic and also making money from ads, but sometimes we ignore the simplest methods to increase earning and traffic.

Today we will discuss the simplest method of making improved earning and improved traffic.

Benefits of Long Tail and High CPC Adsense Keywords :

Always remember that the more targeted keywords your blog will have the more money you will make from it. The more high CPC keywords you use and rank high then you Adsense earning will boost in no time. The new tool for Search Engine Marketing. US database 40 000 000 keywords. Learn everything about your competitors! 

 Today we will discuss about SEMRUSH, one of the great tools to analyze and find long tail high CPC keywords.

See this : How to Increase Adsense CPC

Use SEMRUSH to Find Profitable Adsense Keywords :

SEMRUSH is an amazing tool with awesome features. Now I will show you how you can find profitable Adsense Keywords using this tool.

Login to SEMRUSH account and enter the name of the domain you wish to use to find long tail High CPC keywords. For Example, I use Warrior Forum here.
Secret to Earn $100/Click From Google Adsense : eAskme
Secret to Earn $100/Click From Google Adsense : eAskme
Click on "Organic" on the left side and choose "Overview" and you will see the list of keywords that are driving traffic to the WarriorForum Website. Now click on CPC to sort them according to that. You will see that High CPC keywords are Long Tail Keywords. Some of them are higher than $90.

Now copy those keywords that are suitable for your blog. Repeat this process for a list of domains and you will help your list of High CPC Adsense Keywords.
See : Importance of Keywords

In WordPress, you can use EasyWPSEO plugin to make search engine friendly content. This is one of the simplest methods that I have ever used. You should also focus on keywords that drive traffic from countries like UK, USA. As these countries, traffic pays you more.

SEMRUSH is the best marketing tool available online and I recommend it to everyone.
Do share the tools you use to find Long Tail High CPC Adsense Keywords ? If you like this article, consider sharing it on Google Plus and Twitter.

Don`t forget to like us on facebook and subscribe eAskme newsletter to get free updates.
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How To Make Money From Google AdSense : Newbie Guide

Are you one of those who want to make money online and work from home to pay your bills? Are you earning passive income online? I the answer of these questions is a yes, then you are the one  who is going to his life from here!
How To Make Money From Google AdSense: Newbie Guide : eAskme
How To Make Money From Google AdSense: Newbie Guide : eAskme
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Now a days working from home online become lifestyle and there are millions of people who desire to make money online. The best thing about making money online is that numerous people are making a living with online income sources. If you know anything about making money online, then you must have heard of Adsense.

Today I am going to share a complete guide to help newbies like you, who want to make money online via Adsense and work from home. At the end of this guide you will have all the required information that will help you to start with making money online. So let`s learn how you can make money from AdSense from Home by working online.

What is Google AdSense and how you can make money with Adsense?

Google AdSense is a most popular contextual ad service which is absolutely free and offered by Google for its publishers who want to monetize their online content. A publisher can be anyone who has Youtube channel, Website, blog or anything. AdSense has always been most popular among bloggers, webmasters and tune channels to monetize their online content.

AdSense is popular because it is interactive to use and just need basic configuration. After that you just need to relax and see money coming into your bank account from Google.  The best thing which I like about Adsense is that they always pay on time.

It is really easy to start with Google AdSense. You just need a website, youtube channel or a blog to apply for Adsense and get approval for your AdSense account. All you need to do is get Adsense Approval and then create ads and place those ads on your blog or website, it will make Adsense ads automatically show on your blog or website. Now, If any user clicks on those ads, you will get paid.  After that all you need to do is get more and more traffic to our website.

    Must read: Why AdSense is popular makin money online program

Tip/warning: If you are thinking to make your friends or family to click on ads, I warn you never do it. Google AdSense is strict about maintaining the quality of ad network which makes it most popular ad network.

Any kind of misbehave on ads will cost disabled AdSense account. Once your account is disabled, you will never be able to get it back.

How much you can earn from Adsense and Income proof:

The very basic question that every newbie blogger ask while looking at Adsense is that how much he/she can earn. believe me there are people who are making more than $50,000per month, you can even look for them on Google.

Creating your web property for getting an AdSense account:

It is really easy to apply for Adsense if you have any web property such as YouTube Channel, blog or website. That could be a blog, website or anything that is allowed by Google. So let me share

about these how you can get Adsense and make money on these web properties. In the beginning you can start without paying anything. So start with Blogspot.

Create a free blog on BlogSpot:

BlogSpot is an absolutely free blogging platform and product of Google. It allows you to create many blogs within just 5 mins. This is by far the best way for you to make money online by creating a blog. Before you start I recommend you to start with few important things:

  •     Domain name: BlogSpot always offers a domain name fox example recommend you to choose easy name which you can remember easily.
  •     Niche: Start posting articles in one particular topic.
  •     Design: You can use free template or you can also use premium blogger templates from here which are also free.
  •     Pages and Posts: Pages are for important pages and Posts are for writing articles.

Or create a WordPress Blog (Smart & professional way)

I always recommend you to create blog on WordPress and I have already shared why you should create blog on Wordpress self hosted platform. Here you need to get your domain name and hosting, which is really exciting as it gives you more control over your website or blog.

Read: How to buy domain & hosting for WordPress blog.

Here are resources that you can refer to create your WordPress blog.

    How to create WordPress blog in next 5 minutes
    Essential settings after installing WordPress

How to Create a Youtube channel and Make money with Adsense:

This is also a popular way to monetize your video content with Adsense. Not everyone like writing, and many people only like videos. If you are good at recording videos, then it can be helpful for you to make money by uploading those videos on YouTube.

How to Monetize Video with Adsene on YouTube

  • Create an Account on YouTube.
  • Create a channel
  • Start uploading original videos. You can easily create screencast videos.
  • Constantly upload 5-10 to be eligible for making money from Adsense. 
  • Go to monetization link. 

Web property checked- What Next?

Once you have one of any of above properties or both then you are ready to Apply for adsense. If you are working seriously on web property with commitment only then you can get Adsense account. You should have patience and dedication to make money from Adsense.

Apply for AdSense:

Now as you are ready for submitting AdSense application. Here are guides/tutorials to help you to get AdSense approval.

    Why Google Adsense Is The No. 1 Advertising Program 
    How to create AdSense Account
    10 Mistakes That violate Google Adsense Policies and Get Banned
    Google Adsense- Do`s and Don`ts

It may take around 7 days to get approval from Adsense. Even if your site don`t get approved, don`t worry just fix where your site is lacking and apply again. Google Adsense only need valuable publishers.

Google Adsense on New Budding Bloggers Blog

AdSense approved: What to do next?

Now as you start making money from Adsense, your focus should be on boosting revenue from Adsense.  For this you need to increase traffic as more traffic help you make more money. Also learn AdSense optimization tips such as Adsense Heatmap for Ad placement and high CPC Keywords. ONow you should create niche based sites to make more targeted traffic and make more money.

How to Choose Blogging Niche of Your Blog
How I Built A Micro-Niche Site And Earning $200/Month From AdSense

I hope I have answered all of the questions related to making money online from Google Adsense. or You can refer Adsense guide for all tips. Feel free to ask any question via comments.

If you find how to make money from Google Adsense newbie guide helpful, don`t forget to share it on Twitter and Google Plus Twitter. Don`t forget to subscribe eAskme newsletter to stay tuned with us.
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PayPal Me : Best Way To Accept Payment via PayPal

Payoneer and PayPal are two of the most popular services to accept payment online which are very much recommended and respected among majority of small businesses and freelancers. These are those platforms that help people not only to accept payment from overseas but also help them to recieve and send transaction easily.
PayPal Me : Best Way To Accept Payment via PayPal : eAskme
PayPal Me : Best Way To Accept Payment via PayPal : eAskme
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I have already shared about the lucrative offer of Payoneer and how to create account in PayPal. If you are one of those bloggers who are already using PayPal then you may know that PayPal offer some extra features such as sending PayPal email address or sending an invoice to receive payment.

You may find it offending to send your email address to others, as this reveals a lot about you and it is unprofessional.

PayPal is here with a good news for any blogger and for every person in U.S. Now you can create short PayPal URL for example You cna share this with yoru clients, family or friends to receive or send payments.

How PayPal.Me works and how to get short PayPal URL?

This is an official feature of PayPal which is currently available only in limited countries and it is absolutely is free. You must have an active PayPal account, then go to and click on "Grab a link now" to start creating your short PayPal payment url.

Now add your PayPal short URL on next page. It will check for availability and allow you to claim it.

PayPal Me : Best Way To Accept Payment via PayPal

This service is available in limited countries only as it is launched recently so you have a chance to grab a meaningful url for your business or yourself.

PayPal.Me links are available on a first-come first-served basis. You can try alternatives if your desired name is not available. Always choose link carefully, as you can never edit it again. You can use this service on both mobile and desktop.

Also See : How to use PayPal on Amazon

Right now this service is not available in all countries such as India. But I believe that it will be available in all countries in very short time.

Which payment service you like. Don`t forget to share your experience with PayPal. If you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.
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Blogging A Million Dollar deal

Here is a million dollar deal, which bring a whole lot to change to your life. This million dollar deal is blogging. I have been asked so many times that how people can make million dollar within a year or two and how people get so successful in their online business. I have shared many articles about how you can be successful in blogging.

Million Dollar Question

Today I am going to talk about the most asked question on eAskme, How to make million dollar within just one year or how blogging is a million dollar deal?  But before i go further here are few things that you need to understand.

Blogging A Million Dollar deal: eAskme
Blogging A Million Dollar deal: eAskme

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What is a Million Dollar deal?
A million dollar deal is one work that will make you get one million dollar, although there is no specific time that in how much time you get one million dollar but the very first thing you need to get a million dollar is that yopu really want that and have passion and dedication to be millionaire.

How to Make Money blogging in Hindi

Blogging A Million Dollar Deal

Yes your heard me right. I am saying blogging is a million dollar deal, it is not just my words it has been proved already by thousands of professional bloggers worldwide. Blogging is one of the major par of promotion of any product or service these days. If you have a product or service to sell then blogging is your best friend.
Not only to sell or promote things but als blogging is a great way to promote your ideas and spread it. One of the biggest thing is that your blogging can bring you hundreds of opportunities to convert it to a million dollar deal and generate circular revenue every month or year.  That means you will setup a process and make your blog a brand that it will help you generate money throughout your life.

How blogging is a million dollar deal?
I have already shared few guides to help you to make money blogging and turn you from a hobby blogger to a professional blogger. Blogging is not just for individuals but now it is widely recommended part of any online business. You can monetize your blog or blogging habit with various of techniques such as Advertisement, sell products or services, run promotions, affiliate marketing, sponsored reviews etc.

There are thousands of professional blogs which are earning more than tens of millions every month. There are blogs on every topic such as politics, celebrity-gossip, sports, technology, health & fitness, insurance, science, fiction etc. You can monetize any for your topic by doing a quick research and find the most profitable blog niche to monetize your blogging habit.

Most popular Guides to convert your blogging to a million dollar deal:
Blogging for Money Guide
An Open Letter to Bloggers
Useful Blogging Tools
Adsense Guide to make money blogging

How to enter into a million dollar blogging club:

If you want to enter into the club of million dollar blogging club of bloggers than your first focus should be on branding of your blog by providing quality content and promoting it and your blogging will bring you a million dollar deal.. As you enter into the club of million dollar blogging you will have endless opportunities to become the most competitive brand in this virtual world.

How to Choose Blogging Niche of Your Blog

1) Passion and Commitment:

Passion and commitment for blogging is really necessary to get success in this step. You should trust on what you are doing and plan according to your goals. Work without being lazy and focus on quality and deliver the best to your readers as this will ensure them that you are good and build trust.
2) Quality and Promotion:
Quality of a blog alone cant do anything if you cant promote your blog and its content. Promotion usually take 80% of the time of a blogger. You must plan your blog promotion in a step by step manner and stick to your plan. You can use online tools and social media platforms to increase your blog presence and also use sharing buttons on your blog to give your readers the opportunity to share what they like or love to read on your blog.

3) Analyze and Improve:
After every month analyze your efforts and see how good or bad yoru plan worked. Learn from your blogging mistakes and next time stay away from the same mistakes. Improvement is really necessary to make your blog an established brand.

4) Monetization:
Everyone want money and blogging is one of the best choice to make money online. So if you have a blog why not you make money out of it. There are plenty of opportunities to make money blogging that will land you to get a million dollar deal in blogging. You can use ads, promote services or products, write professional reviews, write sponsored posts, write ebooks and sell them, run courses or do Internet marketing, or affiliate marketing etc.

What can you do with one million Dollar Deal?

One million dollar is a good amount that can change your life forever. There are thousands of people who make million dollars every year, every month or every day. So it is not impossible to make one million dollar or get a deal that bring you one million into your pocket. All you need is to establish a system or create a process that will lead you to generate endless million dollar deal opportunities.

you can buy house, you an enjoy premium vacation, you can buy luxury car your can invest and get profits. in short you can do anything when you know that you have setup a process that bring you money every time. here you can learn blogging online.

Final Words:
I hope this guide help you to understand why Blogging a million dollar deal? if you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask me via comments. If there is anything that you think i have missed then do suggest me.

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How to Launch an Ecommerce Business that Quickly Generates Meaningful Revenue

In 2017, roughly $330 billion will be spent in the United States via e-commerce businesses. That number has increased each year since 2007 and shows no signs of slowing down. While traditional brick and mortar retailers may be hard hit, e-commerce businesses like Amazon, Boxed and Jet have become successful multi-billion dollar companies.

How to Launch an Ecommerce Business that Quickly Generates Meaningful Revenue: eAskme
How to Launch an Ecommerce Business that Quickly Generates Meaningful Revenue: eAskme
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But e-commerce businesses don’t need to employ thousands of people or offer tens of thousands of products to be successful. In fact, savvy entrepreneurs can create successful e-commerce businesses by compellingly providing the right products.

This article will help readers interested in launching successful e-commerce businesses to do just that thanks to four simple principles.

Use drop shipping to limit overhead expenses

Traditionally, retailers are forced to grapple with many costly overhead expenses that can make it difficult to compete with big-box stores. But thanks to dropping shipping, even small e-commerce businesses have a shot at being successful.

Drop shipping takes place when wholesale suppliers ship items purchased from your website directly to the consumer, rather than shipping it to the retailer first. Since the wholesaler (often the maker of the product being sold on your eCommerce site) ships products directly to your customers, there is no need for you (the e-commerce business) to warehouse or ship items yourself.

Drop shipping is a fantastic strategy for e-commerce owners interested in getting started without having to commit to significant orders that require upfront payments.

Cater to an underserved niche audience

The best way for small businesses to gain early traction is by focusing on serving an underserved niche audience. This is the same strategy employed during the old days of companies like Amazon and Airbnb, and it can also work for your eCommerce business.

Whether you are selling baseball gloves, or are offering information that can help with SSI application forms in sunset hills, identifying an audience that does not already have access to e-commerce products of interest to them is a great way to begin an e-commerce business.

 Consider researching products coveted by hobbyists by surveying hobbyists from a variety of interests to learn if a specific segment may find it challenging to acquire essential items online.

To test various markets, entrepreneurs may want to get targeted Facebook ads that lead to a simple e-commerce site. If the ads get proper engagement, or if purchases were made, then it is a good sign an underserved niche was uncovered.

Outsource time-consuming e-commerce tasks using freelancing platforms

Launching an e-commerce business can be slow and technically challenging. Successful e-commerce brands have fast-loading websites that offer intuitive navigation, and well-written product descriptions.

If you feel like building an e-commerce website on your own is too complicated, consider outsourcing time-consuming tasks to a freelancer. Platforms like Upwork feature thousands of talented freelancers who specialize in everything from website development to copywriting, to business operations.

For You: The Effects of IoT on e-Commerce

With the time saved, you can instead focus on finding products that prospective customers will love.

Use website analytics to monitor performance and improve shopper experience

According to a Google study, roughly 40 percent of website visitors will leave a page that takes 3 seconds or more to load. In other words, e-commerce website visitors (like all visitors) are fickle and expect perfect online experiences.

E-commerce business owners need to invest the time and money in collecting accurate website analytics. Using behavior workflows, entrepreneurs can determine the best and worst performing e-commerce website flows and then use A/B testing to improve streams that are not working.
Even better, e-commerce business owners can use digital advertising to drive shoppers through website flows that are proven to convert visitors at high percentages.

To get started, tools like Google Analytics provide e-commerce entrepreneurs with access to rich website analytics for free. Website optimization tools like Optimizely or VWO can help entrepreneurs to conduct A/B tests capable of comparing multiple webpage layouts to determine which one performs better.


Launching a successful eCommerce business does involve some challenges. After all, there are many other e-commerce companies out there. However, by sticking to the best practices outlined in this article, readers will put themselves in position to have a shot at business success.

To get started, consider partnering with wholesalers who are willing to drop ship goods as this will help to keep overhead costs down and will allow your business to start selling products the moment your e-commerce site is live.

Invest time in identifying an underserved audience to reduce the number of other e-commerce businesses you’re forced to compete with and be sure to turn to freelancers and website analytics tools to quickly create a memorable e-commerce shopping experience.
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Best CPM Advertising Networks for Bloggers in 2018

Do you have a blog or website with a good amount of traffic and if you are looking for the best monetization for your blog or website with CPM Ads? Then this is the right place to know about this. Today I am going to share an awesome list of top best CPM ad networks of 2018 where you can join to make more money.

Now you may have some questions like :

What are CPM ads?

Best CPM Advertising Networks for Bloggers in 2016 : What are CPM ads : eAskme

CPM stands for Cost per Thousand Impressions. CPMs are the great great way to earn money with your blog or website. CPM advertising actually pays according to the total amount of impressions received on any advertisement.

What is Impression?

Impression means how many times an advertisement appearing on your blog or website. This is good because even if your readers do not click on the ads still you get paid.

I always recommend you to put ads on the prominent section of your website or blog.

CPM Advertising Programs:

Best CPM Advertising Networks for Bloggers in 2018: eAskme

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There is no doubt that CPM ads  seems really appealing, but remember that they work best only for the blogs or websites with huge traffic. If you are getting thousands of visitors everyday then you can easily make good amount of money with CPM ads.

Usually CPM networks pays you between $1 to $10 per thousand impressions.

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    CPM Advertising Programs to Make Money from Your Blog
    Advertising Networks Besides Google Adsense

Today I am going to share about the most popular 5 CPM ad networks.

Best CPM ads Networks of 2018


AdsOptimal Best CPM Advertising Networks for Bloggers in 2018: eAskme

 AdsOptimal is one of the most popular CPM advertising network for all type of websites and blogs. Adsoptimal offer Conversion base ads, CPM ads and CPC ads. You should know that they are partner with Criteo, DoubleClick and Google Adsense also.


  • Your application gets approved within 2 days
  • Payment method check or PayPal.
  • Minimum payout is $50
  • Signup bonus upto $15 USD.
Join AdsOptimal

Amazon CPM Ads

Amazon CPM Ads : Best CPM Advertising Networks for Bloggers in 2018: eAskme

 Amazon is coming with more and more monetization options such as amazon associates program, Amazon native ads and Amazon CPM also. Currently their CPM ads are not available for everyone. You can check if they are available for you.

 Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads : Best CPM Advertising Networks for Bloggers in 2018: eAskme

There is no doubt that Propeller Ads is an awesome eCPM advertising network in 2018. They offer various ad options with multiple payment options for bloggers. It is really easy to create an account on propeller ads.

Important info about PropellerAds:

Create a free account on PropellerAds

Conversant Media

Conversant media : Best CPM Advertising Networks for Bloggers in 2018: eAskme

Conversant is one of the most popular brand when it comes to CPM advertising.

  • Minimum 3,000 impressions per month for approval.
  • Work like PropellerAds.
  • Threshold payment amount $25
  • Pay via check or PayPal.

It is good for those blogs or websites that do not have high amount of traffic.

Create free account on Conversant

Exponential (Formerly Tribal Fusion)

Exponential (Formerly Tribal Fusion) : Best CPM Advertising Networks for Bloggers in 2018: eAskme

There is no doubt that Exponential is a major CPM ads network. But the thing is that it is not easy to get approval. The minimum requirement is 500,000 visitors per month. But the best thing is that they offer high quality CPM ads.

Final Words:
These are the just few examples of the most popular and Best CPM Advertising Networks for Bloggers in 2018. I will be updating this list and will add more networks to help you.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me. Don`t forget to like us on Facebook or subscribe our newsletter to stay tuned with us.

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Make Money by Blogger Outreach Program for Bloggers and Marketers (Join Now)

When it comes to making money with blogging, I am not the only one who is making money online. Keeping this thing in mind, I have designed a new program for bloggers, SEO, and internet marketers who want to make money online by offering blogging and blogger outreach services.

Make Money by Blogger Outreach with eAskme: Bloggers and Marketers Join Now: eAskme
Make Money by Blogger Outreach with eAskme: Bloggers and Marketers Join Now: eAskme
The beauty of this program is that it is open for all.

There are 300+ bloggers who are working with me on various projects on daily basis. I know there are thousands of bloggers who are looking for opportunities to make money with blogging and guest posting.

Here I am going to offer you all a program called, “Make Money by Blogger Outreach” and “make Money with guest posting”.

Now you want to know what this program is all about?

Let me share the details with you.

Make Money through Blogger Outreach or Guest posting:

This is a program which is similar to any sponsored post network. It works similar to odesk or blogmint.

All you need is a quality blog on any niche to join this program.

I will be sharing various projects on regular basis in Blogger Outreach section of eAskme. You need to fill the details to get the work or I can say the bid to get the work.

Only qualified blogs will be awarded the project and earn money after successfully completing the project.

Projects that will be covered under this program are;

  1. Sponsored posts/ Paid guest posts
  2. Text link services
  3. Backlink services

How to join Make money with Blogger Outreach program?

To make money with blogger outreach or guest posting program, you need to fill the below-given form and follow steps.

Fill the details

Once you register for this program, you will start getting notifications or emails about the projects I will launch or share on eAskme.

All you need is to bid on those projects to get the job.

You will be paid after successfully completing the project, means final approval from the client.
So what are you waiting for? Just fill the form and be part of this program to improve your chances to make more money with blogging.

Still, have any question, feel free to ask me on Facebook.
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How to Use the Internet and Your Car to Make More Money

With the holiday season upon us, the sounds and sights of the festive season leave everyone with a sense of joy in their hearts. That’s unless you are broke and don’t have any spare cash to enjoy yourself this silly season. 

If you don’t have any extra money, how will you buy presents for friends and family? How will you go out for a night on the town with your partner?

How to Use the Internet and Your Car to Make More Money: eAskme
How to Use the Internet and Your Car to Make More Money: eAskme

Being broke and down on your luck during this time of year can lead to severe bouts of depression, anxiety, and fear. None of these emotions describe the idea of the holiday season, and compounded by a feeling of financial desperation.

It’s time to take charge of your earning ability and use your spare time to increase your earnings. There are many different ways to earn a side-income. However, if you have a full-time occupation and very little time to spare during the working day, how can you find the time to take on a second job?

Driving for Uber is the financial solution that you have been looking for to help you earn more. Here is a quick guide on how driving for this ride-sharing app over the holiday season can earn you extra money that you can use to enjoy your festive season.

The Top 3 Benefits of Driving for Uber

#1 Total Control and Independence

Are you tired of taking verbal abuse from your boss? Does your current work environment do little to stimulate you? Take control of your income and your life by driving for Uber. Get out of the cubicle and behind the wheel of your car. You decide what hours you want to work and if you feel like taking a day off, there will be no-one to reprimand you.

For you: Time freedom

Driving for Uber gives you a level of flexibility that you cannot find with any other occupation. If you can only work after hours due to your day job, no problem. Uber drivers choose when and where they want to work, be your boss and create the lifestyle you deserve by driving for Uber.

#2 Earn Extra Income

We all want that extra income for the holiday season and Uber is the perfect opportunity to allow you to earn more this silly season. The festive season is a high-traffic time of year; Uber charges premium pricing on their ride-service during peak periods such as holidays, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing day, and over the new year’s festivities.

For you: Money Freedom

You can take advantage of this premium pricing surge and earn more than you expect by driving when others don’t want to.

#3 Meet New People and Create New Opportunities

You never know who will step into your car for an Uber lift. There are millions of people using the ride-sharing app every day. There is a chance that you may pick up someone that is impressed with your service and offers you a new job. Stay focused and friendly with all of your passengers, and you may be blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime.

Top 3 Tips for Driving for Uber

#1 Add Value to Your Service

As an Uber driver, you need to do something to separate yourself from the rest of the drivers. The best way to do this is by increasing your Uber service rating. Every client you collect will leave you a rating based on their experience. This rating will determine the success of your Uber business as people are inclined to choose lifts with drivers that have a high score.

Add value to your Uber service by keeping a power-bank in your car. Offer it to your client so that they can charge their device when they enter the vehicle. Keep a cooler in your car with cold bottles of water for your clients. Your passenger will be shocked when you offer them added benefits to their trip.

#2 Presentation is Everything

Dress to impress; your client will conclude their impression of you within three seconds of spotting you. If you are dressed well and smell fresh, then you can expect your client to view you as a professional and treat you like one.

#3 Don’t Accept Tips

Do you tip Uber drivers? This is a common question asked by passengers. Never accept a tip from a passenger. Doing so will violate Ubers terms of service and will possibly get your account suspended. Instead of asking for a gratuity, ask for a five-star review. Most passengers will gladly comply with your request, but you have to remember to ask!

In Closing

Driving for Uber this holiday season just makes good sense if you want to boost the numbers in your bank account. Call your local Uber office today and get started, you could be behind the wheel and earn your first fare before the end of the day!

Other unique ways to make money online;
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Affiliate Marketing – Types, Pros and Cons

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a relatively new type of marketing strategy in which ‘affiliates’ are employed by business firms (or merchants) to help generate sales of the business or bring customers to the firm’s website to check out their products and offers. These affiliates are rewarded on the basis of their performance, i.e. the number of sales generated or visitors brought to the website through efforts undertaken by the affiliates themselves.

For you: Affiliate Marketing Vs Adsense

This type of marketing involves the use of third-parties to carry out marketing activities of a business. Affiliates basically work for commission by marketing a particular company’s products for which they are hired.

Affiliate Marketing – Types, Pros and Cons: eAskme
Affiliate Marketing – Types, Pros and Cons: eAskme

This type of marketing involves the use of third-parties to carry out marketing activities of a business. Affiliates basically work for commission by marketing a particular company’s products for which they are hired. In other words, affiliate marketing is all about promoting someone else’s products or services and getting paid for it. For every sale generated with the help of an affiliate’s marketing efforts, that affiliate is given a commission specified in advance.

Some of the techniques employed by affiliates include organic search engine optimization, paid search engine marketing (i.e. Pay Per Click or PPC), e-mail marketing, displaying ads or web banners on different websites for viewers to see, all of which are part of Internet marketing.

In some cases, affiliates might also use techniques such as publishing fake – usually positive - reviews of a firm’s products/services, or recommending them to customers as directed by the firm in order to attract them to try its products and services.

Affiliate marketing has experienced a steady rise since its origin in 1989 by William J. Tobin, the founder of PC Flowers & Gifts. In November 1994, an online retail company known by the name of CDNOW launched its BuyWeb program, in which music-oriented websites reviewed or listed albums on their pages that were of interest to visitors.

In an attempt to lure customers to purchase the albums, these music-oriented websites put affiliate links on their pages that would take visitors to the website of CDNOW, where they could make the purchase.

Another example of a business using affiliate marketing is the online retail giant Amazon, which launched its affiliate program in July 1996 by allowing affiliates to place banners and text links that would lead to Amazon’s site for individual books, or even directly to the home page of Amazon. This program gained much popularity among online retailers and served as the basis for affiliate programs launched later.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is divided into various types depending on the nature of methods used for each one. Some of the main types of affiliate marketing are briefly discussed below:

Single-Tier Affiliate Marketing

In Single-tier Affiliate Marketing, affiliates are paid commissions only for the sales that they directly contribute by directing visitors and traffic toward the merchant’s website. The different types explained below fall under the category of single-tier affiliate marketing.

o    Pay Per Click (PPC)

As the name suggests, in Pay Per Click affiliate marketing, a merchant pays affiliates for each visitor that is referred to the merchant’s website whenever that visitor clicks on a banner or text ad on the affiliate’s site that leads to that website.

For instance, if you are an affiliate marketer of Roses Only, online florist shop, you will be paid every time a visitor reaches to Roses Only through your affiliate site. This is the most popular type of affiliate marketing in which an affiliate gets a certain amount for referring visitors to the merchant’s business, even if they do not make any purchases. The fees, however, are minimal, usually not more than a dollar for each click made by visitors.     

o    Pay Per Performance (PPP)

Pay Per Performance affiliate marketing recompenses affiliates whenever they either help in actually generating a sale for the merchant through a visitor, or turning that visitor into a lead for the business. Unlike pay per click marketing, in pay per performance marketing, affiliates do not get paid until their efforts reap a reward for the business, that is, they do not get paid when users simply click on a banner ad and do not purchase anything.

For You: What Are the Best Ways to Boost Affiliate Sales

If we take into account the above example, you will be paid only when the visitor makes a purchase on RosesOnly. Commissions for pay per performance affiliate marketing are much higher – usually 15% - 20% of the actual sales generated, which makes it quite profitable and attractive for affiliates. Pay per Sale also comes under this category, which is more or less the same as pay per performance affiliate marketing. 

o    Pay Per Lead (PPL)

Such type of affiliate marketing is used by companies which require leads for the growth of their business. Examples of such businesses are insurance, banking and finance firms.

Affiliates are usually paid a fixed amount of fee for each form filled by visitors, including application forms or other types of forms that help the business to gain customers and grow. Affiliates refer visitors to the firm’s site to fill up the forms for which they are paid commission.

Multi-Tier Affiliate Marketing

Each of these types of affiliate marketing, i.e. single-tier and multi-tier are classified on the basis of tiers or levels of payment in the affiliate network. In multi-tier affiliate marketing, an affiliate is paid for directing visitors to the merchant’s website, as well as for traffic or sales generated by other affiliates who join the affiliate network upon the primary affiliate’s recommendation.

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For example, if publisher (affiliate) X is successful in attracting publishers Y and Z for carrying out the marketing activities of the firm for which publisher X was originally hired, then publisher X would be paid a commission for all marketing activities carried out in future by the two publishers i.e. Y and Z.

Pros & Cons of Affiliate Marketing

Besides its obvious benefits such as being a source of income with little set-up costs, affiliate marketing has its fair share of disadvantages as well. Some of the pros and cons of affiliate marketing are briefly described below:


Source of Income

For those wishing to add to their income, affiliate marketing is an ideal way to do so. Once you gain experience in the field of affiliate marketing, you can work for as many affiliates as your time and capacity allows. This lets you earn money from multiple sources simultaneously.

Minimal Startup Costs

The startup costs associated with affiliate marketing are minimal, if any, as it does not require any investment. Moreover, it is easy to commence with affiliate marketing as it requires only choosing a product or a service, signing up for its affiliate program and then copy and paste the tracking code to your website, and from there you can start earning right away. 

For You: CPA Vs. Affiliate Marketing

No Marketing Experience Required

Even those who do not belong to a marketing background or possess no experience in the field can benefit from affiliate marketing. All you need to do is run your own website and employ a few techniques, while the rest is up to the merchant.



As affiliate marketing is gaining more popularity along with the fact that it is easy to set up, more and more people are entering into this field. This is a drawback of affiliate marketing as competition reduces bargaining power and results in lower income for affiliates. Moreover, inexperienced affiliates also face competition from those who are expert at SEO and generating more traffic for a business.


Working as an affiliate marketer, you have to pay a certain share to middlemen or intermediaries, usually affiliate networks. These affiliate networks provide a link between the merchant and the affiliate by offering different reporting and tracking tools. Affiliates usually pay these middlemen from the revenue generated by the sales made with the help of affiliates’ marketing efforts.

Low Level of Control over Offers

Another disadvantage of affiliate marketing is that you have no control over the offers made by the merchant. Thus, if competitors have better offers in the form of lower prices or better products/services, it would hamper the sales of the business you are working for as an affiliate. In that case, there is not much you can do except wait and hope that the merchant would change its offers in order to generate more sales.


Even though there are quite a few drawbacks to affiliate marketing apart from those explained in the previous section, it is an effective promotional and marketing tool that is increasingly used by businesses to increase their sales, as well as for individuals seeking to add to their income and venture out to try something different.

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Fortunately, there are solutions to the problems of affiliate marketing posed above.

For example, many affiliates go into partnerships with merchants as they become more and more successful by gaining a large customer base. This partnership agreement cuts out the intermediaries in between, resulting in higher profits for the affiliate as well as an establishment of a closer and a more intimate relationship with the merchant.

Furthermore, it is always beneficial to have some kind of experience related to affiliate marketing – preferably of SEO – even though it is not a prerequisite. This gives you a competitive edge over others in situations where a lot of competition exists, as merchants seek to hire those who can guarantee good results for their businesses.

This is only possible when you have some knowledge and expertise of SEO and the techniques that help in driving traffic to a website so that your skills are in demand even with all the competition around you. 

How do you monetize your blog?  Are you an affiliate marketer or a newbie? What is your affiliate strategy?

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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