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100 Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business

What is content marketing? 

When a professional ask me this question, I feel surprised and even shocked the same time. But it happens every day. Many bloggers ask me this question. I know some people do not know about technical terms but if you are a professional blogger and not aware of what content marketing is?

Content marketing is the most efficient way to promote the content in real time to target audience.
If you think that content marketing is pure, then you are wrong, but if you think that it is too hard, then you are wrong again.
100 Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme
100 Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme
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Content marketing is a strategy. It is hard only for those who do not know where to start with it.

Like any other strategy, to be satisfied with content marketing, you need to plan your steps. There are some tactics and strategies that you must follow.

If you can plan an effective strategy for your content marketing campaign and use the right tools, then the results you get are more than what you expect.

Now you may ask that what the right tools for content marketing are.

Today, I am going to share about all the helpful content marketing tools that I have used till now to get maximum result from my efforts.

Content idea generation and Content discovery tools:

Do you know that there is a blog already available on almost every topic? Anything that you can think of is already possible on the internet in shape of blog posts. Over 80 million articles published in WordPress every month.

Now the question is, how you are supposed to come up with a new and exciting idea when everything is already available online? It's easy, all you need to understand your readers and deliver what they are looking for.

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You can even ask questions on the blog or run polls to find out what your readers want more from your blog.

There are various content idea generation tools available online to help you quickly find the fresh content ideas.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

Nuzzel is one of the most popular newsletter curation and news discovery service available online. It is very popular among professionals. It uses social networks to curate content and news from your connections.

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme is also a content curation service for professional marketers. You can not only use it for content discovery but also share your content to promote it and get traffic.

Growth Hackers:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme


Growth Hackers is the content aggregated and curation tool to help content marketers find helpful content ideas in no time.

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme


Like Growth Hackers, is also a content marketing and content aggregator service. It is very popular for internet marketers. You can easily find a curated list of professional content here.


Quora is one of the most popular question-answer websites. Here you can get expert advice on numerous topics. Quora helps you to not only find topic ideas but also help you build trust by offering valuable answers and traffic.

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

Quora also helps you with the detailed answers that can help you write helpful content on your blog.

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

SmartNews: is an app, so you are not able to use it on your desktop or laptop. Still, it is one of the most popular curation services. You can follow stories according to your interest and create helpful content using newsjacking.


Reddit is not just a link submission site but is much more than that. You can find great content ideas with subreddits and forums. You can quickly grab ideas that your target audience finds interesting.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme
There was a time when dig was a dominating network. Even now it is an excellent content discovery service and news aggregator. It will help you quickly find attractive headlines.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme
Want to find the trending or favorite content then Pocket is for you. You can also see trending and favorite bookmarks. You can use the content ideas to create excellent content on your blog.

LinkBait Title Generator:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

Do you like controversial topics? If yes, then linkbait title generator is for you. It will give you many linkbait topics, but that will not work in the long term. I only recommend it if you can handle controversies.

Portent Content Idea generator:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme
Portent content idea generator looks like HubSpot title generator. It is a great tool to generate topic ideas.

Youtube Trending and Youtube Search:

Want to upload a video or create a Vlog then you should take help of Youtube trending. Youtube search can quickly help you find favorite content with quality, length, and demand.


Alltop published fashionable and trendy headlines from the web. Alltop is a great resource to find the important topic ideas.

Hubspot Blog Idea Generator:

Looking for new ideas, then try HubSpot blog idea generator. Just type the keywords and click on “Give me Blog ideas.”

But you have to work on grammar part.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

Buzzsumo has proved its worth as the best content discovery tool.

It not only helps to find favorite content but also helps you to connect with influencers. The topics you find on buzzsumo tells you the how viral they are. You can write in-depth articles with all the necessary information to make your article stand better than the old ones.


Want to grab the pre-viral content before it gets viral is helpful to offer your readers most engaging content.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme
Soovle is a search engine that pulls data from Yahoo, Bing, Google, Amazon,, and YouTube to show the desired results. You can enter the keyword and will find out the demand and interest of each search engine platform.

Google Trends:

If you are looking for latest trends in news or trending stories, then Google trends are for you. IT has storytelling and data visualization tool. IT shows the demand and supply details with public interest. With this data, you can analyze the behavior of visitors.

You should use this data to create highly targeted articles for your readers.

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme is a great service that offers data of 750 long tail keywords for each keyword or search query free.

Google Keyword Planner:

How can I miss the Google Keyword Planner?

It is the most effective tool to find new queries to target less competitive keywords. This helps you to directly write for the readers who are looking for the answer to less talked or never talked question over the internet.

Google Keyword Planner tutorial is always there to help you.


Looking for another tool similar to buzzsumo then Epic beat is that tool.

Writing and editing tools

You may find it easy to create content, but when I say build content that means you should create epic content marketing. It takes time, hard work and patience to write an engaging content.

When a person visits your post, he doesn’t just read all in one go. He first scans it, and if he finds it entertaining only then, he will stick to it.

Some people may reject your content at very first look.

Your job is to create entertaining, actionable and educational content to make them fall in love with your content.

Do content marketers need a strategy to create epic content?

The answer is “Yes.”

There are a whole lot of tools are available to make content marketers life easy to create epic content. Now let’s look at all the active writing and editing tools to boost the quality of your content.

Urban Dictionary:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme


Urban dictionary is a great place to find latest phrases and slang to make your content talking. It is also helpful if you are targeting some specific geolocation.

Google Ngram Viewer:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme


Want to find out the frequency of some specific word in books then you need this service.

750 Word:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme is a place where you can check the content of your words to find out the best mindset and emotional themes.

Story wars:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

Want to create content by collaborating with a partner? Then story wars are for you.

Google Keep:

It is one of the best services developed by Google. You can create a to-do list, bookmark documents, pin, and tag, take notes, save images and videos.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme


You may already know that it is not right to allow errors in your writing, but still, if you want to keep the mistakes then grammark is for you. Here you can set how many errors you can allow in your writing.

Dangerous Writing App:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

This app forces writer to keep writing or else he will lose all the content.


Only use this tool if you are going to write until the end or else it will delete the content.

Stay Focused:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

Stay focused is a chrome extension that helps you to set the time you spend on a social network and focus more on your work.


Want to stop everything that distracts you? You should use to block apps, social media networks, specific websites or even internet.


Create useful mindmaps using the mindmup app.


This is also a mind mapping tool to create your ideas.


Are you working on a complicated and lengthy writing project? If yes, then Scrivenevr is for you.


Ilys helps you to create the flow of your writing. Once you are finished writing only, then you can edit it.

COSchedule headline analyzer:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

COSchedule headline analyzer helps you find out the compelling headlines that can attract more traffic. It looks at the sentiment, length, word balance and effectiveness.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme


As the name suggests, on Evernote you can save anything including, notes, content, pdf, mp3 files, images, etc.


Todoist is a free task manager and to-do list manager. You can use it to create a list of content ideas an assign articles.

Cliche Finder:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

Cliche Finder is easy to use tool to find cliche in your article.

When writing content, you should not just focus on the writing but also focus on the readability of the article. helps to measure the readability of content. It uses various formulas such as SMOG index, Coleman-lieu, Gunning-fog, and Flesh-Kincaid. also saves your energy to get rid of messy and complicated content by providing helpful suggestions. Professionals like doctors, copywriters, accountant, marketers, teachers, authors and attorneys are using this service.

Reedsy Book Editor:

Want to write an e-book? Reedsy is the service that can be helpful for you to format an ebook.


Trello is also a project management tool. It is very popular among content marketers and writers.


Fix all the grammatical errors in your writing using Grammarly premium service.

Hemingway App:

Hemingway is an online tool to create and edit content easily. Hemingway focus on readability, use of adverbs, passive voice, hard sentences and complicated words.

Google Docs:

Have you ever used Microsoft office? What a silly question.

Google docs work precisely as Microsoft office, but it is free.

Graphics and image management tools

Maintaining high speed with high-quality images is not possible. But using poor quality images will make your content look dull.

The need is to use good quality images which are relevant to your content. Images should be bright and appealing.


Camtasia is video editing software. It is simple and easy to use. You can use it with quizzes, animations, audio, images, webcams, etc.


Venngage is an infographics maker which helps you to make your content impactful.


It is a chart and infographic making service.


Photovlsl is a free collage maker.

Halku Deck:

Want to create web-based presentations then Halku Deck is for you.


Skitch is also screenshot sharing and editing tool.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme
This tool is an open source tool. You can use it for drawing, editing, and retouching.

Awesome Screenshot:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme
It is a plugin that you can install in Firefox and Chrome. It stores images and makes it easy for you to share with others.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

Canva is also a popular infographic designing tool.

Influencer marketing and relationship building tools:

Influencer marketing is a hot trend. Over 62% buyers pay more for products or services with a positive review. 92% people trust products recommended by people even if they do not know the person.
Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business

Customers look at essential sources to find trustworthy information.

Now check these Influencer marketing and relationship building tools to make your life easy.

Journo Requests:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

It connects with UK PR journalists and professionals.


100 Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

Here you can easily find well-known journalists and find out what they are writing about. You can pitch them what you think is the best fit.

Cision Media Database:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme
It has listed over 300k journalists and influencers.


It is a social intelligence service. It allows you to get data from social media networks. You will get detailed information on connections.

Social Crawlytics:

It is a free competitive intelligence tool. It allows you to find the most shared content of competitors and influencers.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme


It provides the detailed information about your customer. It will help you to personalize content and effectively advertise with fewer efforts.

It is a blogger outreach and cold email tool. You will find templates to use in bulk email.


It is a relationship management tool. I like this tool because it helps you reach out for a healthy relationship, tell what you should share and when to connect with professionals.

Ninja outreach:
Ninja outreach is the software that you can use for blogger outreach and spread your influence by connecting with influencers in your industry.


Inkybee is software that you can use for blogger outreach.


Here journalists connect with professionals. Here content marketers are looking for journalists.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme
You can use this service for blogger outreach or connect with influencers. You can also find websites, measure its content to find out results of blogger outreach or marketing.


It is a content promotion, PR, link building and influencer marketing tool.


Kred is also an influence measurement tool. Content marketers use this tool to connect with influencers. It also helps content marketers to find out their reputation and influence. Kred allows you to connect with influencers, negotiate partnerships and even pitch influencers.


It is also an influencer marketing tool. It helps content marketers monitor, manage, analyze and even find influencers.

Content Sharing and Promotion Tool

Do you know that over 50% articles get almost eight shares? 75% articles get 39 shares with zero referring domains.
Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

You cannot expect someone to like whatever you write. Even if you writing the epic content, still it is your job to get it front of the worldwide audience. The best content marketing tools can help you grab maximum benefits from your content.

For you: Master Steps to Use Content Marketing With Low Traffic

That is where 80:20 rule comes into play, means 20% time for writing epic content and 80% time to promote that content.


Linkedin is a great place to share content with serious readers. You can share your posts not only with your connections but also in Linkedin Groups.


Slideshare is a great place to share content upgrade, lead magnet and e-book.

Facebook Groups:

Want to target a large number of people worldwide?

Facebook groups are the great way to target millions of people worldwide. You can also build trust by helping people in Facebook groups. This will help you to generate more leads and boost sales.
Don’t spam in Facebook groups. Help others, and you will be rewarded for your kind nature.
You can also pitch your service and products to the end user.

Twitter hashtag search:

Using popular twitter hashtag will help you reach the maximum audience. But only use the relevant hashtags. There is a tool called RiteTag that you can use to find targetable hashtags.

For you: Why We Love Ultimate Guide to Hashtags (And You Should, Too!)

It is a unique forum search engine. You can use this tool to discover content marketing opportunities. You can quickly boost your design, marketing, and entrepreneurship by dedicating yourself to content marketing.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

It is always a wise idea to analyze the behavior of your target audience. You should use this tool for audience measurement. This tool will help you to create a robust content marketing strategy.


If you are a reader of eAskme, then you may have already known about Hootsuite. It is a content promotion tool.
Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

It is one of the most recommended tools by influencers. It works with the favorite social networks. Using HootSuite, you can post updates, schedule tweets, and posts.

You can also save search stream. This will help you to use search to discover opportunities, create notifications and promote content.

Content Optimization Tools:

To grab attention, your content needs to be strong enough.

Every day, there is a new blogger who wants to outrank your content. Only best way to boost your content ranking in the search result is “Content Optimization.”

Content optimization helps you to boost content visibility in search results for targeted phrases and keywords. You can maximize your content visibility using various content optimization techniques, such as;
  • Text Optimization:

You should not just write the article but focus on all the on-page optimization factors such as Heading tags, Title tag, Meta description, keywords and URL optimization.
Search engines are not able to understand what your image is about until you give it a meaningful name using various tags such as alt tag, file name, and image tag.
  • Video optimization:

Video optimization is also significant. You should focus on title, description, MetaData, keyword, caption, and tags. This will help search engines and ordinary people to find your video content when they need it quickly.
  • News Optimization:

Want to rank your news in Google news then you should seriously focus on news optimization. Use keywords, maintain keyword density, use static URL and focus on attractive headlines.


100 Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

Seomator is an online SEO Audit tool for improving SEO performance. It crawls a website, analyzes it and provides with a comprehensive report based on SEO, internal links, HTML tags, backlinks, page speed, mobile usability, text statistics, social media, organic presence and content quality. Reports come with a “How-to-Fix” section that tells you where there are errors and tips that will help you to improve your website.

Seomator is the best Embedded SEO audit tool and is perfect for a fast analysis of any website. Moreover, it offers SEO Monitoring Alerts that perform auto-schedule crawling tasks and give you an opportunity to always be aware of website’s condition.

Furthermore, Seomator can compare two websites as fast as 10 minutes which is very useful when you try to find a quick decision about SEO improvement. 

Screaming Frog:

A strategy that can help you beat your competitors is to find their broken links and then create engaging content to attract the readers, looking for that content. Screaming Frog is a great tool to find broken links of your competitors.

Pingdom Website Speed Test:

A slow website will make your readers quit even before it opens. So if your site is slow, that means you are losing the right number of traffic. It is always wise that you should optimize the blog speed. You can use Pingdom website speed test tool to test your website speed and find errors.


Isipionage is a tool to find competitors paid keywords. This will help you to find out more about their strategies and use those plans in a more optimized way to boost your content and outrank your competitors.


SemRush is also an excellent tool for competitor analysis and keyword analysis. Its organic search is an excellent tool for you to find out the high ranking keywords of your competitors.

WordStream Keyword Niche Finder:

This is a fantastic tool to find out how to optimize your content according to a niche. It is always helpful.

Content Analytics Tool:

Every blogger or content marketer needs a tool that can help him to find out which content is most popular and which content drives more leads and conversion?

Content Analytics is a great way to look for the answer to these questions.

Content analytics makes it easy for you to better understand your visitors and you can plan how you want to navigate your traffic. You can make them visit more pages or make them buy something from you.

Reasons, why you should use content analysis tools:
  1. Find out what your visitors want
  2. What does your audience think about you and your site?
  3. What do your visitors expect from you?
  4. What attracts your customers?
Content analytics helps you find the answer to these questions.


Want to track the behavior of your readers then Kya is for you. It shows demographics of user behavior on your site. With this tool, you will know who is reading your blog and what attracts your readers.


Every content marketer wants to know what works for him and what not?

Crazyegg show heatmaps that will help you to know where your readers are quitting. You can also look at the recording of your readers. Crazyegg shows detailed information about your readers, which will help you to find out why your readers are not converting.


Piwik is here to help you control and own your data. It is an open source service.


Bitly is a URL shortener. But it also allows you to track the performance of your content. You can easily track shares and clicks.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the most popular content analytics tool. Every single online service uses it. All you need is to install Google Analytics on your blog or site to get detailed information.


Content marketing is not hard if you know how to do it. With proper content marketing strategy, you can achieve your goals. All you need is the best content marketing tools to make the job easy for you.
Today I have shared 83 content marketing tools that every content marketer must use. There are many tools that I may have missed. I have only covered the best content marketing tools that you can efficiently use for useful results.

Also be Aware of : Risks of Content Marketing

Which content marketing tools you use? If there is a tool that doesn't work for you? Do share which tool works best for you?

Use content marketing tools that you find best. Right content marketing tool will make the job easy for your and improve your content marketing skills.

All you need is a reliable content marketing strategy to use these tools for getting best results of your content marketing efforts.

Which content marketing tool you loves the most?

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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How to Stop Wasting Money on Marketing That Doesn't Work

Have you been investing money in a marketing strategy that does not seem to work? You are not alone. Many business owners express the same sentiments. You start a new campaign with high expectations, but your numbers remain the same or decline.

How to Stop Wasting Money on Marketing That Doesn't Work: eAskme
How to Stop Wasting Money on Marketing That Doesn't Work: eAskme

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Before you invest more money and time, you need to stop and ask some hard questions. Understand what you could be doing wrong and then adjust your strategy systematically.

Here are the top things to check in your marketing strategy.

1. Determine its Current Level of Effectiveness

A marketing plan or campaign is only effective if it generates new leads for your business. You are spending money to generate new leads that you can convert into loyal customers. The marketing messages should convince your target audience that they need your services or products.

You may not make a quick sale but if your target clients express interest, your marketing team can follow up and close the deal later. Check the number of leads you have attained since you rolled out the campaign. If the number does not match your investment, it is time to move to the next step.

Some online tools are able to define new ways to convert abandoning visitors into leads and eventually repeat customers, for example exit Intent technology, developed by OptinMonster, allows you to identify when a customer is about to leave, and send them targeted campaigns such as special offers or shopping support at this time.

2. Check Your Branding Strategies

How do you want your audience to perceive your business? It could be that your marketing strategy is not working because you are sending the wrong message to your target audience through your branding. Think of your business as a person and determine how your clients should describe that person.

Effective Marketing Tips to Promote Your Brand

You want to create an impression that you are professional, trustworthy, reliable, fast, and committed. Your marketing messages should be clear to your clients that they can rely on you for quality products or service. Create the impression that you are in the business to add value to your clients for a long time.

3. Differentiate Your Business

You do not want to reinvent the wheel when developing your marketing strategies. However, you will not achieve significant results if your strategies resemble your competitor’s strategies. Design new ways of sending the same message to your clients. If not, your competitors will take the lead and build a stronger brand.

What differentiates your business in the market? All business owners in your field could be using email marketing services, which have proven effective for years. How are your emails to your clients different? For instance, you can personalize the emails or include educational content instead of selling your products or services all the time.

4. Check Your Website

Here is another area that can frustrate your marketing strategies. Your business website gives your clients the first impression of your business even before you advertise it. You could be focusing too much on sending emails and designing banners that you ignore the website. Visitors switch to another website quickly as soon as your website develops problems.

10 Ways To Market Your Website

Are all pages on your website responsive? Can your visitors get all the information they need with a few clicks and in less than a minute? Check all the pages on your site before you blame your staff or other things for a failed campaign.

5. Check Your Contact Details

If you are marketing your products aggressively and your phones are not ringing, something is wrong with the communication channels. As you inspect your website, check if the contact details provided are correct.

The designer could have left out a digit or two when adding your contact information. Try calling the numbers at different times of the day and from different networks. Ensure that the chat button is working. Teach your staff how to receive phone calls as well. Encourage your visitors to call your business by including a visible “call me” button on your website.

6. Segment Your Audience

It is cheaper and faster to send a generic message to all your recipients. However, your message could only be relevant to some people or to none. Remember that your competitors are also sending similar messages to the same people you are trying to reach.

Segment your target audience based on their personality, age, preferences, and demographics among other aspects. This means that you need to study your audience first before developing a marketing plan. Send relevant messages to different segments and observe the results.

If you are unsure about your audience’s preferences, ask for feedback about your previous campaigns or products. Use the feedback to develop your products and adjust your marketing tactics.

7. Diversify

You may be complaining that your marketing is not working yet you are relying on a few tactics to generate leads. Email marketing and building your online presence works but you need to add more tactics to reach a wider audience. Have you ignored your social media strategies or given up on promotions?

You never know which tactic will yield the best results until you try it out. What works for another business may not work for your business. Move from the traditional tactics like cold calling and invest in the current marketing tactics. For instance, consider developing a mobile app that will help you connect with your clients fast.

8. Match Your Investment with Your Goals

Effective marketing starts with clearly defined goals. Assuming that you have set such goals, does your investment match your goals? In other words, can your marketing budget achieve the results you expect from your campaigns?

You must have realistic expectations when rolling out your marketing campaigns. Investing more does not always lead to better results but you cannot invest a thousand and expect to earn a million. Your investment shows your commitment to achieving your goals. Be willing to spend more if possible to achieve better results and this brings us to another important point.

9. Test and Scale

Are you holding back your resources waiting for a perfect time to scale your campaigns? You could be achieving poor results because you are implementing your tactics on a small scale. If marketing tactics have been tried and tested, scale your campaign where possible. You will generate more leads from a larger audience than from a small audience.

Scaling does not always translate to a huge budget. A little more could go a long way in reaching new clients. Expand your campaign to new platforms and new markets while recording the results with each change. You can adjust your tactics based on the trend of lead generation.

10. Check Your Staff

Many business owners ignore this aspect when marketing their businesses. You could be doing everything right but with the wrong people. Your staff could frustrate your efforts if they are incompetent or indifferent about the growth of your business.

While you invest your time and resources in implementing the best marketing tactics, involve your staff. Ensure that your employees understand your goal and vision. Reward them for their contribution towards the success of your business. Maybe all you need is motivated staff that are willing to drive the marketing campaigns further and faster.

If your marketing is not working, the tips outlined above will help you fix it. It is important to stop and evaluate your campaign at different phases to determine its effectiveness. Otherwise, you will not get significant returns on your investments.

Communicate your vision and expectations clearly to your staff and match your investment with your goals. Remember that some tactics yield meaningful results in the long-term.

Are you still wasting money on marketing that dosen't work?

If you still have any question or suggestion, feel free to share via comments.

If you find this article helpful, feel free to share it with your friends on Facebook, twitter and Google plus.
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Data Is the Next Big Thing in Content Marketing

The below line effect of traditional advertising and the rise of new social media marketing have led every single brand to go deep into the world of content marketing. More and more companies are kicking themselves as advertisers, publishers, launching podcasts and digital newsrooms known as branded content to stand with brands, value propositions and perspectives in front of the customers.
Data Is the Next Big Thing in Content Marketing : eAskme
Data Is the Next Big Thing in Content Marketing : eAskme
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Still there are companies which have added content creation in their strategies are missing one thing which is data journalism.  Data journalism is a new form of reporting which draws on availability of growing data sets and use data analysis tools to reveal stories which are presenting the compelling results with interactive applications and visualizations. If you still thinking that is it necessary, I should tell you that big names in newspaper industry such as The New York Times and The Guardian have invested massively in data journalism. They know already that there are huge possibilities that big data offers more opportunities to reveal uncover new insights to tell compelling stories.

See : 26 Incredible Things to Develop Website : Infographic

Data journalism attract attention which publishers hardly dream about. It spreads infographics and fresh data across social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. because those places are good to tell compelling and concise stories in visually appealing way.

I have already shared many times why infographics are important part of blogging and content marketing. Still original data which drives data visualizations is rarely available.

One of the best place to find infographics is Pinterest where you can easily see so many infographics and you will see that infographics are telling the story not any data visualization.

Even though companies has access to much more data than earlier still they don`t utilize it. there can be top notch information. Many times when you look at “data-driven content,” chances are that you won’t find much content to turn into blog posts, but this is for marketers who can utilize it for marketing purposes.

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There are exceptions where companies are using their own data to tell compelling stories, for example companies like Kickstarter, OKCupid and General Electric. These popular brands understands what every brand should be doing online.I have seen the impact of data driven from various sources even on sites of my clients and mine itself.

How & Why Data Is the Next Big Thing in Content Marketing:

You may already know that  Infographics are one of the top shared content on social media. So to drive great traffic to your site and create data visualizations with real value to your readers, I recommend you to use infographics. But not just like a blog post. There is a saying power in data visualization. It is more effective if you choose title keywords carefully.

Traffic Guides : 
Sure Fire Ways to Boost Traffic
Ultimate Source of Online Traffic You Never Knew

There is a high rise in the number of brands who are also working as publishers to spread the content online. But most of them do this terribly. I have observed it that many times their posts are just for the sake of posting anything or just to raise keyword count, which actually have no good value to reader. Noone like the old stupid content to see again and again, so you should offer fresh, relevant and accurate content that add real value to the user experience.

Authority. Sharing, curating, and analyzing data:
First bring authority to your brand on a topic. If you are the first one who share an infographic about some latest trends in the market then it will unleash the immense amount of traffic and links to your site on that topic. That can even help you get rewards like interview requests and media mentions. only thing you need to be is crucial and let the report highlight your brand.

Branding Guides:

If you have data analysis skills then you have the key to success. Many people do not use their analytical skills and they lack the benefit of analytic results. I recommend you to share your metrics and this will open a whole new perspective for your brand. You will see people talking about you and your brand, respond to their queries and you will gain loyal followers and subscribers.

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Now a days users are educated and understand the importance of data collected by companies, so data-driven content offers a much better way to people to see how companies are using their data. I recommend you to be transparent with your users as this will not only builds trust, but also to add  value to your brand.

Now you know that there is huge power in the data driven marketing, but still it is really under-used tool of marketers. if your company is collecting data and you do not analyze or use it that means your are letting a power source go down without even looking under your nose.

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Email Marketing in 2018: How to Stay Ahead

Despite the rise of social media, mobile devices, and live streaming video, email marketing is still as relevant as ever. It continues to top all other forms of marketing with an average ROI of 3,800%. Yes, you read that right, thirty-eight dollars back for every dollar you spend. As we move into 2018, it’s important to look closely at your email marketing

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Today we’ll look at some of the big trends coming in 2018 and how they alter the rules and approaches for email marketing. 
Email Marketing in 2017: How to Stay Ahead : eAskme
Email Marketing in 2018: How to Stay Ahead : eAskme
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3 Email Marketing Trends to Stay Ahead of in 2018

The key to staying ahead in any kind of marketing, is to understand and adapt to trends before they fully arrive. The hints are all there, but we need to look deeper to find out where email marketing is going, and how we can adapt now.

There are countless blogs and websites out there hosting blogs that predict the future. Today, I’m going to show you the three email marketing trends I’ve gathered to help you stay ahead of the curve in 2018.

1. Mobile Optimization in Emails

A study done by Litmus found that 56% of users prefer to read their emails on mobile devices. Furthermore, a whopping 42% of them will delete an email if it doesn’t display correctly. This means that your emails must consider mobile users more than ever before.

A mobile responsive template, such as a single column design, is a great option. Beyond the design, you should also consider the needs of mobile users. Your email’s subject line and body need to be straight to the point and easily digestible on-the-go.

2. Enhanced Personalization

What started as something simple, like using the customer’s first name, has expanded into highly personalized emails. As we move in 2018, the focus will be on utilize algorithms that can understand user behavior.

Let’s say you’re helping people find options for credit repair. Something like this requires a hyper-personalized touch, otherwise it comes across as disingenuous. Data like demographics, income, location, and other factors can help you understand someone’s situation and offer them solutions that work for their needs. By altering your message and tailoring it to the specific needs of your customer, your emails become far more enticing.

This also leverages the ability for emails to be seen. This kind of personalization simply cannot be accomplished on traditional channels like search or social media. After all, no one wants to be signaled out in front of everyone. Email offers a more personal approach to all types of marketing.

This also allows you to segment your list based on the needs of customers, or where they are in their relationship with your brand. For example, if you know someone has bought from you before, you can send them additional options. If they haven’t purchased yet, you can send them more information or links to your blog posts.

3. Merging Email and Social

Too often, marketing channels are treated like separate entities. This will no longer be the case in the coming years. Now, there are countless ways for them to interact with one another. Case and point: social media and email are a match made in heaven.

In this sense, one hand can wash the other if you put it together correctly. It all starts with adding social media buttons in your emails. It’s a simple, but crucial task. Giving people this option will encourage them to share your emails on social and increase your followers.

Complete the cycle by promoting your email newsletter on social media and direct people to sign up. You can offer incentives like a discount or exclusive content in exchange for their email. This creates a cycle of benefits where the two channels are feeding into each other.

Not only that, but research has shown that adding social sharing buttons to your emails can increase click-through rates by as much as 150%, which is incredible for something so simple.

Final Thoughts

Email is more important than ever before. It remains accessible and widely used on mobile devices, which makes it something you should be focusing on. By understanding these trends, you can make decisions today that will benefit your future.

How do you prepare for upcoming changes in email marketing? Let us know in the comments! 

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Sarah Watson is a social media marketer with over a decade of experience in the online world. She has learned what elements make the perfect posts and wants to share this knowledge with fellow marketers everywhere.
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