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How I Built A Micro-Niche Site And Earning $200/Month From AdSense

We have already talked about ways to make money online. Blogging is one of the best rewarding and smartest way to make money. Blogging not only allow you to make money but also it create name along with the money. Today I give you my real life example that is making $200/month from Adsense and $150 from Affiliate marketing with just few hours of work.

How to Build Micro Niche Site Make Money : eAskme
How to Build Micro Niche Site Make Money : eAskme

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So we are going to discuss the blueprint of creating a micro-niche blog. You can use this for any topic of your choice. As I picked a niche and started writing. So today we discuss actual steps to create a micro-niche blog. With just 50-60 hours of work, micro niche blog has made over $2500 in a year.

Why Should Start a Micro-Niche Blog?

Answer of this good question is that a niche site ranks higher in search engines easily. A high -Quality website on specific topic rank higher easily than any existing authority site. Also the benefit is that you do not need to work day and night. As once you create a micro-niche site and post content then you are free. You just need to wait to see money in your account.

The Complete Blueprint to Build a Niche Website Which make Money:

Select Niche and Domain:

The main and one of the most important thing is to find a niche, of your interest. When you look for a niche also look for popularity and commercial aspects. As you want to make money with Adsense, so you should target the topic which is popular is U.K and U.S.A. As I have picked "Cydia" as it is most popular for jailbroken community and iPhone users. I like this topic as it has longest expiration time and also its search in Google is good. For this purpose I used LongTailPro.

The domain I decided

Keyword research and Content Planning:

I decided few things as I mentioned below:
  • Pick long lasting topics.
  • Make it wikipedia for this topic.
  • Keywords that drive good CPC and traffic.
So we I just not only worked on high adsense CPC keywords but i created a mindmap like FAQ`s of the topic.
  • What is?
  • How to Use or install?
  • Advantages and disadvantages?
  • Important Facts.

I used SEMRUSH to find detailed keywords. Competitor feature of SEMRUSH worked great for me and gave me good keywords. Try this link to use SEMRUSH complete free for 15 days, that save your $160.

I got more than 20 topic ideas about micro niche site. I have written 4 posts and then 1 post daily. And this way I got high quality evergreen content for my site.

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How to Set up a Micro-Niche Blog:

Next things are quite easy. Just create a blog on Blogger or WordPress and see the magic of micro-niche site. Here I mention a checklist of theme and plugins with important details to create a micro-niche blog of your own.

Hosting : Bluehost ( free domains)
Theme : Swiftthemes
WordPress plugins:

The Main thought behind this is to work less and earn more. I just focused on search engine traffic and reached my goal.

Few Things Which I think I should Have Done:

Created Separate Social-media page: 

Social media profiles are very helpful but I skipped it as I already have few pages for technology blogs so I integrated it. But I recommend you to create a social media page for your site. It is always good to have social media profile and promotions.

Social Media Presence

No backlink building:

I have not build a single backlink and no promotions other than just social media. All traffic on iOSCrunch is organic. I worked most on OnPage and OnSite SEO.


I am using Google Adsense only right now, but soon integrate iPhone affiliate products also.

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What you consider?

With just $100 investment and 50 hours of work I am making $200 and more every month. I also need not to spend time on backlinks and on other promotions. This site is set to make money online.

In coming articles we will discuss more about micro-niche sites. If you do have any question or suggestion then feel free to ask in comments. If you like this article, do share on Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook. Don`t forget to like us on facebook and subscribe eAskme newsletter to get free updates.
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Google Will Give Instant Details on More Than 900 Health Issues

We live in a very technical and informative time where we can do research on just about anything. So why should health not be given much needed attention. Google also saw an opportunity.
Now Google Will Give Instant Details on More Than 900 Health Issues : eAskme
Now Google Will Give Instant Details on More Than 900 Health Issues : eAskme
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Now with the latest developments Google added support for over 900 health issues to it's knowledge base.  If you are searching for an illness Google will give you snippet of the detailed information. As Google is currently working with doctors they teamed up with to curate any given information. Doctors at Google and the well known Mayo Clinic is checking for the accuracy of health posts.

Google has  also added visual designs to the given information. Just to make it much more effective for Google users. Also it is available as pdf to download the given information.

As Google has been pointing out the given information that they added neglected and almost forgotten infections that is affecting 1.5 billion people. Also more than 500 million people that is affected by poor conditions.

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At this time it is unfortunately just for English speaking people  that is based in the US that is researching health related issues.  But as Google confirmed they plan on expanding the more languages and other regions too.

What do you think about this news? Think it will be good? It seems Google is expanding in many different regions and ways. Have you used it? What is your opinion of this? I will like to hear what our readers think about this. I think that if Google gets it successfully up and running It will be good. As I have researched from may clinic a few times. It may be interesting to watch and see how they deal with it.
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Most Profitable Blogging Niche to Start Blogging

I have already said many times that working on profitable niches is always help help you to make good money. There are many famous bloggers who are working on most profitable niches. Niche is the main topic of your blog. Niche is a topic about which you want to write. You should focus on niche of your blog.

It seems to be difficult to choose a profitable niche. I have already shared about list of topics for a blog. Usually many bloggers make mistake of choosing wrong niche and face issues in blogging career. I believe you don`t want to have issues in your career. So you should know what are the best niches to start blogging.
 Most Profitable Blogging Niche to Start Blogging : eAskme
 Most Profitable Blogging Niche to Start Blogging : eAskme
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The very first thing is to have a clear idea about What kind of things readers are looking for? what type of readers you are going to target?  What are the profitable keywords? How to utilize profitable keywords?

Today I am going to share about one of the most profitable niche for blogging in 2015.

Most Profitable Niche to Start Blogging

Health Niche

Health niche include various topics related to health such as health research, health tips, diseases, weight loss, nutrition things etc. You can choose micro niche topic for your health blog. You can work on popular sub-niches and write your blog on them. this will not only help you to make more money but also help to rank your site easily.

What are the most profitable micro niche for Health blog

  •     Disorders and Diseases 
  •     Nutrition/Diet 
  •     Weight loss blogs
  •     Workouts and Food

Blogging Tutorials Niche

If you already have good knowledge about blogging then you can start Blogging guide, wordpress tutorials or blogging tutorials blog. Interesting thing is that you may not be able to make good revenue with ads but you can make money for promoting affiliate products.

If you already good at affiliate marketing then you can start affiliate blog and monetize it with various affiliate networks.

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Technology Niche

Technology Niche is one of the most profitable and popular niche to start blogging in 2015. There are millions of technology related blogs are available. If you want to make your blog a brand in this niche, then you have to build a  team else you can select micro niche topics. I love to work on micro niche sites.

Money and Business Niche

If you have good knowledge about money management and business management then you can start  a website on finance and business niche. Other than health this is the most profitable niche.

Final Words

These are some of the most profitable niche ideas to start blogging in 2015. If you find this article helpful, do share on your social networks.

If you have any question or need help to start blog, feel free to ask me via comments. Don`t forget to like us on fb and subscribe our newsletter to get free updates.
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How to Choose Blogging Niche of Your Blog

Its is easy to start a Blog, but sticking to one topic can be difficult. Newbie bloggers usually do this that they start with one topic and then start writing totally different topics on same blog. For example, Someone who started writing about blogging, also write about health and Politics on the same blog. If you do this then you will lose all targeted traffic. When I say Blogging Niche, than means Topic of your Blog.
How to Choose Blogging Niche of Your Blog : eAskme
How to Choose Blogging Niche of Your Blog : eAskme
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How to Choose Blogging Niche

For example, EASKME is a Blog for Bloggers and Internet marketers. It’s niche is Blogging, WordPress, Affiliate Marketing, SEO and much more. You may think that these are different topics but if you look closely these all topics are co-related. You can do the same on your own blog. Today we will see how to choose the Niche of your Blog.

How to Decide Niche of your Blog


Think about What are the topics of your interest? Create a list of all of blog topics that are interesting to you. You need not to worry about the length.

The Ultimate List of Blog Niche and Topic Ideas 

Profit Vs Passion

Don`t you want to blog about the hottest topics like technology. Many of the newbie blogger do not have expertise in technology niche. You can start blog on any topic of your choice, if you put hours and do proper research, you will find full knowledge about the niche from Google and you can easily write your own blog. It take time to get success in Blogging.

rule No 1: In the list of possible topics, never include topics in which you are not interested, .

Football or pets?

For example you have created a list and Football tops in your list. You just eat Football, sleep Football, dream Football. So are you ready to start your Football blog? There is a little sting. Maybe You will have competition from other sites on fame niche Football. Now when you find all knowledge you go to next topic and check about that.

Should you create blog on niche with zero competition in your country?

Check even if there is zero competition, are people still searching that on Google?  All these question will answer you to balance between interest, trends and competition.I have chosen love and relationship for my blog as its in demand but also have lots of competition. I made it unique by adding some special features like counsellings.

Does my selected niche have long-term potential?

We all know that its good to write about current events. But Blogging is a long term goal. So always choose the topic that stay for long terms and grow.

Why would people listen to me?

I believe that by following above criteria you have shrinked your list to 3 or 4 topics. Now think about on which topic you can create unique ideas and posts. It may be domain knowledge, experience or writing style. Choose your ideas wisely.

Final Words:

So fans, friends and followers, always think about long term when you choose a niche. Read more and more about the topic you want to write as it will grow your knowledge and also writing skills. Blogging is about reading, understanding and sharing. Here is one more articles for further reading and to help you in deciding your next Blog niche:

Do share your own views about how to choose a good blogging niche. If you like this post, don`t forget to share on twitter and Google Plus.

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Why Nicheless Blogs Can`t Compete with Niche Blog

A Nich blog is The biggest plus point to make money blogging. Blogging in a niche make you establish yourself as an expert. This make your blog get more targeted traffic when people are looking for the same information. It establish your authority which make Google like you more.

When I started my first blog about news I was not getting much targeted traffic as there are so many already, who have strong authority. So then I decided to make eAskme a how to site on where i specifically write about blogging and technology. The major change in revenue and quality traffic happened when I started iOSCrunch, a blog for iPhone unlocking. As it make me get more targeted traffic for the more particular niche blog.
Nicheless Blog : eAskme
How Nicheless Blogs Can`t Compete with Niche Blog : eAskme
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The best thing is that you need not to be an expert. You just need to choose a niche of your own interest.

It also help you in SEO campaigns. A micro niche site get faster backlinks then a content farm.

How Nicheless Blogs Can`t Compete with Niche Blog

Niche Blog and SEO

When you start SEO campaign, You focus on your mainpage. Fo this purpose you need to add keywords in anchor text. This will help you get authority and traffic on those keywords ad it bring traffic to your blog. When people visit, they also look for other articles on your site for the same topic. It help you reduce bounce rate as your visitors spend more time on your site and they come again and again to check the updates. Doing SEO of your mainpage is always better than doing SEO of inner pages.

If you don`t have blog on a particular niche then it can be hard for you to do these things. Then you have to optimize each page of your blog on different keywords and you can`t set your homepage as center of all. This means that you need to spend much more time to do SEO for a Nicheless blog. It also keep people go away from your site easily as the next article that you have written may be related to some other topic. In SEO world everything is related to Niche, keyword and relevancy.But if you write something extraordinary then people can stick to your blog. When people want to look for something they target some specific information. This also give advantage to long tail keywords over short ones.

Advantages of  A Niche Blog

  • Niche blog is related to relevant keywords for same niche so it make easy to do SEO effectively.
  • There is less work.
  • You can earn more with keyword targeted ad networks like Adbrite, Adsense and other ads
  • You build strong readership for that Niche.
  • You only need to focus on one topic.
  • It is much better to make money.
Points to consider while selecting niche of your blog.

Hard Side Of Creating A Niche Blog

Like a coin there is a hard side of Niche Blog. You need to be an expert to write for a particular niche, but that you can sort out by reading more. Sometimes you find so many subtopics of some niche, so it can be difficult to decide. You need to do marketing research. You have to choose only those keywords that generate you more money. You need to work on quality of visitors.
The best thing is that if you target long tail keywords then it will be really easy for you to make money with niche blog. There is always less competition on long tail keywords. This will make you rank higher and earn more quickly.

So you see How Nicheless Blogs Can`t Compete with Niche Blog. Do share your own views that you like to work on multiniche blog or you like to work on micro niche or niche blog.

If you would like to write for eAskme, Do let us know.
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Micro Niche Sites

Micro Niche Sites are the sites that are dedicated to a particular micro topic of a niche. There are thousands of people online claiming that they have waster their years in sites and now they are happy working with micro niche sites and making huge money from their micro niche sites.

The very best thing about a micro niche site is that if you have done proper keyword research then they are easy to maintain. It is very easy to get them rank no 1 on Google for that particular topic.

Micro Niche Sites : eAskme
Micro Niche Sites : eAskme
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Today we discuss about the things that you keep in mind before creating a micro niche site:

Keyword research : Keyword research is the most important part of the action. Always select those product based keywords that have about 1000 exact search volume in Google Keyword Planner tool. Also you can search in Google for allinurl and allintitle.

Domain Name: You should use keywords in domain name. Example : if your keyword is superfast cars then your domain should be or .org or .net.

Template or Theme : 

There are so many micro niche themes or templates available on Internet. Always use high CTR theme for your micro niche site.

Quality Content : 

Write quality articles on the product. When I say quality articles that means keyword rich and fully optimized articles.

On Page SEO:

On Page SEO is very important factor. Always use target keywords in main title. Also use proper meta tags, H1 tags. Use SEo plugins. Create Sitemap and submit to Google webmaster to index your content faster.

Off Page SEO :

Off Page SEO techniques surely help you to rank your keyword in Google.

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