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How to Play Casino Games online

Want to make money online? Do you know how online money making works? I have already written about tons of ways to make money online. Still, there are more to share with you. When it comes to making money online the fun ways is to make money playing games.

How to Play Casino Games online: eAskme
How to Play Casino Games online: eAskme
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You can make money playing android games and even online casino games. Playing online games is not that easy at first you have to understand how to play the game and once you are comfortable only then you can make money playing any game.

How to make money playing online table games?

You may have seen James Bond playing casino table games and winning every time. To play and win table games you need a reliable online casino site. Casino tables games are very popular.

Key Points to Know Before You Play Rummy Games Online

These days’ online casinos are very popular. People are spending millions to play games like blackjack or other table games. The more you put the more chances’ you have to earn from these games.

What is the best place to play casino games?

Spinit is a popular site to play online table game for casino lovers. As they say, “Spinit: Dare to win it”. You can play all the popular games such as a jackpot, live casino, online roulette, online blackjack, online slots and table games.

Asian casino players can play Baccarat and Mini Baccarat. European players can play French Roulette and European Roulette. Blackjack is more popular in USA and Canada.

Casino table games with lowest house edge:

Do you know what house edge is? House edge is the way to measure how favorable a game is. The bigger number shows a less favorable game to the game player. Here are the casino games with the lowest edge for you.

What is the best strategy to play casino table games?

How to make money playing table games?

You may have seen James bond playing casino table games and winning every time. To play and win table games you need a reliable online casino site.

These days’ online casinos are very popular. People are spending millions to play games like blackjack or other table games. The more you put the more chances’ you have to earn from these games.
  •     Blackjack
  •     Pai Gow Poker
  •     French Roulette and European Roulette
  •     Backgammon
  •     Caribbean stud poker
  •     Three Card Poker Games
  •     Baccarat and Mini Baccarat
  •     Craps
  •     Video Poker games

Is it possible to play online casino table games?

Live casino table games have made it possible for everyone to play online casino table games. You can not only play the game but also get the feeling as you are playing casino in Las Vegas.

Is it safe to play online table games?

Casinos always use most secure transaction methods to avoid fraud and make sure that your transaction details stay safe. It is always safe to spend money playing online casino games.

How much money can I make playing casino table games?

There is absolutely no limit on how much money you can win. The more you play the more experience you gain. The better experience and skills always help you to win more.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask via comments.
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Top 5 Websites to Play Indian Rummy Games Online

The game of rummy has brought a big revolution in the gaming industry. It has been around 3 decades since the introduction of rummy game on the internet. It has attracted millions of users worldwide. There are over 50 million rummy game players in India itself. If you wish to play rummy online, then you must join a rummy website. It is often difficult for a new player to find the best rummy playing website from a number of options available on the internet.

Top 5 Websites to Play Indian Rummy Games Online : eAskme
Top 5 Websites to Play Indian Rummy Games Online : eAskme
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Top 5 Websites to Play Indian Rummy Games

The technical advancement throughout the years has made it possible to play rummy on the internet. A number of rummy websites have come up recently to help the user play rummy without any hassle. If you are starting your rummy career, and looking for a good rummy playing website then we have a list of options for you. Check out the top 5 Indian rummy games playing websites now:

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Junglee Rummy

It is among one of the fastest growing rummy websites in India that brings a number of bonuses and promotion offers for the users. You can even win seasonal rewards if you login this site daily. A new player can get Rs.1500cash after making the deposit equal or more than this amount. You can even play free rummy games here and compete with a number of players across the country.

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RummyMillionaire is another popular rummy website that provides you 100% welcome bonus up to Rs.1000 on making a deposit. You can also win daily bonuses and weekly rewards on playing rummy games here. A number of promotional offers are running throughout the month that gives you a chance to make more cash.

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Ace2Three Rummy

Ace2Three is one of the oldest rummy playing websites in India that has around 8 million users associated with it. It provides you Rs.1700 free chips if you join this website for the first time. Moreover, you can earn up to Rs.1000 on each of your referral. There are a number of bonuses and rewards that you can get during the gameplay.

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Classic Rummy

The smooth interface available hereis one of the most alluring factors of this website. You can enjoy playing a number of free rummy games here and can even play these games for cash. Once you start playing rummy games on this website, you receive daily bonuses and rewards. You can even enter into the big tournaments to make some cash with a mere entry fee of Rs.5 or Rs.10.

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Adda52 Rummy is one of the rummy websites that is growing with each passing day. The welcome bonus is provided to the players who join the site for the first time. You can join its referral program to make some more cash on making referrals. Taking parts in the tournaments can give you a chance to meet the Bollywood celebrities.

The Bottom Line

Above mentioned are some of the most popular websites to play Indian rummy online. You can trust these websites and blindly start your career as a rummy player by joining any of them. Junglee Rummy, RummyMillionaire, and Ace2Three are some of the most popular rummy websites in India. Start now and make money with your rummy playing skills.
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Sharpen Up Your Skills With These Amazing Fighting Games

The golden age of arcade video games which were played on large machinery operating via a coin system is far gone and people who wish to relive the nostalgia that brought happiness to people from all around the world can now relive the experience on websites which provide such games.

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 Sharpen Up Your Skills With These Amazing Fighting Games : eAskme
 Sharpen Up Your Skills With These Amazing Fighting Games : eAskme
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Players are now able to battle with other people from all across the world and fighting games at offer that possibility. Being offered the opportunity to compete against each other is surely a great way to pass the time after a busy day at work or if one wishes to relax in their free time.
There is a wide variety of fighting games available and whether if you want to play a nifty little karate game where you have the ability to experience many different moves which can incapacitate your opponent or prefer a more raw boxing game in which one is supposed to beat waves of enemies to become the strongest, there is no excuse of not being able to enjoy such a wide array of options.

Those who opt to play games which involve fighting typically play them with their keyboard which allows them to execute difficult combos and different assortments of extraordinary moves.  Games where defeating an opponent is the main goal is surely going to keep everyone entertained for hours on end.

Not only will this type of games keep you entertained but it has been scientifically proven that those who spend time playing games which involve fighting have significantly better reflexes as well as concentration skill games at and an overall better attention to details.

Sharpening your skills is a key factor if you want to go through all the levels of a game and bear in mind that practice makes perfect. Make sure to try out as many types of fighting games possible in order to get a general idea of how this type of game functions as well as to improve your skills. This can be regarded as a training regime but in the long run it will be worth it.

With the addition of fighting games to the internet rather than the classic arcade, they were taken to a whole new level as players can now compete with each other from different regions of the planet to determine who comes out on top. Not only did these games broaden in terms of scope but they’ve also increased in difficulty and can prove to be a real challenge even to the most seasoned player.
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How Onlines Games Has Changed the World

Since the early ages of human race, games been the essential part of the life of every single person. Games are not only entertain you but sometimes they are even educational and people learn many things from games.

There was a time when there was a thinking that only kids has the right to play games and for elders games are waste of time. But as everything improves with time, games has also improved. Now a days games are educational also. In this internet era, games are also available online to play.

Today I am going to talk about how online games has changed the world in different ways.

Onlines Games Has Changed the World : eAskme
Onlines Games Has Changed the World : eAskme
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How Onlines Games Has Changed the World?

1) Outdoor to Indoor:

Earlier games were most of the games were under the category of outdoor games such as rugby, soccer etc. But as now online games are available, people are tend to play games while sitting inside their house ans we know that the number of online games has surpassed the number of outdoor games long ago. This has given the boost to indoor games.

2) Anytime, Anywhere:

As now online games are available on smartphones, you can play them anytime and anywhere. You need to find a bed to sit or a playground to play it. Just need ot run the game in your smartphone and you can play it even while walking or talking to others.

3) Live Local, Play International:

Earlier it was the only luck which was the cause to make someone play games in international arena such as international tournaments. But online games has changed this thing also.

Now every single person can play games in international tournaments even while sitting at their homes. Just connect it with the server or the platform and you are ready to compete with other online players.

4) Make Money playing online games:

Even my father and grandfather had this thinking that games are just waste of time. Games were not known as the earning source until you were playing international match representing national team.

But now there are online games available which helps you to make money online just by playing them such as online casino, slot games etc. .

I myself loves to play many games such as Need for Speed, Burnout, Candy Crush, Temple Run, etc. on my smartphone.

Tell me which is your favorite online game? If you have any question, or suggestion, feel free to share via comments.

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How To Make Money Online Playing Games

There was a time when games were the part of kid’s life only. Young people never had the time to play games because of the work and responsibilities they had to carry. But with the time and improvement in technology, games are now the part of every human being living on this earth. Now every single person who have access to internet can play games online. Internet is adding more fun to the life of hard workers also.

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We all love to play games online either on Facebook or by using games apps on your android or iOS smartphones.

Online Competitions and Games

We already know that games add more fun in the boring and dull life of any office worker. There are the examples of games that attract thousands or millions of people to spend some good time. There are not only solo games, but also you can play multiplayer games and beat the competition with your skills.

Let`s play: Play 8 ball Pool Online

If you are a good player, then you can participate in the game competitions online. There are games such as NFS, Burnout etc. which allow you to play multiplayer games and also take part in the competition.

Now the question is how you can make money playing games online?

Answer is simple. There are websites that not only entertain you with games but also offer you opportunities to monetize the time you spend on playing games online.

Examples are online gambling sites and fifa game sites that help you to shake your pockets and fill them with huge bundles of money in no time. If you are one of those who do not know how to play games in a Casino, then there is good news for you. Online casino sites also offer a good amount of bonus to learn and play online casino games.

This way you do not lose in the time you are learning how to play games online. There are thousands of people around the world who are playing games every day and earn huge bags of cash. Let`s try your luck and open the new vault of money.
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Download and Play Subway Surfers on PC for Free

Like most of the people I am also a fan of popular games. Few months back I have shared 8 ball Pool to play online on eAskme. Subway Surfers is not only my favorite game but it is actually one of the most popular games available for Android users. It has 4.5/5 rating score and has over 2 million votes. It's an awesome game. We like want to have fun and what can be more fun to see a cop running behind a guy. This is the theme of this game.

Download and Play Subway Surfers on PC for free : eAskme
Download and Play Subway Surfers on PC for free : eAskme
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While running your character go through obstacles without failing. You also have to collect coins along to complete the mission. Most of ios and Android lovers already having fun with this game on their devices. There are many users who have installed Bluestacks App installer which is an android emulators to play this game. But it also require lots of ram and physical memory which will make your system hang. So what is the best way to play Subway Surfers without exploiting your resources.
Today I am sharing a link with you, so you can download standalone version of Subway Surfers. The best thing is that you do not need Bluestacks or any other android emulator to play this game. You just need to download Subway Surfers, unpack it and play the game even without installing. I recommend you to play this game with keyboard buttons and its fun.

When you play on your phone, then it can take years to unlock all the characters but with this download you will get  all characters unlocked. Now read following instructions to help you how to install and play.

Click here to Download Subway Surfers for PC


  •     Extract downloaded archive.
  •     Run Keyboard_controls.
  •     Your are ready to play Subway Surfers using keyboard.
  •     Read the important note given below.

KeyBoard controls of Subway Surfers

  • Up         To make a Jump
  • Down To roll along tracks
  • Left         To move the character left
  • Right To move the character right
  • Space To launch hoverboard
  • ESC To quit the game

Download Subway Surfers for PC

What to do if Game Not Working?

If after doing above steps game still don`t work, It means that Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package is not on your system or not updated. So now you need to download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package. It is very small just 5 MB in size. Download and Install it. Now you can play game without any error.

Coolest Secret Android tricks

How to unlock all characters of Subway Surfers

  •  Go to  C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Kiloo Games\
  •     Keep a separate copy of the Subway Surf folder. 
If you don`t see AppData that means you have to show hidden folders. make it visible. Go like this:
  • Windows XP: My computer => Tools => Folder options => view => Hidden files and folders => Show hidden files, folders, and drives => OK
  • Windows 7 & 8 : My computer => Organize => Folder and search options => view => Hidden files and folders => Show hidden files, folders, and drives => OK
Now replace the Subway Surf folder with the one which is in folder of Unlock All Characters.

You will also get 150 headstarts (1000), 240 headstarts (250), 1600 hoverboards, 10000 coins. Also you will get status for all upgrades.
Important Tip:  After playing Subway Surfers don`t forget to quit the running script.

How to Quit Running Script :

You just need to press ctrl+shift+E or click the Subway Surfers icon in the notification area and select exit.

So what are you waiting for. Download and play subway surfers and comment me your highest score, lets compete in this game.

I love Subway Surfers and also the 8 Ball Pool which is World`s Most Popular Game. If you want to play 8 Ball pool online click here.

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Play 8 Ball Pool Online

Are You getting Bored.... Let`s Play Pool Online

Play 8 Ball Pool

Now a days when everyone want to play online to entertain themselves. We bring you the world`s most popular online game 8 Ball Pool Online for free to play.

8 Ball Pool is the best and biggest multiplayer online Pool game. You can play one on one, multiplayer, enter in tournaments and win coins and crowns. As you win it will make your level up.
This is one of the best pool billiards game. More than 100 million people are already playing this game online. This is a game where you play with a stick and balls we call solid and stripes. Either you choose solid or stripe when you shoot them with stick and put them in pit with your shots. At the end of all your balls you have to put Black Solid ball and this will make you win.

Just Click on Play As guest and game is ready for you to play.

Play 8 Ball Pool free Online : eAskme
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