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How to Treat a Woman With Respect in Relationship

Respect is the admiration for your relationship. There are many ways to show respect to your woman.

How to Treat a Woman With Respect in Relationship : eAskme
How to Treat a Woman With Respect in Relationship : eAskme
Do :
Treat your woman like you want others treat you. respect her, care for her, listen her as you want other to listen you. Encourage each other. Even when you talk to others about here give her respect and show your commitment.

Equality is very Important :
Equality is necessary in relationship. Treat her in best manner and also trust her to be part of you life. Ask her, praise her for good things,  Treat her like a woman want to be treated.

Emotional Reliability :
Respect for a woman also requires deep emotional integrity. Your words and actions should speak the same thing. Keep your promises, share and keep confidence.

Share :
Share everything about yourself. Trust her, respect her. Don`t keep secrets. Honestly tell all your feelings. 
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How to Make Money Using Relationship

Here come the exceptional way to make money online. Have you ever thought that a relationship that brings happiness to you is also one of the great and easiest way to make money online. Relationship also work as the most powerful motivation to do anything. Your relationship can make your life and also break your life.
How to Make Money Using Relationship : eAskme
How to Make Money Using Relationship : eAskme
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Today I am going to talk about one of the most controversial topic about how to make money with relationship. There are two sides when it come to make money using your relationship.

1) Selfish Money Making using Relationship
2) Awesome Money Making Using Relationship

Make Money From Technology Blog

1) Selfish Money Making Using Relationship:
This is one of the most violent and sometimes most easiest way that selfish people use to make money using your relationship. If this type of relationship you make money using relationship with caring how unethical way you are using. Sometimes it leads to having multiple relationships in order to gain more money.

Make Money Blogging : infographic

Types of Selfish Money Making Using Relationship
1) Relationship based on Money
2) Relationship No-Strings Attached
3) Relationship with Many people at same time to use their resources for own good
4) This type of relationship found in 90% of women population.

Ideas to Make Money Online

You can find thousands of such people easily available around you who want to use your social status, property or anything that will help them to satisfy their needs. In Such relationship demand of money and expenses are very high and there is no guarantee that a relationship can last long.

2) Awesome Money Making Using Relationship
This type of relationship comes in the category of hard to find relationship. This type of relationship mostly build on strong commitment as it make you more passionate about your work and your relationship motivates you to earn more doing your own work. In this type of relationship motivation and love plays important role.

40+ Ways to Make Money Quickly

How to Make Money with Relationship:

5 Secrets of Happy Relationship

Now lets see how you can make money using your relationship:
1) Ask for money:
You can ask your lover for money for every single need and manage expenses. This is far easy way to manage your daily expenses and you can enjoy without worrying to earn more money. You can ask directly or you can ask by making your lover emotional to gain sympathy and get more money.

5 Steps to Make Money Blogging

2) Motivation:
Motivation is the biggest key when it comes to make money using positive side of your relationship. In this situation you get motivated by your lover or he/she motivates you to make more money to manage your life or to be together for life. Motivation is really necessary to get anything in your life and this really help when you have this kind of relationship.

How to make money online with youtube

There are many more ways to make money using relationship. Do share if your relationship help you to make money? Do check how you or your lover making money using your own relationship. If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask me. Don`t forget to like us on fb and subscribe our newsletter to get free updates.
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Speed Dating Questions for Women

Speed dating is time saving and that`s why everyone like it. You can find potential lover in short time. But to find suitable partner you must know how to represent yourself and what kind of questions you should ask. So let`s see what question women should ask during speed-dating sessions.

Speed Dating Questions for Women
Speed Dating Questions for Women : eAskme

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Closest Female Friend ?

Who is your closest female friend? this can be your first question, to ask a man about his closest friend.It will help you know that what type of women attract him and what he likes in women. You can also ask for any romantic feeling if he had for that woman. But if the woman is mother or sister then you can have some other conclusion like he is family oriented or he is attached to his mother.

Things What You Are Most Proud of in Your Life?

This question reveal what that man considers important in his life. If he talk about his education or athletic achievements then it means that he value his appearance or if he talk about being honest and staying true than can point that he has not set goals for his life. Well no question can give you full details but at-least you can have a slight idea about that man.

Any Extreme Sport You would Like to Try ?

Answer of this question reveals how much a person like to take risk and about his adventurous nature. If he do not like even a single adventurous sport that usually means that he will not act spontaneously in a relationship.

What Animal Would You Be if You Were not Human?

This question seems odd in this situation but it can help you know how and what he like about nature. As he probably never answered such question, so when he answer you more chances are that he give you glimpse of his personality. If he see himself as loin or any strong animal that means he like himself to be or stay strong or if he say any bird which means he like freedom. But again, may be his answer won't reveal everything, so you should not make any broad conclusions.

Final Words:

World is filled with different kinds of people. Some want you and some don`t, same way you want some people and some people you don`t want. So it`s upto you when you let someone be on your side, that person be right for you. It also depend upon what kind of relationship you are looking for, short term, for fun only, long term, marriage, choice is yours.

If you do have any question, feel free to ask via comments. Don`t forget to like us on facebook and subscribe eAskme feed to get free updates.
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Tips to Make Your Lover Be Your Dominant Lover

The type of intimacy change from couple to couple according to their lifestyles. It is said that intimacy and dominant roles in love can increase the passion of love life people fall more for each other. If dominant is the thing that attract you and you want to discuss it with your partner, then you have open this topic with care.

Tips to Make Your Lover Be Your Dominant Lover
Dominant Lover : eAskme
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Never feel Guilty:

Don’t feel guilty or ashamed of your desires. There is a long history of submissive and dominant relationships, which means that you are not doing anything unnatural. But may be you feel inconvenient with these feelings in your current relationship. If you accept your intimate and emotional needs then it can be most healthy for your relationship.

Hint your partner:

With a little delicacy tell your partner about your feelings for example you can joke about that you like him to be dominant when intimate. You may wonder that your partner also gonna like those what you actually like.

Talk to your partner

Discuss about it with your partner. When you hint, it help your partner to be more open the outline what type of dominance you like. It will help you to make place for dominant and submissive roles in your current relationship.

Prepare your words:

You should know what you want to say. Decide what more you want in your relationship and plan according to that. You should be assured of your own desires before giving this matter your full attention.

Express your Desires:

Express to your partner. Don`t pressure. may be you get a surprise, so don`t create stress. Don`t create ultimatums.


Give your partner proper time to think and be or make him dominant only, when your partner is comfortable.

Take things slowly:

Don`t just jump into the group. Gradually introduce dominant and submissive roles in your relationship. Keep communicating to avoid any kind of misunderstanding

Final Words:

We have discovered that many people want dominant and submissive behavior in relationship, but they afraid of their feelings. Never fear of your feelings as your own fear will make your relationship sore. Talk, discuss and see the result.

If you do have any suggestion or question, feel free to ask via comments. Don`t forget to like us on Facebook and subscribe eAskme newsletter to get updates.
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How to Attract Your Lover

It is said that attraction fade away with passing of time, but you can take it as a challenge and keep flames of attraction in your relationship.

How to Attract Your Lover :

How to Attract Your Lover ?
  • Do exercise regularly. Sometimes people get complex about their appearance in the beginning of relationship. But attracting should be daily goal and stay fit and improve your health and physique.Sometimes people get complex about their appearance in the beginning of relationship. But attracting should be daily goal and stay fit and improve your health and physique.

  • Find out what your lover finds attractive and try to develop those habits in you. If your partner has a fantasy and it is possible to you to it real, than do it.

  • Have romantic dinner and evening with your partner.

  • Tell your partner all your desire and how attractive you are to him.

  • Use attractive perfume or cologne.

  • Smile more make your partner feel smile.

  • Be humorous make you lover laugh.
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10 Ways to Start Conversation With a Girl

When you want to talk to a woman no matter where you see her, you need to act quickly and be confident and when you start conversation you also make sure that conversation do not stuck and continue. If you behave nervous that means you are going to get rejected.

10 Ways to Start Conversation With a Girl : eAskme

10 Ways to Start Conversation With a Girl ?

At Libraries :
If you sitting next to a girl in library, look at what she is reading to know in which class she is studying. You should ask her about grading and teaching. Talking about school things will keep the conversation going.

At Cafes :
Observe the coffee shop. If there are some special coffees then ask the girl if she has tried any of them. If she did then ask her to recommend you some new drinks. If she has not tried any of them, then recommend her to try a new coffee.

Books :
Look with a good eye. if you see that she is holding a book than go to her and ask about that book. A good opener line will help you here like, "Hi there. I see that you are carrying Sona Mathews's 'eAskme.' I heard its a stimulating read. have you make of it so far.

At School :
Ask girl about what she like to study or think about class before the class start. If she have not attended class in last few days than ask if she want you to recap her the stories. You cna ask her to join study group.

At Supermarkets :
Comment on her food, if you see her buying anything. For example,  "Hi! I noticed that your pumpkin looks so fresh and green. I personally love baking it and it taste good. What do you usually do with the pumpkin?"
At Specialty Stores :
If you see women at a specific store like a music or books store. See which type of music she is looking for. Ask her to recommend you some music. If she like talking to you, than she will suggest some good.

At Concerts :
You can ask her about the band that is playing or about to play the music. Great way is to ask about if she is fan of that band and ask her about other bands in which she is interested.

Cheesy Lines :
Pickup lines work great sometimes. Even silly and horrible one-liners also show your sense of humor. make sure she like what you say.

Being honest and straightforward :
Being straightforward and honest to start a conversation. Always tell her the truth.

At Clothing Stores :
You can ask a woman to help you to decide about your clothing. Invite her to explain which Shape, color and cut will be best for you.
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Cute Fun Things You can Do with Your Boyfriend That Cost Nothing

In love we To keep your relationship interesting doing fun things play an important role. Many fun things cost money but few fun things cost nothing. The good thing is that you only need each other to feel best and do fun things. 

Cute Fun Things You can Do with Your Boyfriend That Cost Nothing : eAskme
Cute Fun Things You can Do with Your Boyfriend That Cost Nothing : eAskme

Board Games :

Its the time to pull board games to play together. You can play "Sorry", "Monopoly", "Clue", "Ladders", "Candyland" and many more. Be competitive to win mix your game with silliness and playful cheating to enjoy.

Cook Together :

Choose something that you want to bake together like brownies, cookies, cake etc. You can see recipie books also. Add your own fun flavor in cooking. Learn together cook together and eat together, be playful.

Walking Adventure Tour :

This is free to walk around. Take personalized adventure walking tour. Go to places that you love around town. Go to park or some places that you both like to spend time together.

Read to Each Other :

It may seems nerdy but it is a cutest activity to do with your boyfriend. Find the book you both love and read . Read what your boyfriend love to listen. Ask him to read some parts for you. enjoy voices of each other.

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10 Best Ways to Start a New Relationship

Relationship not only provide emotional support but it also help you to know yourself and understand your world. So it is important to create a healthy relationship.

10 Best Ways to Start a New Relationship : eAskme

10 Best Ways to Start a New Relationship ?
Ask your friend to help you find relationship, as in their circle they have friends who like the same things and habits that you and your friends have. Your friends also give you details to make better first impression rather than dating someone totally unknown.

Join a Club
Join nearby clubs and meetup groups. this will let you interact with people with same interests and more possibility of romance.

Focus on improving your community. Be selfless will help you meet selfless people.

Join a Church
Who who worship have more moral values than other who don`t, it make safer to create a quality relationship. Just go with open heart and trust god.

Take a Class
Join different course like art or anything that suit your habits. With this you get to intract with many people of same interests with love.

Rather than rushing here and there first take a look around your neighborhood.  Talk people and see if you find your love in just corner of your neighbor.

Dance Lessons
Joining dance classes will give you immediate chance to interact with prospective love interests. take it as a chance.

Online Dating
Online dating sites getting popular day by day as people are able to find their best matching partners online. many online dating services have match making service that will help to find best match according to your interests. So join and try your luck.
 Take a tour of Costa Rica beach or Israel to enjoy vacation. It will give you the best possible opportunity to get to interact with love interests and start a new relationship.

Join a Gym
Want to find a fit soul-mate, try to find in gym. Go to Spin-class, Yoga, Aerobics. It will not only keep you fit but also give you a chance to see prospective love interests.
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How to Kiss Someone Passionately

A big part of kissing is to have confidence and enjoy.

How to Kiss Someone Passionately : eAskme

Keep your lips in shape.
Rub your lips with sugar to keep them soft and remove dead skin. you can also use lip moisturizer.

Preparation for best kiss.
Brush your teeth,  wash floss and clean your tongue. Do not eat any strong flavor like ginger, onion, garlic.

Should have confidence.
Touch nicely on arm, look at each other in eyes lean slowly, make sure your nose not hit. Open your mouth slightly and rub tongue slightly on their lips.  Keep doing it for a moment.

Can do French Kiss now.
Don't let your tongue go snoopy. Open your mouth and let tongues run on each others tongue. Run your fingers in their hair or hold their back.

Tips :
Guys should shave to make skin clean
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How to Know if You are Comfortable With a Boyfriend

Healthy relationship if that where you and your boyfriend go more and more closer every day.You can examine these things in your relationship.

How to Know if You are Comfortable With a Boyfriend : eAskme
How to Know if You are Comfortable With a Boyfriend : eAskme

How to Know if You are Comfortable With a Boyfriend ?
  • Thing about if he even like to see you at your worst when get exhausted after work or shopping or coming from school. Be sure that you want his support and without any fear tell him everything and explain everything and he understand. Even when you have worst with your friends do you prefer to go to your boyfriend. See how comfortable you feel with him.

  • See do you and your boyfriend laugh together. Do you both make each other smile. You both share comedies and funny experiences. As we say laughing together that dosen`t mean laughing at each other. be the reason of smile of each other.

  • think about the way you talk. Examine the word and topics you choose to talk to him. Think that when you talk do you be careful to choose words or you are very comfortable to talk with your boyfriend. think if you hesitate him telling things or not.
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Fun Date Activities for Men

Dates are always planned with women. Shopping dates are not easy as usually men don`t like shopping. So choose dates where you both like.

Fun Date Activities for Men : eAskme

Fun Date Activities for Men ?

Spontaneous Gateway :
Surprise your love with a planned get-away. Plan everything yourself according to his interests and likes. Plan everything according to budget and also where you both have fun and make dinner reservation.

Get Outdoors :
Plan outdoor date. You can contact the tourist guide no matter of weather. You can ask friends or family of your date to know where he likes to go. Go on a ski, kayak,  hike, anything that fancies.

Sports Events :
Plan date to sport even that he like to enjoy and according to his hobby or if you cant go than plan to watch at home or at bar with him. learn a little about game. Keep heart shape cookies and snacks. Watch on big screen at home.

Cook Special Meal :
Men love food as much as they love women. So keep these two things together with you and your own cooked food for your man with your love. Make something special: , a themed meal like Chinese or Mexican or his favorite dish or make a fancy dinner. Dress to impress and make candlelight.
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Keys to Happy Relationship

With the passing of time flame in relationship goes dim. To keep this flame grow and be happy is necessary.

Keys to Happy Relationship ?

Communication is the main and most important part of a relationship. No matter how big issues come in life never stop communicating. Talk about everything, praise each other.

Self-Expansion :
Companionship is important but do not lose self identities. Keep self respect, share ideas, listen. Share interests and dont force. You can go individuality with own friends and take individual vacations. 

Keep Everything Exciting :
Keep excitement in relationship. Plan surprises,  keep sensuality and desire. When tired of work and family go out with your love have long drive, go to water parks , hill or anything spontaneous.

Optimism :
Do not take qualities of each other as granted, that you loved once. Praise each other and help in small things. Keep reminding yourself that your love is the same one that you have admired alway and keep admiring those things.
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How to Make a Date Memorable When You are Planning on Asking a Girl Out

Everyone do it sometime in life. Boys get scary when asking a girl on date. The most important thing that you have confidence in your behavior, because it influence  that your date have a good time with you. Always be honest and a gentleman.

How to Make a Date Memorable When You are Planning on Asking a Girl Out : eAskme

How to Make a Date Memorable When You are Planning on Asking a Girl Out ?

Choose the Activity She like to Do
Find out what your date like to do and take her to the same place for date. Like if she's a music festival fan, find a musical festival event to take her to. Do not take her to loud concerts as in loud music you can`t talk to her. You can also choose date ideas to go to farmer's market or flea market, a trip to a gallery or museum, where you can have easy conversation.

Bring Her a Gift
Choose a gift for her when you pick her for date. Don`t buy expensive gifts, just buy some cute flowers. Flowers are always a good choice. If you know her interests than buy something that she like.

Relax and Be Yourself
Don`t overreact to impress her. Be relaxed and casual. Don`t be quite for long time, you can use some conversation starter. Ask her question about herself, find out common things between each other. Show respect and interest in her.

Moment of Goodnight
At the end of date walk with her to drop at her door. Is you get signal and see she is interested ask her for goodnight kiss. Don't do overdo when kiss... just make it light kiss. Tell her to call her later and say goodnight.
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5 Secrets of Happy Relationship

Happy relationships don`t happen on its own. We need to make efforts for that. Couples should respect, care and understand each other.

5 Secrets of Happy Relationship : eAskme

Discuss Your Issues
Secret to a happy relationship is to learn how to discuss about your issues. There are problems and challenges that can bother you about each other. Only confront your partner on something important or on matters can`t compromise about.

Communicate in a kind way
Usually long term partners develop bad habit of communicating in harsh ways. Rule of happy relationship is that people  should talk respectfully and kindly , compassionately and lovingly, even when you are upset.

Keep Flames of Romance Alive
Romance is the base of a love relationship. Don't get so busy with work, and other responsibilities that it will fade away your romance. Keep dating even after with your marriage with your wife and go out spend time in private with each other only, be intimate. Carve out time each week to be alone together and do something you normally do on dates.

Have Couple Time and Alone Time
The other two secrets are, you should know when to have alone time and Couple time. Having alone allows each partner space and freedom. Having couple time is also important, to grow together and share individual lives. Keep the balance between these two
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Some Cute Ways to Show a Girl You Care

No matter you been in a relationship just now or from years, showing care is always necessary. there are some small ways to show your care cutely.

Some Cute Ways to Show a Girl You Care  : eAskme

Show Your Inner Michael Buble
Sign for her no matter how bad your vocal just your heart should be filled with love even if you dont know whole song. Make her feel special.

Respect your woman. Its very simple. Give her preference in life. If you play some game and she want to play another than enjoy with her playing that game. Do not force her to be intimate.

Go Jiggly with Her
Dance with her do some cute moves, tell her you admire her more and more. take her hand spin her and dip her. Get jiggly with her.

Don`t stay as a Pen Pal
Stamped envelop is sweet than emails. So send her your own handwritten letters.
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How to Cool Your Emotions Before First Date

When you are about to ask someone for a date, you usually feel lots of emotions and worries. First impression can be important to get second date. So first chill your emotions before going to first date.  So take a deep breath and relax.

How to Cool Your Emotions Before First Date : easkme

How to Chill Your Emotions Before First Date ?
  • Remember the purpose of first date is to have fun and know each other.

  • Take deep breath or few more ways to calm yourself down.

  • Don't worry about other date, focus on current date and stop worrying.

  • Call your best friend and talk about your feelings it will help you to calm.

  • Do things that will keep you busy and happy rather than worrying.

  • Only think about good qualities in you that you want to show to your date.
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How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

This happns in life like a movie. When you see a girl standing somewhere, and she cathes your eye, she smile at you and you get hint that its signal. Now you want to talk and start conversation, but you do not want to take chance and ruin everything with some pickup lines. Do as follow:
How to Start a Conversation With a Girl : easkme

How to Spark a Conversation With a Girl ?
  • Look around your surroundings and choose a object start conversation.

  • Ask for information like suggestions and directions. Questions engage her to continue conversation.

  • Ask her advice or opinion about something like drinks or place.

  • Compliment her but don`t overdo.

  • With compliment assign a question like, like if you say a nice car, ask her choice about cars.

  • Ask unique questions, like have she ever dreamed about flying.

  • Keep her engage in conversation and enjoy talking.
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