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6 Ways to Gain Quality One Way Backlink in 2017 for Your Blog

The greatest problem for a blogger is to get one way backlinks. You should focus on quality of backlinks, like 4-5 PR4 backlinks are better than 1000 PR1 Backlinks. So today we will discuss about How to get one way backlink for blog or website. You may even think of buying backlinks.

How to Build Quality backlinks for your blog ?

Commenting using Top Commentator Plugin :

This is the easiest way to build backlinks for your blog. If you come top in the list of Top Commentators list then you will easily get one backlink from each page of blog. SO it give you lot of backlinks. You can also use recent commentator widget. Here are 300+ High PR Dofollow Blog Comment Sites list 2017 for Backlinks.

Contests on Blog :

You can easily start contest and spread your name and build backlinks easily. You can ask participants to blog about your contest to be eligible or subscribe your feed or approach product makers and ask them to sponsor contest. Prize can be free themes or some cash.

Informatic Amazing Posts :

Writing informatic and quality articles help you gain more traffic to your blog and also other link to your article which give you good backlinks. Promote your articles on social media.

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Submit Articles to Web Directories :

Find free web directories and submit your blog to them. This is a quite fast way to gain backlinks. You can also submit to paid web directories.

Also see : Exclusive List of Directories

Guest Posting :

Guest posting is a Great way to get popular yourself and your brand and also get backlinks. start guest posting campaign and start writing for blogs, that are popular. This way you get quality backlinks.

Webmaster Forums :

Participate in webmaster forums. Regularly take part in discussions. Put a link to your blog in signature to get more traffic and links. But remember never spam forums as they will get ban you.

Not just focus on building backlinks but also focus on analyzing backlinks nature and quality.

Do share your own Link Bulding tips. Which is fast and reliable method according to you ?
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Search Engine Optimization Services That Improve Your Website’s Visibility

Search engine optimization is a phenomenon that took off a couple of years ago and through the minds of many it is pretty hard to understand how it functions let alone its main purpose, that of ensuring that websites which use services such as SEO Montreal have a greater visibility on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Search Engine Optimization Services That Improve Your Website’s Visibility : eAskme
Search Engine Optimization Services That Improve Your Website’s Visibility : eAskme
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Companies make use of this respective service to benefit from a lot of packages which help them receive front page rankings with the sole benefit of boosting their traffic which automatically translates to a sales increase. They have to make sure that the best strategy is devised in order for the benefactor and the company will benefit from the best possible service.

Search engine optimization should be regarded not as a source of traffic on a website but irrespective of that it should be considered a means of help in potential customers having the ability of finding them easier on the web. In order for that to be possible, the materials or services promoted on a website should perfectly match what other people are browsing.

These services have substantially evolved over the years and are now specifically tailored to meet every client’s individual needs whilst giving the best service possible.  Search engine optimization services will only benefit those who opt to make use of it as it will create an enhanced user experience which will automatically turn into an increase in traffic as well as sales.

SEO is a major factor when it comes to making a website more visible on the web, and companies have adopted a business branding policy which has jumped from the normal search engines to new lengths, that of social media. Important social media behemoths such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are mandatory to keep in mind as not only will promotion on their respective platforms will only net everyone a huge increase in profits but it also make the specific firm a lot more visible.

 Those who own a business are offered a lot of options when it comes to SEO Montreal such as getting reports scheduled at regulated intervals which regard changes that the website has went through as well as definite factors which should be changed or tweaked in order them to re-align with the company’s policies.

Companies will encounter a more efficient lead generation which will only mean that important factors such as an overall improvement in sales over a long period of time is being put in motion, thus businessmen can tailor their future plans to meet a strategy which will not only rake in profits but will also improve the way in which a company functions  over a long period of time.
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Best Free Automated Social Bookmarking Software in 2017

 Everyone know the importance of social bookmarking sites. Each social engine considering social presence of your articles to validate them. In 2017 your search engine rank depends upon that how many social bookmarks and share your site is getting. On page SEO is still important but social bookmarking also giving a great push. There are 1000`s of social bookmarking sites available online. and its not possible for us to submit our articles manually on all these social bookmarking sites, that's where these automated social bookmarking tools work.
Free Automatic Bookmarking Tools Automated Bookmarking : eAskme
Free Automatic Bookmarking Tools Automated Bookmarking : eAskme

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These are the free platform available to setup your own social networking sites like Pligg, Taggly, Scuttle. It is not easy to get your presence in the social bookmarking sites so to be efficient we depend upon automation. There are many tools available on price from $50 to $200.

But sometimes we can`t afford this. So there are free automatic social bookmarking tools available like a champ. Here I explain the list of free and paid automated social bookmarking software.

Free Automated Social Bookarking Tools:

You should be smart to use these tools. Do not use the same username and also use different link to submit. Not only your own links but submit high-quality links of others also. So never be spammy. Look at list with features.


This is the This is a great tool and also recommended for WordPress platform. They offer automatic submission to 45+ sites including, web 2.0, social bookmarking sites and social networks. They offer quality for cheap price.

You can install only wire plugin also in WordPress to directly submit your blog posts. It is easy to work.  You can create free account and try everything for free.

Social Marker:

Social marker is a semi-automated marketing software for automatic bookmarking. You just need to create accounts than you can submit your article to social bookmarking sites.


Another semi automated social bookmarking and browser based tool. You need to add your accounts manually then you can submit bookmarks and you need to click to bookmark others. You get credit when you submit other bookmark and credits will be used to share your bookmarks. One more thing is that you may get popular backlinks also. You can also use their paid version if you do not want to earn credits.


This is the automated bookmarking tools to submit 10 URLs per day. This use existing accounts to create bookmarks. You can set intervals to complete your bookmarking. But it is not able to provide good reporting.

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Tribe Pro:

Tribe Pro is an amazing automated social bookmarking software. Real people will add retweets , Google plus and like your post.

Do share if you use any other automated bookmarking tool which is not in list. If you enjoy reading it then please share.
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How to Find Popular Keywords Using Google Insight Search in 2017

Google Insight search is a very powerful tool to find popular Keyword for webmasters, online marketer and bloggers. Today we will discuss about you you can use Google insight search for benefits.

We already know that organic traffic is one of the best method to drive traffic to monetize blog or website from adsense. To get traffic from search engines, you have to optimize your articles. It includes building backlinks, sitemap submissions, dofollow, nofollow, permalink and so on.
The easiest way to get organic traffic is to write about current trending topics in your niche. It help you to drive more visitors from search engines. Trending topics are the topics which people always search in current time.

Google Insight search :

How to Find Popular Keywords Using Google Insight Search in 2017 : eAskme

Google Insight search

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Google insight search is a product of Google and a free tool to find popular keyword and trending topics. You can easily change settings to find desired results and write posts which can drive organic traffic.

How to find popular Keyword Using Insight:

So idea here is to write a post about phone which people are searching at this moment.

Click here to open : Google Insight Search
  •     Search terms: Nokia,
  •     Filter setting : Web search,
  •     Country :India
  •     Time range: Last 7 days.
How to Find Popular Keywords Using Google Insight Search in 2017 : eAskme
Google insight search

Rising search list is Nokia c1, Nokia 1320 etc. This is  popular keyword list for Nokia phone.

How to Find Popular Keywords Using Google Insight Search in 2017 : eAskme
Nokia Rising Search
Now you can easily find popular keyword using Google insight search.

You can easily change settings like country, time-frame etc. You can target your post to drive more traffic.

This way you get trendy topics for your blog and your posts attract organic traffic. You can also use Google keyword planner to get more related keyword ideas and competition.

Do share your own way to find popular Keywords to write articles for your blog? Don`t forget to subscribe easkme feed to get updates.
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50 DoFollow CommentLuv Enabled Blogs

I have already talked about what is backlink and It`s importance. Whenever I say backlink many newbie bloggers do mistake of getting tons for backlink from low quality sites as it`s easy. But it is not good. I always recommend you to get only backlink from high quality sites with High PR and Domain Authority.

50 DoFollow CommentLuv Enabled Blogs : eAskme
50 DoFollow CommentLuv Enabled Blogs : eAskme
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Commentluv is a commenting system which was first created for WordPress, but because of its popularity now it is available for Blogger platform also. Whenever you make comment on commentluv enabled blog, it automatically add a link of your latest post to that comment. But remember never spam other sites or blog with spammy comments.
CommentLuv enabled blogs has turned blog commenting into an important way to promote blogs by commenting on commentluv enabled blogs. It allow visitors to get high quality dofollow backlinks. This will help boost ranking in search engines and drive referral traffic to your blog.You can easily find commentluv enabled blogs. Here to make it more easy for you, I am sharing a DoFollow CommentLuv Enabled Blogs list.

DoFollow CommentLuv Enabled Blogs List

Commenting on commentluv enabled blog is a win win situation for both the blog owner and reader. This will increase user engagement.

List Of CommentLuv Enabled Blogs

So this is the list of top 50 dofollow commentluv enabled blogs. If you find it helpful, do share on your social profiles and bookmark to use it whenever you want.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask me.

Don`t forget to like us on facebook and subscribe our newsletter to get free updates.
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How to Use Multimedia to Build Your Email Lists

Although there’s plenty of value in a well-written piece of content, the internet is increasingly catering to the visual nature of its visitors. Witty tweets can’t always compete with a well-placed photo, and an informative article doesn’t have the same punch as an infographic. Dive into the rich world of multimedia content to engage your audience and build your email list.

How to Use Multimedia to Build Your Email Lists : eAskme
How to Use Multimedia to Build Your Email Lists : eAskme
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Share Your Message with Sharp Imagery

If you have a marketing message that you can condense into a single photo, then craft a piece of compelling imagery that shows, rather than says, what your latest campaign is all about. This could mean pulling out your most powerful quote and turning it into a bold image with smart typography and a beautiful background. If you’re promoting a new product, find a way to highlight that item beautifully in an image. Never underestimate the powerful visual punch that a well-done graphic can deliver.

You can use your image to add more pizzazz to your email marketing. It will help break up the broad expanse of text and can even act as an intriguing clickable link to a page with more information. Take time to craft images thoughtfully and build a bank of high-quality photos and graphics that you can plug into your emails.

Build a Flickr Group

How to Use Multimedia to Build Your Email Lists

Flickr is more than just a collection of photos. It’s an interactive community of visually driven individuals who enjoy seeking out the best photography on the internet. Gather your images together in a Flickr collection and you can connect with people who are interested in your industry. An active Flickr presence will give you access to a community of more than 112 million photographers. Although it’s often overlooked, it can provide you with a gold mine of opportunities for making and strengthening your business contacts.

Must read : Use Flickr to Drive Huge Traffic to Your Blog

Optimize your photos with relevant keywords so that they can be found when a user searches for terms related to your product or industry. Make sure to include relevant links to promote your web page and email newsletter in the descriptions and on your Flickr profile so that you’re giving visitors everything they need to dive in and learn more about your business.

Get Visual on Social Sites

How to Use Multimedia to Build Your Email Lists

Populate your Twitter and Facebook posts with video and images to slow down your followers and grab their interest. It’s easy to scroll past a drab text post, which is why the competition is getting increasingly visual. Promote your email list in posts that feature visual elements to increase your chances of grabbing your viewers’ interest and getting them to engage.

Consider offering only half of the story in a compelling visual post. Film an engaging video that ends in a cliff-hanger. Offer the second half of the story via email to your subscribers. You can do something similar with still photography. Get your viewers to ask what the excited child is gazing at just outside the frame. Pique their interest with a close-up of the lace detailing on your latest designer dress. To see more, viewers need to turn to their inbox.

Find Your Video Niche

How to Use Multimedia to Build Your Email Lists

Video is a powerful form of multimedia that helps you connect with your audience. To best use it, you have to find your business’s particular niche.

Do you work in a fast-paced environment that’s always bustling with new developments happening behind the scenes? Let your customers into that world with a peek at what goes on in your office or on the production floor. If you have a product that requires a little skill to use, how-to videos are an excellent choice. Think about your product line carefully and consider the different ways you can educate buyers in your area. If you sell makeup, beauty how-tos are an obvious pick. A furniture company can offer interior design hacks.

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Find the right approach and begin featuring videos in your email campaigns. This will add real value to your emails, giving recipients a reason to open, view, and share your messages.

Create a Regular Webcast

How to Use Multimedia to Build Your Email Lists

Once you’ve hit on a video approach that’s connecting with a large audience, you can turn it into a regular webcast. Whether you’re posting gossipy tidbits about the latest celebrity trends each week or you’re offering an ongoing educational webcast that delves deeper into rich scientific topics on a monthly basis, you can find an audience and craft a webcast that will engage them again and again.

Put your webcast on a regular schedule. Perhaps you’ll offer a weekly news update or provide a new behind-the-scenes tour on the same day every month. An ongoing webcast encourages your viewers to come back. At the end of your video, ask them to sign up for your emails so that they’ll never miss a post. Make sure your video posts are highlighted in email messages so that subscribers see that you’re delivering on your promise and have a compelling reason to continue receiving your messages.

Condense Data into Infographics

How to Use Multimedia to Build Your Email Lists

If you have a lot of data to share, the best way to do it is with an infographic. An email, blog, or whitepaper that’s heavy on numbers and statistics is difficult to read. An infographic, on the other hand, will mold that information into a beautiful bit of imagery that is easier to digest. Smart data visualization tactics can turn a jumble of numbers into a display that makes immediate sense to the viewer.

Cut your finished infographic into bite-size pieces that show a compelling clip of the overall story. You can feature this teaser in your emails to direct readers or highlight them in a social media post encouraging viewers to sign up for your emails for the rest of the story. Either way, your infographics act as a funnel that drives readers toward your desired end goal to learn more.

With the right piece of multimedia, you can draw in new readers and give your email list fresh appeal for subscribers. Try these strategies to build your list and connect with a larger audience.
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300+ High PR Dofollow Blog Comment Sites list 2017 & Free Backlinks

Blog commenting is a great way to get engage with the content of other blogs as well as the readers of own blogs. But it is till not properly utilized by many bloggers. Commenting also boost the traffic and also help to boost blogger outreach.

Today I am going to share 300+ High PR Dofollow Blog Comment Sites list 2017 & Free Backlinks, so that you all can take benefits of blog commenting.

300+ High PR Dofollow Blog Comment Sites list 2017 & Free Backlinks : eAskme
300+ High PR Dofollow Blog Comment Sites list 2017 & Free Backlinks : eAskme

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PR 8 Dofollow Blog Comment sites list 2017 & Free Backlinks

PR 7 Dofollow Blog Comment sites list 2017 & Free Backlinks

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PR 6 Dofollow Blog Comment sites list 2017 & Free Backlinks

PR 5 Dofollow Blog Comment sites list 2017 & Free Backlinks

PR 4 Dofollow Blog Comment sites list 2017 & Free Backlinks

PR 3 Dofollow Blog Comment sites list 2017 & Free Backlinks

PR 2 Dofollow Blog Comment sites list 2017 & Free Backlinks

PR 1 Dofollow Blog Comment sites list 2017 & Free Backlinks

This is the list of 300+ High PR Dofollow Blog Comment Sites list 2017 & Free Backlinks. If you have any question, Feel free to ask me via comments.
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Can SEO Professional Really Help me in my Online Business?

If you are a novice you would be hesitant to deploy funds for SEO, I am sure this is your mental phase. But believe me utilizing funds for it will help you to yield better results as it is the best and quickly developing fields that are growing regularly. Now, with increasing number of the websites that has given the equivalent increase in the volume of professional services. The entire world of websites is filled with various different changes that are taking place through the various passing moment. At the same time, being much ethical is the key-point of assets for various degrees of the SEO strategies and standards. Hence, in recent scenarios these services provider is really needed to get success in this challenging online market.

Can SEO Professional Really Help me in my Online Business? : eAskme
Can SEO Professional Really Help me in my Online Business? : eAskme
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If you're serious and reading this and if you have never designed your website up till now so you are actually at a right place. Check these points that will show why professional’s help is needed for any online business.

1) Research, which is the most significant thing when designing the business. In case you have been in the business for some while so you know that if you have done proper research for the business. These similar principals also apply to your business website.

Keyword optimization is important that your customer uses to find your business and service. One significant point about the keyword research is to get right time, proper practice. Also great learning, using the professional and expert service will also be much worth of your money. In case you get it wrong the entire campaign and work will stand good for nothing.

2) Optimization - On page, it includes ensuring all the meta tags, links as well as title tags are formulated properly and are placed well on your site. An important thing related to title tags, is what many people look at the top of browser while the site comes up, this is very influential in placement of the site in popular search results. You should have the main keywords that with any luck are even in the domain name which is placed in title tags of the website pages.

3) Optimization - Off page, it refers to all that become apparent from the web site, like for instance building the links to the web pages. While you are building the links to pages it's similar to getting the votes from different websites, Google looks it as a great thing and also rewards you as per the popularity of links that you receive.

a) There are 2 types of links, reciprocal and one way. Reciprocal links mean you will place the link on the website to site where it then places them again to your site. One way links are best you may have such as article directories, web 2.0 sites and web directories.

Availing the services of professional agency is also a wise decision which will help your business to reach the new heights of success.

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask me via comments.
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5 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content is the driving force behind ranking and following. Putting up unique content on your website helps it to rank on search engine results pages. At the same time, it also helps create a following for your website. Content is the reason people go to your website. It is the reason why you would be able to sell your products or services.

You may need the services of a content marketing strategist before you begin any content marketing. He will help you answer how to create a marketing strategy. He will also be able to map out how to make a marketing plan. However, if you do not have a content strategist, you can consider the following 5 examples to improve your content marketing strategy.

5 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy : eAskme
5 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy : eAskme

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1. Understand your demographics. You can create a survey to know what your readers want to learn from your website. You have to know what they want, what interests them. You can use your website’s analytics data to see where they are located, what sites they are coming from, and whether they use a social media or not. You cannot create a website content strategy without first understanding what will entice them to go to your website. Master Steps to Use Content Marketing For Businesses With Low Traffic. When you know your followers, you can target specific articles for each of them. You can create custom-tailored materials for your followers, to keep them interested in following you, your website, your social media accounts, as well as your products and services.

2. Create a customer avatar. When writing your blog or recording your podcast or video, you have to speak to one person. That one person is the embodiment of your target audience. It has to be about him. Whatever it is you are discussing should be for his benefit. You have to state why your product will help him, and to make it clear why it is the best solution for him. Bring it to its logical conclusion. It is a connect-the-dots thing. Make the reason personal for your customer avatar.

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3. Go multimedia. When you create topics to write about, you should also create other media, like a banners and infographics. If you have a video channel, you can start with a 2-minute video, convert that to an audio format for a podcast, expand on it to come up with a blog article, and then create the infographics and memes. These get to be posted all over your various social media accounts. You start with one topic and end up with materials for multiple channels or media. Besides, your article will be more easily understood when you have a graphic to show for it.

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4. Going mobile. You have heard it said that more than half of users browse the internet with their cell phones. You should also realize that these users no longer only use their browsers; they most probably use apps to access specific websites. What you should also know is that the most popular new social media sites are mobile-only with no desktop presence, or they can only be updated via mobile. Start making your presence felt on these mobile sites. You should start by thinking mobile-first. Content is easier to expand for the desktop rather than shrink for the mobile screen.

read more : How Businesses Can Succeed at Content Marketing

5. Content on social media. It may seem redundant to keep on harping about social media, however, a social media content plan should be part of your overall content marketing strategy. Every content that you have has to be shared from your website, to social media channels. Every content on your social media channels have to be linked back to your website. When you share your content on social media, people will have a chance to see what you are saying. When your followers share your content to other people, this becomes a backlink to your website, an important factor for search engine algorithms. Your page rankings improve every time a follower shares your article or any other media.

If you feel like you are not an expert in these strategies, it may be in your best interest to consult a professional. In much the same way when students need term paper help, they go to their adviser or teacher for an expert opinion. Do not beat yourself up if you do not know all these things. This is the reason why content marketing strategists are around.
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200+ App Submission Sites to Boost Your Mobile App

Why we are talking about android apps? Because, android smartphones are dominating the online industry. Every year million of new users are buying latest android smartphones. Keeping in my these millions of smartphone users, eAskme has launched eAskme android app.

If you are the online business then you need android app desperately and If you already have an Android app then your next step should be to promote it.

Today I am going to share 200+ app submission sites where you can promote your own android app easily. You may find it difficult to grab the list of these many android app submission sites and that is where this list is going to help you.

200+ App Submission Sites to Boost Your Mobile App : eAskme
200+ App Submission Sites to Boost Your Mobile App : eAskme
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These free app review and app submission sites will help you to easily bring more exposure to your android app and increase traffic. These app review sites will give a boost to your android app.

This app submission sites list is for everyone no matter you are a developer, company or webmaster. These app review sites also help to boost your apps rating, reviews, traffic etc. You will see a huge improvement in traffic after submitting your app to these free app submission sites. Let`s check out these 200+ app submission sites to submit your android app.

200+ App Submission Sites to Boost Your Mobile App


There is no doubt that it will take time before you cover all the sites given in this list of 200+ app submission sites. But if you do, your app will surely get maximum result. So what are you waiting for start submitting your android or iOS app on these app submission or app review sites.

Here are other helpful lists:
If you still have any question or suggestion, feel free to share via comments. Don`t forget to like us on Facebook or subscribe eAskme newsletter to stay tuned with us.
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The Web Hosting And SEO Trends That You Must Know In 2017

In September 2014 the total number of existing websites has reached and exceeded the symbolic milestone of one billion for the first time. In 2015 this number has slightly decreased, yet increasing dramatically in 2017. Statistics have a unique charm indeed, but the reasons that decreed the success of a website are equally fascinating, if not more. Designing a website is nowadays relatively easy, especially using one of the numerous available website builders which indisputably offer handling good quality services. Yet it gets a bit tricky when it comes to understand and to deal with SEO, keywords and search approaches: a fascinating and challenging world which offers always new landscapes, but also a treacherous terrain in some respects, mutable and requiring a constant attention to keep up.

The Web Hosting And SEO Trends That You Must Know In 2017 : eAskme
The Web Hosting And SEO Trends That You Must Know In 2017 : eAskme

Understanding SEO strategies and staying updated is fundamental!

Several available articles on the internet offer an exhaustive bird’s eye view on the most recent trends on web designing in relation to visibility, usability and relevance of the content. They give useful seo tips, especially insisting on few features websites should have to prove reliable, handing and successful.

·         Mobile optimization Mobile phones are becoming a sort of artificial and essential limb for all of us, performing a plethora of functions intimately connected with the today life, including mostof the daily netsurfing: every website should prioritize a mobile friendly version in order to be competitive in a more and more crowded and fierce market.

·         Mobile applications. The constantly increasing use of mobile telephones results in an increasing developing of mobile apps. Several research show how applications for iPhones and Smartphones are going to be preferred to desktop websites in a few years.

Read  :  Google To Using Mobile Usability As A Ranking Factor In Mobile Search Results

·         Graphic media The static and elegant exquisiteness of old fashioned webpages is giving way to a more dynamic kind of beauty, where motion, fading images, videos and interactive implements are indisputably setting the benchmark for the latest trends in website designing.

·         Google, her majesty. SEO is the acronym for Search engine optimization, and a well-designed website cannot ignore google, the most used web search engine. Knowing how it works is indeed very useful to design a well-indexed website.

·         Local SEO Millions of web searches are carried out every minute in every corner of the world, looking for the more disparate services, news or objects. Many users’ searches are somehow related to specific areas, thus tailoring search results on users locations is one of the SEO trend for the future: people wanting a pizza or a bunch of roses, are probably looking for a place easily accessible from their actual location, and if your business is indexed in the local pages, your chances of being seen rocket, boosting as well your sales.

·         Socialcontents. Since the birth and growth of social medias, the online diffusion of the news has been constantly changing: the web versions of the traditional newspapers are giving way to a new kind of pages, lighter and more fluent, specifically tailored on social networks and blogs. The prevision for the immediate future is an even more importance for social content SEO.

·         Googleprioritizes fat contents! The new trend in managing search results is to put at the first ranks those contents whose originality, length, links to trustworthy sources and appropriate images can assure a certain substance, allowing surfers to have an effective answer to their search. By and large the minimum size of an article should be at least 400 words, better more, otherwise web engines won’t consider them as relevant enough.

With the huge and always increasing number of actual websites, optimizing the content of your pages is a must, a game changer for the visibility and the success of your work. Spending some time to learn the current SEObest practices can really be one of the best investment you can do in order to improve the total volume of your business. Many websites offer useful and in-depth tips on how to become a SEOspecialist. You can even go further: what if the SEO world would become a new scenario for further increasing your overall income? Why don’t make money using your skills, creating captivating SEO text for some company that offers essay writing services?

Robert Everett: I am a freelance writer currently based in Chicago. Solving students career and university problems. Having interest in marketing and business. 
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