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Google AdWords Has Stricter Rules for Ticket Resellers

Do you make money selling tickets? Have you ever used Google Adwords to promote your ticket selling business?

From now, Google Adwords has changed some rules and implementing new stricter rules on the advertisers who are reselling the event tickets.

Google AdWords Has Stricter Rules for Ticket Resellers: eAskme
Google AdWords Has Stricter Rules for Ticket Resellers: eAskme
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Why new Google Adwords rules for ticket resellers?

The reason why Google is implementing sticker rules for ticket resellers is that ticket resellers try to blind the user about the cost and fees. Reseller also sometimes try to confuse the user so that a common user will not know if he is buying from the direct seller or any third party.

Google wants to make it clear that you should explain if you are associated with an official seller or not.

The 25 Most Expensive Adwords Keywords of 2018

Google wants to increase transparency in ticket reselling business. Google want that you should inform the visitor about the price of the ticket and total cost.

How to be certified ticket seller by Google Adwords?

  • If you are the official ticket seller.
  • Indicate that you are a secondary party of the reseller.
  • Indicate that you are selling tickets for more than the actual value.
  • Disclose the original value of the ticket.
  • Show the breakdown of cost.
Google AdWords Introduces Dynamic Structured Snippets

How good is this new policy?

This is actually a good policy. It makes sure that no one can play any filthy game in the name of ticket selling business. Things will be more clear to a user. This will make sure that a user will know every detail about the ticket and reseller. This will be a good thing for Adwords only.
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New Google Search Console Now Available to All Sites

Do you know what Google is? What a silly question!

Google is the biggest search engine, giant. It is not just improving the user experience but also helping webmasters to make their site effective.

Keeping that in mind, Google has made the new Google search console available for all the websites. You need to know that it is a beta version.

New Google Search Console Now Available to All Sites: eAskme
New Google Search Console Now Available to All Sites: eAskme
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Last month Google has launched the new search console. The best feature that you may find helpful in this new search console is the detail of 16 months data. Earlier it was 3 months.

Why Google made Google Search Console available for all sites?

Google says that the changes made to Google search console are according to the feedback given by Google search console users. They have also included the feedback they received from Submit feedback button and feedback from Google help forums.

Issue with Google Search Console for Indexed pages

New Google Search Console is Beta version:

Google has said that it will keep on testing new search console design to improve the user experience. It is a beta version so it is sure that there will be many changes coming to your way to use Search console.

Migrating Data:

Google is working on migrating all the relevant data to the new Google search console. Right now it is not showing all the data of classic version. Google has cleared that the remaining data will be migrated soon or it will be there as another report.

Google still allows you to use classic search console. You can also send your feedback to Google so they can improve search console in next version.

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Instagram Introduces Type Mode for Text-Based Stories

Have you ever clicked selfie? If yes then you already knew about Instagram. People are fond of taking selfies and sharing them on Instagram. Instagram has also helped common people to become celebrities. Instagram keeps on improving its interface and technology to make it more user-friendly.

How to Be a Successful Instagrammer?

Instagram Introduces Type Mode for Text-Based Stories: eAskme
Instagram Introduces Type Mode for Text-Based Stories: eAskme
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Till now, it was not possible to publish text-only stories on Instagram.

But now, Instagram has updated its popular stories feature and introduced new text-only stories.

Yes, you read it right.

Now you can publish stories without photo or video on Instagram.

What is Type mode in Instagram:

You need to access "type" mode from your smartphone camera screen. You will find it below "record" button. All you need is to select "Type" and you are in type mode to write a message.

How to Acquire More Instagram Followers and Make Your Business Sustainable

You can select various text styles from the top of your smartphone screen.

Instagram Type mode options:

Instagram allows some text styles for you to choose when writing your text story, such as;
  • Modern
  • Neon
  • Typewriter
  • Strong
You can also add emphasis to the word you want to highlight.

Next thing you need is to select the background color and you are ready to publish your story. Check examples;

Best No crop apps for Instagram

You can also add various text styles when using text with videos or images.

You need to update your Instagram App in order to publish text-based stories on your Instagram.
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50+ Best Facebook Groups For Bloggers 2018

If you are a blogger then you may already know the importance of strong social media presence. When we talk about the presence on social media that means the social media branding. It includes social media profiles like Facebook, twitter, google plus, pinterest etc. Also it means that more and more sharing and traffic from popular social media networks.

50+ Best Facebook Groups For Bloggers : eAskme
50+ Best Facebook Groups For Bloggers : eAskme

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Facebook is here to help you to promote your content with the fellow bloggers. There are many Facebook groups that allows you to share your blog links or social media pages with other bloggers. These groups also helps you to boost your blogger outreach.

Now you may ask what are these best Facebook groups for bloggers?

50+ Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers:

Today I am sharing a huge list of those Facebook Groups for Bloggers that allow you to share and promote your blogs on Facebook.

Blogging on your own terms


Bloggers Crew 

The Blog Engage Group

Bloggers World Wide

Network Marketing For WINNERS 
Share Your Blog Posts

Blogger Help
Share & Like

Share Your Topics
Post Sharing


Hotspot Blogger

Comment Tribe

Comment DX

Blog writer Online forum

Blogging Cage

Internet Idea Techniques

Just Internet Globe

Send Your Post To Market It

Guest Blogging

SEO Facebook page likers 

Active Guest Bloggers

Probloggers Community 

Blog Promotion

Blogger mania

WordPress Worriers

Content Marketing

Blogging Heaven

Blogging group

Bloggers Lab

Blog writer's Factor

Promote Blogs

Exchange Comments, Likes

Market Your Web link

Tech Bloggers

Smashing Bloggers

Everything About Blogging  


Pakistani SEO & Blogger

Blogger Walking

This is the list of 50+ best Facebook groups for bloggers to promote their blogs and also like what they see. So what are you waiting for. Engage with these groups and get maximum out of them.

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5 Best Ways to Use Social Profiles to Get Quality Links

Backlinks are always the most useful part of any online SEO strategy. Every SEO professional and business want to generate more one-way links. But it is not that easy. It takes time and efforts to build quality links.

For You: What are Dofollow Nofollow Link SEO Basics?

Some ways can help you build backlinks by optimizing and using your social profiles, yet most of the bloggers are not using this strategy. Some people think that creating social patterns for the sake of backlinks is a spammy strategy.

5 Best Ways to Use Social Profiles to Get Quality Links: eAskme
5 Best Ways to Use Social Profiles to Get Quality Links: eAskme
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Some people are doing it in wrong way, but the same time there are professional who understands how to use social profiles to get quality links genuinely.

You should not just create profiles to make people find your presence on every network, but you must develop patterns with real information, accomplishments, and background.

When you have social profiles on most extended networks and utilize them correctly, then you not only get traffic and subscribers for your blog or business but also boost your social media presence which is quite helpful to rank high in search engine results.

Today I am going to share the best ways I have discovered to use social profiles to get quality link backs.

1) Create an Executive Profile for Better Response Rates

Create an Executive Profile for Better Response Rates: eAskme

Users always interested in the real things. When your profile looks real, it grabs more engagement. It also helps you build trust.

People always ignore the random messages from businesses and social networking sites as there are so many businesses that are populating emails of the people every day. Every company tries to pitch their products in emails.

A personal connection always pays off. To create the successful network, it is necessary to personalize posts and focus on building relationships.

Do you know that many digital marketers search for executive profiles to add a connection to build trust? This also helps you to find people with similar interests. This will help you to construct a mutual relationship of promoting and sharing content.

There are few things that you should understand before creating an executive profile;
  • The executive must understand what to say on social profiles.
  • Have the potential to build trust.
  • Involve executives in social media marketing strategies.

2) Use Forum Profiles to Build Trust and Relationships with Professionals

Use Forum Profiles to Build Trust and Relationships with Professionals: eAskme

Forums are not only for question-answers, but you can also use them to build trust and relationship among professional in your industry.

Forums are a great way to connect with the like-minded people in your industry or niche.

You should focus on finding online communities of your niche and engage. You will get in-depth answers to latest issues and also have a lot of opportunities to share your expertise to help others and build trust.

Reddit has a high potential to help you find professionals and connect with them. You can use discussion boards and subreddits.

You can also join Github to connect with developers and programmers.

Remember you cannot build the trust-able connection by spamming in these forums.

You should engage with users by completing profiles, getting involved, answering questions and sharing your content.

Only share the useful content according to your site niche. Don’t commercialize your discussion.

3) Share Content on LinkedIn:

Share Content on LinkedIn: eAskme

You should make your executive share your content or re-share it regularly.

Linkedin is the best place to share your content with the professionals. The link suggestion tool is a great feature that makes people visiting the helpful content.

For you: Role of Social Media in Knowledge Sharing

Your executive should comment and share your article with the link.

People always interested in what others are saying about your content.

4) Connect with Social Profiles of Influencers

Connect with Social Profiles of Influencers: eAskme

Instagram and Twitter are the places where people follow other people hoping that others will also follow them. It is an excellent strategy to get influencers support you, but you have to take one more step.

You should share the tweet mentioning the influencer about what they have shared recently.

For example; when following other retweets their tweet, like them and comment there.

The more you admire the work of others the more followers you get.

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Always engage with the influencers, and this will help you boost your social shared and build strong connections. You can also learn from others.

When authorities and influencers start trusting you, you can ask them anything that can help you to boost your business and sharing links.

5) Use Facebook Ads to Boost Traffic & Link Shares

Use Facebook Ads to Boost Traffic & Link Shares: eAskme

The Facebook ad is a great way to reach your target audience. You can get highly targeted traffic even by spending $50.

When you carefully optimize your Facebook ad campaign, the result will be higher.

You should target the specific industries and interests. Focus on the title and description when running Facebook ads.

Your ad will also help you grab links when influencers find it quite helpful for their readers.

Final Words:

I am not talking about the quickest way to build links and social shares but what I have shared today is a really effective strategy to get one way or quality backlinks. These backlinks are always have long term impacts.

When you are working to grow your network or influencer outreach, you should follow these strategies. You will attract more shares when a person with lots of followers shares your content. 

You just not create profiles for the sake of links, but you should also engage on your profiles. Always share the helpful information, share interesting content and appreciate others. 

What do you do to build backlinks? What is your social media strategy? If you still have any question, feel free to ask via comments.

If you find this article helpful, do share it with your friends and followers.
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The Role of Social Media in Knowledge Sharing

Till today, knowledge remains as one of the most significant strategic resources. It can be utilized as a tool to improve a company from within, but also to enhance customer satisfaction in the world of businesses. It offers a competitive advantage in the long-term as it helps customers and employees tackle new challenges that may at any given point in time.

The Role of Social Media in Knowledge Sharing: eAskme
The Role of Social Media in Knowledge Sharing: eAskme
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Sharing knowledge has become a powerful asset regarding acquiring an advantage. And for this reason, knowledge management concentrates on experts who are trying their best to gain experience and build more efficient approaches. Additionally, many organizations devote their resources to enhance knowledge base software to promote knowledge sharing and make it simpler.

Below here are how you can utilize social media for knowledge sharing.

Rolling out new Services and Product

Rolling out new Services and Product: eAskme

Web 2.0 is a powerful ally when businesses have to create a buzz about a new service or product and at the same time to offer some value to the audience. Social media platforms are beneficial here. Businesses can provide high-value information about their new services and products by basing the writing of in-depth new guides on the customer’s previous experience. This is the right time for sharing some internal knowledge to a broader section of the audience.

For you: How to Start With Social Media Presence

Usually, what businesses do is emphasize few of the critical steps in the process of their products which promote green technologies and how their design ensures that the user acquires a delightful experience when utilizing this product. This process is made very easy using the wiki solution as searching for information and generating new articles from the compiled data and sharing is much more straightforward.

It is also highly necessary to ensure that the comments of customers do not get ignored because they offer information that is useful and that can be utilized to enhance the content found in a knowledge base.

Encourage Sharing Culture

Encourage Sharing Culture: eAskme

To get to a point when company culture entirely embraced by the ways of sharing knowledge, one has to promote it. Education and experience sharing in an internal knowledge base may not be captivating for employees as they may get the feeling that their value gets diminished by sharing. A strategy for encouraging this culture of sharing has to be devised in detail due to this reason.

For you: What Are The Best Times to Post on Social Media

Providing an opportunity to share opinions on the subject and discuss the topics is the ideal way to overcome this obstacle, and this is what social media offers. A significant amount of information that is found in the comments can be integrated through a knowledge base software based on the cloud. To keep the info highly accurate and updated, this wiki solution is a great way. This software enables users to edit anything easily that is within their user right privileges when it comes to editing. This can further get promoted by thinking of a reward system for the best contributors.

Encouraging Interdepartmental Knowledge Sharing

The Role of Social Media in Knowledge Sharing: eAskme

In an organization, every department has defined boundaries. A lot of knowledge gets utilized and enhanced over time inside these limits. There might even be numerous discoveries that couldn’t only improve the department in question but also various other agencies and the company as a whole.

Promoting the use of social media for knowledge sharing can enhance the entire workforce’s productivity. Take, for example, the information utilized by the customer relations, marketing department, and sales department can be used to improve the services for all three. Most of the solutions of knowledge base software based on cloud consist of a search option and people will recognize the existence of that kind of data in the knowledge base of the organization. This will significantly enhance its usage stats. Ensure you have a team for censoring the content that is shared on social media as you don’t want information that is inaccurate to be promoted as a viable knowledge.

Why is this important? The people who are in charge of the knowledge base can view the search inquiries that are made and ensure that in future, such type of content finds its way to the people who are in need since it provides value.

Model content in accordance with the Intended Target Audience

Target Audience: eAskme

Knowledge management classifies content into two major categories - external and internal knowledge base. While the outer knowledge base content is intended to attract and help customers, the domestic knowledge base content is designed to help employees. So, it is highly essential to ensure that content matches the intended target audience.

For You: How to Revive Your Social Media Campaign

External linking, writing style, and formatting must be addressed carefully in the spirit of the role that this knowledge that is shared has to play. Take, for example, the educational articles(articles that consist of various company procedures and practical experience) are entirely different from the ones that we cite as guides and help documentation. This is highly important as by doing so, you will ensure that the knowledge dissemination goes as intended and that neither customers nor employees end up frustrated.

Designing social learning to happen within the workflow is more potent than developing it as a standalone event

In organizations that have effectively utilized social media to facilitate employee learning, the business leaders will come to know that it makes more than a bleeding-edge technology to make these systems function. Without a culture that promotes staff dedicated to improving and managing these initiatives, and knowledge sharing, companies can swiftly lose traction because the busy employees find very little reason or time to utilize the tools amid the demands of daily work.       


From the above, you have witnessed that there are many opportunities when utilizing social media for knowledge sharing. You can use the knowledge-based software based on the cloud to capture and share the knowledge on social media while taking care of the article style and article format. The advantages of doing so range from enhanced data about relevant expertise on the organization and improved problem-solving skills to enhanced customer service and increased collaboration among hires.  

Bio: Savaram Ravindra was born and raised in Hyderabad, popularly known as the ‘City of Pearls’. He is presently working as a Content Contributor at and His previous professional experience includes Programmer Analyst at Cognizant Technology Solutions. He holds a Masters degree in Nanotechnology from VIT University. He can be contacted at savaramravindra4@gmail.comConnect with him also on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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How to Be a Successful Instagrammer?

Everyone you know is on Instagram. Your next door neighbor, the annoying kid from school, the nerd from the library and the handsome hunk from swimming classes. However, you are still struggling to avoid the iffy and attract the attention of the hotshots. In short, you are still trying to crack the Insta code that will get your thousands of likes per posts and thousands of followers as well.

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How to Be a Successful Instagrammer? : eAskme
How to Be a Successful Instagrammer? : eAskme
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Social media is a “waste of time” according to the true adults. That is because they have o
nly seen the easy side of it. The next time your mom says, you are wasting your time on that phone; challenge her to get more than a hundred likes on any of her photos, recipes or DIY projects. Instagram is funny that way. It seems like a walk in the park, yet it will make you sweat and grovel to get a decent number of likes and followers. It is tricky, multi-layered, nuanced and highly unpredictable (quite like the US Presidential elections).

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Why are people after social media success?

In the 21stcentury, there are some ways to become a celeb. You do not have to show up at Met Galas and Red Carpet events, you do not have to star in billion dollar flicks, and you do not need to have your reality show. Having the rightly timed posts with thousands of likes and millions of followers is enough to get you places. Being a social media celeb has its perks. You will enjoy the limelight wherever you go; you will get endorsements from designer brands, you will enjoy a luxurious lifestyle that comes with stardom, and all you have to do in return is post a few selfies.

Read More: Are You A Serious Instagram Addict

Sounds very easy, right? WRONG! Being a social media celeb is one of the toughest jobs in the world. If you are new on Instagram, you possibly understand what we are trying to say here. Getting a thousand likes and holding onto them in your following posts is extremely tight. 90% of Instagram followers have very short attention spans, and they love to stay trendy. This means you have to be at the top of your game, always. If you do not update your trends, hashtagging games and your selfie styles you will fall behind. Moreover, who wants to see fall fashion in spring anyway?

Best No crop apps for Instagram

Try these 5 points to garner your fame and followers on Instagram to make the most of your social media profile –

1.    Create your community –

Open your Instagram account and check the profiles of most social influencers in your feed. Most of them have their community. Even Simon's Cat and The Real Grumpy Cat have their communities going. This is the easiest way to curate people/Instagram users with the same interests. Posting in a community or tagging the community members is a like magnet. A community is a common denominator that will unite your followers. Do not forget to reply and react to comments and shared images. This will keep your account active and at the top of every newsfeed.

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2.    Try out the new features –

Do you remember how crazy everyone went when Boomerang first came? Well, that’s what we are talking about. Become obsessed with every new feature until you can update your content using new filters and new gallery settings in your sleep. Adopt the new functions as soon as they launch to keep your personal content colorful. This will give you a distinct edge since Instagrammers usually take a couple of weeks to catch up to new trends. Stay tuned to Instagram blogs. This will make you a whiff of all new features and upcoming updates.

3.    Find consistency, create a content flow –

Instagram is a blogging site whether you accept it or not. When it comes to blogging, people want a distinct coherence and regularity. You can start by setting up your content publishing schedule. Planning is the key to success, and all social media patrons know it by now. Getting real Instagram likes is not a matter of popularity; it is a question of strategy. The content calendar will provide an approach to your activities and structure to your content. Your potential followers are waiting for consistent content that is predictable regarding publication date and time.

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4.    Make use of social influencers –

Selena Gomez has over 100 million followers on Instagram. This makes her the perfect example of a social media influencer. If so many people follow her, it is a given that when she takes an interest in your content, the millions will see your content as well. However, this is just a daydream since these influencers have their feed filled with requests, tags and much more. You can aim at smaller but significant social media influencers, who take an interest in your field of work, share your common passions or who will take notice of your presence. The strategy is to market yourself as a brand and use these social influencers are endorsers.

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5.    Use smart tools to boost your followers and likes –

Likes attract likes and followers bring in more fans. If you have spent months on Instagram looking for new followers, try one of the smart tools that give you real likes and real-life followers on social media. Tools like Like4Like and Union Metrics are ideal for social media brands that are seeking recognition. It is perfect for corporate brands as well as for individuals who are in love with social media marketing. These new tools bring a new world of opportunities to brands and companies looking for a high ROI from Instagram.

These 5 points should help you make your mark in the world of social media marketing. These points are ideal for Instagram users who are here for the first time in search of some fortune and fame. Starting marketing on Instagram can become a child's play if you have these strategies in place.
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What Is the Main Reason for Un-Publishing Facebook Pages

#GiveUsOurPagesBack this hashtag has been trending on Facebook and elsewhere for more than a week. And for the right reasons. Facebook has unpublished over 3000 Fan pages or business pages for a very generic reason.

What Is the Main Reason for Un-Publishing Facebook Pages : eAskme
What Is the Main Reason for Un-Publishing Facebook Pages : eAskme

Hundreds of millions of fan base are directly affected with no prior warning or reasoning or even a person to talk to on the issue. Yes, Facebook does give fan pages an option to appeal, but what you receive is a computer generated areply. In some cases, the appeal button itself is not working. There is never an actual person to talk to! Till date Facebook has not issued any official statement regarding their unnecessary action nor replied to any appeal.

Page admins started this hashtag in order to generate a response from the company, but to no avail. Some have staged to revolt a little differently:

Facebook so far –
This had always been a platform where your mom and dad and everyone you went to school with are on. Above all, you could even find that person you had been trying to avoid all your life. It was and is a platform where bad videos and opinions were promoted at length. Pretty bland.

What Is the Main Reason for Un-Publishing Facebook Pages : eAskme

 Interestingly, a couple of years ago odd pages sprang up on this platform churning out humor on every conceivable topic. And the face of Facebook transformed from a place where relatives post bad videos and racist opinion to the one where some of the funniest and dumbest concepts are born. Noticeably from then on new profiles on Facebook skyrocketed and people started spending more time sharing and liking these humorous content. Facebook became ubiquitous to internet users.

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These posts provided a much-needed break from the mundane vacation photos and whiny Facebook statuses. Users started viewing and sharing more of these posts and less from publishers.

Gradually marketers realized the value of the contents as one of the easiest ways to humanize their products, gain attention and brand their company.

With a huge organic results and user interaction, why is Facebook un-publishing these pages?

With hundreds of users asking the same questions, the reasons has not been disclosed officially. Though some social media experts are of the opinion that Facebook is trying to regain lost revenue on Facebook ads or it could be a system glitch. Then again there are different viewpoints being thrown in. read some of them below.

-    This is what must have happened. This platform is free for the users but funded by the value it brings to them.

According to Facebook’s stats, a normal user views approx. 300 posts per day but atleast 15000 posts are generated and shared on a daily basis. Thus Facebook shows particular user posts related to the most liked, shared or commented by that user. Primarily this happens to be the meme and other humorous content. Thus there was always a fight for audience attention and creative; insightful content is simply left behind.

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As a result publishers and businesses are unable to reach their audience making their paid ads ineffective. Hence Facebook is losing out on revenue via Facebook ads.

Unpublishing pages might be a way to show more sponsored ads to users thus making paid marketing a success!

read more : Facebook is Updating Notes for The Long Term in Content Publishing

If this is the case, Facebook should come up with a better method of tackling this issue than un-publishing pages without any reason or notice.

-    Facebook may be facing a system glitch which is probably showing a particular page as a spam or posting objectionable content.

-    On the other hand,Mashable has been thinking from the perspective of a publisher. According to them, the news feed changes may spell trouble for the publishers.

-    However, the most genuine reason we found is‘wrong advertisement’. So if a fan page abides by all the terms laid down by Facebook but advertises adult content will be unpublished. Fair enough, I guess.

Conclusion –

Nothing much to conclude here, just that these social platforms derives its value from their users. If they frustrate these users the platforms very existence may get compromised. Least Facebook can do is answer questions and remove doubts.

What do you think, is Facebook right in un-publishing pages as per will without justifying reasons or even giving a warning?
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Twitter’s Organic Search Traffic up 20% Since Being Reindexed in Google

Since the last 6 months Twitter's organic search went up 20% after Google reindexed tweets into real time searches. This was according to SimilarWeb.
Twitter’s Organic Search Traffic up 20% Since Being Reindexed in Google : eAskme
Twitter’s Organic Search Traffic up 20% Since Being Reindexed in Google : eAskme
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Twitter’s Organic Search Traffic up 20% Since Being Reindexed in Google

The summer that past Google only indexed about 3% of tweets that went public. But it seemed to have been enough to make a big difference in traffic from searches.

Between June and July was the largest increases that grew says SimilarWeb. Within this time the increase with desktop searches was 14%, meaning it was about 25 million visits.

Now according to new results seen people tend to stay longer on Twitter from Google searches. Says a study, desktop users that went on Twitter resulted in a bounce rate that decreased 6.5% within the last 4 months.

See : Twitter Increases Follow Limit From 2,000 to 5,000

Now thats isn't really surprising. As it seems that the searches was names of people or brand named. Using searches like that would typically create a stream of searches in Google.

But even with all this you probably wont see tweets thats about ideas like "best way to create traffic" unless for some strange reason it would be the hot topic of the day.

So what does all this mean to us? 

On paper numbers looks good, but the difference should be about the amount of traffic. So with this in mind it means that your tweets may be seen by more people. When someone is using your name or your brand name in doing searches.

So when you have a stronger presence on Twitter you can see advantages like

  • Traffic increasing on your website
  • Sales improve
  • You may get more followers 
  • And very important you should see more shares and retweets on your Twitter id.

But you have to remember your Twitter id should be indexed into Google searches for the advantages to be seen. If you don't see it, you should consider being more active on your Twitter id.

But with all that is said. One thing is a fact, with all things thats going on Twitter still doesn't see more joining. As Twitter's users that is active only went up to 3 million in the third quarter

Even though Twitter didn't see any improvement with the deal made with Google, we have to admit that it does create more traffic, that can be a huge advantage to Twitter users.

See : Twitter Launches Moments, The New Way to Discover Tweet Content

We think that its interesting to see what happens over the next for months to business on Twitter, to see how traffic referred from Google search may help businesses

You have any thoughts you want to share? Feel free to comment or contact us.
We love to know what our readers think about this interesting news. One thing is for sure. With Google indexing tweets into searches. It can be a very beneficial thing for anyone who has a website to get referral traffic.
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Twitter has Increased Follow Limit From 2,000 Accounts to 5,000 Accounts

Have you ever got stuck from following more people on twitter? Till now tehre was a limit on twitter that you cannot follow more than 2,000 user accounts till your own account do not have 2,000 followers. But bringing relief ot twitter followers. twitter has announced today that they are increasing the limit of number of twitter accounts you can now follow from 2,000 accounts to 5,000 user accounts.

Twitter Increases Follow Limit From 2,000 to 5,000 Accounts : EaSKME
Twitter Increases Follow Limit From 2,000 to 5,000 Accounts : eAskme
This is not for some particular person. Twitter bring this features to account of every single user, but with some exception.

Twitter Increases Follow Limit From 2,000 to 5,000 Accounts

So from now If you already hit the follow limit of 5,000 user accounts and still want to add more, then Twitter can allow you depending on how many twitter accounts follow you.

Twitter Increases Follow Limit From 2,000 to 5,000 Accounts : EaSKME
Now a days Twitter is more focused on monitoring and cracking down unnatural following, as well as unfollowing.

Twitter has updated its new following rules and best practices so it is not going to accept mass follow. It is also not going to tolerate repeatedly follow and unfollows.

Twitter considers known as “spam tactics”, and warns that it can lead to account suspension. These new guidelines will apply to all.
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Twitter Launches Moments, The New Way to Discover Tweet Content

In June, Twitter gave us a hint of its new project tat twitter team was working to highlight twitter platform strength in better way for real-time events. "Project Lightning" is a completely new function to showcase real-time discussions on Twitter with the help of curators who would create streams based on trending discussions. Now lightning has been renamed as "Moments". You can consider it as the boldest move of Twitter towards how to win over new audiences.

Twitter Launches Moments, The New Way to Discover Tweet Content : eAskme
Twitter Launches Moments, The New Way to Discover Tweet Content : eAskme
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In the Moment

Moments, is live from today for all of the US users and will cover the world soon. It is now available as a tab within the Twitter. Moments uncovers key events and discussions. If you are using Twitter on desktop, then you can see moments tab between "Notifications" and "Messages".

You can scroll to view Moments collection you want. You will see the collection of content gathered from Periscope, Vine and Twitter on that particular topic. You can set favorite or re-tweet content as you do normally. At the end, Moments gives you option to share the content gathered from various resources.
Twitter Launches Moments, The New Way to Discover Tweet Content : eAskme

What I like best in Moments that they get updated in real time. It is extremely good when it comes to see breaking news stories. When stories get updated, you will see a blue dot in the upper right corner of images which are associated with the Moment. You can even follow that moment by clicking on ‘follow the moment’ option. This will bring curated tweets for that particular moment directly into your timeline. Tweets will be stopped as the event will end, so you need not to worry about stopping it.

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Mentions collections are perfectly curated by a team of human editors in real time. Twitter has its own team working for moments to ensure correct, current and accurate information land in your moments. Twitter has released a set of guidelines about how Moments content is selected. It underlines the data-driven and impartial nature of Moments content.

Twitter Launches Moments, a New Way to Discover Tweet Content : eAskme

There is no doubt that twitter is planning to generate more revenue through moments but at the same time twitter will not annoy users in moments by showing heap of commercial content. So Twitter has a good plan to keep it relevant for users.

The Opportunity of the Moment

In the beginning, Twitter team is working to assemble Moments. There will be some awesome moments which are created by partners. Moments gather content from Bleacher Report, the Washington Post, Buzzfeed, Fox News, Entertainment Weekly, Mashable, Getty Images,  NASA,  MLB, Vogue and New York Times. This will enable such groups to present own content on the Moments platform. This will increase user engagement with the content in a whole new way.

Twitter Launches Moments, a New Way to Discover Tweet Content : eAskme

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Live stories always generate more traffic and this will turn into a lot of revenue. As Twitter is allowing brands to create stories of their own, this will open up a whole new way to connect with th users via Twitter platform.

Real-Time Trends

Since the appointment of co-founder Jack Dorsey as their new CEO, Moments is a first big step for Twitter. If the things work as Twitter has planned, then it will open a new Pandora to showcase the strength of twitter`s platform, as the leader in real-time discussions and events. This will ultimately boost its revenue with this new revenue stream.

Have you tried to use Moments till now? Do you like Moments? or Do share your feedback for Twitter moments via comments.
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Why We Love Ultimate Guide to Hashtags (And You Should, Too!)

If you are using twitter than Hashtag may not be a new word for you. You can find hashtags everywhere from twitter to facebook. Now a days hashtags are necessary part of social media presence.
Why We Love Ultimate Guide to Hashtags (And You Should, Too!) : eAskme
Why We Love Ultimate Guide to Hashtags (And You Should, Too!) : eAskme
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Now the question is, why should you should care about hashtags? Hashtags are a great way to boost social media traffic of your site or blog. For example, Inclusion of hashtags in tweets generate three times more engagement than tweets without them hastags.

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Here I am sharing today a very helpful infographic with you which will help you to leverage hashtags on popular social networks.

Ultimate Guide of Hashtags

The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Final Words:

I know that I don`t use hashtags everytime, but whenever I use hasthtags, it always work for me. I have seen how hashtags boost traffic to a blog or website and now it`s your turn to use them.

Now, when you post on your social network, Follow this ultimate guide of hashtags and use them.

If you find it helpful, do share on your social profiles, don`t forget to like us on fb and subscribe our newsletter to get free updates.
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How To Embed Facebook Photo Album in Your WordPress Blog

Are you one of those who want a perfect solution to embed your Facebook Photo Album from facebook page into your WordPress blog? If yes then you are the one who want to get more likes on FB album. This helps to get better ROI and increase natural reach of photos uploaded by you.

How To Embed Facebook Photo Album in Your WordPress Blog : eAskme
How To Embed Facebook Photo Album in Your WordPress Blog : eAskme
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I have already said many times to keep your photos on your web-hosting account, but in some occasions such as seminars, meets, events etc, make you catch so many photos that you allow to consume your hosting account bandwidth. So in such cases it is better to upload your photos on third party sites.

Today I am going to share how you can easily add your facebook photo album in WordPress blog. This will help you to:

  •     Get targeted likes to your facebook page
  •     Gett views on your Facebook album

I ma not saying that there are no limitations of uploading images on third party sites. If you connect your facebook photo album with WordPress then you should keep a check always in future the album you have embedded is broken due to any WordPress update or plugin. You should mentally prepare yourself before uploading your photos on Facebook. Here I am sharing two awesome WordPress plugins to easily embed Facebook albums in your WordPress blogs. You can use any of them using their shortcodes and easily configure them. I am going to feature offers mroe features and  works best than the other one.

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WP Embed Facebook: Embed Facebook Album, Fan Page into WordPress

When I have tested WP Embed plugin on one of my client site, it proved to be the best choice with more features and better options.

Embed Facebook Album Events on WordPress

WP Embed plugin is a free plugin and you can download it from here. This plugin supports:

  •     Facebook Albums
  •     Facebook Community Pages
  •     Facebook Events
  •     Facebook Fan pages
  •     Facebook Photos
  •     Facebook Publications
  •     Facebook Profiles
  •     Facebook Videos

How To Embed Facebook Photo Album in Your WordPress Blog
  1. Install and activate this plugin
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Embed Facebook to configure plugin settings. 
  4. You have to add secret key and Facebook App ID
  5. After configuring all the settings
  6. Click on Save.

Now embed a Fan Page or Facebook album or Event page into WordPress blog page or post. Plugin claims that it allows you to paste album URL and embed the photo album. Although that didn't worked when I tried, so I had to use plugin Shortcode.

Shortcode of WP Embed plugin for Facebook:

[facebook=url width=200 raw=true]

You can easily use this plugin, especially if you are a blogger who love to go to the events then you should leverage the features of embed plugin in better way.

Do share how you like to use your photo albums. If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask me or share via comments.
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