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5 Invaluable Ways To Promote Your Small Business on Social Media

Do you want to start to start an online or any offline business and you are worrying about how to plan an excellent online marketing strategy on social media?

There is no doubt that you have so many options to start online marketing on social media.

A popular survey says that to promote various services or products only 53% small businesses use social media, 45% use SEO and 25% use online advertising.

Rest of the businesses lack the strategies to generate leads from social media platforms.

There is a common dilemma among mot of the businesses that if they start promoting themselves on social media than they have to be active on social platforms, but the truth is you can choose the platform according to your target.

It can be time consuming if you ignore marketing strategies for your business.

In reality it is not a hard job to promote small businesses on social media platforms.

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5 Ways To Promote Your Small Business on Social Media

5 Ways To Promote Your Small Business on Social Media : eAskme
5 Ways To Promote Your Small Business on Social Media : eAskme

1. Credible Presence

5 Ways To Promote Your Small Business on Social Media : eAskme

Create a reputation on various social media platforms may seems a tough job but it is not that tough. Let`s see why it is nto tough.

I recommend you that you should focus on connecting with the right type of audience.

It is really necessary that you create brand awareness.

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It also includes cover images of your social media platforms and designing logo of your site. make sure that everything matches your business.

You can either hire a professional to create design to match your brand or you can do it yourself if you have excellent designing skills.(create free logo).

2. Connect with Business Professionals

5 Ways To Promote Your Small Business on Social Media : eAskme

Social relationships are really helpful to build professional relationships.

Either you want to build professional network on LinkedIn or comments on Facebook, it is really necessary that you should connect with professionals and experienced.

You may have following question:
How to spend time on social media when you have lot to do?

How to Start With Social Media Presence

I recommend you to create one type of content every week.

This will help you to respond to the questions you receive on social media platforms. This will help you to stay connected.

3) Money and Time:

Time is money.

It mostly happens that people lost focus when working on Facebook. But to be a real professional you need to stay focused. You should also use the budget friendly Facebook Ads which are really beneficial for small businesses.

4) Engage with Potential Clients:

5 Ways To Promote Your Small Business on Social Media : eAskme

On social media you will get thousands of people to engage with but very small number of professionals to get engage or find potential clients.

You can even geo tag your Facebook business page.

Geo tagging help local businesses to promote. It also a good source of free advertising. On an average user of Facebook get connected with 100 potential clients.

5) Right Tools:

5 Ways To Promote Your Small Business on Social Media : eAskme

Social media tools are really helpful. These tools help you to boost social media presence and connect with more professionals.

These tools also saves your time, money and effort.

Check the list of best social media tools:


Social Media Promotion for Small Businesses

Every single step of your social media campaign can bring huge impact on business.

Also it is not necessary that every business should be presented on every single social media platform. Only focus on that social media platform where you can get best result of your efforts.

You can also analyze the working of big brands or social media platforms. You can also copy their models. This will help you to learn their marketing strategies.

Do share how to promote small business on social media platform? Do share your tips in comments.

Don`t forget to share what you like.

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What Is the Main Reason for Un-Publishing Facebook Pages

#GiveUsOurPagesBack this hashtag has been trending on Facebook and elsewhere for more than a week. And for the right reasons. Facebook has unpublished over 3000 Fan pages or business pages for a very generic reason.

What Is the Main Reason for Un-Publishing Facebook Pages : eAskme
What Is the Main Reason for Un-Publishing Facebook Pages : eAskme

Hundreds of millions of fan base are directly affected with no prior warning or reasoning or even a person to talk to on the issue. Yes, Facebook does give fan pages an option to appeal, but what you receive is a computer generated areply. In some cases, the appeal button itself is not working. There is never an actual person to talk to! Till date Facebook has not issued any official statement regarding their unnecessary action nor replied to any appeal.

Page admins started this hashtag in order to generate a response from the company, but to no avail. Some have staged to revolt a little differently:

Facebook so far –
This had always been a platform where your mom and dad and everyone you went to school with are on. Above all, you could even find that person you had been trying to avoid all your life. It was and is a platform where bad videos and opinions were promoted at length. Pretty bland.

What Is the Main Reason for Un-Publishing Facebook Pages : eAskme

 Interestingly, a couple of years ago odd pages sprang up on this platform churning out humor on every conceivable topic. And the face of Facebook transformed from a place where relatives post bad videos and racist opinion to the one where some of the funniest and dumbest concepts are born. Noticeably from then on new profiles on Facebook skyrocketed and people started spending more time sharing and liking these humorous content. Facebook became ubiquitous to internet users.

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These posts provided a much-needed break from the mundane vacation photos and whiny Facebook statuses. Users started viewing and sharing more of these posts and less from publishers.

Gradually marketers realized the value of the contents as one of the easiest ways to humanize their products, gain attention and brand their company.

With a huge organic results and user interaction, why is Facebook un-publishing these pages?

With hundreds of users asking the same questions, the reasons has not been disclosed officially. Though some social media experts are of the opinion that Facebook is trying to regain lost revenue on Facebook ads or it could be a system glitch. Then again there are different viewpoints being thrown in. read some of them below.

-    This is what must have happened. This platform is free for the users but funded by the value it brings to them.

According to Facebook’s stats, a normal user views approx. 300 posts per day but atleast 15000 posts are generated and shared on a daily basis. Thus Facebook shows particular user posts related to the most liked, shared or commented by that user. Primarily this happens to be the meme and other humorous content. Thus there was always a fight for audience attention and creative; insightful content is simply left behind.

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As a result publishers and businesses are unable to reach their audience making their paid ads ineffective. Hence Facebook is losing out on revenue via Facebook ads.

Unpublishing pages might be a way to show more sponsored ads to users thus making paid marketing a success!

read more : Facebook is Updating Notes for The Long Term in Content Publishing

If this is the case, Facebook should come up with a better method of tackling this issue than un-publishing pages without any reason or notice.

-    Facebook may be facing a system glitch which is probably showing a particular page as a spam or posting objectionable content.

-    On the other hand,Mashable has been thinking from the perspective of a publisher. According to them, the news feed changes may spell trouble for the publishers.

-    However, the most genuine reason we found is‘wrong advertisement’. So if a fan page abides by all the terms laid down by Facebook but advertises adult content will be unpublished. Fair enough, I guess.

Conclusion –

Nothing much to conclude here, just that these social platforms derives its value from their users. If they frustrate these users the platforms very existence may get compromised. Least Facebook can do is answer questions and remove doubts.

What do you think, is Facebook right in un-publishing pages as per will without justifying reasons or even giving a warning?
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Why You Should Curate Content in 2017

Content curation means curating of existing ideas and content to share, or to make your own content. Web content is rapidly growing and in 2017 it will grow much more. So the questions are what to do this content? How do we find your own great ideas ? How to create the content that really matters?

I personally believe that content curation is necessary to create and share quality content with your followers and fans. This will engage them with your content and grow your social share. It is not easy to find quality content. Curation if the only best way to create quality content in 2017.
Why You Should Curate Content in 2017 : eAskme
Why You Should Curate Content in 2017 : eAskme
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What Is Content Curation?

We will understand it in simple words. For example, I read an article on How to improve SEO and review its comments, As I know my readers will like this topic, so I get inspiration and write content of my own. After creating an article I will share it on all my social profiles and also give share buttons for my followers to share on their social profiles.

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Now let`s see the tools to curate content.

Tools to Curating Content

Here are the online tools which help you get idea and create content of your own.
  • It allow you to choose topics of your interest and use keywords according to your choice to see content related to your keywords. It will show you the content related to your keywords from all sources. You can also make a list of your favorite sources to get updates. It is an easy to use platform.

  •     Quora: It is an online Question answer based community. You can ask questions and let others to answer on your questions or you can also answer to questions of others. It will help you to get engaging audience. 

  •     ContentGems: On this website content is updating like storm. It shows articles that are shared on social profiles or RSS feeds. You can do research with the help of keywords.

  •     Storify: Storify is useful to create stories. Your an pull information from sites, blogs, videos, social profiles an create a story and publish here. It provide an engaging environment.
  • This is also a good tool for content curation.  It has more than 1 million sources of content.

Content Curation is a Worthy Hard Work

Content curation need hard work. It take lot of efforts and do not show magical results in the beginning. It help you build an online reputation and make your blog a brand.

There are so many tools are coming everyday for content curation. We will keep analyzing and updating more content curation tools.

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So what are you waiting for, do everything to take your bog to next step. get ready to be brand and successful.

If you have any question ro suggestion, feel free to share via comments, Don`t forget to like us on facebook and subscribe our newsletter to get updates.
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Bing Ad Revenue Boost 16%, 40% of Revenue From Windows 10 Users

Windows 10 is the major helper of Bing. It is a boon of advertising revenue of Bing now. Do you know that with the help of Windows 10, Bing`s revenue increased 16% than last quarter.

Bing Ad Revenue Boost 16%, 40% of Revenue From Windows 10 Users : eAskme
Bing Ad Revenue Boost 16%, 40% of Revenue From Windows 10 Users : eAskme
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Bing search engine is now default search engine of Microsoft edge browser and virtual assistant Cortana. There is no doubt that you can change the search engine in your edge browser. Microsoft also keeping an eye if users change the browser settings.

These are days when voice search is increasing. Cortana helping Microsoft to gain more voice searches. Now you should also know that about 40% Bing ad revenue is coming from the Windows 10 users. In March it was only 35%.

So we can say that the more people migrate to windows 10 the more revenue will be in hands of Bing. It is gaining more control in organic market now. In USA, Bing`s share is going much faster than Google`s share.

So far 2016 is going to be a great year for Microsoft Bing ad network, But you should also know that it is a good year for google also as their revenue increased 16% in first quarter.

Let`s see who is gonna make more till the end of this year. Quite interesting!

What do you think?
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50+ Best Facebook Groups For Bloggers 2017

If you are a blogger then you may already know the importance of strong social media presence. When we talk about the presence on social media that means the social media branding. It includes social media profiles like Facebook, twitter, google plus, pinterest etc. Also it means that more and more sharing and traffic from popular social media networks.

50+ Best Facebook Groups For Bloggers : eAskme
50+ Best Facebook Groups For Bloggers : eAskme

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Facebook is here to help you to promote your content with the fellow bloggers. There are many Facebook groups that allows you to share your blog links or social media pages with other bloggers. These groups also helps you to boost your blogger outreach.

Now you may ask what are these best Facebook groups for bloggers?

50+ Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers:

Today I am sharing a huge list of those Facebook Groups for Bloggers that allow you to share and promote your blogs on Facebook.

Blogging on your own terms


Bloggers Crew 

The Blog Engage Group

Bloggers World Wide

Network Marketing For WINNERS 
Share Your Blog Posts

Blogger Help
Share & Like

Share Your Topics
Post Sharing


Hotspot Blogger

Comment Tribe

Comment DX

Blog writer Online forum

Blogging Cage

Internet Idea Techniques

Just Internet Globe

Send Your Post To Market It

Guest Blogging

SEO Facebook page likers 

Active Guest Bloggers

Probloggers Community 

Blog Promotion

Blogger mania

WordPress Worriers

Content Marketing

Blogging Heaven

Blogging group

Bloggers Lab

Blog writer's Factor

Promote Blogs

Exchange Comments, Likes

Market Your Web link

Tech Bloggers

Smashing Bloggers

Everything About Blogging  


Pakistani SEO & Blogger

Blogger Walking

This is the list of 50+ best Facebook groups for bloggers to promote their blogs and also like what they see. So what are you waiting for. Engage with these groups and get maximum out of them.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to share via comments. Don`t forget to like us on Facebook and subscribe eAskme newsletter to stay tuned with us
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Brand Unawareness : Infographic

Branding is something which is really necessary when it comes to make something popular. When a blog becomes brand then everyone starts following it and it gain more and more followers and expand it`s reach.

Brand Unawareness :  Infographic : eAskme
Brand Unawareness :  Infographic : eAskme
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But there are times when brands even falls in the category of Brand Unawareness. let`s see Worst social media goofs with this brand awareness infographic.

Brand Unawareness :  Infographic

Source: Brand Unawareness (Infographic)

If your brand also falls into the category of brand unawareness, then it is the time to fix the issues and start creating brand awareness.

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How to recover like a pro from brand unawareness: 

Own Your Hashtag:

It is really necessary that you create your own hashtag in order to brand it on social media for example #easkme is for

Acknowledge human error:

If you make a blunder or hit the heart of your followers on social media then it is the right time to acknowledge human error and apologize for it. Definitely you will see a positive result. 

No More Explanatory Apology

When you apologize do not give explanation as mostly people take it as an excuse and no one will care about your apology. 

Final Words: 
Creating brand awareness is the real thing, which you need to boost your social media engagement. The more awareness people have about your brand the more successful you brand will be.

What you think about creating brand awareness? Do you have any question or suggestion, feel free to share via comments. Don`t forget to like us on Facebook or subscribe eAskme newsletter to stay tuned with us.
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DrumpUp Review

With social media marketing becoming a norm for all brands, social media management has increasingly begun to claim importance in the market. New tools are being launched to serve various functions in simplifying social media management, especially for companies and individuals who have multiple social media accounts. Considering the number of tools out in the market, picking the perfect one to suit your needs can be quite a task. That being said, some tools are so intuitive and easy to use that you that you instantly see their value– like DrumUp for instance.

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DrumUp is a cool social media management tool that can reduce the time you invest on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter by a substantial amount. Currently available as a web app, Android and iOS app, and as a Chrome extension, DrumUp can be integrated into almost all the devices we interface with on a daily basis. The tool runs on sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms written to intelligently cater to all unique users. DrumUp can help you manage multiple social media accounts, suggest relevant and shareable content from all over the web and schedule your posts across social media platforms.

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DrumpUp Review 

Here's what you can do with DrumUp:

•    Manage multiple social media accounts across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
•    Receive shareable content recommendations based on keywords you set 
•    Receive and use hashtag recommendations for Twitter posts 
•    Schedule posts- custom and curated, to be posted at a time you choose, or an automatic, optimum time calculated by the tool's smart algorithm
•    Schedule posts on repeat cycles
•    Share the same post across as many of your accounts as you wish with a single click
•    Add and read RSS feeds of your favorite blogs and sites
•    Add images to your posts
•    Save posts to a “Content library” for later use
•    Turn employees into brand advocates with the employee advocacy feature

DrumUp specifically benefits

•    Businesses that need social media management support
•    Digital, social media and content marketing agencies that handle multiple social media accounts
•    Professionals
•    Large businesses that can use employee advocacy to exponentially widen social media outreach

Getting set-up on DrumUp

The registration process is fairly quick and easy. What you've to do is log in to either your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account and then click on the corresponding button on the DrumUp home page. You begin by picking keywords that describe the kind of content suggestions you want, and then you're set to share! Get started and make the most of your social media presence!

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Screenshots of the App:

1. DrumUp
DrumpUp Review : eAskme

2. Choosing keywords for custom content suggestions

DrumpUp Review : eAskme

3. Advanced post scheduling
DrumpUp Review

4. Saving posts to the content library
DrumpUp Review : eAskme

Author bio: Jessica Davis represents Godot Media, a leading social media marketing firm. Her interests include technology, science and social media management.
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Are You A Serious Instagram Addict

There was a time when people were thinking that Facebook is the only Internet addiction. But with time and spread of Android devices, a new Internet addiction is running in veins of youth.

This new thing is Instagram. Today Instagram is known as number one obsession. Millions of people falling to click and updates their photos, not only their own but everything they see, put on Instargram.

Are You A Serious Instagram Addict : eAskme
Are You A Serious Instagram Addict : eAskme
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Today we will find out if you are Instagram addict or not. Let`s see the symptoms of an Instagram Addict.

Signs of a serious Instagram addict.

  •     You have uploaded more than five photos of a Starbucks coffee cup with your name on it.

  •     You spend hours to try new filters but go on the same one everytime.

  •     Even when you click pic of normal windows, you flood it with hashtags.

  •     Your Instagram photos are sexier than the pics you have on facebook.
  •     You even instagrmming when you eat anything.

  •     You have instagrammed everything that is in your house, even dirty dishes and rotten food.

  •     You keep instagramming pic of your pet many times a day.

  •     You never takes selfie before joining Instagram, but now you are source of selfie-tsunami.

  •     You are desperate for Instagram like and don`t care about facebook.

  •     You try duckface everyday.

These are the few very common symptoms I have seen in many Instagram Addicts. If you do have any more addiction or symptoms, please do share with us. Don`t forget to like us on facebook and subscribe eAskme newsletter to get free updates.
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The Continued Growth of Social Media (Infographic)

Infographics are the great way to understand things easily and boost social media presence. Here at eAskme I focus on best social media strategies to make sure that you are on the right track and achieve our goals. If you are also one of those social media marketers who love to enjoy at home and handle branding of your own site in social media networks, then you must be doing the same.
The Continued Growth of Social Media (Infographic)
The Continued Growth of Social Media (Infographic) : eAskme
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You can read here some good hacks about the growth of your social media campaigns.

In 2016, Pixel Road Designs  brings a new version 3.0 to show the growth of social media between year 2010 to 2015. Recent data shows the following:

    Facebook 1.5 Billion
    Google+ – 343 Million
    Instagram – 400 Million
    Pinterest – 100 Million
    LinkedIn – 97 Million
    Snapchat – 200 Million
    Twitter – 316 Million
    Tumblr – 230 Million
    YouTube – 1 Billion

Let`s see the growth of social media:

The Continued Growth of Social Media [Infographic]

From Search Engine Journal.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me.
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ViralTag Review : Social Media Posting Tool for Visual Content

I have already talked about social media tools to automate the social sharing process. Today I will talk about social media tool call ViralTag. I am using this tool now and its a great tool to use to share on social networks. Social media tool help you automate the social sharing process and save time.

If you like visual content then you know that others also like visual content of your site and Viraltag allow you to share visual content of your site with social networks.

ViralTag Review : Social Media Posting Tool for Visual Content : eAskme
ViralTag Review : Social Media Posting Tool for Visual Content : eAskme

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ViralTag is offer free service for 3 social-media profile twitter, Facebook and tumblr. You can schedule up to 200 posts/month. So today you will see how ViralTag works and review of ViralTag.

Sign up for free ViralTag account

ViralTag review and features:

You can start using viraltag free plan. You can add 3 social networks. Viraltag help you share on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook Profile and Page, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

The best thing about this tool is that it allow you to add images and share them on social profiles. I personally like the feature to upload multiple images from web or computer and easily schedule them.

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  • Enter email id and password to create a free account. 
ViralTag Review
  • Now you will see accounts, click on "connect to connect it with your social account. 

Upload and queue:

You can easily upload so many images with just one click and schedule them. You can add unique description to images or can use same description. It help you put your social media profiles on autopilot.

You can also see various categories that show visual content and you can use it to find ideas.

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Viraltag also allow you to set time to share images, which is good if you want to share images on some particular time.

You can use gif images as on twitter gif images attract more retweets and get you more followers. GIFboom help you to create .gif images.

Overall experience and Conclusion:

ViralTag is a great addon into list of social-media tools. “Visual content” makes it unique and valuable. you can also use their extension for Safari and Chrome to add new post from anywhere in the web.

Using Viraltag is a good experience for me. You can schedule bulk images and it is good for pinterest and gif images is good for twitter.

Create Free ViralTag account

Do share if you are already using ViralTag. Also share any social media tool to share visual content? If you enjoyed this post, do share on Facebook, twitter and Google plus.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me. Don`t forget to like us on facebook and subscribe eAskme newsletter to get free updates.
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How to Revive Your Social Media Campaign

People always loose hope when they see their business dying, but they forget that with some improvements they can save their business.  We already know that pulling a dying business is not easy but when we pull it off, it`s actually feel fantastic. It is wonderful feeling to turn a dying business into profitable one.

Revive Your Social Media Campaign
Revive Your Social Media Campaign : eAskme
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So today we will see how to revive social media presence of a dying business.

How to Revive Your Social Media Campaign:

Where You Stand:

You should clearly know where you are standing? What assets you have available? What have you tried before? what has worked for you?  and what has failed?

Find out where you lack in social media. Do you have accounts on all popular social networks, more importantly if you are managing you accounts regularly or not. I have seen many sites which have all social media profiles but they do not manage it properly.

Fix Previous Mistakes

Make a list of all necessary social media profiles and take down the others. Like you may not need Myspace or Photobucket account but you need Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,  LinkedIn and Google+. While I pruned this down, I also pruned down their social sharing buttons on their site. Remove useless social sharing buttons.
Give your prime focus to facebook. make necessary changes and update your Facebook page. Remove bad posts share updated posts and do this for all social accounts.

Establish Better Off-Social Habits

Manage your topics and use tools to share and schedule posts. Write posts with quality and updated content. Find out Keyword Stuffing and duplicate content issue and fix them.Update your most popular content and share it on your social profiles. Find out evergreen content and share them on need again.

Tools to Manage Social Media

You can use tools to manage social media profiles. Hootsuite is great tool to manage social profiles. Share content to keep users interested and write for readers. Focus on what your visitors want from your site and work according to that.

Basic Starting Audience

In the beginning social share buttons, word of mouth and friends are the great source to keep getting traffic for your site or blog. Use Google Analytics to understand the behavior of your readers and find out their interest on your blog or website and where they go.

Ramping Up Audience Building Ads

Now you have active social profiles, working blog, social media tools, so now its time to ramp everything up. Share your PPC on Facebook and Twitter to get better results. Be active on yoru campaign. Make people participate in discussions.

Networking with Social Influencer

Engage with industry influencer, you can easily find them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It can bring you some backlinks also for your blog or website and you can get opportunity to guest post on couple of high rating blog or sites.

United Sales Funnel :

Now it`s time for you to see things working for you. Now you can run better PPC campaigns and increase sales and you can focus on traffic for your blog or website with your site`s analytics you will be able to understand the need of new sales funnel.

Always be ready to adapt and change with time. It will not only improve your site but also improve you to be a better person.

Do share if you have ever pulled a site back from the end? What were your toughest challenges? If you do have any question or suggestion, feel free to share with us in comments. Don`t forget to like us on Facebook and subscribe eAskme newsletter to get free updates.
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Twitter’s Organic Search Traffic up 20% Since Being Reindexed in Google

Since the last 6 months Twitter's organic search went up 20% after Google reindexed tweets into real time searches. This was according to SimilarWeb.
Twitter’s Organic Search Traffic up 20% Since Being Reindexed in Google : eAskme
Twitter’s Organic Search Traffic up 20% Since Being Reindexed in Google : eAskme
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Twitter’s Organic Search Traffic up 20% Since Being Reindexed in Google

The summer that past Google only indexed about 3% of tweets that went public. But it seemed to have been enough to make a big difference in traffic from searches.

Between June and July was the largest increases that grew says SimilarWeb. Within this time the increase with desktop searches was 14%, meaning it was about 25 million visits.

Now according to new results seen people tend to stay longer on Twitter from Google searches. Says a study, desktop users that went on Twitter resulted in a bounce rate that decreased 6.5% within the last 4 months.

See : Twitter Increases Follow Limit From 2,000 to 5,000

Now thats isn't really surprising. As it seems that the searches was names of people or brand named. Using searches like that would typically create a stream of searches in Google.

But even with all this you probably wont see tweets thats about ideas like "best way to create traffic" unless for some strange reason it would be the hot topic of the day.

So what does all this mean to us? 

On paper numbers looks good, but the difference should be about the amount of traffic. So with this in mind it means that your tweets may be seen by more people. When someone is using your name or your brand name in doing searches.

So when you have a stronger presence on Twitter you can see advantages like

  • Traffic increasing on your website
  • Sales improve
  • You may get more followers 
  • And very important you should see more shares and retweets on your Twitter id.

But you have to remember your Twitter id should be indexed into Google searches for the advantages to be seen. If you don't see it, you should consider being more active on your Twitter id.

But with all that is said. One thing is a fact, with all things thats going on Twitter still doesn't see more joining. As Twitter's users that is active only went up to 3 million in the third quarter

Even though Twitter didn't see any improvement with the deal made with Google, we have to admit that it does create more traffic, that can be a huge advantage to Twitter users.

See : Twitter Launches Moments, The New Way to Discover Tweet Content

We think that its interesting to see what happens over the next for months to business on Twitter, to see how traffic referred from Google search may help businesses

You have any thoughts you want to share? Feel free to comment or contact us.
We love to know what our readers think about this interesting news. One thing is for sure. With Google indexing tweets into searches. It can be a very beneficial thing for anyone who has a website to get referral traffic.
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Google Will Use Rankbrain to Respond to Queries that Hasn't Ever Been Searched Before.

We all know how to ask queries on Google. But did we consider what happens when it deals with a question that hasn't been asked before.

How is it handled or dealt with? This search engine giant doesn't just rely on ranking algorithms. Google uses an AI that is named RankBrain to find the most effective answers.  Says a report in Bloomberg.
Google Will Use Rankbrain to Respond to Queries that Hasn't Ever Been Searched Before.: eAskme
Google Will Use Rankbrain to Respond to Queries that Hasn't Ever Been Searched Before.: eAskme
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It is said that 15% of the searches every day is unique. Which is the time RankBrain is used to find the most effective answers.

For the last few given months RankBrain has been used to answer a large fraction of queries. Meaning million of queries was handled by artificial intelligence. So what makes RankBrain different from any existing algorithm? Answer is interesting. RankBrain has the ability to learn, in the process giving more accurate and effective answers to more unique questions.

See : Google Wants to Help Put Your Business on the Map, Literally

So when RankBrain see's a phrase or quote it doesn't understand. The machine makes a guess to what it may mean or looks for similar phrases. Then it starts by filtering the results accordingly. Making it much more effective in handling  results in a way that hasn't been seen before.

RankBrain is said to be only one out of hundred of signals that is used to determine how search results should appear. But it is admitted that it has  since the time it was used, it has become the third most important signal that is used when giving rank searches.

So now RankBrain has become a very important part of searches on Google. If it was turned off, it would be the same as deindexing half of Wikipedia. Which would create havoc. Same for Google's RankBrain. Said one engineer in the Bloomberg report.

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Senior Vice Principal of Google Search, Amit Singhal was said to give the green light to roll out RankBrain everywhere for all search queries earlier this year. Even though it operates autonomously. RankBrain is still controlled and monitored to update any new data.

I found this article very interesting. What did you think about it? Yes even Google is ready for improved search methods. You want to share a thought? Feel free to comment. Don`t forget to like us on facebook and subscribe our newsletter to stay tuned with us.
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Ad Free Subscription Launched on October on Youtube

As Youtube wants to focus on meeting the demands of viewers. They announced plans for an ad free subscription on October 28.

Ad free Subscription launched on October on Youtube : eAskme
Ad free Subscription launched on October on Youtube : eAskme
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The experience that is now named Red by Youtube  should give viewers what they want. Free offline viewing capabilities that is what they offer now.

If you want to see Youtube with no ads. It will cost you. $9.99 a month. But there is no word yet as to how it will affect revenue for publishers. So as there is no way to know how it will be affecting earnings. There can only be speculation.

PewDieDie and CollegeHumor, top Youtube publishers will be launching content that is original starting 2016 on the Youtube. But as for Youtube itself, It admits thats it has plans to commission content that is original on Youtube Red.

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As of October 28th people that live in the US can consider if they want to try Youtube Red for one free month. It should be available for desktop and mobile. Youtube says they are working on making this service available to more countries soon.

What is your thoughts on this news? I think it may give an impact on publishers that uses ads. You can share your thoughts by contacting us or by commenting. We look forward to hear from you.
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Twitter has Increased Follow Limit From 2,000 Accounts to 5,000 Accounts

Have you ever got stuck from following more people on twitter? Till now tehre was a limit on twitter that you cannot follow more than 2,000 user accounts till your own account do not have 2,000 followers. But bringing relief ot twitter followers. twitter has announced today that they are increasing the limit of number of twitter accounts you can now follow from 2,000 accounts to 5,000 user accounts.

Twitter Increases Follow Limit From 2,000 to 5,000 Accounts : EaSKME
Twitter Increases Follow Limit From 2,000 to 5,000 Accounts : eAskme
This is not for some particular person. Twitter bring this features to account of every single user, but with some exception.

Twitter Increases Follow Limit From 2,000 to 5,000 Accounts

So from now If you already hit the follow limit of 5,000 user accounts and still want to add more, then Twitter can allow you depending on how many twitter accounts follow you.

Twitter Increases Follow Limit From 2,000 to 5,000 Accounts : EaSKME
Now a days Twitter is more focused on monitoring and cracking down unnatural following, as well as unfollowing.

Twitter has updated its new following rules and best practices so it is not going to accept mass follow. It is also not going to tolerate repeatedly follow and unfollows.

Twitter considers known as “spam tactics”, and warns that it can lead to account suspension. These new guidelines will apply to all.
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Twitter Launches Moments, The New Way to Discover Tweet Content

In June, Twitter gave us a hint of its new project tat twitter team was working to highlight twitter platform strength in better way for real-time events. "Project Lightning" is a completely new function to showcase real-time discussions on Twitter with the help of curators who would create streams based on trending discussions. Now lightning has been renamed as "Moments". You can consider it as the boldest move of Twitter towards how to win over new audiences.

Twitter Launches Moments, The New Way to Discover Tweet Content : eAskme
Twitter Launches Moments, The New Way to Discover Tweet Content : eAskme
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In the Moment

Moments, is live from today for all of the US users and will cover the world soon. It is now available as a tab within the Twitter. Moments uncovers key events and discussions. If you are using Twitter on desktop, then you can see moments tab between "Notifications" and "Messages".

You can scroll to view Moments collection you want. You will see the collection of content gathered from Periscope, Vine and Twitter on that particular topic. You can set favorite or re-tweet content as you do normally. At the end, Moments gives you option to share the content gathered from various resources.
Twitter Launches Moments, The New Way to Discover Tweet Content : eAskme

What I like best in Moments that they get updated in real time. It is extremely good when it comes to see breaking news stories. When stories get updated, you will see a blue dot in the upper right corner of images which are associated with the Moment. You can even follow that moment by clicking on ‘follow the moment’ option. This will bring curated tweets for that particular moment directly into your timeline. Tweets will be stopped as the event will end, so you need not to worry about stopping it.

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Mentions collections are perfectly curated by a team of human editors in real time. Twitter has its own team working for moments to ensure correct, current and accurate information land in your moments. Twitter has released a set of guidelines about how Moments content is selected. It underlines the data-driven and impartial nature of Moments content.

Twitter Launches Moments, a New Way to Discover Tweet Content : eAskme

There is no doubt that twitter is planning to generate more revenue through moments but at the same time twitter will not annoy users in moments by showing heap of commercial content. So Twitter has a good plan to keep it relevant for users.

The Opportunity of the Moment

In the beginning, Twitter team is working to assemble Moments. There will be some awesome moments which are created by partners. Moments gather content from Bleacher Report, the Washington Post, Buzzfeed, Fox News, Entertainment Weekly, Mashable, Getty Images,  NASA,  MLB, Vogue and New York Times. This will enable such groups to present own content on the Moments platform. This will increase user engagement with the content in a whole new way.

Twitter Launches Moments, a New Way to Discover Tweet Content : eAskme

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Live stories always generate more traffic and this will turn into a lot of revenue. As Twitter is allowing brands to create stories of their own, this will open up a whole new way to connect with th users via Twitter platform.

Real-Time Trends

Since the appointment of co-founder Jack Dorsey as their new CEO, Moments is a first big step for Twitter. If the things work as Twitter has planned, then it will open a new Pandora to showcase the strength of twitter`s platform, as the leader in real-time discussions and events. This will ultimately boost its revenue with this new revenue stream.

Have you tried to use Moments till now? Do you like Moments? or Do share your feedback for Twitter moments via comments.
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Why We Love Ultimate Guide to Hashtags (And You Should, Too!)

If you are using twitter than Hashtag may not be a new word for you. You can find hashtags everywhere from twitter to facebook. Now a days hashtags are necessary part of social media presence.
Why We Love Ultimate Guide to Hashtags (And You Should, Too!) : eAskme
Why We Love Ultimate Guide to Hashtags (And You Should, Too!) : eAskme
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Now the question is, why should you should care about hashtags? Hashtags are a great way to boost social media traffic of your site or blog. For example, Inclusion of hashtags in tweets generate three times more engagement than tweets without them hastags.

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Here I am sharing today a very helpful infographic with you which will help you to leverage hashtags on popular social networks.

Ultimate Guide of Hashtags

The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Final Words:

I know that I don`t use hashtags everytime, but whenever I use hasthtags, it always work for me. I have seen how hashtags boost traffic to a blog or website and now it`s your turn to use them.

Now, when you post on your social network, Follow this ultimate guide of hashtags and use them.

If you find it helpful, do share on your social profiles, don`t forget to like us on fb and subscribe our newsletter to get free updates.
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9 Popular IFTTT Recipes To Automate Social Media Marketing

Are you struggling to stay on top of your social media replies and updates?

"YES", Don`t worry, you are not alone. Because of hundreds of social media networks available for marketers, it is really hard to keep track of all of them without any help.

9 Popular IFTTT Recipes To Automate Social Media Marketing : eAskme
9 Popular IFTTT Recipes To Automate Social Media Marketing : eAskme
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IFTTT (If This Then That) is a free and powerful automation tool which helps you save countless hours. IFTTT uses recipes feature to help you easily automate the process not just for social media, but for many more.

You may want to share articles across social networks or save posts and link for reading and you can even add reminders to Google Calendar,  IFTTT is there to help you. Rather than spending hours everyday on social networks or rather than hiring someone to do the job, it is better to use IFTTT for such process.

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Now let’s see how you are gonna automate your social media accounts on Facebook, twiiter, Google plus etc using IFTTT recipes.

9 Social Media IFTTT Recipes To Simplify your workflow

Save Links to Pocket

Do you want to save a tweet which you like on twitter? O yes, IFTTT offers you Save Links to Pocket recipe to save link from every tweet you favorite on Twitter to your Pocket account. You can even change the service where the link is saved.

Save Tweets to Google Spreadsheet

Yu will so so many variations of this recipe. All of them allos you to save your tweets into Google Spreadsheet. This helps you create searchable archive for tweets.

Favorite Tweet to Add to Buffer

This is one of the fastest and super easiest way to keep Buffer queue topped up always. You just need to favourite a tweet and it will be added

Update Google+ Page Using Facebook Posts (via Buffer)

Buffer allows you to easily share posts on social media accounts. You just need to link your buffer account with Google Plus page and you need to turn on the recipe to automatically add Facebook updates to Google Plus.

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Curate Content in Spreadsheets

If you want to curate content than IFTTT can help you managing your content in Google Spreadsheets. This allows you to save content to Google spreadsheet.

Share New Blog Post on Facebook or Twitter

As a blogger, you must be aware of 80.:20 rule. 20% time for writing and 80% time for promoting. IFTTT give you feature to automatically share content on popular social networks such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin etc.

Add Fiverr Orders to Google Calendar

If you are a freelancer who work on Fiverr then you will love this recipe. This allows you to add Fiverr orders to Google Calendar.

Tweet When You Get a Positive Fiverr Review

If you want to advertise the positive review to the world, then IFTTT is there to help you.

Post Instagrams to Pinterest

It takes time to Manually upload images to Pinterest but with IFTTT make it easiest for you. This recipe pushes Instagram photos to Pinterest account.

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Do share how you automate teh process of social media marketing. If you have any question, feel free to ask via comments.
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Support Digital India : Gaurav Kumar and Mark Zukerberg

Mark Zuckerberg and Gaurav Kumar changes his profile picture to support 'Digital India'
Support Digital India : Gaurav Kumar and Mark Zukerberg : eAskme
Support Digital India : Gaurav Kumar and Mark Zukerberg : eAskme
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and eAskme CEO Gaurav Kumar has changed their Facebook profile photos ahead of FB founder townhall interaction with Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi.

Showing their support for the Indian Prime Minister's initiative "Digital India", Zuckerberg wrote in a post on FB: "I changed my profile picture to support Digital India, the Indian government's effort to connect rural communities to the Internet and give people access to more services online. Looking forward to discussing this with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Facebook today."

Gaurav kumar wrote in a post on Facebook "I changed my profile picture to support Digital India and the efforts of the Indian government to connect rural communities to the Internet world and give every single person access to many more services online. Looking forward to see the discussion with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Facebook today."

PM Narendra Modi has also changed his own profile picture on the Facebook to show his initiative to support Digital India.

If you also support Digital India., then you should also show your support by changing your DP.

How to Support Digital India and Change your DP to Support Digital India:

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Clink on this link
  • It will show you your own DP in transparent tricolor
  • Click on "Use as Profile Picture"
Support Digital India : Gaurav Kumar and Mark Zukerberg : eAskme

  • Your DP will change to support Digital India.

Indian prime Minister is going to visit Silicon Valley in California with meetings with top CEOs including Facebook`s Marck Zuckerberg, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Apple's Chief Tim Cook.

If you ahve any question or suggestion for Digital India, feel free to say via comments. Don`t forget to like us on FB and subscribe eAskme newsletter to stay tuned with us.
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