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5 Ultimate Source of Online Traffic in 2017 You Never Knew

Online traffic directly affects the number of leads a business acquires. So it is one of the best performance indicators for online businesses. Mostly webmasters and Internet marketers focus on search engines, and social networks, but you should not stop there. there are many other ways to boos up online traffic to your site.
Online marketing is full of competition and you have to do lot of efforts. Today we will discuss about 5 ultimate sources of online traffic which you haven`t considered for your blog or website.

Ultimate Source of Online Traffic You Never Knew : eAskme
Ultimate Source of Online Traffic You Never Knew : eAskme
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5 Ultimate Source of Online Traffic You Never Knew


Ultimate Source of Online Traffic : reddit : eAskme
Ultimate Source of Online Traffic : Reddit : eAskme

Reddit  is a popular sharing platform with Google Pagerank 8. Members on Reddit can upvote or downvote your submissions. Reddit is a biggest community where your an share everything with members.

Noticable things about Reddit:

  • Reddit gets more than 174 million unique monthly visitors
  • Reddit has 8000+ active communities
  • President Obama started an “AMA”  thread on Reddit and generated 2,987,307 views and 10,000+ comments on the same day. 
  • Best thing is that external links from reddit are dofollow, which is good for SEO.

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Ultimate Source of Online Traffic : Quora : eAskme
Ultimate Source of Online Traffic : Quora : eAskme

Quora  is not as big as Reddit but has really impressive features. Quora is actually a famous question and answers platform. Your an answer questions asked by people and you can also ask questions.  Users can follow questions and also do voting on them.

The best thing about Quora is that questions cannot be closed. Your questions easily reach around 3 monthly visitors worldwide.

Qura also rewards you for user engagement when someone follow your question and you can use these quora credits to promote your blog posts.

How to get benefits from Quora:
  •     Follow relevant topics of your niche and answers questions.
  •     Include links back in answers.
  •     Build a followership
  •     Write blog posts on Quora
  •     Use Quora credits
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Alltop : Content Aggregator

Ultimate Source of Online Traffic : Alltop : eAskme
Ultimate Source of Online Traffic : Alltop : eAskme

Alltop is a content aggregator that aggregates and syndicates web content. Alltop attracts around 0.5 million unique visitors per month. It has around 600 different topics. It is always good to submit your blog or website to Alltop. Visitors find your content and you get good traffic and generate leads.

Some other popular aggregators are Lockerdome, Huffington Post, Newsvine, Popurls, Bing News, Google News and Yahoo News. You just need to create account, submit your content and wait for approval.


Ultimate Source of Online Traffic : Linkedin : eAskme
Ultimate Source of Online Traffic : Linkedin : eAskme

With the origin of “Create a Post” feature, LinkedIn has crossed also turned into a blogging platform. Linkedin is one of the best way to generate professional traffic to your blog or website.

Benefits of blogging on LinkedIn Create a Post.
  •     LinkedIn has more than 330 million users and 8.5 billion pageviews per month.
  •     Your subscribers also visit on your feed.
  •     Your connections share you valuable posts.
  •     You need not to work on original content.
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Blog Commenting

We have already talked about Effects of Blog comments on Blog Traffic. So rather than telling why you should comment, we will discuss about strategies to generate traffic from comments.
  •     As top 5 results of search engine always get more traffic, same way the first comments on the blogs get you more traffic. So be the first to comment.
  •     Add valuable comments where author reply to you, It add value to CTR.
  •     Avoid short comments like thank you, compliments, as they don`t add any value.
  •     Only use relevant link in comments.
  •     Focus on specialist websites. Like Forbes, Mashable and Wired.
  •     You can use Disqus comments.
  •     It is very important to comment on guest posts.
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So these are the best five sources of online traffic for your website or blog. Try them. If you do have any suggestion, feel free to share via comments. Don`t forget to like us on Facebook and subscribe eAskme newsletter to get updates.
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Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : Complete Guide

Oh so you do have a blog. or Do you want to start a blog in 2017?

Success in blogging comes to those who know how to learn, improve and excel their blogging career. A bloggers success in blogging totally depends upon how passionate you are. It also counts how much time and efforts you put into your blogging house.

Did I say blogging house? Oh Yes.

Didn`t you get it? I mean your blog, lol.

2016 is going out of the window as 2017 is driving its way to know at your door. Improving your blog is the real thing which you going to work in 2017. There is no doubt that in 2017 every blogger will be facing more challenges, competition and many improvements also. As a professional blogger you should be ready for all.

Today I am going to count all the best ways to improve your blog in 2017.

Before you go ahead, do you know the very first thing you need to be a successful blogger is? You should have a professional blog.

best ways to improve your blog in 2017 : eAskme
best ways to improve your blog in 2017 : eAskme
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Let`s see how you going to improve your blog in 2017?

Best Ways o improve your blog in 2017:

1) Improve your blog theme in 2017:

Best ways to Improve Your blog in 2017 : Improve your blog theme in 2017 : eAskme

Do you what a visitor notice on your blog in very first look?

It is the design or you can say theme of your blog.

Every year you see new trends in blog or web designing. In 2017 you will see more user friendly deigns as it is the need of the time. You should improve colors, navigation, fonts, sidebars and ads should be relevant according to the color combination of your blog or blogging niche.

In Short, you should install a good theme on your blog.

For example: if you running a health blog, you should use green color in theme and if running technology blog, blue is the color that you should choose.

2) Quality Quality Quality:

Quality Quality Quality  Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme

You be bored reading and hearing about quality content and again quality content.

So what you should do which don`t make you bore?

Not just write content like a machine but add images, videos, infographic to improve your blog in real good ways.

Also make your blog user friendly by improving site speed, as the sites which load faster give better experience to the user. 


3) Clean your blog:

Clean your blog : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme
It is common that with the time you will find many spammy links associated with your site or blog. You should get rid of those links before Google algorithms going to beat your blog. You can also ask Google to help you fixing spammy links.

Also analyze the ad networks and affiliate ads you use on your blog. With time some may go down and you may need to change those links with the active ones.

Also keep an eye on changing rules and policies of Google to know the best ways which can help to improve your blog according to search engine and boost it`s ranking.

When you find any spammy link, you should tell the resource to remove the link instantly. 

4) Blog Accessibility:

Blog Accessibility : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme

I know you want to increase traffic and followers of your blog. But how can you do that?

Simple improve the chances for readers to access your blog in 2017.

These days you cannot rely on only one method such as webpage only.

You should target readers which are regular users of netbooks, laptops, notebooks, phablets, tablets, balckerry and symbian users also.

There are chances that you may not know which reader is coming on your blog from which device. It is also not easy to find the exact number of readers visiting your blog and the number of readers which are not able to see your blog just because your blog is not compatible with all browsers and operating systems.

So keep all the doors open for readers to come and come again.

You can even use whatsapp, wechat etc to improve the reach of your blog content.


5) Understand your readers:

Understand your readers : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme

This is one of the huge improvements in 2017 for your blog, if you understand why readers are coming on your blog, what they want from your blog and how can you give them something extra every time they visit on your blog.

If you can answer these questions in best ways that means you understand your readers in real time.

Focus on from where and how your blog is getting traffic? How long readers are staying on your blog? What is attracting the most of the readers on your blog?

Make readers engagement easy by adding social share buttons, social media profiles and a best commenting system


6) Dates are good in 2017:

Dates are good in 2017 : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme

If you are running a blog, then why don`t you show the post publishing dates?

Showing publishing dates help readers to know if the content is new, updated or something which still have some value in 2017. You may have seen many blogs which are not showing dates.

Why not? If you think you can fool the readers by not showing dates that content is new then you are wrong. Not only search engines but readers also very intelligent. They know what they are looking for and what is outdated.

Posts without date are a big lack of improvement for your blog in 2017. These type of posts do not perform good in Google SearchAnalytics.

Even if I visit a blog and do not see a date or time of the post, I usually assume that the blog is not updated from long time and quit visiting that blog again.

Same happens in every case.

Publish dates and make your blog look fresh and exciting.

7) Use High quality images:

Use High quality images : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme

Not just the attractive tiles but high quality images play a great role to make the user stick with your blog post and visit more posts.

Usually when you download or edit and image it changes the pixels of that image.

You can use the help of some best photo editors to edit your photos without actually pixelating your images. There are plugins available for WordPress which helps you to keep the images resolution at it`s best.

In 2017, you should focus more on improving image quality and give your readers a more entertaining experience.


8) Improve your blog with latest technologies:

Improve your blog with latest technologies : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme

It is really simple to start a blog. This makes more people start their own blogs every day. That means competition is also increasing.

There are various tools  analyze keyword density chekers, Improve English Grammar,  Favicon generators etc to help you in blogging.
So it is your job as a blogger to make your blog look unique.

Not just the WordPress scripts but you can also use the Gif`s, vlogging etc.

You should also ready to invest to make your blog look exciting in real time. Work with latest technologies and use best tools forblogging.


9) Improve your blog security:

Improve your blog security : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme
Improve your blog security : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme
When it comes to blogging, it is a high trend that bloggers usually ignore security of their blogs and many times falls in the hands of hackers.

You should understand that even if a hacker can take down your blog for few minutes or hours, it will bring an excessive damage to your blog. Your readers may turn off from your blog as they see security threats.

You should keep checking your blog and take backup regularly.

Tips And Case Studies On How To Fix Hacked Sites

10) Dominate social media:

Dominate social media : Best Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2017 : eAskme

When it comes to work on social media most of the bloggers waste time just chatting on Facebook and forget the real motto why they have a social media profile. No matter you are a tech blogger or fashion blogger or science blogger, Social media is for all.

Social media is the biggest crowd which can bring you not just the traffic but you can generate leads and make sales to boost your earning. There are so many social media networks available online.

Only Facebook is covering over 20 million small online business worldwide. You should also use Twitter, interest etc to create strongsocial media presence.

Make the year 2017 the best year of your blogging career:

To improve your blog in 2017 you may even need to redesign your blog theme or add more pub gins and get rid of unwanted plugging from your blog. Follow these tips and improve your blog in 2017.

Don`t forget to share what you like here!

Do share your own strategy to improve your blog in 2017.
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Can SEO Professional Really Help me in my Online Business?

If you are a novice you would be hesitant to deploy funds for SEO, I am sure this is your mental phase. But believe me utilizing funds for it will help you to yield better results as it is the best and quickly developing fields that are growing regularly. Now, with increasing number of the websites that has given the equivalent increase in the volume of professional services. The entire world of websites is filled with various different changes that are taking place through the various passing moment. At the same time, being much ethical is the key-point of assets for various degrees of the SEO strategies and standards. Hence, in recent scenarios these services provider is really needed to get success in this challenging online market.

Can SEO Professional Really Help me in my Online Business? : eAskme
Can SEO Professional Really Help me in my Online Business? : eAskme
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If you're serious and reading this and if you have never designed your website up till now so you are actually at a right place. Check these points that will show why professional’s help is needed for any online business.

1) Research, which is the most significant thing when designing the business. In case you have been in the business for some while so you know that if you have done proper research for the business. These similar principals also apply to your business website.

Keyword optimization is important that your customer uses to find your business and service. One significant point about the keyword research is to get right time, proper practice. Also great learning, using the professional and expert service will also be much worth of your money. In case you get it wrong the entire campaign and work will stand good for nothing.

2) Optimization - On page, it includes ensuring all the meta tags, links as well as title tags are formulated properly and are placed well on your site. An important thing related to title tags, is what many people look at the top of browser while the site comes up, this is very influential in placement of the site in popular search results. You should have the main keywords that with any luck are even in the domain name which is placed in title tags of the website pages.

3) Optimization - Off page, it refers to all that become apparent from the web site, like for instance building the links to the web pages. While you are building the links to pages it's similar to getting the votes from different websites, Google looks it as a great thing and also rewards you as per the popularity of links that you receive.

a) There are 2 types of links, reciprocal and one way. Reciprocal links mean you will place the link on the website to site where it then places them again to your site. One way links are best you may have such as article directories, web 2.0 sites and web directories.

Availing the services of professional agency is also a wise decision which will help your business to reach the new heights of success.

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask me via comments.
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200+ App Submission Sites to Boost Your Mobile App

Why we are talking about android apps? Because, android smartphones are dominating the online industry. Every year million of new users are buying latest android smartphones. Keeping in my these millions of smartphone users, eAskme has launched eAskme android app.

If you are the online business then you need android app desperately and If you already have an Android app then your next step should be to promote it.

Today I am going to share 200+ app submission sites where you can promote your own android app easily. You may find it difficult to grab the list of these many android app submission sites and that is where this list is going to help you.

200+ App Submission Sites to Boost Your Mobile App : eAskme
200+ App Submission Sites to Boost Your Mobile App : eAskme
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These free app review and app submission sites will help you to easily bring more exposure to your android app and increase traffic. These app review sites will give a boost to your android app.

This app submission sites list is for everyone no matter you are a developer, company or webmaster. These app review sites also help to boost your apps rating, reviews, traffic etc. You will see a huge improvement in traffic after submitting your app to these free app submission sites. Let`s check out these 200+ app submission sites to submit your android app.

200+ App Submission Sites to Boost Your Mobile App


There is no doubt that it will take time before you cover all the sites given in this list of 200+ app submission sites. But if you do, your app will surely get maximum result. So what are you waiting for start submitting your android or iOS app on these app submission or app review sites.

Here are other helpful lists:
If you still have any question or suggestion, feel free to share via comments. Don`t forget to like us on Facebook or subscribe eAskme newsletter to stay tuned with us.
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How I got One Million Visitors in One Day on My Blog

Is this you call Miracle. Or is this you call success. No matter what we can call it. It just showed a huge, actually a very huge result of my efforts. Where I was always thinking, Planning and working to get millions of traffic in a month. My social networking strategy has delivered me more than one million pageviews in just one day, today,

Make Money Blogging : infographic

This is just a dream come true that actually I never ever dreamed till now. One million pageviews in one day. What a kick-start I got today from allover the world. Thanks to people who visited and appreciated me on different social networks.

How to Get One Million traffic to Blog or Website in One Day : eAskme
How to Get One Million Pageviews to Blog or Website in One Day : eAskme

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One Million traffic in one day make me feel like WOW, its just much more than what anyone can imagine I think. I do have social networks, do use social bookmarking sites, But traffic never gone more than 10,000 pageviews in one day but today it seems one of my best days.

When I woke up in morning traffic was normal. I posted few articles and also the posts that I got from my readers. Than I started sharing on social bookmarking sites Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Reddit. Till 11 am everything seems like usual. But then fortune came to meet me and my traffic of blog started growing like Crackers blast with fire.

Within few hours what I have seen is that I have got around one million traffic only from Digg and rest from other sites like facebook, twitter and more what I use to share my articles.

How I got One million traffic in One Day from Digg ?

I just don`t know how it happened, But what I have seen I am telling you here. I have seen that my article started showing on first page of Digg. I think it remained their only for 6 hours and within these 6  hours the miracle happened to me.

Traffic is still coming although my posts not showing right now on Digg. I have seen and read a lot about Digg that if you can get one single post on first page of it then result will be miraculous. But never thought that it will happen so soon with me.

I really appreciate to those who visited my posts and took interest in reading and spending time on my blog.

See this : Create Your Own Social Bookmarking Site

It is a very huge appreciation in itself, that I got this much traffic in just one day and also I am writing this post so everyone know that it is possible to get one million visitors in just one day. You should always be positive and keep doing good job. You never know which of your article and post get click and go viral on any of social network or social bookmarking site.

Once again thanks to all.

Do share this article  on Digg or any other social network or bookmarking sites you use. If you have any issue or query do ask in comments. Don`t forget to like us on facebook and subscribe eAskme newsletter to get free updates.
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How We Got Ten Thousand Pageviews in One day on eAskme

Its been just few months that I have started On eAskme we are not only working on good SEO but also working on new projects. is one of our main site. Our Goal on this site to target worldwide traffic and to make eAskme the biggest information box online on Internet. Lets see How to get ten thousand traffic in one day.
How to Get Ten Thousand Pageviews in One day : eAskme
How to Get Ten Thousand Traffic in One day : eAskme

The Start of eAskme :

We started eAskme on Blogger Platform. We customized its template. It is a multi author blog and many authors from around the world write and send to us. So we give  this opportunity to all who want to write god quality article and submit on our site.

Growth of eAskme :

eAskme started growing since the very first day of its birth. We created fan base on Facebook, Google+, twitter and also engage our followers and readers with our content.

Our Social sharing gone wild with social sharing buttons and we started getting queries and question from around the world. So its the time our rank start going good and also traffic start increasing day by day.

So we planned to Get one thousand traffic in a day and with our efforts we easily achieved one thousand pageviews on blog today and it is increasing.

How to Get 10,000 Pageviews in one day ?

We discovered that it is very easy to get 10,000 traffic everyday on blog or website. We just need to be consistent. On page Optimization and off page optimization, our followers, link building , quality content and trendy topics these all make us get one million page-views everyday. So now we discuss how to get ten thousand page views on blog everyday.

Be Consistent :

Consistency is most important factor to improve your blog traffic and Alexa ranking. We keep posting articles everyday and also keep sharing it on our pages and social networks.

Quality Content :

I know you may be heard about it already too much. But believe me without quality content you can`t make your visitors stay and engage with your site for long. Quality content also give you good search engine ranking.

Keyword Selection :

Selection of proper keywords is also very important. We focus on keywords before writing any post, search their popularity and their reach to the visitors.

Link Building :

Link Building is very important to engage your visitors with your content and also to decrease bounce rate of your website. You should build links effectively and link old posts with new posts. This will make your old posts also worthy to get traffic.

Respect Your Readers and Followers:

Always be helpful to your readers and followers this will help to build trust. Reply to all comments as soon as possible. try to solve their queries. Give them new and exciting posts to read. Give them sharing buttons to share your articles on social media or bookmark.

 "Thanks to all readers of eAskme"

Do share your views about eAskme and let us know how we can improve it more.
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How to Add Push Notifications on Your Blogger Blog for Free 2016

Push notifications are the trend of 2016. They are not only proving to be the best way to deliver update notifications but also improves more engagement on blogs. It is good for every blogger to add push notifications on his/her blog from day one as it will help them to easily share update notifications with the readers even when they are not on your blog.

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How to Add Push Notifications on Your Blogger Blog for Free 2016:

How to Add Push Notifications on Your Blogger Blog for Free 2016 : eAskme
How to Add Push Notifications on Your Blogger Blog for Free 2016 : eAskme
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If you have a wordpress blog than it is really easy for you to Add push notification by using Wordpress plugin. But what if you are a blogger on blogspot platform. There is no plugin for blogspot platform. Don`t worry still I am here to help you to add push notification on your blogspot blog.

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You can now add push notifications on your blogger blog using code. It is really easy to install. You can use a third party service PushCrew.
  • Register on PushCrew.
  • Enter your detail and blog url.
  • Now you will get inside the dashboard.
  • You will see a Javascript code.
  • Copy that code
  • Now go to your blogger blog
  • Go to Template
  • Click on Edit HTML
  • Paste the code below <head> tag
  • Click on Save settings
  • It`s done.
Now open your blog and you will see a push notification bar at the top of your blog. Currently the free limit is only for first 500 subscribers after that you need to upgrade the plan.

I am using push notification on my blog now and have seen a huge engagement in blog. If you have any question, feel free to ask me. Don`t forget to like us on facebook and subscribe eAskme newsletter to stay tuned with us.
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50+ Best Facebook Groups For Bloggers 2017

If you are a blogger then you may already know the importance of strong social media presence. When we talk about the presence on social media that means the social media branding. It includes social media profiles like Facebook, twitter, google plus, pinterest etc. Also it means that more and more sharing and traffic from popular social media networks.

50+ Best Facebook Groups For Bloggers : eAskme
50+ Best Facebook Groups For Bloggers : eAskme

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Facebook is here to help you to promote your content with the fellow bloggers. There are many Facebook groups that allows you to share your blog links or social media pages with other bloggers. These groups also helps you to boost your blogger outreach.

Now you may ask what are these best Facebook groups for bloggers?

50+ Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers:

Today I am sharing a huge list of those Facebook Groups for Bloggers that allow you to share and promote your blogs on Facebook.

Blogging on your own terms


Bloggers Crew 

The Blog Engage Group

Bloggers World Wide

Network Marketing For WINNERS 
Share Your Blog Posts

Blogger Help
Share & Like

Share Your Topics
Post Sharing


Hotspot Blogger

Comment Tribe

Comment DX

Blog writer Online forum

Blogging Cage

Internet Idea Techniques

Just Internet Globe

Send Your Post To Market It

Guest Blogging

SEO Facebook page likers 

Active Guest Bloggers

Probloggers Community 

Blog Promotion

Blogger mania

WordPress Worriers

Content Marketing

Blogging Heaven

Blogging group

Bloggers Lab

Blog writer's Factor

Promote Blogs

Exchange Comments, Likes

Market Your Web link

Tech Bloggers

Smashing Bloggers

Everything About Blogging  


Pakistani SEO & Blogger

Blogger Walking

This is the list of 50+ best Facebook groups for bloggers to promote their blogs and also like what they see. So what are you waiting for. Engage with these groups and get maximum out of them.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to share via comments. Don`t forget to like us on Facebook and subscribe eAskme newsletter to stay tuned with us
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How to Win the Competition with Psychology

How to Win the Competition with Psychology
Do you know how to read a human mind? Well most of the people try to guess but still they don`t know the actual way to read human mind, how others think and what they actually do. The crucial thing about human psychology is that it changes person to person.

How to Win the Competition with Psychology : eAskme
How to Win the Competition with Psychology : eAskme
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As a blogger I always give importance to offer readers what they love to read and I analyze results to know what your readers want from my blog. Blogging is a competitive world and to be on top you need to understand how you can beat your competitors in good way.

See : eAskme Quiz : Win $200 Every Month

To win competition with Psychology you need to understand two things, one what your readers want from your blog and second what your competitors are doing. Both things have their own benefits. Where knowing psychology of your readers help you serve best content, psychology of yoru competitors help you to beat them in competition.

How to win the competition with Psychology

Now everyone want to stand on first position, but we know that not everyone can stand teh same time at same position. When you enter into world of blogging and want to win competition, the best thing is to understand psychology. Today I am going to share how you can win competition with psychology.

Understand your readership:

I always say that your focus should be on your readers rather than just search engine bots. Readers are the most valuable asset of any website, blog or online business. To understand what your readers want from your blog you can follow these steps.

1) Install Google Analytics and analyze behavior of users on your website or blog. You will understand how much time they spend on your site, which pages or articles they like to visit most and where they get engage. Now as you know these things start writing posts that make your readers more interested.

Read more : Tips to Improve Blog Writing to Win Readers

2) Analyze Comments:

There are various commenting systems. You can choose according to your need. Comments help readers to get engage with your blog and also help you to analyze which type of article get more engagement, so you can write more on such topics and offer what your readers already want.

Read More : Effects of Blog comments on Blog Traffic

3) More Visualization:

Add infographics and videos to your blog posts as this will attract more visitors and also generate more social shares for your website or blog. People love to share what they love to see rather than just read. So give them something to remember. The more your users get engage the more you will understand their psychology. You will know what they like to share and what they love to talk about.

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Understand your Competitors:

To win the competition with psychology you also need to understand the psychology of your competitors. You can use tools like SEMRush or Google Keyword planner to analyze keywords to rank better in search results and also analyze which keywords are helping your competitors to rank.

You should write detailed pillar articles on keywords which you see bring more traffic easily, means keywords with good monthly search and low competition.

These are the few tips that I believe help you to understand and win the competition with Psychology. You can read my helpful posts to get more help. If you have any question feel free to ask me via comments.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me. Don`t forget to share what you like to read.
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How to Get Alexa Rank Below 30000?

Alexa is one of the most common factor that a person looking for when he want to understand the popularity of a website or wan to advertise on some particular website. Well these days many people do not care about the rank but still it is good to show how good your website is doing.

I have already shared 

Why Your Blog`s Alexa Ranking is Not Improving even though your Traffic is Increasing 

How to Get Alexa Rank Below 30000 : eAskme
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Here we are going to discuss, How to increase the Alexa rank of your blog?Lets see what other bloggers are suggesting how you can get rank below 30,000?

Use Alexa Widget and Create Superb Content (Doyan Wilfred)

Use Alexa widgets=18pxI have tried this long back when I started my blog. However stopped using it because I was not looking to make money out of advertisements.=18px. The first and foremost thing: Alexa only counts traffic from visitors who have Alexa toolbar, or websites with Alexa widget. You cannot make visitors install the toolbar, but rather you can install the Alexa toolbar on your site or blog.  Alexa has two types of widgets:

Also See : How to create Alexa widget for a website

Alexa Reviews widget: prompts visitors for reviews
Alexa Rank widget: Displays your rank. I recommend that if your blog is new, you wait till you reach a decent rank and then use the Rank widget.

Moral of the story: It all comes down to how useful your content is to the users. So create superb quality content. You can forget Alexa or any other sort of ranks if you don't have content.

Alexa (Philip Turner)

Alexa rank depends on how many users have the Alexa toolbar installed. Install it yourself and on all your family's computers. Encourage all your users to install Alexa.

Log on to your site frequently and give your users plenty of reasons to log on frequently.

I believe that everyone should submit website to alexa and verify it.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me.
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Best 26 url shortner with 301 Redirects

Best 26 url shortner with 301 Redirects : eAskme
This is the age of micro blogging, where 140 characters are making all the difference. When I say micro blogging , that means Twitter. While sharing your content with your website url or blog post url, it can be more than 140 characters. So what you should do in this case. Don`t worry Url shortners are here to help you.

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The best thing about url shortenrs is that they do not hurt your website or blog and you can easily convert your long url into a very short one, which looks cool. Today I am going to share about a list of best 26 url shortner with 301 redirects.

Best 26 url shortner with 301 Redirects : eAskme
Best 26 url shortner with 301 Redirects : eAskme
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Here I am sharing the list of 26 very useful URL shorteners with 301 redirects.

Why are 301 redirects? A 301 redirect means that the requested URL is a permanent redirect and this help search engines to pass link credit.

Best 26 url shortnet with 301 Redirects

Service           Short Domai


There is one more good thing that some of the url shortners allow you to make your own custom url, that means you can even use your keyword into custom url, which is a big plus.

Tip: is a twitter generated url shortner so in no way you can generate them yourself. is Wordpress generated url shortner and you can customize them using JetPack plugin.

There is a good benefit of using keywords in Url shortner with 301 redirect. I next article I will discuss about how url Shortners will help you in SEO.

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