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A Comprehensive Guide To Different Types of SSL Certificates

If you believe in secure browsing than you may have heard about SSL. SSL is the standard security technology. It establishes an encrypted connection between browser and web server. These links make sure that the data transfer between browsers and web servers remain integral and private.

Today I am going to share a most comprehensive guide about different types of SSL certificates that you see. This guide will help you to choose the right SSL certificate for your organization, blog or website.

A Comprehensive Guide To Different Types of SSL Certificates : eAskme
A Comprehensive Guide To Different Types of SSL Certificates : eAskme
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Remember that SSL certificates are all about trust online.

Useful SSL Related Terms To Know:

    CA: Certificate Authority
    CSR: Certificate Signing Request
    DV: Domain Validation
    EV: Extended Validation
    OV: Organization Validation
    SSL: Secured Sockets Layer

There are two major type of SSL certificates available online:

    Number of secured sub domains or domains
    Validation level

Types of SSL certificates based on validation level

Domain Validation

In this SSL certificate, domain validating is done adding a DNS record or using an email.

You can easily obtain this type of SSL certificate. This is the best SSL certificate for small organizations or where no extra security needed. It is also very cheapest SSL certificate. This type of SSL certificate mostly used on blogs.


Easily obtained
Best for non-sensitive sites or blogs

Organization Validation:

This type of SSL certificate is recommended for e-commerce sites. It is the minimum certificate for them. Domain ownership is validated using public database.

Company validation is done by Certificate authority. It is not best but still better than Domain Validation SSL certificate.


2-3 days to get activated.
Just bettter than Domain validation SSL certificate.
Minimum for ecommerce sites.

Extended Validation

Extended Validation is highly recommended for websites with transaction feature. Obtaining Extended validating SSL  is a tough and strict process. It displays the organization in browser.

It is mostly used by eCommerce sites, Finance sites and banking sites. It offers green HTTPS address bar

You can read more about EV SSL guidelines here.


7-10 days to activate
Comes with green HTTPS address bar

Types of SSL certificates based on secured domains

Buying an SSL certificate is a really important decision. Other than the above three, there is the need of choosing certificate type based on subdomains and domains also.

So let`s see the list of SSL certificates based of domain names.

Single Name SSL Certificate:

This SSL type is to secure single hostname, means if you buy it for main domain than it will not secure any subdomains and if you get it for subdomain, it will not secure main domain.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

If you want to secure unlimited sub-domains  then you should go for this type of SSL.

for example if I buy Wildcard SSL Certificate for than it will also secure any subdomain such as

But it will not secure

Multi-domain SSL Certificate

If you want SSL certificate for all domains and subdomains than you need A multi-domain SSL certificate.

Unified Communications Certificate (UCC)

Do you want the SSL certificate for upto 100 domains? If yes, than you need Unified Communications Certificate (UCC).

These are for Office communications and Microsoft® Exchange environments.

Where to buy SSL certificate:

    Cheap SSL Shop
    Geotrust: Certificate Authority
    Let’s encrypt:

Stay tuned to learn more.

Stay tuned for more security related articles :
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The Complete Guide To Starting An E-Commerce Site

No need to pull your veins out of body, if you want to start an online store.

Within just 30 days I have been asked more than 150 times about setting up and promoting an online store or eCommerce website. If you are also one of those who want to know about how to start an eCommerce store, then you are on the right place.

Staring and online store is not hard if you know how to start with and where to start. Today I am sharing this complete guide to help you start an eCommerce site.

Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
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There is no doubt that it takes times and patience setting up an e-commerce shop, but all your efforts worth it.

When you offer a product online, it broadens the reach of the product to anyone on internet. Not only more people will discover about your product but also can talk and share about your products with their friends and family. This can happen from social media or Google search also.

No matter you are selling digital goods (such as online courses or ebooks) or physical goods (such as clothes, shoes) en eCommerce site is always helpful to find you more customers.

After the end of this guide you may wants to say thanks to me, but right now you can say Thanks to WordPress. Why? WordPress has made it so easy for you to build an e-commerce site. If you know which tools to use then within few days or hours you will be building an e-commerce store for yourself. Let`s see how WordPress gonna ease your way to create an shops online.

WordPress offers two major e-commerce platforms for creating shopping websites:
Not just these two but there are so many more plugins are available to boost the functionality of these shopping platforms.

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If you think that starting an e-commerce website is a headache, then you should start from the basics. First create a basic online store and later on add extra features and plugins to boost the functionality of your online shop.

The Best E-Commerce WordPress platforms:

In this guide to starting an eCommerce site, I am going to discuss about all the necessary platforms for shopping websites. When I say platform that means a tool, plugin or application which you need to run an online shop. You may find hundreds of e-commerce platforms but only few are worthy in long run.

It is always clear that every business owner has some different needs, so it is always important that you understand the need of your business before choosing an e-commerce platform.


Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskmeWooCommerce is the most user-friendly and most popular WordPress platform for eCommerce sites. It not only has awesome plugins and add-ons but it is one of the most easy to use plugin for both digital and physical goods.

In 2015, over 78.4% e-commerce sites were on WordPress using WooCommerce.

Woocommerce comes with user friendly interface, excellent features and constantly improving product environment. You should download the newest version of WooCommerce.

    WP eCommerce:

Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
Now you may ask that when WooCommerce is doing the job well then why people use WP eCommerce platform. Answer is simple.

WP eCommerce offer some advance features like table rate shipping and advanced checkout for free, but in WooCommerce you have to purchase an extra addon to use such features.

You may find that WP eCommerce is more beneficial for selling process of your website.

Easy Digital Downloads:

Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme

Above platforms focus on both digital and physical goods. But what if you need something for Digital Goods only. Then you need Easy Digital Downloads.

It is best for entrepreneurs, authors and artists who sell non-physical products such as music, digital art, ebooks etc.

Easy Digital Downloads makes the process of Downloading online products easy and secure. It even supports repeat and multiple downloads. It also supports payment gateways like Amazon, Stripe and Paypal.


Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
Shopify is the quickest and easiest way to build an online store.

It offers you simple steps to selling in minutes with free hosting. You just need to buy a domain for your online shop and Shopify will place it on internet.

You can use this service on a monthly subscription of $13/month. You just need a basic account to upload unlimited products with unlimited storage and 24/7 awesome customer support.

E-Commerce Payment Gateways

Payment Gateway is the necessary part of e-commerce sites. This makes payments happen. You can do it via Credit card, PayPal or payment services like Braintree or Stripe.

You should look for the features on a payment gateway when selecting a platform. You should know that some platforms needs extra add-ons for some specific payment gateway services, such as If you want to add Google Wallet to your WooCommerce than you need to pay $79 extra.


Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme

The biggest and most used payment gateway for e-commerce site is PayPal.

It`s free and anyone can get it. Usually e-commerce platforms have PayPal payment gateway. You can even use PayPal buttons on non e-commerce platforms. On Wordpress you can use many variations of PayPal buttons.

Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
If you are looking for a payment gateway for credit card payments without PayPal then is for you.

It allows user to make payment with electronic check or credit card. Amount will be transferred to the bank account of seller.

It supports all major credit cards such as JCB, Diner’s Club, Visa, American Express and MasterCard. It even supports Visa Checkout, Apple Pay and PayPal. offers the fraud prevention technology and automated billing for monthly subscriptions.
Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme

After looking at above image you may find it a costly payment gateway. is only for established businesses.


Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
Now if you are looking for a free alternative of than Stripe is here. Stripe allows credit card payments at the flat charge per transaction of 2.9%+30 cents.

Stripe is a free extension so you do not need to go for any subscription.

Remember: To secure credit card information of your customers your site must have an SSL certificate. The major downside of stripe is that it is available for few countries only. You can check the list here.


Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
With a subscription of $10/month Gumroad is ready to manage sale of both digital and physical products online. It accepts Paypal and all major credit cards.

It even provides a product page so the buyers can see all the products.

In case you have a separate website you can install Gumroad widget to integrate payment gateway.

e-commerce Shop Customization:

WordPress offers hundreds of plugins to look your shop attractive. There are the following things that you should consider to make your shop look awesome.
  • Is it organized?
  • Is it easy to find products?
  • Is everything presented in the best way?
WordPress offer various tools to help you.


There are thousands of themes available for Wordpress e-commerce sites.

Even WooCommerce offers premium and free themes. You can even go to WordPress theme directory to look for the best theme according to your brand image.

Read more : NewsPlanet : Best WordPress News Blog Theme with WooCommerce

Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme

You can even use free WooCommerce’s Storefront Theme.

Product interaction:

Products are the real thing that matter for a user on an online store.

You can use plugins such as WooCommerce Image Hover and WooCommerce Image Zoom to offer a closer look of your products. You can even use WooCommerce quick view to show a larger view of your products. You can even use WooCommerce Product Slider to show more products on single page.
Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
You can even use the Customize WooCommerce Shop plugin to overall change the design of your theme including shopping cart pages, shop, checkout option products etc.

How to do advanced customization and use extended functionality

If you want to add some advanced customization and extended functionality then you can add more plugins to your site.

For example you can add customized shipping rate calculator or download button instead of add to cart button or country wise time etc.
Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme

You can use WooEnhancer and Booster for WooCommerce plugins.

Creating an E-Commerce Website

When you setup an online store for the first time, it seems a tedious and long process, but it is an awesome learning experience.

You should understand how various platforms are different from one another. This helps you to create online shop that you really want. The store you create should be easy to navigate and informative at the same time.

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Learning about the as many tools as you can help you to decide which tools are beneficial for your online store. Your end goal should be creating a happy customer experience so that customers can come to you again and again.

Are you an online shopper or an e-commerce entrepreneur? What suggestion would you like to add to this guide? share via comments.

Don`t forget to share what you like.

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200+ App Submission Sites to Boost Your Mobile App

Why we are talking about android apps? Because, android smartphones are dominating the online industry. Every year million of new users are buying latest android smartphones. Keeping in my these millions of smartphone users, eAskme has launched eAskme android app.

If you are the online business then you need android app desperately and If you already have an Android app then your next step should be to promote it.

Today I am going to share 200+ app submission sites where you can promote your own android app easily. You may find it difficult to grab the list of these many android app submission sites and that is where this list is going to help you.

200+ App Submission Sites to Boost Your Mobile App : eAskme
200+ App Submission Sites to Boost Your Mobile App : eAskme
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These free app review and app submission sites will help you to easily bring more exposure to your android app and increase traffic. These app review sites will give a boost to your android app.

This app submission sites list is for everyone no matter you are a developer, company or webmaster. These app review sites also help to boost your apps rating, reviews, traffic etc. You will see a huge improvement in traffic after submitting your app to these free app submission sites. Let`s check out these 200+ app submission sites to submit your android app.

200+ App Submission Sites to Boost Your Mobile App


There is no doubt that it will take time before you cover all the sites given in this list of 200+ app submission sites. But if you do, your app will surely get maximum result. So what are you waiting for start submitting your android or iOS app on these app submission or app review sites.

Here are other helpful lists:
If you still have any question or suggestion, feel free to share via comments. Don`t forget to like us on Facebook or subscribe eAskme newsletter to stay tuned with us.
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Kajabi Vs Thinkific – In the Search of Excellence: Which is the Best?

Internet has aided up the business processes. A number of companies, agencies, and institutes have emerged online providing a thunderous amount of products to their customers across the globe. If you are looking to start an online platform where you can provide online lessons to the students then going with a membership website is a better option. But, do you have means to create courses and embed them on a website? Though WordPress is an awesome platform to create such websites, but you need to search for different plugins and other tools to fix things under one panel.

Kajabi Vs Thinkific – In the Search of Excellence: Which is the Best? : eAskme
Kajabi Vs Thinkific – In the Search of Excellence: Which is the Best? : eAskme
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How about getting a platform where you can create your own courses and can add them to your website directly. Do you have such platform? If not, then trying your hands on Kajabi or Thinkific can turn out to be a great option. Which one to choose? Let us discuss about them in details and learn which one is the best.

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi Vs Thinkific – In the Search of Excellence: Which is the Best?
Kajabi is a one stop solution for all the users looking to create courses online. It helps the users in uploading, organizing and managing the online courses easily. They can build a good relationship with their customers and brand that can be fruitful in future. Not only this, Kajabi is loaded with loads of marketing features as well that will help in outreaching your competitors. Moreover, it focuses on individual classes through which you can deliver excellent lectures to the students in an interactive manner.

What is Thinkific?

Kajabi Vs Thinkific – In the Search of Excellence: Which is the Best? : eAskme
Kajabi Vs Thinkific – In the Search of Excellence: Which is the Best? : eAskme

Thinkific is another awesome online course platform that can help its users to deliver the best lectures, courses, and carry out marketing for attracting a number of students. This platform is used by thousands of companies, associations, and universities around the globe, just like Kajabi.

KajabiVsThinkific: The Battle for Dominance

Kajabi and Thinkific are the outstanding platform when it comes to creation and delivery of online courses. Both work to cater large audiences and attract a number of customers with plethora of features. But if you are here to choose the one then this KajabivsThinkific comparison will help you decide the best.

The Dashboard

Kajabi Vs Thinkific – In the Search of Excellence: Which is the Best? : eAskme

Kajabi has got a powerful and intuitive dashboard loaded with a number of features. It provides clear navigation to its users so that they can utilize each and every feature to perfection. It is unlike most of the clunky looking platforms that cause too much hassle while navigation.

Kajabi Vs Thinkific – In the Search of Excellence: Which is the Best? : eAskme

Thinkific’s dashboard is also user-friendly and offers clear navigation to the users. It is designed with a modern feel but lacks the presence of options on the dashboard. Its features can be navigated only through the sidebar.

Course Creation

Creating a new course is not at all a difficult task with Kajabi. You can create a course in just few simple steps.
•    Go to the ‘Product’ option.
•    Click on ‘New Product’.
•    Add a suitable title to product and its description too. Now click on ‘Save’.
•    Now add the image for your product. After this start adding the actual content for your course. Once everything is done, save it.
•    Your course is ready now.

Kajabi lets you create a fully fledged course in few minutes if you have all the content for your course ready. It is simple then you have imagined.

Kajabi Vs Thinkific – In the Search of Excellence: Which is the Best? : eAskme

Adding a course to Thinkific is also pretty simple. You just need to click on ‘Add New Course’ button and start customizing the course accordingly. The new chapters, content, and media can be added easily to the course.

Email Marketing

The email marketing feature of Kajabi is just fabulous. It is intuitive and really very easy to be used by a user. It allows you creating the opt-in forms and customize its fields too. Moreover, you can setup the email broadcasts in email sequence as well.

Thinkific also allows top send the email marketing newsletters to your subscribers and inform them about the new additions and classes. It lacks the intuitiveness like that of Kajabi.

Landing Pages

Kajabi has a plenty to offer to its users. It has over 20 responsive landing page themes that too have sub-themes which can be chosen by the users according to the needs. Its landing page themes are elegant and as gorgeous as its website themes. They tend to bring more conversions.

Kajabi Vs Thinkific – In the Search of Excellence: Which is the Best? : eAskme
Thinkific landing pages also tend to bring the conversions for the users. It has a decent collection of landing pages, but lacks the elegance. Moreover, not all its landing pages are responsive.

Kajabi Vs Thinkific – In the Search of Excellence: Which is the Best? : eAskme


Though Kajabi comes packed with an exclusive range of features, but you can still get plenty more through different third party tools it offers to you.  Google Analytics, Convertkit, Drip, and many other tools can be integrated with Kajabi on demand.

Kajabi Vs Thinkific – In the Search of Excellence: Which is the Best? : eAskme

Thinkific is also not far behind when it comes to third party integration. It also has plenty of third-party apps to be integrated with its platform.


Kajabi has three major plans to offer to its users – Basic, Pro, and Premium. The minimal plan starts from $103/month. Though you can create limited courses with the Basic and Pro plans, the unlimited courses can be created using the Premium plan. A number of extra benefits can be utilized on choosing the premium plan billed at $719/month.

Kajabi Vs Thinkific – In the Search of Excellence: Which is the Best? : eAskme

Thinkific has 4 major plans to offer to its users – Starter, Essentials, Business, and Advanced. Its starter package is absolutely free. You can opt for other packages depending on your need.

Kajabi Vs Thinkific – In the Search of Excellence: Which is the Best? : eAskme

The Final Choice

Though there are plenty of features that are left unexplored, but these features are good enough to bring you to a decision. Both Kajabi and Thinkific are great tools, but Kajabi has a slight edge over Thinkific when it comes to the intuitive dashboard, landing pages, and integrations. Moreover, Kajabi has attracted large customers in just small interval of time. The reason for this popularity has been commendable services provided by Kajabi since its launch. It is now your turn to decide which one is the best.
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How to make money with Whatsapp Status

If you are using a smartphone then Whatsapp is the app that you must be aware of. This is one of the most common app that you can find in every single smartphone. WhatsApp has started a trend of free messaging and calls all over the world. WhatsApp even allows you to make video calls now.

Download and Install WhatsApp on Your PC

We all know the usage of WhatsApp, but today I am going to share one more thing which definitely grab your interest. This is that now you can even make money with best whatsapp status.

How to make money with Whatsapp Status:

How to make money with Whatsapp Status : eAskme
How to make money with Whatsapp Status : eAskme
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Join is a global WhatsApp status community. It allows you t share and create whatsapp status in different categories.

Whatsstatus has 50+ categories of whatsapp status.
  • Go to
  • Click on "Submit Status" in top right navigation to open signup page.
  • enter name, Email, Phone Number, password, Date of birth
  • Select Country
  • Click on "I Agree" checkbox
  • click on "Sign me Up!"
  • Click on the verification link to complete your signup process.
At you can add hundreds of New WhatsApp Status daily. They have pool of writers who write unique and new status. They have the largest collection of new WhatsApp Status on Internet and are adding hundreds of new status daily.

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Features of

1) At we add new status daily.
2) All our status are unique and new.
3) We have hundreds of writers associated with us who write and submit new status
4) We have more then 60 Status Categories like (Love, Sad, Funny, Breakup etc)

How helps you to make money writing WhatsApp Status:

If you are a writer or you wants to make money writing whatsapp status, then is for you.

They pay Rs 1/approved status for first 200 status. After that they pay Rs 2/Approved Status. There are people who have more than 700 approved status. SO that means you can earn good money by writing whatsapp status.

Read more : The Best WhatsApp Alternative

Do share if you like this new concept of making money online by writing whatsapp status. If you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.
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Use Online PDF to Word Converter for Best and Accurate Results

Your firm may be constantly getting PDF files from clients and coworkers. It needs special software (Acrobat Reader) for reading as well as editing. PDF file is best for exchanging and archiving. On the other hand, a word format allows you to extract the images and reuse them. Moreover, PDF files can be edited using Works tool because it is a more potent and flexible format in comparison. 
Use Online PDF to Word Converter for Best and Accurate Results : eAskme
Use Online PDF to Word Converter for Best and Accurate Results : eAskme

Storing all the PDF files on the computer can take up space but keeping in Word format enables to have a fast running computer. You can convert PDF to Word doc format using online toolkit.

Editing is easy

Use Online PDF to Word Converter for Best and Accurate Results : eAskme
Use Online PDF to Word Converter for Best and Accurate Results : eAskme
Using an online conversion tool kit allows you to convert PDF documents into Word easily. There is no need to download the app because the total conversion process can be conducted on the website of the provider. You even get to select multiple files for conversion. The execution is safely conducted without any hassle. You can either have the files converted from PDF to Word or vice versa. 

Word is a potent document editor with compositional tools and intuitive formatting features. Using DOC. format edit the large portion of texts, adjust font size and style, change page flow and more. After editing the Word file, you can convert it back into PDF format and share it (if necessary). 

In a PDF file, the images are embedded but converting it into a Doc format allows you to remove and recycle the images.

How to convert PDF to Word format online?

Easy sign up
Signing up for any conversion tool providing platform online is not difficult. You can sign up and start using the valuable features in minutes. Online PDF to Word and Word to PDF converter program work perfectly. You will enjoy uninterrupted performance enhancing your confidence level. Practical use allows you to know the actual benefits of converter provider website. It helps to maintain optimistic approach towards your work.

Benefits you acquire
Using online converter provides the following benefits -

·         To get all parts of large webpage is difficult but the online converter website provides screenshots for that large webpage using web to PDF conversion

·         PDF files can instantly be turned into a JPG format thus saving time in searching and downloading an applicable converter

·         Saves the hassle of handling multiple files because you can blend multiple files in a single PDF file. Thus managing the documents accurately becomes easy.

Thus, you can see that an online converter website is available with helpful utilities necessary to maintain the optimistic outlook. In addition, the conversion quality is very high and each data is converted perfectly without any errors.

Common conversion toolkit includes

·         Document into PDF conversion
·         Blending multiple files into a single PDF format
·         Web pages into PDF files
·         PDF to Word conversion
·         Excel & images conversion

There is no need to download and install any kind of software. Thus, get registered in minutes and manage your conversion efficiently at modest cost.

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Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging

Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskmeBeing a professional blogger and affiliate marketer is not only my work but it is fun for me. It not only give me money but also give me everything that money can buy. When it comes to make money online, there are millions of people who are still not aware about how to do that. Being a blogger I know that it is more fun when you make $50-$100 everyday just by working for few hours. So I have more time to enjoy with my family and friends.

It is the dream of every newbie blogger to make few hundred dollars every month. But it is not easy in the beginning, as you have to establish your blog and make it popular to gain authority. Today I am going to share about How I make $50 to $100 everyday just by working few hours. Let`s see how I do it.

Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging:

Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskme
Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskme

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Blogging has changed my life in a completely new way. I not only enjoy the boss free life but also enjoy the money. I also teach others how they can make money online and make money like me.

1) Sponsored Post/Reviews:

Sponsored Post : Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskme has gained an authority and that is why I am getting tons of requests from businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs to write/publish sponsored posts and Sponsored reviews on Depending on the category and content I charge them $50--$100 for each article they post on

Making money with sponsored posts take time. To get sponsored posts on your blog, the first thing you need is to make your blog popular and the second thing is gain huge traffic and a good number of followers. Then you will start getting sponsored review invitation and this way you can make $50 to $100 everyday.

So you see this one way makes me good money.

2) Affiliate Sales:

Affiliate Sales Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskme

I have already shared about what is affiliate marketing and what is the importance of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing helps me to generate good money which can be anything between $10-$200 per sale. I promote various products on my blog which I believe help my readers. 

Guide : CPA Vs. Affiliate Marketing: A Beginners Guide

Making money from affiliate sales depend upon how good you are to promote affiliate products, which products you choose to promote and what is the interest of your readers. if you promote the products which are helpful for your readers then you it will be really easy for you to make $100 everyday from blogging.

3) Domain & Hosting:

Domain & Hosting Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging: eAskme

I also sale domain and web hosting space. It helps me to make good money. I can easily make $10 to $100 when I sale domain or web hosting space. If you also want to buy a domain then Ask me.

Read more: How to Start Domain and Webhosting Company

I have already shared about how you can start your domain and web hosting business.

4) Web-Designing:

Web-Designing Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskme

I am also a professional web designer and I offer my services to create or edit websites. Creating websites or editing them is really a fun work. I create websites and even sell mockups. It help me make $200-$1000 per month.

Helpbooks : 
How to design a successful logo
How to Start a Web Design Project
Design effective logo in 2016

If you know how to design websites then you can make money by working as a freelancer or even work in a company.

5) Blog Consultancy and Blog Coaching:

Blog Consultancy and Blog Coaching Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskme

I am running Blog Consultancy and Blog coaching services. People learn blogging online from me and pay me. I have created various courses of Blogging, which I have categorized in Basic, Advanced and Platinum level.

It helps me make $200-$1000 every month.

6) Adsense : 

Adsense Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskme
Adsense is definitely the first love in the life of every blogger. But due to their own reasons they pay very less to blogs in India as compared to blogs in USA or Europe. But still people can make good money if they have good traffic from other countries. There are people who make $100 to $5,00,000 from Adsense. There is no doubt that Adsense can also make you $100 everyday.

7) Ebooks:

Ebooks Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskme
Writing an e-book can be time consuming but it offer great rewards. No matter you write a long ebook or a short one, if the book you write is valuable for your readers and tell them how they can get the things done in their lives than you can easily sale website. I have also created Adsense guide eBook which is selling on good rate.

8) Selling websites/ Blogs

Selling websites/ Blogs Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskme

Selling websites and blogs is a good way to make money online. I create blogs for others and sell them on a good rate. I have recently sold a blog for $1000 which is a good way to make money.

but you should remember that before selling a blog you have to work on it and make it gain a good ranking.

9) Ghostwriting, Article Writing/Guest Posts:

Ghostwriting, Article Writing/Guest Posts Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskme
There are opportunities like article writing and guest posts which helps me to make money blogging. I usually get invites to write paid guest posts and write articles for other blogs as ghostwriter. Ghostwriting pays me good money, as when I give my article to a person I will give him full authority to publish that article on his name and in return he pays me $70 to $1000 per article.

10) eAskme Affiliate program:

eAskme affiliate program Secret : How I make $50-100 everyday from Blogging : eAskme
eAskme affiliate program also help me and those who work as an affiliate for me to make good money. In easkme affiliate program, affiliate marketer needs to promote products and services of and in return get a commission between 20%-50%. This way I have so many affiliate who work for me when a sale happen we all make money.

There are many more ways that helps me to make money and I make $50-$100 everyday blogging. The one thing that you should know here is that blogging is not a work for me, It is my hobby and passion. When you make your passion your work then noone can stop you from being successful and earn good money. So these is a part of my secret about How I make $50-$100 everyday.

Do share how you make money and what you want to do to make more money. If you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Create Free Online Shop with ezebee

Do you want to make money? Well, we are keep taking about this from long time. So you may wonder whats new here this time. Why Today I am again writing about this topic because there is one more wonderful way to make money online. If you are a startup or small business who want to create free online shop then ezebee is for you.
Create Free Online Shop with ezebee
create Free Online Shop with ezebee : eAskme


ezebee is a leading cloud-based, social-commerce platform designed to help small and medium-sized businesses. The main goal is to offer online business owners worldwide free access to their own website including an international marketplace to sell directly to online buyers.

You can find DIY products, travel and leisure activities, alternative transport and various courses increasing on the platform.

In 2016 released a complete relaunch, with an up-to-date technical platform, latest social-commerce Features and a clear “mobile first” strategy.

Create Free Online Shop with ezeebee review : eAskme
Create Free Online Shop with ezebee review : eAskme

How you can get benefit from ezebee:

As I have already mentioned that ezebee helps you to join free online marketplace. ezebee helps you to monetize your social presence and you can promote your products online even on your social profiles. ezebee also offers classified ads for you to create ads and share on the classified page of website.

Best thing is Selling :

Selling is the main goal of every online store and ezebee helps you in good way. It provide you access to global buyers, so you can sell your products worldwide. One more thing that I like about ezebee is that you can sell anything. So what are you waiting for. No matter you are at first step to become a startup or want to turn yourself into an entrepreneur and want to become a good seller. is here to help you always.

If you have any question about ezebee, feel free to ask me via comments.
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Top 5 Webinar Tools Review : Which Webinar Tool is Best?

Currently, a lot of companies are coming up with complete webinar solutions. These webinar tools are of great importance to corporations that function on a multinational scale. Here’s something about the top 5 webinar solutions available today.
Top 5 Webinar Tools Review: Which Webinar Tool is best? : eAskme
Top 5 Webinar Tools Review: Which Webinar Tool is best? : eAskme
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GetResponse Webinar Tool:GetResponse is the first ever e-mail service provider that also has webinar tools. This enables you to have an all-round connectivity with your clients or audience. You can choose a title to go with your webinar URL which will help your clients to access or remember it more easily. The webinar can even be scheduled in 3 minutes or less.

·         Decide your URL visibility:The URL can be open to everyone or you can have it password protected. Also the URLs are SSL-encrypted which ensures good security. 

·         Pre-designed invitation portfolio: GetResponse allows you to send e-mail invites and reminders from a pre-designed template list. These templates are bound to get the attention of your client. Another feature, the “auto-login hash” allows your clients to enter the webinar directly by clicking or tapping it without logging in!

·         Get your word out:The audience can connect using social media sites namely Facebook and twitter. To enhance interaction, you can send videos, files, images etc. The chat feature can be used to have private conversations during the webinar for better communication.

·         Total immersive experience for the audience:with interactive features such as polls, media, chat, whiteboards and YouTube video sharing, you can have the clients actively participate and enjoy the learning experience to its full potential.

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AnyMeeting:AnyMeeting is another site which provides a webinar tool. Custom registration forms can be given out based on your need of information about the attendees. Your AnyMeeting account can be connected to any business app such as e-mail marketing or CRM platforms with ease, giving you complete integration with your business.

·         Visibility:You can increase your visibility via social media site integration on Facebook and twitter. Also, a custom brand and logo will be provided so that you may stand out.

·         Attendee waiting room:A special feature, the “green room” allows you to prepare with your co-presenters while you message the attendees to wait for you in the waiting room.

·         Interactive:Apart from providing services like presentation sharing and polling and recording the webinar, upto 1,000 attendees can be accommodated in a webinar!

GoTo Webinars: The GoTo team’s motto for its webinar tool is “Turn a presentation into a conversation and a conversation into a sale. So basically their webinar tool is targeted at marketing.

·         Reach worldwide audience: With GoTo you can reach a worldwide audience and can attend from anywhere. You can record your presentation and have a wider audience avail it.

·         Analyze every move: analyze your webinar data to constantly make it better.

·         Put life into your presentation:Polls, surveys, Q&A allow you to interact with the audience and make sure your message reaches everyone.

·         Share content: Hangouts can be given out so that the audience has material to understand the contents of the webinar.

·         Customizable registration forms: This feature allows you to get the exact information you need from the attendees.

Adobe Connect:Adobe offers a webinar tool with a little of their own recipe. This results in a very rich yet simple experience, with features such as built-in analytics, high quality visual data interpretation and easy registrations.

·         Active audience immersion: There are multiple interactivity options such as video and audio conferencing. Mobile audience can also reap the same benefits.

·         Registrations: Easy registrations with customizable registration forms, template contents for re-use, reminders, confirmation and ad-hoc e-mails.

·         Dynamic nature of events: customizable environment designs, self-branding of URLs and landing page controls give a very unique experience for both the user and the audience

Join.Me:Simplicity and speed is the way to go for and their webinar tool.

·         Seamless association: it is very easy and simple to connect with and use. It can be used to connect the whole organization and external clients too.

·         No hassle for IT: secure connections and no need for training makes it easier for your IT department to handle without compromising on features.

·         Free audio conferencing: offers unlimited voice conferencing using VOIP.

·         Mobile meetings: Mobile meetings can be done without much ado and in high quality.

Which Webinar Tool is best?
Now, the question is ‘Which of the webinar tools is the best?’  It’s a tough choice considering all of them have almost every feature that one could require for a webinar. But there has to be a winner since this is business we’re talking about. Let’s compare them based on certain important aspects.

Simplicity and ease of access:The easiest to use and understand webinar tool is the GetResponse. The other sites give you many features to customize just about everything but GetResponse just lays it out for you in just two steps. I daresay you may be able to try it with your eyes closed (just kidding, with one eye closed). 

Invites and Reminders: Adobe, AnyMeeting, and GetResponse offer custom branding to your URLs for a unique feel to it. But GetResponse goes the extra mile with custom templates for invitations and reminders that really catch your eye.

Interface: GetResponse allows you to completely customize the event to keep the audience engaged with chat, polls, screen sharing, whiteboards and youtube videos. Adobe also offers a fully customizable live environment and a landing page.

Webinar Analysis: GetResponse pulls out all stops on this one. You can view webinars instantly, analyze attendees list and track how many registrants actually attended. Every other company offers some features but not as much as GetResponse.

Cost: You may be wondering why I hadn’t mentioned the most important factor before this when I mentioned this is a business thing. Well obviously for dramatic effect.

GetResponse comes out on top in this category too. At $799/month you get the following benefits:
1.      E-mail marketing
2.      Autoresponders 2.0
3.      Landing page (pro)
4.      Dedicated account manager
5.      Dedicated infrastructure
6.      2+ dedicated IP addresses
7.      Max mailout performance
8.      Deliverability consulting
9.      10 users
10.  100,000+ list size
So here’s the verdict:
GetResponse wins the battle of webinar tools with ease considering the quality and quantity of the service being offered at their price. The other competitors do have unique tricks up their sleeves, but GetResponse just draws them all out.
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