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What is eAskme All About : Infographic

eAskme | How to : Ask Anything & get Answer of Everything
eAskme | How to : What is eAskme
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What is eAskme ?

eAskme | How to

eAskme is a Blog dedicates to the solutions of all worldwide issues on How To. Readers can ask anything by making comments or filling "Ask Your question form" that is available at the top of the eAskme blog. It also give details about how everything happen in virtual world.

Content of eAskme 

eAskme answer everything regarding technology, blogging, domain registration, Google tips, Analytics, Adsense, Alexa, Ranking, Traffic, Earning money, Health, Facebook, Apps, Android, Dating, Relationship, Widgets, How to, Wordpress, Youtube and much more. To get answers of anything you just need to search on eAskme or you can ask by filling "Ask Your Question" form, that is available at the top of the
Learn Blogging with eAskme 

You can easily learn Blogging, and how to monetize their blogs and get traffic by reading posts under Blogger tab of It tells everything about making blog getting traffic, monetization and being popular.

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Blogging is my life, Adsense was my Girlfriend, Affiliate Marketing is my Wife

Do you want to know the secret ingredient of my life? Here is the answer, Blogging is my life, Adsense was my girlfriend, and Affiliate marketing is my life. Now you may ask what, why and how?

I will explain this to you in this post.

But first you need to understand;
Blogging is my life, Adsense was my Girlfriend, Affiliate Marketing is my wife: eAskme
Blogging is my life, Adsense was my Girlfriend, Affiliate Marketing is my wife: eAskme
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This word has changed how humans are utilizing internet these days.

In the beginning, people were using blogs as an online journal or personal diary. They write everything that has happened in the current day and what they have to do in next day.

But with the time, Blogging has grown, and marketers found great potential in it. These days not just internet marketers but personal bloggers also taking birth as mushrooms. Blogging is a necessary part of digital marketing.

Blogging is my life, Why and How?

There was a time when I was working as millions of other people these days. Blogging has entitled me to so many benefits that I was not able to gain in any job, such as;
  1. Boss free life
  2. My own business
  3. Time freedom
  4. Location Freedom
  5. Financial freedom
There was a time when my life was running from home to office and office to the house. I was working for long hours and still have to listen to many things. Even when I was a top performer in office, it never helped me gain much. Blogging has helped me not only to be my boss and live a boss-free life.

For an ordinary person, it is not easy to start a business. Usually, the company needs a lot of investment and knowledge.

But blogging has helped me to establish my own blogging business. With just little investment of around 100 dollars, a person can start blogging.

Complete freedom:

If you work in an office or even in a business, you can never feel complete freedom as you have to work every day to earn. But in blogging, you can make money while sleeping.

Blogging has helped to overcome the worries of money. It has made me earn the freedom to work from anywhere I want and whenever I want.

Now I make money blogging, even when I work 30 minutes.

Blogging has changed my identity. It has turned me from an employee to an entrepreneur. I have discovered the way to earn not just money but name and fame also.

Now you know me as a professional blogger.

I start my day with blogging and sleep after checking my blog status.

Adsense was my life, why and how?

We all work for money.

When a newbie thinks of monetizing his blog the very first thing he dreams about is getting Adsense approval.


Adsense is the best and high paying contextual ad network. It is the network that pays a blogger more than any system if utilized correctly.

Adsense has helped blogger who is making millions of dollars every month.

But, you can only make good money with Adsense when you have a tremendous amount of traffic with the people who click on your ads.

At the beginning of my blogging journey, I was genuinely in love with Google Adsense.

Google Adsense was the network that paid me the very first check of $553.

I have made almost 100k in 4 months with Adsense. I have made that much because the 90% of my site traffic was from the USA. But Adsense started paying less in Asian countries.

Every year bloggers are facing a decrease in Adsense earning even when the traffic is same.

Adsense was my most favorite girlfriend, but soon I realized that it is not enough for me.

In 2015, I broke up with Adsense on my main site.

I am still using Adsense on my other blogs, but definitely, I do not love it and cannot consider it my girlfriend.

Affiliate Marketing is my wife, How and Why?

At the beginning of 2014, I started discovering other ways to monetize my blogs.

I have checked many Adsense alternatives and even used Bing Ads.

One day I learned word affiliate marketing and started digging for more.

Soon I understood that Affiliate marketing is the only solution to my broken heart.

I have chased affiliate marketing on many sites and learned many things.

It was the time when I realized that I should approach Affiliate Marketing.

I joined Shareasale, Clickbank, and CJ.

Joined some affiliate programs and within three months my Affiliate earning has crossed my earning from Adsense.

I finally committed myself to Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is like the right wife that stays with me even in the hard times. It works for me and cares about me even when I am sleeping.

It was affiliate marketing that makes me achieve financial freedom with the help of blogging.

Now I am a man of my own life.

I live as I want, work as much as I want, whenever I want and from wherever I want.

I am earning money, but now I am not chasing it because my life (Blogging) and my wife (affiliate marketing) bringing cash to me.

And not just the money but I have made some 100’s of quality friends such as Ryan Biddulph, Donna Merrill, Janice Wald, Cori Ramos and more.

What I am doing these days:

Now I am living my blogging life happily with my wife affiliate marketing in a way that most people just dream.

I now just teach people how to make their life better with the help or internet and how to make money online but also counting all the blessings that I am getting from my readers, fans, and followers.

I always loved the idea to become a mentor and blogging has helped me to become one. I am more than satisfied when I see that my efforts are assisting the millions to make their way in the online world and boost their career.

Thanks to all of you. Thanks to all who stand beside me. I also thank all those who have criticized me because you have helped me to understand what you needed from me.

This is for all:

Stay with me till the end of my life, because I count your blessing. I appreciate the time and words you share with me or my blogs.

If you connect with me, I will connect with you.

Do share about your life! Are you happy with what you are doing? What is your love or goal in life?

Do share your story with me, via comments.

Do you want to stay tuned with eAskme:

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How I Made $12,000 Without Google Adsense : eAskme Income Report

There is no doubt that when a person becomes a blogger, his/her very first goal is to get Adsense approval so that he can make money from blogging. But Adsense is not the only way a person can monetize his/her blogs.

I have many blogs on which Adsense is working great.

But today I am going to share how I made $12,000 this month even without Adsense.

If you have any doubt than check this also : is it possible to make money without Adsense?

Like previous months, this is the time, when I share my blog traffic and earning report. Publishing monthly income & traffic report not only help to motivate but also shows transparency.

How I Made $12,000 Without Google Adsense : eAskme Income Report
How I Made $12,000 Without Google Adsense : eAskme Income Report
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From last few months I was so busy in everything that I was not able to share monthly income reports. But now I am sharing my eAskme income report of August 2016, but in this report I am not including the earning of Adsense.

How I Made $12,000 Without Google Adsense : eAskme Income Report August 2016:

August was a good month in terms of money and followers. as I got various sponsored posts which helped me make over $2300. Also my blog consultancy service and Ultimate Premium Lifestyle course has helped me to earn a lot from new blogs and websites.

    eAskme Domain service: $750
    Affiliate marketing: $4680
    Clickbank: $900
    Sponsored Posts: $2300 Affiliate Program: $50
    FameThemes: $65
    Dreamhost Affiliate Program: $100
    Hostgator Affiliate program: $100
    WordPress Theme development & Customization: $600
    WordPress SEO Service: $200
    Siteground Hosting Affiliate: $150
    Socialoomph Affiliate Program: $50
    ManageFlitter Twitter tool: $160
    Blog Consultancy: $1000
    MyThemeShop WordPress Theme: $40
    ShareAsale: $300
   Ultimate Premium Lifestyle course : $800

Total Earning = $12,245 ( 7,83,680 INR)

I also like to share a good news with all my readers that I am building a new house which is actually gonna cost me $50,000 USD.

In September, I am more excited to make more money blogging, as you know building a house octs good money. It is always necessary for a blogger to keep learning and keep implementing new things. eAskme team is working on new eAskme.

You can subscribe to eAskme Email newsletter or like us on facebook to stay tuned with updates and offers.

Do share your learning and achievements. If you find this article helpful, don`t forget to share on Facebook, twitter or Google Plus.
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Write for eAskme : Join eAskme

eAskme is a fastest growing community of eAskers and As a community blog, we encourage all bloggers to contribute original articles, and present in front of world. The purpose is to share your talent, help you to reach out to a new audience and give something to the community.

eAskme is online since 2014, and is most-popular How To blog in India, online marketing niche and blogging. More than 100+ bloggers have contributed here at eAskme, and you can also be one of them. Here I let you know some tips before you contribute an article, which will ensure that your article submission gets fast approval.

How you can become a eAskme contributor?

Anyone, but before I help you to get started by becoming a contributor on my blog, here are some of the stats of eAskme:

    At the time of writing eAskme and Alexa rank is 178K. We have over 100,000+ people subscribed on various medium (RSS, Email, Facebook, Twitter) and we get around 6000 PV daily.
    Fastest growing blog.
    1 of the top websites in India.

And, it took lots of work to build this authority and ranking. And, I expect anyone who wish to be a contributor on eAskme to maintain better authority and quality. Anyone can become a regular contributor at eAskme, and here are some of the tips which will help you to get your article published on eAskme:

    First check out first few pages to understand what kind of articles we publish here, and what kind of articles users engage with more.

    Write a content which is primarily focused on quality and adding value to the content. Remember, best article is when it teaches anything, do research, add facts and experience.

    You have to be genuine to write and share for eAsker community.

    Here are few of the categories that we accept article from. Do remember to do a search at eAskme, to avoid submitting already published ideas.
  •     Everything that come under How To.
  •     Blogging Tips, Blogging and Internet Tools, Marketing and everything which you can think of.
  •     WordPress Themes and Plugins.
  •     Online business.
  •     Make money online ideas and tips.
  •     Social media marketing, Inbound marketing, Online marketing.
  •     Technology article.
  •     SEO Software’s, Tools, Case study.
  •     Motivational topics, Art of living, Inspirational, .

Things to remember before submitting your article:

    Credit : eAskme respect individual work and If you get idea from someone else`s work then do give credit. Write an original content, which is written specifically for eAskme audience.
    Article Quality: Article should be a minimum of 2000 words and should cover all details of the topics. Quality is the major consideration. Also, you need to provide link back to the article you publish on
    Screenshots + Videos : A good images can speak thousand words. Add images according to your content.
    Self promotion : We don’t allow any back links or any thing of that sort. You will get a chance to promote yourself by contributing post to eAskme.
    Copyright :   We respect everyone work. If we found out that you have copied post from somewhere. You will be banned.
    Comment : Answer all comments related to your post.
    Links : All links will be nofollow

How to Contribute your post at eAskme?

If you have understood the above mentioned guidelines, you can submit the article. You can simply write an email to, and submit your article. You can always discus topic before submitting by sending an eMail to

Content will not be deleted once published as it will become the property of

In case if you have any query regarding article at eAskme, do let us know via contact form.
Follow us: @vhowtodo on Twitter |   eAskme on Facebook

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eAskme Android App

I am so glad to officially announce the launch of very first version of eAskme Android App. There is a huge growth in the users of smartphones in last couple of years. From some time I was thinking to launch android app of eAskme to target smartphone users.

eAskme Android App : eAskme
eAskme Android App : eAskme
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Now eAskme app is live for you on Google Play Store.

Earlier I tried some free options to develop free android app for eAskme. But soon I realized that free android app tools are not enough for eAskme. eAskme is now a well known brand. So now we are offering android app for android users.

Download eAskme Android App

This is the very first version of eAskme android app. It`s absolutely free. Developer has released this app with basic functionality and soon we will add more functions and options. You can download the eAskme android app from Google play store.

What you get in eAskme Android app?

Currently we are keeping things really simple for our readers. On eAskme app you will get the same look of eAskme mobile version and easily access all the information that you get on Start with logo, load all the topics and articles.

You can also access pages, contact form and subscription form to subscribe or contact eAskme team.

If you still don`t know what is eAskme click here.

So now you cannot only reach easkme through your browser but also get latest updates and stay tuned with us using our android app.

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Gaurav Kumar : My Blogging Journey So Far (spent $71,339)

Today is another good day in my blogging journey got paid $250 to ride just 250KMS on my own bike.

Thanks to all my readers.

After completing 4 years as a professional Blogger. I have decided to write my own blogging journey to help others to start blogging as a very serious career choice. This can be boring or a bit lengthy, as this is about me and my journey as a professional blogger till now.

People are asking me that how much I am earning, here I am sharing what I have spend, to help you find the answer.

What I have earned other than money in 3 years:

My monthly expenses are around $1100. I must tell you that I do not include my investments in this. Other than that I have earned.
  1. Acer ultraslim Laptop worth $530 (2015)

  2. Tvs Motorcycle worth $1000 (2015)

  3. Acer Laptop worth $500 (2016)

  4. House Renovation cost $12528 (2016)

  5. Kawasaki z250 worth $5481 (2017)

  6. Tvs Jupiter worth $800 (2017)

  7. Tata Tigor Car worth $10,900 (2017)
Now you know that I have spend almost 2026756 Rupees ($31739) on regular expenses in 3 years and 2026756 Rupees ($39600) to buy above things.

That means I have spent almost $71339 in 3 years.
So if you are one of those passionate people who love blogging then you should read it, otherwise, you can check out the other topics of AskMe. This post is all about how I started professional blogging and how I have created a network of blogs and one after another successful blog.

A Little About Me:

I have already written a lot about me on “about me” page. For new readers, I am Gaurav Kumar, Founder of eAskme. By education, I am an art student and by profession, I am a professional blogger. Today I will explain my story and you will know the important time of my blogging journey as a professional blogger. Getting back to my educational background, I had completed my graduation in ARTS stream in (2010).

Gaurav Kumar : My Blogging Journey So Far : eAskme
Gaurav Kumar : My Blogging Journey So Far : eAskme
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My Blogging Journey : From Start

First three months of blogging:

I started blogging just to try new things to make money online. In September of 2013, I started my first blog on the BlogSpot platform which was related to news. I was sharing worldwide news, events and author views. I got a lot of appreciation on my blog from people around the globe. I purchased a domain and hosting from Hostgator and migrated my blogspot blog to WordPress

Selecting a domain name + Hosting

By the first four months, I understood the importance of branding in the online world. I bought a domain and hosting from Hostgator because of their best service. Here is the complete domain name guide for you to help to choose the domain name.

How my niche changed?

In the beginning on eAskme, I was writing about only tech stuff that you may have seen on other blogs also, but later I started writing about my own experiences, Blogging, Wordpress, money making tips and designing tips.

As I started writing everything that I have learned from my own experience, people started liking my blog.

My First Income:

As I mentioned, I started blogging just to try new things. I had no idea how to make money with Adsense ow what is SEO. I was just a hobby blogger. After some time I have learned about AdSense one of the most popular contextual ad network.

I read a lot of blogs about SEO and experimenting everything. I still remember how I earned my first $20 from Chitika. That was the very first online income I had received; after that, I started using Adsense and it turned me to make $500 in the very first month.

See : Make $100 Per day with Adsense

Hobby blogger to Professional blogging:

Back in June of 2013, I quit full time job and started working as a professional blogger. It was not an easy decision for me as the hardest thing was to convince my family. But I made my decision and started working for what I liked to do. I started making good money to fulfill my daily needs and to make some good investment. I have created my very own blogging business plan and I decided to take eAskme to the next level.

I have just purchased Kawasaki Z250 Super Naked Street fighter worth $5,481.

Partnership with another Blogger:

Around January of 2014, I partnered with a Mohali-based blogger to take our blogging journey to next level, but things didn’t come up in a good way so I moved back to my own blogging goals. So I always suggest you avoid partnership as it hardly lasts.

My Venture:

Till now my vision and dream and vision are to make blogging a full-time career choice and most popular online business in India. I have big dreams about my blogs and I will surely touch them with my dedication and love of my readers.

Current Blog Network:

I am currently managing many blogs on my network. It is not an easy task to work on multiple blogs and maintain a strong social media presence these days. You need to establish a team of professionals who can work on all blogs with complete dedication. What I look in a person before hiring is that he should do blogging for passion not just for money.

I divide work in my team and set the target for them to achieve. I usually work on promoting 3-4 blogs at a time. This includes writing social media presence, commenting, guest posts etc.
At this moment we have following blogs in our network:

eAskme, iOS Crunch, WikiHealthBlog,are few of my latest examples.

Future Plans:
It is the dream of every company to grow as big as it can be and cover maximum market share. But the biggest problem is to find the best team. Your team determines the future of your online company or business. Currently, I am setting up the plan for my online business.
Earning from Blogging:

"Earning" this word is the most interesting part of the life of a professional blogger. If I never quit my job then maybe earning only $5000-$10,000 per year. But with blogging and with my other online activities, I am making more than $50K every year, which is a good reason to quit my job.

The very best thing I like about blogging is that I am my own boss now. I work whenever I want and work on what I love to do. I am sharing my story so you should take blogging seriously and make your decision.

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What’s Next for eAskme?

We will keep evolving as blogs to teach technology, learn to blog, SEO, WordPress, Hosting and how you can make money from home. I am offering personal blog consultancy program now to provide my services to those who want to learn blogging or want to make money blogging.

Subscribe eAskme newsletter to get latest updates from me.

You can join me on Facebook or  Twitter.

I have written this post because many people were asking a little background about me, and about eAskme. I will be sharing more posts on how my team works, and how you can grow along with eAskme. Meanwhile, do share if you have any feedback for eAskme or for me?
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Biggest Giveaway of 2018: Win Tata Tigor Stylish Sedan worth ($10,000) for free with eAskme

If I talk about something that people are more interested than anything else than it is the Giveaway. Festival season is on and people are participating in various giveaways to win various things such as gadgets, money, property, cars etc.

Do you want to win a car for free?

No one can say no.

The car is not just a need but also known as the status symbol. No matter you are a child, a young person or an old person, cars are the most attractive part of people of any age group.

Biggest Giveaway: Win Tata Tigor Stylish Sedan with eAskme: eAskme
Biggest Giveaway: Win Tata Tigor Stylish Sedan with eAskme: eAskme
Keeping that in mind, eAskme launching the biggest Giveaway in the history of blogging.

This is the only giveaway that can help you win a stylish sedan car.

Here is your chance to win a stylish Tata Tigor XZ(O) worth $10,000.

Now you may want to know more about the Tata Tigor and this giveaway.

First, let me tell you about the car.

Tata Tigor: Style is back again

Biggest Giveaway: Win Tata Tigor Stylish Sedan with eAskme

Tata Motors is a well known auto company. It sells cars, trucks and other vehicles worldwide.

Tata Motors has launched Tata Tigor is the 1st StyleBack with revolutionary and stunning design.

Features of Tata Tigor (XO):


Biggest Giveaway: Win Tata Tigor Stylish Sedan with eAskme

  • First Styleback
  • 15 inch Dual Tone Alloy Wheels*
  • Signature Split LED Tail lamps
  • Smoked Projector Headlamps
  • High-mounted LED Stop Lamp

Biggest Giveaway: Win Tata Tigor Stylish Sedan with eAskme
  • Premium Dual-tone Interiors
  • Premium Inviting Interior Design
  • Indulgently Comfortable Seats
  • Intelligent Designed Utility Spaces


Biggest Giveaway: Win Tata Tigor Stylish Sedan with eAskme
  • Advanced Next-Gen 1.2L Revotron Petrol engine
  • Multi Drive Modes (Eco and City)
  • Dual path suspension in front and rear
  • Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS)

Next-Gen technology:

Biggest Giveaway: Win Tata Tigor Stylish Sedan with eAskme

  • Reverse parkeing camera and sensors
  • Premium infotainment system by Harman
  • Best in class 8 speaker
  • Steering mounted controls
  • Dual frontbags
Biggest Giveaway: Win Tata Tigor Stylish Sedan with eAskme

  • Voice recognition
  • ABS and EBD
  • Corner Stability Program
  • Robust body structure

Premium Comfort:

Biggest Giveaway: Win Tata Tigor Stylish Sedan with eAskme
  • Automatic climate control
  • Best in class AC
  • Rear armrest
  • Best boot space
  • Adjustable driver seat
  • Adjustable ORVM
  • Charging points read and front
Now just these features but I am giving you a big reason to own this car and that is, I am giving you it absolutely free.

How to Participate to Win Tata Tigor Stylish Sedan with eAskme

It is really easy to participate in this contest.
  • Contest starting from 27-December-2017.
  • Winner will be announced on 14th May, 2018
All you need is to follow 5 easy steps.
  1.  Subscribe Free eAskme newsletter : Click Here. Once subscribe you will recieve and email to verify your subscription. Click on the verification link and you are in.

  2.  Like us on Facebook

  3.  Visit eAskme daily to check latest posts

  4.  Comment on the posts

  5.  Spend as much time as you can on eAskme
  6.  Also Visit Tata Motor Page
The more you engage or spend time on, the more chances you have to win Tata Tigor car.

So you see, these are the 5 easy steps that will help you to win a sedan car and save $10,000.

What can be more attractive than winning a car.

Remember: The more time you spend on eAskme, the more chances you have to win Tata Tigor.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.
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How I Made $1000 from a Single Post: You can also do it

We all want to make money and blogging is the asset that becomes a money making the machine in the right hands. There are thousands of bloggers who are making more than $1000 every day, still, there are many who are not even able to make one single dollar in the whole day.

When blogging is a perfect way to make money online, then why there is a huge difference between the earning of different bloggers?

The answer is, it totally depends on the mindset, skills, passion, and utilization.

 I have been asked by so many people that How I make huge money even when Adsense pays less in India and other Asian countries.

I have stopped publishing earning reports still if you check my old earning report you will see that I am not only earning with Adsense but making more money with Affiliate marketing.

How I Made $1000 from a Single Post : You can also do : eAskme
How I Made $1000 from a Single Post : You can also do : eAskme
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Now let`s stick to the topic. I know you also want to learn that how I have made $1000 from a single post.

Let me tell you everything from the beginning.

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you already know that I write for various businesses also. I review their product and share those review with my readers. This helps me to make good money other than Adsense, Yahoo and Affiliate programs.

How I Made $1000 from a Single Post : You can also do

Now let me tell you all the steps that helped me to make $1000 by publishing a single post on my blog.

1) Email of a Client:

How I Made $1000 from a Single Post : You can also do: eAskme

What is more happening than checking email inbox and find the emails of various clients. Every day I get so many emails from clients and other bloggers. Some offer ads or other monetizing options and some ask for work.

In this screenshot, you will see that I have been approached by a client. The client has also emailed me the product to download and test before writing a review.

To keep the identity and details of project confidential I hide the names of business and product.

2) Installed Product:
I have installed the product on my laptop and used every single option to find out how useful it is. I have also checked the popularity of the brand and since how long they are in business.

I liked the product and decided to talk about the price before start writing about the product.

3) Price Discussion:
I have sent the email to the client telling that I find product really helpful for my readers and Ready to publish the review article on my blog.

I told them that I have researched about the business and its online reputation. I have also mentioned that I know that the price the business will pay me according to the value of the brand.

4) Finalized the price:
The next day, I received an email from the client saying that the business can pay me $1000 for publishing and feature the article on my homepage for at least a week.

The offer was quite compelling. I accepted the offer and published the article.

5) Publish and Get Paid:

It took me 5 hours to write, analyze, publish and share it on my networks with my readers.

Do you know the best quality of a client, you need not to remind that client to pay you. The business has paid me within an hour. 

How I Made $1000 from a Single Post : You can also do : eAskme

So you see that I Made $1000 from a Single Post. This is what you can do also.

Not just that but the client has also shared my post on his network and it helped me gain more traffic.

But do you know that I actually made more than $1000 that day? I earned from affiliate sales and contextual ads also.

The total earning of the day was $1473.

So what you have learned from my experience about making $1000 in just one day with blogging:

1) How to make more money blogging

2) How to analyze the client reputation and ask for the price

3) Quick response to the client and quick result helps in quick payment

4) Build reputation among clients

5) You not just get money but traffic also.

Do you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments?

Don`t forget to share what you liked here on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more.

How do you make money online? What do you do to make more money every day? 
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How to Prepare YourSelf for First Stage Presentation

Have you ever been on the Stage? How will you feel if you have a chance to rock the stage? Stage presentation is always fun if you know how to enjoy it. It is the best way to showcase your own talent in front of the real audience who watch you and listen to you.
Prepare YourSelf for First Stage Presentation : eAskme
Prepare YourSelf for First Stage Presentation : eAskme
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But this is not funny thing, there are chances that it can be scary and go wrong if you are giving your first stage presentation. Mostly it happens because you don’t even prepare yourself for you very first stage presentation. If you rush on the stage it can make you look stupid, as within few minutes you will have nothing to speak about.

And this is where everyone notice an awkward silence.

It is really important to be ready and mentally accept this challenge before you go to the stage presentation, this will ensure that you end up speaking in a authoritative way so that your listener   can understand and trust on the words you are about to say.

It really doesn't matter were you are giving a stage, either at workshop or in college or in any summit.  It is really necessary that you prepare yourself before going to your first presentation.  After your very first stage presentation, you will learn many things.

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I started my journey as a speaker at very early age when I was at school. But as a Blogger my first stage presentation was at Professionals Meet in Community palace sector-47, Chandigarh.

After that, I never looked back and spoke at few other events till now.

I always recommend to be choosy when it comes to speak to an event. I have some secrets that never let me fail at any stage presentation.

At the very first time when I was standing as a professional blogger on the stage, it was because of my friend (Nikhil) who asked me to be a keynote speaker and I have accepted his offer to talk about Blogging at professional meet in Chandigarh.

This was the first event where I spoke about blogging and everything went as planned. I talked about my $200/month blog strategy and till the end of this event everyone was quite engaged and filled me with lots of questions. I believed that it was the first successful presentation about blogging.

Today I am going to share my presentation secret which will help you to prepare for presentation and make it most engaging.

Fear of stage : Overcome it

Performance anxiety or you can say stage fright is a very common phobia. It always happens when people have a chance to speak in front of gathering or camera. If you have stage fright it doesn't mean you can`t speak on stage there are many famous people who also had stage fright such as Richard Lewis, David Brenner etc.

Know your audience:

Haven`t I said it many times earlier? This is not only important for the success of your blog but also very critical aspect for the success of your first stage presentation. It will help you to choose right tone and topic for your first presentation. You can ask the organizer about the audience or look for the topics that audience like. After understanding what your audience like to listen next thing is to choose an engaging topic.

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Select Most Engaging Topic:

Focus on follwing things:
  •     Ask yourself, can you deliver the message?
  •     How can you relate your brand or yourself with the topic?
  •     Can you deliver your message in given time?
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Always choose your topic wisely.

Here are the most common question about blogging:
Practice and Practice:

I use pen-paper to outline ideas for my presentation to create a simple presentation. I also use video cam to record my presentation practice to find repeated lines, common lines, body language etc.

How recording helped me:
  •     Understand where I can get stuck and I can remove such slides.
  •     Notice and fix body language.
Practice in-front of the mirror:

Not only camera but Mirror is also friend of those who need practice. It help you understand and fix your facial expressions. Look at the mirror and practice. You will see the way how your facial expression changes. This will help you to eradicate funny emotions.

Tips and tricks for Excellent First Stage Presentation:

  •     Rehearse or Practice as it will boost your confidence to give actual presentation.
  •     Recording will help you to fix gesture and body action.
  •     Keep your presentation in the different formats to save it till presentation.
  •     Be alone for first 2 minutes before the presentation, stretch your body to reduce stress.
  •     Carry a glass of water.
  •     Start with questions, keep engaging your audience.
  •     Make it clear to the audience that you will give then time for questions to deliver uninterrupted presentation.
  •     Stay focused and confident about the topic. Outline the important words in paper.
  •     Never go off-topic.
  •     Never stand behind the presenter table.
  •     Never speak too fast.
  •     Listen carefully, take your time and answer questions effectively.
  •     Never use stop words.
  •     You are not here to impress people but to explain and deliver your message.
  •     Wear something presentable.
  •     Use real-life examples.
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If you follow above tips then you are always ready for your first presentation. If anytime you see that things are going wrong, don`t worry just take a pause, recollect yourself and again continue presentation. A bottle of water is your friend there.

Always remember.... 
"There Are No retakes"Tweet: There are no retakes.

I hope these tips and tricks will help you with your first presentation. If you still have some questions or tips, do share via comments. If you find these tips helpful, feel free to share on Google Plus, twitter and Facebook.
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Happy Birthday Gaurav Kumar, The Man Behind The Internet Power House

Happy Birthday Gaurav Kumar, The Man Behind The Internet Power House

You may have seen eAskme team wishing Happy Birthday to the celebrities, But that dosen`t mean that we do not celebrate the birthday of our fans and our team members.

Happy Birthday Gaurav Kumar, The Man Behind eAskme : The Internet Power House
Happy Birthday Gaurav Kumar, The Man Behind eAskme : The Internet Power House
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Today I Sona Mathews and all our eAskme team wishing Gaurav Kumar, the man behind this Internet power house eAskme, a Very happy Birthday.

"Gaurav Kumar", Very Happy Birthday To you....

It is an honor to be part of your team and we all wish both you and eAskme a prosperous year ahead. Thank you for helping us to stand in life and appreciate what we do.

"Happy Birthday to Gaurav Kumar, Man behind eAskme"

If you are a fan, follower and reader who get inspiration from eAskme, then feel free to wish Happy Birthday to Gaurav Kumar via comments.
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eAskme Giveaway Winner Announced: Win OnePlus 5 Smartphone with 8GB RAM Worth Rs 32,999

This is the era of Smartphone. From a kid to a 90 years old person, everyone wants a Smartphone. Not just because it looks cool, but also because Smartphone offers so many features that you cannot find in a mobile phone.

Giveaway: Win OnePlus 5 Smartphone with 8GB RAM Worth Rs 32,999 : eAskme
Giveaway: Win OnePlus 5 Smartphone with 8GB RAM Worth Rs 32,999 : eAskme

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Winner is Nisha Sharma

Congratulation: OnePlus5 Smartphone will be delivered within 3 Days.

We will soon launch another Giveaway.

If you want to know what the contest was all about check this.

There is a huge list of Smartphone available in the market. You may get confuse many times when you go to buy one for yourself or your friend or family.

You find various type of Smartphone:

  1.    Cheap but not good 2000-4000
  2.    Mid-range but lack of high functioning and high quality 5000-15000
  3.    High Range with all the high-quality features such as huge memory, huge RAM and longer talk time 15000-50000
Today I am going to make things easier for you.

I am going to offer you an absolutely free Giveaway sponsored by

In this Giveaway you have a chance to win a high in demand and high function Smartphone, OnePlus 5 worth Rs. 32,999 or $511.

eAskme Giveaway: Win OnePlus 5 Smartphone with 8GB RAM Worth Rs 32,999

Before I tell you how you can win this phone, let me tell you the features first.

OnePlus 5 Smartphone features:

  • OnePlus 5 comes with 5.5 inches and 1080P Full HD resolution.
  • 16MP camera, Dual Camera. Clearer Photos with (Portrait mode, Smart mode, and pro mode.
  • Effortless Clarity
  • Faster Autofocus
  • Large Aperture
  • Color Midnight Black / Slate Gray
  • Operating System  Nougat
  • CPU  Qualcomm Snapdragon835
  • Storage 64/128GB UFS 2.1 2-LANE
  • notification light RGB LED
  • Sensors: Sensor Hub, Electronic Compass, RGB Ambient Light Sensor, Proximity, Accelerometer, Hall, Fingerprint, Gyroscope,
  • Battery 3300 mAh (non-removable)
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 5
Even from the front camera, you can record high definition videos with 1080P resolution video at 30fps.

Now let’s see how you are going to win this coolest Smartphone to make you click more selfies and capture more videos or play more games.

How to Win OnePlus 5 Smartphone:

Just follow the given steps to participate in OnePlus 5 Smartphone giveaway contest and you will win one.


  1.    Like us on Facebook

  2.    Click here to subscribe free eAskme newsletter. Enter email id in email box and captcha words in other box and click on “Complete subscription request”.

  3.    Check your email for the eAskme verification email.

  4.    Click on the verification link to verify your subscription.

  5.    Share this giveaway post on your Facebook and Google plus.

  6.    In the below comment box, tell which Smartphone or mobile phone you already have and what will you do with OnePlus 5 Smartphone if you will win one.

  7.    Keep visiting daily on easkme and leave comments on the posts you find helpful.
Just follow the above 7 steps to win OnePlus 5 smartphone with the dual camera and 8GB RAM worth Rs. 32,999 or $511.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

Don`t forget that the more you engage with the more chance you have to win this GiveAway.
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Just Purchased Kawasaki Z250 Super Naked: Street fighter on Road

People Ask me how much I earn from blogging? I purchased the Kawasaki Z250 Super Naked worth Rs. 3,35,000 ($5,196) with the earning of just 2 months.

I am Gaurav Kumar, Founder of eAskme and I am here to share my joy with you. When someone ask me how much money I make from blogging, my answer is check what I have. It`s been 3 years since I have started and my blogging money has helped me to earn average 50k every month.

I have purchased so many things household things such as refrigerator, LED, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, power backup for my office.

Other than these I have also started renovating my old house at Hoshiarpur.

Today I am going to share my joy with all my readers, friends and followers that I have just purchased the street fighter “Kawasaki Z250”.

Remember: This is not the review, This is my experience and joy that I want to share with you all.

Just purchased Kawasaki z250 Super Naked: Street fighter on road : eAskme
Just purchased Kawasaki z250 Super Naked: Street fighter on road : eAskme

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From last couple of months I was planning to buy Kawasaki Z250.

With the earning of just two months, I was able to buy Kawasaki Z250.

The Price of Kawasaki Z250 is Rs. 3,35,000 ($5,196) ex showroom Price in India.

It is Z shaped and with green & black color.

The Ninja Z250 is the half faring naked motorcycle launched by Kawasaki India. Match the looks of it`s other siblings Z1000 and the Z800.

Key specs
•    249 cc
•    28 kmpl
•    31.50 bhp
•    168 kgs

It is a twin cylinder bike with 31.50 bhp @ 11,000 rpm. You cannot find that much BHP power in any other bike in 250CC segment in India.

It is with 6 speed gearbox.

I love it`s digital speedometer, digital fuel Guage, Tachometer, Tripmeter and sift light.

I likes it`s electric start button. You will never find any kick start option in it.

Reason Why I choose Kawasaki Z250:

Just Purchased Kawasaki Z250 Super Naked: Street fighter on road : eAskme


People asking me why I have spent so much to buy Kawasaki Z250 when other bikes are there.

It is the only bike in 250CC segment which shows 31.5BHP power. Not even a single bike in this segment that can compete at this level.

Comfort and handling is awesome.

Before buying this bike I even visited Yamaha and checked Yamaha R1, at KTM checked KTM 390 and even visited TNT banelli, but Kawasaki has impressed me more than anything.

I always say live for the passion not just the money. So I decided to spend Rs. 3,35,000 ($5,196) to enjoy 31.5 BHP power.

From Where I have purchased this street fighter:

I have purchased it from ASCO Motors, Industrial area, Ph1, Chandigarh. The team of ASCO motors has helped me in every possible way to own this bike.

I am really thankful to all the team including Ravi and Rishi.

After riding this bike I feel extremely comfortable, and really enjoy when people turn their heads to see, what is going on the road.

Soon will ride for a long distance to test this bike in top speed, which is 165.

In 250CC segment, nothing can beat the quality, comfort and performance of  Kawasaki Z250 super naked.

Right now just let me enjoy the ride more, will be back soon :)

DO share which bike, sports bike or super bike you have? Which bike you want to buy? What is the best bike according to you.
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15 Minutes on eAskme Daily to Change Your Life : Contest & GiveAway

You are on this article that means you also want to change your life or improve it in much better way. Just 15 minutes of your daily time that you spend on eAskme is really helpful to change your life in a good way. Now you may ask, how eAskme can change your life or improve your life?
15 Minutes of eAskme Daily to Change Your Life : Contest & GiveAway : eAskme
15 Minutes of eAskme Daily to Change Your Life : Contest & GiveAway : eAskme
eAskme team appreciate the support of its followers, fans and visitors and thats why bringing a contest for readers to win something awesome and have more reasons to visit eAskme.

This is a contest in which you not only getting a chance to win few awesome things but also be ready to  learn how you can start your online business and ow eAskme helps you to make money online. It is not just about blogging or contest, it is about everything.

Now without wasting any more time of your routine, let me stick to the point.

How to Participate in 15 Minutes on eAskme Daily : Contest & GiveAway

As every contest have some rules this contest also have some official rules for you to participate and give you more chances to win.

What are the benefits of Spending 15 Minutes of Your Daily Time on eAskme?

The very first question most of the people have now is that how eAskme help to change their lives. There are few things that will help you understand the concept of 15 minutes on eAskme daily.

1) Win 15 Minutes on eAskme Daily Contest:

In 15 minutes on eAskme daily contest you have a chance to win following prices:

1st Prize   :  Xbox One Every 60 Days

1st Prize   :  Xbox One Every 60 Days : Win 15 Minutes on eAskme Daily Contest: eAskme
1st Prize   :  Xbox One Every 60 Days : Win 15 Minutes on eAskme Daily Contest: eAskme

2nd Prize  : $100 every month.

2nd Prize : $100 every month : Win 15 Minutes on eAskme Daily Contest : eAskme
2nd Prize : $100 every month : Win 15 Minutes on eAskme Daily Contest : eAskme

3rd Prize  : Unlimited Internet for one Month (Every Week)

3rd Prize  : Unlimited Internet for one Month (Every Week)

4th Prize  :  Recharge Coupon for Any smartphone network (Everyday).

4th Prize  :  Recharge Coupon for Any smartphone network (Everyday) : eAskme
4th Prize  :  Recharge Coupon for Any smartphone network (Everyday) : eAskme
Not only these there is a bumper price awaiting for you:

eAskme is bringing this opportunity to all it`s readers, followers and subscribers to appreciate their time they spend on eAskme and also give them more reason to be on eAskme.

If you have any question related to this contest, feel free to ask me via comments. 
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Winners Announced : 1 Year Premium NordVPN GiveAway : Abolutely Free

Are you an internet user? If yes, that means you are the target of some anonymous hacker. who wants to steal your information and use that to exploit your account or reveal your hidden identity to people all over the world.

No matter how safe you think you are, when you visit a site your identity is revealed to that website, and if hacker track the footprints, he will know who you are.

Winner : Skipper :  Congratulation For Winning 1 Year Premium NordVPN GiveAway
1 Year Premium NordVPN GiveAway : Abolutely Free : eAskme
1 Year Premium NordVPN GiveAway : Abolutely Free : eAskme
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Now the thing is how to stay on safe side when browsing websites or shopping online. Answer is simple not just use antivirus but use a reliable vpn service to hide the ip address or your connection or system.

I have already shared about one of the best vpn service NordVpn.

According to, NordVpn is the third best vpn service in the world.

Now I am running a giveaway where I am going to give two lucky winners the 1 Year premium subscription of NordVpn service absolutely free.

Are you also one of those who wants to win this premium and best vpn service for free.

If yes here is what you need to do

How to participate in 1 Year premium subscription of NordVpn Giveaway:

1) Like us on Facebook
2) Subscribe eAskme newsletter which is absolutely free
3) share this post on your social network, such as Facebook/twitter/google plus
4) Comment on this post and let me know that you want the premium version of NordVpn for free.

Just follow above simple steps and 2 lucky winners will be awarded with the premium subscription for one year absolutely free.

Hurry up.

If you still have any question, ask me.
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AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Giveaway (FREE)

After the success of NordVPN Giveaway, I am back again with AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Giveaway (FREE). I have been sharing discounts and deals on eAskme from long time, But today i am going to talk about something which is absolutely free and make you stand with latest technology.

There was a time when people were using PrtScr button to take screenshots. With the technology and time things have changed a lot and now we have various screen capturing tools with ultimate customization features.

Now you can not only capture screen as images but also record videos using screen capturing software. Capturing screen helps you to create tutorials, which helps a reader really easily understand how to go step by step. Screencast video makes it more effective and easy.

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Now a days people are more interested in watching a video tutorial than just reading the content. So you may not just need screenshots but you also need a screen capturing tool which is best to create video tutorials. Videos not only save a lot of time but also help you to make content easily understandable.

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Giveaway : eAskme
AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Giveaway : eAskme
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What you can learn from a book in 15 minutes, you can learn from the video in just 2 minutes.

Today I am going to share about of the best software to capture screen of your windows or Mac computers/laptops.

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Giveaway!

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Giveaway : eAskme

Actualy cost of Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro is $29.95. It is 100% compatible with Windows and Mac systems.

I know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday has gone, but don`t worry, still I have something for which you need not to wait for any discount. Just follow my tips and this giveaway will offer you AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro for free.

At eAskme, are running an absolutely free Giveaway for Acethinker Screen grabber pro. That means this is your only chance to have a premium screen capturing software worth $29.95 for free. Acethinker offer 5 keys of screen grabber pro software and each key cost $29.95, which we are giving you absolutely free.

How to enter into Acthinker Screen Grabber Pro Giveaway on eAskme:

  1. First like our page on Facebook
  2. Click here to Subscribe eAskme newsletter
  3. Leave a healthy comment about Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro Giveaway in comments below.
  4. Share on Facebook, Tweet on Twitter
  5. Do it and I will give you Access to grab AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro for free.

Why You Need AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro:

Screen capturing is a habit of every single person these days. Sometimes you need to capture some error or some reports that you cannot download or create screencast video, for all your screen grabbing purposes you need Acethinker Screen Grabber pro.

Here I am sharing the excellent features which may make you fall in love with this screen grabbing tool.

Features of AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Giveaway : eAskme

Audio Input Options : This is good for you as it let you choose the mode of audio input for recording.
Around Mouse : Record the area where mouse is moving.
Full Screen : Records the full screen.
Region For Screenshot : Choose area for capturing.
Region For Video : Video capture option with pause and stop buttons.
Web Camera : Record your own video.
Only Audio : Record only audio.
Upload : Directly upload on Youtube.

So you see you not only can capture screen and record videos, but also upload your recorded video on YouTube and share among your friends or family or with the world.

So what are you waiting for, Your absolutely free deal to grab an awesome screen grabber pro software is here.

Don`t forget to share it with your friends and family and give them a chance to Win Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro.

Don`t forget to leave your valuable comments.

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