What Is Domain Authority (DA) ? – Complete Guide For Beginners

If you are in world of SEO then you may be familiar with word Domain Authority score. But there are many bloggers who still do not know what is domain authority and what is the importance of domain authority. So today I will share a detailed guide to show you what is DA and how to check domain authority score.

What Is Domain Authority (DA) ? – Complete Guide For Beginners: eAskme
What Is Domain Authority (DA) ? – Complete Guide For Beginners: eAskme

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Domain Authority Guide

What Is Domain Authority (DA) ? – Complete Guide For Beginners: eAskme
Domain authority define how well your website will rank in search engine. In past there was Google PageRank, but now domain and page authority plays a major role to rank a blog in search engines. So I am sharing this topics today to make everyone understand what is domain authority (DA), and why you should start focusing on domain authority.

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What is domain authority?

Moz (SaaS company) is a popular company and they have created a new metric to rate websites on a scale of 1-100. This new metric is known as Domain authority. Here 100 means the best and 1 means the least. It tells that websites with higher the domain authority will rank higher in search engines.

Domain authority is a competitive metric against other site. To check this you can compare DA score with your competitor`s website and you will see that which site has better DA score that actually rank better in search engines.

Domain Authority consists of 40 ranking signals including number of linking root domain, number of links pointing to your site, MozRank and MozTrust. Domain Authority measures the authority of complete domain and page authority is measure of an individual page.

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How to check domain authority? 

There are many online domain authority checker tools available online which help you to check domain authority of a website. Moz open site explorer is an official tool to check DA score of your domain address or sub-domain address.

If you are using FireFox or Chrome browser then you can install MozBar extension to check Domain authority and page authority of any website or webpage.

Domain authority ranking factor consists of over 40+ signals, but there are few things which you can start doing from now on to increase your website domain authority. First lets understand what makes a good DA by understanding MozRank and MozTrust.

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What is MozRank:

MozRank of a site is measured based on link profile of the domain. It is calculated for how many links pointing to the webpage. Qualit of linking page also an important factor. Quality pages linking to your domain give you good MozRank. MozRank is measured on a scale of 0-10. 10 means highest. 3 is an average MozRank for a webpage.

What is MozTrust:

MozTrust measures how closely your domain is connected to a trusted website. Moztrust is also measured on a scale of 0-10. You can gain high MozTrust rank by getting links from high-trust websites.

Factors which affect MozTrust:

  •     What websites you link to
  •     Domain registration info
  •     User data signals
  •     Domain age
What is Preloaded on Kindle

How to improve the domain authority?

High domain authority means that your site is ranking well in search engines. Domain Authority calculate how competitive a site is in Google search. So when yo building links for your blog, then focus on sites with high Domain Authority.

You should work on two factors:

List of Ranking Factors Which Have Maximum Impact on DA and PA (Page authority):

What is Pillar Articles

Days to expiry of domain name:

You can work on it very easily by purchasing a domain name for 3-5 years.

Gain more links:

Gain quality backlinks as it improve your Domain Authority score.

Diversify link profile:

Rather than getting hundred of links from just few sites, try to get links from various sources such as various domain extensions, various geo-locations,  and sources. All links should be relevant.

Internal link structure:

Create a strong interlinking between your posts. Link each post to 2 or 3 other relevant posts.

Benefits of About me Page

Remove bad links:

You have to get rid of bad links pointing to your site. You can use Google Disavow tool to get rid of bad links.

Gain Authority in Your Niche:

Write quality article. Publish 2-3 high-quality articles every week. Write on hot topics and become news breaker.

What is The Blog Bounce Rate

On site SEO :

Optimize your site for search engines. Make sure that search engines can easily crawl all important pages of your site, have good navigation and provide better user experience.

Things to focus on On-Site SEO:
  •     Noindex archive pages
  •     Create Sitemap file and submit to major search engines like Google and Bing.
  •     Meta title and Meta description
  •     Maintain proper heading hierarchy.

Website should load faster:

Google has made page load time an official ranking factor, so you should seriously work on it. Make your site load within 3 seconds.
  •     Get a reliable and faster hosting.
  •     Compress and optimize images.
  •     Use a cache plugin.
  •     Use a CDN to serve your content.

Branding and Social Media marketing : 

Social media always plays an important role in ranking content in Google search engine. Create your brand profile in all major social media platforms. Add social sharing buttons so your readers can easily share what they like on your blog.

Tip: Domain authority get update once or twice every month.

What is Anchor Text and Why Anchor Text is Important for SEO

Final Words:

I believe that know you completely understand the importance of Domain authority score. it’s time to start working on domain authority and keep checking your DA score regularly. Have any question? feel free to ask via comments.

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Winner Announced: Mi LED Smart TV 4A 43" GiveAway : Win the Most Wanted Smart LED TV

Mi has changed the world of consumer demand. Firstly they covered the smartphone market, and now they are about to dominate Smart LED TV industry with the launch of Mi LED Smart TV 4A.

Save $350 (Rs, 22,999) and take home Mi LED Smart TV 4A 43 absolutely free.

Mi has launched three variant of its LED Smart Tv

  1.     Mi LED Smart TV 4A (HD Ready) 32"
  2. v
  3.     Mi LED Smart TV 4A (Full HD) 43"

  4.     Mi LED Smart TV 4k (Ultra HD) 55"
Due to high demand and short supply, Mi Smart Tv sale ends within seconds.

Easkme has decided to give you one more chance to own Mi LED Smart TV 4A (Full HD) 43" absolutely free.

Features of Mi LED Smart TV 4A (Full HD) 43"

  • Ultra-bright LED display

  • Powerful 20W stereo speakers

  • 500,000+ hours of content on PatchWall

  • 64-bit quad-core processor, 1GB RAM + 8GB Storage

  • One remote: Control TV, set-top box and more

  • Full HD Resolution: 1920 x 1080

  • Audio Power: 10W x 2
  •  USB: 3 x 2.0
  • HDMI: 3(1 contain ARC)

  • Video and Audio recorder

  • RAM: 1GB DDR and Storage: 8GB eMMC

How to participate and win Mi LED Smart TV 4A 43 GiveAway

Mi LED Smart TV 4A 43 GiveAway : Win the Most Wanted Smart ED TV: eAskme
Mi LED Smart TV 4A 43 GiveAway : Win the Most Wanted Smart ED TV: eAskme

It is very easy. Just follow three steps.

3) Comment below and share the post on your Facebook.

These are 3 three golden steps that will help you win Mi LED Smart TV 4A 43" absolutely free.

Winner is Sadir Ansari.

If you still have any question feel free to ask via comments.
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Complete Digital Marketing Guide : Everything You Need to Know

“Digital marketing,” the success of a business depends upon these two words. At the beginning of the market in social world marketing been a necessity.

You cannot think of turning your start-up business into a brand or cannot expect the healthy number of sales without proper marketing.

Complete Digital Marketing Guide: Everything You Need to Know: eAskme
Complete Digital Marketing Guide: Everything You Need to Know: eAskme

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There are many types of marketing. But, before the internet era, marketing was complete an offline work. Word of mouth, tv and print media ads were the main ways to market a product in the human world.

The Internet has changed the way how businesses are marketing their products or services these days.

Business is the father of marketing, the internet is the mother of Digital Marketing.

As a blogger, I understand the importance of digital marketing, but many do not even know what digital marketing is?

Some so many people ask me digital marketing questions like these;

  • What is digital marketing?

  • What is included in Digital Marketing?

  • How much do you make in digital marketing? / What are the different types of digital marketing?

  • What is the job of digital marketing?

  • What is digital marketing and SEO?

  • What is a digital marketing course?
  • How much do digital marketing specialists make?

  • What do you have to do in digital marketing?

  • What does digital marketing analyst do?

  • What are the digital marketing activities?

  • Why is Digital Marketing important?

  • What is a digital marketing strategy?

  • What is a digital marketing KPI?

  • What is the ROI for digital marketing?

  • What are digital marketing metrics?

  • What are the parameters for marketing?

  • How do you measure marketing success?

  • What is SMO in digital marketing?

Complete Digital Marketing Guide: Everything you need to know

I am creating this complete digital marketing guide to answer all those who want to learn about digital marketing. So if you also want to understand and get familiar with digital marketing, it’s terms, use and benefits then this digital marketing guide is for you.

So, Let’s start with the very first question that most of the people ask.

What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing

According to Wikipedia, Digital marketing is the marketing or various services and products using digital methods or online technologies. It includes every single way to market the product online such as mobile marketing, display ads, etc.

Digital marketing is the hottest marketing to market the products and services. Marketers use various search engines, social media networks, apps and email marketing to run marketing campaigns.

What is included in Digital Marketing? / What are the types of Digital Marketing? / Methods of Digital Marketing?

What is included in Digital Marketing? / What are the types of Digital Marketing? / Methods of Digital Marketing?: eAskme

No matter how you ask the answer to these three questions is same. There are many ways of digital marketing, but I will cover only those are recommended and effective.

Here you will know what is included in digital marketing or the most common types of digital marketing or different types of online marketing?
Now as you understand the types or ways of digital marketing or online marketing. It is the time to find out why digital marketing is important or why every business needs digital marketing and what are the benefits of digital marketing?

Why is Digital Marketing important? / What are the benefits of Digital Marketing?

Today, every single business is running digital marketing campaigns.


Because there are numerous benefits of digital marketing that you do not want to lose at any cost.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

  • Your competitors are using Digital marketing to rank high in search results.

  • More than 70% marketers believe that you cannot rely upon competing of traditional ways of marketing.

  • The expenses of digital marketing are always more than the It budget of any company.

12 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business (Infographic) - An Infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines

Now let’s learn the major benefits of digital marketing and why it is important for you.

Cost Effective:

Digital Marketing is a cost-effective way of marketing. It is more value for money way of marketing as compared to any traditional marketing method.

If you are running a small business, then you cannot spend much on print media or tv ads as it cost you very high. But you can smoothly run digital marketing campaigns on social media by just paying one dollar every day.

Higher conversion rate:

Are you running a blogging business without conversion?

What not trying the digital marketing?

Digital marketing is there to boost conversion quickly and efficiently. Brands and start-ups, all are using online marketing campaigns for conversion rate optimization.

You will get the conversion rate by dividing the total number of conversions with the total number of ad clicks within the same period.

You can quickly boost conversion rate by SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, blogging, etc. These are the most common ways of digital marketing to increase online conversion.

Boost ROI and Revenue:

Digital marketing methods help you to improve ROI and revenue of your business efficiently.
Now you may ask;

What is ROI in marketing?

Marketing ROI means the return on investment. Some marketers use the term ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment).

It means the return you are getting by investing in online marketing campaigns.

The more actively you build digital marketing outreach, the more chances you have to improve the ROI and revenue. It helps you to extract more data from marketing campaigns.

You can predict and plan by ROI.

Boost Social Media Presence:

A business cannot survive in the virtual world without strong social media presence. Google also counts social media signals to rank your content in SERP results.

Digital marketing technologies help your business to build strong social media presence. It is not just right to boost conversion but also good for branding.

Your social media profiles help you to connect with influencer and customers quickly. Your social media marketing campaigns rapidly reach millions of registered users and grab tone of eyeballs. You can filter and target your campaign for some specific type of buyers and boost conversion.

What is a digital marketing strategy? and What are the best digital marketing strategies? 

What is a digital marketing strategy? and What are the best digital marketing strategies? : eAskme

A digital marketing strategy is the series of actions that you or your team take to make the most out of your digital marketing campaigns.

Noe let's look at the best digital marketing strategies of all time?

Understand your customer:

A marketing campaign can never be successful it is not directed in the interests of buyers.

For example; Your buyers are from age group 20-30, interested in leather shoes and prefer only Italian. But you are offering leather boots from the UK to age group 30-40. Then you are not going to get anything from your marketing campaigns.

When you understand the targeted customer, then your digital marketing efforts can help you reach your goals.

You need to research to understand your customer.

Set Goals:

What you want to achieve from your marketing campaign, decides what type of campaigns you need.

For example;
you need to understand that you want to build an email list or make people aware of a new product launch or want to promote a product for sale.

When your goals are clear, then you can correctly create a marketing campaign that can help you achieve your goals.

Use Digital Marketing Tools:

The Internet has filled with hundreds of digital marketing tools.

These tools are there to help you create, manage and analyze the results of your campaigns. You need to understand that what type of tools you need and how you are going to utilize them.

For example; you want to sell a product by affiliates then you need to create affiliate campaign on Shareasale or some other affiliate marketing site.

You want to manage social sharing quickly then you may need HootSuite or some other social media tools.

You want to manage email marketing campaigns then you need the best email marketing tools.

All you need is to find the best tool for online marketing.


You cannot expect every marketing campaign to be successful in one go.

You have to understand that people and their behavior changes depending on time, location and culture.

You need to evaluate the progress report of your digital marketing campaign. It will help you to make necessary changes and turn your campaign from zero to hero.

For example; I launched a campaign on Facebook in January. I was targeting people in India and ROI was only 3%. Then I changed the location and focused the USA, within next seven days conversion rate reached 47%.

How much money can I make as Digital Marketer?

How much money can I make as Digital Marketer?: eAskme

Now, it is the time to answer the big question. Every person has this question in his mind.

So, here is the answer.

A successful digital marketer can easily make between $50,000 to $200,000.

Visit Glassdoor to check the salary of a digital marketer in your area.


When it comes to digital marketing, there are tons of things that people want to know and ask everyday. I have tried to cover most of the thing sin this guide and keep updating it.

Do you still have any question about digital marketing? Feel free to ask via comments.

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Meet JK Rowling to Help You Stay Away from the Cheap Essays

Tips from Celebs: JK Rowling Shares Writing Tips for Struggling Students

Meet JK Rowling to Help You Stay Away from the Cheap Essays : eAskme
Meet JK Rowling to Help You Stay Away from the Cheap Essays : eAskme
If they say it’s impossible to become a moneybag through writing alone, make sure to say two words – JK Rowling. You know this woman. You know the story of a little wizard, who won the hearts of kids and adults all over the globe.

One of the most successful and famous authors of the past two decades has something to say to inspire both professional writers and college students, who struggle with every other essay or book review writing assignment.

Rule #1: Work & Discipline

You have to work hard on every book report, term paper or essay writing assignment you face. It is all about self-discipline and constant engagement in what you do. Just like many other college and university students, you don’t always feel like writing essays.

We certainly don’t see our muse always walking here and there, which is why we may require some competent help.

Obviously,  we can get in touch with the skilled custom writers available at one of those cheap essay writing services and ask them “Please, help me to write my project fast and as required by the college tutor.” But let’s face it, to be a good writer (for a college level, at least), you must train yourself to write even when you’re hating it. Coping with these moments really matters.

Rule #2: Write What You Know

More often than not, college students are allowed to pick the topics for their essays. If you’re lucky to be among those, make sure to write about what is close to your heart: your pals, your interests, your passions, family and even that cheap dress you’ve just bought will be a part of your story when you’re writing.

This doesn’t mean you should experience nuclear physics in order to write about it. It means that writing about something you’ve dealt with will be stress-free. 

 Rule #3: Read, Read & Read

One of the tips JK Rowling is happy to share with the aspiring writers is that they have to read as much as they can. Take your favorite books and you will be in a good company of a huge arsenal of beautiful words. 

The more you read, the bigger your own assortment of word combinations, metaphors and parabolas will be. The more you read, the better essays you’ll compose for college. 

It’s like learning more chords or difficult moves to impress the audience with your talent later.

Rule #4: Don’t Be Afraid

Even JK Rowling finds it extremely difficult to finish what you’ve started. At the same time, the author of all seven Harry Potter books insists on the importance of starting. Many college students have the so-called fear of failure that sometimes stops them every time they’re about to take a pen. But according to Rowling, every delay like that is a failure itself.

Of course, failure is an inevitable part of our life – whether we like it or not. We’re not living in a perfect world, but there’s always a choice before us. Rowling’s recommendation here is closely related to her solid commitment to finishing every story she starts.

 According to the British novelist, producer and screenwriter, even in the darkest times every writer can jot down at least 2-4 ideas in a simple plan; consider some topics and characters he or she would be happy to explore. Ponder over the stories you think people would be interested to read and write down the major points in the story go. And don’t be afraid to…

Still don’t know where to begin your writing journey? Approach the other famous writers to get a word of wisdom. Or, as an alternative, search for any essays or reviews writing service available online, where they offer a free database of the papers’ samples accomplished by the company specialists for needy students.

Top-notch projects on all possible topics and disciplines are at your service and will be raw materials when you start working on your own piece.
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Google Adsense Certified Partnership Program : Everything That You Need To Know

(Updated: March 2018)
If you are a blogger than you are very well aware of importance of Google Adsense   in making money from your blog. It is either the major source of earning or some bloggers solely dependent on Adsense revenue.

We already know that new bloggers face many obstructions and hindrances for being approved by Google and it is becoming more tougher with the time to get approved by adsense.

Not only newbies but also established bloggers have fear of getting banned from Adsense . Sometimes Google even ban without giving any satisfactory reason. An even the outcome of appeal is not satisfy many times.

Because of the discontentment and resentment of publishers who are banned without violating any policy, Google has come up with new changes and fresh system of the Adsense Program. Google has the largest Publishers and Advertisers base.

Specially they are not able to provide support to all who do not have huge traffic and earning is very less. Also Google want only deserving site owners and publishers to make more with Adsense program.

Google Adsense Certified Partnership Program : Everything That You Need To Know: eAskme
Google Adsense Certified Partnership Program : Everything That You Need To Know: eAskme

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For all these reasons Google has decided to launch the Adsense Partnership Program, to help Publishers to grow their revenue so great extent.

What is Adsense Certified Program ?

In words of Google " Adsense Partnership Program is an invitation bases accreditation for business that consist of two main features- an account management solution to handle multiple accounts and an Adsense certification. Both account management solution and certification are exclusive to certified partners".

Adsense certified partners not only setup and optimize but also maintain Adsense accounts for their clients. They are required to demonstrate their knowledge about Adsense by completing certification examination. Their main purpose is to help the website owners to monetize content effectively with Adsense.

What Are the Benefits a Certified Partner Get as a Google Partner ?

  • Establish a worth full business relationship with their clients.
  • Maximize impact of their knowledge and expertise to help publishers and also grow their own business.
  • Get Google Adsense Training also get Google Adsense Certified Badge.
  • Use Google Adsense Client management system to work more efficiently.
  • Establish relationship with Adsense team and get insight features.
  • Gain exposure as certified Partner on the Google Adsense website.

How to Become an Adsense Certified Partner ?

Partners who agree to Google Adsense Online Certified Partner Program Terms and Condition  are required to follow these policies, so read them carefully. If you fail to comply with their policies than they can revoke your certified Partner Status. Always check for updates. Its`s your own responsibility to keep yourself up to date and adhere policies.

Adsense Expertise and Tool Usage :

  • Partners must have an Adsense account and also prove their product knowledge in examination (learning material will be provided by Google).
  • Partners are required to provide a real life Adsense case study or an Adsense acquisition proposal to show their proficiency. Google Adsense team will provide the template for this purpose.
  • To Manage Clients, partners must use Google Adsense account management platform provided by Google Adsense team.
  • Is some cases partners may not be able to use Adsense account management platform with a particular client. Google Adsense expects full transparency about a partner`s interaction with Adsense publisher.
  • Partners will be managing ad units of client`s Adsense account.

Business Requirements :

  • Partners must represent a good business and should be legally incorporated to do business locally.
  • Partners must be part of AdSense publishers and for clients deliver high-touch AdSense optimization services.
  • Partners must provide a business plan on  optimization and acquisition of AdSense publishers that will serve as a performance indicator. The Google AdSense team will provide the template for this purpose.
  • Partners need to have existing client base or strategy on how to grow AdSense client base.
  • Partners need a sales power that is able to optimize and acquire Google AdSense publishers.

Quality Standards for this program :

  • Make sure that all sales representatives are Google AdSense certified.
  • Must provide quarterly reports about their performance, including outreach activity and acquisitions, impact of AdSense optimizations with a business plan.  AdSense team will provide a template for that purpose.
  • Must differentiate AdSense services from other services that they are providing and use AdSense Certified Partner badge only on product or content related to AdSense.
  • Must collaborate with the Google AdSense Certified Partner Team and in good competition with other Google AdSense Certified Partners.

Reasons Why Google Adsense Launched the Adsense Certified Program :

According to me these are the main reasons that made Google to launch this new program.
  •     This will help stop fraud adsense account openings. from now the Adsense certified team will get the new publishers their account approved from Adsense team.
  •     To help existing publishers to get support from Adsense certified partners.
  •     To Increase Publisher’s revenue by implementing various tests like A/B test, performing experiments with ad styles, locations, ad sizes.
This will also help Google to grow it’s ad revenue from it’s adwords program.

What Benefits You Will Get after Joining Certified AdSense Partners:-

Google says, Collaborate with an external Google AdSense Certified Partner for a managed solution with additional services. These experts will help you optimizing AdSense revenue and managing account also enable you to focus on creation of up-to-date content.

Their AdSense Certified Partners meet rigorous qualification standards and are carefully vetted and can assist you.

Services offered by Certified Partners include, but not limited to:

  •     Set up of AdSense account
  •     Performance analysis
  •     Revenue and Performance optimization
  •     Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Benefits of working with a Google AdSense Certified Partner :

  •     These Certified experts will maximize AdSense performance and earnings
  •     ROI-focused collaboration also with performance based compensation
  •     Freedom for publishers to generate great content and have it monetized
Using AdSense on your website does not always mean that you are maximizing the potential of website.

Here are some services Certified Partners offer to boost ad performance:

  •     A/B tests
  •     Ad placement optimizations
  •     Ad design optimizations
  •     Vertical/audience-specific implementations
  •     Ad product optimization
There is a list of adsense certified partners on official Google Adsense site, you can choose according to your region or country :

Click the below link to see the list:


Who should actually join with adsense partner :

There is no criteria set by Google to join this program. But some Adsense partners have criteria like minimum page views.
  •     Publishers who have decent amount of organic traffic per month.
  •     Existing publishers who wish to manage their account and increase revenue from adsense.
  •     Publishers who can afford give some % of revenue share to adsense partners.

Additional benefits these partners offer :

  •     Many of these partners create an Google Adexchange account for publishers.
  •     Some of the partners also provide Direct advertisers.
  •     Your revenue grows more than 50% with the same amount of traffic your.
  •     Some partners also offer support for hosting, SEO, IOS app development, Android, wordpress development etc.
 if you join an Adsense Certified partner chances of adsense account banned is very less as your partners always in touch with Google Adsense team for you. Also they try get Adsense premium accounts for their clients.

How does Adsense Certified partners Charge and what is percentage Revenue share?

The percentage share of the revenue depends upon respective partners and the services, Usually share be between 20-30%.

How AdSense partner program beneficial even when you pay from revenue ?

  •     Your share is limited to adsense revenue.
  •     You also get Adexhcange revenue and Google Adexchange account.
  •     Benefit of direct advertisement.
  •     All extra income is yours.
  •     AdSense account is always safe with certified partners.

My views on AdSense Partner Program :

Choose right partner. Joining this program is easy.  Also you can leave anytime these partners. So there is no harm for going with AdSense partners also Google also recommends everyone to join Adsense partners.
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Advantages of Hiring a Google Certified Social Media Partner

Have you ever noticed or come across the Google partner stamp on the web portal of any digital marketing organization? Well, the odds that you have since, certifying to be a Google partner is what each and every digital marketing agency is aiming for today.

For you: The Role of Social Media in Knowledge Sharing

Subsequently, are there any perks of a Google partner status? How does operating with Google partner make a difference to you, as a customer and to your business? But what does it exactly mean to be stamped, as a Google certified social media partner and why it is always better to work with a Google certified social media partner?

How can social media marketing certification from Market Motive help you?

Advantages of Hiring a Google Certified Social Media Partner: eAskme
Advantages of Hiring a Google Certified Social Media Partner: eAskme
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So, if you are looking out for a social media marketing certification then Market Motive is the best place for you. The Advanced Social Media marketing certification course will assist you to develop your skills in order to draw traffic to your website and thus would help to build up your brand awareness.  Market Motive provides you with the most sophisticated and latest social media techniques that are a major part of this course. 

In this section, the candidates will be able to comprehend how social media and E-commerce interconnect each other. This Social Media marketing certification tackles the misinterpretations that encircle social media marketing and will educate and train students to adjust to their social media marketing strategy to the company goals.

This particular course in social media marketing from Market Motive, will train you to excel in the art of story telling to promote products through social media and you will in turn be able to achieve a Google Partner Stamp easily!

Why does a Premier Partner Stamp matter?

Recently, Google has made the Premier Google Partner Stamp available to the advertisers who have passed and cleared the precedents to become a Google Partner and who have additionally met the higher spending and performance requisites.

What is the Google Partner Program?

The Google Partner program is for digital marketing agencies who qualify as having a sound knowledge of Google products, a sizeable client base and a consistent track record of success. Advertising agencies and digital marketing professionals can also be a part of this program.

Earning the status of a Google partner is quite a difficult task. The agency is required to go through a series of difficult test in order to acquire this certification as well as go through severe inspection at regular intervals of time in order to meet up with the definite spend requirement across managed client accounts over a period of 90 days; as an evidence for a definite amount of activity as well as adopt the best practices in client accounts as suggested by the search engine giant.

Ways To Promote Your Small Business on Social Media

And for this purpose, Market Motive is the best place for you, as you can choose from a variety of social media marketing certifications which will help you to become one of the best social media marketing superstars and your organization can take the industry by storm!

Here are 6 advantages of hiring a Google certified social media partner:

1. Work with qualified analyst and account managers

Google partner agencies have a workforce who are specialized in Google AdWords and Google analytics, which means that these people are legitimate experts in their individual fields.  Additionally, Google ensures that these certifications are the latest and that ensures that the organization or agency meets up with Google’s principles for account management best practices.

2. Have admission to masters of AdWords features

It is very much essential that Google Partners are familiar with all the features of AdWords and make use of them, in a way that is profitable to their client. It is compulsory for the analysts to expertise in the use of negative keywords, ad extensions; sitelinks inside of ads, phrase matching keywords, broad match customized keywords, ad scheduling, split testing with AdWords and many more.

3. Get an edge up on the competition with beta features

Those organizations and companies that have acquired a Google partner stamp, have a right to use Google’s beta features.  This means, that after Google has perfected a new function or feature, its partners can experiment and make use of this feature up to one year or more, before it is made available to its general users. Just think about the advantages that one can achieve, by making use of Google’s marketing feature even before your competitors have access to it!

4. Avert waiting in a line

Those Google partners who have a huge ad spend have their individual Google agency team, which they can contact anytime, without waiting in a line when a client has a problem. For instance, if your site has a crisis with malware and your AdWord campaigns are shut down. You will continue to lose your money until and unless those campaigns are not fixed and reactivated. At times, it can easily take a few days to resolve this matter but only if you or your organization has an access to a Google agency team, this crisis can be addressed instantly.

5. Keep up with the best PPC practices

If you want to maintain your Google partner status, then the team members of the agency ought to take certificate examinations in AdWords Fundamentals, Display, Video, Search, Shopping and Mobile Advertising. Similarly, partners can also attend free training sessions in order to keep up with the latest PPC practices. Hence, you will know that your organization is keeping up with the latest PPC trends.

6. Innovation and Testing

Google Adwords partners are obligated to illustrate that they are employing the best practices. This could consists of conducting split testing on ads in order to magnetize the maximum number of customers to a clients website and assuring that there are several ads per campaign group with special messaging. Google also buoys up ongoing experimentation by focusing on a range of demographics that falls into a clients target market.

An organization that does not uphold to Google’s standards, for a partners status can have their stamp removed. This assures that a high standard of service is maintained by the partners no matter the date that the partner status was achieved.

So, no matter what it is always best that you go ahead with a certified Google partner for your business requirements.
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6 Best Ways to Promote a Local Business

(Updated : March 2018)
Let’s face it; it’s getting a bit harder to rank high in the search engines as more and more businesses move the bulk of their marketing efforts to the online space. However; it still beats out all other forms of marketing by miles – especially if you have a local setup.

6 Best Ways to Promote a Local Business : eAskme
6 Best Ways to Promote a Local Business : eAskme
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Take, for instance, local movers in a small state like New Jersey. By making sure to include your location in your keywords, you increase your shot at appearing in local searches.

Below, you’ll learn a few other ways to increase the visibility that ultimately leads to more customers and more conversions.

1. Use Geo-Targeted Keywords

Whatever your primary keywords are, make sure you add the name of your city somewhere in the string. This helps Google elevate your ranking for local searches – especially since the Hummingbird update to the search algorithm made local search more important than ever before.

As always, long-tail keyword searches are better than short-tail; they’re more targeted and means you spend less if you use AdWords or PPC.

2. Get Backlinks from Local Web Properties

Although this can be seen as extension of the above, it deserves its own mention. Link-building will always be a facet of SEO; however, now you’ve got to be smart about it and not build them haphazardly.

Reach out to your local paper – especially if you’re in the local movers business and have unbeatable deals; they’re usually willing to publish something that you’re doing for the community.

3. Get Listings in Reputable Directories

Gone are the days when spamming numerous directories used to work to elevate a site’s position in search. Nowadays, it must be a good directory in order to transfer any link credit to your website.

Check out Yahoo Local listings (there’s a fee; you can decide if it’s worth it or not), Google My Business, Bing Places and drop a link on your personal Google Plus page.

4. Content Marketing Will Always Work

Why? Because content is king. Even if you write just a couple of blog posts per month, make sure these establish you as an expert in your subject. Opt for the easy-to-read list style format, and choose a relevant, eye-catching title.

5. Use YouTube

6 Best Ways to Promote a Local Business : eAskme

You know all about what people fret over in your business, right? Then make a video that provides a solution. For example, how to move furniture to a new location in bad weather, or how to take the battery out of an expensive watch – provide a service, and put it on video.

6. Run Promotions or Contests

You’d be surprised how many people turn out for a chance to get your services for free – even if they only moderately need them. More importantly, this creates a buzz, and ups your chances of being featured in local media – for free, sans the cost of the services you’re providing. Of course, this will pay for itself many times over in terms of promotion.

Lastly – pay attention to your analytics. No matter what platforms you’re using, whether it’s Facebook, search engine marketing, pay per click advertising, or other social networks; you can tell where most of your traffic is coming from and respond accordingly.

6 Best Ways to Promote a Local Business : eAskme

If a particular post is getting the bulk of your views, and start right writing follow-ups to that post and adding relevant links that drive people to contacting you for your local service. It doesn’t matter if you’re a local mover, air conditioning repair person, our lawyer – all of these methods help your business maximize its potential.


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