How to Embed an Amazon aStore Into a Blog

An Amazon aStore is an awesome way to make extra money. You can embed an aStore into your blog so that your readers can buy items from Amazon aStore; you will  also earn referral fees for purchases. It is easy and quick to embed Amazon aStore into a blog. 


How to Embed an Amazon aStore Into a Blog : eAskme
How to Embed an Amazon aStore Into a Blog : eAskme


o    1
Create Amazon aStore. Create an Amazon Associates account, free on Pick some products for your aStore.
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There is a HTML code that you will have to put in your blog in order to embed  aStore. This is easy for most blogs. You can embed the aStore into somewherepermanent on your blog.
Copy the HTML code from aStore settings. Sign in to Amazon Associates page and go on the aStore link. Click "Get Link" button, select the inline frame option and press "Highlight HTML" button. Choose "Copy" by right clicking on the selection.
o    4
Paste the HTML code into blog. Insert the HTML code somewhere permanent, paste code there by right clicking and then choose the “Paste”.
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Preview your blog to check if your aStore appears. If it appears, then save and publish blog. If not, check your HTML code and check the area is compatible with the code you are pasting or choose some other area to paste the code.

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