How to Embed an Amazon aStore Into a Website

An Amazon aStore is an awesome way to offer products to viewers of your website and make cash from referrals. Visitors of your website must be able to access your Amzon aStore to buy something from there. Here you see, how you can embed Amazon aStore into your website.


How to Embed an Amazon aStore Into a Website : eAskme
How to Embed an Amazon aStore Into a Website : eAskme


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First decide which mode you want to use to add your aStore to your website. You can embed your aStore using a frameset or embed your aStore in an inline frame or link directly to your aStore.
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Go to aStore settings in Amazon Associates page. Here you can get the necessary code or link to embed aStore to your website. Click on aStore link on the left side of the page, and then click "Get Link" option. You can chose to get your aStore link, frameset code or inline frame code.
Link aStore directly from your website. This is the most easiest way to go, but it have some drawbacks. To link to aStore, create a new link anywhere on your website that hyperlinks to aStore. You can find URL in the aStore settings. But there is no direct link back to your website from aStore.
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Embed aStore into your website with an inline frame. This will show aStore on your website so that visitors do not have to leave your website to do shopping. Create a new page on your website and paste the HTML code you got in the aStore settings to new page of your website. Make a link on your website`s homepage that links to new page of your website.
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Use a new frameset to embed aStore into a frame on your own website. Create a frameset for aStore on your site and use the HTML code for frameset that you got in the aStore settings. Complete your frameset by filling the missing parts of the code. Add a link to this new frameset in navigation area of your website.

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