Google Is Mislabeling Sites As Hacked, Here’s How To Fix It

Today, John Mueller from Google disclosed on Google+  that few sites are mislabeled as “hacked” by Google in search results.

Google is currently rolling out new hacked page classifier. Because of this a number of websites are incorrectly marked as hacked websites.This is a serious problem because it will stop visitors to visit your website.

Google Is Mislabeling Sites As Hacked, Here’s How To Fix It : eAskme
Google Is Mislabeling Sites As Hacked, Here’s How To Fix It : eAskme

How do you know if you are affected? 

While searching for your site in Google, if it shows a blue text underneath the title tag reading “This site may be hacked”, that means they have marked your site as hacked and if you don’t see this line, then everything is good. If you believe your site is not hacked, Then see what you shoul do to fix this issue.

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How to Fix Hacked Sites issue in Google Search

Click here form and fill out the form. Someone from Google will review your site and remove this blue label if your site is safe. It is not clear that how long it would take to Google to remove the label from your site. You can still hope they will do it quickly.

John recommends you to get services of someone who is experienced to deal with hacked sites to fix and find out if your site is really hacked. So this is a really new thing that website owners have to deal with.

Do share what you think about Google Mislabeling Sites As Hacked? Have you checked your site in Google search?

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