How Using Cryptocurrencies Can Have Altruistic Concerns In Ukraine?

The use of cryptocurrency for humanitarian purposes has been proven effective.

In reaction to Russia's invasion, people in Ukraine have donated more than USD 100 million worth of cryptocurrencies.

Decentralized blockchains that process cryptocurrency payments save charities 25-30% in administrative costs, meaning more donors' money goes directly to the causes they support.

How Using Cryptocurrencies Can Have Altruistic Concerns In Ukraine?: eAskme
How Using Cryptocurrencies Can Have Altruistic Concerns In Ukraine?: eAskme

While bitcoin contributions are helpful, the official data and evidence of war crimes that Web3 provides are invaluable.

Preserving Historical Documents:

Property registration documents, title documents, birth certificates, and other official documents that can be relied upon throughout time to reflect ownership and entitlement information accurately are essential to rebuilding any country.

This was made abundantly evident after the terrible earthquake of 2010 destroyed 60 years' worth of archives in Haiti, already one of the world's poorest nations.

If you're looking for a country using blockchain for government documents, look no further than Ukraine.

When it comes time to rebuild, this technology will serve the Ukrainians well.

Verified Records Of Atrocities Committed In Conflict:

The Russian government has become adept at producing propaganda-filled material that can easily be shared on social media.

National intelligence services have compiled considerable documentation of these misinformation attempts over the previous decade.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has prompted widespread reports of war crimes by Russian forces, prompting Moscow to modify photos and descriptions of these events.

The president of Ukraine, Zelensky, is seen on a fabricated film pleading with the Ukrainian people to submit.

Immutable, verified photographs and narratives of the Russian invasion of Ukraine must be stored safely and indefinitely.

Blockchain technology allows for immutable storage systems, where this information must be permanently archived.

These actions are currently being taken.

There are already 10 million photos of the dispute stored on the platform provided by Arweave, a startup provider commonly utilized for safe and permanent non-fungible token (NFT) storage.

Advice for US Lawmakers:

Senator Elizabeth Warren and other backers of the Virtual Transactions Penalties Enforcement Framework That focuses on 2022 would do well to educate themselves about Web3 protocols.

They might take many cues for their security from Ukraine.

Criminals will always find a way to exploit weaknesses in whatever financial system they can access.

Still, blockchain makes it harder for them to hide their money.

Ukraine's Innovative Mindset:

Ukraine is a very forward-thinking nation, proven partly by its considerate adoption of Web3 technologies.

About $150 million is transacted in cryptocurrencies daily in Ukraine, making it the fourth most active market in the world according to the Chainalysis 2021 Global crypto adoption index.

In terms of governing digital assets, Ukraine is also ahead of the curve. Visit here if you're curious.


The preface to the Chainalysis 2022 Crypto crime study states, "Transactions using illegitimate addresses comprised barely 0.15% of bitcoin transaction volume in 2021," with an estimated value of $14bn.

Meanwhile, annual worldwide money laundering amounts between $800 billion to $2 trillion, according to estimates from the United Nations.

Those concerned about liberty are standing on the edge of a global crisis as the Russian invasion of Ukraine develops before our eyes.

As much as Web3 won't stop the missiles, it promises a safer, more progressive future.

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Cryptocurrencies Are Beneficial For Attackers And Defenders

Due to the absence of oversight and the growing popularity of cryptocurrency-based crime, hackers can extort enormous sums of money from law-abiding businesses.

As a result of these reimbursements, nonstate-sponsored threat actors have become more sophisticated as they have increased their operations and capabilities.

According to the estimates of security experts, the notorious Conti ransomware group has made more than $2 billion, the vast majority of which was in bitcoins.

Cryptocurrencies Are Beneficial For Attackers And Defenders: eAskme
Cryptocurrencies Are Beneficial For Attackers And Defenders: eAskme

The team's success has led to its expansion to the point that it now has its human resources department.

Employees and contractors are even compensated in cryptocurrency.

Because attackers only have to be right once, but defenders must be right all the time, protecting a company against assaults is a never-ending game of cat and mouse.

Nevertheless, there is more depth than meets the eye when dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Let's examine how the use of cryptocurrencies benefits both attackers and defenders to have a handle on the issue.

Be On The Lookout For Cryptocurrency Miners.

Organizations should be thankful when crypto mining is the goal of an attack since compromise is unavoidable in the modern world.

Compared to malicious goals like ransomware, the crypto mining that hackers do with their victims' computers and energy is relatively harmless.

Hackers' objectives are challenging to predict. However, a miner has two main goals:

While the primary goal, like ransomware or data exfiltration, may take some time, the secondary goal of mining may generate revenue right away.

The main goal is mining, which may be used as a kind of Robin Hood hacktivism against corporate avarice or digital squatting by an ethical hacker without a bug reward.

Finding a crypto miner is like doing a public service for defenders.

Since cryptocurrency mining is never justified legal business practices, it is always worth considering why a company is doing it.

To prevent the danger from reaching the primary goal, the defense has a better chance in the first scenario.

Ransomware And The Impact Of Cryptos:

The installation of ransomware is the most specific goal of cyber attacks. It disrupts operations and necessitates a ransomware or incident handling company to fix.

Bitcoin is the most traded digital money due to its widespread acceptance, ease of acquisition, and relative anonymity.

Bitcoin wallets may be created without providing any identifying information, and verified identities can be instantly verified.

For these reasons, Bitcoin is an excellent alternative for bad guys wishing to quickly conduct massive, anonymous transactions.

Ransomware payments are likely to be more than the minimal amount mentioned.

The government's cybersecurity operations may be able to recover more stolen monies in the future because of the value and effort put into monitoring transactions.

As bitcoin use grows, regulations will likely be enacted to ensure its safe and responsible use. To get a touch of it, visit 1k daily profits.


In the same way, danger hunters and actors have long engaged in a game of cat and mouse, and the same game is being played in the world of cryptocurrency.

First thought to be a fully anonymous, untraceable money open to criminal exploitation, bitcoin is traceable and even reclaimable.

To be responsible, we need to have an open discussion about the pros and cons of cryptocurrency.

Although cryptocurrencies' decentralized character is desirable and should be preserved, they must be regulated to prevent misuse.

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Exploring The Opportunities Provided By The Enterprise Metaverse

Imagine making a commercial transaction in London from New York with the touch of a button.
Alternately, imagine a scenario in which your digital double goes on an online buying binge.
Companies of all kinds are experiencing the consequences of the current Metaverse obsession.
However, the most innovative businesses are those whose leaders are themselves tech lovers.
Exploring The Opportunities Provided By The Enterprise Metaverse: eAskme
Exploring The Opportunities Provided By The Enterprise Metaverse: eAskme
Enterprises are considering how to best use the Metaverse and its many opportunities.
They are also debating whether or not to create their metaverse platform instead of using one already existing.

Let's break down what the Metaverse, and the business metaverse, entail.

Enterprise Metaverse:

Often known as "Metaverse enterprise solutions," are online marketplaces where a company may sell its wares and expand its customer base.
A corporation may expand its reach and boost employee participation using enterprise Metaverse technology.
It's great for building meaningful relationships, opening doors to leadership opportunities, and much more.

Numerous companies are currently engaged in creating their own "Metaverses." Consider Decentraland, a virtual marketplace where users may purchase and sell land.
Nike also has a sports-themed metaverse called Nikeland.
Every industry wants a piece of the Metaverse, from the luxury goods sector to fast-moving consumer goods to information technology to the real estate industry.

Business Benefits of an Enterprise Metaverse:

A Worldwide Audience Is Now Within Reach:

The ability to reach customers worldwide is the Metaverse's most attractive feature for commercial enterprises.
Online and offline interactions still need to be connected.
However, the internet has helped businesses break down barriers to entry into international markets.

Clothes shopping online can never replace going to a store and trying on the garments in person. Tune into the Metaverse.
Providing consumers with engaging and immersive 3D experiences may readily meet this need.

Deepen Your Bonds:

The lifeblood of every business is its ability to maintain a steady stream of satisfied customers.
If your consumers are content, they will continue to support your business.
That's why many businesses spend so much on research and development to improve their products and services for the client.

Because it attempts to simulate the actual world in the digital one, the Metaverse opens up new channels of communication between your business and its clients.
With the help of the Metaverse, your business can monitor the needs of its customers in real-time and adapt its offerings to meet their evolving wants.

Boost Participation:

The Metaverse has unique features compared to other kinds of online social interaction.
It's a cutting-edge suite of tools developed to boost business and clientele interaction.
The eventual objective is to provide advantages for both parties.

Some of how the Metaverse may boost participation are listed below.
  • Character representation via the use of individualized avatars.
  • In-the-moment conversation and feedback from customers.
  • Online shopping options.
  • Integrated banking and payment options.
  • Many layers of authentication ensure the security of user information.
  • Invoking NFTs to facilitate commerce (purchasing, selling, and trading).
  • Blockchain- and cryptocurrency-powered economies around the globe.

Practices of Working From Home:

The Metaverse will have far-reaching effects on businesses, one of the most significant being facilitating remote work arrangements.
Workplace policies have been revised in response to the Covid-19 epidemic.

The infrastructure for employees to work from home instead of commuting to an office has been set up.
Thanks to tools like Zoom, we can conduct meetings and conferences without leaving the comfort of our own homes.
On the other hand, the Metaverse provides a more unique and authentic experience.

Producing and Disseminating Content:

Enterprise solutions for the Metaverse will fundamentally alter the processes of creating and disseminating content.
As a result, the material will no longer be limited to the traditional media formats of video, still photos, animated GIFs, and music.

As a result, more people will have access to media, and businesses will be pushed to find innovative means of producing and disseminating media.


There's little doubt that companies may find promising new avenues of growth in the Metaverse.
Businesses can reach customers all over the globe and hyper-scale their operations in simulated 3D environments.

The Metaverse will provide significant hurdles, but so do all new and potentially revolutionary technologies.
There are worries that the Metaverse might become a breeding ground for bigotry, violence, and false information in the absence of control. To have a taste of crypto assets, visit bitcoin smarter.

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The Backbone of Cryptocurrencies and How Altcoins Joined The Clan

Bitcoin generated considerable interest online.

It was mocked, assaulted, and accepted as a normal part of life. Bitcoin, however, is not alone.

There are already more than 700 different AltCoin implementations based on the same cryptographic hashing and transaction processing principles as Bitcoin.

The Backbone of Cryptocurrencies and How Altcoins Joined The Clan: eAskme
The Backbone of Cryptocurrencies and How Altcoins Joined The Clan: eAskme

What, then, do you need to make your Bitcoin?

Internet-Based Decentralized Data Exchange:

Removing the need for a governing body to oversee data transfers via the Internet, the first and second criterion on our list is a feasible possibility.

A P2P network is precisely what you need.

The exchange of information in P2P networks is analogous to close social networks.

If you tell only one person anything, soon, word will spread to everyone else on the network.

However, with digital networks, this data cannot be changed.

Hashing Function:

Understanding cryptographic hashing is essential to grasp the concept of digital identities.

Digital data of any size may be hashed down to a uniform size via a mapping technique called hashing.

Said hashing is the transformation of legible data into gibberish.

A decent hashing algorithm must meet the following criteria:

  • A consistent maximum length for hashing method output is required.
  • Any variation in the input data must result in a noticeable shift in the output.
  • When one keeps feeding the system the same data, one always gets the same result.
  • The output value must not be used backward to derive the input.
  • The HASH value should be easily calculated without requiring too much time or processing power.

Online Signature:

An individual's signature must only be appended to the document's content for it to be legally binding.

The same concept applies to digital signatures; your information has to be appended to the document you're signing.

To anybody familiar with hashing algorithms, it should be evident that now the HASH revenue generated for the actual document would vary from the HASH wealth produced for the page with the additional signature since the cryptographic algorithm follows the principle where the slight variation in input information must generate considerable variation in output.

Exactly How Can You Transfer Bitcoin/Money?

Assuming you've set up peer-to-peer (P2P) communication, procedures for generating authentication methods (personal and public secrets), and techniques for individuals to sign papers utilizing secret keys, you may begin exchanging data with your contemporaries.

No trusted source can verify your financial standing. Therefore, the system will always need to question you regarding it and verify whether or not you're being truthful.

Miners For Cryptocurrencies: A Brave New World:

Miners have a reputation for putting in long hours for little pay.

Similarly, miners do the cognitively tricky task in the virtual realm of bitcoin instead of mining heaps of soil.

Crypto miners, unlike actual miners, have a mixed track record: some have made lots of money over the previous five years, while others have lost everything.

The miners are the system's backbone, and their primary function is to verify the legitimacy of every user-requested transaction.


Every single transaction that has ever been made in the system is recorded on the blockchain.

Each transaction or set of transactions that are confirmed as legitimate adds another link to the chain.

Companies in the blockchain industry all use this shared database.

The Bitcoin blockchain may be considered a public ledger that records transactions in reverse chronological order.

You can visit a good platform like bitcoin fast profit.

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Best Trusted Sites For Boosting YouTube

YouTube is the largest video platform in the world.

It is also a platform with great opportunities to make money, and you can get additional income via advertising.

Best Trusted Sites For Boosting YouTube: eAskme
Best Trusted Sites For Boosting YouTube: eAskme

What benefits do you get from YouTube promotional services?

  • Increasing the popularity of the account and accelerating its move to the top
  • Fast profile development with minimal investments
  • Possibility of connecting YouTube monetization to make money from advertising
  • Creation of activity in the account to make it look more alive
  • Successful start of business

It is essential to find quality panels that you can trust.

Here is a list of proven platforms; buy promotion and go viral!


A professional website to promote your YouTube channel. Here you can buy YouTube views and even more.

The site offers a wide range of services, including likes, comments, view time, live viewers, subscribers, and monetization.

All services are of high quality. Only real viewers are offered.
Each client has a personal manager and 24/7 support service on View.

Any question can be solved almost instantly. By the way, you can also get 1000 free YouTube views.

To do this, you need to register and follow a simple instruction described in detail in the section Free trials on the site.


An excellent choice for those who want fast and effective growth for the channel. The platform offers promotions for YouTube and other social networks (Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, TikTok, and others).
The advantages of SMO plus can be distinguished: real YouTube views and customers, legal and sage for your account, a real-time analytics dashboard, and a money-back guarantee.


This is an SMM panel for promotion and an Android app for making money.

As a panel, Socbooster offers a diverse range of services to grow YouTube channels.

Here you can find and buy real YouTube views, likes for your videos, comments, and subscribers.

The prices are low, and the quality of the services is excellent.

As an online earning app Socbooster works in the following way: after downloading from Google Play market, you register and link your channel.

After verification, you can start earning.

You aim to perform simple tasks: leave a comment, watch a video, and subscribe to a channel.

Each completed task gets a reward in the form of virtual coins.

Earned coins can be cashed in, or you can buy promotions for yourself.


If you are interested in professional promotion with stable services, TubeBiz is an excellent choice.

On this platform, the prices are a little bit higher, but you can be sure that YouTube views are real.

If you want comprehensive services, buy YouTube subscribers, likes, and comments.
By the way, TubeBiz provides official YouTube Adwords from Google.

They differ in the location of the viewers. Choose the right ones and make an order.


A perfect option for boosting YouTube channels.

Here you will not find a wide variety of services for YouTube, but for the first order, you'll get a discount if you subscribe to the newsletter.

That's always nice!
What good can Viewsco do for its customers?

Guaranteed and non-drop services, fast start during 24 hours, real promotion, and absolute safety.


SMO Agency is an excellent service for promoting YouTube by buying YouTube views, likes, and comments.
The services work with all major social networks, allowing you to quickly accrue quality likes, comments, views, and subscribers.

In this case, SMO Agency complies with the limits and restrictions, so the risk of blocking accounts is impossible.


Without exaggeration, it is one of the best sites on this list.

Go to Views.biz and check it yourself. They provide many services for YouTube and other social networks and platforms.

Also, on the site, you will find a blog where they regularly post helpful articles for anyone interested in being popular on social networks.
By the way, check out the Bonus section: it contains all the information about current discounts, special offers for the first order, and package complex offers.


Here you can buy real and cheap YouTube views.

But there are likes, comments, and subscribers too! YouTube promotion prices start at $0.75 per 1000.

You guarantee very stable services, high quality, and a fast start. You can buy up to 800 thousand views in 1 day.


This site is for resellers and those who prefer to buy in bulk.

GoldSMM has a personal manager, API integration, a flexible refill policy, and low pricing.

If you need viewers for YouTube from a particular country, you can choose the appropriate service.

By the way, pay attention to YouTube likes – they are of excellent quality here.

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5 Reasons To Hire An Employment Lawyer

Owning and operating a business usually involves numerous responsibilities.

Understanding your rights and responsibilities as an employer can be extremely difficult.

5 Reasons To Hire An Employment Lawyer: eAskme
5 Reasons To Hire An Employment Lawyer: eAskme

It is for this reason that HKM Los Angeles is there to help.

Whether you have excellent job security or not, an employment lawyer will fight for your rights (even the ones you didn't know you had).

An employment attorney can assist employers and employees in working together to resolve issues ranging from earnings and worker safety to discriminatory practices and unfair dismissal.

Working with a professional can help illuminate what was previously unclear regarding employer rights and obligations, pay structure, termination rules, benefits packages, and more.

Here are five reasons to hire an employment lawyer as a business owner or an employee.

Understanding Your Rights And Obligations:

One of the most important benefits of working with an employment lawyer is learning about your legal rights and responsibilities. It usually involves having a legal advocate who protects those rights in employment-related documents.

In a dispute, a lawyer on your side can be exceptionally beneficial. You can stay informed while the lawyer handles the details of the case.

Discrimination And Harassment:

Employees are (sometimes) victimized and discriminated against at their places of work, which has become a sad reality in modern times.

Workplace discrimination is when your employer mistreats you because of your religion, disability, race, gender, or age. If the discrimination affects your hiring process, promotions, wages, or job assignments, you may benefit from the services of an employment lawyer.

Similarly, if you believe you have been sexually harassed or even physically assaulted at work, employment lawyers can help. Legal experts understand how to handle the alleged harasser, the company's policy, and the HR manager.

Your Benefits Are Denied:

It is unlawful to deny your workers benefits to save money. If this happens to you, consult an employment attorney immediately to take legal action. An advocate will assist you in claiming the benefits, especially if they were included in your employment contract.

Wrongful Termination Suits:

One of the most crucial matters that employment lawyers can accomplish is to start educating company owners on their responsibilities regarding benefit packages, pay structure, and termination rules.

In cases of wrongful termination, this is particularly important. Employees are protected from wrongful termination under employment law.

Instilling Employment Policies:

Another important reason to hire an employment lawyer is to have them assist you in developing employment policies.

Usually, this is done before hiring any regular employees. However, you can make changes after the hiring process has been completed.

Setting up employment policies can include contract drafting and advising the employer on implementing best practices and procedures.

It may even imply putting in place an employee handbook to inform employees of the various policies and other important information that must be issued.

If you already have procedures, hiring an employment lawyer to review them is a good idea.

You, as the employer, can legally manage your business by better understanding the law.

If, on the other hand, you are filing a claim against your previous employer, an attorney will advise you on the way forward and your rights while fighting on your side.

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37 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging

Are you not blogging? Really. You should be.

Why should you start a blog? Do you think it is a waste of time? Think again.

If you have the above questions or thoughts, you should read this article. Today I am going to show you various reasons why you should be blogging.

There is no doubt that blogging is one of the best and most recommended ways to make money online.
But still, most people are unaware of how to blog or why they should blog.

37 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging: eAskme
37 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging: eAskme

Let`s understand What is a blog?

A blog is a site where a blogger regularly updates posts such as news articles, technology articles, updates, magazine-style articles, essays, and anything a blogger loves to do. You may have seen that on blogs; you do not have to register to see the content.

A blog is an online platform for the latest and trendy content to share the latest updates with readers worldwide.

Bloggers and businesses have their own blogs focused on static pages.

You may have already seen many blogs, but you did not have any idea what type of site that was.

You can't expect a blog to be rocking from day one until you invest your time and some money in the process.

So let`s focus on the topic, and let me show you various ways why you should be blogging.

Why you should be blogging?

Resons Why You Should Be Blogging : eAskme
37 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging : eAskme

1) It`s easy to start a blog:

It is easy to start a blog, which is why anyone who wants to be part of the blogosphere can start his blog in just a few clicks.
You need a domain, web hosting, and a good theme to start your blog. Bluehost is one of the best platforms to star WordPress blog with its one-click installation feature.

You can even start blogging on free platforms like Blogger or Tumblr, but if you want to make money as a professional blogger, you should at least buy a custom domain which can cost the max of $12 a year, and use a custom theme.

It is really easy to start a blog. Check the blogging Guide.

2) Make 6 figure Earning within a year:

It is said and proved by various professional bloggers that within a year of professional blogging, you can easily reach 6 figure income.

It takes more effort to make money than to start a blog. You need to publish posts, attract readers and promote your content on various social platforms and even offline. A blogger also must make his blog a brand.

It took me around 6 months to learn about blogging and start my first professional blog. You will be a professional blogger if you follow everything to start a blog.

3) No technical skills needed:

The best thing about blogging is that even a technical illiterate can start a blog. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step guide to start a blog.

Without technical knowledge of coding or websites, you can easily start your own blog.

4) Start a Blog in Just 5 Minutes:

With the help of Bluehost hosting, you can start a self-hosted WordPress blog in just 5 minutes.

Isn`t that easy?

All you need to do is buy web hosting, and you will get a free domain name, and then you can start the process.

You can install WordPress on your hosting and start creating posts and pages.

5) You can do blogging from anywhere:

The best thing which makes me love blogging is that I can do blogging from anywhere.

Whether you are traveling, sitting at home, staying at a hotel, a coffee shop, or even abroad, you can work on your blog from anywhere.

You only need a system (Laptop/Computer) and an internet connection.

6) Platform to share thoughts and ideas:

It`s not always about money.

Many bloggers write on blogs to create awareness about some social cause or spread their views with people or followers worldwide.

If you do not want to make money, you can start a blog on Blogger to Tumblr.

These are free platforms.

But if you want to make money blogging after some time, you can move your blog from a free platform to WordPress.

Always recommended that you start a blog on a custom domain with a custom theme.

7) Shouldn`t starts a blog for free:

You can start a blog with various free platforms, such as BlogSpot, Tumblr, or WordPress.com.

But if your focus is to make money blogging, you need a custom domain, Web hosting, and a responsive template. But if you want to share a thought, you can use free blogging platforms.

You can easily start a blog on Bluehost with their one-click Wordpress installation.

8) Improve Writing Skills:

Blogging not only help you to get an online platform but also helps you to become a better writer.

The more you write, the better writer you become.

Some so many bloggers never had any idea about how to write in the beginning, but with the time they spend blogging, they become professional writers.

It`s just like practice makes a man perfect.

9) Share Knowledge:

You can start a niche blog or write on a specific subject to share your experience and expertise with people worldwide.

A profitable blog is a blog that helps others with its content.

For example, the PCMAG blog is about the least technologies.

10) Gain knowledge, increase credibility

Blogging is a process of gaining more and more knowledge. The more knowledge you gain, the more credible you become.

It helps you become an expert in your niche.

It also helps you to become an authority blogger.
Sharing your experience is always the best way to establish yourself as a professional blogger.

11) An Extra Add-on to Your Blog:

Do you know that you can even add a blog to your resume and give it a professional look?

But for this purpose, you should have a blog with appropriate content and look professional.
As more businesses hire professional from social networks such as LinkedIn, adding a blog to your social profile help you to attract more offers.

It also shows that you have a good knowledge of what you write and are passionate about learning new things.

12) Every Business should be Blogging:

Every business should be blogging.

Businesses have many reasons to add a blog to their site.

Blogging also helps them to create awareness about their products or services.

It also helps to build your blog as a brand.

A business blog not only takes about its products but also transfers knowledge to its employees, shares about events, and helps to generate new ideas.

It also gives customers a good platform to learn about the business and its services.

13) Blog increase sales:

It has been observed that businesses are getting more sales after adding a blog to their websites.

It gives a boost to their brand and builds trust among customers.

The stronger a brand becomes, the more leads it can generate.

Brands can even link their blogs with their social profiles and easily share what they want to promote via their blogs on various social networks.
This also helps to boost more sales.

14) Press Release tool for a Business:

A blog is one of the best tools which work as PR for a business.

Businesses post their new launch announcements on their blogs. These announcements help to attract more readers.

15) Rise of a Professional Writer:

Various bloggers have become brands by writing as the top professional in their niche.

For example, Perezhilton.com is the creation of Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr.

Now he is also known as Perez Hilton because his blog became famous among celebrities and the world.

16) Number of opportunities:

Blogging is for everyone.

Whether you are a journalist, writer, author, or schoolboy, You can learn and promote what you want to share with the world with the help of blogging.

You can make money from blogging or even sell your blog.

17) Become a researcher:

It is the hobby of a professional blogger to write about the latest and trendy topics.
This habit makes him a researcher.

Bloggers must research and understand the latest trends before writing about them on their blogs.

The more information your blog has, the more readers your blog attracts.

18) it`s a network:

Blogging brings network opportunities.

Bloggers always have so much knowledge that they have to offer many things.

When your blog becomes a brand, you become a brand.

Establish a bigger blogger outreach to expand your knowledge and connections.

19) Discipline:

Discipline is the feature of a blogger.

If you are not disciplined about your work, you cannot be successful in blogging.

Regularize your blogging work, and this will help you gain expertise. 

20) Unleash your creativity:

Blogging brings creativity. It makes you a good blogger and a writer who knows how to express yourself creatively.

When you are writing on a blog, you do not write as a student in examination-you write as a professional who knows his strengths and limits.

21) Fun on your way:

The beauty of blogging is that it brings fun your way.
You can work whenever you want and from wherever you want. You will be your boss and can write about anything you want.

It is great fun when you turn your blog into a successful blog.
Your first job is to create quality content while writing pillar articles; the second is to understand your readers and write for them.

22) Boost Confidence:

Being a professional blogger is good for confidence.
It makes you a more disciplined person.

You are not a man of publish button, but you are a man of your own will and the love of your readers.

The more content you write, the more money you make, but only if your readers love your blog.

23) Organized:

Blogging makes you an organized person.

You can organize from day one, but you develop this habit when writing regularly.

The more you write, the more organized your become.

When blogging, you are writing, optimizing, and promoting your content to grab more business or make more money.

24) Become inspiration:

If you are a dedicated blogger who wants to deliver a message to your valuable readers, then you can inspire others.

Whether you are writing reviews or sharing the latest news, there is always a good chance of inspiration.

If you can convey your passion to others, you are an inspirational blogger.

25) Public Scrutiny: Hell No

Blogging boosts confidence in a blogger.

So when you become a blogger, you do not fear revealing your thoughts.

Blog more, fear less.

26) Feeling of Awesomeness:

After writing a blog post, which you believe will attract readers and engage them with your content, hit the Publish button, and you will feel great.


Because it took a good amount of effort to write a post, such as keyword research, finding resources, taking main points, writing to the point, storytelling, and proofreading.

When you hit the publish button, you make your work available to the entire world.

27) Spirit Walker:

Everything your write on the blog has the potential to be seen even after thousands of years.

Maybe your greatest grandsons want to see how life was back in your time.

28) Blogging for Everyone:

Do you have a passion for being amazing?

If yes, believe me, blogging is for you, not only for you but for everyone who wants to bring something more into his life and wants to become more and do more.

Every day millions of new blogs are rising.

So you see, lots of people are blogging, not just for money but for everything.

29) Your own Blogging Community:

Blogging helps you to build your blogging community of likeminded people.

It is human nature that people of similar interests always gather in the same place.

If you post what your readers love, they will come back again and again.

Not only readers but professional bloggers also like to connect with you.

30) Free for you only:

There are high chances for a blogger to get free stuff from businesses so they can test and review the products and services of various bloggers on their blogs.

31) Worthy Cause of Blogging:

Do you want to establish yourself as a professional blogger?

If yes, always work for an important cause.

You can create awareness about something.

This will also help you make money by getting your readers' trust.

32) More Traffic with Blogging:

A blog is one of the best supporting tools for an online business.
If you have a website to sell products, you should focus on getting more leads by traffic.

If you want to rank your product, the product listing page does not work well, and you need in-depth content to support your product to rank higher in Google searches.

33) Talk to Your Audience through Blogging:

If you publish quality content regularly, your blog will easily become a community.

The comment section of your blog also plays an important role in answering the questions of your potential buyers.

This will make buyers believe that their voices can be heard.

34) Blogging Makes You an Expert:

When you spend a good amount of time blogging about some specific topic, you will certainly gain more knowledge than many others.

This helps you boost your expertise and try new things, and test new ideas as an expert.

People look for your expert advice when they find you have better knowledge about something they lack.

35) Blogging makes you enter into school of your interest:

These days schools are willing to choose students with something extra than other students.

Blogging offers a platform to show what more you have inside the world.

Your blog shows your knowledge and confidence.

This will help you to shine when you enter a school.

36) Blogging Brings More Work opportunities:

Blogging brings you more opportunities to work than anything else.

You can work in a company or work as a freelancer.

Blogging brings you a lot of work as a blogger, writer, and marketer.

37) Popularity:

Blogging also brings your popularity. The more popular your blog becomes, the more popular you become.

The more people know your blog they also know about you.

With time you also become the center of talk when someone talks about your blog.

This is an amazing thing.

So these are the 37 reasons why you should be blogging. I believe you will find your reasons among them.

What is the best Time to start a blog?

People always ask me the best time to start a blog.

I recommend the best time to start a blog is now.

The sooner you start, the sooner you can get successful. Time is the money.

If you still have questions, feel free to ask me via comments.

If you like this guide, why should you blog? Feel free to share with your friends and family or on social platforms.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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Tumblr Facts: 51 Things that You Should Know!

What do you know about Tumblr? Surely, you do not know everything!

Tumblr is one of the most popular social media networks. But there is more that you should know about it.

If you are a blogger, marketer, or social media person, you may have already used or heard about Tumblr.

Tumblr Facts: 51 Things that You Should Know!: eAskme
Tumblr Facts: 51 Things that You Should Know!: eAskme

But, even if you do not know about it, do not worry. Today you will learn everything about the popular social media platform Tumblr.

Tumblr offers something that every blogger, marketer, and business needs. You can build your audience, improve personal branding, and display your creativity on Tumblr.

All you need is to publish quality and relevant content.

Today, I am sharing what Tumblr is, its features, and why you should use it.

So, let’s start.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is not just a social network but a powerful micro-blogging platform. You can share text, videos, images, GIFs, links, music, and more.

Your audience will give reactions on Tumblr, which works similarly to Likes on Facebook.

Tumblr gives you the ultimate customization options.

You can customize the theme, fonts, color, layout, etc., according to your brand or business.

You can also follow others on Tumblr, and other Tumblr users can follow you.

It is free to join Tumblr:

  • Go to Tumblr.
  • Click on Sign up.
  • Choose the Signup option between “Continue with Google,” “Continue with Apple,” and “Continue with email.”
  • If you choose the email signup option, it will ask for “Date of Birth” and “Blog name.”
  • Choose the interest and click on “Signup.”
  • On the “What are you into?” page, select 5 topics to follow.
  • On the “Find your people” page, select at least 3 people you want to follow.
  • Afterward, go to your email and click on the verification link to verify your Tumblr account.
  • Now you are ready to use Tumblr.

Your posts on Tumblr are “Public.” It means that you cannot keep your profile private on Tumblr.
Tumblr’s mobile app is more useful than any other micro-blogging app.

Tumblr Facts and Statistics:

  1. Tumblr is an American microblogging social network founded in 2007 by David Karp. You can share photos, videos, images, links, Gifs, etc., on Tumblr.
  2. Yahoo acquired Tumblr in 2013 for $1.1 billion.
  3. Verizon purchased Tumblr in 2017.
  4. In 2019, Automatic became the owner of Tumblr. Automatic is also a parent company of WordPress.
  5. Tumblr’s headquarter in San Francisco, California.
  6. Tumblr has 2437 employees.
  7. Tumblr has 57% women employees and 43% men employees.
  8. At Tumblr, 57% of employees are white, 14% are Asian, and 13% are Black or African American.
  9. The average employee at Tumblr makes $77,66/ annually.
  10. Most Tumblr employees spend at least 5.3 years with the company.
  11. More than 556 million blogs are active on Tumblr.
  12. Social media influencers and celebrities are also active on Tumblr.
  13. Tumblr’s revenue is up to $100 million.
  14. Tumblr has thousands of networks and partners.
  15. More than 171 billion posts have been published on Tumblr.
  16. You can access Tumblr in 18 different languages.
  17. 61% of Tumblr users are Gen Z, and 48% of active users are Gen Z.
  18. According to Builtwith, Tumblr is the third most popular blogging platform in the USA, Canada, and the UK.
  19. Tumblr is also the third most popular blogging platform online.
  20. Tumblr’s 45.94% of traffic is coming from the USA.
  21. Tumblr has a guide for newbies. https://help.tumblr.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001572547
  22. You can find almost every trending topic on Tumblr.
  23. The most popular internet categories on Tumblr are related to computers, video games, news, electronics, consoles, accessories, etc.
  24. Tumblr is one of the most popular competitors of Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  25. You can use “Tumblr Blaze” to advertise your posts.
  26. Tumblr is a private company.
  27. According to Statista, 70% of users are satisfied with Tumblr.
  28. There are 135 million monthly active users on Tumblr.
  29. In May 2022, Tumblr received 291.7 million unique visits.
  30. Tumblr is whatever you want it to be.
  31. You can also host live blogs on Tumblr.
  32. 69% of users access Tumblr on mobile phones and 31% on websites.
  33. 58% of people in the USA are familiar with Tumblr.
  34. 5.94% of people in the UK and 5.07% in Canada are familiar with Tumblr.
  35. 3.1% of Germans and 3.2% of Australians are familiar with Tumblr.
  36. Tumblr banned adult content in 2018.
  37. According to Mashable, Tumblr is the homeland of Fandom.
  38. According to the Verge, Tumblr has more unique content than any other social network.
  39. More than 9.7 million posts are published every day on Tumblr.
  40. 33.04% of Tumblr users are 18-25, 31.44% are 25-34, and 16.10% are 35-44 years old.
  41. 58.59% of users are male, and 41.41% are female.
  42. Tumblr’s bounce rate is 42.67%.
  43. Tumblr allows you to share and like your posts and the posts of others.
  44. You can add a custom theme to your Tumblr blog.
  45. You can edit or delete multiple posts using “Mass Post Editor” on Tumblr.
  46. You can add images using links.
  47. Tumblr allows you to use keyboard shortcuts.
  48. Ghost, Medium, and Hexo are top Tumblr competitors.
  49. Users are publishing more than 2000 posts every second on Tumblr.
  50. Tumblr is getting 28.48% traffic from Twitter and 20.25% from YouTube.
  51. The average Tumble user visits 6.47 pages.


Tumblr is a popular micro-blogging social media platform where you can build community by sharing interactive posts.

Create your brand profile, share visuals, and engage with your audience on Tumblr to grow your reach.

Join Tumblr to improve your social media presence and gain traffic and branding.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro Review 2022

The web is flooded with millions of videos you want to watch and save to your computer for you to watch later.

However, directly downloading videos from websites and converting your favorite videos to the desired format is not easy.

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro Review 2022: eAskme
WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro Review 2022: eAskme


Therefore, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro came into being in response to this problem.

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro:

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is one of the best video converters with many interesting features like converting YouTube videos to MP4, downloading videos, recording screens, editing videos, creating GIFs, and more.

In this article, we will carefully discuss the main features of this software.

Key features of WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro:

These features played an intuitive and important role in the popularity of the software among users around the world.

To understand how this video converter works, let's move on to its features.

Convert videos to 500+ output formats and devices:

It supports over 500 output formats and devices, allowing you to convert video files to the most popular formats, such as WMV to MPG, AVI to MP4, MKV to MOV, etc.

If you are unfamiliar with video formats, to ensure that your video is supported and playable on your preferred device, you can also directly select the output device, such as tablets, phones, desktops, laptops, handsets, TVs, and much more.

As for audio files, it supports MP3, WAV, DTS, AAC, AC3, MKA, FLAC, ALAC, etc.

How to use WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro to convert video files?: eAskme
How to use WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro to convert video files?: eAskme

Save content from 1000+ websites with one click:

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is embedded with a built-in video downloader that allows you to save videos from over 1000 websites such as YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Liveleak, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitter, etc. So, you can watch offline when you don't have an internet connection.

Basic video editor:

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro also includes video editing features that enable you to modify the basic elements of the video.

You can easily trim, merge, crop, and rotate videos. Filters and effects can be added to make your videos look more captivating.

More features of WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro:

  • Record the screen with sound.
  • Convert SD video to HD video.
  • Add subtitles to videos.
  • Extract audio from videos.
  • Convert videos and pictures into GIFs.
  • Batch convert video files, up to 10 at a time.
  • Powered by hardware acceleration technology to process your video files at lightning speed.

How to use WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro to convert video files?

It is a user-friendly conversion program with an intuitive interface; you can easily use it by following the steps below.

Step 1: Enter "Converter" from the main interface and add video files to the program.

After starting the program, enter the main interface; there are 5 tabs to choose from, and select the corresponding tab according to your needs.

Step 2: Choose a suitable output format.

Click the "Output Format" panel to see more than 500 output formats, as said above, and select the one you need.

Step 3: Start converting video formats.

This is the last step; click the "Run" button at the bottom of the interface to start the conversion.


  • Multiple gadgets in one.
  • Equipped with multi-language interface, English, Japanese, French, etc.
  • Fastest speed and best output quality.


  • No Mac version.


Its functionality clearly shows that WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is not an ordinary tool.

It knows how to take advantage of the device's hardware and software capabilities, fast downloads, and batch conversions.

Therefore, if you are a creator and have a hobby of the best videos for your phone, you should choose it without hesitation.

If you still have doubts, we recommend you try its free version. But keep in mind that the free version has certain limitations.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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Instagram Users can Schedule Posts and Reels: Here is how?

Instagram users have been asking for post-scheduling features for a very long time.

The company has listened to their request and launched a new post and reels schedule feature.

Instagram Users can Schedule Posts and Reels: Here is how?: eAskme
Instagram Users can Schedule Posts and Reels: Here is how?: eAskme

Instagram Users can Schedule Posts and Reels:

Only professional Instagram accounts can schedule posts or reels for up to 75 days using the Instagram app.

Before this feature, Instagram users couldn't schedule posts. Instagram users were using third-party apps to schedule posts.

It also means that you can schedule posts without using Meta Business Suite.

All you need is an Instagram Android or iOS app on your smartphone to schedule posts and Reels.

You can schedule posts only if you have a professional Instagram account.

You should have a professional account on Instagram to promote your business. It is free to upgrade from the standard Instagram account to the professional account.

Here is everything you must know about Instagram Post and Reels scheduling features.

How to Schedule Posts and Reels on Instagram?

You can schedule posts on Instagram up to 75 days in advance. You can schedule any post, such as reels, carousels, pictures, or videos.

  • Go to Advanced Settings.
  • Select "Schedule this post."
  • Choose the date and time when you want to make your post live and click on "Schedule."

Now, your content is scheduled for publishing at the day and time you have chosen.

With post scheduling on Instagram, you can easily manage your time.

Your posts will go live even when you are working or sleeping.

Scheduling will also help you post consistently and catch the best time to publish your content.

If you know when your audience is most engaged on Instagram, then always choose that time for post-scheduling.


Post scheduling always helps you manage your posts most effectively.

You can create posts or reels whenever you want and schedule them for the best time to post on social networks like Instagram.

I have been using the post-scheduling feature on Facebook. It is good to know that I can now schedule posts and reels on Instagram.

You can also access the post-scheduling feature on Instagram if you have a professional Instagram account.

What do you think?

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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How Essay Writing Skills Can Aid Your Future Career?

Essay writing might not be something a lot of students love to do.

Written college assignments sometimes feel like a chore.

How Essay Writing Skills Can Aid Your Future Career?: eAskme
How Essay Writing Skills Can Aid Your Future Career?: eAskme

However, this is an important exercise that prepares one for a future career.

In this guide, you'll learn how these skills can serve you in the long run.

Writing Builds Essential Skills:

In many cases, students might think essays are just annoying tasks that bring little value.

Sometimes it is hard to see how something like that can be applied in real life.

Yet, it offers an opportunity to develop and grow a specific skill set.

For instance, WritePaper writers have shared their opinion on that.

It is a professional academic writing service that helps students with all college papers, from essays to case studies.

Expert authors offer writing, editing, and proofreading help on the shortest notice.

So students that need more time or confidence in their skills can count on professional assistance and guidance anytime.

This type of work requires advanced skills and deep knowledge of the field.

Based on first-hand experience, writers shared the list of competencies essay writing helps build, namely:

  • Research;
  • Analytical thinking;
  • Critical thinking;
  • Communication;
  • Persuasion;
  • Creativity;
  • A structured approach to sharing ideas;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Ability to base opinion on facts and data;
  • General verbal intelligence.

And those competencies are necessary for almost any job, whether you are looking into a writing career or not.

Whether you are aiming to become a game developer, nurse, or marketing manager, you will need them in some way.

How Essay Writing Can Aid Your Career?

Getting a Job:

When looking for a job, writing is usually the one thing that ensures a good first impression on a recruiter.

It all starts with a resume and cover letter.

Recruiters often spend 10-20 seconds scamming through the application.

And it is crucial to stand out and grab their attention.

Crafting a winning resume takes a lot of skill and effort.

One must focus on the essential factors, keywords, and the posting itself.

It has to be structured, precise, and impressive.

This is what essay writing can teach one indirectly.

It is all about gathering information, understanding the prompt, and laying out the argument logically.

One can analyze the job posting, see what competencies the employer is looking for, and cater to those in a cover letter or resume.

Communication in the Workplace:

In the modern world, the majority of communication is written.

Even if you are a web developer, chances are you are going to exchange a lot of ideas in some of these forms:

  • Emails;
  • Texts;
  • Memorandums;
  • Presentations;
  • Social media platforms;
  • Proposals, etc.

They all require precision, attention to detail, and focus on the reader.

Many issues appear from miscommunications and the inability to formulate the prompt or idea.

Here is where college essays come in handy.

They teach to understand the target audience and formulate the main idea of a text (thesis statement).

After that, one must cohesively uncover it and present supporting arguments or evidence to persuade, inform or compare.

Quality Networking:

The ability to present your ideas clearly, as well as excellent grammar, represents your professionalism.

They also add to the company's reputation.

This is a perfect opportunity to maximize your potential and showcase your strengths.

Imagine you receive a proposal with a lot of errors and grammar mistakes.

Would you trust such a person to represent your interests or do your project?

It isn't definite.

Lack of communication skills and attention to detail can damage one's reputation.

But with excellence comes quality networking.

You get to impress potential clients, partners, and end customers. This is important to grow as a professional and achieve your career goals.

It can also help increase sales, attract new vendors, or become a valuable part of the company.

Formal Tone:

Another essential feature essays can teach is formal tone and courtesy.

They are necessary for business communication. It is considered respectful hence any specialist needs to master it.

Sure, some industries might rely less on formal tone.

But it is an excellent competency to obtain nevertheless.

This is particularly helpful to lawyers, entrepreneurs, government officials, medical professionals, marketers, etc.

Fact-Checking and Research:

Almost any college essay relies on quality research.

One must build a strong case with a background understanding of the context and strong arguments.

This skill is also crucial for your future career.

Fact-checking can make or break the deal. It ensures credibility, trust, and clear communication.

For instance, one might need research experience to:

  • Look up potential clients or partners to address them accordingly;
  • Prepare proposals based on relevant data;
  • Write reports and work with data analysis;
  • Analyze and forecast market trends in the respected field;
  • The third party gave fact-check information.

Essay research is essential to develop these competencies.

It teaches the ability to quickly find relevant data, analyze its quality and relevancy, and apply it to the subject matter.

Overall, it is a great advantage to approach all sources from a critical point of view, even if you use this competency, not in a directly professional way but personal life.

It ensures an educated approach to essential decisions such as investing, healthcare, or politics.

Higher Salary:

Summing up, good writing leads to higher salaries and professional growth.

When you present your ideas clearly and persuasively, they are more likely to be considered.

Many great suggestions can be dismissed just because they must be presented better.

If you cannot explain it and cohesively, the partners, vendors, or colleagues won't understand it. This is just one example of how essential good communication is.

Professionals that are good with words are more likely to get promotions or be assigned essential projects.

So while essays might not seem like a big deal at college, they impact the future career significantly.

Overall Well-Being:

Writing is used not only in a place of work. It can be a hobby or a stress-relieving technique.

For instance, journaling is beneficial for mental health.

Several studies prove that it helps reduce stress, clear thought, and even overcome traumatic experiences.

Journaling or free writing is a powerful way to uncover your strengths and hidden feelings.

It leads to a better understanding of yourself and, as a result, higher emotional intelligence.

No wonder it is widely used in therapy.

And a person that feels more content and stress-resilient are likely to perform better at work.

It is an inter-connective relationship between one's well-being and success.


Some students might feel they need to be more excited about essays in college.

It is understandable, as such assignments might take a lot of time and effort to complete.

But they are essential to overall intelligence and personal growth.

They are also crucial for a future career as they help build essential skills and competencies.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

If you find this article interesting, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


Because, Sharing is Caring!

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