How to Host a GoDaddy Domain on Hostgator

Webmasters usually buy domain from cheapest sites and transfer them to other sites to host a website. It is very simple process if you have domain with GoDaddy.

How to Host a GoDaddy Domain on Hostgator : eAskme

How to Host a GoDaddy Domain on Hostgator ?
  • Go to

  • Buy a Domain.

  • Go to and register for web hosting. Hostgator will send you confirmation link and details of your account in an email "Your HostGator Account Information".

  • Go back to and login.

  • Go to "Domains", click on "My Domains".

  • Check the domain to want to host on hostagtor and click on "Nameservers".

  • Select  "Custom nameservers (I host my domains elsewhere)".

  • Open the email you have received from and find "Your name servers:".

  • Replace the GoDaddy nameserver1 with Hostgator nameserver.

  • Now replace nameserver2 with Hostgator nameserver.

  • Click on "Okay".

  • Login to adn add your GoDaddy domain to your plan.

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