May 17, 2024

OpenAI-Reddit Partnership: Reddit Content in ChatGPT Results

After Reddit and Google collaborated, Reddit found another collaboration with OpenAI. The OpenAI-Reddit collaboration allows ChatGPT to use Reddit content in results. Even though Reddit is making high-end collaborations, the expert community is worried about the concerns about UGC content.

OpenAI is known for using open-source content or content available on the internet to train its datasets. Now, OpenAI’s collaboration with Reddit helps ChatGPT produce results using Reddit content.

OpenAI published announcement on 16th May, 2024. It will use Reddit’s API, Data, and comments to provide real-time results.

OpenAI’s access to Reddit data can raise authentication worries as not every user-generated content is valid.

Reddit OpenAI Collaboration: eAskme

Expert Community’s Concern Over Accuracy:

Reddit is a platform where user-generated content shines. Google’s partnership allowed Reddit content to rank higher in search results, but experts are already back-lashing this strategy.

Now, OpenAI is following the same path.

OpenAI will use Reddit content in real time to empower ChatGPT, which will use Reddit data to produce real-time results.

Reddit is a platform for experts and inexperienced users. Most users have no experience. Lack of subject matter expert content causes issues like accuracy, relevancy, etc.

Reddit’s policy is also against the commercial use of Reddit content. But the partnerships say otherwise.

Public Content Policy and a New Subreddit for Researchers

What will be the Impact?

OpenAI’s collaboration with Reddit can impact the results generated by AI tools. ChatGPT and other OpenAI tools will access Reddit discussions to create real-time content.

It will impact ChatGPT’s performance as some non-relevant data will be a part of every discussion.
Will OpenAI detect and remove non-experienced content from its results? This question will soon be answered.

Why Reddit Content Raises Eyebrows?

Reddit content is user-generated content. Most of it is shared by inexperienced users. UGC content often needs more credibility, accuracy, and facts. Experts worry that Reddit content in ChatGPT will increase misleading results.

What’s Coming Next?

Reddit content in generative AI tools like ChatGPT can cause misleading results. It is best to check every piece of content or fact-check content from AI tools like Gemini, OpenAI, or Bing Chat.


Reddit is the biggest platform for user-generated content. It has discussions on every topic, and subreddits are the way to access these discussions. Integrating Reddit content in ChatGPT will produce real-time data but with concerns like accuracy and relevance.

As I already mentioned, Marketers should not rely on AI-generated content. It is always best to check all content for accuracy and facts.

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Blooket: Join, Login, Play Games with or without Blooket Codes

Blooket is an education and learning platform for students and teachers. It makes teachers’ jobs easy by creating fun games to teach students. Students love the platform because they can play games and learn without stress.

With Blooket games, one can level up one’s engagement in the classroom. But before you get too excited to join Blooket and log in to play games, here is what you must know.

Blooket Join, Login, Play games: eAskme
Blooket Join, Login, Play games: eAskme

What is Blooket?

Blooket, pronounced Blue-Kit, is an educational gaming platform. For each lesson, the “Set Creator” creates a quiz with images and four options for each question. The player or student should choose the right answer to earn coins.

It is an educational way to learn about history, celebrities, notable personalities, events, places, etc. It is accessible worldwide on devices with an internet connection. Game modes and difficulty options are available.

Teachers can create quiz-based games for students. For each question, there are 4 answers.

Students can play games to win answers and boost their knowledge. Solo and group games are available.

How does Blooket work?

Blooket is a premium gaming platform for students and teachers. You can start with a free account. Sign up, log in to your Blooket account, and start playing games for free. Teachers can also create codes for games. With this feature, only students with access codes can play games.

It offers a clean user interface and gaming experience. Quiz-based games are a traditional way of gaming that boosts knowledge. Each question comes with 4 answers, and only one of them is correct. Students will learn the correct answer, even if they choose the wrong one.

Students not only earn coins but also earn Blooks.

Blooket Features:


Blooket is a user-friendly platform with clean navigation. Teachers can easily create games for students, and students can quickly access games to play.

Teachers can also assign games to the group of students to compete.


Blooket is accessible worldwide. It is a free-to-play game that students and teachers can access on their smartphones, Laptops, and desktops.

Age limit:

You must be 13+ to join Blooket and play games online.

How to Join Blooket?

It is super easy to join the Blooket games platform.

  • Go to
  • Click on “Singup.”
  • Enter your email ID; you will get a verification code from Blooket.
  • Enter the code and click “Next.”
  • Set up the password for your Blooket account and click “Next.”
  • Enter a unique username and click on “Let’s Go.”
  • Choose “Student” or “teacher” in the “Choose Who You Are” section.
  • Now, the Blooket Dashboard will open.

How to Login into Blooket Dashboard?

  • Blooket login is only possible after signup.
  • Click on “Login.”
  • Type your username and password to log in.
  • After login, the Blooket dashboard will open.

Blooket Dashboard:

The Booket dashboard displays the following options:

  • Stats: to check the “Class Pass,” “History,” “Custom Blooks,” and “Stats.”
  • Blooks: In the Blooket section, check the Blook packs.
  • Market: In the Market section, buy different packs with tokens.
  • Discover: In the Discover section, discover the games to play.
  • Set Creator: In the Set Creator section, create question sets.
  • My Sets: Check created sets or discover sets.
  • Favorites: The favorites section displays the favorite games.

How do you play teacher-verified games on Blooket?

Blooket games are quiz-based games for students.

  • Go to the Blooket dashboard.
  • Go to the “Discover” section to explore “Teacher Verified” games.
  • Click the game that you want to play.
  • Read the questions and click on “Show Answers” to know the answers.
  • Now click on “Solo” to play the game.
  • “Select the game mode.”
  • Click on “New Game.”
  • Choose the “map.”
  • Choose the level of difficulty.
  • Now, answer questions in each round to play the Blooket games.

Cost of Blooket:

Blooket comes with 3 plans:

  1. Free plan to create and play games.
  2. The Plus plan costs $2.99/month or $35.88/yearly. It includes exclusive features, reports, events, premium support, tokens, bonuses, and more.
  3. The Plux Flex plan will cost $4.99/month. It offers advanced features.


Blooket is by far one of the most popular educational gaming platforms for students and teachers. Teachers can create Blooket games, and students can play Solo or group games.

Blooket FAQs:

What is the Blooket join code?
After signing up, you get the Blooket join code in your email. Use that code to enter the Blooket platform.

What are the Blooket hacks?
Blooket hacks are tips and tricks for winning Blooket games. The best way to learn them is to play them before.

What is the rarest Blook in blooket?

Megalodon is the rarest blook in the Blooket.

Still have any question, do share via comments.

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May 16, 2024

(31 Tips) How to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home

According to Flexjobs, more than 4 million people work from home.

Even the managers from big brands have reported that remote employees are more productive when they are working from home.

Even the remote workers said that they feel less stressed, which is useful for decreasing absenteeism and increasing morale.

Even If you are a single mother then you can you can hire housekeepers from Find au pairs to help save your time so you can be more focused at your work.

Top 31 Tips to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme
Top 31 Tips to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme

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Work from home is not only good for employees but also good for businesses and brands.

When working from home, there are particular challenges that you have to face.

Some of them are related to your mental health, and some are related to physical health.

Today, I am sharing some of the essential tips that you should follow to be more productive when working from home.


Schedule: Top 31 Tips to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme


Routine is the first thing that you manage to increase productivity when working from home.

You may have the feeling that you can do whatever you want and whenever you want.

But, the same time it is important to schedule everything.

There was a time when in college you have time between two classes, and you were doing whatever you wanted. Working from home brings the same kind of freedom.

In college days, it can be crucial for students to establish a routine, but at the same time, they find themselves surfing the internet, using social media and streaming YouTube.

Routine is important.

You need to manage your time and fix the time slots of all the essential things to do.

By maintaining a schedule, you can easily understand that how long it will take you to get the desired results or get the job done.


Batching is the strategy that will help you to the more in less time.

People mostly fall for multitasking but batching is different than this.

In batch, you will spend time to set a significant amount of time to get the work done completely.

For example, you can spend the first day of the month planning what you want to do in the whole month or create a social media calendar or content calendar.

Get Dressed:

When working from home, if you hop on to your system in your nightdress, then you are not ready.

You may think that it is more productive than you may be investing more time.

There is something we all know as “get ready.”

Getting dressed gives you a feeling of “I am at work” and also make your mind stay focused.

Remember: What you wear shows what you think.

I like what people call “Dress for Success.”

Fixed Time:

When you work in an office, you have to set the time to start and stop work.

But when it comes to working from home, most of the population keep stretching the work for 30 minutes or more.

You can overburn yourself with this behavior.

If you are not able to stop the work at the designated time, then you should schedule something that will force you to finish the job at the designated time such as, Dinner, time for family, exercise, etc.

If you are working more than 8 hours daily, that means your productivity is decreasing day by day.

Both your body and mind need to break at 5 p.m.

You can also batch your work by scheduling days for tasks, meetings, and calls.

Before you do that you also need to be ready for the type of conversation and what you want to achieve with these tasks.

This will save you from interruptions when performing these tasks.

Since I started working full time in 2014, I realized that it was not easy to start a new task without closing the already running job.

Most of the times, I thought that after I finish one task, I will do the call.

This was a time when I was rescheduling calls again and again.

I also had days with no calls, conversion, and emails.


Tracking is essential for every business.

Some professionals believe in tracking every hour or measure the performance.

If you are working from home or working as a freelancer, then you should track hours for clients.

Tracking will also bring your attention to all the critical details.

Tracking will help you to find out where you are losing your precious time and where you can be more productive.

Manage Physical Space:

Physical space: Top 31 Tips to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme

WorkSpace vs. Home Space:

There is no doubt that you can work from anywhere when you are working from home.

Sometimes you may find yourself working in the living room or kitchen table also.

But this is not how you can improve your productivity.

I am always the most productive when I am sitting in front of my computer, not a laptop.

You need to create a separate workspace in your home space to save yourself from distractions. Of course, this doesn't mean you can’t have some musical In fact, boosting employee morale with music is something that really works in offices and it can work at home for you too.

This will also tell your family that they should not disturb you as long as you are in your working space.

Maintain order in your physical workspace:

A nice clean and tidy workspace not only brings positive energy but also save you from distractions. It will also save you money and time.

Lack of organization in your workspace will cause a lack of productivity.

Dirty desk not only decreases your productivity but also spread viruses that may infect you. You must keep your desk, computer, laptop, and smartphones clean.

It will hardly take 10 minutes of your time to clean your workspace.

Invest in Office Furniture:

When running a blogging or freelance business or working from home, you may end up sitting more than 8 hours every day in front of your laptop or computer.

This will surely hurt your body.

To save your body and mind, you need to invest in ergonomic and comfy furniture.

Take breaks, drink water, walk for a minute or two, or do calls.

Invest in furniture that suits the human body posture and according to your body ergonomics.

Work Ambiance:

The big reason behind open office controversies that we all are different, and we all behave differently in different situations.

As a work from home professional, it is your job to ensure the professional environment. It also includes a perfect desk, perfect lights, and the right playlist.

If you think about working in a coffee shop or open office, then you find yourself in the middle of a lot of distractions.

So, it is your job to ensure that your focus should be on your work.

Breakup with distractions:

Breakup with Distractions: Top 31 Tips to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme

Social Media:

Social media is the biggest distraction for all.

On average, we waste more than 2 hours daily on social media.

Here I am not saying that you should not use social networks, but you should not get carried away.

I have learnt this lesson in the past few years, and now I get less distracted when using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

Social media connects us all, and I also utilize social meetings for my business, but you need to make sure that you should not waste your time in non-productive things.

Use Apps but set the timer to remind yourself of the time you have spent on these.


You may find 100’s of email every day falling into your inbox. It can be time consuming for you to go through all of them.

You cannot waste your time in your inbox if you want to be productive.

I recommend you to check the email only at a predefined or specific time.

You can also take help of autoresponders to let the sender know when will you reply to them.

Manage Expectations:

Your family always has a lot of expectations from you, but you cannot spend your whole day managing things other than your work.

It is your job to manage expectations.

Set expectations about your work time and let your family know that when you are available. This will make them happy and also save you from interruptions.


Breaks will help you to refresh your brain and be more productive, but sometimes procrastination will make you waste a lot of time.

Have you ever visited Facebook to find some solution, but end up watching movie trailers? If not, then it’s okay.

  • Get dedicated cut-offs rather than long unintentional breaks.

  • Go to the kitchen grab some cold drink, have some snacks, and come back.

  • Or take a walk around your house.
Remember: Your mind needs a break, but you should not waste that time.

Working from home Parent:

Are you a parent who is working from home? If yes, then you have to face some unique challenges.

You may find it challenging to manage your time when caring for your children.

Taking care of the kids is itself an outstanding job.

This is the time when you have to create the balance between your work and your family life.

You can also take help of your family to take care of kids for the time you are in your workspace.

Say no to Notifications:

Notifications are the culprit behind distraction.

Notifications are there to be seductive and attract users to spend their time on all such networks.

Apps always trying to grab your attention with what’s new, offers, and other sorts of notifications.

Turn off all the apps when you are in your workspace. Only check them in breaks.

Use Technology:

Use Technology: (31 Tips) How to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme

Use Right tools:

As a blogger, I understand the importance of tools.

Tools are there to make your job easy and effective.

If you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, then you should invest in useful tools.

In an online business such as SEO or blogging, you should use available tools to boost your productivity.

For example;
In short, no matter what you want to do, there are tons of tools available online, use them wisely.

Noise Cancelling Headphones:

Noise-canceling headphones!


Use them to save yourself from audio distractions.

If you are traveling and working at the same time, then noise-canceling headphone can be valuable.

Save Yourself from WFH Loneliness:

The biggest drawback of working from home is that you will not have the chance to build in-person connections.

Sometimes you need someone to talk and engage with to not only refresh your mind but also create a place for new ideas.

Online communities will save you there.

You should join online communities related to your business on popular social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Slack.

Go Outside:

The most significant benefit of working from home is that in fact, you can work from anywhere you want. You can even sit in a coffee shop and working when having snacks or drinks.

You can also establish a coworking space with other freelancers or your work from home friends.

Sometimes changing the location of your workspace will help your mind to give birth to new ideas.

Tell your family About Your Work:

This is something that you can do on a daily basis.

Telling your family about your work will help them understand the importance of your work. This will also save you from interruptions.

You can also earn respect from your family and friends.

Sometimes you might find helpful ideas coming your way.

Breaks your routine:

I have already said that you must have a habit to improve your productivity, but sometimes you need to break up the routine.

Rather than just working from home every day, plan some days to go out for networking events, plan seminars or meetups.

Go to the local cinema, a park or attraction.

Work from home brings flexibility in your schedule, and this improves the circle of your life.

Physical Health:

Physical health: (31 Tips) How to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme

20-20-20 rule:

My doctor told me about this rule.

The rule says that takes a 20-second break after every 20 minutes and focus on an object 20 feet away from you.

This will relax your eyes.

Eat Healthily:

When I started working from home, my desk was a place for junk food.

Within a few months, that showed the effects.

I realized the importance of healthy food and exercise.

From that day, my home-cooked food is my preference.

99% times I skip the readymade meal.

I am surely not the healthiest person, but still, I am better than many who live on junk food and complaining that work from has made them like this.

Take lunch break:

Lunch break plays an essential role in your life.

Every day you must take a lunch break and get away from your computer or laptop.

This will help you stay productive.

Drink enough water:

How much water do you drink every day?

1 liter, 5 liters, 10 liters, let me know via comments.

Study shows that half of the Americans do not drink enough water.

Your body must stay hydrated.

Do you know that dehydration can cause short term memory loss?

So start drinking more water.

Walk and Stretch every hour:

Moving around will help your blood to flow correctly in your body.

If you are already drinking enough water, then you must be leaving your desk regularly, but if not, then you must take short breaks after every hour to walk and stretch for a couple of minutes.

Here is the list of stretches that you can do.

Mental health:

Mental health: (31 Tips) How to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme


Meditation can be life-saving for you.

Meditate for atleast 10 minutes every day.

You can use some meditation motivation from Youtube or add meditation music to your phone.

Meditation can also clear unnecessary thoughts from your mind and help you stay positive and focused.

Day Off:

When working from home, most of the people forget the importance of a day off.

Day offs are importance to cure your physical and mental health.

You can work from anywhere, but it doesn’t mean that you should be working on the hospital bed.


One of the significant benefits of work from home is that it allows you to work even when you are traveling. All you need is a laptop with an internet connection.

Take advantage of this and plan a trip to your favorite destination.

Perfect or not:

Perfect or not, you are always a human being, and you have the right to live your life the fullest.

There are the days when you get stuck at something can can’t complete the job, or you choose sleep over-exercise.

Sometimes even your happiest clients can yell at you.

But this is the life.

You cannot make every day perfect for everyone.

Be flexible, and that is the beauty of working from home.

Flexibility will also improve your productivity and make your life more happening.


Now that you've figured out how to be more productive when working from home, it's time to work hard and earn your much deserved paystub. You need this financial document later when filing for taxes. So be sure you get them from your employer on a monthly basis.

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How to Advertise on LinkedIn: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide)

Do you want to run ad campaigns on the social network for a high conversion rate? Or Are you looking for the best system that will help you get better results? You may have used Facebook ad tests or Twitter ads, but have you ever advertised on LinkedIn?

When it comes to advertising on LinkedIn, most of the people have never even tried it. The big reason is that advertising on Facebook and Twitter was much more comfortable than advertising on LinkedIn.

But, here comes the change.
How to Advertise on LinkedIn: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide)

How to Advertise on LinkedIn: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide): eAskme
How to Advertise on LinkedIn: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide): eAskme
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Now, LinkedIn has a recreated ad serving system and made it an easy to use social media network.
LinkedIn is the best choice to target the B2B audience.

The presence of B2B networks on LinkedIn has made it the most popular professional social network.

LinkedIn has recently refined targeting options. Now it is helping marketers to target the specific set of professionals effectively.
  • Want to reach marketing firms? You can target those using LinkedIn Ads.
  • Want to focus on the education industry? You can reach them using LinkedIn Ads.
  • Want to find interns? You can connect with LinkedIn ads.
This year B2B option is attracting businesses and marketers to use LinkedIn.

This doesn’t mean that businesses are not advertising on Facebook or Twitter, but they will focus more on LinkedIn this year.

Notable: There is one thing you should know about the LinkedIn ad network is that the ad cost will be higher than Facebook ads.

You must have the right amount of money to play with LinkedIn ads.

If cash is not the problem and you are ready to run LinkedIn ads, then you should learn some basic rules.

LinkedIn Advertising Options:

LinkedIn was extremely limited to advertisers. There was no room for advertisers to achieve their goals. But, things have changed in 2021. LinkedIn will keep upgrading its ad system to add more freedom and room for advertisers.

Now LinkedIn Ads allow you to create ads based on your target.

When advertising on a social network like LinkedIn, you must have clear goals.

To successfully advertise on LinkedIn you need to have one of the following goals:
  • Brand Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Job Applicants
  • Lead Generation
  • Video views
  • Website visits
  • Website conversions
Now it is the time to uncover the most used objectives with LinkedIn advertising;
  • Job Applications
  • Lead generation
  • Website visits and Video Views.
Organic engagement is also a way to reach out to the LinkedIn Audience

LinkedIn ads will cost you more money than Facebook ads. I suggest you first to choose your target and then plan your ad.

Be blunt when it comes to choosing ad objectives on LinkedIn.

No matter what objective you have, you will have five types of ads on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn ad types:

Sponsored Content ads:

Sponsored content ads work similar to sponsored content. In the sponsored content ad you will be promoting a post or page in the LinkedIn feed.

LinkedIn Sponsored content ads have the highest CPC. It is always wise that you only promote pages with a call to action.

Text Ads:

LinkedIn text ads work directly as other text ads. You can find them on the right side of the LinkedIn feed. One can also see these ads below “People You May Know” section. These ads can play a useful role in conversion.

You may need to do some tests to find which work best for you.

Sponsored InMail:

LinkedIn sponsored InMail ads will display like spam email in the inbox. But as these are under LinkedIn policies so you can boost the higher conversion with these ads.

As these ads fall in the inbox directly from the business page or personal profile, the chances are that people find them more exciting and like to communicate with the business.

Make sure that you do not copy/paste the InMail ads.

LinkedIn Video Ads:

As the name suggests, LinkedIn video ads will allow you to promote your videos to the target audience. Video marketing will be one of the most critical parts of the marketing strategy this year.
You may need to run tests to find which video ad works best for you.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads:

The focus of LinkedIn Dynamic ads is to engage prospects with personalized ads. With the help of dynamic ads, you can personalize the experience according to your audience.

You can use this type of ads to capture the attention of professionals. Ads will display their own professional's photo, data, company name, and title.

You can also customize the dynamic ads according to your objectives.

The main reason brands use LinkedIn dynamic ads is that it allows you to boost the audience and followers for your profile or business page.

LinkedIn Carousel Ads/Native Ads:

Carousel ads or native ads are there to attract professionals by telling them an interactive story.

Linkedin Carousel ads are helpful for those who want to share their brand story. You can use this type of ads to capture the attention of the target audience.

You may want to know about the specs and ad dimensions. Here is everything you should know about each LinkedIn ad type and objectives when creating ads on LinkedIn;

LinkedIn Audience Targeting

Time to talk business now.
  • Who is your target audience? (Male/female, age/location)
  • Are they working in the same industry?
  • Are they upper management or lower management?
  • Do they have experience of each job between 2-4 years?
  • Do they are in connection with a similar brand or professional?
You must know the answer to these questions.

LinkedIn is giving invaluable targeting options, but you can only get the results if you understand the demographics of your audience.

You can target coffee table people on Facebook, but on LinkedIn, your target should be what they have worked, what they have studied and which option you want to focus.

Remember: You can target more than just Founders and CEO with LinkedIn. You can target grown not only people but also target the startups and your entrepreneurs.

You can also target;

  • People looking for jobs
  • Freshers or experienced
  • Graduated or undergrads etc. using LinkedIn Ads.
Every minute 120+ members join LinkedIn.

How to Track LinkedIn Ad Conversion:

Only you need to know how much success you LinkedIn ad campaigns are getting.

LinkedIn ads offer various metrics that you can use to track the failures and success of ads.

I am sharing a few of the must-have conversion tracking techniques that you must use.

Event Specific Pixel:

If your goal is lead generation, then you should use event-specific pixel to track results.

You can attach. Thank you page with your form. Also, add tracking codes.

You must add conversion tracking to your LinkedIn campaigns.

Site-Wide Insight Tag:

Site-Wide Insight Tag is helpful to track the actions on your website.

It works similar to the Facebook pixel. You need to add this code on your site, and it will start tracking the behavior using LinkedIn ads.

Tip: You can also use LinkedIn re-targeting ads.

How to Use LinkedIn’s Content Suggestion:

Linkedin content suggestions will help business pages to discover what they should write about. You can use trending topics, title, and descriptions.

Content targeting helps you target the CEO and directors of your competition.

How to Advertise on LinkedIn: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide): eAskme

All you need is to choose the seniority, industry, and location. LinkedIn will display trending topics according to your filters.

This will help you use the trending headlines with creative ideas.

Final Words:

LinkedIn is one of the great options to target the B2B audience.

B2B marketers are using various techniques when using LinkedIn Ads. It is exciting to see how LinkedIn is helping marketers achieve their goals and what new features LinkedIn will add.

LinkedIn is ready to give more freedom to marketers to increase conversion and success.

You have questions? Share via comments.

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Handpicked Social Guides to Boost Conversion;
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Google Webmaster Guidelines: Everything that You Must Know

Google webmaster guidelines help you and SEO professionals create a website according to Google's expectations.

With the help of the latest Google Webmaster Guidelines, a webmaster can improve SEO techniques to meet Google's guidelines.

You cannot ignore these guidelines. Ignoring webmaster guidelines will make you invite a manual penalty or algorithm penalty.

Google Webmaster Guidelines: Everything that You Must Know: eAskme
Google Webmaster Guidelines: Everything that You Must Know: eAskme

Other people are atThings Every SEO Newbie Has to Know : The Ultimate SEO Guide for Beginners

If the issue is significant, then Google can ban your website from showing in SERP.

Understand Google Webmaster Guidelines to avoid potential damage to your website or blog.

According to Google's guidelines, there are multiple ways you can optimize your blog, content, or website.

Garry lllyes and John Muller has answered a lot of questions on Twitter also.

Most of the time, these guidelines are talking straight to the point.

Google keep on updating webmaster guidelines.

It is necessary to keep an eye on these guidelines and stay updated. It will help you know about any changes.

For example, Google guidelines say that your website must be HTML/CSS and code must validate with W3C.

It is not a direct sign to get a better ranking. But it will surely improve user experience as cross-browser compatibility is essential for user experience.

Google Webmaster Guidelines is to guide you about solving specific issues to better your blog or website.

What are the Google Webmaster Guidelines?

I can divide Google webmaster guidelines into four parts such as;

  • Content Specific-guidelines
  • General guidelines
  • Quality Guidelines
  • Webmaster Guidelines

Webmaster Guidelines:

Webmaster guidelines is the set of best practices that you must follow to improve your blog or website.

This strategy will help to improve your overall Google search ranking.

The other three guidelines help you save your site from penalties.

General Guidelines:

In general guidelines, you will find best practices to help your blog or website look better in SERP.

Content-specific guidelines:

As the name suggests, content specific guidelines are the best practices to improve how you should use the image, videos, text, and any other type of content on your blog or website.

Quality Guidelines:

Ignoring quality guidelines can get your website banned. It is a must that you should follow Google webmaster quality guidelines.

The reason behind the availability of these guidelines is to help you save your site from Google penalties. These guidelines also tell that you should not write spammy content and focus more on users than search engines.

It is easy to say.

It is a challenge to create a website or blog, according to Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

But by understanding Google Webmaster Guidelines, you will be aware of what to do and what you must avoid.

After understanding Google Webmaster Guidelines, the ne3xt thing is to implement them on your website.

Use Relevant Keywords:

Make your blog/website discoverable.

The best way is to find relevant keywords is by following the top-ranking webpage and seeing what keywords they are using in the title and description.

For this, you should run the competitor analysis of the top-ranking website or blogs in your niche.

Many tools will help you run competitor analysis and find out how these sites are using keywords.


You can have a website with no keyword at all.

You may have a list of keywords that all are branded, but no one has thought about optimizing the content or website.


You need to do a lot of work. Run competitor analysis and find out the opportunities to optimize the keywords.

Remember: You can even optimize the terrible websites.


You must link pages or posts so that they can reach by links from other discoverable posts or pages.

This makes internal linking important. Internal linking also helps to avoid dead pages issue.

Links are part of websites. You must optimize contextual links, navigation menu and breadcrumbs.

Make all the links crawlable by Google. It is essential for a great user experience. Do not repeat the same anchor text again and again.

Combine keywords with different but relevant phrases.

A strong website structure is when the webmaster hierarchically links the pages or posts.

This makes it easy for Google to understand the structure.


Some sites have a lot of orphan pages.


The easiest way to fix orphan pages is by linking to them from other relevant pages on your website. Else delete them.

Reasonable Linking:

Do not make your blog post or Website page look like your sitemap.

Google has made it clear that you should not use 100+ links on a page. But it does not mean that you must add 100 links to every page.

Linking become fruitful when relevant.

Add links according to the need and relevance. Take the user's point of view.

Too many links will make your content look like spam.


Some sites may have hundreds or thousands of links on many pages. This becomes a problem when Google crawl such pages.


Reduce the number of links.

Robots.txt and Crawling:

Robots.txt can help you optimize your crawl budget so that Google can easily crawl your blog or websites.

There are two ways to optimize your crawl budget;

  • Optimize links on the blog or website
  • Optimize robots.txt

Google has published this guide, to help you understand how to optimize robots.txt for better crawling.


You may find sites that use robots.txt to block search engines from crawling the content or complete the website.

You may have a site that does not have sitemap.xml in robots.txt.


Remove Disallow: /

Add directive to display sitemap location.

Create content-rich pages with a clear voice:

Google Webmaster Guidelines talks about information-rich pages. It may not be easy to find information-rich relevant competitors.

Information-rich term changes according to niche or industry.

With the help of competitor analysis, you will learn:

  • What your competitors are writing about
  • How top-ranking sites are writing about different topics.

Structure of your competitor's website.

Answers to these questions will help you understand how to follow webmaster guidelines.


Sites with thin content.

Word count is undoubtedly not the end-all factor to improve your content ranking. Yet, it is essential for creating information-rich content.


Get rid of thin content. Work on your content strategy.

Keywords and Queries:

What are people searching to find your posts or pages?

Keyword research will answer.

With the help of keyword research, you will learn how people are searching to visit your website.

An effective keyword research strategy is what you need.

You will focus on the target audience according to the site's niche or nature during useful keyword research.

It is essential to understand the buyer's persona.

Once you discover the target keywords, then you can easily do on-page optimization.

On-page optimization is also about how many pages on your website are mention the target keyword or query.

For the success of SEO, it is necessary to perform useful keyword research based on targeting.


You may have a site with all the branded keywords. The chances are that the site content is not updated with relevant keywords, phrases, and queries.


The best way to fix it is by optimizing keywords in your content. Use LSI keywords, queries, and targeted keywords rather than only using branded keywords.

Only use the keyword that your users are typing to find your pages.

This way, you make the visitors understand your blog posts or pages.


Have you organized your website by topical relevance?

Conceptual page hierarchy is essential for SEO.

Keep main topics on the top and subtopics under the main. This strategy is known as SEO silos.
Use the deeper conceptual page hierarchy.

You may consider creating a hierarchy that the main page should not go far away from 3 clicks or create in-depth content with hierarchy.

Must create a site that gives in-depth information.


Your blog or site has unorganized posts or pages just there to fill your blog with content.


Create a siloed architecture. Display your topical focus. It will help to improve ranking.

Crawl and index:

Make your whole blog and website crawlable and indexable.

Don't block Javascript or CSS.

Giving Google access to a complete website makes it easy for the search engine to understand your website thoroughly.


You may have a site that blocks javascript and CSS using robots.txt.


Use robots.txt to unblock CSS and javascript.

Important Content:

Ensure that the essential content of your blog or website is crawlable and visible by default. You should not hide important information behind tabs, buttons, etc.

Display important information in default page view.

Tabbed content is usually less accessible to visitors.


You may have a site with tabbed content.


Create fully visible content.

Google Webmaster Guidelines are Must to Follow:

Google webmaster guidelines are trustworthy guidelines.

These are not the rules, yet if you ignore them, then you will only make your website fall behind everyone else.

Always stay on Google's right side and prevent manual actions.

If your website hit manual actions, start working on fixing the issues.

Remember: Google has Introduced 12 new manual action penalties.

In case you have a terrible website, redesign it and its content.

p>Use Google Webmaster Guidelines knowledge to identify issues and fix them before it is too late. It is worth following Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

For stable online performance, you must follow these guidelines.

You have questions? Share via comments.

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May 15, 2024

The Metaverse for Marketers: Complete Guide

It is not only Facebook that has changed to Meta, but the world is changing so much, including marketing, blogging, and business.

Metaverse is one of the most talked-about and significant technological development these days. And it is all about creating a better experience.

The Metaverse for Marketers Complete Guide: eAskme
The Metaverse for Marketers Complete Guide: eAskme

Digital marketing is already there to help businesses market their products and services to the end customers. Now, Metaverse is coming to help businesses and marketers.

When the world is already running after Metaverse, it is time to learn everything about Metaverse, bust some myths, and help marketers.

Let’s find out how marketers can use Metaverse.

What is Metaverse?

Matthew Ball is the first person ever to imagine Metaverse. But the day Zuckerberg announced about Metaverse, things have changed, and it became the hottest topic to discuss.

Even today, Metaverse is still a hypothetical internet world that relies on virtual 3D environments. You can access Metaverse using VR headsets, Augmented reality headsets, and personal computing.

There are many things about Metaverse that do not exist. But in the future, they will develop and become available to ordinary people.

Games like Fortnite, Roblox, Second Life, etc., are some common examples of what you can experience in Metaverse.

Right now, Metaverse allows you to create a virtual avatar and travel in the virtual world or environment. You can also purchase goods to power up or style your gaming characters in Metaverse.

Metaverse and NFT: Are they related?

Non-fungible token, also known as NFT, does not have any tangible value. It also means that it cannot be replaced with anything.

These days digital art is one of the most popular types of NFT.

But, Metaverse will have more use of NFTs.

Morgan Stanley once said that the NFT market will become massive by 2030 to reach $56 billion. And it will happen because Metaverse can create massive demand.

As more people use virtual avatars, the demand for more unique avatars will increase. People will spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on Metaverse avatars to make the appearance attractive and appealing. The same way virtual fashion market will boom.

The Fortnite market is the perfect example of its success.

If you do not know how Metaverse will impact business and marketing, you are already living behind your time.

The Metaverse is an inevitable development based on the idea of when.

The Metaverse will leave a massive impact on marketing. Some of these you can already see.


VR or virtual reality is already there.

We have been following VR technology for more than a decade. Gaming technologies have massively used VR.

Virtual reality is everywhere, from product research to the sale of services and products.

VR gives the ability to the team members to actively participate in product research and development.

Customers also like virtual reality as they feel connected with the complete process. In the coming decades, generations will be sharking hands with more technological advancements.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality is one step ahead of virtual reality. Pokemon Go and smart glasses are the best examples of augmented reality.

Augmented reality has made it possible for smart devices to collect data and enhance user experience.

With The help of Augmented reality, buyers can interact with services and products. You are not leaving your real world when using augmented reality.

Branding in The Metaverse:

Metaverse will bring more business, marketing, advertising, and branding opportunities. You can use virtual billboards, message boards, virtual avatars, and merchandise to market everything.

NFT is also helpful in this branding. You can create customized spaces and avatars like cities, islands, stores, and houses to improve branded virtual content for the customers.

According to Cathy Hackl, it is not easy for brands to create virtual merchandise. Yet brands like Gucci and Chipotle are doing it.

Virtual Popups:

Popup shows are pretty common for businesses. You can put all your products and services in virtual popups.

Marketers can use virtual popups to build a network or market products or services online. Virtual popups improve your chances of reaching a broader audience.

Virtual position can easily change and grab more eyeballs. It is best for you as you do not need real-world shops and save a lot of money and effort.

Virtual Classes or Training:

YouTube has already taught the world how to use recorded videos and Live streaming to market products and services. Metaverse can make virtual classes and train more impacting.

The virtual world is helping students to get a Real-world environment in metaverse classes. Marketers can use virtual training to educate team members and run product demonstrations.

Metaverse events:

Meta has launched a virtual event where people can enjoy the singer.

Metaverse events are gaining popularity, and this is a sign that brands can use metaverse events to promote related products and services.

You can also host metaverse events to influence your targeted audience.

Metaverse Marketing FAQs:

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is the most advanced version of virtual reality and augmented reality. In Metaverse, users will have real-time experience and interact with virtual reality.

Why is Metaverse important for marketers?

The Metaverse is the next platform where markets can connect with the virtually available audience. It will bring more opportunities for businesses to grow and expand.

How to monetize Metaverse?

Businesses can monetize Metaverse by creating popup events, virtual classes, and virtual merchandise.

Who is building Metaverse?

Companies like Apple, Meta, Epic games, Niantic, etc., are building their Metaverses.


Metaverse will take a long time to become that effective and realistic. But it doesn’t mean that you should not prepare for it.

You should start investing in augmented reality ads and virtual reality ads.

Still have any question, do share via comments.

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Complete Blogging for Money Guide in 2024: Everything You Need to Know

The Best Guide to Start Blogging for Money

We have already talked about what is a blog for those who don`t know it. Blogging is something that is I always enjoy, and it is my passion. Blogging for money is not just work, it makes me feel happy and boost my knowledge and confidence.

This made blogging my full-time professional career. After three continuous years of professional blogging, it becomes more and more exciting day by day.

Complete Blogging for Money Guide in 2024: Everything You Need to Know: eAskme
Complete Blogging for Money Guide in 2024: Everything You Need to Know: eAskme


How to Get More Facebook Likes for Free? Complete Guide!

Do you want more Facebook page likes without advertising? Do you want to grow your Facebook page audience without using ads?

If yes, then it is time to find out how you can invite people to like your page on Facebook for free.

Every person and business running a page wants to grow the Facebook audience.

How to Get More Facebook Likes for Free? Complete Guide!: eAskme
How to Get More Facebook Likes for Free? Complete Guide!: eAskme

To attract millions of people on Facebook to like your Facebook page, you need to make them aware of the existence of your page.

Facebook audience or Facebook page likes are still a debatable thing.

We Are Social has published a report stating that pages with less than 10k followers will get only 0.29% engagement, but pages with 100k followers will have 0.05% engagement.

I know that the number is not very impressive.

Yet the number of fans and followers of Facebook can influence the users visiting your brand.

Consumers always prefer brands that have a more social presence.

So, let's find out how you can attract more followers on your Facebook page without advertising.

Invite to Follow Facebook Page:

The first thing you may have seen on your Facebook page is inviting people to like your Facebook page.

How to find the Facebook page invite button?

  • Go to your Facebook page.
  • Make sure you are visiting as a personal profile.
  • Click on "…" to visit the invite button.
  • Now you can invite your friends.

You may also see the blue invite button on some Facebook pages.

When you click on the "Invite to Follow" link or the "Invite the Friends" button, it will show you the list of friends. Choose the friends you have not invited until now and send invitations to like your Facebook page.

According to Facebook, "Facebook invite limit is up to 200 friends."

Invite only 200 friends in 24 hours. And come back again to invite another 200 friends.

The Facebook app also has a friends invite button.


Facebook has set the limit to Facebook page invites.


The result of a Facebook page invite depends upon your connection with your friends on Facebook.

If you are personally connected with Facebook friends or have influence, more friends will accept your Facebook page invite. You should also optimize your Facebook page.

You can also send messages to your friends on Facebook asking them to like your Facebook page.
If you cannot do it, then Facebook invites ads campaign to help you.

Other Ways to Increase Facebook Page Likes for Free:


Questions and Answers are a great way to connect with people on Facebook and other social networks.

You can also join the sites like Quora and Answer the public with your Facebook page.

When answering and asking questions using your page, you will make people visit your Facebook page. If your answers or questions are helpful and engaging, users will surely like your Facebook page.

Facebook Groups:

Create a Facebook group for your page. You can also join other Facebook groups as a page.

After creating the Facebook group, start inviting friends to your group.

Also, create engaging posts in your Facebook group.

Your Facebook group's engagement level will help you get more Facebook page likes.


Use videos on Facebook to boost engagement.

People will see Follow link next to the page title in Facebook Watch. The more people engage with your videos, the more likes you will have.

Share Pressing issues:

Share the content on your page that is important for others.

It is an easy way to attract others and boost social shares for your Facebook posts.

Industry News:

Be the first to Publish the latest news related to your industry.

People love breaking news, and pages get more likes that share the latest news.

Should You Buy Facebook Likes?

This is one of the most asked questions about building a following for the Facebook page.

It's not always good to buy social likes.

Because when you buy followers or likes, you are not building fanbases interested in your content.

That means such likes will have almost zero engagement.


These are the best free ways to get more Facebook page likes.

Always follow the legit methods when building followers for Facebook pages.

Genuine followers will engage with your content and give you more social shares and traffic.

Still have any question, do share via comments.

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Complete Domain Name Guide: How to Choose a Domain (5600 Words)

A decision which you will have to live with for really long time is the decision of choosing a best domain name for your blog or website.

There are so many questions which will eat your mind when you will even think about registering a new domain.

The first thing, when you are about to start an online business website or blog, choosing a domain is the step which can make you eat out your own head.

Choosing a domain name is one of the really crucial and important steps in the success of a blog or any online business.
Complete Domain Name Guide : How to Choose a Domain (5600 Words): eAskme
Complete Domain Name Guide : How to Choose a Domain (5600 Words)

Domain name is not just an address of a blog or website but plays an important role in the success of any online business.

It is the online identity.

Domain is what makes your brand recognizable and help it to become a brand online.

Some popular examples of domain names are,,,, etc.

Domain Name Keyword grab more than 14,10,00,000 results in Google search.

This shows that Domain name is not just an important factor for the success of an online business but also there are so many businesses which are providing domain name service.

There are various questions which come in your mind or mind of some on else who is thinking about a great domain name.

Today I am going to A complete Domain Guide to share each and everything about domain names which will help you not just to understand how to choose a domain name but also helps you to know why domain is important and how it will help your blog to become a brand or your online business to become a brand.

Let`s start with basics of domain name.

What is a Domain Name?

What is a Domain Name : Domain name guide : eAskme
What is a Domain Name : Domain name guide : eAskme
Domain name is not just the name of the website; it shows the type of website and represents how your blog or website will be known online.

Domain name is an online unique address of your site. You can keep it as long as you are paying annual fee of the domain to domain name registrar.

Domain is the Url for users as they type it in web address and hit enter to reach your website.

Search engines also use your domain to crawl and index your blog and it`s content.

Importance of Choosing a Domain name:

Complete Domain Name Guide : How to Choose a Domain (5600 Words): eAskme
Complete Domain Name Guide : How to Choose a Domain (5600 Words): eAskme

Choosing a domain name is really important. It make the users find out what is your site all about and it`s your domain which becomes a brand online.

It is important that you choose a domain name about your online business carefully.

You may spend weeks eating your brain and burning your eyes to look for a perfect, unique and easy to remember domain name for your blog or website.

Why Domain Name is really important for a website or blog?

Why Domain Name is really important for a website or blog : eAskme

When going online, domain name is the very first thing which grabs the eyes of a visitor online

Where a good domain name brings trust and confidence, a bad domain name can destroy the reputation and bring more harm.

So now in this domain name guide we will see why it is important?

Domain Tip :
For branding, it is must that your domain name and business name should be same.

Not only domain names, but domain name extensions also plays an important role when it comes to rank higher in Google search or Bing search or any other search engine.

Now let`s understand structure of a domain name.

Domain Name Structure:

Domain Name Structure : Domain name guide : easkme

It is realy necessary that you should understand the domain name structure in this domain name guide. In above domain name structure you see that there are various things which complete it. Let`s understand these.


For a domain prefix shows that internet protocol of your domain name. HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. This shows how data is transmitted and formatted. It also shows the talk between browsers and web servers.

There are two types of HTTP available these days
1) HTTP : These are standard
2) HTTPS : These are secured


Sub-domain is a subdivision of a domain. It shows at the place of WWW. It always works with primary domain.

For example: in, whatisthis is a sub-domain.

Domain Name:
It includes two things.

1) Domain

This is the name that you register online. When you buy a domain name you will find one domain in two versions.

1) WWW : is a domain name with www.
2) Non WWW : is a Non www domain

Important Tip:
It is always recommended that you verify both domain names in Google Analytics to make search engine understand that you are the owner of both versions and use Canonical tag to show that the content is not copied it is just the same domain with both versions.

 <link rel="canonical" href="" />

2) Domain Extension

Choosing a domain name extension is as important as choosing a domain name. Always choose a Top Level Domain extension (TLD) for your blog or website. It is located after the . of domain name. There are various TLD`s available online.

Choosing a Domain Name Extension:

Choosing a Domain Name Extension : eAskme

As I have already mentioned, Choosing a domain name extension is as important as choosing a domain name. It is always recommended to choose a Top Level Domain Extension (TLD).

There are 1500+ top level domain extensions available for you to choose.

I categories Top Level Domains extensions in 3 categories:

1) Original Top Level Domains extensions:

Did is said original?

Yes, But why?

Because they are not the oldest extension, but the most popular domain name extensions also. For example .Com, .net, .org etc.

2) Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs):

There are times when you might not be able to find the domain name you are looking with Original Top level Domains extensions, at that time you can even go for the second type of TLD`s. These are country code top level domains.

Example of Country Code Top Level Domain extensions:
.us (USA), .uk (United kingdom), .in (India), .au (Australia), .jp (Japan), .cn (China), .ca (Canada), .ph (Philippines) etc.

3) Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs):

You can even choose a generic top level domain for your business site. Generic domain shows the type of business as they represent the name of the business.

Examples of generic top level domains are .agency, .accountants, .business, .digital, .city, .social, . photography etc.

List of 1526 Top Level Domain Extensions.

Click here to check the list of top level domain name extensions:

You can choose the LTD from this is the biggest list of Top Level Domain Extensions.  You can even download the list of top level domain extensions from ICANN

New premium Domain name Extensions

New premium Top Level Domain name Extensions : eAskme
  1. .bargains
  2. .bid
  3. .bike
  4. .blackfriday
  5. .boutique
  6. .camera
  7. .cards
  8. .cheap
  9. .christmas
  10. .clothing
  11. .coffee
  12. .computer
  13. .diamonds
  14. .equipment
  15. .expert
  16. .fish
  17. .florist
  18. .gift
  19. .glass
  20. .guitars
  21. .house
  22. .kitchen
  23. .lighting
  24. .plumbing
  25. .repair
  26. .rocks
  27. .sexy
  28. .shoes
  29. .supplies
  30. .supply
  31. .tattoo
  32. .technology
  33. .tools
  34. .toys
  35. .trade
  36. .training
  37. .watch

Why you should not go for free subdomains?

I have seen many times that people send me their blogs with free sub-domains such as or Free is not always the best option.

Why choosing a sub-domain is not a good decision?

When you are choosing a free sub domain from blogging services, you actually giving the full control of your content to those websites, which are proving free sub domains to you.

Must read : Why you should buy a custom domain

It is also not good for branding as no matter how much you promote it, it only help the main domain to become a brand.

What to do instead of choosing a free domain name?

You should always choose a custom domain name. As this give you full control over the domain name. You can even add your own subdomains.

It is also not costly as you can choose it on very low price for a year or 2 years or five years or 10 years.

Objectives and Goals of a Domain name:

Complete Domain Name Guide : How to Choose a Domain (5600 Words)

When choosing a domain name it is also necessary that you should think about
  • Why you want a domain?
  • What is the main purpose?
  • Who is the target Audience?
  • What is the topic of the blog?
  • What do you want to achieve
  • What style and tone your site or blog carry?

Till now you have learned the following answers in Domain guide:

  1. What is a domain name?
  2. What is domain name structure?
  3. What is domain name extension?
  4. What are the top level domain name extensions (TLDs)?
  5. Why you should not go for free sub domains?
Now it is the time to understand what factors to consider when choosing a domain name?

Remarkable tips to choose a domain name:

Complete Domain Name Guide : How to Choose a Domain (5600 Words)

1) Always choose a unique domain name:

When you want to buy a domain name the very first thing is that you should consider choosing a unique domain name.

Choosing a unique domain name is really necessary ot make your blog a brand. If you want to market yourself like John Chow then you can choose a domain name mix of your first name and last name such as JohnChow.

It is not that bad to choose a domain name with your own name but if you are trying to build a blog or run an online business then choosing a domain name with your own name is not a good idea.

The very first step is that you should try to buy a domain name similar to your business name. You can do a domain research on Google or on domain registrar service to find out if the domain your are looking for available or already registered.

2) Brainstorming:

All one word domains have already been registered. So you might not be able to find one word domain name for your blog. In such a case you should use a mix of two or three words to find the best possible solution for your domain name.

3) Memorable : easy to type, easy to remember

The most common mistake which mostly people do when choosing a domain name is buying domain names with fancy and wrong words.

You should always think that if a common person can`t remember the words of a domain how can he/she type that domain.

Let me make it clear for you:

For example : If you want to buy, but you see that domain name is not available for purchase or domain is already registered, than you buy a domain name such as

Now you see and both sound similar, but when you tell someone that you have a blog or site name, they will always remember and open

So unintentionally your mistake will lead the other site get more traffic.

Instead of that is you buy, this is really easy to type and easy to remember.

I am sure you do not want to do that mistake.

So it is always good that you try various combinations and buy a domain name which is easy to remember and easy to type.

4) Use Keywords 

It is always recommended that you should use the target keyword in domain also. If you want to start a blog or a micro niche blog than using keyword in domain is really helpful to rank higher as compare to those who are not using keywords in domain name.

5) First choice Always .Com

Have you thought for a second that when someone tells you that he has xyz site, you automatically put .com in the end of it to open it.

Now you know that .Com is the extension which is widely living in the minds of every common person.

Read more : How to get free .Com domain`

When you say a website the first thing which hit the mind is .Com.

Over 75% sites worldwide using .Com extension. It is always the most recommended Top level domain extension.

It makes the domain easy to remember.

But what is .Com is not available for your domain. In such case you should go for other TLDs or ccTLDs or gTLDs.

6) Brandable:

Domain name is your brand online. A brandable domain name is a domain which speaks for itself. It tells what the site is all about.

For example: Domain iOSCrunch com shows that it is related to iOS and its updates. It is also an easy to brand domain name.

You can even look at the top 100 brandable domain names shared by DailtTekk.

7) Short is better:

A short name is always easy to remember. But it is not easy to find short names, if that you case you can go for a mix of two or three words domain.

For example if you are looking for a domain name AskMe, but Askme is not available. So you can choose

Never use acronym as for a common person it is not easy to remember acronyms.

8) Avoid trademark issues:

The biggest fatal error is trademark issues because of domain name conflicts. When choosing a domain name it is always recommended that you should check trademark terms here to avoid any trademark issues.

Do you know that trademark issue can kill your website or blog and take down your online business?

For example: If you use Facebook in domain name, it is direct violation of Facebook and company can sue you.

9) Avoid hyphens or numbers

If you are using hyphens or numbers in your domain name that means you are clearly ignoring the 3rd factor which we have discussed in third domain guide. Which is Easy to remember, Easy to

It is not easy for a common person to remember the use of hyphen and numbers.

For example if you tell a person that you have a domain name People always type abcxyz and forget hyphen.

In case if you say that if you have a domain name abc2xyz, people will always type abctoxyz. So it is not easy to them what you want to say.

It always confuse users and misguide them to visit some other sites.

10) Trendy misconception:

I have seen many newbie bloggers and businesses fall for the latest trend domains, but they forget the fact that trends always change. So when the trend changes their domain becomes unattractive.

Writing evergreen content is important but choosing an evergreen domain name is mush more important than that.

11) Your Domain is you Best Friend or Worst Enemy

Do not make any mistake while choosing a domain name. Many peopel choose a domain without thinking professionally or without doing any research and after sometime they find that domain is  not that attractive or informational or a best representative of their business.

You cannot rename a domain, the only thing is to replace it and if you replace the domain all your efforts, time and money you spent on domain earlier will be lost.

12) What Social Network Tells?

In this domain name guide I also like to mention that when choosing a domain name you should also check it`s social influence of people. Always go fr the domain name which is easy to brand and can easily make it place on social networks. You can also use Knowem tool to check the brandability of a domain name on social networks.

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Now you have learned the following answers in Domain guide:

  1. What is a domain name?
  2. What is domain name structure?
  3. What is domain name extension?
  4. What are the top level domain name extensions (TLDs)?
  5. Why you should not go for free sub domains?
  6. What factors you should consider when buying a domain name?

How to Check the domain availability:

As now you understood what prechecks or factors you should take care of when you are about to choose a domain name.

How to Check the domain availability : eAskme

You can easily check the availability of domain name by searching them on domain name registrar sites. If the domain is available then you can purchase it and if it is not available in any extension that you want then you can try using mix of keywords that you want to target.

You can even use the domain name suggestion tools or domain name generation tools to choose the best suitable domain name for your blog or website.

Top domain name suggestion tools or domain name generation tools

Top domain name suggestion tools or domain name generation tools

Finding a domain name that you want can be really hard if the domain you are looking for is not available. In that case domain name generation tools help you. Here I am sharing the list of most popular domain name suggestion tools for you.
  1. Bustaname
  2. Domainr
  3. Domainhole
  4. Dot-o-mator
  5. Impossibility!
  6. Lean Domain Search
  7. NameStation
  8. Name Mesh
  9. Wordoid
  10. ubersuggest
After finding the best domain name for your site or blog, the next thing is actually buying a domain name.

How to Buy a Domain Name for your blog or website?

How to Buy a Domain Name for your blog or website : eAskme

Now you have a domain name which you want to buy, so let`s do it. There are various popular domain registrar`s which help you to easily buy a domain name from ($10-$15 and sometimes under special discount). There are popular web hosting services which also help you to get a free domain name with web hosting.

You can even buy a domain name from one registrar and buy web hosting from other registrar and update nameservers to connect them. Some domain registrar also offer your business emails which is good.

There are numerous domain name registrars available, But I recommend you to buy from the relabile registrar`only.

You can even start your own domain and Web Hosting company.

I must say that when you want to buy a domain name, the domain name registrar must be accredited by ICANN.

ICANN is a non-profit organization which helps you to understand the functions of domain names. You should also check the proce and top level domain extension.

The top 11 Domain Name registrars to buy a domain name:

Best Domain Name Registrars Company Name
  1. iPage
  2. NameCheap
  3. GoDaddy
  4. BlueHost
  5. 1and1
  6. HostGator
  7. Bigrock
  8. InMotion Hosting
  11. DreamHost
  12. Google Domain registration service

Domain Buying Tip:

When you buy a domain name and hosting from two different registrars then it can cause you to do some extra steps to connect your domain name with web hosting. Connecting domain name with hosting using DNS records is easy and anyone can do it.

Common Steps to buy a domain name:

  • Go to Domain registrar site
  • Enter the name you want to buy in domain name box.
  • Search for the available domain and add to cart or click to buy.
  • Enter your personal or business information and payment details
  • You will successfully register a Domain name and get domain name confirmation in your email.
These are the common steps that may very from one domain registrara to another.

Till now you this Domain name guide helped you to understand:

  1. What is a domain name?
  2. What is domain name structure?
  3. What is domain name extension?
  4. What are the top level domain name extensions (TLDs)?
  5. Why you should not go for free sub domains?
  6. What factors you should consider when buying a domain name?
  7. How to choose a domain name?
  8. How to buy a domain name?
Now let`s talk about Premium Domains.

Buying Premium Domain Name:

Buying Premium Domain Name guide : eAskme

Premium domain name is usually known as the domain name with very high value. Premium domain names are already owned by domain registrar or some other companies because of high values of thes type of domains.

Companies and registrars sell Premium Domains on very high rate from thousands of dollars to millions.

There are the domains such as,,,, etc. has been sold for millions of dollars because of their easy to brand nature and higher values.

How to buy a premium domain name?

As I have said premium domain names are under the ownership of registrars or companies which sell these domains on very high rates.

Buy domain using Domain Auction services:

Complete Domain Name Guide : How to Choose a Domain (5600 Words) : eAskme

The very first thing you can do to buy a premium domain name is to search on domain registrar to find out if the domain is available with the domain registrar or not. If it says that domain is available then you can buy it.

Otherwise, you can check the domain name by entering it in web browser and it will displays a page from the seller of that domain. You can contact them to buy that domain or to know the price.

You can even look the premium domain names in the domain auction services like Sedo, Namejet and Godaddy Auction.

You can go there, make the deal and buy domain.

Buy domain using Whois search:

Complete Domain Name Guide : How to Choose a Domain (5600 Words) : eAskme

What if the premium domain you are looking for not on sale but only reserved by the owner? How can you buy domain in that case?

In this case you can check the contact details of the owner running Whois search. In many cases you will find the information such as phone number, email id and address. You can contact them to find out if the domain is available for sale and make your offer.

Buy Domain using domain broker service:

Buy Domain using domain broker service : eAskme

You can even use the service of a domain broker to find the best premium domain on best possible rates for you.

Premium Check before you buy a domain:

I call it premium check because it shows that how good a domain is for you. You can check the domain seller history, his social profiles and how trust-able that person is.

These things will help you to negotiate and make your deal.

Also check what content hs been published on the domain if the domain was used earlier. Make sure that there is no adult history of that domain name. You can take help of or use cognitive SEO site explorer 

You should also check the availability of social profiles using It is not good to buy a domain name if social profiles of that domain are already taken.

How to close the deal an buy premium domain:

How to close the deal an buy premium domain : eAskme

Buying a premium domain is not an overnight process. It takes time as seller and buyer never reach on the common price in one go. There can be a long negotiation talk.

Also you have to do all history check to make sure you are not doing any mistake.

Get the written agreement to legally bind the terms. You can use Escrow to complete the deal.

Domain name Guide : Conclusion

In this domain name guide I have clearly mentioned it that how important is it for you to choose a domain name and what steps you should take when buying a domain name.

It is a really crucial steps and this domain guide will help you to choose domain carefully and a domain which is easy to brand.

Never do hurry, when buying a domain. Always consider above given domain factors and follow the rules to buy a domain which help your business or blog to be successful.

After reading this domain name guide, If you have still any question about how to choose a domain? or how to find best suitable domain name? or where to buy the domain name you are looking for?

Feel free to ask me via comments. I really like to answer your questions.

It took me over 5 hours working on this domain guide to help you to understand what you should do when buying a domain?

Sharing is Caring and I really appreciate if you like to share this domain name guide with your friends on your social networks.

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