Relationship Building: 5 Ways to Build trust and Earn High-Quality Links

Do you know why relationship building matters? Do you know how relationship building can help you build trust and earn high-quality links for your business? Do you also know what you should do to build trust and strong relationships?

When it comes to building relationships with influencers or industry experts, the first and most important thing is trust.

Relationship Building: 5 Ways to Build trust and Earn High-Quality Links: eAskme
Relationship Building: 5 Ways to Build trust and Earn High-Quality Links: eAskme

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You cannot build a relationship in your personal and professional life without trust.

It is essential to build trust with your targeted audience to supercharge your marketing strategies.

Building trust, you will build authority for your business.

Authority and trust building are necessary tools to forge a long term mutually beneficial relationship.

When I say mutually beneficial, it means a relationship which includes everything such as connecting fans, followers, peers and customers.

It is also about adding value to the influencer business, and they will repay you with links, branding or much more.

Now you may have similar questions like everyone else, such as;
  • How to build trust to establish a long-lasting connection?
  • What should you do which grab the attention of influencers?

Create Invaluable link worthy content:

If you are serious about link building and want to build a strong relationship with experts, then you should focus on creating link-worthy articles.

Usually, a worthy link content is packed with resources, data and facts.

Here are the two best examples of worthy link content;
These guides are the perfect examples of link worthy content where the audience can find the answer of their all or most of the questions in one go.

It may look more comfortable, but in reality, it is most challenging to put together all the information and resources in one place. It takes time, hard work and patience.

It is not easy as most of the newbie or people do not understand why they need to create invaluable backlink worthy content.

Focus on these questions, and you will understand what I am trying to tell;

What do you want to write about?

Have you followed the Eagle eye concept to research the interests of your audience their problems and questions?

Are you planning to target keywords in your content? What are those keywords? What about keyword research?

What do you want to achieve with your content marketing?

Are you going to write or someone else? Are you using proofreading service? Will you add infographics and impressive images or creative visuals?

Have you pulled all the necessary resources and references to use in your content?
  • When will you publish your content?
  • What about content promotion?
Here is the tip: Multiple the number of articles you will publish in a month with these questions.

The result may make you scream!

You will see that you have to do a lot of planning, strategies, scheduling and hard work.

The fact is the more you practice writing link worthy the content, the sooner it will become your hobby.

Your job is to create a flawless and perfect source of information that attracts not only visitors but also the industry experts.

High-quality content must have these ingredients;


Narrative writing and researched data

Interact, Engage and Respond:

It is not easy to create content that can build trust among readers and influencers.

If you work as a lone wolf, then you will end up in the fortress of solitude.

Stop being a princess!

Instead of just writing posting and writing posting all the time, focus on being responsive, engaging and present for the queries and questions of your audience.


You are not a machine:

Do you think you are a machine?

No, you are not.

Then, why are you publishing content like a machine?

It is the time when you should show that you are real.

Showing that you are a real person brings credibility to your content. It is also necessary to build trust and forge relationships.

People always want to know who is behind the content. They want to know if there is a living and breathing human or is it just a machine generated content.

This is the reason why people love to visit the “About Us,” page of websites or blogs.

Do you know that about us page is always the most visited page of a website and the reason is that people want to find out about the person or the face behind that content?

Engaging with users will help you quickly build a connection:

Must include about us page on your website.

Add your picture and all your social links where people can connect with you.

Build a robust social presence and update your social profiles regularly.

You should not limit yourself to just at showing image only. You should engage, discuss and stay transparent with your audience.

Not only focus on building relationships online but also focus on building relationships offline.

Go to meetups, conferences, events, seminars, etc. to meet like-minded people.

Use the Website to build trust:

You may have already heard that “The first impression is the last impression.”

This may not be true in every condition, but it will surely work when it comes to building trust.

People are looking for sources that they can trust.

If you want to make people trust your blog or website, then you must give them a memorable experience from their first visit.

This strategy will also help you to turn your business into a brand.

If you carefully notice, then you will find that these are the factors that we all want on every website that we visit.

There are four significant areas where web design should display the trustworthiness;
  • Quality of design
  • Disclosure
  • Latest and updated content
  • Linkable to other sites

Link to trusted sources only:

There is no harm in linking to external sources as long as they are valuable.

Only go for high-quality outbound links.

Do what you want from others, and they will do the same for you.

This is a way to get backlink by ego baiting strategy.

Always link to related and highly authentic resources.

Content with no resource cannot compete with the material with highly essential resources.

There are two significant benefits of linking out to external sites;

  • Association
  • Authority

Final Words/Conclusion:

The most important thing that you should learn about branding, relationship building and link building is to have patience.

You cannot do it overnight. You have to practice and start increasing the number of interactions and participation opportunities. Be transparent and honest.

Think of link building as a long-term goal. Focus on building authority and relationship, rest everything will follow your brand.

You cannot grab the trust; you have to earn it!

If you have any question,

Do let me know which site you like to visit.

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What You Need to Know Before Opening Your Restaurant

Are you ready to finally turn your dreams into a reality? Many people dream of opening their restaurant, a place to explore and grow culinary expertise.

But with most of these people, business is something they don’t know much about.

What you need to know before opening your restaurant: eAskme
What you need to know before opening your restaurant: eAskme
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They know how to cook the most exquisite dishes, but running a business isn't their cup of tea.

Things to know before opening your restaurant

Running a restaurant is becoming increasingly competitive. Other than delicious food, you also need to consider a few other determining factors:

What’s your big idea?

New restaurants are popping up every other day around the country.

What does your restaurant have to offer that others can’t offer?

What your big idea or a unique selling point?

Think about it. Concept restaurants are the new big thing in the food industry right now.

Think about a concept.

For instance, dinner in the sky restaurant. Most people don’t visit the restaurant for the food, but for the ambiance and the concept.

Think of your cuisine and menu. Create a big idea from that.

If you are planning on opening up a new Indian restaurant, maybe you can create a narrative around the culture and tradition of India.

Your big idea will help a lot later on.

It will help you decide on your menu, your décor, your location and also your target market.

Create a business plan

If you are a chef, this might be the last thing you want to do. But it’s crucial for your business to survive in the long run.

A business plan is a detailed plan on how are you going to start making money from your restaurant.

It will include financing options, your location, and all the paperwork you need.

Your business plan will discuss your consumer demographics and how to reach those consumers.

It will discuss staffing and business equipment. Basically, it is a plan to bring your dream into reality through actionable steps.

Get in touch with a business developer if you feel that this is outside your area of expertise.

A business plan is crucial to getting a loan from banks or investors.


Location is the key factor in determining the success of your restaurant.

Marry your locations with your concept.

If you are planning on opening up a cool burger joint, it probably won’t bring in many customers in a high-end hotel.

If you move the same burger joint near to a college campus, you will get guaranteed customers.

When considering your location, think of the cuisine you are going to offer. Consider the footfall in the area.

You might have to consider your own budget too while choosing a location.

Financing a Restaurant

Your restaurant isn’t going to start making money the day it starts unless you are planning on hiring Rihanna to man the desk.

Your business will probably leak money for the first few months. And also become the food industry is becoming increasingly competitive.

You need a good amount of money to give your restaurant a chance at survival in the initial months.

Figure out how you are going to finance your restaurant.

You have a number of options.

You can get apply for a small business loan.

You can even get in contact with investors to help finance your business. Look for angel investors who are already looking for investors.

Another way is to crowd fund your business.

In all these options, you might not retain full control over your business operations.

If you want solo control over the restaurant, you will have to start saving from today.

Look at high-interest savings accounts. Crediful has a list of the best high-interest savings account for you.

Complete your Paperwork

Opening a restaurant is far more complicated than just buying a shop and start cooking.

Find out the legal requirements for a restaurant in your area. These would be licenses, health codes, employee requirements, income tax regulations, and other tax laws.

Consider hiring a business lawyer to help you out if you don’t feel like you can do it on your own.

Marketing your Restaurant

Remember the last time you tried out a new restaurant?

For me, it’s usually when the place comes recommended by friends and family.

Word of mouth publicity has always been the best marketing tool for businesses since ancient times.

Nowadays, word of mouth is amplified through social media.

You can reach a lot more people through word-of-mouth. Get people to start talking positively about your restaurant on social media.

A good way to do that is hiring a local influencer to visit your restaurant and write a rave review on their blog and social media channels.

Offer them free food in exchange for the review. Do it as soon as you launch, so build up on the initial excitement.

Find an influencer who aligns with your restaurant’s concept.

If you have any question,

Do let me know which site you like to visit.

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eAskme Giveaway ~ Win John Wick 3 Parabellum Free Movie Tickets Everyday (7 Tickets for 7 Days)

After Spending thousands of dollars in Giveaways, Once again we are back with another exciting giveaway of 2019. This time we are offering you a chance to win free movie tickets of Keanu Reeves most awaited movie John Wick 3 Parabellum.

This time you can win free movie tickets everyday for next 7 days.

This is the Giveaway which will help you win a movie ticket of John Wick 3 Parabellum daily for free.

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Are you ready?????

John Wick part 3 Parabellum is the most awaited movie from John Wick movie series.

In this movie, you will see the remaining action of Keanu Reeves and everything which he is famous for.

If you want to John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum then you should participate in this giveaway.

eAskme Giveaway ~ Win John Wick 3 Parabellum Free Movie Tickets: eAskme

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I make things easy and exciting for you and all.

Win John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum Movie Tickets Everyday:

John Wick is a popular series where John Wick the ex-con fight with criminals to get the revnege of his dog's death and also to survive.

John Wick is not a superhero movie but has something which makes people fall in love with the series.

Not let me show the exact steps you need to take to win John Wick 3 Parabellum movie tickets everyday.

All you need is to follow few simple steps;

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These are the 4 Golden steps that will make you win John Wick 3 Parabellum and watch it without paying anything.

Winners will get the notification in emails.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask via comments.

It is your time to make others jealous!


 Remember: The more time you spend on the more chance you have to win

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Why You Should Use Professional Translation Services

If you are running a business where you have to deal with foreign clients, or you are trying to expand your business into international markets, then a translation tool or translation service becomes a necessity.

Why You Should Use Professional Translation Services: eAskme
Why You Should Use Professional Translation Services: eAskme

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Without a translation service, you may not find it easy to connect with foreigner clients.

What is a translation service?

A translation service is one of the best solutions to get a translation of the written content in different languages.

Professional translation service will help you communicate the meaning of source language in different languages.

There is no doubt that most of the world is working in the English language.

But if you are trying to target the local market in other countries or non-English speaking countries, then international translation services is the only way to understand their language and plan your marketing strategy according to that.

For example; If your business is providing medical services or producing medical equipment, then you will surely want to expand into the international market.

This is where you need international medical translation services to target and interact with local bodies effectively.

Using the native language is the key to making your way into the local market of other countries.

This is where international and professional translation services will help you.

Today, I will discuss why you should use professional translation services.

Save yourself from embarrassment:

Writing poor quality content can bring a bad reputation for your brand.

You do not want the person reading your email think that you are from other planet or you have no professional habits.

Sometimes people think that Google Translator can help them, but that is just a bot, and a bot cannot be 100% accurate.

This is where a professional translation service becomes a must for a business, brand, or individual.

Show your Expertise:

Using a translation service to translate content in different languages will also help you show your level of professionalism and expertise.

This also tells that take care of every single detail of the project or marketing projects.

Professional translation services also help you to deal with cultural issues when writing an email to a client living in a different country.

Using a professional service to translate your content will help you do this job effectively.

Get the benefit of professional expertise:

As the name suggests, these translation services are professional. That means you get all the benefits of getting the translation work done by professionals.
  • Set clear terms
  • Get the translation done on all stages
  • Get delivery on time.

An inexpensive way to expand your reach in the target market:

Most of the translation services are an affordable solution to expand the scope of your business.

The best thing about translation services is that your content is protected and they are ready to translate everything that you want them.

For example, you can hire a translation service from the launch of the product to the customer service.

Final Words:

Using a professional writing service will save you from a lot of headaches. You can effectively communicate your idea and also launch effective marketing campaigns to boost your business growth.

If you have any question,

Do let me know which site you like to visit.

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How to Create Content that Gets More Shares and Backlinks too?

Content is the all-time trending and demanding factor in SEO. Based on how you present content, what you write, what media formats you include, your results will vary.

Sometimes, your content attracts more backlinks and popular in search engines but nowhere in social platforms.

Else, it will create lots of engagement in social media but poor in gaining backlinks.

Hence, determine your writing goals before you start creating it.

How to Create Content that Gets More Shares and Backlinks too?: eAskme
How to Create Content that Gets More Shares and Backlinks too?: eAskme

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Make yourself clear what you want to accomplish from the particular piece of content.

With that said, today I am going to help you out with tips to develop amazing content that gets more shares and links (both).

Shares and Backlinks – Why we need both?

The most predominant goals of any content would be getting backlinks or sometimes begin a relationship with the new audience or influencers in your niche.

Still, links are one of the crucial ranking factors in SEO, now and forever.

Links are not only great to improve a particular page ranking in SERP. But, it also can boost your other pages spreading link juice.

Build quality backlinks and let tonnes of organic traffic flow to your website. If you build backlinks, then there are chances for bad backlinks.

Otherwise, if your content itself attracts backlinks, then it will be of great quality.

You should not solely focus on gaining backlinks, although. Social shares are essential as people are likely to discover any content on social networks.

To turn more eyeballs around you, be active in social media.

The ratio of people spending their time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other popular social channels is absolutely high.

Social engagements are the keys to drive more inbound traffic.

Hence, both social shares and backlinks are equally important to boost your SEO and search visibility.

There are a few hacks to come up with shareable content but also getting more backlinks.

Before that, I wish to take you to the different types of content that can get both backlinks and social shares.

Types of Content that Attract more Shares and Backlinks

Only strategic content writing can help you accomplish your goals.

What type of content you publish can make a big difference in how shareable and attractive it is.

Along with that, how you craft your articles and structure it, what media format you embed can boost the volume of social shares and authority of the backlinks.

Here are the few proven types of content that can get more social engagements and quality backlinks.
  • ‘What is’ & ‘how-to’ type of posts

Obviously, the articles that can provide answers to the reader’s questions grab more attention.

It can be as simple as ‘what is silo structure,’ ‘what is schema markup’ etc. Or, detailed guide type of posts like ‘guide to content marketing’ guide to blogger outreach’ and so on.

How to Create Content that Gets More Shares and Backlinks too?: eAskme

How to Create Content that Gets More Shares and Backlinks too?: eAskme

Have you ever wondered about the zeroth position in Google search results?

These types of guide, lists, and how-to articles can acquire this position for sure. If you are the top in SERP, then click-through will be high resulting in high shares and links

But, make sure your content is well informative, simple to understand and offer solutions.

For now, I am talking about the post on ‘what is content marketing’ by Influence and Co. And, check the social engagements the article receives (in below image).

How to Create Content that Gets More Shares and Backlinks too?: eAskme

The post performs well in getting backlinks too - 456 backlinks (tested in Ahrefs).
  • Content on Research and Statistics

And it is no obvious that research topics that come with statistical data will get more backlinks and social shares.

People will find those articles as great resources for their content writing. Often, it is easy to grab the necessary information from such posts.

Hence, people will love to visit your research posts regularly.

I prefer to take WordPress to explain. Any content about WordPress and its usage or popularity will search for ‘current statistics on WordPress.’

If you could offer it, then you are the winner. And, you can hit social shares as you need undoubtedly.

Particularly, you can gain backlinks at the very beginning of the article – WordPress introduction.
  • Announcement content

Another sort of content that gets more backlinks and social shares would be the announcement posts.

Unless you are a popular brand in the market, it’s hard to bring out your new developments to the public virally.

Content can help you this way.

Though being a small player, if you could contribute an authoritative article about the trending announcements, then that shares and backlinks are yours.

Recently, WordPress comes with a new version releasing WordPress Gutenberg editor.

I could see thousands of moderate bloggers publishes content on Gutenberg editor, its review, how to disable Gutenberg, plug-ins to disable Gutenberg and so on. And, it performs at its best.
  • Controversial form of articles

There is no wonder that any interactive, conversational or controversial type of articles go viral in social platforms.

Also, the opinion posts.

But, it surprises me that it can also attract more backlinks.

For these types of posts, the headlines must be compelling. Let me show you a familiar example to explain this.

The controversial topic that triggers every SEO’s and online publishers is ‘Blogging is Dead’?

You will astonish to know the total number of shares and backlinks, these articles gains.

How to Create Content that Gets More Shares and Backlinks too?: eAskme

  • Insights on trending topics

The last one is content that talks about the trending news in your niche.

Maybe this can drive more shares but not much backlinks.

Even you may spin any out of the box topic to grab user’s attention.

For example, for fun you can include ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Pokemon’ in your headlines or body of the content
How to Create Content that Gets More Shares and Backlinks too?: eAskme

Tips to Create a Shareable Content Attracting Backlinks

Around 2 million blog posts come live every day. Only the ‘wow’ content can trigger people to engage.

And, only if your content admires its readers, the shares will be high and backlinks too.

No one desires to link a plain or boring content to their page to spoil the content flow.

Content that is extraordinary, unique, informative can attracts backlinks.

Online publishers love those articles to be linked adding more value to their readers on the topic.

Here are a few tips to write content that get more backlinks and shares.

Let me put down with bullet points for easy grasping.

Offer your audience with some list of best resources in your niche. For ex, List of duplicate content checker tools.
  • Include shareable infographics to provide entertain-able reading experience to your readers

  • Offer free tips, webinars, ebooks, how-to guide, checklist benefiting your audience

  • Prefer publishing 'how-to' guides to impress entry-level users who are curious about the topic

  • Structure or format your content flow for easy understanding. Readability is more crucial.

  • Strategically place your social shares icons then and there enabling people to share at one-click

  • Include click-to-tweet banners between the content with a content highlight

  • Mention top influencers in your content pleasing them to share it across their social profiles

  • Embed shareable images and videos to go viral on Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

  • Be responsive to the social mentions faster, respecting their interests

  • Make your content more simple and conversational with real-time examples, screenshots

  • Create incentives to favor those who are likely sharing your content

  • Produce authoritative content that being a part of something bigger

Final Take Away

If your tree can yield different flavored fruits that you love, it’s amazing.

Both backlinks and shares are two poles apart but offer the core benefits in boosting your SEO.

Content is the tool you have handy to present attracting more shares and backlinks.

Creating shareable content is an art of writing.

Make sure your content is SEO-friendly. Aesthetics are the essence you are adding to make it the most perfect.

Which of your article works well in gaining more shares and backlinks?

Share it here as a sample to understand how a fantastic content must be.

Rather, if you are struggling to prepare a shareable content attracting more backlinks, try these tips and experience it.

If you have any question,

Do let me know which site you like to visit.

If you find this article interesting, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


Because, Sharing is Caring!

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Top 10 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

Are you looking for the best free sports streaming sites? But why? The answer is simple, people like you and me not only like watching movies online but also watch latest sports events live online for free on sport streaming sites.

I have already covered the list of;
Today I am giving you more by sharing the list of top best sports streaming sites. These sports sites are widely loved and recommended by users.

Most of these sports streaming sites allow you to watch live and recorded matches online.

Top 10 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites: eAskme
Top 10 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites: eAskme

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If you are like me who love to watch latest sports matches online then this list is surely for you. You can also watch the past sports match on these sports sites.

Watching sports online will help you save money and time. These sports streaming sites offer content in high quality.

So, without wasting more time, here I am sharing the list of best and popular free sports streaming websites for 2019.

1). Hotstar Sport:

Hotstar is one of the most popular and high quality options available for online sports streaming.

This is the site where you can watch all the popular sports such as Cricket, Football, badminton, eSports, Martial Arts, Formula 1, Hockey, Kabaddi, tennis, Athletics, table Tennis, Golf, Swimming, and Boxing.

You can also watch IPL matches online on Hoststar sports.

Hotstar sport also allows you to watch live streaming of matches.

The site is highly recommended. It is the creation of Star network. You can not only watch sports but you can also watch TV shows, movies, news, etc. This is also a popular site to watch game of Thrones.

You can stream sport matches for free on HotStar.


2). Sonyliv Sports: also a great place to offer sport events online.

You can watch recorded events for free but to watch live events you have to become paid member.

Are you a fan of WWE, if yes then you must visit this site.

You can watch all the WWE matches online on sonyliv sports.

The best thing is that you will stream full episodes of WWE for free.

You can also get the sports updates and join the sport fan clubs.

Sonyliv sports is the best place for sport streaming in high quality.

You can watch cricket, Football, basketball, Racing, tennis and fight sport such as UFC, Pro wrestling, Jumite, MMA, Xplosion, Impact wrestling, etc on this site.


3). Bosscast: is also a popular free sport streaming website. You can find all the worldwide sport events and matches on this site.

You can watch some of the popular sports on Bosscast such as rugby, Football, boxing, Tennis, baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Moto GP, hockey, Golf, etc.

It is the best source of live sport and live TV.

If you want to quickly watch the popular sport online then Bosscast is surely for you.

Like other sport streaming sites, it does not host sport content on it’s network. It displays you a list of servers where you can watch your favorite sport matches online.

On Bosscast, you can not only watch matches online but you can also chat with other viewers.


4). GoFirstRow:

GoFirstRow is one of the best free sport streaming site available online. The site offer thousands of links to stream live sport matches online.

Site is easy to use and you can quickly start watching your favorite sport online.

The only thing that can annoy you is that you will find too many ads and pops on this site. As a free sport streaming site this is the only way they are earning from visitors.

You can watch live sport such as Motorsport, Football, Rugby, tennis, basketball, etc.

Moft of the site visitors are interesting in Football matches and that is why you will find most of the live streaming links of Football on homepage.

You can also check the country, timing and channel of the sport streaming.

For each match it will show you at least 3 links. Just click on the link and start streaming sport online.


5). Fromhots:

Update (Fromhots now offer you 7 sport tv options to stream live sport matches on third party sites.)

FromHot is also one of the most popular sports streaming website for people all over the world. If you are looking for the best sports stream sites to watch sports online then FromHots is for you.

The best thing about FromHots is that it not only streams all the popular sports but also the design and interface is clean.

You can watch unlimited number of sports events or matches without any interruption.

One more thing that you find interesting about fromhots is that like other live sport streaming sites you will not find too many ads or popups on this site.

You can visit fromhots to stream popular sports such as Footbal, Tennis, Basketball, Ice Hockey, BaseBall, Volleyball, Handball, Fighting, Table tennis, Moto sports, Moto GP, Badminton, etc.

To watch any sport video you just need to visit the Fromhot site and click on the game you want to watch. You can check everything without signup.

You will find everything in this site that you get on other popular sport streaming sites.

Just got to the and choose a sport tv or live television. It will give you the link where you can watch the live or recorded sport events or matches.

Got to the site and start streaming your favorite sport.


6). Laola1:

Laola1 is among my favorite free sport streaming sites online.

This is a high quality sport streaming provider. Laola1 offer live and recorded matches of all the popular games such as Table Tennis, basketball, handball, baseball, Ice Hockey, Football, etc.

The site is highly popular among people who love to watch matches online.

It streams all the popular games in high quality, offer clean interface and high quality sport videos for free.

The best thing about Laola1 is that it offers exclusive live streaming and exclusive sport videos online.

You can also use its android or iOS apps to stream sports matches on your Smartphone or tablet.

Your first website will attract you to visit this site again and again. It is completely trustworthy website.

Just click on the sport video you want to play and it will start streaming.


7). Watch ESPN:

ESPN is one of the most popular names in the sports coverage industry.

You can not only watch matches on ESPN channel but you can also watch live and old matches on Watch ESPN. It is one of the best sites to stream sports events.

If you are a sports freak then Watch ESPN is for you.

It offers everything that you ever need to watch popular sports and sports events online.

You can watch IPL 2019, Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, Series A, Bundesliga, Europa League, Indian super League, I-League, FA Cup, ESPN Fantasy Football, etc. on Watch ESPN.

You can also watch all the matches of popular games such as;
  • Watch Football matches online

  • Watch Cricket matches online

  • Watch NBA matches online

  • Watch F1 racing online

  • Watch Tennis matches online

  • Watch NFL matches online

  • Watch MLB online

  • Watch HL online

  • Watch Special Olympics online

  • Watch WWE online

  • Watch MMA online

  • Watch Boxing online

  • Watch Golf online

  • Watch Olympic Sports online

  • Watch esports online

  • Watch Hockey online

  • Watch Kabaddi online

  • Watch Badminton online

  • Watch Rugby online

  • Watch Asian Games online

  • Watch Moto GP online

  • Watch Commonwealth Games online

  • Watch NCAAM online

  • Watch Wrestling online

  • Watch Chess online

  • Watch Snooker online

  • Watch Shooting online

  • Watch Athletics online

  • Watch NASCAR online

  • Watch NCAAF online

  • Watch NCAAW online

  • Watch Horse Racing online

  • Watch X Games  online
Watch ESPN is a popular place to stream every sports event or match online.

People are developing the habit of watching matches online on watch ESPN

You can get access to live sports, commentaries and recordings. You can also watch ESPN original studio shows, SportsNation, Mike in the Morning, PTI, and SportsCenter.

As it is a braded sport streaming site you will find everything in extremely high quality. You can also watch WatchESPN on Roku, TV, Amazon Fire tv, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox one, computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, Kodi, etc.

The only issues that you can face with Watch ESPN are that it is not available in many countries.

But, if you can access it in your country then it is the only and best sports streaming site that you should go for.


8). StreamSports:

StreamSports is another popular free live sport streaming site online.

This site offer clean interface and quality user experience.

There are many similar sites like StreamSports that you can find online but is one of the best.

During your first visit you will find that site load faster. It displays complete and updated list of all sports events and matches.

It is a free live streaming sports site. That means you need not to pay anything to watch favorite matches online.

You can find some ads but that is ok as this is the only way for them to earn money online.

You will not only find the list of events and matches but you can also sort them according to sport, language and quality.

Streamsports stream sports like Cricket, Football, baseball, hockey, etc.

You cannot only watch live streaming but you can also access recorded games and match highlights.
Streamsports also give you a signup option.

As a registered users you will get notification about upcoming sport events and matches.

Streamsports also allows you to blacklist any sport. It is one of the recommendable sport streaming sites that you must visit.


9). Stream2Watch:

Stream2Watch is an easy to use free sport streaming site.

It is the site for every sport lover. On Stream2watch you can watch all the matches on popular sports such as Football, Baseball, basketball, Tennis, Hockey and Soccer.

Stream2watch is the best site to stream live sport matches online.

The best thing about Stream2watch is that you can watch all the video without downloading and everything is available for free. There is no need to signup.

On the homepage of Stream2watch you will find the links of live matches. Just click on the link and start watching the live sport matches.

You can find all the sport categories on this site.

Stream2Watch give you links where you can watch your favorite sport online. You will not find any sport video hosted on their site.

They grab links from sites like Discovery channel, National geographic, Fox, AXN, BBC, CNN, CBS, CW, HBO, ESPN, MTV, Eurosports, etc.

You can also access stream to watch on all the android and iOS devices. But to stream sport matches online you must have flash player installed on your device.


10). Stream Woop:

Stream Woop is another popular sport streaming site loved by many sport lovers. The site allows you to watch all the popular sport videos online.

Streamwoop does not host any content on their site.

They give you third party links to the sites like YouTube where you can watch the match online.

Most of the times you will find links from TSN, ESPN, Sky sports, Fox sports, BeIN sport, BT sport and YouTube, etc.

It is a completely free sport streaming site. You can not only stream live matches but you can also watch recorded matches, highlights, scores, commentary, etc.

You can watch all the popular sport online such as Football, Cricket, Rugby, Kabaddi, F1, etc.

The list if huge, just visit the site and start streaming your favorite matches online.


Final Words/ Conclusions:

This is the list of all the popular and best free sport streaming sites for you. These are the sites where you can watch all popular sports online in high quality.

It is always best to save money and watch latest sports matches live for free.

Live sport streaming has changed the way how people are getting entertained with sports.

Now you can access all the sports updates and matches on your smartphone.
  • Have you ever visited any of these sport streaming sites?
  • Do you like watching sports online for free?
  • Which sport streaming website you find interesting?

If you have any question,

Do let me know which site you like to visit.

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Tips for Using Instagram to Bring in More Business

Whether you do most of your business online and assist your customers through digital means or you focus on your brick and mortar operation where you can interact with your customers on a more personal basis, you likely have an ever-standing goal of bringing in more business.

More business means more money which means you can grow your business, set some money aside for a rainy day, get and give raises, or even all of the above. Getting more business isn’t always as easy as doing more marketing, though.

Tips for Using Instagram to Bring in More Business: eAskme
Tips for Using Instagram to Bring in More Business: eAskme

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Although marketing is a great way to get attention, not all types of marketing are created equal, and using basic advertising and marketing techniques isn’t likely to get you as far as you want by itself.

These days, consumers aren’t just looking for information on who sells what and where.

They have so many options and are looking for not only great products and services but a great experience as well.

This could mean a smooth and easy purchasing process, above-and-beyond customer service, or even positive engagement on social media, among other things.

In fact, social media is one of the best places to start if you want to improve your relationship with your customers and engage with them—it can even help you bring in more business if you do it right.

If you haven’t been using social media already, now is the time to start, and one of the best platforms to start on is Instagram.

Why? It has more than 500 million daily active users, more than one-third  of Instagram users have used their phone to buy something online, and approximately 80 percent of users follow at least one business if not more.

Those are just a few of the Instagram insights every marketer should know, but there are plenty of other reasons to start using Instagram for your business ASAP.

Still, just getting on Instagram won’t guarantee more business.

Whether you’ve just started using it or have been on it for a while, if you’re not seeing the results for your business that you want to see, don’t give up just yet.

There are a few things you can do to use Instagram to help bring in more business.

Run Contests and Giveaways

People love the chance to win something or get something for free without having to make a big commitment or a purchase.

Running contests and giveaways on Instagram is easy since people will be more than happy to like and share a post and even tag some friends for a chance to win, and you’ll get more business out of it as you gain more exposure to potential customers.

Follow the Golden Rule

“Do unto others as you would have done unto you” is a good rule to live by in many situations, and it’s no exception when it comes to using Instagram to get more business.

When you follow people, and like, share, and comment on their posts, they may be inspired to do the same with your posts or to follow you back.

Therefore, by following the golden rule on Instagram, you may just earn some extra business.

Use Location Tags

Using location tags and letting people know where your business is in your posts may not seem like a big deal, but you might be surprised at what a difference it can make.

Approximately 50 percent of people who search for a local business online will end up visiting a store the same day, so if you’re making sure that people who come across you on Instagram can see where you’re located, then you might start bringing in more business than you think.

Master Hashtags

While using one particular hashtag won’t get more people to visit your website, when you use the right hashtags, you can get your business in front of a wider audience and grab the attention of more potential customers.

Thanks to Instagram’s hashtag search feature, it’s easier than ever. So, although hashtags may not seem super complicated, if you can really master them, you may be able to get yourself some more business.

Share Reviews and Testimonials

In a world that does almost everything online, people rely on other consumers to know whether or not a purchase they’re considering is worth the money or is a risk.

By sharing reviews and testimonials about your products or services, you are helping put potential customers at ease and helping build up a good reputation for yourself in the process.

Not only that, as potential customers see that they can trust you, you will be helping yourself bring in more business.

In what other ways do you plan on bringing in more business?

If you have any question,

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How to Cut The Cost of Motoring

Owning and running a car can be an expensive business. You don’t just have to consider the initial purchase cost of your car, but also the ongoing costs.

It can all mount up, but luckily there are several ways in which you can cut the costs of your motoring.

Cut The Cost of Motoring: eAskme
Cut The Cost of Motoring: eAskme

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One of the biggest annual costs for any car owner is insurance.

The amount you will pay for your car insurance will depend on a range of factors including your age, driving history and post code.

Drivers under the age of 20 face the highest premiums, with costs often exceeding £1000.

The lowest prices are for drivers in their 40s or 50s.

The good news is that as you gain experience in driving and build up your no claims bonus, your premium should go down.

There are however some other ways to reduce the cost of insurance.

The golden rule when buying any type of insurance is to shop around.

Prices can vary hugely between insurers and a couple of hours checking out comparison websites and going direct to the insurer online can save you substantial sums.

The same theory is true when it comes to your annual renewal time.

Don’t just accept the renewal quote from your current insurer. Shop around again then go back to your current insurer to see if they will match the lowest quote.


Fuel prices are constantly rising and as your car won’t work without petrol or diesel, it’s another cost you can’t avoid.

However, there are ways of reducing the costs.

Supermarkets often compete heavily on price, so it’s worth keeping your eye out for deals locally.

Supermarkets may also offer you a discount on fuel when you do your shopping in store. 5p per litre might not sound very much, but it’s £2.50 off an average tank. If you’re filling the car weekly, it could be an extra £130 per year in your pocket.

Your driving style also affects the amount of fuel your car uses.

Things like choosing the right gear, driving smoothly rather than braking and accelerating sharply and keeping your types at the right pressure can all affect fuel economy.

Don’t carry around heavy things in your boot, and remove the roof rack or roof box when not in use.

Car Tax

This money, also known as Road Fund License, is paid directly to the government as a direct cost of motoring.

It used to be money which went into a fund specifically for the upkeep of the road network, but now just goes into the general taxation pot.

Having car tax is a legal requirement, and if you drive around in an untaxed car, you risk a fine and points on your license.

Untaxed cars can also be seized and crushed. If you’re not sure whether your car is taxed or not, you can check online.

All you need to do is enter the car’s registration number and the results page will show both the tax and MOT status.

The website will also indicate the tax band which applies to your car. This is a relatively complex system which is based on how polluting the engine of your car is. Hybrids and electric vehicles don’t pay any tax at all, and neither do owners of vehicles over 30 years old.

If you’re considering switching cars soon, choosing a less polluting vehicle could send you substantial amounts on your tax going forward.


Another annual cost for owners of cars which are over 3 years old is the MOT test.

There are two elements of cost to this; the test fee itself, and any repairs that are required to get your car’s pass certificate.

The test fee is capped by the government, so you’re free to shop around and see if any local garages are doing special offers.

You can check online to see when your car’s current MOT certificate expires.

You can have your car’s next MOT done at any time, but if it’s done four weeks or less before the current certificate expires, the certificate will be extended for a full year from the expiry date.

As far as repairs are concerned, the best advice is usually to get your car in the best shape possible before presenting it for a formal test.

Do some research online and check things like tires, windscreen wipers, lights, brakes and other elements which are common reasons for failures.

Remember that you are free to haggle with the garage over the cost of the repairs should anything
need done.

If the car fails on faults which are not marked as dangerous, you can take it away and have it fixed elsewhere.


One of the best ways of ensuring your car sails through its MOT without needing expensive repairs is to keep up to date with the servicing and maintenance throughout the year.

Not all cars need to have a major service annually.

Each manufacturer sets out its own service program, and the length of time between services will depend on mileage, age of vehicle and type of engine.

All of this information should be clearly stated in your car’s manual and service log.

Many owners think they have to get their car serviced at a main dealer, especially if it is under warranty.

This isn’t necessarily the case.

Most warranties which you are given with a new or second hand car state that you have to get your car serviced at a “reputable” garage.

This doesn’t mean a main dealer, which might be a lot more expensive than a local trader. Choosing a garage which is also accredited as a MOT testing station is a good start. Ask friends and family to recommend a good local mechanic or search online.

Remember to get your car’s service history stamped and signed by the dealer on the day the work is done which will prove for warranty purposes that you’ve kept up with the dealer’s recommended servicing intervals.

If you have any question,

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Children In Poverty All Over The World

Quick fact: Children account for almost half of the world’s poverty. If you are asking yourself how is that worse than adults being poor, read on.

Poverty can be the cause of permanent damage.

A lack of material possession can hamper growth. In time this will cause long and short-term health problems.

Children In Poverty All Over The World: eAskme
Children In Poverty All Over The World: eAskme

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Child poverty is the formation of the cycle of deprivation. Hence, if we help eradicate it, this means eradication of poverty at its root.

There are a number of things relatively poor children look for such as- ‘do my essay for cheap’, ‘school/ college accessories for cheap’, etc.

Following are some facts about the problem. These issues are also witnessed all over the world.

Deprivation of basic rights

As mentioned before, poverty is not only lack of money.

For a child, it means being deprived of education, water, shelter, etc. According to statistical research, 2 in every 3 children in a sub-Saharan region are deprived of two or more of these aspects. 

Insufficient Social Protection programs

Such programs are crafted to reduce penury and vulnerability. Only one-third of the poor (globally) have had the opportunity to access these programs.

It means that we, as communities, are yet to ensure better access when needed.

Even rich countries are poor

UNICEF world’s one of the best statements “Child penury is a universal challenge that requires a global response”.

It has also been found out that every 1 in 4 infants even within rich countries are born in poor families.

Insufficient data collection

The first step towards eradication is data collection and analysis. One of the biggest difficulties we face is insufficient data collection.

It is either not collected or it doesn’t take place periodically, which leads to the questions to be unanswered.

Only half of the world's countries follow up with the right process.

The other half has been slacking behind. One of our main aims needs to be data collection done by the right methods.

We are in a better place

Considered all above, we have seen progress globally.

At the same time, we yet have a long way to go. We have officially achieved our first Millennium Development goal between 1990 and 2012 in some particular areas.

To put it in numbers:

  1. 385 million children face this issue.
  2. UNICEF claims 22,000 infants die daily because of penury.
  3. Every year 3.1 million children die precisely because of insufficient nutrition.
  4. Globally, 805 million people have insufficient food to eat.
Even though we have come a long way, we have longer to go. What we could do is set our indifference aside and work towards this global issue.

There is no other substantial problem, which needs to be paid attention to.

The right action needs to be taken, and there is no better time than starting right now.

If each one of us does our part to create awareness, donate and be persistent in writing better policies, we can make a change. 

If you have any question,

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"Smart" Watches, a World of New Opportunities to Explore

Gone are the times in which the clocks served only to mark the time.

Currently these devices attached to the wrist and equipped with sophisticated technologies can become real computers, with infinite business possibilities, but still to be explored.

Its irruption in the market has not come from the hand of traditional watchmakers like Seiko, Rolex, etc. but from technological companies, such as Samsung, Sony or Qualcomm, that, dragged by the fever in sales of mobile phones, now seek to break new devices "wearable".

"Smart" Watches, a World of New Opportunities to Explore: eAskme
"Smart" Watches, a World of New Opportunities to Explore: eAskme

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According to Deloitte, sales of "smart" watches in 2019 could reach two million units, for a total economic value of 287 million euros.

Some experts even predict that this latest generation watch could become the star gift next Christmas.

So far, the application creation environments for these devices, initially designed as an extension of mobile phones, with features such as helping to display user messages or measure their biological parameters, are still very closed without a standard of market.

However, this is expected to change soon.

With the arrival of the so-called "Android Wear" operating system, from Google, as is expected soon, with an exclusive software development platform for these watches in a standardized way, the popularization of these devices could be made more dynamic.

According to experts, the "intelligent" use of the infinite data generated by this technology, as has happened with mobile phones, opens up great business opportunities in the most varied areas, such as health, safety, sports, etc.

The commercial sector also has a very powerful tool in these watches, because they allow the virtual transfer of the store to the wrist of the people.

A gold mine for advertisers

Advertisers do not want to miss this train of opportunities and work intensely on projects with which to revolutionize even more the already played advertising cortege, which has nothing to do with what has been historically.

Now the ads are not limited to encouraging the customer to approach the storefront, but mobile devices are taking the same store to the user's wrist so you can enjoy their offers while walking on the street or traveling on the bus.

The watch, like the mobile phone, also allows the offer to jump on the screen at the same moment in which the potential buyer goes through the trade that advertises a product.

From the screen, the potential customer naturally receives all kinds of offers: pills against depression, free dental cleaning, discounts on shirts, haircut at half price, etc.

Companies like IBM have been developing applications for some time with this objective of virtually moving the store to the screen of the mobile device.

Mobile phones are more susceptible to being left behind in any place, and more indiscreet its use in meetings, besides being more uncomfortable to wear when practicing sports.

Practicality while being used in full mobility activities is the reason why this segment is predicted to continue to grow in the future.

If you have any question,

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10 Social Media Trends to Skyrocket Your Business Success in 2019

It is the right time to find the excellent ways to improve social media marketing strategySocial media presence of a business or brand plays an important role in the success online. Like other strategies it is necessary to follow latest social media trends to boost online growth of your business.

In this world of internet people are aware about the use of social media channels. With the help of technologies and capabilities it is necessary to understand buyer personas.

It is the time to discover latest social media trends you must follow in 2019.

10 Social Media Trends That Will Give Your Business Success in 2019: eAskme
10 Social Media Trends to Skyrocket Your Business Success in 2019: eAskme
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In 2019, Social media trends focus on;
  • Understanding your audience
  • Creating difference
  • Focus on targeted customer base
  • Create quality content and fix thin content issues.

Today, I am sharing 10 of the most important social media trends that will matter most to businesses, brands and marketers in 2019.


Audience: 10 Social Media Trends to Skyrocket Your Business Success in 2019: eAskme

It is necessary to love and care about your audience. You cannot expect your audience to trust you if you do not care about your audience.

Not only search engines but businesses, brands and bloggers should follow the latest trends to be responsive to the audience.

The goal of social media channels is to boost engagement and build relationships.

To get maximum out of your social media marketing efforts you need to be authinetic and start on right time.

In 2019, social media focus will be on one-one-one interactions. This bring personal touch in conversations.

You need to find out how you can manage social conversation and be responsive.

Narrative Writing:

Narrative Writing: 10 Social Media Trends to Skyrocket Your Business Success in 2019: eAskme

In 2019, narrative writing and storytelling is the key to make your content authentic on social media.

This means that brands, influencers and marketers need to work hard to learn the art of storytelling.

Storytelling helps to spread the word and idea more effectively rather than just plain text. It is necessary to turn your blog or business into a brand.

Focus on producing more visual content, create one minute videos on different topics and upload them on popular social channels. You will see that videos receive more engagement than plain text.

You can also use viral posts on social media to convert into content to rank higher in search results.

You should use this content to create videos to post on social channels and boost traffic.

Tip: What is viral on one channel can also go viral on other social networks.

Influencers Relationships:

Influencer: 10 Social Media Trends to Skyrocket Your Business Success in 2019: eAskme

In 2019, influencer marketing will be an important part of social media trends.

There are bloggers like me who find it easy and effective to run Facebook ad campaigns and social media campaigns with the help of influencer marketing.

It is always helpful to use influncer relationships to build links and boost social media reach.

Video Marketing:

Video Marketing: 10 Social Media Trends to Skyrocket Your Business Success in 2019: eAskme

In 2019, also videos will be the part of  social media trends. From last few years marketers, brands, bloggers and businesses are using video to promote their content.

In2019, the success of your business will depend upon your video marketing strategy.

Focus on:

  • Live Video: Use facebook live, YoutTube live and also try to be part of Facebook watch.
  • Vertical Video.
  • Interactive videos.
  • Produce smartphone worthy videos
  • Video remarketing

To get maximum out of video marketing;

  • Set goals
  • Use script
  • Create one minute videos
  • Repurpose content

Chatbots and Facebook Messenger:

Chatbots: 10 Social Media Trends to Skyrocket Your Business Success in 2019: eAskme

In 2019, brands will use chatbots for their benefit.

Chatbots and Facebook messenger are the best way to engage with audience and build trust.

Messenger marketing will help to get maximum benefits.

Chatbots will be mindblowing social media trend in 2019.

Messenger will help you boost engagement.

Facebook messenger marketing is the new marketing trend.

To use Facebook messenger bot;

  • Create Facebook messenger chatbot
  • Grow Messenger contacts
  • Deliver content via messenger
In 2019, social media trends motivate you to use chatbots strategically rather than blindly installing them.

In 2019, businesses will spend time to invest on custom chatbots for better customer experience.

Social communities will be back.

In 2019, social media trends are about to be more social.

Sometimes marketers become too blind to push the marketing campaigns that they fail to see the importance of socialism and communities.

Some people just believe that socialism is all about sharing posts and social bookmarking. But, in reality it is more than that.

The latest social media trends want you to build a community on social media around your brand in 2019.

Building community will help you understand the audience issues and resolve them on right time.
It is also necessary to build trust and gain authority.


Trust:10 Social Media Trends to Skyrocket Your Business Success in 2019: eAskme

Trust is by far the most important goal of every business or marketer. Social media trends in 2019 are dedicated to build trust and keep that trust.

Brands have to work hard to keep the trust. You have to deal with fake news and privacy issues also.

It is also necessary to stop using outdated tactics.

There are few ways to build and regain trust, such as;

Linkedin will Rule:

Linkedin:10 Social Media Trends to Skyrocket Your Business Success in 2019: eAskme

Recently LinkedIn has updated lot of features and made it more user friendly network. Linkedin has also made it easy to upload videos using vimeo.

Followers and engagement on Linkedin are interest focused. Even if you have small number of followers still your promotions can make huge difference on Linkedin.

In 2019, marketers and businesses will focus more on Linkedin.

Employee Advocacy Program Strategies:

Employee:10 Social Media Trends to Skyrocket Your Business Success in 2019: eAskme

Is your business care about it;s employees. Do you let employees engage with the content or be part of content creation?

In 2019, social trends say that employee engagements will help your business to grow rapidly.

I have already shared that how content shared by individuals perform better than the content shared by companies.

Mobile focused content:

Mobiel Focused content:10 Social Media Trends to Skyrocket Your Business Success in 2019: eAskme

Smartphone users are growing at multiplying rate. It is necessary to produce the content which is interactive, fluid and beautiful. Content should be easy to digest for mobile users.

Your social media strategy should follow the mobile trends.

You should integrate social media channels on your website or with content to boost engagement.

Final Words:

In 2019, social media trends and SEO trends will play important role in the growth of your business.

Your job is to follow the latest trends to outrank the competition and gain trust of the audience.

Have you started following these Social media trends?

Which social media trend you find most effective?

Share via comments.

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