On-Page Optimization Techniques that Google Hates

SEO professionals understand the importance of various SEO tactics to improve overall SEO performance. To improve SEO results of your blog or website you need to focus on on-page optimization techniques, off-page optimization, research strategy, creative blog names, work on search engine value and eagle eye concept for everyone.

On-Page Optimization Techniques that Google Hates: eAskme
On-Page Optimization Techniques that Google Hates: eAskme

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Every SEO must develop skills to improve search engine presence.

When it comes to doing SEO, the white hat SEO strategy is the best strategy. But some SEO professionals still try to trick Google or other search engines by over optimizing content or some even ignore every level of optimization.

I never recommend you to go black hat or any other hat. Just stick to White hat techniques of SEO. You need to identify the difference between white hat and black hat SEO.

In the past few years search engine optimization changed a lot. I have already shared about the completely outdated SEO practices you must avoid.

It is time to dig deeper and find out the on-page optimization techniques that Google hates a lot.
Google strictly forbids some techniques. It is time to uncover these.

Keyword Stuffing:

On-Page Optimization Techniques that Google Hates: eAskme

If you are a professional marketer or SEO professional, then you already know the value and importance of content marketing. There are so many things that marketers have to do to get the content on the top in search results.

Keyword stuffing was the first thing on the list that Google has banned. Keyword stuffing was one of the most common mistakes done by marketers and bloggers;
  1. Research topic you want to rank
  2. Produce quality content with focus keyword
  3. Add same keywords multiple times.
  4. Use keyword Meta tag and fill it with keywords.
Writers or content marketers were using the same keyword phrase again and again.

To stop this Google has introduced Google Panda update. Google Panda update was to check on-page optimization techniques and banish poorly optimized content.

Since 2017, Google has developed the algorithms that can quickly identify the low-quality content and beat the sites with thin or copy content. So many websites were affected with these updates and some sites gone out of business.


Google wants you to focus on user-friendly content.

Focus on writing content for readers. Write content that provides an instant solution. The keyword should be your second priority. Even when you are using keywords use them wisely.

Do not exceed the keyword density of more than 3%, use LSI keyword and synonyms. Focus on creating content with long tail keywords.

Get rid of Spammy links and tags:

On-Page Optimization Techniques that Google Hates: eAskme

Every website must have header, body and footer.

Footer is essential for every website.

In the footer, you will find essential information links of essential pages, contact us form, a subscription option, social sharing widget, copyright information, links of other important sites or related sites etc.

But many bloggers and marketers do link stuffing in the footer. Which looks unnatural and hardly usable for a visitor?

Everything that messes with user-friendliness receives a lousy hit from search engines. Google has created Panda to beat poorly structured sites and Penguin to beat sites doing links and tags manipulation.


The best way to save your site from Google updates is to avoid spammy footer.

Only display relevant information in Footer such as contact information, navigation, address, copyright license, a subscription option, social media channels etc.

Link Cloaking:

On-Page Optimization Techniques that Google Hates: eAskme

Link cloaking is one of the most common SEO strategy followed by the deep web. In link cloaking the anchor text talk about something else but link directs you to some non-relevant site.

Marketers were using link cloaking for various reasons such as;
Most of the Black Hat SEOs use link clocking to attract instant traffic. Many times marketers use behind the scene codes and server-side scripts to target different search engine spider IPs.

Google and many other search engines do not support clocking practice. Still, many black hat SEOs are using this technique.


The only thing you can do is to avoid link cloaking.

Internal linking:

On-Page Optimization Techniques that Google Hates: eAskme

I have always shared the importance of internal linking , but at the same time, you should not overdo it.

Repeated internal linking can be alarming. It can bring Google to penalize your site for over optimization.

Keyword rich anchor text can do more harm than good if you overdo it.

Using the same keyword to link the same page will cause issues in SERP.


Rather than using exact match anchor text or keywords to link internal pages, use simple words and queries that will explain to the visitor what the link is all about.

When linking to internal pages make sure that each link carries value for the reader.

Creating different pages for every single keyword variation:

On-Page Optimization Techniques that Google Hates: eAskme

Each keyword has a lot of variation and queries.

Some professionals believe that by creating a page for each query they can generate more traffic, but this is not true.

There was a time when you can easily use multiple variations of the keyword to stuff the article. But now it can bring Google to penalize your site.


As I already shared you should avoid keyword stuffing.

You should focus on selecting a proper keyword, analyze the topic and context, create content based on user intent.

Remember: Over optimization can cause serious issues. Panda, Penguin, rankbrain and Hummingbird will bite your site for over optimization.

Also, never create separate pages for keyword variation. Create content that adds value to the user experience and builds trust.

Create visually appealing content with structured data.

Content Swapping

On-Page Optimization Techniques that Google Hates: eAskme

Content swapping in the worst of all SEO tactics. It is not only bad for your visitors but also bad for your reputation.

Now you may want to know how content swapping worked.

In content swapping tactic a publisher publishes content on a site. When Google index that content publisher delete that page from indexing and swap content.

This way they bring the organic traffic to totally non-valuable content.

These days if you follow this practice then Google will immediately stop indexing your site.


The only fix for this is to create content that provides value. Google hates sites that try to manipulate the search results.

Final Words:

Google has launched many updates till now to force webmasters to create only content which is valuable.

If you want to rank in Google search results, then you must follow what Google says and stop following what Google hates.

When creating content or optimizing content with SEO, focus on long-term goals.

As long as you can deliver value to the readers, no one can stop your business from growing.

Remember: visitors are the future, not the tricks.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Completely Outdated SEO Practices You Must Avoid

SEO has changed a lot in the past few years, and it is still evolving. Most of the ouldated SEO practices have lost their value. Yet, SEO’s are following some old marketing tactics. SEO tactics are there to help you to improve web search.

Using outdated SEO tactics will not help your brand performance and organic search visibility.

Completely Outdated SEO Practices You Must Avoid: eAskme
Completely Outdated SEO Practices You Must Avoid: eAskme

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Your job is to focus on creating an effective SEO strategy to grow your online business.

Still, many marketers and small businesses are using zombie SEO techniques.

Completely Outdated SEO Practices You Must Avoid

Today I am sharing the top outdated SEO practices which are dangerous for your blog/website or brand.

Keyword Abuse:

Completely Outdated SEO Practices You Must Avoid: eAskme

Many marketers and webmasters have not understood the role of keywords. Most of them are falling into the trap of keyword abuse.

Keyword abuse is the most common problem these days. Webmasters and marketers think that just by keyword stuffing they can rank for the desired keyword.

Irrelevant use of keywords, keyword stuffing, and mismanagement, are the most common ways of keyword abuse.


Irrelevant use of keyword is the most common type of keyword abuse. SEOs try to add keywords to multiple places in the article without understanding the natural behavior of the sentence structure.

Without doing keyword research, they add keywords without proper structure and relevancy.

Sometimes they place the keywords so severely that even a common reader cans identity the keyword abuse.

Readers do not like to read the same word again and again.


Keyword abuse is an old SEO practice. It is necessary that you should use keywords wisely. You can use long tail keywords and use keywords only when it is essential.

Keyword Density:

When you write one keyword multiple times in your article, this creates the issue with keyword density.

Google does not support keyword abuse in any way.

Where maintaining low keyword density can help you make the content engaging, excessive use of keyword will cause issues. Google can quickly identify if you are trying to abuse keyword density.


I am not saying that you should use keywords, but you should use them wisely. To save yourself falling in the hands of keyword abuse you should use LSI keywords and synonyms.

Keyword density is not helpful to rank high for keywords.

Focus on creating quality content and delivering the message.

Keyword stuffing:

Many still believe that SEOs are about keyword stuffing.

If you complete the content with keywords and thinking that you will outrank the competitors by doing it, then you are wrong.

Search engines algorithms are capable of finding keyword stuffing and unnatural keyword combinations. Algorithms block such type of content from ranking high in search results.


Search engines will not have any issues as long as your content carries value. So it is necessary that you should focus on creating creative content.

Writing for search engines:

Completely Outdated SEO Practices You Must Avoid: eAskme

When writing content, you should focus on writing for readers, not just for search engine robots.

When writing content, you can recreate the content by using synonyms, plurals or variations.

Robots can quickly identify the use of keywords in various patterns. It is not easy to rank for keywords as long as you are just writing for search engines.


Avoid repetition and focus on creating content that boosts engagement. Write for the audience not just for search engines.

Article submission:

Completely Outdated SEO Practices You Must Avoid: eAskme

Article directories and article marketing are also the most common types of outdated SEO practices.
There was the time when article directories and article submission was an easy way to rank higher. But now the time has changed.

You cannot fool search engine by promoting your links through articles in article directories.

In 2011, Google launched Panda update which has changed everything.

Panda has eaten everything from search landscape to content directories. It has also beaten the sites with low-quality content.


Focus on creating high-quality content by including, infographics, creative visuals, build trust and boost engagement.

Article spinning:

Completely Outdated SEO Practices You Must Avoid: eAskme

Article spinning was the easiest way to spin the content with different phrases and words. This was a black hat technique.

Article spinning was creating a low-quality article by spinning the text of original high-quality article.

That is the reason why it is not useful these days.

Machines are not able to generate an engaging article, and that is why the focus should be on creating article manually and enrich them with highly resourceful data.

Buying Links:

Completely Outdated SEO Practices You Must Avoid: eAskme

This one is still in the fashion.

But shady link building is not working anymore.

Earlier buying links was a routine, but now this routine can penalize your site.


You need to work on your backlink profile. Only focus on grabbing links from high-quality sites from the related niche.

Irrelevant link building also creates issues.

Create content that attracts links and focuses on one-way link building.

Anchor text:

Completely Outdated SEO Practices You Must Avoid: eAskme

Anchor text is used to establish links between articles. Internal linking is the best example of anchor text on your site.

Earlier it was a fashion to use exact match anchor text or keyword rich anchor text.

But now this practice will invite Google Penguin to beat your site.


Crate user-friendly content and practice natural internal linking. Over optimization can cause issues.

Obsolete Keyword research Tactics:

Completely Outdated SEO Practices You Must Avoid: eAskme

There was a time when keyword research was just about finding keywords using Google keyword planner and then filling the content with similar keywords.

But, now this is not helpful as Google keyword planner only display the competition based on paid search.

That means to find the organic search data you need to use other tools.


SEMrush, UberSuggest and Moz keyword explorer are the tools that will help you here. These paid tools will provide you with better data and help you plan your keyword strategy accordingly.

Keyword variations:

Completely Outdated SEO Practices You Must Avoid: eAskme

There was a time when you create different pages for each keyword variation to rank well for each query related to the same keyword.

But, RankBrand and Hummingbird have helped Google to understand that how keyword variations are related to the same topic.

Search engines now focus on the value of the content to rank it for various keyword variation rather than just focusing on keywords.


The easiest fix is to focus on writing content for the users rather than just for the keyword or search engines.

Exact match search queries:

Completely Outdated SEO Practices You Must Avoid: eAskme

Targeting exact match search queries is an outdated SEO practice.

SEOs use exact match search queries to target for each keyword to boost organic traffic number. But Google understands this tactic now.


When trying to rank for exact match search queries focus on the solution you are providing. Your answers should be useful for the visitors you are targeting through search queries.

Exact Match Domains:

Completely Outdated SEO Practices You Must Avoid: eAskme

Using exact match domains is an old SEO practice. It works to some extent.

But when you mislead the user or use the domain just for the sake of traffic, it causes pain in your ass.


Fix is to keep the domain valuable and related to the brand name. Learn the art of choosing the creative blog name. Also, learn what all you need to do when choosing a domain name.

XML Sitemap Frequency:

Completely Outdated SEO Practices You Must Avoid: eAskme

Influencing XML Sitemap Frequency is also an outdated SEO practice.

Search engines understand it better and how, why and when they should crawl the content from your website or blog.


The only fix is to optimize XML sitemap and robots.txt for the maximum Crawling rate.

Bad Content:

Completely Outdated SEO Practices You Must Avoid: eAskme

Do you still want to rank with crap content? Open your eyes.

Thin content, stolen content, keyword stuffed content, non-valuable content worked, but now they will only hurt the reputation of your blog or business.


Make the quality changes in your blog content to make the content valuable. As long as the content you produce is user-friendly, it will help you to rank higher.

Final Words:

These are the utterly outdated SEO practices or strategies that you must avoid. You want to get success with SEO strategies, and then you should do what is right.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Eagle Eye Concept for Bloggers and SEO: Everything You Need to Know About Eagle Eye Rule

Eagle Eye Concept! Do you know what Eagle Eye Concept is? And how this works? If you are a regular reader of eAskme, then you may already know about it, but if you do not, then you should learn about it.

Every blogger, marketer or webmaster wants to grow his/her website to get maximum traffic and generate revenue.

But, there is so much competition in every niche.

Then, how you can compete when the legends of online business all already ranking for most profitable keywords.

Many of you may think that there is nothing for you and you always have to play low.

If you think this then your mind is not beyond competition.

You may have been following the famous 80/20 rule where you have been spending 20% time on writing and 80% time on promoting your content.

But still many of you are not able to to see the success. Why is that?

The answer is simple.

What works for one may not work for another.

Now keep your eyes wide open.

What is Eagle Eye Concept or Eagle Eye Rule?

Eagle Eye Concept: Everything You Need to Know About Eagle Eye Rule : eAskme
Eagle Eye Concept: Everything You Need to Know About Eagle Eye Rule : eAskme

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The name Eagle Eye Concept tell you that it has something related with Eagle Eye.

Do you know why the Eagle Eye is famous?

Eagle eye is famous because Eagle uses its eyes for a keen or close watch.

When doing research a keen and close watch is essential.

That is where Eagle eye concept comes into play for blogging and SEO.

Gaurav Kumar has created a way for you to balance between research, writing and promoting. He says that without research nothing can help you to grow.

He has shared Eagle Eye Rule where you spend;
The Eagle Eye Rule or Eagle eye concept give equal importance to research and promotion.

The more time you spend on doing research the more better you understand the user personas and ways to promote the content.

Why you need the Eagle Eye Concept or rule?

Why you need the Eagle Eye Concept or rule: eAskme
Blogging is not just about writing and promoting.

There is one major step that comes first even when you write the title of your blog post, and that is "research."

After visiting 200+ blog posts of different blogs, I have seen that people are spending less time on research and more time on creating and promoting content.

This is the reason Why Gaurav Kumar, Founder of eAskme has created the Eagle Eye Concept.

The Eagle Eye rule will help you to spend more time on research and find out where your competitors are lacking.

You can create better content with all the data you have gathered and then use perfect methods to promote your content.

How to Gather Data or do Research?

Eagle Eye Concept: Everything You Need to Know About Eagle Eye Rule : eAskme
When following Eagle Eye Rule you need to spend more time on research to gather data which is influential.

Not the question is how you can research to collect data.

It is easy.
  • To collect the data first target the competitors who are already ranking for the similar topic or keyword.
  • Use keyword research tools
  • Analyze traffic volume, keyword competition, ROI, etc.
  • Read the content and find out what makes the content to rank higher, such as LSI keywords, long tail keywords, bounce rate, social share, backlinks, etc.
  • Also pay attention to writing style, number of words and conclusion.
When you follow these simple steps, you will have all the data which will help you beat the competition.

Your research will help you to understand the psychology of readers to beat the competition.

The next thing is to filter out the useless and outdated content.

Now you will have the only useful data to write link worthy active content.

Your research will help you to beat the competition.

I know this is what you want.

Who is Eagle Eye Concept for?

Eagle Eye Concept: Everything You Need to Know About Eagle Eye Rule : eAskme

Eagle eye concept is for every blogger, marketer, webmaster.

It is for every person who wants to be successful and wants to grow his online business.

Eagle Eye Rule will make you do extensive research, and you will have all the benefits of research.

This concept is created to tell people the importance of research.

Extensive research will help you to grow as an influencer.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Content Scoring : Why it is Important for Content Marketing Success

Do you know what content marketing is? Maybe you do. But, do you know what content scoring is? Do you know how content scoring help to get success in content marketing? No, well don’t worry these are the questions that I am going to answer today.

The whole world is talking about blogging, internet marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing or many other names of marketing.

To get maximum out of your marketing, you create content such as blog posts, videos, infographics, etc.

You may have seen many marketers and SEO’s complaining that their content is not ranking or conversion is zero.

What is the reason behind this?

Have you ever checked that your content is capable of ranking for the keywords or have the potential to bring visitors or boost conversion?


This is the time where content scoring comes into play.

What Is Content Scoring

Content Scoring : Why it is Important for Content Marketing Success: eAskme

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Content Scoring is a way or process to find out the potential of your content.

How you can do it or how you can score your content by assessing and quantifying its potential.
The answer is simple.

You can do it but tracking how content is performing for your business to generate leads or boost conversion.

Let’s dig more about content scoring.

What Content Scoring do for you:

What Content Scoring do? Content Scoring : Why it is Important for Content Marketing Success: eAskme

Know your customers:

Content scoring helps you understand buyer personas. The most successful content on your blog or website tells that what type of content can influence buyers. Once you know buyer personas, you can effectively control them with your marketing strategies.

Analyze actions:

When you understand the buyer personas, the next thing is to track the buyer’s activity. It is your job to find out what pages or posts or products your buyers find more useful. Which type of products or services attracts more buyers or buyers try to engage with which type of content.

This will help you plan a strategy that will make the buyers engage more with your content and buy more products from your business.

Such a strategy will help you to boost traffic and ROI.

Reposition the content:

Content scoring also helps you to reposition the content. You should keep the content on top position which has a high conversion rate. Keep the average converting content ad mid-level and rest at a low level.

What are the Benefits of Content Scoring:

Benefits of Content Scoring: What Content Scoring do? Content Scoring : Why it is Important for Content Marketing Success: eAskme

There are multiple benefits of content scoring.

Let’s discover them.

Content Scoring boosts the quality of your content:

When you score your content, you will spend time on adding value to already published content rather than creating post after post.

You will find ways to add more value to the content with good scoring or conversion. You can do it by adding infographics, videos, gifs, polls, etc.

Content Scoring improves your strategy:

Scoring content won’t give you results overnight. But, it helps you improve the quality of all the posts so that they can rank better and after some time improve the overall quality of your site or business.

The more help and engagement options you add in your content the more time visitor will spend on your blog.

Scoring content helps you measure user behavior:

Scoring content enables you to find out how visitors are engaging with your content and what type of content they not just promote but also want more on your site.

These help you to understand the performance of your content and reposition accordingly.

Leave an impression:

Scoring content will help you to create content that leaves an impression. When you keep the high ranking content on top position, it helps to attract more readers as well as improve the overall reputation of your site.

People find out that you are a professional and have authority in your niche.

This makes you an influencer, and you can easily influence the people.

How to Score Content?

How to Score Content? Content Scoring : Why it is Important for Content Marketing Success: eAskme

How to score content or how to improve content scoring rate can be your next question. It is a natural process. All you need is to follow some simple steps.

Let’s see how you can score content effectively:

Lead Scoring:

Lead scoring is one of the easiest ways to find how useful or influential your content is? As the word says for itself the content that generates more leads get more score than the content with fewer leads.


You may find it confusing to create a scoring model for your content. Let me help you here.

Create an excel sheet and write down weight, niche or field or product, attributes, keywords or queries, priority, and score.

When you create a list according to this, you will find out how your content is working.


Evaluation is the essential part of content scoring. Scoring content cannot be fruitful if you do not evaluate the results or data.

Keep track of your content on a daily basis and find out on which queries or keywords it is ranking. Focus on which content piece helps you generate more revenue.

Once you follow these steps, you can easily create content or content marketing strategy to boost organic traffic, leads, and conversion.

Now you know everything about content scoring such as;
  • What is content scoring?
  • What are the benefits of content scoring?
  • How does content scoring work?
  • How to score your content?
Now it is the time to find out how content scoring plays a vital role in content marketing success.

How Content Scoring Plays a Vital Role in Content Marketing Success?

 How Content Scoring Plays a Vital Role in Content Marketing Success?: eAskme

The whole world is falling for content marketing, but only a few can understand how to get maximum out of content marketing efforts.

Content scoring is there to help you in every possible way.

Scoring content provides actionable insight:

Content scoring provides you with all the details that help you find out where you should work on your content. It also enables you to figure out what type of content is some value or what kind of content needs some push.

You can quickly analyze the performance and decide accordingly.

Scoring Content Demands High-Quality Content:

Content Scoring makes you work on creating high quality, engageable and worthy link content. It pushes you to create content that not only satisfies your visitors but also attracts high-quality backlinks.

Gain Authority:

When you focus on content authority and work accordingly, you will create excellent pieces of content. This way you will tell the world how authoritative your content is and why people love your content.

This will attract more buyers and clients to your blog or business.

Final Words:

Content scoring is a natural process that improves the overall quality of your content, boost engagement, increase traffic, and generate more leads. It is easy to create the content scoring sheet and score your content.

Work on improving the content quality, and you will have everything to run content marketing campaigns effectively.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Facebook Watch | Everything You Need to Know

Facebook Watch is available globally, but still, people do not know about it. Do you know what Facebook watch is? Or do you know how marketers will use Facebook Watch? You may have thousands of questions regarding Facebook Watch, and I am here to answer all of them.

Today, I will help you learn everything about the Facebook watch.

Start from the basics.

What is Facebook Watch?

Facebook Watch | Everything You Need to Know: eAskme
Facebook Watch | Everything You Need to Know: eAskme

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On August 9, 2017 Facebook has officially announced the launch of Facebook Watch.

The Facebook watch was launched as a platform to run shows on Facebook. Watch is available on all the devices such as a laptop, desktop, and mobile. Most of the time you will find shows which are live or recorded during an event.

It was launched to make it easy for people to have the conversation with the creators of the videos or shows.

In Facebook Watch you will find the video content produced by partners. Partners or creators are earning 55% advertising commission from Facebook Watch.

Facebook Watch is a Place for Shows:

On Facebook watch publishers and creators can create and upload videos to engage with audience build the social fan base and monetize their efforts.

Shows to engage with fans and build community:

There are people like Nas Daily who create videos with fans and feature them on Facebook watch. This makes him highly popular among fans and attracts more fans to his videos.

Live Shows:

Gabby Bernstein share recorded videos and live episodes. She is a New York Times bestselling author, life coach and motivational speaker. This way she connects with real fans.

Show with a Theme:

If you love watching kids cook as the professional chef, then you should watch Tastemade's Kitchen little. Shows with a theme bring all the benefits of micro niche blogging.

live events for communities:

Live events for communities is a great way to engage the member of a particular community. This way you can target the community and engage the visitors with your videos.

Facebook Watch available Globally:

On August 29th 2018, Facebook has announced that Facebook watch is going global. Now you can find watch parties, engage with videos and save your favorite videos.

How to Monetize Facebook Watch or Make Money with Videos on Facebook?

To monetize your videos, you need to join Facebook Ad break program.

You can check if you are eligible to join Facebook ad break program by visiting this link.

Facebook ad break eligibility criteria:

  • Must have 10,000 followers
  • 1-minute views for 3-minute videos (In the last 60 days, you need to have had 30,000 one-minute views)

    How is Facebook Watch Different from other Video Streaming Platforms?

    How is Facebook Watch Different from other Video Streaming Platforms: eAskme

    The world of video streaming sites and apps is crowded. There is head to head competition in online video marketing world. The video streaming giant YouTube is already there.

    Facebook is continuously working make Facebook Watch to stand out of the crowd. Let's see how Facebook watch is different from other streaming services.

    Original Video Content:

    Original video content is the beauty of Facebook Watch. You will not find similar quality content on most of the video streaming sites. Facebook push creators and developers to create unique and engaging content.

    Free for Audience:

    Facebook Watch is free for the audience. Creators can monetize it with Facebook ad break.

    Personalized Platform:

    Facebook Watch is a hyper-personalized video platform.

    Why is Facebook Watch Important for Business?

    Why is Facebook Watch Important for Business: eAskme

    Facebook Watch is not just another video platform. It is placed to engage with viewers and build community.

    Billions of users spend time on Facebook every day. This means there are multiple opportunities for marketers to utilize Facebook to build the community around their brand or service.

    The massive number of Facebook user base makes it easy for Facebook Watch to grab eyeballs. Every marketer, blogger or business want to attract more and more traffic to generate more leads.

    The Facebook watch is going to be helpful to the target audience.

    Facebook Watch will also help you to grow subscribers for your brand.

    Ad break ads to target users:

    For every advertiser, it is necessary to create campaigns to target the specific audience. Facebook advertising is a platform where every online business wants to attract maximum users to their companies.

    Facebook Watch brings additional features and engagement level where marketers can target the already engaging viewers. Even if your ads are not able to perform in the Facebook news feed, still Facebook watch is the place where you can turn things into your favor.

    Facebook watch make the users watch the complete ad, and this is undoubtedly helpful for a business. There is no way a viewer can skip the ad.

    Facebook Watch is an asset for marketers and influencers:

    Facebook Watch run ad breaks. But, publishers can opt out and publish or tag their sponsors in the video. This is another way to make money online. You can include images, video-graphers, documentarians and actors who want to grow with influencer marketing.

    Facebook watch videos will display in the feed of those who subscribe to the program or who have similar interest.

    Increase the Importance of Facebook Live

    Facebook live is a favorite tool for marketers and webmasters. Even if the Facebook watch is not available for newbies yet Facebook live is there where influencers can learn the way to present themselves on Facebook videos and create super engaging content.

    The experience with Facebook live will surely help webmasters and marketers to create engaging videos for Facebook Watch.

    Facebook Watch for Video content marketers:

    Facebook Watch is there to help you build community. The best a marketer can get by creating a community-oriented video series.

    You may have already seen lots of video content in your news feed such as reality shows, sports, documentaries, etc.

    Facebook Watch | is that for you?

    There is no doubt that Facebook Watch is for all. Not just for marketers but also viewers.

    If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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    Top 9 Best SEO Habits & How to Develop Them

    There are multiple benefits to developing the best SEO habits when I say best that means the habits that give you maximum organic returns regarding traffic and good ranking. Good SEO habits will also help you to improve SEO strategies and attract more clients.

    I have already shared a lot about SEO and blogging. But, there is always more to learn.

    Today I am going to share the 9 Best SEO Habits you should develop. I will also share how you can develop these SEO habits.

    Top 9 Best SEO Habits & How to Develop Them

    Top 9 Best SEO Habits & How to Develop Them: eAskme

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    When doing SEO for a website or for your blog, your SEO habits can fall in different categories such as the black hat, green hat, grey hat, and white hat.

    In this article, I will be talking about only white Hat or natural SEO habits to walk safely from Google penalty.

    Dig for Gold:

    Dig for Gold: Top 9 Best SEO Habits & How to Develop Them: eAskme

    When you are searching for Gold, you need to dig deeper.

    Same works in the world of SEO.

    When it comes to building a perfect SEO strategy, you cannot stick with readily available content.

    You need to spend a lot of time to do research, use available tools such as;
    You also spend time looking for long tail keywords with low competition but better search volume.

    When doing the research, you should focus on the niche of your blog and do not lose the track.

    Always focus on why people are visiting your blog or what people love to read on your blog?

    You can also use content scoring strategy to find out which type of posts will work better for you.

    Spend time on learning what SERP tells you about SEO, and you will have everything under control.

    Write down all the points or data you have gathered with your research and filter out the nonsense.
    Remember: Never write meaningless posts.

    Eagle Eye:

    Eagle Eye: Top 9 Best SEO Habits & How to Develop Them: eAskme

    There is a concept that I call Eagle eye. It takes time to develop eagle eye concept for SEO.

    What is Eagle eye concept for SEO?

    Eagle Eye concept of Gaurav Kumar tells that you should keep a sharp eye on everything that is happening not on your blog but also the sites of competitors.

    Spend more time on Google analytics, Google search console, keyword research, competition research, understanding buyers’ personas, and marketing trends.

    This works differently than 80:20 rule.

    Eagle Eye rule talks about 40:20:40. (40% time on research, 20% on development, 40% on promotion)


    You need to gather data, measure the productivity of the collected data, create custom sheet according to your niche, find out which posts are performing and which are struggling to find the place in the competition.

    When you measure your competition and data, you will quickly find out what type of strategy you should follow to stand out and gain authority.

    Learning is a Good Habit:

    learning is a Good Habit: Top 9 Best SEO Habits & How to Develop Them: eAskme

    You may think that learning is just about reading posts or books, but it is not.

    Learning is an Art.

    A valid learner or professional blogger knows the more he learns, the more he earned.

    When you read a post, you should not just read it for the sake of commenting but focus on what writer want to deliver with his post, how he is providing the idea and what else he does outside the box to promote his idea.

    There was a time when you buy Kindle device to read ebooks, but now kindle reader is available.
    You should also learn to use the technology to grow your blogging business.

    You should learn the latest technology trends, use of available tools, way to engage with influencers and way to appreciate others.

    I spend time learning not just from professional bloggers but also from newbies.

    This helps me keep my mind wide open for new ideas.

    Upside down, round and round:

    Upside down round: Top 9 Best SEO Habits & How to Develop Them: eAskme

    I am not talking about walking under a limited circle.

    I am here talking about creating a circle where you can quickly move upside-down, round and round. You should not only learn from old ideas but also learn about everything you hear in the possible world such as digital marketing, Artificial intelligence, Chatbots, voice, etc.

    Care about your visitors and clients.

    Start a business with specific goals and work to achieve success.

    When you create a post, look upside down to check the readability. Go round and round to find if your old posts are matching the latest standards of SEO or not. If not, then change, edit or delete them.

    Also track rankings, traffic, leads, ROI and revenue of your business.

    Play for Long Term:

    Long Term: Top 9 Best SEO Habits & How to Develop Them: eAskme

    Planning and playing for long-term is the habit of a Good SEO. A professional SEO expert knows that it takes time to get desired results from SEO. This means that one should work for long term.
    Once you rank for a keyword, do not stop working for that keyword.

    Keep promoting and boost the engagement of that post always to keep it on the first position.

    When creating content or doing SEO focus on authority and relevance. Add small updates to the content when necessary and let the Google know when you have updated the content.

    First, think about the goal and then plan about keywords, tags, links, etc.

    Technical SEO:

    Technical SEO: Top 9 Best SEO Habits & How to Develop Them: eAskme

    Technical SEO helps you to boost your SEO ranking even for highly competitive keywords. Always try to learn the technical part of SEO.

    Focus on mastering every aspect of productive SEO.

    Don’t play alone:

    Don't play alone: Top 9 Best SEO Habits & How to Develop Them: eAskme

    No matter you are a blogger, designer, coder, writer or SEO professional, you cannot play alone for a long time.

    There is a saying, “want to grow faster play alone, want to grow bigger play with the team.

    Add multiple creative minds in your business to grow it’s potential.

    You can hire people like bloggers, sales representatives, stock handlers, etc. It depends upon your business that how many people you need in your business.

    When hiring people for your business always remember that you should always have control of your business.

    Utilize Online Marketing:

    \Online Marketing: Top 9 Best SEO Habits & How to Develop Them: eAskme

    A good SEO understand the importance of marketing.

    Investing time and money on marketing is one of the best SEO habits.

    Don’t just rely on paid advertisement. Also focus on ranking for keywords, PR and developing a brand image.

    Also, use traditional marketing methods such as print media, etc.


    Balance Everything: Top 9 Best SEO Habits & How to Develop Them: eAskme

    Keeping the balance between all the necessary jobs is the essential SEO habit for you.

    When doing SEO, you will understand that you cannot be the expiry of everything and cannot do everything at the same time.

    You need to focus on various aspects of SEO.

    You should develop the habit to create a balance between various SEO tasks.

    A good SEO habit is to create SEO optimized content which is link worthy and follow the rules of Google algorithm updates.

    Final Words:

    Your SEO habits decide the future of your business. I have shared the best SEO habits to help you to improve results. Focus on all the significant aspect of SEO. Create a balance between SEo and internet marketing efforts.

    When you work with quality, keep balance and produce relevant content then no one can stop you from growing your business.

    Remember: Only you are responsible for your actions.

    If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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    WordPress Brings Perfect Solutions To Your Business Requirements

    Have you ever thought of having your own website? Does it sound like rocket science to you? Please be assured that it is as easy as baking a cake.

    You don’t believe it? Read for yourself…

    Don’t worry, if creating a website of your own, sounds like rocket science to you; you are not the only one. There are many people sailing in the same boat.

    However, you have no need to be concerned as there is a magical open source content management system called WordPress that will solve all your problems in a jiffy.

    WordPress Brings Perfect Solutions To Your Business Requirements: eAskme
    WordPress Brings Perfect Solutions To Your Business Requirements: eAskme

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    WordPress can help you design your website, change and duplicate your designs and do all complicated stuff within no time.

    All you have to do is find the right place where you can get experts in WordPress.

    So, what is WordPress?

    A GPLv2 licensed system that allows anyone and everyone to revise it for free. It is a method by which you can make your own website and later make changes without being worried about the technicalities.

    Yes, WordPress can be used by a novice too. You do not have to be a programming expert for that.

    Undoubtedly, there are WordPress website development companies that make this task further easy.

    What all can WordPress do?

    Earlier you could only create blogs with WordPress, but now you can design all kinds of websites with it too. Let us check what all can we design with WordPress:
    In short, WordPress is your software genie, who can do almost anything. Statistics say that WordPress is used by more than 60 million different blogs and websites.

    Now that is some number!

    Growing Requirement of  WordPress by all enterprises

    WordPress Brings Perfect Solutions To Your Business Requirements: eAskme

    Businesses are growing more and more technology savvy, which is why no business today, no matter how small, can envisage of existing without a website.

    However, traditional tools of designing websites were not just time consuming, but also required technical people to handle the tasks.

    WordPress has brought in an innovative technology that makes everyone a master of his/ her own design.

    Obviously then, it is not surprising that the need for customized WordPress web development companies that provide

    WordPress based services has seen a 60% rise in the market. More than 26. 9% websites are powered by WordPress.

    Why WordPress is Better?

    Kodematix, WordPress website Development Company, is one such prominent company that offers you brilliant WordPress options.

    With experienced employees, the company offers immense business growth related services to its clients. The company’s product specialists are trained to help your business grow and keep you ahead of any competition.

    Plus, the company supervises in decreasing your operational expenditure, which is handled by its system integrator. 

    What all is offered?

    WordPress Brings Perfect Solutions To Your Business Requirements: eAskme

    - Creation of tailored solutions.

    - One stop solution for strategizing and executing

    - The project ends only after your approval

    - Profit oriented goal driven strategy

    WordPress Website Development Companies offer these services | WordPress Web Development Company

    \WordPress Brings Perfect Solutions To Your Business Requirements: eAskme
    • The WordPress specialized engineers are experts in all the features of WordPress and code standards. The technical team is very talented and can erect just about anything on WordPress.

    • One of the most important feature is that you can engage your own develop for WordPress. He or she will delicately work for your assignment alone.

    • Only after a thorough understanding of the business requirements, the team develops WordPress solutions.

    • User friendly themes and plugins are created, so as to make your work easy.

    • 3rd party API and CRM integration and migration services are used.

    • The technical team has a complete know how of the WordPress plugins.

    Before hiring services of a WordPress development company what should you look for?

    WordPress Brings Perfect Solutions To Your Business Requirements: eAskme

    1. Specialists in WordPress, who have extensive experience in WordPress.

    2. That which is open to your suggestions and implement your ideas and strategies in a succinct and user friendly manner.

    3. The developers should be able to deliver you website that can be easily altered and can be easily managed by you too.
    You will find all these advantages in Kodematix. The company has a dedicated team of WordPress developers, whose main function is to give your business an edge over the others by offering you best possible WordPress solutions.

    What you must remember?

    WordPress Brings Perfect Solutions To Your Business Requirements: eAskme

    You must remember that WordPress is a huge platform, which is easy to use and is employed by a large number of internet users.

    Many still think that WordPress can only be used for writing blogs; however, now you know that WordPress now can be of use for various other services as well. Its widespread themes and plugin has made that possible. WordPress has the ability to customize every requirement.

    So, now you have no reason for not having a business website of your own. As it is clear that a website is a must for the growth of any company.

    Thus, you can go ahead and design a website yourself with the help of WordPress or you could leave the task to developers who do this day in and day out and have the experience and expertise to give you the best of what you want

    If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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