Shop Now from Souq's Best of Women's Clothing Collection at Exciting Price

Women and shopping are two terms that complement each other. It is not to be denied that women love shopping and the most favorite category among-est all is clothing. If you want to fill your wardrobe with new clothes, then this is the best chance for you as Souq has the best of women’s clothing collection available and that too at exciting prices.

There are heavy discounts available on these products starting from 10% off and go on up to as high as 66% off. One can also avail various Souq coupon.

Shop Now from Souq's Best of Women's Clothing Collection at Exciting Price: eAskme
Shop Now from Souq's Best of Women's Clothing Collection at Exciting Price: eAskme

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The different types of products that can be purchased from under this category are tops, dresses, pants, jackets, coats, skirts, sleepwear, rompers, jumpsuits, shorts, accessories, and much more. The price range of these products is from 9 AED to 699 AED.

You can pay for these products using credit or debit card, net banking, e-wallets, and you can also choose cash on delivery option.

Buy Designer Kurtis Online At Affordable Prices

The shipping of the products is free above a total cost of 100 AED. The return process of Souq is completely hassle free and 100% refund is guaranteed if wrong or damaged products are delivered.

In case you are unsure about the quality of the products, there are average customer reviews present for a majority of the products which will help you decide whether the products are worth buying.

A lot of products are Souq assured which means that quality of these products is assured by the Souq and the additional benefit is that these products will be delivered at the earliest.

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The different brands that have products available under this offer are Ovs, Iconic, New Look, Trendyol, Tommy Hilfiger, Tally Weijl, Bebe, Perfection, Little Mistress, Calvin Klein, Quiz, Only, Lacoste, Guess, Vero Moda, Greystone Female, Forever Unique, and many more brands.

Here are some of the best offers that you can go for under this sale. Have a look.

Offers on Tops

You will find many different types and patterns of tops which you can select from under this offer. The discounts start at 10% and go on up to 20% off. The price range of tops available in this deal is from 16 AED to 559 AED.

You can choose from different brands like Ovs, Iconic, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, New Look, Bebe, Iconic, Lacoste, Pepe Jeans, Only, Guess, and many other brands. The types of materials used in these tops are cotton, polyester, viscose, polyamide, acrylic, rayon, and mixed materials.

Benefits of Online Trading

You can find t-shirts, shirts, pullover tops, tank tops, crop tops, polos, ruffle and peplum tops, jumpers, sweatshirts, bodysuits, and many more types.

Offers on Dresses

There is a wide variety of dresses available on Souq at amazingly low prices to fill up your wardrobe. The discounts for dresses start at 10% off and go up to a good discount of 30% off. The price range for these products is from 35 AED to 819 AED.

The brands from which you can browse the dresses include Trendyol, Iconic, New Look, Little Mistress, Bebe, Forever Unique, Tommy Hilfiger, Pepe Jeans, Calvin Klein, Guess, Lacoste, and many more brands.

You can find your choice of length, neck type, sleeve length, fabric type, size, pattern, and dress style. There are dresses for every occasion.

Offers on Pants

There is a wide range of pants that you can choose from this Souq offer on clothing collection. You can choose from the products from different brands like Ovs, Iconic, Trendyol, New Look, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Quiz, Pepe Jeans, and many more.

Best Online Stores for Clothing in India

The discounts in this deal start from 10% off and go up to 20% off. The price range of these pants is from 28 AED to 599 AED. There are different colours and types of jeans, trousers, leggings, capris, and fashion joggers and you can select from these.

Different types of pant styles like skinny, stretchable, bootcut, slim fit, straight, ripped and a lot more.

Offers on Sportswear

Wearing the right kind of clothes makes up for half the motivation which is why Souq brings to you some good discounts on sportswear. The discounts for this offer start from 10% off and go up to 15% off. The price range of sportswear is from 129 AED to 150 AED.

The brands which have their products available under the sportswear section on Souq are Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Reebok, Nike, and Champion.

You can find sports tops, sports pants, sports shorts, sports jackets, and sports dresses. There are sportswear available for different types of sports.

Offers on Jackets and Coats

Jackets and coats can change the look of any dress and step up the style quotient which makes them a good investment. You can buy from the different styles of jackets and coats available across the website of Souq at discounted prices.

Why is it really cool to wear leather jackets

The discounts on these products are huge starting from 10% off and go on up to a whopping discount of 66% off. The brands that are participating in this offer are Trendyol, Iconic, New Look, Quiz, Ovs, Tally, Weijl, Tommy Hilfiger, Only, Vero Moda, and many more brands. The price range starts from 60 AED to 801 AED.

There are different types of fabric type, jacket length, size, and jacket styles.
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How to Choose the Right Customer Service App

This is the world of online business. To improve the business it is necessary to establish better customer service. These days consumer reviews are significantly impacting the business growth and reputation.

Customer service is a necessary part of every business, but at the same time, it is not easy to establish quality customer service. No matter you have a small business or large enterprise you need to invest time and money in customer service.

How to Choose the Right Customer Service App: eAskme
How to Choose the Right Customer Service App: eAskme

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Thanks to the latest technology, a customer service app are what you need to make things easy.  You need to choose the right customer service app to make your customer service operation successful, and efficient. Better customer service is responsible for retention, loyalty and customer satisfaction.

How to Choose the Right Customer Service App

This "How to Choose the Right Customer Service App" infographic will help you understand how much people can rely on customer service apps.

Click To Enlarge

How to Choose the Right Customer Service App
Via Salesforce

Now, let's understand this How to Choose the Right Customer Service App infographic by Salesforce in detail. 

Why must you have Customer Service App?

Apps are making things easy for everyone. Customer Service app is essential for every business.

You can find a smartphone in the hand of every single person. People not only use smartphone apps to play games or do shopping but also use the apps to connect with the customer service.

Customer relationship is the key to build a business empire.

How to Choose the Right Customer Service App: eAskme

A customer service app makes it easy for your customers to connect with the support team whenever they need it.

A good customer service app makes it easy for a customer to use products, and troubleshoot problems.

Trained agents will help the customer in the best way using the professionally organized customer service app.

Now, you understand why customer service app is important. Let's learn about the features of best customer service app.

Features of Best Customer Service App:

There are certain features that you should consider when choosing the right customer service app.

How to Choose the Right Customer Service App: Customer Service App Features: eAskme

Resolution Workflow Management:

  • Resolution Workflow Management: You need to make sure that app is capable of easy resolution workflow management. It should be easy to release ticket and manage cases. Cases should automatically assign to the dedicated team. The process of providing the resolution should be fast and accurate.
  • Customer Self Service: The app should easily connect the customer with customer self-service and help centers. Self-service will help the customer to resolve the issues with the help of self-service tools. To make self-service useful, it is necessary to provide a clear explanation and resolution.
  • Knowledge Base: People always love to try things on their own. To make self-service options easy and handy for customers your customer service app must have step-by-step content. The content should be easy to find.
  • Add and Update Content: A good customer service app always can manage and add content. This help professionals to help customers by writing articles and guides.
  • Agent Dashboard and User interface: Agent Dashboard and User interface should be user-friendly. It should be straightforward for the agent to understand the dashboard and use it to help customers. The same time it should be easy for the customer to handle the customer service app.
  • Mobile Capabilities: To make the customer service most effective, it is necessary that the customer and agent should connect even from remote locations. It will be great if agents can use the app even when traveling.

Multichannel integration:

Multichannel support is an essential feature of customer service apps. The app should integrate Call support, live chat, emails, Facebook and Twitter. These channels make it easy for the customer to connect with the customer service agent using various channels.

Complex search and queuing:

Search should be natural to refine the results. Agents can receive tickets and assign them to the dedicated team, or the system can be automatic. This will save you a lot of time and money.

Social Media Support:

Call and chat support is not enough. The best customer service app must have social media support. You need to connect with your customer on social media and help those who are waiting. This will also help to turn your business into a brand and build trust. This is too good to boost your social media presence.

Reporting and Analytics:

You cannot just think of gaining trust by proving the solution. You need to do more. You need to find out how well you are at helping your customers and how pleased they are from your service. Customer satisfaction is what you want to achieve. To find out your customer satisfaction ratio, the customer service app must have a reporting and analytics feature.

These are the most important features that you should look in a customer service app to find the right customer service app.

But, You cannot find the best customer service app without asking these questions.

Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Customer Service App

How to Choose the Right Customer Service App : Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Customer Service App: eAskme

Now you are ready to choose the customer service app for your business. But your mind will shut down when you look at the hundreds of customer service apps available online.

You may find it difficult to find the best app.

Take help of following questions to find the right customer service app.

Customer Service App Architecture Related Questions:

Now you are ready to choose the customer service app for your business. But your mind will shut down when you look at the hundreds of customer service apps available online.

You may find it difficult to find the best app.

Take help of following questions to find the right customer service app.
  • Access Controls:
Does the app allow you to define user groups and determine permission requirements? For example, front-line users should have different privileges than a customer service manager.
  • Extensibility:
Is the system able to scale according to your needs? Can it adapt to new functionalities or modification to existing functions?
  • Integration:
  1. Can components exchange data and interoperate with existing systems, including productivity applications, your CRM platform, and other software?
  2. Which Platforms integrate well with the app?
  • Client Operating Systems supported:
  1. Which operating system are supported by the app?
  2. Is the app browser-based?

Engagement Methodology and Support Based Questions:

  • Customer Support: 
Does the app vendor provide easy to reach customer support?
  • Data management:
Do the data management function supports integration and data sharing across applications?
  • Implementation support:
Does the vendor provide complete turnkey, on-site implementation and project management support?
  • Training and Documentation:
What training and user documentation and support does the vendor provide to users?
  • Software Updates:
How often does the vendor provide software releases and updates to applications?
  • Single Sign-on:
Can you enable users to securely log in once and be able to access the entire system?
  • Scalability:
Can you scale the number of concurrent users- both agents and customers?

With the help of these question you will find out that the customer service app is right for you or not. It keep you away from low quality apps.


If you still have some doubt then you should ask for the demo of the app you want to use. Demo of the app will also help you to understand the functionality and usage of the app.

These are the points that you should consider before choosing the right customer service app for your business.

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Benefits of Online Trading
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Benefits of Online Trading

Through the internet, online trading has become quite easy these days. Thanks to the numerous trading platforms provided, like the one called Bitcoin Loophole. With them, you can now be able to educate yourself on the options you have for your investments and place the orders to either buy or sell what you have.

Benefits of Online Trading: eAskme
Benefits of Online Trading: eAskme
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By doing this, you can actually be able to make yourself a good sum of money without having to talk to a broker. Well, just like any other business, there are also some risk involved in online trading, thus you can also be making some loses.

It is not usually guaranteed that you will be making profits all the time and this is why people came up with trading bots to help increase the success rate. Anyway, with that said, let us look at some of the benefits that you can enjoy from online trading.

Control over your investments

Benefits of Online Trading: eAskme

Well, whether you are interested in selling or buying your equities, you will always have full control over the whole process when placing an order.

This gives you the power to create or command both the price and the quantity that you want and later get it at that exact price. This is seen to be quite convenient compared to when you have to find a broker to help you go through with your transactions.

Worst Ways to make money

With online trading, you can be able to execute all your transactions from home, office or anywhere else at your own convenience.

It is more economical

If you decide to try out online trading, you are most likely going to deal great deals offered by brokers for online traders. Most of them usually offer lower rates for their brokerage services to online traders.

This is mainly because it is more economical when you have an online platform compared to maintaining a branch. Anyway, you will get to enjoy all these benefits if you become an online stock trader. You need to always look at the brokerage cost when doing your financial analysis as they usually do matter a lot.


You are also likely to be making more focused investments when doing everything online compared to calling up dealers.

Of course if you call the dealers, you won’t be able to spend time and evaluate your options and make clear decisions. The dealer will just pick up the phone because it is his job but won’t have that much time with you since he also needs to attend to several other callers.

Anyway, with online trading, you won’t have to worry about time because you will have more than enough to do everything and make a good trading decisions.

You are no limited by location

Benefits of Online Trading: eAskme

When placing your trades through a dealer, sometimes it becomes quite difficult to work efficiently, especially when you have to travel each time. This might become a problem and deter you from getting through to the broker and this means no trading going on.

Sometimes you will be forced to incur some cost on roaming charges just to communicate to your broker. Well, with online trading, you can always get access to your investments at the comfort of wherever you are at any given time.

Additionally, these online trading platforms are usually supported by mobile devices too. This makes it even much easier to access your investments even on the go.

More informed trading decisions

If you become an online investor, the chances of you making rich decisions are higher compared to an investor who depends on another person to place a trade for him or her.

This is simply because you will practically be having all the information you require at your disposal just by pressing a button. A lot of research these days are quite actionable and are can be synced directly with your account.

You can also be able to use those analytical screens provided on the trading platform to help you come up with great trading decisions.

Seamless process

It is quite clear that most people still don’t see the advantage behind this. Anyway, when trading online, your account will automatically be linked to both your bank and demat account.

This therefore means that everything happens seamlessly between all your accounts, making everything a bit easy. At least you won’t have to deal with cheques and other bank instruction slips.

One-stop solution

When you register and join any online trading platform, I don’t think you will get just the platform alone. They usually come with other additional features.

For instance, you will also get provided with features that can enable you to monitor or track both your trade book and order book. You can also be able to see your demat status just from your trading account too. As if this is not enough, you can also have features that will allow you to monitor the ROI and your profitability.

Through these platforms, you can also export your profit or loss statements whenever you want to file your taxes. As you can see, almost everything can be done on these trading platforms hence being seen as a one-stop solution.


This is another cool advantage offered by online trading. The ability to place orders even with closed markets is something you cannot afford to overlook. However, the orders placed during this time, will be executed the next day when the trading begins again.

This shows how flexible online trading is as investors can be able to place their orders at any time and even be able to dictate the price they would love to pay. This shows flexibility in how you operate the trading account.

Saves you from doing a lot of work

I believe I don’t even have to talk about this. Honestly, if you know what a regular trader had to go through before online trading begun, then you know what am talking about.

You had to go through a very long process and with time this would become quite tiresome. You can even quit trading just by thinking about what you have to go through just to place your order.

Anyway, all this is eliminated by the introduction of online trading platforms as all your documents are safely kept and maintained online. They can also be accessed at any time just by clicking a few buttons.


Benefits of Online Trading: eAskme

Online trading is not just convenient because you can be able to access your account and make trades at any given time.

It is also convenient in that it facilitates your trading by providing fast transactions.It is even faster if the transaction is made between two accounts that are using the same institution for banking purposes. Just by a simple click, a transaction can take place. This also mean getting your earnings faster.


There are many advantages and benefits that one can get when you decide to try out online trading but I believe the ones mention above are just enough to make reconsider your thoughts.

As said before, the developments you see around requires money for them to be carried out and the money is usually earned from activities such as trading.

Yes, that’s how important trading is and the internet just brought this closer to us through different platforms. Click here to see more on online trading just in case you are interested.
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How to Create Link Worthy Content?

Link Worthy content is what all the bloggers and SEO’s must create. It takes strategy, planning and time to create link worthy content.

The natural links or editorial links are tight to get, yet you have to work in the right direction.
According to the search engine, giant editorial links are the best type of links.

Now the question is, how you can create link worthy content.

How to Create Link Worthy Content?: eAskme
How to Create Link Worthy Content?: eAskme

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Let’s understand what link worthy content is?

What is Link Worthy Content?

Highly useful content is known as link-worthy content. There are many forms of link worthy content such as;


The content that teaches people about new things.


Amusing content that triggers emotions.


News blogs are the great example of informational content such as HuffingtonPost.


Content those inspire others such as motivational speeches, inspirational stories. Real life examples, etc.

In any words, the content which is best and solves the query of the visitor or target audience is known as link-worthy content.

The Internet has a lot of content. Content related to any topic but at the same time, most of the content is either outdated or not able to satisfy the need of the visitor.

The job of a content creator is to fix all the issues and create a worthy content that attracts a massive amount of shares, likes, and views.

Content is the king:

It is not easy to create link worthy content.

Marketers and bloggers are dedicated to producing more and more content every day.

There is fierce competition in the world of content creation. You have to compete with all the new and old articles, videos, infographics, podcasts, etc. to gain attention.

Remember: Even the great content falls in front of inferior content if not appropriately marketed.
As a blogger, you know that content is your property. Your content has a high potential to attract natural links.

Now, you know that creating link worthy content is not the only thing you need to do.
So what is the nest thing?

Build relationships with Influencers:

You can produce a lot of content on a regular basis. Some of your production may have fantastic content. But if you are not able to market it will, nobody will see it.

Tip: Great content is not always link-worthy content.

This is the time where influencer relationships come into play.

Be like me and build a healthy relationship with influencers.

When you add an influencer in your community, you are not adding a person, but you are getting into his entire community.
When influencer recommends your content, it helps you grab more eyeballs and open way for more traffic and likes.

Influencers are those who have a huge following or big media houses.

Now let’s stick to the point and talk about how to build link-worthy content.

How to Create Link-Worthy Content: 10 Ideas

From years marketers are trying to create linkable content. It takes time, money and skills to develop link worthy, relevant, and highly engaging content.

Here are the tips to create more links worthy content.

Create Evergreen Content:

Usually news content has a shorter life. No one like to read the old news again and again. You should focus on creating evergreen content.

Evergreen content is the content that remains relevant and useful for a long time. This type of content is high in demand.

For example; I have created “why you should join Facebook” years ago, and it has never lost its value.

There are many ways to create evergreen content such as;
  • Checklists
  • Ebooks
  • Explainers
  • Guides
  • How to
  • Lists
Make your blog post sexy to attract more readers.

Create Podcasts:

Podcasts have improved the content in a great way. The podcast is the easy way to communicate your ideas and easily build natural links. The people you include in your podcast will link back to it. This is an easy way to make links and gain reputation.

Build a Resource center:

Creating a resource center is an excellent idea. You can create and promote content, but at the same time, you should create a resource center. People love to visit resource centers and link back to the page.

Be the one:

It is the time to be unique, authentic, exciting and original at the same time. This will make you stand in front of the competition.

Remember: Your content should carry your personality.

Expert Roundups:

An expert roundup is a great way to gain link backs or at least social shares and traffic. It is the magical way to boost traffic and social shares and sometimes work for getting high-quality links also.

Brand Partnership:

Partnership with the brands or influencers in your niche will help to boost traffic and followership.
This is an easy way to display your content in front of new visitors.

Optimize keywords:

Optimizing the list of keywords and creating pillar articles around such keywords will help to boost traffic, social shares, and link backs. It is essential to focus on using relevant keywords to rank higher in search results.

Create Visual Content:

Visual content makes your blog more appealing. You can use infographics, videos, and gifs to make your content look useful and excellent.

Infographics are the great way to create visual content.

Formatting of your content:

Focus on the format of your content.

  • Bold and italics
  • Headings
  • Subheadings
  • Blockquotes
  • Bulleted lists

The ultimate test:

The final test of a link worthy content is answering if you will link to such content.

If you honestly link to your content than it’s good but if you can’t then rework and produce better content.

Final Words:

If you follow the above tips, then you can quickly generate 1-20 links every month. Also, you will be producing helpful content, so it will surely boost social shares, traffic, email lists, and revenue.

What more you need?

If you still have any question, feel free to ask via comments.

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Gaurav Kumar : My Blogging Journey So Far (spent $80,000+) Infographic

Today is another good day in my blogging journey got paid $250 to ride just 250KMS on my own bike.

Thanks to all my readers.

After completing 4 years as a professional Blogger. I have decided to write my own blogging journey to help others to start blogging as a very serious career choice. This can be boring or a bit lengthy, as this is about me and my journey as a professional blogger till now.

People are asking me that how much I am earning, here I am sharing what I have spend, to help you find the answer.

What I have earned other than money in 3 years:

My monthly expenses are around $1100. I must tell you that I do not include my investments in this. Other than that I have earned.
  1. Acer ultraslim Laptop worth $530 (2015)

  2. Tvs Motorcycle worth $1000 (2015)

  3. Acer Laptop worth $500 (2016)

  4. House Renovation cost $12528 (2016)

  5. Kawasaki z250 worth $5481 (2017)

  6. Tvs Jupiter worth $800 (2017)

  7. Tata Tigor Car worth $10,900 (2017)
Now you know that I have spend almost 2026756 Rupees ($31739) on regular expenses in 3 years and 2026756 Rupees ($39600) to buy above things.

That means I have spent almost $71339 in 3 years.
So if you are one of those passionate people who love blogging then you should read it, otherwise, you can check out the other topics of AskMe. This post is all about how I started professional blogging and how I have created a network of blogs and one after another successful blog.

A Little About Me:

I have already written a lot about me on “about me” page. For new readers, I am Gaurav Kumar, Founder of eAskme. By education, I am an art student and by profession, I am a professional blogger. Today I will explain my story and you will know the important time of my blogging journey as a professional blogger. Getting back to my educational background, I had completed my graduation in ARTS stream in (2010).

Gaurav Kumar by Vinaso

Gaurav Kumar : My Blogging Journey So Far : eAskme
Gaurav Kumar : My Blogging Journey So Far : eAskme
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My Blogging Journey : From Start

First three months of blogging:

I started blogging just to try new things to make money online. In September of 2013, I started my first blog on the BlogSpot platform which was related to news. I was sharing worldwide news, events and author views. I got a lot of appreciation on my blog from people around the globe. I purchased a domain and hosting from Hostgator and migrated my blogspot blog to WordPress

Selecting a domain name + Hosting

By the first four months, I understood the importance of branding in the online world. I bought a domain and hosting from Hostgator because of their best service. Here is the complete domain name guide for you to help to choose the domain name.

How my niche changed?

In the beginning on eAskme, I was writing about only tech stuff that you may have seen on other blogs also, but later I started writing about my own experiences, Blogging, Wordpress, money making tips and designing tips.

As I started writing everything that I have learned from my own experience, people started liking my blog.

My First Income:

As I mentioned, I started blogging just to try new things. I had no idea how to make money with Adsense ow what is SEO. I was just a hobby blogger. After some time I have learned about AdSense one of the most popular contextual ad network.

I read a lot of blogs about SEO and experimenting everything. I still remember how I earned my first $20 from Chitika. That was the very first online income I had received; after that, I started using Adsense and it turned me to make $500 in the very first month.

See : Make $100 Per day with Adsense

Hobby blogger to Professional blogging:

Back in June of 2013, I quit full time job and started working as a professional blogger. It was not an easy decision for me as the hardest thing was to convince my family. But I made my decision and started working for what I liked to do. I started making good money to fulfill my daily needs and to make some good investment. I have created my very own blogging business plan and I decided to take eAskme to the next level.

I have just purchased Kawasaki Z250 Super Naked Street fighter worth $5,481.

Partnership with another Blogger:

Around January of 2014, I partnered with a Mohali-based blogger to take our blogging journey to next level, but things didn’t come up in a good way so I moved back to my own blogging goals. So I always suggest you avoid partnership as it hardly lasts.

My Venture:
Gaurav Kumar : My Blogging Journey So Far (spent $71,339)

Till now my vision and dream and vision are to make blogging a full-time career choice and most popular online business in India. I have big dreams about my blogs and I will surely touch them with my dedication and love of my readers.

Current Blog Network:

I am currently managing many blogs on my network. It is not an easy task to work on multiple blogs and maintain a strong social media presence these days. You need to establish a team of professionals who can work on all blogs with complete dedication. What I look in a person before hiring is that he should do blogging for passion not just for money.

I divide work in my team and set the target for them to achieve. I usually work on promoting 3-4 blogs at a time. This includes writing social media presence, commenting, guest posts etc.
At this moment we have following blogs in our network:

eAskme, iOS Crunch, WikiHealthBlog,are few of my latest examples.

Future Plans:
It is the dream of every company to grow as big as it can be and cover maximum market share. But the biggest problem is to find the best team. Your team determines the future of your online company or business. Currently, I am setting up the plan for my online business.
Earning from Blogging:

"Earning" this word is the most interesting part of the life of a professional blogger. If I never quit my job then maybe earning only $5000-$10,000 per year. But with blogging and with my other online activities, I am making more than $50K every year, which is a good reason to quit my job.

The very best thing I like about blogging is that I am my own boss now. I work whenever I want and work on what I love to do. I am sharing my story so you should take blogging seriously and make your decision.

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What’s Next for eAskme?

We will keep evolving as blogs to teach technology, learn to blog, SEO, WordPress, Hosting and how you can make money from home. I am offering personal blog consultancy program now to provide my services to those who want to learn blogging or want to make money blogging.

Subscribe eAskme newsletter to get latest updates from me.

You can join me on Facebook or  Twitter.

I have written this post because many people were asking a little background about me, and about eAskme. I will be sharing more posts on how my team works, and how you can grow along with eAskme. Meanwhile, do share if you have any feedback for eAskme or for me?
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5 Online Games to Win Money on the go

Ever thought of winning cash by playing games online? If you love playing games online, then it’s time to generate few extra bucks through it. The word “online games” is one mantra which has enough capability to do wonders in one's life. There are many such interesting games like online rummy, poker, teen patti which can be played online in India. Let us now briefly see five such online games which let you win money on the go.

5 Online Games to Win Money on the go: eAskme
5 Online Games to Win Money on the go: eAskme

Exodus 3000:

This is an interesting game reminiscent to seeing a Hollywood science fiction movie. The players of this game get transported into a 1000-year future time frame where the earth would look unsustainable to live due to the occurrence of a certain catastrophic event. Collecting Mars dollars and minerals are the only way for the inhabitants to restructure the entire scenario which is achieved by mining of volcanoes, attacking the other players and searching for the ruins. There is no dearth of adventure and fun, in short. You will be receiving the predetermined reward once you do cash out. It is one of the best online games which gives you an opportunity to use your aptitude to the best of your ability and win loads of money as well.

Royal Panda:

Royal Panda developed by Net Entertainment and Microgaming is another well recognized gaming site which offers numerous games to play. Carrying an “easy to remember logo” it serves you with a lot of slots, table games, soft games and scratch cards, making you to find out the one that best suits your taste and play. More importantly, many bonuses are available the moment you login to your account. As far as the payment method is concerned, it is left to your choice and the proceeds are deposited to your account instantly. The games in this platform are so exciting that it has become an attractive gaming spot although it was established recently.

Paid game player:

This site offers 25 online games, most of them are skill based like Bejeweled 2, Zuma, Family feud etc, giving you a chance to test your acumen with your fellow gamers. If you want to enjoy more benefits you need to upgrade yourself by spending some money too. However, if you are interested only to win money, you need not upgrade and just try to win all the competitions that you enter. The website claims to be dispensing $250,000 in cash and prizes every day to the players. The whole objective is to fight your way to get to the winner’s circle.


This is an immensely popular game which gives you two options for earning prizes. Using the first option, you are required to accumulate tokens which you have garnered by playing various free games on offer and trade the same later to win drawing up to $1000. The next option is to participate in games which carry jackpot with them that can help you to walk away with prizes that can go up to $4,999. The bonus points are also given for those who play better than the others.


Last but certainly not the least, Rummy games are popular and they are played extensively in India, hosted by many Rummy websites. Since this was a popular card game already, when the same hit online a few years ago, its aesthetic appeal furthered its status making it as one of the most recognized skill-based games on earth. The game is played with so many varieties like Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy and Points Rummy which makes it more interesting to play. Online Rummy is one of the best way to win cash on the go if one is very much thorough with all the nuances of the game. That is one of the reasons as to why the popularity of the game is on a steady growth and people love play rummy online real money. Rummy stakeholders give a huge opportunity to win lucrative amount of cash for all aspirants of this beautiful skill game. Various tournaments and cash games are conducted throughout the day in these sites. The Rummy apps in mobile further add to its popularity as it enables to play and win money on the go. Even a beginner can learn how to play Rummy as every website offers you free tutorials and practice matches. This is one of the best games to be played on idle time.

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Click2Sell Review

Advertising is expensive, especially for a small business. It could also be time-consuming. Despite the amount of money and effort it requires, an ad campaign does not guarantee to turn a business around or let it gain the traction it desires. But what if there’s a platform where you can advertise with just a few clicks?

Click2Sell Review: eAskme
Click2Sell Review: eAskme

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Click2Sell does just that! is an online affiliate solution that allows users to create their advertising campaigns with just a few clicks. All these tools are fully automated and easy-to-use that even those with little or no technical and advertising knowledge can set it up in a matter of minutes.

How Does It Work?

Starting up at is easy – sign up by filling all the necessary information on the site and register. If you want to start earning from the platform, you have to create an ad campaign. There are many categories to choose from, and the campaign type can range between the basic ($250) to the highest Diamond Package ($15,000).

Each of these packages has an equivalent number of impressions. Impressions are the number of people your ad can reach. The basic campaign has a minimum of several thousand impressions while the highest has up to 7,500,000. Thus, if you want your campaign to reach as many people as possible, you might want to invest more, it's all up to you.

How Can You Earn?

Users can earn in two ways on the Click2Sell platform – PPC or PPA, which are already popular ad forms. Whatever type of reward model you choose, you get to earn 85 percent of the revenue from clicks and ad acquisition.

If you want to withdraw your money, you can do so anytime, and it takes just a few days during your initial withdrawal before it clears as they have to do all the necessary security checks to your account.

Setting up a Campaign

Since campaigns are your lifeblood, strategy and care are needed to succeed. It all begins with setting up the account.

Once you choose how much you are going to invest, name your campaign and decide how long the campaign will last. You can choose the campaign to last as short as two weeks or make it long-running for up to 6 months.

After that, you choose which category you are more comfortable advertising in. Then, choose where you want to place your ad in a desktop or mobile setting. Lastly, create a short description of what your ad is and hit ‘enter.’

Conclusion can be considered the doorway of every new investor to the world of business and advertising. Because it is straightforward and easy to manage, users are set up for success.

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Flagship Vivo NEX Smartphone on Sale via Amazon, Vivo Online Store with Rs. 4,000 Discount Offer

Vivo brings out new flagship smartphone in India called the Vivo NEX. It is considered to be one of the most unique phones till date. This smartphone was available for pre order both in and Vivo online stores as well. Alongside, one can also purchase the smartphone from the Vivo Online stores with a sale both offline and online. But, the Online Vivo Store delivers it to only a few selected locations right now. The smartphone is priced at INR 44,990.

Flagship Vivo NEX Smartphone on Sale via Amazon: eAskme
Flagship Vivo NEX Smartphone on Sale via Amazon: eAskme

Vivo online stores offer a cashback of Rs.4, 000 on purchasing the NEX using HDFC Bank credit cards. This is applicable on EMI transactions as well. If one does not have a HDFC Bank credit card, they one can avail the No Cost EMI option up to 12 months on all leading credit cards. 

This sale also includes a one-time free screen replacement and an assured buy back value. Reliance Jio will be offering 39 vouchers of Rs 50 each cumulating to INR 1950 along with a premium security subscription. One can exchange their phone and get upto INR 16,001.

The cashback will be available for all the purchases done within the period of 19th July to 31st July 2018 on the Vivo India E-Store. This offer also includes the above mentioned one time screen replacement and pay INR 990 for labour charge. 

The buyback offer on the Vivo NEX compromises a 50 percent value of the MOP upon returning the device in between 9-11 months. This Buyback offer guarantees all the eligible customers 50 % value of the MOP of the original Vivo NEX phone on the exchange of their original Vivo NEX bought from" And to avail this one needs to send an email to, post and then the company will arrange a pickup for the device.

Vivo NEX: Features and Specifications

As mentioned above, the design Vivo NEX boasts of its beautiful design. The phone feels incredibly solid in the hand. The glass back has a grey speckled pattern. Vivo NEX is quite a hefty phone. It comes with some unique features which sets it apart from the other smartphones.

One of the best thing about this phone is its Ultra Full View display. This phone has a combination of screen sound casting technology, hidden sensors, and a pop-up selfie camera
Vivo NEX this time has been able to achieve a screen-to-body ratio of 91.24%. Vivo NEX has 8GB of RAM and includes 128GB of internal storage. Although there is no memory card slot. It has a dual camera of 12MP+5MP on the back of the handset. 

Vivo NEX in the front has an 8MP pop-up selfie camera with an f/2.0 aperture. The quality of photos turned out to be very good. Reach and Vibrant colors, level of clarity will make a good impression. 

Videos shot with the rear cameras are detailed and quite stable. Battery Capacity of 4000mAh is quite fantastic with a fast charging support. Till now it has black as the color option. 

Gaming experience is quite pleasurable. Games run flawlessly on the screen and minimal load times and no lag or stutter to speak of. The smartphone has connectivity options including dual 4G VoLTE, dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 5, GPS/ A-GPS, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Vivo's Nex with no front speaker grill gives it a clean, nothing-but-screen look. The rebranded version of the Nex S-Vivo NEX phones get be pre ordered after its launch. When it comes to performance, NEX never hesitates - even when performing complex tasks. System speaker with no visible holes because the screen itself is a gives a year manufacturer warranty and 6 months warranty for inbox accessories.

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Why Travel Insurance Is a Smart Investment

For sure nobody expects anything to go astray when traveling but the reality is things sometimes go wrong. Sometimes you find that flights are delayed and you end up messing your schedule. Also, by any chance, you become sick or get some injury as you travel. So, there is a need to have a good travel insurance quote which will cater for the misfortunes in advance.

We always expect that when we go for holidays, it should be fun but it is advisable that you have a deal with the right travel insurance which will be there to protect you. As the travel insurance offers you peace of mind and you have a relaxed time to enjoy your trip.

Why Travel Insurance Is a Smart Investment: eAskme
Why Travel Insurance Is a Smart Investment: eAskme

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Why you need Travel Insurance.

If you are living in Australia, the domestic travel insurance is very necessary as it protects you from any calamity which can befall you as you travel. Also, if you are a foreigner it is advisable you have a travel insurance.

The Need to Choose the Best Travel Insurance.

If you are looking for the right policy which will serve you with the best travel insurance quote. To get the right policy, you need to compare with several insurance quotes and go for the best which will be affordable for you and offers the best services.

They are various types of travel insurance which you can choose from they include corporate travel insurance, the international travel insurance and lastly Australia travel insurance overseas.

Australia Travel Insurance Overseas

This travel insurance quote requires you to have in mind the following conditions before you apply for it.
•    First and foremost, you must be an Australian citizen, and you must be returning home, and ensure that you book your ticket earlier to enjoy this policy.
•    The policy does not cover pre-existing medical expenses as the insurer is not able to know your pre-existing condition as you are away from the country when applying for the policy.
•    Also, the insurance policy has age limits which is attached to the travel insurance which determines what you are supposed to pay.

The Corporate Travel Insurance.

Corporate insurance is the best in covering the means of transport. It mostly applies when you are traveling as a group or if you happen to take your workers on a holiday as you will save thousands of dollars.

The corporate insurance has added benefits and they include
•    It is cheaper applying for this travel insurance when you are traveling as a group of people is less expensive than the individual travel insurance.
•    It is more convenient as everyone in the group has a single policy document hence there is no need to remember the details of multiple policies.

The international travel Insurance

It mainly covers foreign tourist who decides to visit the country. They are advised to apply for this insurance policy as it will assist them to be insured and make their visit livelier.

In conclusion, make sure you have the right travel insurance quote which you will benefit from.
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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

House chores are, without a doubt, time-consuming, laborious and annoying. Considering our fast-paced lifestyles, rarely do we find the time to get everything done in a desired timeframe.
If only we could add a few more hours to our day, right? Unfortunately, that is impossible. What we can do, instead, is take full advantage of the technological advancements surrounding us. One of them is a robot vacuum cleaner. Here are the top reasons why you should consider getting one!

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Robot Vacuum Cleaner: eAskme
Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Robot Vacuum Cleaner: eAskme

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1.    You’ll save time

Without a doubt, the main reason why you should get a robot vacuum cleaner is to save time. Imagine that you will no longer have to vacuum the carpets and floors in your house, as the automatic appliance will do that for you. This will give you plenty of time for other, more important things in your life, such as spending time with your beloved ones, or allocating more time for your hobbies.

iRobot, for instance, produces a wide range of products you can choose from. We advise you to analyze the main differences between Roomba vacuums of 600, 700, 800, 900 series and make your preferred pick.

2.    Your health will enhance

The next advantage to getting an automatic vacuum cleaner is that your health will imminently enhance. Why is that? Thanks to this new addition to your household, your home will become imminently cleaner and dust-free. Vacuuming consistently, without needing to allocate a large part of your spare time for the chore, will make the world of a difference in the cleanliness state of your house.

3.    It fits into tight spaces

In comparison with typical vacuum cleaners, the size of automatic ones makes them fit the tightest spaces in your house. So, the spaces that were off-limits to your typical vacuum cleaner will finally be spotless, thanks to the new robotic addition.

This applies to areas such as nooks, corners, and crannies, and other spots that your traditional vacuum cleaner couldn’t reach. Concurrently, when you utilize a robot vacuum cleaner, your floors will be thoroughly cleaned in a relatively short timeframe, which is more than one could possibly ask for a house appliance – is that right?

4.    It is low maintenance

By definition, robotic vacuum cleaners are engineered by utilizing state-of-the-art technology. That being said, the attention directed into the manufacturing of the product is evident. Not to mention that they are typically made of high-quality, durable materials. In other words, such an appliance is expected to work excellently for many years to come.

At the same time, it is low-maintenance, meaning that all you ought to do is periodically empty the container or replace the bag. These are the only maintenance tasks you ought to perform.

5.    Automatically adjusts to different surfaces

As we already know, different surfaces ask for different cleaning modes. As a result, some automatic vacuum cleaners feature sensors that pinpoint the changes in floor surfaces, and make the necessary adjustments for a thorough cleaning.

These are some of the many reasons you might consider investing in a robot vacuum cleaner. The bottom-line, however, is this: such an appliance will definitely simplify your life and make your home spotless!
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