The Best Hybrid Cars with Android Technology 2018

Hybrid Cars with Android Technology, yes you read it right! From new interests to an incorporated aspect of the automobile famous, hybrid cars have come a long way. That means there are more options than ever, and that customers don’t have to give up things like convenience, functionality, or even efficiency just to have the best gas mileage. There is no need to buy an excellent hybrid that is not also the best car. These are the best hybrid cars you can buy.

The Best Hybrid Cars with Android Technology 2018: eAskme
The Best Hybrid Cars with Android Technology 2018: eAskme

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The Best Hybrid Cars with Android Technology 2018

Toyota Prius Hybrid

 Toyote Prius Hybrid: The Best Hybrid Cars with Android Technology 2018: eAskme

The name “Prius” is one of the best car by Toyota. Toyota’s top selling hybrid carries on you ranked gas mileage above all else, and though efficiency is its main objective, the Prius doesn’t ask customers for making any significant adjustments.

The Prius is one of the most fuel-efficient hybrid cars around, with an EPA-rated 56 mpg. That is Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive, and a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine technology that accomplishes 40% heat efficiency, which is much more than in most engines.

The Prius also accomplishes a very low move coefficient of 0.24, means it has low streamlined move, which will help enhance efficiency. Toyota’s manufacturers handled to do that while keeping a spacious cabin and useful hatchback form.

The current-division Prius is also significantly sportier than past designs, thanks to changes like a reduced middle of severity and a more innovative double-wishbone classy back revocation system.

Like other Toyota designs, the Prius also gets the Toyota Protection sense suite of driver-assistance qualities, including a pre-collision system and adaptive cruise control with people detection as standard devices run with android.

Honda Accord Hybrid

Honda Accord Hybrid: The Best Hybrid Cars with Android Technology 2018: eAskme
If you want a hybrid that looks like any other car, many producers offer hybrid editions of their famous midsize cars. Among the best of that team is the Honda Accord Hybrid, which profits revived and refreshed for 2018 after a one-year break.

The Accord accomplishes an EPA-rated 48 mpg mixed, making it the most fuel-efficient hybrid midsize automobile available. It comes fairly close to Prius levels of efficiency, without the Toyota’s streamlined benefits.

The Accord’s power train based around a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine is set up to pressure power driving. A car is used to force the tires most of the time, with the engine becoming a creator. Complete system production of 212-horse power is also the best among hybrid midsize cars.

The Accord Hybrid also benefits from the most of the changes made to the Accord collection for 2016, such as a modified infotainment system with Android Auto interface and apple Car Play. Depending on our experience with the non-hybrid Accord, we’re assured that the modified hybrid automobile will provide a great driving experience.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Toyota Rav4 Hybrid: The Best Hybrid Cars with Android Technology 2018
The Toyota RAV4 provides a mixture of functions almost no other design has: a hybrid power train, all-wheel drive, and a high-riding crossover body. Given the present use of crossovers, it’s a bit amazing more car producers haven’t followed Toyota’s cause.

The result is a car that provides useful foul-weather ability and a lot of freight area, but with a much less serious fuel-efficiency charge than traditional SUVs.

The power-train is dependent on Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive technology, with an included electric motor unit to force the rear wheels.

The Toyota RAV4itself also provides an improved driving experience that is very different from the inexpensive feel of some beginning lightweight crossovers.

Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid

 Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid: The Best Hybrid Cars with Android Technology 2018: easkme

This is a multi-tasker Hybrid car. It is stronger than the base car and more cost-effective than the high-zoot Turbo compressor models. It is also a plug-in hybrid able of Porsche-like efficiency 60 seconds or so and zero-emissions driving the next.

The Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid’s swoopy metal sheet conceals 2.9-liter V6,a twin-turbocharged,engine that makes 330 horsepower of torque on its own. It works with a 136-hp electric motor connected to a 14.1-kWh lithium-ion battery power.

The overall output checks at a V8-like 462 horse power, but the drive train also provides up to 30 kilometers of electrical range at no more than 90 mph.

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Drive train aside, it still looks like a Mercedes and, significantly, it manages like one. It speeds up like one, too, thanks in aspect to when torque offered by the electric motor. We were satisfied with the quality of components in the cabin. The most important disadvantage to the E-Hybrid is that these battery powers consumes up about three cubic feet of trunk space, decreasing the capacity to 14.3 cubes.

Why We Need Hi-tech Honda Car Cover for Hybrid Cars:

We need high tech car cover because they protect its exterior and enhance the life and efficiency of the car. The high-tech Toyota car cover for hybrid cars are essential as they are operated with remote control technology and you can fold or unfold them with android technology.

These are few of the best hybrid cars with android technology in 2018. Choose wisely.

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Best Blog Ideas to Get People to See Your Content

If You Desire That People Love Your Content. Read this. Do you find it hard to crate great content that people will want to see and come back for more? Then this article is just for you. We all know it can be difficult. It is even admitted on date gathered from a blogger survey that was done by Co-Schedule. It was found that 16% of bloggers admitted that it was the biggest challenge for them.
Best Blog Ideas to Get People to See Your Content : eAskme
Best Blog Ideas to Get People to See Your Content : eAskme
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So, the challenge will be to find great content that your audience will love. Which means you need some inspiration.

This can be done with social inspired ideas for your blog. Or by planning things in your calendar for your blog. Lastly you can connect with your audience by the posts you write. This can be done easily if you know what you are doing.

Firstly don't talk about yourself too much. New studies suggests that some talk too much about themselves.

A study done by Marketing Charts shows that 31% are too much self absorbed. No one wants to read it. It is the exact opposite of what you want.

By using the words inspired content for your blog. I mean that you should listen to your audience. If it is about what your readers need. Then focus on that. Your content should help them. So that brings us to the next question.

What are you looking for? What should you avoid? You should be looking for challenges, questions and problems that needs to be answered. Your content for your article should help readers to overcome their obstacles.

Best Blog Ideas to Get People to See Your Content

The benefits will include to be focused on your readers. What they want and need. Figure out what questions they have. Get to know them by finding out their biggest challenges. Connect with your readers.

Find out why people signed up.

Take time to read the emails. You may find questions and comments. Send an email to welcome someone who joined your website content.

Check comments on your blog posts

May bloggers ends a post with a question. Anything that can really spur a conversation or a reply. But don't ignore comments that of from other related blogs. It may give ideas for your own blog.

Make sure to find great blog ideas.

When attending a live seminar. Listen to the questions people ask. Focus on creating future posts that is related to things you found was missing.

Every question asked may be the best blog idea for your own use, as it can create readers that need that question answered.

Focus on your social media.

Check what is said on social media about the topic. See what is successful. If you have something in mind for a blog. Ask others what they think about it. Would it work? Would they read it? Just start it off by asking a question.

Check your most successful posts. 
Your most successful posts should give you an idea of what to write. So if you used "how to" as a post why not continue on that? Or if you used "list posts" then go on with that.

So with all that I have said. I would like to know what is your thoughts on this article. Is there anything that you need to know more about?
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Tips and Tricks for New Bloggers

Have you thought of starting your own blog? For people who don’t know, blogging is a great way by which you can let our your feelings and express to the world how you feel.In addition to it you can share your knowledge with Blogging and Make Money Online from your blog as well. The content of your blog will determine whether your blog will be successful or not.

Tips and Tricks for New Bloggers: eAskme
Tips and Tricks for New Bloggers: eAskme

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Platform for Blogging:

You should choose a Platform for Blogging.The best platforms are Wordpress and Blogger.

If you are using WordPress, managing your blog is extremely easy thanks to the simple interface. You can write blog posts, include attachments, add different plugins in to your blog as well as get a number of different other options such as a search tool, statistics option and an archives section.

You can also download and install a range of different WordPress themes on to your blog in order to stylize it according to your preferences, giving you unprecedented customization options in order to successfully manage your blog.

The basic installation package can be easily acquired from the official WordPress page, and it will provide you with a range of different options that will definitely make blogging a better experience for you.

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If you are not able to go for hosting and want something free then go for is a completely free platform and easy to use as well.The best about blogger is its completely free,you need not spend a single penny from your pocket.

You just need to spend few bucks for domain and its your wish to move to custom domain or not.There are some free domain providing services like .tk, etc.

See : Best Blog Writing Tips

Don't blog forcefully:

On an average, there are over a hundred thousand blogs that are opened daily, on independent websites or on domains such as Blogger and WordPress.

However, there are a whole host of different things that you can use in order to make your experience of blogging much better and much more innovative. The first thing that you need to know is that blogging cannot be done on force.

You must actually feel like writing something if you wish to make it a success. If you don’t feel good about it, then there will be no flair in whatever you write.

Content of your blog:

As always said content is the king.Try to be original and unique. Don`t copy others content. Plagiarized content can be easily traced by search engines and if your website is found to include such content, you can be sure that Google or other search engines will definitely ban you sooner or later.

Therefore, it is very important that everything you write should be on your own, and if you are quoting something or taking material from another website, do make sure that you provide adequate credit to the source.

See : Blogger Guide : How To Create a Blog, Learn blogging 

Making Money from your Blog:

There are many ways to make money online from your blog.You can earn money from your blog through Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Selling Ad Spaces etc.

To earn money from your blog you need decent Traffic. So try to get good Traffic first then you can earn tons of money from your blog.

If you like this article the don`t forget to share on Google Plus and Twitter. If you have any suggestion do share with us in comments.

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Make Your Presence on the Internet in Affordable Prices

Is there a tussle to buy a domain name for the web presence of your new business?  Are you already out of the budget to spend a huge amount on getting a domain name? Are not sure how to streamline everything at a time? If yes then here is a remedy for all your problems and this will surely aid you to accomplish your dreams within your budget.

Make Your Presence on the Internet in Affordable Prices: eAskme
Make Your Presence on the Internet in Affordable Prices: eAskme

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There is nothing so confusing about the domain name and web hosting as it is easy as a pie. Domain name registration is buying a name for your new business and getting it patent for you or you can say the url or name of your site which can be purchased from any domain name registrar.

Domain name is based on the procedure of DNS (Domain Name System) and the name which is registered under DNS is technically a domain name.

 On contrary web hosting is to attain wider coverage for your website which requires the files to be uploaded to the server first and that is web hosting. So the process is quite simple and that is to get your domain name first and then web hosting.



The impeccable daddy among all the Domain registrar websites and one of the most widely held is GoDaddy from where you can get your domain name for your new business at pocket-friendly prices.

It is a web hosting and domain name registrar website which was a big controversy in the past but has retained its reputation now.

It is a good option for a small scale and independent startup who have low budget initially as it cost only $ 1.99 per year and the real cost is $ 10 per year for the first time. is a complete online remedy under one roof which provides services like domain name, web hosting, VPS hosting, website builder, professional web designing etc.

Here you also get a wide range of domain names from economical to a lavish range for your newly born organization. With you can buy a domain at just $ 9.99 per year and it is one of the most popular options for a tyro. is an ICANN accredited domain registrar website which provides solutions for web hosting, domain name, and website building. It becomes convenient to get domain name & web hosting all under one roof which will ease the procedure for its customers.

The offers various cost-efficient plans with a vast range of plans as per your budget and it starts from $ 10.99 per year. Apart from this they also provide tools which help you to manage your emails, hosting and DIY website builder which makes it more preferable to other choices.


Namecheap is a leading domain registrar & web hosting company which is ICANN-accredited with WhoisGuard privacy protection service also. They have moderately priced plans with customer contentment services.

With Namecheap, the domain is as cheap as $ 10.69 per year and domain like .org and .net are available at $ 11.48 per year. You can save a good amount by checking Web Hosting offers online which will enable you to buy domains at a discounted price.

Network solutions        

Network Solution is a domain name registrar company which is an eminent name in the industry with its inexpensive services making it a key player in the competition. Apart from domain name registration it also deals in web hosting, website design, and online marketing.

It is one of the oldest name in the market as it was founded 39 years ago which makes it a team of experienced and intellect members and so it is reasonably priced at $ 35 per year which is not that cheap as compare to others in the market but they maintain their own standard in terms of prices and services.


As alluded by the name it is a web hosting company which also help you to register a domain name for your business. This is another affordable option for a novice organization because if you consider this option for web hosting then they don’t charge you for registering your domain name which is actually a rock-bottom.

While planning to buy a domain name and a web hosting service then surely check hosting offers online to get the best deals. Blue host is chosen over other companies due to its immaculate service which is available round the clock.


HostGator perfectly fits the list as it is one of the most economical options for someone who is looking for budget-friendly company as it cost as low as $ 4.99 per month which is a giveaway deal.

HostGator offers that if you purchase a package of services along with domain name then you will be astonished to know that they offer 99.9% uptime. It is a very good platform form for greenhorn as well as experienced also as it is a user-friendly website also which makes your experience congenial.


Hover was founded in 2008 and is part of TUCOW Incorporated. Hover is domain name registration company and TUCOW is second largest ICANN-accredited domain name registrar in the world. The process of Hover is very much streamlined as they don’t deal in hoards of services so you will be only offered domain name registration and it will be very expedient for you to do it.

Their service starts at just $ 12.99 per year which is moderately priced and for renewal prices is $ 14.99. Hover is a tremendous player in the competition as they just offer domain name registration which makes it the most proficient name because there focus is not diverted to other businesses and upselling of other services making you baffled.


Gandi is a French-based company which was founded in 1999 and provides services like web hosting, domain name registration, blog hosting service, and related services. It is a key player with 700 extensions and manages over 1.5 million domain name globally.

Gandi is straightforward in terms of their pricing policy and its services start at $ 15.50 for domain name registration and domain transfer at $ 8.00 which is quite reasonable.

Other handpicked guides for you;


DreamHost provides services like web hosting and domain name registration. They have few astounding features like they offer seamless domain name extensions and free domain name privacy with easy control over your domain’s settings which makes it a most favorable and customer-centric company.

They have a durable refund policy and also they don’t render discounts if you already have a domain name as it is same for all. With DreamHost, it will cost you $ 13.95 per year to register a domain name which makes it more high-priced than other companies.


  1. Never opt for a very costly Domain Name Registrar website as it will be in vain instead consider the prices and the actual cost involved while buying a Domain name.
  2. Make sure that the Domain Name Registrar which you are choosing should be ICANN registered as that gives an assurance of being collaborated with a bona fide organization.
  3. While buying a Domain name just ensure to check the actual cost involved and make sure there is no hidden charges and policy which may be a reason for remorse later.
  4. Make sure that the domain name registrar you are choosing should be user-friendly because if you are a tyro then it can be a hassle for you to manage it.
  5. Check domain transfer fees as you may not like to stick to your current domain registrar forever so few charges a nominal fee and few do it for free.

This comprehensive procedure may seem to be very nerve-racking but actually, it is very painless and you will be well versed with it once you get it done for your own company.

Starting a new business is not easy but buying a domain for your business is surely a cinch and with these websites, it is affordable also. So which domain service is your choice now?
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Pokevision Alternative – Top 10 Pokevision Alternatives for Pokemon Go

Pokevision and pokevision alternatives are the best things that you need to improve your Pokemon Go experience. Pokemon Go is one of the most walked games till now. This is the game that makes your leg walk for more. You may have seen people walking and playing pokemon go. There are many tools available to help you play pokemon go. But, pokevision and pokevision alternatives are the best.

You cannot expect to play Pokemon Go game without a map.

Pokevision Alternative – Top 10 Pokevision Alternatives to Choose from: eAskme
Pokevision Alternative – Top 10 Pokevision Alternatives for Pokemon Go: eAskme

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To help you play Pokemon go more efficiently, you must know more Pokemon Go Pokevision alternatives. 

Today I am going to share the list of best alternatives to Pokevision. If you are a Pokemon go, lover, then you will love these alternatives like you love the Pokevision app.

What is Pokevision:

Pokevision app helps you to find, locate and track pokemon near you. You can even see the Pokemon in the whole world using this site.

Top 10 Pokevision Alternatives for Pokemon Go: Sites like Pokevision

Today I am sharing the best Pokevision alternatives with you. It helps you to play Pokemon Go easily.

Pokevision Alternatives for Pokemon Go: Go Tracking

Pokevision Alternative: Go Tracking – Top 10 Pokevision Alternatives to Choose from

It is a Pokemon tracking application for Android. It is a best Pokevision alternative for you. You will get all the results in real time and can easily track the Pokemons.

You will get notifications and also use the filters to find the desired Pokemons. You can search the Pokemons according to the radius.

It is a free Pokemon app for tracking and hunting and best Pokevision alternative.

Site:  Android app

Pokevision Alternatives for Pokemon Go: Map for Pokemon Go

Pokevision Alternative: Map for Pokemon Go – Top 10 Pokevision Alternatives to Choose from: eAskme

Map for Pokemon Go is also one of the best Pokevision alternatives that you should use. It is an android app which is free for all.

With the help of this Pokevision alternative, you can not only find the best Pokemons but also see some quality information. You can look for significant spots, Pokestops and Pokemon gyms.

It the data from users and displays the information. You need not use it wisely as you can find some fake locations of this app as well.

You can also create the map for yourself to hide locations of the Pokemons.

Site: Android App

Pokevision Alternatives for Pokemon Go: Poke Alert

Poke Alert is an iPhone app to find Pokemons. It is best alternative of Pokevision for iPhone users. Using this app, you can track Pokemons and hunt them. You can efficiently use it on iPad or iPhone. It is the best app to find rare and unique Pokemons.

It is one of the most loved alternatives of Pokevision. You can even track the hidden Pokemons using this app.

This is better app then other Pokevision alternatives. It sends you a notification whenever it finds a rare Pokemon close to you. This saves you a lot of time.

It has an excellent filter that allows you to track rare Pokemons. It also shows you that how long a Pokemon will stay in one place. This helps you to catch the Pokemon easily.

Pokevision Alternatives for Pokemon Go: PokeEye

Pokevision Alternative: PokeEye – Top 10 Pokevision Alternatives to Choose from: eAskme

There are thousands of Pokevision alternatives available. But, if you are looking for the best sites like Pokevision or the best Pokevision options, then Pokeeye is for you. It is straightforward to track Pokemon using this site.

The beauty of this site is that you do not need to sign-in or register to use this site. You will see a map where you can run the scanning.

You can even set the radius, search pokemon near you or in the world. It also shows you the areas you have already explored. You can even enjoy the chat option to chat with people near you.

Pokeeye is one of the best Pokevision alternatives. This is an excellent site like Pokevision that all Pokemon Go lovers must use.


Pokevision Alternatives for Pokemon Go: PokeFind

Pokevision Alternative: PokeFind – Top 10 Pokevision Alternatives to Choose from: eAskme

PokeFind is also one of the most popular Pokevision alternatives till now. The best thing about PokeFind is that it offers you apps for both Android and iOS devices. This app has been downloaded more than million times.

By using the PokeFind app, you will be finding some rare Pokemon near you. The submitted sightings list will help you find pokemon easily.

If you think that you will find pokemon only then you are wrong. This site also helps you find potential locations of pokemon and pokemon gyms.

You will get all the pokemon results in real time. It also displays the information about Pokemon to help you find if you need it. This pokemon app is one of the highest rated apps.

The map in this app helps you to locate and find pokemon easily. You need not walk too much.


Pokevision Alternatives for Pokemon GoPokeFinder:

Pokevision Alternative: PokeFinder – Top 10 Pokevision Alternatives to Choose from: eAskme

PokeFinder and Pokefin both are different sites. But both follow the same path to find pokemons. It is a community site that you can use to track and find pokemons.

But to use PokeFinder you need to signup. It is a free site but different than other pokevision alternatives. To report the sighting of a pokemon, you must sign in. You will be using the map to find pokemons.

To track the pokemon or check it’s information you need to click on the pokemon. You can also search the pokemons by entering the location. You need to focus on what you are looking here. You will get real time results.


Pokevision Alternatives for Pokemon Go: PokeHuntr

Pokehuntr is another alternative of Pokevision. You can use this site to find some common and rare pokemons. You will stay away from unnecessary stuff.

It shows you pokemons using map. It displays all the pokemons in the real time. You can find different types of Pokemon worldwide. People are effortlessly hunting the pokemons using this site. It is best sites like Pokevision to find Pokemons near you.

Pokehuntr is a best Pokevision alternative. This site is full of various options to find different pokemons. The website makes it simple to find pokemons.


Pokevision Alternatives for Pokemon Go: PokemonOnMap

Pokevision Alternative: PokemonOnMap – Top 10 Pokevision Alternatives to Choose from: eAskme

Pokemononmap is also a great addition to the list of Pokevision alternatives or sites like pokevision alternative. As the name suggests, it helps you find the pokemon using map. No matter its pikachoo or Bulbasaur or something else. It has all the featured that you need to find Pokemon.

This site offers real-time results and very helpful to find latest updates. You can quickly check if a pokemon is moving or stopped.

There is no app for Pokemononmap. So you have to visit the site to find the latest results. The location is easy to navigate and user-friendly. They boast of showing the maximum pokemon in your area.

PokemononMap is one of the best Pokemon trackers of it’s kind. It is getting better day by day to rank as the best pokevision alternatives. To get better features, you should use their premium versions.


Pokevision Alternatives for Pokemon Go: Poke Nest:

Pokevision Alternative: Poke Nest – Top 10 Pokevision Alternatives to Choose from: eAskme

Poke nest is one of the unique types of pokevision alternatives. It saves a lot of time as you can find the whole pokemon nest in one goes. This way you can find rare pokemons easily.

Its map shows real time results. There is no app for this site.

You will see a list of 150 species of pokemons on this site. It also displays that how many pokemons are there in the nest.

The map will show you where you will find the pokemons of your desired species.
  • Click on the name of the Pokemon
  • It will track the Pokemon for you

Pokevision Alternatives for Pokemon Go: PokeVS

Pokevision Alternative: Pokevs – Top 10 Pokevision Alternatives to Choose from: eAskme

You may find it the best Pokevision alternatives. It is so high that you get confuse it as Pokevision. But Pokevs is different from Pokvevision or its sister sites.

You will find most of the services which you see on other sites like Pokevision alternatives. But, the same time it Pokevs is different from others.

You need to type the address to use this site, and all the pokemon will display. You may not find filtering options on this site. Still, you can see all the common pokemon using this site. It is a site that can be used in place of Pokevision.


Final Words:

If you are a pokemon Go user, then you already know the importance of using pokevision and Pokevision alternatives. There are many sites like Pokevision or android apps like pokevision, but these are the best what I have shared here.

I have shared these Pokevision alternatives to help you easily play the game and find Pokemons easily. If you still have any question, feel free to ask me.

Do share which Pokevision alternatives you use?
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SmartPhone GiveAway: Win Mi Max2 Worth $210 (Absolutely Free) | Big display, bigger battery

eAskme giveaway is back again. This time eAskme is running SmartPhone GiveAway: Win Mi Max2 Worth $200 (Absolutely Free) | Big display, bigger battery.

After I have announced, the Winner of Mi LED Smart TV. Many readers or visitors have requested me to run a giveaway of a Smartphone, Most of them were asking me to make an MI phone available in next giveaway. I heard you guys, and now I am offering you a chance to win MI Max2 Smartphone.

Every single person in this world wants to have a smartphone that makes other jealous.

SmartPhone GiveAway: Win Mi Max2 Worth $200 (Absolutely Free) | Big display, bigger battery: eAskme
SmartPhone GiveAway: Win Mi Max2 Worth $210 (Absolutely Free) | Big display, bigger battery: eAskme
As I always say there is no rocket science when you are on eAskme to participate in a contest.

I make things easy for you and all.

But, before I tell you how you can Win MI Max2, I would like to share the features of this phone, so you will know what you are going to win.

MI Max 2 and it's features:

For specifications you can check below images or even visit MI MAx 2 Page.
SmartPhone GiveAway: Win Mi Max2 Worth $200 (Absolutely Free) | Big display, bigger battery
SmartPhone GiveAway: Win Mi Max2 Worth $200 (Absolutely Free) | Big display, bigger battery: eAskme

How to Win Mi Max2 Worth $200 (Absolutely Free)

SmartPhone GiveAway: Win Mi Max2 Worth $200 (Absolutely Free) | Big display, bigger battery

Like I said, it is really easy to participate in this smartphone giveaway to win Mi Max2 Worth $200 (Absolutely Free) | Big display, bigger battery.

All you need is to follow few simple steps;

  1. Subscribe eAskme newsletter

  2. Subscribe eAskme YouTube Channel

  3. Share this post on Facebook/Google Plus/twitter
These are the 3 Golden steps that will make you win MI MAX 2, If you still have any question, feel free to ask via comments.

It is your time to make others jealous!


 Remember: The more time you spend on the more chance you have to win

Winner will be announced on June 30, 2018.

SmartPhone GiveAway: Win Mi Max2 Worth $200 (Absolutely Free) | Big display, bigger battery

Some handpicked article for you:

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Best Sites Like Humble bundle: Best Sites to Buy Games, Softwares, eBooks etc.

Sites like Humble bundle, why I am talking about them? What is the humble bundle? Most of the times when you visit gaming sites you find only games. But there is a site that not only known for making high-quality games available for you to buy but also, allows you to donate some bucks along with the charity for a noble cause.

Sites Like Humble bundle: eAskme
Sites Like Humble bundle: eAskme
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This is a kind of unique thing that you may find in the gaming industry. Donations are not what most of the gaming sites are looking for. That is what makes humble bundle different than other gaming sites. Today I am going to find and share some Humble Bundle alternatives with you.

I have listed some of the most favorite high-quality alternative sites humble bundle. These are the sites that you find quite similar to humble bundle. These are the sites that also allow you to do the charity.

What is Humble Bundle?

At Humble Bundle, you can buy games, software, digital content; ebooks etc. It is mainly a distribution platform. It was founded in 2010. The sites talk about charity when providing some high-quality products at great prices.

Top 10 sites like Humble Bundle:

The sites I am sharing here also are the distribution site like humble bundle where you can buy games, softwares, ebooks etc. This list helps you choose the best alternative of the humble bundle.

Bundle in a Box:

Bundle in a Box: Sites Like Humble bundle: eAskme

Are you looking for well-organized sites like Humble Bundle? Then Bundleinthebox is for you. The site has decided games into a different genre. On this site, you will find games of all types such as RPG, Puzzle games, SCi-fi, mobile games, action adventure games etc.

You can even check the reviews of the games before making the final decision. Reviews help you to find that the game is for you or not. You can also like to explore their recent addition and top-rated games.

You may not find such features on other sites like Humble Bundle. But, on this site, you will find games only.



Fanatical: Sites Like Humble bundle: eAskme

Bundle stars now known as fanatical are one of the best sites like Humble Bundle. Bundle stars are the place where you can find quality games. You will easily find the site following the same charity functionality.

At Fanatical, you will game bundled offers. It is said that they have sold over 27 million steam games to date.

Fanatical is a highly popular platform for game lovers. That is why it is one of the best sites like the Humble Bundle. It is running in 200+ countries and earned the great reputation in this business. You will find some mouth-watering deals in bundle offers on this site. You will not only find quality sites but also find some large bundles over there.


Cubic Bundle:

Cubic Bundle is also one of the popular gaming bundle sites like Humble Bundle. You can purchase games not only in bundles but single sites also. You need to do hurry to buy the gaming bundle you want as the bundle stays on this site for short period.

Keep visiting the site every day to grab the best deal.

The cubic bundle is a worthy addition in the list of sites like the humble bundle. It also works on the “Pay for what you want” formula. You will quickly find great packages on this site. It is one of the most entertaining places for gamers only.

Sometimes, you can even grab a bundle for as low as $1. Purchasing system is highly secure, and they do not ask you to save your details.

Daily Indie Games:

List of sites like Humble Bundle cannot complete without including Daily Indie Games. You cannot skip the list of some awesome bundle games here. The sites are getting regularly updated, so it will be great if you can keep visiting the site daily.

Daily Indie Games is a place for best bundle games with discount prices and wonderful offers.
You may not find many games in their bundles but what you see is the best at competitive price. You should register on this bundle gaming site to ultimately access the database.

I must tell you that there is no refund policy on this site, so you should know that you will not get the refund for any wrong payment. You can buy games as low as $0.05.

Flying Bundles:

Flying Bundles: Sites Like Humble bundle: eAskme

Flying Bundles is one of the best sites that I like to share in first place in the list of best Humble Bundle alternatives. Flying Bundles are soon planning to come up with new bundles. This is similar to Humble Bundle, but they only distribute bundles of games. The reason why the site is selling bundles is that it reduces the price as compared to buying a single game. This makes people buy more from the site.

Flying Bundle was born in 2013 and became successful in no time.

You can easily find some awesome high-quality gaming bundles on this site. According to the site they work by “pay what you want”. Here you will decide what you want to pay for buying the bundle.

They are also in charity work. They donate the collected charity amount to different charity platforms. Like most of the sites like Humble Bundle, you need to have a PayPal account to make secure purchase, or you can try some other options. It is a safe site for online transactions.



Groupees: Sites Like Humble bundle: eAskme

Looking for “Bundle of joy”, then Groupee is the right place for you. You will be surprised to see this alternative of Humble Bundle as you will find the lowest price per game in their bundles. You can not only buy games, music, comics, and ebooks too. This Teens love this site.

Groupees made it's placed in the list of the alternative sites Humble bundle because they deal in various items. You can also find single games listed in their database. You will also see games made by them and sold to steam.

All the deals are for the limited period. You can easily find the cheaper game bundles.


Indie Gala:

Indie Gala: Sites Like Humble bundle: eAskme

Indie Gala is another site in the list of Humble bundle alternatives. It also offers gaming bundles at very affordable prices. This makes people fall in love with this site. You can also find the single games to buy, but definitely, their prices will be higher than then bundle games.

At Indie gala, you will find some new and exciting offers every day to attract customer to buy more games. You can also participate and win free giveaways.

I recommend you to visit the site daily to find the best deal for you. Keep visiting their giveaway section and who knows that you might win. The indie gala is also following the charity tradition.
In most of the bundles, you will find 10-12games easily, But, you can also look for less or more gaming bundles.


Lazy Guys Bundle:

Lazy Guys Bundle: Sites Like Humble bundle: eAskme

Lazy guys bundle is not as lazy as you think. This is one of the sites like Humble bundle where you can buy games only. You will find various offers and discounts on this site. You can purchase a bundle even at $3.

The site works like other sites like Humble Bundle on “Pay for what you want” method. You can quickly get around ten games in a gaming bundle.  It is user friendly and fast site.


Stack Social Bundle:

Are you looking for the list of alternatives sites Humble Bundle? You will be surprised to know that on this site you will not find ebooks, music or games. Still, I have included this it's in the list of sites like the Humble Bundle.

Because, you will find online courses, apps, softwares, drones, programs etc. on this site.

Story Bundle:

Story Bundle: Sites Like Humble bundle: eAskme

Your search for kind of sites like Humble Bundle takes you to Story Bundle. It is the site where you can buy books only. This is the unique type of concept for the sites like the Humble Bundle. Whenever you buy books from this site, some money of your payment goes to their donation chamber.

At Story Bundle, you will find most of Indie books written by Indie authors. You can not only find bundles but single books also. You will see some of the awesome and unique books in their database. You will be just finding reputed and quality books. Usually, a bundle contains 6-9 books.

You can never find some other type of bundle sites when you compare them with sites like Humble Bundle. You will be paying only for what you want to buy. You need to choose the books and decide what price you want to spend.

You can not only buy courses but also get certifications in the bundles. You can purchase lifestyle products and electronics in bundles.

If you want to learn something at the affordable price, then this site is for you. It also follows the same “pay for what you want “formula like other sites like Humble Bundle. You will love to explore this site.


Final Words:

Sites like Humble bundle are worthy for those who want to buy bundle games at less price. Sites are also valuable as they take part in charity. You should check these sites like Humble Bundle to find the best deals for you.

Next time when you need something in best price go for websites like Humble Bundle.

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How to Increase BSNL Broadband Speed in 2018

BSNL broadband service is most popular, reliable and best broadband service provider in India. There was a time when you cannot think of internet without BSNL broadband internet connection in India. There is the time when BSNL broadband service users face low download speed issues. If you check the BSNl site, then you will find that according to BSNL scheme you should get minimum 2MBPS speed as long as you are within the plan limits. If your broadband internet usage crosses the limit, then your speed will drop to 512kbps. The irony is that many users complain about that they are not getting 2MBPS speed even within the data plan limits.  There can be many reasons why your internet speed is not right or why you are unable to access high-speed internet services.

How to Increase BSNL Broadband Speed in 2018: eAskme
How to Increase BSNL Broadband Speed in 2018: eAskme

Other people are reading: Airtel Smart Bytes to check broadband usage

You may be unable to figure out why you are not able to get high internet speed. You may want to upgrade your internet data plan or want to change internet service provider. But these will not solve the problem.

Your problem is that you are not able to increase BSNL broadband speed. But I have the solution for you.

You can boost your BSNL Broadband speed by following some simple steps.

Here are they;

Change the Limit Reservable bandwidth in group policy editor:

How to Increase BSNL Broadband Speed in 2018: eAskme

Are you using Microsoft windows 7/win8/win8.1/win 10? No matter which window you are using Microsoft reserve the 20% data of your current bandwidth.


Microsoft uses it to keep an eye on your pc/laptop and offer updates.

To increase your broadband internet speed, you need to change “Limit reservable bandwidth” in your Group policy editor of your machine from 20 to 0.

How to change the Limit reservable bandwidth to boost BSNL broadband speed;

  • Go to “Start” and Type run or press “windows+R.”

  • Now enter gpedit.msc

  • Group policy editor will open

  • Now go to “Local Computer Policy.”

  • Go to “Computer Configuration”

  • Go to “Administrative templates.”

  • Go to “network.”

  • Go to “QoS Packet Scheduler”

  • Double click on “Limit reservable bandwidth.”

  • Change the number from 20 to 0.

Change Google DNS Settings:

How to Increase BSNL Broadband Speed in 2018: eAskme

Every internet usage faces issues in his life where he wants to visit a website, but every time he tries to get an error “Could not connect to this page.”

But after refreshing the page several times website opens.

Why does this happen?

It is because there is an issue with your Google DNS settings.

How to fix this issue?

It is easy.
  • Go to “Control Panel”

  • Click on “Network and Internet”

  • Click on “Network and Sharing center.”

  • Click on “Internet Connection”

  • Click on “properties.”

  • Now, select the “internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”

  • Click on “Properties”

  • Now, select the “Use the following DNS server Addresses.”

  • Replace your current DNS address with Preferred DNS Setting: and Alternate DNS Setting:

  • Click on “OK”
Now, your pages will start loading faster.

Use the TCP Optimizer software:

How to Increase BSNL Broadband Speed in 2018: eAskme

If you quickly want to optimize your internet speed quickly, then TCP optimizer software is for you. It is free software.
  • Download this software and install it.

  • Now, run TCP Optimizer.

  • You will see a “Connection speed” bar to adjust download speed.

  • Adjust the speed.

  • Click on “Apply Changes.”

Clear browser cache:

Clear the cache is also one of the most natural things to do to increase bsnl broadband speed. When your browser gets full with cache, it slows your internet speed. By pressing ctrl+alt+delete, you can clear the browsing history. This is the quick way for you to optimize internet speed.

These are few of the most straightforward tricks how to increase your BSNL broadband speed. If you ever feel that your internet speed is low, then you should try these tricks.

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How to Submit Your Site to More than 100 Search Engines for Free

Google is still no one in Search Engine Market. Yahoo and Bing are still good. But there more more than 100 search engines available like Nowrelevant, Blekko, DuckDuckgo, Dogpile and many more.

If you have Google Analytics on your blog or website than you can check that these search engines drive traffic to your site even when you haven`t submitted your sitemap or site to them.

Only Bing and Google want you to submit sitemap. As so many people already using these search engines so we should not ignore. Most of them let you submit your site or blog.

Submit Your Site in More than 100 Search Engines : eAskme
Submit Your Site to More than 100 Search Engines : eAskme

How to Submit Your Site to More than 100 Search Engines :

How to Use Web Submission Sites :

You just need to enter your site URL and email id in box and click on "Submit". Than click on confirmation link you receive in your email.

List of 5 Web Submission Sites to help you submit your site on other search engines.

DIGGZA : is a free source for search engine submission. They provide free manual and auto submission.

Free Web Submission :

It is also like They provide free auto and manual submissions to high rated site.

ADD URL FREE : is also a free web submission site that submits your site URL to popular search engine directories.


ADDme is a powerful search engine submission service. They submit URL to variety of services.


They submit your site to more than 70 top rated search engines for free.

These sites will help you index in more than 100 search engines. You should also check how to get 10,000 visitors everyday on blog or website ?

Do share your own views about search engine submission.
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Airtel Smartbytes: Check Airtel Broadband Internet Data Usage for Free

What is Airtel Smartbytes? Have you ever used Airtel Smartbytes service? Have you ever experienced the no internet connection or low-speed internet connection during your billing cycle? Why does this happen? Because most of the times your data usage exceeds the limit of your data plan? If this happens to you, then you are also one of those millions of people who are not checking their broadband internet data usage.

I always recommend you to keep an eye on your data usage during the month to know when you are consuming the maximum data.

Airtel is the most prominent broadband service provider in India other than BSNL broadband. It is a reliable brand that allows you to check your internet data usage. There is no rocket science to monitor your monthly Airtel broadband data usage.

What is Airtel Smartbytes?

How to Check Airtel Broadband Internet Data Usage with Airtel Smartbytes?: eAskme
How to Check Airtel Broadband Internet Data Usage with Airtel Smartbytes?:

Airtel Smartbyets is introduced by Airtel to help you efficiently manage your internet data usage. With the help of Airtel Smartbytes, you can quickly check how much data you have used till now and how many days are remaining for next bill cycle.

You can use Airtel Smartbytes to set up the daily usage limit to avoid consuming all the data before the last date of bill cycle. You will be getting the notification about your data usage. It will help you to keep your usage within the limits of your broadband plan.

How to can I check the Airtel Broadband Internet Data Usage with Airtel Smartbytes?

How to Check Airtel Broadband Internet Data Usage with Airtel Smartbytes?: eAskme

Now the question is;
  • How can I check Airtel broadband data usage?  
  • How to check high-speed data transfer limit of my broadband plan?
  • How to know the remaining data left in my broadband plan?
As I said, there is no rocket science. Checking airtel broadband data usage with smartbytes is straightforward.

All you need to do is, visit this page

The beauty of Airtel smartbytes is that it will display the data plan, usage, and limit without requiring signup or login.

You need to connect your computer/laptop with Airtel broadband or wifi service and visit this page.

You will find all the data usage details in the broadband menu.

It will also show you the latest offer for you to upgrade your plan or to buy additional high-speed data.

When you know, how you are consuming the data and how much data is left then you can set the limit and consume remaining internet data wisely or upgrade your broadband plan.

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