Could Data Extraction Software Boost your Business?

Web pages are built in HTML and XHTML, which contain a wealth of data that prove useful for businesses. With the enormous growth of websites, it is not possible to manually monitor and extract data from web pages.

Could Data Extraction Software Boost your Business?: eAskme
Could Data Extraction Software Boost your Business?: eAskme

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The market is flooded with software that automates data extraction activities for the business, thus saving time and other essential resources.

What is data extraction software?

Web scraping, also known as data extraction or web harvesting, is the process of gathering publicly available information from any website on the internet.

A web data extraction software is an Application Programming Software (API) that can retrieve data from a website in an automated manner.

In the process of data extraction, the web page is fetched, and the content is extracted.

This simply implies that the page is downloaded, and then the data is searched and rephrased, copied or reformatted.

Web crawling becomes a significant component of the web scraping process, as it allows identify the desired pages, and these pages are later used to extract the required data.

The purpose of web data extraction software is straightforward - extract the data from specific pages, so that businesses can use the information to gain actionable insights.

Currently, web scraping systems range from human-operated systems to automated applications that can extract entire websites data for later analysis.

Some websites are well-protected and use robust anti-scraping measures to prevent web-scraping of their content.

Hence, there are constant innovations to develop better web scraping software, as well as updating existing techniques of data extraction.

Uses of data extraction software

A data extraction software can be customized and built for a specific website or to work for generic data extraction from the World Wide Web.

The basic three-fold process of data extraction software can be outlined as follows:

⇒    Data extraction software identifies and extracts files, images, and other content from the web.
⇒    They organize these files using their API for exporting to certain files/destinations.
⇒    Data is prepared/analyzed and used for making business decisions that are ultimately geared towards revenue generation.

Data extraction is used for web mining, contact scraping, web indexing, tracking online presence, monitoring competitors’ activities,  research purposes, to name a few.

Should a business invest in data extraction practice?

Here are a few examples where businesses can use data extraction.

1. Scan competition

If a business is looking for leads and growth opportunities or wants to understand the competitor’s landscape, web scraping can be very useful.

You can land on the competitor’s website and scrape location-based identities and use them later for lead generation purposes.

What’s more, you can also harvest the data from multiple websites that cater to the same niche as your business.

Harnessing this information to understand your competitor’s stronghold in certain locations and what you can do to expand your business in that area will unlock further opportunities.

This location-specific data can help various segments, such as retail, healthcare, hospitality, and much more.

2. Price monitoring

Businesses can extract data from competitors to compare pricing in specific locations and decide the pricing of their products, which ultimately could help them win custom.

3. Customer feedback

Customers give feedback about the product quality and pricing on different comparisons sites.

A company can use web scraping software to collect all the feedback to acquire actionable insights for pricing strategy adjustments or product development.

4. Monitoring and tracking the online presence

Companies make tremendous investments in marketing their products online.

Data extraction software can help them monitor whether the publishers and digital agencies are marketing their products efficiently and understand the real ROI of their marketing efforts.

Introducing proxies

Proxy or a proxy server helps you in maintaining anonymity while accessing other websites.

When using a proxy server, you can access pretty much any site that you want to collect data from, without having to reveal your IP address.

If you extract data from certain websites regularly, the web server might eventually block the IP address, and restrict you from collecting data from the said website.

Thus, proxy servers are used by companies to stay anonymous while extracting the desired data.

It’s worth mentioning rotating proxies, that are also widely popular as they keep changing your IP address frequently by assigning a new IP from a pool of IP addresses.

This further decreases the chances of getting a block while scraping a given website.

For best results, it is strongly advised to use premium proxy servers  for hassle-free and successful data extraction operation.

The bottom line

Using a data extraction software helps in automating time-consuming processes that could take hours to complete manually.

But remember to use proven services of a competent data extraction software instead of opting for standard web data collections tools.

The golden rule to always keep in mind is you get what you pay for.

Hence, don't think twice about cheap options. Go for a premium data extraction provider for guaranteed results.

Check out the oxylabs.io blog post on their solution that is one of the most robust and advanced data extraction software out there presently.

One thing for sure, the data extraction software is a boon for businesses who want to create opportunities on demand for themselves and outrun their competition.
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Ways Directory Listings Influence Search Rankings Of A Business

Directory listings have become an important need for the operation of their businesses online.  They need to submit all their necessary details and optimize these listings.

In this post, we are going to tell you about some remarkable advantages of a good quality directory listings and bad consequences that a local business can face when they ignore this important aspect.

Ways Directory Listings Influence Search Rankings Of A Business: eAskme
Ways Directory Listings Influence Search Rankings Of A Business: eAskme

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Why is it important to get listed in business directory?

Getting your business listed in several recognized business directories is essential for two key reasons:
  • Increase in business visibility in search engine results page. This leads to better traffic quantity and quality.
  • Greater reliability for the business among consumers and search engines.
When your business is listed on any relevant niche or local directory, then it enables search engines to get more information about it.

This increases the chances of a business to appear in search results. It also helps it to target the prospective audience for its services, product, and location.

Search engines favor business directories that belong to well organized categories and have elaborate business listing and high standards.

All those businesses that are mentioned in these directories earn the confidence of search engines.

This results in higher rankings and also attracts a greater number of customers to the website.

Features of the software

The listing management software helps in efficient administration of all the business data that is used by your business consumers, on a daily basis.

With this software, you gain control over your listings.

Here, we are telling you a few features of this software.

Cleansing Of Data

This software cleans up the inconsistencies present in the business listings.

The NAP (Business Name, Address, and phone number) Whenever a business moves, all the old data needs to be cleaned up and corrected.

If this is not done after a business moves locations, they will suffer in local search results

Universal Data Management

Users of this software can perform search in any language of their choice. Its multi-lingual feature allows local customers to perform search in their native language.

In Metropolitan cities like Miami, FL.

Suppression Of Duplicate Listings

More than a single listing in the directory leads to redundancy. It also creates confusion among customers.

Software for listing management overcomes this issue by finding and suppressing duplicate listings in just a single click.

Efficient Menu Management

This software provides an intelligent menu that updates automatically. It thus helps a business to get listed in search results.

Optimization of Voice Search

Software for listing management enhances content by making its voice friendly. This lets user to perform search via voice.

What is the drawback of directory listing?

By failing to submit listings to top niche and local directories, a business makes it difficult for consumers to find their products and services online.

This makes it less likely for search engines to know about the business and make them appear in search results.

Also, submitting an outdated or incomplete listing reduces visibility of a business in search results.

Good thing is that now there are listing management solutions that can update any business listing instantly.

Now you can capitalize on your local SEO with a simple strategy.


Looking at the pros and cons of directory listings, we can say that these listings create a huge difference in the online presence of a business.

It provides local businesses with full control over their online presence.

This includes submission and claiming listings in niche and local directories.

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3 Steps to Start Book Keeping Business

When you look around, you will see that there are so many people who are running a great book-keeping business, such as the MP Profesional Bookkeeping services in Melbourne.

A bookkeeping business mainly consists of the activities that involve the record keeping of expenses, earning, and taxes of that business.

It also involves the strategies of making a proper business plan and then running before the clients to get into your business.

3 Steps to Start Book Keeping Business: eAskme
3 Steps to Start Book Keeping Business: eAskme

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This article is mainly written to let you guys know how you can start this amazing business, and earn a lot of money with little effort putting into it.

This includes any steps, but being the beginner, you must know the main three points to start this business.

So, stay with us until the end and learn about them in detail.

1. Earn Book-Keeping Certification

The first step to start your bookkeeping business is to get proper certification for it. Any client who will come to you for these services would like to see that if you are enough qualified to do it or not.

They would like to know your skills and expertise in doing the job you are calling for. You must tell them you know your duties, and the only way is to show your certifications.

Other than this, if you have any other informal education related to bookkeeping business or accounting, then you must also demonstrate about that to impress them even more with your work.

2.Plan out Your Business

Well, bookkeeping business is as important for you to do as it is for any other business.

The business planning process involves writing down everything that you need for your business, and that you want to go through it.

It is a complete frame of action for the future of your business.

Knowing exactly what you want to do in your business, how you will get it done, how much time it will take, and how much it is going to cost are the important things you consider in your business plan.

3.Incorporate Your Book-keeping Business

This step is important for your bookkeeping business to give it a legitimate start.

It is important because like every other business, your bookkeeping business also requires many administrative tasks to be done on your behalf.

So, do it right at the start of establishing it.

This step is very important because it helps you stay strong when things are not going right in your business.


Well, bookkeeping business is not easy to start, and then run it successfully.

You have to get the proper certification for doing or starting it, then you have to plan out the business, and at the end, you have to just start it with all the bang.

You just have to research it in detail and earn the steps. After this, you can easily start it over and maintain it with your wise decisions.

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Top 3 Marketing Tactics of the iGaming Industry In 2019

In 2019, the iGaming industry is dominated by online casinos and sportsbooks. With gambling-friendly legislation arriving on the scene in important markets like the United States, the global iGaming industry is poised for some frenetic growth.

This is great news for players, but not so much for the casinos and sportsbooks involved.

Top 3 Marketing Tactics of the iGaming Industry In 2019: eAskme
Top 3 Marketing Tactics of the iGaming Industry In 2019: eAskme

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The online arena is extremely competitive and the arrival of new brands will only intensify this.

Digital marketing is key to the success (or failure) of any iGaming brand these days.

The online marketing rules are the same for everyone

When it comes to digital marketing rules and tactics, iGaming is just like any other online business.

There are no special rules.

It is the same old rat-race to climb the Google search rankings and get the most views and clicks.

There are many tools in every savvy digital marketer’s playbook.

From good old SEO to PPC, social media, emails, videos - they all matter. But out of them all, there are three key weapons that are must-haves for iGaming brands.

This “holy trinity” includes the following marketing techniques:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
●    Pay Per Click (PPC)
●    Media Buying

1. SEO Is still king in iGaming digital marketing

At its core, the entire iGaming experience is uniform across all websites. You have slots, table games, live games, lottos, and the likes at online casinos.

At sportsbooks, you have the same betting markets with similar odds.

The winner takes all in the fight for SEO position 1

So to stand out, online iGaming platforms create unique websites and bonuses.

But if their customers can’t see these websites at all, what is the point? This is where SEO enters the picture.

Unlike other business, iGaming involves rather unusual keywords related to gambling and sports betting.

With the right kind of optimization, you can ensure that your site ranks high on online search results related to those special keywords. 

SEO has evolved leaps and bounds since the good old days when all you had to do for a high page rank was the tactic called “keyword stuffing.”

But these days, Google and other search engines use sophisticated algorithms.

Instead of blindly looking at the number of times a keyword appears on a site, they look at other advanced features, including:

  • Meaningful and quality content available
  • Overall user experience
  • Quality links to authority sites
  • Website security
  • Mobile optimization
If you get all these things on point, your iGaming site will rank high in Google searches of related keywords that a prospective customer may use.

Many iGaming platforms use blogs to bolster their content these days.

2. Affiliate Networks and PPC/CPA Marketing

Having just a single website in your casino domain is not enough for effective digital marketing, even if it has the best SEO. It will still be like a drop in the ocean.

To improve your online visibility, you need more exposure. This is where casino affiliates are valuable.

Affiliate websites are like partner-agents of iGaming websites.

They are tasked with bringing new customers to the casino.

They are often run by individuals who have deep experience in iGaming, either as players or as operators themselves.

These websites run as trustworthy platforms for players, where they offer in-depth information on a gambling site. They also prominently feature ads of different casinos.

Whenever a player clicks on these ads and visits the site, the casino/sportsbook will pay a small fee to the advertising company (pay per click, aka PPC).

But for casinos, just a click from a player is not enough. They have to be persuaded to deposit cash and place wagers at the site.

Affiliates try to encourage players to do this by convincing them of the positive features of the casino.

In return, affiliates are paid by the casino on the basis of CPA, or Cost Per Action (or acquisition).

In iGaming circles, the “actions” required usually includeregistration, depositing cash, and making the first bet. 

Affiliate marketing is a very effective tool for online casinos indeed.

There are many examples of reputed iGaming affiliate platforms online.

One of the best, nodepositrewards.com, focuses on providing active and working no deposit bonus information to interested players.

3. Media Buying is another great strategy

Advertising online is not as simple as placing an ad in a newspaper or booking a spot on TV/radio.

It is far more nuanced and has many keen advantages.

This is the era of targeted ads, for better or worse.

These are very powerful because they connect your ad directly to your target customer.

Instead of shooting a bunch of flyers into the air and hoping to hit one of your target customers in the crowd, you can now send smart ads directly at a person who might be looking for your service or product.

Media buying for an iGaming brand involves the following steps:

  • Planning - This involves deciding everything from the type of ads, to selecting the online spaces where the ads will be displayed. Careful planning and market research is essential here. Casinos, for instance, should look at sites frequented by online players. Sportsbooks might want to look at sports-oriented platforms that accept gambling ads.
  • Buying - This is the actual stage of the purchase of the space for the ads. It often involves multiple parties like advertisers, demand and supply-side platforms (DSP/SSP), an ad exchange, and the publisher. Often a lot of negotiations are involved regarding pricing and other aspects. These days, with advanced software involved, sites can now buy media spaces in real-time.

Other techniques also matter

These three are just the “first among equals” of iGaming digital marketing.

There are many other important techniques and tools that can make a serious difference to the number of players that join a casino or sportsbook.

These include casino tournaments, social media presence, email marketing, content marketing, and more.

A successful iGaming brand will combine all of these effectively into a cohesive whole to reap maximum benefits.

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20 Famous Quotes of Gaurav Kumar: (Founder of eAskme.com)

Quotes are not just the way to get motivation or inspiration, but they are also a better way to find the inner soul of the speaker, writer or thinker.

There are times when we think of famous quotes that can inspire us. Sometimes quotes can give us the idea or strength to deal with the issues of our lives.

No matter which phase of life you are or what you are doing in your life, quotes can save you from meeting disasters.

Since my childhood, I love reading quotes of famous people, successful professionals, celebrities and great thinkers.

When I entered into the professional version of my life, I started reading more inspirational quotes to find the strength and ideas to boost my productivity.

I met Gaurav Kumar in 2013, and his thoughts have inspired me a lot.

Famous Quotes of Gaurav Kumar: (Founder of eAskme.com): eAskme
Famous Quotes of Gaurav Kumar: (Founder of eAskme.com): eAskme

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Since then I have learned a lot from his words, writing and quotes.

Today I am sharing some of the best quotes of Gaurav Kumar, (man behind eAskme) that has motivated me. And, I believe that these can motivate others also.

If you are running an online business such as blogging, affiliate marketing or working from home or struggling in your life, then these quotes can give you new hope.

So let's start now;

Famous Quotes of Gaurav Kumar: (Founder of eAskme.com)

Quote No.1;

Famous Quotes of Gaurav Kumar: (Founder of eAskme.com): eAskme

"Blogging is my life, Adsense was my Girlfriend, Affiliate Marketing is my Wife: Gaurav Kumar."
This quote is the sign of dedication, commitment, and growth.

Blogging is the profession with passion. This tells that you should love your profession or turn your passion into a profession.

Second, It also reveals how a blogger grows from a newbie to a professional when his life changes from running ads to proving valuable products.

Quote No.2;

Famous Quotes of Gaurav Kumar: (Founder of eAskme.com): eAskme

"Online Business: What You Call Hell, I Call Home: Gaurav Kumar."

Most of the people think that their business or profession is evil which is eating all of their time.

The quote reveals that a successful person thinks differently.

What most people call hell, he calls home.

Quote No.3;

"Blogging is not for mood shifters; It is for mood makers :) Gaurav Kumar."

This quote of Gaurav Kumar tells that a profession is not for moody people or moody people can't get success in any profession.

The only way to be successful is to be in mood as long as you are in the profession.

Quote No.4;

"Small steps can lead to big success, and that is what blogging is all about: Gaurav Kumar."
With this quote, Gaurav reveals a secret of success.

Achieving long term goals or high-end goals is not easy. The best thing is to divide them into small steps such as milestones.

Start achieving each milestone and the big success will be on your way.

Quote No.5;

"The secret ingredient to inspire others, include your life in your posts: Gaurav Kumar."
We all love sharing posts on Facebook, WhatsApp Status, Instagram, etc.

But, do we share the real side of our lives?

Gaurav's quote tells that when you start including the real side of your life in your posts, you become productive and inspiring.

Quote No.6;

"Do you want to grow your business?, simply connect with like-minded people: Gaurav Kumar."
We all want to make money, we all hate jobs.

But, the same time we all afraid of running a business.

Gaurav's quote says that it is super easy to run or grow a business when you start connecting with like-minded people.

Quote No.7;

"Every roadblock is an opportunity to analyze the speed of your growth: Gaurav Kumar."
Most of the world feel stuck at some point every day.

Whenever things change in life or troubles, arrive, People start thinking that their life is not good, their job is not good, their relationship is not good, in short everything which is happening to them is not good.

Here what my secret friend Nick Fury said about troubles;

When you know this that means you know that troubles always come around.

Start treating troubles as just roadblocks that can only slow the speed of your life but can never damage as long as you have control over your emotions.

Quote No.8;

"Blogging is not a Business; It is the way to live a better life: Gaurav Kumar."
Most of the world is falling in love with blogging.

People think that it is an easy way to make money online.

But, nothing is easy as long as you are not an expert.

So no matter what business you are running, as long as you take care of your business like your life, you will never fail.

Quote No.9;

The secret of Saving: "Don't buy what others say it good. Buy what makes you feel good: Gaurav Kumar."
No matter how much you earn, still many people complain that they never have enough to save.


Because there never know where to spend wisely. Overspending leaves them with no savings even when they have everything.

That is why Gaurav has shared a critical point, and that is only buying things that make you feel good or useful for you, don't buy just because others are buying that.

Quote No.10;

The secret of Success: "Don't sell what you believe is good. Sell what makes others feel good: Gaurav Kumar."
This quote, Gaurav has shared the secret of his success.

Most of the people fail when selling something because they are just pushing the products rather than understanding the need of the buyer.

When you change your focus and start understanding what your customer wants, only then you can make more sales and more money.

Quote No.11;

"Live life the way you own it: Gaurav Kumar."
Money is not life; it is just the need to manage your life.

Most of the world is running after money spending 80% of their life working.

You should remember that you are born to live life not to die earning.

Quote no. 12

"I am not your cup of Tea, I am the "World Cup" you can meet only after winning the competition!: Gaurav Kumar"
Tons of people want to connect with entrepreneurs like him. It is not easy to answer all of them. Sometimes many of them are not worthy.

A person should prove his worth before connecting with Gaurav Kumar. He/she has to be worthy and compete with others to win the time to meet Gaurav.

Quote no. 13

"Nothing is free in this world, expect the time of a fool: Gaurav Kumar"
Do you want something for free? That means you only want things or people who can waste your time.

People who are satisfied with cheap things and lesser value are looking for free things because all the premium things comes at a good price.

For example; a diamond, a best quality article, a great speaker and everything which has a good quality come with a price-tag.

Quote no. 14

"If you don’t think money can buy happiness, you don’t know where to shop: Gaurav Kumar"

Quote no. 15

"Take the success with you, walk with the successful people :Gaurav Kumar"

Quote no. 16

 "What you find interesting about me...Is the same thing I find interesting about you : Gaurav Kumar"

Quote no. 17

"The first step to success..... is to take the first step :Gaurav Kumar"

Quote no. 18

"Everyone is master in his town, until the real one arrives :Gaurav Kumar"

Quote no. 19

"Nothing is free in this world, except the time of a fool. : Gaurav Kumar"

Quote no. 20

"Take the success with you, walk with the successful people :Gaurav Kumar"

My Words:

These are the most popular quotes of Gaurav Kumar.

Gaurav has inspired me with his work, his passion for blogging, his helping nature and the way he thinks about life.

He is happy because he has everything.

But, He was happy even when he had nothing.

If you also want some inspiration, motivation or professional friend, then you should connect Gaurav Kumar or stay tuned with his site eAskme.com.
  • Do you also love reading quotes?
  • What you learn from famous quotes?
  • Which quotes you find most appealing to you? 
Do share via comments.

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Because, Sharing is Caring!

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Complete Domain Name Guide : How to Choose a Domain (5600 Words)

A decision which you will have to live with for really long time is the decision of choosing a best domain name for your blog or website.

There are so many questions which will eat your mind when you will even think about registering a new domain.

The first thing, when you are about to start an online business website or blog, choosing a domain is the step which can make you eat out your own head.

Choosing a domain name is one of the really crucial and important steps in the success of a blog or any online business.

Complete Domain Name Guide : How to Choose a Domain (5600 Words): eAskme
Complete Domain Name Guide : How to Choose a Domain (5600 Words): eAskme

Domain name is not just an address of a blog or website but plays an important role in the success of any online business.

It is the online identity.

Domain is what makes your brand recognizable and help it to become a brand online.

Some popular examples of domain names are Apple.com, Amazon.com, Change.org, eAskme.com, Facebok.com etc.

Domain Name Keyword grab more than 14,10,00,000 results in Google search.

This shows that Domain name is not just an important factor for the success of an online business but also there are so many businesses which are providing domain name service.

There are various questions which come in your mind or mind of some on else who is thinking about a great domain name.

Today I am going to A complete Domain Guide to share each and everything about domain names which will help you not just to understand how to choose a domain name but also helps you to know why domain is important and how it will help your blog to become a brand or your online business to become a brand.

Let`s start with basics of domain name.

What is a Domain Name?

What is a Domain Name : Domain name guide : eAskme
What is a Domain Name : Domain name guide : eAskme
Domain name is not just the name of the website; it shows the type of website and represents how your blog or website will be known online.

Domain name is an online unique address of your site. You can keep it as long as you are paying annual fee of the domain to domain name registrar.

Domain is the Url for users as they type it in web address and hit enter to reach your website.

Search engines also use your domain to crawl and index your blog and it`s content.

Importance of Choosing a Domain name:

Complete Domain Name Guide : How to Choose a Domain (5600 Words): eAskme

Choosing a domain name is really important. It make the users find out what is your site all about and it`s your domain which becomes a brand online.

It is important that you choose a domain name about your online business carefully.

You may spend weeks eating your brain and burning your eyes to look for a perfect, unique and easy to remember domain name for your blog or website.

Why Domain Name is really important for a website or blog?

Why Domain Name is really important for a website or blog : eAskme

When going online, domain name is the very first thing which grabs the eyes of a visitor online

Where a good domain name brings trust and confidence, a bad domain name can destroy the reputation and bring more harm.

So now in this domain name guide we will see why it is important?

Domain Tip :
For branding, it is must that your domain name and business name should be same.

Not only domain names, but domain name extensions also plays an important role when it comes to rank higher in Google search or Bing search or any other search engine.

Now let`s understand structure of a domain name.

Domain Name Structure:

Domain Name Structure : Domain name guide : easkme

It is realy necessary that you should understand the domain name structure in this domain name guide. In above domain name structure you see that there are various things which complete it. Let`s understand these.


For a domain prefix shows that internet protocol of your domain name. HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. This shows how data is transmitted and formatted. It also shows the talk between browsers and web servers.

There are two types of HTTP available these days
1) HTTP : These are standard
2) HTTPS : These are secured


Sub-domain is a subdivision of a domain. It shows at the place of WWW. It always works with primary domain.

For example: in http://whatisthis.eample.com, whatisthis is a sub-domain.

Domain Name:
It includes two things.

1) Domain

This is the name that you register online. When you buy a domain name you will find one domain in two versions.

1) WWW :         http://www.easkm.com is a domain name with www.
2) Non WWW : http://www.easkme.com is a Non www domain

Important Tip:
It is always recommended that you verify both domain names in Google Analytics to make search engine understand that you are the owner of both versions and use Canonical tag to show that the content is not copied it is just the same domain with both versions.

 <link rel="canonical" href="https://easkme.com/" />

2) Domain Extension

Choosing a domain name extension is as important as choosing a domain name. Always choose a Top Level Domain extension (TLD) for your blog or website. It is located after the . of domain name. There are various TLD`s available online.

Choosing a Domain Name Extension:

Choosing a Domain Name Extension : eAskme

As I have already mentioned, Choosing a domain name extension is as important as choosing a domain name. It is always recommended to choose a Top Level Domain Extension (TLD).

There are 1500+ top level domain extensions available for you to choose.

I categories Top Level Domains extensions in 3 categories:

1) Original Top Level Domains extensions:

Did is said original?

Yes, But why?

Because they are not the oldest extension, but the most popular domain name extensions also. For example .Com, .net, .org etc.

2) Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs):

There are times when you might not be able to find the domain name you are looking with Original Top level Domains extensions, at that time you can even go for the second type of TLD`s. These are country code top level domains.

Example of Country Code Top Level Domain extensions:
.us (USA), .uk (United kingdom), .in (India), .au (Australia), .jp (Japan), .cn (China), .ca (Canada), .ph (Philippines) etc.

3) Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs):

You can even choose a generic top level domain for your business site. Generic domain shows the type of business as they represent the name of the business.

Examples of generic top level domains are .agency, .accountants, .business, .digital, .city, .social, . photography etc.

List of 1526 Top Level Domain Extensions.

Click here to check the list of top level domain name extensions:

You can choose the LTD from this is the biggest list of Top Level Domain Extensions.  You can even download the list of top level domain extensions from ICANN

New premium Domain name Extensions

New premium Top Level Domain name Extensions : eAskme
  1. .bargains
  2. .bid
  3. .bike
  4. .blackfriday
  5. .boutique
  6. .camera
  7. .cards
  8. .cheap
  9. .christmas
  10. .clothing
  11. .coffee
  12. .computer
  13. .diamonds
  14. .equipment
  15. .expert
  16. .fish
  17. .florist
  18. .gift
  19. .glass
  20. .guitars
  21. .house
  22. .kitchen
  23. .lighting
  24. .plumbing
  25. .repair
  26. .rocks
  27. .sexy
  28. .shoes
  29. .supplies
  30. .supply
  31. .tattoo
  32. .technology
  33. .tools
  34. .toys
  35. .trade
  36. .training
  37. .watch

Why you should not go for free subdomains?

I have seen many times that people send me their blogs with free sub-domains such as example.blogspot.com or example.wordpress.com. Free is not always the best option.

Why choosing a sub-domain is not a good decision?

When you are choosing a free sub domain from blogging services, you actually giving the full control of your content to those websites, which are proving free sub domains to you.

Must read : Why you should buy a custom domain

It is also not good for branding as no matter how much you promote it, it only help the main domain to become a brand.

What to do instead of choosing a free domain name?

You should always choose a custom domain name. As this give you full control over the domain name. You can even add your own subdomains.

It is also not costly as you can choose it on very low price for a year or 2 years or five years or 10 years.

Objectives and Goals of a Domain name:

Complete Domain Name Guide : How to Choose a Domain (5600 Words)

When choosing a domain name it is also necessary that you should think about
  • Why you want a domain?
  • What is the main purpose?
  • Who is the target Audience?
  • What is the topic of the blog?
  • What do you want to achieve
  • What style and tone your site or blog carry?

Till now you have learned the following answers in Domain guide:

  1. What is a domain name?
  2. What is domain name structure?
  3. What is domain name extension?
  4. What are the top level domain name extensions (TLDs)?
  5. Why you should not go for free sub domains?
Now it is the time to understand what factors to consider when choosing a domain name?

Remarkable tips to choose a domain name:

Complete Domain Name Guide : How to Choose a Domain (5600 Words)

1) Always choose a unique domain name:

When you want to buy a domain name the very first thing is that you should consider choosing a unique domain name.

Choosing a unique domain name is really necessary ot make your blog a brand. If you want to market yourself like John Chow then you can choose a domain name mix of your first name and last name such as JohnChow.com.

It is not that bad to choose a domain name with your own name but if you are trying to build a blog or run an online business then choosing a domain name with your own name is not a good idea.

The very first step is that you should try to buy a domain name similar to your business name. You can do a domain research on Google or on domain registrar service to find out if the domain your are looking for available or already registered.

2) Brainstorming:

All one word domains have already been registered. So you might not be able to find one word domain name for your blog. In such a case you should use a mix of two or three words to find the best possible solution for your domain name.

3) Memorable : easy to type, easy to remember

The most common mistake which mostly people do when choosing a domain name is buying domain names with fancy and wrong words.

You should always think that if a common person can`t remember the words of a domain how can he/she type that domain.

Let me make it clear for you:

For example : If you want to buy techtricks.com, but you see that domain name is not available for purchase or domain is already registered, than you buy a domain name such as techtrikz.com.

Now you see techtriks.com and techtrikz.com both sound similar, but when you tell someone that you have a blog or site name techtrickz.com, they will always remember and open techtricks.com.

So unintentionally your mistake will lead the other site get more traffic.

Instead of that is you buy alltechtriks.com, this is really easy to type and easy to remember.

I am sure you do not want to do that mistake.

So it is always good that you try various combinations and buy a domain name which is easy to remember and easy to type.

4) Use Keywords 

It is always recommended that you should use the target keyword in domain also. If you want to start a blog or a micro niche blog than using keyword in domain is really helpful to rank higher as compare to those who are not using keywords in domain name.

5) First choice Always .Com

Have you thought for a second that when someone tells you that he has xyz site, you automatically put .com in the end of it to open it.

Now you know that .Com is the extension which is widely living in the minds of every common person.

Read more : How to get free .Com domain`

When you say a website the first thing which hit the mind is .Com.

Over 75% sites worldwide using .Com extension. It is always the most recommended Top level domain extension.

It makes the domain easy to remember.

But what is .Com is not available for your domain. In such case you should go for other TLDs or ccTLDs or gTLDs.

6) Brandable:

Domain name is your brand online. A brandable domain name is a domain which speaks for itself. It tells what the site is all about.

For example: Domain iOSCrunch.com shows that it is related to iOS and its updates. It is also an easy to brand domain name.

You can even look at the top 100 brandable domain names shared by DailtTekk.

7) Short is better:

A short name is always easy to remember. But it is not easy to find short names, if that you case you can go for a mix of two or three words domain.

For example if you are looking for a domain name AskMe, but Askme is not available. So you can choose Wikiaskme.com

Never use acronym as for a common person it is not easy to remember acronyms.

8) Avoid trademark issues:

The biggest fatal error is trademark issues because of domain name conflicts. When choosing a domain name it is always recommended that you should check trademark terms here to avoid any trademark issues.

Do you know that trademark issue can kill your website or blog and take down your online business?

For example: If you use Facebook in domain name, it is direct violation of Facebook and company can sue you.

9) Avoid hyphens or numbers

If you are using hyphens or numbers in your domain name that means you are clearly ignoring the 3rd factor which we have discussed in third domain guide. Which is Easy to remember, Easy to

It is not easy for a common person to remember the use of hyphen and numbers.

For example if you tell a person that you have a domain name abc-xyz.com. People always type abcxyz and forget hyphen.

In case if you say that if you have a domain name abc2xyz, people will always type abctoxyz. So it is not easy to them what you want to say.

It always confuse users and misguide them to visit some other sites.

10) Trendy misconception:

I have seen many newbie bloggers and businesses fall for the latest trend domains, but they forget the fact that trends always change. So when the trend changes their domain becomes unattractive.

IWiring evergreen content is important but choosing an evergreen domain name is mush more important than that.

11) Your Domain is you Best Friend or Worst Enemy

Do not make any mistake while choosing a domain name. Many peopel choose a domain without thinking professionally or without doing any research and after sometime they find that domain is  not that attractive or informational or a best representative of their business.

You cannot rename a domain, the only thing is to replace it and if you replace the domain all your efforts, time and money you spent on domain earlier will be lost.

12) What Social Network Tells?

In this domain name guide I also like to mention that when choosing a domain name you should also check it`s social influence of people. Always go fr the domain name which is easy to brand and can easily make it place on social networks. You can also use Knowem tool to check the brandability of a domain name on social networks.

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Now you have learned the following answers in Domain guide:

  1. What is a domain name?
  2. What is domain name structure?
  3. What is domain name extension?
  4. What are the top level domain name extensions (TLDs)?
  5. Why you should not go for free sub domains?
  6. What factors you should consider when buying a domain name?

How to Check the domain availability:

As now you understood what prechecks or factors you should take care of when you are about to choose a domain name.

How to Check the domain availability : eAskme

You can easily check the availability of domain name by searching them on domain name registrar sites. If the domain is available then you can purchase it and if it is not available in any extension that you want then you can try using mix of keywords that you want to target.

You can even use the domain name suggestion tools or domain name generation tools to choose the best suitable domain name for your blog or website.

Top domain name suggestion tools or domain name generation tools

Top domain name suggestion tools or domain name generation tools

Finding a domain name that you want can be really hard if the domain you are looking for is not available. In that case domain name generation tools help you. Here I am sharing the list of most popular domain name suggestion tools for you.
  1. Bustaname 
  2. Domainr
  3. Domainhole 
  4. Dot-o-mator
  5. Impossibility! 
  6. Lean Domain Search
  7. NameStation 
  8. Name Mesh
  9. Wordoid 
  10. ubersuggest  
After finding the best domain name for your site or blog, the next thing is actually buying a domain name.

How to Buy a Domain Name for your blog or website?

How to Buy a Domain Name for your blog or website : eAskme

Now you have a domain name which you want to buy, so let`s do it. There are various popular domain registrar`s which help you to easily buy a domain name from ($10-$15 and sometimes under special discount). There are popular web hosting services which also help you to get a free domain name with web hosting.

You can even buy a domain name from one registrar and buy web hosting from other registrar and update nameservers to connect them. Some domain registrar also offer your business emails which is good.

There are numerous domain name registrars available, But I recommend you to buy from the relabile registrar`only.

You can even start your own domain and Web Hosting company.

I must say that when you want to buy a domain name, the domain name registrar must be accredited by ICANN.

ICANN is a non-profit organization which helps you to understand the functions of domain names. You should also check the proce and top level domain extension.

The top 11 Domain Name registrars to buy a domain name:

Best Domain Name Registrars Company Name
  1. iPage
  2. NameCheap
  3. GoDaddy
  4. BlueHost
  5. 1and1
  6. HostGator    
  7. Bigrock
  8. InMotion Hosting
  9. Name.com
  10. Register.com
  11. DreamHost
  12. Google Domain registration service

Domain Buying Tip:

When you buy a domain name and hosting from two different registrars then it can cause you to do some extra steps to connect your domain name with web hosting. Connecting domain name with hosting using DNS records is easy and anyone can do it.

Common Steps to buy a domain name:

  • Go to Domain registrar site
  • Enter the name you want to buy in domain name box.
  • Search for the available domain and add to cart or click to buy.
  • Enter your personal or business information and payment details
  • You will successfully register a Domain name and get domain name confirmation in your email.
These are the common steps that may very from one domain registrara to another.

Till now you this Domain name guide helped you to understand:

  1. What is a domain name?
  2. What is domain name structure?
  3. What is domain name extension?
  4. What are the top level domain name extensions (TLDs)?
  5. Why you should not go for free sub domains?
  6. What factors you should consider when buying a domain name?
  7. How to choose a domain name?
  8. How to buy a domain name?
Now let`s talk about Premium Domains.

Buying Premium Domain Name:

Buying Premium Domain Name guide : eAskme

Premium domain name is usually known as the domain name with very high value. Premium domain names are already owned by domain registrar or some other companies because of high values of thes type of domains.

Companies and registrars sell Premium Domains on very high rate from thousands of dollars to millions.

There are the domains such as yatch.com, travel.com, beer.com, hotel.com, seo.com etc. has been sold for millions of dollars because of their easy to brand nature and higher values.

How to buy a premium domain name?

As I have said premium domain names are under the ownership of registrars or companies which sell these domains on very high rates.

Buy domain using Domain Auction services:

Complete Domain Name Guide : How to Choose a Domain (5600 Words) : eAskme

The very first thing you can do to buy a premium domain name is to search on domain registrar to find out if the domain is available with the domain registrar or not. If it says that domain is available then you can buy it.

Otherwise, you can check the domain name by entering it in web browser and it will displays a page from the seller of that domain. You can contact them to buy that domain or to know the price.

You can even look the premium domain names in the domain auction services like Sedo, Namejet and Godaddy Auction.

You can go there, make the deal and buy domain.

Buy domain using Whois search:

Complete Domain Name Guide : How to Choose a Domain (5600 Words) : eAskme

What if the premium domain you are looking for not on sale but only reserved by the owner? How can you buy domain in that case?

In this case you can check the contact details of the owner running Whois search. In many cases you will find the information such as phone number, email id and address. You can contact them to find out if the domain is available for sale and make your offer.

Buy Domain using domain broker service:

Buy Domain using domain broker service : eAskme

You can even use the service of a domain broker to find the best premium domain on best possible rates for you.

Premium Check before you buy a domain:

I call it premium check because it shows that how good a domain is for you. You can check the domain seller history, his social profiles and how trust-able that person is.

These things will help you to negotiate and make your deal.

Also check what content hs been published on the domain if the domain was used earlier. Make sure that there is no adult history of that domain name. You can take help of Archive.org or use cognitive SEO site explorer 

You should also check the availability of social profiles using Knownem.com. It is not good to buy a domain name if social profiles of that domain are already taken.

How to close the deal an buy premium domain:

How to close the deal an buy premium domain : eAskme

Buying a premium domain is not an overnight process. It takes time as seller and buyer never reach on the common price in one go. There can be a long negotiation talk.

Also you have to do all history check to make sure you are not doing any mistake.

Get the written agreement to legally bind the terms. You can use Escrow to complete the deal.

Domain name Guide : Conclusion

In this domain name guide I have clearly mentioned it that how important is it for you to choose a domain name and what steps you should take when buying a domain name.

It is a really crucial steps and this domain guide will help you to choose domain carefully and a domain which is easy to brand.

Never do hurry, when buying a domain. Always consider above given domain factors and follow the rules to buy a domain which help your business or blog to be successful.

After reading this domain name guide, If you have still any question about how to choose a domain? or how to find best suitable domain name? or where to buy the domain name you are looking for?

Feel free to ask me via comments. I really like to answer your questions.

It took me over 5 hours working on this domain guide to help you to understand what you should do when buying a domain?

Sharing is Caring and I really appreciate if you like to share this domain name guide with your friends on your social networks.

Don't forget to like us FB and join the eAskme newsletter to stay tuned with us.

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13 Must-Have Features for an eCommerce Website

eCommerce business is booming and so the number of ecommerce websites. There are tons of eCommerce brands running online who are dominating the ecommerce industry, such as Amazon.

It might make you feel that your eCommerce website does not stand a chance to survive in this competitive eCommerce industry.

Here is something that you must understand, “Every website is unique in its way.”

13 Must-Have Features for an eCommerce Website: eAskme
13 Must-Have Features for an eCommerce Website: eAskme

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The e-Commerce world is facing new challenges and adapting new technologies every year, such as animation, reviews, dynamic search, and advanced filtering.

These changes are making the path for every eCommerce site to adopt latest technologies, compete with the establish brands and sometimes even outrank them.

Today I am listing the 13 must-have features for eCommerce websites.

13 Must-Have Features for an eCommerce Website


Want to attract customers, start keeping things simple and easy.

Simplicity holds the power of emotional touch.

More than 70% of customers love to visit sites with easy navigation and fast loading.

Such characteristics help customers to make a quick decision and make the final purchase without any confusion.

Sellers are making sales within minutes on different online portals. The only thing that you need to consider on your site is to focus on creating an excellent user experience.

You can do it by adding simple tweaks to your eCommerce site such as categories, filters, comparisons, etc.

To make your eCommerce site user-friendly focus on;
  • Easy and visual navigation
  • Integrate Autocomplete feature

Mobile friendly eCommerce Website:

13 Must-Have Features for an eCommerce Website: eAskme

More than 50% of registered customers love to shop from the same website.

It is necessary to have a mobile responsive design to make your ecommerce shop user-friendly.

A mobile optimized website has 90% more chances to make the sale as compared to nonresponsive site.

No matter how many products you have on your shopping website, creating a mobile-friendly eCommerce website will help you make more sales and get better ranking.

Images and Videos:

There was a time when shopping sites were using only one photo with a description to make sales.

Customer is aware of the products, and they want to see every corner or design of the product before making a purchase.

This is the reason which forces eCommerce websites to use multiple photos, zoom feature, and even explainer videos.

It has observed that adding high-quality images and videos increase your chances to make more sales by 40%.

Remember, memorable images make the difference.

It is necessary to display multiple pics of each product on your eCommerce website.


Remember: More than 95% of customers read reviews.

More than 50% of customers only buy from a seller if he has more than 4-star rating.

If you think that negative review is terrible, then think again.

There is the second side of negative reviews, which is suitable for your website.

Negative reviews tell the customers that someone is buying the product where all positive reviews can alarm the customer about fake reviews.

You can also use social influencer reviews or user-generated reviews to boost sales.

Special Offers:

Offers are the reason why most of the eCommerce sites are gaining popularity.

Special offer or a massive discount on established products can improve the chances of grabbing more customers and make more sales.

For example; importedbuy.com offers upto 70% discount on most of the products.

13 Must-Have Features for an eCommerce Website: eAskme

The special deal makes the customer feel that there is the opportunity that they should not miss.
This increases the chances of an immediate sale.

Special offers also attract customers to search the website and find more products to buy.


Amazon is one of the most famous examples of the site with the wishlist feature.

Wishlist feature allows customers to make the list of the products they want to buy in the future.

It is always plus to your good books to let customers bookmark the products they want to buy using your site.

It is also an excellent way to engage new customers on your site and let them explore the products

This will help you earn more traffic and even more shares.

Related items:

“You Might Like this,” these magical words are enough to trigger the emotions to look for more and want more.

It is necessary for every eCommerce website to include “related items” feature. Related items will lure the customer to visit more pages and also buy more than one product in one go.


A customer cannot buy from a shopping website if he lacks confidence or has trust issues.

Products description and FAQ section can help you to solve the customer queries on the product page and build confidence.

Social proof:

13 Must-Have Features for an eCommerce Website: eAskme

Brand trust plays an important role to increase the number of sales.

This is the reason why brands are investing their time in building a social connection with customers.

By linking your eCommerce website with Social profiles and user-generated content, you will increase user engagement.

Social media Networks like Facebook allow brands to build trust and establish the social connection.


13 Must-Have Features for an eCommerce Website: eAskme

Security is an essential part of online transactions.

As an eshop owner, it is your job to make sure that your site is secure for online transactions.

Eshops can be an easy target for hackers as they contain important information of customers.

It is necessary to run your eCommerce website on a secure platform.

You can use Magento or WordPress with Woocommerce.

You should also install;

Payment option:

There was a time when eCommerce shops were only accepting credit cards. But time has changed now.

Now your competitors are not only accepting credit/debit cards, PayPal, Internet banking but also accepts wallet payments.

Remember: Not every customer likes to give their card information.

Wallets are secure, and you must install a wallet payment option on your eCommerce website.

Shipping Information:

13 Must-Have Features for an eCommerce Website: eAskme

It is necessary that you disclose the shipping details.

You should tell the customer about shipping cost or if you are offering free shipping.

Also, display how much time it will take to ship the product.

Aliexpress is the best at this as they tell the customer that it can take between 10 days to 45 days to deliver the product.

Return Policy:

The return policy is a crucial feature of every eCommerce website.

Be transparent and tell the customer about your return policy.

Make sure that you tell if the return is free of cost or you are charging shipping fee or value of the product.

If you are not accepting returns, then clearly state this in your policy.

Final Words:

These are a few of the essential features that every eCommerce shop must have.

Focus on creating an excellent user experience, understand buyers personas, build trust, and improve your brand image.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

If you find this article interesting, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


Because, Sharing is Caring!

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Handpicked eCommerce guides for you;
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