4 Reasons Why Reviews Are Important for Your Locksmith Company

If you are thinking of starting a locksmith business, or you already have one, but you believe it could be much more successful than it actually is right now, then you will probably start searching for tips and advice from those people who know their ways around these kinds of things.

That’s definitely a good move, and so is getting additional info online on how to start this business, how to successfully run it, as well as how to increase its online presence and get more customers.

Every single source of information you get will be of value, as long as it is a reliable and trustworthy one.

4 Reasons Why Reviews Are Important for Your Locksmith Company: eAskme
4 Reasons Why Reviews Are Important for Your Locksmith Company: eAskme

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On the other hand, you could also be a customer who is ready to hire a locksmith in their area and now you are trying to decide which company to choose.

This can certainly be rather tricky, especially if you have no previous experience with these services.

No matter where it is that you are located, you’ll come across at least a few companies in your area that offer these services and choosing the perfect one can undoubtedly be complicated.

What if I told you that there was one particular thing that could solve both of these issues?

In other words, if you are a business owner, it can help you get more customers, and loyal ones for that matter, and if you are a customer, it can help you choose the very best locksmith in your area when you need these services.

This might sound a bit odd to you, but there should actually be nothing strange about this type of an interconnection between customers and companies. After all, both depend on one another in most cases.

I guess that you are now wondering what it is that I specifically have in mind with the above statement that there is one thing that can do wonders both for customers and for locksmith businesses.

Well, I’ll stop beating around the bush and I’ll just say it.

I am referring to reviews here.

Yes, you have heard that right.

Reviews are the one tool that works in favor of both companies and their clients, which makes them highly important and now we are going to check out why they are so important.

Clients Can Express Their Opinions

As you probably already understand, the ability to write a review after using certain services allows people to clearly express their opinions and their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the company that provided those services.

Say a locksmith helps a client after he or she has been locked out of a car and say that the client was pretty happy with the way things are handled.

Sure, they can just start recommending the company to friends and family members, but the truth is that they’ll probably want to reach a larger audience and thus spread the word about how happy they were to hire a specific locksmith.

This goes the other way around as well.

If a specific customer ends up being completely dissatisfied with a certain locksmith, they will probably want to warn other people against hiring that particular company and there’s no better way to do that than by leaving an objective review and letting other people know of their dissatisfaction.

This way, businesses can benefit from reviews provided that they do a good job and clients will definitely benefit since they’ll get the info they need before making any hires.

People Can Get to Know the Company Before Hiring

That brings us to our second reason why reviews are important for locksmith businesses and their clients.

Let’s say you are a customer who has come across a specific locksmith company and now you are trying to decide whether you should hire them.

Before you make that final step, the right thing to do would be for you to read America's Lock and Key reviews or the reviews written about any other company you come across.

This way, you will get a lot of useful information regarding specific companies, which will help you separate the great ones from the not-so-great ones and ultimately make the right hiring choice.

In other words, there’s no need for customers to hire certain businesses in order to check the quality of their work.

They can, instead, do that by reading reviews and figuring out in advance whether the work that specific companies do is of great quality or not.

Reputation Gets Built

Reputation is one of the most important factors that both businesses and clients depend on.

How is that, though?

Well, companies need to have a great reputation in order to get hired and customers need to be able to check that reputation before hiring.

Reviews combine the best of both these worlds by allowing previous clients to help in building the reputation of the businesses and thus helping new customers determine it before hiring any particular locksmith.

Great Businesses Are Connected to New Clients

Businesses want new clients and clients want to hire great businesses.

That’s the way it has always been and that’s the way it will always be, as I don’t see how this could change any time soon.

Well, reviews are highly important in this regard as well, because they basically serve to connect great companies to new customers and consequently make both of those parties rather happy with what they receive.

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Who Is Dave Woodward?

Dave Woodward is the CEO of ClickFunnels, the fastest growing Funnel SaaS company in the country.

ClickFunnels has gone from Zero to over Half a Billion dollars in sales over the last six years.

Who Is Dave Woodward?: eAskme
Who Is Dave Woodward?: eAskme

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Coming up on its seventh year in business, ClickFunnels boasts more than 127,000 paid users. ClickFunnels has enabled those users to build a combined 7.1 million sales funnels, sell more than $6.6 Billion worth of their products, and generate over 1.3 Billion leads for their businesses.
ClickFunnels has helped more than a thousand businesses generate over a million dollars through a sales funnel. Some have gone onto build multi million dollar businesses by using ClickFunnels.

This kind of growth and these types of results don’t just happen. In fact, it’s practically unheard of in today’s highly competitive online environment…

Especially in the SaaS industry.

These numbers place ClickFunnels as the runaway Category King in the online sales and funnel building niche.

Along with co-founders Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson, Dave has played a key role in the rapid growth and direction of the company.

What’s more, he’s a leader that people CHOOSE to follow.

Dave’s easy-going, approachable, and likeable style brings the best out of everyone he encounters.

Unlike most CEOs, Dave intentionally finds the time to personally interact with his teams on a daily basis.  

You’ll find Dave on the weekly company Pulse meeting and daily marketing meetings sharing company-wide strategies, wins, setbacks, numbers, growth projections, new promotions, and exactly where the company stands and where it’s headed.

This open and frank approach to business allows his people to feel included AND to feel like they make a difference.

When things get dicey, Woodward knows how to pivot, and pivot FAST. That’s because he’s flexible and knows precisely how to adapt to change.

His financial and people instincts are uncanny. Dave knows how to read the market, read his people, and read the constantly fluctuating trends in the online world.

DEDICATION and SERVICE ooze from his pores.

His #1 mantra is “How can we serve our customers better?”

As ClickFunnels moves forward, Dave is constantly innovating, drilling deeper verticals
and discovering new opportunities to improve ClickFunnels AND the lives of its users.

His sole goal is to change lives…

To show entrepreneurs and small business owners that it doesn’t have to be hard to follow your dreams and to grow and launch a successful business.

Because as Dave is fond of saying...every day…

“What we do matters.”


Dave Woodward graduated from Brigham Young University. He became Regional Director of Americo, a local Texas firm which he took national in just 2 years’ time.

Dave then founded Monopolize, Inc, a direct response marketing agency focused on financial services and the real estate industry.  

But he recognized a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when he met Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson, the two founders of ClickFunnels back in 2014, when the company was just a startup.

Russell and Todd felt immediate kinship to Dave and invited him to come onboard. Dave became a vital part of the team as Chief Revenue Officer. The rest, as they say, is history.

And for Dave, it’s never about the ‘title’ of’s about RESULTS.

In addition to his CEO duties, Dave is the energetic host of the wildly popular podcast, “ClickFunnels Radio.”

Dave has a true gift for making his guests feel right at home. So it’s no wonder he gets some of the savviest business owners and self starters on the planet to share ‘never-before-revealed’ sales and marketing secrets on every show.

Dave is first and foremost a devoted husband, family man, and avid adrenaline junkie.

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Five Reasons to Compare before You Hire a Moving Company!!!

Moving to a new home is quite exciting but it also comes with a lot of tasks to do. One of the biggest decisions, when relocating, is to decide whether you want to move by yourself or would like to hire movers.

This is the only thing that decides the entire moving decision.

Five Reasons to Compare before You Hire a Moving Company!!!: eAskme
Five Reasons to Compare before You Hire a Moving Company!!!: eAskme

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Hiring a professional mover could be highly convenient that is why people choose to move by hiring movers.

But when it comes to hiring a moving company, it is important to compare a few things that help you to choose a reliable company.

The best moving companies at suggest you to check out these important factors that explain why you should compare before you make the decision.

To Know the goodwill and reliability:

One should always compare different moving companies so that one can select that moving company which has a decent reputation in the market and also reliable and professional in their working style.

You can analyze the goodwill and reliability of the companies by checking the reviews online which are provided by experienced customers of a particular company by surfing the official website.

This lets you know which one can provide you better services.

Also, check the behavior of the professionals like how they talk and check whether they are professional or not. Researching the companies lets you know that which one could be a better option for you.

To get services at less cost:

The most important factor to consider is the charges that they will cost you for relocating all your home stuff.

There are so many moving companies which provide you in-home or over the phone moving estimate based on your items that are to be shifted.

Therefore, after receiving the estimates, you need to compare these and make sure that the estimates provided to you are accurate.

Ask about the hidden charges also.

Choose a company following your budget but don’t merely consider the expenses.

You should also consider the services given by the company.

Also, make sure that the estimates given are written and duly signed by the company.

To know the packing supplies and services offered:

You should also keep in mind to analyze and evaluate the services offered to select the best.

There are numerous numbers of moving companies that provide variant services such as some companies that may or may not offer the service to unpack and settle your belongings in your new apartment.

Also, properly check the quality of packing supplies, that whether they can hold your possessions firmly or not so that your belongings are safely reallocated and there is no loss when in transit.

If you need any kind of special services like you want to relocate piano or any other bulky or most fragile item then you should consider the same and should check these special services because not all the companies have the right tools and equipment to transport such items.

To check whether a company is experienced:

Check the experience of different companies in the field of moving to ensure that you hire the best one out of the heap.

An experienced company must be chosen to get the reliable services. a company with experience also knows the accurate methodology of carrying different activities during the process of moving.

A company that has more experience can handle the problems in a better way by using great strategies.

They are also aware of the unforeseen circumstances and problems that can occur during moving.

Therefore they can handle a move in a better way no matter how complex the one is.

To know whether the one holds a license and can provide insurance coverage:

The next thing that you should compare about the moving companies is that whether a particular moving company is licensed or not.

Only the licensed companies are authorized to offer you services and reduce the chances of getting trapped in a scam.

Because nowadays, there are many scammers present out there who pretends to like as a reliable moving company but can trap you in a big scam.

So, always choose a company only after checking the license.

Also, you should get to know if movers can provide you insurance for your belongings or not and when provided then what are the policies of same such as which company provides full value insurance and which provides the half-realized value of your belonging in case of any damage.

Choose the one which can provide you the right insurance coverage that lets you have the proper peace of mind when you hand over all your home belongings to them.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Hiring movers is just the best way to move because it lets you have peace of mind during the entire task.

But choose only the one which is a reliable company so that you can have the quality services and don’t regret your decision later.

Compare all the things so that you can select the best moving company.

If you still have questions? Share via comments.

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60% off HostGator Hosting + Free Domain Maximum Discount March 2021

Are you planning to buy a very new Hosting for your Website or WordPress blog? Your search for the maximum discount coupon for web hosting should end here.
Today, I share an exclusive premium Hostgator Web Hosting discount coupon/discount to save you good money on your web hosting bill.
60% off HostGator Hosting + Free Domain Maximum Discount March 2021: eAskme
60% off HostGator Hosting + Free Domain Maximum Discount March 2021: eAskme

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When it comes to buying the best web hosting for your website or WordPress blog, it can be a tough job.
Don't worry; I am here to ease your way.
I have already suggested few most popular and best hosting services for your blog.
Hostgator is not just a famous web hosting company that is widely recommended by thousands of webmasters.
Hostgator offers widely used, and most affordable shared hosting plans and offers unlimited resources to helps you, even if you are a new or pro blogger, ease your hosting plans for their WordPress blog.

Hostgator Discount Coupon

The essential thing which I love about Hostgator hosting is that they offer the best response time and excellent support.
Not only chat and support tickets, but you can also get help on the phone.
I always prefer to use Telephonic support, as it is fast and makes things easier.
Hostgator is even better when it comes to taking care of heaps of WordPress Blogs.
Even when we compare Hostgator with other Webhosting companies, Hostgator stood out as the best choice in many web hosting parameters.

Not just web hosting, Hostgator even offers a blog migration service, as it is beneficial when a blogger shift from one blogging platform to another.
Also See: How to Host GoDaddy Domain on Hostgator
Every month, I am sharing a special Hostgator discount coupon for you as it will help you save money and help you choose the best web hosting company Hostgator, as your hosting service provider.
Before we go ahead to look for Hostgator Maximum discount/coupon, I must share some notable features of the Hostgator baby plan:
  • Unlimited Hosting
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • Free primary domain renewal
  • 24*7 tech support (Chat, Email, Phone, Twitter)
  • Free Adwords credit
  • One-click WordPress installation
Hostgator is the most compatible web hosting solution that fulfills all hosting requirements according to the latest versions of WordPress.
If you are on WordPress or plan to move your blog on WordPress, Hostgator is an Idle choice for web hosting.
Hostgator offers various shared hosting plans, and you can start with its Baby plan.
The baby plan of Hostgator allows you to host multiple websites.
But if you have recruitment to host only one website or wordpress blog, then the Hostgator hatchling plan is for you.
I always recommend Hostgator hosting's baby plan because it allows you unlimited domain hosting.
I am sharing Hostgator's maximum discount for you to get a maximum hosting discount of 60% on the hosting bill. It is beneficial when you choose a hosting for one year or more.
How to install WordPress on Hostgator
List of cheap WordPress hosting

Hostgator even provides its domain service, but I recommend you to buy domains from some other services such as(eAskme, Namecheap), as domains cost are more than other services on Hostgator.
Still, Hostgator hosting is best in class and comes with the best hardware quality.
If you have any questions regarding HostGator Maximum discount coupon code, please ask me via comments.

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Twitter Super Follow and Twitter Communities: Monetize Your tweets to Earn Money on Twitter

Do you want to make money with Twitter Super Follow? Do you have twitter Communities? Do you understand Twitter's long-term goals behind the launch of Super Follow?

Today, you will know everything.

Twitter has announced paid feature known as Super Follow. The Super Follow feature will allow Twitter users to monetize their tweets or content.

Twitter Super Follow and Twitter Communities: Monetize Your tweets to Earn Money on Twitter: eAskme
Twitter Super Follow and Twitter Communities: Monetize Your tweets to Earn Money on Twitter: eAskme

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Twitter Super Follow's first look is already revealed online. It shows that Super Follow will make Twitter users pay a monthly fee for getting premium content.

During Analyse Day event, Twitter has displayed many upcoming features, including a feature like Facebook Groups. This feature will help people, brands, and marketers to build communities on Twitter.

Not just that, but Twitter has also displayed their long-term goals.

Here is what you must know:

Super Follow to monetize Tweets:

Soon Twitter users will have the ability to use the Super Follow feature to monetize their tweets.

This means that your follower have to pay a monthly fee as with the Super follow feature to receive some benefits such as;

  • Community access
  • Deals and discounts.
  • Exclusive content
  • Special support badge
  • Subscribers only email newsletter.

The Super Follow feature is an important update in two ways;

  • Super Follow is the first paid feature on Twitter for users.
  • Twitter users will get paid by their followers.

But this will only help if you are a popular content creator and people always want more. For a newbie on Twitter, this brings the passion for becoming a Twitter influencer. Journalists, reporters, publications, and celebrities can find this feature quite interesting.

Twitter Communities:

Twitter has also displayed the beginning of Twitter communities.

Twitter communities will help users to participate in discussions on a given topic.

Users can share their tweets to one or multiple communities.

There is more about Twitter Super Follow and Twitter Communities that you will know in the coming days.

Twitter's long-term goals:

Twitter has some goals that they want to achieve by 2023.

  • Double the development to make employees generate more monetized daily active users or revenue.
  • Twitter wants to reach 315 million active monetized daily users by the end of 2023.
  • Twitter wants to achieve a revenue target of $7.5 billion by 2023.

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Things Every SEO Newbie Has to Know : The Ultimate SEO Guide for Beginners

Many people are new to SEO. But that is no reason to be worried. We will be talking about the most basic essentials of SEO today. Let us call it the golden rules of SEO. Let's start. beginners.

It is all about the user experience.

Things Every SEO Newbie Has to Know : The Ultimate SEO Guide for Beginners: eAskme
Things Every SEO Newbie Has to Know: The Ultimate SEO Guide for Beginners: eAskme

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I am not saying that you should ignore importance of keywords, but the better the user experience, the more enhanced the SEO will be.

Anything that improves SEO will in turn improve user experience.


Because to the most basic core of SEO it is about delivering the most accurate to the the right person.
SEO is about what the reader wants.

It doesn't just focus on the visual side of the post. SEO (Search engine optimization) uses the type of search query.

The most basic intentions are as follows

  • To buy something - Transaction search
  • To know something - Information search
  • To go somewhere - Navigation search
For SEO It is about giving the best experience to the user. That is the main goal. So SEO needs to understand how to get the correct searches.

Sitemaps on HTML helps to give crawlability. It also helps readers to go the desired location on a webpage.

Using navigation can be very essential for the reader's experience. As well as helping to give a well structured and organized site. It is also great for crawling and indexing.

Text block is an essential part of SEO, because it creates longtail keyword indexing, as well as semantic relevance.

Do remember that it is important that the reader understand the words used, product and more.

Microdata helps the reader to have a SERP friendly experience. As well as giving an optimized search experience too. Especially provides this.
To be SEO smart, ethically, professionally. You have to remember that you must focus on your readers.

You need to give them the best experience possible. Search optimization comes second.

Links are very important

Links that is inbound is very important for SEO.

For Google, it is very important to rely on links. Bad links results in penalties. Good links gain rewards.

What is the reward? Rank.

That easy. Inbound links will gain rank.

You not only need good links but you also need to check backlinks by using backlink checker tools and find out which are good and which are not good.

You should also remember that interlinking your old posts is as important as backlinks for your site.

Things SEO Newbies need to know

You have to remember things that affects your site like the size of your site, trust issues, the structure, the quality of your articles and content, the freshness of your site.

here is lots more things too. But one thing remains a fact.

All of these things affect your links some way or another.

For a healthy website its very important to have backlinks that is authoritative. So the question remains, how do i get those links?

This part is very tricky.

Some would call it "earning links" Other would say its :building link"

Then there are those who don't follow any given links as they view as dangerous or not trustworthy.

But as seen on many successful sites showed that through content marketing, yes even on guests blogging, the experience shows only success.
There is other important things too.

Like using a great title tag.

Now what is a title tag?

It is the HTML element that readers see when they are looking at your website on SERP's.

It should describe what the page is about.

To make it easier follow these guidelines

  • Primary keywords
  • Second primary keywords
  • Your brand name at the end
  • Nothing over 60 characters
Do remember that tittle tags are very important.

Because it describes your content the best. So then you have to remember the keywords.

So don't be afraid to use keywords, but at the same time you shouldn't use too many keywords.

Remember that your article content is king

You may have heard this before, but it's because it is true.

For SEO both content and technical side of it is important. If the technical side doesn't work, your site doesn't function well.

So the best thing is to have both. The one isn't more important that the other.

Remember the intention is to have a well functioning website that is optimized that is performing well.
Realize it is important to invest a lot of your effort and your time into your content.

Simple way to put it is to admit that content marketing will earn you money.

But what about SEO?

Well. SEO is about your content, as it works with and through your content.

Now the last thoughts 

SEO still a huge field to explore.

There is meshes and so many digital marketing areas.

It isn't all about having discipline.

It is also a very important fact that your online presence should be seen.

It is the core of your presence.

Yes it is very essential if you want success with SEO.

So the last things to remember about SEO?
  • Its all about the reader's experience.
  • Important to use title tags
  • Your content is king.
Important : SEO Checklist For Every Blogger

So these are the Things Every SEO Newbie Has to Know.

Did I miss anything? Is there something you would like to tell or share with other readers? I will love to hear from you.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Win Free Amazon Prime Video Accounts for 2021-2022: eAskme Amazon Prime Video Monthly GiveAway

Giveaway and Entertainment season are back together. This time, eAskme giveaways is offering free Annual Amazon Prime Video Accounts. And, you can win a new Amazon Prime Account every month.

Free Amazon Prime Account for 2021-2022: eAskme Amazon Prime Video Monthly GiveAway: eAskme
Free Amazon Prime Account for 2021-2022: eAskme Amazon Prime Video Monthly GiveAway: eAskme

Amazon Prime Video is offering massive entertainment online with the best movies, shows, and Amazon originals. eAskme is bringing all the Amazon Prime Video Entertainment to you for free.

eAskme has a long history of organizing massive giveaways for its followers and subscribers.

Now you all have the chance to win Amazon Prime Video Accounts for free every month.

Why eAskme Amazon Prime Giveaway?

Due to COVID-19, people are afraid of going out to watch movies in the nearest cinemas. This Amazon prime giveaway will save you from leaving your house just for the sake of entertainment. You will be able to watch all the movies, tv shows, and Amazon originals for free.

Also, Amazon prime subscriber can save more and get faster delivery when ordering products from amazon.

What can you watch on Amazon Prime with free Amazon prime video account?

The free Amazon Prime video account works as any paid subscription. You can watch everything available on Amazon Prime Video website for the next 365 days, such as movies, tv shows, kids section, etc.

You can watch videos in different languages such as English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, etc.

From Harry Potter world to Marvel Cinematic Universe, conjuring series to Fast and furious series, The Boys, Soulmates, Tredstone, The Good Doctor, Jack Ryan, ZeroZeroZero, The Expanse, The Legend of El Cid, Kung fu panda series, young Sheldon, there is a massive list of movies and tv series that you can watch for free on Amazon Prime.

Who can Participate and Win Amazon Prime Free Account Giveaway?

eAskme Amazon Prime Giveaway is running worldwide.

No matter where you are, as long as you can access Amazon prime, you can participate in this giveaway.

How to Win Free Annual Amazon Account Every Month?

We believe in keeping everything simple.

To participate in the eAskme Amazon Prime video monthly giveaway, you need to follow few simple steps.

Step 1. Fill this form:

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Winners will get the notification via emails.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask via comments.

It is your time to make others jealous!


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