How to Use Content Strategies To Improve the SEO

Use Content strategies to improve the SEO of your blog or website. The best way to refine your search ranking is to be a respected source or an expert for specific types of content. Search engines consider those sites most valuable which have in-depth information on a particular topic because they present information to the users who are finding it.

Content clusters” on a website help search engine to determine the relevancy of that site to a specific search query — usually sites which have the same type of high-quality content rank higher in search results.

How to Use Content Strategies To Improve the SEO: eAskme
How to Use Content Strategies To Improve the SEO: eAskme

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Content Strategies To Improve the SEO

Content Strategies To Improve the SEO: eAskme

One popular strategy is to create content around keyword or phrase which show higher engagement on your site. 

When you know which keywords draw most traffic to your site, then you should create more on that keyword — this will to show the relevance of content to search engines and improve your ranking. This will help you gain more traffic and more monetization opportunities.

Blogging & Content Marketing

How to Use Content Strategies To Improve the SEO: eAskme

The blog is a necessity for good content marketing. If you want that others take you seriously in digital marketing, then you should have a blog. It helps your followers keep visiting your site.

This is true for online bloggers and publishers. Still many big brands are neglecting their blogs.

79% of companies with a blog experienced better ROI for inbound marketing than 20% of companies without a blog.

Branding for a blog is also helpful for their content marketing strategy.

The blog is a customizable domain to share relevant information regarding content service or products of your site. This tells the story to your followers with branded content.

A blog is a place where content marketing journey of a blog starts.
A blog is the critical foundation for content marketing, so you should take it seriously and focus on its layout, design and make sure that the content should be of high quality. A blog is a most important place for content strategy.

A great blog is a cornerstone of content marketing strategy. You should not limit yourself to just creating and sharing content on your blog only.

You should try and contribute to related sites to get your message and brand in front of the target audience.
When your brand appears on various related publications, then you will legitimize your business and build a huge fan base. It also establishes your reputation as an expert in your niche. It helps your potential customers and followers to recognize your brand on other sites. It also helps to build trust and a strong relationship with consumers.

Blogging For Content Marketing

Blogging For Content Marketing: eAskme

Running a blog requires a lot of patience, effort, resources and time. A blog is a valuable investment. To get returns from your blog you need to focus on optimizing it for readers and search engines.

Search ranking will also help you reach a larger audience, get more organic traffic and extra revenue.

Tips for getting Content Noticed by Search Engines:

Tips for getting Content Noticed by Search Engines: eAskme

You should start working on crafting headlines of your articles. The catchy headline does wonders in content marketing. Favorite content publishers spend more time to create a catchy title for blog posts.

Guidelines to Write Better Headlines:

Be Concise

Everyone like to gain more information in a short time. So you should focus on writing short, to the point and catchy headlines. Headlines with eight words or less are best.

Use Numbers
Headlines with numbers help readers to understand what they can expect from the article and gain more attention.

Offer Benefits
When you promise some benefit to your readers, it also helps you gain more traffic and engage readers with your content.

Optimize for Search
Include your primary keyword or keyword phrase in the headline. Search engines consider the title to determine the relevancy of an article to a search query. It is essential to include the topic of your article in the title.

Tease Your Readers

The title which can increase the curiosity of your audience always performs well. Write headline in a way that it hints at how the article is interesting, funny, helpful or controversial. Don’t give all information of the article in the title, rather than make readers click to find out.

Catchy titles play a significant role in the success of the content strategy, but the subject matter is also equally important. You need to combine high-quality content with a great headline

Tips to Choose Subject Matter:

Tips to Choose Subject Matter: eAskme


Evergreen Topics

Just like evergreen songs that love regardless of how old are they, there are evergreen topics that people will always be interested.

Great examples of evergreen topics are technology, entertainment, celebrities, and food.

Writing evergreen content articles will help you extend life and relevance of your content over time.

Expand On Previous Posts

Analyze old post and see which post perform best. Write more about those topics that perform better on your blog. It is an effective strategy to target audience.

Update Old Posts

It is essential to create new content, but it is more important to update old posts. It will extend the life of existing posts. The easiest way to promote your blog is to make it user-friendly and worthy for readers.

Stay On Top Of Trends

Blog posts are short-lived and generally news breaking. To stay top trends, you have to cover hot topics in your niche. You can quickly create content on such topics and also get quick results.

Final Words:

A blog is essential for the success of a business. Your blog act as the foundation of your content marketing strategy and gives you total control over the brand image. Your brand identity should be most robust. Understand your audience and target them accordingly.

These are the Content Strategies To Improve the SEO of your website. Follow them, and you will see beautiful results. If you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Check Airtel Balance with USSD Codes – Check Airtel balance online

Airtel is the most popular telecom service in India. Millions of Airtel subscribers are calling customer care day and nights to check Airtel balance. Airtel allows users to check Airtel balance online using USSD codes yet most of the people are not aware of how to do it. Keep in mind that I have decided to share all the Airtel USSD codes to check airtel prepaid balance. It is super easy to access Airtel prepaid balance check and Airtel primary stability check using USSD codes.

I have already shared how you can check Airtel 4g data balance using USSD codes.

Today, I am sharing how you can check Airtel prepaid.

Airtel is India's leading the mobile network to make calls, internet, and SMS. It also offers Broadband services and DTH services.

USSD codes to Check Airtel Balance – Check Airtel balance online: eAskme
USSD codes to Check Airtel Balance – Check Airtel balance online: eAskme

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Checking Airtel balance using USSD codes is super easy. You need not to call customer care. USSD codes for Airtel balance check help you to save a lot of time and efforts. You can use USSD codes to check not only Airtel prepaid balance but also Airtel net balance and offers.

Airtel USSD codes are there for Airtel balance check online, Airtel net balance check, Airtel offers check and Airtel data balance check. There are so many Airtel USSD codes 2019 are available to check everything online. Now let’s review the Airtel USSD codes 2019 for you.

Let’s check all the essential Airtel balance check USSD codes.

How to Check Airtel balance enquiry:

There are multiple ways to check Airtel balance. Airtel balance check USSD codes 2019 are updated for you. In 2019, you can use Airtel USSD codes to check main balance in airtel.

How to check Airtel Balance enquiry:

  • Dail *123# to Check Airtel main balance
  • Dail *123*10# to check Airtel Next balance
  • Dail *121# To check available offers and balance
  • Dail *141# to check the main balance and take the loan.

How to Check Airtel Internet Balance:

  • Dail *121# to check recharge offers
  • Dail *123*9# to check 2g Internet balance

Special Airtel USSD dial codes

  • Dail 121 for customer care
  • Dail 123 for recharge
  • Dail 198 for complaints
  • Dail 1909 for do not disturb service
  • Dail *121# to check offers on Airtel

Final Words:

Now you know how to check Airtel 2g balance using Airtel USSD odes in 2019 or how to check main balance in Airtel and How to check Airtel balance check online.

If you are an Airtel Broadband user, then you can use Airtel Smartbytes to check data balance.

Do you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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The Web Hosting And SEO Trends That You Must Follow In 2019

The Web Hosting and SEO trends are changing every year. No matter you are a professional SEO expert or newbie in SEO industry, you should follow the latest SEO trends. When you focus on SEO of your business, your goal should be on providing the valuable user experience. You can do it by following the latest Web hosting and SEO trends in 2019.

In September 2014 the total number of existing websites has reached and exceeded the symbolic milestone of one billion for the first time. In 2015 this number has slightly decreased, yet increasing dramatically in 2019. Statistics have a unique charm indeed, but the reasons that decreed the success of a website are equally fascinating, if not more.

Designing a website is nowadays relatively easy, especially using one of the numerous available website builders which indisputably offer handling good quality services.

Yet it gets a bit tricky when it comes to understand and to deal with SEO, keywords and search approaches: a fascinating and challenging world which offers always new landscapes, but also a treacherous terrain in some respects, mutable and requiring a constant attention to keep up.

The Web Hosting And SEO Trends That You Must Follow In 2019: eAskme
The Web Hosting And SEO Trends That You Must Follow In 2019: eAskme

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Understanding SEO strategies and staying updated is fundamental!

Several available articles on the internet offer an exhaustive Eagle eye view on the most recent trends on web designing in relation to visibility, usability and relevance of the content. They give useful seo tips, especially insisting on few features websites should have to prove reliable, handing and successful.

The Web Hosting And SEO Trends That You Must Follow In 2019

But, you have the keep the mind window open to grasp maximum.

Google, her majesty.

Google : The Web Hosting And SEO Trends That You Must Follow In 2019: eAskme

SEO is the acronym for Search engine optimization, and a well-designed website cannot ignore google, the most used web search engine. Knowing how it works is indeed very useful to design a well-indexed website.

In 2019, you have to think beyond Google.

Remember: Google is in business to provider better user experience.

If your website can do the same then you need not to reply on Search engines to boost your online presence.

My Tip: Write for your readers not just for search engine bots.

The more value you will provide to the visitors the more easily you can rank for the keywords and queries.

Local SEO 

Local SEO: The Web Hosting And SEO Trends That You Must Follow In 2019: eAskme

Go Local!

Millions of web searches are carried out every minute in every corner of the world, looking for the more disparate services, news or objects.

Many users’ searches are somehow related to specific areas, thus tailoring search results on users locations is one of the SEO trend for the future.

People wanting a pizza or a bunch of roses, are probably looking for a place easily accessible from their actual location.

If your business is indexed in the local pages, your chances of being seen rocket, boosting as well your sales.

Social contents.

Social Contents: The Web Hosting And SEO Trends That You Must Follow In 2019: eAskme

Since the birth and growth of social medias, the online diffusion of the news has been constantly changing.

The web versions of the traditional newspapers are giving way to a new kind of pages, lighter and more fluent, specifically tailored on social networks and blogs.

The prevision for the immediate future is an even more importance for social content SEO.

Google Prioritizes fat Contents!

Google Priorities Fat Content: The Web Hosting And SEO Trends That You Must Follow In 2019: eAskme#

The new trend in managing search results is to put at the first ranks those contents whose originality, length, links to trustworthy sources and appropriate images can assure a certain substance, allowing surfers to have an effective answer to their search.

By and large, the minimum size of an article should be at least 600 words, better more; otherwise, web engines won’t consider them as relevant enough.

With the vast and always increasing number of actual websites, optimizing the content of your pages is a must, a game changer for the visibility and the success of your work.

Since 2018,  Google algorithms focus more on valuable content. The easiest way to rank your content is to provide exceptionally original data.

My Tip: Your content should give a clear idea about how a user can follow your advice.

Understand Buyer Personas:

Understand Buyer Personas: The Web Hosting And SEO Trends That You Must Follow In 2019: eAskme

Understanding buyers personas and intent is the key to grow your blogging business or online business.

You need to understand what makes your audience to stay on your site for a long time, What makes the visitor engage with your site and what influence the buyer's decision?

Your ultimate goal should understand what a customer or visitors want from your site.

For this purpose, you can take help of customer outreach.

Plan your customer outreach strategy to understand the buyer's expectations and the solution you can provide them.

It is the time for you to expand your approach to collect user queries and find out if your competitors are ranking for such questions.

If the SERP filled with directories only then you should better choose the next keyword or query.

MY Tip: Rather than just focusing on keyword, concentrate on the content and the value you can add to the user experience.

Build Expertise, Trust and Authority:

Build Trust, Expertise and Authority: The Web Hosting And SEO Trends That You Must Follow In 2019: eAskme

For long-term benefit it is necessary to establish and grow expertise, authority and trust.

Google call it E-A-T concept.

It is a key to rank for any keyword in 2019.

My tip: Quality comes with context. You cannot make the content rank high for the long term if you are writing meaningless posts. You need authoritative content to rank high in search results.

Technical SEO:

Technical SEO: The Web Hosting And SEO Trends That You Must Follow In 2019: eAskme

Improve the Technical SEO of your blog or website. Technical SEO is one of the most common invest in 2019.

To improve the technical SEO of your site you need to work on;

Optimize the speed of your blog/website. After Google's mobile-friendly algorithm, bloggers and marketers are focusing more on improving the site speed.

In 2019, you must learn a bit about JavaScript. You need to understand how search engines are allowing Javascript. Get rid of render blocking javascript.

Be Ready for Voice Search:

Be ready for Voice Search: The Web Hosting And SEO Trends That You Must Follow In 2019: eAskme

Users are using Google assistant to run voice search.

Voice search will be the next thing in SEO.

In 2019, It is important to optimize your content for voice search also.

My Tip: Your voice optimization strategy should follow a basic rule. Optimize for readers.

Follow Structured Data Markup:

Structured Data Markup: The Web Hosting And SEO Trends That You Must Follow In 2019: eAskme

Artificial intelligence has increased the importance of structured data. Structured data is the key to Automatic algorithm first world.

It is your job to understand schema markup, structured data, and active/passive behaviour.

Use appropriate schema for structured data.

When it comes to understand the SEO strategies you should learn about;

Mobile optimization

Mobile phones are becoming a sort of artificial and essential limb for all of us, performing a plethora of functions intimately connected with the today life, including most of the daily net surfing: every website should prioritize a mobile friendly version in order to be competitive in a more and more crowded and fierce market.

Mobile applications.

The constantly increasing use of mobile telephones results in an increasing developing of mobile apps. Several research show how applications for iPhones and Smartphones are going to be preferred to desktop websites in a few years.

Read  :  Google Using Mobile Usability As A Ranking Factor In Mobile Search Results

Graphic media

The static and elegant exquisiteness of old fashioned webpages is giving way to a more dynamic kind of beauty, where motion, fading images, videos and interactive implements are indisputably setting the benchmark for the latest trends in website designing.

Final Words:

Spending some time to learn the current SEO best practices can really be one of the best investment you can do in order to improve the total volume of your business.

Many websites offer useful and in-depth tips on how to become a SEO specialist. You can even go further: what if the SEO world would become a new scenario for further increasing your overall income? Why don’t make money using your skills, creating captivating SEO text for some company that offers essay writing services?

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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A Beginner’s Guide to SEO in 2019

Search engine optimization can be a complicated subject, but it is important for small businesses to get a basic understanding of SEO as one of the best ways to increase your online exposure. Good website rankings can increase the amount of business you get both online and offline and could be the key to a business’s survival in the new year because let’s face it, this digital age that we live in isn’t going anywhere.

A Beginner’s Guide to SEO in 2019: eAskme
A Beginner’s Guide to SEO in 2019: eAskme

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Getting good SEO information, especially as a beginner can be difficult. There are many resources online that provide SEO tips and strategies, but most tend to be too complicated for a beginner to understand or are out of date strategies that once worked but don’t anymore and can potentially lead a beginner down the wrong path.

With that said, there are some basic foundational SEO tips that every business owner should know, whether you are a beginner or expert. I have written this guide to help you learn what they are and how to implement them in your business. Let's start with keyword research.

Keyword Research

A Beginner’s Guide to SEO in 2019: eAskme

Keywords are crucial when it comes to SEO. It is the key element that connects you with your customers and potential clients. Your web content should, therefore, have relevant keywords that customers are most likely to search for.

Write down all keywords relevant to your business so that you don't forget anything important. It should also contain the location of your business if possible. To ensure you have unique keywords, try searching them online to see if they already exist.

You can use keyword tools such as the one provided by Google to come up with new keywords that are relevant to your business, products, and services.

Optimizing Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

Page title and Description: A Beginner’s Guide to SEO in 2019: eAskme

When used in titles, keywords should be natural and attractive. They should entice the reader click to continue reading the rest of the content. Keywords should also be informative and closely related to what the rest of the content is about.

Google No Longer sport Meta Keywords

Using the right meta descriptions is also one of the best SEO tips you can grasp. They help show the reader briefly what your content is about within the search engine results. It shouldn't be too long, so it drives the reader away before they click on your website listing.

While meta descriptions have a little bit of influence on SEO rankings if they feature relevant keywords, it is mostly about getting the searcher to click on your website in the search results to read more about your company.

Having a good click-through rate can also give you a boost in the search rankings.

Optimizing Page Content

Optimizing page Content: A Beginner’s Guide to SEO in 2019: eAskme

The type of content you use will determine whether the reader reads it to the end or not.

Long boring content is usually discouraging which makes the reader give up before reaching the end. You should, therefore, make your content unique and exciting.

One of the ways to maximize this SEO strategy is using enticing headlines and subheadings. This breaks down the content into sections making it easier to read.

You can also use visual content such as pictures and videos to make it more interesting and break up the content even further and make the text less blocky.

Remember to use images that are relevant to your content.

The content you write should be relevant to your business and the message you're trying to pass across to your prospective clients.

Optimizing Social Media Profiles and Business Listings

Optimize Social Media Profiles: A Beginner’s Guide to SEO in 2019: eAskme

Social media platforms have become more than the area of socialization. They can now be used by businesses to attract more customers. Search engines also use social media in their ranking algorithms.

Some online business directories allow you to enter your social media profiles, so you should put as many details about your business as possible on them. This will make it easier for customers to learn more about your business and find you.

You can also use your social media profiles to interact with your customers. Post updates regularly and communicates with your customers by responding to their concerns and questions.

Make sure you post new updates about your brand or products which can alert your customers about new products and make them feel more connected to your business.

Being active can also signal to Google that you are a real business.

Building Relevant Backlinks

Building relevant links: A Beginner’s Guide to SEO in 2019: eAskme

When used correctly, backlinks can help your business achieve significant growth, but when not used successfully they can be damaging to your business and online presence.

It is essential that you build quality and relevant backlinks to your website.

Backlinks show that other websites “trust” your site as a useful resource, as they are linking to it. As such, they represent a part of what search engines look for when ranking websites in the search results: the more quality backlinks you have, the higher your chances of being placed at the top.

Other than creating high-quality links and ensuring the websites that link to you are legit, you should try and get links from sites that rank well in the search engines too.

Analyzing your competitor's backlinks and getting backlinks from the same websites that are linking to their site is a great place to start, especially if they are ranking above you. If it worked for them, it would probably work for you too.

You can reach out to the target website and try and offer something of value to them to get them to link to you. A great piece of content on your site is also another excuse to blag a link from them.


The tips above are the foundation of any SEO campaign and can bring fantastic results for beginners when used correctly.

Monitoring your website's performance is also very important since it will help you identify your areas of weakness if you're not performing well and show you what changes need to be made. You can also use online tools to analyze your website and identify areas you need to improve on. This will help you improve your ranking and grow your business.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Best Kodi Alternatives, Addons and Updates

So, you want to know about Kodi? Today you may have many questions in your mind such as what is Kodi? What are the best Kodi alternatives? From where you can download Kodi? What are the Kodi addons? How to update Kodi? How to use Kodi? What are the best Kodi alternatives? What is the latest version of Kodi? etc., etc.

There is nothing strange if you do not know about Kodi or the best Kodi alternatives.

Kodi : Alternatives, Addons and Updates: eAskme
Kodi : Alternatives, Addons and Updates: eAskme

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Today, I will answer your every question about Kodi.

Let’s start from the basic one.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is one of the most popular open source Home Theater Software available for free. Kodi is the software that allows you to stream videos in the home theater environment.

Kodi gives you access to play music, movies, TV shows, photos, Watch/record live TV, use add-ons, web interface, remote access, etc.

How to install Kodi?

The beauty about Kodi software is that you can install Kodi on any operating system. You can easily install Kodi on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, iOS and many other operating systems.

It is super easy to Install Kodi.
  • Just go to
  • Click on the “Download” button available on the top right side.
  • It will take you to the download page.
  • Choose your operating system.
  • Click on the available button to download Kodi.

Kodi 17.1 and Kodi 17.4 are the most popular versions of Kodi software.

The latest Kodi 17.6 is available now.

Now, as you have downloaded Kodi, the next thing is to install Kodi.

You can not only install Kodi on desktop or android, but you can also install Kodi on firestick.

To install Kodi on the desktop, just run the Kodi software, and in a couple of clicks, Kodi installation will complete.

To get maximum entertainment, you can use the best Kodi add-ons.

Best Kodi Add-ons:

There are hundreds of add-ons that you can find on Kodi, but I am going to share only the most popular Kodi addons.
  • Exodus
  • Convenant
  • Genesis
  • Nemesis
  • Incursion
  • Neptune Rising
  • The Magic Dragon
  • Posedion
  • Gurzil

There is a vast list of Kodi add-ons that you can browse here

You can find the best Kodi add-ons according to the categories such as;
  • Audio decoder
  • Audio encoder
  • Context menus
  • Game add-ons
  • Image decoder
  • Information providers
  • Libraries
  • Look and feel
  • Lyrics
  • Modules
  • Music add-ons
  • Picture add-ons
  • Plugins
  • Program add-ons
  • PVR client
  • Scripts
  • Services
  • Subtitles
  • Video add-ons
  • Virtual filesystem
  • Visualization
  • Weather
  • Web interface

Kodi also allows you to create your addon.

You will find many of favorite Kodi addons banned or shut down. The reason behind is that some add-ons can cause legal or copyright issues. I advise you to use VPN service such as NordVPN if you are using add-ons.

This is the time when you may think about best Kodi alternatives. You can some of the best Kodi alternatives to entertain yourself.

The Best Kodi Alternatives

Here are the best Kodi alternatives for you. These add-ons will give you almost everything that you find on Kodi. Most of the Kodi alternatives in this list are free.


Emby : Kodi Alternatives : eAskme

Emby is one of the most compatible Kodi alternative available these days. You can use Emby on almost all the platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, PS4, Xbox, Roku, Chrome Web, etc.
Emby says, ”Take your Media anywhere.”

Emby and Plex are the close competitors, and both are the best Kodi alternatives. Similar to Kodi, Emby is also an open source platform to stream videos and record live TV. Emby works on client-server.

Emby also gives you parental control to control what your kids can watch. This is a valuable feature.
The smart processing mechanism of Emby makes it able to stream the videos according to the device capabilities.

Emby also sends you all the necessary notifications regarding your activity.

To access movie mode and backups, you need to opt for the premiere version of Emby. You can pay $4.99/month, or $54/yearly or $119 for lifetime access. You can process these payments via PayPal.

Media Portal:

Media Portal : Kodi Alternatives : eAskme

Media Portal is another Kodi alternative. The best thing about Media Portal is that you can enable remote control in it. Media Portal is an open source media center that works similar to Kodi.

Media Portal is available for Windows, iOS, Android and Web. You will find a vast collection of addons on Media Portal. You can watch live streaming and many favorite channels on this software.

It is not heavy software. You can run it smoothly on basic hardware. You can also connect it with the Tv to watch movies, photos or listen to music. You can also record live TV, get weather updates, news, etc. on this software.

The beauty of Media portal is that it is entirely free.


Infuse : Kodi Alternatives : eAskme

Infuse is an elegant video player because of its popularity and user-friendly nature I have added it in the list of alternative to Kodi. You can use infuse to play all the popular media formats such as AVI, MP44, MKV, WMV, etc.

Infuse is one of the most effective alternatives to Kodi. You can easily import the video on Infuse from the third party apps such as OneDrive, iCould, Google, Dropbox, etc.

It is super easy to download and use this media player.

You can even play 4k videos on this software.

Infuse is popular because of its gesture control, drag-drop feature and split screen feature.
You will find it easy to use than other Kodi alternatives.

Terrarium TV App:

Terrarium Tv App : Kodi Alternatives : eAskme
Terrarium TV  App offers you a massive library of movies and tv series. Smartphone users find this app the best Kodi alternative for smartphone users.

Using the app is easy. Its user-friendly interface is the reason behind its popularity.

Terrarium TV App is for those who love to watch movies or TV series. It is a free app available for TV box, Android TV, Fire Tv, and Firestick. You can quickly install it to stream movies.

It does not support 4k streaming, but you can watch 1080p HD movies on it.


Mobdro : Kodi Alternatives : eAskme

Mobdro is another live streaming app for android devices. You will find a huge list of TV channels on Mobdro. When it comes to talking about streaming errors, Mobdro is better than Kodi.

Mobdro quickly steams the movies and TV series online. You can also download the film and tv series.

The simple user interface of Mobdro makes it easy for you to access your favorite videos. You can browse different categories.

Mobdro comes in both free and paid version. The paid version gives you access to all the latest movies and TV series.


Stremio : Kodi Alternatives : eAskme

Are you looking for a light alternative to Kodi? If yes, then Stremio is for you. Stremio is the perfect alternative to Kodi. You will find all the data on this app managed perfectly.

Stremio is the perfect solution to watch high-quality videos. It also provides casting support. This means that you can cast videos easily on any device. You can also find subtitles when watching videos.

You can also create a personal library on Stremio app. In the personal library you can keep your favorite videos. You can also enjoy some of the most popular add-ons such as Flimon, YouTube and Netflix.

The best thing about Stremio app is that it will give you a notification whenever a new movie or show added.

It is a must to signup on Stremio to access the database. It is quite easy to create an account on Stremio.


Plex : Kodi Alternatives : eAskme

Plex is another alternative of Kodi. On Plex, you will find everything that you get on Kodi. Plex also comes in both paid and free versions.

Plex premium version gives you additional features. You can start using plex for free, but if you want more, then you can opt of the premium account by paying $4.99/month.

You can install Plex on Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. There is another version of Plex that you can install on Roku, Android TV, Windows Phone and Linux.

Users like the multidimensional interface. It helps you efficiently manage and watch videos. You can watch movies and TV series on Plex.

 On Plex, you can watch various live TV channels. It is also the best video streaming app for android devices.


Exodus is a popular alternative of Kodi. Exodus live TV offers high-quality experience free of cost. You can download this app from the play store.

The free version of Exodus live app gives you everything but with ads. To avoid adds you have to opt for the premium version.

You can watch the favorite HD channels live from USA and UK. You can also watch channels from other countries. You can also find channels according to the category such as movies, news, religion, sports, and entertainment. You will not find buffering errors.

Exodus live TV is a free app, and you need not create an account.

Using the app with a clean interface is easy.


YouNity : Kodi Alternatives : eAskme

You may find many other Kodi alternatives, but Younity is one of the best. Younity comes in both free and paid versions.

You can also call it the perfect alternative to Kodi. It is available for Mac, iOS and Android devices.

Younity supports Chrome Cast. With this, you can easily cast the videos on other devices.

Younity also enables remote control access. You can use it as a Kodi alternative.


SPMC : Kodi Alternatives : eAskme

SPMC is another popular media server similar to Kodi. It was developed by former Kodi team, and that is why it is the perfect alternative to Kodi. The team has tried to give you a better app than Kodi.

You will find it similar to Kodi with additional features. You will not face many errors that you may see on Kodi. SPMC allows you to customize the media and library easily.

SPMC is only available for Android users.

SPMC offer you some unique features which make it the superior alternative of Kodi.

Final Words:

Kodi is the most popular open source player software available for almost all the platforms. When accessing Kodi, you may face some errors. Kodi alternatives are here to help you get rid of common mistakes and get more entertainment.

If you have ever used Kodi, then you must use these alternatives also.

I have already shared many posts with you where you can watch movies and TV series online for free.

Now you can download the best Kodi alternatives and find out which work best for you.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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How to Improve Customer Outreach and Your Business Reputation

To run a successful business, it is essential to improve customer outreach and develop effective communication. Customer outreach also helps your business to gain trust and turn into a brand.

Customer outreach is the most effective way to run an online business or offline business. The active customer outreach approach will encourage people to fall in love with your business.

How to Improve Customer Outreach and Your Business Reputation: eAskme
How to Improve Customer Outreach and Your Business Reputation: eAskme

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A wrong customer outreach strategy can hurt your business reputation.

As a professional blogger, I understand the importance of customer reach and how it will impact your business.

How to Improve Customer Outreach and Your Business Reputation

If you want to boost your business, then you should also learn everything about customer outreach.
Let’s start from the beginning.

What is Customer Outreach?

What is Customer Outreach: How to Improve Customer Outreach and Your Business Reputation: eAskme

Customer outreach is all about building a strong connection with customers. You need customer outreach to improve customer relationship.

Every single way that you use to communicate with customers is helping you to build strong customer outreach.

Customer outreach is important, but it doesn't mean that you should only stick with the traditional ways of outreach.

You can also utilize a possible way to boost customer outreach such as word to mouth promotion, community talks, customer reviews, and cold calling.

Why your business needs customer Outreach? Or Why Customer Outreach is essential?

Why your business needs customer Outreach? Or Why Customer Outreach is essential?: eAskme

Customer outreach is significant for brand awareness and to build trust.

Outreach marketing helps you to expand your business reach and promote products or services effectively.

Outreach strategies are also essential to understand buyer personas. Effective communication with customers will help you understand their needs.

Once you understand the customer needs, then you can quickly develop products and services according to the customer experience.

Even when you are running blogging business or any other business, customer outreach help you effectively plan your strategies.

Yet I have been using customer outreach program to grow eAskme. I have also developed #growwitheaskme hashtag to help customers easily connect with eAskme for help.

How Customer Outreach Turn your Business into a Brand?

How to Improve Customer Outreach and Your Business Reputation: eAskme

To get maximum out of customer outreach, you need to work on building a brand. The ways you communicate with your customers tell how customers look at your business.

Social media presence of your business also plays an important role to boost customer engagement with your brand.

Review sites are also the best place to find what customers think about your business. Building email lists and running email campaigns also help you to promote your business effectively.

A strong first impression is also helpful to leave an impression.

To improve business reputation, you need to work on customer satisfaction. You must quickly respond to the queries and questions of your customers.

You need to discover a thin line between significant actions and overdo things.

Be responsive to the customers.

How to Improve Customer Outreach for Business Reputations?

How to Improve Customer Outreach for Business Reputations: eAskme

It is easy for small business to go personal with customers. A personal touch in customer outreach will make customer follow your brand. This will boost customer engagement, and you can easily understand the psychology of conversions.

But it doesn’t mean that big business cannot grow their customer outreach.

Today, I am sharing some of the most effective ways how you can improve customer outreach and improve business reputations.

Improve Customer Support:

Improve Customer Support: eAskme

No matter you are running a multinational company or working from home, customer support is essential to turn your business into a brand. Customer support help customer to find the instant solution and improve your business reputation.

There was a time when customers were forced to wait to connect their calls with customer support.

But not customer uses multiple ways to save time and connect with customer support such as social media, email, chats, reviews, etc. It is your job to reply instantly.

Also, connect with your customers on various customer support or discussion communities. Respond to the reviews and try to get rid of negative feedback by helping the customers.

Make your customers feel that your business listens to them. Provide them instant support.

At, we support visitors by providing the best possible solutions.

We reply to every email, every comment and everything that is said on other sites. Your customer support improves customer outreach.

Don’t Chase Customers:

Don’t Chase Customers: eAskme

It is always nice to let your customer find the latest solutions, new updates, wishes, and broachers. But do not overdo it — no one like to see the same information popping in front of eyes again and again.

Only share relevant posts or information on right time. Share information related to your business growth. Post on social media to boost interaction and engagements.

Even if you have to post the old content, mix it up with the latest posts. Share old posts only when you find them relevant.

Customer Personas:

How to Improve Customer Outreach and Your Business Reputation: eAskme

Consumer outreach is helpful to collect information which will help you to serve the customers better. By using customer outreach, you will find out what your customer needs? What type of products should you promote? When you engage with the customers, you will understand customer personas.

A business cannot survive without customers. In blogging business and affiliate marketing, it is vital to discover the ideas to create compelling content.

Final Words:

Now you have understood the importance of Customer Outreach. Customer outreach an easy way to grow your business. It helps you to build trust, boost reputation, leave the impression and boost conversion.

The only thing to improve business reputation is with customer outreach.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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On-Page Optimization Techniques that Google Hates

SEO professionals understand the importance of various SEO tactics to improve overall SEO performance. To improve SEO results of your blog or website you need to focus on on-page optimization techniques, off-page optimization, research strategy, creative blog names, work on search engine value and eagle eye concept for everyone.

On-Page Optimization Techniques that Google Hates: eAskme
On-Page Optimization Techniques that Google Hates: eAskme

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Every SEO must develop skills to improve search engine presence.

When it comes to doing SEO, the white hat SEO strategy is the best strategy. But some SEO professionals still try to trick Google or other search engines by over optimizing content or some even ignore every level of optimization.

I never recommend you to go black hat or any other hat. Just stick to White hat techniques of SEO. You need to identify the difference between white hat and black hat SEO.

In the past few years search engine optimization changed a lot. I have already shared about the completely outdated SEO practices you must avoid.

It is time to dig deeper and find out the on-page optimization techniques that Google hates a lot.
Google strictly forbids some techniques. It is time to uncover these.

Keyword Stuffing:

On-Page Optimization Techniques that Google Hates: eAskme

If you are a professional marketer or SEO professional, then you already know the value and importance of content marketing. There are so many things that marketers have to do to get the content on the top in search results.

Keyword stuffing was the first thing on the list that Google has banned. Keyword stuffing was one of the most common mistakes done by marketers and bloggers;
  1. Research topic you want to rank
  2. Produce quality content with focus keyword
  3. Add same keywords multiple times.
  4. Use keyword Meta tag and fill it with keywords.
Writers or content marketers were using the same keyword phrase again and again.

To stop this Google has introduced Google Panda update. Google Panda update was to check on-page optimization techniques and banish poorly optimized content.

Since 2017, Google has developed the algorithms that can quickly identify the low-quality content and beat the sites with thin or copy content. So many websites were affected with these updates and some sites gone out of business.


Google wants you to focus on user-friendly content.

Focus on writing content for readers. Write content that provides an instant solution. The keyword should be your second priority. Even when you are using keywords use them wisely.

Do not exceed the keyword density of more than 3%, use LSI keyword and synonyms. Focus on creating content with long tail keywords.

Get rid of Spammy links and tags:

On-Page Optimization Techniques that Google Hates: eAskme

Every website must have header, body and footer.

Footer is essential for every website.

In the footer, you will find essential information links of essential pages, contact us form, a subscription option, social sharing widget, copyright information, links of other important sites or related sites etc.

But many bloggers and marketers do link stuffing in the footer. Which looks unnatural and hardly usable for a visitor?

Everything that messes with user-friendliness receives a lousy hit from search engines. Google has created Panda to beat poorly structured sites and Penguin to beat sites doing links and tags manipulation.


The best way to save your site from Google updates is to avoid spammy footer.

Only display relevant information in Footer such as contact information, navigation, address, copyright license, a subscription option, social media channels etc.

Link Cloaking:

On-Page Optimization Techniques that Google Hates: eAskme

Link cloaking is one of the most common SEO strategy followed by the deep web. In link cloaking the anchor text talk about something else but link directs you to some non-relevant site.

Marketers were using link cloaking for various reasons such as;
Most of the Black Hat SEOs use link clocking to attract instant traffic. Many times marketers use behind the scene codes and server-side scripts to target different search engine spider IPs.

Google and many other search engines do not support clocking practice. Still, many black hat SEOs are using this technique.


The only thing you can do is to avoid link cloaking.

Internal linking:

On-Page Optimization Techniques that Google Hates: eAskme

I have always shared the importance of internal linking , but at the same time, you should not overdo it.

Repeated internal linking can be alarming. It can bring Google to penalize your site for over optimization.

Keyword rich anchor text can do more harm than good if you overdo it.

Using the same keyword to link the same page will cause issues in SERP.


Rather than using exact match anchor text or keywords to link internal pages, use simple words and queries that will explain to the visitor what the link is all about.

When linking to internal pages make sure that each link carries value for the reader.

Creating different pages for every single keyword variation:

On-Page Optimization Techniques that Google Hates: eAskme

Each keyword has a lot of variation and queries.

Some professionals believe that by creating a page for each query they can generate more traffic, but this is not true.

There was a time when you can easily use multiple variations of the keyword to stuff the article. But now it can bring Google to penalize your site.


As I already shared you should avoid keyword stuffing.

You should focus on selecting a proper keyword, analyze the topic and context, create content based on user intent.

Remember: Over optimization can cause serious issues. Panda, Penguin, rankbrain and Hummingbird will bite your site for over optimization.

Also, never create separate pages for keyword variation. Create content that adds value to the user experience and builds trust.

Create visually appealing content with structured data.

Content Swapping

On-Page Optimization Techniques that Google Hates: eAskme

Content swapping in the worst of all SEO tactics. It is not only bad for your visitors but also bad for your reputation.

Now you may want to know how content swapping worked.

In content swapping tactic a publisher publishes content on a site. When Google index that content publisher delete that page from indexing and swap content.

This way they bring the organic traffic to totally non-valuable content.

These days if you follow this practice then Google will immediately stop indexing your site.


The only fix for this is to create content that provides value. Google hates sites that try to manipulate the search results.

Final Words:

Google has launched many updates till now to force webmasters to create only content which is valuable.

If you want to rank in Google search results, then you must follow what Google says and stop following what Google hates.

When creating content or optimizing content with SEO, focus on long-term goals.

As long as you can deliver value to the readers, no one can stop your business from growing.

Remember: visitors are the future, not the tricks.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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