Microsoft Advertising Launched CTV Ads and Online Video Ads

Microsoft advertising has launched “Connected Tv Ads” and “Online Video Ads” to support every screen possible. With new ad sets, Microsoft is targeting billions of targeted viewers.

Microsoft is also expecting that programmatic video ads will add more value to Microsoft ads.

Microsoft CTV Ads and Online Video Ads:

Microsoft CTV Ads and Online Video Ads: eAskme
Microsoft CTV Ads and Online Video Ads: eAskme

Microsoft announced during the DMEXZCO conference.

Like Google, Microsoft is also targeting video ads with the expectation to improve 3.5 hours of ad views by 2024.

With new TV and video ads, the Microsoft advertising platform allows advertisers to create TV ads and video ads for targeted audiences.

Microsoft is Targeting multi-screen viewers:

Tech giants like Microsoft are targeting multi-screens.

Studies show that 80% of viewers watch news online on TV, and 90% of users in the US are spending more time on TV than any other device.

Now, advertisers can target audiences based on their behavior.

Microsoft CTV and Video Ads Features:

The reason why CTV and video ads can be more beneficial for Microsoft is because the company is able to target billions of data points that allow advertisers to find the target audience.

Microsoft collects data from multiple sources such as Microsoft Start, Microsoft Bing, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Now, the company is using machine learning technology to find targeted audiences based on browsing history, product preferences, and Demographic information.

Microsoft CTV and video ads will be displayed on:

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • MSN
  • Huffington Post
  • MAX
  • Bloomberg
  • Hulu
  • Fox
  • Discover+
  • Vevo
  • Samsung TvPlus
  • CNN, etc.

Microsoft is Expecting an increase in ad spend:

With new CTV and Video ads, Microsoft is expecting an increase in US programmatic video ad spending. 

The company is targeting a 30.2% increase in ad spend between 2023 to 2025. Video ad spending will likely reach $22.51 billion by 2025.

Microsoft Ad Spending Increase up to $22.51 billion by 2025 with CTv ads and Online Tv Ads: eAskme
Microsoft Ad Spending Increase up to $22.51 billion by 2025 with CTv ads and Online Tv Ads: eAskme
[Screenshot from insiderintelligence]

  • If you are using Microsoft ads, then you can use CTV and video ads without additional fees or setup.
  • If you are new to Microsoft ads, even then, you can easily create ads without any hassle.

With this announcement, Microsoft is tapping into the world of video and TV ads.

How to start with Microsoft Video and CTV ads?

Follow 4 easy steps:

  1. Create your campaign: Set your goal of video views and choose CTV or Video placement.
  2. Set Budget and Bids: Create unique ad spends.
  3. Choose Targeting: Choose targeting options to reach the targeted audience.
  4. Add Assets: Choose messaging and videos according to your ad.

You can even schedule a free consultation with a Microsoft ad expert to create ads.


Microsoft is a company that earns money from advertisers. The more advertisers spend, the more Microsoft will gain.And, to make sure that advertisers spend more, it is necessary to add multiple ad sets and features. The company is combining the scalability and impact of video ads and CTV ads.

CTV and Video ads help Microsoft to target advertisers and billions of users to increase revenue.

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Win Free Netflix Accounts Every Month: eAskme Netflix Monthly GiveAway

After the massive success of eAskme Amazon Prime Video Monthly GiveAway, we have decided to launch a new and super exciting giveaways for eAskme followers and OTT lovers.

This time, eAskme giveaways is offering free Netflix Accounts. And, you can win a new Netflix Account every month.

Win Free Netflix Accounts Every Month: eAskme Netflix Monthly GiveAway: eAskme
Win Free Netflix Accounts Every Month: eAskme Netflix Monthly GiveAway: eAskme

Netflix is one of the most popular OTT platform to watch the best movies, shows, and Netflix originals.

eAskme is bringing all the Netflix Entertainment to you for free.

We at eAskme keep organizing massive giveaways for our followers and subscribers.

Now you all have the chance to win Netflix premium Accounts for free every month.

Why eAskme Netflix Giveaway?

Netflix is one of the most popular platform to watch movies, tv-series, web-series and Netflix Originals. Every month Netflix is adding hundreads of movies and shows to their database making them biggest streaming platform.

This Netflix giveaway will give you the ability to watch complete entertainment even when you are at your home. You will be able to watch all the movies, tv shows, and Netflix originals for free.

What can you watch on Netflix with free Netflix Premium account?

The free Netflix account works as any paid Netflix subscription. You can watch everything available on Netflix website or app for the next 30 days.

You can watch movies and shows in different languages such as English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, etc.

From Harry Potter world to Marvel Cinematic Universe, conjuring series to Fast and furious series, The Adams Project, Business Proposal, All of Us Are dead, Money Heist, Squid Games, The Fame Game, Lucifer, Stranger Things, Twenty Five Twenty one, The Witcher, Peaky Blinders, Lost in Space, Vincenzo, Locke & Key, The Last Kingdom, Kobra Kai, Titans, You, BAKI, Vikings Valhalla, Enola Holmes, The Umbrella Academy, The Order, etc.

Who can Participate and Win Netflix Account Giveaway?

eAskme Netflix Giveaway is running worldwide.

No matter where you are, as long as you can access Netflix, you can participate in this giveaway.

How to Win Free monthly Netflix Account Every Month?

We believe in keeping everything simple.

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It is your time to make others jealous!


Remember: Spend more time on and you will find more reasons to stay tuned with eAskme website. The more you support us, the more chance you giveaways we have for you.

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(31 Tips) How to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home

According to Flexjobs, more than 4 million people work from home.

Even the managers from big brands have reported that remote employees are more productive when they are working from home.

Even the remote workers said that they feel less stressed, which is useful for decreasing absenteeism and increasing morale.

Even If you are a single mother then you can you can hire housekeepers from Find au pairs to help save your time so you can be more focused at your work.

Top 31 Tips to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme
Top 31 Tips to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme

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Work from home is not only good for employees but also good for businesses and brands.

When working from home, there are particular challenges that you have to face.

Some of them are related to your mental health, and some are related to physical health.

Today, I am sharing some of the essential tips that you should follow to be more productive when working from home.


Schedule: Top 31 Tips to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme


Routine is the first thing that you manage to increase productivity when working from home.

You may have the feeling that you can do whatever you want and whenever you want.

But, the same time it is important to schedule everything.

There was a time when in college you have time between two classes, and you were doing whatever you wanted. Working from home brings the same kind of freedom.

In college days, it can be crucial for students to establish a routine, but at the same time, they find themselves surfing the internet, using social media and streaming YouTube.

Routine is important.

You need to manage your time and fix the time slots of all the essential things to do.

By maintaining a schedule, you can easily understand that how long it will take you to get the desired results or get the job done.


Batching is the strategy that will help you to the more in less time.

People mostly fall for multitasking but batching is different than this.

In batch, you will spend time to set a significant amount of time to get the work done completely.

For example, you can spend the first day of the month planning what you want to do in the whole month or create a social media calendar or content calendar.

Get Dressed:

When working from home, if you hop on to your system in your nightdress, then you are not ready.

You may think that it is more productive than you may be investing more time.

There is something we all know as “get ready.”

Getting dressed gives you a feeling of “I am at work” and also make your mind stay focused.

Remember: What you wear shows what you think.

I like what people call “Dress for Success.”

Fixed Time:

When you work in an office, you have to set the time to start and stop work.

But when it comes to working from home, most of the population keep stretching the work for 30 minutes or more.

You can overburn yourself with this behavior.

If you are not able to stop the work at the designated time, then you should schedule something that will force you to finish the job at the designated time such as, Dinner, time for family, exercise, etc.

If you are working more than 8 hours daily, that means your productivity is decreasing day by day.

Both your body and mind need to break at 5 p.m.

You can also batch your work by scheduling days for tasks, meetings, and calls.

Before you do that you also need to be ready for the type of conversation and what you want to achieve with these tasks.

This will save you from interruptions when performing these tasks.

Since I started working full time in 2014, I realized that it was not easy to start a new task without closing the already running job.

Most of the times, I thought that after I finish one task, I will do the call.

This was a time when I was rescheduling calls again and again.

I also had days with no calls, conversion, and emails.


Tracking is essential for every business.

Some professionals believe in tracking every hour or measure the performance.

If you are working from home or working as a freelancer, then you should track hours for clients.

Tracking will also bring your attention to all the critical details.

Tracking will help you to find out where you are losing your precious time and where you can be more productive.

Manage Physical Space:

Physical space: Top 31 Tips to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme

WorkSpace vs. Home Space:

There is no doubt that you can work from anywhere when you are working from home.

Sometimes you may find yourself working in the living room or kitchen table also.

But this is not how you can improve your productivity.

I am always the most productive when I am sitting in front of my computer, not a laptop.

You need to create a separate workspace in your home space to save yourself from distractions.

This will also tell your family that they should not disturb you as long as you are in your working space.

Maintain order in your physical workspace:

A nice clean and tidy workspace not only brings positive energy but also save you from distractions. It will also save you money and time.

Lack of organization in your workspace will cause a lack of productivity.

Dirty desk not only decreases your productivity but also spread viruses that may infect you. You must keep your desk, computer, laptop, and smartphones clean.

It will hardly take 10 minutes of your time to clean your workspace.

Invest in Office Furniture:

When running a blogging or freelance business or working from home, you may end up sitting more than 8 hours every day in front of your laptop or computer.

This will surely hurt your body.

To save your body and mind, you need to invest in ergonomic and comfy furniture.

Take breaks, drink water, walk for a minute or two, or do calls.

Invest in furniture that suits the human body posture and according to your body ergonomics.

Work Ambiance:

The big reason behind open office controversies that we all are different, and we all behave differently in different situations.

As a work from home professional, it is your job to ensure the professional environment. It also includes a perfect desk, perfect lights, and the right playlist.

If you think about working in a coffee shop or open office, then you find yourself in the middle of a lot of distractions.

So, it is your job to ensure that your focus should be on your work.

Breakup with distractions:

Breakup with Distractions: Top 31 Tips to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme

Social Media:

Social media is the biggest distraction for all.

On average, we waste more than 2 hours daily on social media.

Here I am not saying that you should not use social networks, but you should not get carried away.

I have learnt this lesson in the past few years, and now I get less distracted when using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

Social media connects us all, and I also utilize social meetings for my business, but you need to make sure that you should not waste your time in non-productive things.

Use Apps but set the timer to remind yourself of the time you have spent on these.


You may find 100’s of email every day falling into your inbox. It can be time consuming for you to go through all of them.

You cannot waste your time in your inbox if you want to be productive.

I recommend you to check the email only at a predefined or specific time.

You can also take help of autoresponders to let the sender know when will you reply to them.

Manage Expectations:

Your family always has a lot of expectations from you, but you cannot spend your whole day managing things other than your work.

It is your job to manage expectations.

Set expectations about your work time and let your family know that when you are available. This will make them happy and also save you from interruptions.


Breaks will help you to refresh your brain and be more productive, but sometimes procrastination will make you waste a lot of time.

Have you ever visited Facebook to find some solution, but end up watching movie trailers? If not, then it’s okay.

  • Get dedicated cut-offs rather than long unintentional breaks.

  • Go to the kitchen grab some cold drink, have some snacks, and come back.

  • Or take a walk around your house.
Remember: Your mind needs a break, but you should not waste that time.

Working from home Parent:

Are you a parent who is working from home? If yes, then you have to face some unique challenges.

You may find it challenging to manage your time when caring for your children.

Taking care of the kids is itself an outstanding job.

This is the time when you have to create the balance between your work and your family life.

You can also take help of your family to take care of kids for the time you are in your workspace.

Say no to Notifications:

Notifications are the culprit behind distraction.

Notifications are there to be seductive and attract users to spend their time on all such networks.

Apps always trying to grab your attention with what’s new, offers, and other sorts of notifications.

Turn off all the apps when you are in your workspace. Only check them in breaks.

Use Technology:

Use Technology: (31 Tips) How to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme

Use Right tools:

As a blogger, I understand the importance of tools.

Tools are there to make your job easy and effective.

If you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, then you should invest in useful tools.

In an online business such as SEO or blogging, you should use available tools to boost your productivity.

For example;
In short, no matter what you want to do, there are tons of tools available online, use them wisely.

Noise Cancelling Headphones:

Noise-canceling headphones!


Use them to save yourself from audio distractions.

If you are traveling and working at the same time, then noise-canceling headphone can be valuable.

Save Yourself from WFH Loneliness:

The biggest drawback of working from home is that you will not have the chance to build in-person connections.

Sometimes you need someone to talk and engage with to not only refresh your mind but also create a place for new ideas.

Online communities will save you there.

You should join online communities related to your business on popular social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Slack.

Go Outside:

The most significant benefit of working from home is that in fact, you can work from anywhere you want. You can even sit in a coffee shop and working when having snacks or drinks.

You can also establish a coworking space with other freelancers or your work from home friends.

Sometimes changing the location of your workspace will help your mind to give birth to new ideas.

Tell your family About Your Work:

This is something that you can do on a daily basis.

Telling your family about your work will help them understand the importance of your work. This will also save you from interruptions.

You can also earn respect from your family and friends.

Sometimes you might find helpful ideas coming your way.

Breaks your routine:

I have already said that you must have a habit to improve your productivity, but sometimes you need to break up the routine.

Rather than just working from home every day, plan some days to go out for networking events, plan seminars or meetups.

Go to the local cinema, a park or attraction.

Work from home brings flexibility in your schedule, and this improves the circle of your life.

Physical Health:

Physical health: (31 Tips) How to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme

20-20-20 rule:

My doctor told me about this rule.

The rule says that takes a 20-second break after every 20 minutes and focus on an object 20 feet away from you.

This will relax your eyes.

Eat Healthily:

When I started working from home, my desk was a place for junk food.

Within a few months, that showed the effects.

I realized the importance of healthy food and exercise.

From that day, my home-cooked food is my preference.

99% times I skip the readymade meal.

I am surely not the healthiest person, but still, I am better than many who live on junk food and complaining that work from has made them like this.

Take lunch break:

Lunch break plays an essential role in your life.

Every day you must take a lunch break and get away from your computer or laptop.

This will help you stay productive.

Drink enough water:

How much water do you drink every day?

1 liter, 5 liters, 10 liters, let me know via comments.

Study shows that half of the Americans do not drink enough water.

Your body must stay hydrated.

Do you know that dehydration can cause short term memory loss?

So start drinking more water.

Walk and Stretch every hour:

Moving around will help your blood to flow correctly in your body.

If you are already drinking enough water, then you must be leaving your desk regularly, but if not, then you must take short breaks after every hour to walk and stretch for a couple of minutes.

Here is the list of stretches that you can do.

Mental health:

Mental health: (31 Tips) How to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme


Meditation can be life-saving for you.

Meditate for atleast 10 minutes every day.

You can use some meditation motivation from Youtube or add meditation music to your phone.

Meditation can also clear unnecessary thoughts from your mind and help you stay positive and focused.

Day Off:

When working from home, most of the people forget the importance of a day off.

Day offs are importance to cure your physical and mental health.

You can work from anywhere, but it doesn’t mean that you should be working on the hospital bed.


One of the significant benefits of work from home is that it allows you to work even when you are traveling. All you need is a laptop with an internet connection.

Take advantage of this and plan a trip to your favorite destination.

Perfect or not:

Perfect or not, you are always a human being, and you have the right to live your life the fullest.

There are the days when you get stuck at something can can’t complete the job, or you choose sleep over-exercise.

Sometimes even your happiest clients can yell at you.

But this is the life.

You cannot make every day perfect for everyone.

Be flexible, and that is the beauty of working from home.

Flexibility will also improve your productivity and make your life more happening.


Now that you've figured out how to be more productive when working from home, it's time to work hard and earn your much deserved paystub. You need this financial document later when filing for taxes. So be sure you get them from your employer on a monthly basis.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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How to Advertise on LinkedIn: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide)

Do you want to run ad campaigns on the social network for a high conversion rate? Or Are you looking for the best system that will help you get better results? You may have used Facebook ad tests or Twitter ads, but have you ever advertised on LinkedIn?

When it comes to advertising on LinkedIn, most of the people have never even tried it. The big reason is that advertising on Facebook and Twitter was much more comfortable than advertising on LinkedIn.

But, here comes the change.
How to Advertise on LinkedIn: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide)

How to Advertise on LinkedIn: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide): eAskme
How to Advertise on LinkedIn: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide): eAskme
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Now, LinkedIn has a recreated ad serving system and made it an easy to use social media network.
LinkedIn is the best choice to target the B2B audience.

The presence of B2B networks on LinkedIn has made it the most popular professional social network.

LinkedIn has recently refined targeting options. Now it is helping marketers to target the specific set of professionals effectively.
  • Want to reach marketing firms? You can target those using LinkedIn Ads.
  • Want to focus on the education industry? You can reach them using LinkedIn Ads.
  • Want to find interns? You can connect with LinkedIn ads.
This year B2B option is attracting businesses and marketers to use LinkedIn.

This doesn’t mean that businesses are not advertising on Facebook or Twitter, but they will focus more on LinkedIn this year.

Notable: There is one thing you should know about the LinkedIn ad network is that the ad cost will be higher than Facebook ads.

You must have the right amount of money to play with LinkedIn ads.

If cash is not the problem and you are ready to run LinkedIn ads, then you should learn some basic rules.

LinkedIn Advertising Options:

LinkedIn was extremely limited to advertisers. There was no room for advertisers to achieve their goals. But, things have changed in 2021. LinkedIn will keep upgrading its ad system to add more freedom and room for advertisers.

Now LinkedIn Ads allow you to create ads based on your target.

When advertising on a social network like LinkedIn, you must have clear goals.

To successfully advertise on LinkedIn you need to have one of the following goals:
  • Brand Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Job Applicants
  • Lead Generation
  • Video views
  • Website visits
  • Website conversions
Now it is the time to uncover the most used objectives with LinkedIn advertising;
  • Job Applications
  • Lead generation
  • Website visits and Video Views.
Organic engagement is also a way to reach out to the LinkedIn Audience

LinkedIn ads will cost you more money than Facebook ads. I suggest you first to choose your target and then plan your ad.

Be blunt when it comes to choosing ad objectives on LinkedIn.

No matter what objective you have, you will have five types of ads on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn ad types:

Sponsored Content ads:

Sponsored content ads work similar to sponsored content. In the sponsored content ad you will be promoting a post or page in the LinkedIn feed.

LinkedIn Sponsored content ads have the highest CPC. It is always wise that you only promote pages with a call to action.

Text Ads:

LinkedIn text ads work directly as other text ads. You can find them on the right side of the LinkedIn feed. One can also see these ads below “People You May Know” section. These ads can play a useful role in conversion.

You may need to do some tests to find which work best for you.

Sponsored InMail:

LinkedIn sponsored InMail ads will display like spam email in the inbox. But as these are under LinkedIn policies so you can boost the higher conversion with these ads.

As these ads fall in the inbox directly from the business page or personal profile, the chances are that people find them more exciting and like to communicate with the business.

Make sure that you do not copy/paste the InMail ads.

LinkedIn Video Ads:

As the name suggests, LinkedIn video ads will allow you to promote your videos to the target audience. Video marketing will be one of the most critical parts of the marketing strategy this year.
You may need to run tests to find which video ad works best for you.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads:

The focus of LinkedIn Dynamic ads is to engage prospects with personalized ads. With the help of dynamic ads, you can personalize the experience according to your audience.

You can use this type of ads to capture the attention of professionals. Ads will display their own professional's photo, data, company name, and title.

You can also customize the dynamic ads according to your objectives.

The main reason brands use LinkedIn dynamic ads is that it allows you to boost the audience and followers for your profile or business page.

LinkedIn Carousel Ads/Native Ads:

Carousel ads or native ads are there to attract professionals by telling them an interactive story.

Linkedin Carousel ads are helpful for those who want to share their brand story. You can use this type of ads to capture the attention of the target audience.

You may want to know about the specs and ad dimensions. Here is everything you should know about each LinkedIn ad type and objectives when creating ads on LinkedIn;

LinkedIn Audience Targeting

Time to talk business now.
  • Who is your target audience? (Male/female, age/location)
  • Are they working in the same industry?
  • Are they upper management or lower management?
  • Do they have experience of each job between 2-4 years?
  • Do they are in connection with a similar brand or professional?
You must know the answer to these questions.

LinkedIn is giving invaluable targeting options, but you can only get the results if you understand the demographics of your audience.

You can target coffee table people on Facebook, but on LinkedIn, your target should be what they have worked, what they have studied and which option you want to focus.

How to Advertise on LinkedIn: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide): eAskme

Remember: You can target more than just Founders and CEO with LinkedIn. You can target grown not only people but also target the startups and your entrepreneurs.

You can also target;

  • People looking for jobs
  • Freshers or experienced
  • Graduated or undergrads etc. using LinkedIn Ads.
Every minute 120+ members join LinkedIn.

How to Track LinkedIn Ad Conversion:

Only you need to know how much success you LinkedIn ad campaigns are getting.

LinkedIn ads offer various metrics that you can use to track the failures and success of ads.

I am sharing a few of the must-have conversion tracking techniques that you must use.

Event Specific Pixel:

If your goal is lead generation, then you should use event-specific pixel to track results.

You can attach. Thank you page with your form. Also, add tracking codes.

You must add conversion tracking to your LinkedIn campaigns.

Site-Wide Insight Tag:

How to Advertise on LinkedIn: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide): eAskme

Site-Wide Insight Tag is helpful to track the actions on your website.

It works similar to the Facebook pixel. You need to add this code on your site, and it will start tracking the behavior using LinkedIn ads.

Tip: You can also use LinkedIn re-targeting ads.

How to Use LinkedIn’s Content Suggestion:

Linkedin content suggestions will help business pages to discover what they should write about. You can use trending topics, title, and descriptions.

Content targeting helps you target the CEO and directors of your competition.

How to Advertise on LinkedIn: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide): eAskme

All you need is to choose the seniority, industry, and location. LinkedIn will display trending topics according to your filters.

This will help you use the trending headlines with creative ideas.

Final Words:

LinkedIn is one of the great options to target the B2B audience.

B2B marketers are using various techniques when using LinkedIn Ads. It is exciting to see how LinkedIn is helping marketers achieve their goals and what new features LinkedIn will add.

LinkedIn is ready to give more freedom to marketers to increase conversion and success.

You have questions? Share via comments.

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Handpicked Social Guides to Boost Conversion;
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School Construction: Essential Guidelines for Success

The construction of schools stands as a pivotal endeavor, shaping educational environments for generations.

The meticulous planning, design, and execution of such projects demand scrupulous attention to detail to ensure safety, functionality, and an enriching setting for both students and educators.

In this discourse, we shall delve into the vital guidelines for realizing successful school construction initiatives, addressing various facets that require careful consideration.

School Construction: Essential Guidelines for Success: eAskme
School Construction: Essential Guidelines for Success: eAskme

Site Selection and Preparation:

At the inception of any school construction undertaking, the selection of a suitable location takes precedence.

Site choice necessitates an evaluation of factors such as accessibility, proximity to residential zones, and the presence of indispensable infrastructure such as roads and utilities.

It is imperative to conduct comprehensive geological and environmental assessments to identify potential challenges that may manifest during construction.

Furthermore, adequate site preparation, encompassing tasks such as clearing, grading, and ensuring proper drainage, is crucial to forestall potential complications.

Budgeting and Funding:

Budgeting constitutes the linchpin of successful school construction.

The establishment of a pragmatic budget is paramount, one that encompasses all facets of the project, encompassing construction expenses, materials, labor, and unforeseen contingencies.

For sustainability, schools ought to explore a gamut of funding options, ranging from public funds and grants to private partnerships.

Meticulous financial planning and vigilant oversight are indispensable in averting cost overruns and associated delays, which can disrupt the academic calendar.

Architectural Design and Spatial Planning:

Effective school design transcends aesthetics, placing a premium on functionality and educational objectives.

Collaboration with seasoned architects assumes utmost importance to craft spaces that facilitate learning, prioritize safety, and imbue flexibility for future needs. The delineation of adequate classroom dimensions, communal areas, and administrative spaces is imperative.

Moreover, the design must encompass energy-efficient attributes, aiming to curtail long-term operational expenses and environmental impact.

Safety Measures and Regulatory Compliance:

The paramountcy of ensuring the safety of students and staff looms large in school construction endeavors.

Adherence to local building codes and regulatory provisions is non-negotiable. This entails strict adherence to fire safety standards, accessibility mandates, and seismic considerations in regions prone to seismic activity.

Adequate security protocols, inclusive of surveillance systems and controlled access points, should also find integration, conferring a secure learning milieu.

Integration of Technology:

In the contemporary digital age, technology assimilation assumes centrality in school construction.

Schools must be equipped with contemporary infrastructure to support modern pedagogical techniques and digital learning tools.

This entails provisions for high-speed internet connectivity, interactive whiteboards, and an ample number of power outlets within classrooms.

Additionally, forward-thinking conditions for future technological enhancements must be factored in to maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving educational landscape.

Environmental Sustainability:

The adoption of sustainable construction practices figures prominently in school construction endeavors aimed at diminishing ecological footprints.

The incorporation of energy-efficient HVAC systems, solar panels, and green roofing surfaces can substantially lessen energy consumption and subsequent operational outlays.

Furthermore, the selection of environmentally amiable construction materials and the institution of recycling and waste-reduction protocols contribute to a more ecologically mindful campus and underscore a commitment to environmental stewardship.

School Bathrooms and Restroom Partitions:

While frequently overlooked, school bathroom facilities wield considerable influence over the overall school ambiance.

Ensuring the presence of sufficient and well-maintained restrooms is imperative to safeguard students' comfort and hygiene. In the realm of school construction planning, due attention must be accorded to the design and siting of bathrooms.

A special focus must be trained on middle and high school restroom partitions, as they furnish privacy and structure within the restroom realm.

Robust and easily maintainable materials should find favor in the selection of restroom partitions to ensure longevity and streamline upkeep.

Adequate ventilation and plumbing infrastructure should also receive requisite emphasis to bestow a gratifying restroom experience upon students and staff alike.

Project Management and Timelines:

Efficient project administration forms the bedrock of successful school construction initiatives. The employment of adept project managers, proficient in overseeing all phases of construction, from inception to fruition, assumes seminal importance.

Realistic timelines and milestones must be etched out to ensure the project remains on course and within budgetary bounds.

Open lines of communication amongst stakeholders, encompassing architects, contractors, and school administrators, are indispensable in addressing issues in a timely manner and averting setbacks.

Community Engagement:

Harnessing the involvement of the local community constitutes a fundamental facet of school construction endeavors.

It is imperative to apprise residents and parents of the project's progression and any potential disruptions.

Soliciting community input can offer invaluable insights and inculcate a sense of ownership in the undertaking.

Moreover, enlisting community participation in the planning and design phases can help tailor the school to cater to the unique requisites and preferences of the locale.

Quality Control and Maintenance:

Upon the culmination of construction, the commitment to quality remains unabated.

Regular maintenance and inspections are requisite to ensure the continued safety and functionality of school facilities.

Instituting a maintenance regimen that encompasses routine checks and rectifications is indispensable to protract the lifespan of the infrastructure.

Furthermore, involving school staff in identifying and reporting maintenance exigencies can expedite issue resolution.


School construction serves as a multifaceted endeavor, necessitating judicious planning, budgeting, and execution.

By adhering to essential guidelines, educational institutions can cultivate safe, functional, and sustainable learning environments that foster student accomplishment.

From site selection to technology integration and community engagement, each facet assumes pivotal importance in the overall triumph of a school construction initiative.

By affording primacy to these tenets, educational establishments can proffer students and educators facilities that nurture growth, innovation, and a promising future.

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Conversation Intelligence: What is it? Conversation AI, Intelligence, and Search

Artificial Intelligence is going beyond virtual assistants and chatbots. Now the focus of AI is to build conversation intelligence possible. It will improve human-machine interactions.

If this is the first time you understand conversation intelligence, you will be surprised that AI has worked in this field for many years.

In 2016 Facebook introduced Messenger, which accepts commands using Alexa and Siri.

With the launch of Church GPT, we have seen how people, businesses, and trends are looking at artificial Intelligence and its human conversation capabilities.

When the world is running after generating AI, it is a good time to talk about the growth of chat-based applications and how conversation intelligence will be possible.

Google and Bing AI are looking for ways to make conversational Intelligence possible in the coming years.

So let’s dig into everything about conversational Intelligence.

Conversational Intelligence what it is?

Conversation Intelligence, What is it, Understand Conversation AI, Conversational Intelligence, and Conversational Search,: eAskme
 Conversation Intelligence, What is it, Understand Conversation AI, Conversational Intelligence, and Conversational Search,: eAskme


Conversation intelligence or conversational Intelligence is the skill of communicating confidently to achieve successful service or positive results.

It is like an AI machine talking to another, a human who is an expert in the industry, niche, or topic.

Building rapport and improving listening, expression, empathy, and adaptability are necessary to improve conversation intelligence.

To make it possible, AI needs a lot of understanding of human interactions and language.

Conversation AI, Conversational Intelligence, and Conversational Search:

Conversation AI makes human-like interaction between machines and people in real-time. It works on Large Language Models, NLP, and Deep Learning.

Conversational AI understands human inputs and outputs and contextual awareness.

Conversational Intelligence:

Conversational Intelligence uses data and AI integrations to improve human interactions. It detects patterns and trends in chat to understand human interactions.

Conversational Intelligence uses natural language processing.

Conversational search:

Conversational search using natural language on your website for chatbot queries and voice search. It is helpful to improve your website tone conversationally.

Conversational search is using site optimization techniques to improve your website content.

Artificial Intelligence gave birth to voice search and chatbots.

You can see the change in SEO, search engines and conversational Intelligence.

Conversational AI and Generative AI:

Conversation AI understands human interactions and language to chat like a human. But generative AI uses auto-content.

Conversational AI is improving to become a human conversation with natural language, But Generative AI uses data sets to generate the results.

Conversational AI only focuses on human-based interactions, but Generative AI helps create a different type of content.

Conversation AI focus on language comprehension but Generative AI focus on pattern analysis.

Conversational AI is useful in personal assistant, customer service, and language translation. Generative AI is helpful in automated content creation and research.

Conversation Intelligence for Conversational SEO:

Conversational SEO will help websites to use chatbots and voice search to attract users with human-like conversations.

You will conversationally improve your website content with Conversational Intelligence tools.

Conversational SEO will focus on SEO and human-based queries.

Chatbots like Bing Chat or ChatGPT can help you generate content according to your target audience.

Conversational content will offer:

  • Relevant information.
  • Explain process.
  • Easy navigation.

Content intelligence and Conversational Intelligence work together to create optimized content that is easy for users and search engines to digest.

Conversational Intelligence or Generative AI:

The new search experience uses both conversational and Generative AI elements. It is time to understand and work for conversational user intent.

You should focus on the following:


Understand customers using conversation SEO. Understand the languages, queries, and questions.


Create an immersive user experience to make it easy for conversational AI to find request answers on your website.

Content Personalization:

Conversational AI can help to offer personalized content experiences to your audience.

Optimize Conversational Keywords:

Optimize content according to customers’ natural language queries and questions.

Schema and Semantics:

Use conversational Intelligence to optimize Schema and Semantics.

Refine and Test:

Test to refine your content with conversational SEO strategies.

Get Voice Search:

Make your content ready for voice search.


Conversational Intelligence is the foundation of virtual assistants and chatbots. It is the need for human based-interactions for a machine.

With conversational Intelligence, you can optimize your content, SEO, user experience, topic and keyword research, etc.

It will improve the overall experience of your target user.

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How to Pick Memorable Images for Your Content?

Creative visuals and image optimization are the rocking factors to improve content marketing. But, how to choose memorable images for your content?

Most people think that by just filling content with images can make content engaging.

Which is wrong.

The best way is always to use at least one image or more than one images in your content that complements to your post to headings.

How to Pick Memorable Images for Your Content: eAskme
How to Pick Memorable Images for Your Content: eAskme

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Images should make it easy for readers to identify the sections of essential pieces of content and effectively spread the idea.

Now the question is what type of images are memorable and how you should include them in your content?

Here is How?

How Many Images Should Content Have?

How to Pick Memorable Images for Your Content: eAskme

When it comes to picking memorable images for your content, most of the people have a common question, "How many images I should use in Content or blog post?"

The answer is: There is no defined number for images you should include in your content.

Images should be there to make the communication easier.

Adding a whole lot of images in your content will not help as long as they are not relevant. Or leave an impression.

Too many images can turn off the readers' interest in your content.

The number of images depends upon the following factors:

  • Topic
  • Audience
  • Content type
If you are writing for beginners, then you need to add more images to explain steps. The best example of this is

If you are writing for the advanced or experienced audience, then you do not need images to explain steps. You only need images to tell the idea.

Also, focus on the impact of the images you are using in your content.

If you are writing for entrepreneurs, then you may not need images. the big reason is that entrepreneurs do not work themselves, but they outsource the work and control the quality.

Picking memorable images is a tedious task.

Tip: First focus on your audience, understand buyer personas, etc.

It's the time to skyrocket your content marketing strategy by picking memorable images for your blog post.

Stock Photos:

Stock free Photos: How to Pick Memorable Images for Your Content: eAskme

Stock photos work as a big time saver for most of the bloggers or marketers.

There is no issue in using high quality, topic-specific, free stock photos as features image.

But are you adding the stock photos in body content?

If yes, then you should stop doing it.

Stock photos work amazingly as featured images, but they are completely useless when using in the body content.

Body content is for users and adding stock photos will not help to improve the user experience.

Rather than using generic stock photos you should use screenshots or creative visuals.

Stock photos in body content can bring negative impact.

TakeAway: Stop using stock photos in the body of your blog post

So what yo use then?

Here is the answer.

Tutorials, walkthroughs, and Screenshots:

Tutorials, walkthroughs, and Screenshots: How to Pick Memorable Images for Your Content: eAskme

The best quality of memorable images is that they are thought-provoking and actionable.

Tutorials, walkthroughs, and Screenshots are the best types of actionable content that you can use to improve communication.

Here you should remember that best way to share tutorials is by showing them.

Using thought-provoking images creatively show what you want to share.

To make the images memorable highlight the critical areas or points.

Use tools like Evernote or Skitch.

Adding walkthroughs and screenshots will help it easy for readers to digest your content.

TakeAway: Use actionable images.


GIfs: How to Pick Memorable Images for Your Content: eAskme

Gif's are interesting, entertaining and creative ways to energize the boring content.

There are tons of Gif's available online that you should use, but only when necessary.

Remember: Gif's are not for every post or every content or every audience.

Use them wisely to add funny and entertaining factors to your content.

Add Gif's to your content only for informal posts.

TakeAway: Use Gif's to spice up boring content.

Custom Visuals:

Custom Visuals: How to Pick Memorable Images for Your Content: eAskme

Finding memorable images is not an easy task. If you are not able to find one, then create one.

When finding images, you may encounter tons of generic, boring, overused and cited images.

Creating custom visuals is the way to make memorable images for your content.

By adding custom visuals to your content, you will bring uniqueness and more opportunities to build backlinks.

At eAskme also, I have used many custom visuals and find out that they perform better than the stock photos.

If you look at the content marketing campaigns, you will find out that the images used in such campaigns are custom, unique and branded.

TakeAway: If you want to add memorable images in your content then start creating custom visuals.

You can hire freelancers or use infographic tools to develop images for your next blog post.

Final Words:

Content with no-images can load faster, but it will miss one of the engaging ingredients.

Adding images in content add more flavor, boost social sharing, traffic, and engagement.

Avoid adding stock images to your blog post body. Use engaging and practical images relevant to your content.

Walkthroughs, screenshots, and tutorials are the best ways to use memorable images blog posts.

If you are still not able to find a creative visual, then develop custom images using Photoshop or other tools.

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How To Effectively Stop Telemarketers And Spam Calls With Call Blocking Apps?

For many of us, barely a day goes by when telemarketers and spam calls don’t hassle us. They often call at the most inopportune moments, too. They don’t even get the hint that you don’t want them to call you.

Plus, as soon as one telemarketer takes you off their list, another one adds you. It is a problem that is nigh on unbeatable…until now.

What if we told you that by following the advice on this page, you could put the horrors of telemarketers behind you?

We won’t be able to stop every telemarketer calling you, but we should be able to assist you in blocking most of them.

It’ll make things a lot less stressful for you. Let’s introduce you to app-based call blocking.

The Nuisance of Telemarketers and Spam Calls:

How To Effectively Stop Telemarketers And Spam Calls With Call Blocking Apps?: eAskme
How To Effectively Stop Telemarketers And Spam Calls With Call Blocking Apps?: eAskme

You probably don’t need us to tell you just how irritating telemarketers can be. We are positive that you’ve spent many hours on the phone with them.

It seems that no matter how much you say you can’t talk, they will keep chatting. It is frustrating when you’ve got things to do, especially if the phone calls seem almost neverending.

It isn’t just the nuisance thing that you need to think about, either. Many telemarketers are just straight scams, and if you fall into their traps, you could be left out of pocket.

Our goal throughout the rest of this page is to help you kick those telemarketers to the curb (or at least most of them). This should cut down on their irritating nature and protect you from a scam or two.

How Call Blocking Apps Counter Unwanted Calls:

Now, we know that your phone has a call-blocking feature already built into it. You may have already used it before. However, they don’t work in quite the same way.

With your standard phone call blocking, you have to add every single number that you want to block manually.

It is a cumbersome process, and it means that you will only be dealing with telemarketers once you have blocked their number.

Alternatively, you can rely on a caller ID app to reveal the true identity of an unknown caller.

The best call-blocking apps will often be loaded with a database of known telemarketers and phone spammers (including robocalls and potential fraud).

This means that as soon as you have the app installed on your phone and running, the calls will be blocked.

There is no need to add a new number to your database (unless you get a call from somebody not already in the database).

You get peace of mind knowing that you aren’t going to be overwhelmed with telemarketers while you are enjoying your dinner or something.

Top Call-Blocking Apps For Different Platforms:

Chances are that your phone carrier will already have some spam call protection in place.

So, it may already be blocking numbers, and you didn’t realize it! However, that blocking is still fairly basic, and it is done on a carrier-to-carrier basis.

We won’t talk about that here. Instead, we want to talk about three amazing call-blocking apps that we know would work for you.

Hiya (Android and iOS):

Hiya is one of the top call-blocking apps on Android and iOS.

It has one of the largest databases of known telemarketers & scammers, and they add to the list on a regular basis.

If you do get a spam call, then Hiya will let you know who is calling you and where they learned that it was a spammer. Highly useful information!

You can get access to some of the base features of Hiya for free (including blocking), but if you want extra features like a call screener, you’ll need to pay a small additional fee each month.

Robokiller (Android and iOS):

Robokiller is one of the more ‘fun’ apps out there. Of course, it will block the spam calls.

However, it also ‘messes’ with the caller. Rather than block the number, the Robokiller app will answer on your behalf and play a pre-recorded message to the caller, potentially preventing them from annoying somebody else.

The database behind Robokiller is fairly extensive, and they make adding new numbers to the database a breeze.

Truecaller (Android and iOS):

Truecaller is the cheapest of the apps (about 50% of the price of the other two), but it doesn’t quite boast the same number of features.

Still, if it is call blocking that you’re after, then Truecaller is perfectly serviceable.

Step-by-Step Guide For Setting up Call Blocking:

If you want to set up call blocking, then you’ll need to do this:

  • Install one of the apps in the previous section.
  • Sign up for an account.
  • Activate the app.
  • Once the app is running, the calls should be blocked automatically.

The process does vary a little, depending on the app. However, call-blocking apps are designed to be simple to operate, so we are sure that you won’t have too many issues getting them running.

If you want to block an individual number on your phone (without using the app), then give the number a long press on the received calls screen. It will then provide you with a few options. Select ‘Block’ if you wish to block the person.

Fine-Tuning Call Blocking For Your Needs:

Remember, while all those apps will come with an extensive database of telemarketers, they won’t block every call.

After all, telemarketers get new numbers all the time. Therefore, if a number slips through the cracks, you may need to refine the blocking a little.

If you spot a telemarketer, use your call-blocking app to add that number (the process will vary, depending on the app).

Not only will this mean that the number is blocked for you, but if enough people report that number, it will be blocked for others, too!


People prefer to avoid dealing with telemarketers and spam calls. Thankfully, it is easy to stop them dead in their tracks.

All you need to do is download a spam call-blocking app like Hiya. Once that’s installed, you’ll rarely need to deal with a telemarketer again!

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