How to Obtain Start-up Grind for Your Small Business

To obtain proper funds for a small business isn’t easy nor impossible.

According to a recent study, the lack of funding is one of the biggest reasons why 95% of start-ups fail.

Why is it so?

Money is what makes the business world go around.

The means of success are long and only half of the new companies survive for five years where only a third remain in operation after 10 years.

How to Obtain Start-up Grind for Your Small Business: eAskme
How to Obtain Start-up Grind for Your Small Business: eAskme

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There is a long, difficult, yet exciting journey towards success and not everyone is born to get there.

Many entrepreneurs find themselves asking what is the simplest way to obtain financing for my start-up?

You must bear in mind that when you would require funding this might depend on your business’s
nature and size.

Your company’s position, age, performance, team, market opportunities and so forth, are crucial elements that will determine whether you’ll obtain or not founding to achieve long-term goals.

However, as soon as you’ve realized the need for finance, here are some strategies you should take into consideration.

How to Obtain Start-up Grind for Your Small Business

How to Obtain Start-up Grind for Your Small Business: eAskme

Consider Crowdfunding

People know well that beginnings are tough.

No matter if you’ve just started your company or you plan to develop a new product or feature, getting into the unknown can be somewhat discouraging for young entrepreneurs.

How does crowdfunding work?

At the very moment, crowdfunding is everything that implies an online-based, money-raising concept, that many people and businesses use to kickstart their businesses and projects at the early stages.

The concept is plain but effective, all you can do is to offer people an idea to support and make it public on one of the multiple crowdfunding platforms.

You can also implement a reward-based system and come up with a small- dollar contribution opportunity for those who support and enjoy your idea.

Given the latest developments in the digital era, investing in exciting projects, products ideas and
business goals online have never been easier.

For instance, when famous sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo first” opened their doors”, a huge number of small businesses had great success from pulling together funding through their reach.

However, to ring a bell and turn heads on crowdfunding you must generate great buzz to get through the overall signal noise so pay attention to how you formulate and expose your ideas

Venture Capitalists

Venture capital is typically managed by a firm but sometimes can come from corporations or

Venture capitals are professionally managed funds who invest in businesses with big potential. Many would say this is where you can make the big bets.

This is maybe one of the smartest decisions so far because VCs not only provide valuable funds to
raise your business, but they also offer expertise, mentorship and evaluate a business from a
scalability and sustainability point of view.

Some would say that venture capital is even more appropriate for businesses that already generate revenues and got over the start-up phase.

Small Business Administration (SBA)

The small Business Administration is another great opportunity for those who’ve planned to develop a business.

Thus, as well as other organizations, Small Business Administration or SBA offer grants for small businesses that are developed by minorities, women or veterans.

That’s an amazing opportunity if you fit in one of these groups, a great reason to call your local
Chamber of commerce and check if there are any local funds that you may be able to obtain.

Make sure you’re diligently read the paperwork and policies, so you won’t need to pay the money
back, or mistakenly agree for certain conditions,

Alternative Lenders

Apart from standard banks and crowdfunding, a small business can also obtain funding from
alternative lending companies.

Such companies are crucial for small businesses searching for loans that may not have the option of being financed by a traditional bank.

These lenders provide several types of business loans, extending from equipment financing to merchant cash advances.

But remember that as the rest of your lending options, alternative lending also requires a history of
paying creditors on time, tax returns, whether you had any bounced check or bankruptcies and a
concise plan to use the money.

Family and Friends Founding

The most simple and reliable way to obtain grind for your start would be to ask those around you such as friends or family.

Borrowing from friends and family is a classic way to develop a business.

Since convincing banks and investors of the value of your idea, those who always believe in your
dreams are your friends and family.

Who knows who many successful entrepreneurs financed their small business with support from
their families and friends?

If you take a stand and you’re 100% certain of your business idea and success, don’t hesitate to ask those around you for loans.

Product pre-sales

Another sure way to obtain funding would be to pre-sale products before they’re launched.

This is often an underestimated and effective strategy to raise money needed to support your business.

Huge companies like Samsung and Apples started to pre-order their products before their initial launch?

Why so?

They’ve considered it a great strategy to improve the cash flow and prepare for high consumer demands.

This might be a great way to obtain funding if you already planned and established some targets, so make sure you won’t overlook some essential steps.

Final Words:

To conclude there are many different ways you can obtain funding for your start-up and a lot of it really varies on your business track record and experience level.

However, if you want to grow fast in your niche and achieve long dreamed but realistic goals, you’ll probably need a reliable source of capital.

With a plethora of lending options, it might be overwhelming but not impossible of young entrepreneurs.

Thus, before anything, make sure you keep your finance in order, invest in good accounting software and get your plans straight.

If you want to get support, then you’ll demonstrate to lenders that your ideas are valuable.

Do you have any question to suggestion? Ask or share via comments.

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What Is Competition Analysis? : Everything that You Should Know is Here

What is Competition Analysis?” This is one of the most common questions in the SEO world. Especially when you are a newbie in SEO industry.

What Is Competition Analysis?: eAskme
What Is Competition Analysis?: eAskme

One of the most common jobs of every SEO professional or expert is to keep both eyes open and track the activities of his competitors.

Competition analysis opens the doors of massive opportunities to boost social signals, backlinks, traffic and conversion.

Competition Analysis:

What Is Competition Analysis?: eAskme

SEO competition analysis is an essential part of a mature SEO strategy.

With the help of SEO competitor analysis, you can quickly gather highly useful data such as competitor keywords, links, content, and on-page optimization strategies.

The big reason why you should perform competition analysis regularly is to track the online activity and SEO strategies of your competitors.

Without competition analysis, your SEO strategy will lack the power of more in-depth research.

Without analyzing your competitors, you will not be able to find how the brands are targeting the customers in your industry.

There are the following reasons why you should perform competition analysis:

An SEO expert focus on three major areas when doing competition analysis;

To get maximum out of your competition analysis, it is necessary to focus on these elements.

Today, I will share how you can use competitive analysis factors for the benefit of your business.

What works and what’s not:

What works an what's not: What Is Competition Analysis?: eAskme

To quickly create a full-proof SEO strategy, it is must to analyze the industry leaders and how they are working.

You should know that brands dedicate their focus entirely on developing a robust SEO strategy that will help them to earn links and stay on the first spot in SERP.

Such websites always have creative content, valuable links and crawlable website.

It is common that most of the ties you can find flaws in their strategies.

And, this is what you need to figure out.

Focus on the weaknesses of your competitors and learn how you can leverage those weaknesses for the growth of your business, blog or website. This will help you achieve new heights in SERP.
Find out what is working for your competitors.

For example; as an eCommerce business, you want to beat a shop in your local area.

This is where you are limiting yourself.

Taking a narrow approach will bring limited results.

Never limit your competitor analysis to one competitor only. To develop a robust SEO strategy, your focus should be on analyzing all the top-ranking competitors.

Analyze the top-ranking competitors, their websites, how they are building links where they are promoting their business, and how they are generating revenue.

The broader approach in competition analysis will make you create content that will appeal not only the search engines but customers also. With the help of competitor analysis, you can collect all the necessary data and information which is required to create the most influential piece of content.

This broader approach will also help you become an influencer in your industry, and your research will make you discover many facts and tactics that others are not following.

This is the big reason why you should perform an in-depth competition analysis regularly.

Stop Guessing and Start Analyzing:

Stop Guessing and Start Analyzing: What is Competition Analysis?: eAskme

Guessing has no spot in the SEO industry.

You are not into the betting world, but you are in a professional world of tactics, experience and skills.

Make sure; your in-depth SEO analysis is based on real facts, factors and strategies.

The success of your SEO also depends upon how you are analyzing these factors.

Your job is to collect the data and refind it to reach the first spot in Google search.

If you rely on guessing game, then you will surely miss critical competition analysis factors.

Avoid this.

Guessing only work if you are doing it for the hobby. But where the money comes into play, you need to focus on real-time data, skills and experience.

Your competitor analysis will make you shake hands with two significant terms such as;

  • Keyword Gap Analysis

  • Content Gap Analysis

What is the Content Gap Analysis?

What is the Content Gap Analysis? What Is Competition Analysis?: eAskme

There was a time when online business was a new thing, and competition analysis was not necessary.

This was the time when the market was not saturated, and SEO was adding keywords and write unstructured content to create a well-performing SEO strategy.

But now, this is not what you can even dream about.

Now you are in the world of in-depth competitor analysis where you need to analyze content gap and keyword gaps.

Content Gap Analysis will help you discover if your content;
  • Is Outdated

  • Is lacking in-depth knowledge

  • Is lacking content uniqueness

  • Is not easy to digest
Your detailed content gap analysis will show you what you have and what you are missing. Use this data to create engaging content.

The research will help you enrich your content with all the necessary factors and represent high authority content.

This will increase the number of social shares, link backs and the number of followers.

What is Keyword Gap Analysis?

What is Keyword Gap Analysis? What Is Competition Analysis?: eAskme

The keyword gap analysis will help you find out all the important keywords that should be there in your content, but you are not utilizing them.

It will open keyword mining opportunities.

A keyword gap analysis will also help you target more customers who are interested in the similar topic.

You can also create an unbeatable strategy to beat you, competitors, with the help of keyword gap analysis.

How Your Competitors are Earning Links?

How Your Competitors are Earning Links?: What Is Competition Analysis?: eAskme

Finding link building opportunities are critical for every online business and SEO.

You can use SEO tools like Ahrefs, Majestic or SEMRush, to reach the link profile of your competitors.

Remember: These tools will not show you a complete picture as they have some limitation, and most of them will display you what is there from the last 90 days.

You should broader your research to understand your competitors link profile.

Find out:

  • How many links your competitors already have?

  • What is backlink history?

  • Links from .org, .net, .edu and .gov, etc.

  • Top ranking page and most linked pages.
This information will help you to understand better what your competitors are doing.


Implementation: What Is Competition Analysis?: eAskme

One thing that you should keep in your mind is that you cannot get a 100% answer to what your competitors are doing.

Yet, competition analysis will give you data that will help you better understand their strategies and what is working for them.

You can find out what your competitor is doing and track every network where they are performing shares, link building and promotions.

Now, put together all the pieces of your research and create a chart or report based on your competition analysis.

Remember: You can only beat your competitors but not the algorithm.

Final Words:

Competition analysis plays a vital role in the success of an SEO strategy.

Your focus on these three major completion analysis elements will create your journey to success or failure.

Technical SEO, links and content research will help you create evergreen and highly original pieces of content.

The research will also increase the knowledge that will help you analyze different competitors quickly and create better campaigns.

Once you can leverage the weaknesses of your competitors, you can easily outrank any business or competitor.

Do you track your competitors?

What is your strategy to outrank your competitors?

Do share via comments.

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How to Trade Bitcoin Employing Successful Strategies?

Trading Bitcoin is an art that one needs to master to be successful. It is not simply about getting in front of a computer screen and putting your money into a random crypto asset at any time.

There is a proper methodology involved here that takes into account the price points where you will enter a trade and exit a trade, minimizing the chances of losses.

How to Trade Bitcoin Employing Successful Strategies: eAskme
How to Trade Bitcoin Employing Successful Strategies: eAskme

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Before you start full-fledged trading of Bitcoins it may be wise to invest in an ICO or initial coin offering.

This will help you buy crypto tokens at much lower prices before these are made available to general people; so, the potential to get big profits is high. But researching on the crypto coins is a must before you invest.

You need to check out the latest ICOs and read reviews about these.

It is necessary to find out utility behind these coins and whether they have a good supply and demand.

You should also inquire about the developers behind the project.

The idea is to buy many ICOs and not put all your money into just one.

Here are some key trading strategies that may make you a successful Bitcoin trader:


One of the best known trading strategies is HODLing that means holding onto your coins for as long as possible to get impressive returns.

The term “hodling” was coined first in 2013 when a user had incorrectly typed holding as ‘hodling”.

This means holding onto a position for the long-term expecting prices to increase over time.

You must however understand that, Bitcoin being volatile, the chances of losses are huge too.

This is why you should have a risk-management strategy to fall back on.


Hedging your Bitcoins is another effective trading strategy that can prove to be successful.

Those holding Bitcoins may try to hedge these if they think that prices may come down for a while.

So, they open strategic trades in order to eliminate risks of existing positions.

The idea is to short-sell Bitcoins; so, you sell your Bitcoins at the current price hoping that it will come down.

When the prices do come down finally, you can buy these back at low prices and make profits in the process.

Hedging is not free from risks because when you sell Bitcoins, there is no knowing how much the market can move against you; so, you may actually end up making unprecedented losses.

Trend Trading:

Trend trading your Bitcoins is another useful and successful Bitcoin trading strategy.

In this, you hold onto the coins for as long as a trend continues and this could go on for months or even years.

To do trend trading you must use technical analysis to correctly predict which way the market will move.

When you practice trend trading, you open a position at that time when you think that the prices will keep moving in its current direction.

Visit http://bitcoinera.app/ to learn how the bitcoin automated trading is carried out by trading bots such as bitcoin era.

Breakout Strategy:

Breakout strategy is commonly applied by Bitcoin traders who enter the market as soon as possible when a trend sets in and are prepared for the prices to “break out” from the earlier range.

They think that when the market breaks through a resistance or support level it will trigger major volatility.

So, traders use this strategy to ride a trend from beginning till end.

The Best Strategy:

The dollar cost averaging tactic is not something that you need to spend a lot of time researching on.

This is when you buy a fixed amount of a token at regular intervals during which prices are moving up or down.

So, you average all purchases during those set intervals and this can be brought down to one average price that is typically higher or lower than if you had to buy at one go during a single interval.

This strategy however demands that you follow the trade charts diligently to do a proper technical analysis.

You must check out 3 months of trade history to see if the token has recovered before this on multiple occasions.

So, it is best to use this strategy when you are dealing with crypto coins that have been around for a long time like BTC, LTC, and ETH.

You do not want to get stuck with crypto coins that have no history of recovery in previous years.

Balanced Portfolio Strategy:

A balanced portfolio strategy is right for someone who is cautious and desires balance in his life.

In this, you can buy multiple crypto tokens for the exact same price throughout the market.

So, you can invest the same amount in Litecoin, Bitcoin and Monero to spread out your risks.

It is also a good way to test the coins because you may not be confident which ones will perform well and which will not.

After this, you can choose to invest in two tokens that have brought you maximum gains.

The best way to success using this trading technique is to ensure that each of the coins you invested in have different utilities; so you can choose one equity coin, one security coin, and one privacy coin.

UnBalanced Portfolio Strategy:

Like the balanced portfolio strategy there is an unbalanced portfolio strategy in which you keep aside a part of your funds for investing into every coin depending on how you feel it will perform.

So, you automatically allocate the maximum amounts for the coins you are certain will perform best.

If it is Litecoin in your view, then you must go ahead and invest the highest percentage in it.

This strategy is obviously not for everyone; you must have a solid knowledge and enough background research to use it successfully.

Invest the Profits

You can also choose to invest the profits you have made into other crypto coins.

So, when you have succeeded in amassing reasonable profits through any of the above-mentioned strategies you could select some potential coins to invest in.

These coins should ideally be those that have had high profit margins.

This helps you to own a diversified portfolio.

It is a good strategy for new Bitcoin traders because investing too much in a single asset is not a wise move.

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How Cryptocurrency Helps the Economy: What is the Role of Bitcoin?

Can cryptocurrencies actually benefit the global economy? While crypto assets have long been deliberated upon and criticized by many, the truth is that they can prove to be useful financial tools.

How Cryptocurrency Helps the Economy: What is the Role of Bitcoin?: eAskme
How Cryptocurrency Helps the Economy: What is the Role of Bitcoin?: eAskme

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Cryptocurrencies have the power to trigger both social and economic growth the world over, even in developing nations, because they offer easier access to financial services and capital for everyone.

How Cryptocurrency Can Boost The World Economy:

How Cryptocurrency Helps the Economy: What is the Role of Bitcoin?: eAskme

Both the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency on whole have much utility for the world economy, albeit in a disruptive way.

In spite of the negative opinions of critics and the disruptive technology called the blockchain, there has been much anticipation that these can eventually interfere and change the ways in which the traditional financial systems are operated.

Here are some ways in which cryptocurrencies can help the world economy:


There is an already-emerging industry centering on crypto assets and there are institutions meant for supervising all such crypto exchanges.

The growth rate of this industry is mind-blowing and this fact can be supported by people who had adopted such crypto assets earlier and have turned wealthy overnight.

For instance, the Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to make its appearance a decade ago and since then many Bitcoin investors have flourished and have even started to depend on this crypto asset for their sustenance.

Trading Bitcoins has also become the key source of income for many traders.

The automated trading bots like bitcoin revolution have considerably increased the trade of bitcoins.

So, the world economy is gradually but steadily shifting towards adapting to such requirements and cryptocurrencies appear to have the power to satisfy most of these needs.

Useful for UnBanked Populcation

Cryptocurrencies can prove to be a boon for the unbanked population in poorly-banked countries.

The truth is that almost a third of the global population cannot access basic banking services. So, when there is a crisis, they are helpless.

Since such people are already at a disadvantage they try to resort to dangerous lending practices.

Interest rates of such practices are obviously very steep and this only leads to more economic instability for those who requested for loans.

Here a crypto asset can prove to be useful because of its ease of use and high volatility.

Since the crypto coins are decentralized, trading is possible without any third party or intermediary and across borders without any restrictions.

The blockchain technology can actually trigger a financial revolution where every individual will be better connected and empowered financially.

Don't Need Physical Location

Cryptocurrencies do not need a physical location for them to exist.

This is why the transaction costs are so less.

You will not need to recruit employees or pay their salaries, pay for rental expenses and utility bills; so, all these savings culminate in lower transaction fees.

This is also why more and more individuals are putting their trust into these new financial tools.

The higher the number of people engaged in transactions the closer the global economy will be intertwined.

Transparent Transactions

Transactions made through the blockchain network are transparent.

As all transactions are digitized and automated they can be tracked through distributed ledger.

So, this ledger cannot be manipulated either by the companies or people and risks of frauds or corruption is automatically minimized.

Another benefit is that this will give underdeveloped countries the chance to enter this crypto world to boost their own economies and social prospects.

Citizens of a state will know exactly where the state funds are being allocated and this will give them a stronger say in governance.

Payments in Multiple Currencies

With the blockchain technology becoming popular businesses can now get their payments in multiple currencies.

This makes it a prosperous time for entrepreneurs as a whole; for instance, BitPesa enables Africa-based business owners conduct financial transactions with Asian and European nations.

So, cryptocurrencies can make it possible for small or medium-sized businesses to enjoy better financial coverage.

Entrepreneurs can now convert altcoins into traditional fiat currencies quickly and then redirect this capital into further business investments.

The world is fast changing and the speed at which this change is happening can tell you that the traditional financial institutions will feel the pinch sooner or later.

New financial needs are surfacing and these must be addressed in time.

The world is feeling the need to tear down political borders to find a comprehensive financial system.

And the blockchain technology can give the world exactly what it needs.

Role Of Bitcoin:

Role of Bitcoin: How Cryptocurrency Helps the Economy: What is the Role of Bitcoin?: eAskme

There was a time when people felt that the Bitcoin would fail to create any impact on global economy.

But these people have now been proved wrong after a decade.

News concerning crypto assets like the Bitcoin is everywhere and many investors, governments, and companies, are showing an active interest in adopting the blockchain technology.

These are only some of the ways in which Bitcoin is playing a pivotal role in the world economy.

Eliminates third parties

To start with, Bitcoin eliminates third parties and intermediaries, unlike traditional currencies.

In Bitcoin transactions, users of the currency verify the transaction instead of a bank or governmental institution. Banks are obviously worried as their services are no longer being needed.

Because there are no middlemen involved, transactions are also much faster.

No Relation with USD

USD acts as a reserve currency for the entire world economy and all mainstream transactions happen in relation to it.

So, the US dollar has been the main strength behind American global power, allowing it to place sanctions on other nations.

But crypto coins have no relation to the USD offering financial actors a new way to take part in the world economy, circumventing US economic policies.

For instance, Venezuela has come up with a crypto asset backed by its oil supplies, in a bid to evade sanctions.

Bypass the traditional ways

With crypto assets, entrepreneurs have also got the chance to bypass the traditional ways of raising funds.

Instead of trying to win over banks and venture capitalists to fund their projects, they can now go around the regulations or red tape to establish an ICO.

Problems with Cryptocurrencies

The basic problem with cryptocurrencies is that they are hard to regulate since they are anonymous by nature.

This is why the Silk Road fiasco happened and people were buying illicit items on this marketplace.

Finally, the FBI had shut this down but it was followed by many more scams.

People are trying to avoid paying taxes by using cryptocurrencies and this is what has got governments worried.

So, you can expect governments to develop either their own crypto coins or impose stricter laws on the existing cryptocurrencies like the Bitcoin.

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How Data Is Changing Real Estate Brick-by-Brick

The modern real estate market is full of ebbs and flows. Predicted textbook market cycles seem to be a thing of the past. Suddenly, those typical seasonal surges and falls seem to exist within a very short timeline.

In expected growing markets, price movement can involve a more measured response, but in less than anticipated markets, there isn’t always a sense of right from wrong in terms of pricing.

How Data Is Changing Real Estate Brick-by-Brick: eAskme
How Data Is Changing Real Estate Brick-by-Brick: eAskme
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Much of this has to do with supply issues which can inhibit early stages of positivity.

Oversupply drags prices down, where under supply can drive prices up. Predicting this market is now the job of machine learning and collected data.

Let’s take a look at how data is changing real estate brick-by-brick.

Establishing Home Prices

One of the most crucial aspects of real estate is setting an asking price.

This often hinges on an agent’s overall knowledge and expertise in the local neighborhood.

When setting a price, similar homes are considered and any add-on amenities are factored in to help establish a fair price.

While all of that can help to craft the perfect asking price, utilizing machine learning solutions development and data can prove a more strategic approach.

With machine learning, market trends can be tracked all while current supply and past sales are fairly considered.

Property features (size, quality of materials, unique amenities, number of bedrooms) can also be analyzed to set a price.

The right listing price could translate to a quick sale and a successful transaction.

A price that’s too low or too high could leave a property stagnant.

Selling and Marketing A Property

Real estate agents yearn to sell and market high-end properties that can yield a large commission.

Unfortunately, selling and marketing these properties is often easier said than done.

After all, no one wants to sit on a luxury property for months or years waiting for the turnaround.

In the past, real estate agents simply targeted a few affluent buyers worldwide.

However, many agents are finding that AI-powered brokerage and machine learning can market properties better than agents themselves.

With AI, listings can be marketed to individuals who speak different languages and those who live on different continents.

At the end of the day, machines don’t care where a buyer lives or where they’re from, it is all about getting the sale.

Key Facts About Properties

Using machine learning real estate agents can combine both commercial and public data to garner valuable insights.

For example, in a bustling New York City real estate market, data can help to garner detailed knowledge about properties, ranging from how noisy a neighborhood is going to be to how dangerous nearby intersections are.

Given that a whopping 40% of all home buyers regret their purchase after just two years, utilizing data to give buyers an expanded look of what life will be like at a given property is paramount.

Without data and machine learning capabilities, it wouldn’t be possible to paint such a vivid picture or yield statistics on life in a given neighborhood.

The Takeaway

While most of us think of machine learning and data as being useful in tech and retail sectors, real estate benefits in a huge way from utilizing big data.

From pricing properties to engaging potential buyers, there are numerous reasons why data can help real estate agents daily in the current market.

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Different Aspects of Craps Tournaments

In the period between the early 80s to mid-90s, you could have participated in big prized money tournaments worth $50,000 or more on a monthly, weekly or seasonal basis.

To play those tournaments, you had to fly across different destinations, back and forth from Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, and Atlanta City. Crap tournaments are gaining popularity from 2005.

Different Aspects of Craps Tournaments: eAskme
Different Aspects of Craps Tournaments: eAskme

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There are three types of crap tournaments;

  • The weekly one mostly entry fee is around $25
  • The more posh annual or quarterly type entry fee range from $300 to $1000
  • The top-notch invitation-only events.

The weekly tournaments are held for entertainment only, and the prize money is also not noteworthy, as the entry fee is only $25.

The second cater gory of tournaments are more organized and premium because of the high value of the price.

The invitation tournaments used to hold among best but not frequent wagers; it used to be a closed-door affair.

Craps tournaments

Now you will find a different crap tournament in online and offline craps.

These are superlative than regular crap games, as skilled players have more chance of winning the game.

In crap tournaments, as players buy entry tickets, they receive the same amount of chips.

After an hour when the tournament ends, the chips are counted, the winner is declared. Prizes are paid according to the paytable scheduled previously; mostly, 50% of the total prize pool is allocated to the top 3 players.

Tournaments held by leading online casinos like Baccarat online are free, but sometimes there are entry fees ranging from $1 to $200.

Some online casinos held crap tournament as promotional campaigns; those are good for both professional and beginners.

  • The advanced players are mostly confident in their win because of the huge experience and expertise they have gathered over time. They take the finest bets as the free odds.
  • Beginners are having nothing to lose in the game but to gain experience and knowledge as they encounter the masters of the game.
  • Belligerent players adore high-end bets like; proposition, field bets, and high bets. Small stack players may put everything in stake in Snake Eyes or Single Role bets.

The ratio is 30:1, which means wagering 5,000 hips, you can win 150,000 chips.

Using such an aggressive strategy is not beneficial in a long term perspective but gives the desired result in a short variance of the game.


On the other hand, conventional players stick to safe bets and imply proper bankroll management.

Optimal bets like; pass line/ do not pass bets; free odds/lay the odd minimize the house edge.

The major advantages of these bets are they have a favorable risk-reward ratio, which is useful in a longer perspective.

As it lowers the house edge, the payout also gets lesser, but the bets always ate safer options than aggressive ones.

The conservative players win in the longer run, as the bankroll is safeguarded, and the player does not suffer from anxiety and stress.

Before joining, check the schedule of the crap tournament, which could last for a few hours or linger into days.

Choose a suitable one and play to your heart content.

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What is RTP and RNG in Online Casinos and How it Works?

If you are new to the world of online gambling you may see the terms RNG and RTP for the first time.

But, if you have ever played games at some online establishment you have encountered these two terms multiple times.

What is RTP and RNG in Online Casinos and How it Works: eAskme
What is RTP and RNG in Online Casinos and How it Works: eAskme

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Anyway, we will have to take a deep look into these two acronyms and see what they really mean and why they are important for you.

RTP: Return to Player

As you were able to see, RTP stands for a return to player and it is used for slots mostly.

It means how much percentage a game will give back to a player over time.

For example, if you place 100 bets and each one is $1, and that slot game has RTP of 90%, you can expect back $90.

Keep in mind that the RTP is applied and refers to a long period of time and it isn’t something you can experience if you play a slot a few times only.

This also doesn’t mean that a slot with low RTP should be avoided.

All slots are powered by RNG which will be explained below and each one of them can complete the winning combination at some point and reward its players.

You can check some of the highest RTP slots at the CasinoHEX.in and spin the reels when you want.

There is no specific criteria that should tell you is that slot great with RTP or average.

In a nutshell, anything above 98% of RTP is considered as impressive and very desirable game to try.

Between 95% and 98% above the average games and they are very popular these days.

But, slots below 95% of RTP almost do not exist.

There are maybe a few of them on the web!

RTP in Land-based and Online Casinos

Return to a player can be used almost for any game, but you will mostly see them for slots, as we have mentioned earlier.

However, RTP is used in land and online casinos.

Here there is one interesting fact. Land casinos have much lower RTP in general.

At a typical land casino, you are looking at RTP of 70-90%. This RTP is impossible to find an online casino.

The same advantage of online establishments can be seen in the game selection, the RNG benefit and also the lower house edge in general.

This is probably one of the biggest reasons why online casinos are so popular and so appealing at the moment and why they are going to become even better in the future.

We should add at this point that RTP and RNG are not linked in any way.

These are two completely different terms that are commonly used in all online establishments.

They have a different purpose and they are developed for different applications.

Random Number Generator or RNG

As you saw, RNG stands for random number generator and it is basically a piece of code implemented in any game you will play online, versus computer only.

RNG doesn’t have anything to do with live casino games nor is it available in games where a live dealer is present.

To clarify, RNG powers the online games you play at online casinos versus a computer, such as video slots, video poker and etc.

RNG is an algorithm that made online casino games safe, fair to play and so popular.

So what it does actually? Imagine a slot game in which winning combination is presented with 5 numbers.

They can be 1-2-3-4-5. Now, that slot has a billion possible combinations.

The random number generator will randomly display a new combination each time.

 You can get the aforementioned winning combo if you have the luck that RNG displays it while you are playing.

If not, it will be displayed to another player.

Random number generator has more than bullion possible combination and it is set to display randomly combinations as long as the slot or a game is used.

This is easier to see with slots.

Take a look at the example we have earlier and you can get a better idea about the RNG and what it does.

Well, it does the same thing with all other types of casino games.

The goal of RNG is to make games fair to play.

To make them impossible to set and to affect by other players or casino management.

But, in order for the RNG to operate as it should, testing and licensing is mandatory.

Testing the RNG

This type of testing isn’t something you can do.

It is only available for licensed giants in the industry such as eCORGA and similar.

Those are testers that will check each game and make sure the RNG is set to random, the factory setting.

If a code is tempered with and the game is set to never display the winning combo, that game is removed from the casino.

If multiple games are tempered with, the entire online casino will lose the license.

This explains the term fairness in online establishments.

Those that have and use RNG as it should are fair places to gamble.

You should check those establishments if you are interested in far gambling.

These days it is impossible to manipulate the RNG in the games.

The reason is simple. Almost all the games offer their games to casinos.

But, when the online casino features a game, it remains on the servers of the developed.

For example, if a slot is developed by NetEnt, and an online casino features that slot on the homepage, they have just the shell of the game, a link.

You can play the game here but it is stored on the NetEnt servers.

This means that tempering with the RG is actually completely impossible.


To summarize, RTP stands for a return to player and it is a percentage of the money a game will give back to its players.

RNG stands for random number generator and it is the main core, the algorithm that makes all games fair to play.

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How to Make Money While Searching for a Job

Deciding to start a new career or find a new job is a big decision. And you shouldn’t rush to judgement when it comes to your livelihood.

However, if your mind's made up, then you should be prepared to take action to ensure a smooth transition from one profession to another.

How to Make Money While Searching for a Job: eAskme
How to Make Money While Searching for a Job: eAskme

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After all, just because you’ve decided to pursue new career opportunities, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to put all of your bills on pause.

The good news is, it’s possible to continue to make money even while searching for a new job.

Professionals may want to consider a few of these methods for starters:

Keep Your Current Job

The sad reality is that lots of people really hate their job.

At a certain point, it may be more beneficial for you to simply call it quits –– particularly if you find yourself in a toxic work environment.

On the other hand, if you don’t despise your workplace, then it could be a smart play to stick with your current job while you look for another.

This will allow you to collect a paycheck and maintain consistent employment at all times.


Freelancing for a living presents a number of challenges that many people don’t always appreciate –– such as taxes, scheduling issues, remote communication, and paying for essential services like healthcare.

Nevertheless, talented professionals can freelance for a few months while they look for a more stable position with relative ease.

This is particularly true for individuals with highly-specific knowledge, like knowing how to use 10 ml serological pipettes or understanding how to build a custom website from scratch.

Pick up a Side Hustle

Of course, freelancing isn’t for everyone.

If you’d prefer a part-time position with fewer strings attached, you can always pick up a side hustle or two.

Some obvious ones might include signing up for a ride-share service, or placing a spare bedroom in your home for rent.

Of course, there are thousands of part-time jobs available on the market today –– from bartending to being an extra in a feature film.


Lots of savvy professionals have a rainy-day fund that allows them to access extra capital when they need it.

One of the most intriguing ways to spend that money is through smart investments in the stock market.

Indeed, for professionals who have an understanding of the market, picking up a few killer stocks can help them generate lots of cash in a short period of time.

Naturally, this isn’t easy or straightforward. Still, if you’ve got the cash and the skill, playing Wall Street could pay huge dividends.

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Pinterest Introduces ‘Today’ Tab for daily inspiration With Focus on COVID-19

Pinterest is introducing a new tab for the homepage. This new tab is “Today.” Tab.

This Pinterest “Today” tab will showcase all the curated content for daily inspirations.

Pinterest Introduces ‘Today’ Tab for daily inspiration With Focus on COVID-19: eAskme
Pinterest Introduces ‘Today’ Tab for daily inspiration With Focus on COVID-19: eAskme

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The latest Pinterest announcement says that people are get inspired by new content and easily digest it.

Right now the world is keeping their both eye open for a minute by minute updates about Coronavirus.

Not only COVID-19 but people are also desperately looking for;

  • How to solutions
  • Plans for kids tutorials
  • How to grow organic food
  • Crafting projects, etc.
Between 20the march, 2020- 21st march 2020, Pinterest has seen the massive growth in user engagement.

Especially from the countries that are severely impacted by Coronavirus such as Germany, Spain, France, and Italy.

To make sure that people should not miss anything, Pinterest is launching the “today” tab now.

What is Pinterest Today’s tab?

As the name suggests, the Pinterest Today tab is related to everything that is happening today only.

This means that you will find expert information about Coronavirus from WHO and CDC.

People can also find more information related to how people can follow social distance practice.

Today tab will be home for some of the most popular categories on Pinterest such as;

  • Self-care
  • Kids friendly cooking
  • Movies
  • Comfort food, etc.
You can find the Today tab after the “For You” tab.

Under the “For You” tab, you will only find personal recommendations.

Under the “Today” tab, people will find what is happening around them or in the world.

Currently, you will find everything related to Coronavirus.

Inspiring Others On Pinterest

How to Inspire others on Pinterest:

If you want to inspire people in the USA, then this data will help you.

Trending topics on Pinterest in the USA:

  • Freezer Meals (more than 150%)
  • Work from Home (More than 165%)
  • Indoor Kids Activity (More than 1250%)
If you want to get maximum engagement on Pinterest, then you should follow the trending searches.

Why “Today” Tab:

Pinterest is launching the “today” tab to make it easy for Pinterest users to access reliable information.
Right now, Pinterest Today tab is only available in the USA and UK on Android and iOS apps. Soon it will be available for other countries also.

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How to Work from Home During Coronavirus Quarantine

Are you working from home during COVID-19? Or Are you forced to work from home during coronavirus quarantine?

No matter what the reason is, as long as you are working from home during this Coronavirus pandemic, you must learn some tactics that will help you improve your productivity.

How to Work from Home During Coronavirus Quarantine: eAskme
How to Work from Home During Coronavirus Quarantine: eAskme
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I have been working from home for seven years.

In these years, I have learned how to develop the workaholic atmosphere and habits to achieve goals and be more productive working from home.

I have also learned the art of avoiding distractions.

During Coronavirus and lockdown, governments are forcing people to work from home, and that is where you should learn how you should work from home during COVID-19.


Create a workaholic routine for better productivity.

Without a routine, you may end up spending the whole day on unproductive or less productive things.
It is vital to make every minute count.

Creating and following a routine when working from home is not easy to do even when things are normal.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, it will be more difficult as you always have someone bothering you at home.

Early to Rise:

Wake up early in the morning. It is not only for sports persons or religious people but for every human being.

Getting up early in the morning adds extra hours or minutes to your production schedule.

Set a time to wake up and always follow it like the military rule.

Even if your family is sleeping, you should get up early as you have more important things to do.

The undisciplined sleeping pattern can weaken your memory and decrease your productivity.


During the Coronavirus, many countries are forcing lockdown.

This means that you have to stay inside your house for days or weeks.

This can cause homesickness or mind troubles for those who are not very happy to stay inside the house.

This is the thing that you can heal with meditation.

Meditate daily, and it will help you get rid of negative thoughts, improve memory power, and boost productivity when working from home during Coronavirus.

The shower is the Next:

After refreshing your mind, the next thing is to refresh your body.

Even if you are habitual of bed-tea, you must still take a bath or shower after that.

Follow this routine strictly.

There are the following reasons why you should shower daily:

  • To awake your body and mind to think clearly and work in the right direction.
  • Maintain personal hygiene to avoid any kind of infection or health issues during Coronavirus.
  • Being a lazy blogger will only help you if you are following the strict routine.

Dress for Work not for Sleep:

The one thing quite common among most of the work from home professionals is that they do not care much about personal hygiene and getting dressed.

You must separate your professional clothes from pajamas.

Also, make sure that the clothes you are wearing are comfortable.

It is important to wear clean and comfortable clothes as you have to sit for long hours to work from home during COVID-19.

Coffee Machine or tea Maker:

Do you drink Coffee or tea?

If you are a coffee lover like me, then a handy coffee machine will help you during this coronavirus period.

You can buy an espresso machine or tea maker to get everything near your working space.

I start my day with tea, but my work never complete without coffee.

Don’t Share Your Office Space:

If you are working from home, then you may have a limited workspace.

You must now allow you family or friends or relatives to enter that space.

Sharing your workspace will decrease productivity and bring negative results.

I had shared my workspace with my wife and kids and saw that there is a whole lot of bothering and distraction during the work.


Focus is not something that you can buy online.

It is something that you can learn with passion for something.

Focus is an independent state of mind that boosts your ability to do more and be more.

Your focus on your business or work will help you grow faster and better than most of the competitors even when you are working from home.

How to Develop Focus:

  • Avoid Social Media
  • Avoid Smartphone Notifications
  • Avoid personal emails
  • Avoid News websites
  • Avoid TV
Avoid these five enemies of productivity. Atleast when you are working from home, and it will rapidly boost your productivity.

These can damage your focus.

If someone or something will break your concentration, then it will take a couple of minutes or even hours to get back the same focus.

I am always more productive when I avoid my smartphone and email.

Once you have the habit of working without these distractions, then you will see how quickly your productivity increases.


Lunch is an essential part of your life.

Even when you are working from home, you should not eat anytime.

It is crucial to fix the lunch break when working from home during Coronavirus.

Take easy meals in your lunch box and keep it with you for the lunch break or short breaks.

You can east these as easy lunch:

  • Sandwiches
  • Salad
  • Soup
  • Leftovers
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Ravioli


It is also essential to have a regular meal.

You can either cook your favorite food for the day or get something healthy for your meal.

No Snacks:

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it is advised that people should avoid fast foods and food available in the market.

The best food is always home-cooked food.

But some people love to eat a lot of snacks every day.

Rather than falling for the snacks, you need something which can contribute to your health.

For this purpose, you need to eat fresh vegetables and fruits.


A sedentary lifestyle is not a healthy lifestyle, and work from home is the same.

If your office space allows you to take a walk after an hour, then do it.

Or, you have to depend upon the exercise.

Some stretches, crunches, and a set of doubles will help you.


Sleep is one of the most critical parts of life.

Your sleep will also save you from meeting people without any reason and boost productivity.

Work from Home During Coronavirus: Final Words:

If you are new to working from the home system, then it can be difficult for you.

You need to strictly follow the set of rules to make sure that you will not ignore your work.

Remember: Work from home is the best opportunity, and you can do it by optimizing your time and office space.

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How You Can Use Marketing and SEO to fight Coronavirus Impact

Coronavirus is not only affecting health, but it is also hurting economies worldwide. Businesses are losing human resources, governments are placing lockdowns, and production is decreasing day by day.

This is the right time when you should seriously think of adopting safety precautions suggested by the WHO (World Health Organization).

Governments are taking all the necessary measures to eliminate the Coronavirus pandemic. New policies can help to reduce the impact of Coronavirus.

How You Can Use Marketing and SEO to fight Coronavirus Impact: eAskme
How You Can Use Marketing and SEO to fight Coronavirus Impact: eAskme

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The most significant impact of Coronavirus is in Italy. The Italian government has made the banks to suspend the mortgage payments.

The Canadian government has also eliminated the waiting period from the list of unemployment benefit terms.

World Health Organization’s guide has quite helpful resources that can help workers and businesses to be ready to combat with COVID-19.

Where brands and established businesses can cope with the adverse effects of the Coronavirus, small companies, bloggers, and individuals are facing the biggest challenges.

There is either no help for bloggers and small businesses or the help if far from the reach of small business owners or working from home individuals.

So how will you combat the adverse effects of Coronavirus?

Here I am sharing how you and your business can fight with the Coronavirus outbreak and how you can get rid of negative impacts.

Take a Long Breathe, Stay focused, and Keep Optimizing:

Take a Long Breathe, Stay focused, and Keep Optimizing: How You Can Use Marketing and SEO to fight Coronavirus Impact: eAskme

Panic is not the solution.

You should not panic because it will lock all your abilities. I have seen many SEO’s, webmasters, and bloggers who have shut down their operations until further notice.

No matter you are working from home mom, a blogger, a restaurant owner, shopkeeper, bookkeeper, or running your own company, you will experience some loss during this COVID-19 pandemic.

But you are not only.

Ecommerce businesses, and product or service businesses will also face the hit.

This hit can leave a significant impact on economies as no one knows what will happen the next day.
But, there is one thing for sure.

And that is….. “We Will recover.”

Focus on Flatting the curve method to decrease the number or amount of loss.

You can also face organic SERP issues, but this will happen with everyone, and you cannot complain about it.

Social life and paid search are not organic. This time if you are not careful, then you will fall behind others.

Coronavirus Pandemic and Budgeting for SEO and marketing:

Coronavirus Pandemic and Budgeting for SEO and marketing: How You Can Use Marketing and SEO to fight Coronavirus Impact: eAskme

SBA report states that a business which is earning between $1 million to $5 million is spending 7-8% of their earning on marketing and advertising.

Some brands are spending more than 10% on growth marketing and 7% on maintenance.

This data tells that for every $100,000 earned, you should spend a minimum of $7,000 on marketing and advertising.

But, it is the time of the Coronavirus pandemic.

It will not be easy for you to manage this level of expense if you are also taking care of your employees or co-workers.

Don’t hide.

You should cut down your advertising budget if this can help you keep your employees and their skills on the safer side.

Inbound marketing and SEO are long term goals.

If you are a serious professional or businessman who has invested a lot in building and scaling your business, then you should not worry.

When everybody else is panicking, you need to keep you focus on producing quality products or content.

This will help you make sure the continuous delivery of the content across social media channels, where your competitors are keeping their operations on hold.

This hold position will drop the engagement of your competitors, and it will be beneficial if you keep the pace or increase the number of your social media publishing.

This strategy will help you earn some benefits over your competitors.

No matter you are a freelance SEO expert, a professional blogger, or working from home lifestyle blogger, you need to motivate your team to work remotely and keep growing your business even now.

14 Marketing and SEO Strategies for Faster Recovery from Coronavirus Impact:

14 Marketing and SEO Strategies for Faster Recovery from Coronavirus Impact: eAskme


1. Remote Interviews:

Instead, ok shaking hands with your employees and interviewees, it is time to go home and do the job remotely.

Use Google hangout or Zoom to record video calls or Skype for Video Conferencing.

Interview your customers about their knowledge and experience with your product or services. Also, interview your employees.

You can use transcript services like Otter.ai.

These transcripts will help you to share insider information of your content and marketing strategies with your team.

2. Audit:

Mini Audit: How You Can Use Marketing and SEO to fight Coronavirus Impact: eAskme

It takes time and skills to run a complete content audit.

As the process in your company goes slow during Coronavirus, you should consider mini content audits.

Start tracking and maintain the list of your content inventory.

You can create an Excel spreadsheet or Google sheet with the necessary tabs such as;
Now behave like a critic and audit the content without being rational.
This will help you learn:

3. Webinars:

Webinar: How You Can Use Marketing and SEO to fight Coronavirus Impact: easkme

Want to scale your business during Coronavirus?

You can do it by answering questions of your readers or followers.

The best way to do it is by running webinars.

You can also promote your products or services in these webinars.

Due to COVID-19 and slowdown in business, you may have enough time to utilize it with webinars.

Webinars is a tested and verified marketing strategy to market B2B products and services.

4. Clean Your Messes:

5. Change your Goals:

For small businesses or individuals running the business from home, it is time to establish the balance between their PPC campaigns and organic efforts.

Do the research and find out the opportunities to rank in different SERP options.

6. Video Marketing:

Videos are an evergreen tool for marketing.

Create videos related to your content, product, or service or hire a professional video editor to get the job done.

Video marketing will help you to:
  • Rank in featured Snippets
  • Rank for Long Tail Keywords
  • Increase traffic from YouTube.
  • Repurpose your videos to create blog posts, infographics, gifs, and tweetable quotes.
  • Embed videos in your posts or guest blog posts.
  • Use screenshots from your videos.

7. Online Reviews:

Reviews are not only for eCommerce websites.

No matter what type of business you are running, reviews can surely help you.

The best thing about online reviews is that you only need to care about the most recent reviews. To turn negative reviews into positive, you must give thoughtful responses.

Create a review Policy page.

Manage yourself or hire a professional to manage online reviews.

8. Go Online:

COVID-19 has forced people to work from home.

Even bank employees and government officials are working from home to stay safe and complete their tasks at the same time.

You must keep your complete business online and expand it with the help of online SEO tools and online marketing tools.

9. Google My Business:

Have you changed the hours of operation?

If yes, then update it on your Google My Business page.

This will help your customers contact you at the same time when you are available.

10. Fix Your Website:

If you can’t make it perfect, it still makes it better for your customers or readers.

Hire professional web designers or developers to create responsive, mobile-friendly, fast-loading, the website with a user-friendly design.

11. Get Rid of Unnatural Links:

Unnatural links are the primary reason why most of the websites fall from the first page of Google.

It is necessary to keep track of your link and get rid of any spammy or unnatural link.

12. Outreach:

To avoid Coronavirus infection, you should keep yourself inside the house. But at the same time, you need to connect with your blog visitors or customers.

You can do it by sending emails, text messages, whatsapp, or video messages to your customers.

13. Know Your Customer:

Dive into your analytics and sales data to understand customer behavior and their need.

14. Get a Mask and Sanitizer:

This is the first and most important thing that you should do.

Buy a mask a wear it whenever talking or meeting others. Avoid handshakes. Use sanitizer to keep your hands clean.

Even when you are working on your laptop or desktop, you should wear a mask to avoid infection and use sanitizer after you get off your system.

Make the masks and sanitizers available for your employees to save them from Coronavirus and run the business smoothly.

You should also consider WHO’s document of Mental Health Considerations During COVID-19 Outbreak.

Don’t just lock yourself. But keep yourself safe and also your business.

Do you have any plan to tackle COVID-19 Challenges?

What challenges your business is facing during Coronavirus?

What tips do you recommend?

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