Internet Overview 2019: From Types to Provider Plans

In the end, we are all searching for the same thing: a high-speed internet connection that has our back through thick and thin. Given the sizeable reach of the telecom market, finding such a dependable network may not be as easy as it may seem.

You have to sift through hundreds of internet plans before you can chance upon the one that perfectly complements your needs.

Internet Overview 2019: From Types to Provider Plans: eAskme
Internet Overview 2019: From Types to Provider Plans: eAskme

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But, even before you can come to the process of selecting plans, there is the whole affair of determining your ideal speeds and choosing your connection types.

Sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry though, because this article will review the best the internet connections & plans out there, giving you adequate direction and facilitating your decision.

A Quick Account of Internet Speed

One of the variables that matter the most when you’re talking about internet connectivity is speed. Speed is the rate at which a data packet is transferred from one node (webserver) to another (your device) and vice versa.

The higher the transfer rate, the better the user experience. It’s a direct relation.

Basically, the trick here is to select that particular tier of speed which goes well with your internet usage.

The following internet speed table might help clarify things a little more.

Internet-Based Activity
Recommended Speed
0.5 – 2 Mbps
2 – 5 Mbps
3 – 16 Mbps
5 – 32 Mbps
25 – 100 Mbps
Downloading Large Files
5 – 50 Mbps
Gaming(Basic Online to HD VR)
3 – 100 Mbps

So, make sure to determine your ideal internet speeds before moving on to deciding the connection types.

Reviewing the Best Internet Types & Plans for 2019

Where you live on the grid has surprisingly a huge impact on the kind of internet service that’ll be available to you.

People residing in the rural areas may not have the same broadband options as those settled in the sprawling cities.

Therefore, in order to know which internet is good for you, you need to understand the kinds that are popular in the market and those that are available specifically to your locality.

There are a number of platforms on the web, like Local Cable Deals, which provide you with the updated information about the raging internet types and how you can find those serving in your area.

Other than that, here’s a smart review of the network types & plans of 2019 for your convenient perusal.

DSL Internet

Remember the Dial-Up? Well, DSL or Digital Subscriber Line is an advanced version of that, transmitting bandwidth via telephone lines.

This upgraded network technology has a widespread availability, the lowest costs you can find and speeds that are sometimes even better than the cable internet.

However, the quality of connection may suffer if there’s a storm or if the distance from your home to the source line is greater than anticipated.In the US, DSL has a 90% strong coverage and some of its most popular provider plans are:
  • Simply Broadband Plans by Frontier Communications (best overall)
  • Price for Life Plans by Century Link (best commitment terms)
  • Verizon’s High-Speed Internet Plans (best speeds)
  • Internet 5 – 100 Plans by AT&T (best bundles)
  • High-Speed Internet 25 – 100 Plans by Windstream (best prices)

Cable Internet

Found primarily in tight-knit neighborhoods and residential buildings already consisting of a cable infrastructure, this network type has an impressive simultaneity.

The same coaxial wire that relays TV signals to homes is leveraged to carry internet signals too, saving people costs and giving them billing ease.

However, this ‘shared’ type of internet is prone to network congestion, resulting in slower speeds.

Regardless, cable internet has an 89% coverage across the United States and some of its best provider plans are:
  • Performance Plans by Xfinity (best speeds)
  • Internet 100 – 1000 Plans by WOW! (best prices)
  • Cox Internet Plans (best compactness)
  • Spectrum Internet Plans (best commitment terms)
  • Internet 100 – 1 Gig by Suddenlink (best rural provision)

Fiber Internet

Instead of radio waves, fiber optic wires carry broadband to homes & offices in the form of light pulses.

Given the advanced nature of this internet technology, it has a geographical exclusivity in contrast to other network types, making it limited in access.

Other than this, fiber internet speeds are the highest and the steadiest known to the telecom circles, and the US has about 25% coverage of fiber, which is growing day by day. Some of its best available plans are:
  • FiosGigabit Connection Plans by Verizon (best satisfaction score)
  • Internet 100 – 1000 Plans by AT&T Fiber (best bundle value)
  • Price for Life Plans by Century Link (best commitment terms)
  • Internet 200 – 1000 Plans by Optimum (best prices)
  • Simply FiOS 50/50 – 1 Gig/1 Gif by Frontier Communications (best speeds)

Satellite Internet

Where cable fails, the satellite succeeds.

This type of internet connection is particularly well-suited to people living away from the major cities and still wishing for a high-speed internet for their rural homes.

However, being wireless, it is vulnerable to weather interference's and latency.

Satellite internet has a 100% coverage in the US, and its best provider plans are:
  • Unlimited Plans by Viasat (best overall)
  • 10 – 50 GB Plans by HughesNet (best alternative)
Now that you’ve gone through the aforementioned information about the top network types and plans, you’ll be in a much better position to find the right internet for your home.

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The Ultimate e-Book Guide

Writing is an art and when it come to write an e-book, even the great writers can fail. Writing e-books take time, efforts, dedication, knowledge, skills of writing and promotional skills. Many get confused. Which is the correct one. ebook or e-book.

Well the correct one is e-book.

The same goes for email. Or should I say e-mail. Yes last one is the correct word.

Does e-books fascinate you?

I think most people are fascinated and want to know more. Self published e-books are actually even better than the printed version. E-books started about the same time as the Internet started with it.

The Ultimate e-book guide : eAskme
The Ultimate e-book guide : eAskme
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Do you know the history of the e-book.?

You do? Good thats great, but let me tell those who don't know about it. It was invented in the year 1971. The man who invented e-book received an amount of $100 000 000 for his time spent on the computer.

It was in Illinois at the Materials Lab, yes their university. On the  Xerox Sigma-5 mainframe. His name was Michael Hart.

But don't just assume wow that's a lot of money. He tried very hard to worthy of this money. He created the idea of e-books.

His words were "the greatest value created by computers would not be computing, but would be the storage, retrieval, and searching of what was stored in our libraries."

This was the start of a project known as Project Gutenberg.

This project now makes more than 50 000 e-books ready for free use.

Now after all this time it is very easy creating an e-book.

Just open your word processor, write transport digest your preferred format. And make it available for people.

Whether it is writers, marketers, bloggers, businesses. Yes let's face it, anyone that wants to read your content.

But to make sure of success you have to remember quality.

If it isn't quality then don't even try it. So lets deal with a questions you may have.

Is it ideal to write an e-book?

First thing to consider is it narrow enough.

The idea of e-books is a shortened version of a subject. It should be focused on one main thing.

That makes an e-book ideal. Creating an e-book that covers everything isn't as effective, unless you cant give the shortened version.

The idea of an e-book is a time limit.

Is the e-book favored for longer times. 

As with most things in life. Things change and some become irrelevant.

Will your e-book last that long?

What about a topic that will stay for a longer period of time?

The good news about e-books is it can be updated as times changes.

But it is good to remember that changes should be kept to a bare minimum.

Not a complete change.

This way you can get new interest in your e-book.

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An example is if you have an e-book that you share if people subscribe to your posts, it is an effective and eye catching idea to say your e-book is updated as people may have been hesitant on subscribing because of an outdated version of your free e-book.

Do you have enough content material?

The Ultimate e-book guide : eAskme

As I said earlier it is important to remember that an e-book shouldn't be too long. But there is the flip side to this.

Nothing worse than a very short e-book. So do you have enough material for your chosen topic?

What about a new fresh perspective, nothing quite ever competes with that.

Example say you want to write an e-book about Amazon.

It is pretty basic to most people.

We know that. But you have to find ways to make reading this e-book interesting.

So what can help you?

Helpful factors.

  • Remember to use words that is powerful to encourage conversion.
  • Remember there is a difference between fiction and non fiction.
  • Always a great idea to use keywords and remember to optimize e-book descriptions.
  • Make sure you know about the pros and cons of your e-book when comparing with other authors.
  • Do you know how to make your description in HTML stand out.
  • Be careful of giving away too much of your e-book description. Don't spoil it. It is meant to be a teaser that makes readers want to read.
  • If you can answer all this. You are ready to start your new e-book. Even if you have never written an e-book before.
But remember that you alone will know what you want to write about.

You alone know what to say as well and only you will know how much details you want to give.

Before starting to write.

Think about it, you don't want to start with no words.

As mentioned before an e-book shouldn't be to long, but also not to short. So how long is an e-book then? I guess it depends on your given topic.

Can range from 20 to 150 pages. Whether it is fiction vs non fiction.

Remember your audience.

Is the idea a quick e-book or will a longer e-book be acceptable.

Also where will you publish your e-book.

Only you have these answers.

If the idea is to use your e-book on your website.

Then you can make it as long as you prefer. You can use your own price or make it available for free.

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But if you want to use Amazon, as an example. It means it cant be given away for free.

Yes you will have to charge for your e-book.

This also means you have to consider the length of your e-book. If this is your preferred method it may be fine.

After all, you worked hard on your e-book.But for someone who wants to buy an e-book they consider the quality and length of your e-book.

For readers it about this one thing. If I can get the e-book for $4.99 and I can get the same type of e-book elsewhere for $0.99.

Then why pay more?

Many readers don't care about how long it took you, how hard it was. For them it is about the time they are spending and what they get in return for it.

If you don't give what they want.

You wont make sales on your e-book.

This is just something to keep in mind when you want to write your own e-book.

Choosing your topic.

Thats the wonderful thing about e-books. You can choose from most if not every topic. It is up to you. Yes, you're personal choice.

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Your own stuff in writing.

If it a topic that you know about. You have enough experience to write about it. Then why not? You have the knowledge, You share the knowledge.

What about a topic like How to master keywords research in just 7 days, By Gary Smith. Now Gary knows that some courses are done via video or a webinar.

But what does Gary use? PDF, So with this in mind it is an effective e-book.

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Why did Gaurav consider using e-book?

  • Students eager to learn can work at their own pace
  • Convenient times is always great for students, unlike a webinar.
  • Lots of screen shots can be used to help explaining and any given examples.
  • The format used is easily used by almost everyone.
  • Not forgetting that Gary used keyword research, which he shared with his audience, in such a way that they can benefit from it. 
Or what do you do when there is already so many e-books about your area of expertise that your e-book wont even make any impact anywhere. Then write about things you feel very passionate about.

Using someone else's stuff.

Now this a very dangerous area. Very tricky indeed.  Thats where words like plagiarism and copyright infringement comes in. So don't consider this way. It is not advisable.

You can also use automatic and free plagiarism checker for this.

The idea is when you want to use someone else's work. You want to make it yours. Meaning you want to add more details. That you know the e-book can benefit from.

If the idea is to to generate leads then why not give away your e-book? People love free stuff. Free is such a good word to your audience. But you have to remember that you have to promote your e-book.

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If you consider this free e-book give away on your website. You have to promote it.

So here is a few things you need to consider.

  • Building your mailing list.
  • If you want to generate leads this is an effective way. When email is used in marketing your site. It gives higher ROI than you would find in any other marketing channels.
And how does it work? Just give away something that is free. But you want their email address in return. Its direct. Its personal. Its effective.

Give away that e-book of yours.

After doing research Hubspot found that e-mails that offered something free had 2 times better responses than e-mails that offered webinars.

Which means you want your Call to action rate to improve. You just offer a free e-book.

Demonstrating and building your authority

Demonstrating and building your authority : eAskme

If you are thinking about doing this. An e-book can help you build  can help you in your preferred field. Especially if you are still working on getting stature.

Yes i know you can use Twitter ot your blog. But it wont last as long in social media changes.

But as we talked earlier your e-book should be able to stand the test of time. So your readers can always go back and use it as reference.

Which is why your e-book must have the best quality. So don't think about a fast and quick e-book.

Selling e-book.

You may do it just for the thrill of having your e-book sold. Or seeing your own page on Amazon. Many consider this a career.

Yes it is admitted that the publishing barrier is so low.

Many have successful stories from e-book writing. It can be that you just use Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing or any other platform and BAM you are a bestseller.

But not just that. A millionaire one week later. But if it was that easy.

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Don't get confused. Doing this as a career takes very hard work, diligence, work, talent, lots of patience, perseverance and much more.

But if you want to write a few helpful e-books and make it available then that  low barrier is your friend.

So what platform should be used in publishing your e-book?

So what platform should be used in publishing your e-book : eAskme

If you think about Amazon. Then why not? If you are going to use all your energy and time in creating a great e-book.

Then why not make sure it is available on the biggest sites for best selling e-books.

But if you feel you want to do it yourself. You can do that too.

Is it good to consider using an external platform. Yes, why not. Just be prepared to promote your e-book.

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Now what format should be used for your e-book?

There is many different formats for e-books. If you want to make sure it isn't only readable on computer it means you have to think of a variety of formats.

MS Word - It can be a good format. But doesn't mean you should. It can be seen as a backup? But Not really ideal.

PDF - PDF can be seen as a more convenient way for your readers. It is effective in design. So it is a better option

ePub - Now this is where we start using words like premium format. As it is XML-based. It can be used on more devices, like Kindle Fire, Apple iBooks, ePub via Kindle Direct Publishing, Sony Reader, Kobo Reader and more.

Mobi -  It was made by a French company named MobiPocket, but when Amazon bought the company the format was moved to Amazon's Kindle.

This was a few examples of e-book formats that is available.

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Using e-book tool building

As we all know programs are released and improved to make the process of creating an e-book easier. But in honesty it is already easy.

You only need a few to make your e-book. Examples like Microsoft word, Calibre, Sigil, Kindle previewer, Scrivener.

Using Microsoft Word

If you want to write an e-book then it is without any doubt admitted that great features for building content. All that is needed is use the correct format.

Just the click of a few buttons and you are done.

But if you want ePub format? That is where Calibre comes in.

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Using Calibre

If you want to save as an ePub format. Then Calibre is ideal. It is free to download so its more convenient. It can convert Word docs to ePub.

All you need to do is use your Word document in Calibre, as a book then you can simply convert to ePub format.

You can edit your ePub. But not viewed as user friendly.

Which brings in Sigil.

Using Sigil

Its free. If you want to edit ePubs you will find its very easy.

If you did as mentioned before. (Converted your word doc to ePub using Calibre) Now you can open it with Sigil. It allows you to edit HTML.

You also get the advantage of split screen. With this feature you can see HTML and your text at the same time.

Convenient, isn't it?

Once you find you are happy with your ePub.

You can make it ready to be available to readers.

Either direct or what you choose as your distributing platform. But if you have a mobi file in mind.

Using Kindle previewer

It is actually neat. You can preview your e-book on different Kindle platforms before you upload.

Just open your ePub ot will be changed to a mobi file.

So it means you have an extra platform for your readers. This tool is free.

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Now this is a different way of handling e-books.

Theres a course available to train on using it. Entire posts get made with Scrivener. It gives you word targets.

Also you can see word counts at a quick glance.

But this isn't free software. If you use the trail version there is a few that gives the usual 30 day trial.

But a word of advice.

Even though your ePub may look  good in one format. It may look awful in another format.

So if you know HTML you are at an advantage.

So if you are someone that doesn't know HTML you should consider your book formatting being done professionally.

Using Photoshop

Remember that readers do judge a book by it's covers. So the fact is.

You need a great cover to make your e-book much more attractive to readers.

If you know how to use Photoshop. You can make awesome covers.


If you find that you are challenged in graphic designing.

You will adore using Canva. There is a variety of things that makes Canva great. it is free and has tons of templates.

Headers for Twitter, Covers for Facebook, infographics e-mail headers and lots more.

Also, there is lots of graphics that is free. But there is images that does cost, but even those aren't expensive.

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But if you are still wondering you can consider a professional cover. It is cost effective and lots of times it is already made.

But it also means the cover is exclusive.

So if someone buys it. No one else has the right to use it.

Distribution of your e-book.

Distribution of your e-book : eAskme

If you are thinking of using PDF format then you have the benefit of using it on your site directly or by e-mail.

But of you are thinking of more formats then there is a few options available.

Dropbox may not be ideal but it works.

Because every file has its own link. This way you can just provide the link to your readers.

Whether it is used by e-mail,  social media or your site. But there is down side with Dropbox.

Many readers find it difficult to load it onto their device, So you should give instructions beforehand on this.

Using e-mail to Kindle

With Kindle you can e-mail an e-book. All that is need for readers is to attach their preferred format(ePub , mobi) and send it to Kindle on the e-mail address given by Amazon.

Now to promoting your e-book

To see any results you have to promote your e-book.

No matter who you are, if you don't promote, you wont get readers for your e-book. So now there is a few options on promoting your e-book

Social Media is a very effective way of letting people know about your e=book. But don't just do it once.

Do it many times.

You can also market by e-mail.  Let your subscribers know about the e-book.

Use your e-mail list to spread the word.

Consider Facebook ads. Truth is Facebook does have lots of potential.  As it is your goal you will find it will generate leads.

Then there is Twitter ads. But make sure what you want before you pay any money.

Edit your e-book.
You have to realize there is nothing worse than typos or bad grammar. So make sure you edit your e-book before publishing it.

There is the option of doing it yourself. If you know you are good in writing and editing.

But if you aren't sure you can use a professional editor. But make sure to look around before hiring an editor.

Last thoughts:

There is no wrong or right way for writing an e-book. Nor is there an perfect way to publish your e-book.

The power is always in the publication.

What you write about and how you write. Your cover and your publish formats.

Your preferred platforms for publishing.

Yes it all plays a part. But the success depends on you.

This ultimate guide of ebook will help you to write and get your ebooks publish if you follow these tips.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me. Don`t forget to like us on Fb and subscribe our newsletter to stay tuned with us.
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Helping Others to Get Backlinks: 5 Ways to Build Links by Giving Back

Are you into a link building? Have you ever helped anyone? Do you know that you can build links by helping others?

As a blogger, SEO, or marketer, you must have some strategy to build links.

Most of the times your link building strategy walks around;
If your link building strategy is not able to deliver desired results, that means you are missing something.

Helping Others to Get Backlinks: 5 Ways to Build Links by Giving Back: eAskme
Helping Others to Get Backlinks: 5 Ways to Build Links by Giving Back: eAskme

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Engagement or real human interactions, creating a community, or helping others in your niche or industry will supercharge your link building strategy.

Today I am sharing five ways to build links by helping others strategy:

Contribute to Community: 

No matter what are you doing as long as you actions can affect others, there are chances for you to contribute to your community.

Your contribution and involvement in community events will not only help you improve your brand reputation but also boost traffic and conversion.

How it works:

The easiest way is to find a community that shares interests similar to your skills, niche, or hobbies. This can be a local or international project.

Most of the time, communities publish the list of contributors on their website, email list, and brouchers.
They will also include you if you are contributing to their cause.

Share your involvement in the community by publishing on your blog or sending emails.

The more engagement you can bring to the community campaign, the more chances you have to get published among the top contributors of the community.

When communities mention you or link to your website, this displays the trustworthiness of your business website or blog.

What to do:

When contributing to the community, you have to invest money, service, and products for the betterment of society.

Also, have clear thought about why you are contributing to the community.

Focus more on building connections than earning backlinks.

Guest Writing:

Guest writing is one of the most commonly used strategies for link building. Still, most people are not doing it in the right way.

When it comes to writing a guest post, you need to think beyond just link building.

Write about something in such a way that will make people read the content again and again. This will surely help you to increase traffic and ranking effectively.

How to link Building with Guest Blogging Works:

The act of publishing your writings on other websites is known as guest blogging or guest writing or guest posting.

When you are writing a guest post, you will include a relevant link to your website.

You can also add a link to the author's bio or contributors list.

What you should do:

Building links from a site with low authority can damage the reputation of your website.

Do the background check of every single website where you want to publish your guest post.

Write only for trusted blogs or websites.

Free tools:

If you are good at creating tools that can help people, then go for it.

You can create free online tools to earn backlinks or invent something, and your inventions will be featured in most of the publications.

How it works:

If you are good at development, then create a free online tool else hire an agency or freelancer to develop useful tools such as calculator, cheat sheet, email course, ebook, photo, gallery, etc.

Offer these resources or tools for free for those who signup your email list.

If the resource is useful, then users will keep on talking, sharing, and mentioning it on various channels, blogs, and publications.

What to do:

Keep updating your tool or resources to satisfy the need of the user.

Also, market your tool using social media marketing, etc.


Commenting on authority blogs and participating in high authority forums will improve your chances of developing the traffic and authority of your blog or website.

How it works:

Join the question answers forums like Reddit and Quora. Participate in conversations.

Ask questions. Also, share your experience and knowledge with others.

These forums will help you learn many things and market your blog or website at the same time.

This will surely be an excellent way to build quality links to your blog.

What to do:

Most of the time, you will get nofollow links back. But don't feel bad about it. It is good to keep a diverse backlink profile.

Testimonials and reviews:

Reviewing products and services on your blog will help you grab the attention of product creators.

They may place your link and snapshot of the study on their product appreciation page.

Most of the new businesses and brands with unique products are willing to give a link back to those influencers who are talking about their products or services.

How it works:

Write a review or write a testimonial about the product you have used recently.

Email the brand or business, including the link and name of your business and explain to them about your review and find out if they can publish your review on their website.

What to do:

Only review the products and services with brand value and authority.

Final Words:

There is no doubt that links from high authority sites can help your website, but at the same time doesn’t make link building complicated.

Stay away from outdated strategies.

Giving back or helping others is one of the best ways to earn appreciation and link back.

This will also improve the trust score and domain authority of your website. Focus on community building and diverse link profile.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

If you find this article interesting, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

Sharing is Caring!

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HDPopcorns – Sites like HDPopcorn to Watch HD movies and tv Series Online for free!

HDPopCorns! What is that? How to use that and why? Here is everything that you need to know.
HDPopcorn is not there to bring you high-quality popcorns, but it is there to serve you with High-Quality movies and tv shows.

HDPopCorns is one of the most favorite movies streaming site where millions of users watch latest and top-rated movies online without paying anything.

HDPopcorns – Sites like HDPopcorn to Watch hd movies and tv series Online for free!: eAskme
HDPopcorns – Sites like HDPopcorn to Watch hd movies and tv series Online for free!: eAskme

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HDpopcorns.com is not available there, but it doesn't mean that there are no other options.

There are many popular mirror sites like HDpopcorns are running online.

Few of the popular HDpocorn mirror sites are;
These are few of the most popular HDpopcorn mirror sites that you can visit to watch movies and tv shows online for free.

On these sites, you can not only watch all the Hollywood movies but also watch dubbed movies in Hindi, Hindi movies, Tamil movies, and movies in many other languages.

You can also watch popular tv shows such as Game of Thrones, etc. on these sites.

On HDpopcorns you can find your favorite movies and tv shows according to genres, Top IMDb ranking, etc.

Hdpopcorn.us also allows you to sort the movies according to Hollywood, Bollywood, and Hindi dubbed.

If you are not able to find the movie you want to watch on HDpopcorn, then you can request them to add the movie in their database.

One thing that you must know about free movie streaming sites like HDpopcorns is that you will find popup ads on these sites. The reason why HDpopcorns have popup ads is that it is the only way for them to earn money to run their servers.

If you a lover of free movie streaming sites and watch to watch movies online on HDpopcorns without downloading, then you should not care about popups.

Once the movie starts playing, these ads will not bother you.

On HDpopcorn mirror sites you can watch all type of movies such as action, adventure, animations, comedy, crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, history, horror, music, mystery, romance, sci-fi, thriller, war, politics, western, etc.

You can watch some of the latest and upcoming movies on HDpopcorns, such as watch Avengers Endgame on HDpopcorns, Spiderman far from home on HDpopcorn, watch Rambo last blood, Captain marvel, Annabelle, or watch reinos online on hdpopcorn, etc.

But, this may be not enough for you if you a real online movie lover.

So, I have more for you.

HDPopcorns – Sites like HDPopcorn to Watch HD movies and tv Series Online for free!

Today I am listing some of the best sites similar to HD popcorns where you can watch movies and free tv shows in high quality.


123movies is also a popular alternative to the movie streaming site like HDpopcorns.

It is a highly popular site to watch movies and tv shows online for free in high quality. If you want to watch the latest videos online, then you must visit 123movies. There are so many alternatives to 123movies are available online.

It is the site where you can watch movies, tv-series without paying anything.

You can also check their list such as genre, country, year, box office, rending, tv-today, etc.

When you try to stream the movie, it will open some popup ads.

You will not find ads annoying as you can watch all the latest and top-rated movies and tv shows online for free.

It also offers you three different server options to stream the movie of your choice.

Site: https://www3.123movies.la/


Bmovies is also a popular site like HD popcorns to watch trending movies and tv shows online. It is the site where you can look for the episodes of your favorite tv series also.

In the trending list, you will find the most-watched and top-rated movies of the current year.

You can also check the movies list, tv shows, trending list, Top IMDb list, and episodes to watch the program or movie of your choice.

You can also watch Indian videos online on this site for free.

You will find some popup ads on this site that can annoy you.

Bmovies offer you five different server options to stream the movie of your choice.

Site: https://bmovies.co


Cmovies HD is a popular site to watch latest movies online for free such as Hobbs and Shaw. The site offers a massive collection of movies, and tv shows that you do not want to skip.

You can search your favorite movies according to the genre, country, and Top IMDb.

Like Hdpopcorns, CmovisHD also allows it's users to request them to add more movies in their database.

You can also use the search option to search the movies and tv shows of your choice.

Their cinema movie list showcases all the top-rated movies of the year.

When you click on the movie you want to watch online, it will also open some popup ads. You can get rid of ads by installing an ad blocker in your browser.

Site: https://www4.cmovieshd.bz/


Rainierland is one of the oldest sites to watch movies and tv shows online for free. This is also one of the suitable alternatives to HDpopcorns to watch movies and tv shows.

You do not need to signup or download to watch movies online on Rainierland.

Just go to the rainierland website and click on the movie or tv show you want to stream.

Like HDpopcorn, you will find some popup ads on this movie streaming network.

On Rainierland you will also find tons of different server links to stream the movie of your choice.

You can also check their lists of Cinema, New releases, latest updates, most viewed, best rated, action, comedy, horror, sci-fi, romance, 2019, 2018 and 2017.

Site: https://rainierland.is/


Fmovies is a highly popular site for online movies cinema lovers. This is also a popular movie streaming site for those who are looking for more than HDpopcorns.

The clean design and high-quality movie streaming had made Fmovies quite a popular movie streaming site to watch tv-series and movies online without paying anything.

This is the website that allows you to find and the movies and tv shows according to the genre, country, a-z list, release, most watched, etc.

You can request Fmovies to add movies or tv shows of your choice.

The only thing that you find different on Fmovies is that it asks you to signup to watch movies online. It will also ask you to verify your membership by filling credit card information form.

But here is the trick that will help you watch movies online on Fmovies without entering credit card details.

Just fill the email id and password for a signup, it will take you to the next page for verification, Close that page and start streaming the movie.

Not only that, but you can also check the information about the movie such as synopsis, star cast, rating, etc.

Site: https://www9.fmovies.to/


Primewire is another site like HDpopcorns to watch movies and tv shows online for free. The reason why I have added Primewire in this list of best movies streaming sites is that the site was filled with a lot of most-watched videos online for free.

Have you watched pet Sematary or toy story 4 or avengers endgame, If not then you must visit this website to watch these movies online for free?

You can also watch movie sin Hindi or movies with English subtitles.

Not only that, but Primewire is also a popular tv show streaming site.

On Primewire, you can find the movies according to genre, release, country, latest added, Top IMDB, and Top watched lists.

There is a search option that allows you to search the Primewire database for the movie or tv show you want to watch online.

You can also leave your feedback.

The site also allows you to sort the movie or tv shows according to the genre, country, subtiles, release, etc.

You can even watch fast and furious 9, The lion king, Captain Marvel, Shazam, Rambo last stand, etc. on this site.

Primwire also allows you to download the movie you want to watch offline. But for this, you need their premium subscription.

Site: https://1primewire.com/prime-wire


Putlocker is undoubtedly one of the best sites like HD Popcorns to watch movies and tv shows in high quality. Putlocker is one of the most favorite movies streaming site of all time.

When you visit the site, you will find the clean design and easy to use interface.

You can check the rating and quality of the movie on movie thumbnails. Most of the film is available in HD, CAM, and HD 720 versions.

You can find the movies and tv shows according to genre, country, top IMDB lists.

The only thing that can annoy you here is that you need to register an account to stream the movies online and for this, you need to provide credit card information.

But here is the trick; close the window that asks you for verification and goes back to the page to watch movie online.

I have added putlocker in the list because it offers quality entertainment without ads.

Site: https://www.putlockers.me


Solarmovie is one of the best sites to stream movies and tv shows for free. This is the place where you can watch videos according to genre such as action, adventure, animation, biography, comedy, costume, crime, documentary, drama, family, fantasy, history, horror, kungfu, musical, mystery, mythological, psychological, romance, sci-fi, sitcom, sport, thriller, tv show, and war.

The site also allows you to find movies according to country, and Top IMDb.

You can watch fast & Furious 9 Hobbs and shaw and once upon a time in Hollywood.

You will find popups ads on solarmovie, and that is quite common among most of the movie streaming sites.

You can also check additional information related to movies such as title, star cast, genre, actor, director, country, etc.

You can watch all the popular movies on Solarmovie site.

Site: https://www0.solarmovie.to/


Vumoo is a popular site like HDpopcorn. It is the site where you can find the top-rated movies list on the very first page such as Spiderman far from home, Annabelle, MID, Dark Phoenix, Avengers endgame, Shazam, etc.

On Vumoo you can watch most of the movies and tv shows in HD or SD format.

You can also check the a-z list.

I like using their genre list and years to find the top-rated movies in each category or year.

Like Fmovies and putlocker, it will also ask you to enter the credit card details to verify your account.

You will also find some ads on this website.

Site: https://vumoo.life


Gomovies123 is the site with a design similar to HD popcorns. On this site, you will find everything that you can find on hdpopcorn movie site.

Gomovies123 is a popular destination to watch movies and tv shows online for free.

This is the site where you can watch all the movies in HD or SD format.

You will love their featured movie list. In this list, you will find all the top-rated movies of the year, such as avengers' endgame, Ant-Man, Shazam, Captain Marvel, Creed II, Venom, etc.

It will give you five different server options to stream the movie online for free.

You can also watch kids' movies, daily sops, anime movies, etc., on this site.

Site: https://gomovies123.live/


Letmewatchthis is a famous movie streaming site where you can watch all the popular tv shows and movies similar to HDpopcorns.

But, if you want to watch the latest movies online for free, then letmewatchthis is not for you.

It is the site where you can watch old but top rated movies in HD. There are chances that you still find some latest videos, but it is ideally known for streaming the top-rated movies.

It also offers you 11 different server options to stream the movie of your choice to watch it online. You will also find the rating of each server.

Site: https://www.letmewatchthis.is


PopCornflix is also a popular movie streaming site to watch movies online. It is a super clean alternative to hdpopcorns.

On this site, you can not only watch movies and tv shows, but you can also watch viral ads.

I recommend this site to those who want to watch old movies.

You can watch movies from all the popular categories.

Site: https://www.popcornflix.com/


YesMovies is also a popular name in movie streaming industry. It is among one of the few best sites that offer quality content and fewer ads.

On YesMovies You can watch latest and old movies and tv shows without too many ads and signup.

Fast streaming and lesser ads are the reason why Yesmovies made its place in this list of best sites like HDpopcorns.

Site: https://www2.yesmovies.cloud/

Final Words/Conclusion:

Watching movies online is fun but only when you know the best sites to watch movies online in high quality for free. HDpopcorn and sites like hdpopcorn are the best places to watch not only the latest but all the top rated movies and videos of all time.

It is useful if you cannot visit the cinema to watch movies, but if you don’t have time, then this list of best Best sites to watch Fast & Furious 9 Hobbs & Shaw where you can save you money and time both.
  • Have you ever watched any movies online?
  • Which site you prefer to watch movies online?
Do let me know, via comments.

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9 Unique Christmas Ideas for the Woman Who Has Everything: eAskme

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