How about Find the Best Forex Brokers

The forex brokers have a very important role to play in helping traders invest in the forex market.

As such, there is a need to look into the various platforms that are available online today and make an informed choice based on the platform and benefits that are provided.

How about Finding the Best Forex Brokers: eAskme
How about Finding the Best Forex Brokers: eAskme

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In this article, we take a quick look at some of the things that you should consider when looking for a good forex broker.

This will help you understand and compare platforms more effectively and choose the one that suits you best.

The best forex brokers in south Africa are those who offer the best information on their websites.

One important feature to look out for in the news releases that are posted on their sites.

This is a great way to learn about the latest news events that are affecting the forex market.

If the news events are posted on the same site as the website, it is even better.

You can easily see what the current news is about, what the trends in the market are, and how the current market is reacting to these events.

Another important thing to consider when looking for the best forex broker is the data on offer. The data usually includes the list of major currencies as well as some lesser-known currencies.

The information that is included should be up to date as the information from the last few days can often be inaccurate. This is especially true if the website has been operational for a while now.

Some websites, however, only post the data for the most popular currencies and the major currencies that have had some recent fluctuations in price.

For those currency pairs like GBP/USD, EUR/USD/JPY, the data is not usually posted as they are less in daily demand.

Another important thing to consider when looking for the best forex brokers is the commissions that they charge.

Forex brokers do not normally impose huge commissions on trades as they are highly profitable ventures.

However, they do charge high commissions on trades that end in losses.

As the foreign exchange market is open for twenty-four hours, most forex brokers do require their traders to be online at least six to seven hours before the start of each trading session.

If traders are unable to meet this requirement, they may find that they will miss out on good business.

To take full advantage of the opportunities presented by the forex brokers, it is necessary to choose the best forex trading platforms.

These platforms are software that allows traders to execute trades via the internet. Traders who want to execute more complex trades will find the software to be very useful.

As the trading platform needs to be reliable and fast, the forex brokers also make use of the best forex trading platforms available.

Many websites offer information about the best forex brokers.

In addition to the reviews, traders can also visit the websites of the top forex brokers and request free trial accounts. 

Trial accounts allow traders to make use of the services of the brokers without investing money. This allows them to determine if the brokers provide the services that they need.

When traders have found the top forex brokers that meet their needs, they can become members of these brokers and start trading in the financial market.

Forex Brokers - Tips on Selecting the Best

Working with Forex brokers is very important as they help carry out some deals for you, they will also help you in trading in the currency market, especially if you are a beginner.

There are many different kinds of Forex brokers, but all of them have one thing in common which is to help you trade currencies.

A trading system is available on these brokers which gives users easy access to the foreign exchange market and is also usually accompanied by many different tools which give them an upper hand over other competitors.

Here are some of the main reasons why Forex traders should prefer working with Forex brokers.

These reasons are very obvious, and this is why traders who decide to work with Forex brokers should always choose the one which is best suited to them.

The first reason is that there is a lot of trading information on these brokers, which would otherwise be very difficult to assimilate.

To begin with, Forex traders need to learn about the market, how it works, what factors affect it, and how traders can use this information to profit from it.

This information is available on the internet and can take a lot of time and effort to try and assimilate.

However, if a broker does not have easy-to-understand videos explaining the various terms, indicators, and charts then it is better to choose another one.

Another reason is that Forex brokers have excellent customer service.

They should be able to answer any questions that a trader might ask and should always be willing to provide support for their customers.

Most importantly though, a good Forex broker should have a high rate of leverage, which means that a trader who uses their platform will be able to get a lot of leverage when trading.

Leverage is necessary when dealing with large amounts of currency and is an advantage when a trader wants to take risks and make high profits.


One of the easiest ways to determine which forex broker is the best for your needs is to use a demo account.

A demo account allows you to trade in a fake forex market environment with virtual money so that you can get an idea of what it's like to deal with real money without losing your hard-earned cash.

Many brokers offer these demo accounts but many do not, so you must find one that does.

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How to Get the Best Results From Online SEO Tools

Google “free SEO tools” and you're bombarded with links, all professing to offer the ultimate in business SEO analysis.

But you've been down that rabbit hole before and are wise to the fact that SEO checkers aren't all created equal!

How to Get the Best Results From Online SEO Tools: eAskme
How to Get the Best Results From Online SEO Tools: eAskme

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So, the next step isn't to look for any old SEO providers (or trawl through the gazillion ads) - it's to break down what you want and how to get it.

Let's show you how!

Which On-Page SEO Checker Tools Will Support My Business Goals?

Before you compare the value of SEO tools, let's take a second to assess what you're looking for here.

If you know the outcomes you want, then you're in a great space to choose a decent on-page SEO checker that's fit for your purpose.

As an idea, you could be looking for any of these:

  • To know how your business is doing compared to competitors.
  • To assess where you stand in the rankings - or if you're yet to get a foot in the door!

How to address the problem if you aren't in the lofty heights of page one - actual, tangible steps to directly improve your position.

Take a look at PageOptimizer Pro’s Free On-Page SEO Checker as a sterling example of this - it's fast, it's free, it's functional and understandable.

You get one score that shows you how you're doing compared with the competition, and a decent idea about what level of work is required to get back into the game.

If you need keyword suggestions or link-building guidance, that's A-OK, but then you're after a different tool - find your perfect match, and you're halfway there.

Which Free SEO Tools Are Best for Growing Companies?

I'll let you in on a secret - pretty much all free SEO services are designed to attract you to buy a paid service from the provider.

And, that works to your advantage!

SEO analysis tools are there to give you some insight into your online performance - so you can nail down what's working, what isn't, and where changes are most needed.

The SEO checker you choose should showcase the best possible standards your selected company can provide!

Remember, they want you as a potential client and are trying to impress you with a free service offering. 

We suggest that you assess how you feel about the SEO reports you receive, how easy the data is to understand, and how targeted the advice is to improve your SEO.

If the free stuff doesn't blow you away, then move along.

Paid-for services are best bought from SEO specialists offering innovation and customer-focused support from step one!

What Do I Need to Get Started With an SEO Tool?

Let's stick with PageOptimizer Pro as one of the top-scoring On-Page SEO tools.

To begin, you're going to want to have a few pieces of info to hand:

  • The URL of the web page you're working on.
  • Target keywords you'd like to rank for.
  • Your country of trade (or customer base).

That's it!

Provided you've got your website address, know what keywords are most important to your company, and which region you're targeting, PageOptimizer Pro does the rest.

What Information Will an On-Page SEO Checker Tell Me?

Enter your info, and you'll get a report back showing you:

Comparisons against your top ten competitors.

A bespoke SEO optimization score for your page.

Advice about how well the page is optimized and how well you're currently ranking for those target keywords.

Now, we have to be clear that this information is phase one of transforming your digital performance - and it's up to you whether you choose to dive into other services to address any problem areas highlighted.

The best bit?

You get a seven-day free trial, so have the opportunity to test-run how it all works and a week to decide whether the value is an excellent investment for your business.

Easy, reliable, affordable, and stress-free - just how we like it!

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Trends that Will Change Your Future

2021 and future is about being more human, helpful, and hardworking. After watching the series of Covid-19, people are willing to accept things that can add real value to their lives, such as new income opportunities, remote work, tiny houses or moving houses, social distancing, more internet, etc.

Things have changed a lot in the past few years.

Trends that Will Change Your Future: eAskme
Trends that Will Change Your Future: eAskme

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It is time for you to learn about the trends that are setting your future.

Focus on Mental Health:

COVID19, Lockdown, and Social distancing are few things that the human race has faced for the first time on a very large scale.

New problems bring stress, panic, and anxiety.

People feel irritated and mood swings when they are spending all of their time inside their house.

Some people suffer from lockdown trauma, the suicidal rate also increased, domestic violence is also high.

These are the issues that are coming on the surface because of mental stress.

It is highly important to take care of your mental health.

People and now spending more time and investing more in improving their mental health.

The world has understood that mental health is more important than anything else.


Before 2020, the number of people migrating from villages to metro cities increased rapidly.

In these cities, issues like population, pollution, the burden on health infrastructure, unemployment, low wages, etc.

In 2020, people learned the art of working from home or remote work.

People realize that their better life is not in metro cities but calm and pollution-free suburbs.

The demand for houses in the suburbs is increasing faster than ever.

It has also increased the demand for industrial access services like


The demand for wine and wineries has increased a lot.

People are using wine as a stress buster.

The huge demand has increased the number of jobs in the winery industry.

Evoke winery is one of the best examples of such wineries.

Japandi Design:

Japandi stands for the mix of Japanese and Scandinavian culture.

In a Japandi design, you will see the feature of Japanese rustic design and Scandinavian functionality.


Climate change is a global issue. In 2021, people have seen how plants can save us from health issues by boosting our immunity.

Yale University study shows that 94% of Americans are willing to adopt plant-based food. It will help to reduce carbon footprint.


The demand for cars is increasing.

People are considering cars as a third space to take shelter or move quickly when in need.

BS6 version of cars is available worldwide. People are also showing interest in electric cars and CNG kits for cars.

Work from Home:

2020 has helped the “Work from Home” culture to gain recognition and respect.

People are not only blogging from home but also doing all the office work from home.

People in eCommerce sites, news sites, social media, etc., are working from home.


There may be 100 or 1000s new trends every day, but these are the trends that will set your future.

Click here to know what is still trending.

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Google Analytics 4: Everything You Need to Know

What is Google Analytics 4? Why has Google changed Google Analytics to Google Analytics 4? How can you switch to GA4? How Google Analytics 4 Will help you with reporting? What are the best ways to use GA4 reports?

These are a few of the questions that emerged with the launch of Google Analytics 4 or GA4.

Google Analytics 4 is a powerful analytics tool that helps you monitor traffic and understand user behavior.

Google Analytics 4: Everything You Need to Know: eAskme
Google Analytics 4: Everything You Need to Know: eAskme

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In October 2020, Google announced the new Google Analytics 4.

There are so many things that a web admin should learn about GA4.

Remember: Traditional Google Analytics is not going anywhere. But GA4 is already there.

It is worth your time to learn everything about Google Analytics 4.

Today, You will learn;

  • What GA4 is?
  • How to switch?
  • Understand GA4 reporting.
  • How to use reports?

What is New in Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 uses different data collection and data structure approach.

GA is not about sessions but events and users.

Where you will see each user behavior in different events.

Events will help marketers in a better way to perform cross=platform analysis.

Google Analytics 4 understands user behavior better than traditional Google analytics.

Switch to Google Analytics 4?

Should you switch to GA 4?

Yes, you should.

It collects better data and helps you create better marketing strategies.

How to set up Google Analytics 4?

It is quite easy to set up GA4.

How to configure Google Analytics 4:

How to configure Google Analytics 4: eAskme
  • First, go to Google Analytics and log in.
  • Go to Admin.
  • Select account.
  • Select property.
  • Click the “GA4 Setup Assistant”
  • Now, in the setup wizard, click on “Get Started.”
How to configure Google Analytics 4: eAskme

  • Click on “Create Property.”
How-to-Create-New-Google-Analytics-4-Property: eAskme

How Google Analytics 4 Will help with Reporting?

Internet is moving towards user privacy. However, it is getting difficult to track user behavior.

Google Analytics 4 will fill the gap with its improved machine learning technology.

With the help of GA4, markets can easily identify irregularities and trends in analytics data.

How to Use Google Analytics 4 reports?

Now, you should know the best ways to use GA4.

On the homepage, you will see revenue, traffic, and conversions.

From the homepage, you will learn.

  • From where are new users coming?
  • What are the best campaigns?
  • What are the most viewed pages?

Real-time Reporting:

GA4’s real-time reports show what has happened in the past 30 minutes.

You can identify:

Is the tracking code is working?

Effects from YouTube videos.

Product drop.

You can check the View user snapshot. (In the real-time snapshot, you will find user location, device, and engagement.)

Life Cycle Reporting:

You can find engaging, retaining, monetizing, acquiring data of the funnel.

Source of the users and their behavior data is always important to create marketing strategies.

Using the Life Cycle report, you will learn:
  • How did users land on the pages?
  • What is their behavior?

Explore Reports: Analysis

The new Analysis Hub is the strongest part of GA4.

In GA4, you get access to template galleries and advanced techniques.

Analysis Hub: eAskme

How to Create a New Analysis:

  • Go to Google Analytics and log in.
  • Click on Analysis.
  • Choose the technique.

How to read Analysis Hub Report?

How to read Analysis Hub Report?: eAskme

  • Variables column: Here, you will see the Date range, metrics, dimensions, and segments.
  • Tab Settings Column: Here, you will specify segments, metrics, dimensions, and techniques.
  • Segments: Here, you can drag and drop groups to understand behavior.
  • Dimensions: Here you can check event count, transactions, active users, etc.
  • Metrics: Check numbers in analysis.
  • Visualization: View report in charts.
  • Values: View metrics as columns.
  • Tabs: Visualization.
  • Display: Interact with Data.

Different Types of Analysis in GA4:


By selecting, Exploration you have more control over data visualization.

You can use various options to represent data and view insights.

Funnel Analysis:

Under Funnel Analysis, you can check the steps buyers have to complete to reach the final step.

Path Analysis:

Path analysis visualizes the events in tree graph format.

You can learn the looping behavior of the users.

Segment Overlap:

You can use segments as sessions or events.

Marketers can build a condition group.

Cohort Analysis:

You can view the group of users with similar characteristics in a cohort group.

User Lifetime:

Using Lifetime report, you can learn the source of maximum traffic and revenue.


Analytics tools make your life easy.

The better you understand your analytics, the better marketing decisions you can make.

Google Analytics 4 is the latest upgrade for Google Analytics.

Start using Google Analytics, and you will learn everything on the way.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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How to Use Ego Bait Content To Build Links and Generate Leads

When creating a bunch of link worthy content giants, it is necessary to focus on the role of impactful link building.

You may have tried many things, but if the results are not according to your expectations, then you have to try something new and more powerful.

How to Use Ego Bait Content To Build Links and Generate Leads: eAskme
How to Use Ego Bait Content To Build Links and Generate Leads: eAskme

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Most of the time link building strategy fails because you do not feed what most people need.

In reality, most of the incoming links a website get only because it feeds to the ego of other webmasters.

The most important link building strategy works around human psychology than feeding the search engine with SEO.

I call this strategy “Ego bait: or “Ego baiting.”

Ego baiting plays a vital role in building links to your site.

Ego bait content is a psychological way to attract high-quality one-way links and improve the quality of ranking signals.

It is the time to uncover the link bait content strategy that will help you to build quality links and grab the attention of influencers easily. This strategy also works to boost the social engagement of your content.

What is Ego Bait Content?

Ego bait content follows one simple rule, and that is “boosting the ego” of webmasters and influencers to grab linkback from them.

Most of the link building strategies follow creative content approach, but ego bait follows the personal and more targeted approach.

Ego baiting content is about creating the content around a specific product, website, business, group or person.

How does Ego Bait Content Strategy Works?

Ego bait content is the perfect example of how marketing strategies and human psychology can bring excellent results.

Every human in this world want to be famous and want people to follow him.

Recognition for skills, accomplishments, and products always work as the most significant achievement of human life. It brings satisfaction.

When you create content to boost the ego of a webmaster, or his products or services then you can easily influence them to share your content with their audience and even get the link back from their websites.

Here are the few examples/types of link bait content;

  • “Best of”
  • Interviews
  • Expert roundups
  • “You are Awesome, Here are Why?”  style posts.
When building links using ego bait content, you should have a clear goal that what you want to achieve such as leads, backlinks, etc.

Types of Ego Bait Content:

When creating Ego bait content, you should focus on the influencer, product or service not just for the sake of link building.

You may think that I am talking some old school thing here, but there is more in that. One can easily find out that the content you are creating is to help or promote the influencer or just for building links.

Successful ego bait content always intentional, personal and focused.

To choose the right type of ego bait content, you should decide your target.

Here are the popular types of ego bait content:

  • Awards
  • Directories
  • Expert Roundups
  • Listicles
  • Interviews
Let’s dig deep into the types of ego bait content to find out more about your ego bait strategy.

Featured Interviews:

A featured Interview is one of the most influential types of ego bait content.

By featuring expert interviews on your blog or website you make them share your content again and again on social networks. The social signals, traffic, followers and even bring the link back to your site.
Many sites have featured my interviews, and I share such posts again and again on my social networks to boost their social signals.
This is an easy way for me to show gratitude and also increase their social signals.

When interviewing an influencer on your blog, you can highlight their forte, ask them questions and share the whole story with your readers.

This way you can try to build a strong relationship with influencers and encourage them to comment on your blog and share your blog posts.

This is the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship. Influencers love to share their interviews on social networks and sometimes you can even earn a link back.

Featured interviews are easy to arrange and publish. You need to connect with the brand owner, webmaster or influencer to share the opportunity with them.

If they are ready for the interview, then send them questions. Once you receive the answer, publish and share the link with an influencer and ask them to share it on social networks.

The beauty of the ego bait interview content is that you need not spend hours or days to do research or spend long hours writing content.

This type of ego bait will create unique quality content and boost social shares, traffic and backlinks also.

Round-up Posts:

Roundup post is one of the widely used types of link bait content.

It is similar to an interview, but in the round-up post you will be featuring more than one expert or influencers in one post.

It gives the influencers opportunity to get themselves counted among the list of other influencers.

All the participants share the content, and this type of content also receive a lot of shares and traffic.

The beauty of expert roundup is that you need not to create separate posts to feature different influencers.

To create an impressive expert roundup, you need a topic which is according to the interest of your audience.

For example; if you are running a health blog, then you can call health enthusiast, brand in the health industry and expert advisors to participate in your expert roundup.

Now you have an idea.

The next thing is to arrange the expert roundup invitation to invite participants and allow them to share their expert advice.

Here are the examples of the expert roundups;

After publishing the post, the next thing you should do is to reach out to all the participants and boost their ego to share the posts and get a link back.


A listicle is a list article. You can find most of the listicles articles starting with “Best of” or “top 10” of a specific topic.

This is also a type of ego bait content where you create a massive list of valuable influencers, resources, and products which can be helpful for your readers.

Here are some examples of listicle content;

Listicles are highly beneficial and informative for visitors.

The best example of ego bait listicle article is where you include multiple products, businesses or influencers in one article to boost their egos.

This is an easy way to engage them with your content.

Make your content irresistible to make others feel honored.

Choose a topic which not only attracts backlinks but also complements to your niche.

Outreach to webmasters and encourage them to share your listicle content on their social profiles.


Establishing a directory can be a creative type of ego bait content. Directories are helpful for users to feature their business. One can also use popular directories for lead generation.

When creating a directory, you should focus on featuring those who are beneficial and related to your business. You can earn referral commission also to feature them on your site.

You can also create a resource page of businesses that help you to grow your business.


Awards are the most lucrative type of link bait content. There are already many organizations in your niche that are organizing award shows to recognize the leaders and influencers in your industry.

To boost the effectiveness of your link building strategy you need to do a lot of research and invest time in outreach influencers. Awards always talk about the experience, expertise, and effectiveness of the influencers in your industry.

You can start on a small scale. Start an award by featuring a post on your site. Make sure that when running an award strategy you should not lose control over values and benefits.

Remember: Do not use the award for the sake of link building, but use them to build strong relationships with brands and experts.

With the right strategy, awards can be the ultimate linkbait weapon to drive an immense amount of traffic to your blog or website. This will also help you earn some links.

How to use Ego Bait strategy to generate leads and attract links?

Once you understand the different types of ego bait content, it will be better for you to find out which link bait strategy work best for you. This will also help to target a specific set of influencers.

Now you may want to start writing.

But, Stop!

First, create a list of contacts you want to ego boost or bait. Work on a strategy on how you will generate backlinks, leads, and shares.

Create a List:

You must create a list to target niche specific, high-quality sites for link building.

It is not a good practice to reach out to webmasters and influencers who have not interest in participation or generating zero value.

You must choose the sites with strong SEO ranking signals such as ranking, authority, niche, etc.  Also, make sure that they have the influence on the audience and have a creative social media presence.

You can use favorite SEO tools, such as SEMRush and Ahrefs to find sites good for ego bait content.

You can also look for the keywords they rank for, how relevant the site is? How much authority site have? And how much traffic they are getting?

Create a list of reliable websites and start reaching out.

Next thing you need is to choose the topic of your content and the type of ego bait content you are going to use.

Choose Your Topic:

No matter you are writing the first blog post or writing the 100th blog post when creating content with link bait strategy you need to focus on popular websites. This will help you find out the type of content bait strategy you will be using.

For example; if the list is full of influencers then you may consider creating a roundup post or expert interview series.

If massive numbers of sites are from the business side, then you may want to create a directory or listicle.

When choosing a topic for creating link bait posts, focus on your niche. Make sure that the topics you choose make sense to your visitors and your target.

The topic you choose should be according to what the visitors are expecting from your blog or website. This will help to boost the engagement, get link backs and boost social share.

You can also use your keyword research skills to find the topic to target organic traffic.

Now you have it;
  • The impressive list of websites
  • Mindblowing topic
Once you are ready with the topic, the next thing is to start reaching out to the influencers and experts.


Once you are ready with the topic, the next step is to reach out to the webmasters or influencers to find out if they are interested or not. This is a great way to get a link back from them.

To publish an interview, first, contact the influencer to make sure that he is interested. If he/she is interested only then send the questions and get replies.

To create listicles, directories and roundup-posts you need to collect more information from your participants.

You can reach out to them to receive the expert tips about your topic, their photo, contact information, etc.

Share the brief intro about the topic and find out when you can complete the post. Appreciate them for giving their precious time for your post.

Once the article is published reach out to them with this, “”

Create Ego Bait Content:

Ego bait content is an influential part of the content marketing strategy. It does make sense when you put all the pieces of the puzzle together and create some of the impressive, valuable content.

It is super easy to create an expert roundup post and an interview post.

All you need is to collect the details and arrange them in the format according to your blog publishing style.

You should include high-quality images, summary, and introduction.

To create a directory, awards or listicles, you need to put efforts and gather data on your own. It can take some time, but for better results, you should do the research.

You can hire a professional content writer or content marketer complete this ego bait content for you. You can hire a freelancer.

Follow Up:

This is the final step of your content bait strategy. You need to follow up after publishing the content. You should ask for a social share or link back.

Also, follow up with the brands which have joined your directory listing to find out if they can bring referral traffic.

Bonus Tip:

Ego bait content is an impactful strategy to build strong social connections and create a network of professionals.

Even if you do not get a link back, still you will get social shares, traffic and sometimes mentions.

You can also ask for the collaborations or partnerships.

Final Words:

Ego bait content is not just there to boost the ego of businesses or brand, but it serves the more significant purpose. It is the perfect tool to build a mutually beneficial relationship and target a specific market or community.

When creating ego bait content focus on the participants and their expertise. Showcase their skills, and achievements with the help of narrative writing.

Ego bait content not only suits your audience but it also boosts the level of engagements by including influencers in your content.

You have questions? Share via comments.

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Microsoft Windows 11 Download Leaked Online: New Start Menu, UI, Settings and more.

Microsoft Windows 11 leaked online. And it has happened a few days before the Microsoft windows event.

Microsoft was set to announce the launch of Microsoft Windows 11 on June 24th, 2021.

Microsoft Windows 11 Download Leaked Online: New Start Menu, UI, Settings and more: eAskme
Microsoft Windows 11 Download Leaked Online: New Start Menu, UI, Settings and more: eAskme

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But Windows 11 leaked online, and people are already using it.

Now, I am explaining and answering every question that you may have about Windows 11.

What is Windows 11:

Microsoft Windows 11 is the next Windows operating system after Windows 10.

It is an upgraded version of Windows 10x that never came into the market.

Remember: Microsoft has not launched Windows 11 officially till now. And we cannot tell if the leaked windows 11 is a beta or testing stage window.

It is expected that Microsoft will launch Windows 11 officially in October 2021.

We never recommend our audience to install leaked Microsoft Windows 11 as it can damage your system.

What is new in Leaked Microsoft Windows 11:

The leaked Microsoft Windows 11 is showing some upgrades and amazing features.

Microsoft Windows 11 Start Menu:

Microsoft Windows 11 Ui and Start menu look similar to Windows 10x. You can consider windows for dual-screen devices.

The major change in Windows 11 is related to the taskbar.

You can see the taskbar sitting in the bottom centre of the screen with the menu and start button.

Pinned software, shut down button, restart button, and recent files are there. 

It seems simpler than what we use in Windows 10.

You can even move your taskbar to the left side of the screen.

Microsoft Windows 11 UI:

Microsoft Windows 11 UI is also upgraded. You will see rounded corners in File Explorer, content menu and apps.

We believe that leaked Windows 11 is a testing version, so not everything is included in that.

And, we are expecting more features in Windows 11.

There are rumors that Microsoft is bringing Windows Widgets back to Windows 11.

Windows 11 also give you a snap controls feature. It also you to snap windows quickly.

Here is how Windows 11 sound:


One big thing missing in Leaked Windows 11 is that there is no update on Windows App Store.

We already know that Microsoft is working for a long time on upgrading the App store. This shows that the leaked Windows 11 is not fully functional or feature-rich window 11.

Users should wait for the official launch of Windows 11. And, surely it will have more features, better control and better usability.

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How to Safeguard Your Home/Office from the Scorching heat of the Sun?

In summer, people safeguard themselves by wearing suns cream to protect themselves from the scorching heat of the Sun. What about your house and office? How can you protect your house and office from the scorching heat of the Sun?

Scorching heat can damage the walls and roof of your office and home. Not only that, but it causes the high temperature inside the building also.

How to Safeguard Your Home/Office from the Scorching heat of the Sun?: eAskme
How to Safeguard Your Home/Office from the Scorching heat of the Sun?: eAskme

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You do not need the best SEO agency to protect your office from the summer heat.

Today, I am sharing some of the best ways to safeguard your office or home from the scorching heat of the Sun.

This website talks about how you can do it.

Use Reflective Paint:

Reflective paint is the most inexpensive way to safeguard your house and office from heat.

You can use a silver or cool white coating.

The best thing is that to use reflective paint; you do not need to hire any contractor. You can do it on your own.

Use Single Ply membrane:

Single Ply Membrane is another easy-to-use and inexpensive way to cool your roof. It is made of vinyl sheets or pre-fabricated plastic with reflective material or coating.

You can attach sheets with some adhesive or fasteners.

The best thing is that you need not apply any additional coating or surfacing on a single-ply membrane.

The most commonly used Single-ply membranes are;

  • Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM).
  • Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO)
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

You can buy a single-ply membrane for $1 or $2 per square meter.

If it is not available in your are then you can ask best movers los angeles to deliver the product.


BUR or Built-up roofing is known as the process of using gravel and tar to protect the roof.

It is also an inexpensive and easy-to-use way to protect your roof from sun heat.

It is also the most commonly used method to protect the roof.

You will be using a sheet of bitumen or asphalt with fabric, and a layer of aggregate rock, mineral granules, and gravel.

Go Green:

Install garden not only on your roof but also around your walls.

Greenery is the best way to safeguard your building from sun heat.

The rooftop garden is not just a need but a style statement also.

You will not only be protecting your roof but also producing some organic fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc.

A green roof works as the best solution to lower the surface temperature.

It can cost you around $10/sq feet to install a rooftop garden.


Sun is not always bad, but too much heat will increase temperature, and people inside the house or office will feel uncomfortable.

It is a wise idea to use one of these ways and protect your office or house from the scorching heat of the Sun.

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65% off HostGator Hosting + Free Domain Maximum Discount June 2021

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65% off HostGator Hosting + Free Domain Maximum Discount June 2021: eAskme
65% off HostGator Hosting + Free Domain Maximum Discount June 2021: eAskme

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Hostgator is the most compatible web hosting solution that fulfills all hosting requirements according to the latest versions of WordPress.
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How to install WordPress on Hostgator
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Hostgator even provides its domain service, but I recommend you to buy domains from some other services such as(eAskme, Namecheap), as domains cost are more than other services on Hostgator.
Still, Hostgator hosting is best in class and comes with the best hardware quality.
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Win Free Amazon Prime Video Accounts for 2021-2022: eAskme Amazon Prime Video Monthly GiveAway

Giveaway and Entertainment season are back together. This time, eAskme giveaways is offering free Annual Amazon Prime Video Accounts. And, you can win a new Amazon Prime Account every month.

Free Amazon Prime Account for 2021-2022: eAskme Amazon Prime Video Monthly GiveAway: eAskme
Free Amazon Prime Account for 2021-2022: eAskme Amazon Prime Video Monthly GiveAway: eAskme

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What can you watch on Amazon Prime with free Amazon prime video account?

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(31 Tips) How to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home

According to Flexjobs, more than 4 million people work from home.

Even the managers from big brands have reported that remote employees are more productive when they are working from home.

Even the remote workers said that they feel less stressed, which is useful for decreasing absenteeism and increasing morale.

Even If you are a single mother then you can you can hire housekeepers from Find au pairs to help save your time so you can be more focused at your work.

Top 31 Tips to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme
Top 31 Tips to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme

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Work from home is not only good for employees but also good for businesses and brands.

When working from home, there are particular challenges that you have to face.

Some of them are related to your mental health, and some are related to physical health.

Today, I am sharing some of the essential tips that you should follow to be more productive when working from home.


Schedule: Top 31 Tips to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme


Routine is the first thing that you manage to increase productivity when working from home.

You may have the feeling that you can do whatever you want and whenever you want.

But, the same time it is important to schedule everything.

There was a time when in college you have time between two classes, and you were doing whatever you wanted. Working from home brings the same kind of freedom.

In college days, it can be crucial for students to establish a routine, but at the same time, they find themselves surfing the internet, using social media and streaming YouTube.

Routine is important.

You need to manage your time and fix the time slots of all the essential things to do.

By maintaining a schedule, you can easily understand that how long it will take you to get the desired results or get the job done.


Batching is the strategy that will help you to the more in less time.

People mostly fall for multitasking but batching is different than this.

In batch, you will spend time to set a significant amount of time to get the work done completely.

For example, you can spend the first day of the month planning what you want to do in the whole month or create a social media calendar or content calendar.

Get Dressed:

When working from home, if you hop on to your system in your nightdress, then you are not ready.

You may think that it is more productive than you may be investing more time.

There is something we all know as “get ready.”

Getting dressed gives you a feeling of “I am at work” and also make your mind stay focused.

Remember: What you wear shows what you think.

I like what people call “Dress for Success.”

Fixed Time:

When you work in an office, you have to set the time to start and stop work.

But when it comes to working from home, most of the population keep stretching the work for 30 minutes or more.

You can overburn yourself with this behavior.

If you are not able to stop the work at the designated time, then you should schedule something that will force you to finish the job at the designated time such as, Dinner, time for family, exercise, etc.

If you are working more than 8 hours daily, that means your productivity is decreasing day by day.

Both your body and mind need to break at 5 p.m.

You can also batch your work by scheduling days for tasks, meetings, and calls.

Before you do that you also need to be ready for the type of conversation and what you want to achieve with these tasks.

This will save you from interruptions when performing these tasks.

Since I started working full time in 2014, I realized that it was not easy to start a new task without closing the already running job.

Most of the times, I thought that after I finish one task, I will do the call.

This was a time when I was rescheduling calls again and again.

I also had days with no calls, conversion, and emails.


Tracking is essential for every business.

Some professionals believe in tracking every hour or measure the performance.

If you are working from home or working as a freelancer, then you should track hours for clients.

Tracking will also bring your attention to all the critical details.

Tracking will help you to find out where you are losing your precious time and where you can be more productive.

Manage Physical Space:

Physical space: Top 31 Tips to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme

WorkSpace vs. Home Space:

There is no doubt that you can work from anywhere when you are working from home.

Sometimes you may find yourself working in the living room or kitchen table also.

But this is not how you can improve your productivity.

I am always the most productive when I am sitting in front of my computer, not a laptop.

You need to create a separate workspace in your home space to save yourself from distractions.

This will also tell your family that they should not disturb you as long as you are in your working space.

Maintain order in your physical workspace:

A nice clean and tidy workspace not only brings positive energy but also save you from distractions. It will also save you money and time.

Lack of organization in your workspace will cause a lack of productivity.

Dirty desk not only decreases your productivity but also spread viruses that may infect you. You must keep your desk, computer, laptop, and smartphones clean.

It will hardly take 10 minutes of your time to clean your workspace.

Invest in Office Furniture:

When running a blogging or freelance business or working from home, you may end up sitting more than 8 hours every day in front of your laptop or computer.

This will surely hurt your body.

To save your body and mind, you need to invest in ergonomic and comfy furniture.

Take breaks, drink water, walk for a minute or two, or do calls.

Invest in furniture that suits the human body posture and according to your body ergonomics.

Work Ambiance:

The big reason behind open office controversies that we all are different, and we all behave differently in different situations.

As a work from home professional, it is your job to ensure the professional environment. It also includes a perfect desk, perfect lights, and the right playlist.

If you think about working in a coffee shop or open office, then you find yourself in the middle of a lot of distractions.

So, it is your job to ensure that your focus should be on your work.

Breakup with distractions:

Breakup with Distractions: Top 31 Tips to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme

Social Media:

Social media is the biggest distraction for all.

On average, we waste more than 2 hours daily on social media.

Here I am not saying that you should not use social networks, but you should not get carried away.

I have learnt this lesson in the past few years, and now I get less distracted when using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

Social media connects us all, and I also utilize social meetings for my business, but you need to make sure that you should not waste your time in non-productive things.

Use Apps but set the timer to remind yourself of the time you have spent on these.


You may find 100’s of email every day falling into your inbox. It can be time consuming for you to go through all of them.

You cannot waste your time in your inbox if you want to be productive.

I recommend you to check the email only at a predefined or specific time.

You can also take help of autoresponders to let the sender know when will you reply to them.

Manage Expectations:

Your family always has a lot of expectations from you, but you cannot spend your whole day managing things other than your work.

It is your job to manage expectations.

Set expectations about your work time and let your family know that when you are available. This will make them happy and also save you from interruptions.


Breaks will help you to refresh your brain and be more productive, but sometimes procrastination will make you waste a lot of time.

Have you ever visited Facebook to find some solution, but end up watching movie trailers? If not, then it’s okay.

  • Get dedicated cut-offs rather than long unintentional breaks.

  • Go to the kitchen grab some cold drink, have some snacks, and come back.

  • Or take a walk around your house.
Remember: Your mind needs a break, but you should not waste that time.

Working from home Parent:

Are you a parent who is working from home? If yes, then you have to face some unique challenges.

You may find it challenging to manage your time when caring for your children.

Taking care of the kids is itself an outstanding job.

This is the time when you have to create the balance between your work and your family life.

You can also take help of your family to take care of kids for the time you are in your workspace.

Say no to Notifications:

Notifications are the culprit behind distraction.

Notifications are there to be seductive and attract users to spend their time on all such networks.

Apps always trying to grab your attention with what’s new, offers, and other sorts of notifications.

Turn off all the apps when you are in your workspace. Only check them in breaks.

Use Technology:

Use Technology: (31 Tips) How to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme

Use Right tools:

As a blogger, I understand the importance of tools.

Tools are there to make your job easy and effective.

If you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, then you should invest in useful tools.

In an online business such as SEO or blogging, you should use available tools to boost your productivity.

For example;
In short, no matter what you want to do, there are tons of tools available online, use them wisely.

Noise Cancelling Headphones:

Noise-canceling headphones!


Use them to save yourself from audio distractions.

If you are traveling and working at the same time, then noise-canceling headphone can be valuable.

Save Yourself from WFH Loneliness:

The biggest drawback of working from home is that you will not have the chance to build in-person connections.

Sometimes you need someone to talk and engage with to not only refresh your mind but also create a place for new ideas.

Online communities will save you there.

You should join online communities related to your business on popular social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Slack.

Go Outside:

The most significant benefit of working from home is that in fact, you can work from anywhere you want. You can even sit in a coffee shop and working when having snacks or drinks.

You can also establish a coworking space with other freelancers or your work from home friends.

Sometimes changing the location of your workspace will help your mind to give birth to new ideas.

Tell your family About Your Work:

This is something that you can do on a daily basis.

Telling your family about your work will help them understand the importance of your work. This will also save you from interruptions.

You can also earn respect from your family and friends.

Sometimes you might find helpful ideas coming your way.

Breaks your routine:

I have already said that you must have a habit to improve your productivity, but sometimes you need to break up the routine.

Rather than just working from home every day, plan some days to go out for networking events, plan seminars or meetups.

Go to the local cinema, a park or attraction.

Work from home brings flexibility in your schedule, and this improves the circle of your life.

Physical Health:

Physical health: (31 Tips) How to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme

20-20-20 rule:

My doctor told me about this rule.

The rule says that takes a 20-second break after every 20 minutes and focus on an object 20 feet away from you.

This will relax your eyes.

Eat Healthily:

When I started working from home, my desk was a place for junk food.

Within a few months, that showed the effects.

I realized the importance of healthy food and exercise.

From that day, my home-cooked food is my preference.

99% times I skip the readymade meal.

I am surely not the healthiest person, but still, I am better than many who live on junk food and complaining that work from has made them like this.

Take lunch break:

Lunch break plays an essential role in your life.

Every day you must take a lunch break and get away from your computer or laptop.

This will help you stay productive.

Drink enough water:

How much water do you drink every day?

1 liter, 5 liters, 10 liters, let me know via comments.

Study shows that half of the Americans do not drink enough water.

Your body must stay hydrated.

Do you know that dehydration can cause short term memory loss?

So start drinking more water.

Walk and Stretch every hour:

Moving around will help your blood to flow correctly in your body.

If you are already drinking enough water, then you must be leaving your desk regularly, but if not, then you must take short breaks after every hour to walk and stretch for a couple of minutes.

Here is the list of stretches that you can do.

Mental health:

Mental health: (31 Tips) How to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme


Meditation can be life-saving for you.

Meditate for atleast 10 minutes every day.

You can use some meditation motivation from Youtube or add meditation music to your phone.

Meditation can also clear unnecessary thoughts from your mind and help you stay positive and focused.

Day Off:

When working from home, most of the people forget the importance of a day off.

Day offs are importance to cure your physical and mental health.

You can work from anywhere, but it doesn’t mean that you should be working on the hospital bed.


One of the significant benefits of work from home is that it allows you to work even when you are traveling. All you need is a laptop with an internet connection.

Take advantage of this and plan a trip to your favorite destination.

Perfect or not:

Perfect or not, you are always a human being, and you have the right to live your life the fullest.

There are the days when you get stuck at something can can’t complete the job, or you choose sleep over-exercise.

Sometimes even your happiest clients can yell at you.

But this is the life.

You cannot make every day perfect for everyone.

Be flexible, and that is the beauty of working from home.

Flexibility will also improve your productivity and make your life more happening.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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