June 25, 2024

LeBron James Caught Streameast Streaming Website: What is Happening?

NBA legend LeBron James was caught using piracy sports streaming site StreamEast during the Nike EYBL tournament. Another person was involved in streaming the Minnesota Timberwolves Western Conference Finals game on the notorious Stream East website during the game.

While the news has made headlines, it also displays the popularity of illegal sports streaming sites in America.

LeBron James Streameast Website: eAskme
LeBron James and Streameast Sports Streaming Website: eAskme

LeBron James and StreamEast Sports Streaming

This incident caused a lot of stirs and questions, such as whether Lebron was watching matches on StreamEast. Is he promoting Stream East? Why was he sitting next to the guy who was streaming matches online? Etc.

Why do People Watch American Sports on Stream East?

The reason that was given is that American sports fans are already streaming NBA, NFL, UFC, NHL, etc., on free sports streaming sites to save money on subscriptions.

At the same time, the safety of users on piracy sites is always questionable.

Was LeBron James Streaming the NBA Game on StreamEast?

The video footage shows that LeBron was not streaming himself but was sitting with the person who was streaming NBA games on the Streameast website.

Yet, it called criticism from LeBron fans. There is no connection between LeBron and the person sitting next to him. So, we cannot say that LeBron was behind the piracy of sports streaming.

Fans Reaction:

LeBron James fans were dumbfounded when the video surfaced on X (Formerly Twitter).  The video went viral, and fans displayed their disappointment as many found it against the ethics of a sports legend.

Another reason is that the video also put light on the use of StreamEast and raised its popularity.

Yet, many do not blame LeBron, as he is not the only guy with a StreamEast website.

Will StreamEast Shut Down?

The LeBron James streaming incident put a light on Stream East. The incident will not cause a shutdown of the website.

Sites like StreamEast are quickly shifting site URLs and domains.

It is challenging to track all of them. In countries where there are no copyright laws, Streameast works like any other live-streaming service.

Is LeBron James Promoting Stream East?

There is no evidence that LeBron James has anything to do with Streameast promotion.

He was just sitting with the guy who was streaming National Basketball Association matches online.

Is It Safe to use StreamEast?

No. StreamEast is a piracy sports streaming site. It is not safe to use piracy sites from a user security and legal point of view.

Illegal streaming causes fines and other issues. It is best to watch sports events on legit streaming services.

What are the Legit StreamEast Alternatives?

ESPN, Peacock, FOX, NBC, CBS, etc., are the legit sports streaming services to watch American sports events online.

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June 23, 2024

Complete Eviri Guide: Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technologies

Eviri is the result of technological advancement in the modern world. The dynamics are changing and giving way to a new era of technologies to help enthusiasts and professionals. Eviri is the kind of technology that is shaping a better world in every industry.

Yet not every person is aware of what Evırı is, what is its origin story, what are its features, and how it will shape the future.


Understanding Evırı: A Comprehensive Guide: eAskme
Understanding Evırı: A Comprehensive Guide: eAskme

Today, I am sharing everything about Evırı to make it easy for you to understand the world powered by this modern-day technology.

Let’s start with the basic question.

What is Evırı?

Evırı is shaping the future of modern-day technologies. Its impact is visible in every industry. The problem-solving approach is at another level. It integrates modern tech, professional algorithms, analytics, and machine learning to create sustainable solutions. To understand Evırı, you must understand its origin, functionality, and core components.

Let’s dig into Eviri’s history.

History of Evırı

Eviri’s Origins and Development

Evırı was conceptualized by modern-day tech enthusiasts who were looking for a cross-industry solution. The visionary technologists tried everything at their best to create a system that harnessed the power of artificial intelligence and big data.

Note: data is what empowers technology, and Eviri understands it the best.

The goal of this modern-day platform is to revolutionize businesses. Eviri collects data from sources, asks for feedback, and uses this data to leverage technological advancements.

  • During the 14th century in Central Astonia, Eviri was an established cultural phenomenon.
  • Eviri originated in Turkey, where it was the symbol of respect and empathy.
  • In the 21st century, Eviri is largely adopted by tech enthusiasts and industries.

Experts have added so many features to Eviri that it has made it a go-to solution for business and industrial problems.

5 Features of Evırı

Evırı is becoming popular among professionals, businessmen, tech enthusiasts, etc. Here are some of the most noteworthy features:

1. Advanced Data Analytics

Evırı is a cutting-edge technology that collects massive amounts of data to generate actionable insights. It uses tech algorithms to analyze trends, anomalies, and patterns to give businesses a competitive edge.

2. Machine Learning Integration

Eviri is empowered by machine learning. The easy integration of machine learning models has improved the efficiency and accuracy of its results. Eviri is best at decision-making and data processing.

3. User-Friendly Interface

User-friendliness is something that is a must for a platform or tool to become popular. Even though Evir solves complex problems, it offers a user-friendly interface. Even the newbie and non-technical people can access it with ease. Easy navigation and user-friendly design give it a competitive edge.

4. Customizable

Evırı is customizable according to the requirements. A business can use its functionality according to its needs or purpose. Flexibility and easy integration make it a preferred choice.

5. Real-Time Data Processing

Real-time data processing is one of the biggest challenges faced by every industry or business. Evırı solves that with its standout features and processing capabilities. It saves time and resources.

4 Eviri Applications:

Evırı features and benefits and made it the need of every business. This creates the way for the Eviri application. Almost every industry, such as healthcare, finance, logistics, retail, etc., uses applications running on Eviri.

1. Healthcare Applications

Evırı healthcare applications are used for personalized medicines, patient analytics, and data management. It helps healthcare practitioners and companies to streamline operations to improve patient outcomes.

2. Finance Applications

Eviri is giving financial institutions an edge. The finance industry can leverage Evırı to mitigate risk, detect fraud, and analyze the benefits of investment. As it quickly analyzes big data, it becomes a helping hand for every financial institution.

3. Logistics Application

Evırı applications are also useful in the logistics business. It analyzes data to improve supply chain management. It generates reports that predict demand, identify bottlenecks, and enhance route planning.

4. Retail Application

Evırı is popular among eCommerce and retailers. It analyzes customer data to identify buyer’s person, user behavior, sales forecasting, and inventory management. Real-time processing helps businesses personalize marketing strategies to improve customer satisfaction.

How Evırı Works?

Evırı works simply but solves complex problems. It collects and analyzes data, uses machine learning models to visualize data, and improves decision-making.

Data Collection

Evırı is capable of collecting massive data from multiple sources, including social media, industry databases, professional APIs, and Internet of Things devices. It uses real-time processing to filter big data.

Data Analysis

Evırı’s advanced algorithms analyze the collected data to identify industry trends patterns, behavior trends, and correlations. It is crucial for generating valuable insights.

Machine Learning Models

Machine learning models are part of Silicon Valley companies like Meta, Google, etc. The Eviri platform also uses machine learning models to process and analyze data. It classifies data and makes predictions.


Data visualization is necessary for every industry. Evırı’s data visualization capabilities make it easy to read reports from the dashboard. Data reports are available in various formats for users.


The whole process of data collection and processing is to get meaningful insights. Evırı helps professionals plan their next move, event, or campaign. It optimizes strategies for better results.

What are the Benefits of Evırı?

The regular use of the Evırı platform unlocks numerous benefits for every industry.

1. Enhance Strategies

Eviri’s real-time data processing helps make predictions based on valuable insights. Without a deep understanding of what data is saying, it isn't easy to create impactful strategies.

2. Increased Efficiency

Evırı’s machine learning and algorithms automate the process of data collection and processing. It saves time, resources, and human effort. Quick response with efficient results is its big advantage.

3. Cost Savings

Another advantage of Eviri is that it saves time and money. Time is money. The more time a business can save, the more it can invest in other productive tasks. It automates the process and thus needs less human resources and investment.

4. Competitive Advantage

Eviri uses machine learning technologies with advanced analytics, Which improves businesses' decision-making skills.

Now you know the advantages and benefits of Eviri. But there are some challenges.

Challenges and Considerations

Like any other technology, Evırı also comes with a lot of challenges and considerations:

Data Privacy

Data privacy is getting stricter day by day. Businesses must ensure data privacy while processing big data with technologies like Eviri. It is a must to protect user data.

Implementation Cost

Excellent technologies come at a price. Evırı is not an exception. It is a costly technology that many small businesses cannot afford. Small businesses. Due to its long-term benefits, only large companies or firms with enough capital can invest in it.

Technical Expertise

Evırı is not for a newbie. It requires technical expertise to handle data processing, analytics, and results.

Future of Evırı

The future of Evırı depends upon technological trends. It has a bright future due to the latest technologies and features.

AI Integration

Easy AI integration has empowered Eviri. Now, it can handle complex tasks with ease. While it is not the best solution for the short term, it is best for long-term goals.


Evırı’s excellent features, applications, and usefulness have proved it worthy to expand into various industries. It is also getting into entertainment, agriculture, and manufacturing.


Easy customization has made Eviri suitable for every business, sector, and industry.

Eviri FAQs

1. What is Evırı used for?

Evırı applications are part of every industry that requires data processing and analytics. It uses machine learning for real-time big data processing.

2. How does Evırı benefit businesses?

Evırı platform offers actionable insights to improve decision-making for efficient results.

3. Is Evırı difficult to implement?

Evırı is a user-friendly platform. However, technical skills are required to handle the data.

4. What are the data privacy considerations with Evırı?

It handles big data. Large data comes with data privacy issues. Eviri ensures data privacy within its tools.

5. What industries can benefit from Evırı?

Healthcare, logistics, finance, retail, manufacturing, education, entertainment, and agriculture can benefit from Evırı.


Evırı is an excellent platform and cross-industry solution with modern technologies for data handling. It uses AI and machine learning to save time, reduce cost, process real-time data, and visualize it for decision-making.

This Eviri guide explains everything that you must know to understand Evırı and its impact.

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Is Click Depth a Google Search Ranking Factor or Not?

Is click depth a Google search ranking factor? Do you want to optimize the click depth strategy for Google search ranking? Can click depth influence rankings?

Click depth tells how far a page is from the user’s reach or how many clicks a user needs to hit before visiting another page.

For a website, every page is important, but for a user, the page he is interested in is more important than others.

Is Click Depth a Google Search Ranking Factor or Not?: eAskme
Is Click Depth a Google Search Ranking Factor or Not?: eAskme

Click depth helps users to find the desired page.

But does click depth impact your Google search position? Let's find out.

Let's understand everything about click depth and its impact on search.

Click Depth:

Click depth is the depth of the page that the user wants to visit. For example, if your page is listed on page 2, then it has a low value compared to the page listed on the homepage.

The pages listed on the homepage hold the best value for the users as they are accessible easily.

But is click depth an organic ranking factor in Google? Let’s find out.

Claim: Click Depth is a Google Ranking Factor

Some SEO experts believe that click depth influences search ranking, while others believe that it is not a ranking signal.

The reason they give is that homepage links are more easily accessible than pages listed far from the homepage.

Evidence: Click Depth is a Google Search Ranking Factor

Google’s John Muller said that Google gives little to no attention to how users can find a page on a website. If a user needs to make multiple clicks to visit the page, then holds less value than pages that are just one click away.

Brendan Bennett also said that Google rarely crawls pages more than 3 clicks away from the homepage.

It is best to hold your top pages under the 5-click depth.

SEOs also use this strategy to earn more backlinks for their home pages.

Pages that display on the homepage get maximum exposure, views, clicks, and social shares.
More user engagement results in better ranking.

How to Improve Click Depth?

Optimize Navigation Menu:

It not only displays top categories in the navigation menu but also optimizes it with low-level but top-ranking categories in navigation. This way, you make it easy for users to access your content. It will improve the click depth for those pages.

Optimize Internal Links:

Optimize click depth by adding internal links to important pages. Link blog posts, articles, and guides to make internal navigation easy for the users.

Optimize Breadcrumbs:

Breadcrumbs work as secondary navigation. Optimize it to build links between the deep pages and the homepage.

Conclusion: Click Depth Maybe a Google Search Ranking Factor

Click depth is somehow a ranking factor yet it is not impacting search engine ranking. It is more related to user experience than ranking signals.

Making important pages accessible to the users is a great way to ensure better ranking and user experience.

John Muller also indicated in that way.

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June 22, 2024

Is Click-Through Rate (CTR) a Google Search Ranking Factor or Not?

Is Click-Through Rate (CTR) a Google search ranking factor? Do you want to optimize the Click-Through Rate strategy for Google search ranking? Can CTR influence rankings?

There are many beliefs and disbelief in this context. While many people believe that CTR directly influences search ranking, many others believe that Click-through rate is not a ranking signal.

Is Click-Through Rate a Google Search Ranking Factor or Not?: eAskme
Is Click-Through Rate a Google Search Ranking Factor or Not?: eAskme

But does Click-Through Rate (CTR) impact your Google search position? Let's find out.

Let's understand everything about ClickThrough Rate and its impact on search.

Click-Through Rate (CTR):

Click-Through Rate is the way to measure the performance of your content and marketing campaigns. It is easy to calculate CTR.

CTR = clicks/impressions.

As far as good CTR is concerned, it can be anything between 1.8% to 5%.

In the organic search results, your rank position influences the CTR. Your page title, keywords, and descriptions also influence the Click-Through Rate.

Good CTR is necessary for traffic, leads, sales, and influence.

But is CTR a Google organic ranking factor? Let’s find out.

Claim: Click-Through Rate (CTR) is a Google Ranking Factor

From the beginning of SEO, marketers believed that CTR directly influenced search ranking.

The oldest document we found is from 2002, which says that CTR should be used in search ranking.

In 2014, Rand Fishkin did an experiment where he asked people to search a query and click his page from Google search. His blog post ranked number 1 and received hundreds of page views.

In 2016, Larry Kim from MOZ did another experiment where he compared thousands of keywords and query rankings in Google search to understand the influence of click-through rate. He said that Rankbrain is giving preference to pages that have higher CTR.

How to Improve Organic CTR?

  • Optimize page title and description.
  • Make the page user-friendly, responsive, and fast-loading.
  • Avoid Keyword stuffing and cannibalization.
  • Use LSI, related, and long tail keywords.

SEOs are using heading and title optimizer tools to write better meta titles and descriptions.

Evidence: Click-through rate (CTR) is not a Google Search Ranking Factor

WordStream and Perficient published articles against CTR as a ranking signal.

Experts found flaws in CTR as a ranking signal approach.

It was easy to influence CTR using paid opportunities.

These are the old experiments, and Google search has changed a lot in past years.

Google’s Gary Illyes also said that CTR is not a ranking factor.

Conclusion: Click-Through Rate (CTR) is not a Google Search Ranking Factor

The Click-Through Rate is not a ranking factor. However, it also does not mean that you should ignore content optimization. You must use SEO tools to write headlines, titles, and descriptions.

Optimized titles and headings result in more clicks and traffic.

But, if your sole purpose is to rank higher in search results, then focus on other important ranking factors.

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June 21, 2024

Bluehost WonderSuite AI WordPress Website Creator to Make Wonderful Sites

Bluehost launched an AI website builder tool to create multiple websites with the power of artificial intelligence. There are many website builders like Divi, Astra, etc., that have already launched AI website builders to automate the WordPress website building process.

Bluehost WonderSuite AI WordPress Website Creator to Make Wonderful Sites: eAskme
Bluehost WonderSuite AI WordPress Website Creator to Make Wonderful Sites: eAskme


AI Website creator is an automated feature from Bluehost to launch websites with ease. With new BlueHost AI feature help users to build professional websites, blogs, and eCommerce sites. Website builders make developer’s life easy.

Bluehost AI WordPress Website Builder:

Bluehost AI WordPress website builder offers a WinderStart tool to accelerate website setup, quick publishing, and personalized development.

  • Accelerate WordPress setup
  • Quick publishing
  • Easy personalization
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Clean dashboard
  • Payment integration

Bluehost WordPress builder comes with tons of features such as advanced caching, PHP, MYSQL, Free CDN, SSL Security, etc.


BlueHost WonderTheme generate a lot of website examples with fonts, colors, and styles. You can choose theme and further customize it to make it unique.


BlueHost AI WonderBlocks are the WordPress blocks to customize webpages and theme.

  • WordPress Block editor
  • User-friendly designs
  • HD designs

How to Access Bluehost WordPress AI?

You must get premium WordPress hosting plan. The Bluehost WordPress hosting plan starts at $2.95/month. After purchasing premium hosting plan, you get access to unlimited WordPress hosting features including AI development.

Bluehost AI website builder works with installations, updates, customization, block editing, content optimization, etc.

Future of WordPress AI Website Builders:

AI is becoming a part of every website builder. BlueHost AI website builder, Elementor AI Website Builder, ZipWP Astra AI website builder, 10web WordPress Ai website builder, Divi AI, are already in the arena.

WordPress AI plugins are also making WordPress website development easy.


BlueHost WonderSuite AI WordPress website builder is helping Bluehost Premium users to develop websites with ease. There is not way to use Bluehost AI for free. You must get WordPress hosting to develop websites and blogs using WonderSuite.

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Google AI Overviews: How to Optimize Your Blog or Website to AI Overviews and It's Impact on Your Business.

Google I/O 2024 is all about the launch of AI Overviews. Google searches will now display AI-generated results on top of organic results and paid ads. Search engines will also use ads in AI Overviews to generate revenue.

Since the launch of Gemini AI, Google has been using it on various platforms, such as ads. Gemini is Google's most powerful AI.

Now, Google is using the power of generative AI in search results. And to do so, they have launched AI overviews.

Google AI Overviews, what is it, how it works, what sites AI Overviews links to, Impact of AI Overviews on Your Business, How to Optimize Your Blog or Website to AI Overviews: eAskme
Google AI Overviews: eAskme


What are AI Overviews? How it works? How to access it? How it works? How AI Overviews Source Data? How to Turn on and Off AI overviews? How to Optimize Your Blog or Website to AI Overviews?

Here is everything for you to know.

AI Overviews:

AI Overviews is the quick-answer solution in search results. All you need to do is type the question in Google search, and generative AI Overviews will generate the most suitable answer.

It says that Google will do Googling for you.

For example, if you ask Google, "Why Does My Candle Burn Unevenly?" It will generate an AI overview with a detailed answer in a paragraph.

Google has tested AI overviews more than a billion times in Search Labs.

You will also get steps or a day plan for Google.

For example, if you ask Google to give you a seven-day meal plan, AI Overview will generate a result with a meal plan for each day.

For some queries, Google AI Overviews will give you answers in 3 different formats such as:

  • Original
  • Simpler
  • Break it down.
Google AI Overviews will give you answers in 3 different formats: eAskme

Who can Access AI Overviews?

AI Overviews have been rolled out in the USA only. Google plans to launch AI Overviews for a billion users by the end of 2024.

To access AI Overviews, you need:

  • You must be 18 years or older to access AI Overviews.
  • A Laptop, Desktop, Android, or iOS device with internet connection.
  • Open the latest Chrome or Firefox browser app.

How to Get AI Overviews?

Go to Google.com or Open the Google search app.

How Google AI Overviews Works?

  • AI Overviews for Some Searches: AI Overviews is available for limited searches or queries.
  • AI Overviews for other searches: AI Overviews not available for every search.
  • Listen to the Overview: You can list AI Overviews results.
  • Read AI Overviews: For most results, you can read in English and Hindi.

AI Overviews will display three types of results:

  • AI Overviews on the top without organic results.
  • Below AI Overview of generative content, the user will use shopping ads.
  • AI Overviews will display targeted ads.

Google AI Overviews are triggered when a user types a question and query in a Google search. If the Google system believes that there is no better organic result to answer the user's query, then AI overviews will generate the best solution. In doing so, AI overviews also link to other sources or articles.

Sites that Google AI Overview Link To:

Google AI Overviews is expected to display links to eCommerce sites, business websites, or question-answer sites like Quora and Reddit.

Google already made a deal with Reddit, which may give Reddit a boost in AI Overviews. Users will see links to sources and other informational content.

How AI Overviews Source Data?

Google is using Gemini and large language models to create generative results. It automatically sources data. A webmaster or SEO needs help including its site in AI Overviews.

According to the Google document, it is sourcing information like the Knowledge panel.

What will the Impact of AI Overviews on Your Business?

If your business solely depends upon organic traffic, then you may see a drop in organic traffic only if AI Overviews generates results for the same queries.

Industry experts and SEOs are already raising concerns over the drop in organic traffic due to AI-generated content on Google searches. Washington Post published an article explaining how Google AI Results bring carnage to publishers.

ZipTie's report states that AI Overview will cover 80% of queries, which is a serious concern if your website needs to be included in AI Overviews.

How to Optimize Your Blog or Website to AI Overviews?

Content creators, publishers, SEO experts, and marketers are already looking for ways to make the content and links discoverable in AI Overviews.

Here are a few things that you can do:

Structured Data:

The structure of your content is one of the significant things that impact user experience. It will also affect your presence in AI overviews. Google wants to make results more engaging, and structured content is the way to make your content engaging in the eyes of Google and its users.

Expert the Topic:

Create content that covers multiple queries without making the user the user go through multiple pages. Make the customer's journey easy.

Build Authority:

Building authority is the only way to move forward. Reddit and Quora's presence in AI Overviews is the best example of that. Create collaborative content with subject-matter experts or industry experts.

Improve SEO:

Fix technical SEO issues. Make it easy for Google crawlers to crawl your website. Optimize on-page, on-site, and content SEO.

Search Queries:

Keep an eye on search queries that trigger AI Overviews. Track those queries. Use them in your content with relevant information and the best answers.

What is coming next?

Here is what you will see in the future of AI Overviews:

  • Google will launch adjustable features in AI Overviews.
  • AI-generated reasoning in results.
  • Planning for scheduling your day or work.
  • Generate ideas.
  • Get answers for visual queries like images and videos.

How to Turn on or Off AI Overviews?

You can Turn on or Turn Off AI overviews in Search Labs.

  • Open your browser.
  • Sign in using Gmail ID.
  • Go to the "Manage" settings of your browser.
  • Click on the Toggle button to turn on or off the "AI Overviews."

Important Note: There is no option to turn off AI Overviews completely. They are not part of Google search and will be there like the Knowledge Panel.


Google's AI Overviews will expand to more queries in the coming days. Google is expecting to bring 1 billion users to AI overviews. Soon, it will become a habit for users to rely on AI Overviews. It is best to understand what is coming and be ready with content optimization and user-engagement strategies.
Be open and adapt new technologies to stay effective in Google search.

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Vy6ys: Cutting-Edge Technologies and Impact on Industries

Vy6ys brings technologies and innovation together. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, blockchain technology, and quantum computing have emerged due to the continuous evolution of the latest technologies. Vy6ys not only improves technologies but also touches healthcare, lifestyle, finance, industry, and smart home technologies.

In recent years, the tech industry has faced new challenges and opportunities. It is all because of the demand for the best tech solutions in every sector. And Vy6ys can deliver that.

So, today, let’s learn everything about Vy6ys and its impact on humanity.

Vy6ys: eAskme
Vy6ys: eAskme


Vy6ys came into existence in 2018. A group of entrepreneurs and innovators came together to use a scientific approach for human-centric innovations. The expert members of the team use artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantum computing, and social engineering to discover new opportunities.

The goal of the team behind Vy6ys is to enhance complex technologies for common users. Vy6ys word itself displays the mix of future and innovation. Technology is the base where founders and developers rely on innovation and progress.

Vy6ys Core Technologies:

Vy6ys works on cutting-edge technologies. It has invested a massive number of resources in the research and development process. The company is dedicated to creating solutions and products to make our lives easy.

Vy6ys works on core technologies, and here are they:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

Vy6ys works on artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is the leading company that works on ML and AI to design adaptive technologies. During the development process, it also publishes actionable and accurate data. It is becoming an innovation house for industries like finance, healthcare, retail, etc. The company is trying hard to make it accessible to users worldwide.

Examples of Vy6ys AI and ML are:

  • AI Healthcare solutions are improving healthcare record management, data processing, diagnostics, etc.
  • It is helping MLM to work on market trends and detect financial fraud.

Internet of Things (IoT):

Vy6ys harnesses the power of IoT. It has developed IoT platforms and devices. The company has made data exchange between internet technologies secure with seamless connectivity. The scalability of these technologies plays an important role. It impacts every industry, from home to business.

Examples of Vy6ys IoT are:

  • Smart home appliances
  • Security systems
  • Smart sensors
  • Heating and Lightening solutions

Blockchain Technology:

Vy6ys recognized the potential of blockchain technologies. It uses blockchain solutions for industries like healthcare, security, etc. It is different than a centralized system. Blockchain technology makes innovations efficient, transparent, and secure.

 Examples of Vy6ys Blockchain Technologies:

  • It ensures traceability and transparency in the supply chain management.
  • Blockchain solutions create secure and quick transactions in the finance industry.

Quantum Computing:

Vy6ys also uses quantum computing to solve complex problems. Classic computing is not capable of solving complex issues. The research team is dedicated to developing hardware and algorithms to empower quantum technology.

Examples of Vy6ys Quantum Computing:

  • Transform pharmaceuticals, cryptography, and material science.

Vy6ys Products and Solutions:

Vy6ys has developed products and solutions to solve issues related to various industries.

Healthcare Products:

Vy6ys has created healthcare solutions to improve the medical process. It improves patient outcomes. The company has created AI-powered telemedicine platforms, diagnostic tools, wearable health monitors, etc. These solutions are making healthcare efficient and accessible with personalized solutions.

Finance Products:

Vy6y innovative technologies are improving financial transactions. AI technologies are detecting investment opportunities, risk management, and fraud. With blockchain technology, it creates transparent and secure transactions to reduce operational costs.

Smart Home Products:

Vy6ys creates smart home products such as smart security solutions, Smart LEDs, Smart TVs, energy-efficient products, connected appliances, etc. Smart products connect with smartphones. You can control it with connected apps. It creates a seamless smart home experience.

Industrial Products:

Vy6ys has created industrial solutions with the Internet of Things and automation products. Vy6ys industrial solutions make real-time monitoring possible. With industrial solutions, you can optimize processes, reduce downtime, and improve productivity. The company has developed customizable and scalable industrial solutions.

Vy6ys Connect:

Vy6ys Connect is a collection of tools designed for business solutions. It supports small-mid-large businesses. Project management, video conferencing, messaging apps, etc., are a few of the examples of the Vy6ys suite.

Vy6ys Impact on Various Industries:

Vy6ys products and solutions impacted multiple industries. It has created excellent and transformative solutions.

Impact on Healthcare:

Vy6ys IoT and AI solutions have improved patient care. These tools use diagnostic data to perform telemedicine for patients. Healthcare solutions are becoming accessible to users worldwide.

Impact on Finance:

Vy6ys has transformed the finance sector with its solutions. Blockchain technology and IoT solutions streamline financial transactions, mitigate risk, and enhance security.

Impact on Smart Homes:

Vy6ys has made smart homes possible. It offers multiple smart products, AI solutions, and connected apps to manage your home smartly. It improves security, control, and management with modern technologies.

Impact on Industrial Automation:

Vy6ys industrial automation solutions help small and large businesses increase productivity and efficiency. Its products enable predictive maintenance and real-time monitoring. Regular use of industrial automation reduces operational costs and downtime.

Future of Vy6ys:

Vy6ys innovates in the field of technology. It covers innovation in the fields of AI, healthcare, smart homes, quantum computing, IoT, and Smart cities. With the Research and development process, the future of these technologies is brighter.


Vy6ys empowers the latest technologies with innovation and research. It focuses on a user-centric approach. The company is tending to push the walls of technologies and innovate new products to streamline life and businesses.

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