Which to Buy? iPhone 12 or OnePlus 8T?

A month later than usual, Apple has announced the iPhone 12 with a wealth of changes and upgrades. While the excitement around new iPhone releases is nowhere near as monumental as it was back in the early 2010s, it’s still a big occasion.

Which to Buy? iPhone 12 or OnePlus 8T? eAskme
Which to Buy? iPhone 12 or OnePlus 8T? eAskme

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The iPhone 12 will have more versions than any other Apple smartphone previously released. The standard iPhone 12 is the anchor for the range, with the premium iPhone 12 Pro, the larger iPhone 12 Pro Max, and a smaller and cheaper iPhone 12 Mini also available.
But Apple isn’t the only company launching new smartphones in the run-up to Christmas. The Chinese manufacturer OnePlus will be releasing its 8T model in the coming weeks.
If you’re looking for a new smartphone, you may be unsure about which one to choose. The decision will mostly come down to price and your intended uses for the phone.


iPhones, like all Apple products, are priced to make them a status symbol and reflect their “luxury” design. The company spends a long time showing off its thoughtful and intuitive designs, and it wants paying for the effort and the premium feel. The cheapest iPhone 12 is the Mini, which will have a base price of $699. The standard edition will cost an additional $999.
In comparison, the new OnePlus 8T is expected to cost around $650, $50 less than the $699 price tag of the previous generation. There won’t be a Pro model of the OnePlus 8T. Instead, users wanting “Pro features” can still buy the 8 Pro, which will starts at $899, $200 less than the iPhone 12 Pro.


Smartphone gaming has come on leaps and bounds compared to what it used to be even just a few years ago. The experience is now much closer to what you would expect to find on a PC or games console, thanks to the huge power that manufacturers have been able to cram inside the tiny cases.
If you’re looking for a phone to play games on, both will provide a similar level of performance, though the OnePlus 8T’s display has a faster refresh rate and higher resolution which could offer better graphics.
The main decision for gamers is what titles they want to play. You will find that most games are released for both iOS and Android, covering everything from hundreds of video slot games, battle royale titles, and puzzle games.  
However, Apple has a selection of exclusive games in its Apple Arcade. This includes Dinosaur Polo Club’s Mini Motorways, which is only available to people who pay the monthly subscription.
Therefore, gamers should check whether the Google Play and App Stores have the titles they want before choosing a handset.


If you enjoy taking beautiful photographs from your smartphone, then the camera spec is an important consideration to make.
The iPhone 12 and 12 Mini come with two 12-megapixel lenses on the rear and a single camera on the front. These are backed up with Apple’s “computational photography system”, which uses AI to improve picture quality, night mode and Smart HDR. The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max have a third rear lens with an optical zoom and  LIDAR sensor, which can improve picture quality in low-light conditions.
In contrast, the OnePlus 8T comes with four rear lenses. The headline act is a 48-megapixel wide-angle lens, with a 16-megapixel ultrawide lens, a 5-megapixel macro lens, and a 2-megapixel lens for capturing depth. If you want a OnePlus handset with optical zoom, you’ll need to get the 8 Pro.
Both options will shoot great photos, so it’s a difficult choice between the two. Likely, the iPhone 12 Pro will take better photos in low-light, while the OnePlus 8T has the ability to focus better with its four lens options.


Most features on iOS and Android are now very similar, though each has a few unique tricks, like Apple’s warning light for when apps are accessing your hardware, or Android’s Sound Notification feature.
If you already have an iPhone, upgrading will be much easier than switching from Android. The same is true if you’re going from Android to iOS, though it’s much easier than it used to be.
So if you just want a smartphone that works right out of the box and will do most of the heavy lifting for you, it might be best to stick with the brand you already have.


Both the iPhone 12 and OnePlus 8T smartphone ranges are great options. They contain very similar hardware and offer very similar features. Whichever you choose, you’ll receive a powerful device that will do just about everything you want.

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Wellness Influencers are Changing Social Media. Here's how.

Come on, let’s get well! This is the message that all wellness influencers are shouting together in one voice. Nutrition, health, yoga, or fitness influencers are all giving us advice on what to eat (or not to eat) and how to fuel our bodies and keep them healthy.

How are wellness influencers changing the social media landscape?

Keep reading below!

Wellness influencers are Changing Social Media. Here's how: eAskme
Wellness influencers are Changing Social Media. Here's how: eAskme

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If we would broadly define “wellness”, we could say that it is the pursuit of activities that promote physical and mental wellbeing.

But here’s the thing: these activities have grown into a $4.2 trillion global market, that continues to grow almost twice as fast at the global economy.

As such... it only makes sense that opportunists were wise to pay attention to where this industry is heading and adapt to what consumers want.

So, what do consumers want?

Well, a lot of stuff, among which fresh and relevant content on social media. They want Instagram stories, TikTok funny videos, or interesting Facebook posts they can share with their friends.

So, there you have it: that’s how wellness influencers started to rise all over social media platforms and became trendsetters.

Suddenly, social media personalities started to tell us to slow down for a little bit, to embrace plants in our spaces, to embrace CBD buds as natural remedies for our conditions, or to spend less time on our devices.

So, how are Wellness Influencers Reshaping Social Media? Here’s how.

Wellness influencers are Changing Social Media. Here's how: eAskme
Wellness influencers are Changing Social Media. Here's how: eAskme

Spread health one post at a time

It shouldn’t be difficult to take care of your body and stay healthy in 2020 when information is at our fingerprints.

Yet, unfortunately, having three meals per day, drinking enough water, or exercising can fall behind in terms of priorities when you juggle with a demanding job, a family, and several other tasks.

Not only that we often lack time to surf the web for this kind of information, but we also often forget about doing what we were told that would keep us healthy.

But that’s when wellness influencers come to rescue by promoting healthy habits post by post, reminding us what we must do to keep our health at the top.

Now, let’s be honest, on your coffee break at work, or late in the night before going to sleep, the chances are that you are scrolling your social media news feed rather than reading blogs on how to stay healthy.

Well, since you are on social media, the posts of the wellness influencers you are following can help you learn what you need in an engaging way.

For example, Instagram can teach you a lot about alternative medicine. Countless wellness influencers on social media share their tips on herbal remedies and alternative medicine.

For example, Dr Fina Madrid, a family and cosmetic dentist from Los Angeles and San Diego and a popular IG influencer, uses her account to share natural remedies tips with her 14,4k followers.

She often informs her followers about the benefits of alternative remedies like CBD, echinacea, Vitamin C, or the benefits of getting enough rest and staying hydrated.

Promote mental health awareness

Feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed? You definitely need to talk about it! And that’s really ok.

Years ago, mental health issues were still a taboo topic that most people feared to open up about.

Yet, over the past few years, issues like anxiety, depression, or substance abuse have become easier to talk about thanks to many celebrities who have talked openly about them.

Over time, as wellness influencers became really popular on social media, they’ve also started to promote mental health awareness.

Take Remi Ishizuka, for example. Ishizuka is a top health and wellness influencer with over 280k followers on Instagram. Ishizuka is one of the wellness influencers that often promotes mental health awareness using her inspiring story to help her followers understand how important mental wellbeing is. Remi shared her story with her followers on IG, talking about how job stress can affect someone and how much good some changes in your life can do to your overall wellbeing.

Guru Jagat, another popular wellness and yoga influencer on Instagram, also focuses her content on mental and emotional health. She is often sharing tips on how to improve mental wellbeing with her followers through meditation or yoga.

Promote self-acceptance

Beauty influencers share tips on how to achieve the most dramatic makeups and change you face physiognomy with contouring.

In contrast, most wellness influencers talk about the importance of self-acceptance without wearing makeup or using other products that, in the long run, may affect your skin’s health.

Now, we’re not saying that beauty influencers are bad for teaching people how to achieve flawless makeup.

Yet, what we are saying is that they might be spreading a wrong message, especially to people who already lack self-confidence about their looks.

What’s more, body positivity is another popular topic among wellness influencers, teaching their followers how to love all their physical flaws and how to have a healthy lifestyle.

Take Candice Huffine, for example. Candice is by far the average skinny girl you can see on Instagram. However, despite having the “perfect body” (as promoted by media), she succeeded to become a model and later, a marathon finisher. Huffine often reminds her followers that body positivity is a journey, but a journey that is worth it in the end.

Ana Alarcon, another famous nutrition and wellness influencer, has been sharing her tricks for healthy meals cooked at home. To her, self-acceptance is a matter of accepting your body fully in every moment, including the changes, the size, or the color. Yet, Ana Alarcon also promotes the idea of taking care of your body with healthy food and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Positive content in our news feeds

With so many bad and scaring things happening around the world these days, social media is filled with fake news, negative news, or even bitter memes.

And, the last thing we want to see after a difficult day is other negative news about what’s happening around the world.

So, if you want to change the things you see in your news feed when scrolling on social media, all you have to do is to follow the right people: wellness influencers.

Wellness influencers’ main content areas are based on positive things like body positivity, mental well being, healthy lifestyles, or self-acceptance.

Most of their posts, be it on IG, TikTok, or Facebook, talk about things that will put a smile on your face and help improve your mood.

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The Rise of Talent Marketplace Platforms

Traditionally, managers saw their team members as dedicated resources and did certain tasks they were hired to do. While these managers can track and control exactly what employees do, it forfeits additional talents or skills that employees may have.

The Rise of Talent Marketplace Platforms: eAskme
The Rise of Talent Marketplace Platforms: eAskme

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Good thing, talent marketplace came into the scene. It refers to the platform that allows managers to post mentor-ships, short- and long-term projects, temporary assignments, open positions, and other initiatives.

This platform uses a smart algorithm and AI to match relevant opportunities that employees within an organization are needed for.

With the talent marketplace, organizations benefit from the untapped abilities, potentials, and ambitions of their employees. That is regardless of what employees were originally hired to do.

If you still wonder about talent marketplace platforms, then keep reading!

Talent Marketplace Platforms Continue to Emerge

Companies like IBM, Societe Generale, Seagate, Unilever, and many others made clear the importance of shifting to an internal talent marketplace.

This gives organizations across the world the most powerful practices in the business field.

Talent Marketplace has initially been designed to help the organization’s career pathing system.

Aside from engaging people and helping them progress, the platform gives an organization a great opportunity to identify the skills and talents that can lessen the need to search for external talents.

Over the past years, high-performing companies like Procter and Gamble, Google, Nestle, and Cisco acted as internal talent machines.

These companies built an internal growth culture that allows their employees to work for decades while reinventing themselves.

As these companies learned the importance of internal growth, they helped people gained cultural insights and perform uniquely and productively.

That is all because of the knowledge and relationships within the company.

These days, internal mobility is more about skills and experiences rather than a career.

Since high-performing employees want to learn adjacent skills, work with different leaders, take international projects, and try new things, talent marketplace platforms are what organizations need now.

Three Stages of Talent Marketplace Strategies

Three Stages of Talent Marketplace Strategies: eAskme


There are some mobility scenarios that cannot be programmed or planned into career models. That is because they occur in real-time.

Below are the three stages of talent marketplace strategies.

Planned Mobility

In this stage, organizations create career paths while encouraging their people to grow.

This traditional career management model allows them to develop annual planning, and managers coach and support people until they are ready for promotion.

Facilitated Mobility

With facilitated mobility, employees are allowed to get stretch assignments and even get moves or roles.

This more dynamic process help employees who are tired of their jobs, or the organizations need to fill a hole with the use of forced and business-driven moves.

Hiring managers study the different patterns of mobility to determine which move offers the highest potential for success.

Agile Talent Mobility

In agile talent mobility, employees can move around at all times. This allows people to work on different projects and join various initiatives and teams.

The organizations operate like a professional services firm instead of a hierarchy of functions and jobs. 

The employees can have career managers who can help them when it comes to functional or career skills.

At the same time, they have team leaders, project leaders, and other leaders for whom they work.

Introducing Talent Marketplace to Your Organization 

Talent Marketplace to Your Organization: eAskme


Today’s talent marketplace platforms barely resemble the career management system. These platforms allow people to promote both their aspirations and skills.

They give them the right tools to find learning programs and mentors and recommend assignments and projects of interest.

Having a talent marketplace in an organization means for accurate management of movement, onboarding, hiring, and search of people of varying roles.

As a platform, it allows the organization to manage its people efficiently.

How to Match People to Opportunities

In matching people to opportunities, there are several ways to consider them.

Self-Assessment and Promotion

This involves HRMS integration and employee profile. It includes filling in the profile, assessing interests, identifying skills, and categorizing experiences.

Job Discovery, Analysis, and Skills Matching

Skills matching features and AI are necessary for this method. This involves deriving skills in jobs and skills from experience, assessing skills manually, and giving recommendations.

Selection, Interviews, Fit, Onboard, and Hire

This method comes with assessment and recruiting features. It involves posting and scheduling of interviews, onboarding, moving, or relocating, among others.

Measure, Develop, Grow, and Reward

This method is all about performance and development. It involves filling development gaps, accommodating missing skills, setting performance goals, and assessing failure or success.

Different Talent Marketplace Vendors

Plenty of vendors are competing to meet the demand for the talent marketplace. To give you an idea of the top performers, check out the list below:


This market leader gives the advantage to companies that start their recruiting journey. It helps in matching job candidates to opportunities.


The Fuel50 offers deep experience in career models, job models, and competency assessment and management.

It is designed to let people assess their skills and connect to mentors and experts.


This French company includes easy to use a matching system and job search, and AI-based skills matching tools.

The platform successfully deployed talent marketplace solutions to Tessi, Society Generale, Allianz, and many more.


This AI-based platform has a very successful and experienced team in this market. HERE Technologies, ARM, AllianzGI, and Dolby are some of its clients.

The founders of this talent marketplace platform were among the original engineers at Google. The core of this AI-based talent analysis and matching system is skills matching and inference.


If you are looking for the most workflow-oriented, mature, and scalable recruiting platform, the Avature is a great choice.

This platform recently unleashed its internal skills taxonomy and mobility system. It also steadily won over the largest recruitment teams in the world.


The Workday provides a talent marketplace system that manages projects, intelligent matching of people, and gig work to opportunities. It is specially designed to match people to opportunities.

Final Thoughts

Getting a talent marketplace might sound a piece of cake.

However, it requires strategic planning, tools, and platforms, which will allow you to manage, monitor, and plan mobility.

You will not just open up a certain job for random movements; you will need vendors as well.

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Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Guide: Everything that You Must know to Use Ahrefs Webmaster tools for free

Ahrefs has launched Ahrefs Webmaster tools, and it is available for free. This tool not only helps the users like you to collect SEO data of your website but also help the Ahrefs to increase the number of signups.

Ahrefs webmaster tool is a free SEO tools that offers every single detail about your own verified website or blog.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Guide: Free Ahrefs Webmaster Tools: eAskme
Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Guide: Free Ahrefs Webmaster Tools: eAskme


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The biggest benefit of Ahrefs webmaster tool is that it displays almost every available information which is important for the SEO of your blog or website.

Note: Aherfs is free for only verified websites. This means that if you want to use Ahrefs webmaster tool for free, then you must signup and verify the ownership of your blog or website.

You will find on page and off page data about the verified blog or website.

As verification is required to use Ahfres webmaster tool, you may have some privacy concerns such as;

  • Is verification is just a process to verify ownership?
  • Is Ahrefs using data from the registered accounts?
  • Can Ahrefs use user data anonymously?

Will Ahrefs ask permission from the account holder before using his data?

Here I am covering everything about Ahrefs webmaster tool, and you are getting the answers today.

Many fellow bloggers have asked me about privacy concerns related to Ahrefs webmaster tool verification.

Is verification is just a process to verify ownership?

Yes, The verification process is to verify that you are the owner of the website.

This will limit the user to check only his website or blog on Ahrefs webmaster tool for free.

Is Ahrefs using data from the registered accounts?

No, Until now there is no such report about Ahrefs using data from free accounts.

Can Ahrefs use user data anonymously?

Ahrefs said that they have the idea of using data anonymously, but till now it is just an idea. Also, the user needs not to worry as they can only use position, impression, CTR and keyword data.

The data is similar to any other site providing traffic and SEO estimations. So you should not worry about Ahrefs using your data.

Will Ahrefs ask permission from the account holder before using his data?

Ahrefs is in the business because of transparency and following all the regulations. User can trust the site for following ethical practices.

Dmitry Gerasimenko has also tweeted;

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Overview: What you must know?

The Ahrefs webmaster tools is one of the full-fledged yet simplest SEO tools.

It is quite easy to navigate and grab everything that you need to create an optimized SEO strategy for your business or client.

Just click on the specific tab, and you will get the data.

If you wonder that what the different tabs are about, then go to the tab and click on the grey question mark icon to know about the tab.

The Ahrefs webmaster tools is user friendly. Clean icons make it easy for the user to access the various features of this tool.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Dashboard:

The free Ahrefs Webmaster tools dashboard supplies all the important information related to your blog or websites.

You will find out:

The disavow link tool of Ahrefs webmaster tools help you to create disavow lists and manage your lists. You can either manually add urls to the sheet or upload the spreadsheet.

Ahrefs will use the file to ignore links added in the Disavow file. You can also export this file to Google search console.

The health score is the display of your site’s health or crawl rate, warning and errors.

health Score: Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Guide: eAskme


If you see the 500 status response code, that means you need to deal with database or server issues.

Ahrefs Backlink Tool

Ahrefs backlink tool is an important tool for bloggers, marketers and SEOs.

It is the place to review your site backlinks.

You will find the backlinks categories as;

  • All
  • Dofollow
  • Redirect
  • Governmental
  • Educational
  • Nofollow
  • UGC
  • Sponsored
  • Content
  • With redirect chain
  • Without redirect chain

Ahrefs backlink filters:

Ahrefs Backlink Tool: eAskme

Ahrefs backlink report filters make it easy to check your backlinks in different angles.

The most important filters are;

  • Group similar
  • One link per domain
  • All
  • Link-type
  • Platform
  • Language
  • Traffic
  • Resources
  • Target

The word or Phrase backlink filter in Ahrefs Webmaster tools:

Word or Phrase backlink filter tool is quite good to find backlinks of similar type or extension.

For example, if you want to search for the .net domains, then you should type .net in the “Word or Phrase” and hit enter.

This is quite a useful feature to find the quality and kind of backlinks.

Limitation of the free Ahrefs Webmaster tools:

As a free account, there are limitation of how long the data will be saved on the project and how many URL’s are crawled.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Verdict

Ahrefs webmaster tool is a competitive SEO tool which offers premium features for free.

Pay attention to every detail, work on the quality and make this tool help you to grab more organic traffic, better backlinks and brand authority.

If you find this article interesting, do share it with your friends and family.

In case of any questions, feel free to ask me via comments.

Share your thoughts via comments.

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How to Earn 10X More Traffic from Instagram for free?

To earn traffic from Instagram, you need to use clickable links. Clickable links at Instagram are an easy way to drive traffic to your website. But the issue is that Instagram is not very friendly with website links.

You cannot link to your regular posts on Instagram.

How to 10X Earn Traffic from Instagram for free? eAskme
How to 10X Earn Traffic from Instagram for free? eAskme


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Yet, you can drive traffic to your website by following today’s tips.

Let’s discuss the ways to add clickable links and earn free traffic from Instagram to your website.

Instagram Bio Link:

When you create a new profile at Instagram, you will see the option to add your website link. That link can help you earn a lot of traffic from Instagram.

For this you need to update your link with:

  • New post
  • New event page
  • New product launch page
  • New lead page
  • New campaign page

To make people consider clicking your link, you need to add Call to action in your Instagram Bio.

Here are the examples of CTA in Instagram Bio:

  • “Click the link in bio to learn more about...”
  • “Read the latest post at the link in Instagram Bio...”
  • “For more details, visit the link in the bio...”

But changing link every time is a bothersome process.

You do not want to lead the audience to the page which you have not updated in the last 6 months.

To avoid such situations, you must take the help of “Link in Bio” tools.

But “Link in Bio” will not do everything on its own. Be consistent when using Instagram.

Make sure that every time you have something interesting to share with your audience and this will make them come to your bio again and again.

Tag Products or services with Instagram Shopping posts:

Instagram shopping allows you to tag products with shoppable posts:

  • Use Product Sticker in Instagram Stories.
  • Use up to 5 tags in video pots or standard Instagram posts.
  • Use up to 20 tags with carousel posts.

Use the Instagram Shopping tab to check the range of tagged products.

These Instagram features are the right places for the audience to visit your pages by clicking the link.

This is an organic strategy to get traffic from Instagram shopping feature.

To use this feature, you must do these things;

  • Signup for business profile
  • Connect to Facebook catalogue
  • Must adhere to Instagram’s eligibility criteria

Link in IGTV posts:

IGTV posts also allow links in the post description.

If the user taps the post title, then he will see the description.

To get maximum traffic from IGTV, you must encourage the users to click the link in the description.

Links in Instagram Stories:

Instagram users with 10,000 followers or with a verified account can add links in Instagram stories.

It will display as “See More.”

The best way to make people click the See more button is by making frame free posts.

Curate Highlights:

Using highlight is the best strategy to grab more traffic from instagram.

This is the way to feature stories permanently on your profile.

Tip: Don’t put every single story in highlight.

Use evergreen stories or stories that get maximum interaction.

Links in Instagram Direct Messages:

Start a conversation with your followers.

Welcome every new follower, and send relevant questions to them.

Draft messages and use those messages to share with followers at Instagram.

Only send link when it is necessary.

Push Notifications:

Push notification is the less used feature.

Only the people who follow you on Instagram will get notifications.

Making people select the push notifications is the excellent way to boost traffic to your website.

Connect with Instagram Influencers:

You will face challenges if you;

  • Can’ link instagram stories
  • Fewer views on IGTV
  • Low Instagram presence

In this case, the most effective way is to partner with Instagram partners.

Only target those Instagram influencers whose content is related to your blog, business or website.

Get the help of Instagram influencers to manage Call to action in your posts.

Action buttons on Instagram:

Use can use action buttons on your Instagram profile. But these actions buttons should be related to your target.


Instagram is a great place to get maximum traffic for your website or blog. But how effectively you manage it, tells the story of your social traffic from Instagram.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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Facebook Community Manager Certification Program: Everything that You Must Know

Facebook Community Manager Certification program! What is it? What are the benefits of Facebook community manager certification? And why you may need this? Many questions are roaming in the minds of people who came to know about Facebook's launch of the official community manager certification program.

What is Facebook Community Manager Certification Program?

Facebook Community Manager Certification Program: eAskme
Facebook Community Manager Certification Program: eAskme


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Facebook Community manager certification program allows you to get the certification with Facebook's help of online courses.

This online Community manager certification program will test your skills and knowledge.

The final exam duration is 120 minutes. You have to pay $49 as the fee to take 600-101: Facebook Certified Community Manager.

You will be learning from the course material offered by Facebook blueprint, and in the end, you have to clear the exam to earn Facebook community manager certification.

Who should take Facebook Community Manager Certification Exam?

It is also a great thing for social media managers to earn Facebook certification for their portfolio.

Facebook is already offering more than 90 eCourses.

It is free to take the course from Facebook Blueprint. But, you have to pay the fee for taking the certification exam.

Many industries are seriously considering Facebook certifications.

A certified Facebook community manager will surely have better chances to lure the clients.

For Community managers:

According to Facebook, the Community manager certification program is developed by professional community managers.

Most of them have intense experience with NGOs, brands, agencies, etc.

A Facebook certified community manager will have better knowledge and skills to grow in the community.

Facebook Community Manager Certification will cover many important topics, such as;

Define and Establish Community:

How to build an online community, set community goals, and follow community guidelines.

Develop Community Strategies and Processes:

How to effectively manage the audience, build the brand, effective launch, support team, establish partnerships, and develop an effective workflow.

Make Strategic content decision for a community:

How to plan activities, track trends, and publish relevant content.

Engage and moderate community:

How to onboard new members, build member-to-member connections, run community operations, boost engagement, follow community terms, and standards.

How to handle conflicts and crisis.

Measure and Analyze community success:

How to keep track of content performance, collect feedbacks, data reporting, and make community sustain.

What are the benefits of Facebook Community manager certifications?

A Facebook certified community manager will have the following benefits:

  • Use the Facebook Certification badge for the next 24 months.

  • You will also have access to exclusive Facebook group, where you can connect with other certified community managers.

Facebook community manager certification is available in English at the Facebook blueprint.

Final Words:

Facebook Community Manager Certification Program ensures that you have the ability and skills to grow your community. It also helps the certified manager by adding brand value to his portfolio.

Have you ever took any Facebook certification?

Is Facebook certification new for you?

Do share what you think via comments.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me.

Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


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Side Hustle Ideas to Make $10,000 in Spare time

A side hustle is not a second job, but it is the way to make money online after your regular job or shift. All the side hustlers use this money to fulfill their passion or make their dreams come true. It is more than what you call extra income.

Most people who work in shifts or 9-5 jobs do not utilize their skills or passion for earning more money.

Side Hustle Ideas to Make $10,000 in Spare time: eAskme
Side Hustle Ideas to Make $10,000 in Spare time: eAskme

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Side hustle ideas are there to help you find your way to extra income.

There are thousands of side hustle ideas which can help you to make money online from anywhere and anytime.

Today I am sharing some of the most trusted and tested side hustle ideas that will help you make more money than you can imagine. Here now you will find more side hustle ideas.

Sell items on Amazon:

Selling items on Amazon is one of the oldest side hustle that has helped many to make millions.

You can sell different items on Amazon, such as;

When selling something on Amazon, the first thing you need to consider is learning about the items that you can trade in just 10 minutes.

Start Blogging business:

Blogging is a full-time business that you can either run from home or establish an office for it.

In the blogging business, you will be doing more than one thing to earn more than $1000 every day.

You can monetize your blog in different ways such as;

When you optimize your website and monetize it is the best way, you will earn more than $10,000 every month.

SEO Company Mississauga also talks about starting a business.

Start YouTube Channel:

YouTube Channel is one of the most popular side hustle.

There are many channels where YouTubers have started sharing what they like to do and became famous.

A successful YouTube channel can earn between $1000 to $1,000,000 every month.

You need a good quality video camera to start recording videos, video editor to edit videos and then publish them on your YouTube Channel.

eBook Writing:

You can make money by becoming an eBook writer.

This side hustle is only for those who know the art of storytelling and narrative writing. You can also sell your own ebooks on Amazon.

Virtual health Consultant:

Becoming a virtual health consultant is also a side hustle.

People are trying to live a healthy life, and if you can help them, you can also earn name and fame.

You can earn between $1000 to $10000 every month by offering virtual health consultant services.

Learn more about it.

Become Social media Manager:

The Social Media Manager is a professional job that you can do in your spare time. This side hustle is quite popular these days.

Every business needs a social media manager to manage their social media profiles effectively.

This side hustle will help you earn $1000 to $10000 every month.

Freelance writing:

Freelance writing is another popular side hustle.

A freelance writer’s job is to write for the client according to the predefined requirements. If you are good at it, you will earn more than what you make in your regular job.

Final Words:

Side hustles are relatively easy to start, and they will help you earn more money in free time.

If you still do not know which side hustle is best for you, ask me via comments. I will help you.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me.

Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


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Content Velocity: What is it, Why it is important and How to Calculate it?

What is important? Quality, quantity or both?

There is no doubt that you must create quality content for your blog audience and search engine. There the effect multiplies when you know where you are in the race to get the maximum audience and better ranking.

These days, every professional blogger and marketer is creating quality content. Not only you, but your competitors are also following a quality content strategy.

Content Velocity: What is it,  Why it is important and How to Calculate it?: eAskme
Content Velocity: What is it,  Why it is important and How to Calculate it?: eAskme


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For example; There are chances that you are creating 10 posts every month.

But some of your competitors are creating 3x, high-quality blog posts.

And, some of them are creating 6X more high-quality blog posts every month.

So who is winning?

Don’t be confused.

The answer is simple.

The winner is the competitor, who is creating six times high-quality content than you.

The most common issues with long time bloggers and marketers is that they start complaining that creating more content decrease their quality.

Well, this is not 100% true; it is more a lazy man’s line.

Creating more high-quality content will have a better chance to boost your organic traffic and attract more audiences.

Content velocity is essential, and today, I will cover everything for you.

What is Content Velocity?

Content velocity is the amount of content published by a brand, blogger or marketer to boost traffic, ranking and conversion.

The easiest way to find out the difference between your content velocity and your competitor is by comparing the content published in the given time.

For example, you should check how much content your competitor has produced in a quarter and how much you have published; you will find out the difference.

Why is Content Velocity important?

Content velocity is essential, and many reasons make you care about it.

Here I am sharing the most effective ones:

Add More Resources:

Content velocity is essential to create more resources to reach a wider audience.

If you want to beat your competitors, then you must understand that quality content velocity will help you reach more audiences related to the similar topic.

Measuring and comparing your content velocity with your competitors will help you find how you can add more resources to your site.

Track Your Competitor:

Competitor analysis is part of an effective SEO strategy.

Content velocity is not just about comparing the amount of content you have published with your competitors.

Still, it is also about discovering how many people are working for your competitors and if you also need to hire staff for running a successful blogging or eCommerce business.

You will also find out if the resource are full-time, part-time, freelancers, etc.

Analyze the Cost of Content:

Quality costs you money or time, or sometimes both.

Use the Content velocity report to determine how much money your competitors are investing in producing high-quality content.

Also, find out how much you can invest in improving the quality of existing content also.

This will give you a better idea of where you are standing and how much you need to invest in outranking your competitors.

Now the question is how you can calculate content velocity. Here is the answer!

How to Calculate Content Velocity?

How to Calculate Content Velocity: eAskme


Calculating content velocity!

Well, sometimes it can be simple, but sometimes it will be more complicated than anything else.

The best way to calculate content velocity is by using given competitor analysis tools from the list of SEO tools. The most popular are Screaming Frog, SEMRush, Ahrefs, etc.

First of all, you need to find the page or blog post published on the competitor’s website or blog.

You can do it by visiting SEMRush, use the URL filter function to filter down the pages and expert the final result.

Now use this list in Screaming Frog to extract the publish date of the posts.

The result will display how often your competitors are publishing content during the specific period.

You will also use this data to check;
  • Article Schema
  • Blog Post Schema
  • Metadata

This may be time consuming, but it will help you get the final result.

Experts track the Author data to figure out how much content an author has published in a given time.

This data will help you find out who is winning with content velocity and who is losing.

If WordCount is what you were ignoring, this data will also focus on the Word Count of the content.

This data will teach you two things;

  • How long is the content there on the site?
  • How much has the competitor invested in creating such content?

Many established freelance writers are charging upto $0.06/word.

This means that a 1000 words article will cost upto $600.

Use this data to calculate how much you need to invest in creating better content than your competitors.

Now maintain an excel sheet to make it clear how you and your competitors are doing.

Note the following in the content velocity excel sheet:

  • Number of pages/month
  • Word Count
  • Cost per page

Total monthly or quarterly cost

This is the best way to understand where your content is standing against your competitors.  This research will help you to improve your content according to the latest standards.

You can also take the help of the SEO experts and SEO team to grab more information from this data.
To be an expert researcher, you need to find out how many authors write content for your competitor in a specific period.

Or you can take the help of LinkedIn to search the people working for your competitors.

Use this data to measure their team and performance.

Final Words:

This is an in-depth research strategy like the Eagle eye concept

No matter people are talking about content velocity or not. It is essential to create more and more high-quality content for the audience. This will make them engage on your blog, bring more social shares, better ranking, and conversion.

Researching content velocity is a time consuming process, but will open the Pandora box of information for you.

You may already be creating good quality content. But now it is the time to create the same amount or more content than your competitors.

If you find this article interesting, do share it with your friends and family.

In case of any questions, feel free to ask me via comments.

Share your thoughts via comments.

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Best Blogging Platform for Football Fans: Create Your Blog Now!

Are you a football fan? Do you want to share your passion with a brand new blog for football fans? Are you looking for the best blogging platform for football fans?

If you have these questions or any other question related to blogging for football fans, then you should go through everything I am sharing today.

Best Blogging Platform for Football Fans: Create Your Blog Now!: eAskme
Best Blogging Platform for Football Fans: Create Your Blog Now!: eAskme


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When you look for a blogging platform, there are too many options available such as;

  • WordPress

  • Blogspot

  • Wix

  • Squarespace

  • Etc.

But the question is how to find the best blogging platform for football fans.

I will explain everything here.

First, understand each of these blogging platforms.


WordPress: Best Blogging Platform for Football Fans: Create Your Blog Now!: eAskme


WordPress offers two options to start a football blog for football fans.

  • Free

  • Paid WordPress self-hosted blog

If you choose the free, then your football blog will have a domain name like this, You will be using free theme and everything available for free on WordPress.

But, if you want to start a professional Football blog for Football lovers, then you must go for the WordPress self-hosted platform.

The biggest reason to choose a self-hosted platform is that it gives you complete control over your blog and no one will delete your blog without your permission.

Also, you can start a WordPress blog in just 5 minutes, and it is the cost-effective blogging platform for football enthusiasts.

According to whoishostingthis, What makes WordPress the best platform:

  • 35% of the Internet is Powered by WordPress

  • WordPress 5.3 Has Been Downloaded Over 7 Million Times

  • WordPress is Available in Over 100 Languages

  • WordPress Sites Make Up 14.7% of the Top 100 Websites in the World.

  • WordPress Gets 20 Billion Page Views Per Month

  • WordPress is a Lucrative Career Opportunity for;
    • Writer/Editor

    • Web Developer

    • Web Designer

    • Graphic Designer

    • Marketing and Social Media

    • Technical Support Specialist

    • Content Management
  • 4,000+ Free GPL-licensed Themes for WordPress

  • 54,000+ Free Plugins for WordPress

  • Over 30% of All Online Stores Run on WooCommerce

  • Jetpack Was Installed on Over 2,000,000 New Websites Last Year

  • Akismet Blocked 487 Billion Spam Comments

  • Only Has 1,148 employees.

  • WordPress Denied 40% of DMCA Takedowns


Blogger/Blogspot:Best Blogging Platform for Football Fans: Create Your Blog Now!:eAskme

Blogger or Blogspot is the second most popular blog hosting platform for football lovers. The best thing about Blogger is that you will get free hosting and free domain name.

You can even give your blogger blog a professional look by using a custom domain and premium blogger theme for Football blog.

The only issue with the Blogger is that your blog is always under the control of Blogspot team, and whenever they want they can make any changes.

What makes Blogspot popular:

  • Free hosting

  • Free domain name

  • Free theme


WIX: Best Blogging Platform for Football Fans: Create Your Blog Now! eAskme


Wix is another popular blogging platform. In recent years Wix has gained popularity as a professional blogging platform for football lovers.

Similar to Blogger or, it is relatively easy to start a sports blog on Wix, but you will miss many features which you will find in the WordPress blogging platform.


Squarespace: Best Blogging Platform for Football Fans: Create Your Blog Now!: eAskme


Squarespace is another blogging platform for football fans to start a blog with everything related to Football.

But, as I have already said it is no match to the WordPress blogging platform.

Now, which one is the best blogging platform for football fans. You may indeed think that WordPress self-hosted platform is the best.

But wait.

There is more for you.

There is a platform known as Tribuna.

Tribuna is the website where users can watch Football, news, teams, scores, stats, results, tables, soccer and the latest football news. Tribuna is a dedicated platform for football fans, and they are also offering the feature to start a blog online.

To create a football blog for football audience, just visit this page and create your blog.

This has made the Tribuna, the best blogging platform for football fans.

As a football website for football fans, Tribuna is the best place for those who want to target football audience.

User can add videos, images and links in the articles.

Final Words:

There is no doubt that WordPress is the best blogging platform, but if your target is football fans, only then Tribuna will work best for you. As they already have a massive number of regular football audience.

What rules do you follow?

Do share with me via comments.

If you find this article interesting, do share it with your friends and family.

In case of any questions, feel free to ask me via comments.

Share your thoughts via comments.

If you find this article interesting, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


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Reasons to Start a Fundraiser?

Raising funds are essential to managing various things such as business, incidental costs, medical expenses, travel cost, etc.

Many online fundraising websites are running these days, which help the people to raise funds according to their purpose.

In return, these websites deduct minimal free.

Reasons to Start a Fundraiser? eAskme
Reasons to Start a Fundraiser? eAskme

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Raising funds is also an art. No matter how good fundraising platform you are using, if you are not utilizing the information necessary for raising funds, then you will not be able to meet your goal with any fundraising campaign. Click here to learn more creative ideas.

If you do not know how to raise funds, then you can take help of fundraising experts.

Today, I am sharing the top reasons that help to raise maximum funds.


Medical reasons are one of the most profitable reasons to start a fundraiser. 

When running a medical fundraiser campaign, you have to provide the details of the patient, illness, hospital, doctor’s prescriptions and the amount necessary for the treatment.

Using photos, videos, and doctors slips are the most useful tips for raising maximum funds with a fundraiser campaign.


In countries like America, startup fundraisers are also popular. If you have a unique product idea that you think will make things easy for the customers, then your fundraiser campaign will surely be a blast.

For example; There are many moving services in your country. But there are also many areas where these services do not have reaches such as hill areas or villages. You can start a business that can help people from such places to move their things with your startup quickly. And, for this, you can create a fundraiser campaign to support your Nobel business idea.

Food for the poor:

There are NGOs and even individuals who run fundraising campaigns to collect money for arranging food for the poor and needy people.

This type of campaigns runs continuously as needy people need food every day.


Marriage or dating fundraising is not much used but undoubtedly beneficial. A few years back, a couple from a man from Australia has started a fundraising campaign to meet his girl in the USA and get married.

This has given me the idea of how marriage and dating campaigns work. Gladly some people fund such campaigns.


Education campaigns are also popular. If you are not able to arrange finance for your child’s study or you want to support other children who do not have support from family, then an education fundraiser will help you.

People donate open heartily for the future of the nation and humankind.

Final Words:

To run a successful fundraising campaign, your reason should be more human and kind.

The more practical reason you choose, the more funds you can arrange.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

If you find this article interesting, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


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