July 13, 2024

Is Content a Google Search Ranking Factor or Not?

Is Content a Google search ranking factor? Do you optimize Content for Google search ranking? Can Content influence rankings?

Content is the king, is the oldest saying in the SEO and marketing industry. Without content, there can be no search, no marketing, and nothing else. You cannot do anything without content.

Is Content a Google Search Ranking Factor or Not?: eAskme
Is Content a Google Search Ranking Factor or Not?: eAskme

But how much Google cares about it? Let's find out today.

Let's understand everything about content and its impact on search results.


Content is information that you share to display your expertise, knowledge, products, and services to others.

Content is everything that you can find on a website like eAskme.

But does Content impact your Google search position? Let's find out.

Claim: Content is a Google Ranking Factor

Content is the basis of every website or app. Engaging with readers, ranking in Google searches, and boosting organic traffic is necessary.

Almost every person in the business understands the potential of high-quality content and its impact on search results.

Search engines like Google rely on content. Without content, Google cannot display anything.

It is a part of search engines, algorithms, marketing campaigns, etc.

Evidence: Content is a Ranking Factor

Google's "How Search Works" explains how content automatically generates results. When ranking a website or webpage, Google focuses on meaning, relevance, quality, usability, and content.

And everything comes from the content.

Google explains that its system analyzes content relevance to rank it in SERP.

It also means that the Google system understands the queries and the intent behind those queries.

Ten years ago, it was easy to create a website that ranked with a clean design, audience targeting, valuable content, site structure, etc.

Even after a decade, Google has preferred valuable content when ranking your website or page.

Google's "Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide" explains image optimization, video optimization, website performance, SEO, and site in search console.

How to Create Valuable Content?

To create a valuable content experience, it is a must to create content that has the following ingredients:

  • Create content to satisfy user intent.
  • Use easy-to-read language.
  • Optimize images, videos, and other types of content.
  • Create scalable, unique, and fresh content.
  • Use evergreen content.
  • Display authority and expertise using data and research.
  • Add enough information to satisfy users' needs.
  • Optimize links.
  • Avoid ad manipulation.

Google is interested in content that is trustworthy, expert, and authoritative.

Google's John Muller also said that Google looks at the whole content instead of just H1 tags.

Evidence: Content is not a Google Search Ranking Factor

There is no single piece of evidence to support this theory. The reason is simple: content is only possible with it.

Content search is only possible with content search.

Conclusion: Content is a Google Search Ranking Factor

Content is the soul of every business. Search engines rely entirely on content and quality.

Content quality is among the top 3 ranking signals in Google search results.

Create evergreen, exceptional, trustworthy content to rank better and improve organic position.

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July 12, 2024

How to Get More Facebook Likes for Free? Complete Guide!

Do you want more Facebook page likes without advertising? Do you want to grow your Facebook page audience without using ads?

If yes, then it is time to find out how you can invite people to like your page on Facebook for free.

Every person and business running a page wants to grow the Facebook audience.

How to Get More Facebook Likes for Free? Complete Guide!: eAskme
How to Get More Facebook Likes for Free? Complete Guide!: eAskme

To attract millions of people on Facebook to like your Facebook page, you need to make them aware of the existence of your page.

Facebook audience or Facebook page likes are still a debatable thing.

We Are Social has published a report stating that pages with less than 10k followers will get only 0.29% engagement, but pages with 100k followers will have 0.05% engagement.

I know that the number is not very impressive.

Yet the number of fans and followers of Facebook can influence the users visiting your brand.

Consumers always prefer brands that have a more social presence.

So, let's find out how you can attract more followers on your Facebook page without advertising.

Invite to Follow Facebook Page:

The first thing you may have seen on your Facebook page is inviting people to like your Facebook page.

How to find the Facebook page invite button?

  • Go to your Facebook page.
  • Make sure you are visiting as a personal profile.
  • Click on "…" to visit the invite button.
  • Now you can invite your friends.

You may also see the blue invite button on some Facebook pages.

When you click on the "Invite to Follow" link or the "Invite the Friends" button, it will show you the list of friends. Choose the friends you have not invited until now and send invitations to like your Facebook page.

According to Facebook, "Facebook invite limit is up to 200 friends."

Invite only 200 friends in 24 hours. And come back again to invite another 200 friends.

The Facebook app also has a friends invite button.


Facebook has set the limit to Facebook page invites.


The result of a Facebook page invite depends upon your connection with your friends on Facebook.

If you are personally connected with Facebook friends or have influence, more friends will accept your Facebook page invite. You should also optimize your Facebook page.

You can also send messages to your friends on Facebook asking them to like your Facebook page.
If you cannot do it, then Facebook invites ads campaign to help you.

Other Ways to Increase Facebook Page Likes for Free:


Questions and Answers are a great way to connect with people on Facebook and other social networks.

You can also join the sites like Quora and Answer the public with your Facebook page.

When answering and asking questions using your page, you will make people visit your Facebook page. If your answers or questions are helpful and engaging, users will surely like your Facebook page.

Facebook Groups:

Create a Facebook group for your page. You can also join other Facebook groups as a page.

After creating the Facebook group, start inviting friends to your group.

Also, create engaging posts in your Facebook group.

Your Facebook group's engagement level will help you get more Facebook page likes.


Use videos on Facebook to boost engagement.

People will see Follow link next to the page title in Facebook Watch. The more people engage with your videos, the more likes you will have.

Share Pressing issues:

Share the content on your page that is important for others.

It is an easy way to attract others and boost social shares for your Facebook posts.

Industry News:

Be the first to Publish the latest news related to your industry.

People love breaking news, and pages get more likes that share the latest news.

Should You Buy Facebook Likes?

This is one of the most asked questions about building a following for the Facebook page.

It's not always good to buy social likes.

Because when you buy followers or likes, you are not building fanbases interested in your content.

That means such likes will have almost zero engagement.


These are the best free ways to get more Facebook page likes.

Always follow the legit methods when building followers for Facebook pages.

Genuine followers will engage with your content and give you more social shares and traffic.

Still have any question, do share via comments.

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July 11, 2024

(31 Tips) How to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home

According to Flexjobs, more than 4 million people work from home.

Even the managers from big brands have reported that remote employees are more productive when they are working from home.

Even the remote workers said that they feel less stressed, which is useful for decreasing absenteeism and increasing morale.

Even If you are a single mother then you can you can hire housekeepers from Find au pairs to help save your time so you can be more focused at your work.

Top 31 Tips to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme
Top 31 Tips to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme

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Work from home is not only good for employees but also good for businesses and brands.

When working from home, there are particular challenges that you have to face.

Some of them are related to your mental health, and some are related to physical health.

Today, I am sharing some of the essential tips that you should follow to be more productive when working from home.


Schedule: Top 31 Tips to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme


Routine is the first thing that you manage to increase productivity when working from home.

You may have the feeling that you can do whatever you want and whenever you want.

But, the same time it is important to schedule everything.

There was a time when in college you have time between two classes, and you were doing whatever you wanted. Working from home brings the same kind of freedom.

In college days, it can be crucial for students to establish a routine, but at the same time, they find themselves surfing the internet, using social media and streaming YouTube.

Routine is important.

You need to manage your time and fix the time slots of all the essential things to do.

By maintaining a schedule, you can easily understand that how long it will take you to get the desired results or get the job done.


Batching is the strategy that will help you to the more in less time.

People mostly fall for multitasking but batching is different than this.

In batch, you will spend time to set a significant amount of time to get the work done completely.

For example, you can spend the first day of the month planning what you want to do in the whole month or create a social media calendar or content calendar.

Get Dressed:

When working from home, if you hop on to your system in your nightdress, then you are not ready.

You may think that it is more productive than you may be investing more time.

There is something we all know as “get ready.”

Getting dressed gives you a feeling of “I am at work” and also make your mind stay focused.

Remember: What you wear shows what you think.

I like what people call “Dress for Success.”

Fixed Time:

When you work in an office, you have to set the time to start and stop work.

But when it comes to working from home, most of the population keep stretching the work for 30 minutes or more.

You can overburn yourself with this behavior.

If you are not able to stop the work at the designated time, then you should schedule something that will force you to finish the job at the designated time such as, Dinner, time for family, exercise, etc.

If you are working more than 8 hours daily, that means your productivity is decreasing day by day.

Both your body and mind need to break at 5 p.m.

You can also batch your work by scheduling days for tasks, meetings, and calls.

Before you do that you also need to be ready for the type of conversation and what you want to achieve with these tasks.

This will save you from interruptions when performing these tasks.

Since I started working full time in 2014, I realized that it was not easy to start a new task without closing the already running job.

Most of the times, I thought that after I finish one task, I will do the call.

This was a time when I was rescheduling calls again and again.

I also had days with no calls, conversion, and emails.


Tracking is essential for every business.

Some professionals believe in tracking every hour or measure the performance.

If you are working from home or working as a freelancer, then you should track hours for clients.

Tracking will also bring your attention to all the critical details.

Tracking will help you to find out where you are losing your precious time and where you can be more productive.

Manage Physical Space:

Physical space: Top 31 Tips to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme

WorkSpace vs. Home Space:

There is no doubt that you can work from anywhere when you are working from home.

Sometimes you may find yourself working in the living room or kitchen table also.

But this is not how you can improve your productivity.

I am always the most productive when I am sitting in front of my computer, not a laptop.

You need to create a separate workspace in your home space to save yourself from distractions. Of course, this doesn't mean you can’t have some musical In fact, boosting employee morale with music is something that really works in offices and it can work at home for you too.

This will also tell your family that they should not disturb you as long as you are in your working space.

Maintain order in your physical workspace:

A nice clean and tidy workspace not only brings positive energy but also save you from distractions. It will also save you money and time.

Lack of organization in your workspace will cause a lack of productivity.

Dirty desk not only decreases your productivity but also spread viruses that may infect you. You must keep your desk, computer, laptop, and smartphones clean.

It will hardly take 10 minutes of your time to clean your workspace.

Invest in Office Furniture:

When running a blogging or freelance business or working from home, you may end up sitting more than 8 hours every day in front of your laptop or computer.

This will surely hurt your body.

To save your body and mind, you need to invest in ergonomic and comfy furniture.

Take breaks, drink water, walk for a minute or two, or do calls.

Invest in furniture that suits the human body posture and according to your body ergonomics.

Work Ambiance:

The big reason behind open office controversies that we all are different, and we all behave differently in different situations.

As a work from home professional, it is your job to ensure the professional environment. It also includes a perfect desk, perfect lights, and the right playlist.

If you think about working in a coffee shop or open office, then you find yourself in the middle of a lot of distractions.

So, it is your job to ensure that your focus should be on your work.

Breakup with distractions:

Breakup with Distractions: Top 31 Tips to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme

Social Media:

Social media is the biggest distraction for all.

On average, we waste more than 2 hours daily on social media.

Here I am not saying that you should not use social networks, but you should not get carried away.

I have learnt this lesson in the past few years, and now I get less distracted when using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

Social media connects us all, and I also utilize social meetings for my business, but you need to make sure that you should not waste your time in non-productive things.

Use Apps but set the timer to remind yourself of the time you have spent on these.


You may find 100’s of email every day falling into your inbox. It can be time consuming for you to go through all of them.

You cannot waste your time in your inbox if you want to be productive.

I recommend you to check the email only at a predefined or specific time.

You can also take help of autoresponders to let the sender know when will you reply to them.

Manage Expectations:

Your family always has a lot of expectations from you, but you cannot spend your whole day managing things other than your work.

It is your job to manage expectations.

Set expectations about your work time and let your family know that when you are available. This will make them happy and also save you from interruptions.


Breaks will help you to refresh your brain and be more productive, but sometimes procrastination will make you waste a lot of time.

Have you ever visited Facebook to find some solution, but end up watching movie trailers? If not, then it’s okay.

  • Get dedicated cut-offs rather than long unintentional breaks.

  • Go to the kitchen grab some cold drink, have some snacks, and come back.

  • Or take a walk around your house.
Remember: Your mind needs a break, but you should not waste that time.

Working from home Parent:

Are you a parent who is working from home? If yes, then you have to face some unique challenges.

You may find it challenging to manage your time when caring for your children.

Taking care of the kids is itself an outstanding job.

This is the time when you have to create the balance between your work and your family life.

You can also take help of your family to take care of kids for the time you are in your workspace.

Say no to Notifications:

Notifications are the culprit behind distraction.

Notifications are there to be seductive and attract users to spend their time on all such networks.

Apps always trying to grab your attention with what’s new, offers, and other sorts of notifications.

Turn off all the apps when you are in your workspace. Only check them in breaks.

Use Technology:

Use Technology: (31 Tips) How to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme

Use Right tools:

As a blogger, I understand the importance of tools.

Tools are there to make your job easy and effective.

If you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, then you should invest in useful tools.

In an online business such as SEO or blogging, you should use available tools to boost your productivity.

For example;
In short, no matter what you want to do, there are tons of tools available online, use them wisely.

Noise Cancelling Headphones:

Noise-canceling headphones!


Use them to save yourself from audio distractions.

If you are traveling and working at the same time, then noise-canceling headphone can be valuable.

Save Yourself from WFH Loneliness:

The biggest drawback of working from home is that you will not have the chance to build in-person connections.

Sometimes you need someone to talk and engage with to not only refresh your mind but also create a place for new ideas.

Online communities will save you there.

You should join online communities related to your business on popular social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Slack.

Go Outside:

The most significant benefit of working from home is that in fact, you can work from anywhere you want. You can even sit in a coffee shop and working when having snacks or drinks.

You can also establish a coworking space with other freelancers or your work from home friends.

Sometimes changing the location of your workspace will help your mind to give birth to new ideas.

Tell your family About Your Work:

This is something that you can do on a daily basis.

Telling your family about your work will help them understand the importance of your work. This will also save you from interruptions.

You can also earn respect from your family and friends.

Sometimes you might find helpful ideas coming your way.

Breaks your routine:

I have already said that you must have a habit to improve your productivity, but sometimes you need to break up the routine.

Rather than just working from home every day, plan some days to go out for networking events, plan seminars or meetups.

Go to the local cinema, a park or attraction.

Work from home brings flexibility in your schedule, and this improves the circle of your life.

Physical Health:

Physical health: (31 Tips) How to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme

20-20-20 rule:

My doctor told me about this rule.

The rule says that takes a 20-second break after every 20 minutes and focus on an object 20 feet away from you.

This will relax your eyes.

Eat Healthily:

When I started working from home, my desk was a place for junk food.

Within a few months, that showed the effects.

I realized the importance of healthy food and exercise.

From that day, my home-cooked food is my preference.

99% times I skip the readymade meal.

I am surely not the healthiest person, but still, I am better than many who live on junk food and complaining that work from has made them like this.

Take lunch break:

Lunch break plays an essential role in your life.

Every day you must take a lunch break and get away from your computer or laptop.

This will help you stay productive.

Drink enough water:

How much water do you drink every day?

1 liter, 5 liters, 10 liters, let me know via comments.

Study shows that half of the Americans do not drink enough water.

Your body must stay hydrated.

Do you know that dehydration can cause short term memory loss?

So start drinking more water.

Walk and Stretch every hour:

Moving around will help your blood to flow correctly in your body.

If you are already drinking enough water, then you must be leaving your desk regularly, but if not, then you must take short breaks after every hour to walk and stretch for a couple of minutes.

Here is the list of stretches that you can do.

Mental health:

Mental health: (31 Tips) How to Be More Productive & Successful While Working from Home: eAskme


Meditation can be life-saving for you.

Meditate for atleast 10 minutes every day.

You can use some meditation motivation from Youtube or add meditation music to your phone.

Meditation can also clear unnecessary thoughts from your mind and help you stay positive and focused.

Day Off:

When working from home, most of the people forget the importance of a day off.

Day offs are importance to cure your physical and mental health.

You can work from anywhere, but it doesn’t mean that you should be working on the hospital bed.


One of the significant benefits of work from home is that it allows you to work even when you are traveling. All you need is a laptop with an internet connection.

Take advantage of this and plan a trip to your favorite destination.

Perfect or not:

Perfect or not, you are always a human being, and you have the right to live your life the fullest.

There are the days when you get stuck at something can can’t complete the job, or you choose sleep over-exercise.

Sometimes even your happiest clients can yell at you.

But this is the life.

You cannot make every day perfect for everyone.

Be flexible, and that is the beauty of working from home.

Flexibility will also improve your productivity and make your life more happening.


Now that you've figured out how to be more productive when working from home, it's time to work hard and earn your much deserved paystub. You need this financial document later when filing for taxes. So be sure you get them from your employer on a monthly basis.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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July 10, 2024

Partnership Marketing [Explained]: What it is? and How to Use Co-Marketing for Branding, Links, Traffic and Revenue?

What is partnership marketing? How to use partnership marking to build links and increase brand awareness? If partnership marketing is a new thing for you, then this post will be quite interesting today.

Partnership Marketing: What it is? and How to Use Co-Marketing for Branding, Links, Traffic and Revenue?: eAskme
Partnership Marketing: What it is? and How to Use Co-Marketing for Branding, Links, Traffic and Revenue?: eAskme

Other people are at: Facebook Pages Received 6 New Feature Updates: Explained here.

I have explained different types of marketing over the year, such as.

Most of the time, you find them connected.

But marketing strategies are changing.

This is the reason why every year you see a new form of marketing.

Marketers are continuously researching for hours, weeks, and years to develop new influential marketing strategies. People find new things attractive, and this idea works with creativity in the marketing world.

While going after new marketing strategies, marketers often overlook the tried and tested marketing strategies.

Partnership marketing or co-marketing falls under this category.

What is Partnership Marketing or Co-Marketing?

Partnership marketing is also known as co-marketing.

As the name suggests, partnership marketing happens when you collaborate with other businesses to target a similar audience to promote products or services.

In 2019, National Geographic and Coors Light collaborated to target 10 million users worldwide and increased brand visibility by 7%.

Similarly, Social Chain and Buffer published a report to achieve 17,000 downloads in one week.

According to cheifmarketer, 77% of brands found partnership marketing effective in 2019.
And, it still works.

How to start with Partnership Marketing:

The basic concept of Partnership Marketing is to find a business with a similar audience. But you need to ensure that business is not your direct competitor.

For example; If you are running a travel blog, you should partner with the travel industry's businesses.

This will help you to boost brand awareness and build marketing strategies that will target similar customers with different products.

It is relatively easy to find such businesses.

Find out:

  • If other businesses are publishing content, where you also publish?
  • Who are the influencers or best service providers in your industry?

You will find a lot of businesses that are ready to partner for an extra boost.

After choosing the partner to collaborate with, you need to do a few things.

Write blog posts on each other's websites.

This way, you will build some quality links that can drive traffic to your website. These links also help to improve website visibility. The audience on your partner's blog will learn about your blog, business, product, or service.

Before you start writing your first blog post for the partner's website, it is essential to do keyword research. With the right keywords and optimized content, your con ranks the blog post in search results.

This is a practical approach to establish you as an expert content writer and marketer. Your post will stay on the site if you are generating value for them.

Write about a similar topic on your blog, and you can rank better in search results.


Partnership marketing or Co-marketing is when you and your partner not only exchange blog posts but also mention each other on different sites, social networks, or publications.

For example; If you publish a guest post on third-party sites, then start mentioning your partner's website there.

It is an excellent way to increase brand mentions, build more links, boost traffic and SEO performance.

Ask your partner to do the same for you.

Social Media Sharing:

During the content partnership, you both will be creating content for each other's website and publishing it on third party sites.

Sharing the content you are publishing on all the popular social media networks, and social profiles is a great way to boost brand awareness.

It is an easy way to grab more traffic.

Tag your partner, and you will see an increase in the number of followers also.

Email Newsletters:

Use email marketing to engage with existing followers and share the published content.

You should share the content published on your site with your email subscribers and also make sure that your partner also shares the content you have published on his website with his email subscribers.

Email lists are the effective place to engage with the audience.

If you don't have email subscribers, then start building your list.

Collaborate for eBook:

Collaborate with your partner to publish a professional and targeted ebook.

A book with creative storytelling can help both of you to influence most people in your industry.

To make the eBook influential, you must produce a quality ebook.

Co-host a Webinar:

The webinar is an effective strategy to educate the people about the products, services, or brand by boosting their knowledge on a particular topic.

Invite the influencers or partners to host the webinar with you.

To make the webinar profitable for you and your partner, you need to ensure that your product should align with what your partner is offering.

Add a call to action.

You can either help them make the purchase decision or direct them to the place where they can join your email newsletter.

Brands are using this strategy to offer products or services at better or competitive prices.

But you should not push your products on others. Ensure that what you are offering is valuable to build trust.

Think beyond making sales only.

If it is possible, you should take your webinar to a real life event.

Share clients:

All forms of marketing are there to help you generate more leads, sales, and revenue.

Partnership marketing helps you achieve long-term goals and improve your brand value, number of followers, traffic, and sales.


To make Partnership marketing work, you and your partner should truly align with each other.

If you can make it work, then it will a turning point for your business.

Do share you questions, suggestions and anything you want me to know in comments.

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July 09, 2024

Broken Backlinks: Google's Gary Illyes Explains When to Fix and When Not?

What does Google think about Broken backlinks? When should I fix Broken Backlink errors? When should I least care about them?

Google's Gary Illyes has explained the broken links, what to do with them, and when to leave them.

Gary Illyes explained during the Google SEO Office Hours podcast in June 2024 when to fix broken links and the time webmasters or SEO should spend on these issues. During this 16:45-minute podcast, he explained a lot about SEO issues.

Broken Backlinks: Google's Gary Illyes Explains When to Fix and When Not?: eAskme
Broken Backlinks: Google's Gary Illyes Explains When to Fix and When Not?: eAskme

Google SEO Office Hours podcast June 2024 and Broken Links:

Gary Illyes explained that you should only fix broken links when they are helpful for your audience. It is only possible to fix some broken links if you have a massive website.

For example, if you are running a news website with 10,000 articles, then it won't be easy to fix every link. The best strategy is to restore links that are valuable for your website and users.

Gary Illyes's about Broken Backlinks:

Gary Illyes's broken backlink advice busted many myths that SEO had over the years. The most common myth is to fix every broken backlink. Yet, some webmasters have asked if they should fix every broken backlink or not. News sites or sites with thousands of pages spend a lot of time and resources on fixing links. New advice explains that a 100% broken backlink fix is not necessary.

The best SEO practice is only to fix backlinks that matter to your business.

For example, fix backlinks coming from top-ranking or high-quality websites. Save time on fixing backlinks from low-quality sites.

Find the usefulness of a broken backlink before fixing it.

This strategy is like fixing 404 links. John Muller advised that not every 404 links should be fixed.

Why You Should Fix Broken Backlinks?

Finding broken backlinks is easier than obtaining new backlinks. There is no exact metric to measure the impact of broken backlinks, but wrongly fixing them can surely hurt the website's ranking and user experience.

When to Track Broken Backlinks?

Keep track of new backlinks monthly, if not weekly. Make sure that your link-building campaign does not gain broken backlinks. If there is a wrong backlink or dead backlink, then fix it as soon as possible.

Backlinks that are important:

Fix broken links that are displayed in your GSC broken links report.

What type of broken links you should fix:

  • Backlinks from high-quality sites.
  • Misspelled URLs
  • URL's that moved to a new page or post.

Backlinks that are less important:

  • Links from low-quality sites
  • Links to outdated pages.
  • Random links.
  • AI-generated links.
  • Links from Spammy websites.

How to Find Broken Backlinks?

Finding broken backlinks is quite easy.

  • Go to your Google Search Console and log in.
  • Check the "Broken Links" or "404 Page" report.
  • If you are not sure where the link is placed, then type the broken URL in Google Search Console's "URL Inspection tool." It will display the referring pages, and you will find the page where the broken link is published.

Use 301 redirects, the Wordfence plugin, or the Redirection WordPress plugin to fix broken backlinks.

How to Fix Broken Backlinks?

The easiest way to fix a broken backlink is to create a redirection to the working URL.

You can also contact the website owner through email outreach and ask him to fix the broken URL.

But email outreach to fix broken backlinks can cause the following situations:

  • Web admin may remove backlinks.Web admin may add a no-follow attribute.
  • Even if the web admin fixes the link, it will only fix on one page. Every website that links to the same wrong URL will need more outreach emails.

The best strategy here is to use 301 redirects.


Gary Illyes suggests fixing broken backlinks only when they add value to your website. It is easy to fix broken backlinks with redirections rather than sending emails for link reclamation.

Only send emails to fix backlinks when you have established a strong relationship with the webmasters.

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WordPress is loosing popularity. WordPress Studio is an effort to regain its reputation. 

WordPress Studio for Mac and Windows To Test, and Build Websites: eAskme
WordPress Studio for Mac and Windows To Test, and Build Websites: eAskme

WordPress Studio for Developers:

WordPress Studio is a local website development platform that creates a localhost server on your laptop or desktop. Creating websites on localhost saves time and speeds up the process. You can develop websites without buying hosting.

WordPress Studio creates a WordPress-like environment on your desktop for testing and developing websites. You can create blogs, business sites, e-commerce websites, etc.

It is a free way to develop WordPress websites. You can test the website’s themes and plugins, understand how they work, and which plugins and customization are suitable for the client.
With a demo site, you can share sites with the clients.

WordPress Studio for Windows:

WordPress Studio for Windows users is the most efficient platform to create, test, and develop new websites. You can create a complete WordPress website without breaking the server. Test everything before making the site live.

You do not need to buy a domain name or web hosting to to created and test WordPress websites anymore.

How to Download and Install WordPress Studio?

How to Download and Install WordPress Studio: eAskme
  • After adding the site, you get the options to customize the website, such as “Site Editor,” “Style,” “Patterns,” “Navigation,” “Templates,” and “Pages.”
WordPress Studio customization options: eAskme
  • You also get the share option to share your demo WordPress site.
  • WordPress customization will make you log in to the WordPress environment. Now, you can edit and test the website.

What are the Benefits of WordPress Studio?

  • Share Demo Sites: With Studio, developers can share local sites with their clients.
  • Fast: It is a faster way to test and develop websites. You can test unlimited websites.
  • Lightweight WordPress: Develop websites without relying on MySQL, Apache, NGINX, Docker, etc.
  • Accessibility: WordPress Studio makes the local website accessible using CLI, IDE, etc.

Demo Site:

The WordPress Studio desktop app lets developers create and share demo sites with colleagues and clients. It is an easy way to get clients’ feedback. You must have a WordPress.com account to access Studio features.

  • It creates a demo domain to test demo sites.
  • Click on “Delete My Joyful Website” to delete your demo site when you do not need it.

Export WordPress Theme:

WordPress Studio lets you export WordPress themes. You can create your WordPress theme, export it, and upload it on your live WordPress site.

I have tested WordPress Studio. It is easy and complex. Studio makes it easy to test websites without using third-party desktop apps. But it lacks the customization solutions that you get with XAMPP.


WordPress Studio is an excellent initiative from WordPress to help developers. Now, developers can develop websites in a local environment without using third-party software. It is easy to learn how you can use WordPress Studio.

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Omnichannel Marketing Guide: What is it? Benefits and Strategies!

Omnichannel marketing came into existence with the rise of social media channels. There are hundreds of channels to market business, products, and services. Small-mid-large businesses are targeting multiple social media platforms or eCommerce platforms at the same time to advertise their business.

Omnichannel is different than multichannel. It is necessary to understand what type of marketing you need.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, Outbrain, Taboola, Amazon, etc., are some of the most popular platforms where most businesses market their products.

Omnichannel Marketing: eAskme
Omnichannel Marketing: eAskme

For example, A marketer running video ads on Facebook also runs ads on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc., to reach a wider audience and use the same ad in different sizes. It is an easy way to target omnichannel users.

More than 73% of users are Omnichannel. They use multiple platforms to make purchase decisions.

To target Omnichannel users, you need an Omnichannel marketing strategy.

Omnichannel Marketing: What is it?

To market your business Omnichannel, first understand Omnichannel marketing.

As the name suggests, Omnichannel marketing is the way to create an Omnichannel content approach to reach target customers on every platform.

Omnichannel marketing is the combined process of marketing content and running ads on multiple channels. The focus of Omnichannel marketing is to create an excellent user experience while maintaining a similar tone.

Effective Omnichannel marketing works on every step of a customer’s journey. Marketers can use 100+ marketing tools to create marketing content and strategies for Omnichannel.

Basics of Omnichannel Marketing:

Create Excellent User Experience:

To influence a customer’s buying decision, you must provide an excellent user experience. A clean user experience is required to make customers follow your brand on multiple social networks.

Omnichannel Integration:

Omnichannel integration makes it easy to create a smooth user experience. Marketers must maintain the same business tone on websites, stores, apps, etc., to make the brand impression memorable.

Consistent Communication:

Consistent communication is necessary to keep the flow of information. Regularly share and update content on marketing channels.

Freedom of Expression:

Give customers options to express their feelings. Make the product catalog available on various platforms so that customers can explore products and make a buying decision.

Importance of Omnichannel Marketing:

Omnichannel marketing aims to engage customers with customer retention strategies for maximum benefits.

Accordding to SEMRush, customer retention is necessary for 61% small-businesses.

Here are the benefits of Omnichannel Marketing:

Brand Awareness:

Spreading the word about your brand is a time-consuming process. You need to be consistent to make customers rely on your brand.

User experience:

User experience is the key to connecting and engaging with customers. Without creating an amazing user experience, you cannot expect that customers will stay with your brand.

Real-time Data:

Omnichannel marketing collects data from multiple channels and filters that data to understand the benefits, content formats, and customers on each channel.

Multiply Revenue Growth:

Brands marketing on Omnichannel get more sales than those marketing on a single channel. This boosts conversion and customer engagement rates.

Build Trust:

Omnichannel is best at collecting data and creating products or services that suit your customers. It is a way to tell your customers you are happy to help.

Difference between Multichannel and Omnichannel:

It is standard to get confused between Omnichannel and multichannel. Here, I am clearing your doubts.
Omnichannel marketing is a way to reach customers by creating a personalized user experience. It includes re-targeting, email marketing, print ads, and other channels. It is about integrating channels.

Multichannel marketing uses multiple ways to reach customers, such as through emails and social media platforms.

Top Omnichannel Marketing Strategies:

Like every other marketing strategy, the Omnichannel marketer should follow a roadmap to success. This roadmap must include planning, resource gathering, data filtering, etc., to improve the overall strategy.


Understanding your customer’s journey is the first step to success. Mapping a customer’s journey from lead to purchase can result in wasting money on marketing.

Customer Journey Map: eAskme

How to Create a Customer Journey Map?

  • Know your customer: Collect data like full name, phone numbers, addresses, email IDs, etc.
  • Identify their issues: What does your customer want? How can you solve their problem? How can you make your product worthy? Find the answers to these questions.
  • Where are your customers? Find out which platform most of your customers are using and what content type they are interested in.
  • Tracking: Track the conversion rate, format, and method. Find out if your customers like to buy online or in-store.


Integration is an essential part of Omnichannel marketing. You must promote the same products and services on social media, websites, apps, stores, etc. This will make it easy for the customer to buy products no matter where they land.

Online Presence:

A strong social media presence is one of the most critical factors of Omnichannel digital marketing. Your brand’s online presence must have a similar tone.

Use the same logo, colors, fonts, and catalog.

Use ads, surveys, emails, and review sections to understand the pain points. Find out where your customers engage the most or where they hate to connect with your platform.

Improve flaws in your products, design, and marketing.


User experience indicates how well your brand can influence the customer’s journey. Personalized customer experience can create 62% returning customers. Customized user experience is not an option; it is a must for a business to survive in the competitive market.

Omnichannel marketing strategy relies on personalized experience. Address your customer with his name when sending emails or engaging on social media platforms. 

How to Create Personalized User-Experience?

  • Send personalized emails when a customer abandons the shopping cart to remind him to complete the purchase.
  • Segment customers based on the product sections to send recommendations.


Mobile-first: eAskme


Mobile-first marketing is the need of the time. Search engines prefer mobile versions of websites or mobile apps.

  • Create a responsive website that loads faster.
  • Keep the URL the same on every device.
  • Create mobile apps to connect with users easily. Let your customers browse and purchase using apps.


Automation makes Omnichannel marketing easy. Use Omnichannel marketing tools to automate the process.

  • GA4: Use Google Analytics 4 to track customer behavior. It will help you understand how customers browse your website or app.
  • Omnichannel Marketing Automation: Use marketing automation tools to connect social media marketing, email marketing, etc.
  • Personalization Tools: Use segmentation tools like Omnisend to segment your customers based on their product interests.

A/B Testing:

A/B testing in Omnichannel marketing helps you understand which strategy or campaign works the best. Run multiple campaigns, content formats, etc., to find out which is most engaging for your audience.

Analyze Performance:

Analyzing the performance of your Omnichannel marketing strategies is a must. It will help you find out what works and what you need to fix. It is an easy way to improve performance and customer interest.


Omnichannel marketing works on a pull marketing strategy. First, it engages with the customer, and then it influences him to visit your platform to start the customer’s journey.

Creating an excellent user experience is necessary to encourage customers to follow the next step of their buyer’s journey. Help your customers when they feel abandoned or lost. Use available marketing tools to save time.

Follow these strategies to make your Omnichannel marketing strategy work.

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