All the Latest: Technology Continues to Grow in the Betting Sector

Technology is constantly developing every day with more and more innovative solutions entering everyday lives, and the betting industry is no different.

All the Latest: Technology Continues to Grow in the Betting Sector: eAskme
All the Latest: Technology Continues to Grow in the Betting Sector: eAskme

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Engaging users with fewer taps, better resolutions and of course allowing for more facilities there’s plenty to get excited about when watching the ongoing growth of betting technologies.

Tennis takes the lead with BetConstruct

Going virtual is nothing new since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic and with betting the history of virtual games goes back even further.

Sports including horse racing have already indulged the world of technological advances by harnessing the coding to recreate realistic races which allow users to bet on life like races and potentially get their winning streak off to a good start.

BetConstruct has unveiled a brand recent addition to this growing niche of betting in the form of virtual tennis.

Working on reconstructions of real matches using motion capture technologies, the matches play out as they usually would on some of the biggest platforms like Wimbledon, and users have the option to place bets as if they were real matches.

Adding to an already A-class collection of online entertainment, this is a feature sure to expand and capture new betting audiences.

Betting Technology with Bonus Tracking from BetConstruct

BetConstruct’s sports betting aggregator platform has become one of the best online today.

The system not only comes with a full team of analysts at statistics tacticians able to offer fair margins on sports betting odds, but the system also helps the operator using the BetConstruct platform to manage bonus offers for members that sign up.

There are tons of free bets and no deposit bonuses on that give you an example of how sportsbooks offer no deposit bonus bets for both new and existing customers.

And each of those bonus bets needs tracking for wagering requirements, open bet slips, and more.

In short, operators and players that place bets on any BetConstruct operated system get a fair deal for both odds and bonus tracking!

Playtech and Novomatic form new alliance

Two big names in betting have announced a new partnership as both firms bring their strengths together for mutual benefits.

Owning 10,000 kiosks between them, Playtech and Novomatic Americas will be bringing Playtech’s sports wagering kiosk, known as SSBT, to Novomatic’s ActionBook.

As the most popular sports wagering kiosks in the US, the new collaboration is sure to see positive results.

In addition to the latest deal that Playtech have signed, they have also made the news this year with other deals being signed in Michigan, Indiana and New Jersey.

President and CEO of Novomatic Americas, Rick Meitzler has commented that he is ‘confident that Playtech’s proven sports betting expertise in a wide range of regulated markets will further cement the Novomatic ActionBook™ 's status as the US market’s most popular sports wagering kiosk’.

Playtech continues American takeover with Colombia partnership

The popularity of real money casinos in the US is more than evident as gambling firm Playtech returns to the news headlines once again with more development news in the US.

Recently signing deals with Novomatic ( see above ) and other leading names in New Jersey, Playtech have now also confirmed a partnership with Wplay in Colombia.

Launching its new IMS technology, Playtech will be rolling out the initiative to all of its current products, including online platforms.

With the likelihood of passing on the same innovations on to future products too, the new deal looks almost certain to encourage an increase in demand throughout Colombia, with the name of Playtech being a big deal in betting technologies.

Enhancing the previously existing relationship between Playtech and Wplay, the strategic deal means Wplay can make the most of Playtech’s knowledge and be part of a bigger plan in the future.

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How to Get High-Quality Backlinks in 2021 – 7 New Strategies

One of the best ways for businesses to make it big today is to establish a strong online presence.

But that hardly comes easy, does it?

With the massive increase in the volume of online content, every genre sees stiff competition between websites, brands and businesses struggling to convert similar audience pools.

How to Get High-Quality Backlinks in 2021 – 7 New Strategies: eAskme
How to Get High-Quality Backlinks in 2021 – 7 New Strategies: eAskme

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Some of these niches specifically see a higher degree of cut-throat competition than the others.

This is what makes it crucial for brands to ensure that they are occupying top spots on search engine result pages.

Interestingly, 75% of internet users never even scroll beyond the first page of search results.

Now, there is a multitude of factors that determine high search rankings, one of the most crucial happen to be high-quality backlinks.

Link Building Directly Helps in Better Rankings

Content creation alone cannot escalate your online presence, considering the stiff competition all around.

It is content marketing that can break the barriers of invisibility and enhance your game altogether.

As a business, you need to master the art of promoting your content across platforms and channels for people to see and develop interest.

A backlink helps you do just this.

The market however is replete with different opinions when it comes to using link building services.

Some think they are obsolete today and are perceived as spam within otherwise meaningful content.

However, this is not always true.

A few strategies done right can help you avoid these issues even as sites generate backlinks for you.

In this article, we have tried to compile 7 of the newest and most effective strategies for getting high-quality backlinks.

Keeping a Tab on Your Competitors

If you thought competitors have only the bad stuff to offer to you, think again.

Your competitors can be the number one source for you to master the art of high-quality backlinking.

A competitor’s backlinks pursued through an appropriate search hub can help you replicate the best-performing ones and sufficient social proof.

This clever method not only grants you benefits in the Search Engine Optimization of your content but also helps you crack the code for future campaigns.

You might even learn eventually how to stay a step ahead of the very competitor you first pursued.

At the same time, this approach also gives you insights into where you are lagging, what needs to be changed and what you can do to improve. 

Broken Link Building

Out of some of the lesser-known strategies which you can use to your benefit for getting high-quality backlinks is broken link-building.

All you do is pick a blogger of your choice – may be similar or related content to yours, or just someone with a good reader base.

Next, you browse for any broken links on their site, say 404 Errors.

You offer to build this broken link with your content, for the simple exchange of backlinking to your website or online content.

As crazy as this may sound, the opportunity rates are quite high.

More often than not, content creators shall agree to your offer, which is a win-win for both of you.

Using Infographics Judiciously

One of the most important ways of generating high-quality backlinks is through infographics.

Out of the 200+ factors Google uses to rank websites based on its algorithm, a huge percentage revolves around content quality, value and uniqueness.

Infographics help you score high on this very front.

The investment is not very high, but the effort behind such an idea has to be.

You can hire a graphic designer or engage in such content creation directly using resources like Canva.

If your infographic scores high in terms of content value, it can take its place in popular infographic directories as well as score well on social media platforms.

These graphics can then automatically add as channels to the content you are linking them to, or to your website when used by others.

Resource Pages for Backlinks

Google says the best way to generate more traffic on your site is by creating unique, high-quality content.

While this may seem like a nice but time-taking method, let us tell you about a new way of using content quality and value for generating backlinks.

Creating content that can act as resource pages for other websites is one of the best ways to ensure high-quality backlinks to your site.

Make sure your content is useful and has the potential of being cited/displayed by other sites or shared by readers.

If you are putting up useful or unique information, readers are sure to use it in more than one way, often starting with referring your content to others.

Research shows that companies that engaged in blogging receive 97% more backlinks than when they were not doing it.

Guest Blogs

Guest blogs not just bring an element of newness for websites but also a powerful way of creating backlinks for businesses.

You can easily approach well-established or emerging promising platforms catering to content related to your products or services for a guest blog on their site.

Although this technique is time-tested, you can modify it into a new strategy by extending such content into photo, video and other forms of content.

Known as “Collabs” in the modern lingo, such guest posts favour both the guest and the host and are an absolute success.

Prepping up

Even if your content is of great quality, it might not be shareable.

You need to prep your content and website in a way as to allow others to link back to it with ease.

This can be ensured by creating HTML-ready snippets beforehand, using tools to automatically create backlinks when others copy-paste your content on their site and so on.

The idea is to become shareable and promotable on your own by prepping content accordingly.

You can take the help of a suitable link building agency for the same.

Social Media Marketing

One of the golden rules of high-quality backlink generation is to make the best use of social media.

To ensure that more people like and refer to your content, you need to make them see it first.

Therefore, investing a little more than regular time, energy and probably money goes a long way in content promotion and high-quality backlinks.

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Modern Millionaires Review - Everything You Need to Know About the Course

Have you heard of lead generation?

It’s gaining popularity as a way to make money online and many people are talking about it.

Depending on what you’ve heard, you might think this all sounds like a dream come true or just another scam.

If you haven’t heard anything about lead generation, you’ve come to the right place.

Modern Millionaires Review - Everything You Need to Know About the Course: eAskme
Modern Millionaires Review - Everything You Need to Know About the Course: eAskme

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The truth is that lead generation is a 100% legitimate way to make money.

Like, a lot of money.

We’re talking potential to make up to 7 figures per year if you put in the time and the work.

But where do you start?

There’s no way it can be that easy, right?

Well, we’ve come across a course from the Modern Millionaires that claims to make the process simple.

Let’s get into what you can expect from the course and see what kind of potential it has.

Module 1: Laying the Foundation

A lead generation business is nothing without solid research.

Specifically, research into a specific niche in which you’d like to operate.

Choosing a niche is crucial to the success of a lead generation business because it can play into how much you end up paying for leads.

The first step in the MM course provides you with a list of 120+ niches across different industries and suited for different budgets.

This process could take a long time (and you could end up not making much money) if you don’t know which niches are worthwhile.

Module 2: Setting up a Website

You also need to create a website if you decide to start a lead generation business.

Now, don’t worry if that’s not quite in your wheelhouse.

It’s not nearly as hard as you might think and the course will help you with every step.

It walks you through tools like WordPress and landing page builders so you can have a website in no time.

Depending on your budget and how much time you’d like to spend, you can create any type of website you want.

Module 3: Generating Traffic and Selling Leads

Once you have a website, the next step is getting traffic.

This step is where a lot of first-time lead generation business owners slip up.

The good news is that the Modern Millionaires course explains the entire process in detail.

The main focus is on PPC (pay-per-click) platforms like Facebook ads and Google ads.

These platforms provide more consistent traffic and take less work than others.

Channels like content marketing require you to create content, publish it, and make sure the right people see it.

PPC marketing is much more targeted and makes better use of your time and money.

The last step in this module shows you how to turn this traffic into leads and convert those leads.

You’ll learn how to reach out to businesses and flip your leads like a pro.

And just between us, sales are hard. The course makes it much easier.

Module 4: Automating Your Business

This is the fun part of lead generation entrepreneurship.

The work up until this point is pretty easy, but automation makes everything, well, automatic.

That means you can run your business virtually hands-free all while collecting the sweet, sweet profits.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

The MM course explains how you can hire one (or two, if business is booming) assistant to take care of the finer details in your business.

It’s that simple.

So, that covers the basics of the MM lead generation course.

There are more details, but you should have an idea of how the business works by now.

And for our verdict?

We’d say go for it if you’re interested in starting a lead generation business and making some money.

The MM course gives you everything you need to make the process quick and pain-free.

If you have question or suggestion, feel free to drop in comments.

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How to Start Your Own Business During a Pandemic

A lot of us are dealing with a little too much time on our hands at the moment.

This can lead to boredom, restlessness or even anxiety.

How to Start Your Own Business During a Pandemic: eAskme
How to Start Your Own Business During a Pandemic: eAskme

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Most people want to do something and if they go long enough without doing anything, it can actually have consequences.

So, what to do from here?

Find the best name for your new business

Sometimes it takes boredom to create something great.

For some people, this involves starting a business.

You may think that starting a business in the middle of a pandemic sounds Ludacris, but it can actually be a very good opportunity for you.

People tend to get nervous about business at the moment, which means that not too many people are starting new businesses right now.

This helps rule out any competition you make experience.

Starting a business is always scary, but since we are so used to the internet, it can obtain massive success online, which is something that is worth taking into consideration.

Before you jump right on board, you need to come up with the perfect business name.

If you are struggling to figure out what would be the best name, then you can always get some help from this business name generator.

You can easily type in any product or word that you would associate with your business, and the generator will come up with great business name ideas.

Step-by-step guide to starting your own business

The hard part of starting a business is just that – starting a business.

This is where you need to invest the most money, and this is also where everything is new to you.

Once you’ve had your business for a while it gets easier to control.

What every new business owner could use is a easily understood step-by-step guide on starting a new business.

Even though every business is different, there are certain rules that every business needs to follow.

This may not be common knowledge, at least not for a newly started business, which is why it can be nice to have some guidance.

At least in the beginning.

Once you get the hang of it, it is not all that difficult.

Just remember, the start of your business is very important, so you have to give it your all, in order to stand out and let people know exactly why they should look at your business and products.

What does the future hold?

There are plenty of things to think about before starting a business.

Besides name, products and location, you also need to think about the future.

What does the future look like for your business, if everything goes right?

By future, we mean if your business is going to be just one, or you are planning on evolving into a franchise at some point?

Both ideas are good, but it all comes down to what you are selling and what the future will bring.

You can read this article about whether or not it is easier to start one business from scratch or evolving into a franchise.

This may give you an idea as to where you see yourself and your business going in the future.

As a newly starting business this may be somewhat nerve-wracking to consider, however, it is important.

You need to have a strategic plan for the future, if everything hopefully goes as planned.

If you don’t have a plan, then you will end up gaining success with your business, and then what?

Where to go from here?

You need to always be 2 steps ahead.

What products to sell

The pandemic has surely taking its toll on every business out there.

Some have had to file for bankruptcy, while others are hanging on by a thread at this point.

Then there are the businesses that we don’t necessarily see, mainly because they are not being mentioned nearly as much.

But those are the businesses who are actually doing very well, despite of the pandemic.

Businesses that have their store online as well, have been able to sell their stuff, just online instead of at an actual store. Of course, there is much more to it than just being online.

You have to have a product that people are willing to buy, even though they are not able to go to the normal store to buy it.

So, if you are selling ice cream, then your chances of surviving may be quite slim at this point.

Think about what products that people cannot live without.

Some products are more popular than others, and this is something that you should consider before starting your business.

If you are in doubt, then ask yourself if you think that people would be willing to buy whatever products you plan on selling

If you are unsure, then the answer seems pretty clear.

You need patience, time and desire

A business is a big deal, so if you are not fully committed, then you won’t end up being very successful.

In fact, your business may never even become a business in the first place.

It is important to understand that a business, no matter what type you are running, requires patience, time and desire.

If you are not passionate about your business, then why even start one?

A business will take up most of your time, especially in the beginning, so you need to be prepared and ready for that.

It can be very hard, but hard work mostly pays of, and that is something to remember if you are struggling to get through it all.

Good things come to those who wait and work hard for it.

If you believe in yourself and your business, you have already come very far.

It does take time, but if you have a good idea and good intentions, then you will do just fine business wise.

If nothing else, you will have learned a lot from starting your own business and dealing with everything that goes with it. Good luck!
If you have question or suggestion, feel free to drop in comments.

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Win Free Amazon Prime Video Accounts for 2021-2022: eAskme Amazon Prime Video Monthly GiveAway

Giveaway and Entertainment season are back together. This time, eAskme giveaways is offering free Annual Amazon Prime Video Accounts. And, you can win a new Amazon Prime Account every month.

Free Amazon Prime Account for 2021-2022: eAskme Amazon Prime Video Monthly GiveAway: eAskme
Free Amazon Prime Account for 2021-2022: eAskme Amazon Prime Video Monthly GiveAway: eAskme

Amazon Prime Video is offering massive entertainment online with the best movies, shows, and Amazon originals. eAskme is bringing all the Amazon Prime Video Entertainment to you for free.

eAskme has a long history of organizing massive giveaways for its followers and subscribers.

Now you all have the chance to win Amazon Prime Video Accounts for free every month.

Why eAskme Amazon Prime Giveaway?

Due to COVID-19, people are afraid of going out to watch movies in the nearest cinemas. This Amazon prime giveaway will save you from leaving your house just for the sake of entertainment. You will be able to watch all the movies, tv shows, and Amazon originals for free.

Also, Amazon prime subscriber can save more and get faster delivery when ordering products from amazon.

What can you watch on Amazon Prime with free Amazon prime video account?

The free Amazon Prime video account works as any paid subscription. You can watch everything available on Amazon Prime Video website for the next 365 days, such as movies, tv shows, kids section, etc.

You can watch videos in different languages such as English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, etc.

From Harry Potter world to Marvel Cinematic Universe, conjuring series to Fast and furious series, The Boys, Soulmates, Tredstone, The Good Doctor, Jack Ryan, ZeroZeroZero, The Expanse, The Legend of El Cid, Kung fu panda series, young Sheldon, there is a massive list of movies and tv series that you can watch for free on Amazon Prime.

Who can Participate and Win Amazon Prime Free Account Giveaway?

eAskme Amazon Prime Giveaway is running worldwide.

No matter where you are, as long as you can access Amazon prime, you can participate in this giveaway.

How to Win Free Annual Amazon Account Every Month?

We believe in keeping everything simple.

To participate in the eAskme Amazon Prime video monthly giveaway, you need to follow few simple steps.

Step 1. Fill this form:

Step 2. Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter

Step 3. And, Share this post.

Once you follow these steps, you will automatically participate in the free Amazon Prime Account Giveaway every month.

Winners will get the notification via emails.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask via comments.

It is your time to make others jealous!


Remember: Spend more time on and you will find more reasons to stay tuned with eAskme website. The more you support us, the more chance you giveaways we have for you.

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Factors That Show Passion Blogging in 2021

Blogging is a world-famous term which make people write articles on a blog and share on the social network and social bookmarking sites and make money.

But we see that sometimes bloggers fail to be successful in Blogging.

What is the reason?

We all need a driving force to push a blogger to the next level of success.

I call it Passion Blogging or Passionate Blogging.

In the beginning, blogging is full of hard-work, pressure, and challenges.

Many bloggers agree with my idea. In starting days bloggers don`t make money with any advertisement program.

Passion is one of the most critical factors to help a blogger drive forward without thinking about money.

Factors That Show Passion Blogging in 2019: eAskme: Blogging Passion
Factors That Show Passion Blogging in 2021: eAskme: Blogging Passion
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Today, we will discuss passion blogging or passionate blogging and factors that make me a passionate blogger.

If you are a passionate blogger, then you must have these in you also.

What Makes Blogging My Passions?

The Desire to Learn New Things:

In the beginning days of blogging, I was not aware of many things like a blogging platform, SEO, basics of writing and social network benefits.

I made mistakes and learn from my mistakes.

Since the start of the eAskme blogging network, every day I discover new things, and my passion for learning new things makes me a passionate blogger.

See : Why Blogging Is The Best Online Money Making Business?

I am Different When I Blog:

We all see ups and downs in life.

But when I work on my blog, I am a different person.
  • I do not feel any worries, and my passion drives me to work.
  • I like interacting with my blogging friends and partners.
  • I don`t like to spend days without blogging.
You can say I am addicted to blogging.
Because blogging is my passion.

Time Dedication:

I learned a lot with my passionate blogging habit.

It also took time, but I love investing my time in blogging.

I learn new things and share my articles.

Passion is that we give time to blogging and make it our first preference. Work late nights and never feel tired; that is how passion drives you.

Money Matters:

We all know that we want money from our work.

When I talk about blogging, I feel money as a secondary part.

My priority is always to improve myself as professional blogger.

If you are a passionate blogger, then you need not to worry about money, as in Blogging, your passion drives heaps of money for you.

See : How to Make Money Blogging

No Shortcuts:

Blogging takes time because it is not just about writing posts, but it also includes SEO, Traffic, Social presence.

If I talk about me, Blogging is my full-time professional career. To be successful, I never go for any unethical way.

When we talk about passion blogging, it`s about working hard and also ethically smart.

Also get : Free Responsive Blogger Template

These are a few critical factors that every passionate blogger have to make blogging his/her career.

Blogging takes time because it is not just about writing posts but it also includes SEO, Traffic, Social presence.

If I talk about me, Blogging is my full time professional career. To be successful I never go for any unethical way.

When we talk about passion blogging, it`s about working hard and also ethically smart.

These are few important factors that every passionate blogger have to make blogging his/her career.

What is your passion?

Share via comments.

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65% off HostGator Hosting + Free Domain Maximum Discount April 2021

Are you planning to buy a very new Hosting for your Website or WordPress blog? Your search for the maximum discount coupon for web hosting should end here.
Today, I share an exclusive premium Hostgator Web Hosting discount coupon/discount to save you good money on your web hosting bill.
65% off HostGator Hosting + Free Domain Maximum Discount April 2021: eAskme
65% off HostGator Hosting + Free Domain Maximum Discount April 2021: eAskme

Other people are reading: Best Web Hosting Providers
When it comes to buying the best web hosting for your website or WordPress blog, it can be a tough job.
Don't worry; I am here to ease your way.
I have already suggested few most popular and best hosting services for your blog.
Hostgator is not just a famous web hosting company that is widely recommended by thousands of webmasters.
Hostgator offers widely used, and most affordable shared hosting plans and offers unlimited resources to helps you, even if you are a new or pro blogger, ease your hosting plans for their WordPress blog.

Hostgator Discount Coupon

The essential thing which I love about Hostgator hosting is that they offer the best response time and excellent support.
Not only chat and support tickets, but you can also get help on the phone.
I always prefer to use Telephonic support, as it is fast and makes things easier.
Hostgator is even better when it comes to taking care of heaps of WordPress Blogs.
Even when we compare Hostgator with other Webhosting companies, Hostgator stood out as the best choice in many web hosting parameters.

Not just web hosting, Hostgator even offers a blog migration service, as it is beneficial when a blogger shift from one blogging platform to another.
Also See: How to Host GoDaddy Domain on Hostgator
Every month, I am sharing a special Hostgator discount coupon for you as it will help you save money and help you choose the best web hosting company Hostgator, as your hosting service provider.
Before we go ahead to look for Hostgator Maximum discount/coupon, I must share some notable features of the Hostgator baby plan:
  • Unlimited Hosting
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • Free primary domain renewal
  • 24*7 tech support (Chat, Email, Phone, Twitter)
  • Free Adwords credit
  • One-click WordPress installation
Hostgator is the most compatible web hosting solution that fulfills all hosting requirements according to the latest versions of WordPress.
If you are on WordPress or plan to move your blog on WordPress, Hostgator is an Idle choice for web hosting.
Hostgator offers various shared hosting plans, and you can start with its Baby plan.
The baby plan of Hostgator allows you to host multiple websites.
But if you have recruitment to host only one website or wordpress blog, then the Hostgator hatchling plan is for you.
I always recommend Hostgator hosting's baby plan because it allows you unlimited domain hosting.
I am sharing Hostgator's maximum discount for you to get a maximum hosting discount of 60% on the hosting bill. It is beneficial when you choose a hosting for one year or more.
How to install WordPress on Hostgator
List of cheap WordPress hosting

Hostgator even provides its domain service, but I recommend you to buy domains from some other services such as(eAskme, Namecheap), as domains cost are more than other services on Hostgator.
Still, Hostgator hosting is best in class and comes with the best hardware quality.
If you have any questions regarding HostGator Maximum discount coupon code, please ask me via comments.

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