6 Best Domain Web Hosting Service Providers in India

Internet is the real king. With the advent of internet and social media, it is important to have a virtual identity of yours, no matter what’s the reality. Nowadays, everything from business to networking is done online and why not, considering your target group is around billion of people. It provides not only more customers but convenience and ease of doing the occupation, redefining the word ‘busy-ness’ itself.

Earlier, it was said that you need a lot of money to start something of your own. Place, people and pounds, everything in sufficient quantity to realize your dreams. Thus, many would drop their idea due to lack of funds and support.

And even if they would start their business, the gestation period for the boom was too long and eventually it will fail. Then came the internet and the tables turned. People could now market their products online with the help of a website. With more advancement in technology, even orders could be placed online and businesses were experiencing a major shift.

6 Best Domain Web Hosting service providers in India: eAskme
6 Best Domain Web Hosting service providers in India: eAskme

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People started looking for domain names, which is just like the address of your home, if somebody would want to visit you it will go to that address. It gave you the sole ownership rights and no one else in the market could use that name. You can either buy a new domain name or can buy an existing one. It depends upon your preference and availability.

Now these domain names are websites that will contain files, like images, documents, HTML etc. Then the role of web hosting comes in. It is a service provided by various companies that rent out their servers to store your website and its contents and connectivity so others can access your website.

There are different types of hosting serves like Shared, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Cloud Hosting and Dedicated. If you are relatively new and have low traffic then go for Shared server where various other sites are also paired with the same server. If you have high traffic and want great control, then must opt for dedicated server which will also be costlier. Given your cost and the requirement, you choose the required server.

There are several domain and web hosting service providers in India and let’s have a look at the Top 6 of them:

Big Rock

It was founded in 2010 and is a Mumbai based company. It provides you with all the services that you require to build a great website. From providing economical services to a high-speed Wi-Fi, BigRock has done it all. It provides 99.9% uptime with technical support 24x7. It also provides you with demos to acclimatize you with the site. 

Along with this, it gives you a 30 days money back guarantee which gives it an edge over its competitors. With experience in R&D, it provides long term solutions to corporate and professionals. It has given over 6 million domains and continues to grow as India’s largest web hosting service.


With its unique advertising on television in India, you might have heard of GoDaddy probably before. The world’s largest web host by market share put its foot in India few years back and has been on a rise since. It focuses on helping its customers to confidently grow into their ventures, both online and offline.

With highly acclaimed website builder, GoDaddy has sorted most of its components. It has plans suited for Indian customers starting from ₹150 per month and the premium plans c2an be used with GoDaddy offers available on various platforms. It has an award-winning support which is crucial especially when dealing with technology and considering its success, you should definitely give it a try.


An Indian company that claims to have the fastest servers in India. The highlighting part for HostingRaja is that it has various plan providing unlimited storage and domains giving customers a wide range of opportunities to tap. It also has cheap plans which can be availed along with the economical offers.

With plethora of options at your disposal, this government approved company also provides high end support for premium plans which range from ₹299 to ₹525 per month. It gives all kinds of hosting from Cloud, VPN as well as Windows hosting. It should definitely be your choice if you are looking for fast servers and variety of options to choose from.


A Houston based company that has found its target group in India and was established in 2002. It was one of the fastest growing companies and thus expanded to India as well. It provides you with all the types of hosting and its plans start from ₹155 per month.

It also has various offers and coupons which you can use to get additional discounts and avail best features at best price. With minimal additional fee, it helps you in website building and gives you a head start against your competitors.


It was founded in 2003 and is one of the largest web hosting providers along the globe. With Cloud and VPN, it also offers WordPress hosting and Linux hosting. It is often used by the highly trafficked websites as it provides premium ways of hosting with usage of next gen technology with advanced features for the customers.

It plans can go up to ₹1200 per month but also has lower budget plans of ₹209 per month for regular customers. It focuses on supreme quality and it is your go to site if you are looking for a website known for its performance.


It is one of the leading web hosting service providers and is expanding in this global industry. It was founded in 2004 and has been in the business for 14 long years. It claims to be one of the cheapest providers with great customer support and has development headquarters in every major part of the globe. Its services in India are also cheap with single web hosting starting from ₹99. Its premium and business plans start from ₹199 and ₹399 respectively. They offer free domain name as well with higher end plans and unlimited websites.

You can also get help in website building with the business plan to boost your sales. They provide you a 30-day free trial and if you are not satisfied with their services, they provide you with an instant refund.

Given how online content and ventures are booming, all these service providers will play a more important role in the coming years. It will be interesting to see how they alter their plans to suit Indian customers and how this industry will accommodate their never-ending desires. Let us see, if staying alive will ever be same as staying online.
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What is Guest Blogging : Guide

Are you running a blog? or Do you want to promote personal brand? Are you an Internet entrepreneur? Do you want to be a great business net worker? Do you want to learn how a single guest article increase your brand awareness ? If you have these question, then this is Guest Blogging guide is for you.

Internet era is social media crazy these days. But if you overdo on social media then you may ignore few other important ways to promote your brand online.

Guest Blogging: eAskme
Guest Blogging guide : eAskme
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If you are new to Blogging, then you may have this question that what is guest blogging and what is it`s need. So today I will try to cover most of the things about guest blogging in this article.

I have found the easiest way to build your own brand online and that is guest blogging. Now let`s see what is guest blogging and how can it help you build a brand.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is one of the best way to share valuable content with readers. You have to share it yourself, what you have not published already. You have to publish those articles on someone else’s blog this whole process is called “Guest blogging”. But if you think that guest blogging is same like submitting articles to directories, then I like to say a big "NO".

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Difference between Writing for Article Directories and Guest Blogging

  • Guest blogging and submitting articles to article directories are only similar in one way and that is in both ways you submit articles on other platform. The difference is how to do it and what audience they attract.

  • Guest blogging is mostly work on “Niche Targeted” blogs but article directories are GMPC sites. 

  • There is a great bond between between blog owner, guest bloggers and  readers. That’s why guest articles attract valuable comments and interaction than article directories. 

  • Today we will discuss steps to increase brand awareness online with guest article. So we will discuss how to strategically use a single guest article to increase brand awareness. Just sit calmly and read now.

  • Anyone can write guest article but we will discuss how to maximize effect of guest article. That`s what we discuss today. We also discuss why you should write guest article for other sites.
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Guest Blogging Guide for Beginners

Guest blogging is a guerrilla marketing tactic.When you share quality articles on authority sites or blogs, it will give blog a competitive edge over other blogs. Let`s see other advantages of Guest Blogging.

How Guest Blogging can Increase your Online Brand Awareness

  1. Guest blogging is known as a powerful Internet marketing strategy. There are bloggers who mostly rely on writing guest articles for other blogs. 

  2. . With guest blogging, you blog will gain maximum exposure and this will increase brand recognition.

  3. . Guest articles help you build online credibility to blog owners and the readers

  4.  Guest blogging is a good “White hat” link building strategy

  5. Guest blogging on strong blogs like Some blogs which are strong in SEO; or which are strong in social media; will boost your rankings and  increase social media presence.
I am going to teach you how to give power to your written articles.

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How to leverage Guest article for Blog brand recognition

a. Write articles on your blog highlighting achievements of your guest blogging efforts. Also link to guest articles you have written. This show that your blog have authority in such field.

b. Brag about your valuable guest articles on social media.

c. Use your guest articles as a case study.

d. When your guest article gets published, then you should interact with those who follow your guest article.

e. Writing several quality guest articles and see the magic.

"We already have seen that the people who write lots of guest articles, they usually get interviewed. Being interviewed on a blog strengthen the bond between you and the readers."

f. You can ask for a special placement of chosen articles, if you have written a considerable number of guest articles. This will help you increase readership and brand image.

g. Write a compelling, unconventional author’s bio.

h. Keep writing and be consistent.

To start with this, you can write a guest post for EASKME or you can find list of blogs that accepts guest posts.

Final Words:

These are the proven strategies. Implement these tactics when writing guest articles. Still wondering, what guest blogging is? be eAsker and ask questions. If you like this article, do share on twitter and Google Plus. Don`t forget to subscribe eAskme.
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Ayboll Guide – Native Advertisement Program For Bloggers

Why you have a blog? 99% times answer is to make money online. When it comes to blog monetization, it is an uphill task. There is a very thin line between making good money and annoying your audience. When ads become intrusive, you lose readers.

Ayboll Guide – Native Advertisement Program For Bloggers : eAskme
Ayboll Guide – Native Advertisement Program For Bloggers : eAskme
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Today I am going to talk about on good solution. Ayboll allows you to balance monetization with readers non-intrusive experience. You just need to install Ayboll on your website and it provides links to content that your readers might find interesting. Your readers will click on the  “link” or “article” and you will get paid for every click.

I have checked their platform and also seen payment options.

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How To Use Ayboll Native Advertising:

Create Your Ayboll Account:

To create account on Ayboll you just need to enter your email address and choose a password. Now you are ready to create widget.

Ayboll Review – Native Advertisement Program For Bloggers : eAskme


The next step after sign-up is to create a widget. It is absolutely free to create a widget.

How to Setup Ayboll widget.


Enter URL of your Website where you want to install widget.

Name of the widget

Enter a name for your widget.

Ads Rating

Choose between safe, moderate or 18+.

Widget header title

Enter title such as “You May Like”.

Columns and Rows

Select columns and rows you want to show on your website. you can select maximum 5 columns and 3 rows.

Widget style

Light or dark, both are responsive.

Install Ayboll

Click on create and you will get install code, enter code on your site and your widget is ready.


You cna edit or delete your widget anytime from "My Widgets".

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Ayboll Review – Native Advertisement Program For Bloggers : eAskme

Ayboll Dashboard

Now get familiar with Ayboll Dashboard.

You can get a clear overview of your earning on dashboard. You can see revenue of today, yesterday, this month and last month. You will also see current balance and withdrawable balance. I like to mention that Ayboll has a hold on earnings for 60 days.

In next row you will see CTR (click through rate) and RPM for today and yesterday. The last row shows number of impressions and clicks.

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Revenue Summary

You can easily track CTC, CTR, RPMand revenue on the revenue summary screen to analyze the individual performance of each widget. You can easily compare by platform, country, website or day. It allows you to analyze the widget’s performance.

How to make money using Ayboll?

Ayboll pays per click, but only authentic clicks. Their algo checks authenticity  of each click and the user behavior. They only pay for high-quality unique clicks. Ayboll pays 50% of all revenue to their publishers.

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What are the payment options?

Ayboll offers three payment withdrawal options such as wire transfer, Paypal and Skrill.

You will get paid once in a month between the 1st and 10th. Threshold balance is $100. You need to claim your earning. There is a 60 days hold on payments.

Wire transfers will cost you $25 per transfer, but Skrill is free. As if now we do not have information about Paypal withdrawal charges.

Will it slow down your website?

Ayboll has itself answered this question. It said that widget is “designed to load “asynchronously”, which means it loads independently and has no effect on your website loading time.

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Sign up for Ayboll Ad network

Ayboll seems a solid way to monetize blog or website. It is a non-intrusive way of advertisement. It also helps your readers to find any interesting content. You see it is really easy to setup and really easy to use, so what are you waiting for, try it and share your experience with me.

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Things Every SEO Newbie Has to Know : The Ultimate SEO Guide for Beginners

Many people are new to SEO. But that is no reason to be worried. We will be talking about the most basic essentials of SEO today. Let us call it the golden rules of SEO. Let's start. beginners.

It is all about the user experience.
Things Every SEO Newbie Has to Know : eAskme
Things Every SEO Newbie Has to Know : eAskme
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I am not saying that you should ignore importance of keywords, but the better the user experience, the more enhanced the SEO will be. Anything that improves SEO will in turn improve user experience. Why? Because to the most basic core of SEO it is about delivering the most accurate to the the right person.
SEO is about what the reader wants. It doesn't just focus on the visual side of the post. SEO (Search engine optimization) uses the type of search query. The most basic intentions are as follows
  • To buy something - Transaction search
  • To know something - Information search
  • To go somewhere - Navigation search
For SEO It is about giving the best experience to the user. That is the main goal. So SEO needs to understand how to get the correct searches.

Sitemaps on HTML helps to give crawlability. It also helps readers to go the desired location on a webpage.

Using navigation can be very essential for the reader's experience. As well as helping to give a well structured and organized site. It is also great for crawling and indexing.

Text block is an essential part of SEO, because it creates longtail keyword indexing, as well as semantic relevance. Do remember that it is important that the reader understand the words used, product and more.

Microdata helps the reader to have a SERP friendly experience. As well as giving an optimized search experience too. Especially schema.org provides this.
To be SEO smart, ethically, professionally. You have to rememberer that you have to focus on your readers. You need to give them the best experience possible. Search optimization comes second.

Links are very important.
Links that is inbound is very important for SEO. For Google  it is very important to rely on links. Bad links results in penalties. Good links gain rewards. What is the reward? Rank. That easy. Inbound links will gain rank.

Backlink Strategies to Get High Google Pagerank
Gain Quality One Way Backlink for Your Blog
Effective Ways to Get More Backlinks in Less Time
How to Get Quick Backlink from High Pr Websites

You not only need good links but you also need to check backlinks by using backlink checker tools and find out which are good and which are not good. You should also remember that interlinking your old posts is as important as backlinks for your site.

Things SEO Newbies need to know
You have to remember things that affects your site like the size of your site, trust issues, the structure, the quality of your articles and content, the freshness of your site. here is lots more things too. But one thing remains a fact. All of these things affect your links some way or another.

Not to Do List of SEO
SEO Skills Every SEO Must have

For a healthy website its very important to have backlinks that is authoritative. So the question remains, how do i get those links?

This part is very tricky.

Some would call it "earning links" Other would say its :building link"

Then there are those who don't follow any given links as they view as dangerous or not trustworthy. But as seen on many successful sites showed that through content marketing, yes even on guests bloggings, the experience shows only success.
There is other important things too. Like using a great title tag. Now what is a title tag? It is the HTML element that readers see when they are looking at your website on SERP's
It should describe what the page is about.

To make it easier follow these guidelines

  • Primary keywords
  • Second primary keywords
  • Your brand name at the end
  • Nothing over 60 characters
Do remember that tittle tags are very important. Because it describes your content the best. So then you have to remember the keywords. So don't be afraid to use keywords, but at the same time you shouldn't use too many keywords.

Remember that your article content is king
You may have heard this before, but it's because it is true. For SEO both content and technical side of it is important. If the technical side doesn't work, your site doesn't function well. So the best thing is to have both. The one isn't more important that the other. Remember the intention is to have a well functioning website that is optimized that is performing well.

Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts
Ways to Create Perfect SEO Optimized Articles

Realize it is important to invest a lot  of your effort and your time into your content. Simple way to put it is to admit that content marketing will earn you money. But what about SEO? Well. SEO is about your content, as it works with and through your content.

Now the last thoughts 
SEO still a huge field to explore. There is meshes and so many digital marketing areas. It isn't all about having discipline. It is also a very important fact that your online presence should be seen. It is the core of your presence. Yes it is very essential if you want success with SEO
So the last things to remember about SEO?
  • Its all about the reader's experience.
  • Important to use title tags
  • Your content is king.
Important : SEO Checklist For Every Blogger

So these are the Things Every SEO Newbie Has to Know. Did I miss anything? Is there something you would like to tell or share with other readers? I will love to hear from you.

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The Ultimate e-Book Guide

The Ultimate e-Book Guide : eAskme

Writing is an art and when it come to write an e-book, even the great writers can fail. Writing e-books take time, efforts, dedication, knowledge, skills of writing and promotional skills. Many get confused. Which is the correct one. ebook or e-book. Well the correct one is e-book. The same goes for email. Or should I say e-mail. Yes last one is the correct word.

Does e-books fascinate you?
I think most people are fascinated and want to know more. Self published e-books are actually even better than the printed version. E-books started about the same time as the Internet started with it.

The Ultimate e-book guide : eAskme
The Ultimate e-book guide : eAskme
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Do you know the history of the e-book.?
You do? Good thats great, but let me tell those who don't know about it. It was invented in the year 1971. The man who invented e-book received an amount of $100 000 000 for his time spent on the computer. It was in Illinois at the Materials Lab, yes their university. On the  Xerox Sigma-5 mainframe. His name was Michael Hart.

But don't just assume wow thats a lot of money. He tried very hard to worthy of this money. He created the idea of e-books. Hes words were "the greatest value created by computers would not be computing, but would be the storage, retrieval, and searching of what was stored in our libraries."

This was the start of a project known as Project Gutenberg. This project now makes more than 50 000 e-books ready for free use.

Now after all this time it is very easy creating an e-book. Just open your word processor, write transport digest your preferred format. And make it available for people. Whether it is writers, marketers, bloggers, businesses. Yes let's face it, anyone that wants to read your content.

But to make sure of success you have to remember quality. If it isn't quality then don't even try it. So lets deal with a questions you may have.

Is it ideal to write an e-book?

First thing to consider is it narrow enough. The idea of e-books is a shortened version of a subject. It should be focused on one main thing. That makes an e-book ideal. Creating an e-book that covers everything isn't as effective, unless you cant give the shortened version. The idea of an e-book is a time limit.

Is the e-book favored for longer times. 

As with most things in life. Things change and some become irrelevant. Will your e-book last that long? What about a topic that will stay for a longer period of time?

The good news about e-books is it can be updated as times changes. But it is good to remember that changes should be kept to a bare minimum. Not a complete change. This way you can get new interest in your e-book.

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An example is if you have an e-book that you share if people subscribe to your posts, it is an effective and eye catching idea to say your e-book is updated as people may have been hesitant on subscribing because of an outdated version of your free e-book.

Do you have enough content material?

The Ultimate e-book guide : eAskme

As I said earlier it is important to remember that an e-book shouldn't be too long. But there is the flip side to this. Nothing worse than a very short e-book. So do you have enough material for your chosen topic? What about a new fresh perspective, nothing quite ever competes with that.

Example say you want to write an e-book about Amazon. It is pretty basic to most people. We know that. But you have to find ways to make reading this e-book interesting.  So what can help you?

Helpful factors.

  • Remember to use words that is powerful to encourage conversion.
  • Remember there is a difference between fiction and non fiction.
  • Always a great idea to use keywords and remember to optimize e-book descriptions.
  • Make sure you know about the pros and cons of your e-book when comparing with other authors.
  • Do you know how to make your description in HTML stand out.
  • Be careful of giving away too much of your e-book description. Don't spoil it. It is meant to be a teaser that makes readers want to read.
  • If you can answer all this. You are ready to start your new e-book. Even if you have never written an e-book before.
But remember that you alone will know what you want to write about. You alone know what to say as well and only you will know how much details you want to give. Before starting to write. Think about it, you don't want to start with no words.

As mentioned before an e-book shouldn't be to long, but also not to short. So how long is an e-book then? I guess it depends on your given topic. Can range from 20 to 150 pages. Whether it is fiction vs non fiction. Remember your audience. Is the idea a quick e-book or will a longer e-book be acceptable. Also where will you publish your e-book. Only you have these answers.  If the idea is to use your e-book on your website. Then you can make it as long as you prefer. You can use your own price or make it available for free.

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But if you want to use Amazon, as an example. It means it cant be given away for free. Yes you will have to charge for your e-book. This also means you have to consider the length of your e-book. If this is your preferred method it may be fine. After all, you worked hard on your e-book.But for someone who wants to buy an e-book they consider the quality and length of your e-book.

For readers it about this one thing. If I can get the e-book for $4.99 and I can get the same type of e-book elsewhere for $0.99. Then why pay more? Many readers don't care about how long it took you, how hard it was. For them it is about the time they are spending and what they get in return for it. If you don't give what they want. You wont make sales on your e-book. This is just something to keep in mind when you want to write your own e-book.

Choosing your topic.

Thats the wonderful thing about e-books. You can choose from most if not every topic. It is up to you. Yes, you're personal choice.

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Your own stuff in writing.

If it a topic that you know about. You have enough experience to write about it. Then why not? You have the knowledge, You share the knowledge.

What about a topic like How to master keywords research in just 7 days. By Gary Smith.  Now Gary knows that some courses are done via video or a webinar. But what does Gary use? PDF, So with this in mind it is an effective e-book.

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Why did Gaurav consider using e-book?

  • Students eager to learn can work at their own pace
  • Convenient times is always great for students, unlike a webinar.
  • Lots of screen shots can be used to help explaining and any given examples.
  • The format used is easily used by almost everyone.
  • Not forgetting that Gary used keyword research, which he shared with his audience, in such a way that they can benefit from it. 
Or what do you do when there is already so many e-books about your area of expertise that your e-book wont even make any impact anywhere. Then write about things you feel very passionate about.

Using someone else's stuff.

Now this a very dangerous area. Very tricky indeed.  Thats where words like plagiarism and copyright infringement comes in. So don't consider this way. It is not advisable.

The idea is when you want to use someone else's work. You want to make it yours. Meaning you want to add more details. That you know the e-book can benefit from.

If the idea is to to generate leads then why not give away your e-book? People love free stuff. Free is such a good word to your audience. But you have to remember that you have to promote your e-book.

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If you consider this free e-book give away on your website. You have to promote it.

So here is a few things you need to consider.

  • Building your mailing list.
  • If you want to generate leads this is an effective way. When email is used in marketing your site. It gives higher ROI than you would find in any other marketing channels.
And how does it work? Just give away something that is free. But you want their email address in return. Its direct. Its personal. Its effective. Give away that e-book of yours. After doing research Hubspot found that e-mails that offered something free had 2 times better responses than e-mails that offered webinars. Which means you want your Call to action rate to improve. You just offer a free e-book.

Demonstrating and building your authority

Demonstrating and building your authority : eAskme

If you are thinking about doing this. An e-book can help you build  can help you in your preferred field. Especially if you are still working on getting stature.

Yes i know you can use Twitter ot your blog. But it wont last as long in social media changes. But as we talked earlier your e-book should be able to stand the test of time. So your readers can always go back and use it as reference. Which is why your e-book must have the best quality. So don't think about a fast and quick e-book.

Selling e-book.

You may do it just for the thrill of having your e-book sold. Or seeing your own page on Amazon. Many consider this a career.

Yes it is admitted that the publishing barrier is so low. Many have successful stories from e-book writing. It can be that you just use Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing or any other platform and  BAM you are a bestseller. But not just that. A millionaire one week later. But if it was that easy.

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Don't get confused. Doing this as a career takes very hard work, diligence, work, talent, lots of patience, perseverance and much more. But if you want to write a few helpful e-books and make it available then that  low barrier is your friend.

So what platform should be used in publishing your e-book?

So what platform should be used in publishing your e-book : eAskme

If you think about Amazon. Then why not? If you are going to use all your energy and time in creating a great e-book. Then why not make sure it is available on the biggest sites for best selling e-books. But if you feel you want to do it yourself. You can do that too.

Is it good to consider using an external platform. Yes, why not. Just be prepared to promote your e-book.

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Now what format should be used for your e-book?

There is many different formats for e-books. If you want to make sure it isn't only readable on computer it means you have to think of a variety of formats.

MS Word - It can be a good format. But doesn't mean you should. It can be seen as a backup? But Not really ideal.

PDF - PDF can be seen as a more convenient way for your readers. It is effective in design. So it is a better option

ePub - Now this is where we start using words like premium format. As it is XML-based. It can be used on more devices, like Kindle Fire, Apple iBooks, ePub via Kindle Direct Publishing, Sony Reader, Kobo Reader and more.

Mobi -  It was made by a French company named MobiPocket, but when Amazon bought the company the format was moved to Amazon's Kindle.

This was a few examples of e-book formats that is available.

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Using e-book tool building

As we all know programs are released and improved to make the process of creating an e-book easier. But in honesty it is already easy. You only need a few to make your e-book. Examples like Microsoft word, Calibre, Sigil, Kindle previewer, Scrivener.

Using Microsoft Word

If you want to write an e-book then it is without any doubt admitted that great features for building content. All that is needed is use the correct format. Just the click of a few buttons and you are done.  But if you want ePub format? That is where Calibre comes in.

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Using Calibre

If you want to save as an ePub format. Then Calibre is ideal. It is free to download so its more convenient. It can convert Word docs to ePub. All you need to do is use your Word document in Calibre, as a book then you can simply convert to ePub format. You can edit your ePub. But not viewed as user friendly. Which brings in Sigil.

Using Sigil

Its free. If you want to edit ePubs you will find its very easy. If you did as mentioned before. (Converted your word doc to ePub using Calibre) Now you can open it with Sigil. It allows you to edit HTML. You also get the advantage of split screen. With this feature you can see HTML and your text at the same time. Convenient, isn't it?

Once you find you are happy with your ePub. You can make it ready to be available to readers. Either direct or what you choose as your distributing platform. But if you have a mobi file in mind.

Using Kindle previewer

It is actually neat. You can preview your e-book on different Kindle platforms before you upload.  Just open your ePub ot will be changed to a mobi file. So it means you have an extra platform for your readers. This tool is free.

See : What Are the Different Types of Kindles


Now this is a different way of handling e-books. Theres a course available to train on using it. Entire posts get made with Scrivener. It gives you word targets. Also you can see word counts at a quick glance. But this isn't free software. If you use the trail version there is a few that gives the usual 30 day trial.

But a word of advice. Even though your ePub may look  good in one format. It may look awful in another format.  So if you know HTML you are at an advantage. So if you are someone that doesn't know HTML you should consider your book formatting being done professionally.

Using Photoshop

Remember that readers do judge a book by it's covers. So the fact is. You need a great cover to make your e-book much more attractive to readers. If you know how to use Photoshop. You can make awesome covers.


If you find that you are challenged in graphic designing. You will adore using Canva. There is a variety of things that makes Canva great. it is free. Has tons of templates. Headers for Twitter, Covers for Facebook, infographics e-mail headers and lots more. Also there is lots of graphics that is free. But there is images that does cost, but even those aren't expensive.

Read More : 17 Best Infographic Generators You have Never Heard Of

But if you are still wondering you can consider a professional cover. It is cost effective and lots of times it is already made.  But it also means the cover is exclusive. So if someone buys it. No one else has the right to use it.

Distribution of your e-book.

Distribution of your e-book : eAskme

If you are thinking of using PDF format then you have the benefit of using it on your site directly or by e-mail. But of you are thinking of more formats then there is a few options available. Dropbox may not be ideal but it works. Because every file has its own link. This way you can just provide the link to your readers. Whether it is used by e-mail,  social media or your site. But there is down side with Dropbox. Many readers find it difficult to load it onto their device, So you should give instructions beforehand on this.

Using e-mail to Kindle
With Kindle you can e-mail an e-book. All that is need for readers is to attach their preferred format(ePub , mobi) and send it to Kindle on the e-mail address given by Amazon.

Now to promoting your e-book
To see any results you have to promote your e-book. No matter who you are, if you don't promote, you wont get readers for your e-book. So now there is a few options on promoting your e-book

Social Media is a very effective way of letting people know about your e=book. But don't just do it once. Do it many times. You can also market by e-mail.  Let your subscribers know about the e-book. Use your e-mail list to spread the word.

Consider Facebook ads. Truth is Facebook does have lots of potential.  As it is your goal you will find it will generate leads.  Then there is Twitter ads. But make sure what you want before you pay any money.

Edit your e-book.
You have to realize there is nothing worse than typos or bad grammar. So make sure you edit your e-book before publishing it. There is the option of doing it yourself. If you know you are good in writing and editing. But if you aren't sure you can use a professional editor. But make sure to look around before hiring an editor.

Last thoughts:

There is no wrong or right way for writing an e-book. Nor is there an perfect way to publish your e-book. The power is always in the publication. What you write about and how you write. Your cover and your publish formats.  Your preferred platforms for publishing. Yes it all plays a part. But the success depends on you.

This ultimate guide of ebook will help you to write and get your ebooks publish if you follow these tips.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me. Don`t forget to like us on Fb and subscribe our newsletter to stay tuned with us.
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Exclusive Guide To Start Blog Email Marketing In Next 10 Minutes

World is moving with emails. I have already shared about popular email providers. Emails are the best way to connect with people and businesses.

If you are not making Email list from day one, then it will be your biggest mistake. In the beginning I was using feedburner to create Email sign up and then I started using Aweber to create email list. Using Aweber to create email list give me total control to my eMail list. Even if you have thousands of followers on social media still you cant be sure if they are actually going to read your posts. But email Email is a personal thing. Everyone including me checks email everyday. Email is the best way to engage with your subscriber.

In the beginning I was not sure how to start with email marketing. I was not sure if I had skills to start email marketing. But now I know that email marketing do not require any skill. Anyone with zero tech skills can start his eMail marketing campaign.

Exclusive Guide To Start Blog Email Marketing In Next 10 Minutes : eAskme
Exclusive Guide To Start Blog Email Marketing In Next 10 Minutes : eAskme
Other people are reading : Why & How To Add Sticky Ad in WordPress SideBar

Today I am writing this post to help you and thousands of other newbie bloggers who have blog but not utilizing the power of email marketing. This article will help you to create eMail list and sign-up form to add on your blog. This whole process will hardly take 10 minutes.

I use and recommend Aweber to run Email marketing campaign as they are cheap and perfect for affiliate marketers and bloggers. One best thing is that Aweber allow you to start with $1 only. Within one month you can decide if you should use it further. I recommend you to start before it is too late. Click here to create your Aweber account, it will cost only $1 for first month.

Create Aweber account for $1

Once you complete signing up process then follow below steps and in next 10 minutes your own eMail marketing tunnel will be ready.

Build A Successful Email List : Bloggers Advice

Step by Step Guide to Create Email list using Aweber:

  • Go to Aweber.com
  • Sign in using your ID. 
Now you have to create an eMail list. You can create unlimited eMail list. This allows you to create email lists for various purposes.

Create a sign up form which allow users to subscribe to blog. This tutorial will help you to set up first Email sign up form using Aweber.

Login to your Aweber account and follow the below steps to create an Emailing list. After this you will get a. Add this code to your blog.

Click here to visit the page and click on Create a list:

Exclusive Guide To Start Blog Email Marketing In Next 10 Minutes : eAskme

  • Now new page will open
  • Add your company name and URL. 
  • You can either use existing address or have separate address. this address will show in every eMail.
Exclusive Guide To Start Blog Email Marketing In Next 10 Minutes : eAskme

Also See : How To Make Money With Your Email Subscribers List
  • Add your name and Email address. 
  • Add blog name. 
  • Click on next step
  • Enter list name and add decent description. See how Aweber explain the importance:

Exclusive Guide To Start Blog Email Marketing In Next 10 Minutes : eAskme

Also See : How To Boost Up Email Subscribers Of Your Blog

Confirm Email setup:

Aweber offers double opt-in service. This means when user subscribe your blog by entering email address and name, he will receive a verification link on his Email to confirm subscription. This ensure legit signup. Customize email to ask users to confirm the eMail newsletter.

Exclusive Guide To Start Blog Email Marketing In Next 10 Minutes : eAskme

Also See : How to Schedule email in Gmail
  • Click on Approve message and create list. 
  • Congratulations as you have created first eMail list. Now lets move to next step.

How to get Email subscription code for newly created eMail list.

Aweber allows you to choose from multiple pre-designed Email subscription boxes. Just copy and paste the code where you want to use it.

Video Guide: Create Email list in Aweber:

How to create Signup form for your Aweber list:

  • Click on Sign up forms
  • On Email sign-up form creator page. 
  • Click on create first Email sign up form:

Exclusive Guide To Start Blog Email Marketing In Next 10 Minutes : eAskme
Also see : Ultimate Source of Online Traffic You Never Knew

The best thing about Aweber eMail form creator is, extra field apart from eMail and Name. For example, You can add Address or Phone number details to collect these details from your subscribe.

Exclusive Guide To Start Blog Email Marketing In Next 10 Minutes : eAskme

  • Click on save form
  • Now you can direct where users will be redirected after submitting email and name in the subscription form. 
  • Select the basic version to redirects users to a page where they see the message “Kindly confirm your subscription by clicking on the link sent to your eMail”.

Exclusive Guide To Start Blog Email Marketing In Next 10 Minutes : eAskme

  • Click on save your form
  • Now you will get cod to embed form on your Blog.

Exclusive Guide To Start Blog Email Marketing In Next 10 Minutes : eAskme

Congratulation! You have successfully created your first Email form and added it successfully on your Blog.

Start your blog eMail marketing right away

You can subscribe to eAskme Newsletter here to learn how I am using Email marketing for my blog. You will also get next post in your inbox. If you do have any question, feel free to ask me via comments. Do share this article on your social profiles.

Now you need to use brain to increase Email list. Email list is a most important thing which decide the success rate of a blog or website, so you should have it from day one. It`s not too late to start, so start now. In your own email also use personal email signature to give proper exposure to your blot or website.

I hope this article will help you to create successful mailing list for profit.
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Adsense Heatmap : Google Adsene Ad Placement Guide

Adsense Heatmap : Google Adsene Ad Placement GuideAdsense heatmap is very common word when we talk about increasing adsense CPC. Today I will tell you what is heat map and best adsense ad placement ideas.

Google Adsense is the best contextual advertising network to earn from blogging.  Each blogger have its target to earn but he can`t risk to place ad in the middle of post.

Place your adsense ads can increasing your traffic if you do not annoy your visitors with your ads.

Adsense Heatmap : Google Adsene Ad Placement Guide : eAskme
Adsense Heatmap : Google Adsene Ad Placement Guide : eAskme

Adsense Heatmap : Google Adsene Ad Placement Guide ?

This guide will help you increasing revenue : First see the Official Google Adsense Heat map and see best ad placements.

Image of Adsense Heatmap :
We all know that non technology websites make more money then technology sites, because readers of technology sites do not visit ads, but dating or tourism websites earn more as their visitors visit ads.

Image of Adsense Heat map : eAskme
Image of Adsense Heatmap : eAskme
For ads first think of these :

  • Why readers are on your blog?
  • Content is important or advertisement?
  • Where to keep advertisement without annoying readers.

 "Smart work is better then hard work"

You should focus on writing good content and also placing ads on right place. Remember Traffic creates income.

Best ad placement guide:
Before starting this first know the maximum number of allowed adsense ad units.

When you place ads between posts then always be careful with keywords.
  • Ad placement in header have better CTR.
  • You can place ads between content.
  • Adsense for search also increase your revenue, place it where it is easily accessible.
Few more places where you can place ad for better CTR:
  • Above the post.
  • Sidebar banner.
  • Sidebar video unit.
I personally suggest that place ads without annoying your readers. Another post that will help you earn more with adsense is Adsense for search.

Let us know if you follow adsense heatmap or you have your own style of placing ads.
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Top 20+ Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success and Better Life

If you also want to improve your lifestyle, then the best lifestyle blogs are there for you. You can enhance lifestyle and fashion by choosing stylish clothes, hairstyle, makeup, accessories, and lifestyle. Lifestyle and style are changing every year. Not only the celebrities but also an ordinary person wants to look more stylish by following the best fashion trends. Fashion and lifestyle blogs help you to stay updated with the latest trends.

The Internet has helped people find everything online even lifestyle tips and products. Fashion and lifestyle industry is booming like anything. With thousands of online lifestyle blogs, you may find it complicated and confusing that which the best lifestyle blog to follow is.

Today, I am going to share about the top best lifestyle blogs that you should follow to look fashionable and improve your lifestyle.

When you are looking at a fashion blog or lifestyle blog, then you should not only concern about the content, but you should also try to know more about the owner, his/her personal experience in fashion industry and how they are monetizing their blogs. These things will help you understand that you are following the right lifestyle blog or not.

Remember: Where I am sharing how lifestyle blogs are monetizing their content, at the same time I am not sharing the actual income as most of the bloggers does not disclose their income report. But, you should know how lifestyle blogs are monetizing their content as this will help you to monetize your blogs.

Top Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success

Top Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success: eAskme
Top Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success: eAskme

1. A Piece Of Toast: Best Lifestyle Blog

Top Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success: eAskme

Do you want to get rid of boring content? If yes, then A Piece Of Toast if for you. The lifestyle blog filled with exciting and humorous material.

Who is the foundation of A Piece Of Toast?

A Piece Of Toast is a lifestyle blog created by Molly Bernadette and Sally Ann. The blog founded in 2010.

Why should you follow A Piece Of Toast lifestyle blog?

Molly Bernadette and Sally Ann have filled the blog with highly exciting content. The content is practical and engaging related to beauty, style, and lifestyle.

How A Piece Of Toast lifestyle blog makes money?

  • Selling affiliate products
  • Selling fashion products
  • Brand collaboration

2. A Cup Of Joe : Best Lifestyle Blog

Top Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success: eAskme

Do you want a daily dose to improve your lifestyle? If yes, then a cup of Joe is what you need. It is one of the most popular lifestyle blogs with regular updates. On this lifestyle blog, you will find everything in style, food, design, travel, relationships, and motherhood. If you are a fashionista or lifestyle enthusiast, then it is the must-read blog for you.

Founder of A Cup of Joe:

Joanna Goddard founded this influential lifestyle blog in 2007. She is a full-time mom blessed with two beautiful kids. Joanna is inspiring thousands of moms worldwide with her blog to improve motherhood experience and lifestyle. She is a full-time lifestyle blogger now.

Why should you follow A Cup of Joe lifestyle blog?

Are you looking for the reason why you should follow this lifestyle blog? What if, I tell you that A Cup of Joe featured on Forbes list of “Top 10 lifestyle Websites for women.” This lifestyle blog also featured in various media publications. With the help of relevant content and lifestyle advice, it has built a massive list of followers. It is the best place to improve your knowledge about the latest fashion and improve your lifestyle.

How A Cup of Joe makes money?

A Cup of Joe is a professional lifestyle blog. It makes money blogging by;
  • Display Ads
  • Selling affiliate products
  • Sponsored posts
If you are serious about improving your lifestyle and want to impress others, then you should follow this blog.

3. Akanksha Redhu: Best Lifestyle Blog

Top Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success: eAskme

Akanksha Redhu is an award-winning lifestyle blog. It is an Indian fashion and lifestyle blog by Akanksha Redhu. On this blog, you will find everything about fashion, lifestyle, beauty, events, travel tips, and products to buy.

Who is the Founder of Akanksha Redhu?

As the name suggests, Akanksha Redhu was the founder of AkankshaRedhu.com in 2010. She is a full-time Indian lifestyle and travel blogger. She shares the real-time practical advice about media, travel, yoga, lifestyle, and fashion.

Why should you follow Akanksha Redhu lifestyle blog?

Akanksha Redhu is an influential blog about fashion and lifestyle. The founder has featured in popular publications such as Vogue, Jabong, Cosmopolitan India, etc. The reason why massive numbers of people are following this blog is the practical content that you will find on this blog. The practical advice is necessary to improve your lifestyle.

How Akanksha Redhu make money blogging?

Akanksha Redhu makes money by monetizing her blog in every possible way such as;
  • Ads
  • Brand collaboration
  • Selling products
  • Selling affiliate products

4. Blissful Gal: Best Lifestyle Blog

Top Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success: eAskme

Do you want to make your life awesome? Then you should be reading a lifestyle blog like a Blissful gal. It is an excellent place of fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts. Here you will find tips about blogging, health, fashion, and lifestyle.

Who is the Founder of Blissful Gal?

Amanda Blakeman has founded Blissful Gal. She is a biomedical engineer who is inspiring fashion enthusiasts with her lifestyle blogging skills.

Why Should You Follow Blissful Gal?

Blissful Gal dedicated to providing content which will help you to become a better person. The blog has filled with quality content related to beauty, fashion, self-improvement, and lifestyle. These are the topics that will make you read the blog again and again.

How Blissful gal makes money online?

Like a professional lifestyle blog, blissful gal monetizes content by;
  • Brand collaboration
  • Selling affiliate products
  • Instagram shopping page

5. Camille Styles: Best Lifestyle Blog

Top Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success: eAskme

“Healthy life, well styled” This is the motto of Camille Styles lifestyle blog. On this blog, you will find a new way to improve your lifestyle by improving your food & drinking, living, entertaining, beauty & style habits. This blog will guide you on how you can improve your fashion and life with pro lifestyle advice.

Founder of Camille Styles:

As the name suggests, Camille Styles is the owner and creative director of this lifestyle blog. She is a Texas-based lifestyle blogger. She is also an author of the bestselling book, “Camille Styles Entertaining.” She is a full-time mom blessed with two kids Henry and Phoebe.

Why should you Follow Camille Styles lifestyle blog?

Every person if this world wants to improve his/her lifestyle. If you also want to look impressive in every possible way, then you should follow Camille Styles. This blog helps you to taste delicious recopies, get entertained, and improve your living, beauty, and style.

How Camille Styles make money blogging:

As a popular lifestyle blog, Camille styles make money blogging by;
  • Engagements
  • Sponsors
  • Affiliate products

6. Fresh Exchange: Best Lifestyle Blog

Top Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success: eAskme

Do you need fresh ideas to improve your blog? If yes, then Fresh Exchange is for you. It is the blog filled with expert advice related to fashion, life, food & gathers, home, and travel.

Who is the Founder of Fresh Exchange lifestyle blog?

Mike and Megan Gilger have created the Fresh Exchange lifestyle blog. You will find the fantastic content about lifestyle and fashion.

Why should you follow Fresh Exchange?

Megan is a favorite mom lifestyle blogger. On Fresh Exchange, you will find all the exciting and fresh ideas to improve your lifestyle. Fresh Exchange has featured on Huffington post, Fly Wheel, Yahoo! News, etc.

How Fresh Exchange make money blogging?

Fresh Exchange use ways to make money blogging such as;
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Brand Collaboration
  • Sponsored Ads
  • Selling Amazon products
  • Other projects

7. Gen Y Girl: Best Lifestyle Blog

Top Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success: eAskme

It is one of the favorite lifestyle blogs. This is not just a lifestyle blog, but you will also learn about the career, blogging, happiness, fashion, beauty, etc. It also shared a blogging course, and you can find an ebook.

Who is the founder of Gen Y Girl?

Kayla Buell is the founder of Gen Y Girl. She is a mom, career + lifestyle blogger passionate about helping young people by sharing career, finance, parenting, adulting, and blogging tips. She is also author and bookseller.

Why should you follow Gen Y Girl?

Gen Y Girl is famously known for the content related to lifestyle, saving money, beauty, adulating and travel. The knowledge helps you to live a better life.

How Gen Y Girl lifestyle blog make money?

Kayla has monetized her blog with various options such as;
  • Brand collaborations
  • Selling book
  • Selling products

8. Goop: Best Lifestyle Blog

Top Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success: eAskme

Goop is one of the most popular blogs with a massive list of followers. It is a million dollar lifestyle blog. Goop also featured on The New York Times, Vogues, Fast Company, etc.

Founder of Goop:

Goop was founded in 2008 by Hollywood Actress Gwyneth Paltrow. On this blog, you will find all the latest advice about beauty, food, style, travel, wellness, and work. These are the six pillars of this blog. Here you can also shop for the high-quality products to improve your lifestyle.

Why should you follow the Goop Lifestyle blog?

Goop lifestyle blog is related to fashion and lifestyle. Here you will not only find the tips to improve your lifestyle but also shop for the products. You can buy branded products from this blog. You will also see the tips to enhance your travel and work experience.

How Goop make money?

Goop makes money by;
  • Selling branded products
  • Selling affiliate products
You can also become an affiliate marketer and join the affiliate program of Goop to earn money by promoting their products.

9. Get Busy Living: Best Lifestyle Blog

Top Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success: eAskme

Get Busy Living is a blog where you will find everything about improving lifestyle. You will find tips about epic living, mindset, positive thinking, productivity, goal setting, dating, money making, and lifestyle.

Who is the Founder of getting Busy Living?

Benny Hsu has created Get Busy Living blog. He is a professional enthusiast and full-time lifestyle blogger.

Why should you follow Get Busy Living?

Get Busy Living is the blog where you not only find tips related to fashion and lifestyle but also learn to become an entrepreneur and improve mindset.

How Get Busy Living lifestyle blog make money?

Benny Hsu makes money by;
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling books

10. Happy Fit Mama: Best Lifestyle Blog

Happy fit Mama is one of the most popular lifestyle blog dedicated to those who want to stay fit. It covers all the fitness tips to help you improve by doing small and natural things. The blog is the part of BlogHer network. On this blog, you will find delicious recipes and workouts.

Who is the founder of Happy Fit Mama?

Angels are the founder of Happy Fit Mama. She is a New Hampshire based blogger blessed with 6-year twins. She is an ACSM certified clinical exercise physiologist and RRCA Running Coach.

Why should you follow Happy Fit Mama?

A mother always busy in doing one and another thing. It is not easy for the mother to look after their health. Happy Fit Mama talks about how mothers can keep themselves fit and cook delicious recipes.

How Happy Fit Mama Make money?

  • Ads
  • Running Coach Services

11. Hej Doll: Best Lifestyle Blog

Top Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success: eAskme

Hej Doll is a premium lifestyle blog. On this blog, you will find travel and lifestyle tips. All the suggestions here shared by Jessica Doll.

Who is the Founder of Hej Doll?

Jessica Doll is a San Francisco based professional lifestyle and travel blogger. She is also a professional photographer. Hej means hi in Danish.

Why should you follow Hej Doll lifestyle blog?

Hej Doll is the blog where you will watch style, living and travel tips. These are the three key topics that this blog covers. This blog has built a massive number of followers.

How Hej Doll makes money?

Jessica has monetized her blog with various monetization options such as;
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Brand collaboration
  • Sponsorship

12. HBFIT : Best Lifestyle Blog

Top Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success: eAskme

HBFIT holds the first position in the list of fashion and lifestyle blogs. Here HBFIT stands for Health, beauty, and Fitness. This shows that this lifestyle blog covers everything about improving lifestyle with the help of tips and pro advice. Following this ultimate lifestyle blog is effortless.

Founder of HBFIT blog:

Hannah Bronfman has founded HBFIT. She is a New-York based lifestyle blogger, a food lover, workout enthusiast, beauty aficionado, and native New Yorker. Hannah is one of the most popular lifestyle bloggers. On her blog, she covers everything about health, beauty, and fitness to help others improve their lifestyle.

Why should you follow HBFIT lifestyle blog?

There is no doubt that everyone loves to follow HBFIT because of its content. But, I am not saying that you should follow it blindly. If you are serious to improve your lifestyle, then first go to this blog and read some articles. The content on the site is so influential that you cannot stop yourself from following this blog. There you will find an extensive collection of articles related to health, beauty, and fitness. This blog will undoubtedly improve your lifestyle.
Do let me know if I am wrong. But, I am not.

How HBFIT make money?

Hannah Bronfman has not just created this blog to make money but to help others. She uses various options to monetize her blog, but at the same time by helping others.
  • Advertising
  • Promoting affiliate products
  • Sponsored reviews
  • Selling own products

13. Inspiration Indulgence: Best Lifestyle Blog

Top Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success: eAskme

Inspiration Indulgence is one of the real lifestyle blogs. It is a blog inspiring self-love and confidence through personal style. Here you will find everything related to improving lifestyle. On this blog, you will see health, beauty, travel, wedding, etc.

Who is the Founder of Inspiration Indulgence?

Inspiration Indulgence founded by Chelsea Hetzel in 2014. She has created this blog to share her travel experience with her husband. The blog has grown as a severe self-help and lifestyle blog. It is the best place for fashion enthusiast.

Why Should You Follow Inspiration Indulgence?

If you are serious about improving your lifestyle, then you must read Inspiration Indulgence blog by Chelsea. It is an international blog with the massive following.

How Inspiration Indulgence make money blogging?

Inspiration Indulgence uses various monetization options such as;
  • Brand collaborations
  • Publishing Sponsored posts
  • Selling affiliate products

14. Primer Magazine: Best Lifestyle Blog

Top Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success: eAskme

Do you want to improve your lifestyle? Then you must read the Primer Magazine lifestyle blog. It is a prominent place to learn how to enhance your lifestyle. Here you will find tips about how to earn, spend, learn, invest, train, and love.

Who is the Founder of Primer Magazine lifestyle blog?

Andrew has founded Primer magazine. He had started this blog when he was a college student and turned it into a full-time business.

Why should you follow Primer Magazine?

It is strictly a men’s fashion lifestyle blog. The founder Andrew is a fashion icon. On this blog, you will learn to improve your lifestyle.

How Primer Magazine make money online?

Primer magazine is a lifestyle blog that makes money by;
  • Brand collaboration
  • Selling affiliate products
  • Sponsored products

15. Pumps And Iron: Best Lifestyle Blog

Top Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success: eAskme

Do you want to live a better lifestyle? If yes, then Pumps And Iron are for you. It is a fitness and lifestyle blog where you will find tips about the workout, recipes, running, style, beauty, health, lifestyle, etc.

Who is the Founder of Pumps And Iron?

Nicole is the founder of Pumps And Iron lifestyle blog. She is a fitness trainer, and her blog filled with fitness tips.

Why should you follow Pumps And Iron lifestyle blog?

Nicole has impressive created practical content around beauty, lifestyle, and fitness. She has massive followers on Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. This is an impressive site.

How Pumps And Iron lifestyle and fitness blog make money?

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Brand collaborations
  • Product reviews

16. Stylish By Nature: Best Lifestyle Blog

Top Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success: eAskme

Stylish by Nature is a fashion and lifestyle blog which talks about being fashionable and stylish. It is also one of the favorite lifestyle blogs. On this blog, you will find the advice about fashion, food & wine, travel, beauty, lifestyle, Bollywood, events, technology, shopping, etc.

Who is the Founder of Stylish By Nature?

Shalini Chopra is running this stylish lifestyle blog.

Why should you Follow Stylish By Nature?

This blog has featured on “The New York Times,” “Deccan Chronicle,” “Times of India” and “Cosmopolitan India Magazine” etc. This is a highly popular fashion and lifestyle blog in India.

How Stylish By Nature lifestyle blog makes money?

Stylish By Nature make money by various methods such as;
  • Ads
  • Brand collaborations
  • Events
  • Selling products
  • Sponsored reviews

17. Sunday Chapter: Best Lifestyle Blog

Top Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success: eAskme: eAskme

Sunday Chapter is a famous fashion and lifestyle blog. Here you will find tips related to travel, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle and even do shopping.

Who is the Founder of Sunday Chapter?

Angela is the founder of Sunday Chapter. She created this blog in 2014.

Why should you follow Sunday Chapter lifestyle blog?

Sunday Chapter is a great place to improve your knowledge and become a better person by improving lifestyle. I love their tips about travel and lifestyle blogging at the same time.

How Sunday Chapter makes money?

  • Ads
  • Brand Collaboration
  • Sponsored posts

18. The Blonde Salad: Best Lifestyle Blog

Top Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success: eAskme: eAskme

The blonde salad is one of the most influential fashion and lifestyle blog. On this blog, you will find everything from fashion, beauty, people, and talents to improve your lifestyle. Their fashion and beauty tips are best in industry. You will enjoy a 360 degrees lifestyle experience on this blog.

Founder of the Blonde Salad:

The Blonde Salad was founded in 2009 by Chiara Ferragni. Chiara is an Italian business-woman and fashion blogger. She has collaborated with the top brands such as Pantene and Tod’s. This lifestyle blog has been featured on many fashion magazines, Forbes and The Guardian also. Chiara has built this million dollar fashion blog by sharing beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips.

Why should you follow The Blonde Salad Lifestyle blog?

The Blonde Salad is the best place to improve your lifestyle with the help of fashion and beauty tips. Here you will find daily high-quality influential lifestyle content. The blonde salad is not just talking about the best beauty and lifestyle products but also selling some high-quality products.

How The Blonde Salad make money?

The Blonde Salad makes money by selling;
  • Affiliate products
  • Selling products (clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.)
  • Sponsored Ads

19. Thirteen Thoughts: Best Lifestyle Blog

Top Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success: eAskme: eAskme

Thirteen Thoughts is also a famous beauty and lifestyle blog. It is the place where you will find blogging tips; lifestyle tips beauty tips and photography.

Who is the founder of Thirteen Thoughts lifestyle blog?

Paula has created Thirteen Thoughts lifestyle blog. She was from Poland and moved to the US when she was 15.

Why should you read Thirteen Thoughts?

Paula had started this blog when she was struggling with depression. This blog helped her, and it will also help you. On this blog, she not only share about beauty and lifestyle but also shares about blogging and photography tips.

How Thirteen Thoughts lifestyle and fashion blog make money?

Thirteen Thoughts make money by;
  • Selling affiliate products
  • Etsy shopping

20. The Skinny Confidential: Best Lifestyle Blog

Top Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success: eAskme: eAskme

The Skinny Confidential is a popular lifestyle blog where you can find everything about Realness, recipes, body, books, podcasts, and videos to improve your lifestyle.

Founder of the Skinny Confidential:

Lauryn Evarts has founded the Skinny Confidential. She is a San Diego based blogger. Lauryn has collaborated with brands like bareMinerals, Urban Outfitters, Vix, Urban Decay, Roberto Cavalli, Benefit Cosmetics, Skinnygirl, Victoria’s Secret, Show me your mumu, Elisabeth Arden, Nasty Gal, Reebok, Shape, Free People, TopShop, and Nordstorm.

Why should you follow The Skinny Confidential?

The Skinny Confidential is very popular among lifestyle enthusiasts. It has featured in Shape, Who What Wear, SELF Magazine, The Huffington Post, and Women’s Health magazine. Here you will find beauty and fitness tips, quick and easy recipes to live a better life.

How The Skinny Confidential makes money?

  • Brand collaborations
  • Selling affiliate products
  • Selling books
  • Selling lifestyle products

21. Wit And Delight: Best Lifestyle Blog

Top Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow For Success: eAskme: eAskme

Wit And Delight is a popular lifestyle blog. On this blog, you will find everything about, fashion, relationship, food & entertainment, career development, lifestyle, interior design, health & wellness, parenthood, etc.

Who is the Founder of Wit And Delight?

Kate Arends founded Wit And Delight in 2008. She is a St. Paul-based marketing consultant and blogger. Kate manages her blog with the help of her team. With her experience, she effortlessly delivers the best advice about fashion and lifestyle.

Why Should You Follow Wit And Delight?

If you check the complete list of fashion blogs or lifestyle blogs, then you will find that Wit And Delight is a unique one. The content based on Kate’s experience. That means everything is practical there.

How Wit And Delight lifestyle blog make money?

Wit And Delight makes money by;
  • Selling Affiliate products
  • Selling own products
  • Sponsored reviews


How top best Lifestyle bloggers monetize their blog or make money blogging?

How top Lifestyle bloggers monetize their blog or make money blogging?: eAskme

To become a full-time blogger, you should make money from blogging. The same applies to these top lifestyle blogs. When you observe the ways how these top lifestyle blogs to follow are making money online, then you will undoubtedly find out that they are using a few standard methods. Majority of lifestyle blogs are making money by following three ways.
  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Brand Collaborations
  3. Publishing Sponsored posts
If you are impressed with the popularity of these top lifestyle blogs and want to launch your lifestyle blog in 2018, then you may also want to monetize your lifestyle blog with these methods. I have already discussed how you can make money online. Now, I will give you a brief introduction to these ways to monetize your lifestyle blog.

1)    Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is not only best for lifestyle bloggers but it always the best way to make money blogging. It is the primary income source of the top notch bloggers. The beauty about affiliate marketing is that you will earn passive income by promoting products of other businesses. This way you need not invest anything.

How can a lifestyle blogger make money with affiliate marketing?

Lifestyle bloggers are using Amazon associates or Etsy shop affiliate program to sell products of these platforms. They promote beauty and lifestyle-related products and earn commission for each sale they generate.

You’re earning as an affiliate marketer depends upon the affiliate program and product you are promoting and also on how many sales you are making. You will receive the commission for each transaction. So it is highly recommended that you should choose the right affiliate product for your blog.

2)    Brand Collaborations:

Lifestyle bloggers are always ready to hunt every single opportunity of brand collaborations. It is the most recommended way to monetize a lifestyle blog.

How can brand collaboration help lifestyle blogs to make money?

Brand collaboration stands for the partnership where you are featuring products of other brands on your blog. When you collaborate with a brand, then you will regularly mention that brand in your blog posts.

Lifestyle bloggers feature and mention products through social media, videos, and blog posts.
You will get paid according to the value of your blog or the number of traffic it receives.

3)    Events, engagements, and publishing sponsored content:

The easiest way to grab the attention of millions of people worldwide is by paying the influencer in the industry to make them share about the product or the service. It is always a winning situation for both the parties.

If you are an influential blogger, then you will get paid for speaking on special gigs or publish sponsored posts on your blog. This is an easy way to make money with a lifestyle blog.


Other ways to make money with lifestyle blogs?

Other ways to make money with lifestyle blogs?: eAskme

There is no doubt that most of the lifestyle bloggers are making money in the above ways. But, this doesn't mean that there are no other ways to monetize a lifestyle blog. Many different methods can help a lifestyle blogger to generate passive income.


These days it is not that easy to make money from ads, but, you can use Adsense or direct ads on your blog to make more money. You can even sell ad space on your blog, and if someone buys that space, then you will get paid.

These are few of the most popular ways to monetize a lifestyle blog. You can also use these to make money with lifestyle blogs. I have created this list of best lifestyle blogs for you to quickly find the best lifestyle blogs. These blogs will help you improve your lifestyle in every possible way. I have also shared how popular lifestyle blogs are making money. This will help you understand if you want to follow the same path.

Blogging Services:

If you are already an established blogger, then you can offer blogging services to newbie bloggers. You can teach them how to create a lifestyle blog or how to do photography of products and how to choose the best products to promote.

Consulting services:

Consulting services are also a great way to gain authority, become influential and make money at the same time. You can become a lifestyle coach and charge for one on one online session. According to your experience and popularity, you will be able to attract clients and get paid.

Selling eBooks:

Writing and selling ebooks is a great deal to monetize your writing skills. All you need is to write an ebook and start selling books on Amazon. It is easier for you to sell ebooks if you already have a massive list of followers.

Final words about the list of best lifestyle blogs to follow:

There are thousands of lifestyle blogs are available in this world. It is not possible to get all of them in one post. But, I still tried to add the most popular, most recommended and highly influential best lifestyle blogs in this list. These are the most successful lifestyle blogs that will help you with the expert advice and real experience. This is the list of best top lifestyle bloggers who are running lifestyle blogs successfully.

Do you think I have ended the list then you should think again? I will be adding more lifestyle blogs in this list to keep all the best quality lifestyle blogs at one place.

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