How to Create a Website Using WordPress?

In the present-day scenario, the utility of websites is beyond explanation.

Websites primarily dominate every single corner of the world. It's not just entrepreneurs that require websites.

They are needed for recognition by everyday users as well.

How to Create a Website Using WordPress?: eAskme
How to Create a Website Using WordPress?: eAskme

Earlier, it was a daunting task to build a well-organized website. But in the present circumstances, building a successful website is a piece of cake.

With the help of WordPress, you can now easily create one of your own.

A few things are to be kept in mind while creating a website. And if you are one of those people who have no idea about WordPress, we welcome you.

Here you will find every in and out of website creation with WordPress.

Hold tight!

How to make a website: Step-by-step procedure

Creating a website is not rocket science.

The discovery of WordPress has decreased the difficulty level a lot. Statistics claim that 64.8% of all websites use WordPress (reports say it all).

So, you may understand very well how predominant WordPress is in the web world.

Here is a step-by-step process to create a website on WordPress.

Choose WordPress

There are numerous website-building platforms.

People also know them by CMS, aka Content Management System.

They give you some creative tools to put down your ideas tactfully without coding and decoding.

There are hundreds and thousands of building platforms.

But WordPress is the king's crown. So, the first and foremost step is to choose WordPress as the building platform.

If you want to ace the art of website building, you may check WordPress developer Sydney.

Fix a name

This is probably the most enjoyable task while building a website with WordPress. You are entirely free here.

So you may use your wit and humor while picking a name for your website. Now, remember that there are about 2 billion websites all over the internet.

So being original here might seem a little daunting.

But there are some tips for you to be successful at picking names:

  1. Try to keep the names related to the niche of your website.
  2. Make sure the name is short and easy to memorize.
  3. Put all your creative caliber to use and create something that sounds incredibly interesting.

Buy a domain and hosting

There is nothing to be worried about. While buying a domain and hosting, you will not need an extra tech head. Just a simple calculation will do.

First, choose a reputable hosting that is optimized for WordPress. Then, choose a convenient hosting plan.

Plans generally cost $2.75 to $5.45 per month.

Now it is time for you to choose a domain name. Be intelligent enough to select a domain because your customers will be searching for you.

Install WordPress

Since the hosting you used is optimized for WordPress, this step will not be difficult.

After installing WordPress, simply login to the WordPress button from the hosting page, and Ta-da!

You have arrived at the destination successfully.

Select theme

This is a creative section of the whole process. Every website you see has attractive designs and themes.

Likewise, you should also decorate your website with innovative themes and color combinations.

And WordPress is probably the best building platform for themes and varieties.

You can get free customization and buy some of the highlighted stuff as well. You can even customize one for yourself if you want.

Determine appearance

A well-organized website should have proper navigation, a menu section, and separate content areas. So, plan wisely and execute accordingly.

Create different navigation buttons like Home, Contact us, About us, and many more.

Try to decorate the web tags with creative slide animation movies. Select a specific font for a recognized identity.


Now comes the essential part of all, the addition of content.

Understand the pursuit of your website and add content accordingly.

If possible, add a comment section at the bottom of each content.

Also, it gives extra credit if you attach the social media tags (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) at the end. The engagement becomes more vivid.

Final thoughts

A website is an amalgamation of multiple things. Branding, sales, marketing, and creative developments are a few to name.

Knowing them all at once is, of course, not possible. But nowadays, the invention of these building platforms has lowered the stress.

Using the features creatively may fetch you hundreds and thousands of followers and customers.

Therefore, scan through every word carefully. Explore every section of WordPress, and you will be a webmaster very soon!

Good luck

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How to Prepare For Child Support Courtroom Battles

Attention, everyone!

The judge has seated, and the court is ready to be held.

There is pin-drop silence in the courtroom as the registrar reads the docket number.

However, there is more to what meets the eyes.

How to Prepare For Child Support Courtroom Battles? eAskme
How to Prepare For Child Support Courtroom Battles? eAskme


Parents who have hired a child support law firm undergo the following training to prepare for the least expected days of their life.

How to Prepare for Physical Court Hearings?

Check your Mail

It is imminent that you check your mail regularly if you face child support hearings in the future.

As per local and civil laws, the summon is communicated to the parties involved through email, snail mail, or other communication forms, as mentioned in the provision.

If you ignore the mail, you do not have to face reality, and there is no shame in admitting it.

We have all been there.

Upon receiving any mail from the public registrar, always read it thoroughly.

Read the particulars mentioned and discuss them with your lawyer.

Sometimes the lawyers may arrange a session before the court hearing to resolve conflicting matters.

The court is always reserved as the last option.

Do Not Lie!

Always be honest with your lawyer! When you are answerable to judge, remember, you are under oath.

Do not hide, conceal, or misrepresent facts related to the case.

The future of your kids is on the line here. Therefore, practice honesty.

Moreover, refrain from manipulating the system. Any malpractice or violation of the code of conduct will not reflect well on the judge.

It is essential that the lawyers and cross-questioning are answered truthfully.

Moreover, do not hide any facts from your lawyer.

They may face difficulty in defending surprising surfacing facts, which could have been avoided in the first place with two-way communication.

Practice Punctuality

Never, never be late for your child support hearing. It does not present a mature image to the judge or the court.

The situation is worse if any of the parents decide not to show up.

Judge perceives this as a non-serious attitude toward the whole situation.

If you find it challenging to get up so early, begin training your mind a few days before the hearing.

You can even pre-plan your traffic route so that you can avoid traffic jams.

Every little effort counts so you can make an excellent impression on the first day of the court.

Moreover, it is also imperative that you stay patient. It is perfectly routine if your case does not start on time.

Remain Focus

When you are present at the court, always stay aware of your surroundings.

Other than observing the jurors or behavior of your lawyer, you must also assess where the case may lead.

Keep answers precise and short.

Do not overshoot since the court hearing has been scheduled to decide the child support-related expenses and spousal support.

The judge cannot change the visiting rights or custody partnership unless the final order has been readout.

Therefore, do not attempt to mention unnecessary particulars or distracting answers to the judges. It would help if you only answered what was asked.

Realistic Expectation

Base your opinion of the case on the facts and current developments. Do not perceive unrealistic results from your case.

It will only disappoint you more when these expectations do not turn into your reality.
The court is unaware of your personality or private events.

Therefore, it will only decide on the facts and exhibits presented to the court.

How to Prepare for a Virtual Child Support Meeting?

As we have experienced, due to the coronavirus pandemic, individuals cannot gather in restricted spaces that offer poor ventilation.

This is simply because it would increase the transmission rate of airborne diseases.

Therefore, the concept of virtual court hearings was introduced to continue the judicial process.

Compatible Hardware

Like the physical court activity requiring legal documentation, you must also own the proper equipment to speed up the process.

Foremost is a fast internet connection, so the video call does not break or distort the voices.

You can also visit the lawyer's office if that is an option.

It is proposed you use a computer rather than a phone to join a virtual court hearing.

You can use Bluejeans, Zoom, or whichever software is used to practice usual business meetings.

The court will provide you with a link and a password so you can join quickly.

Communicate with the Registrar and Judge

Lawyers are required to submit their proposals and exhibits two days before the meeting. Email is an alternative to proposing the exhibits to the judges in physical form.

Moreover, you are not allowed to record any of the judicial hearings.

Any breaking of this law can have dire consequences.

Additionally speaking, if you are not communicated any of the rules, email the judge's chambers for a follow-up.

You can also browse the court's website to find the relevant email address.

Dress Appropriately

Even if the meeting is from the comfort of your home or living room, always dress appropriately.

You cannot attend the meeting while doing household chores, from the sofa or the bed.

Create a proper setup from your home office or desk, as you would from your actual workplace.

Attending court hearings from your home does not mean usual business etiquette does not apply.

You are still required to dress appropriately, polish your argumentative skills, and present your case precisely the same way you would from a courtroom.

The parties involved in the case must also efficiently communicate with their lawyers. They can make a conference call, or the lawyers can communicate the messages of opposite partners.

This all happens before the court date is communicated to them.

The parents of the child involved must come through with a game plan to win the case.

The Final Thought

There is no guarantee walking into the court that you will walk out victorious.

It is entirely based on professional maneuvering and questioning from the legal staff.

However, if you wish to learn about child support services, click here.

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Best Sites Watch The Suicide Squad Movie Online

Have you watched The Suicide Squad movie? Do you want to watch The Suicide Squad movie online?

The Suicide Squad 2021 movie is based on the DC comics characters of Suicide Squad.

James Gunn has directed The Suicide Squad movie for DC Films.

Best Sites to Watch The Suicide Squad Movie Online in HD: eAskme
Best Sites to Watch The Suicide Squad Movie Online in HD: eAskme


The Suicide Squad movie was released on 30th July 2021 in the United Kingdom. On 5th August 2021, The Suicide Squad 2021 movie was released worldwide.

In this Suicide Squad sequel, you will see supervillains joining Task Force X and dropped off at an enemy-infused island of Corto Maltese.

The Suicide Squad 2021 movie has scored 8.2 out of 10 at IMDb, 97% at Rottentomatoes, and 78% at Metacritic.

The Suicide Squad star cast includes:

  • Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn
  • Idris Elba as Bloodsport
  • John Cena    as Peacemaker
  • Joel Kinnaman as Colonel Rick Flag
  • Michael Rooker as Savant
  • Viola Davis as Amanda Waller
  • John Ostrander as Doctor Fitzgibbon
  • Nathan Fillion as TDK.
  • Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang
  • Flula Borg as Javelin
  • Mayling Ng as Mongal
  • Pete Davidson as Blackguard
  • Sean Gunn as Weasel
  • Stephen Blackehart as Briscoe
  • Steve Agee as John Economos
  • Tinashe Kajese as Flo Crawley
  • Jennifer Holland as Emilia Harcourt
  • Fernando Martinez as Sliced Dome Soldado

People can watch The Suicide Squad 2021 movie in the nearest cinema. Or watch The Suicide Squad movie online in HD.

Here is the list of sites where you can watch The Suicide Squad movie in HD.


HBOMAX is the only legit site where users can watch The Suicide Squad movie online.

User must have an HBOMAX subscription to watch the latest movies like The Suicide Squad.

HBOMAX is streaming The Suicide Squad 2021 full movie for 30 days.

It means that if you have the HBOMAX subscription, then you can watch The Suicide Squad full movie without delay.

But if you do not have an HBOMAX subscription, you can opt for $14.99/month.

If HBOMAX is not available in your country, you should visit the nearest cinema to watch The Suicide Squad movie.

There are many piracy streaming sites also streaming movies like The Suicide Squad. So here I am sharing the list of sites that you should not visit to watch The Suicide Squad full movie.


123movies is well known for streaming the latest movies like The Suicide Squad online.

Users can find The Suicide Squad 2021 streaming page on the 123movies website. There are many sites with the same name running online.

To watch The Suicide Squad, user need first to find the unblocked 123movies website. Then search for the movie by typing “The Suicide Squad” in the search bar. If you find the result page, then click on “The Suicide Squad” movie thumbnail. It will open the streaming page where people can watch The Suicide Squad movie online for free.

Not only the suicide squad but users can watch many other movies like Infinite, The Tomorrow War, No Sudden love, Batman: The Long Halloween Part One, Those Who Wish Me Dead, Mortal Kombat, Black Widow online, Luca, The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard. Space Jam: A New Legacy, Tom, And Jerry, The Forever Purge, etc.

1234movies is also where people are looking for The Suicide Squad movie.


Fmovies is also a place where users can watch The Suicide Squad movie online for free.

Sites like the fmovies app, fmovie to, etc., are known for streaming Suicide Squad movies.

To watch The Suicide Squad 2021 movie on Fmovies, users need to find active Fmovies websites with The Suicide Squad streaming page.

To Find The Suicide Squad streaming page, user need to visit the site and search for “The Suicide Squad” movie on the homepage or in the search bar.

Before visiting the streaming page, the user can check the title, duration, IMDb rating, genre, synopsis, etc.

On the Streaming page, click the “Play” button to watch The Suicide Squad movie for free on Fmovies.
Not only suicide squad but users can also watch Jungle cruise movie online, The Last Mercenary movie online, Blac widow movie online, Jolt, Batman and the long Halloween part two, Space Jam, A quite place part 2, Troll hunters, etc.

FFmovies is also streaming The Suicide Squad movie for free.


Yesmovies is also streaming movies like Jingle Cruise, The Last Mercenary, The Suicide Squad, etc.

To watch “The Suicide Squad” movie online on yesmovies, user need to find the yesmovies website with free streaming links.

Yesmovies sx and yesmovies ag are leaking the latest movies and shows online for free.

Users can watch The Suicide Squad movie without signup on Yesmovies.


Gomovies is also known for streaming The Suicide Squad movie online.

People are trying to watch Suicide Squad (2016) and The Suicide Squad (2021) movie online on the Gomovies website.

Again to watch The Suicide Squad movie without downloading, user need to find the latest gomovies website or alternative site. Then find The Suicide Squad movie on their homepage. If you find the movie, click on “The Suicide Squad” movie thumbnail, and it will open the streaming page.

On the streaming page, click the “Play” button and stream The Suicide Squad full movie for free.

Gomovies123 is also a site where users can find The Suicide Squad streaming page.


Afdah is also a popular streaming site with The Suicide Squad movie.

Users can watch The Suicide Squad movie without downloading or signup from the afdah website.

Some of the afdah sites are dead, so user need to find the active site with The Suicide Squad streaming page.

On the streaming page, click the play button, and the user can watch The Suicide Squad full movie online for free.

Users can also watch Justice league, Fast and Furious 9, Black Widow, Godzilla vs. Kong, Monster Hunter. Outside the Wire, WW84, Tent, Mulan, Sonic the hedgehog, Jungle cruise, Batman: The Long Halloween, Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard.


Cmovieshd is another site that is streaming The Suicide Squad movie online in HD.

Users can find sites like cmovies ac, cmovies co, cmovies is cmovies vip, etc., to watch the latest movies like DC’s The Suicide Squad movie.

To watch The Suicide Squad full movie online on CmoviesHD. User need to visit the cmovieshd website and use the search option to find “The Suicide Squad” (2021) movie in thier database.

If the movie is there, then the user can visit the streaming page and start watching The Suicide Squad movie online for free.

Cmovieshd is also streaming snake eyes, Loki season 1, The House Next Door, Jungle Cruise, F9, Fear Street, The Last Mercenary, etc.


Bmovies is another site in this list where people try to watch The Suicide Squad movie online for free.

To watch The Suicide Squad on Bmovies, user need to take the help of search and find the latest The Suicide Squad movie in the Bmovies database.

When finding “The Suicide Squad” movie online, you will find the list of many other movies such as the Harry Potter series, X-Men Dark Phoenix, Joker, Moana, Avengers endgame, Aquaman, Hobbs, and shaw.


Zmovies is also a place to find and watch The Suicide Squad movie online in HD.

Users can find the latest movies online on sites like zmovies cc to watch the latest movies online like Suicide Squad.

To watch the latest The Suicide Squad movie on Zmovies, user need to find unblocked movies websites.

Then find “The Suicide Squad” movie streaming link using the search bar.

On the streaming page, hit the play button to stream The Suicide Squad movie.

After watching The Suicide Squad movie, users can also watch 2025- The, Jumanji, Spiderman, etc.


Los Movies is a popular site but not as popular as many other sites on this list. Yet, it is known for leaking the latest movies like The Suicide Squad (2021).

To watch the latest movies like The Suicide Squad movie on LosMovies, users need to visit the site like losmovies life.

After visiting the site, use the search bar, type “The Suicide Squad movie,” and hit enter.

On the result page, tap on “The Suicide Squad” thumbnail. Then, visit streaming and play The Suicide Squad movie online.

Users can also watch Disney’s Jungle Cruise, F9, Snake Eyes, Kingdom: Ashin-jeon, Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans, etc.


Moviesjoy is another popular streaming site to watch The Suicide Squad movie online for free.

To watch The Suicide Squad movies online on Moviesjoy, user need to visit the moviesjoy website.

Then open The Suicide Squad movie page with a streaming window. There the user can watch The Suicide Squad movie online for free.

Not only The Suicide Squad, but users can also watch F9 (Fast & Furious 9), Jungle Cruise, The Last Mercenary, Rurouni Kenshin: The Final, etc., for free on Moviesjoy.


Putlocker is also known for the latest movies and tv shows. People are watching The Suicide Squad, F9, Rurouni Kenshin: The Final, Luca, Bartkowiak, etc., online for free on Putlocker-website com.

Many sites are running with the name putlocker. Therefore, users need to find the working website before searching for The Suicide Squad movie streaming page.

Not only movies but users can also watch the latest tv shows such as Loki season 1, The Flash season 7, rick and morty, Love Island, Lucifer, The Good Doctor, etc., for free.


Solarmovie is one of the most popular free streaming services with leaked The Suicide Squad movie online.

To watch The Suicide Squad movie on Solarmovie website, user need to visit one of many solarmovie alternatives such as solarmovie mom, solarmovies movie, solarmovie one, solarmovies lov,e solarmovie to, solarmovies cyou, etc.

On one of these sites, user can find the latest movie, The Suicide Squad streaming page.

On that page, people can watch The Suicide Squad for free in high quality.

People can also watch Old, Off the Rails, Snake Eyes, The Boss Baby: Family Business, Till Death, Nike’s Big Bet, etc., online for free.


Movieslix is a popular place to download movies for free. Users can also download The Suicide Squad from moviesflix websites.

To find The Suicide Squad download links, user need to find an active moviesflix website such as themoviesflix in net, moviesflix com, themoviesflix cc, themoviesflix co, themoviesflix in, etc.

To download The Suicide Squad movie from the moviesflix website, user need to find the site with a download page. For example, on The Suicide Squad, the download page user can find the download button.

Users can download movies of 720p or 1080p quality.


HDpopcorn also offers free downloading of The Suicide Squad movie.

To download the latest movie of The Suicide Squad, users are visiting the HDpopcorns websites.

From that place, the download button, people can download The Suicide Squad (202) movie for free.


The only best and legit way to watch The Suicide Squad movie online is to visit the HBOMAX website. If you do not have access to that, you should visit the nearest cinema to watch The Suicide Squad.

Piracy streaming sites have popup ads and privacy issues; you should not visit any piracy website.

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How to Take Your Career in Marketing to the Next Level

There are many reasons why one might wish to pursue a career in marketing. Such a career is filled with many opportunities to exercise your creativity, think outside the box.

Work with other outstanding professionals in the field.

Furthermore, there are many ways in which you can further your marketing career and fulfill your professional potential.

How to Take Your Career in Marketing to the Next Level: eAskme
How to Take Your Career in Marketing to the Next Level: eAskme


Depending on just how much effort you are willing and able to put into your career, you can find yourself in the position to take advantage of advancement opportunities before you know it.

It is important to remember that there is some serious competition out there for desirable jobs in marketing.

The competitive aspects of the job aren't to be taken lightly, and you should look to prepare yourself as much as possible to face them.

With that in mind, anyone looking to take their career in marketing to the next level should take definitive steps towards preparing themselves to edge out the competition.

Here are just a few of the ways in which you can set yourself apart from the competition so that you can take your marketing career even further.

Never Stop Learning:

The first point that you should recognize about a career in marketing is that every successful marketing professional understands that a critical aspect of the job is that you can never stop your pursuit of knowledge regarding your work.

The field of marketing itself, not to mention the modern consumer's needs, is constantly developing and changing.

Because of these facts, those who wish to take their career in marketing to the next level should first look to address their knowledge base or, as in some cases, their lack thereof.

You want to equip yourself with as many tools as possible when you hope to have a successful marketing career.

There are many ways to go about this throughout your career. At the start of your career, a formal education, while not entirely necessary, can be incredibly helpful in getting started on the right foot.

You might also find that an advanced career, such as a master's degree in marketing, can be a great way of expanding your skillset and knowledge base.

Aside from your formal education, though, you should also look to take advantage of opportunities throughout your career to obtain certifications in certain aspects of marketing.

For instance, if you have yet to earn a Google Analytics certification, you should do so as soon as possible.

As time progresses, there will assuredly be new methods of marketing and software-based marketing tools developed.

Make sure to stay apprised of such developments so that you can add more recent, more relevant certifications to your repertoire.

Grow Your Professional Network:

Because of the very nature of marketing as a profession, it is impossible to succeed without a robust professional network.

Your professional network should expand further than your current colleagues and co-workers. Instead, you should make a conscious effort to connect with other marketing professionals outside of your immediate circle.

There are a variety of different paths that you can take with your marketing career.

Perhaps you wish to specialize in social media marketing, or maybe content copywriting is more your style.

Whatever your specialization, perhaps you want to distinguish yourself in the field as the go-to person when it comes to that specialization.

By having an extensive professional network, you can find yourself in a situation where you are the first thought when one of your peers needs someone with your talents and skills for a particular project.

You might also find yourself in need of a partner for a project specializing in a specific aspect of marketing.

With a solid professional network, you can choose such a partner from among your professional acquaintances.

Expanding your professional network can take some time.

So make acquiring sure to take advantage o opportunities to participate in professional networking events.

Such events might also provide you with the chance to learn new information about the field of marketing as well.

Find a Mentor:

When you are looking to advance your career in marketing, few resources will prove to be as valuable as a mentor.

Mentorships are an excellent way to seek professional advice and guidance from someone who has been where you are now and has successfully taken your career to the next level.

Your mentor should be someone you trust to give you honest and constructive feedback about your job performance.

They should also be willing and able to act as a sounding board for your concerns about your career.

Everyone faces their own set of professional challenges, and the right mentor will be able to help guide you through your challenges in a constructive manner.

If you have such a person in mind that you would like to have as a mentor, you might very well be a bit nervous to ask them to fill this role in your professional life.

However, bear in mind that such a person likely understands precisely where you are coming from and would be more than happy to help guide you in the right direction.

Having the right mentor on your side can prove to be one of the most helpful steps you take when advancing your marketing career.

Become an Excellent Communicator:

One of the essential skills that you can have as a marketing professional is communicating well. The bulk of your job will be centred around communicating a specific message to a target audience.

Without proper knowledge and the implementation of excellent communication skills, you will find this task increasingly more difficult.

It is important to remember that not everyone naturally has good communication skills.

Instead, you might have to work particularly hard at developing the ability to communicate well.

This will pay off greatly throughout your career, though, so make sure that it becomes a focal point for your professional development if it isn't already.

The reasons for needing solid communication skills go beyond the essential element of communicating a message to an audience.

You will need to learn how to communicate to your team members, your superior, and your clients.

Moreover, you might very well find yourself in a position where you are responsible for overseeing a team of your own.

You don't want to wait until such an opportunity arises to learn how to communicate to your team.

Instead, you want to be prepared for such a role ahead of time so that you can seamlessly step into it should the situations present itself.

Learn to Love Data:

When it comes to developments in marketing, you cannot underestimate the significant role that data plays in the world of marketing today.

More often than not, clients want to see data-driven strategies with concrete facts to support them.

Big data allows greater insight into a target audience than ever before.

Everything from shopping preferences to patterns in retail can be ascertained through the use of data.

Because of this, any marketing professional looking to take their career to the next level needs to become familiar with the best methods of acquiring and analyzing such data.

The good news is that there is no shortage of ways to learn how to use data in your own marketing practices.

However, you will want to familiarize yourself with tools, and it is a good idea to consider enrolling in courses that provide instruction in using such tools.

Build Your Own Brand:

When it comes to taking your career in marketing to the next level, you need to do more than become proficient in various marketing skills.

If you genuinely wish to set yourself apart from the competition, you will need to invest time and effort into building your own brand as a marketer.

This can be accomplished in several different ways.

First, you might consider setting up your website or blog that highlights your skills, strengths, and abilities as a marketing professional.

Having a tangible resource of this nature that can be shown to potential clients can be a handy tool for acquiring new business.

Furthermore, a robust online presence can directly result in new opportunities.

It can increase your ability to attract new clients and reach a wider audience for your professional purposes.

Take the time to develop a visual identity that correlates to your professional strengths as a marketing professional.

Such an identity can play a crucial role in setting yourself apart from the competition and distinguishing you from others in the field.

A strong, consistent personal brand is truly one of the best ways to take your career in marketing to the next level.

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25 Invaluable Social Media Marketing Apps for Excellent Results

Social media marketing apps are there to make your life easy. With the help of social media marketing apps, you can do everything from content creation to collaboration.

In the past 12 months, people have shaken hands with work from home culture. Employees are demanding remote work opportunities. It is the rise of mobile offices.

25 Invaluable Social Media Marketing Apps for Your Smartphone: eAskme
25 Invaluable Social Media Marketing Apps for Your Smartphone: eAskme


Social media marketers are also facing the same lifestyle. To make things work, a social media marketer needs tools that can manage his/her work efficiently.

There are more than a hundred social media marketing tools are available online. But, not all those tools are as effective as you want them to be.

You need efficient social media marketing apps to work like a pro. You can use such apps to manage your social media campaigns and create excellent content.

To help you, I am sharing the list of 25 social media marketing apps for smartphones. is a podcast recording app. You can use it for Q&As, broadcasting audios, and micro-podcasting. allows you to create a podcast and let it share on various social media networks.

Their transcription and sound clips feature will enrich your podcast.

It is free to host on

Get app on: Android | iOS


Amplifr is a social media scheduling app with ROI analytics.

If you want to share posts on the best time for maximum engagement, then you should use Amplifr.

With Amplifr, you can publish posts on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Get Amplifr app on: Android (using browser) | iOS

Adobe Spark:

Adobe Spark is an awesome tool for creating images, videos, and web stories in just a few minutes.

You can create creative visuals with the help of Adobe spark for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Adobe Spark’s social media graphics are awesome.

Get Adobe Spark app on: Android | iOS is a popular live streaming platform.

It helps you compete with social media algorithms. is an awesome place to create live videos and cast on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

You can start with their freemium service to broadcast live for Facebook pages. It let you add branded frames and split screens.

Third-party streaming services like gives you a better live streaming experience as compared to social media streaming services.

Get app on: Android | iOS


Boomerang is a video flip-it-and-reverse-it content creation app.

It is an Instagram-only app.

Get Boomrang app on: Android | iOS


Buffer 25 Essential Social Media Marketing Apps for Your Smartphone: eAskme

Buffer is by far one of the most popular and recommended social media apps. In addition, you can use Buffer for social media post scheduling.

With the help of Buffer, you can schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Buffer’s analytics feature helps you to measure the performance of your posts.

Start with the free personal plan and later move to the paid subscription as per your requirements.

Get Buffer on: Android | iOS


Canva-Social-Media-Marketing-App: eAskme


Canva does not do auto posting or post scheduling. Yet, it is an essential app for social media marketers.

With the help of Canva, social media marketing services can create excellent images or infographics to share on various social networks.

You can use pre-built templates, creative designs, and editing features.

There are more than 700 fonts and special effects on Canva.

Canva has an Instagram story editor, story highlight maker, Twitter banners, YouTube Thumbnail maker, invitations, cards, collages, Facebook posts, and covers.

Not only for social media, but you can also use Canva to create ebook covers, brochures, memes, etc.

Get Canva on: Android | iOS


CoSchedule offers one of the best social media management software.

With the help of a marketing calendar, you can schedule and manage social media posts.

CoSchedule is also useful for scheduling posts on Instagram.

Get CoSchedule app on: Android | iOS

Facebook Business Suite:

Facebook Business Suite-Social-Media-Marketing-App: eAskme


Facebook is not just a social website but a massive network. As a result, you may find it difficult to manage everything on your business page.

Facebook business suite is there to help you.

With the help of the Facebook business suite app, social media marketers can create posts, comments, and replies, send private messages, update pages and track stats.

Facebook business suite is completely free.

Get Facebook Business Suite on: Android | iOS

Facebook Ads Manager:

Facebook Ads Manager-Social-Media-Marketing-App: eAskme


Social media marketers need something that will help them to promote their brand or services to a wider audience.

For this purpose, you need to advertise on social networks.

Facebook ads manager helps you create and manage Facebook ad campaigns.

Get Facebook Ads Manager app on: Android | iOS

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is not a social media sharing app. But it does better than what it is made for.

With the help of the Google Analytics mobile app, you can check the performance of your business website or app. In addition, it will help you plan your social media marketing strategies.

Get Google Analytics app on : Android | iOS


Hyperlapse is another Instagram-only social media marketing app.

It allows you to shoot videos and share directly on Instagram. You can also download such videos.

Get Hyperlapse app on: Android | iOS


Hootsuite Social Media Marketing app: eAskme

Hootsuite is the second most recommended and popular social media management app.

With the help of Hootsuite, you can plan, create, schedule, publish, and monitor the performance of your social media posts.

Hootsuite lets you directly engage with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Hootsuite is free for two social networks. But if you want more, then you should choose their paid plan.

Get Hootsuite on: Android | iOS


Iconosquare is a popular social media marketing tool for Instagram.

With the help of Iconosquare, you can develop the Instagram strategy and work on that.

You can manage multiple Instagram accounts, make posts, optimize content and analyze your performance.

Get Iconosquare on: Adnroid | iOS


IFTTT is a unique app that works on the “If This, Then What” format.

Using IFTTT, you can connect more than 600 apps or web tools like Google Drive, Gmail, Amazon Alexa, Apple Watch health app, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Telegram, etc.

IFTTT helps you create time-saving shortcuts to manage social media.

Get IFTTT app on: Android | iOS


Later-Social-Media-Marketing-App: eAskme


Later or Latergramme app was developed with the focus to improve Instagram engagement. Now the users can also use the Later app for Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.

You can share text and post images, preview feed, and use auto-publish for your Instagram business profile. All of this you can do by drag-and-drop technology.

In premium Later subscription, you will get additional features like hashtag scheduling, schedule videos, and publish a multi-photo post on Instagram.

Get Later on: Android | iOS


Mention helps you to monitor your brand mentions on various websites.

It works as a social media monitoring app.

You can use it to find mentions and use this information to find new opportunities.

Get Mention app on: Android | iOS


Plann-Social-Media-Marketing-App: eAskme


Plann is a completely Instagram planner app. You can use Plann to edit photos, create templates, and schedule posts.

Plann use Canva to create story templates.

Its auto-post feature also you to share videos and photos at the best time.

Get Plann on: Android | iOS


REP-Social-Media-Marketing-App: eAskme


REP is an influencer marketplace.

It is an ideal place to find social media influencers to promote your brand.

You can promote your product or service using REP. Influencers will connect with you to promote products by using free, paid, or PPC methods.

REP also rewards influencers according to their engagement rate and audience interest.

Get REP on: Android (no app, use browser): iOS


Ripl is a social video and content app best suited for small businesses.

You can use Ripl to create social media videos and share them without hassle.

Take the help of already existing social media templates.

Get Ripl app on: Android | iOS allows you to multistream your live video to 30+ social platforms.

Not only on Facebook Live, but you can also go live on Instagram, Periscope, twitch, etc. At the same time.


Smarp is an employee community platform for enterprises.

It helps you make your al employees engage in content promotion or brand engagement on different social networks.

Get Smart app on: Android | iOS


Snapseed is a Google-owned visual content creator and sharing app for smartphones.

You can enhance your photos with the help of Snapseed.

It is an easy-to-use photo editing and sharing app.

Get Snapseed app on: Android | iOS


Slack helps you improve your social media marketing by connecting with your team.

You can communicate with your marketing team effectively, get feedback, and assign jobs.

Get Slack app on: Android | iOS


Trello is a popular project management app for social media marketers.

 It helps you to keep your social media marketing team on track and organized.

Trello helps you track the progress of various tasks and projects.

Get Trello app on: Android | iOS


These are the most valuable social media marketing tools apps for your smartphone. You can use these apps to efficiently manage your social media presence.

Use these tools and let me know which tool you find more useful than others.

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How Pinterest Users Can Make Money Idea Pins and Brand Partnerships?

Pinterest users can make money online using affiliate links.

Pinterest has allowed users to turn idea pins to Pinterest shopping pins. When a user visits the tagged product and buys that product, the publisher will earn an affiliate commission.

How to Make Money with Pinterest? eAskme
How to Make Money with Pinterest? eAskme


You can tag any product in idea pins. It is a wise idea to use idea pins as they are 9time more engaging than standalone pins.

Pinterest Idea Pins

Pinterest has introduced idea pins in May 2021. It allows users to post videos from the business account. People from countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France can use this feature.

Idea pins are the better version of story pins. They both behave similarly but perform differently.

Pinterest Idea Pins Include:

  • Instruction pages
  • Up to 20 pages of video recording and editing.
  • Voiceover recording
  • Ghost Mode Transition Tools
  • Stickers and Tagging
  • Topic Tagging
  • Multi-draft save option
  • Export option
  • Followers can see Idea pins in the home feed.
  • Pinterest users can tag products in idea pins.
  • Users can also add affiliate links from the programs like ShopStyle and Rakuten.

Brand Partnerships:

Pinterest’s new paid partnership tool will allow the users to disclose their partnership with the brand.

It means that creators will have the ability to add brand names to idea pins. But the brand must approve the tag to let the user publish their name in “Paid Partnership.”

All the businesses in UK and USA will get the ability to use the Idea Pins product tagging tool.

The Pinterest Paid Partnership tool is already available for people living in the USA, UK, Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Sweden, Chile, Argentina, Spain, etc.


Pinterest users can make money online with brand partnerships and by adding affiliate links to idea pins.

Stay tuned to learn more ways to make money online.

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Twitter Unmention: Twitter Feature that will Let Users Untag Themselves

Twitter is working on a feature that will let users untag themselves from the tweets. Till now, we call it Twitter unmention.

Twitter’s privacy designer, Dominic Camozzi, has shared the screenshots displaying how the Twitter unmention will work.

Twitter Unmention: Twitter Feature that will Let Users untag themselves: eAskme
Twitter Unmention: Twitter Feature that will Let Users untag themselves: eAskme

Other people are at: Twitter Adding ‘Subscribe’ Button to Profiles For Newsletter Signups

It is an important feature. Till now, Twitter users do not have any feature to untag themselves from the tweets.

How to Unmention Yourself on Twitter?

Twitter unmention feature will give the ability to the users to unmention themselves.

To unmention yourself from a Tweet, you have to click the “...” icon and select “Unmention yourself from this conversation.”

How to Unmention Yourself on Twitter?: eAskme

Your Twitter profile link will be removed from that tweet.

How to Manage Twitter Mentions from the people you do Not Follow?

You get a notification when you get a mention in the tweets from the account you are not following.

How to Manage Twitter Mentions from the people you do Not Follow?: eAskme

You will have the feature to “unmention yourself.”

When you untag yourself from the tweet, the publisher of that tweet will not get any notification.

You can also choose to unmention yourself from the tweet of the people you do not follow.

How to prohibit mentions?

With this new feature, Twitter users can restrict some account from mentioning them.

How-to-Proactively-Control-mentions-on-Twitter: eAskme

You will have another option to allow Twitter mentions from the people you follow.

Twitter user can also pause all the mention from any account.

How to Control Mass mentions on Twitter?

If massive Twitter users start mentioning an account at once, then the user will get notifications about it.

The alert will display the number of mentions and the number of people who have mentioned the user.

User can review the Tweets.

At this time, the user can pause all mentions.

When Will Twitter launch the Twitter unmention feature?

Till now, Twitter has not said about the launch date of the unmention feature.

Twitter has shared this information to get feedback from users.


To unmention you on Twitter is by blocking the user or making your account private or mute conversation.

These are not the best solutions.

We are waiting to see when Twitter will launch this feature and will update you with the same.

If you still have questions? Share via comments.

Stay tuned with us for latest Twitter Updates.

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TikTok launched 8 new Features for Live Streaming

TikTok has launched 8 new features for live-streaming service. The features will improve the capabilities of TikTok Livestream.

TikTok has announced the launch of 8 new features on 27th July 2021.

TikTok launched 8 new Features for Live Streaming: eAskme
TikTok launched 8 new Features for Live Streaming: eAskme

These features are:

  • Schedule Live Events
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Go Live Together
  • Live Q&A
  • Top LIVEs
  • Help for Hosts
  • Keyword Filters
  • Comment Alert

The reason behind the launch of these features is to increase user engagement.

The demand for live content has compelled TikTok business company to launch features that can help the creators and users.

Here is the list of features for TikTok Livestreams:

Schedule Live Events:

Live events is an entirely new feature on TikTok. With this feature, the host can schedule, promote and manage live videos.

Viewers will also get notifications and registration about the TikTok events.


TikTok’s Picture-in-Picture feature allows users to do navigate freely without leaving the Livestream.

Users can watch Live Events and the same time, enjoy group chats or performances.

Go Live Together

TikTok’s Go Live Together feature allows you to go live with your friends.

It means that two users can Livestream together.

Live Q&A:

TikTok’s Live Q&A feature helps creators engage with the viewers and respond to their questions during live streaming.

Hosts can select questions and showcase them during the live show.

Top LIVEs:

TikTok’s Top LIVE streams are helping users to quickly find live videos for the pages they are following.

Users can find Livestreams using category pages like Chat (Q&A), Daily Life, Fashion, Gaming, Talents, etc.

Help for Hosts

TikTok is allowing hosts to assign other persons to help them during the Livestream.

Hosts and moderators can mute, block, and welcome users.

Keyword Filters:

TikTok’s Keyword Filters for livestreams allow the hosts to mute keywords.

Go to Settings and turn off up to 200 keywords in the Keyword Filter feature.

Comment Alert

TikTok’s Comment Alert feature alerts the hosts about the comments and helps them find and block harmful or abusive comments.


Tiktok is not getting behind Twitter and Facebook when it comes to launching user and creator-friendly features.

TikTok newsroom also says that they will soon launch features that will help hosts mute viewers and remove comments.

Let’ see what more they have.

Stay tuned with us for more TikTok news.

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How Facebook Ads Work: Everything that You Must Know

Have you ever used Facebook ads? Do you know how to run ad campaigns on Facebook? Or Do you know how Facebook ads work?

If your target audience is on Facebook, you must use Facebook ads to market your brand, products, or services.

How Facebook Ads Work: Everything that You Must Know: eAskme
How Facebook Ads Work: Everything that You Must Know: eAskme

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And, to market on Facebook, you need to run Facebook ads.

Therefore you must learn how Facebook ads work. Also, learn why many people struggle with Facebook ads and what you should do better.

In recent times, Facebook has faced lawsuits against reach metrics.

As a result, Facebook has launched a personalized ad campaign to fight against Apple’s App Tracking transparency. But it is not going as the brand has expected.

Yet, Facebook ads work for everyone. But only when you know how to utilize them.

Facebook has launched a report about data that Facebook collects, conversion API, and exclusion controls to display that they are still worthy.

It is necessary to learn how Facebook ads work, the different types of Facebook ads, why you should use Facebook ads, and How to start with a Facebook ad campaign.

Do Facebook Ads Work?


And I have the proof.

An app has generated 7044 installs by spending $9821 on Facebook ads.

BionicGym recorded 9times more ROI with Facebook Ads.

But there is a but.

Facebook ads only when if you are targeting the right audience.

You need to understand if the Facebook ads are worthy or a waste of time for your business.

If you are new to Facebook ads and running a small business, start a Facebook ad campaign with a $5-$50 daily budget.

Understand Facebook Ad Algorithm:

In the beginning, the Facebook ad algorithm was all about the auction and highest bid.

Later in 2018, Marc Zuckerberg has adopted a meaningful interactions approach for the Facebook ads system.

Mark Zuckerberg announced Meaningful Interactions for Facebook Ads: eAskme

This was the time when Facebook became more about user experience.

Facebook ad auction is based on:
  • Ad rank
  • Advertise Bid
  • Action rate.
  • Quality and relevancy.

Till now, no one can tell how the Facebook ad algorithm works.

But we have something for you.

Here is what Eric Sodomka, a Facebook research scientist, has said about how Facebook ad algorithm works:

Eric has told us how Facebook content evaluation work.

boosted-decision-tree: eAskme


The left side user can click on an ad. Only the specific user will click the ad on the right side.

This Facebook ad prediction structure displays how users will respond to ads.

But this is not the only way.

Facebook test multiple models to determine user behaviour.

If you want to dig deeper, then you should take the help of this research paper created by Joaquin Quinonero Candela.

What are The different types of Ads:

There are six major types of Facebook ad formats you can use.

Image Ads:

  • Size: 30MD
  • Type: PNG/JPG
  • Resolution: 1080X1080 P

You can use images or creative visuals as Facebook ad images.

How to optimize Facebook image ads:

  • Display product in use by customers
  • Less is more. Don’t use text in images.
  • Pick a theme and stay consistent.
  • Use HD images.

Video Ads:

  • Size: Up-to 4Gb
  • Type: Gif, MOV, MP4
  • Duration: Up to 241 Minutes
  • Resolution: 1080X1080 P

Facebook video ads work best in educating the target audience about the product launch, event, service, important updates, latest technologies, benefits, etc.

These video ads will display in stories, feed and stream.

You can also use a slideshow.

How to Optimize Facebook Video Ads:

  • Educate people.
  • Display pros-cons of products and services.
  • Storytelling
  • Use 15 seconds clips.
  • Deliver one message per video.

Carousel Ads:

  • Image Size: Up-to 30MB
  • Video Size: Up-to 4GB
  • Image Type: PNG/JPG
  • Video Type: Gif, MOV, MP4
  • Cards: Up-to 10
  • Resolution: 1080X1080 P

You can add up to 10 images or video in Facebook Carousel ads. Also, put a different link on each image.

How to Optimize Facebook Carousel ads:

  • Display different product in each image.
  • Storytelling
  • Display step-by-step process.

Instant Experience Ads:

  • Image Type: PNG/JPG
  • Video Type: Gif, MOV, MP4
  • Number of images: Up to 20 images
  • Resolution: 1080X1920 P

Instant experience ads work with Collection ads. You can display the products catalogue.

How to optimize Facebook Instant Experience ads:

  • Don’t’ autopay all the video at the same time.
  • Don’t use Captions.
  • Add Call-to-Action.

Collection Ads:

  • Image Type: PNG/JPG
  • Video Type: Gif, MOV, MP4
  • Image Size: Up to 30MB
  • Video Size: Up-to 4GB
  • Resolution: 1080X1080 P

Use Facebook collection ads with experience ads.

How to optimize Facebook Collection Ads:

  • Allow Facebook to Choose products dynamically.
  • Pair 4 products.
  • Use URL parameter.

Remember: Choose the right ad objective for better results.

How to Create an ad on Facebook:

Now, you should learn the step-by-step process to create Facebook ads in your Facebook ads manager.
Go to Facebook ads manager.

Select Campaign objective:

Create Facebook Ad Campaign: eAskme

Set Name for your campaign and choose objective.

choose-Facebook-ad-campaign-objective: eAskme

Fill Facebook Ad Campaign Details

Fill Facebook Ad Campaign Details: eAskme

Understand these:

Special ad categories:

Choose Special Ad Categories if your ad is about politics, social issues, employment, credit card, house, elections, etc.

Campaign Spending limit:

Your Campaign spending limit will stop your ads once you reach the limit.

A/B tests:

You can test ads campaigns by changing creatives, placements and audience targeting.

Budget optimization:

Facebook campaign budget optimization let you set the campaign budget.

Add Budget, Audience, Schedule and delivery:

facebook-ad-set-name: eAskme

Choose budget and schedule:


Facebook Ad Campaign Choose budget and schedule:: eAskme

Audience creation

Create New Audience for Facebook ad campaign: eAskme

Placements, optimization, and delivery

Facebook ad placements, optimization, and delivery: eAskme

Choose Ad format:

Facebook ad campaign ad-set-up: eAskme

Upload content:

Facebook-ad-campaign-ad-creative: eAskme

Choose Language

Choose Facebook Ad Campaign language: eAskme

Setup URL parameters and tracking:

Setup Facebook ad URL parameters and tracking: eAskme


Apple's privacy ideology and growing number of lawsuits has forced Facebook to look for new ways to generate revenue.

Facebook has been testing group ads since 2019.

It will be good to see what more Facebook will do or launch for Facebook Business ads.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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