Introducing ChatGPT Plus: Benefits and Cost!

OpenAI has launched ChatGPT Plus, a premium ChatGPT version that will cost you $20/month. It is said that ChatGPT plus will offer priority access and quick response time.

ChatGPT Plus is a paid version of the standard ChatGPT chatbot.

ChatGPT free version was launched in November 2022, and since then, it has gained massive popularity.

Now OpenAI is planning to monetize ChatGPT with the pro version, "ChatGPT Plus," to earn money and satisfy its investors.

Why ChatGPT Plus?

ChatGPT Plus Available at $20/month: eAskme
ChatGPT Plus Available at $20/month: eAskme


Businesses like Microsoft are investing billions of dollars in ChatGPT and AI research to empower tools like Azure.

Investors are interested in better AI and looking for a return on their investment.

OpenAI published a post disclosing the launch of premium ChatGPT plus to monetize the tool and offer premium features to its subscribers.

Benefits of ChatGPT Plus:

With ChatGPT Plus, you can get priority access, new features, and quick response even during peak times.

Right now, ChatGPT plus is available in the United States only.

OpenAI lets you join the ChatGPT Plus wait-list even if you live in other countries.

Note: ChatGPT free version will still be accessible for users worldwide.

OpenAI will continue its work to improve ChatGPT better. In the coming weeks or months, ChatGPT will receive updates and upgrades.

As we know, there are limitations to what ChatGPT can do. OpenAI is collecting feedback from the users to improve ChatGPT and offer premium access.

ChatGPT API waiting list will soon be available for those interested in API. With ChatGPT API, OpenAI is planning to launch data packs and business plans at a lesser cost.


It is always a good idea to monetize quality products. OpenAI is also monetizing ChatGPT with ChatGPT Plus.

Users will also love the quick access and premium features.

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OpenAI AI Text Classifier Launched to Identify AI-Written Content!

After ChatGPT, OpenAI is now launching AI Text Classifier. Since the birth of ChatGPT, there have been serious talks about how search engines and other tools can identify AI-written content.

Google has also said that AI-generated content without context and hard work is meaningless.

In such a case, you must seriously consider the content you publish on your site, especially if the content is written by your team or guest writers.

Now, OpenAI is offering you an impressive tool that can quickly indicate whether the text is a-written.
It is easy not to find the difference between AI-generated and human-written texts.

OpenAI's AI Text Classifier:

OpenAI Releases AI Text Classifier to Identify Ai-Written Content: eAskme
OpenAI Releases AI Text Classifier to Identify AI-Written Content: eAskme

OpenAI has launched AI Text Classifier because the company wants to clarify that human-written content differs from AI-generated content.

A recently published article on the OpenAI blog explains the launch and usability of AI Text Classifier:
Relieve the stress of getting AI-written content from humans.

Educational institutions can prevent academic fraud by checking the text.

Identify human impersonation with chatbots.

Note: OpenAI has also declared that AI Text Classifier is unreliable. The test result shows that 26% time was correct about AI-Written content, and 9% of the time tool wrongly marked human-written content as AI content.

Here are the AI Text Classifier Limitations:

  • Wrongly identify human-written and AI-generated text.
  • With minor edits, AI generated content can be marked as human-written.
  • It can give wrong results for text written in other languages or for text written by children.

Yet, OpenAI says that AI Text Classifier works better with longer content (minimum 1000 characters.)

Here is how OpenAI AI Text Classifier Performs:

It is easy to use OpenAI AI Text Classifier. All you need is to log in, paste your content, and hit enter.

The result will mark the content with the following labels:

  • Likely
  • Possibly
  • Unclear if it is
  • Unlikely
  • Very Likely

I have tested ChatGPT content about marketing in the AI text Classifier.

AI text Classifier has rated ChatGPT-generated content as “Possibly.”

screenshot-by-easkme-min: eAskme


It is not a clear indicator of AI-generated content.

The AI text Classifier is not giving 100% authentic results when identifying AI-written or ChatGPT-generated content.

Using Grammarly to edit AI-generated content will move from “Possibly” to “Unclear.”

OpenAI has clearly said in the blog post that it is easy to confuse AI text Classifier with minor edits.

AI text Classifier displays the distinction between AI-written and human-written text. But it is not the only evidence.

Also, the AI text Classifier is still a new tool and requires a lot of testing.

Yet, it is a wise step from the company behind ChatGPT.


I expect more from OpenAI. AI text Classifier is there, and I am not satisfied and not heartbroken.

OpenAI has tried to offer a tool that can, at some level, identify AI-generated text.

But, I am interested in the future of AI text Classifier. Hopefully, it gets updates and gives better results.

Have you tried AI text Classifier?

How do you identify AI-generated content?

Share your thoughts via comments.

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Should You Use ChatGPT for SEO and Content or Not?

How to use ChatGPT for Content? How to detect AI content using ChatGPT? Can algorithmic watermarking reveal ChatGPT content? How to use ChatGPT for SEO?

If you plan to use the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT for writing articles or blog posts, some questions must be answered.

Should You Use ChatGPT for SEO and Content or Not?: eAskme
Should You Use ChatGPT for SEO and Content or Not?: eAskme

ChatGPT is one of the most advanced AI chatbots till now. But before you start using it for SEO and content, here are things that you must consider.

There is no doubt that ChatGPT offers the best AI-quality content.

Whether you should use it for SEO is a question that meets the answer today.

What can you do better with ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is based on the Large Learning Model, which is a powerful AI with a massive amount of data training.

It is easy for ChatGPT to predict the next word in a sentence.

As the number of data training increases, the number of tasks and accuracy also improve.

You can achieve unexpected results with Large Language Model.

ChatGPT GPT 3 can translate English into French without professional data training.

There are no specific tasks assigned to ChatGPT Large Language Models. But they are trained to use the data training in different conditions and scenarios. 

This feature is similar to the human brain, which learns from various sources and uses that information in different conditions without that particular training.

For example, if a human learns how to design a website, he can design a website for every industry.

ChatGPT also work on InstructGPT model. InstructGPT makes it easy for ChatGPT to understand human instructions or questions and deliver the best possible answers.

With such Large Language Models and training, ChatGPT can create articles on any topic regardless of industry.

What You Should Know about ChatGPT before using it for SEO and Content writing?

ChatGPT can write better AI content because of the data and training.

But there are some limitations.

The major problem with ChatGPT is that you must trust the results more. As a result, ChatGPT can deliver wrong or inaccurate content.

This is the concern that can stop SEO experts from using ChatGPT.

Avoid Specific Words:

ChatGPT is trained to ignore specific words. For example, you cannot use words that include graphic violence, hateful speech, or sexual content.

Not Touched Current Events:

ChatGPT does not use any data which is created after 2021. Therefore, you cannot use ChatGPT to write fresh data content.


ChatGPT is programmed to be biased to produce harmless and helpful content.

Developers have intentionally made ChatGPT biased to avoid negativity in results.

This problem can produce an article with is not neutral.

To avoid such an issue, you need to give detailed instructions to ChatGPT to produce the article.

Requires Detailed Instructions:

To get the best content result, you must provide detailed instructions to ChatGPT.

You should know that ChatGPT always chooses random words in articles to avoid plagiarism.

But simultaneously, the exact requests will generate the same results.

AI-generated content can be identified:

Google and other search engines have developed algorithms to identify AI-generated content quickly.

Research has also found that AI writers, that proved to be the best content generators produce content that can be identified as AI content by search engines.

ChatGPT Watermarking:

ChatGPt uses invisible watermarking in cryptography to tell if the content is generated by ChatGPT or not.

Scott Aaronson has shared a YouTube video in which he talked about ethical AI technologies such as watermarking.

According to Scot, watermarking can stop algorithms from identifying AI-generated content.

AI for SEO: Good or Bad

Detectable content:

Researchers say that Google can identify whether the content is AI-generated.

Search engines already know how to detect machine-generated content and translated content.

AI content is Against Google Guidelines:

John Muller has said that AI-generated content is against Google’s guidelines.

Google considers such content spam.

Later, Google added that spammy auto-generated content is content without additional and original value.

ChatGPT watermark:

ChatGPT may soon add a watermark to its content.


The best use of AI for SEO is to research the content ideas and analyze the result.

According to Google, using AI tools for creating meta descriptions is not against its guidelines.

You can use ChatGPT to create a content introduction and outline.

Letting ChatGPT or any other tool generate and publish content without doing some hard work or adding original value is meaningless.

You should check generated content for uniqueness, originality, accuracy, helpfulness, and quality.

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Twitter's New Appeal Process for Suspended Accounts

On 1st February 2023, Twitter launched a new appeal process for suspended accounts. Your suspended Twitter account may be reinstated under new criteria.

Twitter is updating its account suspension policy and giving 30 days to users who want to appeal against account suspension.

Twitter Safety Team has tweeted about the changes in the account suspension evaluation system based on the new criteria. https://twitter.com/TwitterSafety/status/1603960041463492608

Twitter is considering limiting the reach of tweets of accounts that violate Twitter policies rather than just removing them from the Twitter platform.

Twitter's New Appeal Process for Suspended Accounts: eAskme
Twitter's New Appeal Process for Suspended Accounts: eAskme


From now on, Twitter will only suspend accounts with severe policy violations.

According to Twitter, Severe policy violation includes tweets about illegal content, harmful content, violent content, platform manipulation, and spamming.

The new Twitter account suspension policy will balance healthy conversations and protect users against hateful content.

To avoid suspension, you must understand and follow the new Twitter account violation policies.

It is also possible that some of the controversial content can remain on social media platforms.

Twitter's safety team will closely monitor the new suspension activities.

Suppose you are appealing to Twitter to reinstate your account. In that case, you should know that Twitter will check the influence of your content on Twitter users, availability of coverage, and source of the content to make the final decision.

Here is the Twitter Enforcement philosophy document that you should check.


Twitter is updating its policies to make the platform user-friendly and engaging.

With the appeal process, Twitter gives users a chance with suspended accounts.

You can ask to reinstate your Twitter account if the account is suspended without severe violation.

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5 Top Wayback Machine Alternatives: Internet Archive Sites 2023

What is the Wayback machine? Are you looking for Wayback Machine Alternatives? What are the top Wayback machine web archive sites?

Here is everything that you should know about the internet Wayback machine.

Before you know about the Wayback machine and its alternatives, here is why the Wayback Machine or web archive sites exist.

The Wayback Machine is helpful for those who want to check the history of a domain or website before purchasing an old website or domain.

It also helps you find lost content from your website. You can also check the old face of existing websites, design, and content.

What is Wayback Machine?

Wayback Machine Alternative Websites Web Archive Sites: eAskme
Wayback Machine Alternative Websites Web Archive Sites: eAskme


Wayback Machine was founded in 2001. It contains archived internet pages of websites from 1996 to now. Wayback Machine is a non-profit site where you can check more than 779 billion archived web pages.

Wayback machine is the most popular internet archive website. Many people visit the Wayback Machine website to find web archive content.

The Wayback Machine website is a place to know how sites have changed in the past few years. It is easy to check how a website has changed and the history of indexed websites.

The biggest use of the Wayback machine is understanding how your competitors have changed and upgraded their websites in the past few years.

Even if you are not always using the Wayback machine, you will be using it if you lose content.

Even though the Wayback machine is popular, it does not mean that the Wayback machine can never go down.

You need the Wayback machine alternatives when the original Wayback machine is down.
There are many alternatives to the Wayback machine available online.

Here I am sharing everything about the top Wayback Machine Alternatives.

Wayback Machine and Its Alternatives:

There are many internet archive alternatives to the Wayback machine available online.

You should choose the best according to your interest and usability.

Top Wayback Machine Alternative Websites are:

Domain Tools:

Domains tools are one of the most popular web archiving services.

Domain tools offer two services that can help you track the changes and screenshots of the existing websites such as:

  • Screenshots
  • Whois

You can quickly access website history and changes using the Domain Tools website.

You can check whois records without registration, but you must log in to check screenshots. Domain Tools whois features to display the IP history, number of changes, domain registration date, etc.

Notable features of Domain Tools are:

  • Complete website lookup information
  • Disclose IP address
  • Free internet archive service based on screenshots.

You can pay $99 for one month or $995 for the annual membership.

Internet Archive Today:

Archive.ph is earlier known as an archive.today. It is one of the best places to find images of your websites.

It is also a popular alternative to the Wayback machine. Archive.ph is a free web archive website where you can add your website. There is always a queue when adding a new website.

Archive today or archive ph is not very user-friendly, but it has a massive database of archived web pages.

You can check the website's screenshot, the date when the screenshot was taken, and the history. This information will help you find a useful website.

Notable features of Internet Archive Today are:

  • Access Images from domains.
  • Save content.
  • Track changes.
  • You can save copies of your website on this internet time machine.

It is free to use archive.ph.


PageFreezer is a premium web archive service where online conversations are captured.

You can also call PageFreezer a paid alternative to the Wayback Machine. Pagefreezer uses crawling technology to crawl web pages and list them in the archive directory.

You can access archived pages without downloading any software. It is easy to access legal proof, webpage comparison, export data, digital signatures, and live browsing using PageFreezer.

Notable features of PageFreezer are:

  • You can validate the authenticity and integrity of archived records.
  • Real-time content result.
  • Access conversations.
  • Track risk.

You can pay $99 for Pagefreezer monthly plan.

Memento Time Travel:

Time Travel is a web archive tool from Memento. You can use Time Travel to find the changes a website has faced during the last decade or years.

Memento Time Travel uses the archive.today API but offering enhanced results with an intelligent internet archive database.

Time Travel is also keeping track of those results and revising them.

Notable features of Time Travel are:

  • Search the complete site for archived pages.
  • Display missed opportunities.
  • Display website components.
  • You can see style sheets, text, and images.
  • Self-archiving pages.

Memento Time Travel is a free-to-use wayback machine alternative.


WebCite is another internet Wayback machine alternative that works differently.

In Wayback Machine, you can see archived pages, but in WebCite, you will see author-cited references from readers, publishers, and editors.

Notable features of WebCite are:

  • User-friendly design.
  • Best for authors and publishers.
  • Cited references.

WebCite is also a free Wayback machine alternative.


Wayback Machine is the best free internet archive service, and Pagefreezer is the best alternative to the Wayback machine.

Each Wayback alternative has its pros and cons. The choice of the best Internet Time Machine website depends on your requirement.

But before settling for the one, here are some Wayback machine FAQs you should know.

Web Archive FAQs:

What are the different types of Wayback Machine alternatives?

There are two types of Wayback machine alternatives available online. You can check websites and archived pages, such as archive.ph, and create your web archive directory, such as Pagefreezer.

How can I access Archived websites and Web Pages?

You can access the archived website by visiting the Wayback machine arhive.org website from your smartphone, laptop, or desktop. Go to any website listed here as the Wayback Machine alternative.

Is Web Archiving legal?

The Wayback Machine is legit, and its alternatives are also legit and non-profitable websites to find archived webpages.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me.

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What Is Competition Analysis?: Everything that You Should Know is Here

What is Competition Analysis?” This is one of the most common questions in the SEO world. Especially when you are a newbie in SEO industry.
One of the most common jobs of every SEO professional or expert is to keep both eyes open and track the activities of his competitors.

Competition analysis opens the doors of massive opportunities to boost social signals, backlinks, traffic and conversion.

Competition Analysis:

What Is Competition Analysis?: Everything that You Should Know is Here: eAskme
What Is Competition Analysis?: Everything that You Should Know is Here: eAskme

SEO competition analysis is an essential part of a mature SEO strategy.

With the help of SEO competitor analysis, you can quickly gather highly useful data such as competitor keywords, links, content, and on-page optimization strategies.

The big reason why you should perform competition analysis regularly is to track the online activity and SEO strategies of your competitors.

Without competition analysis, your SEO strategy will lack the power of more in-depth research.

Without analyzing your competitors, you will not be able to find how the brands are targeting the customers in your industry.

There are the following reasons why you should perform competition analysis:

An SEO expert focus on three major areas when doing competition analysis;

To get maximum out of your competition analysis, it is necessary to focus on these elements.

Today, I will share how you can use competitive analysis factors for the benefit of your business.

What works and what’s not:

To quickly create a full-proof SEO strategy, it is must to analyze the industry leaders and how they are working.

You should know that brands dedicate their focus entirely on developing a robust SEO strategy that will help them to earn links and stay on the first spot in SERP.

Such websites always have creative content, valuable links and crawlable website.

It is common that most of the ties you can find flaws in their strategies.

And, this is what you need to figure out.

Focus on the weaknesses of your competitors and learn how you can leverage those weaknesses for the growth of your business, blog or website. This will help you achieve new heights in SERP.
Find out what is working for your competitors.

For example; as an eCommerce business, you want to beat a shop in your local area.

This is where you are limiting yourself.

Taking a narrow approach will bring limited results.

Never limit your competitor analysis to one competitor only. To develop a robust SEO strategy, your focus should be on analyzing all the top-ranking competitors.

Analyze the top-ranking competitors, their websites, how they are building links where they are promoting their business, and how they are generating revenue.

The broader approach in competition analysis will make you create content that will appeal not only the search engines but customers also. With the help of competitor analysis, you can collect all the necessary data and information which is required to create the most influential piece of content.

This broader approach will also help you become an influencer in your industry, and your research will make you discover many facts and tactics that others are not following.

This is the big reason why you should perform an in-depth competition analysis regularly.

Stop Guessing and Start Analyzing:

Guessing has no spot in the SEO industry.

You are not into the betting world, but you are in a professional world of tactics, experience and skills.

Make sure; your in-depth SEO analysis is based on real facts, factors and strategies.

The success of your SEO also depends upon how you are analyzing these factors.

Your job is to collect the data and refind it to reach the first spot in Google search.

If you rely on guessing game, then you will surely miss critical competition analysis factors.

Avoid this.

Guessing only work if you are doing it for the hobby. But where the money comes into play, you need to focus on real-time data, skills and experience.

Your competitor analysis will make you shake hands with two significant terms such as;

  • Keyword Gap Analysis

  • Content Gap Analysis

What is the Content Gap Analysis?

There was a time when online business was a new thing, and competition analysis was not necessary.

This was the time when the market was not saturated, and SEO was adding keywords and write unstructured content to create a well-performing SEO strategy.

But now, this is not what you can even dream about.

Now you are in the world of in-depth competitor analysis where you need to analyze content gap and keyword gaps.

Content Gap Analysis will help you discover if your content;
  • Is Outdated

  • Is lacking in-depth knowledge

  • Is lacking content uniqueness

  • Is not easy to digest
Your detailed content gap analysis will show you what you have and what you are missing. Use this data to create engaging content.

The research will help you enrich your content with all the necessary factors and represent high authority content.

This will increase the number of social shares, link backs and the number of followers.

What is Keyword Gap Analysis?

The keyword gap analysis will help you find out all the important keywords that should be there in your content, but you are not utilizing them.

It will open keyword mining opportunities.

A keyword gap analysis will also help you target more customers who are interested in the similar topic.

You can also create an unbeatable strategy to beat you, competitors, with the help of keyword gap analysis.

How Your Competitors are Earning Links?

Finding link building opportunities are critical for every online business and SEO.

You can use SEO tools like Ahrefs, Majestic or SEMRush, to reach the link profile of your competitors.

Remember: These tools will not show you a complete picture as they have some limitation, and most of them will display you what is there from the last 90 days.

You should broader your research to understand your competitors link profile.

Find out:

  • How many links your competitors already have?

  • What is backlink history?

  • Links from .org, .net, .edu and .gov, etc.

  • Top ranking page and most linked pages.
This information will help you to understand better what your competitors are doing.


One thing that you should keep in your mind is that you cannot get a 100% answer to what your competitors are doing.

Yet, competition analysis will give you data that will help you better understand their strategies and what is working for them.

You can find out what your competitor is doing and track every network where they are performing shares, link building and promotions.

Now, put together all the pieces of your research and create a chart or report based on your competition analysis.

Remember: You can only beat your competitors but not the algorithm.

Final Words:

Competition analysis plays a vital role in the success of an SEO strategy.

Your focus on these three major completion analysis elements will create your journey to success or failure.

Technical SEO, links and content research will help you create evergreen and highly original pieces of content.

The research will also increase the knowledge that will help you analyze different competitors quickly and create better campaigns.

Once you can leverage the weaknesses of your competitors, you can easily outrank any business or competitor.

Do you track your competitors?

What is your strategy to outrank your competitors?

Do share via comments.

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Evergreen Content Guide: Everything that You Must Know About Evergreen Content is Here!

Evergreen content! Do you create it? Or do you still creating the content which has less meaning?

Creating content consistently with the target to boost organic traffic is essential.

You might have been writing content for years or months. And, some of your content may also rank on the first page.

What Is Evergreen Content & Why Should You Care?: eAskme
What Is Evergreen Content & Why Should You Care?: eAskme

Other people are reading: Reasons Why You Should Consider SEO Services For Your Business

But are you satisfied with the result?

Your content will not add a good number to organic traffic as long as it is missing the main essence, and that is "Evergreen Content."

Evergreen content is not about being trendy or producing click baits.
  • What is evergreen content?

  • What are the types of evergreen content?

  • What are the examples of evergreen content?

  • Why is Evergreen content important?

  • How to find evergreen topics?

  • How to create evergreen content?
Today I will cover everything about evergreen content that you must know and implement.

Let's start with the fundamental question.

What is Evergreen Content?

What is Evergreen Content: eAskme

Evergreen content is the content that never loses value with the time.

In other words, the content that never goes out of date is known as evergreen content.

The most common feature of evergreen content is that every evergreen content piece is relevant to a specific target audience regardless of the time cycle.

You will better understand it with the following example;

If you search for "LinkedIn Stats 2020," you will find that foundationinc content ranks first, which means that this content page is getting maximum traffic for this keyword.

Linkedin Stats: What Is Evergreen Content & Why Should You Care?: eAskme

But for how long?

In 2021, hardly anyone can search for this keyword.

On the other hand, we have an evergreen example.

Evergreen example: Linkedin Stats: What Is Evergreen Content & Why Should You Care?: eAskme

If you search for "the importance of trees," You will find the high page ranking on the first page.
This page will always keep getting traffic regardless of the year.

The reason why we call it evergreen is that it stays green like the evergreen plant.

Each evergreen content piece contain two critical factors;
  • Content

  • Topic
Now, before you jump in to start creating evergreen content; you need to understand the difference between evergreen topics and evergreen content.

What is Evergreen Topic:

Evergreen topics are such topics that will keep people always find interesting.

Examples of Evergreen Content:

No matter how many years will pass or how many changes will come in human life, people will always find the above topics interesting.

These are the evergreen topics.

Evergreen Content:

Evergreen content is that it is excellently crafted for the evergreen topic.

Evergreen content never become outdated and never fades away.

Examples of Evergreen Content:

Tip: For better results, you need to blend both in your blog post or content page.

Why your blog need Evergreen content? (Evergreen Content Benefits)

Without evergreen content, you have to rely on trending topics and cover every topic related to your blog niche to maintain current organic traffic numbers or improve it.

This is a time consuming practice that requires a lot of hardwork.

For example;

During 2016, Trump's election post on the New York Times has spiked the traffic. Because the whole country was searching for the result.

But after a couple of weeks, that spike started fading as people were no longer looking for the same answer.

This has dragged the spike in traffic to flat-lined traffic.

This is why the New York Times and many other news agencies publish hundreds of posts every day.
You can only do it if you are running a new agency or a big brand.

If you are a blogger, freelance marketer, or full-time SEO expert?

Then evergreen content is what works best for you.

Evergreen content will give you;

Consistent traffic:

People will keep searching for evergreen content even after years.

This means that your content will stay valuable for them, and you will keep getting regular traffic.

Save time and Money:

Evergreen content stays relevant for a long time.

This means that you need not publish hundreds of posts every day to maintain organic traffic.

How to create evergreen content?

If you are reading till now, that means you are also interested in creating evergreen content.

Here are the three best steps on how you can create excellent evergreen content.

Keyword research for Evergreen Topics:

Keyword research is the first thing that you should do to find the keyword with user intent.

You can use tools like KWfinder and SEMrush to find valuable keywords or long-tail keywords.

Make sure the keyword you choose has a high search volume from an extended period, such as one year.

Create Content for Audience:

Creating to the point content is not going to help you this time.

You need to create excellent content that your audience will not find anywhere else.

Make them want more from your blog.

Ensure that your content is so compelling that if you post with the delay, they will miss your updates.

Your content should trigger emotions and engagement.

Such content will beat the competition and stay relevant for years.

Avoid Dates, News, and Trending Topics:

News dies overnight.

And, if you write about the latest episode of The Flash, then it will lose fans as long as the next chapter goes air.

Tip: Avoid using Last year, Today's, or 2020.

Is it possible to create Evergreen Content?

It's both yes and No.

Content stays evergreen as long as you can keep it relevant.

Nothing can stay relevant for 100 years. If you keep updating the old posts, you can easily keep the relevant even after decades.

Here are the few ways that will help you to produce evergreen content.

Review the post-performance and links over-time:

Open your post and check the stats. Fix broken links. Replace them with new links or remove the dead links.

Both Google and Audience notice these links.

Focus on user intent:

User intent can change over time. Targeting the user search intent is essential.

People searching on Google are looking for a solution, and it is your job to feed them what is essential for them.

Targeting search intent when updating old posts will help you keep your content evergreen.

Find the Reasons Behind rank drop?

Other blogs are outranking your content.

Find out;
  • What makes their content amazing?

  • What your content is lacking?

Final Words:

Evergreen content help bloggers to improve their search ranking.

This same work for you.

You may be working on building tons of backlinks to outrank competitors. And, spending most of your life on creating content.

But the secret behind the successful blogger in "Evergreen Content."

Evergreen content is the content that stays relevant, attract links, traffic, and reputation.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


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Social Meeting for Bloggers and Brand Experts (What, How & Benefits)

Some people think that social gathering and social meeting both are the same things. But Gaurav Kumar, Founder of eAskme, has created a difference between these two terms.

According to Gaurav Kumar, “Social Gathering is when people gather without a specific focus. People sometimes gather just because other people are gathering there. The social meeting is a meet with focus. In a social meeting, only the people who have something to say or discuss are allowed to take part.”

This tells that social meeting is more professional than a social gathering.

In the professional world, Social meeting is more influential.

But most of the world is ignoring it.

Even when professionals are running Facebook campaigns to gather people for webinars, they do not focus on targeting the specific set of audience.

You cannot expect from the herd of 1000 people to turn your business into a brand.

But, you can expect two experts to multiply the growth of your business.

This thought has helped Gaurav to develop the concept of “Social meeting” for bloggers and brands.

What is Social Meeting?

The social meeting is where you meet with professionals and like-minded people for mutual growth.

This is also a way to growth hacking.

When you meet with industry experts or influencers in your industry, this will help you to not only expand your network but also expand your mind, skills, and knowledge.

In a social meeting, you invite professionals and industry experts to join the social meet and share knowledge.

Types of Social Meeting:

According to Gaurav, there are two significant forms or types of Social meeting for bloggers and brands, such as;
  1. Public Social Meeting
  2. Secret Social Meeting
One thing that is common about both social meeting types is that these are invitation based. Noone is allowed without invitation.

The difference between Public social meeting and the secret social meeting is that in Public social meeting, people can see the messages of other participants and also know who else is participating in the conference.

But, in a secret social meeting, attendees only know about the host.

They can send messages to the host, but they do not have access to other participants.

For example; if you are running a Facebook live only for people you have invited then you know it is a public social meeting as people can send messages to each other, reply on the comment of each other and check what others are saying.

But if you’re social meeting is secret, and you only allow people to chat with you like on Skype, then no one can see what others are saying.

How to arrange a social meeting?

The beauty of the social meeting is that you need not be in front of the person to arrange a social meeting.

You can arrange social meetings online on;
You can also make professionals visit your place for the expert social meet.

If you want to arrange a social meet, then you need to outreach the experts and ask them to join your social meetup.

Draft an email with the specific topic and send the emails to all the industry experts or experts in your network to get their approval.

Fix the time and go live on schedule.

If you are arranging a social meeting offline, then I advise you to do it in a restaurant or at a professional space.

Make sure that the place is comfortable for all.

What are the benefits of Social meeting for bloggers and brands?

What are the benefits of Social meeting for bloggers and brands?: eAskme

The social meeting offers similar benefits to all bloggers and brands.

Connect with like Minded and influencers:

The social meeting is the best way to connect with the like-minded people or influencers in your industry.

In a social meeting you will discuss the topic with influencers and try to find the best way or discover new options to increase the growth rate.

In a social meeting you can connect with;
  • Experts

  • Critics

  • Researchers

  • Reporters

  • Designers

  • Developers

  • Motivational Speakers
These types of experts will multiply the benefits of a social meeting.

Mutual opportunities:

Social Meeting Concept for Bloggers and Brand Experts (What, How & Benefits): eAskme

The social meeting is the best way to find opportunities to develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

Remember: never go for link exchange but focus on value exchange.

In a social meeting, you will have people from your niche or related niche.

These are the people who are already doing great in their field, or their blogs are ranking better.

Tip: You cannot expect something from influencers without adding value to their business.

So it is necessary that you should start giving importance to the industry experts.

You can add value to the influencer business by;
Master tips: Spend atleast six months engaging with bloggers or experts on blogs and social media channels so they can remember your name and know that you are following them on every place and appreciating their work.

Once you place your name in their mind as a genuine person, then ask them to join your social meeting, and they will never say no.

This will also open the doors for new opportunities such as;

Learn from Experts:

Learn from experts: Social Meeting Concept for Bloggers and Brand Experts (What, How & Benefits): eAskme
Add caption

"Take the success with you, walk with the successful people: Gaurav Kumar."

This is a simple line which tells the success to follow those who follow the successful people.

There are two significant ways how you can learn from experts, such as;
  • Ask them
  • Follow them
Both work together, but it is not possible to get a quick answer as most of the experts are very busy.

So it is always wise to follow the experts and industry leaders.

Learn from what they do and how they do.

If you have been following eAskme.com from a long time then may have already found that it works whenever I publish a new post.

You can only get updates from me if you are following eAskme.

Final Words/Conclusion:

Expert bloggers like Gaurav have been dominating social meeting from a long time. But Gaurav is the first one who gave this concept a functional name “Social Meeting.”

The social meeting is the dominant way to boost the overall performance of your business, brand, and blog.
  • Are you interested in a social meeting?

  • Have you ever attended a social meeting?
Stay tuned with eAskme follow Gaurav Kumar on Facebook to get social meeting invitation from us.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me.

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Pathaan Movie Review, Rating, Budget, Star cast, OTT release and FAQs: Leaked Online on Tamilrockers

Shah Rukh Khan is making his comeback with the movie “Pathaan.” Pathaan is one of the most awaited movies of 2023 and the most awaited movie of Shahrukh Khan.

Pathaan Movie Release Date:

Pathaan movie released on 25th January 2023 in different Indian languages.

On the same day, the full Pathaan movie leaked online on Tamilrockers, Yomovies, BestHDmovies, HDpopcorns, Moviesflix, Isaimini, Movierulz, Tamilrulz, Einthusan, 123movies, 1234movies, TodayPk, etc.

You can watch Pathaan full movie in the nearest cinemas. Pathaan movie is available in 2d, ICE, 4DX, and IMAX 2D.

Pathaan Movie Review, Rating, Budget, Star cast, OTT release and FAQs: Leaked Online on Tamilrockers: eAskme
Pathaan Movie Review, Rating, Budget, Star cast, OTT release and FAQs: Leaked Online on Tamilrockers: eAskme

You can watch Pathaan (2023) full movie in 3 Indian languages such as;

  • Watch Pathaan Full Movie Online in Hindi
  • Watch Pathaan Full Movie Online in Tamil
  • Watch Pathaan Full Movie Online in Telugu

Pathaan is a Spy Thriller movie from Yash Raj Films. Yash Raj Films is trying to build the Spy Movie universe with movies like Pathaan, Tiger, and WAR.

Pathaan Movie Starcast:

  • Shah Rukh Khan
  • Deepika Padukone
  • John Abraham
  • Dimple Kapadia
  • Ashutosh Rana
  • Salman Khan
  • Aakash Bhatija
  • Prakash Belawadi
  • Viraf Patel
  • Shaji Chaudhary
  • Diganta Hazarika
  • Rajat Kaul
  • Prem Jhangiani
  • Grace Girdhar
  • Ashutosh Singh
  • Nikhat Khan
  • Amanpreet Hundal
  • Bashir Lone, etc., have played important roles in Pathaan movie.

Pathaan Movie Director and Budget:

Siddharth Anand has directed Pathaan (2023) movie with a budget of ₹250 crore.

Pathaan Movie Ratings and Reviews:

Pathaan has scored 7 out of 10 on IMDb rating and 93% on RottenTomatoes.

Pathaan movie is breaking records in Indian movies. Within 4 days, Pathaan has earned ₹400 crores. There is a massive response from the audience and movie critics.

Pathaan Movie OTT Release Date and Platform:

People who want to watch Pathaan movie online on an OTT platform should know that Amazon Prime Video has purchased OTT rights.

Amazon Prime Video has spent Rs 100 crore buying Pathaan movie OTT rights.

Still, there is no official announcement when the Pathaan movie will release on Amazon Prime Video. Pathaan movie may release online on Amazon Prime Video in April.

People also search for free movie streaming sites to watch Pathaan full movie online. People are searching for free Pathaan movie downloads, Free Pathaan movie online, and Watching Pathaan movie online for free.

Movies like Pathaan, Tiger Zinda Hai, WAR, etc., are popular and leaked online on free movie streaming sites like 123movies, Fmovies, Yesmovies, Gomovies, Moviesda, etc.

Most Hindi movies are also leaked on streaming sites like Tamilrockers and Einthusan.

Pathaan movie downloads are also leaked on many piracy streaming sites and Telegram channels.

Why Tamilrockers has leaked Pathaan (2023) Movie Online:

Tamilrockers and many other free streaming sites like einthusan are streaming the latest movies without purchasing streaming rights. Most of the time, such sites are filled with ads and codes that can harm your device. It is best to avoid such sites.

Tamilrockers and other sites have leaked the "Pathaan" (2023) full movie online to watch or download to attract millions of Shah Rukh Khan movie lovers to their sites and earn money by displaying too many ads.

The best way to watch the Pathaan movie is to book tickets and visit the nearest cinema. But if you want to watch the Pathaan full movie online, wait for its OTT release on Amazon Prime Video.

If you want to watch the "Pathaan" (2023) movie, here are some FAQs you must know.

Pathaan FAQs:

What is the Meaning of Pathaan?

Pathaan means blast.

When will Pathaan Release on the OTT platform?

Thunivu OTT rights are with Amazon Prime Video.

Where can you watch Pathaan?

Book tickets for Pathaan movie to watch it in the nearest cinemas.

Is Pathaan superhit or flop?

Pathaan is a blockbuster movie.

Is Pathaan movie available on Netflix?

No. Pathaan movie is not available on Netflix.

Is Pathaan movie available on Aha Video?

No. Pathaan is not available on Aha Video.

Is Pathaan movie available on Amazon Prime Video?

No. Pathaan is not available on Amazon Prime Video.

Is Pathaan movie available on Disney+Hotstar?

No. Pathaan is not available on Disney+Hotstar.

Is the Pathaan movie available on Zee5?

No, Pathaan full movie is not available on Zee5.

What is the meaning of OTT?

OTT stands for Over the Top Platform.

What are the Legit OTT platforms?

Amazon Prime Video, Aha Video, Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, Zee5, Hulu, etc., are the popular legit OTT platforms.

Now, as you know everything about the "Pathaan" (2023) movie.

Watching full hd movies on piracy streaming sites like Tamilrockers cause revenue loss.

Watch movies in the nearest cinemas or online on Legit OTT streaming services.

Disclaimer: Piracy is illegal, and we never support or promote piracy in any way. We request you stop visiting piracy streaming sites and stick to legit streaming OTT platforms. We are not responsible for how a user uses information.


Have you watched Pathaan (2023) movie? Or Are you waiting for Pathaan OTT release?

Only visit theaters to watch Hindi Movies, Tamil movie, or Telugu movies exclusively released for theaters only.

Do you want to watch Pathaan full movie?

If yes, then you should book tickets to watch Pathaan full movie in HD quality.

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Dive Deep Into Precious Metals

When it comes to Precious Metals, there is a wide range of choices available for you to choose from.

Some popular choices include Silver, Gold, Platinum, Rhodium, and more.

You can choose from these metals based on your personal preferences and needs.

Dive Deep Into Precious Metals:

Dive Deep Into Precious Metals: eAskme
Dive Deep Into Precious Metals: eAskme


Osmium has many unique qualities that set it apart from other precious metals. The first is that it is incredibly rare.

It is estimated to be 2,500 times rare than silver. Secondly, it has a high density.
Osmium has a distinctive steel blue color.

There is also a special light reflection that extends beyond diamonds. You can find out more about this metal by clicking the link.

Osmium is very dense and is the least abundant element in the earth's crust. Therefore, it is very hard to extract. Despite this, it is an extremely valuable element.

One of the biggest advantages of osmium is its durability. It is so durable that it can be used to create a superconductor. This means that electricity can be transported without losing any energy.

Because osmium is a precious metal, it is highly sought after by collectors. Furthermore, osmium is not correlated with stocks or interest rates, making it a safe and long-term investment.

Moreover, osmium can be purchased in a variety of ways. You can buy it in a physical form, or you can buy it using cryptocurrencies.

Click the link: https://www.forbes.com/what-is-cryptocurrency/ for more information.

You will receive an Owner Change Code (OCC) when buying osmium. You can transfer your ownership to a new person by obtaining the Owner Change Code.

Finally, osmium is considered the most valuable of the precious metals. Unlike gold and silver, it is a very scarce commodity.


Palladium is a precious metal that is used in many industries. It is used for its catalytic properties and can help to reduce pollution.

Other applications include jewelry, electronic components, and dental equipment.

The automotive industry uses palladium to make catalytic converters, which convert harmful gasses into carbon dioxide and water vapor.

This helps to reduce harmful emissions and also improves fuel efficiency. As the global auto industry becomes increasingly cleaner, demand for metal is expected to increase.

The palladium market has experienced several price spikes this year. This is due to the ongoing demand and supply imbalance. A lack of supply is projected to cause a significant metal shortage in 2023.

One of the best ways to invest in palladium is to buy physical products, such as ingots, bars, and coins. These products offer more palladium for the same price.

Buying physical palladium can be challenging, though.

Palladium is commonly considered a store of value and can be used as a hedge against inflation. However, the value of the material may not be fully realized if it is not stored safely.

You can secure your palladium by placing it in a bank or a deposit box.

In terms of investment, you can also purchase exchange-traded futures (ETFs) for the metal. ETFs are an efficient way to trade palladium as they allow you to invest in the palladium market without risking your capital. Find out more about ETFs by clicking the link.

Another popular method of trading commodities is spread betting. Spread betting offers a tax-efficient way to speculate on the price of a commodity.

When the target is reached, you can exit for a profit.

As of March this year, the palladium price had broken all previous highs.

The palladium price has skyrocketed nearly 50% in the last six months.


Rhodium is a rare metal that is often used for jewelry and mirrors. It is a silvery white metal reflecting up to 80 percent of light. In addition, it is corrosion-resistant, making it suitable for metal objects.

The most popular application for rhodium is to plate jewelry. However, metal is also used in many other products.

The auto industry is one of the largest consumers of rhodium, with 80% of all the rhodium produced worldwide going to catalytic converters. Other uses include electrical contacts, electrodes, and medical devices.

Unlike other precious metals, rhodium is very expensive. As a result, its market is rather small. At the time of writing, pure rhodium sells for around $14000 per ounce.

This rare metal is used to manufacture various products, including aircraft spark plugs and high-quality glass. Its unique properties allow it to withstand the effects of a wide range of acids.

A large amount of rhodium used in the consumer market is recycled. About thirty to forty percent of the rhodium is made from recycled catalytic converters.

Consequently, this has a large impact on its price.


Iridium is a rare and precious metal that is used in a variety of applications. It is commonly used as a spark plug electrode. However, it is also very expensive. This metal is rare and has only a handful of industrial uses.

The metal has a high activation energy of 573 KJ/mol. As a result, it can break down into smaller pieces during the deformation process.

Pure iridium is also prone to microcracking, and the effects of these microcracks can negatively affect its mechanical properties.

Hot compression tests were performed to investigate pure iridium's deformation mechanisms. An optical microscope was used to examine the deformed samples.

Various parameters were evaluated, including microstructural evolution, dynamic recrystallization, and power dissipation (e).


Precious Metals, especially silver, are a popular investment. You can read Investor's Circle covers Fidelity, for more information about investing in precious metals.

Rare earth elements are a haven, especially when the economy is unstable or the Federal Reserve keeps interest rates low.

Silver is commonly used in jewelry, electronics, and other consumer goods. It is also employed in many industrial applications.

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