Tips and Techniques for SEO writing

It is no secret that SEO and content writing are the different sides of the same coin. The user will not able to search for your content without the SEO. It will rank may be at the 50 pages of the search results.

Therefore, it has become essential for the writers to incorporate some tips and tricks so their content will rank higher plus it will boost the rankings of the website as well.

Tips and Techniques for SEO writing: eAskme
Tips and Techniques for SEO writing: eAskme

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Before diving into the techniques of improving the rankings of the website, let us clarify first that what is an SEO.

What is SEO and what are its benefits?

SEO is much more than just adding some traffic to your blog. It has considerable benefits for both the consumer and the organization.

Here are some of the major benefits.

  • SEO is encouraging improved user experience for the customers.

  • It is the main source of the leads.

  • The effect is a higher conversion rate.

  • This helps to build awareness of the brand.

  • The company will win market share.

Tips and techniques which should be followed for SEO writing

  • Keywords are key to success in blogging

  • Take care of the length of the article

  • Do your research before writing

  • Write plagiarism free content

Keywords are key to success in blogging

Use appropriate, keyword-rich words in your headlines as well as throughout your material to let your audiences and search engines know what your article is all about.

But proceed with caution, too many keywords will not only flip off your readers but may lead in google search penalties for keyword stuffing. Using your keywords thoughtfully and cautiously, holding to a more realistic look.

In addition to using words in the body of your blog, take advantage of blogger tags by tagging a few keywords for each blog; most specific blogs have already built-in tagging functionality.

1. Take care of the length of the article

Back in the days, there would be up to several hundred words on several blog posts you 'd read. It was a numbers thing, the more articles you 'd write, the more clicks you 'd get.

It is hardly the case these days. Even on the blog, you 're reading right now, you 're probably going to find articles that are longer than 1,500 words and are published less regularly.

It is because, over the last few years, Google has shown that it gives greater priority to larger, better-quality content.

They seek to provide their users with the best possible responses, and this always results in posts that offer the most comprehensive response to the user's question. Writing 300-word papers no longer suffices. But it is not about watering the material down, either.

Look at your reports on Google Analytics to see which posts are producing the largest influence for you. Which ones are most visited, and which ones are read for the longest period? And then, which ones produce the highest conversions, for example, email sign-ups.

Then, use that knowledge to find the most suitable solution for your market.

2.  Do your research before writing

It is not easy to create new content every single day.  Writing takes a lot of thought.

Think about what you would like to write, and how you want to bring those thoughts into a creative post. Often, determine what the target market is interested in.
Even, good writing also takes time to do some work. Aside from that, no one is an authority in all issues.

So, take a moment to look up details about your subject, find out what is new. It will help you develop engaging content that people want to learn.

3. Write plagiarism free content

Including over 200 million active sites online, writing plagiarism free content is a struggle for even the finest copywriters. Simply put, there is just so much that anyone can talk about the subject without reinforcing ideas!

Most copywriters are in a place to report on subjects that have already been addressed on other websites.

And, with how much they are trying to do, it's not always possible to acquire up with a whole new approach to the story.

For niche markets where authoritative references can be listed on one hand, writing plagiarism of free material seems to be more challenging.

Use the plagiarism checkers that are extensively available online. There are free plagiarism checkers as well.

Use tools for optimizing your blog

  1. Plagiarism detector

  2. Grammar checker

  3. Keyword checker

1. Plagiarism detector

It is natural to turn to relevant sites for guidance and creativity when writing Web-based material.

The plagiarism detector will review your article, find plagiarism in any instance, and afterwards you can replace it with new, quality content.

This website can help ensure that plagiarized information is never used on your blogs.

Prepostseo offers a best free plagiarism checker that is excellent in its working. It checks the plagiarism in literally no time.

A great feature is that it is a free plagiarism checker. The content is secure and safe with this tool. You can sign up free of cost and it can detect the plagiarism of 1000 words per search.

2. Grammar checker

If you want to create good quality content that is suitable for SEO rankings. Try creating the content that is free from any grammatical errors.

The use of grammar checker has become the necessity for most of the non-native English writers. The one tool that available at just the one click away is Grammarly.

The matter of Grammarly 's apparent presence is for convenience factor: it is accessible as a dedicated software package in Windows and Mac OS, as an application for iPhone and android, or as an extension for such common browsers as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

The current design of Grammarly is such that it beats out all the competitors in terms of accuracy, finding more mistakes than the next ideal option might manage, thus giving the user either simple or more sophisticated layout choices.

3. Keyword checker

Keyword Checker checks the text or Link address to see how many times every keyword was cited. This is especially helpful if you have a broad post, and you want to make sure the keywords do not excessively saturate.

As already mentioned, keywords will take up approximately 1-2 percent of the article. You can select the tool of your choice from the pool of different programs available online.


Hopefully, the information has been found useful.

If you use the tools and tips listed in this list, you will be able to create SEO friendly material irrespective of the industry you write for.

Eventually, you will learn how to write material that people read and share.

SEO friendly sites are getting more traffic, and higher rates of traffic will raise your SEO ratings.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

If you find this article interesting, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


Because, Sharing is Caring!

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Link Building Checklist to Earn High Quality Backlinks Naturally

Do you want to rank higher in search results? If yes, then you need more links. Backlinks are among the top 3 ranking factors on Google.

Quality backlinks massively impact the position of your content in search results. These also help to made or destroy the authority of your website.

Quality links pointing to a domain name can improve the overall ranking of the site.

Link Building Checklist to Earn High Quality Links: eAskme
Link Building Checklist to Earn High Quality Links: eAskme

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There was a time when creating links was almost spammy.

The number of links was everything.

But, in the past few years, link building transformed from quantity to quality.

Now professionals and experts are talking about;
To earn links, you need to build community, healthy relationships with your partners, and publish creative content ideas.

Focus on user engagement, expression, and quality of the content to earn high-quality links.
Also, develop a diverse link profile.

To make sure that your link profile is diverse, you need to follow this link building checklist.

In this link building checklist, you will see many things that you may have already known but missed or ignored them when building links.

In this checklist, I will also share the links to detailed guides.

Technical SEO:

First, answer these questions;
  • Can you rank your blog or websites with backlinks only?
  • How to build links to a messy website?
Links are important, but you cannot rank a poorly ranking website.

You need to work on creating an excellent user experience, and you can do it by creating a clean, mobile-friendly, and fast loading website.

First, fix the technical SEO of your website and then focus on building backlinks.

The sites are more likely to link back to the blogs or websites with clean design and better user experience.

Plan Link Building Activities:

Plan Link Building Activities: eAskme: Link Building Checklist to Earn High Quality Backlinks Naturally

The very first thing is that you need to breakdown your link building activities in;
  • Yearly
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly
  • Weekly

Yearly Link Building Checklist:

Yearly Link Building Checklist: Link Building Checklist to Earn High Quality Backlinks Naturally: eAskme

After the end of each year, analyze what worked for you and what lots it’s value. Fix errors, update old posts, trash useless posts, drop outdated strategies, and adopt the latest trends.

Quarterly Link building Checklist:

Quarterly Link building Checklist: Link Building Checklist to Earn High Quality Backlinks Naturally: eAskme


Backlink Audit:

Backlink audit should be an essential part of your link building strategy.

Use tools like Google Search Console to export the list of backlinks.

Similar to the content scoring sheet, sort the list of sites linking to your website and review them.

This will help you to find all the low quality and irrelevant links and add them to your disavow list.

Use the Disavow list:

Add all the irrelevant, and low-quality sites in your disavow file and review it.

After every quarter, you will be adding more sites and removing some sites from your disavow file.

Competition Analysis:

Track the backlink data of the top 3 competitors.

Analyze the links and create a list of sites that will help you or your client.

Monthly link building checklist:

Monthly link building checklist: Link Building Checklist to Earn High Quality Backlinks Naturally: eAskme

There are some tasks that you should do every month.

Email Outreach:

I am surely not talking about mass email outreach.

Here I am telling you to email outreach to your influencer connections and let them know what you have published and why they should be linking to it.

Monitor Brand Mentions:

Track the brand mentions to understand where and when your competitors are getting brand mentions.

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is among one of the oldest link building strategies.

But, the way experts use guest blogging is quite different than old times.

The focus should be not only to build links but to build strong relationships and earn brand mentions.

Content Syndication:

Create link-worthy content such as “Complete Domain Name Guide.” And, make the publishers syndicate your content.

Reviews & Testimonials:

Reviews and testimonials are one of the quality ways to earn backlinks. You should do it every month.


Directories are outdated.

But still, some high-quality directories can help you earn foundational links.

Affiliate Links:

You can also build links with the help of affiliate marketing.

For example, if you have a product or service that you want to sell, then you should create your affiliate program and make affiliate join the program for free.

Affiliates will not only help you make more sales but also bring a lot of backlinks.

Broken Link building:

Broken link building is still functional.

You can find the broken links and request to replace the broken link with your original content.

Content marketing:

Content marketing is one of the best ways to build links. But you need to use creative, controversial, and ego baiting content to build links naturally.

The number and quality of links depend upon the quality of your content and how well it engages with the user.

Events and Charity:

Events and charities are also the best ways to earn backlinks from news publications.

You can organize social events to raise money for the charity, and this will attract local newspapers and news websites to publish about the event.

You can also co-sponsor the event.

Weekly Link Building Checklist:

Weekly Link Building Checklist: Link Building Checklist to Earn High Quality Backlinks Naturally: eAskme

1st and 2nd Week:

Audit internal backlinks and competitors backlinks.

3rd Week:

Brainstorm content ideas.

4th Week:

Discover Link Opportunities:
  • Develop email templates
  • Find co-citation opportunities
  • Outreach to 50+ targets.

5th Week:

Start writing and review before publishing even the first blog post.

Final Words:

To ensure the quality and quantity of the backlinks it is important to follow this link building checklist.

This will help you supercharge your backlink profile.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

If you find this article interesting, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


Because, Sharing is Caring!

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Instagram Reels: What is it? Features & How to Create 15-seconds Videos on Instagram with Reels?

Instagram reels is one f the most awaited product from Instagram. The reason behind the launch of the Instagram reel is to give the diehard competition to the fastest growing social app TikTok.

Now you have many questions about Instagram reels, such as;

  • What is Instagram reels?

  • How does it work?

  • When will it be launched?

  • How will it give fierce competition to TikTok?

  • What are the features of Instagram reels?
Instagram reels: What is Instagram Reels? how to create reels in Instagram? How to create 15-minutes videos on Instagram?: eAskme
Instagram reels: What is Instagram Reels? how to create reels in Instagram? How to create 15-minutes videos on Instagram?: eAskme

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Here you will find every answer related to Instagram reels.

What is Instagram reels?

Instagram reels is a new way to create 15-seconds videos similar to TikTok but on the Instagram platform.

Right now, Instagram reels will launch in 50 countries, including the United States.

What are the features of Instagram reels?

Instagram reels is going to be similar to TikTok in many ways.

Features of Instagram reels:

  • Create 15-seconds videos

  • Share videos

  • Add any song or your audio to videos.

  • Grab audio from other published videos.

  • Find popular clips in “features reels.:

Instagram users can see the reels in the main feed and also find the Instagram reels in a dedicated Explore tab.

Instagram reels allow the user to reach the audience who are not even following him.

Instagram reels users will gain more exposure if their videos grab the place in the “features” section.

How to Create Instagram reels?

To create reels on Instagram, you need to use the Instagram camera. Select the reels from your mobile screen.

You can use the following tools for Instagram reels:


This place is for you to search the audio that you want to use in your video.

AR effects:

Select the effects you want t use in Instagram reels video.

Timer and Countdown:

You can set the timer.


This tool allows you to line up objects.


This tool allows you to speed up or slow down your videos.

Press and hold the capture button to record the video for Instagram reels.

Reels allow you to create a series of videos in your Instagram profile.

After creating the reels, you can share it with your friends and followers.

All the shared reels display under the Reels tab.

How is reels different than TikTok?

Tiktok is an app, but reels is an additional feature on the Instagram app.

This means that Instagram users need not install any other app for using Instagram reels.

If you do not see the Instagram reels on your profile, then you must update the Instagram app.

Instagram reels have the luxury of using already available massive Instagram user base.

This will stop Instagram users from using TikTok.

Reels will add real value to Instagram business also. It is intended that this feature will increase the time spent on the Instagram app. This will attract more advertisers on Instagram for business.

TikTok business company ByteFance is already facing the hard time. TikTok is already banned in India.

Bytedance either has to sell the TikTok US operation to Microsoft or else be banned from the USA.

This thing has created enough space for Instagram to launch the TikTok reels.

Final Words:

Till now, we are discussing the potential of the Instagram reels.

Once, it will go live; things will be bright that how useful it is for the users.

We can only hope that it will not face the same fate as Instagram IGTV.

Instagram reels is available now, and you can use it by updating your Instagram app.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

If you find this article interesting, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


Because, Sharing is Caring!

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Marketing Strategies and Their Benefits

Have you heard about the mystery of advertising and the wonders that marketing strategies have on business?

Well, the fact that you are reading this article it means that you have expressed your interest in this particular field.

If you do a quick research you might end up feeling overwhelmed with the abundance of information you will find on the subject of marketing and marketing strategies.

Marketing Strategies and Their Benefits: eAskme
Marketing Strategies and Their Benefits: eAskme

So, to help you save your precious time, we have decided to create this article that consists of all of the important benefits you will get just by incorporating certain marketing strategies into your particular business.

Accordingly, the focus is not on the business itself, but rather on the advantages that advertising has to offer.

So, considering all of the things mentioned above we are going to take a look at the benefits of incorporating marketing strategies.

Continue reading and you will find out how you can actually apply them to suit your business.

Increasing Traffic to Your Business:

To put this in other words, increasing the traffic of your business means that through marketing strategies you will actually expand the range of customers as more and more people will become aware of the product or service that you are selling.

One of the best representatives of this statement is the online casino industry. Casino NetBet is offering you a chance to play online roulette and see the effects of how a popular game can increase the traffic to a particular business.

The best way to experience certain marketing strategies, like this one, for example, is to visit the site and explore the games they offer.

You will see how their attention to detail in every single game is capturing the players’ attention, giving them a sense of excitement.

Many games have a particular theme and all of the other minor things are correlated.

This way the player feel even more engaged and are more likely to spread the word out and increase the traffic to the site.

But, it is not enough to design a perfect strategy that will only increase the traffic of your business, but also you have to make sure that you are doing everything you can in order to keep the new customers interested for a longer period of time and manage to maintain the interest and the loyalty of the existing ones.

Keeping Your Business Up to Date:

The marketing strategies you will incorporate into your business strategy will help you get a hold of the latest trends in the business world that will help you keep it up to date.

Being in the field of constant development and changes, businesses like sport.netbet.com have to make sure that they are looking ahead and adapt to stay relevant, because you want to place the bets on cricket in the most secure way possible.

There are so many innovations that are hard to follow, but when you design the perfect marketing strategy that would fit your business you will get a chance to easily incorporate the popular trends that are happening right now.

Another interesting approach is that when you are using marketing strategies to keep your business updated, you are actually presenting the customers with the latest changes and improvements that you are applying.

This is a great opportunity that will help you get to the point of success you are aiming to achieve.

Growth Increasing:

Marketing strategies are there to help your business grow and improve. This way you are doing everything in your power in order to get a better understanding of how certain strategies will help your business grow.

This is not an easy task to do and often takes so much time, but all of the work, energy, and resources you put in will make a huge difference in the overall business success.

Make Smart Choices:

As mentioned above, there is an abundance of marketing strategies that you can find just with a quick search on the internet. But this does not guarantee you success.

When thinking about incorporating various marketing strategies you have to be aware of the fact that particular, well-crafted ones will have the biggest impact on your business.

So, make sure that you are making smart choices when it comes to choosing the best marketing strategy for your business.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

If you find this article interesting, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


Because, Sharing is Caring!
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10 Essentials of Factory Audit Checklist

No matter how experienced an importer you are, it is always beneficial for you to conduct a thorough supplier audit before you finalize any dealing with him.

Countless examples of importers all over the world have shown the detrimental consequences of hiring a supplier without proper investigation; these consequences range from delays in orders due to lack of equipment with the supplier to meet with customer demand, to much more detrimental consequences such as loss of revenue and possible penalty in the court of law due to selling substandard goods.

10 Essentials of Factory Audit Checklist: eAskme
10 Essentials of Factory Audit Checklist: eAskme

This is why it is highly recommended for importers to conduct an adequate factory audit before hiring.

Not only is your supplier responsible for the ultimate user experience that your consumers experience, but a bad supplier also has the power to completely shatter the image your business or brand might have earned with utmost hard work over the years.

While you may have a number of different reasons why you wish to conduct a supplier audit, here are the top 10 reasons why importers all over the world do not wish to ignore supplier audit prior to hiring a new supplier:

1.    Zero tolerance for serious violations by the supplier

The first reason is perhaps the most grave; in addition to being a profit-seeking entity, looking to enter new markets and expand all over the world, one concern that perhaps all business share in essence all over the world is a zero-tolerance for extremely grave social and legal violations.

While you may be willing to give your supplier a certain margin of error when it comes to certain matters, such as accepted number of defects in the fabric stitching, there are certain non-compliances that require immediate action and result in a for-sure ‘fail’ in a quality audit.

Two very mainstream examples of such violations are as follows:

  • The supplier using forced labor, including child labor: if your supplier is suspected of making use of some sort of forced labor, it becomes your immediate responsibility to forfeit relations with him. Not only is the act extremely unethical, but in most developed countries illegal and subject to a heavy penalty. If authorities find out that you sourced products from a supplier that uses child labor, even if you did not approve it, it becomes a serious setback for your business, which may result as far as termination of your license to sell or trade.
  • Making sure that your supplier has the appropriate paperwork to proceed with exports, such as an export license. It may very well be possible that you find out once you have hired the supplier and he has produced a significant amount of your order that he is in fact not allowed the license to export by his native country, for any reason. This, again, would be a serious drawback to your business and is beneficial for you to sort out these matters in the early stages of your deal.
  • A social compliance audit would be extremely helpful for you at this point, to make sure that your supplier is in-line with local and international social compliances. It is recommended, as a rule, to avoid working with any supplier that is suspected of being involved in any activity towards which you or your country show zero tolerance.
  • Making sure the factory environment, equipment and basic facilities meet your requirements
  • In addition to making sure that your supplier is not in violation of any major law or social compliance, it is also necessary for you to ensure that he is fully equipped to produce the goods that you require of him, in the quantity and quality that you have asked for- within the time frame promised to you. There is no point of producing great-quality products six months over the deadline. It is, thus, important that you audit the supplier to make sure that the supplier is in a position to produce for you.

To ensure this, your quality audit checklist would most likely include the following points:

  • Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) or Global Security Verification (GSV) certification
  • Sufficient lighting in production, QC, packaging and storage areas
  • Proper production conditions, including properly maintained and undamaged windows, walls and roofs
  • Routine equipment cleaning and maintenance, including a dedicated maintenance team
  • Proper storage conditions and procedures for dies and molds
  • Routine testing equipment calibration
One of the foremost reasons for substandard quality products is the use of inept machinery or procedures, which results in defected products.

How can you expect the supplier to check for accurate measurements when his equipment is incorrectly calibrated?

This is only one example of how defected equipment can result in defected products, even if the supplier is in fact working with utmost care to follow your instructions.

Hence, it is vital for you to check the factory environment to make sure it meets with your requirements.

3.    Quality management system

A thorough and effective quality audit would comprise a checklist that covers the section of supplier’s quality management system.

This section is essentially critical to ensuring that the supplier is able to comply with your quality standards, as demanded of him.

Although quality management, in essence, is a rather broad topic encompassing a large number of matters, it is typical for the quality audit process to check for the following things:

  • Top management personnel in charge of QMS development
  • Relevant quality policy documentation and familiarity with such policies among production staff
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • QC teams independent from production staff
In addition to these, there are certain international standards that the supplier must conform to in order to qualify for producing goods for your business.

One such example is the ISO 9001, which is a globally recognized set of rules and requirements that are necessary to ensure quality management systems.

A supplier must demonstrate the following in order to legitimately obtain ISO 9001 certification:

  • The ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements
  • Procedures and policies to identify and implement quality improvements
What essentially sets apart strong quality management from a poor one is the system’s ability to actively seek out and correct for any quality issues found within the manufacturing process or products, without having to rely on outside input such as from buyers or third-parties.

If your supplier has effective quality management in place, it is likely that you will come across a very minimal number of defects, as compared to a supplier who has no such system in place.

Verifying a supplier has an independent 3rd Party Inspection team (ATIHongKong) that is clearly separate and distinguishable from production staff—whether by uniform, name-tags or another method—is part of the quality audit process.

4.    Quality control for incoming materials

One of the things that importers fear the most is for your supplier to use inferior quality materials to produce goods in an attempt to cut costs for themselves and offer an edge in the prices offered.

Using substandard quality raw materials is one of the foremost reasons amounting to defected products. Keep in mind that it is often very costly and time consuming for you to rework products that are defected due to poor quality raw material.

For example, where it is possible to fix the length of skirts that are a few cm too long, it is not possible to rework a skirt with the wrong density fabric; the only viable solution present in this situation is to dispose of the skirt and start again from scratch.

Checking your supplier’s material control processes can give you insight into your factory’s incoming quality control standards.

Factory staff with a healthy quality control mindset will:

  • Systematically check the quality of incoming materials and components
  • Follow clear processing guidelines throughout the pre-production phase

Your quality audit checklist should account for the following to verify materials and components controls at the factory:

  • Incoming material inspections
  • Clear materials labeling
  • Proper materials storage to avoid contamination, especially if there are chemicals involved
  • Clear, written procedures for selecting, maintaining and evaluating any sub-supplier quality performance
It is, therefore, vital for you to conduct an audit that assesses the quality of incoming and raw materials being used, so that you do not have to face expensive quality issues in your products that might possibly cost you your customers.

5.    Quality control during production

In addition to conducting a thorough inspection of the materials before they are used for production, it is also recommended for you to conduct an audit during the production stages in an attempt to identify any quality issues and fix them in time before a lot of damage is done.

A problem caught early on in the production stage is easier to fix.

During production controls are often essential for products with many parts or those requiring several production processes, such as electronics.

An effective quality audit checklist should verify factory staff:

  • Perform function and safety checks on 100 percent of production units
  • Clearly separate accepted and rejected goods, often indistinctly labeled bins or boxes
  • Apply a suitable sampling plan for in-process quality control inspection
It is very likely for you to witness a large number of defected products come your way when you decide to forgo during production quality control; hence, it is highly advisable to ensure that the supplier is working for you in a manner that does not induce any kind of defects in your products which will, later on, require rework or reproduction.

6.    Quality control and inspection of finished goods

Before you sign-off for receiving the goods, it is always a good idea to conduct a finished-goods inspection.

Once the products have been shipped to you, it is almost always more costly to rework any defective products that you may find.

Regardless of you seeking the help of a third-party inspection help, your supplier should have a system in place to conduct this inspection on its own to identify and correct for any defects that may have gone unnoticed in the previous stages of inspection and audit.

This is what would set apart a good supplier from the rest.

The rests and checks conducted by the supplier are likely to include:

  • Appearance
  • Function
  • Performance
  • Packaging

7.    Adequate lab testing and coordination with third parties as required

No matter how effective a quality system your supplier has in place, certain products require lab testing to make sure that they meet with the requirements and specifications set by you.

One example would be an infant’s crib: only a lab-verified crib should promise to provide adequate safety and stability to the infant, it is not enough for a quality inspector present on-site to visually inspect it and approve it for use by an infant.

However, it is common for suppliers all over the world to not have their own labs present for testing products.

But, in case your supplier does have a lab, then it becomes your responsibility to thoroughly inspect the lab to verify that it is credible and will provide unbiased and accurate results.

If such a lab is available on site, the quality audit process should verify:

  • Testing equipment
  • Testing capabilities, including which specific tests and following which international standards
  • Training of lab personnel

8.    Human resource management

If your supplier claims to have an effective quality system in place, it is important for you to verify the credibility of this place.

Is your supplier facing a very high labor turnover, particularly in the quality control and assurance department?

If so, then this may raise a red flag for you.

Not only does it take time and effort to hire and train new quality inspectors, but they may also require time to familiarize themselves with your products and your quality requirements.

It is also a very valid concern as to the expertise of the inspectors themselves. Several suppliers hire untrained inspectors in an attempt to cut costs, which then approve products that would otherwise be tagged as faulty and rejected.

Hence, it is important for you to make sure that the inspection staff is credible and trained.

That’s why a good quality audit checklist should include checks for:

  • Structured training programs for new and current employees
  • New employee orientation and qualification testing
  • Formal training records

9.    Innovative capabilities

Importers may seriously appreciate the presence of an engineering and design department which is related to their products, present on-site.

These departments come into use if you wish to develop a new product in collaboration with the supplier.

A related section of your quality audit checklist should include points for reviewing a supplier’s own on-site R&D capabilities, including:

  • Any patents the factory holds
  • Demonstrated ability to develop a product similar to yours from concept to production
  • Lead times on creating any tooling for products like yours

10. The approach towards business development

Last, but not the least, a supplier’s organizational structure and overall work environment is a big sign regarding whether or not they will be able to conduct their affairs in an effective and professional manner.

To help you decide with this, these are some of the questions that your audit should attempt to answer:

  • Are staff professional, respectful and interested in doing business with the customer?
  • Is the factory properly structured to communicate with customers, process orders and conduct other business functions (do they have dedicated sales, customer support and finance teams, etc.)?
  • Does the factory’s operation appear stable?Are staff cooperative with the third-party auditor during the audit?


As explained above, the consequences of not conducting an audit before hiring a new supplier may be immense.

Although manufacturing and importing as a business is bound to come with risks of all degrees.

These risks may be mitigated by selecting appropriate suppliers who are able to effectively deliver you with the goods that you require, without compromising on legal or social compliance.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

If you find this article interesting, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.
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Can I Start An SEO Agency?

To set up an SEO agency, you need something which is beyond your SEO skills. Becoming an SEO agency owner is different than becoming an SEO expert.

Today, I will answer the following questions;
  • How to Setup an SEO Agency?
  • How much knowledge do you need to start an SEO agency?
  • What are the essential steps to become the owner of an SEO agency?
If you are also looking for answers to the following questions, this post is for you.

The one thing that you should remember is that an SEO agency is not the guarantee of a million dollars in your pocket overnight.

It will take time, sometimes years or decades, to reach the million-dollar goal.

Also, becoming the owner of an SEO agency is not the end of knowledge. But from there, your journey to stay updated starts.

Can You Start An SEO Agency?

Here is everything that you should know.

SEO Agency is more than you:

No matter your best SEO expert you are, if you do not have the people who can bring clients for you, you cannot run the SEO agency successfully.

There i snot doubt that to make your SEO agency successful; you need to work a lot. But without clients, you will not have any work.

The people with selling skills are the most important in your SEO agency.

I have seen many people crying and blaming people with low SEO skills about killing the SEO business. But the one thing which makes the others get the business is the selling skills.

Tip: No matter you have a business a not, never devalue your business ethics.

Client trust and long term relationships should be most important for you.

A satisfied client will refer your agency to others or give you more business every month, which is quite better than doing low quality work.

Your first job should be gaining the trust of your client.

You can't do everything:

As an owner of the SEO agency, you will spend most of the time updating your skills.

You have to manage a lot of things in your SEO agency, such as clients, finance, infrastructure, sales, accounts, IT, etc. It isn't easy to manage everything at the same time.

If you are passionate about doing SEO by yourself and want to manage every website, then becoming an owner of an SEO agency is not the best thing for you.

Or, keep your SEO agency as small as you can to control everything.

SEO Agency is not you But your Employees:

Your SEO agency will not be the best if your employees are not good.

No matter how good a project you have, your agency will fail in everything without the best SEO employees.

This makes the selection of the best SEO employees highly valuable.

There is no room for ego in the SEO business.

Your SEO Agency does not require your SEO Skills:

You can run a successful SEO agency even without the professional SEO skills, but with the expert SEO employees.

You can easily create an SEO agency.

But the success lies in the professional behavior and skills of your employees.

Your optimization entirely depends upon the quality of your staff.

Owning an SEO agency is one of the best business ideas but not the easiest one.

You need to work a lot on hiring the SEO experts for your agency and improving their SEO skills.

A professional SEO team can even optimize the terrible website.

Final Words:

The setup of an SEO agency is quite easy. All you need is space, systems, and employees. But what is more important? It is the skill of your employees and the trust of your clients.

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7 Tips to Prepare Your Teen for the SATs

Preparing for the SATs can be an arduous and often stressful experience for a teen, especially when they consider how it may determine what colleges they can get into after high school.

It affects their future in a big way. This, coupled with the other requirements of high school, can be overwhelming for them.

7 Tips to Prepare Your Teen for the SATs: eAskme
7 Tips to Prepare Your Teen for the SATs: eAskme

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This is why it’s important and helpful when a parent helps them with preparing for the SATs and provides them with the support they need.

Everyone wants to be a supportive parent, but how do you best prepare your teenage son or daughter for the SATs?

Preparing for the SATs: How You Can Help Your Teen

As mentioned, preparing for the SATs and college life, in general, can be stressful and difficult for your teenager. They may see it as one of the most crucial exams of their high school life.

With that said, here are some tips on how you can help them prepare for the SATs, get the best score they can, and get into a good college.

Encourage them to challenge themselves in school.

Before the test prep classes and books, the actual preparation begins when you encourage your child to enroll himself/herself in classes that will challenge them academically.

Considering that the SATs are meant to gauge what your child has learned in high school, it’s best if they master the basics during high school.

Through this, they will be better equipped and prepared to handle the topics covered on college entrance exams like the SATs.

Help them familiarize themselves with the format of the exam.

Preparing for the exam also means becoming familiar with its format as this will help your child develop better test-taking strategies and feel more confident.

By developing better strategies, they can take the SATs with increased efficiency, especially important because these exams have a time limit.

You can use free materials and mock tests from top prep course companies such Princeton Review, Magoosh and Kaplan. Check the full list here.

Do your homework about how much the SATs count in their college of choice.

Important as the SATs may be for college admissions, not all universities base the admission of the student only on their test scores.

It’s best if you help your child research how much the SATs weigh in terms of admission equirements for their college of choice.

Moreover, also do an in-depth search about which parts of the SATs they consider the most during the deliberation process.

Encourage them to deepen their knowledge of different topics through reading.

One of the most effective ways of gaining a deeper understanding of different topics and improving one’s test-taking skills is through reading.

Aside from the fact that reading helps improve brain function, having fast reading skills can help your child analyze the text more quickly.

The more used they are to reading, the better chance of success for completing the SATs within the time limit provided.

Research well before paying for SAT preparation.

Considering that we all have different methods for learning, what works best for their peers may not work well for your child.

Keeping that in mind, you should do your research before enrolling them in SAT prep classes.

Otherwise, you might be just wasting valuable time and resources on something that ultimately won’t help them.

That means considering your child’s learning style before enrolling them in anything. Do they learn best in a classroom setting?

Or do they prefer learning at their own pace?

Maybe a private tutor would be more helpful than say, test preparation classes. They might get more out of video instruction than studying from a textbook.

Doing your research also involves researching the quality of the classes you want to enroll your child in. Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean good quality.

These classes can be quite expensive, even more so when you opt for a private tutor.

Make the most out of the free resources available.

Even if your child decides to be enrolled in a class or hire a private tutor, it’s best if you utilize all the available test prep materials you can get your hands on.

Luckily, with the existence of the internet, there are plenty of free test prep resources you can take advantage of.

By doing so, you reduce the cost of preparing for the exam – money that you can use to pay for their college tuition.

Create a timetable for the SATs.

High school students typically take the SAT during the latter part of their junior year but if you want to help your child prepare for the SAT, then it’s best if you create a test timetable.

Scheduling when they take the SAT should give them adequate time to prepare for the exam while ensuring that the results will be available by the time college applications need to be sent out.

A timetable can also help them be more organized and allow them ample time to cover the topics they need to work on and familiarize themselves with the test.

Final Thoughts

With your help and support, as well as the aforementioned tips, your child can adequately prepare themselves for the SATs, something that can reduce the stress they might be feeling at this crucial time.

The SATs can be vital for determining whether or not your child gets into the college they prefer, especially considering the fierce competition nowadays for spots in good schools.

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Natural Link Building: 12 Impactful Ways to Earn Links Without Doing Outreach

Link, backlinks, link building, no matter you love them or hate them, but you still need them to improve your search engine ranking.

An SEO expert can never ignore the importance of high-quality backlinks.

Still, the world is looking for the right way to generate high-quality inbound links.

Where many SEO professional follows the rule to stay white hat strictly, some others follow ethically flexible methods.

Natural Link Building: 12 Impactful Ways to Earn Links Without Doing Outreach: eAskme
Natural Link Building: 12 Impactful Ways to Earn Links Without Doing Outreach: eAskme

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But, no matter you are an SEO professional or running an SEO agency, you always want more and more links in a natural way.

When it comes to link building, you may have tried many things, but nothing can compete with the power of natural link building methods.

Natural Link Building:

Natural link building is a way to earn links without buying or asking for them yourself. This means that you will plainly put your hands out of guest posting, buying links, outreach, etc.

Then how will you do that?

In natural link building, the focus is on creating excellent pieces of content which will attract others to link to your website or blog post.

It sounds easy, but it takes a lot of hard work, time, and patience.

The best way to build links is by including natural link building in your existing link building strategy.

What are the Benefits of Natural Link Building?

What are the Benefits of Natural Link Building?: eAskme

You need to understand that traditional link building and natural link building are different things, and that is why they both have different benefits.

The significant benefits of natural link building are;

Here are the few merits of natural link building which makes naturally earned links the star of the show;


Recognition and branding are the significant benefits of natural link building.

When your content gets published in top news or industry publications, it increases the popularity of your brand.

Link growth at the multiplying rate:

When your website earns links from highly popular industry website, then it also increases the chances to earn links from many blogs.

This way, it will help you earn more and more links.

Social Shares:

There is no doubt that the content which attracts more backlinks also attract more social shares.

Building Strong relationships:

When you are earning backlinks for your blog or website, it is also the right time to engage with influencers in your industry.


What can be more rewarding than watching your website earning 100% natural links? This will increase your confidence to produce more impactful content.

Natural link building not only brings traffic, links, and ranking but is also improve the overall performance of your brand.

Natural backlinks are undoubtedly the best way to earn high-quality links without spending a dime.

What Should You Do to Make Other Websites to Link to Your content naturally?

What Should You Do to Make Other Websites to Link to Your content naturally?: eAskme

If you do not include outreach in your link building strategy, it doesn't mean that you have to sit and pray for the link to fall in love with your content.

There are always a few things that you have to make every strategy effective.

Same applies to natural link building.

There are a few things that you must do to attract links without asking for them.

The main point is to create an impressive piece of content and market that on various social and industry platforms.

Remember: If no one knows you, no one can link to you. You need to make your website, blog, or business known.

And, here I am sharing these things which will help you increase the potential of your content and earn links naturally.

Content marketing:

Content is the essential thing that you need to market any product, service, business, or brand. It is the soul of an impactful link building strategy.

To attract links naturally, you need to create link-worthy content.

Traditional link building method will take you on the path of buying links or asking other sites to link to your content or exchanging guest post.

But natural link building you have to work differently.

Evergreen content or pillar content is the first thing that you ever need to attract links from high authority websites and improve SEO ranking.

If your content ranks better in search, then other sites also like to link back to your content.

Active marketing on various channels will also help your content to expand it’s reach and grab more links.

Social media:

In today’s world, not even a single person can ignore the importance of social media networks.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other networks are making people spend hours online and engage with everything that they find on such networks.

This tells that social media networks also are a good place for marketing your content for attracting more links.

Twitter allows you to add the link in your bio and also separately in the website section. I am not saying that this will help to increase your brand authority, but it will surely help you to get traffic regularly.

On LinkedIn, you can add upto three links in your profile. Not only that, but you can also attach documents and videos.

These are the critical options to grab traffic, increase visibility, and generate more leads with the help of your content.

Rather than just dropping your link in a graveyard social media channels allow you to market your links to grab more eyes.

Tip: share only highly engaging and relevant content that others find attractive on your website, and it will help you earn link opportunities.

Editorial links:

Editorial link is one of the best examples of natural link building. You can only earn an editorial link if you have fantastic content and use the best marketing techniques.

Editorial links are best to gain authority and prove the legitimacy of a business, brand, product, or service.

You can only attract editorial links by publishing the latest events and trends on your website or blog.

The big reason is that editorial sites like Forbes and Entrepreneur prefer highly resourced content.

You can find the latest trends by keeping your eyes on;

  • Google trends
  • Google News Stories
  • Twitter Trending Topics
  • Bing Trending Topics
Write your own expert tips/opinion or suggestion on the trending topics and share it on every possible platform.

If you can predict the future and influence the trends, then you will earn links like a running tap. This will help to increase your chances to rank better in organic search.

Resource Pages:

As we are discussing the highly valuable ways to build link naturally, let’s talk about how resource pages can help you here.

Resource pages are the most trusted pages of a website. At a resource, page webmaster features evergreen content of highly valuable resources such as eBooks, Interviews, Tools, videos, guides, etc.

It usually works as the toolkit for the visitors.

Some sites limit resources pages to blog posts only. But you need to do more and create an all in one resource page that others love to link back.

This is also an excellent way to incentivize others who are linking to you.

Resources pages are the great way to target keywords link;

  • ____Tips
  • ____ Guides
  • How to____
People who are looking for the answer rot a question can find the resource page quite helpful.

The best example of a resource page is here;


Quora: Natural Link Building: 12 Impactful Ways to Earn Links Without Doing Outreach: eAskme

Quora.com is not just a question-answer site but is a knowledge-sharing portal. On this site, people find the answers to almost all the questions. More than 200k people are visiting this site every month.

To earn links from Quora, you need to focus on adding value. Don’t just drop your link but focus on providing a solution.

Stick to your niche and answer the questions. Showcase your expertise and add a link to a highly valuable resource.

The users can link to those sites where they find the most authentic information or resources.


Haro: Natural Link Building: 12 Impactful Ways to Earn Links Without Doing Outreach: eAskme

HARO (Heal a Reporter) is a popular platform where publishers and reports connect. It is the place where the world is looking for expert advice or sources in the shape of article or information.

The publication will link to your content if they find the information with value.

Similar to Quora, your focus should be on providing value, not link. Your selfless effort or expert information will help you earn links.

It is free to join HARO and answer queries to increase your chances to earn natural links.

Web Tools:

Creating web tools also help to build tons of backlinks.

The best example is Ubersuggest. This one tool has helped Neil Patel to earn the massive number of links.

WebTools: Ubersuggest: Natural Link Building: 12 Impactful Ways to Earn Links Without Doing Outreach: eAskme

If your tool is beneficial for the users, then even the influencer sites will help to link back to your tool page.

You can create the following tools, such as;

A tool will only help you earn natural links if it allows users to perform the job quickly. You can even hire developers to create the tool.


Write an eBook or hire an expert writer to do the job. Make sure that your eBook will lead the industry, and it will generate tons of natural backlinks.

Writing an eBook with authoritative content will set you apart from the crowd.

Ryan Biddulph is one of the best examples of eBook writers.

When writing an ebook, focus on providing more value than words.

Your eBook should be able to stand the test of the time, and it will earn many natural links every year.


Reddit: Natural Link Building: 12 Impactful Ways to Earn Links Without Doing Outreach: eAskme

Reddit is a great platform to find potential ideas for the next blog post, generate backlinks, and to increase brand exposure.

On Reddit value will convert into backlinks.

Create an Account and completely ignore the SEO topics. Only be a natural user.

Increase your Karma score by proving the best answers to questions in subreddits. Sometimes also drop a link but only when it is necessary.

When other users find your content interesting, they will not only share your content but also link to it.

Ego Bait Content:

I have already explained ego baiting techniques and how to use it.

It simply follows a rule where tit for tat become positive.

It is a way where you create, including industry experts and encourages them to link back to such content.

Some best examples of ego baiting content are;

  • Awards
  • “Best of” articles
  • Expert Roundup posts
  • Expert Directories
  • Expert Interviews


Build a relationship with industry experts, and you will earn more links then you think. Not only that, but you also get a brand mention on social channels and exposure.

The more people like you, the more they share your content.

You feature them or share their posts, and they will do the same.

But make sure you do it with the right intention.

Video Marketing:

Videos are playing an important role in SEO strategies. Like people, SEO professionals are also interested in more and more video content.

But it is not easy for everyone to become a video marketing expert.

Most of the time, SEO’s take advantages of YouTube to find the related videos for their next or first blog post.

You should think about creating videos and publishing them on YouTube. This will increase the chances to get your content featured on other websites.

This will increase traffic to your videos and sometimes also bring the link back to your website or blog post.

Final Words/Conclusion:

Link building is not limited to guest posting, influencer outreach, or cold emailing.

It is more effective when you provide value first and then start attracting links naturally.

You cannot do natural link building without efforts.

It will be more beneficial if you mix natural link building techniques with your existing link building strategies.

These natural ways of link building will help you build links from various sources and also increase brand signals.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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Because, Sharing is Caring!

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Top YouTube Searches This Year (USA & Worldwide)

Do you want to know what people search the most on YouTube? If yes then this list of top 200 YouTube searches this year will tell you many things. In this list, you will find the top 100 YouTube search queries in the USA and top 100 search queries in the world.

Top 200 YouTube Searches This Year (USA & Worldwide): eAskme
Top 200 YouTube Searches This Year (USA & Worldwide): eAskme

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The data gathered by analyzing over 800 million keywords.

This is not an official YouTube data. But it is coming from the most reliable SEO tool Ahrefs. Using the Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool, this data has been collected and published.

Most of the YouTube marketers target their customers according to US queries or Worldwide queries. Both queries are most popular to earn maximum by creating content that attracts the people from the USA or worldwide audience base.

Top 200 YouTube Searches This Year (USA & Worldwide)

Let’s start with the Top 100 US searches first.

Top YouTube Searched in the USA:

The list of top 100 searched on YouTube in the United States is essential for those who are targeting the US audience.

Top 100 US Queries/Searches with Search Volume:

  1. pewdiepie (Search Volume= 3,770,000)

  2. asmr (Search Volume= 3,230,000)

  3. music (Search Volume= 2,670,000)

  4. markiplier (Search Volume= 2,380,000)

  5. old town road (Search Volume= 2,040,000)

  6. pewdiepie vs t series (Search Volume= 1,940,000)

  7. billie eilish (Search Volume= 1,910,000)

  8. fortnite (Search Volume= 1,630,000)

  9. david dobrik (Search Volume= 1,610,000)

  10. jacksepticeye (Search Volume= 1,580,000)

  11. james charles (Search Volume= 1,560,000)

  12. joe rogan (Search Volume= 1,560,000)

  13. baby shark (Search Volume= 1,500,000)

  14. bts (Search Volume= 1,350,000)

  15. dantdm (Search Volume= 1,330,000)

  16. snl (Search Volume= 1,260,000)

  17. game grumps (Search Volume= 1,140,000)

  18. cnn (Search Volume= 1,120,000)

  19. wwe (Search Volume= 1,100,000)

  20. lofi (Search Volume= 1,040,000)

  21. minecraft (Search Volume= 1,030,000)

  22. shane dawson (Search Volume= 993,000)

  23. t series (Search Volume= 955,000)

  24. fox news (Search Volume= 943,000)

  25. msnbc (Search Volume= 936,000)

  26. ssundee (Search Volume= 913,000)

  27. fgteev (Search Volume= 905,000)

  28. lofi hip hop (Search Volume= 904,000)

  29. mrbeast (Search Volume= 896,000)

  30. ariana grande (Search Volume= 867,000)

  31. stephen colbert (Search Volume= 864,000)

  32. gacha life (Search Volume= 854,000)

  33. flamingo (Search Volume= 835,000)

  34. nightcore (Search Volume= 802,000)

  35. jake paul (Search Volume= 767,000)

  36. songs (Search Volume= 761,000)

  37. lazarbeam (Search Volume= 747,000)

  38. eminem (Search Volume= 727,000)

  39. tyt (Search Volume= 722,000)

  40. vanossgaming (Search Volume= 716,000)

  41. taylor swift (Search Volume= 715,000)

  42. post malone (Search Volume= 712,000)

  43. jeffree star (Search Volume= 705,000)

  44. memes (Search Volume= 696,000)

  45. game of thrones (Search Volume= 695,000)

  46. cardi b (Search Volume= 691,000)

  47. trump (Search Volume= 681,000)

  48. study music (Search Volume= 678,000)

  49. avengers endgame (Search Volume= 647,000)

  50. espn (Search Volume= 646,000)

  51. john oliver (Search Volume= 637,000)

  52. blackpink (Search Volume= 630,000)

  53. coryxkenshin (Search Volume= 630,000)

  54. juice wrld (Search Volume= 626,000)

  55. logan paul (Search Volume= 620,000)

  56. unspeakable (Search Volume= 619,000)

  57. nba youngboy (Search Volume= 614,000)

  58. try not to laugh (Search Volume= 614,000)

  59. mr beast (Search Volume= 595,000)

  60. roblox (Search Volume= 594,000)

  61. dude perfect (Search Volume= 590,000)

  62. last week tonight (Search Volume= 589,000)

  63. peppa pig (Search Volume= 582,000)

  64. dunkey (Search Volume= 570,000)

  65. andrew yang (Search Volume= 566,000)

  66. ufc (Search Volume= 563,000)

  67. popularmmos (Search Volume= 559,000)

  68. game theory (Search Volume= 558,000)

  69. chad wild clay (Search Volume= 557,000)

  70. jre (Search Volume= 557,000)

  71. ninja (Search Volume= 557,000)

  72. buzzfeed unsolved (Search Volume= 550,000)

  73. drake (Search Volume= 549,000)

  74. colbert (Search Volume= 541,000)

  75. borderlands 3 (Search Volume= 540,000)

  76. ben shapiro (Search Volume= 535,000)

  77. sml (Search Volume= 530,000)

  78. projared (Search Volume= 528,000)

  79. nfl (Search Volume= 526,000)

  80. seth meyers (Search Volume= 523,000)

  81. rachel maddow (Search Volume= 522,000)

  82. itsfunneh (Search Volume= 520,000)

  83. tik tok (Search Volume= 520,000)

  84. undisputed (Search Volume= 518,000)

  85. critical role (Search Volume= 516,000)

  86. jeffy (Search Volume= 515,000)

  87. trevor noah (Search Volume= 514,000)

  88. trisha paytas (Search Volume= 512,000)

  89. queen (Search Volume= 509,000)

  90. blippi (Search Volume= 505,000)

  91. tati (Search Volume= 504,000)

  92. gmm (Search Volume= 501,000)

  93. nintendo (Search Volume= 501,000)

  94. sssniperwolf (Search Volume= 499,000)

  95. tfue (Search Volume= 499,000)

  96. first take (Search Volume= 496,000)

  97. ryan’s toy review (Search Volume= 496,000)

  98. 7 rings (Search Volume= 495,000)

  99. sunflower post malone (Search Volume= 493,000)

  100. pokemon sword and shield (Search Volume= 489,000)
If you closely look at this data then you will see that almost 1/4th queries are related to music. YouTube searches are also massive concerned with the branded YouTubers or their channels.

Top YouTube Searches Worldwide:

These top 1000 YouTube searches worldwide will help you find out what people search on Youtube regardless of their location.

Top 100 Worldwide Queries/Searches with volume:

  • bts (Search Volume= 17,630,000)

  • pewdiepie (Search Volume= 16,320,000)

  • asmr (Search Volume= 13,910,000)

  • billie eilish (Search Volume= 13,860,000)

  • baby shark (Search Volume= 12,090,000)

  • badabun (Search Volume= 11,330,000)

  • blackpink (Search Volume= 10,390,000)

  • old town road (Search Volume= 10,150,000)

  • music (Search Volume= 9,670,000)

  • peliculas completas en español (Search Volume= 9,050,000)

  • fortnite (Search Volume= 9,010,000)

  • pewdiepie vs t series (Search Volume= 8,720,000)

  • minecraft (Search Volume= 8,560,000)

  • senorita (Search Volume= 8,290,000)

  • ariana grande (Search Volume= 7,890,000)

  • alan walker (Search Volume= 7,560,000)

  • calma (Search Volume= 7,390,000)

  • tik tok (Search Volume= 7,270,000)

  • musica (Search Volume= 7,140,000)

  • bad bunny (Search Volume= 7,040,000)

  • wwe (Search Volume= 6,870,000)

  • queen (Search Volume= 6,660,000)

  • eminem (Search Volume= 6,600,000)

  • enes batur (Search Volume= 6,600,000)

  • la rosa de guadalupe (Search Volume= 6,300,000)

  • ed sheeran (Search Volume= 6,230,000)

  • taki taki (Search Volume= 6,180,000)

  • despacito (Search Volume= 6,030,000)

  • peppa pig (Search Volume= 6,030,000)

  • songs (Search Volume= 5,490,000)

  • maluma (Search Volume= 5,240,000)

  • michael jackson (Search Volume= 5,240,000)

  • t series (Search Volume= 5,240,000)

  • paulo londra (Search Volume= 5,180,000)

  • ozuna (Search Volume= 5,060,000)

  • bad guy (Search Volume= 4,830,000)

  • taylor swift (Search Volume= 4,690,000)

  • free fire (Search Volume= 4,630,000)

  • youtube (Search Volume= 4,630,000)

  • imagine dragons (Search Volume= 4,580,000)

  • karaoke (Search Volume= 4,560,000)

  • twice (Search Volume= 4,540,000)

  • nightcore (Search Volume= 4,530,000)

  • geo news live (Search Volume= 4,490,000)

  • anuel (Search Volume= 4,460,000)

  • roblox (Search Volume= 4,460,000)

  • james charles (Search Volume= 4,370,000)

  • aaj tak live (Search Volume= 4,360,000)

  • 7 rings (Search Volume= 4,350,000)

  • justin bieber (Search Volume= 4,330,000)

  • bruno mars (Search Volume= 4,290,000)

  • kill this love (Search Volume= 4,250,000)

  • post malone (Search Volume= 4,240,000)

  • doraemon (Search Volume= 4,180,000)

  • gacha life (Search Volume= 4,170,000)

  • markiplier (Search Volume= 4,160,000)

  • china (Search Volume= 4,080,000)

  • game of thrones (Search Volume= 4,050,000)

  • marshmello (Search Volume= 4,020,000)

  • музыка (Search Volume= 3,890,000)

  • maroon 5 (Search Volume= 3,880,000)

  • bohemian rhapsody (Search Volume= 3,850,000)

  • linkin park (Search Volume= 3,850,000)

  • dance monkey (Search Volume= 3,830,000)

  • anuel aa (Search Volume= 3,820,000)

  • felipe neto (Search Volume= 3,780,000)

  • 5 minute crafts (Search Volume= 3,760,000)

  • lady gaga (Search Volume= 3,740,000)

  • dross (Search Volume= 3,690,000)

  • cardi b (Search Volume= 3,640,000)

  • los polinesios (Search Volume= 3,630,000)

  • squeezie (Search Volume= 3,610,000)

  • con calma (Search Volume= 3,520,000)

  • coldplay (Search Volume= 3,510,000)

  • rihanna (Search Volume= 3,510,000)

  • selena gomez    (Search Volume= 3,510,000)

  • mikecrack (Search Volume= 3,500,000)

  • rap (Search Volume= 3,490,000)

  • pubg (Search Volume= 3,460,000)

  • sia (Search Volume= 3,450,000)

  • soolking (Search Volume= 3,450,000)

  • drake (Search Volume= 3,430,000)

  • funny videos (Search Volume= 3,410,000)

  • shawn mendes  (Search Volume= 3,410,000)

  • jacksepticeye (Search Volume= 3,390,000)

  • vegetta777 (Search Volume= 3,380,000)

  • song (Search Volume= 3,370,000)

  • movies  (Search Volume= 3,360,000)

  • аид (Search Volume= 3,360,000)

  • cocomelon (Search Volume= 3,340,000)

  • dua lipa (Search Volume= 3,320,000)

  • joe rogan (Search Volume= 3,310,000)

  • avengers endgame (Search Volume= 3,290,000)

  • david dobrik (Search Volume= 3,270,000)

  • romeo santos (Search Volume= 3,270,000)

  • slime (Search Volume= 3,250,000)

  • gta 5 (Search Volume= 3,230,000)

  • believer (Search Volume= 3,200,000)

  • barbie (Search Volume= 3,180,000)

  • daddy y yankee (Search Volume= 3,180,000)
One of the most common things in US searches and Worldwide YouTube searches is that most of the searches are related to music.

Why is YouTube Search Data Important?

The most significant advantage of this data is that it gives you a clear picture of what most of the world is searching on YouTube. It also tells that YouTube is the dominant platform to find music, games, branded channels, YouTubers and content.

It is undoubtedly challenging for new YouTuber’s to grow when established YouTubers are dominating the platform. Yet’ there is always more space on YouTube for every newbie.

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