How to Travel from Home?

Do you want to travel? Due to the pandemic, lack of finances, or other reasons, you cannot go on vacation.

But there is still hope. 

You can travel to the world even when you are not going out of your home.

How to Travel from Home?: eAskme
How to Travel from Home?: eAskme

Many options available online make you travel to the world from home.

So before you ask phoenix moving companies to pack your bag for travel, check this list of the best ways to travel from home.

Today, I am sharing some of the best ways how you can travel from home.

Guided Virtual Tours:

When you travel to other countries, you take the help of tour guides.

The same thing you can find in the virtual world.

Brands like Context Travel and Take Walks offer virtual guided tours.

You need a working internet connection and visit the sites that offer virtual tours.

You can find everything about the location you want to visit.

Travel Books and Audiobooks:

Books are not only there to inspire you or entertain you, but you can also take the help of books to travel in a fantasy world.

Buy the books of famous travel writers, and you will find everything about the places they have visited.

Their books are the mirror of their trips.

Travel based movies:

There are movies on travel that take you to the place you want to visit.

Movies like The Beach, The Bucket List, Lords of the Rings, Midnight in Paris, The Lion King, etc., are great for finding yourself in new worlds.

Google Street View, Live Webcams:

If you want to find everything about the place without visiting in real, then you should take the help of Live webcams or Google Street view.

You can use these tours to visit zoos, museums, parks, natural wonders, etc. But remember, you may not be able to see what is underground such as geothermal heat pumps.

Video Games:

Video games are also a great way to travel in a fictional world.

You can play games like Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, World of Warcraft, etc., to explore virtual worlds.

There are also games like Fortnite where you can explore the fictional world, including oceans, sand, hills, roads, cities, forests, etc.


These are a few of the easiest ways to travel from home. Click here to learn more about it.

If you are traveling in winter, click here to know what you should do.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Mahesh Babu starer Sarkaru Vaari Paata Movie Leaked Online By Tamilrockers for free Streaming and Downloading

Have you watched “Sarkaru Vaari Paata” movie? Do you want to watch Sarkaru Vaari Paata (2022) movie?

Tamilrockers have leaked Mahesh Babu starer “Sarkaru Vaari Paata” (2022) movie leaked online for free downloading and streaming. Not only on Tamilrockers website, but “Sarkaru Vaari Paata” also leaked on Tamilrockers Telegram channel.

Mahesh Babu starer Sarkaru Vaari Paata Movie Leaked Online By Tamilrockers for free Streaming and Downloading: eAskme
Mahesh Babu starer Sarkaru Vaari Paata Movie Leaked Online By Tamilrockers for free Streaming and Downloading: eAskme

Sarkaru Vaari Paata movie released in cinemas on 13th May 2022.

Mahesh Babu starer Sarkaru Vaari Paata is a Telugu movie.

Parasuram has directed Sarkaru Vaari Paata movie budget is 60 crores INR.

Sarkaru Vaari Paata has scored 6.5 out on IMDb rating.

In Sarkaru Vaari Paata, you will see the story of Mahi, who believes in financial order, but he must fight with people like Rajendranath.

Mahesh Babu, Keerthy Suresh, Duy Beck, Rajsekhar Aningi, Vennela Kishore, Subbaraju, IIez Badugrov, Nikita Rozenko, Amit Shivdas, etc., and have played important roles in “Sarkaru Vaari Paata” movie.

Mahesh Babu fans have been waiting for a long time for his movies.

Piracy streaming sites like Tamilrockers, Einthusan, Yomovies, Yesmovies, Vmovies, Besthdmovies, HDpopcorns, Isaimini, Tamilrulz, Movierulz, and Moviesda, etc., have leaked free streaming and download links to attract people who want to watch Sarkaru Vaari Paata movie online for free or want to download Sarkaru Vaari Paata movie.

People visiting piracy streaming sites are also responsible for movies piracy of movies like Sarkaru Vaari Paata. People are searching for free Sarkaru Vaari Paata downloads or free streaming sites.

Sarkaru Vaari Paata not only leaked on Tamilrockers but many other piracy streaming sites for free downloading.

Piracy is a big hit in the movie industry. You should never visit any piracy streaming site to download or stream the latest Telugu movies like Sarkaru Vaari Paata online.

Reports say that the Sarkaru Vaari Paata movie will release online on the Zee 5 OTT platform.

You should book tickets for the “Sarkaru Vaari Paata” movie and watch it in the nearest cinemas.

The government has banned much piracy streaming sites to block piracy. Yet, Tamilrockers and other piracy streaming sites are changing their links to stream the latest movies online like Acharya.

Sarkaru Vaari Paata movie download is also leaked online. Sites are offering Sarkaru Vaari Paata full movie download in 720p or 320p.

Even though Sarkaru Vaari Paata movie leaked online, the best way to watch the full movie is to book a ticket and visit the nearest cinema.


Have you watched Sarkaru Vaari Paata (2022) movie? Or Are you waiting for Sarkaru Vaari Paata movie OTT release?

Only visit theaters to watch Telugu movies or Hindi Movies exclusively released for theaters only.

Do you want to watch Sarkaru Vaari Paata movie?

If yes, then you should book tickets to watch Sarkaru Vaari Paata full movie in HD quality.

Other Movies leaked by Tamilrockers;

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  • Watch KGF Chapter 2 Movie online Review, Rating, Star cast, OTT release and FAQs
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  • KGF Chapter 2 Leaked Online By Tamilrockers for Free Streaming and Downloading
  • RRR Movie Leaked Online By Tamilrockers for Free Streaming and Downloading
  • Bheemla Nayak Movie Leaked online by Tamiltockers for Free Streaming and Downloading
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  • Good Luck Sakhi (2022) Movie Leaked Online by Tamilrockers for free streaming and Downloading
  • Hero (2022) Telugu Movie Leaked Online by Tamilrockers for free Streaming and Downloading
  • Bangarraju (2022) Movie Leaked Online by Tamilrockers for Free Streaming and Downloading 
  • Shyam Singha Roy Movie Leaked Online By Tamilrockers for free Streaming and Downloading
  • Pushpa The Rise Part 1 Movie Leaked Online by Tamilrockers
  • Rajinikanth starer Annaatthe movie leaked by Tamilrockers online for free Streaming and Downloading
  • Naga Chaitanya Starer Love Story Movie Leaked by Tamilrockers online for free Streaming and Downloading
  • Nithin Reddy Starer Maestro Movie Leaked Online by Tamilrockers for free download and streaming
  • Gopichand Starer Telugu Movie Seetimaarr Leaked Online by Tamilrockers for free Streaming and Downloading
  • Dhanush Starer Tamil Movie Jagame Thandhiram Leaked by Tamilrockers in HD Streaming and Downloading
  • Dhanush Starer Tamil Movie Karnan Leaked by Tamilrockers in HD Streaming and Downloading
  • Karthi Starer Sulthan Movies Leaked Online By Tamilrockers Free Download and Streaming
  • Kannada Movie Robertt leaked Online by Tamilrockers to free Download or Streaming
  • A1 Express Full HD Movie HD Leaked by TamilRockers
  • Check 2021 Movie Download Leaked by Tamilrockers
  • Mohanlal’s Drishyam 2 2021 Movie Download Leaked by Tamilrockers
  • Pogaru 2021 Movie Download Leaked by Tamilrockers
  • Teja Sajja's Zombie Reddy Full Movie Download Leaked By Tamilrockers
  • Ram Pothineni's Red 2021 Movie Download Leaked By Tamilrockers
  • Vijay’s Master 2021 Movie leaked by Tamilrockers to Watch Online or Download
  • Krack Movie leaked by Tamilrockers to Watch Online or Download
  • Indoo Ki Jawani Full Movie Leaked Online By Tamilrockers
  • Solo Brathuke So Better Full Movie leaked by Tamilrockers
  • Gypsy full Movie leaked online by Tamilrockers
  • Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo leaked online by Tamilrockers
  • Angrezi Medium full movie leaked online by Tamilrockers
  • Baaghi 3 full movie leaked online by Tamilrockers
  • Gypsy full Movie leaked online by Tamilrockers
  • Nishabdam Full Movie Leaked online By Tamilrockers
  • >

    Impressive Whitepaper Ideas to Engage with B2B audience

    Creativity and uniqueness are the keys to targeting the B2B audience using whitepapers. Your impressive whitepaper will help you generate leads and make your content stand out.

    Whitepapers are not new in the business world. For example, B2B marketers have been using whitepapers for quite a long time. It is the way to exchange important information.

    Impressive Whitepaper Ideas to Engage with B2B audience: eAskme
    Impressive Whitepaper Ideas to Engage with B2B audience: eAskme

    Your whitepaper will collect audience data such as name, demographics, contact, etc.

    Without an impactful landing page, you will not grab the maximum leads.

    B2B whitepapers display augments and facts that favor the company.

    It is effective as whitepapers share content and spread brand value.

    The major reason why businesses need whitepapers is to display research skills and authority.

    Today, I am sharing the 10 most impressive whitepaper ideas to multiply the impact of your ads; social media feeds, and emails.

    CEO or CTO is behind Whitepapers:

    Your whitepaper should display authority and leadership.

    You can do it by making your CEO or CTO write the creative whitepapers.

    Cover trending issues in your business.

    CEOs or CTOs do not have enough time to write whitepapers, and they hire ghostwriters to complete the job.

    Writing whitepapers in a unique tone is an effective strategy to spread trust and build connections.

    Add contact information to get feedback from the readers.

    Survey Whitepapers:

    Another kind of whitepaper is survey-based.

    You can create a poll for your target audience.

    It is an effective way to find out what others are thinking.

    Your survey can be related to any challenge, user behavior, or even industries outlook.

    Use this data to publish a whitepaper that displays the survey result and what experts think about the topic.

    This is the best way to build authority with the help of whitepapers.


    You can publish a whitepaper predicting the next quarter.

    Use interviews, trends, and hashtags in your whitepaper.

    This will help marketers, sales teams, and new members understand how to improve productivity for the next quarter.

    Academic research:

    Universities and educational institutions are publishing whitepapers with research data and results.

    Visit scientific whitepaper websites to find what is relevant for your niche.

    You can also contact educational institutions for research to collect critical data.

    Add the name of the author at the end of the whitepaper.

    AntiHero Whitepapers:

    Antihero whitepaper is what challenges traditional conventions.

    Publish a whitepaper with truth-revealing ideas and myth busters.

    When doing so, do not challenge the most regarded conventions.

    Instead, add enough data and proof to support your arguments.

    What is Forgotten:

    Whitepaper with forgotten lessons will help the readers find out how history has helped in shaping your business.

    Commonly, people start forgetting what was once valuable and creative with time.

    If that is still valuable for your business, you should remind others about it.

    Reference Guides:

    Reference guides are quite helpful for those looking for professional or expert information.

    Your reference guide whitepaper should publish steps with the links where the reader will get practical information.

    Some examples of reference guide whitepapers are the resource recommendations page, FAQs page, introduction for beginners, etc.

    It takes a lot to publish such a whitepaper, but it will help your business grow its audience, leads, and connections.

    Case Studies:

    Case studies are one of the widely used whitepaper ideas.

    You can publish 2 or 10 case studies related to the same topic in one whitepaper.

    Case studies are not only helpful to impress the audience but also help you to earn backlinks.


    What you have learned from the past will shape your future and your whitepaper.

    Publish lessons you have learned from past trends.

    Publishing the past trends will also help you understand why they were popular and what intent they have served.

    Co-Marketing Whitepapers:

    As the name suggests, Co-marketing whitepapers will help you and the other brands collaborate with you to create influential whitepapers.

    Always collaborate with established brands. You can also form a content collaboration relationship with the brands.

    Co-marketing will boost your content reach and improve brand awareness.


    Finding the best whitepaper idea is not easy.

    To get the best result you should follow 4 points:

    • Write in-Depth without unnecessary information.
    • Keep the Leadership in Loop.
    • Don’t copy the brand image.
    • Challenge conventions.

    Still have any question, do share via comments.

    Share it with your friends and family.

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    31 Interesting Snapchat Facts You Should Know

    Snapchat! What is Snapchat? Do you know everything about Snapchat facts? If you think that Snapchat is all about celebrities, then you need to think again.

    Snapchat is not just a place to share stories or selfies, but it also has the potential to market the products and services.

    Interesting Snapchat Facts You Should Know: eAskme
    Interesting Snapchat Facts You Should Know: eAskme

    Other people are reading: 5 Must-Have Music Gadgets For Music Lovers

    Social media marketers and brands are targeting users of social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat.

    If you have ever tried social media marketing, then you may also want to use Snapchat.

    But, before you start using it, there are a few things that you must know about Spanchat.

    The reason why you should know everything about Snapchat or all Snapchat facts is to make sure that you understand;
    • Who uses Snapchat?
    • How users engage on Snapchat?
    • How does a creative Snapchat marketing campaign look like?
    So, be ready to learn some of the lesser-known Snapchat facts.

    What is Snapchat?

    Snapchat is a social media app that allows you to share videos, photos, and connect with others.

    The only difference here is that Snapchat does not store your photos and videos for a lifetime.

    After viewing the story or snap, it disappears.

    It is super easy to use Snapchat. Simply download the Snapchat app from Google play store or App Store.

    SnapChat App: Interesting Snapchat Facts You Should Know: eAskme

    Snapchat comes with a massive list of features that allows you to make your posts attractive.

    You will love to use Snapchat filters, stickers, emojis, drawing tools, etc.

    Interesting Snapchat Facts You Need to Know

    210 Million monthly Active SnapchatUsers:

    210 Million monthly Active SnapchatUsers: eAskme

    According to Statista, Snapchat has crossed a milestone of 210 million monthly active Snapchat users.

    Isn’t it impressive?

    With the massive user base, Snapchat is actively holding the position as one of the best places to market your services or products.

    Majority of Snapchat Users are youngsters:

    Wired has published a report disclosing the fact that more than 73% of Snapchat users are from the age group 18-24.

    Pew research chart shows that maximum Snapchat users are from Gen z users.

    Marketers should plan what type of campaign they should run on Snapchat.

    Snapchat own report says that Snapchat became the home for GenZ users. These users are creating their presence.

    90% of U.S Snapchat users are between 13-24:

    Teen users find Snapchat the best place to share their stories. 90% of USA teens are on Snapchat. The best thing about Snapchat is everyone is using it, and teens find it a comfortable place to get their voice heard.

    The majority of Snapchat users are using app atleast one time every day.

    63% of Snapchat users are using the Snapchat app atleast once in every 24 hours.

    TacoBell spent $75,000 in 24 Hours on Snapchat:

    Taco Bell has launched the Taco Bell feature on Snapchat, and it cost them $72,000.

    You can find this filter quite interesting, humorous, and relevant.

    It received more than 224 million views.

    Majority of Snapchat users are female:

    Statista report says that 61% of Snapchat users are female. Similar to Pinterest, Snapchat is also a female-dominated social media app.

    It allows users to share creative visuals using different features.

    If you are marking a product related to women, then Snapchat is undoubtedly the best place for you.

    Snapchat users discover new products and brands more often than other networks:

    GlobalWebIndex report says that 4 out of 10 Snapchat users find new products, brands, and services through celebrity endorsements and public posts.

    Every 4 out of 10, Snapchatters responds to products and services endorsed by influencers, expert blogger, vbloggers, and celebrities.

    Snapchat Vertical Video Ads:

    Snapchat has introduced vertical ads to make it easy for users to view the video ads in smartphone vertical mode.

    These days you can watch vertical ads on platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, etc. but do you know Piponeered them?

    It was Snapchat.

    Follow Popular Business Experts on Snapchat:

    You can follow the famous business experts on Snapchat:

    Such as;

    Netflix and Snapchat together launched Geo-Filter:

    On the launch of 4 episodes of The Gilmore Girls, Netflix had printed 10k cups with Snapchat code and distributed them at 200 coffee shops.

    After scanning the code, it opens a cool geo-filter.

    Snapchat Swipe up is 5times higher than other Social media apps:

    According to wallaroomedia, Snapchat Swipe up is five times higher than other social media websites and apps.

    This makes it a convincing social media platform for marketers.

    Rich Content Marketing on Snapchat:

    Snapchat is the place for content-rich marketing where you can use media, photos, and videos for marketing your products or services. Content stays on Snapchat for a short period.

    Primary reasons how content works on Snapchat:

    • Urgency
    • Appealing to intellectual buyers
    • A personalized form of marketing
    And Snapchat is doing it quite well.

    Video ads on Snapchat convert two times better than other ad formats:

    Video marketing is there for a long time, and people are using YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram for it.

    According to buffer report, Snapchat video ads conversion rate has beaten Facebook ads by 8%.

    Majority of audio ads:

    Where Facebook ads only cover 15% of the audio ads market, Snapchat is covering 60% of audio ads.
    This shows that Snapchat is a better platform with good listeners who listen to your ads.

    The average user spends 25-30 minutes on Spanchat:

    Businessinsider repost states that average Snapchat user is spending 25-30 minutes every day on Snapchat.


    Picaboo was the original name of the Snapchat. After a year, the company has changed the name to Snapchat.

    34 Failures:

    Snapchat developed by Frank Reginald Brown, Evan Spiegel, and Bobby Murphy.

    But, they had to face 34 failures before they successfully created the Snapchat app.

    Major Falling Out:

    Frank Reginald Brown has lost control as his friends Evan Spiegel, and Bobby Murphy has thrown him out of the Snapchat project one month before the launch of Snapchat.

    Yet, no one knows the real story. Frank always said that Murphy and Spiegel had changed the server passwords and stop communicating with him.

    Snapchat founder has paid $158 Million to Reggie Brown:

    Brown was among one the founders of Snapchat. He sued the Murphy and Spiegel for forcing him out of the company.

    Later, he got $158 million in cash to keep him out of the Snapchat club.

    Snapchat Average revenue per user:

    Snapchat Average revenue per user is $1.53. Most of their earning is coming from advertisements and features.

    Snapchat maps Users:

    According to the Verge report, more than 19 million Snapchat users are using Snap Maps daily.

    Spanchat allows users to share locations and view Bitmoji on maps. It helps you locate your friends.

    Snapchat Lens Studio Users:

    Snapchat lens allows users to create emojis and use them in real-life events.

    More than 70 million users are using the Snapchat lens studio.

    64% of marketers on Snapchat:

    Adweek report says that almost 64% of social media marketers are using or running ad campaigns on Snapchat.

    Brands like Nike, Audi, and Cisco are sharing their products and services in Discover feed.

    Gender Swap filter and Toddler filters have increased the Snapchat download:

    After the release of toddler and gender swap filters, Snapchat downloads had crossed the number of 41.5 million downloads in a month.

    Mark Zuckerberg failed to buy Spanchat.

    Yes, it is true. Mark Zuckerberg had once tried to buy Snapchat at the price of $3 billion, but the creators had refused the offer.

    Ghostface Chillah:

    Snapchat’s Mascot is known as Ghostface Chillah. You can buy a Ghostface Chillah for $17.99 only.

    Instagram and Facebook borrow Ephemeral content from Snapchat:

    Have you ever used Instagram or Facebook stories? I yes, then you know that they use the similar Ephemeral content feature.

    Billions of Snaps:

    Users are sending more than 3 million snaps every month on Snapchat. These snaps are creative, trendy, and spontaneous.

    Value of Snapchat:

    Snapchat value increased in 2019. According to Forbes, now it is valued at more than $23.5 billion.

    The drink is the most popular photo on Snapchat:

    According to thefactsite, more than 93% of Snapchat users have shared drink photos on Snapchat.

    Snapchatters don’t follow:

    SocialMedia Examiner report states that 61% of snapchatters are not following new brands, and 51% snapchatters don’t follow sports.

    Even 57% of snapchatters are not following entertainment.

    Snapchat for you:

    Snapchat believes in making you be the one you are today, not what you were yesterday.

    The popularity and features of Snapchat have made it one of the most used apps for users and marketers.

    If you have any question, do let me know via comments.

    If you find this article interesting, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


    Because, Sharing is Caring!

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    How to Advertise on LinkedIn: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide)

    Do you want to run ad campaigns on the social network for a high conversion rate? Or Are you looking for the best system that will help you get better results? You may have used Facebook ad tests or Twitter ads, but have you ever advertised on LinkedIn?

    When it comes to advertising on LinkedIn, most of the people have never even tried it. The big reason is that advertising on Facebook and Twitter was much more comfortable than advertising on LinkedIn.

    But, here comes the change.
    How to Advertise on LinkedIn: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide)

    How to Advertise on LinkedIn: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide): eAskme
    How to Advertise on LinkedIn: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide): eAskme
    Other people are reading: Best Linkedin Alternatives

    Now, LinkedIn has a recreated ad serving system and made it an easy to use social media network.
    LinkedIn is the best choice to target the B2B audience.

    The presence of B2B networks on LinkedIn has made it the most popular professional social network.

    LinkedIn has recently refined targeting options. Now it is helping marketers to target the specific set of professionals effectively.
    • Want to reach marketing firms? You can target those using LinkedIn Ads.
    • Want to focus on the education industry? You can reach them using LinkedIn Ads.
    • Want to find interns? You can connect with LinkedIn ads.
    This year B2B option is attracting businesses and marketers to use LinkedIn.

    This doesn’t mean that businesses are not advertising on Facebook or Twitter, but they will focus more on LinkedIn this year.

    Notable: There is one thing you should know about the LinkedIn ad network is that the ad cost will be higher than Facebook ads.

    You must have the right amount of money to play with LinkedIn ads.

    If cash is not the problem and you are ready to run LinkedIn ads, then you should learn some basic rules.

    LinkedIn Advertising Options:

    LinkedIn was extremely limited to advertisers. There was no room for advertisers to achieve their goals. But, things have changed in 2021. LinkedIn will keep upgrading its ad system to add more freedom and room for advertisers.

    Now LinkedIn Ads allow you to create ads based on your target.

    When advertising on a social network like LinkedIn, you must have clear goals.

    To successfully advertise on LinkedIn you need to have one of the following goals:
    • Brand Awareness
    • Engagement
    • Job Applicants
    • Lead Generation
    • Video views
    • Website visits
    • Website conversions
    Now it is the time to uncover the most used objectives with LinkedIn advertising;
    • Job Applications
    • Lead generation
    • Website visits and Video Views.
    Organic engagement is also a way to reach out to the LinkedIn Audience

    LinkedIn ads will cost you more money than Facebook ads. I suggest you first to choose your target and then plan your ad.

    Be blunt when it comes to choosing ad objectives on LinkedIn.

    No matter what objective you have, you will have five types of ads on LinkedIn:

    LinkedIn ad types:

    Sponsored Content ads:

    Sponsored content ads work similar to sponsored content. In the sponsored content ad you will be promoting a post or page in the LinkedIn feed.

    LinkedIn Sponsored content ads have the highest CPC. It is always wise that you only promote pages with a call to action.

    Text Ads:

    LinkedIn text ads work directly as other text ads. You can find them on the right side of the LinkedIn feed. One can also see these ads below “People You May Know” section. These ads can play a useful role in conversion.

    You may need to do some tests to find which work best for you.

    Sponsored InMail:

    LinkedIn sponsored InMail ads will display like spam email in the inbox. But as these are under LinkedIn policies so you can boost the higher conversion with these ads.

    As these ads fall in the inbox directly from the business page or personal profile, the chances are that people find them more exciting and like to communicate with the business.

    Make sure that you do not copy/paste the InMail ads.

    LinkedIn Video Ads:

    As the name suggests, LinkedIn video ads will allow you to promote your videos to the target audience. Video marketing will be one of the most critical parts of the marketing strategy this year.
    You may need to run tests to find which video ad works best for you.

    LinkedIn Dynamic Ads:

    The focus of LinkedIn Dynamic ads is to engage prospects with personalized ads. With the help of dynamic ads, you can personalize the experience according to your audience.

    You can use this type of ads to capture the attention of professionals. Ads will display their own professional's photo, data, company name, and title.

    You can also customize the dynamic ads according to your objectives.

    The main reason brands use LinkedIn dynamic ads is that it allows you to boost the audience and followers for your profile or business page.

    LinkedIn Carousel Ads/Native Ads:

    Carousel ads or native ads are there to attract professionals by telling them an interactive story.

    Linkedin Carousel ads are helpful for those who want to share their brand story. You can use this type of ads to capture the attention of the target audience.

    You may want to know about the specs and ad dimensions. Here is everything you should know about each LinkedIn ad type and objectives when creating ads on LinkedIn;

    LinkedIn Audience Targeting

    Time to talk business now.
    • Who is your target audience? (Male/female, age/location)
    • Are they working in the same industry?
    • Are they upper management or lower management?
    • Do they have experience of each job between 2-4 years?
    • Do they are in connection with a similar brand or professional?
    You must know the answer to these questions.

    LinkedIn is giving invaluable targeting options, but you can only get the results if you understand the demographics of your audience.

    You can target coffee table people on Facebook, but on LinkedIn, your target should be what they have worked, what they have studied and which option you want to focus.

    How to Advertise on LinkedIn: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide): eAskme

    Remember: You can target more than just Founders and CEO with LinkedIn. You can target grown not only people but also target the startups and your entrepreneurs.

    You can also target;

    • People looking for jobs
    • Freshers or experienced
    • Graduated or undergrads etc. using LinkedIn Ads.
    Every minute 120+ members join LinkedIn.

    How to Track LinkedIn Ad Conversion:

    Only you need to know how much success you LinkedIn ad campaigns are getting.

    LinkedIn ads offer various metrics that you can use to track the failures and success of ads.

    I am sharing a few of the must-have conversion tracking techniques that you must use.

    Event Specific Pixel:

    If your goal is lead generation, then you should use event-specific pixel to track results.

    You can attach. Thank you page with your form. Also, add tracking codes.

    You must add conversion tracking to your LinkedIn campaigns.

    Site-Wide Insight Tag:

    How to Advertise on LinkedIn: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide): eAskme

    Site-Wide Insight Tag is helpful to track the actions on your website.

    It works similar to the Facebook pixel. You need to add this code on your site, and it will start tracking the behavior using LinkedIn ads.

    Tip: You can also use LinkedIn re-targeting ads.

    How to Use LinkedIn’s Content Suggestion:

    Linkedin content suggestions will help business pages to discover what they should write about. You can use trending topics, title, and descriptions.

    Content targeting helps you target the CEO and directors of your competition.

    How to Advertise on LinkedIn: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide): eAskme

    All you need is to choose the seniority, industry, and location. LinkedIn will display trending topics according to your filters.

    This will help you use the trending headlines with creative ideas.

    Final Words:

    LinkedIn is one of the great options to target the B2B audience.

    B2B marketers are using various techniques when using LinkedIn Ads. It is exciting to see how LinkedIn is helping marketers achieve their goals and what new features LinkedIn will add.

    LinkedIn is ready to give more freedom to marketers to increase conversion and success.

    You have questions? Share via comments.

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    Handpicked Social Guides to Boost Conversion;
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    TikTok Pulse: A New Way to Advertise on TikTok

    TikTok has announced a way to improve brand exposure by 4% on top videos. 

    TikTok Pulse is a new advertising solution from TikTok for advertisers.

    TikTok Pulse: A New Way to Advertise on TikTok: eAskme
    TikTok Pulse: A New Way to Advertise on TikTok: eAskme

    TikTok is the world's most popular short video platform where advertisers can now use contextual ads on top videos.

    TikTok has introduced many new features and updates for users and advertisers.

    The TikTok Pulse is a new way for TikTok advertisers to improve their brand reach on the platform.

    What is TikTok Pulse?

    TikTok Pulse is a contextual advertising method. It means that ads will show in the top 4% of the content.

    You will also see ads in the user content.

    TikTok has clearly stated that contextual ads will show in the top 4% of videos.

    Here are some notable benefits of TikTok Pulse:

    • Drive action and engagement.
    • Brand trust-building.

    There are 12 categories of TikTok Pulse to advertise your content, such as:

    • Beauty
    • Cooking
    • Fashion
    • Gaming

    Advertisers should choose a relevant category to display ads.

    TikTok's in-house inventory filter will ensure that ads will run on top content.

    TikTok wants advertisers to use only high-quality content for ad purposes.

    An Emerging Revenue Sharing Program

    With TikTok Pulse, TikTok is taking a step ahead in the revenue share program.

    Right now, only media publishers and creators with 100k followers can be part of TikTok Pulse.


    With TikTok Pulse, TikTok wants to bring brands closer to entertainment and community.
    There are still a lot of questions that need to be answered about TikTok Pulse.

    We are keeping an eye on every update.

    Stay tuned with us for more updates from TikTok.

    If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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    Google Ads Script: Why You Should Learn?

    Learn Google Ads scripts. But why?

    Automation is becoming part of every industry, and Google ads scripts are there to automate your ads process.

    Google Ads scripts can help you save hours.

    Why You Should Learn to Google Ads Script?: eAskme
    Why You Should Learn to Google Ads Script?: eAskme

    You can create better ads and become a better marketer by learning Google ads scripts.

    It is an incredible tool.

    So without wasting any time, let’s find out how you can code scripts and why it is important.

    3 things that can stop you from coding:

    Can’t learn, can’t code:

    If you can’t code, then you are not the only one. There are millions of people worldwide who know nothing about coding.

    To learn Google Ads scripts, you must understand JavaScript.

    It takes time to learn languages like JavaScript.

    But do not worry, as, with some serious efforts, you can master JavaScript.

    Fear to Mess up things:

    You may have the fear that your code can mess up everything.

    The preview tool is there to save you from that worry.

    You can test your code before publishing it.


    You may think that coding is a time-consuming process and sometimes complicated also.

    But Google Ads scripts are the pre-existing scripts that you can use with minor changes.

    Why Should You Learn to Code Google Ads Scripts?

    Google is there for you:

    Google offers everything that will help you understand and develop Google ad scrip codes.

    Visit the Google Ads Scripts page, and you will find everything you ever need to code and develop scripts.

    Even a beginner can use Google Ads scripts with too much brain brushing.

    You will find some important sections on the Google Ads Scripts page, such as:


    Learn how Google Ads scripts work and how to start.


    Learn code strings with explanations.


    You can use Copy-and-paste scripts.


    Access to different resources to get the latest updates.

    Multiple benefits:

    Google Ads scripts not only automate ad campaigns but also offer more than one benefit, such as:

    • Analyze performance
    • Bulk uploading.
    • Create extensions.
    • Reporting.
    • Send alerts.

    Easy to understand and implement:

    Even if you have basic knowledge of JavaScript, you can customize available Google Ads scripts. Or create new scripts for your ads campaign.

    It will enhance your PPC skills and knowledge.

    It is important to learn JavaScript as almost 97.9% of websites use JavaScript codes.

    You can also find Google Ads script tutorials on sites like reddit and YouTube.

    Automation is Important for your Career:

    The world is moving towards automation.

    Microsoft Power Automate software, Zapier, Pardot, SendInBlue, and Hubspot, are already following the automation path.

    Google is also making it possible to automate ad campaigns.

    Google Ads Script is the beginning of automation for Google Ads.

    It is the time to learn such codes and future-proof your career.

    Scripts are important:

    Google only do something that they find important.

    The presence of Google Ads Script shows that Google is investing time and resources in important scripts for ads.


    If you want to run automated Google Ads, then you must learn Google Ads scripts.

    Even if you don’t, learning Google Ads scripts will help you learn how to optimize ad campaigns and save time.

    If you are still unsure, go to the Google Ads scripts page and spend some time.

    Still have any question, do share via comments.

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    6 Best National Parks to Visit in the USA

    The United States is not only one of the most powerful economies but also a great country to travel and explore.

    You will find everything in the USA, from mountains to coastlines, from big cities to suburbs.

    Best National Parks to Visit in the USA: eAskme
    Best National Parks to Visit in the USA: eAskme

    Whether you are a US citizen or traveling from abroad, you can find a lot of National Parks that are tourist-friendly and popular worldwide. has published a list of random destinations.

    But, If you are planning to visit a National Park in the USA, then here is the list of National Parks you should visit in the United States.

    Grand Canyon:

    Grand Canyon National Park is popular among adventure tourists. It is also one of the best places for whitewater rafting.

    You can enjoy hiking.

    You will love to see North Kaibab and Bright Angel. Tourists can also enjoy helicopter rides.


    If you are visiting California, then you should visit Yosemite National Park. It is the best place to find yourself in nature.

    You will love to visit The Mist Trail, Cathedral Lakes, Glacier Point, and Half Dome.

    Yosemite is home to natural waterfalls.


    Yellowstone national park is known for hiking trails, natural attractions, grizzly bears, wolves, etc.

    You can also find steaming geysers and bubbling hot springs.

    You can visit the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center to learn more about wildlife.

    Glacier National Park:

    If you love to spend time with nature, you would like to visit Glacier National Park.

    Glacier National Park is home to 700 lakes, waterfalls, and two mountain ranges.

    You can enjoy hiking, cross-country skiing, fishing, and canoeing.

    Tourists can also spot bears, elk, and moose.

    Zion National Park:

    Zion National Park is one of the most visiting national parks in the USA.

    More than 4 million people visit Zion National Park every year.

    You can visit The Narrows, Angels Landing, Kolob Canyons, Canyon Overlook trail, Observation Point, Emerald Pools, The Subway, Zion Human History Museum, etc.

    If you are in boarding school, you can plan your holiday with your friends. Learn more about what you can do in boarding school.

    Grand Teton National Park:

    Grand Teton National Park is the home of black bears, bison, antelope, moose, and grizzlies.

    It is s a great place for hikers, photographers, and mountaineers.

    You can visit Jenny Lake, Grand Teton, Craig Thomas Discovery & Visitor Center, Signal Mountain, String Lake, Lake Solitude, etc.

    You can also enjoy Grand Teton National Park biking and Grand Teton National Park Wildlife tours.


    These are the 6 best national parks you should visit in the USA.

    If you are traveling in winter, click here to know what you should do.

    If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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    YouTube Live Streams can Redirect Viewers to Other Channels

    YouTube Live Redirect is the new feature that allows streamers to redirect viewers to other YouTube lives.

    YouTube cross-channel live redirect is available for live streamers, and they can send live viewers to other YouTube channels.

    YouTube Live Streams can Redirect Viewers to Other Channels: eAskme
    YouTube Live Streams can Redirect Viewers to Other Channels: eAskme

    The Live directs feature is new for YouTube. This feature looks like Twitch Raids. The Twitch stream feature allows the creator to send viewers to another stream when his stream ends.

    But on YouTube, you will have more protection from streamers.

    Here is everything you must know about YouTube Cross-Channel Live redirects.

    What is YouTube Cross-Channel Live redirect?

    As the name suggests, YouTube Live redirects allow the streamer to send the audience to another channel after his stream ends.

    For example, if you are running a live stream, you want to send the audience to your friend’s channel to help him grow at the end of your stream.

    After your stream ends, YouTube Autoplay will send the audience to another stream.

    It is also helpful for YouTube as people will explore new channels and spend more time watching live streams on YouTube.

    Your channel must have 1000+ subscribers to use live redirects. Also, you need approval from other channels before you send your audience.

    Other channels can also send their audience to your live if you approve.

    How to Enable YouTube Live Redirects?

    • Go to YouTube Studio.
    • Go to “Settings”
    • Click on the “Community” tab.
    • Go to “Love Redirects” and enter the channels you want to allow.
    • Click on “Save.”

    How to Redirect Live YouTube Viewers?

    You can even set up live redirect from YouTube’s Live Control Room.

    • Go to “Edit”
    • Click on “Customization.”
    • Go to “Redirect” and click on “Add.”
    • Select streams.

    After finishing your live stream, you will see a notification showing that your audience is redirected to another stream.

    Viewers with the autoplay feature will redirect to another live stream.

    Viewers will see a popup asking them if they want to be redirected.

    Every eligible YouTube video creator can access the Live redirect feature.


    YouTube’s Live redirect is surely an important feature for YouTube as it will make sure that people will spend more time on the platform.

    For creators, it will help if they want to grow other channels with similar content.

    How your audience will react to the live redirect feature is still the question.

    Let’s see if your audience likes it when you redirect them to other channels or will they opt not to be redirected.

    If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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    The Impact of an Online Survey on Your Business

    The survey is conducted to know what people think about the product and services offered by the business.

    Traditionally, a survey was conducted with the help of a survey team that visited homes, streets, and markets.

    The Impact of an Online Survey on Your Business: eAskme
    The Impact of an Online Survey on Your Business: eAskme


    People were interviewed, and data gathered through the question asked. The responses of the customers were gathered by offering them attractive gifts or discounts.

    It was a lengthy process, and the results were unreliable as the responses were based on the bribe given to the people.

    Anyhow, the results obtained were used and still are used for decision-making about the products and services of the organization. In this way, a survey plays a key role in decision-making.

    An online survey in the digital world:

    The use of technology is penetrating every walk of life, and it has a considerable impact on human life.

    The use of technology is increasing due to its benefits.

    The benefits are not for a single entity but of universal scope.

    Online surveys are trending to get customers feedback for better decision-making. Concise decision-making is based on facts and figures.

    This data is collected from online surveys. Online surveys are easier, reliable, and require less or no labor to gather information.

    These surveys were conducted with the help of ads on different websites.

    A survey form opens when a person clicks the relevant option. This format contains multiple questions regarding the product and services of the business.

    The willing customers are informed about the time and title of the survey.

    There are different questions regarding the product's benefits, durability, and cost.

    These surveys are easy to manage as different tools are available to manage the questionnaire, distribution, and analysis of the data gathered through the survey conducted.

    Top tools for online survey:

    Here is a brief description of the three most important software applications organizations use to manage survey work easily and effectively.


    SurveyMonkey is one of the best ideas for businesses to survey without labor and wandering in the market.

    This app has all the related features necessary to conduct a reliable survey.

    It manages all the affairs, from designing the questionnaire to analyzing the data gathered for better decision-making.


    SurveySparrow is a specially designed application for organizations to eliminate the complex and time-consuming process of conventional surveys.

    This tool enables professionals and ordinary users to launch attractive surveys through the templates available on the application.

    Audience management and video survey are the topmost features of this survey that distinguishes him from the other products of the same kind.


    This top tool enables the users to collect, analyze, and take appropriate actions according to the information obtained through this reliable survey tool.

    It is best known for turning information into actions.

    It is capable of performing multitasks easily without any error or affected performance.

    Impact of Online Survey:

    The online survey is the need of the hour as technology has made our life faster and easy.

    It is difficult to approach every customer individually and ask about the product and services.

    It is also impossible to reach the customer's door and get feedback as the population has grown much.

    An Online survey is the best available option to gather information from the customers and take further action.

    Surveys are necessary for organizations to enable people to know the product's performance and the services.

    The satisfaction level of the customer decides the fate of the product. Here are some benefits that show the positive impact of the online survey on the business.

    Fast and concise results:

    An online survey is a fast medium to gather information from the public, as the questionnaire is distributed on different social media platforms.

    In this way, many people are working simultaneously, and in no time, a lot of information can be gathered, which is reliable too.

    This information can be used to make decisions as soon as possible to avoid any loss or gain profit.

    Brand Opportunity:

    There are more chances to launch a product based on information gathered from surveys.

    These surveys anticipate customer behavior, which helps organizations improve, modify, and even launch new products for customer satisfaction.

    Customer feedback can give new ideas, which can help develop a policy for the future for better earnings.

    Attractive and captivating:

    The survey formats are attractive and engaging, captivating the audience's attention.

    This penetration is helpful for organizations to get more information as the participants of the survey give more answers and take part in more stages of the survey.

    An online survey can provide better information by attracting more customers and engaging them in the process.


    Online surveys are cost-effective as the company spends once for the application and is a lifetime asset for the organization.

    It reduces the cost of labor and sources used for the survey.

    All the efforts used for conventional surveys can be saved using an online survey.

    The time and money saved in this way can be used for the welfare of society or labor.

    Flexible and honest:

    The client can leave any question if he does not want to answer it.

    In this flexible way, honest and reliable information can be gathered, a real asset for the organization.

    This honest response is the real purpose of the survey.


    The online survey is the need of the hour as companies need honest, reliable, and fast feedback from customers.

    Online survey tools are the best option for gathering and analyzing information better.

    An online survey positively impacts the business as they give reliable information to take accurate actions for improved products and services.

    Still have any question, do share via comments.

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    What Marketers Should Not do on Facebook?

    Are you marketing your website, blog, product, or service on Facebook? If yes, then you must learn what not to do on Facebook?

    Always follow the rules when promoting your brand on Facebook.

    Facebook is the most extensive social network that tracks the behavior of marketers and how they are using the platform.

    What Marketers Should Not do on Facebook?: eAskme
    What Marketers Should Not do on Facebook?: eAskme

    With the massive user base, Facebook is one of the topmost priorities of marketers trying to reach a wider audience using social networks.

    When doing so, do not overdo.

    Facebook wants users to follow strict community standards. If you violate any rule, Facebook will make sure you are out of their platform.

    For example, Facebook is against hate speech; during the 3rd quarter of 2021, Facebook has removed more than 22 million hate speech posts.

    You should focus on generating sales using Facebook and ensure that your tactics follow Facebook rules.

    If you are following the rules set by Facebook, you should not worry.

    Facebook is Important for Social media Marketing:

    Facebook is crucial for marketers.

    Because Facebook is the most extensive social network with a massive user base.

    In 2020, Facebook covered 59% of social media users worldwide.

    Marketing on Facebook brings a lot of benefits for brands and small businesses.

    You can use multiple ad formats to reach the target audience.

    Learn how to get the maximum out of Facebook marketing.

    Marketers Guide to Facebook:

    Facebook can make and break your business.

    Small businesses are struggling with Facebook ads. 62% of small businesses have failed to see any success.

    Ads are the primary way to reach the target audience on Facebook. If you cannot create convertible ads, you will not see a good result.

    Use the right Facebook marketing strategy to grow your business on Facebook. You need to avoid common mistakes and stop falling into social media pitfalls.

    I am sharing the list of rookie errors that marketers should avoid on Facebook.

    5 Things Marketers Should not Do on Facebook?

    If you are new to Facebook marketing or social media marketing, you may not know when you are walking in the direction of avoidable mistakes.

    Should learn what not to do on Facebook.

    If you avoid these Facebook marketing mistakes, then your business will grow in a positive direction.

    OverSharing or OverPosting:

    The most common problem with newbie marketers on Facebook is that they blindly start sharing and resharing their content.

    It is an annoying mistake.

    I know you want to get your content seen but avoid spamming Facebook.

    The best way is to avoid posing more than twice within 24 hours.

    Access posting or reposting can fall in the Spam category.

    Avoid publishing bulk promotional posts as the Facebook algorithm pick them as spam.

    Promote Business Organically:

    Facebook has banned the use of CTA photos and sales flyers.

    Instead, Facebook has allowed Facebook page admins to use CTA buttons.

    Facebook CTA Buttons: eAskme

     But if you want to advertise your business on Facebook, you must use Facebook ads.

    Broader Audience:

    Lazy targeting is a common issue with Facebook marketers. You can only add more bucks to your expenses by following lazy targeting.

    Lazy targeting means that you do not understand your target audience and blindly target most people on Facebook.

    Use Facebook ad tools creatively to narrow down your target audience.

    Focus only on the audience related to your niche or micro-niche.

    Take some time, understand your audience, and optimize your Facebook ads.

    When creating ads, consider factors like interests, activities, and economics.

    Bad Images or Content:

    Never post bad images or harmful content on Facebook.

    Never post low-quality images:

    You do not want to bring a bad reputation to your brand. Low-quality photos are not suitable for brand reputation.

    Do not Share Inappropriate content:

    Facebook block any Inappropriate content. Make sure your post follow the Facebook community standards.

    Facebook does not allow content that contains:

    • Bullying
    • Child nudity.
    • Graphic content.
    • Hate Speech.
    • Sexual exploitation.

    Note: Never break the rule to stay safe.

    Incorrect CTA:

    Use appropriate CTA only.

    Your call to action button should add value to your business and user experience.

    Never overuse the Call-to-action button.

    You do not need to use almost all the CTA buttons on the Facebook page.

    Use one but use it wisely.

    What Should Marketers do on Facebook?

    Now, you know what you should not do on Facebook.

    But what to do on Facebook?

    Let’s discuss that also.

    If you want in-depth details about how to get the maximum out of your Facebook page, then follow this guide.

    Here is what you must do:


    Rather than spam posting, post wisely.

    Post at least once a day.

    Use tools like SEMRush to post automatically on Facebook.

    Use Ads:

    Ads are the best way to reach the target audience on Facebook.

    Pay for Facebook Ads: eAskme

    Facebook ads work better than other tools or strategies on Facebook.

    Define target Audience:

    Finding the target audience is a time-consuming process but worth the effort.

    Define your target audience that is interested in your business.

    Narrow down to ensure that you are not wasting your ad on the non-interested audience.

    Use Attractive Images:

    From my experience, I know that images can do wonders.

    Attractive photos will boost user engagement on your ads.

    Use CTA:

    Use the CTA button to your advantage.

    Tell your customers what they should do next if they find your work or business interesting.

    You can use the CTA button to increase Signups, website visits, etc.


    Marketing on Facebook is not easy. Blind marketing can damage your business.

    You should learn basic marketing skills or strategies to improve your brand presence on Facebook.

    It is easy to save yourself from going in the wrong direction on Facebook. Understanding what to avoid on Facebook is essential to protect yourself.

    Use the above tips.

    If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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