February 17, 2022

History of Blogging: An Infographic for Every Blogger

There is a famous saying,"To build your future, understand your History."

You may have already heard many times that start from basics. Why?

Because without strong basics or solid understanding of the history one cannot build the future.

This also applies to the world of blogging.

History of Blogging : An Infographic for Every Blogger: eAskme
History of Blogging : An Infographic for Every Blogger: eAskme

There is a long history behind the current face of Blogging.

Today, I am sharing the complete History of blogging that every blogger must learn.

History of Blogging : An Infographic for Every Blogger

I have created this "History of Blogging" infographic with the authentic information available online.

If you think that blogging is a new thing or just a couple or years or decade old then you need to brush up your knowledge.

History of blogging will take you back to 1990.

Click here to open the full infographic.

History of Blogging : An Infographic for Every Blogger: eAskme
History of Blogging : An Infographic for Every Blogger: eAskme

History of Blogging:


  • Birth of Web.


  • Cludior Penhanez begins logging short entries into so called "Open Dairy."
  • Justin All Starts links.net, cementing the building block for what is today famously called blogging.


  • Jon Barger coins the term "Weblog".


  • Open Dairy--a blogging platform is born.
    Hurricane Bonnie is blogged by Charlotte Observer.


  • Peter Merholz shortens "Weblog" to "Blog."
  • Blogging platforms like LiveJournal(April), Xanga(April) and Blogger(August) are born.
  • 23 Blogs reported on all of the Internet


  • Dries Buytaert writes Drupal. released it as an Open Source project.


  • Oxford English Dictionary prints the word Blog
  • Melinds Roberts starts one of the first Mom Blogs
  • Blogads- one of the first advertisement services for bloggers launched.


  • Google acquires Prya Labs (the company behind blogger).
  • A new era begins WordPress is born.


  • YouTube is born a boost for vlogging
  • Tech news gaint TechCrunch is born
  • The Huffington Post Launches


  • Jack Dorsey sends out first tweet which is regarded as the birth of microblogging.


  • Tumblr to boost microblogging


  • Adam D'angelo launches Quora


  • Medium born-A modern blogging platform.


  • Whole lot of changes in blogging formats. Birth of eAskme.com. Boost in Vlogging, Infographics, presentation etc. All Small-mid sites giving competition to sites like huffpost.


  • Https has gained popularity. Secure browsing, Google AMP and user experience are the major focus. New terms and technologies are creating impact in blogging such as;
  1. Eagle Eye Concept
  2. Content Scoring
  3. Ego Bait Content
  4. Link Worthy Content
  5. Customer Outreach, etc.

Final Words:

In this "History of Blogging," I have covered everything from 1990 to till now.

But, This is not the end.

This is just the beginning of a new era in blogging.

Stay tuned with us in this blogging journey.

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