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How to Create Coming Soon Pages in WordPress

Do you want to launch a website or a blog? or Do you just want to create a coming soon page for the people to tell them about your upcoming site? You need to design a beautiful coming soon page for your WordPress site or blog. But do you know how to create coming soon page for your website?

Pre-launch or coming soon page is a strategy that webmasters run before they complete launch the content of their websites. The coming soon page helps you to get attention and spread the word about your upcoming project.

How to Create Coming Soon Pages in WordPress: eAskme

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Today I am going to share about how you can create a beautiful coming soon page using Under Construction page Pugin for WordPress.

Under Construction page Pugin for WordPress

To create a beautiful coming soon page in WordPress, you need to use a plugin which can make this job quite easy for you. WordPress Under Construction page plugin is here for you.

Under Construction, page plugin is a plugin which comes with both free and paid versions. You can get it for $70.

Features of under construction plugin:

  • beginner-friendly, simple & fast
  • new designs 2 times a month
  • 130k+ active users, with 10k/month growth
  • support for most caching plugins so there's no need to manually purge
  • over 1000 five-star reviews
  • email support
  • optimized for SEO
  • various social media icons available
  • Google Analytics support

How to create coming soon page in Wordpress?

  • Download this plugin and activate it.
  • Now go to the Settings page to manage the look and behavior of under construction page or coming soon page.
You will see 6 tabs, such as; Main, Design, Content, Access, Support, and Pro.

Main tab:

It is actually the main tab of under construction page plugin. Here you will see options to on/off Under construction mode, Prevent Search Engines from Indexing the Temporary Site, Automatic End Date & Time, Google Analytics Tracking and Reset Settings.

Design Tab:

Under design tab, you will various templates or designs that you can use as a free or pro user. To use any of these WordPress themes, you just need to click on the theme.

You can also use your CSS code to manage fonts, margins, color etc.

Content tab:

The content tab is there for you to help you easily add the content on your coming soon or under construction page. You can easily write Title, Description, Headlines, Content and also add various social media buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, and YouTube.

The best thing is that all the content is SEO optimized and it will easily index.

Access tab:

You may have many moderators or admins on your blog. You can easily allow them to access or block their access by using Access tab options.

All you need is to choose the user role to define his access to the site.

Pro tab:

If you want to use the premium features then pro tab is for you. You can easily build coming soon pages, under construction pages and landing pages faster by becoming a pro user.

PRO version offers:
  1. Drag and Drop page builder
  2. Improved access control
  3. Custom links with custom expire rules
  4. MailChimp and Zapier support
  5. Support for local database autoresponder
  6. Import and Export settings
  7. Unsplash API integration - get access to more than 200k photos
  8. Newsletter module- Countdown timer and much more!

  • Go through all the tabs to create what you need in your coming soon page.
  • Now Go to Main tab and click on "On" to activate your coming soon page.

Final Words:

Landing pages and coming soon pages are now an important part of webmasters arsenal. I have used under construction page plugin to create coming soon pages and landing pages on many blogs. They worked in a great way with no stress.

You can easily setup coming soon page with the help of under construction page plugin.

Have you ever used under construction page or coming soon page? Do you want to try it?

Do share your experience? If you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.
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Ninja Outreach Review: Must Have+ Tool for Blogger Outreach (14 days free trail)

Ninja Outreach is software for you to boost your outreach. Outreach is something where most of the bloggers are struggling. As a blogger, you may face many challenges such as how to boost traffic, how to increase email subscribers, how to improve Alexa rank, how to increase domain authority etc. You may be working days and nights to improve your blog and achieve your target.

Ninja Outreach Review: Must Have+ Tool for Blogger Outreach (14 days free trail): eAskme
Ninja Outreach Review: Must Have+ Tool for Blogger Outreach (14 days free trail): eAskme
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Without a proper outreach tool, blogger outreach is the thing which can make you eat your own brain.

Blogging is not just about writing and sharing but it is also about building professional connections with the influencers in the industry. These connections help you to boost your brand strategies.

Today I am going to help you with a tool that is highly professional and fully functional to boost your outreach campaigns.

Ninja Outreach:

Ninja Outreach is professional outreach software. It was launched in January 2015. This is the tool which is not just used by professional but also one of the most recommended tool online.

Today I am going to cover each and everything about Ninja Outreach so that you can learn what Ninja Outreach is, why you should use it, what are the features of Ninja Outreach, why Ninja Outreach is important and what are the pros & cons of Ninja outreach software.

What is Ninja Outreach?

According to Ninja Outreach team, it is the best outreach and prospecting tool. It is the quality tool to connect with influencers in your industry and find quality guest posting opportunities.

In the beginning of my career, I also spent hours on daily basis to connect with influencers with least success rate. I was not aware of any tool as till that time Ninja Outreach was not there.

Ninja Outreach is there to help you save your time and efforts. It is more than an outreach tool, yet the main purpose of Ninja Outreach is to connect with an influencer and find guest post opportunities.

Who should use Ninja Outreach?

We are in the era of influencer marketing. To become an influencer you need to connect with the influencers in your industry.

Ninja outreach is the tool that helps you easily is cover the opportunities to find industry influencers and connect with them.

Every single business wants to harness the power of outreach and that is where Ninja outreach comes to help. No matter you are a newbie running a small business or an entrepreneur, ninja Outreach is for all.

Why is Ninja Outreach important?

Manual Outreach is really a time-consuming thing and it a lot of efforts before you receives a reply from an influencer.

Time is a commodity and you do not want to waste it at any cost. Ninja outreach saves your time and efforts.  You can invest your time in other productive things.

Ninja outreach does all the process to find the influencers and help you to find guest posting opportunities.

Features of Ninja Outreach software:

  •     Quickly personalize templates
  •     Search influencers by using keywords
  •     Organize contacts
  •     Manage relationships
  •     Check social influence
  •     Automate email outreach campaigns
  •     Track email statistics
  •     Follow-ups
  •     Autofill Contact Forms
  •     Personal inbox

Ninja Outreach Services:

Ninja outreach is not just an outreach tool for you but they also offer more personalized services such as;
  •     Hire a Ninja Service
  •     Expert Roundups service
  •     Guest post service
  •     Business consulting service
  •     Content writing service

Why you should use Ninja Outreach:

The main reason why most of the professionals are using Ninja outreach is that it saves time and makes the blogger outreach process quite effective. It is the best tool to find guest post opportunities.

Ninja Outreach also educates you with its knowledge base. The training program is amazing and covers everything that you need to know.

Ninja Outreach offers a 14-day trial for free. You can easily utilize this opportunity to find out how to use this software and boost your outreach before you buy a premium plan.

The paid plan starts with $19/month which is valuable for starters or bloggers.

Searching guest post opportunities with Ninja Outreach is very easy.  The keyword option is also quite helpful.

Do Ninja Outreach paid plan worth getting?

Ninja outreach is solid software for outreach job. They not only give you the software but you can also get help whenever you need.

If you have used their 14-day free trial, then you will definitely go for their paid packages.

Good opportunities do not wait for a long time, so it is your time to grab the free trial of this professional blogger outreach tool.

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How to Write a Great Product Review

Some people make their livings writing product reviews. They’re absolute stars at making you feel like you understand the product, the advantages, and the drawbacks. Not just that, but they manage to throw that review up in such a way that you get the feeling that it’s authentic, personal and honest.

There aren’t many of those people, though. Most people, when they write a review, provide no real help and leave you no wiser by the end of it than you were in the beginning. And that, naturally, leaves you feeling a little frustrated.

How to Write a Great Product Review : eAskme
How to Write a Great Product Review : eAskme
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What is the difference? What is it that makes some reviews outstanding and personable, while others are overly salty, uninformative and frustratingly difficult to understand? That’s what we’re going to cover today. What is the difference? And how can you make sure you end up on the right side of that dividing line?

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That’s what we’re going to explore today.

It’s a review, not a sales pitch

How to Write a Great Product Review : eAskme

What’s the difference? A sales pitch tries to convince you to have to buy this product. A review decides to give you information so that you can make an informed decision as to whether you want to buy it or not. In other words, a sales pitch is pushy (even if it is soon a subtle level) in that it tries to put what is being reviewed in the best light. A review does not do that. It weighs the pros and cons of the product.

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That’s also how you can tell the difference. Does it all start off with ‘this is why it is good,' while offering you some of the drawbacks only later on and muffling them away? That’s more a sales pitch. Is it frank and upfront with the positive and the negative aspects of the product? Then you’re reading a review.

We’re not just interested in your opinion

How to Write a Great Product Review: eAskme

Yes, of course, you want to mix in your opinion with your review. But that’s not all it should be. We also wish to the fact. How well does it work with other products? What are the specifications? Did it have all the bits and bobs when it arrived?  What was it like contacting customer service?

The trick is to find the right balance between yourself and the product. We do want your opinion! But that alone really isn’t enough. Give us the facts too.
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Of course, if you can give the other people’s opinions about it too, that would be great. Refer to other reviews and tell us why you agree or disagree with them. In that way, we feel that your review doesn’t stand on its own, but is enmeshed in a network of other considerations. That lends it authority (even if it doesn’t deserve it).

Tell them what you’re going to tell them. Then tell them. 

Tell them what you’re going to tell them. Then tell them: eAskme

Some people have the time to read a detailed review of the merits and weak points of a product. Most people skim, however, to get the gist of it. Cater to both customers, by first detailing what you’re going to talk about in brief and only then exploring those points in more depth later on. If you can follow this formula, then you’re product is going to serve not just those that want to sit down and read the whole thing, but everybody.

What’s more, when your initial list of points sounds attractive to the skim reader, you’ve got a much better chance they’ll sit down and read the whole thing. In this way, you’ll make sure that you’re going to address as broad an audience as you possibly can.

Compare and contract 

How to Write a Great Product Review: eAskme

The best reviews don’t look at products in isolation. Instead, they’re all about comparing them to other products that are similar and showing the reader why this product is better or worse and why that is the case.

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Why is this so important? Because people rarely consider a product in isolation. Instead, they’re curious if that product holds up to other things they’ve tried. Even better, by including additional products you’re significantly raising the chance that the reader has tried one of the other products before, thereby giving them a far stronger point of reference (and giving you another way to demonstrate your expertise).

Remember readability

How to Write a Great Product Review: Readability: eAskme

Readability is measurable. Not only that, but it’s easy to do so. So make sure that you measure the readability of your text and take active steps to boost it. Why? Because the harder a version is to read, the fewer time people are going to give you before they’re going to look elsewhere.

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Here are some things to look out for:

•    Keep your sentences simple.
•    Watch the adverbs and the passive voice.
•    One idea per paragraph.
•    Lists, bullet points and headings are essential.
•    Get rid of extra words!

If you can do all that, then the readability of your texts will go up, and that will give you more time to make a good impression. Yeah, it will still be up to you to make that right impact, but I can do only so much from this side of the keyboard!

If you don’t feel this is enough, then consider getting an editor or in other ways get academic help. Getting feedback on what you’re doing is quite beneficial, as it shows your problem areas and lets you see how other people experience your work.

Who are you writing it for?

How to Write a Great Product Review: eAskme

People that write for everybody end up getting read by nobody. That’s not just true in product review circles but in all of them. Stop trying to please everybody and instead work on getting a group of people genuinely excited. After all, if you can get a 1/10 of a percent to read your product reviews rapidly, then in the US alone you’ll have a more than 300,000 fans. I don’t know about you, but if 300,000 people read, share and like an article of mine, I’d say it would be pretty satisfied.

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So what does that mean? It means you need to work out who your target audience is, finding out their actual needs of the audience that you’re reviewing for and then evaluating the product about those needs. Note that when you’re trying to select your target audience, it’s best if you focus on people who are like you. This will make it more likely that your style will gel with what they expect and that you’ll be able to understand their wants and needs.

And it also reduces the chance that they feel you don’t understand or that you’re talking down to them. And that’s a bonus.

Last words

How to Write a Great Product Review: eAskme

Writing a well-honed product review is something that takes time and practice. So make sure that you take the time and that you practice. Don’t just try to write one either. Instead, keep writing them as each one that you manage to will give you more feedback and a better idea as to what people like and what they don’t.

From there, you’re in a much better position in later reviews, as you’ll know what works and furthermore gain confidence. That, taken together, will make your reports even better and your audience ever bigger. Now, that has to be the goal, right?
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Web hosting reviews:

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CPAMatica Review: Find Great CPA Offers For Dating Niche & Others

On eAskme, I have covered various ways to make money online such as Adsense, Affiliate marketing, Native ads etc. I have also shared how Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online. I have also told about CPA maketing.

Today I am going to share about one of the most popular CPA ad network, Cpamatica. Right now this network is covering 1000+ CPA offers. You can easily find the CPA offers related to your own niche. They are offering best CPA offers for dating niche.

In this complete guide of CPAmatica, you will learn everything about this CPA ad network. Let`s see how you can get started with CPAmatica and make money with their CPA offers.

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CPAMatica: Great CPA offers for dating niche

CPAMatica: Find Great CPA Offers For Dating Niche & Others : eAskme
CPAMatica: Find Great CPA Offers For Dating Niche & Others : eAskme
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CPAmatica is a powerful cpa network. They have covered 100+ countries including USA, UK, ther European countries and Latin American countries.

When you fill the registration details, they will assign a personal affiliate manager. The manager will help you to clear doubts, provide details and solve your queries.

Once you start promoting CPAMatica offers, you will enjoy money coming into your account. You will receive payments every week on Thursday. They release the payment after every 15 days.

Minimum payout limit at CPAMatica:

  • PayPal - 500$
  • Payoneer - 250$
  • WebMoney -50$
  • Wiretransfer - 1000$
CPAMatica: Find Great CPA Offers For Dating Niche & Others : eAskme

Most of the people use PayPal, Payoneer and WireTransfer to recieve money. You can also use WebMoney if you want to convert your earning into bitcoins or gold.

They are not limited with 1000+ partner CPA offers. You can also promote CPAMatica flagship dating products such as Victoris Brides, Hitwe and Kismia.

Key Benefits of CPAMatica:

  • Weekly Payouts
  • $50 minimum payout
  • Multiple Payment options
  • Complete statistics
  • Promotional material
  • Fulltime support
  • Dedicated Account manager

How to start with CPAMatica:

Now Let`s learn how to make money with CPAMatica. You can join CPAMatica with these simple steps.
  • Apply to join CPAMatica
  • You must add you account manager on skype.
  • Click on Offers and find best CPA offers according to your own blog niche
CPAMatica: Find Great CPA Offers For Dating Niche & Others : eAskme

In Offer tab you will see [TA], [ZH], [ES] etc. These are the abbreviations of the countries.

Remember: that you sale will be only counted if you are driving traffic from the allowed countries.

CPAMatica: Find Great CPA Offers For Dating Niche & Others : eAskme

Preview tab allow you to check the landing page.

Use Filter tab to filter the offers according to your blog niche using Country, Device Type and category.

Check details about the offer and also check the multiple landing page to find out which page is best for you.

Check the affiliate link page:

CPAMatica: Find Great CPA Offers For Dating Niche & Others: eAskme
CPAMAtica allows you to use custom domain name as tracking link and for this purpose you have to configure settings

When you are about to promote an offer, always check the details like device type, targeted countries, restrictions etc.

If you have any doubt,always contact your dedicated account manager to clear your doubts.

It is really easy to start with CPAMatica. Even a newbie can join this CPA network.

Before joining the CPAMatica network, always read terms and conditions to understand what is allowed and what is not allowed.

Join CPAMatica

Do share how you like this post about make money online? Are you already an CPA marketer? Which program works best for you. Which program you want me to review?

If you have any question, feel free to ask via comments.
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How to Teach English to Children Using Helen Doron English Method

The Helen Doron English method has been used for over three decades for teaching children English. In this period, the methodology has been used to teach English to more than 2 million children globally. The reason for the popularity of the Helen Doron English method is attributed to its ease of implementation. The coursework is essentially designed to teach children the English language in the same way that they learn their mother tongue. The model uses the same way that children learn how to understand and speak their native language first before reading and writing, to teach them English.

How to Teach English to Children Using Helen Doron English Method : eAskme
How to Teach English to Children Using Helen Doron English Method : eAskme
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The Helen Doron method for EFL was developed to make learning English much more interesting, engaging, and fun for children. This ultimately makes it easier to learn the language as it ignites a child’s innate curiosity towards learning.

The Benefits of using the Helen Doron English Method

This technique is founded on the fundamental doctrines of repeated hearing and positive reinforcement. For the overall skill development of children, the impact of learning a foreign language cannot be ignored. Using the Helen Doron English method can be beneficial in the following ways;

1.    The small structured classes of 4 to 8 students help the students to gain access to one on one learning environments. The teachers are also able to give each student the required attention and also inspire a confident interactive environment.

2.    The Helen Doron English Method strives to meet each child’s unique learning needs.  It takes into consideration the use of fun learning platforms like games, videos, movement and most importantly music to enhance the whole learning experience. This kind of an environment acts as a motivation for the children to pronounce the new words with ease.

3.    The Helen Doron English method offers a comprehensive learning curriculum that is based solely on quality. The course also includes age appropriate provisions for children of all ages and enables them to have a grasp of the language as early as possible. The young children who go through the course are able to adequately benefit from it.

4.    The teachers for each Helen Doron course and methodology are highly trained and competent to handle each child in the program. They have been equipped with all the modern learning techniques and materials in order to successfully teach the children. The teachers are always up to date with the structured pedagogic techniques that are highly essential to the Helen Doron English method. You are assured that your child will get nothing but the best and make significant progress in their pursuit of learning the English language.


The Helen Doron English method is a tried and tested approach to teaching language to children of all ages. It is very effective because it gives children practical exposure to the English language. It is important to note that for children, getting exposed to new foreign languages from an early age will increase their level of competence. Aside from improving the skills in English, it also contributes to their overall development.
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Contentmart: A Place That Fulfils All Your Content Needs

If you have an online business or a blog, you need to put up fresh content on a regular basis. Uploading content regularly is crucial for the success of any business or blog. It is practically impossible for a person to produce high-quality, relevant content on a daily basis methodically. There stands a need to hire a content writer or content writing agency to fulfill your daily content needs. Online Content Marketplace Contentmart can prove be the perfect choice for you. It can help you get content for your blog on a regular basis.

Contentmart: A Place That Fulfils All Your Content Needs : eAskme
Contentmart: A Place That Fulfils All Your Content Needs : eAskme

What is Contentmart?

Contentmart is the largest online marketplace for content creators and buyers. There can be no better place than Contentmart to find affordable writers. It can be hard to hire a professional writer online unless you pay a colossal amount or dedicate many hours to test and find writers. Contentmart is cheaper than other content writing companies or any content writing agency. The popularity of this platform is growing at a very rapid speed. It has accommodated writers from all over the world. It has been a trusted platform since its launch and has a system of secure and automatic billing.

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Contentmart isn’t a perfect platform where everything happens unhindered. Their team is super friendly and supportive.There can be some potholes, but the Contentmart staff is very helpful. They list out ways in which to avoid falling victim to fraudulent writers and clients. Contentmart is one of the best freelance content writing marketplaces in terms of safety. Contentmart takes strict actions against unlawful practices. It can include banning writers if found guilty of copying content. They have the most transparent, user-friendly interface. Unlike other sites, Contentmart pays particular attention to the complaints of clients. Financial transactions are smooth, transparent and legally compliant. Well-established freelance content writers can charge more

Contentmart for Clients

An Indian freelance content writer charges one-tenth times less than a freelance content writer from the west. Hire a content writer from India. You can get world-class, high-quality content for lower cost. Quality content writing is highly valued on this site. You can check out the writer’s previous work before choosing him or her. In case you are not satisfied with the work; you are free to cancel the order. It is beneficial to hire a professional content writer than to have a full roster of full-time staff. A freelancer content writer who is local to your business would not have to worry about traveling, timing, and accommodating other costs into his or her rate. It will lower hiring costs, and the writer saves more. The writers on this platform have a lot of experience with different businesses. Content writing companies and content writing services like Contentmart have freelance content writers with industry experience.

Contentmart has more than 65,000 clients with continuous projects posted every hour. Contentmart has a diverse variety of clients from every part of the globe.

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Indian freelance content writers and creators are fluent in English and are some of the most talented people in the world. Contentmart has a collection of accomplished writers on their site. If you are looking for India-centric content Contentmart is the place to register with as a client. Writers on Contentmart come from various parts of India. They specialize in different sectors. It is easy to hire a professional writer on Contentmart with a specialty in a particular field. One of the unique features of Contentmart is that you can get content in regional Indian languages like Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, etc. Hire a content writer from India for work that would appeal to the Indian audience. Contentmart is one of the best platforms for a freelance content writer to earn high revenue without investing a single penny. This very fact attracts many high –end writers to this site.

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Contentmart has built-in testing criteria to accept writers. It cannot be found on other sites. The writer has to be excellent in the language to pass this test. Writers put up samples on their page for potential clients to decide on their writing skills.

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Contentmart handpicks and verifies freelance content writers who have performed consistently well and had ratings more than four stars. A writer has to complete ten orders successfully to achieve this status. Contentmart also allows you to read reviews from previous customers. You can also find out their order submission rates and the number of orders excepted by customers. Metrics like Acceptance Rate %, Order Acceptance ratio, and Repeated Orders is displayed for the client. The profile dashboard gives information about a writer's every activity including earnings.

How to put up an order?

It is easy to put up an order on Contentmart. You are not required to put up credit card or debit card details. You can fill your contentmart wallet and put up an order. You are required to provide requirement leads like language, number of words, quality of the articles, and SEO requirements. After putting up an order, hundreds of freelance content writers would bid on it. Your job post placing an order is to sit back and wait for bids to flood in. Pick a suitable writer from the bids received on your order. To make things utterly hassle-free, Contentmart staff too can help you pick a writer if needed.

Contentmart: A Place That Fulfils All Your Content Needs : eAskme

Contentmart for writers

Contentmart is one of the best platforms available for freelance content writers. If you are a writer with talent and a good grasp of the language you need to work on Contentmart at least once. To become an established freelance content writer on this platform, you need to pass a language test and fill up your details correctly. A fully complete profile with all details and a healthy amount of samples can help a writer secure more orders.

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How to bid?

Once all your details are filled, you can easily bid on the orders available to you. Bid on as many orders you think you are capable of completing. Go to "All Orders" on your dashboard and clink on the bid button on a specific order. You can write a message and state why you should be chosen. Freelance content writers are allowed to put up the amount they are willing to work for, and then they have to wait for the client to contact.

Affiliate Program:

Contentmart also has an affiliate program. It is a very simple system. If you invite a customer to join, you will get 10% of their order amount.

With Contentmart, you do not have to worry about transactions, safety, and pricing. Contentmart takes care of all your needs.
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Is Vaping Better than Smoking: The Ultimate Showdown

Forget elections and political arguments on Twitter, there’s a key debate ranging across the world: which is better, vaping or smoking? Here we’ll consider four key areas – health and safety, availability, cost, and smell and taste – to figure out which comes out on top.

Is Vaping Better than Smoking: The Ultimate Showdown : eAskme
Is Vaping Better than Smoking: The Ultimate Showdown : eAskme
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Health and safety

This is probably the biggest and most contentious issue when it comes to the battle between vaping and smoking. It’s time to get series for a minute.

We’re all well versed in the dangers of smoking[1]. Cigarette smoke accounts for nearly 500,000 deaths in the United States alone. In both men and women, it can increase the risk of lung disease, coronary heart disease, stroke, and even cancer – including cancer of the lungs, stomach, pancreas, and kidney. It’s not just those who smoke 50 a day that are at risk of these health problems, they can begin to effect those who smoke fewer than five cigarettes a day.

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As vaping is a relatively new phenomenon, the research is not as cflaonclusive. Most reports in the United States are largely negative, but work across the pond is trying to dispel the myths surrounding vaping. A study conducted by Public Health England argues that e-cigarettes are around “95% less harmful than tobacco”[2]. Not only has it been found to be less harmful for vapers themselves, but another study conducted in the US found that ‘second-hand vaping’ is not something that people should be worried about[3].

Winner: We know the jury is still out on this one, but when you look at the harmful effects of smoking and the number of fatalities as a direct result of the habit, it’s safe to say that vaping is the clear winner.

Ease of access and availability

Cigarettes have been readily available since the mid-20th century, with every superstore and small convenience store having a million and one different varieties in stock. Even ten years ago e-cigarettes were difficult to come by, but in recent years things have definitely changed. Now, entire stores are purpose built just to sell e-cigarettes, e-juices, and vaping accessories. So, now that e-cigarettes are just as readily available as traditional cigs, there’s really no reason not to opt for a vaporizer instead.

Winner: In our third round, we’d say that smoking and vaping are level pegging. Both are now easily accessible on the market, and the vaping industry is growing at a rapid rate.


Another big question is the cost of vaping when compared with smoking. So, it’s time for some math.
Back in 2015, The Awl put together a helpful piece detailing how much a pack of traditional cigarettes would cost you in each state[4]. Prices ranged from $4.98 to a whopping $13.50 (no prizes for guessing which state that is in!), with the average cost being $7.26 per pack. So, if you’re getting through a pack a day, this brings the total average yearly cost to $2649.90 – a figure which could rise to $4927.50 if you happen to live in New York.

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There is a lot more equipment involved in vaping – which can lead to people believing it will be more expensive. If you were to buy a bottle of Blacknote’s Quartet once a fortnight, the total cost across the year would be $910. Factor in roughly $50 for an average vaporizer and $25 for spare batteries across the year, you get a total that is a fraction of the cost of smoking.

Winner: When it comes to the price tag, vaping is the clear winner. Even if you were to splash out on the latest fancy gear, the cost probably wouldn’t compare to the expensive of smoking in most states.

Smell and taste

Anyone who has ever smoked will tell you that it smells. And it doesn’t just smell a little, tobacco smoke smells a lot. It will cling to your clothes and your hair, it will linger in your nostrils for hours after you’ve taken your last drag, and to top it all off it will leave you with discolored teeth. With e-cigarettes, on the other hand, things are very different. While you can get tobacco flavored e-juices, the smell is not as pungent. You can also get e-juice in a variety of different flavors too, including ones like vanilla that taste and smell decidedly sweeter. When it comes to vaping, you won’t have to vigorously wash your clothes after every cigarette, others won’t be constantly repulsed by the smell, and you won’t have to worry about having yellowing teeth.

Winner: What else can we say? Vaping definitely wins this round. 

So, there we have it, when it comes to four key issues – health, availability, cost, and smell and taste – it’s clear that vaping comes out as the winner.

What’s your opinion?

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Ciiva Best Electronic Parts Database Software

Electronics design like all other professions has seen the creation and development of many tools to help the designers with increased productivity and performance. The whole idea is to enable the designer concentrate on design work ad not have to worry or be distracted by other things; one of the most critical aspects of electronic design are the components and management of it. For parts management, the electronic parts database software free to use by Ciiva has some of the most advanced features of any software in the market.
3 Reasons Why Ciiva is the Best Electronic Parts Database Software : eAskme
3 Reasons Why Ciiva is the Best Electronic Parts Database Software : eAskme
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Created for the electronic designer, its goal is to truly realize the mantra of intelligent selection of parts, validation of parts and effective management of those parts. The 3 reason which gives this software an edge in electronic parts management are:

Reason 1: Search Analysis Management

It is true in electronic design and manufacture, more than any other place that parts supply changes fluidly in terms of pricing, need, availability etc. In the process of electronic design, you want to have the most dependable and up to date software to assist you with generating the best BOM, with the most current parts to avoid issues of expiry or near expiry.

Search with the software for the bet prices in the market from a database of the most reputable suppliers in the industry; analyze and search for parts with your specific refined parameters for components that are within your budget to avoid having your BOM returned.

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Reason 2: BOM Management

The BOM will decide if your design will go into production or not, as such this software has been equipped for advanced BOM management to control changes of parts accurately for the lifespan of the product; through a centrally managed BOM solution optimize present and future parts selection during production by exploiting historical usage data from past designs.

You get BOM management from start to finish by managing, tracking and reviewing parts intended for use or used in the design; all this from one place. Here are the advantages of the centrally managed BOM:

  • You are able to quickly review and track every change made to your BOM; you will be in control of the parts going into your design throughout the process by knowing where and who made which changes to the design, and know where in the design your respective parts are used. You can also revise and make comparisons between two BOMs quickly.
  • You will easily track and source components for your electronic designs with the help of the software; easily identify and assess the life cycle of the components you are using and replace obsoletes with verified alternatives. You have real-time price and part availability information all within the tool; this feature is ideal for dealing with last minute changes in the design components.
  • The entire design team has access to centralized and shared BOM data so that everyone is up to date with design information and any changes made.

Reason 3: Professional Services

With the addition of professional services, your parts libraries will be well organized and updated automatically by the software.
  • All data management needs are taken care of by the CAD librarian services including cleanup and component requests as you focus on your core business of design.
  • Make and get instant orders for parts without putting in too much f your time through the professional services feature.
There are the 3 reasons which make this the premier electronics parts database software.
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Taking on ECAD Using the Best Design Software

Electronic Computer Aided Design (ECAD) is used to design and create electronic systems composed of various circuits. Without ECAD PCB, the world wouldn't have come across video games, computers, cell phones or even ATM cards. The digital watch strapped around your wrist is basically a program Integrated Circuit.

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Printed Circuit Boards barely require maintenance. PCB Software minimizes noise occurrence in ICsbecause there’s adequate space between components. Devices running on PCBs do not short circuit since they don’t use wires,which are prone to fraying.

How PCB software benefits different types of ECAD users

Taking on ECAD Using the Best Design Software : eAskme
Taking on ECAD Using the Best Design Software : eAskme


Using the best PCB software will enable you to design your IC or chips with a variety of components at your disposal.  You will, therefore, be able to produce electronics that will outperform your competitors' products.  PCB software provides step by step guidance which saves you time during the design process. Using the best PCB software ensures your designs are compatible with a majority of electronics’ manufacturers globally.

Computer Science/ECAD Students

For you to grasp a new skill, consistent practice is necessary.  To become proficient with ECAD you need reliable PCB software to create new projects and practice what you’ve just learned in class. You’d also want PCB software that will back up all your class projects and won’t crash unexpectedly while in the middle of a mid-semester project.

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ECAD and computer science college professors

Your students require seeing how various components look like on a PCB before making their first attempts. Using highly rated PCB software will provide you with a large library of components. Familiarizing your students with industry approved PCB software adequately trains them for real life tasks in addition to equipping them with requisite technical skills, to launch their own tech startups.

Research Institutes

When developing new projects, one requires a stable PCB tool to sustain the entire project from start to finish. Having the right PCB tool will enable swift data backup to your preferred online storage accounts automatically. In addition, you can create and compare various designs simultaneously.  Online based PCB forums are informative sources of credible information and honest feedback.

Extra benefits

Using premium PCB software grants you access to 24-hour customer care staff that will solve any urgent issues which may arise unexpectedly. Owners of PCB software receive useful tips and video tutorials on how to create complex designs and troubleshoot various issues.  Whenever you require informed opinions on your latest product design, you can conveniently upload your files to various online community forums composed of skilled and novice PCB designers.


Access to a library with a large variety of components is necessary to design electronics whose high performance requires little energy consumption. Technopreneurscan significantly minimize the time spent in prototype testing by using superior PCB software since its step by step guidance ensures a user produces highly accurate ICs or chips.

PCB software facilitates three-dimensional product designs. This is an important feature when designing complex electronics such as robots.

Other helpful softwares:
Best Webinar Software Comparison
Best Free Automated Social Bookmarking Software

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Best Web Hosting Affiliate Program – MilesWeb

You often come across people who make good money online and one such great mode of making a handsome income is by web hosting affiliate programs. It allows you to make good money by just utilizing your blog. The whole agenda of affiliate programs is that you expose the visitors on your blog to certain products and if you are lucky enough and they tend to purchase it, then you make profit as you get some share of the sale that is made through your blog. One very important aspect that should be kept in mind before you become an affiliate for any company is to pick up the best hosting affiliate programs with respect to quality as well as pricing.
Best Web Hosting Affiliate Program – MilesWeb : eAskme
Best Web Hosting Affiliate Program – MilesWeb : eAskme
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Affiliate programs offered by web hosting companies are one of the easiest ways of making some extra bucks. Well, let’s get to the point! The fact that you have made it here and are reading this blog, I take this into consideration that you have a fair knowledge about Web hosting and are interested in some extra income. As stated earlier you should select the web hosting provider which you are comfortable promoting and you feel good while recommending its services to your customers, friends, family and near and dear ones. Let’s take a look at one of the best web hosting affiliate programs available in the market offered by MilesWeb. 

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MilesWeb, a premium and fast growing web hosting company is one that you would be proud to be an affiliate for. It is a company which has in few years of establishment made it big. So, you can be rest assured that they would always keep your clients satisfied. They are continuously adapting and upgrading to new technologies so as to assure the customers get the best. Let’s now have a look at some of the points that make your job as an affiliate working with MilesWeb more exciting. 


-    No Sign Up Fees
-    Rs 1000 Sign Up bonus – Woah ! you get your share even before start !
-    50 % Commission – You can avail up to 50% commission of the sale that you crack.

Commission Structure

Sale (Per Month)    Commission

1-3    30%
4-6    40%
7+    50%
-    Cookie duration – 365 days
-    Easy payout – As and when your Commission amount reaches Rs 2000, you are eligible for a payment from MilesWeb.
-    No Registration Fees – Absolutely no registration fees is required to enroll for the affiliate program offered by MilesWeb.
-    No Minimum Monthly Sales – There is no pressure on the affiliate to cater for an exact amount of sale in a month, one can invest as much time as he can in this.
-    Short Withhold period – MilesWeb processes your commission exactly after 30 days once you have cracked the sale.
-    Eye Catchy Banners – Variety of custom made banners are available. If you need a customize banner that would suit for your blog/website, just drop an email to and they will get it done for you.
-    Weekly affiliate payments – MilesWeb is the only company in the market to make weekly affiliate payments.
-    Limitless earning potential – When it comes to the money that you can make out of affiliate programs offered by MilesWeb, there isn’t a limit. It is directly proportional to the number of sales that you crack.

Now that you are aware about what great deals MilesWeb offers, it would have certainly instilled great confidence in the product and services offered. As discussed above and reiterating again, you would be pleased to know that the sign up is absolutely free, quick and easy and you can earn up to 50% commission on the sale that you crack. All you got to do is fill some information about you and your firm and the best mode you would wish to receive payment and MilesWeb does the rest.

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How MilesWeb Affiliate Program Works :

As an affiliate your job is to promote the MilesWeb service through your blog/website. It is a 3
 Step simple process :

Step I – Sign up for the program
Step II – Log in to the affiliate portal and either select the banner that best suits your blog or if you need a customized banner, just drop in an email at and they would get it done accordingly.
Step III – Use the banner in you blog /  text and start earning.

Conclusion :

Making money through your blogs using affiliate marketing is no more a tedious job and can be taken up by any individual. There are just a few things that should be taken into consideration :

-    It is very important to have a domain name and hosting plan that helps you run things successfully. MilesWeb is affordable and will provide you both as a packaged deal.
-    Google analytics should be used to good effect as it helps you get a better sense of customer preference and you can channelize your efforts in that particular direction.
-    Use link shortener to direct your affiliate links.
-    Perform usability testing to get the feedback from the clients. The success of your blog lies in identifying the topics which are liked by your clients and those which are of least importance to them. The money that you make through affiliate marketing is dependent on how much the clients like your post. So make sure you analyze the performance through the testing. 

All these factors are of utmost importance and MilesWeb offers you all the possible tools to ensure the success of your blog. Also you are assisted by a team of well qualified professionals in case you need any of their support.

Be an affiliate for MilesWeb today and start making huge profits !!! For more information visit
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All About Riverside Payday Loans

If you are a resident of the Riverside, there are many people in their various phases of life requires the Payday loans which are also a kind of quick loans. Although the loans are usually going on the collateral basis, but Payday loans are one such that that does not depend upon the collateral you have, rather, it depends upon the income you are earning and various other factors too. If you are owning a car, home or a good credit score, then definitely you have many options to own a loan, but if in any case, you are not left with many options, but the Payday personal loans. 

All about Riverside Payday Loans : eAskme
All about Riverside Payday Loans : eAskme
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If you are a person who is unemployed for some reason or have recently got into the financial crisis, then undoubtedly these loans to fulfill your short-term liability is one of the best options for you. These liabilities can arise anytime in your life and if you do not have any means to support you then in all the cases the Payday loans are one of the best ones to do for you.

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People really like the Riverside payday loans as they are more about helping them on time when they have the requirement so you do not need to worry about anything just to recheck some of your income documentations:

All about Riverside Payday Loans

1.    Bad Credit: 

There are many people in the Riverside that have an issue with the bad credit scores. In the Payday loans, the lenders are not bothered about your bad scores rather they depend on your current income. The lenders of the Payday loans take care of the documentation of the annual income, bank statements, and your employment, based on which they decide the quantum of loans that needs to be provided to you.

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2.    Security for Bad Times:

There comes a time in everybody’s life when you need to understand the importance of being financially independent, as at times, maybe you lose your job, or there is a financial crisis in the family. At that point of time if you have a good credit score or if you are earning well, and have maintained the good balance with the banks then it can make your Payday loans very quick. So, do not wait for the bad times rather make yourself secure for them.

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3.    Quick loans: 

As the Riverside payday loans just look for your credit worthiness, at most they will ask you to fill up an application and to have the access to your credit scores too. But remember about the amount as it will not be as generous as with the secured loans.

The Payday loans are considered to be risky, and sometimes also have higher interest rates, but if you are one of the seekers than you can compare various lenders for the Payday loans as there are many that can provide you with a difference too. The best ways to approach the Riverside payday loans is through the online sources only. Do look for the best that can be accessible and provide you with the best rates in the industry.
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What Are Verifone Credit Card Terminals?

Verifone terminals are among the best credit card terminals on the market today. Numerous models are available depending on your business needs so you can accept credit and debit cards easily and securely. Review three of the safest, most efficient Verifone terminals currently offered to help you determine which option is best for your commercial goals.

What Are Verifone Credit Card Terminals? : eAskme
What Are Verifone Credit Card Terminals? : eAskme
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What Are Verifone Credit Card Terminals?

Verifone VX 520

Verifone VX 520 : eAskme
Verifone VX 520 : eAskme
This Verifone model processes credit and debit cards at incredible speeds to dramatically increase how many cards you can process per hour. Features include an expandable memory, outstanding encryption and decryption abilities, ease of use, and optional battery operation. The credit card terminal also offers alternative payment options thanks to integrated NFC capabilities, such as Apple Pay. Value-added additions make it possible to accept gift and loyalty cards.

Verifone VX 520 is a highly consumer-friendly credit card machine featuring a fantastic range of connectivity options, including Ethernet and dial-up. It is also incredibly secure because it comes with a V/OS operating system, one of the safest systems in today’s market.

Verifone VX 680

Verifone VX 680 : eAskme

The Verifone VX 680 is the ideal portable credit card terminal solution, perfect for delivery drivers, entrepreneurs selling their wares at festivals and fairs, and anyone else who needs to take their POS system with them. The credit card terminal is small, lightweight, fast, and graphic/video compatible. It also comes with built-in GPS connectivity so you can track your employees where they go. This portable option accepts chip, stripe, and contactless credit and debit card payments. It features GPRS or 3G connectivity for your convenience.

Verifone VX 675

Verifone VX 675 : eAskme

This Verifone model is the smallest wireless credit card machine currently on the market. Its sleek design makes it easy to fit in hands of any size. This machine was created with tamper-resistant construction and backwards compatibility for easy training and management. It accepts PIN-based debit cards and credit cards quickly and securely via a vertical mag-stripe reader.

Find the Verifone solution for your business needs! Contact Merchant Account Solutions today to learn more about the best POS solutions.
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AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Giveaway (FREE)

After the success of NordVPN Giveaway, I am back again with AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Giveaway (FREE). I have been sharing discounts and deals on eAskme from long time, But today i am going to talk about something which is absolutely free and make you stand with latest technology.

There was a time when people were using PrtScr button to take screenshots. With the technology and time things have changed a lot and now we have various screen capturing tools with ultimate customization features.

Now you can not only capture screen as images but also record videos using screen capturing software. Capturing screen helps you to create tutorials, which helps a reader really easily understand how to go step by step. Screencast video makes it more effective and easy.

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Now a days people are more interested in watching a video tutorial than just reading the content. So you may not just need screenshots but you also need a screen capturing tool which is best to create video tutorials. Videos not only save a lot of time but also help you to make content easily understandable.

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Giveaway : eAskme
AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Giveaway : eAskme
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What you can learn from a book in 15 minutes, you can learn from the video in just 2 minutes.

Today I am going to share about of the best software to capture screen of your windows or Mac computers/laptops.

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Giveaway!

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Giveaway : eAskme

Actualy cost of Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro is $29.95. It is 100% compatible with Windows and Mac systems.

I know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday has gone, but don`t worry, still I have something for which you need not to wait for any discount. Just follow my tips and this giveaway will offer you AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro for free.

At eAskme, are running an absolutely free Giveaway for Acethinker Screen grabber pro. That means this is your only chance to have a premium screen capturing software worth $29.95 for free. Acethinker offer 5 keys of screen grabber pro software and each key cost $29.95, which we are giving you absolutely free.

How to enter into Acthinker Screen Grabber Pro Giveaway on eAskme:

  1. First like our page on Facebook
  2. Click here to Subscribe eAskme newsletter
  3. Leave a healthy comment about Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro Giveaway in comments below.
  4. Share on Facebook, Tweet on Twitter
  5. Do it and I will give you Access to grab AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro for free.

Why You Need AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro:

Screen capturing is a habit of every single person these days. Sometimes you need to capture some error or some reports that you cannot download or create screencast video, for all your screen grabbing purposes you need Acethinker Screen Grabber pro.

Here I am sharing the excellent features which may make you fall in love with this screen grabbing tool.

Features of AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Giveaway : eAskme

Audio Input Options : This is good for you as it let you choose the mode of audio input for recording.
Around Mouse : Record the area where mouse is moving.
Full Screen : Records the full screen.
Region For Screenshot : Choose area for capturing.
Region For Video : Video capture option with pause and stop buttons.
Web Camera : Record your own video.
Only Audio : Record only audio.
Upload : Directly upload on Youtube.

So you see you not only can capture screen and record videos, but also upload your recorded video on YouTube and share among your friends or family or with the world.

So what are you waiting for, Your absolutely free deal to grab an awesome screen grabber pro software is here.

Don`t forget to share it with your friends and family and give them a chance to Win Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro.

Don`t forget to leave your valuable comments.

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