July 26, 2014

How to Improve Performance on GoDaddy

GoDaddy have many types of hosting plans. If you have simple website than shared hosting is best for as you on shared hosting thousands or hundreds of websites run on single server and if you have complex website than you need your own server.

How to Improve Performance on Go Daddy ?
  1. Check if you have shared hosting plan or not.
  2. Go to GoDaddy.com.
  3. Login and go to "Hosting".
  4. Go to "Control Panel" and click on "Manage account".
  5. It show server type Grid, dedicated, Virtual dedicated, shared.
  6. Check current usage of your website.
  7. If your small website getting slow on shared than you can use grid hosting.
  8. If you need more than can use dedicated or virtual dedicated hosting.
  9. To migrate to shared hosting you just need to upload your website on shared hosting server.
  10. To migrate to dedicated or virtual dedicated hosting first you need to customize the server than you can upload your website.