September 02, 2014

How to Kiss Someone Passionately

A big part of kissing is to have confidence and enjoy.

How to Kiss Someone Passionately : eAskme

Keep your lips in shape.
Rub your lips with sugar to keep them soft and remove dead skin. you can also use lip moisturizer.

Preparation for best kiss.
Brush your teeth,  wash floss and clean your tongue. Do not eat any strong flavor like ginger, onion, garlic.

Should have confidence.
Touch nicely on arm, look at each other in eyes lean slowly, make sure your nose not hit. Open your mouth slightly and rub tongue slightly on their lips.  Keep doing it for a moment.

Can do French Kiss now.
Don't let your tongue go snoopy. Open your mouth and let tongues run on each others tongue. Run your fingers in their hair or hold their back.

Tips :
Guys should shave to make skin clean