How to manage domains with GoDaddy

You can manage subdomains and domain name servers by using Account manager at

How to manage domains using GoDaddy?

Set Your Goal

  • You can manage domains to do selling, parking or using them.
  • How much time it will take depend upon how many domains you have.

Manage Your Domains
  • Go to

  • Log in.

  • Go to "Domains" section. you will see a menu with different domain options.

  • Click on "Manage Domains" to open control center. Select that domain you want to view.

  • Review the details. This will give you necessary information about your domain.

  • Now manage your domain by clicking on "Total DNS Controls." This will let you to manage sub-domains also.

Use Your Domain
  • Organize domains for current or future use. If you are not using the domain then you can put it up for auction.

  • You can make stock of domains with "Domain Specials" of GoDaddy.

  • You can seel the domains.