How to Promote Your Blog on

Each blogger want to increase their readers and traffic on their blogs. The best way is promotions :
How to Promote Your Blog on : eAskme

How to Promote Your Blog on ?

How to Use Settings to Promote Your Blog ?
  • Login to

  • Go to Dashboard.

  • Go to Settings then click on "Publishing". Choose yes and save settings.

  • Go to Archiving and Set "yes" to 'Enable Post Pages?'. It will enable post pages.

  • Click on "Basic, select "yes" in 'Add your Blog to our listings?'.

How to Use Writing Techniques to Promote Your Blog ?
  • Update frequently. the more pages you write the more content you give to search engine to index.

  • Use labels to give ideas to your readers that which section of posts related to what.

  • Leave comments on other people`s blogs.

How to Use Online Resources to Promote Your Blog ?
  • Join social bookmarking sites to gain readers.

  • Submit your blog to sites which update news feeds.

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