What is Google Adsense

Whenever a blogger start blogging, his target is to earn money from it and make it his full time job and grow his career in it. Today where many networks provide opportunity to publishers to earn money. The best network is Google Adsense.

What is Google Adsense : eAskme
What is Google Adsense : eAskme
Google Adsense is a contextual advertisement network, this means that they show ads according to your blog content. Google Adsense allow publishers to display targeted ads and earn money from their blog or website content. To know Why Google Adsense is No 1 read this post.

Google Adsense also show you how well your posts are working and how good your website traffic is doing and what more you should do to grow your opportunities to earn money.

I have started earning with Google Adsense and now I earn enough to satisfy my career needs.

It allow you to setup your own style of ads and their allow you to choose color according to the look of your blog or website. So you can monetize your content easily.