How to Create Adsense Ad code

Adsense give contextual ads on blogs and websites. When you get approval from Adsense, after than you have to create Adsense ad to put its code on your Blog or Website and ads will be live on your blog or website within few hours. 

How to Create Adsense Ad code : eAskme
How to Create Adsense Ad code : eAskme

How to Create Adsense Ad code ?
  • Click on "My Ads" tab.

  • Click on "New Ad Unit".
  • Enter name of your ad unit in "Name".

  • Select ad size in "Ad Size".

  • Choose ad type from "text ads", "display ads" or "text and display ads" "Ad Type" box

  • Click on "Save and get Code" to get the code.

  • Now you will see ad code, copy that code and paste that code in your blog or website.

  • First ad will show as black space and you have to wait for email from adsense.

  • Within 24 hours Ads will display on your blog or website.

Tips & Warnings :
Always remember that you should now use more than 3 ads on any website or blog.

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