May 07, 2021

The Best Way to Transcribe Audio for Free

6 Best audio transcription services

Do you need to transcribe audio but don’t want to spend hours transcribing it yourself?

Transcription is a demanding but necessary process for different scientific researches, business, translation, and other aims.

The Best Way to Transcribe Audio for Free: eAskme
The Best Way to Transcribe Audio for Free: eAskme

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Picking an expert transcriber is a costly and time-consuming way to get things done.

Now, there are more beneficial opportunities to transcribe your audio or video to text.

Online subscription services offer cost-effective and high-quality manual or automated transcriptions.

We prepared a list of the best websites for converting audio to text.

What to consider while choosing the right transcription service?

Here are the most important criteria to consider while picking the best transcription service.

  • Accuracy:

Accuracy is the main thing to take into account, especially if you want to convert your audio or video to text using an automated transcription service.

It is even more important when the file that you are going to transcribe doesn’t have the best quality.

It should be your main criteria if there are many speakers, or they have various accents, or the piece contains terms or vocabulary related to the narrow topic.

  • Speed:

Speed is one of the benefits of online transcription services.

Some automated services can present a ready English audio text within a few minutes after the upload.

  • Price:

Price is another crucial factor, as it depends on the kind of transcription.

Hiring the best transcribers is quite expensive, but the accuracy is higher, whereas computer-based transcription is more affordable.

An overview of the best audio transcription services.

These transcription services are definitely worth your attention.

Let’s have an in-depth look at each of them

1. Transcriberry

Transcriberry is an online service that offers both high-quality manual and automated transcriptions for users.

The prices range from $1.25 per minute for human transcription to 25¢ per minute for computer-based services.

The highlight of this service is 99% accurate computer-based services and fast turnaround time.

They can convert an audio or video of any length to text in only five minutes.

When it comes to human transcription, their professional transcribers can deal with audio or video files of any complexity or length.

Over 50,000 native English transcribers can present the ready text within only 12 hours if it is less than 30 minutes long, which is quite fast for manual transcription.

Transcriberry guarantees full protection of private user data and a transparent pricing system.

We would also like to mention the upcoming features of this service, such as creating captions and subtitles, and translation.

2. Otter

Otter is an on-demand automated transcription service that guarantees fast and high-quality results. You can install it on any computer and mobile device.

Otter constantly works on improving the quality of the automated transcription.

For instance, if there are numerous speakers, each of them is identified, which makes the transcribed text more accurate.

Moreover, you can convert audio or video to text in real-time.

Users get many options to share the ready files and organize them in an app. 600 minutes of the free trial are available before the users buy a transcription plan.

Premium costs $8.5 per month (if you buy a plan for a year). Teams also plan available.

3. Temi

Temi is a service that offers computer-based transcription services.

The highlight of Temi is high transcription speed, and this service is a perfect choice if you are in a time crunch.

Temi needs only one minute to analyze the uploaded media and present the ready transcription.

What is more, the quality of a ready text is high as the service ensures 96% accurate results.

This service offers per-minute billing, and the prices are quite affordable ($0.10 per minute).

Users are offered four transcriptions free before they purchase a plan.

The process of interaction with this service is fast and simple due to its intuitive and well-thought interface.

Temi is a fast and affordable opportunity to convert audio or video to text.

4. Rev

Rev presents an optimal combination of speed and accuracy among many human transcription services. It is user-friendly, fast, and presents high-quality results.

The accuracy is 98%, and the turnaround time is 17 minutes.

The professional transcribers at Rev deliver high-quality texts.

This service is suitable if your files are poor-quality and require much attention.

Users can also review and edit the ready transcripts, but it is not always necessary.

This service ensures that the less than 30 minutes take less than 12 hours to be converted into text.

The price is relatively affordable - $1 per minute.

5. Amazon Transcribe

It is an online transcription service created especially to transcribe low-quality audio to text.

It is a perfect opportunity to transcribe audios for business needs.

You can upload the recordings of speeches, meetings, conferences, or webinars and get a high-quality transcription.

Due to its high-quality speech recognition and speaker identification tools, the turnaround time is fast.

Amazon Transcribe has numerous extra features like editing, creating annotations, automatic punctuation, etc.

Concerning the pricing policy, it is quite flexible and depends on the quality and characteristics of the uploaded files.

If you purchase a yearly plan, you get one hour of free transcription every month.

You can also pay on the go if you are not a regular user.

6. Transcribe in Word

It is a transcription feature of Microsoft Word that automatically turns audio to text directly in Word. 

It can single out various speakers, make timestamps, and replay the difficult parts of the audio that need more attention.

You may also edit the converted text and share it with other users. It is very beneficial for users as it supports different file types.

The subscription costs $6.99 per month, and you receive nearly 5 hours of transcription every month.

All these services will save your time, energy and deliver high-quality results.

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