October 15, 2021

The Best Selling Smartphones of 2021

By Sona Mathews

Thinking about buying a new smartphone? 2021 has been an innovative year for wireless technology, with Apple and Samsung still leading the way.

But a few other smartphone models sold quite well this year, like Google's Pixel and Xiaomi's Redmi 9A.

The Best Selling Smartphones of 2021: eAskme
The Best Selling Smartphones of 2021: eAskme

So we've come up with a list of the top 10 best-selling smartphones of 2021 to help you choose your next splurge!

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

With a great camera suit, a long-lasting battery, and a solid design, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is one of Samsung's best models available.

The screen even offers Quad HD revolution - one of the most powerful available on the market today.

Part of the appeal of a Samsung phone is that you can use a coupon code to save money on most of their best models.

So with a Samsung promo code like this one, you can enjoy a major discount on your next smartphone.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

The new Apple iPhone 13 Pro is currently one the best iPhones available, and it's jam-packed with cool features.

Offering far more power than its predecessors, you'll love its long battery life and great performance.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

The new Apple iPhone 13 didn't stop the former Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max from selling well in 2021.

Some of its best features include a wide variety of colors to choose from and a 6.1-inch OLED screen.

However, while the iPhone Pro 12 is a great all-around phone,  all those features come with a big price tag.

Redmi 9A

Xiaomi now produces some of the world's most popular phones beating out even Apple.

Featuring a full HD screen, a solid battery life and a 60Hz refresh rate, it's easy to see why the Red 9A was so popular during 2021.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

This Samsung model offers a lot of value for its low price tag.

With decent battery life, a 6.5-inch Infinity-O AMOLED screen, and a 32 MP front-facing camera, the Samsung Galaxy S20 packs a lot of punch for an affordable price.

Apple iPhone SE 2020

One of the best-selling budget picks of 2021 was the Apple iPhone SE.

Thanks to its A13 Bionic chip, the phone runs smoothly and is on par with other more expensive iPhone models.

However, if you're a fan of big screens, be aware that the SE only has a 4.7-inch screen.

OnePlus 9 Pro

The OnePlus 9 Pro is a great smartphone for all camera lovers.

Its screen is even more impressive than an iPhone's thanks to its "Fluid Display" and rate of 120Hz.

Just don't plan on taking pictures for too long as its battery power could use some work.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold

If you're looking for something a little different, why not try a folding phone?

While Samsung's latest folding phone comes with a hefty price tag, it's worth it to have what is essentially both a smartphone and tablet right in your back pocket.

The downside is that the screen still has a noticeable crease - something that all but the biggest tech geeks might have a problem with.

Apple iPhone 12 Mini

The Apple iPhone 12 mini is a great phone for anyone that wants to get ahold of their iPhone without the big price tag.

You won't have to sacrifice quality for affordability here either - the iPhone Mini is filled with great features like an OLED screen and both a 12MP main camera and a 12MP ultra-wide camera.

Google Pixel 5

If you're looking for a change from the typical smartphones available on the market, then you need to check out the latest Google phone, the Pixel 5.

While the Google Pixel 4 left a lot to be desired, the Pixel 5 has gotten a massive upgrade, including a better camera and a new metal case instead of the old glass one.

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