August 26, 2022

Netflix has Canceled Resident Evil Series After season one: Here is Why?

Netflix has announced the cancellation of the Resident Evil series. It means there will be no second season of Netflix’s Resident Evil series.

But why is that?

Netflix Has Canceled Resident Evil Series After season one: eAskme
Netflix Has Canceled Resident Evil Series After season one: eAskme

According to a Deadline report, Netflix has decided not to renew the Resident Evil series with the adaptation of the Capcom horror series.

Netflix released all 8 episodes of the Resident Evil series online on 14th July 2022.

Resident Evil series even stayed in the top 10 ranking but soon fell from the top 10 list.

In the Resident Evil series, you can see the original story of the Resident Evil universe with an alternate timeline. You will see a new Raccoon City founded by the Umbrella Corporation.

In Netflix’s Resident Evil series, you will watch two timelines where in one, the New Racoon City is built, and in the other, the t-Virus is killing humans.

Resident Evil became famous as a game and was later adapted into the Resident Evil movie series. The recently released Welcome to the Raccoon City is a reboot of the Resident Evil saga. In most Resident Evil movies, you will experience the incidents and content taken from the original games.

This is not the first time when Netflix has decided to drop the second season of its tv-series. Or Netflix originals.

Even though there were some positive reviews about the Resident Evil series, it has failed. Netflix is some way that the company has decided to remove the Resident Evil series from their future projects.

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