What is Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate marketing FAQ

If you have been reading my posts then you may have seen this term call Affiliate marketing. Internet marketers and Blogger know what is Affiliate marketing and how it’s the most attractive and effective way to earn online. we will share basic of affiliate marketing and every detail that make you understand how Affiliate marketing works.

What is Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate marketing FAQ : eAskme
What is Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate marketing FAQ : eAskme
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What is Affiliate marketing and how Affiliate marketing works?

Affiliate marketing is the oldest for of marketing. In affiliate marketing when you refer someone to buy a product and that buy person buy that product then you will get commission. This commission amount can be from $1 to $10000, depending on the type product you are referring or promoting.

The companies track sales made by you and your reference by the unique URL link they give you. Many Affiliate programs allow buyer to add the Email or referral details, but this is not the best way to track sales.

In simple words:

To make it simple, You go to any affiliate site and register there, sign up for the program and you wil get a unique tracking link. Now write article on the product you want to promote and use this tracking affiliate link to, recommend the site of the company and If your readers will buy then you will get commission.

Always read TOS of affiliate programs.

Now let`s understand some common terms of affiliate marketing:

    Affiliates: Publisher who use affiliate program links to promote products and make sales.
    Affiliate marketplace: Affiliate marketplaces like Clickbank , CJ, Shareasale, work as central database of affiliate programs.
    Affiliate software: Software used by affiliate companies.
    Affiliate link: It is unique link offered by company
    Affiliate ID: Similar as Affiliate link, but in this case many affiliate programs offer a unique ID, which you can add to any page of product site with ?affiliate ID.
    Payment mode: Payment modes can be different according to the affiliate network. For ex: Wire transfer, Paypal, Check and much more.
    Affiliate manager: Many affiliate networks offer affiliate manager to help publishers with optimization tips.
    Commission percentage: It is the amount of percentage you get for each sale.
    2 Tier affiliate marketing: Two tier is a good way to make money as it also offer you commission on the sales made by sub-affiliates.
    Landing pages: many affiliate programs have landing pages, You should rub a/b test to find which is best for you.
    Custom Affiliate Income: Companies also offer custom affiliate account to those who are making most of the sales.
    Link clocking: Link clocking technique allow you to turn long affiliate URL to good looking one.
    Custom coupons: Affiliate programs also allow affiliates to create custom coupon to track sales.

Affiliate programs are the best way for companies to save on advertisement and make sales.

Affiliate Marketing FAQ:

I believe now you understand what is affiliate marketing and how it works.If you have any question feel free to ask me in comments. Now see the answer of commonly asked questions by webmasters and Internet marketers.

Is affiliate marketing illegal or bad?

No, actually affiliate marketing is very authentic.

Affiliate marketing and Adsense : Can we use both?

Yes, you can use affiliate marketing with Adsense as affiliate marketing doesn’t violate any Adsense TOS. Sometimes affiliate marketing works better than adsense.

How to find Affiliate link for any product?

You can find affiliate page of a site in their footer or sometimes in FAQ page. You can also do a Google search to find affiliate programs. Few best free affiliate marketplace are Clickbank, CJ,  shareasale. Try them.

How to find products to promote?

Affiliate marketplaces like CJ, Clickbank and shareasale are few of the best examples to start with. You can find your niche in these marketplaces and also find best programs. You can also find niche based forum to find products to sell. You can also see the blogs of your competitors to find which product they are promoting and how.

Is it necessary to have a Blog for Affiliate promotion?

It is not necessary to have Blog for affiliate programs. But I personally recommend blog as Blog is the best way to promote. You can also use PPC to advertise about a product. Best as i said the best way is to have a blog and use it promotions.

What is the cost to join an affiliate program?

There is no cost to join an affiliate program. Cost depend upon if you choose different methods other than free ways to promote a product. For example, Blog post don`t cost you anything but Advertising, email marketing and PPC marketing definitely cost you money.

Qualification to become an Affiliate marketer:

There is no qualification to become an affiliate marketer. Good marketing skills are always add advantage.

What are the program which automatically converts links into affiliate links:

There are networks like like Skimlinks and Viglink,  which convert normal links to affiliate links. They are SEO friendly links.

How much money one can make from Affiliate Marketing?

There is no limit on the money you make from affiliate programs. It all depends upon the program, commission rate and the sale you are making.

How do I start affiliate marketing:

Here at EASKME, me and my guest authors have covered some best topics to help you. But you cna always ask me any question you have.
I hope this guide to Affiliate marketing will help you to get started. Feel free to ask me any question via comments and let me help you.

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