November 29, 2014

How to Choose Blogging Niche of Your Blog

Its is easy to start a Blog, but sticking to one topic can be difficult. Newbie bloggers usually do this that they start with one topic and then start writing totally different topics on same blog. For example, Someone who started writing about blogging, also write about health and Politics on the same blog. If you do this then you will lose all targeted traffic. When I say Blogging Niche, than means Topic of your Blog.
How to Choose Blogging Niche of Your Blog : eAskme
How to Choose Blogging Niche of Your Blog : eAskme
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How to Choose Blogging Niche

For example, EASKME is a Blog for Bloggers and Internet marketers. It’s niche is Blogging, WordPress, Affiliate Marketing, SEO and much more. You may think that these are different topics but if you look closely these all topics are co-related. You can do the same on your own blog. Today we will see how to choose the Niche of your Blog.

How to Decide Niche of your Blog


Think about What are the topics of your interest? Create a list of all of blog topics that are interesting to you. You need not to worry about the length.

The Ultimate List of Blog Niche and Topic Ideas 

Profit Vs Passion

Don`t you want to blog about the hottest topics like technology. Many of the newbie blogger do not have expertise in technology niche. You can start blog on any topic of your choice, if you put hours and do proper research, you will find full knowledge about the niche from Google and you can easily write your own blog. It take time to get success in Blogging.

rule No 1: In the list of possible topics, never include topics in which you are not interested, .

Football or pets?

For example you have created a list and Football tops in your list. You just eat Football, sleep Football, dream Football. So are you ready to start your Football blog? There is a little sting. Maybe You will have competition from other sites on fame niche Football. Now when you find all knowledge you go to next topic and check about that.

Should you create blog on niche with zero competition in your country?

Check even if there is zero competition, are people still searching that on Google?  All these question will answer you to balance between interest, trends and competition.I have chosen love and relationship for my blog as its in demand but also have lots of competition. I made it unique by adding some special features like counsellings.

Does my selected niche have long-term potential?

We all know that its good to write about current events. But Blogging is a long term goal. So always choose the topic that stay for long terms and grow.

Why would people listen to me?

I believe that by following above criteria you have shrinked your list to 3 or 4 topics. Now think about on which topic you can create unique ideas and posts. It may be domain knowledge, experience or writing style. Choose your ideas wisely.

Final Words:

So fans, friends and followers, always think about long term when you choose a niche. Read more and more about the topic you want to write as it will grow your knowledge and also writing skills. Blogging is about reading, understanding and sharing. Here is one more articles for further reading and to help you in deciding your next Blog niche:

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