November 30, 2014

What are Dofollow Nofollow Link SEO Basics

If you are in blogging or you have been reading my articles under SEO category, then you may have seen words like doindex, meta robots, noindex, dofollow, nofollow and much more. All these words have great importance in SEO. Today we will be discussing about Nofollow and Dofollow. Specially if you are a , then you should read this post thoroughly.

What are Dofollow Nofollow Link SEO Basics : eAskme
What are Dofollow Nofollow Link SEO Basics : eAskme
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What are Dofollow & Nofollow Link SEO Basics:

Did You Know?

Nofollow is an HTML attribute value. It tells search engines that a hyper-link should not influence the ranking of target link in search engine index. It will help reduce some type of spam and help to improve quality of search engine results.

What Is The Difference?

Nofollow links attributes do not allow search engine bots to follow that link.Which means if you like a site with nofollow attribute than it will not pass link juice to that site. Only Humans will be able to follow the links. Although Google made it clear that they don`t consider noflow attribute..

Example of Nofollow Link:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>twitter</a>

Dofollow links allow  search engines to follow them and pass link juice. If a site linking your site with dofollow attribute then they are passing link juice to your site. Anchor keywords are the best way to gain or give link juice. Means when you link your site from other site then you can use dofollow attribute.

Example of Dofollow Link:

<a href=””>twitter</a>

Important Notice:-

Google mad it clear that they will consider nofollow link as an outgoing link. But it depend on where the nofollow link is placed. If you place nofollow at bottom it place less effect but if you post on top give some impact.

Types Of No-Follow

    Robots Meta Tag : <meta name=”robots” content=”nofollow” />

This tells spiders/crawlers/bots/ not to follow links.

    Link Attribute : <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>

It tells search engines not to count the link to rank pages.

Robots meta

WordPress plugisns help you to put noindex, nofollow attributes on site or blog post. Thesis theme have inbuilt nofollow, noindex attributes.

Quick tip: Use nofollow for contact pages and for affiliate links.
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