July 23, 2014

How to Pimp a Blogger Blog

Want to make your blog look like professional website than follow these steps : 

How to Pimp a Blogger Blog : eAskme

How to Pimp My Blogger Blog ?
  • You can get thousands of templates for blogger.com from designers. It is always better to use a purchased template rather than a free one. To make changes in template you just need to know HTML and your are on your own.
  • You can give professional look to your blog by removing navigation bar from the blog. You just need to know HTML to know from where in template you can remove Navigation.

 If you need any help in template than you can Contact Us by sending email to templatehelpeaskme@gmail.com starting with $9.99 .

  • Add your own YouTube videos and glittery graphics to give it attractive look.
  • You can make links between Google pages to your blog , YouTube to your blog and other blogs to your blog.