July 23, 2014

How to Start A Blog Page and Make Money Online?

Everyone want to make easy money. people are running for blogs these days to make money while sitting at home.
I will show you My way to Make a blog and Earn Money:
How to Start A Blog Page and Make Money Online?: eAskme
How to Start A Blog Page and Make Money Online?: eAskme


How to Start A Blog Page and Make Money Online ?


Blogger.com And blogspot.com are the same. So go to Blogger.com and Login with your gmail id and password. Blogger is free to use.

Why I prefer Blogger.com is that it is a product of Google that mean setting up adsense account on this will be easy.
Now you ask What is AdSense? Adsense is the Google product that pay to blogger for showing ads on their blogs and this way it help you make money.

Choose URL:

The second step is to choose a URL for yoru blog. Whatever URL you choose it will show like YOURBLOGNAME.blogspot.com.

You can also change your blog name anytime buy purchasing domain. Always choose best Name and URL for your blog.
Don`t keep changing your blog Name or URL all time as it will confuse your readers that where are they going.

Keep URL simple. If the URL you are trying to get is already taken than try a different on eor with different words.


Choose a basic theme in the beginning.
Choose the topic on which you can write a lot.Use the theme in Title also.


When you choose your first template for your blog don`t think too much as you can change the layout and design whenever you want on Blogger.com.
So rather than wasting time in analysis choose a template that you feel good and start writing posts as those are most important and after few days come back to check how good template is working and than if you want you can change it.

First Post:

When you write first post of your blog than write something that give your introduction and and introduction of your blog as well and in next posts write about the topic of your blog.
Keep writing the more you write the more better blogger you be.

Stick with the Topic:

You should write content according to the topic of your blog.
It is not good if you write about your cycle in the blog of Health. Also do not think an imaginary success.
The more you blog the more people will know your blog. So keep writing with good content.


When you going to make post you see "Publish" button to make post. keep making posts and hitting publish button everyday.

Make Money:

As your blog start getting good traffic than you can apply for Google Adsense.
Go to Google Adsense and login with your gmail account and enter details of you and your blog.
If they find your blog good they will approve and you will be able to start earning money.

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