Ways to Post to Blogspot

Blogger and Blogspot both are the same thing. There are different methods to post ob Blogspot or blogger.
Ways to Post to Blogspot : eAskme
Ways to Post to Blogspot : eAskme

Ways to Post to Blogspot ?

Direct Posting :
Go to Blogspot homepage and login. Click on "Posting" and click on "New Post". Create post with pictures and hyperlinks. Click on "Publish Post".

Email :
You can create "Mail-to-Blogger" address, that will let you direct posting to blog from any email. Click on "Settings" then on "Email". Create "Secret" email id. Anyone who have this address will be able to post. To post send email to that address.

Blogger on Mobile :
Blogger allows posting to via text message. Send Text "REGISTER" to BLOGGR and you will get a token code. Login to and enter code. Once set up then you can post to blog by sending email, MMS or SMS.

iGoogle Gadget :
After creating customized iGoogle page, then you can add Blogspot gadget to home screen. Click on "Cog"  and choose "iGoogle Settings". Choose "Add more Gadgets". Find blogger gadget then click on "Add it Now". 

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