October 30, 2014

Reasons Why WordPress is better Than BlogSpot Blog

If you are a newbie blogger, then you also have this question in your mind that which blogging platform is better. You will get suggestions like , Blogspot or Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress etc. WordPress is always a best choice when you need a professional blog. There are so many features that you get in Self Hosted WordPress blog that you can`t see on a BlogSpot Blog.

Wordpress and BlogSpot both offer free blogging platform to start you blogging career. If you use any of these free blogging platform then you should read this post to know features and limitations.

Reasons Why WordPress is better Than BlogSpot Blog: eAskme
Reasons Why WordPress is better Than BlogSpot Blog: eAskme
Most of the bloggers including me, start their blogging journey from Blogger or BlogSpot and then move to Self Hosted WordPress blog. BlogSpot is a good blogging platform but after some time you need to move to Wordpress. Today we Talk about how self hosted WordPress blogs are better then free BlogSpot blog.

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WordPress Vs. BlogSpot : Why to Choose Wordpress

More Control Over Blog : 

This is one of the major reason why bloggers move to self hosted WordPress platform. BlogSpot is owned by Google so there are the chances that they can delete your blog without any warning, even if you use purchased domain, as chances are the other can report your blog as spam and Google remove your blog. If you search on Google you will find it is very common.

SEO (Search Engine optimization):

No matter which platform you choose, a bloggers main goal is to get high traffic. SEO means optimizing blog for search engines to get traffic. WordPress offer more options than BlogSpot to optimize blog for search engines easily.

Support and Plugin:

WordPress offer you lots of free plugins that make things easy for you where on blogger you have to manually edit and everything you want to show. You can also take help of WordPress support forum.


If we talk about reputation WordPress stands better than BlogSpot. One reason is that BlogSpot if absolutely free so many perople use it for spamming. But when we talk about self hosted blog that shows that you are serious as you have paid for services.

Templates and themes:

Blogspot has templates already for you, But WordPress has more and vast variety of templates for you to use and you can customize them easily.


As We have already discussed a lot about Adsense, Adsense is teh first love of life of any blogger. With Wordpress you have your own domain own hosting and it become advantage that you will get approval faster.

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Google strictly not allow you to sell your blogspot blog but on WordPress you can sell your blog easily.

Social Media Websites:

Those who use social media and bookmarking sites already know that these sites don`t liek BlogSpot. Also many networks like Buysellads dosen`t accept Blogspot blogs.

One main thing where Blogspot lacking is that Wordpress keep updating all-time, but There is no update on Blogspot on months and sometimes years. But WordPress also have one downside, It is costly where blogspot is free.

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