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When anyone want to think of creating a blog, there are so many options that float in his mind. Some of the best Blogging platforms are Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr etc. It depend upon your own requirement to decide which platform you should choose. If you are blogging for fun or personal then you can use BlogSpot or WordPress platform. But if you want to make money and grow your business then you should use self hosted account on Let`s see what is WordPress and two different variant of Wordpress. This will help you to understand difference between and Vs. : Which is Best Blog Platform : eAskm Vs. : Which is Best Blog Platform : eAskm
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What is WordPress?

Wordpress is a most famous content management system (CMS). It was introduced in 2003. Within last 10 years WordPress has become a popular choice to create website and blogs.

WordPress is founded by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg and it is based on MySQL and PHP. WordPress company Automatic offers various Wordpress products and services like, Jetpack, WordPress VIP, VaultPress, Gravatar, VideoPress and much more.

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There are two main things about WordPress that everyone must know:

WordPress Themes:

There are lot of Wordpress companies and freelancers who work in WordPress community to design and develop lots of templates, either free or premium. Design of a website is a very important thing and WordPress has best answer for it. You can download free Wordpress themes from there official WOrdPress repository and also can buy premium themes. With just few click you can change look and design of any wordpress theme. Themes make it easy to start any blog or website on Wordpress.

WordPress Plugins:

WordsPress plugins are the main feature that help you add additional features to your site or blog. You just need to find and install plugin on WordPress, so it is very easy. Sometimes you get confused because of thousands of plugins. For that we will write separately a guide of essential WordPress Plugins. You can easily get WordPress plugins from official WordPress Directory. Vs. : Difference

WordPress has two variants one is and other is also known as self hosted WordPress blog.  let`s see the difference.

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WordPress if a free Bloggin platform and product of Automatic. It allow you to create free blog with free domain name. For example Your blog will be on WordPress server and this is good to write personal blogs. You can also buy custom domain and use paid add-ons on it. On you have many limitations  to manage your blog. You have only limited themes, you can`t install 3rd party plugins and some more.

Advantages :

  • Good to start personal blog.
  • Good to create web space for announcements.


  • Not good to make money.
  • Not good for content marketing.
  • Don`t give you total control of your blog.
  • Ad networks are not allowed. : A Self Hosted Platform if for thosewho want to do online marketing, run small businesses and to make money online. You just need to download a copy of Wordpress.or on youy system and install it on your own server. There are many companies who offer WordPress solutions like fantastico one click install. and both have similar interface but on you don`t have any limitation as it give you total control of your blog. You can add any theme any plugin on your self hosted blog. Also You can monetize your blog with ad networks such ad Adsense, paid reviews, Affiliates etc.

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This below image will give you a good idea of difference between and Vs. : eAskme Vs. : eAskme
We hope that this post has cleared you doubt`s about the difference between and

Interesting Facts about Wordpress:

  • Some most famous websites run on Wordpress VIP, such as Forbes, CNN, techcrunch etc.
  • Wordpress cover 19% of websites market in the world.
  • Wordpress app is available for all.
  • You can easily migrate your blog from Blogger to or self hosted
  • You can also create templates and plugins for Wordpress and sell them in Online marketplace, that will help you make money.
  • You can also create affiliate system, Ticketing system, Portfolio website, directory website and much more with WordPress.
  • You can easily install Wordpress on your own system.

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I hope this guide cleared the difference between two variants of WordPress. If you have any question regarding Wordpress, feel free to ask me in comments. If you like this article don`t forget to share on your social profiles. Happy Blogging!