May 29, 2015

Why You Should Focus More on Blog Readership Than SEO

By Sonia
Google is one of the popular search engine, actually no 1 search engine which allow you to practice suggested white hat SEO techniques like Outbound links, On page optimization,Keyword research and more. It is good to target good SEO for better traffic from search engines. When we focus too much on SEO we usually forget one very important thing that is Blog readership. The more subscribers you have the more traffic you get even without search engines.

Readership important than Search Engine ranking : eAskme
Readership important than Search Engine ranking : eAskme

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What is Blog readership?

Blog readership means the visitors who have subscribed to your blog via twitter, Facebook fan page, Email updates, Google plus, feeds or any other way as they keep visiting your site or blog again and again. These people subscribe your blog or site willingly. Subscriber of a blog are real asset to its webmaster.

What is wrong with Search Engines?

Blogging is a tricky business. people usually be busy working for search engines all the time and forget about their valuable readers. Search engines play vital role in raking your site but still they don`t give you any readership benefit.

Readership should be your prime focus as a blogger. Readers are those who visit your blog and subscribe it, they come again and again on your blog

Importance of readership?

You may have this question that what is the importance of readership? There is no doubt that search engines bring your blog a valuable traffic but in the end It`s all depend upon readers. If you underestimate power of readers than you will lose your valuable followers If there is noone interested in your content than even search engines won`t help you. So always prefer your readership.

If you don`t care about your reader then they will never come back to your blog again. You have to make good impression teh same time when you making money. When you target readers, search engines automatically start loving your content. Sometimes when you have millions of subscribers search engines can even mold their terms for your blog or site.

Social media also play an important role to bring you good Blog readership. People share your content on social network and social bookmarking sites which help you to get more traffic.

What’s the thin line?

Social network and your readers help you even when search engines cant help you. Always write killer content by keeping focus on your readers. This help you make your blog a brand. Good quality content make your readers help you in terms of traffic also as they share on social networks which improve your traffic. This is the best marketing strategy.


Keeping above points in my mind you can easily optimize your blog content. Your ultimate goal should be creating a huge readership for your blog.

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